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tv   Fox News Live  FOX News  November 6, 2021 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ a horrifying scene in houston as at least eight people killed our killed at a musical possible last night. hospitalized after suffering cardiac arrest. the city's fire chief says panic broke out after a search for the stage. houston mayor sylvester turner and other city officials are scheduled to hold a news conference is afternoon to give an update on the tragedy. we'll have that. hello, welcome to fox news live, i am arthel neville.
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hi, eric. eric: thank you for joining us here on the fox news channel. other big stories this hour. house passing bipartisan infrastructure bill after months of vision between moderate and progressive democrats, still hanging in the balance, president by costlier billion-dollar social spending bill. i'll have the latest on that. a report from of the administration paying migrants up to $450,000 each, lawsuits over the trump administration separation policy but it turns out the white house coachella big bucks. live team fox news coverage. the house approving the first part of the biden agenda. americans on the crisis continuing on the southern border. let's go to houston with the tragedy unfolding at the concert. garrett. reporter: eric, apparently this was a chaotic crowd all throughout the day yesterday but
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there are a lot of questions how it turned into mass casualty event in one of the deadliest concerts in u.s. history. you can get a sense of what the crowd was like in this video from earlier in the day, roughly 50000 people showed up for this two day music festival put on by travis scott. when he took the state last night after 9:00, the crowd started surging forward to the state from attacking people so tight that witnesses said it was hard to breathe. some people start tapping out, emts couldn't even get through the crowd of concertgoers started fighting their way through the crowd to get out. around 9:30 p.m., things got even worse with dozens of people collapsed and honest all at once and 100 more behind them falling on top. >> i'm a 400-pound guy so i jumped in because that's my instinct. i make a pass for him on my way
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back, a girl was hyperventilating so i said calm down. i grabbed her as i'm rushing back. >> we were sitting i had the time of my life but that was the last time these people even had a life. >> officials say more than 300 people were treated at a field hospital throughout the day. seventeen were taken to the hospital, 11 of those were in cardiac arrest and had to have cpr while in route. most of the victims we are told are in their 20s but one was just ten years old. investigators are trying to figure out exactly what happened and what prompted the crowd to surge forward like they did. >> suddenly we had several people down on the ground, experiencing cardiac arrest or a medical episode so we immediately started cpr and
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moving people right then. >> overwhelmed, the police department stepped in to provide assistance and fill a gap that was needed to provide treatment and transport for patients. reporter: today travis scott released a statement saying i am absolutely devastated by what took place last night. my prayers go to the families and all those impacted by what happened. houston pd has my total support as i continue to look into this tragic loss of life. we are expecting to get an update from officials here in a couple of hours. we are hoping to get more details on the victims and anymore, investigators have learned how this unfolded last night. eric: something like that turning so heartbreaking. arthel: right now, we have two people who were at that concert last night and they can tell us what they witnessed. timothy perez and joe gonzales
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joining us now. timothy, when did you realize something was wrong? >> i started realizing it when everybody started heading toward the stage and us soon as they started jumping, everybody started pushing in and we are so into it, we couldn't move. you literally couldn't move and you are just frozen, stood there. arthel: joe, what did you see, what did you see happening around you? where exactly were you in the crowd compared to the stage? >> as far as the stage, we were at the very front. we found a rail and as soon as the concert started, concertgoers pushed and we couldn't breathe and we had security and for whatever reason, they were not helping us at all.
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they were uncooperative. arthel: did you say something to security? did you say i'm being squeezed, people are pushing, what's going on, i need help, did you say something to security? >> we were saying help, help and nobody was doing nothing. for whatever reason, they wouldn't help and they were streaming live or whatever the case was, we were just being held up because it was so compact. we were right in front of us and they were not helping at all. arthel: what was in front of you? >> dead bodies in front of us. arthel: timothy, this is horrible. timothy, did travis scott stop performing as soon as people started running and crushing the stage? >> he did stop. he made sure everything was okay
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but then he started going back at it. we were just trying to fight our way out. it was tragic. it was scary, frightening. a frightening experience. arthel: so how did you get out of there? how did you get from back crush, pushing you toward the barricades by the stage? >> at first we were all together, we ended up separating and going separate ways. i pushed my way towards the back, i and up in the back and as soon as i touched a railing, i said please, get me out. i just jumped over and i saw my other friends out there. arthel: joe, what time did you all get to the concert? was happening?
