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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  November 6, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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doesn't it hurt to get a needle sing all the sports things the super bowl, the cowboys are going to win the super bowl. >> that doesn't wrestle see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 p.m. eastern for the big sy show. the fox report is president biden's vaccine mandate, two days. i am jon scott and this is the fox report. ♪♪ federal food court this afternoon doing estate freezing the rule under which it would require millions of american workers to be vaccinated by january 4 or be tested weekly. this is just hours after victory for biden's economic agenda last night. the house voting present
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$1.2 trillion infrastructure built to the president desk as negotiations continue over the larger social spending bill. we are following the latest on two other big stories. live in houston with new information about the chaos and panic at a musical festival last night claiming the lives of at least eight people. steve harrigan live on the border after the president set today the u.s. should compensate families of children the trump administration separated from their parents. we begin our fox team coverage with luke was lucas thomason live in delaware for the president is spending the weekend. reporter: good evening. following a disastrous withdrawal from afghanistan, sagging poll numbers and high inflation, president biden needed to win when the infrastructure bill passed. it would not have passed without strong republican port report support. >> the economic competition from
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we face giant other large companies. creating more jobs, good paying jobs, union jobs, they can't be outsourced. reporter: here's within the bill, $110 billion for roads, bridges and transformational projects, 90 billion for public transit, 60s going for railways, 65 going for clean energy transmission, another 65 billion for access to high-speed internet, $50 billion to prospective constructs, floods and flat cars. the bill passed 228-2206 last night my 13 report and voted for. six democrats voted against it. democrats progressively walked the bill for months to force a bill on the other piece of masses deflation. the vote will take place after were congress returned ahead of thanksgiving recess. at three seat majority in the house, one gop center was
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shocked it would pass the bill. >> it was surprising to me to see 13 republicans basically bail nancy pelosi out. she didn't have the votes in her own party to do that. third 13 republicans decided to step up and help her promote the book themselves on a path to early retirement. reporter: not long after president biden came here from a federal appeals court blocked the ministrations covid vaccine mandate. the administer she says it will defendant in court. jon: lucas, thanks. joining us now with reaction, virginia republican congressman rob whitman. a member of the house armed services committee committee on natural resources. congressman, you don't seem to think much of the bill passed last night. why? >> it's all about the green new deal. if you look at the
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$1.2 trillion, $550 billion is new spending. on 110 billion goes to roads, bridges and airports and broadband so this was something other than infrastructure, i'm all for infrastructure but this was not the way republicans had a great bill, started 2.0 that could have been put in place, it would have done a lot, but money directly to where it needed to be, not for other things, not to give secretary food a judge a fund for him to determine where money goes, this would have gotten money to localities and simple five demonstrate of processes for approval for roads, it should have been a much different path than what we ended up with the bill passing through yesterday which was all about things other than infrastructure about the green new deal and other elements nothing to do with the nation's infrastructure. jon: as you mentioned earlier, 13 fellow republicans voted to support this and that's allowed nancy pelosi to get past. what you say to those 13?
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>> that's unfortunate. i talked to them and asked them to consider the bill itself and i disagree with. i think the bill itself should have been something very different, something that would have garnered many rebel republican support if you got on the road of the starter 2.0 active set of this bill. i have a hard time figuring out how we see this is the best path forward. this is much more than infrastructure, it renew deal additions putting money in a lot of different places that don't get directly to roads, bridges, ports and airports and broadband which is what infrastructure should be about. jon: cassidy was on bhutto live earlier today defending infrastructure spending. >> i think it's good for republicans to support roads and bridges, access to high-speed
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internet for all americans, help for people who flood, help for water projects in the west and imports about the things to decrease costs and transportation and make our supply chain issue better. good policy is good politics and i will stand by the policy in this bill. jon: you disagree with the senator on that? >> i have a different view on the senator's view on how we go about infrastructure. hospital are 2.0 act puts money where it needs to be and if nothing else, why couldn't we take unspent dollars from the american rescue act which was the last of the covid relief bill, $700 billion left over, why wouldn't we take that is money already barred be spent between now and 24? why didn't we take that, 700 billion into the towards nothing but roads and bridges, broadband, ports and airports? could have done more than what
