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tv   FOX and Friends Saturday  FOX News  November 6, 2021 3:00am-7:00am PDT

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eating. this is what scott said hopefully it gives these kids something to inspire to do every day and look forward to in the future. we support you, brother. we love it also, i'm hosting hog "fox news primetime" all next week. >> jesse: he is about to cry so we have to go. that's it for us. have a ♪ pete: pete we begin this morning with a fox news alert. two major stories. overnight the house passes joe biden's infrastructure bill sending it to his desk. 13 republicans joined democrats to push the bill through while the squad, the so-called squad bucked their own party and voted for the bill. will: 8 people dead in houston as panic breaks out at the music festival. some victims as young as 10 years old. rachel: we begin in washington.
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alexandria hoff live with the latest overnight vote. good morning. >> early this morning the president called this monumental step forward for the once in a generation bill passed 1. 89.9 billion for funding for public transit. 66 billion for rail funding, 65 for clean energy transmission. 65 for access to high speed internet and 50 billion to protect against droughts, floods and wildfires. all of this will now head to the president's desk and it comes 87 days after the senate passed it. yesterday, progress was held up for a record seven hours as the timeline for when the much larger social spending package will be set. when that vote will happen. congressman mark halperin put the whole process eloquently. >> well, the whole day was a cluster [bleep] beyond that i was up there when we were going through all of this a little
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while ago. i thought everyone was working very congenial way. rank and file members figured out how to get [bleep] this done. >> largely will rely on republicans 13 of them voted in favor of it. and six democrats voted against it as several far left progressives are still unhappy that this vote took place before the much larger social spending bill that is divided the democratic party. >> what's your reaction to the six democrats that voted against the infrastructure bill today? >> we knew it was about winning the vote. >> one holdout on social spending bill is senator joe manchin but on infrastructure, he said this, quote: i have always said that the best politics is good government and i'm incredibly proud of my bipartisan colleagues with their tireless efforts to get this across the finish line and deliver on major investment and needs of america.
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now, democratic moderates like manchin committed to support biden's build back better plan that is scheduled to be voted on november 15th if the congressional budget office can prove that the country can afford it, will, rachel, pete? will: thank you so much. rachel: thank you. pete: if they can prove the country can afford it this is a first step toward what could end up being on paper $4 billion of spending this month. that's just on paper. other estimates have it far higher than that when you add the two together. the whole process dragged on because progressives demand the bills happen at the same time. ultimately a deal was made to just pass this one and the other one will come later. it's worth pointing out it's a $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill with only $100 billion of actual infrastructure in it. so, they are acting as if this is the pure, clean infrastructure bipartisan bill. this is the precursor, the pregreen new deal to the big green new deal that they want to pass later. and i have to say, shame on
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those 13 republicans. rachel: yeah. pete: any vote for this is a vote to enable the entire green new deal. the fact that they don't know that, those republicans are in trouble in primaries across the country. rachel: some of them aren't running again one of them being adam kinzinger in illinois. maybe that's why he felt comfortable doing it nancy can she hold her caucus together or team together. kevin mccarthy couldn't keep these 13 republicans from voting for this. and you are right. this is not really -- it's a fake infrastructure bill. it's not really about infrastructure. it's all this human infrastructure. you're infrastructure, i'm infrastructure. but roads and bridges are what most americans believe are infrastructure. will: the difficulty of speaking third as you both have stolen my points also highlighted the two big takeaways one is as exactly as you pointed out, pete, how much of this bill is actually infrastructure.
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can you see just as an example here $555 billion within this $1.75 trillion in social spending goes to tax credit for clean energy. $555 billion for essentially what you described accurately as a green new deal or a pregreen new deal when it comes to infrastructure. you are exactly right, rachel. this is a lesson not just about republicans but democrats as well. it's fascinating how little cohesion there is. kevin mccarthy couldn't wrangle 13 republicans you are right kinzinger gear and gonzalez are not running again and nancy pelosi couldn't wrangle six as it turns out most progressive members of the squad. that's the take away on the merits and politics of the bill. pete: 16 republicans from new york or new jersey. they probably knew those were votes they had to get. as a result the infrastructure human or otherwise was probably targeted as often happens with these big deals at the end of the day. you remember the cornhusker kick
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back in the louisiana purchase and all the giveaways that happen at the end to make a bill cross the finish line. in what world have republicans not learned a lesson that any vote like this is just enabling the door to be open? you tell me, your husband was a congressman. is this certain republicans go through i will go back to my district and i passed infrastructure you send me back to the house to work. there is that really what they think? rachel: or they are in districts that have a lot of democrats so they want to be able to say i did this bipartisan thing. again, this is a green new deal stop calling it infrastructure. i call it fake infrastructure bill. it's not an structure bill. so little is devoted to infrastructure. again, kevin mccarthy, the leader of the republican conference says listen, when we get back the house we are going to undo some of this. we are going to repeal. you know this stuff never happens it never ever happens that way. will: you know, my wife has a
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voice she imitates when she does me. and it's the dumbest sounding voice you have ever heard. and i'm just trying to figure out that voice you just did for republicans republican goes back buddy passed a great bill. send me back. will: coming up this morning nancy mace from south carolina voted against this she voted for this infrastructure bill. now to the tragedy in houston a music festival packed with more than 50,000 people spiraled out of control. rachel: at least 8 people are dead and many more are injured. pete: our own ashley strohmier join us now as police try to figure out what exactly happened. ashley? >> we have been tracking this all morning and overnight. police say there are more questions than answers this morning. in addition to those killed, police say 300 others were hurt. 23 of them were rushed to the hospital. it happened during the annual astro world music festival which is run by rapper travis spot. everyone began rushing toward
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the stage. multiple people trampled others started passing out. >> it seemed like it happened with just over the course of a few minutes. suddenly we had several people down on the ground experience some type of cardiac arrest or some type of medical episode. >> police say they are working with live nation to review video of the event and they say they are not yet able to rule out the possibility of criminal activity. take a listen. what caused the surge? we don't know. we will find out. we heard rumors of people injecting people with drugs. so i want to check all of that is mean full-time social media video. video showing ambulance in the crowd. it was supposed to continue tomorrow but was canceled some of those hurt were as young as 10 years old. so a lot to digest there, guys. rachel: absolutely. pete: ashley, thank you very much. appreciate it yes, some of those
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videos i think we will have more later on working to get it this thing out of control from the beginning, you watch the metal detectors overrun by participants just screaming through, running right past police on horseback, so it was never under control to begin with. plus, if you add drugs and a rushed stage and then that is just one of multiple videos. there is other videos online, tons of police vehicles trying to get through but the crowds actually jumping on them and dancing on them at the same time. rachel: wow. pete: one of those things where a lot of confusion chaos. too many people. disrespect for law enforcement. probably drugs and you get tragedy. rachel: hard to believe kids as young as 10 were even there but they were. and one of them is now dead. will: move to this story. packers quarterback aaron rodgers blaming woke mob. over the news he has covid-19 and turns out he is
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unvaccinated. he went on the pat mcafee show where he explained his position and what's unfolded over the past few days. >> i realize i'm in the crosshairs of the woke mob. before the final nail gets put into my cancel culture casket, health is not a one size fits all. i have allergy to the ingredient in the mrna vaccines. on the cdc's own website should have you an allergy to any of the ingredients: my only option was johnson & johnson. at this time in the early spring, i have heard of multiple people who had had adverse events around j and j. then my options became what can i do to protect myself and my teammates if there is not one of the big three options for me and my own body? and so i looked into and talked
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to again to a lot of medical individuals and professionals. and found that there was an immunization protocol i could go to to best protect myself and my teammates. the league was fully aware of it upon my return to the packers. rachel: yeah, aaron rodgers saying in that interview is he also taking anticolonial an continue bodies, ivermectin, taking zinc, vitamin d, hcq will hydroxychloroquine. podcast talks about different things people are taking like joe rogan and he said he has been listening to that. he has been consulting with his doctors. he cares about his body. he says he believes he should have bodily autonomy and no one should tell him what he should and should not take. this is what he thinks is best for him. in fact, he feels the same way i
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felt when i got covid, which is, you know, good, i'm going to have a moral robust immunity after this. i will have these antibodies and i will be able to fight this off. pete: clearly thought a lot about it. rachel: he has. pete: done a lot of research on it the challenge he is facing now in order to avoid the mob at that moment he was willing to obfuscate and say i'm been immunized. he wasn't asked the follow-up question were you vaccinated he claims he would have said no. he wasn't asked that he is has been immunized went through a protocol of his own based on a consultation with his doctors. he says the nfl was aware. he says the packers were aware. the media is claiming he lied about it to begin with. it was the obfuscation to avoid the condemnation then. now he is getting the condemnation from the woke mob. but, will, we talked about this in the hallway yesterday some of the best conversation that happened here at fox news channel. ultimately aaron rodgers was happy to go along with the woke
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mob when it came to blm and other protests. it's one of those situations where if the woke mob is not coming for you, then it's very easy to flow with that whole sentiment. but then when it turns on you because of personal decisions that you have made or a perspective that you have, now suddenly it's cancel culture. i don't mean to hate on the guy. i like the stance he's taking here. it's a reminder that in the next moment, when you swim against the current, things are going to change for you. rachel: will, is it fair the reaction that aaron rodgers is getting covid so people are kind of going see, you got covid because you tried to take all this zinc and vitamin d and ivermectin you still got covid. thowk jen sok doesn't get that she has been vaccinated multiple times and she got it she doesn't get that same reaction. will: fascinating. so many different levels to this. i think just to go through them quickly, pete, you are exactly right. i don't know how you get around the idea that aaron rodgers simply did not tell the truth whether or not he had been vaccinated.
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tried to get by with it in the beginning. on top of it, i don't really care because all of the protocols are absurd anyway. he owed no moral duty to anyone around him. vaccinated or unvaccinated you are spreading covid. i'm with you, rachel, from start to finish. he was really thoughtful on why he made his decision. truthfully, everything the sports media will mock him for is he correct on. done his research on the israeli studies, the indian experiment. the studies out of india. he has done his research on every single therapeutic and the efficacy of the vaccine. he knows what he is talking about when it comes to natural immunity or any other aspect of covid. i respect how much own personal decision which it is a personal decision. you are right also not orthodox. in some ways i respect. not taking his decisions out of a cracker jack box making hills own decisions many of which i will disagree with. now he has earned the ire of the entire sports media, which is fascinating to your point about
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jen psaki. i will leave it with this henry ruggs wide receiver killed someone driving under the influence of alcohol driving 15. he has received less attention and outrage and condemnation from sports media than aaron rodgers halls over his vaccination choice that should tell you everything you need to know about where we are as a culture. rachel: i want to put a small but the to be on what you talked about with him being woke in the past. you know, he famously is dating or i think maybe is he engaged to very liberal hollywood actress, aaron rodgers is what i have seen in my own family is that there are people like me who feel the way i do about the vaccine and on the very, very left side some of my family members that are bernie supporters but also very health conscious, they agree we kind of come together there is this right and there is aspect of people -- these are people very health conscious who care about and done a lot of investigation.
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some people gotten the shot i got the shot done. a lot of people who have said i'm not going to take the shot have been very thoughtful, have looked at the studies. have studied as you said the indian, what's happening in india and what's coming out of israel. and this is how they are making their decision. we got to respect people for that. pete: it will be interesting to see got covid out a game maybe two. when he comes back, does the league treat him as vaccinated player. will: i'm sure not. pete: they should if we understand the science. he pointed out the protocols they want unvaccinated players to use have nothing to do with science and everything to do with shaming. they want you to feel like it a second class citizen. rachel: it doesn't help that they are covering up or at least big tech suppressing information about adverse evenings. effects.give us the informationa we will work it out. will: americans are watching prices at the pump skyrocket. but biden's energy secretary doesn't seem worried.
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>> what is the granholm plan continue to crease oil production in america? [laughter] >> that is hilarious. would that i have the magic wand on this. will: does she really think that's funny. pete: diss to democrats bill maher with the professor offer the merits of critical race theory. >> separating children by race and describing them as either oppressed or oppressor. there are children coming home who feel traumatized by this. pete: the i don't outspoken host defense of parents that's coming up next. ♪
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or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. rachel: back with headlines, knife wielding man robbed at least 15 people in four weeks. he allegedly made off with a total of over $3,000 in cash and at least one credit card. victims ranged in age from 71 to
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19 years old. anyone with information is urged to contact police. loudoun county public school superintendent announces an independent review as the district faces allegations of covering up sexual assault. scott zeigler says a law firm will handle the review in hopes of handling the community. he says he did not recall any incidents despite alerting board members to one of the alleged assaults in an email. he later apologized saying he misinterpreted the question. the school district denies any cover-up. pfizer ceo touts the impact of his company's new antiviral covid pill said to reduce the risk of hospitalization and deaths by 89%. >> 10 people of this population going to hospitals and icus and only one will go. the difference the treatment was done at home because these are pills. so this is really a game changer. >> says it hopes to ask the fda
3:23 am
for emergency approval for its pill before thanksgiving and a decision could come as soon as a few weeks. those are your headlines. pete: we just said it pfizermectin. rachel: that's what the babylon bee says. pete: now we have a pill for it sell it for a lot of money. all that other stuff that you could have taken don't pay attention to that. rachel: those were horse pills. will: generic priced pills horse pills. pete: savior. will: big week critical race theory took center stage in the election. last night bill maher clashed with a professor who argued that parents just don't understand what cr. >> it is. check out bill maher vs. michael eric dyson last night on hbo. >> the point is that parents who were spooked by critical race theory, none of whom can define it when you ask them what it is
3:24 am
they don't know what they do know black people censored and history if you say you are concerned about history in america why is it come when it comes to black history. >> i find that disenyen just argument. [applause] i don't think that is what people are objecting to. i don't think most people. now, of course, there are some places in this country where they will and some people who will. but they are not objecting to black history being taught. there are other things going on in the schools. >> like what? >> can we just -- by separating children by race and describing them as either oppressed or oppressor there are children coming home who who feel traumatized by this. that's what parents are objecting to. >> but bill, but bill. pete: i want to hear more of the conversation. rachel: michael eric dyson disingenuous like what oppressed and oppressors i don't know
3:25 am
anything about this. he has been writing over 20 books since the early 90s on race exclusively. this is his business. he knows exactly what's going on here. he knows what's happening in the schools. he is lying. like peaceful protest. you north seeing anything here move on move on it's a lie. will: we are all roughly the same age we had black history month. we learned about slavery and reconstruction and jim crow. we learned about every aspect of history. michael dyson is acting like we didn't receive those lessons in school and wasn't part of our education. bill maher is right. parents are not upset about learning the ugly part of american history. parents are upset about a new form of education reinstituting segregation and seeing the world through a racial lenz. can i illustrate what parents are upset about? they are upset about people like michael eric dyson saying things like this which he just said this week on msnbc about winsome
3:26 am
sears. >> the problem is here they want white supremacy by ventriloquist effect. there is a black mouth moving but a white idea through the running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices. we know that we can internalize in our own mind, in our own cub conscious and own bodies the very principles that are undoing us. so to have a black face speaking in behalf of a white supremacist legacy is nothing new. will: that vile, racist. rachel: so racist. will: that black people cannot think for themselves is exactly the kind of thought by the way as the republicans elected the first black lieutenant governor in virginia is the kind of thought creeping neuro education system and that's what parents want no part of. pete: what is a black idea or a white idea? rachel: thank you. pete: that is a man who traffics
3:27 am
in race his entire life. rachel: he makes a living off of it. pete: a black idea or a white idea. the minute you decided that's the case, you have crossed the rubicon completely. and the other part of his statement with bill maher is him say hog can -- it's so condescending who can define. these people can't define critical race theory. they don't understand it i'm a professor. i teach the theory wherever he is vanderbilt. you don't know. complex ideas. just take it coming in the classroom. we are going to call it diversity, equity and inclusion deny it's critical race theory. take it call it for what it is it's racist. rachel: you brought up we all have studied black history in school and if you go to our nation's capitol you will see our smithsonian divided. you know, indian, native american now there is a hispanic museum. i initially got behind that idea. and i have completely changed my mind. we should be dividing all of these museums by time periods.
