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tv   FOX and Friends Sunday  FOX News  November 7, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PST

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great holiday gift. thanks so much for watching i'm jeanine pirro investigating for truth justice and american way and i'm in my new studio and i'll see you next saturday. ♪ ♪ ♪. [~playing of "the star-spangled banner"]
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♪♪ pete: welcome to "fox & friends" on this sinned morning, november 7th, year of our lord 2021. we are glad you are with us. morning you two. how are you doing?
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patriotic themes you saw shots of veterans, you know veterans day is coming up next week. we're weekend show, we'll sell a little bit of the veterans day a little early. we asked all of you on social media to send patriotic photos and you have delivered. if you like to share your pictures on fox and friends, friends@foxnews tot could. i did have a chance to two events. rachel: how did they go. pete: awesome events, hundreds of people, paying reference to vets. >> they're starting early too. pete: starting early too. pete, can you do the event? how about saturday before? great. it was wonderful. fills your heart to be with great vets. will: love the pictures, of
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downtown, small towns across america with the american flag painted on a brick storefront. hope to see your patriotic stories this morning. fox news alert. police launch an investigation at the astroworld music disaster that left eight people dead and hundreds of injured. concertgoers may have been injected with guns. >> he restrain ad citizen, felt a prick in his neck. the medical staff noticed a prick similar to a prick that you would get if somebody is trying to injection. rachel: that security guard lost consciousness and had to be revived with far con. two people at the event described chaos. >> nobody was doing nothing. there was passed out bodies being held up because it was so compact. >> once you fell in that pit, that crowd, there is almost a
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death sentence. pete: rapper travis scott who organized the event had this to say about the tragedy. >> i'm honestly devastated. i can't imagine anything like this would happen. we're working closely with everyone to get the bottom of this. pete: ages of those killed range from 14 years old to 27. so it looks like drugs were involved. rapper travis scott events in the past as "new york post" reported this morning, there is a lot of chaos. doesn't excuse anything especially if drugs are involved. hopefully they get to the bottom of it. rachel: witnesses said security wasn't doing enough. others contradicted that. there is a lot of things need to be sorted out to get to the bottom of it. there was a nurse, the one you saw on the screen. she worked icus, she has seen death all the time.
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she has never seen anything like that. to be trampled and fall. has to be the most horrific way to go down. i don't like to be in big crowds to be honest. will: we were talking about during the commercial break. helplessness of a massive crowd pushing you in a place where you cannot push back. terrifying detail people possibly, potentially, depending on the investigation injected with needles in the back of their neck. we'll find out more perhaps as the show goes on this morning. we'll turn to this, president biden defending payments to illegal immigrants. families separated at the bored deserve compensation. there have been dozens of secret night flights from migrants from the border to florida. this is something, by the way on friday night i had the pleasure of hosting "tucker carlson tonight," we talked about the secret flights shipping migrant from the border to various states across the
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country. they don't come obviously without a cost. these are people with criminal records, who have committed criminal acts right here in the united states of america, who go not just, not deported but released from custody here in the united states. criminals released upon the american public. rachel: worse than that. we're paying for their flights. think of how many people would like to see a relative can't afford it because of the biden economy. we're flying people illegally here around the country knit middle of night without the governor or the mayor of the town without even knowing. pete: the first act they were breaking the law to illegally enter the country. first time he was asked it by peter doocy. he said what is the word. garbage. dismissed the entire report would pay $450,000 reported by
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"the wall street journal" to illegal families or children separated under the border years ago. the white house came behind it tried to clean it up. yesterday our own david spunt was in the press briefing room. asked joe biden yet again on the question, on payments to illegals. here is what he had to say. >> you said this last week about report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage. >> i didn't say that. you said everybody coming across the border gets $450,000. >> the number what you had a problem. >> the number i was referring to. here's the thing, if in fact because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, legal or illegal, you lost your child, you lost your child, it's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance. what that will be i have no
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idea. i have no idea. >> d-ej negotiated the settlement? >> mr. president, two questions. pete: ignored the follow up. beginning off the top he intentionally totally disregard peter doocy was. it wasn't give every family that. it was those separated at the border. what i said yesterday, guys, feels all about trump. there you go. revealed right there from joe biden. the previous administration doing what they did. again, disingenuous. they lost their child. rachel: right. pete: they have accused all along. you guys talked about it all the time, many people come across as family units are not family units at all. if you get separated, last thing you want to be found because that wasn't your child to begin with. rachel: that could be a sex trafficker or human trafficker. one point, i don't understand how this administration can't see how offensive this is to the
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american people. not only paying, this outrageous number, $450,000 is what they're considering, it could be 300, 200, i don't care, we have veterans as we approach veterans day who are on the streets and yet many illegals who come and break our law are put up at our military bases. i always wondered why we haven't been able to put our veterans up in military bases as well. think about all last year it was up to dave portnoy to raise money for many small businesses who were struggling yet our government has $450,000 to hand out to people who broke our law? it is just obscene. will: walk through this, you made the point yesterday, rachel. walk through this logically. it is sad whenever a parent is separated from their child. it is a sad situation. the question becomes does that
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make the trump administration, larger, america culpable for that sadness? so joe biden anger suggest the answer is yes. so you pointed this out yesterday, there are american criminals who commit crimes and are separated from their children every day. every day. that is sad. that is objectively sad. whose fault is that? is that the american government, the prosecutors and local counties, states who separated the parent and child, is that their fault, must pay a fine or criminal's fault committing a crime doing something forcing separation from your child. the point i'm getting at, this is the part that becomes political, ultimately the debate lies. illegal immigration is a crime. if you commit it you will be separated from your child being detained. that is not the trump administration fault. that is not america's fault. that is the criminal's fault. there should be no settlement paid for you breaking the law. rachel: will, it is more than
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that. you laid it out perfectly, it is more than than. our government incentivizes people to come with the children. if you come alone more likely to get sent back. if you bring a child yours or not as you point out, you're more likely to stay. this separation that happened was incentivized by the rules that our government put in place. will: the american government has a very active recent hitting setting up criminals for crimes. the american government has a big, big role in enticing crimes right now. rachel: absolutely. will: pete: not to mention the fact in this particular case the doj, you have got the white house willing to actively pursue this case with the aclu. the department of justice doesn't have to pursue this settlement. the government can defend this easily in court. they want to pay this money. they want to pay the money. they're openly negotiating with the aclu. that is a reflection of a priority of illegals, illegality
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incentives this white house is happy to have working with bedfellows in aclu. will: they do not believe illegal immigration is ultimately a crime. they encourage. rachel: this information is traveling back all the way back down to central america further incentivising people. what, they pay you to break the law. if my kid gets separated for a while, i could get half a million dollars. imagine how crazy this sounds to the rest of the world. pete: we'll talk more about it this morning, feels like democratic party is selling american people things the people don't want and making important things. people crossing border separated. jesse watters, vaccine mandates, electric cars. rachel: tree equity. pete: these are the things. activist base driving agenda. critical race theory. try to hide it, call it
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infrastructure build back better. sell it as giant package to save people. rachel: i will speak with tom homan, retired acting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor. coming up later in the hour i think around 6:40. pete: you might have a view. rachel: i bet he has something to say about this. pete: 13 minutes after the top of the hour we turn to few additional headlines a boston police officer is stabbed in the neck responding to a domestic violence. they injured one. other officer was shot, shot the suspect who was later pronounced dead. the injured officer is expected thankfully to survive. rocky mountain national park rangers believe they have recovered the remains of a missing hiker after almost 40 years. these pictures were released from the initial search for rudy motor. he disappeared during a multiday
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mountaineering trip back in 1983. rangers believe the experienced mountaineer from west germany may have gotten caught in a avalanche. appeals court in louisiana temporarily blocks the biden vaccine mandate for businesses with one one or more workers. there is hope. the state's ag saying the president will not impose medical procedures on the american people without the checks and balances afforded by the constitution. the justice department is vowing to defend the mandate in court. of course they are. at least 27 states filed lawsuits challenging the rule. a possible blocking of that mandate. we'll see. several top 10 teams fall over another whacky college football weekend. purdue hands number 3 michigan state their first loss of the season. 40-29 victory marks purdue's second win over a top 10 team
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this season. number nine wake forest false. they were undefeated. unc, high scoring affair. both teams combined for 113 points and 1100 yards of offense in the acc thriller. buckeyes out last nebraska on the road 20-17. 6th ranked cincinnati squeaks buy tulsa to remain unbeaten. recover as fumble on its own goal line. will looking at me. iowa state rolls over the texas longhorns 30-7. longhorns have now dropped four in a row. will: four in a row. makes you wonder why it's a news headline? pete: i wonder why. will: makes you wonder why we put the story in. they're 4-5. just breaking news for you. the longhorns aren't very break.
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thanks for making sure that is in the headlines i saw in the prompter -- rachel: even i don't know anything about sports and i know the longhorns aren't very good. will: thank you. glad to have your contribution. rachel: that is my contribution. will: quick sports trivia, said the tulsa, you corrected yourself to say tulsa. somebody forgot to put in the mascot. can you guess the mascot for tulsa? not easy one. not untaught tiff. will: i'm pretty sure, not 100%, golden hurricane. pete: tulsa golden hurricane. sound the like a changed name t was something in the past they changed it. will: am i wrong? captain cain? captain cain? what is that. pete: somebody from tulsa email us. tulane is the green wave. will: double-check during the
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commercial break. pete: army beat air force overtime on a last minute fumble touchdown. they were going over the bowl line, he fumbled in the end zone. the guy recovers it. stopped air force. in the running for the commander-in-chief trophy. will: nice. why so quiet. rachel: you guys are boring me. up next despite her election victory for the history books "snl" is mocking retired marine winsome sears. >> this is a win for democrats nothing will get republicans to support gun control faster than this picture. rachel: hear more of the outrageous comments against virginia's governor-elect. rising cost of inflation is hitting iconic new york city pizzerias. how much a dollar slice costs coming up. ♪
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will: "saturday night live" kicked off again last night. weekend update, faux news, fake news, comedic news, portion of the broadcast went after virginia's lieutenant positive elect winsome sears over a photo of her holding a gun. as you can see, she is olding an ar-15. she is for what it is worth, a marine. pete: she knows how to hold a firearm. will: she wasn't alone. "saturday night live" went after moms concerned about critical race theory and conservative blackses are mouthpiece. here is the moment from "saturday night live." >> republican winsome sears seen here with attempting suicide by cop was elected -- [laughter]. was elected as virginia's first
3:23 am
black female lieutenant governor. this is actually a win for democrats because nothing will get republicans to support gun control faster than this picture. will: that was one. pete: we'll get to the second one. rachel: i didn't think it was that funny. pete: not funny at all. she is trying to attempt suicide by cop because she is black and holding a rifle. insinuation that if you're black in this country and you carry a rifle, the cops are going to shoot at you. that's what he is saying. because of the picture after black woman holding a ar-15, a rifle, that will make republicans want gun control? i love that. that's a u.s. veteran, a u.s. citizen a mother of three or four. rachel: a marine. pete: a marine who is now a lieutenant governor. rachel: an immigrant. pete: second amendment rights. that is a beautiful photo and a beautiful representation of this country. if you're michael shea or che,
3:24 am
you see it through the lens of race only. those of us believe in the second amendment, we wouldn't want someone like her to have a firearm which is a absolute lie. will: choose this source of comedy when big bird is literally hawking a unnecessary vaccine. big bird is literally encouraging toou do not need. this is your source for comedy. pete: joe biden fell asleep at international climate change conference. check the tape. did they do a whole thing on that? it was sleepy joe. rachel: so much material on joe biden. you're right, that "sesame street" clip looks like it's a comedy anyway. looks like a big pharma commercial. it's crazy, yet this is what they do. they know they're out of touch. they know that the average person can see what they're doing, whether it is crt, all their woke stuff is not resonating. they're losing.
3:25 am
and all they can do is mock, mock, mock. and it is not even funny. "snl" is supposed to be a comedy show. it is not funny. last night, shamika michelle, is a mom, on dan bongino? on dan bongino's show. >> no parent in their right mind black or white wants their child taught foolish. i what does her skin color how much work or her academic success? people say, oh, this is a white supremacy coming out after black face, listen, selling out means that i don't want my child taught she is inferior, if selling out means that i don't want my child taught that she is oppressed because of her skin color, guess what, 55, who got 60, 60, 65, i will sell you out
3:26 am
each and every time because my mom is not inferior. will: that's comedy. that's funny. rachel: that was actually funny. this is not funny. this isn't reverse racism. it is racist to say that your child is oppressed because of their skin color in america. pete: we didn't play the last part of that clip, maybe we will we'll play it again. by saying that i'm inferior or i'm oppresses because i'm black, you are saying that because you're white you're superior. that is the other side of that equation. she points that out and though don't realize that. all right. up next, on top of losing their jobs, the new threat our nation's heroes in uniform face over biden's vaccine mandate. plus randy winegarten who has been pushing universal masking in our schools for the young post kids, here we go again, caught maskless at her own conference. will: get out of here.
3:27 am
no. rachel: she actually apologized. you will hear that. pete: that will do the trick. ♪.
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♪. pete: members of the military have served to uphold and defend our nation's values but now thanks to the biden administration's vaccine mandate some of those heroes could soon lose their jobs and benefits. the dod undersecretary for personnel reportedly telling the senate veterans affairs committee quote, we see the vaccine as readiness issue. any discharge issue is up to the individual service how they proceed with that retired lieutenant army colonel daniel gade is author of the book, wounding warriors. we'll get to your book, which i think is important. vaccine mandate, i got a text
3:33 am
from a good friend of mine due to retire in september of 2022. got a letter from his command based on the mandate. has to make a decision at 19 years. take the vaccine. doesn't want to. he wants to pursue other exemptions. he may not be given that opportunity. what does a mandate like that do to the force considering those are that join are healthy and young. >> they are healthy and young. we have 2.1 million people, active duty, national guard and reserve. they are about to kick out 400,000 of 2.1 million. that is 20%. in world war ii we lot of 200,000 killed across all the soldiers in combat. the biden administration is getting ready to boot that many vaccine members over the vaccine. i saw the thing with fauci, the senate was treating him like he was the pope.