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was everything calm when you got there? >> we ended up getting there pretty early around 6:00 a.m., 7:00 a.m. and around 9:00 people rushed. when the gates opened around 10:00, it was hectic, people wanted merchandise and it was calm and as soon as they started, everybody pushed forward in the got real compact and that's when any free thing happened. it was by the grace of god we got out, there was no telling we would get out. arthel: one last question, i'm not suggesting anyone of you took drugs but there were reports of drugs being taken, it was prevalent at the concert do you know anything about that, did you hear anything about that
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or witness anyone taking drugs? >> i was not worried about that at the moment, i was just fighting for my life to get out. arthel: joe, final word from you, how do you feel today? right now? >> it's shocking, i've seen travis scott more times than i can count on my hands and this is the worst one i've been a part of. i have friends who know people who passed away so just to know this happened in our city is shocking. there are no words to express. arthel: i am really sorry for the loss of your friends and parents who lost children. i'm glad you two are safe. be careful timothy and joseph, thank you for joining us. i am sorry for the circumstances. be careful, okay? all right, eric. eric: thank you. washington, house democrats delivering legislative loss
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passing $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, months of division and fighting between moderates and progressive stalled the bipartisan agreement. some of the progressive, members of the squad in the party. lucas thomason is live. the president is spending the weekend at his beach house. >> good afternoon, the withdrawal from afghanistan taking phone numbers and high inflation, he desperately needed a win and he got it last night with the 1.2 trillion infrastructure bill passed. the bill would not have passed without support from the republicans. >> to win the economic competition in the 21st century, we face with china and large countries. in the rest of the world. it's going to create more jobs, good paying jobs, union jobs, can't be outsourced. reporter: here's what's in the
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bill, $110 billion for roads, bridges and transformational projects, 89.9 for public transit, 66 billing for railways, 65 billion for clean energy transmission and 65 going to expand access to high-speed internet and $50 billion to protect against drought and wildfires. 2282206 late last night, 13 republicans voted for it, six democrats voted against it. democrats progressive wing in the infra structure built for months, to force a vote on the other massive piece of legislation from a social spending bill. that boat will take place after congress returns november 18. democrats only have three seat majority in the house, one gop senator was shocked republic is helped pass the bill. >> it was very surprising to me to see 13 republicans basically bail into pelosi, she didn't have the votes from her own party to do this. thirteen for republicans decided
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to step up and help her in this way, what they did was put themselves on the path to early retirement. reporter: president biden says americans should feel the impact of the infrastructure built in the next two to three months. eric: thanks so much. we are going to have a lot more on this and what it means on the impact on iowa, ashley hansen will join us. she'll explain why she voted against the infrastructure deal even as we noted 13 fellow republicans voted for it. the pros and cons. arthel: thank you, president biden today is backing payments for illegal immigrants to sue the government after the trump administration separated their families. present biden clarified the confusion earlier this week with a dollar amount originally reported that $450,000 for each immigrant. let's go to steve harrigan live at the border, what can you tell us about this?