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was done in this bill that passed in the house yesterday. jon: talk about virginia politics, you represent a district there and saw what happened tuesday when glenn youngkin and others swept statewide races among republicans, why did it happen? >> it was an exciting day and i believe glenn youngkin and jason became our next lieutenant governor and attorney general because they connected with people on issues important to them. they had a unifying vision for virginia needed to go, they didn't get into the negatives of what the others did in the campaign, the democrats said we are going to empower parents to help small businesses grow and get back on their feet after covid. support law enforcement communities it was that vision people were looking for, less government and more involvement with folks across communities throughout the commonwealth to get things back on track for
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effect connected with people, we saw a record number of folks coming to vote because glenn and jason connected with folks on issues important to them. jon: republican for dinner, congressman, thank you. >> thank you. jon: the infrastructure bill will have little impact on the supply chain crisis at least in time for christmas. shipping containers are stacked high u.s. horse coast-to-coast. one company says it has drivers moving goods, the problems at the ports are slowing things down. charles watson is out of port with more on that. reporter: there certainly a lot of frustration on many factories, all way down to the consumers seeing higher prices, among the problems here safe. there's often nowhere to put new containers on a backlog of imports, that's one reason
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currently see 2000 vessels is off the coast waiting to unload containers full of good making the problem worse is a shortage of truck drivers. it amounts to about 80000 workers leading manufacturers are waiting much longer to get the goods they need as a holiday season quickly approaches. earlier this week, secretary gina raimondo touched on this is have the biden ministration has plans to get more drivers on the road. >> trust provision and bipartisan infrastructure package which will allow people were 18 up to get their cdl and drive across state lines. we have tools in our toolbox and we are starting to see more folks get their cdl and become truck drivers. reporter: we spoke to the manager ataturk company here, her issue isn't workforce related, she said it's districts
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and poor maintenance at ports slowing her workers on. >> the poor is saying they have all we need, they are saying we have enough people to move this stuff and get the trucks loaded but not, it doesn't happen like that. reporter: the drudge report supportive tells fox news truck turnarounds are improving in savannah. the agency is working on long-term, namely outsourcing container terminals and services to a newly formed company that will also work on more space for more than 1 million additional containers emmett 2022. admittedly, the port authority says they will do little to help our supply chain shortages but they hope to obtain additional
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space for containers and additional space on rail lines to help with they are going through right now. jon: charles watson in savannah, a place i know well, it's my daughter's name, i don't know why i called her summary of the survey results. [laughter] tragedy in texas, at least eight people killed, many more hurt at the world music festival. the crowd surged toward the stage while travis scott performed. one concertgoer described chaos to arthel neville this afternoon. >> they do nothing, for whatever reason, they just wouldn't help. i don't know if it's because they were streaming live or whatever the case was but bodies were being held up because it was so compact. >> what did you say was in front of you? >> dead bodies in front of us.
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jon: live in houston with the latest, garrett. reporter: a lot of people who attended last night are sharing similar stories, people trapped with nowhere to go and almost no one willing to help. roughly 50000 people at the festival last night and they were packed inside. you can get a sense of how young most of the crowd was by the ages of the victims who lost their lives. the youngest were 14 and 16. the others were in their early to mid 20s. thirteen others are still hospitalized including five under the age of 18. local officials are rightly calling this an absolute tragedy. >> no one, no parents, no friend, no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert by world renowned artist and not
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expect them to come home safely. reporter: witness after witness described the crowd surging forward toward the stage as he performed last night, packing in so tight people couldn't breathe, they couldn't move some sort of passing out, it was almost impossible to get them the help they need. some folks are so desperate they lifted up lifeless bodies and crab served them out of the crowd to the overwhelming emts. that's what happened to one foreman, an icu nurse neatly started helping others when she regained conscience. >> i told my boyfriend, he told my sons that i left them. it got to where i was dying. nothing could have prepared me. i worked in icu every week.
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it was absolutely insane, i've never seen anything like that in my life. i am disturbed. honestly, it should have been stopped. reporter: this evening houston police chief of police that the incident is now a criminal investigation and they want to talk to as many as possible to find out what went wrong. travis scott and organizers said they are fully cooperating with the investigation. jon: awful situation. coming up, what the feds are doing after thousands of reports of unruly airline passengers getting violent this year plus steve harrigan is at the southern border with more on the crisis still going on there. >> possible payments to migrant families and separated at the border. i am steve harrigan, that story is ahead of micro
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it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities. >> there were reports your administration plans to pay illegal immigrant separated from the premise of the border up to $450,000 each, possibly 1 million.
