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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 6, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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you never miss an episode of "hannity." thank you as always for being with us. you make this show possible. let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. we hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. >> fox news alert, eight people dead and scores people hurt following the first night of the afterworld festival in houston, texas. first responders say they printed after crowd started pushing toward the stage and panic ensued. there were 50,000 people in attendance, 20 patients were transferred, you have a in cardiac arrest. eight our debt and many others hurt and this is following a
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crowd situation at the afterworld festival. there was reports for stamping earlier in the afternoon but that's were not related to that incident. travis scott's festival, authorities held a press conference and said scott is cooperating with authorities. total casualties standard eight, there were 300 patients seen on site and nearly a dozen in cardiac arrest. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. >> in those days all of this would be done, not only 24/7, characterizations going house before anybody knew what was going on. it was an additional challenge but i see every challenge as an opportunity. >> pelosi's leadership, her
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party struggled to find consensus on just about anything. after weeks of heralding a transformative build a better legislation, promising a vote today, how many times a day promised votes, can't even count, they promised to get it done. when the trump era turned the master speaker into a slave to party radicals she lost touch with working-class america which is now beginning to revolt against the democrats plan to tax, spend and regulate us all into submission but now nancy can't bring her party's moderates into the fold on the nearly 2200 page socialist pork package, the moderates saw what happened in virginia, new jersey, seattle, minneapolis, now they know that if they don't change course they are the next ones on the chopping block. that is why they have demanded to see the true congressional budget office scoring of all these spending bills. another deathblow to the democrats the new york times
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noted yesterday that the reconciliation bill would cost not $1.57 trillion, no, but $4 trillion in the end but the squad and the progressives just don't care about any of these concerns, they are going for broke even if it means breaking their own party and losing the house next year. today's positive jobs report should be good news for biden's agenda but it seems to be the opposite. today we learn job growth was above expectations, job numbers for august and september were revised upward by 235,000. in other words more americans are getting back to work than previously thought. that all happened without big government intervention so what does that tell us? it tells us what our economy really needs to take off is for
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the government to get out of our way, off our back, we don't need to further punish our kids or our grandkids with trillions more in debt and create new social spending plans, and that to the new emerson poll which found 55% of americans believe the democrats spending bill will have no impact or negative impact on their lives. this is the bill the democrats think is going to reverse their political fortunes? >> any rational group of people would have hit the brakes, but biden, he strapped. >> two bills put together would create millions of jobs, grow the economy, invest in our nation and people, turn the climate crisis into an opportunity, we are going to invest in your hopes and make sure america wins the future in the process. >> of the current moment feels like déjà vu you're not alone.
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>> in 2009, the democrats got this exact same message from virginia, new jersey voters and four days later nancy pelosi did the same thing, rushed a vote on obamacare and 63 democrats lost their seat a year from then. i think people would learn from that. >> is the political equivalent of the cult leader jim jones, making all her members drink the kool-aid sacrificing the mantra speakership at the alternate of woke, get as much power as you can before the getting comes down. she saw what was happening in virginia and around the country and doesn't care. she knows this bill will do nothing to improve anyone's standard of living, she doesn't care and perhaps most revealing, old man knows the bills back better bill is unlikely to spend past the smith test with
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moderates but doesn't care, she would rather cater to the squad than listen to the american people. the goal isn't to help americans but to make federal bureaucrats and politicians in dc take more control, want to federalize, globalize as much of your personal decision-making as they can, from what you eat to what medicine you get injected with how much energy you use to where and when you can travel, the mode of transportation, they want it all and of course, in order to sell this dystopian nightmare to the american people they are flat-out lying about all of it. >> president biden: we talk about price tags, it is 0 price tag. we are going to pay for everything we spend. >> the price tag for this legislation is 0. ultimately a $0 bill because it is all paid for. >> it is shocking to hear that. they either know it is false or their deluding themselves are
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completely ignorant. any of those options is terrible. i wonder why all those democrats are rushing to pass this bill before the cbo can score it if they are so confident. after the claim that millions of jobs will be created by the bill here is a reality check from the university of chicago, the economist casey mulligan who unlike every democrat in congress has actually read and analyzed this monstrosity of a bill line by line and it turns out the bills back better plan will make life worse for working americans by killing nearly 7 million american jobs. a few moderates left in the house and senate should save themselves and cease all negotiations on these spending packages immediately. we don't need any more stimulus and we certainly don't need higher energy costs that this bill would certainly create. all we need is for the federal government to step out of the way, drop the covid mandates, take the hands off of oil and gas and enforce the border. on tuesday americans center shot
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across the bow to the democrats leaky boat. if they try to move full steam ahead nevertheless, they are going to start taking on water. it is up to the rest of us to put pressure on these wavering moderate politicians. if they go along with this madness their careers are over and that is the angle. time is the president of the committee to unleash prosperity. as you noted, this bill is one big contradiction of what the democrats promised they were going to deliver. explain why that is. >> it keeps getting worse. every version is worse than the last and the latest version, the biggest spending in the bill is this tax break for blue state billionaires, they will raise the salt on deductibility of state and local taxes to 80,$000. you have to be pretty rich to pay 80,$000 of state and local
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taxes in this is a direct response to them getting blown out and democrats saying please do something for our richest constituents and for some reason progressives are going along with that. this bill is loaded with so many bad ideas and it keeps getting worse. laura: the blue states have the highest taxes so democrat states have bad policies and the rest of us have to subsidize the high taxes in california, illinois, new york, connecticut, the list goes on and on, the worst of the worst in this new version of the social spending bill, people talk paid family leave and say that is great. what were the ultimate price tag of that for the us taxpayer. >> we don't have a score yet. that is why this has been held up.