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>> there have been multiple clarifications of the biden policy on paying money to migrants across into the u.s. illegally with their families separated. wednesday, president biden said it was garbage reporting to report migrants receiving up to 450,000 apiece, that's more than $1 million for each family. two days later, the white house said the president was comfortable with payments to migrants who have their families separated especially if it means less cost. as far as lawsuit go. a short time ago, david spent press present biden on this issue. >> migrant families of the border, he said the payments were garbage. >> i said everybody coming across the border getting $450,000. here's the thing. if in fact, because of the
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outrageous behavior of the last administration, crossing legally or illegally and you walk your child, you lost your child, gone, you deserve some kind of compensation. what that will be, i don't know. reporter: from those remarks today, it appears biden support payments to migrants separated at the border of the trump administration, it's not clear how much money that could be, for $50000 apiece range could bring the total to more than $1 billion talking about more than 3000 families separated at the border and launching class action lawsuit in 2019, the number of individual lawsuits as well. any talk about potential payments to migrants who broke the law has outraged republican lawmakers and criticizing the idea of any payment at all. arthel: thank you very much,
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steve. eric we want a grammy winner one of brazil's most popular singers. it was confirmed she was killed when her plane went down last night in rio de janeiro. others on the plane were also killed. video showed the plane, you can see it there. right below a waterfall. the plane crashed shortly before it landed, obviously it landed short. the senior leaves behind a young son. arthel: so sad, i was looking at her instagram she posted yesterday. president biden a victory lap after the house passes the infrastructure bill with republican support but can the president count on bipartisan packing human infrastructure bill?
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will talk to a gop congresswoman coming up next. ♪♪
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in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. there is absolutely nothing radical about investment in infrastructure. infrastructure has long been i bipartisan my ready, it was voted on in a bipartisan way in
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both the house and the senate. it's getting in infrastructure done and getting an investment in infrastructure from the goal of president trump. eric: congresswoman says $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill is now on its way to present biden's desk after house lawmakers approved bipartisan measures last night. weeks of democratic deadlock threaten to derail back from funds billings for roads, infrastructure, transportation and all of, water supply, providing broadband to rural areas and republicans are criticizing 13 members, the legislation get past. joining us now, one of the republicans on the major, i will congresswoman ashley hansen who represents the area. house appropriations and budget committee. welcome. you are on the budget committee so you must know, why did you
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vote against it? >> plaintiff simply, we've been talking too much in washington d.c. about the mark of trillions of dollars we are spending, preferred the democrats arguing over trimmings of dollars like their pocket change the last few weeks and these bills tied together which speaker pelosi and president biden made it very clear these bills are a package. they added trillions of dollars to spending, trillions of dollars in debt and it's the wrong path for our country. plain and simple, i'll always vote for the right bill for my district, i know i will targeted investment in infrastructure, things like roads and bridges and broadbent and while the bill included some provisions for that, i didn't do enough in my mind without adding a lot of other wasteful spending in the package. eric: what would you consider wasteful? >> specifically a lack of infrastructure money for biofuel infrastructure at a time energy costs are rising. they want to spend billions in electric vehicles.
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that's a problem in my mind when you look at the country's, i consider that wasteful when we could target that. about half the bill is existing programs would continue to fund it i would argue i think most americans would support regular transportation funding and reauthorizing that spending but when you look at the additional spending in the bill, the pay force are a little suspect in we've had a lot of conversations about these bills, the reconciliation package they are trying to ram through, we still don't know how much that costs. we are spending approximately trillions of dollars on these plans and i think the taxpayers of the country deserve to know how much money is being spent and what impact it will have on our lives. eric: members you're talking about, the $10 billion for roads, bridges, what they call transformational projects, 89.9 billion for public transit,