3:34 am
the sack a meant of this religion is their vaccine. pete: that's true. you think they will follow through? commands won't have a choice. >> i don't know. different implementing instructions across the services. i hope they wake up t takes 10 million-dollars or more to train a single navy seal. i saw a report they're getting ready to kick out a bunch of these guys. these are the fittest warfighters we have. they are in no danger from the coronavirus. they're getting ready to boot these guys, just because for whatever reason the vaccine is boiling point, flashpoint issue. pete: it has become a religion. you're exactly right. get to your book. i've known you for a few years. i've seen the arguments you made on this. they are very compelling. wounding warriors, policies make veterans sicker an poorer. talk about perverse incentive for vets. talk about this.
3:35 am
>> the book, basically on wounding warriors dot-com, the story is it what do we owe our veterans as we leave the service. they're productive plows when they're civilians. we make them into swords. when we leave the service what do we do with them? i think we need to make them back into productive plows. the disability system pays them to be sick, they define disability so broadly, give out disability awards so freely, causing veterans to separate from the labor market, become sicker and poorer. ultimately contributes to the suicide crisis and a bunch of of other problems. pete: much of this driven by the way the va does business? >> for sure. so the va years ago outsourced a lot of disability examinations to the outside processors. these folks don't have any incentive to say no to veterans. congress on both sides, this is a left and right problem, but congress has a real problem with just saying oh, yeah, you
3:36 am
deserve everything. we'll just give you money, instead of actually helping veterans rewill, transition, up skill in a healthy way. pete: if you know veterans, veteran issues want to hear a point of view, counter of conventional wisdom, wounding warriors is the book for you. daniel gade, thank you for your clarity and making this argument i hope a lot of vets engage with. >> thanks, pete, for having me on. pete: up next, biden doubling down on paying illegal border-crossers but of course fails to mention how much money that will be. retired acting i.c.e. director tom homan says joe biden should protect our borders, not reward those who break the laws. ♪. eam experience with 25% less calories because it's made with greek yogurt.
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♪. >> there were reports that were surfacing your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each. do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> if you guys keep sending that garrage out, yeah, but it is not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> yeah. rachel: president biden may have insisted reports his administration would pay migrant families separated at the border
3:41 am
garbage but now he is changing his tune. >> you said last week this report about migrant families at border getting payments was garbage. >> no, i didn't say that. get it straight. >> sure. >> here's the thing, if in fact because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal you lost your child, you lost your child, it's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstance. rachel: here to react retiring acting i.c.e. director, fox news contributor tom homan. tom, so the biden administration is now arguing over the amount of money that they still maintain, that this trump era policy is worthy of compensating people who came here illegally because of the trauma having their children separated from them. what say you? >> what color is the sky in his
3:42 am
world? when he says outrageous behavior of the trump administration, let's be clear. what the trump administration did, i was part of the trump administration, what we did was enforce the law. which the biden administration would try they would have a secure border. we enforce the laws enacted by congress. that resulted 40-year low in illegal immigration. illegal immigration up 83%. how many lives were saved? how many women were not raped by cartels? how many children did not die? how many pounds of fentanyl didn't come in the country to kill our young people. the trump administration gave him the most secure border this administration ever had. the first president in ever in the history of this nation, joe biden who came into office and intentionally, unsecured the most secure border we ever had as a nation. who does that? who unsecures the border which resulted in a record number of illegal immigration this past
3:43 am
year, record number of fentanyl killed over 90,000 americans. covid coming across the border. cartels making billions of dollars. this was outrageous behavior. president trump did its job. those of us who worked for president trump did nothing but enforce the law. rachel: this policy of compensating, i don't care if it is half a million dollars or $2,400,000, doesn't appear to be popular with not just republicans but democrats and independents. what is the political calculation they're making during a time of such economic turmoil in america right now? >> first of all you don't pay someone who broke the laws. let's understand, these migrants who were separated because they broke the law. they entered the country illegally which is a crime. u.s. citizen families get separated every day by law enforcement when a parent is arrested. they want a different set of rules. let me ask you this question, president biden, how much money will you give to angel moms and
3:44 am
dads whose children were separated from them forever because the parents buried their children killed by illegal immigrants? how much money do they get? angel moms and dads were not committing any crimes. they lost their children forever. how much do you give to the families died from fentanyl overdose, coming across the border because of biden incompetence opening the border? how much compensation they get for their children? rachel: a lot of americans are asking that question, tom. we're just learning that florida is saying that there were about 70 secret flights in recent months coming into florida. they're saying that the officials were not told who was overseeing the flights. florida officials were not told who was on the flight or where they were being taken to once they got off the flight. what do you make of this? what is happening? >> it's a continuation of the
3:45 am
biden administration lying to the american people. just like when the secretary gets up on stage every time he gets on a stage says the border is closed and secure. he stood in del rio said haitians you will be deported. meantime he knew that 15,000 were walking out the door. when chris wallace interviewed him, they're released but not in immigration proceedings. they're not in i immigration proceedings. released with a notice to report. they're lying to the american people. rachel: i have just a couple seconds left. , what is the endgame, why are they doing this? >> open borders. this is what president ran on. he sold out to progressives. open borders, this is what we have. rachel: tom, thanks for joining us this morning. >> thanks for having me. rachel: all right. will: thank you, rachel. rachel: will? will: thank you. we begin headlines with this, former nfl wide receiver henry ruggs is getting two felony charges in a car crash that
3:46 am
killed a young woman. he is facing dui and reckless driving chars, because his girlfriend was injured as a result. russ was driving 150 miles an hour at the time of crash. he is currently out on bond. american airlines is offering flight attendants triple pay to work through the holidays. the company is looking to head off staffing shortages and avoid flight cancellations during the busy season. the company canceled 2,000 flights over halloween weekend due to reported bad weather and staffing issues. in new york city, thanks to skyrocketing inflation you will shell out more dough to get a slice of that famous pizza. >> ah! will: from "breaking bad," right? that is albuquerque. one popular new york city
3:47 am
pizzeria, the cost of a slice is now $2.75, up 50 cents from last year. full pies are 18 bucks, a whole $3 more expensive. inflation. pete: [inaudible] >> no matter how much you slice it, how much, it is too much. king of puns is the floor director here. inflation making your thanksgiving turkeys more expensive as food costs across the board are up more than 5%. those are the headlines. pete: i don't notice as many 99-cent pizza places. will: come on. sit here. make some fun on tv. >> no. pete: good pizza joints in albuquerque? rachel: not as good as new york. will: it is america. probably pizza everywhere. pete: ask rick if there is pizza in his neck of the woods for fox
3:48 am
weather forecast? rick: very good. seeing five seconds of "breaking bad" gives me anxiety. pete: definition of that show. definition of anxiety. good show. rick: really was. we're talking a little bit of weather. 59 degrees in miami. first time below 60 degrees since last march. fall has begun. that is fall for south florida. 59 degrees. you getted idea. cool across parts of ohio valley. one story we're watching a lot of coastal flooding across the southeast. not coast flooding because of so much rain. a area of low pressure is developing here, nor'easter across parts of the southeast. it is bringing rain along the coast and strong waves into the coast. bringing consistent flows with high tide cycles. these waves are 20 feet high. that is moving across parts of
3:49 am
the coast causing coastal flooding. coastal flood warnings in effect throughout much of the day. guys back to you. pete: thank you, rick. coming up, cancel culture is coming for thanksgiving. what one woke group at a university believes we should celebrate instead. rachel: oh, no. now it is the season for tech. "kurt the cyberguy" joins us this year with the top gifts. ♪. find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a potent blend of nutrients so you can emerge your best with emergen-c.
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♪. will: 'tis the season to be giving and to make sure you get your gift in time for christmas the cyberguy, kurt knudsson joins us now with this year's top pet toys. hey, kurt. >> will, good morning to you. let me run through these things because you will find out, this will be about the number one toy this christmas right here. this is the tony box. it is an interactive box. it's a speaker for your kids. it not only is a speaker but it has no screen because all you do, you correct tonys. you sit them on top of the box. they play your child's favorite songs including disney songs
3:54 am
involved from all the favorite movies. also tells stories to them. you trade those out and they correct the tonys. you have next season's gift ideas for them. jump to this, how about giving gift of creativity and lessons in music? this is future school perform is offering music lessons on line. the first one will be free. the first four your child doesn't even need to have a instrument because we know what happens. on the fifth one it is about $24 for a private one-on-one lesson. it's a genius idea. maybe after you do that you buy the instrument, right? that is what happened to me. artie max is a amazing incredible coding robot. not only will it teach them left brain, right brain for that artistic part and does critical thinking. what you learn to do, how to do sort of designs by coding and it will keep your child incredibly enlightened in that aspect of
3:55 am
using both sides of the brain. that is also going to be extremely, extremely popular this season. then jump to some practical stuff. if they're old enough to have a iphone, samsung, android, this is an amazing charger. the reason i like i expand wireless charger sync, you put your phone on there, it just doesn't charge it. it does two things it backs up the data on the phone, especially photos and videos, so you aren't keeping it on the cloud, keeping it right there at home. finally how much money are you planning to spend this holiday on shopping? the answer is probably a lot this year, right? so an amazing app is out from quicken called simplify by quicken this is an app, it is free for the first 30 days, if you have not used it before. this teaches you how to set spending limits, how to set savings. the holiday budget, count it down, to reach the thresholds.
3:56 am
genius there. cyber guy,.com, will, we'll hook it up. tell when you need to order. just in time. will: i get on those. figure out where to get a p s5. it has been requested. thank you, kirk. cnn using "sesame street" to push the covid vaccine on to kids. we roll the tape next. t really . because we moved to maryland when i was a baby. that's where we got tobie. and then mark was born in california. so for me, home is wherever we go. come on rose. lowe's is honored to save military families 10% every day. as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need.
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4:01 am
tennessee. will: probably is, absolutely. good morning to you as well. i've been meaning to mention it. you mentioned it, take the steady cam over to the logo over there, fancy new logo for "fox & friends." will: i mentioned it on air. pete: we haven't mentioned it on the weekend. it is our fancy new "fox & friends" logo. will: draws you in. it is mesmerizing. rachel: one of our logos producers sent us had will with the very prominent shot. pete: don't know if we have the graphic. rachel: that was fun. pete: sweeping one with the diner shows a weekend on it. there is a weekend version on it. you guys have been playing it all morning long. rachel: bring it back in. will: we'll bring the photos up later in the show. we asked for some of your photos, patriotic photos across america. pete: this weekend. that is our logo. exclusive to the weekend.
4:02 am
they don't play it to the weekend. will: the diner part. pete: the weekend. we don't get it at that sign. rachel: we take what we can get. we take the weekend sign. pete: we own it. the diner thing. rachel: we love our diners, don't we? pete: very much so. i've got one on tuesday. rachel: where at? pete: somewhere in south jersey based on the elections in jersey. rachel: we'll begin with a live look at the white house because president biden is not home. instead he is celebrating his infrastructure victory at his beach house. is that the one that had the fence built around it. pete: it is. the one he goes to every weekend. maybe this is different with a little bit of celebration. now the focus is shifting whether democrats can stop the infighting and pass joe biden's massive socialist build back better agenda. will: alexandria hoff joins us live in washington with more. good morning. pete: good morning. this was a win president biden
4:03 am
desperately needed. would not have happened without republican help. the president is back in delaware after delaying the scheduled trip for what he called a once in a generation investment. finally infrastructure week. we took a monumental step forward as a nation. this is a blue-collar, blueprint to rebuild america. it is long overdue. it will create more jobs, good-paying jobs, union jobs, can't be outsourced. rachel: $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill was passed late friday 228-206. 13 republicans voted for it. six members of the so-called "squad" voted no. they have been holding out dead set tied to the enormous spending bill. that didn't happen. that vote is set for the week of november 15th. it does not have republican support so is it doomed? >> i don't start off with any assumption that i can't get anybody to vote for anything. we'll see what happens in the senate and whether or not i need
4:04 am
only democratic votes which is likely. this is likely outcome. and the question is, can i get all of those votes. this is a process. rachel: >> the process will include trying to sway moderate democrats who wants to be sure the nation can afford the $1.75 trillion price tag. will, rachel, pete. pete: thank you very much. we mentioned yesterday 13 republicans voted for it. half of which were from new york and new jersey. the "new york post" breaks down why. 170 billion of the 1.2 trillion headed to new york for things like, you will get electric vehicle charging infrastructure. rachel: just said it was a blue-collar bill. all those blue-collar -- pete: boxes. updates to the amtrak. so it is 55 billion for supplemental emergency appropriations. break it all down here. that is why, maybe why they voted for it. they hope they can go home to say they got the gravy. they opened the door to the grave very of the green new deal
4:05 am
which is what they're fighting about. rachel: the green new deal is raising prices. people in middle america, filling up their trucks and drive long distances to get places, they will be paying more and continue to pay more. that is part of the plan. the plan so make gas and oil more expensive to that you will be pushed into electric. will: of course this government spending push comes on the heels of what essentially was a red wave in places like new jersey, long island, virginia, all the way out to washington. so it brings the question up, what do americans want? do they want these policies pushing forward despite the indication from voters? newt gingrich was on "justice with judge jeanine." here is what he had to say. >> it's a blueprint for disaster. the american people don't want government socialism, and they want control over their own lives and resent washington dictating everything from masks,
4:06 am
vaccinations you name it. it will get worse for democrats. they can't get off the kick. they can't get away from trying to tell the rest of us how to live. will: i think what is fascinating the united states of america is such a unique experiment in human history. we don't have to look hard to find other societies that embraced socialist measures. this is almost every other experiment. every other one from south america to europe. socialism is the norm. freedom is the exception. we can see where we're headed if we continue to embrace this. i think americans know that is not for us. that is not what we want unfortunately when it comes to covid, woke policies, woke politics, united states of americas, is started to be the most authoritarian on covid. being the most insane on woke policies. that is just a real bad indication where we're headed. >> some of the newest americans are the ones most against socialist policies.
