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tv   Gutfeld  FOX News  November 6, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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saturday november 6, 2021. i am jon scott, ask for watching. got felt is up next. see you tomorrow and don't forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight for the end of daylight saving. ♪♪ really a me choice. >> a me choice. [cheers and applause] greg: does a big night. they finished their jigsaw puzzle, good job. perseverance can pay off. that went over well. [laughter] also, the election for the
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latest electric, let's go to the map. [laughter] sorry about that. let's go to thele real map. [laughter] that's not wrong, just incomplete. here's the actual map. [laughter] finally, an accurate count. what an amazing message set by american voters. parents have hadam enough of racist localism. let's go out and in force. m'mm. my god. someone please check terry's medications. he has moves like jagger, if mick were having a series of strokes. it makes al gore look like
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jennifer lopez. except instead of having a big ass he is one. i haven't seen dance moves like this since cat dropped a lid joint on her own lap. thankfully parents were basically the opposite of brian steltzer at a cafe, they were people who had enough. they were like harrison ford in the movie wit, a cop undercover as a pacifist amish farmer only to be taunted repeatly by a guy who goes one step too far. >> awww... you're m you're making a mistake. mistake. >> boo. >> hey. >> i love that scene. that was america doing the punching and that guy being punched, everything woke that's been shoved down our throats. my favorite part of last night other than the magic mushrooms and the merlot, the joy from watching that incoherent word regurgitater over at msnbc
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collapse into a heap of nonsensical verbal puke. >> he did not - - i mean, he y worshiped at the altar of donald trump on fox news. he flew in insurrections in his rallies. he simply didn't - - he played dumb about a zoom rally. he did not really put much dysen between himself and donald trump on the big lie, or the deadly insurrection in which police officers were maimed by flag poles. i think that the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points. >> oh, wow. crt isn't real. and weapons of mass destruction was. how glorious was that implosion? it was like watching michael jackson set his own hair on fire. insurrection flags, foe such thing as crt, she's blurting out
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talking points like a malfunctioning stepford wife. if she got anymore miserable she'd be these low-brained dip odds. >> this is now all from the republican playbook is is to use these issues to scare people of feeling out of control, that everything's out of control with their children and they need to be protected from these people with the demo goshes and this agenda. >> sure. >> it's are be clear, some of it was dog whistle., right? some of it was dog whistle racism. >> a thousand percent. >> it took her two times to figure it out. so what happened to these two? i mean might be break dancing but these people are broken. powers is trying to sell a book called grace while she sells lies about race. she really should get rid of the g in the title if she's thought desperate for for relevance. stick to what you do best, eating insects. >> are you ready? >> cheers. >> i'm like scared of this.
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okay. >> she went from eating cicadas to eating crow. at this rate she'll be eating out of brian socialer's garbage can. that's not euphemism. if you win it's about racism, if you lose it's about racism, and for cn inthey deny that their obvious witter loathing from most of america spells their doom. don't feel bad for these losers, they relied on sex pests scum quats at the lincoln project for commentary whose hopes of displaying parents as racists blew up in their faces and they're now the ones in soot-covered black face. the only expertise lincoln project has is knowing the best place to watch boys soccer practice. flush. speaking of perv enablers, where is rick wilson or john weaver or
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steve schmidt some. boy, did they go silent? they're as done as a bag of microwave popcorn cooked on high and they deserve it. after creating that tiki too. hoax destroying the lives of a few stupid democrat operatives they should be shunned for life. to call them scum is an insult to everything currently living on the rim of a public toilet. no offense, andrew cuomo. you keep hearing the phrase bell weather the selection of a canary in a coal mine. we were chirping to anyone who listened that wokism was racism in drag and would ultimately drag the terrified democrats into the abyss. the deems don't watch this show. if they did they could have seen this coming. now they're as screwed as a 12-dollar hooker leaving hunter's room at the motel 6.
