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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 6, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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problems. if you have your own hit or miss, tweet it to us @jer on fnc. thanks to hi panel ask thanks to all of you for watching. i'm david asman. paul will be back next week. we hope to see you then. ♪ ♪ arthel: and we are a awaiting any minute now for update dod information about last night's horrifying scene this houston from mayor sylvester turner and other city officials. at least eight people were killed and many more injured at the astroworld music festival. houston fire chief says panic broke out after fans surged towards the stage as travis scott performed. hello, everyone, and welcome to "fox news live," i'm arthel neville. eric: thank you for joining us, i'm eric shawn. the two other big stories that we're following very closely at this hour, president biden
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labeled as garbage those reports that his administration may pay migrants $450,000 each to settle those lawsuits over the trump administration's separation policies. well, it turns out the white house could, indeed, be shelling out big bucks in settlements. we'll have the latest. and the house passing that bipartisan infrastructure bill after months of division between moderate and progressive democrats. but still hanging in the balance, the president's trillion dollar social sending bill. we'll tell you about that. and we have fox team coverageful lucas tomlinson on the first part of the biden agenda, steve harrigan on the southern border. garrett tenney, first, in houston listen on that heartbreaking tragedy that unfolded at the festival there as we wait for the news conference. garrett? >> reporter: eric, this is just tragic. there was so much excitement around this music festival after it was canceled last year due to the pandemic.
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what happened last night, one fan described it as a concert from hell. this was roughly around 50,000 people that were here for this music event. and what witnesses say things had been a bit rough all throughout the day. it got really bad around 9:00 when travis scott took the stage. the the crowd started pushing forward towards the stage, packing people in so tight that they couldn't move and many couldn't breathe. when folks started passing out, some got crushed by the crowd, and others were only able to get out by having their lifeless bodies essentially crowd surfed to the side with the few emts that were there to help. an icu nurse immediately started helping others when she regained consciousness. she describes the scene as having been absolutely insane. >> nothing could have prepared me for what i saw, nothing. i mean, i work in the icu, i see people die every week.
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i, when i was working in the e.r., we people coming to us that cpr's in progress all the time. i saw three people laid out on the ground and maybe tour medics doing cpr on three people. >> reporter: officials say at least eight people died and more than 300 were treated at a field hospital throughout the day. 17 were taken to the hospital, and 11 of those were in cardiac arrest and had to have cpr. we're told most of the victims are this their 20s, but one was just 10 years old. >> our hearts are broken. i mean, people go to these events hooking for a good -- looking for a good time, a chance to unwind, to make memories. it's not the kind of event you go to where you expect to find out about fatalities.
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>> reporter: an investigation is now underway to try to figure out exactly what happened, ask and we are hoping to learn more from officials at this press conference that'll get started right behind us any minute now. eric and arthel? eric: a night of celebration that was just so horrific. thank you, garrett. arthel? if. arthel: well, a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill getting the green light in the house last night late, almost midnight, after democrats' division called a weeks-long stalemate on that measure and larger human infrastructure bill. lucas tomlinson is live in delaware which is where the president is spending the weekend. hi, lucas. >> reporter: good afternoon, arthel. the president's calling this a once in a generational opportunity to fix the country's aging infrastructure. the bill would not have passed without republican support. >> for all of you at home who feel left behind and forgotten in an economy that's changing so
