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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 5, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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kendi has been exposed as a fraud by his own words. vijay, thanks so much for joining us tonight. that is about it for us tonight. all three episodes of tucker's blockbuster investigation into the real event of january 6th on fox nation, "patriot purge." and check out "the will cain" podcast. ♪ ♪ >> sean: and welcome to "hannity," on this busy new friday, major development on multiple fronts tonight. coming up, green bay packers star quarterback aaron rodgers' blasting democrats, the nfl, anp the woke mob over their covid-19 hypocrisy, also senator rand paul, he will join us with more on his latest confrontation with the disgraced and dishonest dr. anthony fauci, and democrats are in completed- disarray on capitol hill tonight, but ultimately, reallyo nothing in the house is going to matter because joe manchin, the senator from west virginia, it looks like he will have the
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final say, as well as kyrsten sinema from arizona. but first, bad news for the biden administration and bad news for americans. our economy is now officially in dire straits. you can see it everywhere. inflation is spiking, economic growth is stagnant, and the worker shortage is getting worse. in september, 38,000 more americans dropped out of the workforce. now over 100 million people in this country are no longer working. 100 million people. according to joe biden, thankseo to him, the economy has recovered faster, fairer, and stronger than anybody could have predicted. just take his word for it. take a look. >> these plans i have implemented, through these plans, economic success, the economic rescue, and vaccination plan, both of it, have made the economy the envy of the world. we are the fastest growing major economy, and creating jobs at as faster pace.e.
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and yet, yes, there is a lot more to be done. we still have to tackle the cost the american families are facing. this recovers faster and stronger and fairer and wider than anyone could have predicted. >> sean: no doubt biden has no idea what is actually going on. he is as we have been telling you, everybody is joining in a a little late but they are finally getting it, that he is weak and frail and joe biden is a complete cognitive mass. so tonight, i have a message for the woke social justice warriors that are writing biden's w speeches. if you lie your way out of an economic catastrophe, it is never going to work in thehe middle of a trucker shortage, a supply chain crisis, biden's vaccine mandate could cost the in trucking industry alone over 30% of its workforce, and it is not only trucking. soon, millions of workers in the private sector, the public sector, will be out of jobs as
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teachers, as nurses, the people that put their lives on the line at the worst moment, in the middle of this pandemic. diving on one covid grenade day after day after day. cops, firefighters, with first responders, blue-collar workers, you name it, our military.. add to this the rising gas prices, all caused by joe biden, and that could cause a horrendous period of what is known as stagflation. after the biden administration cut america's oil and gas supply, after they killed the keystone xl pipeline, after they banned exploration on federal land, prices at the pump, they have been soaring. t we are now paying almost $1.50 more per gallon of gasoline. it is costing more to heat and cool our homes.. but we have rising prices on everything. everything now costs more because it costs more to manufacture and it costs more to deliver to the stores that you go to. this morning, one cnbc anchor posed a very reasonable question to biden's energy secretary. this answer and this response
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should make your blood boil, because joe biden was handed,nc absolutely handed energy independence. we weren't importing oil from saudi arabia. we were a net exporter of oil for the first time in 75 years because of donald trump's policies that joe abandon. and here is their answer to higher gas prices and higher prices for everything that you buy. >> what is the grand plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughs] that is hilarious. >> sean: and then she went on to blame opec and the cartels. what is funny about that? we were energy independent. instead of begging opec and getting rejected for the ninth time, we can produce more oil, more gas right here in america.p it creates high paying career jobs in the energy sector. it reduces shipping costs.