4:07 am
so many people from latin america, hispanics understand better probably than any other group how it destroyed countries in real time. we can look right to venezuela. 18 years ago when socialism was introduced and cheered on by the way by bernie and all these other people who are still on the stage selling socialism right now it destroyed that country. went from being the most prosperous country, the jewel of latin america, is now the poorest country in all of latin america. so hispanics can see this very clearly. why they're losing the hispanic vote. it is really interesting to me, pete. they're just not stopping. i don't think these, as newt says, these elections, as you said all the way up to washington state, very liberal area starting to, seeing some republican wins up there but the democrats just keep going. i think they're just hell bent on doing this it doesn't matter what happens electorally in two years from now or --
4:08 am
pete: you're right. younger generation idealogically wedded to it. we had the congresswoman who is bemoaning the fact that 40 democrats voted against a resolution to support freedom in cuba. to support freedom of expression in cuba. to your point about covid mandates. most countries in europe got rid of masks for kids. no kids for masks in europe. they didn't lock their kids out of school. that is a maniacal view almost exclusive to the united states of america. to what newt said at the end. they can't get away from trying to tell the rest of us who you to live. it is about control. it goes back to what i said last hour, whether vaccine mandates or masks or electric cars or paying illegals, they're so invested in their, it is anti-american view that america is evil. that is what we're teaching in our classrooms. you said it so right, important to hammer it home. we're the exception in human history, capitalism, freedom, equal justice, all of those things don't exist in most
4:09 am
quarters of the earth especially if you look at history. yet we tell ourselves we're the bad guys? that is what we're fighting for at this point. rachel: those things are deteriorating before our eyes. including our justice system which is really troubling. pete: sure. rachel: a fox news alert. police officially launch a criminal investigation into the astroworld music festival disaster that left eight people dead and hundreds injured. houston police say concertgoers may have been unknowingly injected with drugs. >> the security officer, he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen, and he felt a prick in his neck. the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody is trying to inject. pete: that security guard lost consciousness and had be to revived with narcan. two people described the chaos. >> people were screaming help. nobody was doing nothing. there was passed out bodies
4:10 am
being held up because it was so compact. >> once you full in that, in that pit, that crowd, it was almost a death sentence. will: rapper travis scott who organized the event had this to say about the tragedy. >> i'm honestly just devastated. i couldn't imagine anything like this happening. we're working closely with everyone to try to get to the bottom of this. will: police say the ages of those killed range from just 14 years old to 27. pete: yep. will as we get more information on that. huge crowds, a lot of chaos. even at the security going in. now drugs introduced. drugs at a concert is -- rachel: par for the course. pete: idea of someone injecting you with it that is scary aspect. rachel: absolutely. as we get more information we'll definitely keep you posted. we talked a little bit here earlier about the mandates, about the authoritarianism we see creeping into our society an
4:11 am
our culture, most disturbing is what we're seeing done to our kids. you talked about the mask, pete, which i think a lot of paints are really upset about. they're also upset about what i see, i talked about this on prime time this week, a lot of propaganda about the vaccines being not directed to the parents, not information given to paint, so they can make that decision really giving it directly to the kids in some really creepy ways including "sesame street." take a look at little clip from "sesame street." here is big bird talking about getting the vaccine. >> is that a boo-boo. >> this is for my covid vaccine. my mommy and my pappy took me to get it this morning. >> whoa. >> that's great. getting the covid vaccine is a great way to stay healthy. >> see my mommy and my poppy
4:12 am
said keep my friends and neighbors, all healthy. >> your parents are absolutely right. covid vaccines are available for children five years and older and the more people who get them, the better we'll be able to stop the spread of covid and keep everyone healthy. rachel: that was weird. sanjay gupta should be talking to mommy and popi talk to them instead of kids what looks like a pharma commercial. will: big step up for sanjay gupta going from cnn to "sesame street." pete: thankfully nobody saw it. historically low ratings. check the headline, as low as they ever been because of the fraud they are. kids watch, wonder what the demo is watching cnn on saturday. probably zero. not very effective.
4:13 am
still totally indicative of the targeting they want to have of kids of this vaccine which is still emergency use for kids. rachel: no long-term studyies. pete: if they can be booked on cnn they have an open inhave it take to come on "fox & friends." the whole "sesame street" cast. to ask them about it. will: big bird said this i guess. in a tweet, weird to say big bird tweeted this i got the covid-19 vaccine today. my wing is feeling a little sore but i give my body extra protective boost that keeps me and others healthy. i mean, to be honest i was a little distracted during the segment. i had some technical issues. i don't know if you made the point but it is important. the science on risk to kids for covid is stark and clear. they're not at risk to transmit or get seriously sick from covid. yet as you point out, so few, none, long-term studies on the
4:14 am
effect to children. the propaganda, definitely what we need to do. rachel: not just the "sesame street" stuff that is weird. bill de blasio, last week, is offering $100, speaking directly to kids, $100, if you get the vaccine, think how much candy you can buy with $100. that is just gross. pete: you saw the mama bears come out in virginia based on critical race theory. wait until, they will do it, because they are autocrats, attempt to mandate vaccines for kids. rachel: that is definitely the path we're on. pete: definitely the path we're on. thankfully good news yesterday as well. a federal court of appeals temporarily halted joe biden's vaccine mandate for businesses over 100 employees. so remember all the stuff that got thwarted by courts of appeal by the trump administration. it is frustrating reality of our system but in the other direction it has been temporarily paused. we'll see if it is upheld. of course the department of justice will challenge it. they want this vaccine mandate
4:15 am
but the state simply pointing out there is no constitutional rationale for this kind of a mandate to private businesses whether you're 100 or not. good news there, that happened at this moment, we'll see where it goes. rachel: all right. we'll turn right now to some headlines. we're now learning at least four americans are among those hurt during a shootout between rival gang, drug gangs at a cancun resort. two men presumed to be drug dealers died in the shootout. guests barricaded themselves in rooms of the hotel during the shooting. one guest was hit by a stray bullet. three others sustained minor injuries. rules for thee but not for me. more mask troubles for top officials in puerto rico as teachers union head randi winegarten took hers off at the conference. winegarten since apologized but she claim the mask made people unable to hear her speak.
4:16 am
you think that happens in classes with five-year-olds chuck schumer was caught maskless at the very same conference. puerto rico has a indoor mask mandate in place regardless of vaccination. and tampa bay bucs quarterback tom brady is taking a bite out of subway's new hero bread for a campaign. >> your boy isn't the biggest bread guy. i'm pumped i can get back to bread all because of hero. truly unbelievable. rachel: brady is an investor in the lab that makes virtually carbless bread. we have hero bread. gave us olive oil. pete: it feels like bread. rachel: i love bread and so i'm going to be a little pick at this about this. will: rachel and i made a promise to each other, that we will not keep. rachel: exactly. we're trying to eat healthy. will: you and i decided we need to start eating healthier.
4:17 am
you said you have no interest. rachel: order food on set. we've been eating really unhealthy. pete: should continue. will: carb less bread tastes like bread. pete: tastes like bread. i was ready to pan this. rachel: if you go to subway would you order carbless or regular? pete: you know what? up in the air. will: i would order this because they're the same. this doesn't taste different to me. does it to you. pete: i was shocked, ready for it to feel different. taste different. will: it is light. pete: in context after sandwich -- >> i think anything made in a lab is probably not best for me. i would rather go natural. have a smaller amount. it tastes good, i'm just saying -- will: that is a good argument. rachel: i like to go natural. pete: you think there are chemicals? rachel: they said it was made in
4:18 am
a lab. pete: really i wanted to be negative but i have to be positive. will: it is good. goes against your instinct. coming up incredible video show as bear breaking into a california family's home. the finger licking good food he was clawing after. rachel: first republicans riding a red wave to victory on election night. including new york long island gop winners who will join us why their message resonated with voters. ♪. plaque psoriasis, the burning, itching. the pain. with tremfya®, adults with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis... ...can uncover clearer skin and improve symptoms at 16 weeks. serious allergic reactions may occur. tremfya® may increase your risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them.
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♪. will: red wave swept the country on election night as voters projected the defund the police push and other policies pushed by the left. ann donnelly became the first republican district attorney elected in nassau county, get this, in 16 years. in the race for nassau county executive, bruce blakeman declared victory. good morning to both of you. glad to have you on the program. >> good morning, will.
4:23 am
will: thank you, 16 years, 16 years since a republican was elected. what was the winning message? >> the winning mesge -- >> i think basically -- will: go ahead, ann. >> everybody i spoke to said i'm worried about my children, i'm worried about my parents, and i want them to be safe. will: law and order message t was a safety message that resonated in nassau county. bruce, tell me, as well, you look like you're headed directly to victory here. you announced you're victorious. do you agree with ann? what was the winning message? >> well i think there were two issues in nassau county, basically taxes and crime. the county executive vetoed a 120 million-dollar tax cut. she also vetoed a bill that would protect police officers. basically taxes and crime were the two driving issues to my victory. on the crime side certainly to
4:24 am
annie's victory. will: on the crime sign, is it the, did your opponents embrace what seems to be a very unpopular defund the police messaging? was it also, how much did actual everyday safety concerns, rising crime rates in nassau county impact you think the way people voted, annie? >> i think the rising crime rates impacted how people voted. when they heard about the bail reform that my opponent help the right and supported and passed. i was explaining to them about crimes that we can no longer ask for bail on where defendants are being released committing another crime, coming back to court, being released, they were appalled. that is not how we keep our streets safe. that is not how we keep our men and women in blue safe. will: something, what is interesting about both of your elections, about both of your victories something has changed clearly. first time in 16 years. we can talk about the crime, i
4:25 am
want to go back to the taxes issue as well, blake. that is fascinating. it is directly tied to policies that affect people's pocketbooks as well. tell me about that issue and how impacted voters in nassau county? >> people are just sick and tired of high taxes. a reassessment on the county was done in a very, very faulty way had very disparate results. people were upset about it. now when you have rising inflation, it costs 70 bucks to fill your car up with gas, groceries are more expensive than they were eight months ago, it was a combination of things, especially when you also put in, as annie said, the issue of safety in neighborhoods. i think basically people want an affordable neighborhood and they want a safe neighborhood. will: quality of life issues, everyday things that affect americans. ann donnelly, bruce blakeman, corn gratlations from long island. looks like a trend from long island to the state of
4:26 am
washington. congratulations on your victories. >> thank you, will. will: up next a push for honorable discharge for lieutenant colonel stuart scheller who was put in the brig after criticizing the afghan withdrawal. his parents and his attorney join us live. >> the reason people are so upset on social media right now not because a marine on a battlefield let someone down. people are upset because they see the senior leaders let them down. >> man: what's my safelite story? my my livelihood. so when my windshield cracked... the experts at safelite autoglass came right to me... with service i could trust. right, girl? >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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4:30 am
♪. pete: he was punished, crack the down on speaking out against the failures in the afghanistan retreat. >> i'm not saying we've got to be in in afghanistan forever but i am saying did any of you throw your rank on the table say, hey, it is a bad idea to evacuate bag ran airfield, strategic airbase before we evacuated everyone? did anyone do that? did you think to do that, anyone raise their hand to say we messed up? i want to say this very
4:31 am
strongly, i've been fighting for 17 years. i'm willing to throw it all away to say to my senior leaders, i demand accountability. reporter: that message resonated. marine lieutenant colonel scheller junior, pleaded guilty to six misdemeanor level violation of military law last month after a special court-martial after spending nine days in brig. i will be held accountable even though my leaders were not. in a letter, 12 republican members of congress are asking the secretary of the navy to grant that marine an honorable discharge colonel scheller's parents, cath and an jim senior and their attorney join us. before we get to the legal side of this, stuart, cathy, how is stu doing? how is the colonel doing? is he fighting now just for that honorable discharge? >> he is doing fine.
4:32 am
lieutenant colonel scheller is warrior. i said this repeatedly. he is strong. he is tough. he will come out of this just fine but he is still under a gag order. he can't even post a picture of his dog. it is one of the most strictest gag orders ever. so kathy and i are talking for him. he is doing fine and we are just awaiting the signature from secretary of the navy carlos del toro to accept his resignation which they have already agreed to per the plea deal, just in a wait game. it has been over three weeks now and, we don't understand why it is taking so long to accept a resignation. pete: kathy, it has been almost 2 1/2 months since he spoke out. as a mother what is it like to go through this is. >> this is very hard. it is very, very disheartening. our son, like he said in the video has been fighting for 17
4:33 am
years in the dirt, for his country for you to have your freedoms. for you to go to football games safely. he has been putting his life on the line. we're asking americans, please, veterans, active members, they have a lot to lose because they are under basically a gag order as well, to stand up for stu. go to i stand for find out what they can do to find more information this is a travesty of justice. we're asking the veterans and americans to stand up for him. pete: i stand for real quick. i want to tim. >> i stand with a lot of information. pete: i stand with you're standing with stu in the courtroom. what is the argument you're making in the military court to say the lieutenant colonel deserves an honorable discharge?