3:28 am
black history is american history. hispanic history is american history. we need to stop this division and start looking at america and what unites us which are ideas, which are not racial. they are no brown ideas and black ideas there are good ideas. and the good ones are about freedom and you don't have to be black, brown or white to agree with that. i'm sorry, i just wanted to kick in a little bit. pete: such a good point. rachel: america's businesses are still struggling to recover from pandemic restrictions. making them pay the price for own vaccine mandate. we are talking to two business owners who are feeling the pinch next. ♪
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will: well as if pandemic recovery for businesses wasn't tough enough the biden administration isn't making it easier. beginning in january the president is mandating companies with 100 or more workers require vaccinations or testing weekly otherwise they face thousands of dollars in fines. let's bring in james crocker and dicky's barbecue ceo. good morning both of you. >> good morning. will: this is a big burden as a business here. you now have to make sure everyone is vaccinated or implement weekly testing and fines. they are pretty stiff. james, is this something that's feasible? what will the implementation of
3:34 am
this look like for a company i believe in your case has something like what is it just over 100 employees? 190 employees. >> 194 team members at the moment. and, will, thanks for having me on this morning. and, no, it's not visible at all. in the midst of all of the troubles facing small business owners today just finding team members and retaining team members in a highly competitive market and the federal government wants to turn me into an enforcement arm of the government to enforce a policy that's highly controversial and, will, i have already had some key team members tell me that if we enforce a policy, they're gone. will: i bet. as you pointed out so importantly by the way this is a time when you are having trouble retaining, findings new employees anyway. laura, talk to me about dickey's a little different situation. 5,000 employees, this is quite a
3:35 am
logistical feat to start saying weekly testing. religious exemptions all sorts of hurdles when it comes to running what you are supposed to be doing running a barbecue business. >> running a restaurant and serving folks and will alternative to grocery stores that couldn't keep up with demand. we need restaurants to supply folks with that alternative for just basic food. we are extremely challenged and pinched on the labor force. i look at this across all of our restaurants the logistical nightmare. another barrier between me and employee that truly wants to work. where we are already struggling for labor, for folks, what we really need the government to do is to say it's time to get back to work. it is time to get back in school. get back to contributing. and, instead, they are asking me to stand between employee and their paycheck. when i read the mandate i honestly thought it was a mistake because there are religious exemptions. there are health exemptions.
3:36 am
i could accept a vaccine card or accept an employee that writes out a sworn note that they are vaccinated and so how is that not just dinner theater? it makes no sense but, yet, it is asking me to have access to my employee's private health records and stand between them and a paycheck with if they don't agree. it doesn't make sense and the logistics of it are just overwhelming. will: really quickly, laura, what do you expect will happen? come the deadline you have a big workforce. what will your workforce look like after the mandate is in effect? >> so, again, it's putting folks in that position to either, you know, possibly not be candid which is a terrible situation. tore walk away from their jobs if they truly feel that that's not in their best interest. will: i can't imagine. >> that will have a huge ripple effect because, again, we are having trouble truly staffing to meet basic demand as it is that will pull folks out of the restaurant out of our corporate office in dallas that has over
3:37 am
200 folks, that would absolutely put pressure and we're already seeing all of that pressure which impacts, you know, everything from the standpoint is labor based. it's that shortage. it's not only impacting service it's impacting all parts of the business where we are already. will: soon coming to barbecue every aspect of our economy. >> absolutely. will: last word to you, james. i find it fascinating. back to your situation with 190 employees, there are some corporations who are not opposed to this mandate because it's actually a barrier to entry. it is a competitive pressure against smaller employers like yourself. it becomes anticompetitive. big business and big government actually supporting the same type of policies that punish small businesses and the individuals. >> you know, i find it so curious. what is so magical about the number 100? i wish somebody could explain to me why it's 100 and above.
3:38 am
if you have less than 100 somehow those people are not important? i'm very suspicious of that number 100 and kind of what's behind it. but i just feel for the tens of millions of americans and my brother being in the military one of them, having to walk away from a job of 25 years, from a career, from a trade and a skill that he has learned and honed and really difficult to find somewhere else, is not a position that the government has any place in putting people in. i'm oa creator. i'm an inventor. i'm a motivator, a leader. i have no business being an enforcer of this policy. i am just not going to be put. some people say well, maybe you should divide the company into two parts. no it's not a time to stand down. it's a time to stand up and i hope that small business owners everywhere throughout this country will join me in taking a stand against this mandate. will: i'm sorry i'm tight
3:39 am
against time very well said. james crocker and laura ray dickey thank y for telling us about your situation this morning. thank you. far left democrats vote against a resolution supporting freedom for the cuban people. why they are standing in the way of democracy. and our next guest is ready to start a new term as miami mayor and he will be taking his salary completely in bitcoin. miami mayor francis suarez explains his decision next. ♪ ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ it's our veteran's day sale on the sleep number 360 smart bed. it senses your movements and automatically adjusts to relieve pressure points. and its temperature balancing so you both sleep just right. save $1,000 on the sleep number 360 special edition smart bed. plus, 0% interest for 48 months. ends monday.
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pete: welcome back. you will remember over the summer when thousands of cubans took to the streets in historic antigovernment protests demanding one simple thing, freedom. well, now, 40 far left house democrats, including so-called squad members have voted against a resolution supporting democracy for the cuban people. here now is republican mayor of miami francis suarez. mr. mayor, thank you so much for being here. i want to read one part of the text of this resolution it says this as follows: expresses strong solidarity with the cuban people who took to the streets throughout the country on july 11th, 2021. and with those who plan to peacefully demonstrate on november 15th, 2021. to once again express their desire to live in a free country with self-determination. so we saw the crack down last time. they are about to protest again
3:44 am
in november. all they want is freedom. and, yet, 40 elected members of the u.s. government vote against this resolution. why? >> i have no idea. i mean, unconscionable to vote against the resolution. i think many of them are either pronounced socialists or somehow believe in the socialist communist ideology. and communism the only equality that communism has ever brought to the history of humanity is equal suffering, equal misery, you see that in the cuban people and the images from the july 11th protest where all they are doing is risking their lives to have what we have here in this country to have freedom, to have democracy to have, like you said, the right to self-determination. to say have hope for a better tomorrow. and to think that are people in congress that can't understand that that don't agree with that, that don't want to support that is unconscionable and it's anti-american, frankly. pete: those 40 members, would
3:45 am
there be a rejection of wanting to get involved in foreign affairs? it's hard to wrap my mind around it other than what you said, if they believe in the ideology of the communist cuban regime? >> you know, there is no good explanation. explain it, i think it's sad that the united states has left the cuban people, essentially abandoned them. i have spoken to the administration about this, about my feelings about it and about how, you know, historic live the united states has been a beacon for freedom, not just in this hemisphere but across the world. you know, we have to think deeply about who we are it and who we are going to be what happened is our identity. we will have people suffering 9t what we have here in this country, it's very sad and i think a failure of american leadership. pete: very well said. mr. mayor, congratulations on your re-election on election day 2021. and you made a pledge as well
3:46 am
that you are going to take your entire salary in bitcoin. i'm a huge fan. i love that idea. how does that work? does the city of miami have bitcoin and they will pay you in that? talk to me about it. >> we use a third party vendor that converts the fiat, the dollar eequivalencey of my salary and gives me directly bitcoin. we had our chief innovation officer test it out a couple weeks ago and it's another way for us to be what i call the bitcoin capital of the world. when you have see places like china banning bitcoin and banning bitcoin mining. you know that the united states has a way to be more innovative and support a store value that's not manipulated that's not subject to the ridiculous overspendings by government or manipulations of currency that we see throughout the world which creates dramatic inflation like we are seeing right now at the pump. so, the beauty of bitcoin is you put it in an asset that can grow
3:47 am
and be a hedge against inflation so that your currencies don't lose money when they are in their bank account. pete: can't print more bitcoin if you want to it's fixed. >> that's right. pete: bitcoin capital of the world and i love it. >> thank you so much. pete: will, toss it over to you for medicine line. will: almost in on bitcoin. almost got me there i'm getting there. all right. talk to you in a minute. we begin headlines with this sources exclusively telling fox news they were horrified by some of the gun handling on the set of alec baldwin's movie rust. a source calling it green and immature. attorneys for armorer hanna gutierrez said she was trained well by her father known well in the industry. cinematographer halyna hutchins killed and injured by a live round. jennifer granholm under fire for laughing at a question about
3:48 am
american oil production. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] that is hilarious. would that i have the magic wand on this. will: why are they always laughing. gas prices are up nationwide and republicans have pressed biden administration continue to crease oil production here in the u.s. instead of relying on foreign imports and those are your headlines. meanwhile meghan markle is adding a new title to her resume. it's lobbyist. how she is using the royal title she once snubbed to interfere in u.s. politics. that's coming up. ♪ never be royal ♪ roy royal ♪ that kind of love just ain't for us because it means everything to you.
3:49 am
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3:52 am
rachel: senators on both sides of the aisle getting calls from unlikely lobbyist, meghan markle. the exiled exroyal cold calling lawmakers and using her official title to push for paid family leave in president biden social bill. here the poply particulars i love that title mixes pop culture and politics alex.
3:53 am
welcome. such an interesting question. because she did introduce herself in these phone calls as the duchess of sussex is she the princess lobbying or is she a u.s. citizen? >> here's the thing. it was meghan's decision to ditch that title. but now she wants to use it for political gain? you can't just decide to be british one minute and then american the next just because you want to get different things done. the truth is i don't know if she knows her history very well but we literally fought a war so we wouldn't have to i can that orders from english royalty. i think the real are truth is, rachel. you and i both know she should have been calling the senator and said hello senators this is meghan markle you may know me from a show called soup. probably not. rachel: i was really offended when president trump went to england and she was living there at the time and she refused to meet with him. so, you know, not very patriotic. i don't care who my president is, you know, if the president of the united states comes to england and you are the american
3:54 am
princess there, then you should come and see your president. she decided not to do it. anyway, she wants this bill to go through. she wants paid family leave. good cause she should probably advocate for taking out tree equity and wasteful spending that's in the bill if she wants that. we will move to a different story this looks kind of interesting. chris pratt received a lot of backlash over an instagram post and the post he first praised his wife. called his wife his greatest treasure. he got called sexist for that thanked his wife for giving him a healthy baby but then the twitter universe and all the other, you know, naysayers said was a slam on his other child from another wife who has medical issues and they are accusing him of ableism. >> it's so disgusting and, you know, the left in cancel culture has been dying to get their hands on chris pratt for so long because he embodies traditional values. my favorite thing is his reaction to this. he actually posted a story to his instagram and he said, you
3:55 am
know, i have had a really bad last few days. last few hours. obviously mentioning or referencing how people have been coming after him on social media. he goes but i have really pouring into scripture. pouring into the word. listening to worship music. he doubled down on those traditional values and now their heads are exploding. so i think it's a really good lesson for us to leisure. rachel: how dare he be christian and white and male and love his wife and have a happy marriage. all right. >> sexist pig. rachel: i would love it if my husband called me his greatest treasure. most woman would. >> every girl wants their husband or girl wants their husband to dote on them on instagram. is he instagram husband goals. rachel: absolutely. alex clark thank you for joining us. >> thank you. rachel: senator chuck schumer seen dancing the night away maskless that's ahead. and biden's infrastructure bill passes the house with the help of some republicans.
3:56 am
congresswoman nancy mace was not one of them. she is live in the next hour. ♪ ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ to make my vision a reality my varilux progressive lenses
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muscle pain, tiredness, headache, shivering, fever, and upset stomach. talk to your pharmacist or doctor about protecting yourself with shingrix. shingles doesn't care. but we do. ♪ >> this vote the yeas are 228 and the nays are 206. the motion is adopted. [cheers] will: good morning we start "fox & friends" with a fox news alert and a live look at capitol hill. two major stories we are following this morning first, the house its passes president biden's infrastructure bill sending it to his desk. 13 republicans joined democrats to push the bill through while the squad bucks their own party and went against biden's deal. rachel: at least 8 people dead in houston after panic breaks out at the astroworld music festival. some victims are as young as 10
4:01 am
years old. pete: we begin in washington. alexandria hoff live with the latest on the overnight vote. >> pete, this did rely on the 13 republicans who voted in favor of this. the president called this early this morning a once in a generation bill. that is fortunate because it doesn't come cheap. the bipartisan infrastructure bill calls for 110 billion for roads, bridges and transformational projects. 89.9 billion for public transit. 66 billion for railways, 65 billion for clean energy transmission, 65 billion to expand access to high speed internet and 50 billion to protect against droughts, floods and wildfires. all this will now head to the president's desk. of course, this comes after 87 days following when the senate passed this bill. far left progressives have dragged their feet on this because they have demanded it be tied to the even more enormous spending package. six democrats voted against the bill yesterday, including representatives ilhan omar and alexandria ocasio-cortez.