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[applause] >> why do cheap hooker lines always work? instead they listened to the clueless creeps at cn and msnbc and now you see those dopes finally coming to grips with their own dopeyness. their dumby come latelies. >> you know the debate among democrats tomorrow is gonna be the same debate that has been had now for trevor, the liberal wing is gonna say you'll see what happens when we back track from our principles and the are going to say it's too far to the left. >> it's a tedious debate. >> the democrats are gonna have to come face to face with this issue of woke. >> you have a lot of people saying he won based on something that's not real. that doesn't exist. crt or wokism, whatever you want to call it, i am telling you, i mean, that's all fair and soft. >> hm. well, their story changed faster than biden in a vatican bathroom after his little accident.
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that is a rumor that he pooped himself. probably didn't happen but the joke still works. it's funny if we had said any of that three weeks ago those chums would have called us racist but now they know they've been on the walk horse, or should i say horse's ass. at this rate they'll be approaching reality in 2024 when barron trump finishes his second term. let's salute a real groundbreaker - - the first woman on curl to win a virginia statewide election and she did it as a republican. >> i'm telling you that what you are looking at is the american dream. the american dream. i am not even first generation american. when i joined the marine corps i was still a jamaican. but this country had done so much for me i was willing,
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willing to die for this country. u-s-a [crowd chanting u-s-a] >> jamaican me hot. i don't know why i said that. anyway, she is living proof, but you didn't hear about it on the view, on cnn, or msnbc, and why would it be because she's a republican? that's half of it. the other half, she was black. the fact is the true racists prefer their people of color to follow one set of beliefs. you leave that plantation and you're dead to their masters on cage news, which is the real story of this election. it exposed who the real racists are, and as predicting here on monday, last night they got their tiki torches shoved right up their butts. let's welcome tonight's guests. he's a killer comedian, literally he moved to alaska and killed his career, comedian writer and actor jamie lissow.
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the only beard in his life is the beard on his face, outspoken editor and chief of contributing editor to the spectator, chadwick moore. he's conquer books, tv, and podcasts and next year he takes on puberty. the guy benson show host and fox's contributor, guy benson. and she's like a remote. hard to operate, too many buttons, and you keep finding her under the couch, fox's contributor, kat timpf. jim y how's it going? >> great. >> how's alaska? >> alaska's great. it's getting dark right now. it's dark. that's where you see movies where it's dark 24 hours a day and all that stuff and it's awful. and people go isn't it beautiful? i go, i don't know, it's dark. >> has it changed you at all? >> i think it has changed me.
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i feel like i'm a little bit tougher. >> yes. >> i'm a little bit tougher. >> how so? >> just - - well, can i bring this back to sears? >> yes. >> okay. did you see the picture of her on instagram? >> with that machine gun? >> the machine gun. >> won yo what it was. >> it was a gun we don't know. but i saw that - - i don't know if these guys saw it but i saw this picture of sears holding this machine gun ak-47 like i can't wait for the new tarantnio movie to come out. everyone makes excuses but the reason things are turning the way they are is people are tired of everything; right the. we're tired of all this stuff. thanks for the one clap [applause] no. i honestly thought it only deserved one. but because the pro if to calls ruined everything. you know it ruined comedy. and even when we had shows they were we. i went to a show once and the performer on stage wore a mask the entire time he was on stage.