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and i'm not sure what is so funny to the biden administration because the people that are being hurt the most are americans that are poor and middle-class. they are now being hit with higher prices on everything. but oh, what a dumb idea. it is the cartel's fault, it is opec's fault. no, secretary, it is your fault and it is joe biden's fault. according to granholm, the only way to lower energy height and on my prices is to beg opec again and get rejected again because opec said no, not once, not twice, they keep saying no, and now there is nothing the biden administration can do, yeah, they actually can. they can lower the price ofay energy by going back to the policies that worked on their donald trump. that would mean energy independence. otherwise, higher prices for everybody. and by the way, you are not going to be able to spend the t money anyway because our supply chain is so screwed up, also self-induced problems. a big deal according to biden? no, he says no big deal. one white house official
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snarking, you're just not going to be able to get the jacket in 15 colors, but at least you will get a jacket. jen psaki calling the tragedy -g calling this the tragedy of the missing treadmill. mayor pete saying, oh, well, if you don't want to disappoint your kids at christmas, you need to shop for christmas in october. and if not, oh, well. too bad. no christmas for your kids this year. if the results of biden's first year in office tell you anything, improving your life is not a high priority for them. the tragedy of the treadmill. really? overreaching, far left, radical socialism, with a heavy dose of virtue signaling almost on a daily basis, that is more important. that is why biden's doj is now floating an idea to pay certain illegal immigrants, people that didn't respect our law, our borders, our sovereignty, up to $450,000 apiece. today in an exchange with our own peter doocy, biden's deputy spokesperson provided a classic
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excuse for the insane proposal that even joe indicated the day before he had not even heard of and thought was a dumb idea. now they are backtracking on saying it is a great idea. and of course, it is always donald trump's fault. >> your administration is negotiating cash payments for some illegal immigrants who were separated from family members under the last administration. why give taxpayer money to people who broke federal law to get here? >> you like this question, peter. you asked this question yesterday. >> not to the heart of the point, which is the people broke the law to come here, and are going to get hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money. t >> i said this to you yesterday, peter. one of the reasons we are in this place we are today is because we had an administration that had an inhumane, immoralr policy. >> sean: wow.
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joining us with more, our very own white house correspondent peter doocy is with us. all right, so you asked joe biden, and i'm following this really closely, he number one doesn't have a clue. he says absolutely not, he rejected it outright. then they circle back, to use a phrase, and admit they are doing it, and joe is now positive on this idea? >> not just positive. i was told the day after he said the reports about this were garbage that the president is actually perfectly comfortable, but there was a little bit more of my exchange today with the deputy principal press secretary about exactly why this group off people, out of everybody that has come to the border, the millions of people that have come to the border in the lastve few years, are having this special treatment. listen to this. >> there is a long line to get into this country legally. is there any kind of discussion about getting people who are coming here the right way money? >> why would we be giving people
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who are coming here the right way money? >> why are you getting people who came here the wrong way -- >> i mean, i don't understand the question. what is -- you are saying we should give people money who are coming through -- i don't understand the question. >> people who immigrated here illegally money. >> like i said -- like i said, that is department of justice. >> and so there are a lot of ifs here. the settlements are being negotiated between the aclu and some lawyers representing these migrants. illegal immigrants. and the justice department -- they are also justifying making payments if it would save taxpayers money as opposed to going to trial. letting these illegal immigrants go to trial and say they had their families ripped apart by the u.s. government. we don't know what is going to happen. the aclu after the first exchange where the presidenthe basically said it is not going to happen even though now we know it is. they came out to say maybe the president is not being properly
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briefed by his own staff about what his own administration is doing. i tried to get some answers about that. we don't know exactly when thebo president first learned about this policy. >> sean: this is probably the most outrageous answer i think you have gotten so far. great job, peter doocy. all right, tonight, one recurring theme inside the democratic party, dissent is no longer if you're a democrat and you do not sign off on any woke green new deal socialist bill, you become enemy number one. activists will stalk you, they will harass you, they willn attack you, and then accuse you of you being the villain. yesterday, an angry mob of democrats followed senator joe manchin into a parking garage, surrounding his suv, trapping him inside, until security was finally able to clear the area. now they know that senator manchin, he has a different opinion than a lot of his colleagues in the senate, and he would have the power to kill the build back better socialism bill that he has been very critical of, and they apparently are very worried, so
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their answer, try and intimidate the senator. [honking] [indistinct shouting] >> this is joe manchin's car slowly pressing into our peaceful protest. [chanting] >> sean: here now with reaction, someone who was also targeted by members of her own party, former democratic presidential candidate, congresswoman tulsi gabbard. congresswoman, welcome back. when you see that video and you know that joe biden is trying to bring some, some basic common sense back to the party, what is your reaction? >> sean, what bothered me most
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when i saw that video was realla the exaggeration and the dishonesty, where you have people there who are essentially trying to create a viral moment and a headline and yelling out "joe manchin is trying to run us over." this is just the latest example of a disturbing, larger pattern of dishonesty and disrespect for the american people, where they think we are justof stupid. we saw this in the excuses thaty relate out when mcauliffe lost in virginia. they said oh, well, youngkin won because he sounded his dog whistle and all the dogs came out and voted. him and that is why he won. and it reveals really what they think about us. that we are stupid, that we are dogs, that we don't have intelligence or free will to make our own decisions for ourselves, and therefore we should just trust them in their arrogant attitude that they and the big government, they know what is best for us that will make the best decisions for us.