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rapidly, bill is for you. this bill is for you. the vast majority of the thousands of jobs that will be created don't require a college degree. this is a blue collar blueprint to rebuild america. and it's long overdue. >> reporter: here is what's in the bill. $110 billion for roads, bridges and transformational projects. 89.9 billion for public transit. 66 billion for railways. 65 billion for clean energy transmission, and another 65 billion to expand access to high-speed internet. finally, $50 billion to protect against droughts, floods and wildfires. the bill passed 328-206 -- 2328-206 -- 228-206 last night. six democrats voted against it led by alexandria ocasio-cortez. the democrats' progressive wing a had blocked the infrastructure bill for months to force a vote on the other massive piece of legislation, the social spending bill, which will now take place after congress returns the week of november 15th. democrats only have a three-seat
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majority in the house, and republicans say this infrastructure bill doesn't spend enough to fix the actual problem of infrastructure. >> if we're going to do infrastructure, let's do infrastructure. less than 10% of it, 110 billion, goes to, quote, surface transportation, and of that 70 billion is public mass transit leaving only 40 billion or 3-4% to go to roads and bridges, traditional things that americans, you know, really desperately need in their communities. >> reporter: and shortly after arriving here, an appellate court struck down the covid-19 vaccine mandate. the biden administration says it will defend it in court. arthel? arthel: lucas tomlinson, thank you. by the way, we're going to have a lot more with congressional correspondent chad pilling grim who knows herring about it. he's going to join us in about 20 minutes. eric: yeah. if anybody can explain it, that will be chad. meanwhile, president biden is
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clarifying statements made earlier this past week about those payments that may be given to migrant families who were separated by trump administration border policies. he said that was not going to happen. well, the president says he was disagreeing with the reporter's amount, $450,000 per migrant, but he does support compensation now. he says as long as it's part of settling those lawsuits over the trump white house actions. steve harrigan live from the border in del rio, texas, with the very latest on all this. hi, steve. >> reporter: eric, there's been some real mixed messages coming out of the biden administration when it comes to paying migrant settlements, migrants who crossed into the u.s. illegally. on wednesday president biden said reports initiated by the wall street that they could receive up to $450,000 apiece, some families would be getting more than $1 million if, he said those reports were garbage. and yet just two days later, on friday, the administration was saying the president was comfortable in paying settlements, especially if those
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settlements would be cheaper in the long run than lengthy lawsuits. fox's david spunt presses president biden earlier today for clarity on the issue. >> reporter: you said last week at this report about migrant families at the border getting payments was garbage -- >> no, i didn't say that. get it straight. you said everybody coming across the border gets 500 -- $450,000 -- >> reporter: the number was what you had a problem with, okay. >> now here's the thing, if, in fact, because of the outrageous behavior of the last administration you coming across the border whether it was legal or illegal and you lost your child, you lost your child, gone, you deserve some kind of compensation no matter what the circumstance. what that will be, i have no idea. i have no idea. yes -- >> reporter: d the oj negotiating a settlement. >> reporter: so it appears
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some partial clarity, the president coming out strongly in favor of paying settlements to migrants who crossed into the u.s. illegally, but no clear answer on how much that could be, and the overall payment could be large, indeed. more than 3,000 families under the trump administration were separated from their parents and children at the border. the aclu launched a class action lawsuit in 2019. a number of individual lawsuits launched also alleging psychological trauma caused by the separation both for the parents and the children. a number of republicans have already come out hard against i any payments saying no one should get money who crossed into the u.s. illegally. eric, back to you. eric: steve, thanks so much. arthel? arthel: with christmas gifts on the minds of many, santa's elves may not be able to deliver on time as shipping containers are stacked high at ports across the country. folks are bracing for a pricey holiday season as a result. now one trucking company in georgia says it has drivers to
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move goods, but problems, well, at the ports are slowing things down. however, one port in georgia might have a solution. charles watson with more, he's live at the port of savannah in georgia. tell us more, charles. >> reporter: well, hi, arthel. i can certainly say there is plenty of frustration at the port of savannah. they are trying to get things in and out of here to where they should be, but with so many supply change challenges at once, it's really a hard pass, rather. bun issue being -- one issue being a lack of space to hold all of the new and back dated cargo that are often showing up to the port of savannah at the same time. the ships that are holding that cargo are often forced to sit off the coast for days until the port if finds a space to unload and store the cargo on those ships, further exacerbating the bottleneck is the shortage in truck drivers meaning containers full of goods sit much longer at