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we don't know ultimately what the cost of the provision will end up being but it will be considerable. the latest program is bizarre through the treasury, the last place it should run a paid family leave program. it will have a lot of implementation problems. it will either fall on taxpayers or employers to the extent taxpayers don't pick up the tab. it's not as extreme as the earlier version, they are back in at four weeks but it will be expensive. laura: president biden tried to twist arms and convince congressman and legislators to do the right thing, 42% approval rating but nevertheless this is what he said. >> passing these bills will say clearly to the american people we hear your voices.
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laura: what voices he hearing? >> not the ones that showed up on election day. they said the opposite. these bills will make the rising price problem much worse because they severely disadvantage fossil fuels, it is different than when he said i never raise taxes, but they are raising taxes on fossil fuels and have also to give aways for green energy. that will make energy more expensive overall. that will raise prices. they spend trillions of dollars which would finance the federal reserve bond purchasing. that will raise prices and all those business tax hikes in this bill, higher taxes on corporations and small businesses, that will get past on higher prices. everything in the bill will push in the direction of higher prices.
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laura: president biden is lying about what the bill will do and they are all lying about what it will cost, the estimated cost. i can't wait to see where this goes. democrats spendarama wouldn't just cripple with energy and nicotine that makes osha one of the most powerful government agencies in the world. it is going to punish you because not only does it empower osha to level penalties of 700,$000 per violation but hands the labor department $1 billion to beef up enforcement. joining me is roger marshall. this is about control of the american people. the best part of this is you are saying this is an emergency
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directive from osha but it wasn't an emergency 11 months ago or in septemr when we had many more cases and apparently it is not an emergency and overly january when all of this kicked in. >> this is another example of the government socialism. the swamp is about to get deeper and osha with their own vaccine mandates. we are doing what we can to stop it. this is a slap in the face of hard-working americans, the people that were heroes a few months ago, now the government wants to separate them from the job by forcing them to make a choice between the jab or the job. >> any court in its right mind will issue an immediate injunction once these lawsuits are filed in earnest given the actual authority, statutory authority osha has to act. if this is an emergency hazard in the workplace suddenly when hospitalizations and deaths are down, that on its face makes no sense because it was much worse
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earlier in the year when the biden administration conceded it didn't have the authority to issue these types of mandates. >> absolutely. this is an unconstitutional mandate, a little common sense knows is morally wrong to separate soldiers from the military, separate our heroes, people working in the hospitals keeping us all safe and we are in the downswing of another wave and the vaccine wasn't twice as effective as we thought it might be. when will the government take into account natural immunity and stick a knife in our back with this vaccine mandate. laura: jennifer granholm has spoken out. watch. >> what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? laura: what is -- would that i
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had the magic wand -- oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel. the cartel is called opec and they made the decision yesterday they were not going to increase beyond what they were planning. >> why wasn't that opec didn't have a knife at our throat when it came to energy prices a year ago and the secretary of energy isn't aware of the fact the president biden and his administration but the kibosh on more expanded oil drilling and exploration. >> another crisis created by president biden, we are importing more oil from russia than from alaska. he is shutting down the pipeline. telling people to not drill. in kansas we have a little bit of oil in kansas, we can't get financing now because president biden doesn't want americans to be energy independent, creating another crisis and punishing those people at that end of the economic spectrum, young
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hard-working families and senior citizens. laura: will show manchin given because of the weight of this entire burden the democrats are putting on his shoulders or will he tell the truth about this bill, to spendarolla reconciliation bill, go to his constituents and tell them the truth? >> i think joe standing taller every day and kirsten standing tall every day as well. the people of arizona, of west virginia, to create a social welfare program, to create big government socialism. that's not who they represent and they know that. i hope they will listen to folks like my folks are upset about vaccine mandates they are upset about inflation and everyone knows this will drive up inflation.