4:02 am
>> what's your reaction to the six democrats that voted against the infrastructure bill tonight? >> it was about winning the vote. >> yesterday progress was held up once again for a record seven hours as a timeline for much larger spending package was set. congressman mark poll kin put the day's progress like this. >> the whole day was a cluster [bleep]. right? beyond that i was just up there when he we were going through this a little while ago. i thought everyone was working at a very congenial way. rank? coloring of language for sure. one hold out joe manchin he said quote i have always said the best politics is good government. i'm incredit i can bably proud of my bipartisan colleagues for tireless efforts to get this across the finish line and deliver on this major investment
4:03 am
and the needs of america. democratic moderates like manchin committed to supporting president biden's build back better plan on the week of november 15th if the congressional budget office can prove that the country can afford it will, rachel, pete? will: thank you, alexandra. rachel: it's a big bill as you know they get bigger and bigger because they score these so that this program is only for two years, right? we all know these programs last forever we know this bill is actually even bigger than that price tag and, again, it took 13 republicans to pass this bill. nancy pelosi knew she was going to lose her squad but it didn't matter because there was some squishy republicans that helped push this over the line. pete: always those squishy republicans always willing to do the bidding of democrats because they think the, i don't know, political headline back home is going to help them or stuck in the old construct where real bipartisan bills existed because
4:04 am
we want to build roads and bridges. if you look at the breakdown of the bill that passed out of the house 1.2 trillion. which is a man mouth bill. historically speaking in washington, d.c. that is absolutely massive. only 10% of it, 110 billion of it is actual hard infrastructure. you have got other, you know, railways and things like that. but most of it is human infrastructure. rachel: goes for what, pete? pete: for frankly green new deal type -- this is the pregreen new deal to the bigger green new deal that was 3.5. now is 1.75. to be scored by the cbo at what number we are not quite sure. but, you know, the "wall street journal" and others have pointed out, as you pointed out, that these programs never end. so a $1.7 trillion price tag is really closer to probably 4. so you add 4 trillion to the 1.2 trillion they just passed. you are looking at potentially a $5 trillion month. and they have the audacity to say we want cbo to check it make
4:05 am
sure it's all paid for. all going to be paid for. republicans play that game. by the way, there were a bunch of republican senators that already voted for this bill. the bill has already passed the senate. this is just the house version. those 13 republicans probably will be primaried and they should be. many of them are not running. multiple of them are not running anymore. it's the state of where we are. democrats have control of and they are using it. will: is interesting what motivated 13 different republicans and what means about kevin mccarthy and his inability to control the entire conference. but i like that you brought up how much money that is in context in the context of history. because i think what happens here, i think what can happen and may have happened here is two things. it's about branding. if you call something infrastructure. then it sounds bipartisan and important. you just call it the right word and then you have the advantage of appropriate branding. and then you also set it up against this mann moth.
4:06 am
man moth. reasonable path to take. it will considering out of sight one is a little less. i'm going to be reasonable i will select the cheaper option. rachel: i'm old enough to remember when obama put forward the $800 billion my husband ran -- we would be so lucky to get hundred billion dollars bill on any of this. an as you said it's not going to be infrastructure. it's a lot of other junk in there. and it does say something about kevin mccarthy's inability to control his conference and it's really sad that the republicans in the minority can't get it together and can't at least oppose something like this that we know is just a boon dog. pete: absolutely. this will go to joe biden's desk. he will sign it. it will be law because it's
4:07 am
passed both the house and the senate. what's still pending is what we talked about 1.75 social spending bill. i think we have a graphic of what is in that bill. the $1.75 trillion bill. 555 billion of it is tax credits for clean energy. what in the world could go wrong. honestly, washington, d.c. is going to be spending trillions of dollars, trillions of our taxpayer dollars in ways we will never know. never understand. rachel: the way they dual it is by taxing you and by continuing to print money, which of course, is only going to make the inflation situation in america worse. this is a bad bill for america. pete: terrible. will: coming up in 20 minutes congresswoman nancy mace will be joining us here to talk about the bill that just passed. a quick view there of what pete was talking about, what's actually in the bill. let's move to president -- there you go, it's on your screen. there you can see that's what's in the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill and how much
4:08 am
of it can actually be attributed to infrastructure. so we move now to the border crisis. the white house is once again pressed on giving payments to illegal immigrants. you will remember there was a report of $450,000 per individual, which joe biden denied, called it garbage or affirmed that it was garbage. peter doocy has now asked careen jean-pierre to explain exactly what's going on. did president biden have it right? will these payments be going to illegal immigrants? watch? >> is the long line to get into this country legally, is there any kind of discussion about giving people who are coming here the right way money? >> why would -- why would we be giving people who are coming here the right way money? >> why are you giving people who he came here the wrong way money? >> i mean, i don't understand the question. what is -- you are saying that we should give people just money who are coming through? i don't understand the question. >> you are giving people who immigrated here i will legally
4:09 am
money. like i said that's the department of justice have to ask them that question. pete: that's a portion of a larger exchange. by the waited peter doocy has asked the justice department about that they say no comment. goes to the white house and they say can't talk about it no one want to talk about it they hid it from the big guy. he didn't know so he said it sounds like garbage. it's a fair question. it's a great question. give tens of thousands of collars to illegals? what about people come here i will legally. rachel: what about people separated from their children because they went to jail? i mean, look, you break the law, you get put in jail, you get separated from your children. again, these people came across the border. they knew the risk. they broke our laws. their children were separated from them and they say we are traumatized, our kids were traumatized and our government says here's $450,000 a person. and, again, there is two stories
4:10 am
here, will. one is that joe biden appeared to not know what was going on. i think that was a legitimate reaction that was maybe, you know, a moment where he, you know, channeled old joe biden and then his handlers cleared it up and said no, no. we really are paying this that's one part of it. the other part is just the outrage how americans feel as they are seeing these massive bills going through. as they are seeing inflation and seeing taxes are going to go up and they see that all the problems at the border and this is just going to incentivize more people to come forward. will: what i like about that moment is i truly believe an entire false reality has been created. by politicians but also by the media. a pseudo reality there are moments when you puncture through. when joe rogan gets to sit down can sanjay gupta and punctures through the false reality and everyone can see it it's impossible to deny. peter doocy pressing her logically why would you not give money coming to legally why would we do that?
4:11 am
then he logically asks why are you doing it for people to came in illegally. flustered has no answer. rachel: go to the doj. will: i love your example what about americans who break the law and separated from their children. americans who broke the law and separated from their children and go to jail. do they deserve a payment as well? of course not. why are these criminals who are not americans get payments when they break the law and are separated from their children? there is no answer to these questions because that's reality confronting fake reality. rachel: and i think people, just so crazy that just explains everything about this woke crazy administration. nobody thinks this is a normal response. you know, we are going to pay you -- by the way, not $10,000, which would be bad enough. no, $450,000 which is like more than anyone in el salvador makes in like 30 years. it's crazy amounts of money. pete: wouldn't be incentive at all for anybody. as i think about the why? i think it's because trump did it you know, it sends so many
4:12 am
people spiraling that they try to emphasize whatever they perceive as a sin of the trump administration and they got to just hammer on it over and over and their activists hammer on it even if it was the law of the land. even if it is people breaking the law and then they can't actually answer the rationalization for it because they are too hung up on own trump derangement syndrome to understand it. rachel: there are a lot of sins from the biden administration. a lot of humanitarian abuses that have happened both when people crossed the border bang in february and march and they were crammed into these you know, quarters where it was unsafe. pete: they didn't cry at the fence when that was happening. optics matter. rachel: kids athrown over the wall and abandoned in the dessert. and in sexual slavery. hands of evil cartels there are so many abuses for them to focus on this little -- this separation of children at the border, which, by the way, was
4:13 am
an obama era policy, is just outrageous. pete: just like we played the aaron rodgers clip i'm sure we will play it on the vaccine set about the relate here we are in this moment i forgot what i was going to say about aaron rodgers. rachel: i think you were going to talk about outraged. pete: honest moment for the viewers. [angelic music] pete: goes like that out of your brain. rachel: people had a freakout about aaron rodgers not being vaccinated and getting covid and then jen psaki. pete: no it was the joe biden thing. the vaccines for joe biden. took me a second. will: took you a second. rachel: all right. pete: every once in a while. this is morning television. rachel: it is. pete: we talk a lot. rachel: this mountain dew wasn't working. [laughter] pete: i need it right now. will: what hour are we doing the
4:14 am
accountability for the vikings? pete: one opening big news opening and he brings up what happened last weekend. will: two mornings to get this done. rachel: pete, i will give you another chance, turn to headlines. pete: should i turn to headlines as i attempt to recall what i was going to say about aaron rodgers, wait for it it's coming a little bit later. the first day wraps up in the trial of the three georgia men charged in the killing of ahmed armory. chase down the it 25-year-old while the defense claimed the three anded in self-defense prosecution called their first witness the first officer on the scene. >> man covered in blood and you asked him are you okay? >> basically no, i'm not okay. i just f'ing killed somebody.
4:15 am
pete: the officer referring to travis mcmichael there. the prosecution also played the officer's graphic body cam video from the scene. and the biden administration vaccine mandate for the private sector could extend to small businesses. enforcement of the rule on girms at least 100 employees is set to begin january 4th. happy new year. but rioters is reporting osha is considering a 30-day public comment to expand the private sector mandate to cover companies with fewer than 100 employees. and now to some fox weather. millions of people under flood alert this weekend as a powerful storm threatens to put some towns completely under water. rain flooding streets and stalling cars from florida to georgia. and in south carolina, officials are bracing for historic conditions, expecting tide levels above 8 feet in charleston and above 10 feet in savanna. and rules for thee but not for me.
4:16 am
senate majority leader chuck schumer and other democrats caught violating puerto rico's indoor mask mandates. schumer seen walking around and dancing inside without a mask during a conference. which he attended with several other democrats. puerto rico now, get, this requires all individuals to wear masks inside regardless of their vaccination status. and those are your headlines. rachel: so i guess he thought what happened on the island stayed on the island but somebody had video footage. he was caught. now for a fox news alert in houston. at least 8 people are dead and children injured after the astro world music festival packed with more than 50,000 people spirals out of control. pete: police say panic gripped the crowd and people started rushing toward the stage. multiple people were trampled and some went into cardiac arrest. will: police say some of those hurt are as young as 10 years
4:17 am
old. unclear what triggered the panic. the fire chief joins us now as officials try to figure out what happened. chief, thanks for being with us this morning. tell us what you know so far, please, what went down at astro world? >> so what we know at this point is that we had a crowd of approximately 50,000 that were attending this outdoor concert venue at the nrg park. and for whatever reason, the crowd began to lunge and surge towards the stage which caused the people up in the front to be pressed and compressed and trampled in some respects. and some instances. the number of person -- people that began to fall out, passed out just completely overwhelmed the medical component that was hired to be provide service there for the venue as well as overwhelming the security that
4:18 am
was in place and tragically ended up in 8 people losing their lives at this venue. pete: chief, you know, i have seen video of your officers doing heroic work trying to push through that crowd. was this an event out of control from the beginning? and we are showing footage right now of metal detectors being bum rushed, officers being pushed aside. ultimately police cars and other emergency vehicles being jumped on while they were trying to get to the scene. talk to us about the environment there. yeah, that's so i-so that happened earlier in the event. when the gates opened up. i mean, you saw the surge of crowds just jumping over fences and stuff. so that gave you an indication of the type of crowd that was presented in this -- at this venue. again, which the show began and you know. the incident actually the tragic incident actually happened later
4:19 am
on that evening at approximately 9, 9:30 central time here in houston. and the crowd was already energized. you saw that footage of the crowd jumping those gates from the beginning. will: chief, we only have a few moments left here together, any idea what started the rush? why did people start pushing forward? >> no, we don't. we don't. but there is -- there were cameras set up for security and other purposes. the houston police department will be conducting the investigation and certainly that film will be -- video will be part of the investigation to determine exactly what caused this surge and what led up to this tragic incident. from our perspective, from the fire department, we will be looking at the layout of the venue. was there, you know, for example enough means of egress and what prevented people from being unable to escape that situation this is, again, this is still in
4:20 am
a its infancy. still a lot of unanswered get. right now. you know. we are focused on the family that tragically lost 8 members of their family and loved ones and our hearts go out to them and we pray for them because this is just a sad and tragic event. rachel: of course. chief, thank you so much for joining us and giving us as much information as you have right now. we will wait for more. thank you. >> thank you. rachel: all right. more "fox & friends" straight ahead. your record label is taking off. but so is your sound engineer. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit
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crushing election defeat in virginia and narrow victory in new jersey. but congresswoman cam rad alexandria ocasio-cortez disagrees slamming carville in a tweet reading, quote: the average audience for people seriously using the word woke in a 2021 political discussion are james carville and fox news pundits so that should tell you all you need to know. author douglas murray is here to react live and in studio
4:25 am
douglas, it's great to have you. >> good to be back. pete: james carville, doug murray and fox news hosts using the word woke. >> she forgot to add that bit. this is completely typical not just of aoc and the squad but of the wide awoke movement. they come up with these ideas and pretend they don't exist or pretend they are in our imagination, you know? they come up with crt and then they say that parents have invented it we don't use this. this is absolutely classic bait and switch from a.o.c. and it just has to be recognized that, you know, what she is doing, what she advocates is clearly electoral kryptonite to her party. and the moderate democrats like carville recognize that. they recognize that american parents do not like ideologies that tell them their kids are
4:26 am
problematic they don't like that. inherently racist. american parents don't want that a.o.c. says the problem is the terminology that people like carville use classic example of not facing up to the reality that you are in. pete: almost a phrase like woke or something like crt it starts out being used not properly understood and then it is understood and debated turns out it's not popular and once it's not popular then they just deny its existence and shift to something else. >> run away. the democrats passing around this video this week of one elderlyish voter in virginia being questioned about crt he says i don't like it and i don't want it in school and the interviewer says what is crt. well, i don't want to get into the specifics. the interviewer says no wait, wait, wait. what is it? the guy hasn't read all the textbooks completely unreadable. i have had to read these textbooks. i wouldn't advocate reading
4:27 am
them. they are absolute rubbish. this guy not -- democrats are setting around this week you see these voters don't know what they are talking about. the democratic party has no two ways to go at the moment. they can either recognize the electoral kryptonite on their own side or they could decide to double down on this idea that the problem is the public. that the public erases. the public haven't read enough crt textbooks and unfortunately they have people in their party like a.o.c. who want to grow second group the problem with the electorate is that they are stupid and they are racist. well, you know, i would say good luck to them but i don't want them to have good best of luck. pete: they are deplorable. it's a theme throughout. because you have got someone like james carville a hard core democrat. he is a liberal. but it's different than being awoke -- i guess i'm on fox news so i can say that progressive. they are at war with each other in many ways.