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the port than they normally would, and that is bad news for businesses hoping to make a profit this holiday season. according to the institute of supply management, manufacturers are are waiting a record 92 days to get the raw goods they need to produce their products. the manager of one trucking company here in savannah tells us she actually has the manpower but says logistical issues and poor maintenance at the port are drastically slowing her drivers down. >> they go and go into the port with turn time normally takes an hour to an hour and fifteen, it's taking four and five hours to get one container out. it's extremely frustrating. most of my guys would be able to turn almost ten containers a day. we're lucky if we get five out now. >> reporter: the georgia port authority tells fox news truck turn-arounds are improving, and the agency is also working on picks for the long term the, namely outuserring stevedoring
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services to a newly-formed company that will also work on space for more than a million additional containers by mid 2022. in the short term, arthel, the gpa says it is looking at additional sites to hold those backlog of contain theres. arthel in. arthel: all right. charles watson, thank you from the port of saw sanaa. eric? eric: well, a pill to are prevent covid. you hear about this? the potential game-changer in the fight against coronavirus. pfizer says its experiment antiviral pill is showing promising results. straight ahead, dr. janette nesheiwat is here to discuss the new drug and when it could be available for us to take it. ♪ ♪ ♪♪
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♪ arthel: pfizer is announce thing that a clinical trial shows its pill to treat covid-19 reduced the risk of hospitalization or death by 89% among high risk adult patients. the drug company's ceo calls the pill a game-changer. he says pfizer will submit it for fda approval as soon as possible. let's bring in fox news contributor dr. janette nesheiwat. so it's for, again, high risk adults, patients.
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what is high risk, first of all, doctor, and is this antiviral pill for both the vaccinated and unvaccinated? >> that's a great question. high risk refers to those with co-morbidities, obesity, lung disease, heart disease, if you're a smoker, if you have an immune-compromised system, then you are considered high risk. they did this study in those who are unvaccinated who are high risk, and the results, arthel, were astounding. about 800 participants -- again, those were unvaccinated -- they found those who received drug, there was 89% reduction in death and hospitalizations whereas in the la placebo group there were0 deaths, and 7 people were hospitalized. so definitely a game-changer. they are also studying those who are vaccinated, but right now the focus is on those who are high risk. remember, those are the ones that could potentially lose their life from covid especially
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if they are unvaccinated. so another tool in our toolbox. but, arthel, it's so important to remember that no drug is a substitution for prevention. so that's why it's so important the you are eligible to get vaccinated, that should be your first step. arthel: i was going to ask that. you answered before i could ask it, and i'm glad you did. what's the fda, what's their position on this drug? >> yeah. so the study found that this drug was so effective and generally safe that they halted the study, and they are already in the process of applying for emergency use authorization. realistically, that's probably going to take a month or so. remember, we also have merck's drug which is also supposed to be reviewed by the fda, but it does have to go through the process. we want to expedite it as quickly as possible especially before the holidays because we are still seeing over a thousand deaths a day, over 50,000 people
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who are still hospitalized. the sooner, obviously, the better to help prevent deaths in not just those unvaccinated, but also those who heavy breakthrough cases which, of course, is rare. arthel: yeah. you know, i was speaking to another one of your colleagues saying we should be on the lookout for a potential surge after thanksgiving. are you hearing anything about that? >> yeah, i am concerned. i'm seeing just a slight uptick in the amount of patients that i've been diagnosing with covid this past couple of weeks. it's probably because of the cold weather, more social gatherings. but the key is protect yourself, know your risk. you do that by getting regular, routine testing. if you've been exposed. getting your vaccine, getting your booster. but it does make sense during the cold winter months, we cosee a spike in the viruses, we may see an increase in influenza cases, rsv. but we now have tools to treat and fight all of these viruses, it's just a matter of taking