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family. you think that might incentivize people to come illegally? >> you keep sending back garbage out, yet. but it's not true. >> it's a garbage report? >> you. >> you said last week the report about migrant families at the border getting payment was garbage. >> i didn't say that. i said everybody coming across the board $450,000 . jon: president biden today backing payments for illegal immigrants who sued the u.s. are being separated from their families at the southern border. however, the president adding he has no idea what the dollar amount would be. meanwhile, a live look up the border, thousands more migrant making their way north in a caravan through mexico.
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steve harrigan is live in texas with the latest. reporter: a lot of back-and-forth over potential payments to migrants who entered the u.s. illegally and families separated. once i present biden called garbage reports each separated migrant could receive up to $4,150,000. friday the white house said the president is comfortable with payment to migrants without saying how much the payments could cost taxpayers less than lawsuit. david spent tried to get clarification from president biden earlier today. >> here's the thing. if in fact, because of the outrageous behavior last administration, coming across the border whether or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the
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circumstance. what will be, i have no idea. reporter: the biden position seems to be yes on pay mr. separated migrants but no clarification on how much it could be. if it did reach for $50000 mark, overall sump could end up costing one doing more than 3000 families during the trump administration separated from each other on the board. aclu launching plan action lawsuit in 2019, individuals as well to explain parents and children suffering psychological, from the separation. many leaders not having any of us attacking people who came into the u.s. illegally. he mentored several groups across behind us throughout the day, some from venezuela and others from cuba most recent group about an hour ago have my best aunt and using a rope to conjure the current didn't knock
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anybody down. safety procedures, something was not seen in the past. jon: fourth known for $50000 is more than service members families are paid if their loved ones are killed in combat. u.s. government offering big money in the effort to capture for cartel leaders. officials offering $5 million a person to anyone with information to help authorities capture the drug. think was the brother of been victorious out chapel and three brothers from another family, all four are indicted in u.s. conspiring to traffic marijuana cocaine and methamphetamine and methanol. out chapel is in a federal prison in colorado. the number of unruly passengers on airplanes are soaring this year. officials report more than 5000 such cases since january.
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faa says it's changing the way it handles offenders. laura ingle is live with more on that. >> a time when passengers seem to understand interference with the duties of crewmembers violating federal law. balance on airplanes these days, changing the way they handle defenders receiving the message or ignoring. faa reported this week 40 cases of passengers behaving badly saying is going to be continuously handing over a list of violent passengers to the fbi. >> we've done everything we can, even on tmz never thought i would be to make sure the public is aware of the importance of following through instruction, the crew is therefore passenger safety in this is about behavior that's not appropriate in an
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aviation environment and we need to get it under control corporate faa stepping up oxygen, dangerous behavior doesn't fly releasing for tsa, here's what real consequences look like for disruptive behavior in a video called you don't want this letter. flight attendants who often receive unruly passengers aiming anger and violence, the justice department's decision releasing the statement that reads in part in addition, our union continues to call for the creation of a centralized list of violators who will be divine freedom of flight on all airlines. if a passenger physically assault crewmembers or other passengers on an airline, there ban from flying on all airlines. over 5000 unruly passenger reports generated here with over 3600 mass related incidents and 950 investigations initiated.
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jon: law, thank you. coming up, present biden heart infrastructure bill passed after disastrous week at the pole. an impact in next year's midterm. washington examiner editor-in-chief, next. ♪♪
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jon scott in the soapbox report. it's the bottom of the hour, here's a look at our top stories. the arraignment and recently filed sexual harassment case against former new york governor andrew cuomo has been postponed. district saying criminal complaint against romo is potentially defective because it does not include one statement by the alleged victim. the arraignment delayed from november 17th to at least january. her two month old baby handed
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over to a u.s. marine amanda august 19 chaos at the kabul airport remains missing. the parent fear the infant boy be crushed by the crowd trying to escape the taliban. he eventually came access inside, their child was nowhere to be found. state department spokesperson says the government are working to locate them. former university of southern california athletic official pleaded guilty in this weepy college admissions bribery scandal, donna pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud as part of a deal with prosecutors. more than 40 others pleaded guilty in the same scheme. more than on these and others, download the fox news app. go to fox superintendent was originally announcing an independent review, how the district handle
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to allegations of sexual assault. the announcement after weeks of parents demanding action protesting school board meetings and calling for the resignation of board members. alexandria has details on that progress superintendent of the schools announced he believed mandatory reporting for the course will follow. to be sure, they have an outside law firm conducting an investigation. according to e-mail superintendent scott refers to the review as only one step moving forward to help heal our school commander. they been in the spotlight this year for heated debates over curriculum and school policies. it was revealed in the bathroom school district reportedly assaulted the sheriff's office. the male student enrolled school in the district before he was once again accused of sexual assault. the juvenile judge found him
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guilty. the second is still pending. possible superintendent issued an apology. >> to the families and students involved my heart aches and i'm sorry we failed to provide safe welcoming and affirming environment we aspire to provide. reporter: a mainstay in the virginia governor's race for the new governor elect glenn youngkin made a major push for parents having a say in what happens. he accused the district of covering up. he's called on the school board and superintendent to resign. jon: thanks. the 2022 midterms are still your off a potential 2024 gop hopefuls are making moves. big republican names attending the republican jewish coalition annual national leadership conference in las vegas this weekend including former vice president mike pence former un ambassador nikki hailey, florist governor ron desantis and
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senator ted cruz in texas. matt has that story from vegas. reporter: it's a pricey convention here it brings in some of the biggest republican names and mega dollars a short while ago. we heard from former white house county and conway and sarah huckaby sanders and vice president mike pence soon. new york representative is alvin running for governor told crowd, republicans must stop focusing on 2020 and look ahead to next year's midterm instead. >> i believe november 22 is going to be an election for 40 years from now they're going to be talking about the history made. we sought last tuesday in virginia new jersey. we had to dig deep, take nothing for granted. we all in. everything is at stake, oozing is not an option for any of us.