4:28 am
feels like not many old school democrats left. >> by the way of presumption of a.o.c. and this sort of thing what about respecting your elders? you know, carville knows thousand win elections. you know. it's not clear that a.o.c. outside of her district is an electoral benefit to her party. pete: he knew how to win elections when you had a president who said the party -- the era of big government is over. unrecognizable democrat party today. >> well, that's true. i mean, but they -- this is the big challenge for the party. you know, when you look back historically, moderate democrats say where has that tradition gone? there are some still. but my word pulling their cuff, pulling at their sleeves are the people like aoc who have just this unbelievably disproportionate affect. it's a classic extremist thing they pull really hard at the mainstream to go that way.
4:29 am
that way is electoral death for democrats. whatever you think about, you know, just wouldn't advise it. so, they should listen to carville a.o.c. pete: i could listen to douglas murray all day long in the fox living room. come back soon. >> i will. pete: appreciate it failed mayor bill de blasio offering big bucks to kids. kids if they get the vaccine. a new york mom tells us how she feels about the big apple pride. that's next. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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4:34 am
so, we really want kids to take advantage, families take advantage of that everyone could use a little more money around the holidays. rachel: he went on to say think how much candy can you buy with that next guest says her kids have already asked her about the incentive. here to react is new york city mom of a 7 and 11-year-old natalia. welcome to the show natalia. so, how crazy is this? why are they propagandizing our kids? why aren't they speaking directly to the parents who should be the ones to make these medical decisions? >> i think that it's a misguided sense of duty. i think we're still seeing that our administration, at every level, are trying to directly influence kids instead of engaging parents and taking parents out of thee very important decisions. which even the medical guidance
4:35 am
says parents should discuss these vaccines with their pediatricians and make the best decision possible for their children. rachel: i wish i could just tell you it's mayor bill de blasio. if you look on social media teenagers there have been pro-vax campaigns all over the place with geared at teenagers as well. our kids are getting a lot of information on one side and not a lot of the other stuff. we see now that there are some lack of transparency. if you post something about an adverse effect from a vaccine, it's likely to be suppressed. something mask like a kid campaign. a mom who has been really concerned about the long-term effects of masking children, i'm really grateful to you. tell our viewers what this campaign is about. >> thank you for asking. the campaign is a campaign of radical empathy. we want to show that masking
4:36 am
like a child crucial developmental phases is really nothing that an adult could possibly develop. time and time again we are told that children are not little adults we know that with exposure to chemicals and stress there is something called adverse childhood effects and that predicts outcomes in later life. so, these children are developing their reading, social cues, they are interacting and socializing and running around and half of their faces are obstructed. they can't freely breathe and smile. they don't have access to teachers who they need to see, you know, to self-regulate. so our campaign calls upon adults to try it for just one day and experience, you know, running outside for a run with mask on and then come back and share their experiences. rachel: we do need to return our children to norm normal. they need those crews when
4:37 am
they're learning to read and speak in school especially those little ones. you are right many people are advocating for our children to be masked 8 hours a day. don't wear masks 8 hours a day. many of are breaking rules as we just saw with chuck schumer in puerto rico not wearing a mask indoors even though that's the rules there on the island. again, natalia, thank you for joining us, this is a very important topic. parents are really interested in these vaccines. by the way there have not been long-term studies on them that's another concern that parents have about it and about politicians like bill de blasio advocating and bribing children. thank you so much. >> thank you very much for having me. rachel: of course. biden's infrastructure bill passes the house with the help of some republicans. congresswoman nancy mayes was not one of them. she is live after the break. and, break out your boxing gloves. we are gearing up for a fox square prize fight between pete and will. i'm so glad i'm not in that one.
4:38 am
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ebenezer. ebenezer. marley? first you will see the past. excuse me! coming through! ugh! and then...the present. and finally, ebenezer...the future! introducing the all-electric eqs. happy holidays from mercedes-benz. ♪ will: we start with a fox news alert. live look at capitol hill where house lawmakers passed president biden's $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill late friday. rachel: the president delaying weekend trip to delaware to give
4:42 am
remarks later this morning on what he calls a once in a generation bill. pete: can't wait for that but divisions still simmer as far left democrats and even more republicans voted against it. will: one of those republicans joins us now. south carolina congresswoman and member of the house transportation infrastructure committee nancy mace. congresswoman, thank you so much for being with us. i think i want to ask you two questions at the same time if i may: what made you vote against this bill and are you surprised 13 republicans decided to vote for this bill? >> well, this bill, this $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill isn't true infrastructure. like if we are going to do infrastructure, let's do infrastructure. less than 10% of it, 110 billion goes to, quote, surface transportation and of that 70 billion is public mass transit leaving you only 40 bill or 3 or 4% to go to roads and bridges. traditional things that americans desperately need this their communities. there are 42 new taxes in the
4:43 am
infrastructure legislation as well. these are just things i can't support. and when they had this bill come over to the house not a single republican on the transportation committee was allowed to amend the legislation at all. so, truly for me this is really hyper partisan not a bipartisan bill. and the other thing that this vote did last night was it a lays the groundwork for passing build back better once democrats get the congressional budget office score on how much it's going to cost in a few weeks around thanksgiving. they are talking, quote transformational change. whatever that is. right? we know it's not good for the american people. rachel: congresswoman, this bill would not have passed without republicans. why do you think those 13 republicans voted for this bill when as a conference they know that the american people want them to be a stop on this kind of wasteful spending? >> well, i can't speak for any of them. i can tell you that it is disappointing to see that we basically, you know, laid the
4:44 am
groundwork for build back better to pass in a few weeks once they get the cbo score. without those votes, then that wouldn't be happening in the next few weeks. plus, you know, you saw a.o.c. and the squad and, you know, congresswoman presley she didn't vote know until the democrats got their 218 votes last night. so we gave cover to these self-avowed socialists to continue their fight by golly, right? and it's all an act. it is disappointing to see that's what happened last night. pete: very disappointing. but, a lot of -- so this infrastructure bill has now been passed and will be signed by joe biden. there is still a larger bill, green new deal bill that was 3.5 trillion. now 1.57 trillion. we will see how cbo scores it well, the left has predictably lost their mind to include chasing down the two senators most critical to passing it or stopping it and that's kyrsten sinema or joe manchin. recently joe manchin was blockaded in his car by so-called climate protesters
4:45 am
over his opposition to the bill. here's a portion of how that played out. >> joe manchin why won't you fight for me? is the money worth it? is the money that important joe manchin? is it more important than my life, joe manchin? is it more important than your kids' life? [shouting] joe manchin is the money better in our lives. will you look in my eyes while i talk to you. do you only talk to millionaires? >> open the gate. [singing] pete: we are chanting we want to live congresswoman because their prophet cam rad cortez told them the world is going to end in nine years if this stuff doesn't pass. what does joe manchin do? does this stop in the senate. >> well, the left has clearly lost their mind. it's horrifying to watch this. joe manchin and kyrsten sinema
4:46 am
in the senate thank god for two democrats standing up for principle of the issue of the build back better plan they're saying 1.75 trillion. that's just a starting figure. the programs that they are going to create will last a lifetime and beyond. and will cost significantly more than what they're telling the american people. and i am grateful and i pray pre senator manchin for comments last week for insisting that we know how much these programs are going to cost before we vote on it the two of them in the senate can put a stop to all of this nonsense and i believe that they will. i hope and i pray that they will for the american people. he. will: congresswoman nancy mace. pete: 13 republicans made their job a lot more difficult, congresswoman. it would be nice if the caucus could hold together on stuff like this. >> absolutely. pete: i know did you your part. grateful to have you on this morning. congresswoman nancy mace, thank you so much. >> thank you. rachel: does the cbo score how many jobs will be lost as we do all this climate? pete: there is usually -- i don't know who does that i have
4:47 am
seen figures like that come out in the past on other bills. rachel: we can ask former congressman sean duffy when he comes on later about that. pete: does anybody have his phone number? rachel: we do. we will call him up right now. let's call on chief meteorologist rick reichmuth for weather forecast. rick? good morning. rick: good morning. things are going to be getting a little bit better. really cold for a lot of this week. temps still cool this morning in the 30's across a lot of the ohio valley. kind of the coldest spot. we are going to be watching warm up. look at that 75 in florida. florida has been the hot spot this week for rain. way too much of it. it's caused a lot of flooding and we still have about half a day to get through at least across northern parts of florida. south florida looking a lot better. socked n rain in across areas vaccinationville tybee island. this will be the case all day long. because of persistent on shore flow pulling in here as the storm moves forward the next day
4:48 am
talk about significant coastal flooding again this weekends across parts of the southeast. that's our main weather story and really significant coastal flooding event for us here that we'll continue to track here at fox weather. guys, back to you. rachel: thank you, rick. even as the temperatures drop -- is he busy reading my book. thank you, pete. [laughter] rachel: can you still enjoy the great outdoors. chip reed has to chill out in this chilly weather. it looks like wisconsin out there. pete: atlanta. rachel: it's atlanta? [laughter] ♪ ♪
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♪ on this vote the yeas are 228 and the nays are 206. the motion is adopted. [cheers] rachel: we begin with a fox news alert. we're following two major stories this morning. the first movement on capitol hill as the house passes president biden's infrastructure bill. 13 republicans join democrats to push the bill through while the squad busts their own party and went against it. will: also breaking this mornings at least 8 people dead in houston after panic breaks out at a musical festival. hundreds of others are hurt. some victims as young as 10 years old. pete: we begin in washington with david spunt as joe biden prepares to address the nation on his spending agenda. david? >> hi, good morning to you three. the president will join vice president kamala harris in about 90 minutes in the state dining troom tout this $1.2 trillion infrastructure package that has now made its way to his desk in the oval office. this has been going on back and
5:01 am
forth for months as you are well aware. first of all, a fight between republicans and democrats then between democrats and democrats. cheers erupted on the house floor. at least on the democratic side of the aisle, quite a juxtaposition, you can see republicans sitting on the ride side of the screen. 1 republicans did join democrats to help push this plan through. several democrats known as the squad, congress woman alexandria ocasio-cortez, ilhan omar, rashida tlaib and ayanna pressley voted against the measure. so what's included? $110 billion for roads, bridges, other transformational projects. $89.9 million for public transit 66 billion for rail rayways, 65 for clean energy transmission. another 65 to expand access to high speed internet. 50 billion to protect against droughts, floods and wildfires. the president out with a statement at 1:00 this morning just hours ago, quote: i'm also so proud that a rule was voted on to allow for passage of my build back better act in the
5:02 am
house of representatives the week of november 15th. the build back better act will be a once in a generation investment in our people. members of congress did vote on a rule that allows for passage of build back better that social spending bill which costs even more that focuses on the climate. but things, of course, can change in the next nine days. this is washington. it's not done until it's signed, sealed and delivered. the question will build back better make it to the president's desk? of course, the margins are razor thin in both chambers. the white house is looking at this as an opportunity to go ahead and celebrate. since the beginning of president biden's presidency, joe biden's presidency, we have dealt with issues at the border, then the pullout from afghanistan. also the loss in virginia. so this is something the white house is touting as a victory. back to you. will: thank you, david. all right, let's bring in now sean duffy, former congressman from wisconsin. he is a fox news contributor. he is our co-host's husband. pete: good morning.
5:03 am
rachel: good morning, honey. will: how are you, sean? talk to us about this bill. this infrastructure bill has been passed now by the house. we had congresswoman nancy grace on earlier we were discussing it during the commercial break. this lays the groundwork and this is what is unfortunate about 13 republicans voting for it. it lays the groundwork for the build back better plan and now the house will take up in mid november. help us understand how it begins to lay the groundwork for this big spending bill. >> well, if i can roll back for a second, will. it's important to note that the democrats are swindling the american people. and what i mean is and rachel, i think you brought this up earlier, if you look back 10 years ago when they passed the infrastructure bill. $850 billion shovel ready projects, roads and bridges. they were never built. what happened to that money? it was never spent on the infrastructure that they promised. and, pete, you commented on in this morning as well $110 billion only for roads and bridges. i think americans would say i
5:04 am
want to build airports. i want to not look like a third world nation. we should look like the world global economy here in america and we should create worlds bridges and airports and dredge our waterways. this bill won't do that and this specifically, i think, you know, one point that's important to make is the greenies, the environmentalists don't like roads and bridges. they don't like railway. and so democrats did not reform neepa regulation how you get roads and bridges and rail. and because form the way you approve these projects, you won't have any projects built for 10 years. so americans can expect nothing to happen with this massive spending except for the social side, the green new deal side of the bill. and frankly, i don't understand how any republican could have voted for this monstrosity and the swindling of america.