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recautionary measures. david: now, about the booster -- arthel: about the booster, once you've gotten the booster, is that it? or will the covid shot become like the annual flu shot? you've got to get it once a year? >> that's a great question. the booster is for those 65 and older who are high risk, who maybe have a high risk occupational job like if you're a doctor or nurse. time will tell. we do know, arthel, that the level of antibody protection from a vaccine does wane over time. so it may be where you need it once a year like the flu shot. it may be that you may need it every two years. we're still studying, we're still following the antibody levels, but it's still important to talk to your doctor if you're not sure and, remember, you still also have the protection from natural immunity, and that level goes down with time the as well. so it's really a matter of time to follow the progression of the antibody levels, and you can do that with a simple blood test,
1:21 pm
and that will tell the us whether we need it once a year, once every five years or maybe you're protected for ten years like other vaccines we have. it's an ongoing study, and we'll have more data as time passes. arthel: in the meantime, if you haven't done so, get vaccinated. step up to the plate. all right. dr. janette nesheiwat, thank you very much. eric. eric: yeah. get this behind us. new video has surfaced that could help investigators find this missing 39-year-old california mother. she was last seen abruptly leaving her son's football game two weeks ago, and so far police have only found to her dog. christina coleman in los angeles with more. >> reporter: surveillance video a big part of the investigation into the mysterious dise appearance of heidi plank reported missing on october 20th. now, this new surveillance video that's being mentioned reportedly shows her boss, jason sugarman, dropping off a box of
1:22 pm
muffins at her doorstep. sugarman is not a person of interest in plank's disappearance. however, he is her boss, and he was charged in a $43 million bond scheme in 2019. the feds are investigating his alleged role in the fraud. flank's exhusband questions whether this may have something to do with her disappearance. wayne says the securities and exchange commission called him a day after his ex-wife was reported missing to ask what he knows about her boss. the young boy's 11th birthday was on thursday. >> there's no, no sign of foul play in her place. but what gives us a sign of being foul play is that she would never do this with our son. she would never do this. this is -- something's way out of the ordinary. >> reporter: plank was last seen at her son's flag football
1:23 pm
game on october 17th. just three hours later, her dog was found wandering around the 28th floor of a high-rise in downtown l.a., and no one seemed to know why the dog was there. her car is still missing. a prayer vigil is planned tomorrow night in downtown l.a. eric? eric: all right, christina, thank you. arthel: eric, we are moments away from press conference on the tragic and deadly turn of events at the travis scott concert in houston last night. we'll have that for you as soon as it gets started. and after months of negotiation, the bipartisan infrastructure bill is, okay, actually, i understand that -- are we going to break or it's happening now? okay. no break, we're going to go to houston for this press conference. let's listen in. mayor sylvester turner. >> let me start out by making, making some preliminary comments, and then i'll be
1:24 pm
follow by josh hidalgo, and he will be followed by chief fenner and then chief pena, and then there may be a few others. i certainly want to acknowledge congressman al green from the 9th congressional district who's standing with us. you know, last night was tragic on many different levels. and this is a very, very active investigation, and we'll probably be at it for quite some time to determine what exactly happened. let me just cover a few things first. based on our latest information, you know, eight people are reported dead from the event last night. in terms of their ages, one is 14, one is 16, two are 21 years of age, two are 23, one is 27
1:25 pm
and one remains unknown at this, at this time. so a total of a eight that are report dead. six of the eight family members have been notified, and we know that at least one is outside of houston, harris county, resided outside of houston, harris county. based on last night, 25 were transported to the hospital, 13 are still hospitalized including 5 that are under the age of 18. based on the information that we currently have, no one is reported missing, so zero persons are reported missing. four of the 25 have been discharged from the hospital.