4:34 am
>> this is about the 17 years of good service that he gave. consider for the past 17 years he has been in constant combat or training for combat, training others for combat and the judge accepted that. he made a pretty good argument right at the end, i have never seen a series of 17 years of fitness reports that is the top block all across the board. but for this one incident right at the end stu scheller really had a phenomenal career. we're asking the secretary of the navy give him a discharge consistent with the entirety of his career, not one event at the end. reality is, people say he shouldn't have said it, shouldn't have posted it, nobody is saying what he said isn't true. what you're looking at right now where senior military leadership is angry at him but his discharge status shouldn't be whether we're angry at him.
4:35 am
it should be dictated by what is fair and just. pete: not treated him fair. had his medical health records leaked. called him a narcissist. the lieutenant colonel took account for his own actions, broke the military code of justice on purpose pointing out senior leaders have never been held accountable at all. >> that is one of the things we said at the guilty plea, the idea of picking a jury, pleading not guilty was never something entered stu's mind. from the moment he made the video he knew he would be held accountable. he was willing to accept that. he went into the courtroom and did accept accountability. obviously he didn't expect a lot of other illegal retaliation he got from the marine corps. didn't expect them to leak his records, do all these other things. he always expected to be standing tall in some forum to
4:36 am
accept responsibility for his actions and to show senior military leadership how that is done. pete: stuart, kathy, your son gave 1years of honorable service. the fitness reports best of the best. what is your message to the navy, to the marine corps, when you come down to the end whether he will be honorablably discharged? >> well, first i have always believed that the marine corps has stood for honor, integrity, and accountability and i would like to see them show that. i would like to see secretary of the navy carlos del toro except his resignation this week on veterans day, on veterans week, to honor all veterans who have served. pete: kathy, last word, real quick. >> i would like to put this ugly chapter behind us and move forward, please. pete: honestly, ernestly said. stu scheller, sr., kathy
4:37 am
scheller, tim, on behalf of stuart scheller, galvanized a nation, spoke truth when it needed to be heard. we look forward for an update on the case. thank you so much. >> thank you. pete: appreciate it. you got it. up next, best-selling author mitch albom, give as preview of his new book, how the answers to our prayers may be found where we least expect it. ♪. my car insurance, so i only pay for what i need. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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♪. rachel: in his new book, the stranger in the lifeboat, author mitch albom takes readers on spiritual journey exploring god's existence on earth. it is a story of hope and faith told through a group of shipwrecked passengers lost at sea when a man claiming to be the lord approaches them in the water. excerpt reads, we waited for the stranger to respond but he just looked at us. touched his shoulder, said, well thank the lord we found you, which is when the man finally spoke. i am the lord, he whispered. best-selling author mitch albom joins me now. mitch, great to have you on. i'm fascinated by this book because the stranger said that he is the lord. i often tell my kids the kid who sits alone at the lunch table is jesus in disguise. the man on the corner begging is
4:42 am
jesus in disguise. tell me more why you set this book up in that way? >> for the last couple years it seems we've all been asking for help of some kind in this pandemic and i got the idea when we ask for help, what happens if it arrives but not what we expected? so these people are on this luxury yacht, very rich, famous people. it explodes. everybody is killed except 10 people get to life raft. for three days, nobody is coming for hem them, crying out. they see the guy in the water. said thank the lord we found you. he said i amed lord. they roll their eyes. he doesn't look special and. are you here to save us? i can only save you everyone believes i am who i say i am at the same time. do we believe help when it comes. it doesn't look like we think it
4:43 am
is supposed to look. rachel: that is the story of the goes -- gospel, isn't it. let me ask you, you wrote the book. it is a cathartic experience. you have have an orphanage in haiti. something there happened when you -- >> i operate ad orphanage in haiti since the earthquake. we have 50 children. one of those children developed a brain tumor. which brought her to america. we adopted her as a child. she lived two years and passed away. i was angry with the world when she passed away. all the questions i asked of the universe, of god, i put in the mouths of these passengers on this life raft. so at one point they ask him well, if you're god do you answer every prayer? i answer every prayer but sometimes the answer is no. of course they ask him why do people have to die? he says i know you cry when your loved ones leave this earth but
4:44 am
i can assure you they do not. and for me that was kind of cathartic for our little girl named chica, to think she is not crying at least, even if i am. rachel: i just want to read one last excerpt from the book. i think the book will bring people the peace you got from writing it. i know the tears you shed when people leave the earth. loved ones always weep, god smiles, but i promise you those who leave do not. the stranger in the lifeboat, mitch. thanks for joining us. thank for putting the book out. you're right after the pandemic a lot of people are searching for answers in life. hopefully they get inspiration and hope from your book. >> i hope so. thanks so much for talking to me. rachel: now to fox weather, a storm off the coast of florida causes flooding up and down the southeast. the heavy rain drenching south carolina and northern florida. these pictures taken just one hour apart show the rapidly
4:45 am
rising water the reaching almost two feet. flood warnings are still in place in some areas. chief meteorologist rick reichmuth joins us live with your fox weather forecast. rick? rick: good morning, rachel. high tide cycles combined with really strong onshore wind, waves, and rain causing big problems across parts of the southeast. look at this. this is wave heights. we have the spots waves offshore are 20 feet high. all of that energy driven toward the shore with strong winds. winds with the 50 mile-an-hour range. along with the rain. rain is not as much heavy causing flooding as pushing of water in from the ocean towards the coast that will continue to be across the day today, across parts of the southeast, throughout the afternoon, parts of the mid-atlantic this is a big event across the coast with an area saw flooding last weekend from another type of storm. today, this is what the country
4:46 am
is looking like. overall aside from the southeast not looking that bad, we'll look at temps warming up across the plains. we're 65 across chicago. by midweek we start to see cold air come back in, the first snow across the northern plains, when we get towards thursday. will, over to you. will: thank you, rick. turning to headlines. wisconsin health care organization parts ways with aaron rodgers. green bay packers quarterback refuses to take the covid vaccine. previa health said both sides agreed to end nine year partnership. he claim he pursued alternative achievements because of an allergy he has to ingredients in the vaccine. kamala harris sate to dries the migrant crisis not the one in the united states. she is heading to europe to address their migrant crisis.
4:47 am
the four-day trip includes meetings with emmanuel macron, german chancellor merck merck and other european leaders as record number of illegal immigrants spill into the united states from mexico. a california man arrives home to find this, a bear on his kitchen counter chowing down on a bucket of kfc. rachel: he has good taste. will: the man says the very hungry bear had a few buddies with him. there was at least one other bear in the house while he was taking the video. the man was able to scare the bears away by making loud noises. those are your headlines. rachel: i would not be with my camera filming there. i would be out of the house. that would scare me. pete: i've seen that story before. i didn't know there were other bears. will: yeah. pete: are you clapping, banging some pans together? they tell you that works until they decide make you a bucket of kfc. will: i spent time living in tennessee. it is crazy. you're taking the trash out.
4:48 am
next thing you know there is a bear right now. you don't know it. it is like a big dog. another is like, maybe not. maybe not. rachel: see lots of bears in wisconsin. had them come by the cabin and house. pete: i've been enjoying your book not listening to anything else. rachel: i am glad you enjoy my book. i talk about other people's stories in there but mine and sean's stories, melding christmas traditions together his irish traditions my has panic traditions and. we talk about advent starts on november 28th. it is around the corner. keep the meaning of christmas in the celebrations, starts with advent. have a lot of other stories. squirrels in trees, recipes, this is a great book for christmas, for gifts. it is a beautiful table book. i took a lot of pride how
4:49 am
beautifully it was put together. it's a beautiful book. and you can get it, you can preorder it, go on amazon, get it anywhere you want. pete: it is a beautiful look. my favorite part is the picture section. bill hemmer looks the exact same. a picture maybe from 40 years ago. amazing. i didn't know brian kilmeade has a swedish meatball recipe. amazing. he is not swedish. rachel: pictures of lawrence jones where he is adorable. did you think he was cute before. pete: did i think lawrence jones was cute? rachel: i do. a lot of women do. this is rising on the charts quickly. keep it going. pete: it will make for conversations with your family. read about people, see things you didn't know. rachel: thank you, guys. coming up you know the national spelling bee but what about the national constitution bee? it is real and we love it. the winner joins us next.
4:50 am
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♪. will: 22 students completed this
4:54 am
year in the national constitution bee for the grand championship and a 10,000-dollar scholarship. rachel: wow that is a lot of money. and our next guest a homeschooled senior from tennessee took home the grand prize. pete: braiden farley joins us now. thanks so much for being here. congratulations. >> thanks so much for having me. pete: tell us about the national constitution bee. what does it mean? >> well the constitution bee is centric on the idea of having student who understand the constitution and can speak about it in a knowledgeable way. we had a textbook we had to study. obviously read the constitution a few times. you had to be familiar with a lot of the constitution. that is the main idea of the constitution bee. rachel: when i listen to you, how articulate you are, how much you know about the constitution, i think maybe i should homeschool my child. you're so impressive. tell me about the essay part. you said there was an essay component. you said that was the favorite part of contest? >> the essay session was fantastic. i gave an essay three minutes
4:55 am
long about the necessity of the bill of rights. i partially enjoy that. i do competitive speech and debate under stella national speech and debate. i enjoy speaking and debating. that is like my for the ethics section. rachel: can you send the essay to the governor of new jersey. he said it is above his pay grade. >> i need his contact info. will: not just memorization of constitution but working in some of your interpretation of it as well? >> yeah. you have to be able to understand and articulate, think critically about a lot of the supreme court law, whether it be the modern interpretation of the constitution, what it meant back, when it was originally written. you have to have an in-depth understanding of it, not just memorizing the entire thing. pete: we'll put you on the spot. article 2, section 1 clouds 5?
4:56 am
>> i didn't memorize the exact -- pete: got him. rachel: you still get to keep the $10,000. will: you're the champion, not him. pete: i know what it is. i looked it up. rachel: we're impressed with you. congratulations. pete: i shipment throw him the curveball. rachel: it was mean. pete: it wasn't meant to be. he knows what it is. more "fox & friends" itchy? scratchy? family not getting clean? get charmin ultra strong. it just cleans better,
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visit for a free demo. ♪ pour some sugar on me, ooh, in the name of love. ♪ pour some sugar on me -- [laughter] will: a little def leppard, and there's a reason for that. it's because cracker barrel has rolled out a new cinnamon roll breakfast pie and, of course, welcome to "fox & friends." we're going to have it on set here. rachel: so hot, sticky sweet -- [laughter] pete: cinnamon roll many a eye. rachel: we're going to tell you
5:01 am
about it. you can't go wrong. pete: cracker barrel for the win. that's pretty good. rachel: uh-huh. pete: it feels like a breakfast pie. will: we have a bunch of pies. rachel: this is just like our producers. yesterday will and i said we're going to eating healthy at breakfast, and they go tomorrow's cracker barrel day. [laughter] pete: i ate one. rachel: after i have my cinnamon roll pie -- will: do you think it'd upset the crew if i took a chunk out of the pecan pie? i've got to see what's going on here. i love pecan -- do you love pumpkin? rachel: i love pumpkin pie, but this is actually really good. there's plenty of gooey cinnamon in this, which is -- pete: which is point of a cinnamon roll. rachel: i don't want to do the news. [laughter] pete: this is a nice invention.