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clean energy, high-speed internet, 50 billion in terms of climate change in this sort of thing. democrats are saying it will create jobs, we need this for the infrastructure. how else could they have done it? >> ultimately what i said is focus on the targeted infrastructure investment. there's a lot still not focused on locks and dams, roads and bridges and broadbent. our states are sitting on billions and billions of dollars already appropriate. our government here in iowa to invest those dollars in infrastructure and record inflation in the country this administration and nancy pelosi and the democrats in congress have blinders on and keep spending, the spigot has been turned on. take a step back and focus on targeted investment and i think we can do that without disrespecting taxpayers. these packages in combination disrespect taxpayers and the democrats have completely turned
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a blind eye to facing reality, we have inflation that's rampant in crisis after crisis including what's happening at the border and other issues we should be working on solving in progress right now. eric: one member of the iowa delegation and chuck grassley and another senator of your state voted in the senate in august, what would you tell senator grassley? >> i heard from my district and i have to do what i believe is right for my district and as a member of the budget appropriations committee, michael is to make sure ripping as targeted and respectful to taxpayers and michael was to make sure we get to a package that does that. i think this maybe was not the right one, when i was hearing from voters in my district, the message was loud and clear, make sure we are being judicious. eric: you are in the right
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place, the kitchen table issue, what are people telling you you're sitting in the kitchen, what does the family talk about? >> gas prices are top of mind for islands right now and price of goods and services. you look how much money it cost to go grocery shopping right now, inflation is very real. no cross markle meet cost more and harmful policies, energy policies out of the ministration it gets pretty cold here in iowa in middle february, 22 below zero and we talk about energy prosecuting our home we know are going up, these are real impacts on the american people now you're coming in and saying we don't know how much of your money we want to spend but we know we are going to spend and they are going to raise taxes and speaker losey admitted that on the floor last night when she was addressing congress and and
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we need to wake up to what's happening here, not only is impacting policies but long-term social policies they want to enact, they are playing a project gimmick and changing the length of these programs by the time keeping the program. as we know, there's nothing more permanent than a government program. eric: that's what they say although they will raise taxes on average americans but we will see. thank you from the kitchen, the kitchen table. arthel: i'm thinking you should walk over and get something at a blue box for lisa because consumers are praising hardy season and potentially some empty shelves and higher prices. while some are doing to get relief from the ongoing supply chain crisis. ♪♪ ♪♪
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why is everything backed up? is backed up because the people's supplies and materials that end up being on our kitchen table or in our life, guess what -- they're closing the plants because they have covid. it's a complicated world. arthel: president biden think it's complicated, the pandemic has a lot to do with the supply chain crisis and he's promising to fix it meanwhile, back about the port as holiday season approaches. the drudge report authority is hoping outsourcing its operations will help. for details, let's go to charles watson writes a rainy night in savannah, georgia. reporter: that's right, one of the main issues here, often few cargo containers once they are live with the trucking industry
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short up 80000 drivers to clear out the containers already here quickly enough. that's one of the reasons we are currently 132,000 vessels anchored off the coast waiting to unload containers full of goods. it's one trickle-down effect. earlier today we spoke to the manager of a trucking company, she actually has the manpower to move cargo however, logistical issues at the port like shortage of port workers are further complicating an already messy situation and prompted this. >> cut in half. with the drivers i have, is cut in half, i can't pay them like i would want to drivers are going other places trying to find better pay. reporter: of course that's bad news for american manufacturers, the supply management are
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waiting a record 92 days to get raw materials they need to assemble their products. the georgia authorities believe the long term at least, the agency recently signing a contract to outsource port operations when a newly company calls gateway terminals to handle terminal containers and services and it will begin working on projects to add an additional 1.2 million containers by 2022. for now, the savanna port is trying to clear out some of these containers behind me, 60% less than they did four weeks ago and they are looking at new locations to add more storage in the short term. arthel: sound like a good idea. i know it's technically after noon but that wouldn't have worked for my song reference. got back? [laughter] >> i get it.