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>> sean: i use the analogy, i was the emcee the night newt gingrich became speaker in 1994, and it was a wake-up call, remember, republicans that had been out of power in the house of representatives for four years, and it became a wake-up call for bill clinton, and that is when he changed gears, and the era of big government is over, the end of welfare as we know it. this modern democratic socialist party, i do not see has any capacity to change course or a dust. what we have seen since tuesday is full steam ahead on socialism. do you see the same thing? >> what i see is this continued disrespect of the american people. you look at the underlying problem here is that we don't have leaders who actually respect the american people, who
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actually respect us enough to listen, to listen to what parents are concerned about it. you know, their children and their education.f to listen to the american people who are sick and tired of the power elites trying to tear us apart based on the color of our skin. they don't respect us enough to listen, so how can we ever c expect them to actually act in our best interest, rather than the interest of themselves, their power, or the power of the elite. >> sean: i'm watching joe manchin and natural gas and coal, these are huge industries in his state. these policies will directly and negatively impact of the people of west virginia. so he's standing up for the people that put him in office. as you look at this emerging party, led by the squad, led by new green deal socialism, do you even consider yourself a democrat anymore? >> i am less concerned about party politics. yes, i am a democrat, but i am less concerned about party politics than i am concerned about the future of our country,
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given the kind of leadership that we are seeing, this kind of self-serving leadership that plunges forward. you just played a few different clips that really reveal the arrogance of this leadership, that plunges forward without any regard for the cost and consequences on the american people in the short term or the long the cost and consequences on our freedoms, on the undermining oft our constitutional rights. there are deeper issues here that really need to be brought to the forefront that most in o the media are not even talking about. >> sean: you know, there was a period in my life, congresswoman, where i had to struggle for a lot of years to pay rent. the high cost of gasoline, totally independent. why would we ever give that up? what happened at the border, totally preventable. we had a policy that was working.ld afghanistan, another example, we could have withdrawn when we had full control of kabul, and months to do it, didn't do it. inflation, energy prices, you put all of us together, who is getting hurt here?e?
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the people that make this country great, the working men and women of america, the people that really, really, you know, the poor, the middle class. paying a buck 50 more a gallon, i can afford it but a lot of people can't, and there seems to be a disconnect in terms of caring about those people. >> and that is really what is at the heart of the frustration that people across the country are feeling right now, is that they are not being heard.. that they are not being seen, that their challenges really are not being addressed by those in power. you listed a number of differeny challenges, and our representatives in government, they will have different ideas of how to address those things, but when you look at issues related to open borders and immigration, when you look at issues related to our national security, when you look at issues related to energy independence, we can have
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different ideas on how to accomplish those things, but those things are concerns that are central to all of us, regardless of political party, so if we treat each other with respect, as children of god, and come together and say hey, we need to work together for the good of the country, then we can have that real dialogue that will allow us to move forward and make progress to solve these problems. >> sean: boy, i will give an big amen to that. we appreciate you coming on the program, thank you. tulsi gabbard. now we turn to a troubling story out of new york, two projects linked to project veritas have been rated by federal agentse because of what is a purported link to a stolen diary connected to joe biden's daughter. connected with details of hisl very strange developing story, fox news legal analyst gregg jarrett. what do you know and is this real, and why would they go after project veritas because in essence, they are a news organization, are they not? >> yeah, they are a news organization, and they should be treated as such. first of all, don't know how the pages of the diary were
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obtained. where they actually stolen, as the lawyer for ashley biden claims, or where they, as project veritas insists, simply left in a room she occupied and discovered by somebody else. there is a huge difference. one is a crime and the other one isn't. but project veritas did the right thing. they didn't publish this because they couldn't verify the authenticity of the documents, but the other conservative website did publish it, but they claim they did verify it. what is so bewildering about this is why in the world are the feds even involved in this? let's assume it's a theft or a burglary. it is not a federal crime. here, this would be a state crime. moreover, once joe biden became president, this investigation a that had been initiated originally by bill barr should have been handed off to state authorities because there is enormous conflict of interest,ly which under federal regulations requires that the feds recuse
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themselves because this is joe biden's daughter. he's in charge of the doj and fbi. a journalist cannot be criminally prosecuted for publishing stolen material unless the journalist himself or herself was involved in the theft. there is no indication of that. the same is true of classified information. journalists have never been prosecuted for that, although the leakers have, when they aree identified. so we don't know a whole lot about the story but it is deeply troubling that we barge into the homes of two journalists armed with a search warrant signed off by a federal judge in the department of justice presided over by joe biden. this smacks of a political s investigation and potential prosecution. >> sean: all right. great analysis. we are going to continue to follow it. gregg jarrett, as always, thank you.