1:26 pm
let me just say as it relates to what happened last night as far as we are aware, this is -- i'm not aware of any incident of this kind that has taken place at any one of our special events. either on the county side or the city side, pretty much in, i would imagine, the last 40 years where anybody has lost life. now, we've had events where there may have been a crowd rush or somebody had to be jekylled -- ejected, somebody's been injured, but nothing of this magnitude that any of us can recall and if certainly that i can recall that has taken place in this city. this incident is being thoroughly investigated and reviewed, thoroughly. it is important for us to ascertain from last night what took place, what happened, where his steps may have occurred. and in so doing, there will
1:27 pm
be -- there have been conversations with representatives of livenation. we will continue to talk to travis scott's people. we'll talk to as many witnesses as we can who were present last night. we are talking with those, with individuals who have been hospitalized to try to get a hutch better understanding -- much better understanding of what took place, what went wrong with, where were the missteps. certainly, hpd and other law enforcement are organizations will be looking at as much of the video footage as possible to try to, again, to ascertain what took place. we'll look at the security plans themselves, we'll look at the collaboration that took place between the county and the city even leading up to this particular event. as you know, nrg is a county facility. this is where this incident occurred. but it also occurred inside the city of houston. so we'll look in depth at the
1:28 pm
collaboration between, between the two entities. in terms of personnel, and the chief can go into this even more, but let me just say preliminarily we know there were about 528 hpd officers that provided security for the event and an additional 755 persons representing private security that livenation had that was providing security at this particular facility. so there are a lot of -- let me just say to you, there are a lot of unanswered, a lot of unanswered questions. and over the next several days, several weeks, could be even longer we'll take an in depth look at everything that took place, why it took place, how we can -- what steps we can do moving forward to mitigate an incident of this kind from taking place at any other point this time.
1:29 pm
there are a lot of rumors on social media. let me caution people not to buy into the rumors, okay? because there are a lot of rumors. nothing is off the table in terms of persons who were there, people who may have fainted or people who may for whatever reason for transported to the hospital. there's a lot of conversation about people who crowd surge, all of those incidents or whether or not thinking else was involved. all -- anything else was involved. all of those things are being looked at, but it is way too preliminary now to draw any conclusions. but we're not taking anything off the table. this remains and will be a very active, active investigation. so with that being said, let me yield now temporarily to -- [inaudible] >> thank you, mayor. thank you. to all of the law enforcement
1:30 pm
professionals, first responders who have been part of a swift response, thank you to them. and to all the good samaritans, because we know that it could have been much worse the so many people hadn't stepped in. the events of last night were tragic beyond belief. this is an artist that we know has a following amongst young people in particular, young people with bright futures. those were the people that were at the event, went to have a good time, and no one, no parent, no friend, no sibling should see their loved one off to a concert by a world-renowned artist and not be able to expect them to come home safely. and when we read these ages -- 14, 16, 21, 21, 23, 23, 27 -- just breaks your heart. and i know that the images we've
1:31 pm
seen are hard to stomach, and i imagine more will surface that are hard to stomach. since late last night if i've been on the scene, i've spent time at the reunification center talking to families, hearing their anguish. those that didn't know where their loved ones were, sometimes it's harder not to know. and so i appreciate everybody's work and collaboration are trying to identify everyone. our primary focus has been to support the city of houston, to support the houston police department, the houston fire department as they were providing the security for the event, as we were helping and leading the response. we have been at the reunification center. our institute of forensic sciences is responsible for identifying the the victims. i was in touch with dr. hutchins there, and they are working as quickly as they can on those autopsies so that they can release the bodies to the families and get some answers as
1:32 pm
to, ultimately, the cause of these deaths. throughout the morning i and my team have also been on the phone with all of the the relevant county agencies trying to untangle as much as we can about what may have led to this. the roles in particular that livenation, that the city of houston and that harris county had in any of this. it may well be that this tragedy is the result of unpredictable events of circumstances coming together that couldn't possibly have been avoided. but until we determine that, i will ask the tough questions, and and that's what i've spent the the morning doing. what i know so far is that livenation and astroworld put together a plan for this event, a security plan, a site plan, that they were at the table with city of houston and harris
1:33 pm
county, with the city of houston agency and with houston county's nrg park. and so perhaps the plans were inadequate with. perhaps the plan froms were good, but they weren't followed. perhaps it was something else entirely. the families of those to who died and everybody affected deserve answers as to what took place last night, and that's why i'm calling for an objective, end dependent investigation -- independent investigation as to what went on and how it could have been prevented or how -- or if this was a particular situation that was simply out of everybody's hands. and i have directed county agencies to, as soon as we get that underway, cooperate, and i expect and hope the same for everybody else involved. as you all are are aware, there was a similar incident in 2019 with astroworld.