5:02 am
is cracker barrel -- it's open for breakfast, right? will: i hope so, they have a -- pete: that's why i've been there. go to cracker or barrel and get a cinnamon roll pie. will: i'll let y'all have another bite or two, and i'll do the news, rachel. or i'll start the news. finish that white. president biden defending payments to illegal immigrants. he's saying families separated at the border deserve ken if sayings. there have been dozens of secret flights from the border to florida. listen to david spunt talking about president biden's newest position on payment to illegal immigrants. >> reporter: you said last week that this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage -- >> no, i didn't say that. get it straight. you said everybody coming across the border gets $500 -- 450,000 -- >> it was the number you had a problem with. >> it was the number --
5:03 am
>> reporter: okay. >> here's the thing. because of the fact of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border legally or illegally and you lost your child, you lost your child, it's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation. what that will be, i have no idea. i have no idea. >> the doj negotiating the settlement. >> two questions. pete: so what's very clear is that joe biden got the memo from his staff. you're going to get this question again. and when you do, you, a, need to make it about trump, and, b, you need to muster some of that energy for righteous indignation and say if you lost your child which, of course, is a complete misrepresentation of what actually happened. these are people breaking the law because you have an administration that supports lawlessness, is willing to create these incentives, and now they're choosing -- this is very clear. the department of justice does
5:04 am
not have to pursue settlements with the aclu and this lawsuit. most departments of justice would say, get out of here, you're not getting a dime from us. that was the law, they broke the law, and we're reuniting families with kids, so you're welcome. in this particular case, they're choosing to negotiate what was reported up to $450,000 which he rebuffed. will it be 200, as you said, rachel? we don't know. but this is a choice of this administration trying to frame if it as something they're trying to clean up from donald trump, and all they're doing is supporting illegal immigration. rachel: yeah. it's part of their ploy to pretend that this open border policy is compassionate if, humanitarian. it's not. there have been children coming across the border who have been brought into sex slavery, into sex trafficking, children abandoned in the desert who were rescued by our brave border patrol, children who have been separated from or their parents along the journey or watched
5:05 am
their parents die in the desert. all of this incentivized by open border policy. i spoke with tom homan earlier today on the show, and here's what he had to say about this situation. >> you don't pay someone who broke your laws. let's understand, these migrants were separated because they broke the law. they entered the country illegally, which is a crime. we had the first president ever in the history of this nation, joe biden, who came into office and intentionally unsecured the most secure border we've ever had as a nation. who does that? who unsecures the border which has resulted in a record number of illegal immigration this year, historic number, record number of fentanyling that's killed over 90,000 young americans? cartels making billions of dollars. this was outrageous behavior. will: making the point we made this morning that american criminal, people who break the the law period, are separated
5:06 am
there their children. what headaches this different? what makes this worthy of a payment? hohmann went on to say what about the victim of some of the crimes of these illegal immigrants who have been permanently separated from their children? in a quick style over substance observation here, we've all been involved in communication for quite some time and, therefore, we've had people give us advice or coach us. i was involved in debate shows for a while throughout my career, and i remember one person said, hey, when you point, it's a turnoff. when you do this all the time when you're making a debate point, it really is something that closes people's ears. just, again, style over substance point, but watch president biden just constantly do this. he is constantly hammering his point with a point at whoever the tart of -- rachel: but also this point he's poking at americans. this is a very tough time for americans right now. spiked inflation, people are are coming up on the holidays, the
5:07 am
most expensive thanksgiving in u.s. history. people are losing their jobs because of the mandates, there's a supply chain crisis, many small businesses have shuttered literally because they can't get the supplies which we covered a toy store recently who had to close down because they just couldn't get the toys in. there are american families suffering, and i guess a lot of americans are wondering where's all this money coming from that we can suddenly give out half a million dollars to people who broke our law are, but our lives are not being improved by this administration. where's the money for the veterans that are on the streets that we can suddenly house illegals in barracks and bases across the country or fly them, as governor desantis the has said, 70 flights just in recent months flying people to wherever hay want to go after they break into our country. pete: or buried inside the potentially upcoming build
5:08 am
better act, the green new deal, is a provision that would allow illegals to apply for child tax crept, something they haven't been able to do before. rachel: that's right. >> they can't get social security numbers, they can use tax identification numbers. so now your taxpayer dollars are going to the kids of illegals who broke the law. not to mention if you live out on long island, florida, any state across this country, you've got thousands of illegal kids coming into classrooms as well creating strains on local school districts all while local citizens pay property taxes for those schools. it all has a trekking effect, none of which the white house seems to care about for law-abiding, taxpayers. rachel: outrageous. pete: fox if news alert. police launching a criminal investigation into the astroworld music festival disaster that left eight people dead. someone in the crowd may have been injecting people with drugs. >> the security officer, he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen, and he felt a
5:09 am
prick in his neck. the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody's trying to inject with. will: that security guard had to be revived with narcan. two people at the event described the chaos. >> screaming help, help, and nobody was doing nothing. there was passed out bodies being held up. >> once you fell in that, in that pit, that crowd, it was a death sentence. will: police are reviewing video to determine what caused the crowd to surge. a warning, the next video is graphic. rachel: that's right. you can see people rushing to lift an unconscious man above the crowd and pull him to safety. rapper travis scott, who organized the event, had this to say. >> honestly, just devastated. i could never imagine anything like this happening. we're working closely with everyone to just try to get to
5:10 am
the bottom of this. rachel: police say the ages range from just 14 years old to 27. just a harrowing experience for those people that were there and, again, that nurse, that was a nurse that we heard earlier saying, basically, it's a death sentence that you fell. there was nothing that could be done. it's very frightening. will: we move to this, a circuit court inside of the fifth circuit of the united states supreme court justice system, a federal court has temporarily halted president biden's vaccine mandate for larger businesses. this will, of course, go through the appellate process as it makes its way up possibly to the supreme court. but there are serious constitutional issues, there are serious constitutional questions about whether or not the federal government through the mechanism of osha has the administrative power to say, no, you must force this hot on american citizens. pete: once again, it is that document, the constitution, we had the constitution spelling bee winner on earlier. it's that document that stands
5:11 am
between us and authoritarianism. and the left wants to shred that document because it is that very impediment. but once again, i think it was texas that made this original appeal saying this is not constitutional. we have a recourse. because it's going to crush businesses and turn them into enforcers. who was it that had this great interview yesterday -- was it one of the two of you, with laura rea dickey. she's the ceo of dickey's barbecue and james crocker. they were talking about the impact on businesses like theirs. one was thousands of employees, another was about 160, what a vaccine mandate would do to them. take a listen to this. >> we really need the government to say it's time to get back to work, it is time to get back in school. go back to contributing. and instead, they are asking me to stand between an employee and their paycheck. when i read the mandate, i honestly thought it was a mistake. >> the federal government wants to turn me into an enforcement
5:12 am
arm of the government to enforce a policy that's highly controversial. will erik i already had some key team members tell me if we enforce the policy, they're gone. rachel: i believe you were the one who interviewed them yesterday, will, correct? will: that's right. and they both laid out exactly what a burden this will be on them as business owners, the distance it puts between them and their employees at a time when they're having trouble with staffing shortages anyway. pete: and i love what the gentleman said about 100. what made 100 the magic number? rachel: all of this is made up, 6 feet away -- will: and i had harmeet dhillon on on friday night, and she said, she said that some corporations are not opposed to this mandate because it crypts a competitive bare -- crypts a competitive barrier because they
5:13 am
can implement these systems. sometimes regulation becomes its friend by stifling competition. rachel: that has been the story of the pandemic, will. it has been small businesses that have suffered. remember, when this whole thing started, walmart ask is home tebow were with allowed to -- home depot were allowed to stay open, and the momand pops -- mom and pops had to shut down. this has been the biggest transfer of wealth from the middle class to the it heats -- elites, to the most wealthy businesses in america and their ceos, and this has been wrong. we've seen hypocrisy like this across the board coming from the democrats who say they're the party of the middle class, they're the party of the working class. they've been hurting the little guy from day one on this pandemic. another example of that, by the way, is with the mask mandates. we saw randi weingarten, somebody who doesn't have children herself, by the way, but mandating that everybody else's children have to be in
5:14 am
masks all day long even though there are no studies that can fundamentally prove that is going to protect children who, by the way, hardly spread the disease and don't have many symptoms, if any, from this disease. here she is in puerto rico -- pete: dangerous. rachel: yes. she's in puerto rico not wearing a mask. she got caught -- pete: like an assassin. rachel: yeah, absolutely. will: it's an indoor conference, it is a large gathering of people. all the things you supposed to be, you know, warned about, right? you're making the jokes, pete, because that's what's been -- just to clarify, randy weingarten, head of the -- rachel: teachers union. i should have said that. she's at a conference in pert puerto rico where you have to be in a mask if you're vaccinated or not. pete: and it is the teachers union, to belabor the point, who have been collaborating with the
5:15 am
government to insure our schools were shut down, to insure that eventually vaccines will be mandated, to insure masks are worn for all. that has been a their policy, protect our teachers. rachel: ban the smiles from children, ban the laughter they can't even hear -- which, by the way, pete, sorry to interrupt, when she was asked why she didn't wear the mask, people had trouble hearing me. pete: here's what she wrote in response to the criticism. you could not be at the hotel or panel without proof of vaccination. i had also just done a rapid covid test and was negative. frankly, agreeing with the critic who pointed this out, i think you're right. if kids are wearing masks in school and others, educators must as well, i'm sorry. she uses this to jiu-jitsu into let's all keep wearing masks. forgive me for this indiscretion. let's all keep wearing masks, that's her policy. rachel: it's so cruel what
5:16 am
they've done to our children. i mean -- pete: it is. it's abuse. rachel: it's child abuse. and at this point we know it's not making one iota of difference. it's just a way to extend this pandemic. and they're willing, the president of the teachers union and everybody else who's part of that union, willing to use our children to make political points. they're willing to ruin their childhoods. they're willing to put them in masks to run cross country or play basketball. they're doing all of these things, and by the way, all the money that we spent on covid, where are the studies on the psychological effects of keeping this fear going in our children and making them wear masks? it just makes me want to explode. let kids be kids. pete: i agree. let 'em ride their bikes without helmets too. [laughter] if. will: while you're at ate. pete: and, by the way, you guys were sort of balling at the point that -- bawling at the
5:17 am
point, i can't get the new york post at my house. for the last three months it has not been arriving. will: why? pete: i don't know. i've called customer service multiple times. rachel: i think it's a staffing issue. every business is having this problem. they can't find people willing to work because our government's paying people to stay home. pete: for "the new york post" if, i've been trying to get it at my house. rachel: well, if this doesn't get it delivered to your door, i don't know what will. pete: i love it so much. overnight, a boston police officer is stabbed in the neck while responding to a domestic violence call. just a routine call, you know? the suspect immediately assaulted two officers on the third floor of a triple-decker home injuring one. the other officer shot the suspect who was pronounced dead. the injured officer, thankfully, is expected to survive. nothing routine about what these men and women do every day. and the coast guard
5:18 am
including seven people including one tinge from a remote fishing camp in alaska. the group was strand thed for a week. their hunting trip went wrong after the river they were on iced over. the coast guard air dropped food and shelter this they were able to air lift everyone to safety. thankfully, no one was hurt. the kids look like they got a little more than they bargained for. and saturday night live's weekend update throws jabs at virginia lieutenant-governor elect winsome serious over this photo -- winsome sears over this photo. >> attempting suicide by cop -- [laughter] was elected, was elected as virginia's first black female lieutenant governor, but this is a win for republicans because nothing will get support for gun control faster than this picture. pete: she is a military veteran, you will recall. this as a left-wing msnbc guest
5:19 am
called sears a, quote, black mouth for white supremacism. will: gross. pete: she's their worst nightmare. they have to smear. rachel: by the way, snl also making skits and jokes out the very serious topic of abortion. they're just, they're so bad and they're so not funny. pete: we were watching it at the break. rachel: disgusting. will: up next, the left hoping to fund liberal programs, congresswoman victoria sparks refuses to support another dime. and she joins us live. rachel: plus, we are firing up the grill on fox square with five the-time world barbecue champion myron nixon. oh, my gosh, i can't wait for that. ♪ ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo...
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♪ will: well, with infrastructure now passed, all eyes turn to president biden's massive $1.7 trillion social spending bill. pete: our next guest grew up in the soviet union before coming to america, and she calls the bill completely -- rachel: indiana congresswoman victoria spartz joins us now.
5:24 am
first of all, welcome to "fox & friends." i love your story of how you came and you got involved in local grassroots politics, and now here you are as a congresswoman. tell me what you think about this bill exactly and why it concerns you. >> good morning and thank you for having me. well, i tell you, the problem with all socialist spending that it creates political elites and rich oligarchs on top, and then everybody else is poor. and that's existed in soviet union, and i'll tell you what is happening even right now. the one biggest problem we have $29 trillion of debt, we have two major programs that are going bankrupt, medicare and social security, very soon. and we're talking about -- but another problem is really when with we're talking about, it's the inflation. and inflation is a highly regressive tax. if you think about it, it's actually destroying opportunity
5:25 am
for them, and it's going to cost a lot are. and they're using gimmicks, they're using very murky math to pay for it, but we don't have money to pay for it. and it's very sad for me to see that. pete: for our viewers, here's a breakdown of what you talking about, congresswoman, what's in this $1.75 proposed social spending bill. $555 billion for tax credits on clean energy, $150 billion affordable housing, $150 billion medicaid home health care, 150 billion domestic supply chain issues, 15% income tax on large corporations and a surtax on those making over $10 million, so an additional 5%. when you talk about oligarch key and big businesses, i wonder where all those clean energy tax cents will go and who will take advantage. >> we can guess, right? but it's also large subsidies to cities and statements with high
5:26 am
taxes, wealthy people in states like new york more subsidy, and people in indiana have to pay for it like s.a.l.t. taxes, it also gives high taxes to insurance companies directly, you know, for insurance for wealthy people to subsidize that insurance and force them to go from private market on to government market. it's another step of government takeover of health care. so when we're talking about this, it actually is going to tax middle class and lower income people. will: congressman, i'd love to talk to you more about your experience in comparison with the soviet union and where we're headed in the united states, but that might be for another day. right now what these policies might mean for americans this winter. and we have an example for heating costs midwest homes, $1,805 the average expected cost to heat with propane this winter. and i know you've written a letter to the biden administration about some of these concerns. >> i think when you don't have
5:27 am
an energy policy or have a bad energy policy that a benefits your adversaries around the world, you're hurting your own people. and actually the, you know, we already have 70 increase in propain prices which will really -- propane prices which will really hurt rural america. but if our winter is a little bit colder than expected, we actually height see doubling of the prices, and that is going to hurt people with low incomes the most. so we're talking the really destroying opportunity the for lower income people and middle class. that's what socialist spending agenda does. every time it's implemented in any country around the world. rachel: congresswoman victoria spartz, you bring a lot of information not just from your background from living under soviet, under the soviet union, but also as an economist. thank you for joining us today. i hope that joe biden reads your letter. >> thank you very much. i will keep my hopes up, yes. [laughter] pete: great to have you, thank you. >> thank you. will: thanksgiving canceled.
5:28 am
why one university group is calling to wipe the holiday off the calendar. brian kilmeade sounds off on that next. ♪ ♪ >> are you ready to start a great career? >> safelite is now hiring. >> you will love your job. >> there's room to grow... >> ...and lots of opportunities. >> so, what are you waiting for? >> apply now... >> ...and make a difference. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ - [narrator] it's >> maa mixed up!