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and it just kind of ruin it. he was a ventriloquist, or was he? >> that was two-parter. >> yeah. since i moved to alaska, i got all two-parters. >> you got a lot of time in the dark. >> yeah. >> yes. so, guy, uh, what - - do you think the democrats learned any lessons from your keen mind? >> i think some of them who are more rational and interested in winning might learn some lessons but their base, right the activist class on twitter, the people on msnbc and cnn they are doubling and tripling down on calling everyone stupid, ignorant, manipulated by misinformation, and racists. >> right. >> and it worked out so well for them last night i hope they go with that for the next year. >> yeah. >> i would welcome that. i actually lived in virginia, i voted excitedly for this ticket, republicans have not won any statewide races for 12 years in
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virginia than they swept last night. i will say to your monologue, i didn't think glen younkin had this in him he's this earnest suburban dad in his vest. he said, i read this today, he sent a fruit basket and thank you note to the lincoln project. it was a troll of the trolls and i applaud him. that is a good move. >> gosh knows what's they did to that brute. i can thing think of a few things. chadwick how are you? >> i'm great, sir, how are you none i am fantastic. >> great. >> what did you think of last night? >> what is an insurrection of slag? if america, we're told america is such a hateful racist awful country, so racist you've got to send your racism in morse code apparentsly apparently with these dog whistles. my my big take was this was not a referendum on critical race theory. i don't think susie jenk still
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even knows what it is. i think and the reason why the liberal media is focusing on that is because it was actually on covid, covid mandates, covid panics, especially where it relates to the schools and a bunch of parents were pissed off that their kids were home for a year and wanted revenge. the masking of the kids, the mandates, all that. i don't think cnn can talk about that - - >> the kids it's so real. >> it is interesting, kat, all of these things kind of came together and it seems like the deems were on the wrong side of everything but they can't admit it. >> i'm not gone say that telling parents they should not raise their kids ands should be government indoctrination camps had nothing to do with it. the exit polls, economy was the top issue, the gallop said 52 percent, think that, government's doing too much. so it's pretty clear people want smaller government so of course they're gonna keep losing if what they look at and they see
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well, obviously it's because they were being racist and america's mostly racist, it's hard to, i don't know if they actually think that or not because there's no evidence of that. >> yeah. i think it's, i think what happens is it is now just doctrine and they have to, they can't let go of it. it's part of their system and it's going to ruin the party unless somebody pulls the plug. i think they're barreling towards the abyss and i couldn't be happier. be happier. up next the folks who get rid of
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well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> they said hell me to getting rid of 5-o. voters told the far left nuts to shove their pro crime b-s up their butts. saw that one coming. on tuesday minneapolis voters
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rejected the measure that would have dismantled the police department because studies show cities with fewer police are as chaotic as feeding time at the view. voters were asked - - [applause] the audience, every audience member gets a bag of sardines. >> no one's been to sea world? all right. the voters were asked if they favored amending the police charter with a department of public safety and it would have divided control between the mayor and city council. the amendment failed 57 to 44 percent with nearly all votes counted. speaking of cops and mayors in seattle home of rob's doyle... nobody cares about rob's doyle. >> i don't know who that is, greg. >> the worst character on frasier. >> i don't watch frasier, greg. >> okay. >> a democrat who called for
4:21 pm
more police funding. roz. he ran against lorena gonzalez to endorse cutting the police budget in half which would make the 9-1-1 response times longer than cookinga thanksgiving turkey. it's a plan as - - so mad about roz i can barely think. and in new york newly elected mayor eric adams isn't just pro cop, he's a former cop. and while he's still pretty liberal, he's vowed to support the nypd and when it comes to business he's sounding less like de blasio and more like bloomberg. new york's economy does bet were less shoppers on the - - more shoppers on the street and less poop. >> you won't shoot up my city. you won't stab young people in schools. you won't guns on my street. we're fraught going go - - are. we're not going to just talk about safety, we're going to have safety in our city. >> bottom line, it's almost like people all over are remembering that cops are a good thing. people are taking to the ballot
4:22 pm
box and saying we don't like being murdered. it's like my mom always said, honey, you look great in that police uniform but one day law enforcement will catch up with you and your senseless bloody crimes. speaking of guy, how offdown dress up as a cop, just pull over male college kids. -ryou happy about this progress being made? >> i am not a member of the lincoln project. so that is not true. a vicious smear. is that a village people joke too? chadwick here as well if you haven't noticed we're both wearing pink, on wednesdays we wear pink. >> it's actually a fox rule. >> that's called a pink whistle. >> the pink whistle. about minneapolis. >> yes. >> so ilhan omar voted in favor of it. >> right. >> i find it interesting in recent comments because crime has gone crazy there, she wanted to to abolish the police department and totally reimagine it, whatever that means.