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arthel: thank you. [laughter] eric: all right, exactly. for more on untangling the supply chain, let's go further south, in miami. the university of miami, running us now. the port of miami and backlogs, how do we untangle this? >> the dependency on the west coast ports, now the panama canal has been expanded in size to facilitate traffic by the largest container ships so many east coast ports are suggesting long beach backlog outside the port of l.a. could be redirected to east coast ports but as you report indicated from the absorption capacity of the east coast leaves something to be desired as well so at the moment
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we are in a position where we don't have collective national infrastructure at our seaports to handle the level of demand we are trying to unload. eric: as consumers, we have christmas and holidays coming up, what is your suggestion we do, grant out and panic by or just wait? >> let me say one result of the pandemic has been consumers in the u.s. have not been spending as much on experiences. in other words on entertainment, on travel and leisure activities. those monies have, in many cases, redirected into purchasing goods, new automobile or re- furnishing from home refurbishment project and as a result has been an increase in post pandemic demand for goods
11:36 am
has been under what people expected so there is going to be significant shortages, many popular items on the shelves at the holiday season and these might include popular brands to athletic footwear which are heavily sourced out of asia and on the website you can already see there's a shortage in size selection of the most popular items in the regions so i would suggest consumers might want to take some time to do their christmas shopping a little earlier than usual. eric: you are saying it's really the change of our habits because we are all home, we didn't go out to the movies or spend the money we had at a restaurant or something.
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>> we are short of truckers, 80000 short. truck drivers at the moment, we've had supply chain disruptions, covid no doubt has had an impact but the change and buying habits as a result of covid's more than anything else what is causing shortages we are currently seeing. eric: what you think, when do you think this will be sorted out? with the global supply chain changed it will finally be smooths out and back to normal? >> it does illustrate the tendency on long supply chains to having supply, having production in the domestic market can no doubt help alleviate some of these problems but there's going to be significant inflation associated the supply chain disruptions and demand many categories are
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exceeding supply. while we are running 5.4% inflation at the moment, that's the latest number, i expect to see a higher number than that before we finish it i would suggest we are looking at another to nine months before this entire situation gets sorted out. eric: will have to buy a little earlier this year as you said. thank you thanks for your advice. arthel: strong warning from the faa thousands of reports of unruly passengers hitting violent this year. how to affect our planning to crack down on the bad behavior. ♪♪
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gop heavy hitters like the house
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majority leader and mike pence, air in las vegas for the republican jewish coalition and leadership meeting while the focus will be on the midterm, the conference could kickstart the 2024 white house campaign. live in las vegas. hey, matt. reporter: the our jc convention here is a pricey event, it brings out some of the country's wealthiest donors in the biggest names you can see behind me, ambassador nikki hailey, house leader kevin mccarthy scheduled to speak in a short while. moments ago from ron desantis to the crowd and chris christie success this past tuesday was a new era for republicans time to stop talking about 2020 and looking to next year's midterm. >> we can no longer talk about the past.
11:44 am
[applause] no matter where you stand on the issue, no matter where you stand. it is over. every minute we spent talking about 2020 while wasting time doing that, joe biden, kamala harris, nancy pelosi and chuck schumer are laying prone to this country from a better focus on that take our eyes off the rearview mirror and looked through the windshield again. reporter: a short while ago, new york with representative told the crowd a republican opened the new york governor's race, saying it could be him as his colleague, mike walls told the crowd said it would be the next governor. this event here in vegas, we expect to hear from former vice president mike pence, will be here all day and we will keep you updated. arthel: looking either rearview mirror but i have in the
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windshield. thank you. eric: take a look, turbulence in the air in the cabin my time and time again they share unruly airline passengers disrupting vice and getting violent. faa has had enough. federal aviation administration taking action sending dozens of complaints to the fbi. possible criminal prosecution. here's the latest, some pastors could get cuffs. reporter: these unruly airline passengers are no longer banned from airlines, they cause problems with from travelers disrupt a threatening or violent behavior could receive significant civil penalties and prosecution. he mentioned faa report this week ordinarily case the passengers behaving badly since august after the spike and disruption began to explore thursday. it's developed a process
11:46 am
continuously hand over a list of private passenger is where the of prosecution. he hopes this news will serve as a warning and a deterrent. >> if you disrupt a flight, he risked not just fines from the faa but the federal criminal prosecution as well. passenger s since january this year with over 3600 related incidents and 950 investigations initiated. faa stepping up the messaging that dangerous behavior doesn't fly, releasing this thing check out, showing what real consequences look like for disruptive behavior and video called you don't want this letter.