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i booked our hotel on kayak. it's flexible if we need to cancel. cancel. i haven't left the house in a year. nothing will stop me from vacation. no canceling. flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done. ♪♪ will: so thanksgiving's just around the corner, but an event on a college campus wants to wipe the holiday off the calendars. pete: the university at buffalo's intercultural and diversity center hosting an event called the real history of thanksgiving which can asks, quote, why is thanksgiving so celebrated in america when the truth behind the holiday is the massacre of indigenous communities? how can we erase this whitewashed history for good? that is the premise of this upcoming seminar at the university of washington -- or buffalo? rachel: that's right. and you asked, the young
5:33 am
americas foundation chapter right there in buffalo x they sundayeded saying thanksgiving is a time for students to unite with family and take the time to give thanks just as the english and native americans did at the first thanksgiving. i'm not surprised as part of the left's radical agenda is to create division and break down the family structure. hi school is attempting to cancel a holiday that brings families together. not just families, but brings americans together, will. will: there'll be nothing left. [laughter] there's going to be nothing left. all history wiped clean, all words made sanded down to no sharp edges. there's going to be nothing left. rachel: yeah. it'll be these really, like, or these really, or you know, boring, maoist type holidays like day of the child, generic stuff. this is rooted in our history, and the story is the story of, you know, the native americans and the pilgrims coming together. and hay just hate this -- they just hate this idea.
5:34 am
pete: they also hate from george washington to abraham lincoln, it was declared a day of thanksgiving, of prayer intentionally, of giving thanks to god which is a word they can't even utter these days for the opportunity in this nation to live out the republic that we were gifted. it is the about gratitude the. if you can't concern imagine that. they can't appreciate the holidays, it's about gratitude. will: we both rank it in our top -- rachel: that's his favorite holiday. will: right there with fourth of july. you were saying that steve doocy's your favorite "fox & friends" host? pete: i think i was saying that. oh, this is awkward. [laughter] will: brian kilmeade, "fox & friends" weekday host, joining us now. didn't know you were going to be here, brian. sorry about that. >> that hurts my feelings. will: i know. pete: that's a text from steve you just got. [laughter] brian, we're glad you're here. you talk about history all the
5:35 am
time. you're effect thively the fox news channel historian. cancel thanksgiving, it's all about our horrible history. your reaction. >> i mean, it's unbelievable they're doing all over the place, trying to take thomas jefferson out of the university of virginia, which he founded. this is the same group that goes up to buffalo and says let's just get rid of that day. washington said, hey, we should have a day of thanksgiving, actually congress asked him to, and then it gets fired up back and forth up until lincoln, lincoln says let's make this thing permanent, grant actually does it, fdr makes it a national holiday. it was all us coming together one day about family, and at one point the american indians as well as the settlers, they actually came together and helped each other. it was an up and down relationship, obviously. complex, clearly. but these people all don't have families, so they have nothing to do on thanksgiving, so they want to destroy it for everybody else. no thank you. and this is the type of thing that helps bill maher of all people write his monologues. more and more people on the left
5:36 am
are fed up with this. will: absolutely. rachel: do you think we can actually fight -- we can actually win this fight against this cancel culture especially when it comes to our american history? >> absolutely. i mean, i'm all for changing, getting better onion stop basis, been on a nonstop basis, but i think it's the happening. you're not just seeing fox news, you're not just watching sean hannity at night and saying, wow, that's the only place that there's pushback. i'm astound thed by a lot of people especially after tuesday more than ever, you know, from dave chapelle on down, basically, what are you doing? our push to be right, to look back honestly at our past, air quotes, has now turned its guns on them. they're canceling each other now. now they're going after holidays? i think it galvanizes. i mean, there's a reason why you make msnbc, cnn, no one watches the sunday shows anymore because they're agenda-driven. their vision of america is getting pushback from the if
5:37 am
american people. so you keep at it. you keep up with these holidays. it makes our shows better. will: well, we are excited to talk about brian's new book, explores how two american heroes moved from strong disagreement to friendship and in the process they changed the entire course of american history. it's called the president and the freedom fighter. brian, tell us about the book. >> well, i mean, what i wanted to do is take that next step in time. the alamo, avengers, texas history, this is something texans knew about, and i thought, okay, what's the thing the rest of the country needs to know about. thankfully, people are really interested in sam houston and andrew jackson. it was a natural progression. we don't need another book about the civil war. lincoln is the most written about subject in our history. nobody writes about presidents more than people write about abraham lincoln. but i thought here's a relationship. let's talk about race, the evil of slavery, let's talk about a
5:38 am
man that overcame it, the so-called self-made man, and let's talk about a guy with abject poverty whose mom dies at 9 years old who no one thought would amount to everything but was determined to amount to everything. along the way, there's inspirational stories, but i saw parallel tracks and quickly coincide to help us come out on the other side of a brutal civil war. and i thought if we could tell those stories, if i could tell those stories parallel, see them coincide, and instead of having people's opinion, they wrote so much, every speech is transcribed. most of their work, the newspaper, editorials by frederick douglass almost on a daily basis. you could really see what they thought and bring you back to that time, and that's why i thought it would be good to talk about the america from that perspective. rachel: they're both great giants in history. and, by the way, i resent seeing it as black history. frederick douglass is american history. he's such a participant of the
5:39 am
story of that -- part of the story of that era. you are going to be on tour, by the way. you're going to be in charleston, west virginia on -- pete: today. rachel: oh, okay. wednesday you're going to be in madison, connecticut. you're can going to be in pennsylvania on november 11th and also orlando, clearwater, florida. those are the dates so people can catch you. you also have a television the special tonight. >> yeah. at 10:00. for the last four months, overcoming the pandemic, we've been trying to shoot this, and it's finally done. the president and the freedom fighter comes to you tonight at 10:00 on fox news channel, then it'll migrate over to fox nation, expanded version. we go to the sites that they're marked, and you'll really get a sense of what it was like being them. so the president and the freedom fighter at 10:00 tonight, and it'll give you an idea of what the book's about. i do have to tell you one story
5:40 am
that happened today. we were here, and this studio is at a different location and moved, so we got the wrong location, and we just arrived here at the time. but enroute, we blew out two tires. a man picked me up on the side of the road, i just sent the picture of nicki, he brought us here. he's waiting on the outside. so we got in the car and we came here -- [laughter] and this shows you how nice everyone in west is, if you're going to be done quick, i'll bring you back to your car. i've never seen two flat cars. but i have no plan b. [laughter] so a plan b was a nice man this west virginia picked us up and brought us here. pete: that's pretty cool. brian, you are a really nice guy, and this book is very good which is why i was so excited, brian, when it landed on my desk in my office signed by you. and my decision says, to pete, the coolest guy on the 21st
5:41 am
floor at fox. this is unbelievable. i showed it to will right away, ha, ha, will. will: my signed edition said, to will, way cooler than pete. does that make me the coolest guy on the 21st floor if i'm cooler than pete? rachel: i got the book, and he didn't sign it. [laughter] >> wow. rachel: thanks, brian. >> well, i feel bad, rachel, and i apologize. pete and and will, i never thought you'd actually end up talking about the book -- [laughter] i never thought it would actually come to this. so i can't make a decision. i've always liked rick reichmuth better than everybody. [laughter] all he wants to do is talk about weather. rhoderachel: gather your kids ad and watch this special. pete: congratulations, brian. >> one last thing, guys. governor jim justice is going to be joining me tonight at 4:00,
5:42 am
matinee. we have a few seats left on stage the, we're going to be talking about all the books at once, live studio audience. sponsored by fox nation. anyone in west virginia, number one, i need a ride -- [laughter] number two, i'll see you tonight at charleston theater. last night learned skinrd played across the street, and we were able to watch them play. and they all say hi to you guys. will: i just watched their documentary, all right, man, good to see you. good luck tonight. rachel: thanks, brian. >> go get 'em, guys. pete: up next, a plea for an honorable discharge after he was reprimanded for blasting the afghanistan withdrawal. three veterans react next. i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee.
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♪ ♪ >> still under a gag order. he can't even post a picture of his dog. it is one of the most strictest gag orders ever. >> our son, like he said in this video, has been fighting 17 years in the dirt for his country for you to have your freedom. >> we are asking the secretary of the navy to give him a discharge that's consistent with the entirety of his career. pete: the parents and lawyer of lieutenant colonel if stuart shelter, the marine charged for calling out military or leaders over the disastrous afghanistan
5:47 am
exit, are speak out after 12 republicans wrote a letter pushing the navy if secretary to grant him an honorable discharge. that's all his lawyer and family are asking for. here to react is our veteran panel ahead of veterans day. fox news contributor joey jones, fox news contributor, retired marine colonel -- i promoted you right here on camera -- corporal dakota meyer and retired army staff sergeant david bella. proud to call all of you gentlemen friends. thank you so much for being here, and we're looking forward to your veterans day message. joey, let me start with you. when you look at this case, considering the colonel's 17 years of honorable service and he's asking for an honorable discharge, should he get one in. >> yeah, absolutely. and i think to you look at the verdict, he was sentenced to a letter of reprimand and then an honorable or general other than -- sorry, general other
5:48 am
than honorable discharge. my point is the likelihood he'll get an honorable discharge. if he doesn't, there's a process that would allow him to potentially upgrade his discharge really quickly after leaving the military. so i don't think he's in jeopardy of not getting an honorable discharge. i think most importantly is the message that's sent. now that we've seen the trial and the comments, we've got to understand everything that was going on in his life and also his comments weren't all that outrageous. i haven't met a veteran yet who habit echoed -- hasn't echoed those comments. i think the bigger issue is sometimes doing the right thing breaks a rule, and that's a dilemma our military's faced with because i think lieutenant colonel scheller has done the right thing. pete: dakota, he felt he had to because no one has been held accountable. >> yeah, i mean, look, you talk about sometimes -- i think it's a great point, sometimes doing the right thing you have to break a rule. i know that very well, right?
5:49 am
i went against direct orders to go in and try to get my teammates, understanding the consequences that if i had gone in there, you know, at the same time. i was willing to accept those consequences, i think this man was willing to do the same. i would have took whatever i had to take the, you know, on the wrist in order to do that because i did what i believed in and what i knew was right which ultimately is what i have to live by for the rest of my life. i think the big piece is if you're going to hold this man accountable, it's called the uniform code of military justice, so it's uniform, right? it's time for these generals that just because you have stars on your collars, you don't get out of accountability that. 's what we've seen for a long time, and i think that's what has to be changed. pete: david, one of the points his lawyer made was corporals are held more responsible for a lost weapon than generals are for a lost war. your reaction to this. >> well, there's nothing that these two gentlemen said that i disagree with. but here's my point, right? this is the same individualism
5:50 am
that breeds, you know, having five generals in a room that don't want to follow the orders of their commander in chief because it's president trump. i don't want pro-biden lieutenant colonels just like i don't want pro-trump lieutenant colonels. i want lieutenant colonels. if congress wants to do something that's going to benefit the military, remove all social media from all field grade officers immediately. [laughter] i don't want to see another general talk about vaccine mandates or about critical race theory or hormone therapy. ask me anything. okay, sir or ma'am. can we defeat china on the battlefield? i don't care what your favorite pie is. i don't necessarily care about the buffalo bills' secondary and your opinion on it. we have far too many field grade officers on social media talking about the milk crate challenge, and no one has a plan for isis or they're all shocked at china's supersonic. maybe you wouldn't be shocked to you weren't tweeting on social media and on instagram.
5:51 am
it's stupid and it's beneath the dignity of the military. pete: wow. well said. let's coa lightning round, real quick. 30 seconds each. when you look forward to veterans day, especially in light of what happened in afghanistan, what's your message this year? joey, start with you. >> yeah, you know, listen. if you're a veteran, you left the military and gone home, don't forget you're still contributing to your community. you're still valuable asset. don't underestimate yourself and get back to work with us, because we need you. pete: dakota? >> same thing. look, we might not be fighting the war over there, but, you know, we're back here fighting and representing the beliefs that we were willing to go overseas and fight for ask give our lives for, and i think we have to be representative of that. pete: david, it's not a different sort of veterans day. we've been at war for 20 years, but the way things ended in afghanistan, how does that affect your view of and your message to vets coming up?
5:52 am
>> it durability change a thing. -- doesn't change a thing. this is the greatest country in the world, and we served in the greatest military in the world. and a lot of people say what can i do to support america. you know what you can do? you can become a veteran. that's what you can do. give us your sons and daughters, serve the greatest military in the greatest country. hey, you dreamers, you want a pathway to citizenship? you want universal health care? we got you covered and free college. join the military and defend the greatest experiment that god ever gave us, the united states of america. pete: i've gotten a couple of really bad haircuts at fort benning in my lifetime. [laughter] no doubt about that. david, to your point though, one of the points steve shelter's lawyer made repeatedly was the lieutenants of this generation have carried r50eu68s on the battlefield whereas many of the flag officers told never did, post-vietnam war. and so have a very different
5:53 am
view of warfare and the enemy than those who walked the ground you did. joey, dakota and david, thank you for your insights. >> thank you. pete: tough to beat that man panel. out to will and rachel who are at the grill, and i'm going to leave right now to join you. will: sorry -- [laughter] it's gone. if you like home country cooking but don't like what it's done to your waistband. we've got the pit if master for you. the winningest man in barbecue is out with a brand new week, quito barbecue -- keto barbecue. rhoderachel: let's just start, u lost a lot of weight -- >> over 100 pounds. rachel: and you did it by going keto. >> that's exactly right. meat is something that i love, so this was a diet i could do. today we're doing a brisket. this is something we to all the time and i love. you've got to get it trim thed up. we're going to add all of our
5:54 am
spices for our rub. of course, you've got to have salt, black pepper, you've got cayenne. all these things are keto. the only time you run into things is going to be sugars and carbs. so we've got all our spices. and the sweetener which i'll use here is monk fruit. that is your friend. i use that this my sauces when i'm doing the keto. rachel: it doesn't, it hasn't hurt the flavor, because this is delicious. >> apply a little oil on the meat to help it adhere. rub it this. rachel: hey, pete, the deviledded eggs have barbecue underneath -- pete: i've got to try that. myron, good to see you. how do you know how much fat to trim off? i'm not there at all. >> 99% of the smokers heat comes from the bottom up.