4:23 pm
and then when crime spiked she blamed the the police for not doing their jobs. it's sort of a neat trick and a lose-lose. what's great is this lost. she lost. this whole mentality lost, not in alabama or texas, in seattle. in minneapolis. and so my question is, is that racist? because it's hard for me to keep track of what the rules are because i thought defunding the police was the woke thing to do, if the voters of seattle said no, are they not racist? >> exactly. >> we need answers. >> we need answers now. i heard ilhan is so distraught she moved to philadelphia, the city of brotherly love. >> oh. >> thank you. >> all right, that - - >> i used that joke on the five today, but i recycled it i thought it was so good, kat i used it twice. >> i'm proud of you. >> thank you, i'm proud of you. was it surprising the pro-cop turnout? >> no, and it's kind of easy for him, right he's saying i'm going to be more business friendly. that is a very low bar.
4:24 pm
>> in new york. >> yeah, like - - not going to close them all, he's not gonna say okay, you know, what in december you can have outdoor dining and think that that is, you know, a legitimate solution. in order to be more business friendly, than it's been in very recent history, all he has to do is allow there to be businesses. >> yes, exactly. >> boom. >> yes. you know what. [applause] >> chadwick.... the lady over here makes a point. >> it happens. >> the point is actually it's who is the luckiest mayor on earth? adams because he's coming after de blasio who turned the big apple into the big crapful ple. new york is disgusting and all he has to do is clean it up. >> exactly, exactly. he just has to not eat french fries on television, hi. >> yes. yes. >> i mean, i hope we can trust that he's going to do a good
4:25 pm
job. i'm not buying it i don't trust any democrat who runs as a moderate and pro cop. our president, vaccine mandates and transgender admirals and jailing parents. it is interesting that these white liberals who tend to metastasize in places like new york and seattle and minneapolis, you know, they had their kind of orgy of blood and destruction in 2020 and now it's kind of like the morning after and they're hungover and they're looking around like oh, god, what did we get into, who did we elect, what's he done now. and now suddenly they might be b-l-m in the streets but in the voting booth they secretly want safety and don't want to get stabbed when they're going out for milk. >> right. >> they still, you know, it's all performance for them. >> i hope you're wrong, biut some how i think you might be be a right. jamie, what do you make of this whole, this defunding being reversed? police in general. you love the cuts, don't you? >> i love the cops.
4:26 pm
drugs. >> i love seeing cops. it's comforting especially in new york city you can tell by whatever street you go down it feels better. i was here about six months ago, this is why i want more cops and i'll in the times square area where those characters are, guys that dress up, i have a weird feeling those guys aren't officially licensed. >> yes. yes. >> and i'm with my son and he's little so he goes i want to get a picture with mario. i didn't want to say this isn't good, we don't know - - so i go it's five bucks let's go over and get it. as we're walking towards mario, true story, mario takes off his head. >> yeah. >> and starts smoking a joint. >> yes. >> i'm not kidding. and now my little boy, now forever in his mind has this image of mario and his dad speaking a joint in the middle of time's square. [laughter] >> you know what's funny real quick i was in minneapolis i
4:27 pm
think it was last may or june when all the stuff was going down, like the looting and the rioting, and i was just there recently. i don't know what caused it but i went to the mall of america. dude, the prices are, like, skyrocketing. when i was there last year, everything was free. >> all right, anything else? >> not really. >> all right, up next will dems make it their mission to replace joe with a new with voltaren arthritis pain gel. my husband's got his moves back. an alternative to pills, voltaren is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory gel for powerful arthritis pain relief. voltaren, the joy of movement. you're a one-man stitchwork master. but your staffing plan needs to go up a size. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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>> will the dems give the heave ho to sleepy joe? do liberal voters want relief from the zombie in chief? even the rebel rousers don't want a guy who poops his trousers. it's true. with losses all over the map, democrats want a choice that doesn't need a nap.