5:05 am
it's horrible. pete: sean, yet, 13 did. many of which are probably your former colleagues. what calculation are they making? why would you vote for this bill if you are a republican today? >> pete, it's a good question. i'm going to channel them now. okay? this is not me. probably sit back and say you know what? i got 400 billion in infrastructure right now that's a good thing use the voice. trying to make this calculation earlier. >> i'm not as good as pete on the congressional voice. but that's the calculation that's made. and then they can go home and say i'm bipartisan. i work with democrats this great. they are not thinking through the long-term impacts of this kind of legislation. to your first question, will, it is laying the groundwork to get this package out of the way and now they can focus on this
5:06 am
massive socialist spending bill and probably get it done and which, you know, pete earlier on the show you had the mayor of miami. that's why so many people are going to bitcoin we are borrowing and printing so much money people are looking for another avenue be because this is insanity. rachel: absolutely. i was going to ask you. we have to move to something else. i downtown the cbo is going to explore the way inflation keep printing money and spending and taxing people. pete: before we go to that i want to go back to your congressman voice thing for a second. do they really think it works to go back to their districts? even if it's a swing district right now. given what republican voters have learned given what donald trump has taught republicans do they think it goes back to say i'm bipartisan i work with the democrats as they try to take our country off the cliff. does that work for these republicans to go back and try to sell that message? >> after we looked at virginia last tuesday, i think
5:07 am
republicans are going to have a hard time losing. where the danger is, pete, in the primary. a primary challenge in one of these tough districts and attack a republican who voted for this bill, it's hard to defend. again, to your point, you are setting up the socialist spending package that comes right after. and i think at the end they're at risk of losing their seats. rachel: we are at danger of losing our country if that bill does that. talk about our christmas book. everyone loves christmas. i had jesse watters on last night telling an hilarious story about his christmas with the tree and scwirlsz that were caught in his tree netting. and his cats attacking the squirrel. pete: sounds like a movie. ill will will because it is it's christmas vacation did. watters steal that? rachel: maybe. great pictures in here. the most beautiful coffee table book you have ever seen with a christmas theme. there is all kinds of great pictures. sean, why should everyone go out and buy this book for their
5:08 am
family? >> when you open the book up and here is lawrence jones as a little baby. so cute. i want to kiss him. rachel: is he so cute. >> you can order our book at fox news preorder right now. it's going to come to the shelves on the 16th. we are not going to have a supply chain issue because it's printed in america. it's made in america. it is great read. you get behind the scenes info about the early lives and current celebration that so many fox favorites have for christmas. by the way we love christmas and this is a great way to celebrate all of us at fox. rachel: i have a cousin who just saw this as costco. it's in some stores already and preorder it right now and it's got everybody you have ever wanted to know about their childhood except these two. you guys are in the follow up. because this book is doing so well. there is going to be a follow up. pete: in the paperback. that's all we want. >> can i make one last point,
5:09 am
rachel. we talk about our own histories how i grew up with christmas and how you grew one christmas. how we traditions with our nine kids today. rachel: your wisconsin irish history. >> i elbowed you a little bit and you elbowed me a little bit how recompromised into the duffy christmas. pete: i'm so grateful to george washington for inventing christmas. [laughter] will: all right, sean. will. pete: sean, you are the best. thank you. i wish there were more seans in coming. if only he had stayed. rachel: i just missed him so much when he was away. pete: that's fair. rachel: and we wouldn't have been able to write this book together. pete: he wouldn't have voted for that monstrosity either. rachel: he could have saved america. instead we will save christmas. pete: pick one or the other. will: watch this segue the wonderful tradition that is christmas to biden administration laughing off american problems. it's a growing trend.
5:10 am
jennifer granholm, biden's energy secretary, she is the latest to join in the fun. here she is laughing about rising gas prices in america. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] that is hilarious. would that i have the magic wand on this. as you know, of course, oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel. that cartel is called opec. and they made the decision yesterday that they were not going continue to crease beyond what they were already planning. rachel: that is so disturbing the way she laughed that off. the only thing more disturbing than our energy secretary laughing about rising gas prices is our energy secretary forcing us to beg opec to release more gas and bring -- to help bring down prices and opec said no we
5:11 am
are not going to do it. we were just energy independent a year ago, pete. pete: that is maybe the most ridiculous answer and consider the things we deal with on this show and we talk about all the time. you are the energy secretary charged with what you would hope would be america's energy needs. i don't know, is that the first line of her statement? and, yet, you have rejected every policy that got us to energy independence because those policies were burr sued by your predecessor, donald trump. as a result, we are now begging the middle east again continue to crease their production which, of course, why would they do that when they can just increase prices because they are a cartel. what do you do with cartels? you have to break them up. you break them up by providing an alternative which is your own energy so you can set the terms of the international price of oil. instead now we are begging? we are begging? rachel: we are begging when we have ourselves. will: shale, fracking has been one of the biggest step forwards in energy independence and national security in decades. we have the ability to control
5:12 am
our own energy future. rachel: those are infrastructure jobs by the way. will: those are infrastructure. pete: that's true. these are headlines. starting with a fox news alert. at least 8 people are dead and 300 hurt after a music festival spirals out of control in houston. the city's fire chief joined us earlier on the show on what officials know so far. >> a crowd of approximately 50,000, the crowd began to lunge and surge towards the stage, which caused the people up in the front to be pressed and compressed and trampled in some respect. and it tragically ended up in 8 people losing their lives. pete: the remainder of astroworld festival has been canceled as officials work to determine what triggered the panic. and project veritas founder james o'keefe offers a blistering response to the reported fbi raids on his outlet over the missing diary of joe
5:13 am
biden's daughter ashley. >> project veritas gave the diary to law enforcement. never published it. in what world is the alleged theft of a diary investigated by the president's fbi? pete: o'keefe slamming the "new york times" that reported the diary was, quote stolen. he also questioned how the "times" knew of the search warrant saying that should have been secret. of course they are targeting project veritas because there is no organization i would argue more effective than them. rachel: they don't like them. pete: they will don't like them at all. they will do whatever they can. and james o'keefe knows how to fight back. he has a lot of good lawyers. will: real news get out. like this. the source for the now fake news debunked steele dossier facing criminal charges. we are talking to a former cia station chief who says the dossier was a virus for american politics. rachel: couldn't agree more with that get ready for a true
5:14 am
knockout performance. pete and will are stepping into the boxing arena. rachel will not be part of that competition. ♪ ♪
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pete: the primary source for the steele dossier now arrested accused of lying to the fbi as part of john durham want investigation into the origins of the russia probe. russian igor danchenko appearing briefly in port yesterday planning to plead not guilty for being released on bond. here to react dan hoffman a former cia station chief who served in russia, iraq and pakistan. dan, thanks so much for being here. you know, when it comes to igor, he first claimed to have a network of subsources in russia which he then later admitted was gossip and totally fabricated information, admitted to agents that it was rumor and speculation. one of his sources was james dollan who worked for the clintons who said he had a republican friend who had information. he later admitted that he made up the republican friend.
5:19 am
is this all fabricated and what does this development mean? >> i mean, there is no indication that isn't anything but fabrication. it's important that the durham investigation has exposed the fraud that we allowed christopher steele to perpetrate on our political process and our democracy. you know, danchenko outsourced his collection to danchenko and all of danchenko's subsources were deposed and they all admitted there was nothing that dossier that was consistent with what they told danchenko. one of danchenko's subsources in moscow even said that danchenko appeared to be intoxicated. so, there was always a great deal of concern about the collection. danchenko reportedly traveled to russia with this p.r. executive mr. dollan. that would have been absolutely a collection effort by the russian security press the ffsb. we tracked all of this "fox & friends" i remember it well. conduit for disinformation.
5:20 am
and we willfully allowed it to happen. and the congress needs to take steps to ensure this doesn't happen again. my only concern about this is it's taken five years for us to get to the bottom of it it's not like fine wine getting better with age. pete: you are exactly right. the damage was done. this guy by the way danchenko worked at the brookings institute. a very influential left of center think tank in washington, d.c. this wasn't some random guy making stuff up. had credibility, now will lose it all. but the fact that the media believed this dossier was credible to begin with and the government, we can't get that back as you pointed out. it doesn't age well. interest will be more on this from durham and we will get you when we have it i want to get your take ons that well, dan. awive cia chief. the apparatus now is saying it could lose thousands of staffers due to the vaccine mandate, as much as 20% of intelligence officers are unvaccinated. where does this go?
5:21 am
what does this mean? >> well, a couple of points to begin with. first of all, when you work for the intelligence community, you give up a little bit of your personal freedom. you are subjected to what are intrusive security background investigation, polygraphs if you work for the cia as i did. and also you are required to be medically cleared. that means getting a lot of shots before you go overseas. all of that is something we understand. it's a privilege and honor to serve our nation. but the idea that we're talking about firing people or suspending them without pay, that's just flat out wrong. if somebody doesn't want to get vaccinated and at the cia it's only 3% of the workforce. consider other options. maybe administrative leave or ask them to be tested every day and wear a mask. there are immunocompromised employees in the intelligence community so you want the keep the mission and our people safe and you can't telework in the ic. you have to show up because we deal with classified. my gosh, there has got to be better ways to solve this one than what we are talking about.
5:22 am
pete: we keep saying that there has to be better ways. when the religion of vaccines and the mandates that are pushed out of washington, d.c. rein, there is no room for common sense and people lose their jobs as a result. dan hoffman, thank you very much. appreciate your time. >> thanks. pete: you got it up next, we are celebrating all things made in the u.s.a. we have more all-american alternatives for gifts this christmas to help you avoid supply chain displays ♪ getting baptized in holy water and with the dogs running ♪ i'm gonna earn 3% on dining including takeout with chase freedom unlimited. that's a lot of cash back. are you gonna stop me? uh-oh... i'm almost there... too late! boom! earn big time with chase freedom unlimited with no annual fee. how do you cashback? chase. make more of what's yours. one of my favorite supplements is qunol turmeric. turmeric helps with healthy joints and inflammation support.
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pete: as supply chain crisis continues many are concerned about shopping this christmas season. thankfully, made in america businesses are booming offering quality products sourced right here in the united states and we
5:27 am
have a few of them on fox square this morning. joining me now is stacey banner the ceo of and co-founder of banner toys. stacey, thank you so much for being here. >> thanks for having me. pete: you guys are out of iowa. >> yes. pete: all-american made tell us about your stories. >> my husband and i started our company 10 years in the basement. thriving we make hand crafted toys for kids. we have just kind of launched into educational toys as well. pete: okay. >> our target age is up to about 5 or 6 right now. pete: toys to have fun with you about also learn how to count and learn how to count money. >> yeah. pete: it's all possible. what's more american than made in iowa in a wood shop? >> you know, i'm not sure. we make -- everything passes through our hands as we make it it's not made by machines or mass produced. pete: all made by you. if folks want any delays on delivery right now. >> not on delivery. no. we are at the will of the usps.
5:28 am
pete: you plan for all of that what's the website real quick. >> bann or and get it for christmas. thank you so much. >> rachel to you. rachel: i'm going to bring in the founder and executive chairman of crazy aaron's. the founder of thinking putty. all kids love putty and things tactile. even though it's cold out here we can do this. >> we can do it, rachel. all made in america. no supply chain problems. kids love this i also love this land of dough. this is so adorable. comes with a scoop. tell us how it works. >> comes with a scoop and dig into it and look inside to planet earth are all the colors. rachel: look at that. >> the lava the inside of the earth, the rainbow. rachel: why do kids love all this stuff so much slime and putty. >> you are playing with it now. love having something in your hand tactile feel. rachel: where can people get
5:29 am
this? >> crazy aaron' target. barnes & noble. rachel: how long can expect delivery. >> should ship right away have it in a week. rachel: hey, that's going to save christmas for a lot of people. all right, will? will: beautiful. have toys within a week. i will give you something to sleep on at night. janet is the founder of american blossom linens although the company has been in your family for 90 years. >> yes. absolutely. will: 90 years. >> started by my grandfather. will: tell me about american blossom linens where is it made. >> our products are made in georgia. weave make our products out of organic cotton grown in texas. we make bedding. we make sheets. we make blankets. we just launched a pillow and we have towels coming out next year. will: i heard you used to say you used to sleep on linens at your grandmother's house that's what inspired you. >> that's what inspired me. people kept telling me they couldn't find good quality linens.
5:30 am
a product i slept on it at my grandmother's house reinvented a product made by manufacturing plant which started in 1899 actually. will: beautiful. texas cotton farm. look at this. this is brown cotton. that's beautiful out of new mexico it makes this linen here not dyed. >> invented by a woman named sally fox. will: thank you, janet, aaron. beautiful. american blossom. >> will: that's where you get this and all these other great american made products. rachel: all-american. will: this is what he is going to hit me with very soon. aaron rodgers speaking about vaccination status and taking aim at cancel culture. clay travis is here. will pete be able to take my jabs? we will find out when we step inside the boxing ring.
