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tv   Unfiltered with Dan Bongino  FOX News  November 6, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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thanks so much for watching i'm jeanine pirro investigating for truth justice and american way and i'm in my new studio and i'll see you next saturday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ dan: yes, parents have spoken, and democrats are madder than ever about it and conservatives take back america. but we're not just going talk about how we won and let winners tell and we have a lot of races going on. you don't want to miss that. plus survive cultural revolution in china now after years of listening, to my show one loud and county mother made the choice to join the platform this is great and it is impossible to hand out enough awards to those
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who fail in virginia on the left. but we have a very special part of our show dedicated to the lincoln lennon project losers you don't want to miss that. well this administration sorry you shouldn't laugh here you shouldn't laugh at your own jokes i can't help it lincoln project look at this picture. this administration so bad at everything they try to do. except twisting the truth they're really, really good another that uniquely skilled at lying here's a small sample of this week's big lies from the biden administration. did you see this biden's massive flip-flop on the vaccine mandates? >> mandatory -- >> no i don't think it should be mandatory i wouldn't demanding it did you do everything in my power like masks are not mandatory nationwide. dan: sure fast forward 11 month here's what our president name play really meant. >> recent months started
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implementing vaccination requirements to help bring number of unvaccinate number down and ages 5 through 11 this week we can make sure more vaccinated children can stay in school. dan: big lie number two of the week. you know wall street journal reported this story about paying illegal immigrants hundreds of millions of dollars after breaking the law. well joe biden answered question peter doocy about this he called it, quote, garbage. >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each possibly a million per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. but it is not true. >> garbage report? >> yeah. dan: we learn truth about what our president name only actually meant.
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>> the president is perfectly comfortable with department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. what he was reacting to was the dollar figure that was mentioned that you mention to him yesterday. dan: as i said, they are excellent at one thing that's lying. one last big lie a lie i expose fur yores ago now it is kind of indicational although a little too late. we now know the dossier which was work of hillary clinton and her team, the entire time. disapongting took four years to get to that before we move on toipght check, clear it up, though, because it is important especially all of the pp tape collusion hoax on the left and we have zero goose egg indictments for collusion now up to three indictments for fabrication collusion nice graphic by the production people i love the hillary cackle well
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done. >> joe biden and kamala harris finally, finally got something right. they predicted coming political wave. but it's the color of the wave they got wrong. >> what happened in virginia? well in large part determined what happens in 2022, 2024, and on -- >> we're going to wean. >> i think we're going win in virginia. dan: nice work solid predictions there like the witches from class of the titan and give me the eye right -- that's when parents said enough was enough and followed golden rule of politics took action proving do is what matters not just the talk and i have to briefly highlight people who are doers who create real change here's a quote from lucas elected to the cyprus fair backs school district in texas i prnlly had multiple teachers come up to me that whisper
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school was for us and teachers lost confidence in the board because board administration did not support them that's the feedback we heard. here's another one from deep blue new york city. who won brooklyn 48th counsel district c. this election victory shows that the people are feds up with the progressive policy it is that have destroyed our city and district. and here's mike peterson elected to douglas school in castle rock, colorado our intention is to bring back parents relative to their students and choice to teachers to make their own decisions. yeah. amen, mike. again folks action changes the world not just talk. talk it cheap action matters and do matters. not just about taking action and smart action. but the model for red state kaingts running in blue states is now crystal clear. just a few steps here. step one, run up the score in rural counties.