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laura: $4 trillion is what the respected economists are saying. 13,000 scientists and physicians signed a new declaration opposing the draconian covid dictates in the biden administration. we will speak to the most prominent government moments, don't go away. ♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left this evening. we hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." thank you as always for being with us. you make this show possible. let not your heart be troubled "the ingraham angle" is next. we hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ eight people are dead and score of people are hurt. this is following the night of the world festival in houston, texas. first responders that you were injured after the crowd started pushing toward the stage and panic and sued. there were more than 50,000 the cho
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>> fox news alert. tweet people dead and scores people hurt when the crowd surged during the first night of travis scott's afterworld festival in houston. first responders say they were injured after the crowd started crashing toward the stage and panic into. 50,000 in attendance, 20 patients transported to the hospital. 11 were in cardiac arrest. >> this is a tragic night. what we are going to do is give some information as far as what we know at this moment. there's going to be a lot of unanswered questions. this is an ongoing investigation, we want to give you preliminary facts of what we know at this moment. we know that we had eight confirmed fatalities tonight and
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scores of individuals that were injured in this event. we had an attendance of approximately 50,000 to the travis scott astro world festival event. we do know approximately 9:00, 9:15 the crowd began to compress to the front of the stage, that caused some panic and it started causing some injuries. people began to fall out, become unconscious and it created additional panic. we transported the houston fire department transported at the start of the mass casualty incident when it was triggered, the mass casualty incident was triggered at 9:308 am this evening. after that time we transported 17 patients to the hospitals.
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12 of those were transported by houston fire department five were transported by harris county emergency services. 11 of those were in cardiac arrest. we won't know the cause of death of the eight confirmed until the medical examiner has completed his investigation but we are in the process of sending units to the hospitals to identify these patients, these fatalities. what we ask the community right now is this if your family member was at this event and you have not spoken to your family member we have a reunification center that will be open at 8:6 kirby, the wyndham/houston hotel, 8686 kirby.
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we will have houston police department, vitamin, medical examiner, personnel there to assist in filter information of patients transported to the hospitals. >> reporter: once again eight are dead and many others hurt following the crowd surges after the world festival in houston, texas. there were reports of a stampede earlier in the afternoon. travis scott is cooperating with authorities on this is the casualty count stands at eight, 300 patients were seen on site being treated the close to 20 were transported, 11, 11 receiving cpr. it did cancel day 2 of the festival and if you missed what the authorities were saying if you know anyone who was at the festival and trying to get in contact with the mayors are reunification center at the
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wyndham hotel in houston. this happened at 9:00 tonight. people on twitter, this is trending, they are saying there are reports the concert kept going as people were seen on the ground being helped. there is video that we have seen the does share that sentiment. stay with fox news channel on this developing story. we will send you back to regular programming already in progress. laura: stories like these not really being told. >> the fact is the risk children face from covid is so small that almost any risk from the vaccine itself might cut against recommending the vaccine. i think it is something left up to parents and the pediatricians they have but you might have a shot with special needs.
12:27 am
it is really best done at the individual level. not telling people, telling people the vaccine is entirely safe is really harmful to public health. it is not entirely safe. i think it is largely safe but not entirely safe. stories put your heartstrings, no medicine is perfectly safe. you have to tell people honestly what the risks are and let them make choices. these mandates are insane, they are destroying the trust in public health and we will get many stories like this. i'm worried other vaccines that are useful and important for children people will stop trusting. laura: that is a terrifying prospect but really well said. i'm afraid of that as well. there was an exchange on capitol hill this week between the cdc director and senator richard burr which i think is quite
12:28 am
illuminating about what this administration, what the cdc thinks about natural immunity. >> what does the science say about the durability of natural immunity is when can we expect answers on this? >> cdc continues to recommend people previously infected get their covid 19 vaccine. the data on the infection-induced immunity some of which you quoted are murkier. they rely on retrospective studies, observational studies, we recommend children who have been previously infected get vaccines. laura: your response to her. >> the cdc study that was half-baked that recently came out in an attempt to address this is the only one out of over 100 that i am aware of that indicates natural immunity is not better than vaccination. the vaccination on top of
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previous infection and natural immunity -- high risk to patients than vaccination in the naïve individual. i'm an example of that. if you two jabs of moderna i had covid in february of 2020 a developed hypertension with systolic up to 230, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy etc.. these are known risks. regarding doctor fauci's comments there is no other word for it, duplicitous is the nicest thing i can say. laura: thank you, american duchess turned lobbyist is well, challenging religion now. friday follies get into it with raymond arroyo in moments.