4:32 pm
almost 50 percent of democrats think replacing joe biden at the top of the ting -t will improve their odds of winning in 2024. check out this poll. as for joe's job approval, just 42 percent said he's doing a good one. despite strong support from hunter biden's art customers. and those numbers, like chris cuomo's female audience, are shrinking all the time. mean while the same poll found half of republicans believe trump is still their best chance to take it back to white house after last night's election results it's clear that people are sick of the left's identity politics and their kids' education where the three rs all equal racism with biden ads the face of the party it's no surprise the dems are think about getting a new face. it didn't work for nancy pelosi. what does joe think about all this? >> no, no no, man... no. you don't look at polls? don't look at the polls. you know, when i got into this business, there was no polls.
4:33 pm
you worked the the the amtrak, shaking hands, squeezing shoulders, smelling necks. i. i love smelling necks. men and women, all right? i smelled a lot of male neck in my day. i had two full-time staffers, true story, their whole job was wiping cream off my nose. >> nice. all right. chadwick, i have a theory that this is part of the plan, no democrat had any inclination that biden was gonna be around they just needed to get him into the white house. >> yep. >> and then replace him later, right? the player to be named later comes later. >> absolutely, yeah, but kamala? >> yeah, she's floor y backup q-b you want to - - she's no backup q-b you want to put in the game. >> that's true.
4:34 pm
>> a backup q-b means quarterback, i know that. >> yes, exact lely. all right, you weren't finished. >> i don't know how that looks. what happens if they - - i don't think many people think he's gonna finish his first term. >> no, no. >> so then it's kamala but how do they do that shake up without looking like a complete devaster? if stability is one thing they want to convey they're screwed because joe biden or kamala is the best chance the republicans can take. >> nearly half don't want him to run, which means more than half of democrats do want him to run again. who are these people? >> yes. >> i don't think joe biden is one of those people. >> right. >> i mean, people wondering if he's gonna finnings his first term he can barely finish his first turd. i should probably stop making those jokes. >> you can't. >> i physically can't stop. jamie, i feel you have a lot of big thoughts about joe biden.
4:35 pm
>> huge, huge thoughts. um, let's just say this, kamala better be ready we are three mumbles and one flight of stairs away from her being president. he's just such an old guy. he's embarrassing our country. you see he was on air force one the other day his blinker was on the whole time. >> really. >> i just don't trust him. i don't trust a guy who has the nuclear launch codes on a stick--it note next to the but i don't knowing we should have a president where when they brief him they start off with you're joe biden... >> then who? then who, jamie? that's the question. >> this is the best we can do. >> yeah. >> the only time i ever agreed with biden, like i felt like i related to him, was when he fell asleep at the summit. >> me too. >> did you too? >> i'm going that's exactly what i would do. >> i hear the word summit i'm out.
4:36 pm
>> yeah. guy, if biden and trump have a rematch, in 2024, who wins? that's a great question. whoever wrote that. >> if they had it now i think trump would win the rematch at the moment. who knows what things will look like a few things from now. i think he'll probably finish out the term, i hope, and i think that he will step aside and wait for the next person and sort of allow that new era to usher in. i did see the headline on this poll, which was most democrats want to replace biden in 2024. i'm like oh, same actually agree with the democrats not in quite the same way. but to chadwick's point, the heir apparent is the political equivalent of box office poison. she shows up, she laughs at her own jokes that are worse than yours, greg and it's this very awkward vibe that she has. he made a joke about me on the 5 today so i'm just getting him back. it's fair play. >> it is fair. >> put the problem that i think the democrats would have trying
4:37 pm
to sort of shove her off to the side is she's got a lot of armor of identity politic. >> right. >> it won't be easy to get rid of joe and kamala in one fell swoop. i think they'll probably try. >> there is a conspiracy going rownd that i'll just spread, that's what i like to do, that if they can get kamala to resign out of the v-p, joe can appoint a v-p of his choosing and then he resigns and then that person becomes president. and it could be anybody they want. right? >> to make that person then the incumbent? >> yes. >> for some advantage. but what would they do to persuade kamala harris to give up the power she's been seeking her entire life? that's the tricky part. >> ask her to do work. all right. gonna go out on a high photo.