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listen, if you live in a rural county they don't respect you left they call you smelly wal-mart people you've seen it but you are real americans putting foods on table farmers truckers it is you. look at this i ran in this election cycle where governor larry hogan a republican in deep blue state of yanked look at numbers he ran up in rural county maryland 80 to 18. the model is clear youngkin did same they think look at shenandoah county up the score. run up the score in rural county. show the people in rural counties we actually care because we do. liberals don't give a damn about you they never did. second, stay laser focus on local issues in swing counties. take a look. >> all across this country -- families are having the same discussions that you all have, i get notes all day long glenn stand up for our kids too. this is a movement led by
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parents, led by virginians. >> our schools -- [inaudible conversations] children in america -- [applause] dan: same thing worked in deep blue yanked in 2014 in the governor's race. where the governor of the republican now governor reference the rain tax everywhere he went laser focused on the issue that's important. swing county, laser focus horse blind ergs on and youngkin laser focus on local issues like education, matter to real people on the ground mcauliffe focused on what? he was focused on mar-a-lago or something. >> it is all trump talking points whatever trump does he says. >> said that donald trump represents so much of why he is running for governor. >> terry is running against ac lated of donald trump. >> you have to highlight
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democrats failures and minimize damage in urban areas many that lean democrat. check out this massive crowd greeting glenn youngkin in deep blue, alexandria folk it is matters we have to win strategy is crystal clear and lastly when your enemy is destroying itself -- please -- please don't get in the way. take a look. rng youngkin plead race card for a reason. >> i think it is trump up whistling. >> trumps sort of disgusting he's wrapped it in education and he's given it a lie as a label. >> education, code for white parents dongt like idea of teaching about race. he followed trump playbook used race, and get a win. please democrats can i get on the knee it is is that snoke i'm on one knee literally please i'm begging you. please democrats continue with
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the race essentialism and false charges of mass white supremacy around every corner it is clearly working swimmily as evidence by numbers great job. you keep up. look at this. >> don't stop. joining me now are the best of the rest. candidate all over the country the face of that red wave let me introduce my panel here get right to them becky myers first got some notes here from douglas county, colorado. becky, the do matters, right? talk is cheap. you did it. you got elected to the school board how did it happen? what was the measure your school board district? >> well, actually dan, we had lots of issues. but i entered the school board race at a year assistance that we get involved in the community and do something. my opponent actually ran on the insisted that crt ftion not
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being taught in the classrooms. throughout the entire country, and i know that's not true. and our county it is called educational equity which appears, doesn't appear to be crt, but it has crt and implementation. it is definitely got crt. dan: thank you becky for getting in the ration and getting done do matters not the talk we appreciate it. andrew i want to go to you next andrew yeager you won a seat carolina dependent school board what was the big issue in your district? i read some of your notes here a microaggression in school security in >> yeah. it was kind of crazy, dan. you know we're a very welcoming community. they've gotten real bad wrap, and the voters 65% of them came out an said you know what? we want common sense -- solutions, and those
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microaggressions that my opponent actually signed a letter a demand letter that said let's track microaggressions of our students as well as taking our police officers who protect our children out of our schools. just was radical ideas versus common sense. dan: common sense thankfully won. thank you andrew we appreciate it joann, new york city counsel seat, you defeated a progressive candidate. backed by aoc how did you get it done? what mattered on the ground there? >> what mattered on the ground here was common sense solutions. the problems that we're facing about when i walked this district it was all about public safety, quality of life an our children's education. my opponent, on the other hand, read script from the playbook of the far left of aoc, and the people of this district and district 32 do not subscribe to that playbook. and that really mattered. that brought out record numbers
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of democrats and republicans who voted on it as well as independents who voted on republican line to make sure that the far left got the message that we're just not buying it. dan: i'm not done yet guys and ladies on the panel but before here i have ray, john and get to you next but for what it is worth i'm unbelievably proud of you i put my name on a ballot it takes a lot of guts to do what you did. ray i'll get to you next district attorney elect. i grew in suffolk county i know sel don well and long island well ray they have a big problem out there opioid gangs i guess they got tired of the crime. how did you do it? >> you know what -- there was a increased crime rate, gang violence, opioid overdoses. so what we -- what we focused on was how the
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laws that were passed criminal justice reform doesn't keep us safe. and there was specific instances where the district attorney's office failed to act to keep people safe. so we highlighted it. i highlighted my background as a prosecutor how i was going to keep people safe and call out these laws that do not keep us safe. dan: ray public safety first i couldn't agree with you former cop and federal agent public safety you don't have anything. finally last but most definitely not least, john texas house district 118 a district that won big time for democrats in prior elections you manage to flip it. where's the district, how did you do it what was the big issue on the ground over there? >> first of all dan thank you for having me here. big issue is conservative values, and i think about live in the middle of the democrat district, and just by living the values conservative values people see that and you combine that with what's going on