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>> fox news alert, at least we people are dead and scores of people hurt in the crowd surge during the first night of travis
12:35 am
scott's after world festival in houston, texas first responders say they were heard after the crowd started pushing toward the stage and panic ensued, 20 patients were transported to the hospital. 11 of those transported were in cardiac arrest. >> some of the folks they are working to identify all the victims but what has made clear, the folks that were transported some as young as 10. >> eight dead and many others hurt in this crowd surge at the after world festival in houston, texas. there were 50,000 in attendance. stay with fox news channel for more on this developing story. laura: it is friday, time for friday follies and for that we turn to author of the spider saved christmas fox news
12:36 am
contributor raymond arroyo. there was a microsoft streaming event this week that had a very curious start. >> they practically apologized for the land they were standing on. >> we want to acknowledge the lead with the microsoft campus since we did was traditionally occupied by the snoqualmie, the suquamish -- >> caucasian woman with long hair. >> a caucasian man. >> this was such education for me. i think i will begin every folly segment with i am raymond, i'm hispanic italian man with dark hair and blue suit who goes by sire and my leisure time standing on swampland once owned by alligators and nutrients. >> when you sent this to me i
12:37 am
thought this is funny, when did saturday night live do this. i had saturday night live gotten to be funny because this is great, who is this actress and it is the real thing. >> when you are the software and apologizing for the place you are standing just stay home and let the people who own the place originally broadcast. you will be happier that way. laura: give it back to people, then where do the snoqualmie go? is there another age they can return the land 2, at some point you run out of generations. >> some people say one thing and do another entirely. the duchess of sussex has long disparaged the royals while claiming the title and she uses it -- >> i can focus more energy because the early at the gate i
12:38 am
think you realize once you have access or a voice people are going to listen to, there comes a lot of responsibility. >> no one realized she was talking about members of congress. megan is now a lobbyist, she's been coordinating with senator kirsten gillibrand lobby senators particularly joe manchin about paid family leave. there are reports that she called senators on their private lines opening with this is megan, duchess of sussex. how do you trash the royals, then use their title to lobby. this shouldn't be allowed. this is outrageous. >> is she in need of paid family leave? >> with a team of nannies and cooks, she and her husband took off 20 weeks for parental leave when they had each of their children. what government could afford this? laura: i am the duchess of sussex, why do we care what you
12:39 am
think about anything. that is not relevant time in american citizen and this is my view but what can we expect? >> if you get an invite to the dinner, gillibrand is hosting a dinner for congressional ladies with megan marco in the coming weeks in dc so let me know, give us a report. there is a new british show i wish we could adapt and bring to fox called love trap. it is a dating show and this is what happens when contestants are eliminated. >> who do you think is a love trap?
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>> if i were to adapt this i would call our show political trap, and dump rejected politicians and political one ofes to return door. i can see it now. look out below. >> learning as much as i can so that i can maximize the opportunity we have to make an impact. >> this is waiting to happen. can you imagine election nights, the power of this no matter your party, just drop them through the floor. laura: for next year, given way to defend the police initiative went in her district of minneapolis we can push the button and have a lot of our go down the trap. i will personally push that button. >> we will send the set builders to minneapolis. laura: there's a reckoning of sorts following the election. here's your powell. >> just stupid woken us, defund
12:41 am
the police, take abraham lincoln's name of schools, people see that. it has a suppressive effect across the country. some of these people need to go to a woke detox center. >> james has been saying this for months and most of tuned him out but he is right and there is something deeper going on. the archbishop of los angeles josé gomez, head of the us bishops conference said these new social justice movements like blm are rivals to christianity which he says their salvation is found in constant struggle, religion marxism and profoundly atheistic so be on the political this is a spiritual conflict and as pope benedict said, when we forget god we no longer see the image of god and our neighbor and that
12:42 am
is happening in our society and destroying our politics. >> carville had an lsu sweatshirt. i have my alabama but not so we are playing this weekend. let's see -- >> they will have a rough time. >> when he stands up for robert e lee, stand up for robert e lee, i will be really impressed. i appreciate it as always. the ingraham angle brought an investigation about dozens of vets being left by outside a va hospital, one of the most exclusive enclaves. we have an important update.