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straight ahead, wow, you do not want to miss this.s. another tense exchange between rand paul and dr. flip-flop fauci. also, senator tim scott and herschel walker tonight on "hannity." ♪ ♪
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>> this is a fox news alert, republicans and democrats the bill now has biden for his signature come the president reacting to the passage saying it's good news for america saying "it will bring good paying jobs that can't be outsourced, jobs that will transform the transportation system.
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the house also voting to advance president biden so-called build back better package, the final vote on the bill is not expected until november 15th. we're keeping a close eye on houston, texas, where there's reports multiple people injured during the first night of travis scott's festival. reports of ambulances and stampede's on the scene. i'm ashley strohmier back to "hannity." for all your fox news headlines, head to ♪ ♪ >> sean: all right, so yet again this week, dr. doom and gloom, flip-flop fauci, was exposed as a fraud, liar, and purveyor of misinformation because, get this, fauci is till refusing to admit that his nih ever funded gain-of-function research in wuhan, despite what is now clear, undeniable evidence. now he is calling it "nebulous term." okay.
11:26 pm
listen to this exchange with senator rand paul of kentucky. >> the facts are clear. the nih did fund gain-of-function research in wuhan despite your protestations. will you take your spots ability for funding gain-of-function research in wuhan? >> senator, with all respect, i disagree with everything you said. gain of function is a very nebulous term. we have spent -- not us, but outside bodies -- a considerable effort to give a more precise definition to the type of research that is of concern, that might lead to a dangerous situation. >> sean: and don't forget it was just weeks ago that the nih suspiciously scrubbed information from their website on gain-of-function research.on following an explosive piece from "the intercept" revealing that the nih did subcontract with the group picot health g alliance which then contracted with the wuhan lab on risky
11:27 pm
gain-of-function research involving, lo and behold, coronaviruses. according to new findings, the nih even helped the eco-health alliance -- adopted language that eco-health health alliance crafted to cover its own work referring to gain-of-function research. last month, the nih itself admitted to the house committee on energy and commerce that the agency did fund gain-of-function research. that is fauci's nih. remember, fauci's own emailsai showed he was warned as early as january of 2020 -- as a matter of fact, the very day that donald trump with the travel ban in effect ten days after the first identified case of coronavirus in the u.s., that there was significant evidence that the virus originated in a lab and had been manipulated. at least one of the genomes was. publicly, fauci was saying the opposite, promoting the wet market theory.
11:28 pm
on january 31st, that is the day researcher dr. christian anderson emails fauci, "the unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome, so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features potentially look engineered." that would be gain of function. the next day, on february 1st, fauci sent an urgent email to his niaid principal deputy director, it is essential that we speak this morning, read this paper, as well as the email that i will forward to you now. you will have tasks today thaten must be done, with an attached paper on gain-of-function research. today, fauci is still saying it is much more likely the virus originated in nature but he provides no evidence. so ask yourself, what is it going to take to have some real accountability for dr. fauci and his many, many, many failures?