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nationally people are feds up. we're close to the border, and a lot of people think i'm a historic and mexican american community, that we want open borders that's totally, totally false. people care about those issues -- all put together combined you know with me being involved in, you know, i'm a former police officer myself, retired antonio businessman they see the quality, conservative values, and i think a lot of times they just -- they're waking up saying you know what those are our valuings and a lot of times toapght say this, dan, democrat party has left those people that are in the middle. they no longer soarnght it at all and slowly coming our way and i'm glads and to be part of this movement. dan: you give me hope this country even though we -- hit the bottom we will always come back because of people like you who don't watch boxing match you get in the ring thank you so much it is an honor to have you on the show now whole nation can
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hear your story. thanks a lot we hope to talk to you all soon. thank you all so much. >> thank you. folks you ever notice how when you disagree with the atrocious ideas they immediately resort to excuse making and name calling we have a hot attack on this, next. >> i think that results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100.supermoderated campaign that does not excite or energize the progressive face. [yodeling] yo-de-le-he... (man 2) hey, no. uh-uh, don't do that. (man 1) we should go even higher! (man 2) yeah, let's do it. (both) woah! (man 2) i'm good. (man 1) me, too. (man 2) mm-hm. (vo) adventure has a new look. (man 1) let's go lower. (man 2) lower, that sounds good.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered time for hot takes two outrageous stories you may have missed this week and hot tacks is fox and friends intrppedz reporter lawrence jones lawrence that's a serious title there. but you do great mad on the street no one does interviews better than you and i thought who better to talk about to his story than you so this progressive group lawrence has been warned that democrats are losing ground with minority voters something you have been talking about on this network for eons they're losing in two ways, lawrence. new vote rrs voting for republican, and minority volters are starting to switch to the republican party axios pointed
7:20 pm
out been talking about this forever. >> but report in the communities, and it is a simple message black vote reverse saying leave me alone they don't like black elite try to make them get the vaccine and not anti-vax and don't like government telling them what to do and with the education system aren't getting quality education, so you've got more black folks that are homeschooling their kids. they don't like economy i had a lady that came to me saying i may not have liked trump personality. but it was good for my business. and now the democrats are trying to tax me to the with a zoo and putting more regulation they don't like. so when you look at every single issue from education to taxes, to the economy, to the vaccine, they're just simply saying leave my alone not saying voting for democrats but youngkin did something that no republican has been able to do he went into the community twawk folks issues that matter to them, an he got a pretty good turnout from black folk.
7:21 pm
dan: this seg way is nice aoc thinks that terry mcauliffe lost governor race because he wasn't progressive enough. check this out. >> i think results show of trying to full a fully 100.supermoderated campaign that does not excite or energize a progressive bass and frankly we weren't even really invited to contribute on that race. dan: lawrence did she read exit polls? really man -- >> i'm conflicted, though, dan although factually incorrect when it comes to this. i think there is something to promising voters this big agenda that is terrible by the way to hurt them by the way, and did not do that. like, i disagree with the biden and progressive agenda, but the fact is they told voters they were going do that and they have not been able to get it done.
7:22 pm
and the stuff they've been able to get done have been terrible for the american people so they're losing on two things. they're losing on fact that policies they're implementing are crushing americans on day-to-day basis energy policy when you look at taxes all other stuff that i laid out that affect black folks news flash it reflects all americans as well. but then you've got the people that are truly progressives that want to see that stuff. they haven't been tiebl deliver on that either so they're losing on all parts of the issue. but this is what happens when you try to serve two mast ergs promise to be a moderate and someone that is going to be progressive most for progressive president of our time. you know, you don't win anybody when you promise both parties. >> i agree yeah i agree they do it, it sucks you're absolutely right. lawrence thanks a lot for your time you've been a sage on this for a while they should have listened to you. >> appreciate it brother. coming up on unfiltered she survived cultural revolution in
7:23 pm
china then a faithful listener to my show she answered what were my calls to action which is an honor now one loudon county mother joins me why she flipped virginia red. she joins me. our sleigh is now ready, let's get on our way. a mountain of toys to fulfill many wishes. must be carried across all roads and all bridges. and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service. so what's going on? i'm a talking dog. the other issue. oh... i'm scratching like crazy. you've got some allergic itch with skin inflammation. apoquel can work on that itch in as little as 4 hours, whether it's a new or chronic problem.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered listen it is no secret virginia turned red this week parents decided to act and protect their children education and their future. one of those parents in loudon county decided to join the fight after listening to mike for years which is a tremendous honor by the way she also survived a cultural revolution in china before coming to u.s. and then joining me now on show. thank you so much for joining me it is such an honor to talk to you. >> it's unreal, i get to talk to you and get to talk on your show. i'm always a big fan of yours. [laughter] dan: well, the feeling i assure you is mutual so you decided to get up and do something not just talking about it sadly you have experience with this kind of indoctrination in schools an you did sthng what made you decide