5:31 am
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♪ ♪ well will it's your shot of the morning chick-fil-a is bringing back a fan favorite the
5:35 am
peppermint milk shake. rachel: hand spun chick-fil-a ice cream chocolate peppermint bark and whipped cream. the peppermint milk shake makes a perfect holiday treat. will: i have never had one. pete: i haven't either. rachel: i have to say it's really good. pete: they are really good. will: like peppermint ice cream? do you like peppermint ice cream? rachel: i'm not a big mint, peppermint kind of ice scream person. enough chocolate in it. will: have to get it. pete: like drinking a candy cane. rachel: that's a way to describe it. pete: like candy canes only the three weeks leading up to christmas. i don't know that i would order two of these. will: it is good. rachel: go shopping. stop for a break and have a chick-fil-a peppermint milk shake. pete: i have a beef i ordered chick-fil-a already on the sets. you knew that chick-fil-a was
5:36 am
coming there is a whole green room full of chick-fil-a sandwiches right now. >> i didn't know. will: chick-fil-a breakfast bowl thats would nice. pete: we all had the chick-fil-a breakfast bowl this morning. rachel: the hash browns, yummy. pete: delightful. will: get this dessert at chick-fil-a peppermint milk shake. pete: not on sunday. rachel: closed on sundays. humiliating losses and closer than expected races for democrats. tulsi gabbard has a warning for democrats. listen to this. >> what's at the heart of the frustration that people across the country are feeling right now is that they're not being heard, that they are not being seen. that their challenges really are not being addressed by those in power. when you look at issues related to open borders and immigration, when you look at issues related to our national security, when you look at issues related to energy independence, we can have
5:37 am
different ideas on how to accomplish those things but those things are concerns that are central to all of us regardless of political party. if we treat each other with respect as children of god, and come together to say hey, we need to work together for the good of the country, then we can have that real dialogue that will allow us to move forward and make progress to solve these problems. will: just to give you a visual representation of what she is talking about, take a look at the red wave swept the nation. you heard a lot about virginia. you probably geraldo some about new jersey. how about seattle in they elected the city's district attorney ann davison who ran on law and order. minneapolis, a majority of voters rejected a measure to replace the police department. that's in minneapolis. pete: 70-30 democrat. will: killing of george floyd. nassau county will elected anne donnelly. as we talked about phil murphy narrowly wins re-election although i don't think
5:38 am
republican jack ciattarelli conceded yet. rachel: i thought it was going to go to recount. we should check on that. i heard rumors there might be a recount there that's very, very close. really unexpected. and sent shock waves through the state of new jersey. >> and then, of course, virginia where glenn youngkin made a stunning victory against one time governor terry mcauliffe. across the spectrum quality of life. virginia education. in new jersey a lot of it was around covid and the way murphy handled it there. and then in the other examples we have provided, simple law and order. you want the laws on the books to apply. you want police there to actually police your streets. that juxtapose that with the people in the parking garage in washington, d.c. screaming at joe manchin saying i want to live because the world is going to end. when voters actually vote, they are not voting whether or not the weather is going to end their life in 10 years, they want to know whether or not the political science will show up or whether are have freedom to wear a mask or not wear a mask. rachel: children wear a mask 8
5:39 am
to 9 hours a day. these are things people care about. there was a bit of a red wave. it seems to me and i don't know how you feel about this, will, pete, it looks like the democrats are making a calculation that they understand that they are probably going to lose the midterms and they are willing to sacrifice a few members or maybe members are willing to sacrifice themselves in, you know, in order to get what they want, which is this big transformation of american politics and policies as we're going to see in this bill that's coming up this reconciliation bill that's really a big socialist bill that's going to, i think, cook a lot of people in government really just -- pete: that's the point. they know it's unpopular. they are hell-bent on passing it. the infrastructure bill and the green new deal bill. what they're going to do is dare future republican congressman to attempt to take those programs away. and then they are going to scream the sky is falling and you want to kill grandma and kill the kid. democrats are making a long-term play at some level that in 'it
5:40 am
and '24 keep these programs now popular or can't get rid of and republicans who get swept in try to remove them but can they? rachel: same with obamacare. will: government growth is a tumor that only metastasize. get it in there. rachel, i have china a number speculated 60 seats in the house in 2022 could flip from blue to red. all of these policies deep on the police. the open neo racism. the overly absurd and unscientific covid protocols. they are all very unpopular, despite what social media tells you. despite what you might see in a parking garage in washington, d.c. and they will pay the price. what will they get done before that will be the question. pete: only gives you the power to block. so they may repeal everything. all lock, stock and barrel. joe biden is not going to sign a single one of them which turns it into 2024. do you elect a president that
5:41 am
would actually follow through on removing these things? rachel: i think the democrats are playing even longer game. i think they realize that everyone, our generation and older see these policies, these are the people that showed up at school boards, right to say this is crazy. they already know that the indoctrination, the normalization of socialism and of government handouts. the way they pay people to stay home and a lot of young people said yeah, i'm not going to work. i will just stay home and take a government check and watch netflix. they are counting that the younger people are already in their favor. they are playing a very long-term game and republicans, conservatives freedom and liberty loving people need to really be aware of that. rachel: all right. well we are going to turn to headlines right now in loudoun county. public school superintendent announcing independent review as the district faces allegations of covering up sexual assault. scott zeigler says a law firm will handle the review in hopes
5:42 am
of heeling the community. ziggler initially said he did not recall any incidents despite alerting board members to one of the alleged assaults. in an email. he later apologized and said he misinterpreted a question the school district denies any cover-up. business owners speaking out about the impact of president biden's private sector vaccine mandate. they are facing fines of up to $136,000. if they do not comply. >> barrier between me and an employee that truly wants to work. where we are already struggling for labor. >> i have already had some key team members tell me if we enforce the policy, they're gone. rachel: enforcement on the rule on firms more than 100 set to take place january 4th. osha private sector mandate to cover companies with fewer than 100 employees. wow, american leaders come together as former secretary of
5:43 am
state colin powell is laid to rest at the washington national cathedral. his son giving this very touching tribute. >> his journey was an american journey. colin powell was a great lion with a big heart. we will miss him terribly. >> president biden, former presidents obama and bush were in attendance. powell was 84 years old. and those are your headlines. will: all right. thank you, rachel. will: green bay packers aaron rodgers speaking out for the first time since testing positive for covid-19. he has been firing back at what he is calling awoke backlash to his positive test and the revelation that he is unvaccinated. watch. >> i realize i'm in the crosshairs of the woke mob right now. so, before my final nail gets
5:44 am
put in my cancel culture casket, i think i would like to set the record straight. i'm not, you know, some sort of anti-vax. i'm somebody who is a critical thinker. i believe strongly in bodily autonomy. the ability to make choices for your body. not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed, you know, group of individuals who say you have to do something. health is not a one size fits all. will: i think aaron rodgers is absolutely right on the merits. is he right on almost everything he has had to say on the research he has done. rejection of the unpopular thinking line of regurgitating what the quote, unquote, experts have to say. as to whether or not he followed the nfl's protocol and told the truth we talked about this throughout the morning. legitimate point he at best obfuscated. he was not up front about his
5:45 am
vaccination status. on a deeper level, i don't think he owed it. it may have been required by the nfl. but i don't think that he owed it he certainly didn't owe it to the media. and i don't think he owed his private health decisions. rachel: thank you. will: to anyone else. they did not. they do not. we know the science backs it up impacts anyone else. he didn't owe anyone an explanation. rachel: yeah, is he a healthy person. he did his research. he looked into it. he actually has talked about how happy, in a way kind of happy the way i felt that now he has had covid or is he going through it and he will have these natural immunities to protect him, which is great. but, yeah, i mean, what is up with this. we used to have this society where we believed in privacy, especially medical privacy. we had these hippa laws. your employer can't ask you certain things. but it seems like with covid, all the rules go out the window like, you know, and by the way, for a 99.9% survivable virus and by the way, when you are as
5:46 am
healthy as aaron rodgers and most of these guys in the nfl, you really are -- your body can handle it. pete: aaron rodgers as a viking fan has given me many reasons to like him over the years and personality less becoming often. in this particular case he is very right and very thoughtful. if you listen to the entire interview he has thought through why he decided not. to say the sin he committed in the eyes of the sports media is not telling them exactly what happened. he doesn't owe the media anything as you said. i think he obfuscated but what he said is he was open with the packers about it and the league about it. so, if the packers knew he was unvaccinated and decided his own personal protocols which were preimive or sufficient then the team embraced his stance too which isn't just aaron rodgers, the team and aaron rodgers. good on the packers for making a decision to let a player now would every player get to do it super star aaron rodgers. rachel: that's the other question how fair other people
5:47 am
not as important to the team as aaron rodgers would they be allowed to do it? by the way in the report he said listen, i listened to joe rogan, i'm doing many of the same things, you know, vitamins, ivermectin, et cetera. will: right. let's bring in tray classifies the founder of fox news contributor and host of clay and buck on the radio dial from 3:00 to noon eastern time and in tuscaloosa, alabama this morning. what do you make of this whole aaron rodgers situation? >> well, i think what aaron rodgers said as you all know, will, i based on a lot of conversations you have with coaches and players and administrators in athletics is a really common perspective for so many coaches, athletes and administrators. that is they recognize what they put into their body matters, a massive amount. and what aaron rodgers did, was he researched all of the data, and he recognized that as a very
5:48 am
healthy athlete, he has zero risk. i mean, zero risk from covid. and so the idea that he would take a vaccine, which might provide any sort of risk to him at all, doesn't in any way make logical sense. and frankly, we have seen a lot of quarterbacks in the nfl making this decision. whether it's lamar jackson, whether it's kirk cousins, carson wentz, and certainly now we know aaron rodgers, guys who have looked at all the data who have done their own research and made the decision that is it doesn't make sense for them to need to get the covid vaccine. will: let's do this clay, you are as i said in tuscaloosa loose zoo, alabama you are the outkick college football bus tour. let's see where you are headed after this on november 13th to knoxville, tennessee. so, and then there is some other locations. you can see there along the bus tour that clay is taking across the south. he did make a stop in texas well admirablably. let's walk through a few games this morning what we can expect
5:49 am
to see. ohio state, nebraska, noon eastern time. what do you think? >> it's the big noon game. i got my t-shirt on here, will. by the way, you can tell even in the sunny south we are starting to turn into the cold season. can you see my breath here. cold this morning in tuscaloosa. i think ohio state is going to come out and dominate scott and the nebraska cornhuskers. we all kept waiting for nebraska to take the proverbial next step under scott. it's time to acknowledge they are just not very good and they haven't gotten a lot better under his leadership so far. the prodigal son return has not gone well. i think ohio state wins and covers with ease. will: go to the big 12 taylor, bcu eastern time what do you think there. >> i think baylor keeps it rolling. the big 12 is wide open with oklahoma state, with oklahoma, with baylor. maybe outside shot with iowa state. who exactly is going to end up in the big 12 championship game and baylor is the team under the radar the mongs. i think they take care of tcu
5:50 am
and continue to roll. will: big 10 indiana vs. michigan 7::30 the night game. >> jim harr bow's boys collapsed late against michigan state. i think they bounced back. disappointing season for indiana. felt like tom allen maybe had turned the corner with the hoosiers coming back in a big way. hasn't happened. i think michigan takes care of them and tries to continue to set up that game in ann arbor against ohio state where they inevitably are going to leave a lot of their fan base sad, like my wife, who is a michigan alum and doesn't think they will ever beat ohio state again. >> that was entertaining game michigan, michigan state. >> no doubt. will: fox bet super 6 app. and enter for a chance to win $25,000. all you need to do is pick six outcomes from today's college football games and watch how it plays out. free to play download the fox bet super 6 app. now and get started. don't forget to check out what's kicking on outkick. clay, have fun today.
5:51 am
thank you. >> hey, you guys have fun, too. appreciate you all having me. will: and it's the moment you have been waiting for. [bell] will: i guess. who will rise like rockie and who will fall like drogel. i must break you. our boxing show down is next. ♪ ♪
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>> ufc 268, what's going through your mind right now. >> it's good to be back in new york city. and, you know, we are sold out on saturday night. so that buzz and that energy only gets in the garden i'm looking forward to it and excited. rachel: the fight that's about to go down on "fox & friends" isn't going to sell out madison square garden in recognition of ufc 268 tonight steve and will are about to square off friends at betty bounces. on the count of three, pete and will. take a swing, 1, 2, 3. will: i just lost my -- rachel: go. pete: are we really going?