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here to answer that and so much more, senator rand paul. senator, we have the emails, f e have the nih letter, we have "the intercept" documents, we've got them all. there is no ambiguity that i see. do you have any doubt at all that the nih, dr. fauci, funded gain-of-function research at the wuhan lab of virology, and that they knew about it and that they lied to you and congress under oath? >> and that he continues to lie. you have to realize that dr. fauci has a self interest in the origin not being from thess lab because he funded this lab, he funded these experiments. he knows that he will be given responsibility for the pandemic if it came to the lab, so he is doing everything he can and he has from the very beginning to cover up, but no, all of the evidence points toward it cominw from the lab. they studied 80,000 animals ando not one animal have they found that has covid. they have taken covid and tried to re-infect bats with it and lo
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and behold, it does not affect bats very well, it affects humans perfectly. so the evidence just isn't there for it to come from nature. he simply says this because he is pushing back hard because he does not want the responsibility or blame for this. but whether or not there is gain of function, they take viruses, they recombine them, they merge them, and then a new virus is created that doesn't exist in nature, and then they test it to see if it infects humans. well, they don't know in advance whether it will or won't, as dr. fauci says it is not gain of function if we don't know in advance. well, the experiment is done, combining these viruses, dangerous viruses, just saying we don't know in advance is not enough to say it is not gain of function, so that is what he is hiding behind. then they changed the definition, so the same day they sent a letter to congress, october 20th of this year, they also change the definition on there, so it is a vast cover up and a vast cover-up because dr. fauci realizes now 5 million people died from this and people looking my way. he and his scientist all is that
11:31 pm
initially it did come from a lab, and then he corralled them and within a couple of days they changed their mind, but they won't let us see those meetingsu are the minutes from those meetings are those emails because they are afraid we will discover that it was fauci rounding the wagons, circling the wagons, and trying to prevent any culpability on his part. >> sean: senator, we have 5 million dead people abroad, nearly a million dead americans come over 700,000 now, and we now know that dr. fauci said in 2012 that even if it caused a worldwide pandemic, he would still support gain-of-function research, which in and of itself is unbelievable, but from 2014 onward, they spent, and i am reading directly, $3.7 million given out over a five-year period for coronavirus grants, the risk of coronavirus emergence, and a lot of that
11:32 pm
money was used on this particular lab. >> and realize that in august of 2020, in the midst of the pandemic when all of these questions were being asked, did it come from the lab, did it come from nature? they reapproved another billion and a half through 225420 eco-health alliance, the same group doing this gain of function research. some of the viruses they are working on recombining with unknown viruses have lethality or mortality of 50%. the mers is a coronavirus from early 2000s. 50% mortality. they are taking it and merging it with unknown bad virus and saying, "hey, wonder what kind of virus we'll get it and wonder whether it will infect humans." not understanding that it could be something that could be, you
11:33 pm
know, risky to the entire civilization. and there are objective scientists who are not partisan. kevin esvelt is an mit lauded research, crisper research that may eventually cure geneticd diseases. he says he is worried this could be civilization ending type of research, and there needs to be investigation. we have not had one hearing to investigate this. i have asked repeatedly for democrats, let's have a bipartisan hearing to investigate this kind of research and make sure it does not happen again. zero, we've gotten nothing from them. >> sean: you have been proven right the entire time. it seems like it is follow the science, but only when it is convenient. you did a great job this week, and i hope people are paying attention. dr. fauci needs to be fired. thank you, senator rand paul. when we come back, despite tuesday's election losses, the left doubling down on their radical agenda, and of course talking points, senator tim scott, georgia senate candidate herschel walker. later, aaron rodgers is going after the entire woke mob. we will tell you all about it straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: on the right, tonight actually a rare moment of sanity from "the new york times," publishing and editorial entitled "democrats deny political reality at their own peril," warning tuesday's election results are a forecast of a nightmare 2022 and 2024 scenario, and explicitly calling for more "moderate policies." but of course, there are no moderates left in the new radical extreme new green deal democratic party. it is a party hell-bent on socialism, hell-bent on trying to control every aspect of your life, and that includes smearing anybody who challenges their grip on power, like virginia's lieutenant governor-elect winsome sears.