7:28 pm
to run? [laughter] >> well, i have been -- really paying close attention to what's going on in america for quite a few years. but it was last year, seeing city burn and see the wokester tear down stat childue and viole everywhere in the city i said this is it. this is cultural revolution i saw it. i experienced when there was in china an eve to do something. but i really don't know how to get involved. and every -- every day after work ilgd listen to pod casting and watch your show and youtube, and so one day i think it was about -- this time last years, i was just listening to your show, and i said okay, agree, agree, and then you said get involved. and go find your local
7:29 pm
republican communities. i stopped the show right there and i googled, and i said okay. this is how you get involved because i was never ever involved politically. so i google and said i found loudon county, republican committee. i said okay. i'm going to check it out. so in my mind i was thinking complete a bunch of important politicians or people who know mr. mr. politics talking something and make a decision because committee is kind of intimidating to me. but i said you know what, i don't know in politics but i love this country and i know what is going on here in america is communism. so i said i'm just going to join them sos i join them and the first zoom show was meeting all of those kaingts. candidates i don't remember youngkin but i remember fierce
7:30 pm
she made a very deep impression on me that's how i got started. because of you. dan: i have to tell you forget the whole tv thing here for a moment let's just talk xi to dan. i've been on this tv program and on fox and my podcast and radio for a long time. but i mean this from the bottom of my heart never been so touched in an interview before i fact that i had a small impact on your life and that you decided to go and change world i remember that episode because that's how i got my starts and i'm here with you today. >> we don't have a message problem. we have a messaging problem the democrats actually run in our message. we just have terrible messengers on the republican side. that's why we need you to run and you to find good candidates. so how do you get involved? just sending an e-mail. no more difficult than that. dan: such an honor to talk to you thank you so much for taig the time this is seriously finest moment i've ever had had
7:31 pm
on television you're an inspiration to me. thank you so much. [laughter] >> you are too absolutely, and story is after that, and zoom you know a meeting and they have a happy hour and i get to meet real people and talk to them and one women said also during our women's club what's the difference? said well we do different things by the way very active so i joined them. i got e-mails, do this and do that -- dan: look where you are now you're talking to the whole country now about creating change. unfortunately xi i'm out of time you're absolutely fantastic thank you for joining us we -- i definitely want to have you back. thank you so much. >> thank you, thank you so much. dan: you got it. wow that was great. [laughter] that was best moment i've ever had in tv raid yore or anything else. no joke.
7:32 pm
coming up back to the tell prompter only left could discredit historic victory of a black come in virginia. but here we are -- you don't want to miss the reaction to this. >> the problem is here they want, they want white supremacy by ventriloquist effect but a white idea to the running on the runway of the tongue.
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>> the problem here is they want white supremacy by vn affect there's a black mouth moving but a white idea moving on runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and has praks so to have a black face speaking in behalf of a white supremacist legacy is nothing new. j welcome back to unfiltered just when you thought media couldn't disqus you anymore they discorrect victories in virginia of a black woman and latino man. joining me now is author and political commentator shemeka michelle thank you for joining me i saw you on social yeetdz on yeah son whitlock show and i had to get and applaud you lit it on fire with all of this crt crap. you spoke about refusing to let your kids be indoctrinated in
7:38 pm
school it was inspirational tell us your attack on it please. >> you know, dan i thought it was instant when i saw talking hit such as joy reid even whoopi who sat on the view being condescending saying it is not crt and laughing about it and trying to say that parent were unelgted when they know damn well it is not about the title it is about the content that is being taught to children, and no parent in their right mind black or white wants their child taught foolishness. i do not want my black child thinking she's not gong to make it because she's black. what does her skin color have to do about how much work or academics success? what does la do with anything so, of course, i don't want my black child taught that and parent don't want their white children told they're privileged because of their skin color and i understand both sides of the
7:39 pm
cone you know they say they just want stuff like slavery taught with truth. i understand that. because i've seen it not taught with truth. my same child came home that i was talking about in the video in middle school with some work that said that africans came across on slaveships with apartments not compartments, apartments, and said that they were fed yam and something else and i thought to myself, they're making slavery sound like you about they were celebrating thanksgiving on a carnival cruise ship that's not true but also work that said imagine you were a slave. how would you feel draw what your day would look like why should my young child who would never ever be a slave have to imagine if she was a slave? we have entire spiritually courses around imagining you've ever planned to abraham hicks or they talk about imagining and the feeling is the secret.