5:55 am
all the cook that fat down. as the fat sheds off -- will: that settles the debate we've had, fat side down, fat side up -- >> fat side down. let me ask you down, we don't have briskets in georgia. that's only in texas where they've got the magic brisking brisking -- briskets. but the thing is, i always use that as the heat buffer. we've got our rub on, go in the smoker for about six hours, 16 pound brisket, about 300 degrees. rachel: so you're opening a restaurant right here. tell us about it. >> hoboken 618, washington street. right now we're doing training. that's where the brisket came from. also we have a restaurant in alexandria, virginia, oldtown. will: beautiful. 100 pounds lost eating this kind of food. >> i went from 347. rachel: good for you.
5:56 am
pete: if you want to see it for yourself. will: next hour, we are sticking around on fox square to introduce you to three small businesses that put our veterans at the center of what they do. stick around for "fox & friends." ♪ ♪ knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ . . .
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♪ you may me smile like the sun. ♪ fall out of bed. ♪ sing like a bird. ♪ spin like a record. ♪ crazy on a sunday night. [laughter] pete: we come to 9:00 a.m. eastern time hour, "fox & friends." a little off the rails. those are made in in america businesses we'll get to in a moment. you saw the barbecue we had, we have chaos on he set. we got a bet of myron's
6:01 am
barbecue. will came running on the set. rachel: he hit my deviled eggs. will: the coffee machine needs to be banished. it takes forever. rachel: you've been complaining about this for months. will: i had no idea there would be barbecue. rachel: it was there. will: we have a foofoo european coffee maker that we've been trying to get replaced. it breaks down every morning. it cleans itself every third cup. rachel: what's not foofoo was the barbecue. it was delicious. >> he gave us an update on brisket. that's something i vowed to master this summer. i did not master it. maybe the tips will help. seasoning, vegetable, fat side down. >> that's a new tip. >> check out the book, keto
6:02 am
barbecue. what's the difference between keto and atkins. at kins is a lot of meat and low carb. rachel: i think atkins is like -- i think keto is low carb versus no carb. i could be wrong about what that. e-mail us if you have the answer. this is a good way to lose weight because it's very tasty. >> better than the cracker barrel cinnamon bun we had last hour. rachel: i think that's not on the list. pete: now that we're settled in. let's start with some of the news. we're talking earlier in the show about president biden and perhaps antagonistic approach to americans and i was talking about the physical posturing, pointing out americans. this is president biden questioning whether or not americans truly understand the supply chain issue. they're definitely feeling it, that's for sure it's on their wallets, prices of turkey, gas,
6:03 am
heating bills. president biden is like i think americans don't get the whole thing. they're confused. watch. >> people are also worried about -- they don't understand it, why is the price of agriculture, why is it higher? for example, if i had -- if we were all going out and having lunch together and i said let's ask whoever's in the next table, no matter how -- what restaurant we're in, how could they explain the supply chain to us, do you think they'd understand what we're talking about? they're smart people. but supply chain, why is everything backed up? guess what? they closed the plants because they had covid. so it's a complicated world. rachel: it's not just condescending that he thinks we're so stupid that we can't understand the supply chain. by the way, i would like to go back to the america where we didn't have to think about the supply chain every day but
6:04 am
that's just biden's economy. but that's not really the point. i mean, he's being very disingenuous as he sits there and blames covid for the inflation. the inflation is also caused by the fact that he raised energy prices by shutting down american oil production, which obviously drives up the prices of everything. not just your car but your food prices and everything else. >> it's also caused by union prerogatives by ports of entry, independent owner/operator truck drivers not able to get the access they did before, a shortage of truck drivers, a dependence on china, which donald trump vowed to say we would release. which part of the supply chain is it? rachel: how about printing money and more spending and more printing of money which is the -- >> i'd like to see joe biden atempt to -- attempt to give us two minutes on all the problems, give us two minutes on the supply chain crisis and was where going to do about it.
6:05 am
the energy secretary laughed at us when we asked for a plan. it's not that complicated, that's what they say. if you're giving people checks and incentivizing them not to work, not complicated. you make it a priority of. you don't jet off to europe and do a week's worth of we there conference as opposed to meeting with ceos and say how do we fix it. rachel: how about a weather conference that thinks about new ways to raise energy price. >> and opec saying no. >> whether or not goa scrow can explain the -- joe biden can explain the supply chain crisis, we can feel it. now they say inflation is affecting every ingredient,
6:06 am
every item we use, flour, cheese, tomatoes, gloves, paper plates, napkins, everything. labor, also obviously definitely up as well. >> used to be a dollar. now it's 1 fifty, good luck finding 99-cent pizza. it ain't going to happen. here's a quote from the owner of a pizzeria. our profit margin goes down every day. if we raise prices we'll soon have customers -- have no customers walking through the doors. these are the same businesses who were shut down in this city and other cities across america because of covid. they get through one and then get through another. this is an incompetent administration, applying policies about other priorities of, whether it's open borders or global climate change or
6:07 am
reimagining the police, catch phrases that mean nothing but ultimately trickle down to average people. now you pay more for your pizza and he's trying to find a way to pay for his products and he's passing it on to customers. rachel: one thing that people in the midwest can feel is heat cost. a lot of people on fixed incomes feel the impact of the prices. victoria spark, a republican from indiana, she happens to be an immigrant from ukraine and she is not only seeing -- talking about higher prices which she knows a lot about, she happens to be an economist, but she can tell you they that a lot of the things she is seeing here in america right now seem reminiscent of the policies that she you saw that destroyed so many economies in eastern europe. here she is, talking about the prices of propane. >> we already have 70% increase in propane prices which will
6:08 am
really hurt rural america a lot but if our winter is a little bit colder than expected we actually might see doubling of the prices and that is going to hurt people with low income the most. gas prices, propane prices, food prices, so we're talking really destroying opportunity for lower income people and middle class. that's what socialist spending agenda does, every time it's implemented in any country around the world. .>> everyone has an example. was in a walmart in minnesota. i glanced a stack of campbell soup cans, a buck 60. it's normally 89, 99-cents. september 1st they said they have to raise prices because of inflation. rachel: it hurts the poor and working class more, you know, the guy who lives in a big, fancy house and is rich or is
6:09 am
the ceo of these companies that are all getting richer over the pandemic, they don't care that the price of campbell's soup just went up from 88-cents to $1.60. that makes a big difference for those moms and dads trying to make that grocery bill stretch. >> congresswoman sparks who i'm greated from the soviet union used the term oligarch. she talked about the separation between the elite and everyday people and the different aspects of our lives that get impacted. i'm currently binging narcos on netflix. in a society like mexico, the separation between the rich and the poor, it is illustrated often in their own private security, if in a place where you can't trust the police you hire private security. any place where you have oligarchs and a separation, that's what happens, because you can't trust public resources which are your police officers for your security. watch this happening, watch this reflect in the united states of america. as san francisco residents hire
6:10 am
private security amid a crime spike. the san francisco chronicle is wondering should residents tolerate burglaries and he focus on barricading their homes as tough on crime candidates came out on election day, especially in long island where they were hit by a red wave. it says residents and city leaders are searching for answers, should they tolerate high levels of burglary as a down size of city living and barricade their homes. should people who are accused of stealing be targeted with rehabilitation services or incarcerated so they can't commit more crimes. rachel: one of the things people have been seeing in these elections since the whole he defund the police movement started to get really trendy on the left is hispanics moving away from the democrat party. this is one of the reasons. you're absolutely right no point it out. in latin america, where not only can you trust the police in many
6:11 am
situations but the police aren't well funded either so private -- rich people have private security. this is one of the things i've been thinking about at the beginning of the defund the police, we are turning more and more into a third world country. the pandemic only accelerated this as we saw income disparities get greater, income inequality he get greater because it was the rich companies that were able to stay open and it was small businesses that were hurt and you heard that representative from indiana talk so much about this, this division, the oligarchs versus the regular people and who gets hurt. >> i think about the questions that liberals ask themselves in the op-ed. rachel: that's funny too. >> should they tolerate a high level of burglary as a down side of city living? that's the tradeoff they're asking residents to consider. or should we consider actually incarcerating people who are
6:12 am
accused of stealing? ?should we do that? >> this is the same time the state will not pay the price, the ones asking that question are the ones that will hire the private security firms, the burglaries will be inflicted upon the poorest in the city. rachel: that goes back to climate policies that are elite issues. the climate policies make it hard for people to put food on the table but don't affect those people who can shop wantonly at whole foods, for example. they don't care. >> the big box stores were open at the beginning of covid-19, made record profits while everybody else was shut down. rachel: absolutely. we're going to turn now to headlines starting with a fox news alert. police identify all but one of the eight victims who died at the astro word music festival in in houston, they range from age from 14 years old to 27. authorities say someone in the crowd may have been injecting people with drugs. >> the security officer, he was
6:13 am
reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen and he felt a prick in his neck. the medical staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody's trying to inject. rachel: a security guard had to be revived with narcan. a warning, the next video is graphic. you can see people rushing to lift an unconscious man. police are reviewing video to figure out what caused the crowd to push towards the stage. foreign citizens scrambling to get covid vaccines that are you approved by american officials. the u.s. is set to reopen borders for foreign travel tomorrow. some are trying to get revaccinated. those who received russia's and china's vaccine are not he'll le for u.s. travel. the sputnik shot was distributed in 70 countries worldwide.
6:14 am
if you come to the southern border, you don't need the vaccine and we might pay for the flight of where you want to go. here is a look at the 50th running of the new york city marathon. we're looking at the starting line where runners are taking off to begin their 26.2-mile journey. the marathon will wrap up in central park. last year's marathon was canceled because of the pandemic so lots of people want to run it this year. >> have either of you ever run a marathon? rachel: i haven't. my dad has. >> i haven't either. >> marathon day in new york city is one of the best days in the city. i have not run the marathon but i have very, very enthusiastically cheered, supported it. rachel: is there a whole party scene around it? >> yeah, the bars kind of open up. you can spill out on the street. you're sitting here with a beer and they're running right there. it's a really fun -- it's a day where the city really supports itself, supports each other. it's a really cool experience.
6:15 am
>> it's the same feeling in boston, having seen that too. they do the boston marathon the same way. it's the fit people running while the rest of us drink. separates us, together. rachel: sounds like a pete kind of a -- >> you know what side i'm going to be on that one. which side will i be on this one? the university of buffalo, look out, thanksgiving, they're hosting an event tomorrow hoping to, quote, erase thanksgiving because it white-washes our history. they will not stop. here the event description. it says why is thanksgiving celebrated in america. how can we erase the white wash history for good? come out of the idc to discuss the reallies tri of thanksgiving and what -- real history of thanksgiving and what america should do. it's the least grateful people who can't appreciate a holiday founded on gratitude.
6:16 am
not perfection, not white washing, gratitude for family and faith, the things that god has given us in this country. no, got to get rid of thanksgiving. rachel: it's doesn't just bring families together, it is unifying, brings the country together. i have a friend from the country of georgia, and when he became a citizen he just -- he just said i just love this country. you guys have a whole dated kateed -- dedicated to thanking god for how great the country is. we have a lot of people in this country, many young people who might end up changing the course of the holiday into the future and canceling it who believe it is a racist hole contained we should -- holiday and we should erase it. >> nothing came before. erase it all. rachel: such kill joys. >> and such arrogance. everything that came before you is wrong.
6:17 am
that's the definition of progressives, you have to erase the past in order to embrace the future. that's why the bible has to go away, western civilization has to go away, no collective memory. >> brian kilmeade talked about this effort to cancel thanksgiving. >> when you look back at the history, washington says, hey, we should have a day of thanksgiving. congress asked him to. and it gets fired up back and forth had until lincoln. lincoln says let's make this permanent. grant does it. fdr makes it a national hole day. it was about -- holiday. it was one day coming together, one day about families. at one point the american indians and set letters came together -- settlers came together and helped each other. it's complex, clearly. but i think these people all don't have families so they have nothing to do on thanksgiving so they want to destroy it for everybody else. no thank you. rachel: we definitely need to hold onto our traditions. brian kilmeade has a new book out about abraham lincoln and
6:18 am
frederick douglas, it's fantastic, if you haven't seen it. he has a special about it airing tonight. i highly recommend that you bring all of your family together, not just at thanksgiving but to watch brian kilmeade's special. i think children need to see this, this is a relationship they're not getting a lot of information about probably in their own history classes in schools. check out the president and the freedom fighter, it's excellent, tonight. i believe at 10:00 p.m. eastern right here on fox and fox nation. all right. >> i picture a future some day i'll be on my porch with my cane fighting off young kids who want to cancel my turkey and thanksgiving. throwing pumpkins at them. >> you're doing it at 41, why won't you -- >> up next, a nurse fires for refusing the covid-19 vaccine has a heart felt message. >> we're live on fox square with three businesses honoring those who served ahead of
6:19 am
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6:24 am
>> first, i want to thank you for the opportunity to be here. i so appreciate it. yes, right. so this mandate has come through the pipeline and it's been incredibly difficult to process and the direction that our hospital took was even more challenging. it really didn't give a breast feeding mom an out. rachel: unbelievable. >> typically pregnant and breast feeding women are exempt from this kind of a thing but not this time and i speak for myself and myself only, but it's incredibly difficult to make tough decisions but it's not difficult at all when it comes to what you think is best for you and your baby. and that's what i had to do in this case. i didn't feel, for me, that there was enough long-term data to support me feeling
6:25 am
comfortable doing it at this time. so i had to take a stand. rachel: jennifer, have you had covid before? >> yes, i did. i had it when i was 15 weeks pregnant. rachel: so your hospital does not acknowledge the science of natural immunity. >> no, it doesn't. rachel: have they reached out -- other than telling you no longer have a job, what has the administration at your hospital done to help you? have you heard from them in any way? >> no, no, we haven't, i haven't at all really. there was minimal communication. there was mass e-mails going on as this came down the pipeline. they had a vaccine exemption committee that was reviewing exemption requests and you heard sparingly from the committee during the time we were waiting for responses and my termination of employment, i was covid
6:26 am
testing twice a week so we would hear periodically from that. rachel: why do you think the hospital is coming down so hard on this? are they getting pressure from the federal government? are they not able to get medicare dollars? what is driving this? it's clearly not science based. >> i don't think i can necessarily speak to that, other than i live in california and there was a state mandate that came out and the hospital lined up in alines with governor -- alliance with governor newsom and went above and beyond supporting the state mandate. rachel: what are you going to do next? >> you know, that's a very good question. i'm not quite sure what i want to be when i grow up. nursing is actually my second career. i worked in public accounting first and i decided that that wasn't where my passion was and i started all over again to become a nurse and i've done that for the last 12 years. i have my master's in nursing
6:27 am
and now it's time, it truly is time for a new parachute so i'm going to work on figuring that out. rachel: well, you've had 12 years of experience. i know there are nurses all over the country who are facing this kind of unjust termination and this country is losing years and years of nursing experience in people like you. i think it's such a tragedy. we wish you all the luck. please hug that beautiful baby. >> thank you. rachel: and enjoy that time with your baby. i know you had several miscarriages. you worked through many of these, while you had these miscarriages. >> yes, i did. rachel: now you have this baby. it makes me really sad that we're losing people like you in this profession. >> thank you. rachel: all of us have been touched by nurses like you. so god bless you. god bless your baby and i hope -- >> thank you so much. rachel: i hope we can bring some medical liberty back to our country. thank you for sharing your story. it's very important.