11:39 pm
just listen to the hate and the rage spewed about her on msdnc. take a look at this. >> the problem is here, they want white supremacy by ventriloquist affect. there is a black mouth moving, but a white idea through the running on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices. >> sean: here with the reaction, senator tim scott from the great state of south carolina and georgia senate candidate herschel walker. great to see you both. i am assuming, senator scott, but i shouldn't assume anything, right, but i'm assuming that we are both on the same page. i would like to see herschel walker win that race in georgia, and i believe he will win that race. >> without any question, sean. one of the best candidates that we have in the field this year is herschel walker. he is a guy whose time has come. you can support him at but here is the important part. he is a conservative. c
11:40 pm
american values just emanate from his soul. this is an opportunity for georgia to get it right. we can elect herschel walker, take back the senate, and the best is yet to come. >> sean: herschel, that is a very good endorsement.l you probably want to dismiss my endorsement because it is meaningless, but senator scott's endorsement means everything, right? >> it does mean everything because, you know, senator scott has done so much for this country and so much for south carolina, so i want to thank you, senator scott, and one thing i told people is i want to bring this party together, and having your endorsement is no doubt going to help me out a lot, and i want to tell you this year. things you've been doing with police reform, all right now you are doing -- when i get into washington, i am going to be on your side.e. those are things i care about, as well. >> sean: i think if y republicans, if we learned anything in virginia, education matters. choice and education. republicans need to own it. republicans need to own law and order so every american can bett
11:41 pm
safe and secure in their pursuit of happiness. something we have failed in many, many cities across the country. senator scott, we had winsome sears on this program. we hear every two and four years that republicans are racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, islamophobic, the whole litany. it is the playbook. and as a conservative, i resent that because that is not how i was raised. h that is not where my heart is, and i don't want anything to do with this fake caricature that democrats try and make abouts conservatives, and even the things that were said, as we just played, against winsome sears, it is heartbreaking for me that the left attacks african-americans that happen to be conservative. why is that? >> well, they are afraid of us, sean. the bottom line is simply this. when you have people of all races standing up and talkingor about the great opportunity party because in america, anyone from anywhere at any time can rise beyond their wildest
11:42 pm
imaginations, to see african-americans standing up and being proud of supporting the g.o.p. is the scariest it is a nightmare to the and watch msnbc implode on election night as the great virginia elected a white guy to be the governor, african-american to be the lieutenant governor, and a hispanic guy to be the attorney general. talking about a chance to live the american dream, not because of the color of your skin, but because of the content of your heart and your soul. that scares the dickens out ofor the left. >> sean: herschel, one of the things you said to me and one of the interviews i had with you is you are going into every area of georgia. you want to go to every church.. you want to go to every school council meeting. and he want to talk to democrats, and you want to talk to republicans, and you want to explain to them, as a
11:43 pm
conservative, and then you listed things. i want limited government. i want choice in schools. i want law and order. i want our kids safe and secure you are willing to take that message all across georgia. i would like to see the republican party take that message all across the country. >> well, that is a message you want to take all across the country. as senator scott just said, that segment you play before we played on, that is more racist than anything, and i think people need to call it out for what it is. this is a young woman, she given them the right to live the american dream. she is an ex-marine, her husband is an ex-marine, they fought for this country, given her the right to this, and i don't just replica represent republicans, i represent democrats, as well, so i want to go all across the state of georgia because i want to represent all the people, not just some of the people but all of the people. >> sean: i don't know, i can see a bus tour building here.