7:40 pm
the bible even says to seek those things that are not as if they were so why would i want my young child to imagine being something negative and in a negative place that she'll never ever experience. what do you say to that white child imagine that you're a slave owner? why are we doing this to children? this has nothing to do with two plus two equals four. this is foolishness. come in do what you have supposed to do a teacher and then allow me to give my child context or let my child, you know, help her figure out how she's to feel about this. the issue is that we have too many mentally ill teachers in the classroom, and they're trying to push that type of foolishness on our children. and with people saying oh, this is a white supremacy coming out of a black space station listen, if selling out means that i don't want my child taught that she's inferior if selling out means that i don't my child
7:41 pm
taught that she's oppressed because of her skin color, then guess what, 50, 50 -- 60, 60, who got 65 -- i'm going sell you out each and every time. because my child is not inferior and i believe that in order to believe in white supremacy you have to believe in black inferiority and my black skin is not inferior or makes mess inferior to anybody. dan: gosh i love you. shemeka michelle unfortunately out of time i can do an entire show with you -- thank you so much for joining me today. i needed that. thank you very much. >> thank you, dan. dan: you got it. that was awesome. coming up on unfiltered well the spotlight has been on virginia, should democrats be more worried about their rage victory in deep blue, new jersey? my friend pete lives in new jersey weighs in on how the tides change.
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dan: welcome back to unfiltered it was a disastrous week for democrats in virginia that's an understatement but should they be more scared about their razor thin win in new jersey joining me now for his reaction is "fox & friends" weekend co-host and engine resident the great peter hegseth thanks for joining me i appreciate it. >> thank you, dan, appreciate it. glarn what the hell is going on in new jersey, my friends you live there you're on the ground what would happen? >> i'm forced to live there don't remind i would rather not live in the republic of new jersey but that's where i am. what's gong on there first of all cuomo got so many of the headlines for the nursing home deaths because it is new york and media is there. but phil murphy was bad if not
7:47 pm
worse people remember that. people also remember that king phillip murphy said early on in covid-19 on an interview with tucker carlson asked about draconian measures he said well bill of rights is above my pay grade remember when he said that? dan: i remember that. >> atore mindset where he growngsd down gym own rs and they resisted where else. covid, the ways in which he implemented covid which crushed businesses were not forgotten so whereas virginia was about classroom rightfully so, in -- in new jersey a lot of them was around covid a lot of it was around nursing home death and fact that -- even if they're not republicans in new jersey there's a very strong conservative streak there really is a lot of patriots in new jersey who are fed up. they turned out for and ran a
7:48 pm
strong campaign too. indicative of an underswell of people who want to be respected and treated like human beings in new jersey like in new york city that wasn't the case for the last two years. dan: had that great ad about phil murphy saying you know listen if you're here for the low taxes or something probably isn't your state. you know, brilliant brilliant ad. but let me get to second story because you're familiar with a lot of areas you move around in country a tale of two cities here. so minneapolis voters said double barrel middle finger and defund police not doing that anymore. that was pretty smart. but then philadelphia revokes power of police officers to do traffic stops and minor traffic violations. i mean, what the hell i thought it was from the mrs. and dead. j tell me more about how that affects policing and got into that but in minneapolis 13 by 13 points it wasn't a minor victory but a -7s 5-25 democrat republican city you know a left
7:49 pm
wing city and ultimately here's the problem. minneapolis police department has been defunded already down 250 police officers. neighborhoods that used to have ten patrol cars night now have two and we've had some of the most violent nights they've had as a city in decades, and that's what voters feel and see less police, more crime, and you want to give the city counsel there which is what a lot of talk radios host call it. you want to give them power to reimagine public safety? no thank you. i'm not voting to defund police further and in philadelphia i guess that's part of a stopping idea of driving wheel black and disproportion of pulling over black citizens oppose to the white citizens. but what i think it does is -- why pay your tabs them? why fix your taillight -- those are now optional in philadelphia. and you have to tell me broken windows policing saying when you police small thing you find bigger things that i think -- is in philadelphia.