1:34 pm
there was a breaching of barricades. there were some issues with crowd control. actions were taken after that experience. there were stronger fencing, more and more robust barricades, more personnel and more security personnel. you guys heard that the increase in the officers, 2019 had 47 hpd officers. 20 the 21 had 76 houston police department officers. there was an increase in terms of private security, an increase in terms of event security. there was additional space for crowd control. but i want to know, the community deserves to know is more needed to have been done. so we'll focus on objectively, objectively finding out and reporting what happened, how it could have been prevented, and the public has a role here too. the you have any information -- if you have any information as to what took place, let us know. let the houston police
1:35 pm
department know. rumors, as the mayor said, that's not what we need. but there are some serious questions that need to be asked. so to the families, our hearts go out on behalf of harris county, our hearts go out to you, and just know that we won't give up on asking the tough questions about what exactly took place here. i'll repeat remarks in spanish after everybody speaks. thank you, mayor. >> thank you. let me, let me, two things that i do want to acknowledge and offer my condolences to all of the families who lost loved ones and to those family members who were injured. i do want to do that, number one. i want to offer our condolences and our prayers to them. secondly, i do want to acknowledge the quick response of the houston fire department ems unit. they had units that were already stationed around nrg stadium, and they were able to step in
1:36 pm
immediately when reports of incident occurred. so to chief pena, to his entire team, to hpd, ems, i want to acknowledge very quick response. and from the moment, for example, the reports were made known in terms of people falling injured at roughly about 9:30, this event came to an end at 10 minutes after ten is when everything stopped. and people were in between either seen on the site or they were transported to area hospitals. so i do want to acknowledge the very quick response of ems units and the fact that this event did come to an end at 10:10. and we do want a very, we'll be nonstop in terms of the review of this particular matter. now chief. >> mayor, thank you. good evening, everybody.
1:37 pm
mayor said it, we want to send condolences to the families. nobody, and even's heard our police department, our fire department, all our citizens, nobody's hurting more than family members. and our prayers go out to this. and i ask the whole nation, because i know other news media here, not just local, to pray for the families. i want to go over a few things. last night i put out some numbers in terms of security. police officers and private security. i gave the number of, i'm sorry, 367 police officers. that number was the number that we had assigned for the evening shift. we actually had 528 because we held over day shift officers. livenation has just reported to us that they had 755 security officers. a lot of security out there. but as everyone is saying, we
1:38 pm
leave no stones unturned. this has not happened to us ever in houston since i've been a police officer, and we take pride, and we're going to get could be to the bottom. a lot of narratives out there right now, a lot of them on social media and even last night. i think that all of us need to be respectful of the families and make sure that we follow the facts and evidence, and that's what we're trying to do here at the houston police department. i will tell you one of the narratives was that some individual was injecting other people with drugs. we do have a report of a security officer, according to the medical staff, that was out and treated him last night that he was reaching over to restrain or grab a citizen, and he felt a prick in his neck. when he was examined, he went unconscious. they administered narcan. he was revived, and the medical
1:39 pm
staff did notice a prick that was similar to a prick that you would get if somebody's trying to inject. that is one part of it. the other thing that's very important, there were some individuals that were trampled, and is we want to be respectful of that. but we just ask that y'all give us time to do a proper investigation. livenation has stated from the very beginning that they would cooperate. they're going to give us the video sometime this evening. i've spoken to my commander in homicide. so we're waiting to get that. that's going to help us. but i also want to call out to the community, kids and young individuals that was out there, to you seen something, say something. this is now a criminal investigation that's going to involve our homicide division as well as narcotics. and we're to going to get down to the bottom of it. i just want to thank livenation and everybody else out there.