5:56 am
rachel: 20 seconds. >> 0 seconds more? >> he went for a hay maker. [bell] >> boom boom boom boom. rachel: 7, 6, 5, 4, 3,. pete: that was a good one. rachel: 3, 2, 1. woo. [buzzer] rachel: we will talk aboutn ur o won. er. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ... new projects means new project managers. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. when you sponsor a job, you immediately get your shortlist of quality candidates,
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or donate at >> ♪ rachel: it's hard to tell. will: well, he bullied me into the corner, i'll tell you that. i'm going to tell you the honest truth, i think he wins. look at this. pete: is it a little red right there? rachel: did you punch too hard right there? first of all, will, i've fever seen you guys this winded before
6:01 am
, on any of our competitions, so it goes to show these guys really took this seriously. i don't know if there's pent-up aggression going on, between them, but this is what i love about "fox & friends" one minute we're talking about infrastructure and vaccines. will: he was doing the same quite honestly during the commercial, oh, my shoulder. i was like i know you're going to come out swinging and go all- out. rachel: can you guys play again? will: i lose the mic, the ic, i lose it all. pete: but those gloves are heavy a little bit of me, i bet you felt the same way like i don't want to punch this dude, punch my buddy in the face on national tv. rachel: there was no holding back. [laughter] i don't want to punch my buddy. pete: but will if i have to. rachel: if there's a trophy i'll do it. will: how do those dudes do that for 12 rounds? pete: three minutes, we did 30
6:02 am
seconds. will: honestly i stopped to catch my breath and she goes 20 seconds left. are you kidding me? pete: it felt like an eternity. rachel: i was impressed it was very manly, guys. good job. pete: nothing but love, no pent-up aggression. rachel: no competition between these two guys. pete: nothing but love. you better do the read. rachel: we'll make a hard turn and the person not out of breath is going to do this and so it's me and now to a fox news alert. a live look at capitol hill, where over a dozen republicans join democrats to pass biden's infrastructure bill. >> on this vote, the ye's are 228 and the ney's are 206. the motion is adopted. >> [applause] pete: but the socialist squad bucking their own party voting against the $1.2 trillion deal. will: david spunt is at the white house as we expect the president to speak later this hour. david? reporter: good morning he's going to be speaking in about 20
6:03 am
-25 minutes or so in the state dining room with the vice president, 13 republicans voted with democrats on this plan. six democrats, four known as the squad, as you mentioned, voted with republicans against this plan. there's been fighting back and forth for months. it first off started with republicans and democrats then it moved to progressive democrat s versus just your more moderate democrats. let's take a look at exactly what is in the plan. we have a breakdown for you to show you what's in the plan, 110 billion for roads, bridges and transformational project, 89.9 billion for public transit, 66 for railways, 65 for clean energy transmission, 65 billion to expand access to high speed internet, 50 billion to protect against droughts, floods, and wildfires. the entire package, 1.2 trillion now let's look at the republican s voting in favor with democrats, jeff van drew, john k atko, don bacon, adam kinzinger, chris smith, brian
6:04 am
fitzpatrick, tom reed, and david mckinley. the democrats voting against the package siding essentially with republicans, corey bush, ja mal boman, alexandria ocasio-cortez and iona presley. >> what's your reaction to the six democrats that voted against the infrastructure bill? >> we knew. reporter: members of congress did vote on a rule that allows for the passage of build back better that social spending bill that focuses on the climate by and large, but things could always take a change in the next nine days or so, the question will build back better make it to the president's desk because the margins really are razor- thin in both chambers. we're going to be watching the president in about 15 minutes or so report back what he has to say. back to you. will: david thank you so much. rachel: thank you, david. will: since pete and i are out of breath let's turn it over to somebody with plenty to say dan
6:05 am
bongino, host of "unfiltered" with dan bongino. pete: we also wouldn't fight. rachel: never. >> i love this show, you know, i watch it, i don't just work here, right? you guys are great. it was funny, i enjoyed it, but you know, i got into boxing early when i was like 16 and right? isn't it exhausting the first time i sparred you're like you seen a rocky movie and you're like rocky went 15 rounds, no big deal! you're like 20 seconds into round one and you're like holy bones, this is hard! and that's when it's like 100- ounce gloves on or whatever , imagine 12-ounce gloves with a guy pounding your face in too? will: he's been in the army too, i've taken a few classes, hold it up here, cock your right back and once you're tired it's all down here. rachel: dan? dan? >> will, when you're tired, it's dalton from road house time nobody is paying attention to
6:06 am
any of that crap. it is road house time, nobody gets it, but it was funny good job. rachel: who do you think won, when you were watching that because i don't know much about boxing you know a lot more than i do, so who do you think won? >> if we have to spend it to the scorecards i've got, you know, listen i love you guys, i love you both. as much as i possibly could love another human being, but i've gotta go 10-9 pete on aggression pete, you know, pete's just got that killer warrior instinct but will, i must say, you put up a good fight too. will: thank you. >> i really enjoyed it you guys did great. those gloves are really rough. you can't punch with those you're more pushing with those gloves. pete: well, dan, thank you for settling that for us we needed that clearly this morning and we will not be stepping in the ring with you, but talk to us about this bill to pass, it would not pass without republicans in the house, 13 who voted with democrats to pass the infrastructure bill out of the house. your reaction? >> the dan bongino golden rule
6:07 am
of politics strikes again, ladies and gentlemen. what is the golden rule? okay, the golden rule is this. you will never be disappointed in republican politicians if you remember this. here's the golden rule. it says many republicans on capitol hill are really democrat s, but no democrats on capitol hill are really republicans. shows over, see you guys later, that's the golden rule. >> [laughter] >> i can't say this enough, but now, having said that because i want to be realistic. this has been a good week for republicans and the hard reality is 100-plus republicans stood their ground and did the right thing so we shouldn't throw them under the bus, but you remember my golden rule that many republicans are really democrats? you'll never be disappointed. now, here's what really upsets me about this though. i expected it from kinzinger and upton, no one really believes they are actual republicans any way, but what was maleotokas in new york and staten island? a lot of people went to the matt for her and including me,
6:08 am
mentioned her, what was she doing? again, we expect nothing from kinzinger therefore, i'm never disappointed. he never acts like an actual republican but maleotokas and one more thing in this bill we have a bunch of money chasing products that don't exist and that's why we have inflation because we have 10 million open jobs and people aren't making stuff and more money is chasing it so the democrats and the 13 republicans thought it be a good idea to print 1.5 trillion more dollars we don't have to chase more products we don't have, to stem the crisis we do have? and believe me, in d.c., this makes a lot of sense to the imbusol, they are like crust y the clown time again , they think this is the solution to the problem. >> [laughter] rachel: i want to switch gears and by the way i totally agree with your rule on republicans you never see them deflecting on the other side in the same way, the squad that defected only did that because they knew they had cover from the republicans, but let's move to another topic which is the border crisis
6:09 am
because there seems to be a disparity between what the president says that he knows about the bill and about paying off these illegal immigrants, $450,000 a person, and what the white house press secretary says, but they just basically toss it off to the doj and the doj says no comment, so i'm going to play you this little clip from peter doocy i want your reaction on the other side. >> a long line to get into this country legally. is there any kind of discussion about giving people who are coming here the right way money? >> why would we be giving people who are coming here the right way money? reporter: why are you giving people who came here the wrong way? >> i don't understand the question. you're saying that we should give people just money who are coming through? i don't understand the question. reporter: you're giving people who immigrated here illegally money.
6:10 am
>> like i said, that's the department of justice. you're going to have to ask them that question. rachel: that was so good, peter doocy is like why are you giving people that came here the wrong way money? >> yeah, and she's confused because she's confused because the logic it sound, so you come here illegally, you get a half a million buck, right? you come here legally you get nothing but a legal bill to go through the process legally from your lawyer? i mean, does that make sense and by the way if i could be lectur ed by anybody on this , like my life and mother-in-law went through the actual process they're immunotherapy it grants but here is what bothers me most about the elena gorakova tweet, they lie, we know they lie, they know we know they lie and yet they still lie. like, this is the biden administration. not only did they lie about the payments, biden telling peter doocy that's a garbage report and now they confirm it the next day. you just heard them back in december say vaccine mandates
6:11 am
we're not doing that. we have a vaccine mandate and then you hear them the other day we've gotta tax the rich with this creepy reverend cane that says pay your fair share and the democrats want to push through a tax cut for the rich and extending the salt provision they lied. all they do is lie. they don't have an ounce of dignity these people, they never tell the american people the truth, they're embarrassed, humiliated and kareem jean-pierre is confused because peter doocy asked a very logical question. we're paying people to come here illegally yet you're letting people come here illegally just sit out there and dangle. this doesn't make any sense at all it's really infuriating and i expect another wave in 2022 if this idiocy continues. will: what can we expect tonight on fox news channel on "unfilter ed" what do we look forward to? >> if pete recovers in time and takes his post workout protein drink, he will be on the show with his usual fire which we
6:12 am
love but we have a really great guest, don't miss tonight, please, shamika michelle on jason whitlock, she's a mother of a child in school, she happens to be black which doesn't matter to us, but matter s to the world to liberals and man i saw this clip on social media and my phone melted it was so good. she's going to set it on fire again tonight and i've got she van fleet who escaped china and ran for school board and won and shockingly said she was inspired to do it by my podcast which led to an e immigration all moment on the air, i was taken aback by that so don't miss the show. rachel: we never do. pete: no we don't and if you want to see dan, not just on tv but in person, then you have to come to the patriot awards it's like the mount rushmore of the fox news channel. look at that list right there it is on november 17, hard rock live in hollywood, florida, dan, along with everyone else see on that screen and more, i don't even see rachel and will, they'll be there for sure as
6:13 am
well we'll add their heads for the next shot. rachel: [laughter] pete: it's an award show that will blow your mind, you'll love this country even more with stories that inspire you and then you'll get a chance to meet all of those folks in person, photographs, book signings, some live shows that we have, "fox & friends" will be live, dan you're doing a book signing talking to people in the vip area, give people 15 seconds dan, why should they go to the patriot awards in about 10 days? >> yeah, yeah, because we're kind of tired of goofy hollywood people, and fake shorts icons out there. i mean, fox nation does it right we celebrate actual real heros, you know, who believe in the constitutional republic god given rights and actually go and do and don't just talk about it to change the world. they deserve an award too and we're the ones to give it to them. pete: amen, a back the blue award, the most valuable patriot award, they are just across-the-board these stories will put a tear in your eye and swell your heart, dan bongino, we'll see you there tickets still available
6:14 am
patriotawards get them now they're going fast but we would love to see you in person. will: thank you, dan. rachel: thank, dan. >> all right, guys see you. will: dan was right about a lot of things i think he was right that pete won in a split decision but through this entire a-block of the 9:00 hour i've taken little bits of hope and promise and inspiration for myself in two facts. every time dan spoke pete was catching his breath. rachel: he's definitely out of shape. will: second, that nose is red. i know i landed there. pete: he got a clean one in right there. he got a shot. hair and makeup. we need you! rachel: this is why, you know, this is the real pete. hair and makeup [laughter] pete: help me out, everybody it's going sideways. we need to fix this. national television, in case you didn't know. all right let's go to a few additional headlines as well starting with a fox news alert. horrifying video shows first responders fighting to help
6:15 am
concert-goers at the astro world music festival in houston and it shows the moment rapper travis scott brought the concert to a halt, at least eight people were killed and hundreds were hurt after panic broke out in the crowd. police are still trying to figure out what caused the crowd to surge toward the stage. >> and the san francisco community taking safety into their own hands. marina district locals hiring a private officer to patrol their community. this , as residents say car break-ins, home burglaries and muggings are "rampant." one special patrol officer says 165 people have hired him to walk, drive, and monitor suspicious activity in the area. gotta hire your own security these days. >> and former new york times opinion editor barry weiss' partner reveals she was bullied while working at the paper, nell ie bowels started covering tech for the times in 2017 and she started as a very
6:16 am
happy writer and so the outlet and its culture changed and she was told to, "cheer on" or otherwise carefully ignore the company's new ideology and that when she didn't, she says co-workers leaked stories to other publications to embarrass her. conform or quit. rachel: now she has her own newsletter going on. she says it's a lot more fun out of the new york times. pete: it's like coming to fox from cnn. and nothing says wedded bliss like taco bell. this sacramento california couple saying i do on taco tuesday and then holding their reception at the taco bell. it's famous for being one of the chain's most beautiful locations and the couple chose taco bell because well, yeah, they love it and they didn't want anything high stress. and those are your headlines. rachel: no stress there you just tell your guests to go to the counter and order what they want
6:17 am
pete: get your chalupa and you're good to go. rachel: so did taco bell cover it because they thought it was so great or did they end up? pete: if they did it was smart p r for them. they seen the story all over the place. will: let's take a break. want a break? pete: i do. take it. rachel: just so everyone knows, pete's going to hair and makeup. pete: 100%. rachel: he goes more than i do. [laughter] will: well pete is getting his hair did, we are waiting for president biden as he's set to address his infrastructure deal passing in the house last night. rachel: and a school administrator shares how teacher s can embed the principles of critical race theory into anything they teach. listen. >> parents, when we tell you critical race theory isn't taught in our schools, we're lying. keep looking. rachel: stay with us. >> ♪
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pete: a viral video of indianapolis administrator tony tennet explains how teacher s can embed the principles of critical race theory into anything they teach even if it's not on the books. he joined fox news earlier this week. there's this very clever trick that a lot of administrators will pull in education there are two things that consist of learning. we have curriculum which is what the students are learning and then we have pedigogy, which is how it's taught so we can officially tell parents we're not teaching critical race theory. it's not in the indiana academic standards but all of a sudden the classroom door shuts and the teacher starts teaching through a lens of this race essentialism that pits students against each other based on their color. pete: our great panel of moms is here to react, karol markowicz, kesha king and osra r omani. i'll let you all three tee off on what tony just said. carol, i'll start with you, he's
6:23 am
admitting, we may deny there's c rt in the classrooms but it's there. >> oh, it's there, and the thing is that people need to understand that crt is a method of teaching it's not a curriculum, it's not a subject. it's the way that this teacher is teaching and i love that he explained the difference between curriculum and pedigogy, because it really is that the way the teacher is explaining concepts to students and the way she separates them according to their race. that's really what's going on on our schools. it's not that they are being taught a subject called critical race theory and if you're school doesn't have that subject then you're fine. it's that it's being taught through the lens of critical race theory, and it's happening everywhere. pete: kesha, often it's just called something else like i don't know, diverse diversity, equity and inclusion. >> that's so true but i have to first give a shout out to all of the virginians who told mcauliffe to say we will be involved in our children's education so to all of the parents out there and
6:24 am
concerned citizens kudos to you, but he's absolutely right and parents we've been saying this , that kids are not reading from a book called critical race theory just like karol just said but it is actually, it's a way to view the world. it is a world view. it's a way to look at everything , you have to put on your critical race theory goggles and then you can properly, according to them, see clearly. pete: you're exactly right. you need your secret decoder ring and once you have that then it all makes sense. ozra, quisha gave you and your state a big shoutout, congratulations on what you accomplished on tuesday. share your reaction to that yet again for us and also this idea that even folks like terry mcauliffe are attempting say it's just not taught in school. >> oh, yeah, thank you so much quisha, for months and months because you've been as parents and we are this momma bear and papa bear movement and wow we elected a governor who actually pays attention, and
6:25 am
before the election, what we were doing is we were looking at the contracts, we were looking at the books, we were looking at the curriculum, and it's just as karol said, there's a divide between this book, which is called pedigogy of the oppressed and there is literally this approach brought into the classroom, it becomes this critical race theory, and then somehow, we end up with woke baby, and how does that happen? our parents have been investigating all of this , and it's through contracts. this is an equity collaborative contract with loudoun county and it literally says, coaching support for lcps teachers follow-up meetings focus on critical race theory development so this is how it then gets into the classroom, and right down the street from me, here on route 7, we have this class being taught to educators and it is how to be an anti-racist
6:26 am