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coming up our -rmen more - - coming up, are
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>> are men more disturbed when they get kicked to the curb? is it time to lose the notion that heartbroken men don't show emotion? a new british study claims that men experience more emotional pain and heartache than women after a breakup or as the brits like to call it, bobby in your - - you blimey wanker. what? sounded british. researchers use said an anonymous online forum, the only kind i use, to study 200,000 postings about couples relationship issues. the number one problem? when the guy isn't named greg. the second, something called communication. the key finding was men were more likely to open up about the pain of ending a relationship than women using words like regret and cry and heartbroken. one way to get over it, watching
4:43 pm
the new british dating show, the love trap, or as i like to call it bangers and mash. >> david, who do you think deis a love trap? [heart thumping] >> sherie. >> oh, god. [laughter] [music] >> if only it were that easy; right? so i guess we figured out what they put in blood pudding. that's a british delicacy. frankly this little study didn't account for what happens when two broheims break up. how does that work? >> horrible news i was only able to score two tickets to the leopard on saturday and i'm taking kyle. >> we are bros, but he's got a
4:44 pm
2017 wrangler sahara we can take the top off and blast tunes and his brother's the matre-d at p.f. chang's. it's kyle, he can't make it. will you go with me? >> pour some sugar on me, bronameth, let's do this. >> that was beautiful. i teared up, jamie. you seem like an emotional guy. you obviously have had relationships. you children. >> yeah. >> yeah. >> i have, yeah. i wish i had that love trap thing for when i had gotten divorced. it would have just been so much easier because after we did it she said a bunch of stuff. i felt like i wouldn't have been to hear it if she's down in the thing. hey, by the way. >> yes. >> um, some relationships aren't meant to last and it's okay. >> right. >> when i got divorced i think it was one of those - - here's a
4:45 pm
way to know if you should get divorced. if when people start telling you negative things about divorce and none of it sounds that bad to you. you know what i mean? my friend goes you can't get divorced you're going to have to move out and get your own place, and i'm like when is the soonest we could do something like that? you're only going to be able to see your kids on the weekends? when is the soonest we can do that. i don't want to take these kids to school. i thought there was something wrong with me at one point. not wrong with me, but i live in alaska, a lot of man manly men, and that's not me at all. i went to the doctor, i'm not joking at all, and i go could you test something like testosterone, i feel like things hit me harder, i cry in the middle of greeting cards. he goes yeah, we do some tests and he goes we did your testosterone and we tested stuff i'm glad you came in, it turns out you are what's called a huge wo, sy. and and yo that's ridiculous,. there's floor y way that's an actual diagnosis. and he goes okay, you got me it's not an actual diagnosis but
4:46 pm
i know i could call you that and you wouldn't do anything based on the testing. [applause] >> so good. all right, kat, you're a girl. >> sure am. i find it devastating. >> really? >> yeah, because i thought the reason that guys would get so upset and want to get back together after we broke up was because i was so special. apparently not. >> no. >> poor thing. >> like, they all know over there. >> they do not. guy? >> what do you make of this? >> it's weird, you're gay, chadwick's gay - - i know - - i hope your parents aren't watching. so what happens there? i mean you're both emotional, then according to this research. >> yes, greg, well... [laughter] >> what's most difficult, and
4:47 pm
the most painful breakups for me have been ones that are secret relationships and you can't really confide in anyone about your sadness. so you can't call up a parent and say the person i've been seeing, it was going great, and then he has a show at five but then he got another show at eleven. and now he's just ghosted me. you can't say those things. [laughter] >> i am so glad both my parents have passed away. if they saw this i might be ruined. you're pretty good tonight. i gotta tell you. chadwick - - >> yes, sir? >> oh, you know, - - >> getting brutalized. >> i think breakups, it's really, um, really hard on the liver. >> yes. >> really hard on the wallet. lots of trips to the free clinic. i think men just behave differently in breakups and you
4:48 pm
just have to screw everyone and drink everything and you have to get itoid-out. i don't see women doing that. you get two gay guys they break up and they've screwed all of new york city between them you gotta get that pain out. >> screw the pain out. >> you do. >> there's a slogan for mayor. all right. up next, he'll edit a classic masterpiece. you satisfied the such tree-mendous views. i'm at a moss for words. when a cough tries to steal dad's punchlines, he takes robitussin naturals powered by 100% drug-free ingredients. are you gonna leaf me hanging? soothe your cough naturally.