1:40 pm
there was cooperation. i also want to say thanks to our police officers. a lot of them administered cpr. executive -- i'm sorry, executive chief was out there, and something that was important and the mayor just said it, but i want to hit it again. 9:30 right there, that's when a few people started going down. our people stepped up and immediately went to the producers and told them, hey, people are going down. this show ended at 10:10 p.m. so i just want to acknowledge that. as far as arrests last night, 25 arrests. 23 of those 25 were trespassers. one possession of marijuana and one public intoxication. we'll just open it up for
1:41 pm
questions after chief peña. go ahead. >> thank you. good afternoon, everyone. i want to first start by expressing my most sincere condolences to the families of the victims. this is an unimaginable tragedy that they are experiencing, and it's because of that that we're committed to work with our partners, police department and everybody else involved, in insuring that this is a complete and full investigation into the cause of this tragedy. know that the houston fire department, we're going to be looking into the permits that were issued and insuring that the plan that was submitted was adhered to during the event. this is going to be part of the investigation. our commitment is to insure that we are turning every stone as was mentioned here earlier by mayor to insure that we get to the bottom of this issue. the houston fire department, we had a very robust contingency and emergency response plan.
1:42 pm
primary medical component was delivered by a third party medical company for the venue. the security was the same. it was a third party company that was delivering the security for, primarily for that venue. in spite of that, we did have units that are pre-positioned9 from the houston fire department to insure that we were monitoring the progress and the event. from the time, as mayor mentioned, from the time that the incident started to escalate around 9:30, we requested additional resources to the scene to augment those that were already pre-positioned around that venue. and this is important. even though the plan did not require for that, we had pre-positioned units around the venue in case this incident escalated. from the time that the mass casualty incident was declared to the first unit on scene was two minutes. when we began to make patient
1:43 pm
contact. that is an incredible response. and, look, that that can go unnoticed. as far as the planning, we here in the city of houston take these events very seriously. public safety is our primary concern. the mayor has tasked us with insuring that we have the resources and the plan and the contingencies ready for these events. we've done these before. i believe we had a robust plan to, for a nonevent. certainly, the level of injuries, the number of people in that venue quickly overwhelmed the third party vendors that were providing the security and the medical component. we quickly were able to respond. in regards to the layout, there is no occupancy permit for an outdoor event.
1:44 pm
okay? the calculation for the footprint that was going to be used for the event, if we applied the assembly occupancy, the fire cold assembly occupancy formula -- code -- they could have had over 200,000 people in this venue, okay? that's just based on math. this venue was limited to 50,000 in that component. part of when we have large events, one of the things that we consider is to insure that the crowds are subdivided. they had two separate stages in two separate areas. of that was part of the plan. we had inspectors to insure that the means of egress, the doors in and out of that venue, were maintainedded open and unobstructed, okay? these injuries did not occur as people were trying to exit the the venue. and that was evidenced by the fact that once the event was
1:45 pm
terminated, that event, that whole footprint was cleared out within the hour. 50,000. so the means of egress, okay, the exits, the doors were kept open, unobstructed. that was our assurance. what we're looking into is what caused the crowd surge, what led to the crowd surge and those incidents at the the point of the, of the where the concert was at, the stage. so, again, our role in this is to participate with the police department. we are going to be looking at films and the video as the chief mentioned, and we're going to insure that the items that should have been in place were in place and that we learn from this event. really quick, mayor, the permits that were issued for this for lpg, and we had inspectors to monitor that. we had permits for the pyro, for the pyrotechnics. inspectors were on scene for that. we had a permit for tents that were erected in the venue. we had inspectors for that.