6:28 am
>> thank you. rachel: god bless you. thank you, jennifer. all right. well, maria bartiromo weighs in on president biden's plan to pay some illegal border crossers and still ahead, nascar driver cody ware is racing this weekend with a special decal. how he will honor our yvette raps honor our veterans on the track. stay with us. ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. [ kimberly ] before clearchoice, samy dental health♪
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6:33 am
brands. tell us what jay dog does. >> jay dog's mission is to get the veteran unemployment rate to under 1%. we open up hundreds of franchises across the country for veterans and veterans families. rachel: what do you do? >> we go into people's homes and haul out junk. rachel: all need that. >> we repurpose as much as we can and donate to organizations or veterans or families in needs. rachel: that is amazing work. how many locations do you have across the country? >> close to 300. when you go to the website and a customer books a job, you're putting a veteran to work. rachel: you went to west point? >> no, i didn't go to west point. rachel: i thought i read that on the card. >> i'm an army veteran. rachel: anything else to tell us about jay dog. >> hire veterans.
6:34 am
our show is featured on the discovery channel. >> exactly what they do every day, hiring veterans. pete: jerry, tracee. great to see you guys. fifth time on the show. let's bring in joe and michael quinn from feldmans of coney island as well as greg who is your chief operating officer. a couple of veterans here. he joe, tell us about feldmans. pete: feldman's the original hot dog, my brother and i founded this business seven years ago, we sell hot bogs, bacon and bratwurst t. you can find us across the country. pete: the world's first hot dog did. dog. >> i'm in the process of writing a book called the hot dog bible. you can follow feldman' and tiktok and instagram at this is
6:35 am
michael quinn. pete: two tours in iraq? >> two tours in iraq. our team has over 110 months deployed. we're looking to hire more and more veterans. it's been supply issues that have been happening across the country but that's why we hire veterans, being able to navigate that has been a big plus. we're trying to hire as many veterans as a possible. pete: feldman's is the best. and this mustard recipe. >> it cures all ills. pete: feldman' >> if you go on the website, all proceeds go to veterans charities until veteran's day. will, over to you. will: i'm with kevin labelle of mezin maine and brett san pedro who is with the veterans charity at this, red, white and blue. tell us about this.
6:36 am
>> you take this out of the washing machine, throw it on a hanger, look your best and we all know what -- you want toes dress up on zoom. we make it easy for you. will: you said no iron, no dry cleaner. you take it right out and put it on. tell me about the partnership with team red, white and blue. >> they've been a partner of ours, supporting us, team red, white and blue is enriching veterans' lives. we do that with focus on physical and mental health and wellness. we have an app, especially with covid and everything, we're able to pull the community of veterans together across the country to support each other and be able to help each veteran out where they are, with whatever they need. will: you did this t-shirt. tell me about the proceeds and how it helps out. >> we have a focus on hiring veterans from the beginning. our president is an army ranger who served three tours overseas. we launched this and 100% of proceeds go to the organization. we love what team red, white and
6:37 am
blue is doing. will: you can check them out, pete is trying to lay claim to the pants. thank you guys both so much. here we go. coming up, biden doubles down on paying illegal border crossers but fails to mention just how much. sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo is here to react. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise.
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and non-stick removable and reversible dishwasher safe plates for easy cleanup. the cuisinart griddler, it's a real crowd-pleaser. >> we are back with some headlines starting with a fox news alert. iraq's minister survives a drone strike on his home. images show the destruction left behind by the attack inside baghdad's high security green zone. authorities say the prime minister was not hurt but six of his body guards were injured. the attack follows violent protests in the country's capital over recent election results. the u.s. has condemned the attack. and a missing teen is rescued thanks to a tiktok hand sign. authorities in kentucky say they got a 911 call from someone who spotted the missing girl making this gesture. it's known on tiktok as an sos to represent i need help or
6:42 am
domestic violence. investigators followed up on the call and found the teen during a traffic stop. her suspected abductor was arrested. rachel: isn't that amazing. who knew that -- i didn't know this. i'm going to teach my kids this sign now. >> yeah. well, that guys going to jail. a home schooled senior from tennessee takes home the grand prize in this year's national constitution bee. braeden farly joined us earlier to talk about his big win. >> i gave an essay that was three minutes long on the necessity of the bill of rights. you have to be able to understand and articulate and think critically about a lot of the supreme court law. have you to have an in depth had understanding of it, not just memorizing entire thing. >> he beat out 22 other students to take home a $10,000 scholarship and those are your headlines. very cool. .>> let's turn to chief
6:43 am
meteorologist rick reichmuth for our forecast. >> on sundays i like to give you a look ahead. this precipitation over the next several days. florida, we're going to dry out quite a bit. a little bit of rain across parts of the south. take a look at that across the northern plains. that's some pretty significant rain which we need but it's also going to be some snow. watch what happens. here's your temps today. temps into the 60s, today we're 77 in denver, 75 in miami. what that doesn't happen much in november. wednesday, a little bit of rain across parts of the northern plains. by the time we get to thursday, temperatures really drop and we're looking at snow coming in across the plains for the first time. guys. >> thank you, rick. appreciate it. rachel: thanks, rick. >> well, joe biden is changing his tune and now backing the plan for payouts to illegals
6:44 am
separated after crossing our border. >> because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration, you coming across the border, whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, he's gone, you deserve some kind of compensation, no matter what the circumstances. what that will be, i have no idea. >> this as florida's governor reveals the white house has flown more than 70 flights of migrants from the border to his state. rachel: sunday morning futures anchor maria bartiromo has covered the border firsthand and she joins us now to react. maria, tells us what you think. because by the way, you interviewed little children that were left alone on this journey. you discovered those two little girls a couple years ago in that heart-breaking story. what do you think? is this the right way to compensate people? maria: well, rachel, look, this is a horror show any way you look at it and, yes, i've spoken
6:45 am
with a number of migrants over the past few years, i've been to the border three times and i've watched it worsen over time as a result of this administration's policies. i think taking each of these stories one by one, you have to look at this 450,000 per migrant story a couple of ways. number one, it's clear that joe biden is not running the country and that somebody else is making the decisionses. initially, he had no idea that we were even considering such a thing. he called it garbage when peter doocy did such a great job confronting him about it. so there's that. second thing, imagine this policy, imagine if any one of us broke the law and as a result of breaking the law had some terrible thing happen to us. are we getting money? i mean, anything. let's say you're driving 100 miles an hour and you have people in the car, you get into a major accident and people get hurt. are you going to get money for breaking the law for driving 100 miles an hour? i mean, the whole idea of giving people money from -- after they
6:46 am
broke the law is so insane and it's only going to trigger even more people coming and thinking that they've got a free ride once they get to america. in terms of flying secret people, secretly across the country, migrants to different airports in private jets, that is an indication, another piece of evidence that this administration does not care about any of our money. they do not care about taxpayer dollars. they have no respect for taxpayer dollars. that has been shown to us over and over again from the $85 billion in weaponry left on the ground in afghanistan to the $100 million of border construction materials that are left on the ground in texas right now, to paying $450,000 per migrant, no regard whatsoever. taxpayers are paying for those flights, okay. when you put these migrants in private jets and drop them off at private airports, make no mistake, that money is coming from your taxes and that is why
6:47 am
now had they want to raise your taxes so they can spend money willy nilly once again. that's my analysis of those two stories. >> well done. if you would, tell us what's coming up on sunday morning futures in just about 15 minutes. maria: look, we've got a big show coming up. we're going to talk with john barrasso about the negotiations on the bigger spending, the social package. i have breaking news this morning. what i'm told is nancy pelosi is jamming through all of the things that she stripped out of that social spending plan so that's going to be a whole whopper of a plan. we will also talk with the truth teller who is john radcliffe. you know sunday morning futures over the last several years has been identifying the fraud that went on with the russia hoax. we will talk with john ratcliffe about the latest developments, the third indictment with john durham's probe and we'll get into it with john solomon. we're talk about the 450,000 for
6:48 am
migrants, will this materialize? unbelievable. we'll see you in 10 minutes. rachel: thank you, maria. >> if that house bill adds everything that was stripped out, that means they're giving into the progressives, but that also means the house is sending the bill over to the senate that the senate can't pass. it creates a mess for the left. rachel: it sure does. up next, a patriotic display ready to hit the road, nascar team owner and retired army captain's mission to honor world war ii veterans, that's right up, coming up. ♪ for people who could use a lift new neutrogena® rapid firming. a triple-lift serum with pure collagen. 92% saw visibly firmer skin in just 4 weeks. neutrogena® for people with skin.
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you can dream bigger, like sending your daughter to the college of her choice so she can follow her dreams wherever they take her. maybe toward a career in the ethics of rhythm and movement.
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or wherever these folks are headed with their solo cups at 10:30 a.m. or even to the creperie your tuition check is now funding. anyway, good luck with that, because amerisave can only help with the part of the dream you can buy -- with money. >> today is nascar cup series championship and one car's display is driving the importance of our military, cody ware will be behind the number 51 car. the vehicle's paint scheme remembers the attack on pearl harbor 80 years later. 9/11 peril is joining rick ware, cody's father, for this special tribute. rickware is with us now along with tyler merit. rick, let's start with you. what made you decide to partner with 9/11 and honor our world war ii veterans, specifically
6:53 am
pearl harbor, some 80 years later. >> well, we started the program at the beginning of the season, kind of as a military salutes program. we partnered up with tyler and with nine line, our current sponsor, to really honor the veterans, not just for pearl harbor right now but we started out the memorial day weekend with honoring all the different branches of the military. we've tried to incorporate in our busy schedule a way to just continue to give back to the military and the armed forces. we're fortunate, we're so busy, we're doing the things we love but it's really hard to do this without the sacrifices that have been made from all of our veterans. tyler has great ideas. he's entrenched in the military side. kate fagley who does our marketing, she's been fantastic
6:54 am
with the military initiative. we decided to do this obviously it's the 80th anniversary. we tried to bring our veterans over to hawaii, we're bringing 60 people over. jack holder we hope is going to be at phoenix this weekend, he's one of the last surviving people that can tell the story and he's from phoenix. it's just a way that we've been able to give back and make a difference to the people that have really just supported all of us. >> tyler, i think i instinct wally said 9/11. it's nine line. your company. i apologize for the mistake. but tell me about your company and this is a really cool project where the proceeds as rick alluded to i think are going to send 60 veterans back to hawaii. >> that's correct. first of all, i've got thick skin so no problem at all. but to highlight what rick said,
6:55 am
nascar, rick, his sponsors, nurtech, ourselves, the reason i like working with these organizations, that care. this is personal to he me. me. my grandfather stormed the beaches. going back and bringing these individuals to pearl harbor, to give them some sense of closure, to give them recognition for what they have done at such a young age. these are individuals who are pushing towards 100 years old. this could be their last time to go and have that sense of closure. and we're extremely honored to be able to partner with rick ware, nascar, our friends at american airlines are providing an aircraft to fly them from dallas to hawaii. >> that's awesome. >> without support from organizations like this it wouldn't be possible. if you have an opportunity to check out our website, we're selling our product there and all of the proceeds will go towards continuing to help this initiative. >> it's a wonderful
6:56 am
partnership. i hope everyone can step up and a help out as well. thank you he gentlemen both for what you're doing and thank you for being here this morning. more if "fox & friends" coming up. - grammarly business helps my company build higher performing sales teams. since simon's team started using grammarly business to sharpen their writing, we've closed more deals. learn more at [engine humming] [clapping] “we will rock you” by queen ♪ the new gmc sierra with hands-free driving offers the most advanced
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>> the fox nation he pay patriot awards 10 days away. join us in florida, you won't he regret it., pay t patriot a. a few tickets left. >> thanks for joining us. go to church. maria: good sunday morning, everyone. welcome to sunday morning futures. i'm maria bartiromo. today, truths and consequences, a red wave sweeping through the country with sparks flying in virginia and republican businessman glenn youngkin giving woke liberal policy the smackdown. >> all righty, virginia, we won the state! [cheers and applause] maria: then, bailing out biden, 13 republicans join democrats


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