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>> education and critical race theory are frequently discussed here in vegas. governor ron desantis of florida touted he banned crt in his statement chris christie told the crowd this past tuesday represents a new era from republicans education has now become a nationwide issue an executive director knows education as a domestic issue has become deeply important jewish voters as the state of israel. jon: matt, thanks. >> it was surprising to me to see 13 republicans bail nancy pelosi out, she didn't have the votes on her own party to do this. thirteen republicans who decided to step up and help her in this way and with the get put them selves on a path to early retirement. the consequence will be severe for those who enable us and house members after looking at what happened earlier this, it
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does puzzle me. jon: that bill hagerty on what next year's midterms might hold for the 13 house republicans who sided with democrats and helped pass $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill last night. meanwhile governor elect when you triumph in virginia this week might provide a midterm roadmap or republicans, washington examiner editor-in-chief joins us now. what you think about what the senator had to say about the 13 republican house members who voted with nancy pelosi and the democrats? you think voters will hold it against them in the next election. >> i don't know voters will hold against him. the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. obsolete there will be people who will have primary and try and asked for because of what they did but they have handed a
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victory to nancy pelosi and joe biden and i think the party has been strongly about it but i don't suppose they will be. one of the things to note about the 1.2 trillion is the way joe biden is talking about it. he called it a blueprint for blue-collar blueprint. democrat realize they are in trouble, seeming like the party that not only assist ordinary people, also came about tuesday all across the country and particularly in virginia. the red wave is extremely powerful and i think lee's alvin for example at the conference talking about our new era in chris christie as well, it's a very powerful thing republicans have in the election.
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jon: stephanie cutter was an advisor to former president obama on another network the other night talking about why she thinks democrats are to learn from tuesday's results. listen. >> one think we need to make sure republicans in 2022 become is the party of parent because we need to be the party -- and we are, we are the ones who care about school funding, making sure parents can send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to. we need to on that agenda, we should not let go. jon: she doesn't want republicans to become the party of parents. now the president has managed to get this $1.220 infrastructure bill passed, does not take care of his own numbers that have been sinking so much lately? >> infrastructure bill comes and goes, is not exactly normal but
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not extraordinary. the wave we saw in the reason for the way we saw our extraordinary. the democrats is an extraordinary thing happens all across the country. what she's saying about the democrats being a party of ordinary people is now something voters do not believe in this was the amazing thing about the virginia election. what terry mcauliffe said he posted that parents should not be coming" children should be taught, he crystallized the psyche of the democratic party ordinary people's opinion, they want to teach children what they want to teach. the democratic party continues even after this and the left is continuing about the teaching of critical race theory.
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viewers should bring your mind back to the contra piercy year or so ago about the 1619 product, new york times basically saying united states america was founded in 1619 and it was about slavery. the whole idea was to get the 1619 project based on critical race theory in two schools. even now, the democrats are trying to keep things pass ordinary people. the republicans, when you can in virginia simply set is going to hold schools accountable to parents and i think that's what you're saying her belly all over the country, it's going to be powerful in 2022 could be for a long time. jon: i want to put up some biden poll numbers from emerson college. 41% approve of the job the president is doing right now. in september as recently as the, 46%.