7:50 pm
dan: on your show on weekend will discuss this guy who jumps turn stool or blows red light. same guy who must mugs someone n train or does a dui and kills someone a block later. you know, eventually pete maybe they'll get this unfortunately liberals aren't that bright. but listen you're hosting patriot awards again you did a great job the first year. last year we had to do it remotely. november 17th i'll see you there. tell us about it. >> dan you will be there my man i understand you're presenting and award and in the vip room so folks can meet you there and a book signing as well. folks like dan bongino are ones that will be so tucker laura, shawn, a whole "fox & friends" team many of which broadcasting their show it is from there. and it is more than an award show the award show is phenomenal. it is patriotism, it is america. you will laugh, you will cry. you will be proud. but you also get to meet your favorite fox personalities meet judge and lauren tucker live and in person so it is an event fox
7:51 pm awards that are not many tickets left but you can still get them. come joins in hollywood florida what better than a trip to florida to hang out with dan bongino? come on. i think it is a no-brainer. dan: free bottles of whiskey from john rich. [laughter] a nice little side i am just saying pete thank you my friend i appreciate you taking the time. >> you got it dan thank you. dan: a big week for conservatives, but it wouldn't be right if we didn't thank the group of losers -- with the lincoln project, coming up next. i earn 3% cash back at drugstores with chase freedom unlimited. so i got cards for birthdays, holidays, graduations, i'm covered for everything. which reminds me, thank you for driving me to the drugstore. earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. mass general brigham. when you need some of the brightest minds in medicine,
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dan: folks i'm seriously impressed with the loing project seriously they're grief game is topnotch gold metal winning typically when groups like loing project solicit funds from donors they have to show the donors you know some record of success. well the lincoln project has
7:56 pm
succeeded one thing, failing more than any other group out there at doing what they say they're going to do. and the irony of the lincoln project is it is composed of judeish republican who is support democrats since they don't get republicans they report for elected an irony of this is they're getting more republicans elected now when they were actually working as republican consultants they spent 300,000 against youngkin favor mcauliffe that was kiss of death that's how i knew he was going to lose. so how much of that 300,000 wect to support a group of fake white supremacists they put out there or real white supremacist hey no one knows because no one actually interviewed them. look at these goof balls and didn't interview them because they were paid for by the loing project if it were actually republicans god forbid in hand cuffs interrogated right now and no segment on loing project would be complete on their tremendous successes in the
7:57 pm
united states senate without going through some of their outstanding record in the u.s. senate. remember when they spent 4.3 million of defeat senator dan sullivan and then won by 12 points. and then they spent 2.7 million to defeat senator steve danes that went well and won by ten and spent 2.4 million to defeat lindsey graham and won by another 10 they spent 1.7 defeat susan collins she won by nine 464,000 to defeat mcconnell won by 19 good job close call fellas. and, of course, because they hated trump they rapidly became media darling he's a group of losers on "60 minutes." >> group of lifelong republicans political strategists were republican kaingts for the last 30 years. have banded together to mount a rogue offense aimed defeating sitting president of their own party. >> are you concerned that you're stooping to the president's level of being mean?
7:58 pm
>> i hope so. i think i'll look back on this and all of this will look back as something in the cause of the country. dan: still media darling dispiengt unblemish record of absolute failure and even worse protecting this guy accused of online harassment of young men. yeah. sad stuff. my next guest one of the few who predicted donald trump win in 2016 and predicted youngkin win in this week's election i want to welcome robert cahaly and robert what is it that your group, what's the secret sauce? how do you keep nailing on polls and everybody keeps getting it wrong? >> well you know some of it is obvious. people change. the way people live their lives have changed this old fashion notion you're going pick up call people -- on a tuesday afternoon, they're going to be sitting in parlor apes that are phone an answer 30
7:59 pm
questions that's not reals i tech average people are busy they've got things going on in their life. so we -- we believe that getting in, getting somebody on the phone or sending them a digital method to respond with a short survey you know three, four, five, six questions three minutes at the most. we also believe in getting a larger sample over a thousand in every single state, keep your margin air low, and we also work to get past what is called social desirability and that's where people cater their answer to police the person who is answering the question who is asking them the question. so that they look good in their eyes without being honest it is where this you find shy trump type vote voters and we put togr our survey and pool of who we're going call differently of our lookly voters with some of our own technology to find just right people to talk to. >> robert you nailed it i go to you before every election on social media to see who will win and you haven't let me down.
8:00 pm
thanks for joining me tonight i really appreciate it. >> absolutely. dan: before we go don't forget to follow unfiltered instagram at unfiltered on fox that does it for us tonight on unfiltered we'll see you back here next saturday night, 10 p.m. thanks for being with us. ream i. i am oprah and i love you america. jesse: welcomes to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. woke went broke. here is what happened to the democratic party this week. americans are fed up with the democrats. they won't stand by while the liberals des


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