educator and down here, it says, we are going to understand and explore whiteness. so it's just like karol and quisha say they are bringing this into the classroom and that is how we end up with this tragedy of woke baby, becoming the thesis in our classrooms, and this is what all of our parents in virginia stood up against and i want tone encourage everybody all across the country so study the contracts, look at the curriculum and don't let them gas light you. pete: asra, now that is my kind of show-and-tell. i appreciate you bringing all that. karol, what can other states learn? ultimately virginia taught a lot of us a lesson about what needs to be done. >> yeah, so i think parents across the country it have realized what's happening in the schools and one of the benefits of the pandemic has been the parents are really woken to what's happening inside their schools and i think crt, while extremely important, is really just one part of the woke
6:27 am
ness disease that's happening inside of our schools and one of the main things in virginia were gender issues and a cover-up of a rape by the school board, and books about pedophilia in the school library and there's a lot of problems it's not just race- based problems so i think parents have really realized what's happening, they've stood up and i just think they need to stay vigilant, stay focused, stay woke and really realize that unless they keep fighting for their kids no one else will. parents care about their kidders more than else does and they need to keep fighting. pete: quisha, so much encouragement from what happened in virginia but i think about my own mother who fought the curriculum 30 years ago when i was in elementary. this is not a problem that's going away. it does require vigilance. >> absolutely. so kudos to your mother, and i would say for any parent, or concerned citizen, just because we have, you guys have elected glenn youngkin here in florida we have a great governor ron
6:28 am
desantis, don't let up on these, because we have republican or conservative leaders. we still have to make sure that we are paying attention to what our children are being taught, because at the end of the day, we don't want to rely on the government. we still want to make sure that we're paying attention, and that we know exactly what's going on, because if we fall back and say okay, well, that's been taken care of, we will look down the road and be in the same place with something else 10 years from now. pete: absolutely, asra, we got about 15 seconds left go ahead final word. >> oh, my gosh, be awake. exactly. we are not wanting to give our children up to anybody. this is our sacred duty, and we are momma bears and papa bears and we protect our cubs, and so everybody, be unapologetic in that defense, because we are strong. pete:
6:29 am
well said, karol, quisha, asra, i'm liking our saturday dates i think we should keep it up. you guys are fantastic i appreciate it thank you all so much. >> thank you. pete: well, a source for the now -debunked steele dossier facing criminal charges, charlie hurt reacts next, and joe biden is expected to speak in minutes, as his infrastructure bill passes in the outs, despite the vision in his party, we're monitoring it. >> ♪
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6:34 am
passed it. pete: the reason for the wait? well progressives had dragged their feet on the bill. demanding that it be lumped in with an even more enormous socialist spending bill. will: here to weigh in fox news contributor, charlie hurt. charlie, great to talk to you this morning. help make it all make sense, charlie. put it into context. here we have this infrastructure bill, that's been passed with 13 republican votes. what's your takeaway? >> yeah, well, you know, at the end of the day, i guess we should have always known this was going to happen, when you put congress in a room for the past six months talking about spending trillions of dollars, there's no way they leave the room without spending at least a trillion dollars. it's sort of the last frontier of bipartisanship in washington when it comes to spending your money that we don't actually have. they really, they always find a way to come together and spend that money. of course i do think that it
6:35 am
probably puts the larger socialism bill on probably on its death bed. it's going to be very hard given this has sort of been their big splurge. it makes it a whole lot tougher and i think the progressive so-called progressives in the house are probably right. they're going to have a hard time getting the rest of the spending through, but trust me. 1.2 trillion is plenty of damage will: yes it is. pete: but that gives me hope, charlie. you're saying you think this passage makes the other one more unlikely. why? do you think that's because now manchin and sinema can go back and say hey we got an infrastructure bill passed through the house and the senate we don't need 2 trillion more, who does this fortify? >> i think that's right, and i think i don't think you'll peel off the republicans for that other bill the way you did on this bill, and i think you're also going to lose a lot of democrats because at some point, this stuff is, when people start
6:36 am
seeing empty shelves and they start seeing effects of inflation around the country, this becomes not some sort of far-off debate going on in congress. this becomes a real problem in people's faces, and of course, also remember this. we're getting ready, democrats just suffered a terrible bruising in these elections especially in virginia where they lost all three state-wide races, and they just lost the state house. this is devastating for democrat s, and it's a great warning, and of course, in election years, politicians become, they are the most scared people on earth in an election year. nothing ever gets done the closer you get to an election and i think this is probably the last significant piece of legislation we'll see before next november's elections, in which, democrats will definitely lose the house of representatives, and i think that in this environment, the field, it's a bad field for republicans in the senate,
6:37 am
next november, but i would say that in this environment, especially with joe biden at the top of the party, of the democratic party, i think republicans are in a real, real chance of possibly picking up the senate, which be , which be pretty amazing given how terrible the map is for them this time. rachel: wow a lot of hopefulness from charlie hurt this morning. i'm going to move to another topic. >> yes, indeed. rachel: special counsel john durham charged an russian analyst with lying about the steele dossier to fbi agents , and i guess i want to talk to you about this whole thing, because as somebody who i did vote for donald trump, i feel really jipped off. i feel like now, its all been exposed but it's so many years later, and other than this network, i don't know whose following this , and admitting that this was a hoax, that, you know, really was unfairly
6:38 am
dragging down the trump economy and their ability to get more done. >> and, you know, rachel, i think you pinpoint the most important thing here. it's great to go after igor denc henko for lying to the fbi, that's a serious issue all that kind of stuff and it is important and the way we get to the truth is by going after people like this , but, let's not forget, as you point out, the far-bigger issue here is this government-wide effort to discredit and destroy a duly- elected president of the united states, and when you go back and you look at the amount of time and effort that donald trump's agenda, which was very very popular, even more popular, i think, in a lot of ways than was reflected by the vote that he got, because of the nasty lies and conspiracies that these people waged against him, but we're talking democrats , elected democrats in congress, we're talking about the fbi itself, we're talking
6:39 am
about the department of justice, we're talking about the entire federal government was used all of these lies, these lies which were obvious to any intelligent person watching this stuff, that was all of this was used in order to destroy donald trump, destroy his first term, and deny him a second term, and it really is appalling and the idea that because of partisanship, so many people in the media are ignoring this. it really does underscore just how sick our politics are today, and we have to do something about it. will: they have to ignore it. rachel: third world stuff. will: because they awarded themselves for this story, they literally gave themselves awards for this fake story. it's insane and you make the right point it's not just the media but a government-wide hoax. rachel: and some former leaders of the democrat party were also involved in that, and we'll never, we'll see this guy go to jail, maybe, but what about all
6:40 am
the other people at the top? hillary clinton and obama and everybody else whose involved in this. >> yeah, i don't think we'll ever see the clintons pay the price. well look, actually, they have sort of paid the price. she will forever be the next president of the united states, but never actually the president of the united states. rachel: true. >> i saw somewhere where i think it was the babylon bee reported that hillary clinton dressed up as president of the united states for halloween. rachel: [laughter] >> so they will pay that price but i do think, but i am hopeful , this stuff is so appalling, it's so disgusting and so dishonest and it's so illegal, that i do actually remain hopeful that we will continue to get to the bottom of this , so the truth eventually always comes out. pete: i hope so because when you read about it open up the post here. they are literally made up sources and republican friends who had to admit the guy was made up. totally made up, pushed all the way to the top. rachel: the biggest hoax in american history. >> this stuff was obvious when it came out.
6:41 am
the fact that so many people in the media ignored this , or bought into this stupid dossier i mean, any, like third grader in journalism could have read this and just said this doesn't even make sense. this is absurd, and yet, so many people in the media were so invested in going after donald trump, that they literally bought every lie, pass it on and as you pointed out won prizes for it. will: third graders aren't learning critical thinking and reading skills. more of what you enjoy from charlie hurt today on the "big saturday show" check it out 5 p.m. charm it great to talk to you. pete: coming up the truck driver , a truck driver shortage being felt across the nation, but the answer may actually be teenagers? how a youth movement can help drive the industry forward. >> ♪ free and easy down the
6:42 am
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rachel: america's supply shortage is taking front seat as the need for truck drivers hits historic highs with nearly 100,000 openings, and the problem is only accelerating with truckers thing for 70% of domestic cargo deliveries,, but could teenagers be the key to pump the brakes on the problem?
6:46 am
let's ask illinois truck driver chris wagner. chris, welcome to "fox & friends " so why shouldn't 18-year-olds be able to drive a truck? we give them machine guns and grenades if they go to war. can't they handle a truck? >> for the most part, but i think they should be able to, but teenagers, they've grown up with a cell phone in their hand, and what i see a lot when i'm driving is they're all looking at their phones as they are driving down the highway not paying attention to what's on the road in front of them. it's a lot different when you're in a car than when you're in a semi. you potentially have 40 tons of rolling steel to cause a lot of damage if you're not paying attention and all it takes is a split second. rachel: it's a great point that a lot of these kids are on the phones and are kind of just used to doing that. i'm sure there's ways to figure out how to monitor that because we have a supply chain crisis problem, and part of the problem are truck drivers.
6:47 am
we need more of them, so can we talk a little bit about why teenagers aren't jumping into or even in their 20s, aren't jumping into this profession? i spoke with mike rowe earlier this week, from "dirty jobs" and he said part of the reason we're not seeing young people take these jobs even though they are very well-paying $50,000 to $100,000 in some cases is theres a stigma with this profession, whether it's from climate change or parents who want them to go to college. what can we do about that? >> well, truck driving is a lot of long hours and a lot of people don't want to do that. we're at a 14-hour mandated workday and 11 of that can be driving, and a lot of people just aren't up for that kind of a day, and that can go five-to- six days a week. that does kind of turn a lot of people off. rachel: are there things that
6:48 am
the industry can do to make this profession more attractive, to attract more people to it when we need them so badly right now, what are your suggestions? >> a lot of teenagers nowdays they're all looking for a high- paying job and sadly, they don't want to work very hard for it, so that's a difficult point to get the trucking industry to get people into that just because people don't want to work hard for their money any more. rachel: well it is a well-paying job as i said $50,000 to $100,000 a year so maybe we just have a culture problem that we need to work on. chris wagner, i'm sure there's other things we can do to get our country moving, maybe increasing weight limits, i don't know, but it's really great talking to you, great insight, and i appreciate you joining us here on "fox & friends."
6:49 am
>> all right, thank you, rachel rachel: okay. will: rachel, thank you, turning now to headlines starting with this fox news alert, at least 99 people are dead in more than 100 injured after a fuel tanker explodes and video shows people trying to fill containers of oil from the leaking tanker moments before it blows up. the leak was caused when two trucks crashed. massive explosion leaving burnt cars and motorbikes littering the area. >> pfizer ceo touts the impact of his company's new anti-viral covid pill which is said to reduce the risk of hospitalization and death by 89% >> people going into hospitals, only one will go in the difference, the treatment was done at home, because these are pills, so this is really a game changer. will: a game changer, inhibits viral replication, not unlike some generic cheap drugs like oh
6:50 am
, ivramectin. pfizer hopes to ask the fda for emergency approval before thanksgiving a decision could come in just a few weeks. >>ikeah raising its prices through the ongoing supply chain crisis the furniture giant cit ing strong demand from customers working remotely and an ikea financial summary says the company struggled to keep warehouses and stores stocked due to a "steep increase" in raw material costs. ikea expects to raise prices far into 2022 and those are your headlines. like we're just beginning this inflation crisis. rachel: yeah but also there are a lot of people working from home i don't know if it's still the case but i tried to buy a desk last spring and i couldn't get a desk that i wanted, because everything is out. people are working from home and ordering desks themselves. high demand. pete: have you ever put one of those ikea desks together? will: it's a full saturday. we are awaiting the president's remarks after his infrastructure
6:51 am
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pete: well, we've been having some fun this morning a lot to laugh about, sometimes we tray to do our best in difficult times but then there are other
6:55 am
times when maybe you shouldn't laugh so much, and one of those examples was given to us by the energy secretary, jennifer granholm. she was asked on another network a question about rising oil prices, inflation. rachel: that should be in her wheel house. pete: what are you going to do about it, energy secretary and you think okay, now is time for a thoughtful response instead we got this. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughter] that is hilarious, if i had the magic wand on this , as you know, of course oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel, that cartel is called opec, and they made the decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. will: i like the bow tie dude didn't give her a smile and laugh along with that and he's like no it's a serious question, your the energy secretary.
6:56 am
rachel: instead of giving this evil villan laugh, it's not funny there are people struggling to get to work because the cost of gas o lenore has gone up and by the way especially in rural america where people have to travel greater distances this is a serious question, she and this administration are directly responsible for why our prices are higher, right now and by the way, it facts everything, it makes your food cost go up, transportation cost go up, it makes everything go up when our energy costs go up, and it is directly a result of this administration shutting down oil production and purposely not letting us be the number one energy producer in the world which we were just a year ago. will: she's right that oil is a global market and she's right there is a cartel in opec that largely controls the prices of oil. what she's wrong about is that we have enough energy here in america to successfully breakup that cartel, to control our own energy future, should we fully unleash american oil production.
6:57 am
rachel: of course. will: but we don't do that, instead under policies like those forwarded by jenny jennifer granholm, we constrain our energy production. pete: but we did have that capability under president donald trump when he unleashed that renaissance and we were no longer at the whim of the cartel being energy independent, it's interesting she used the word " magic wand" and the democrats tell us through the use of government they can solve the problems, that's the premise so the policies they pursued on shutting down pipelines led to an energy crisis in our country and inflation and gas prices going up and they say what would you like me to do about it, wave a magic wand? that reminds me of barack obama in 2,016 rear when he said, would you like me to have a magic wand to bring manufacturing jobs back to america, what would you like me to do about that? turns out, you didn't need a magic wand, you just needed a brain and policies that worked, that brought companies to actually come back which is exactly what donald trump did. see what they don't have the answers they play dumb and say oh, what do you want me to have a magic wand?
6:58 am
no, if you put some policies in place they can work. will: it reminds me of what they said just a few weeks ago perhaps days ago when it comes to the supply chain crisis. what do you want us to do it's a global problem the supply chain crisis is not our fault. you're right if you bill yourself as the problem solver that government is the solution to all of our problems you can't just pull the rip cord on a problem you don't have the answer to. well this one is not for me. rachel: but this is worse than any, because this is a situation they created. we were energy-independent. our gas prices were low. our economy was doing better because of it, and they don't want it to be like that. they want energy to be so expensive because they have a climated agenda that they want. will: all the same things apply to the border crisis. created it, now what do we do about it? rachel: then they put our country in this humiliating situation where we have to beg opec, people who don't even like us very much to produce more oil , release more oil into the market so that prices can go down and they go no that's not going to work for us. pete: and by the way, we're
6:59 am
waiting for joe biden, you see that little box right there to speak about the bill that passed, lucky for you and lucky for us he's running late. so, he probably won't -- rachel: he's still napping. pete: oh, he's coming out. right now. yeah here is joe biden, talking about the bill. >> finally, infrastructure. >> [laughter] >> i'm so happy to say that. folks, yesterday, i don't think is an exaggeration to suggest that we took a monumental step forward as a nation. we learned that our economy created 5.6 million jobs since we took office in january 20, reached an unemployment rate of 4.6%, two full years earlier than the vast majority economists projected that would happen, and we're just getting started. we did something that's long overdue, that long has been talked about in washington, that never actually has been done.
7:00 am
the house of representatives passed an infrastructure investment and jobs act. that's a fancy way of saying, a bipartisan infrastructure bill. a once in a generation investment that's going to create millions of jobs, modernizing our infrastructure, our roads, our bridges, our broadband, a whole range of things. to turn the climate crisis and it puts us on a path to win the economic competition of the 21st century that we faced with china and other large countries and the rest of the world. it's going to create more jobs, good paying jobs, union jobs, and can't be outsourced, and they're going to transform our transportation system with the most significant investments , in passenger rail, the most significant investment in 50 years, in roads and bridges, the most significant investment in 70 years, and more investment in public transit than we've ever ever made, period. it's going to modernize our ports and our airports and going to some of our


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