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team a few weeks ago this show exposed how dozens of vets removing intents outside the veterans administration. raymond arroyo visited the site. what he found was shocking. >> a unique homeless in camp and, tents are emblazoned with american flag. it is a camp made up entirely of veterans. they run it like a military
12:48 am
outpost complete with chores and drop off locations but these vets are fighting a new battle. welcome to veterans grow. in 1887 this 388 acres was donated to the federal government to house disabled veterans in the art of brentwood. during the korean war, 4000 that's call this place home but since then it hosted a parent park, ucla baseball diamonds, even a dog park. today the veterans can't get in. they are out here on the street. robert reynolds is an iraqi war vet who came here 2018 for ptsd treatments but the va wouldn't let him in with his service. >> i ended up on the sidewalk. i couldn't believe what i them seem was where these veterans camped outside the va? since i have been involved with the 5 known 6 veterans, they are passing away on the street and
12:49 am
dying in tents, absolutely an acceptable. >> reporter: scotty served in vietnam and has been here for two years. he was recently hit by a drunk driver while sleeping in his van. >> reporter: when you sit outside the gates for property intended for veterans and you can't get to the other side? >> i want to break out of flamethrower. i tell you why. that was our land, it was given to us. a big plaque dedicated for disabled and homeless veterans, not the veterans administration. laura: we are happy to report some progress has been made in getting those veterans off the streets but many promises remain unfulfilled. joining me now is robert reynolds, veteran advocate and former homeless that himself.
12:50 am
tell us what changed since we visited you a few months back. >> we were able to get all of veterans to move in a group to the other side of the fence. they moved tents to another location so they had the same tents as on the sidewalks with american flags on them. they did not go into housing. we've been asking for over a year to get veterans off the street. i'm thankful that has happened. laura: a lot of americans watching this tonight are truly shocked by what they see and at the same time we have word that families separated at the border are going to get 450,$000 as recompense for what they had to endure. illegal immigrants getting
12:51 am
450,$000 and veterans dying on the street after being hit by oncoming cars. something about this doesn't seem right to say the very least. >> it is disgusting what is going on, in the nations capital for veterans homelessness, 388 acres of land donated to housing and has been years of broken promising -- >> this is congressman ted blue's reaction. that the majority of vets residing at the encampment, staying in hotels or housing, notable step forward. access to resources and the care they deserve. your reaction to that? >> working with homeless
12:52 am
veterans outside, he is yet to return any messages requesting a meeting to figure out a better way to get through the situation. and in this camp and, ted, who is a veteran would ignore, with unethical and immoral thing i have ever seen. >> we reached out to his office, when americans see the federal government wasting billions of dollars on failed programs and - veterans who served the country
12:53 am
to protect freedom are on the streets. it boils the blood. the average american watching this, i was angry in august, now i am angrier. they are putting a band-aid on this? >> signing a piece of paper is not that hard. congressman ted you are more concerned with illegal land users than working with veterans. anything built on that property and related to veteran housing goes up overnight. anytime we talk about building better housing, waiting on infrastructure upgrades, environmental impact reports, excuse after excuse, caused the truck to violate. laura: you continues to be a warrior and an angel for doing what you do. thank you very much.
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laura: i know you're upset but that is it for us tonight. you can get your tickets for fox nation's patriot awards. i will be there with raymond, tucker, sean and so many of your fox favorites. 5 figure in hollywood, florida, the tickets are sold out. we will have a blast so you better show up. you can get your tickets at this is the coolest stuff. this is all the cool freedom matters couldy, we wear around the house but everyone loves it, the freedom matters totebag. the tumblers are made in the
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usa, great stuff and this month all the proceeds go to unconditional pet love rescue in arkansas. wonderful people who run the operation. freedom matters, of course it does, all for good cause. greg gutfeld takes from here, see you back on monday. >> eight that and scores of people hurt in a surge during the first night of travis scott's world festival in houston, texas. first responders say they were injured after the crowd started toward the stage and panic ensued. 50,000 people in attendance, patients are transported to the hospital, 11 cardiac arrest. four people were treated at the scene where a field hospital has been set up. law enforcement say there are a


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