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right now at 50% so a long way to go for the white house. washington examiner editor in chief, thank you for coming on. >> thanks a lot. jon: coming up, the mystery of the california mother first reported missing after she failed to pick up her son from school. there are new clues in this baffling case. ng♪♪
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you video in the disappearance of the 39-year-old when your mother as question surfers about her job while investigators step up their search. the scene opponent is live with the latest on that corporate surveillance video, a big part of the investigation.
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the mysterious disappearance of heidi, reported missing on october 20 after she failed to pick my son up from school. this new surveillance video reportedly shows her boss, jason dropping off a box of muffins at her doorstep. he's not a person of interest however, he is her boss and was charged in a bond theme in 2019. feds are investigating his alleged role, her ex-husband questioned whether this may have something to do with her disappearance. he says the security and exchange commission called him a day after his ex-wife was reported missing jasper or ask him what he knows about her boss. he also said she would never abandon their son. the young boy's 11th birthday was on thursday. >> no signs of foul play in her place but what gives us a sign
3:47 pm
of being foul play is that she would never do this with our son. she'd never do this. something is way out of the ordinary. reporter: she was last seen at her son's flag football game october 17, 3 hours later doctor wandering around a high-rise in downtown l.a. and no one seems to know why her dog was there. her belongings were there and her car is still missing. a prayer vigil is planned missing mom tomorrow night in downtown l.a. jon: thank you. coming up, major development in the russia investigation largely ignored by mainstream media. ♪♪
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here are some of the headlines from around the globe. at least after fuel tank photo #the tanker truck and began leaking fuel. in germany, three people hundred and astounding attack on a high-speed train. for suspect, from 7-year-old. and, officials say his motor is still unclear.
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in scotland tens of thousands of protesters marched on the 46 summit to demanding action from you on. i'm activists was in attendance but didn't address the crowd. an earlier speech, she called a failure. in brazil, honey because of thing -- treatment for others on the way to a concert the plane down. result. in italy, archaeologists uncovered a perfectly preserved room under the ash and follow up in ancient city. it might have been a home to a family of slaves. has a look at some stories from around the globe. after years of pushing every possible development on the russia investigation, mainstream media largely ignored the latest fbi arrest russian analyst for
3:53 pm
line. an arrest on special counsel john durham. a look at how the media handles the indictment tied to the discredit field. >> the indictment, the key source for the steel dossier intertwined with the investigation into present trump in russia triggered from the washington post. the allegations cast uncertainty on pass reporting on the dossier news organizations including the washington post. despite enormous media attention to the russia investigation including the dossier, nbc, abc cbs evening news cast in dorothy indictment and who is charged with lying to the fbi about false information for crystal steel including salacious accusations against comp. he fed falsehoods to charles for my formal clinton administration official. the fbi set up block appropriate
3:54 pm
for seeing the steel dossier but in a wiretap application, former, kaiser carter page used the dossier's claim. fox news covid the story extensively. >> there were obvious red flags from the very beginning. for one, christopher steele is working for an opposition research firm that responded by the hillary clinton campaign. >> cnn and msnbc didn't cover the story after 5:00 p.m. except for rachel. >> this report comes in the midst of an attack on christopher steele himself and republicans in congress. alleging he was peddling false information. >> she slammed john durham's case. >> the unmistakable impression is the indictment is designed spear christopher steele's intelligence report as things deliberately made up and concocted by democrats.
3:55 pm
>> the steel dossier may. >> appointment in the complicated saga that once dominated our national politics for now but it charges are further discredited, many of the media lost interest. the one. jon: back with more in just a moment. ♪♪ couple of bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. what do you say we see what this bird can do? woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. looks like we're walking, kid. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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this could make things uncomfortable for the astronaut, three improve are seen here showing off chili peppers the group on board the space station. they may want to hold off eating that. they will have to resort to wearing absorbent undergarments if he can't hold it for the 20 hour reentry that begins tomorrow. , and colorado has an unexpected house guest, a bear decided to make a dent under the home. they had no idea it was planning to stay there for the winter until a dog named champ began barking. it was one of three cubs the were raised after they managed to draw the bear out and it scurried away back into the wild. it will have to find another gun. that's how fox reports this saturday november 6, 2021.
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i am jon scott, ask for watching. got felt is up next. see you tomorrow and don't forget to set your clocks back one hour tonight for the end of daylight saving. ♪♪ really a me choice. >> a me choice. [cheers and applause] greg: does a big night. they finished their jigsaw puzzle, good job. perseverance can pay off. that went over well. [laughter] also, the election for the


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