11:47 am
the flight attendants who often receive the brunt of unruly passenger anger and violence, faa's and justice department decision while urging federal authorities to create a list of violators will be denied the right to flight of all airlines, not just the ones they cause trouble with. eric: they should be grounded. they are doing a fantastic job. arthel: patient put air marshals back on the planes. well, some fathers said enough is enough when it comes to violence in their kids school. now daz on duty, there they are. they are making a difference keeping the children in the whole student bodies safe. their story is up next. ♪♪
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let's go to my home state of louisiana, enough of repeated fights at their kids high school. taking matters into their own hands after 23 students were arrested over a three day period. dads on duty, their mission? patrol for school grounds from the opening bell until the day is over. joining me now, michael, the founder of dads on duty.
11:52 am
you got some of the dads with you but i'm going to stop talk to you first. take me to the moment you said something's got to give. >> the right thing about that is when the fights happen over two to three day period, myself along with these brothers, we said we need to get together do what's needed to take back our campus. we had a couple of meetings and birth from not, the judgment to my left decide to say how about we call it dads on duty? so we just came up with a plan coming up to the campus every morning around 7:30 a.m., 7:45 a.m. and letting them see a strong male presence on the campus. going from that to we initially started off almost like the
11:53 am
strong form father figure but we realized that wasn't working with our children on the campus so we dramatically changed and decided to work as the cool uncle. after we went with the cool uncle, we noticed the love and respect from the children came from nowhere so we are extremely happy. arthel: i love it. you got the cedric the entertainer bible. he's funny so wanted to ask you, did you coordinate with the school? tell me more of what you do when you are on campus. >> absolutely. the dads you see here involved, we are all active in our kids education. we allow the program birth at her school.
11:54 am
prior to coming to the campus, not only did we reach out them but we also reached out to the school superintendent and he was excited and ecstatic about bringing this type of program to the school. arthel: very good. i want to move out a little bit because i want to ask about what about the students? how are they reacting what did they say? >> at first they were like why these guys and why they here? by the third or fourth day, they left it. they loved the fact that we were there. we are dads, uncles, friends but we also like to start the day off, they are teens so we make jokes with them, we do those types of things to brighten their day to show what we do on the campus. arthel: i love it. dads on duty started with high school, there's no doubt we need this across the country. i know you want to start chapters throughout louisiana and across the country and i want everybody to know you
11:55 am
started it gofundme page, you can search for, dads on duty usa. your goal is to raise $1 million. we also have daz on duty usa facebook page, whatever we can do to give money, why do you think this works? >> it works for the fact that no matter race, color, creed, race, affiliation, the answer to that. who should be the people to take back our school and community and nation other than the father's x we come into agreement no matter what spectrum you are on, want to be here to press forward and do what we can to take care of the next generation and generations after that. arthel: i love it, good luck with everything. do me a favor, when you have your next broil, call me. [laughter] >> will leave you with louisiana
11:56 am
words. arthel: founder of dads on duty, thank you very much. we'll be right back.
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eric: runners on their mark as the 50th new york city marathon gets ready to go tomorrow. the annual race is back after the covid pandemic canceled it last year. organizers taking precautions, they reduced the field of runners by about 40%, and the
12:00 pm
runners have to prove they're vaccinated or have a negative covid test. big day tomorrow. arthel, i've got to say, those -- the dads on duty, what a great, great group of men. arthel: excellent, outstanding. i'm so proud of them and what they're doing. we need more like that. and more of us in an hour. ♪♪ david: welcome to "the journal editorial report," i'm david asman in for paul dwi go. chaos on capitol hill last night as democrats bustled through a $1.2 trillion bipartisan infrastructure bill and what president joe biden called a monumental step. democrats also taking a procedural vote to advance the cornerstone of the president's tax and spend agenda, a multitrillion dollar climate and entitlement package which they now say they'll pass sometime in the coming weeks. the president,


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