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>> another woke fart is trying to destroy arth, a woke dad who turn turn turns fairy tails into scary fail. he end-edits gender stare quo types out of his daughter's disney princess books. he took a scene from princess and the frog where the princess bakes khakis - - cookies and says the princess was making nachos for herself. i'm surprised the woke mob hasn't pounced over that mexican cultural appropriation. now the princess is a strong independent women with refried bean breath. anyway we came 1 some of our own woke fairy tales to help. no more princess and the pea it's now the non-binary bike
4:53 pm
messenger and the vegan lasagna. little red. the iconic classic the little mermaid has become the healthy sized cis gendered mer person and finally no white is now snow white privilege. at least the dwarfs have stopped greeting hi, ho. kat, thoughts? >> i don't know, i feel like if they had kids and they had a dad and the dad was doing this with his time i'd be pissed off at him. all you're doing is guaranteeing that our daughter has no grasp of cultural references whatsoever. >> what do you make of this, guy? >> i would rather him do this than run for school board somewhere. >> oh. >> i bet he would do both though. >> multi-tasker. >> yes. >> those wokes are always busy. >> exactly. >> chadwick, are these actually moro fencive? >> i hope, uh, his wife's
4:54 pm
boyfriend likes them. >> very good. very good. very good. >> yeah, but a lot of them are like baking so like people like to bake and that's racist or wrong? >> trying to make somebody happy. >> trying to make someone happy? >> it's disgusting, jamie. >> it is. i think it's called tik-tok because it's a count countdown timer to you wasting your life. would you believe i wrote down a couple things that i had, like, in my first one it says snow white privilege. but i have a couple more because this guy is moving on to change movie hassosis. going to do herbie fully racist, big heros cis normative, lady and the transphobia, and my favorite james and the giant pronoun. this is happening [laughter] >> all right, archetypes are universal they work across every culture why are we changing
4:55 pm
them? i don't like tik-tok, i don't like that dad. that's all i gotta say. we'll boo right back. .. ista during rush hour. and a nanny to a couple of rambunctious kids. now, all that experience has led her to a job that feels like home. with home instead, you too can become a caregiver to older adults, with a career that makes a difference. ♪♪ apply today. ♪♪ wow... that's so nice! is that a photo of tepechitlan? yeah! the gift of ancestry®,
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>> okay he. greg: before we go i am told peoplele love outtakes. and people love joe mackie. >> i have bad news. i was only able to score two tickets to logans. i have got bad news. therehe is horrible news. logan. >> dude, you are like the god of my sea. >> hold on, there is a phone
5:00 pm
call. it's kyle. greg: he's all right. "fox news @ night" with evil shannon bream is next. i am oprah and i love you america. jesse: welcomes to "watters' world." i'm jesse watters. woke went broke. here is what happened to the democratic party this week. americans are fed up with the democrats. they won't stand by while the liberals destroy


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