1:46 pm
and we had inspectors for the permits to maintain the means of egress, the doors in and out of that venue, to be open and unobstructed, and we had inspectors for that. but, again, we're going to be looking at the entire incident to insure that we're doing the right thing for these families. they deserve it. we owe it to them. and we're going to participate wholly. thank you, mayor. [speaking spanish] arthel: okay. that is harris county judge lin hidalgo giving remarks in spanish, but a pretty impressive
1:47 pm
press conference all around beginning with the houston mayor, sylvester turner. and then we heard from the judge there now speaking and moving on to fire chief, before that police chief troy finner and then fire chief daniel peña. all of them making sure to say that they had plans in place, they are determined to get to the bottom of what happened to learn of any missteps, and most importantly, they are offering condolences to the families. in fact, the chief, police chief finner saying as much as it hurts them, you know, no parent should ever have to send a child off to a concert for them not to return. so they're asking while they are looking into the logistics and what went wrong, they're asking everyone to keep those families in their prayers. again, it was just really impressive. hay seem to be very, very on top
1:48 pm
of it, and they talked about all the plans that were in place including personnel, additional personnel situated around the perimeter the of the concert as a contingency plan and a backup in case something like this happened, which is why chief peña was able to say that the response was so quick. chief finner adding that they had 528 houston police officers there. livenation, the producer of this concert, they had 755 additional private security personnel on hand. so still, as chief peña said, they want to know how this happened. again, mayor turner getting ott bottom of this -- bottom of this. chief finner no one on the city side or the county side, hearst county, looking to pass the buck. they're looking to get answers, they are all very saddened by
1:49 pm
this tragic turn of events at the as proworld concert -- astroworld concert headlined by travis scott. and, of course, our prayers are with the families, especially those who died in the stampede. 14, 16, 21, 23, 27, their ages. we'll be right back. people everywhere living with type 2 diabetes are waking up to what's possible with rybelsus®. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for peopl
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>> you want to understand where america is heading, look to new jersey. and the if you want to be above of all of new jersey, you must listen to all of new jersey. [cheers and applause] and new jersey, i hear you. eric: phil murphy saying, yep, he got the message from the state's voters after democrats were shocked by the close race there. and in virginia, glenn youngkin's win over terry mcauliffe. what are the voters saying? with us is new jersey senator jon bramnick. senator-elect, congratulations on your win. >> thank you, eric. good to be with you.
1:54 pm
eric: what, in your view, do you think some of the democrats don't get? >> i love voters because the murphy administration went way to the left. the voters reacted by bringing them back to the middle. the thing is be in the middle in new jersey for the voters, they're going to tell you, hey, we're going to make you come back to the middle. and i think governor murphy's gotten the message. eric: is it a sense of defunding the police, is it the progressive policies, taxation, especially in your state, the highest taxes in the nation? >> if the police officers told the parents of a 13-year-old that this child was using marijuana or using, drinking alcohol, now, that's extreme policy to make the police officer the criminal. now understand, i like phil
1:55 pm
murphy personally, but he was too extreme in new jersey, and that's why jack ciattarelli almost won. eric: and do you think you're seeing this across the country? look at buffalo, they had a write-in won over a socialist democrat. in new york city, eric adams is seen as being moderate. >> well, when a police officer wins a democratic primary in new york, that's an indication that the country's moving back to the center. if it's happening in new york city. president biden has a problem because he's upside could be in the polls, and anytime you govern, it's a lot harder than campaigning. governing is hard. every election is a reaction to the last election. eric: former governor chris christied today in las vegas said this about voters, and remember, he's a republican who won twice in a very blue state, your state.
1:56 pm
here's what the former governor said. >> what do suburban voters want? what they want is a government that is honest and truthful and efficient and not wasting their money and not wasting their time. they want it to be sane and rational, and they want it to speak to them. eric: do you see the country being more moderate? ten seconds. >> you know what that sounds like? common sense. and common sense will reign supreme. chris christie said it, and i agree. eric: all right. senator bram nick, thank you. thanks for watching. as a dj, i know all about customization. that's why i love liberty mutual. they customize my car insurance,
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