11:44 pm
good can be senator tim scott, might let senator lindsey graham come, but lindsey is a junior senator from south carolina -- d >> sean, you will be there, too. >> sean: i would love to beer there. >> you should leave the bus. >> sean: better be careful what you ask for. you don't want me driving the bus, that is for sure. >> not driving the bus, leading the bus. >> sean: i want to make sure, if republicans -- conservatism works. it's simple, law and order, we want school choice, we want limited government, secure borders, energy independent. senator scott, this is all doable. we can solve our problems, but i do believe conservatives have got to unite behind these principles if they want to win in 2022 and 2024. >> 100%. let's just say it this way. the road to socialism runs right
11:45 pm
through a divided republican party. it's really important to remember that. understanding what the republican party stands for isia really important. we stand for energy independence. this administration stopped the keystone pipeline. we believe that we have important allies around the world that should stay on our side. president biden's withdrawal from afghanistan shook our allies, sent shivers down their spines. we believe that every single child in every zip code deserves a quality education because education is the closest thing to magic, and these folks on the other side of the aislee completely, consistently reject school choice, and frankly, they reject parental involvement in education. but inn the commonwealth, they
11:46 pm
spoke loud and they spoke strong and they voted for a ticket that represented american values. not republican or democrat, but consistently conservative american values is the name of the game. it is the way that we continue into the next american century. >> sean: senator scott, we love having you back. herschel walker, great to see you.we we are going to watch that race very closely. thanks for being with us. straight ahead, the left actually trying to impose vaccine mandates on your kids. we will bring you the latest. and the green bay packers aaron rodgers says the woke mob is out for him after his positive covid test. t that and more straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> sean: on the right, the left's vaccine mandate pushess hitting new levels of literacy. they said we are never going to do this. anyway, as the city of san francisco will be mandating children age 5-11 show vaccine proof to enter any business like a gym or restaurant or store. unfortunately, this is just the
11:51 pm
beginning. are we really going to make kids show vaccine prove evidence to enter a bowling alley or go out to dinner with their families? and don't forget about the data from the cdc. there have been about 1.9 million kids between the ages of 5 and 11 that in fact have contracted covid-19. around 160 have died. every life is precious. but if you look at the flu, 2019, 2020, nearly 8 million kids ages 5 to 17 were affected with around the same number of deaths. 140. now isn't it interesting, the same people that don't want you to show an i.d. to vote, they want a 5-year-old to show proof of vaccination if they want to go to a restaurant or a store? thankfully, americans are standing up, including packers quarterback aaron rodgers, who has been under fire by the medin mob over testing positive and his vaccine status. here is the packers start
11:52 pm
setting the record straight and revealing his treatment protocol. >> i believe strongly in bodily autonomy and the ability to maku choices for your body, not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed, you know, a group of individuals who say you have to do something. health is not aom one-size-fits-all for everybody. i have been taking monoclonal antibodies, ivermectin, zinc, vitamin c, gchq, and i feel pretty incredible. >> sean: here with reaction, fox news contributor tammy bruce and former florida attorney general pat bondi. pam, i'm watching this. it's not really any longer about vax or don't vax. these people have made up their own minds, and it seems that if, you have a different point of view, this is what happens. your take? >> it is the liberal elite trying to mandate our lives.
11:53 pm
it is big government trying to take us over. aaron rodgers has the choice with his body. he says he has health issues. he has chosen another route. he said "i'm not an anti-vaxxer, but this is how i choose to treat myself," and the partr. about the parents and the 5-year-old kid, sean, is particularly disturbing because the government, they are trying now to take over parenting, and parents have the right to make the choices for their children's medical decision, not the federal government or state >> sean: you know, tammy, we watched joe biden, we watched anthony fauci, nancy pelosi, so many other prominent democrats, oh, we will never mandate the i can see a day now, just like with adults, that they are goin, to mandate this for kids. i just read you the numbers. t what is your reaction? >> yes, i mean, that is what we have to expect. this is what the whole training prior to the actual mandate, the employer mandate was, was
11:54 pm
convincing people that this is what you do when it is approved. and this is what is expected, this is what you've got to do, and so when you see a city immediately coming up, saying 5-year-olds have to prove they are vaccinated, it's crazy, and some other numbers just so people know, because we get stuck in life, the early frame of mind when this is happening, now at least one dose in the united states, total population, 67%. population over the age of 12, 78.4% have been over the age of 18, 80.3% with at least one dose have been vaccinated, and our seniors, we have done a great job there. 97.8%, again, at least one dose, have been vaccinated. so in the time we are in right now, to go to the children and say "this is the only way to stop this," it's not true. that is the other problem. we have heard a lot from the biden administration, from afghanistan to covid, that hasso not been true, that have been word salads, that have been based in fear, and this is what -- we just had an election,
11:55 pm
sean, where america said we do not want the government to bee coparenting, that is not what we accept. we rejected it. and this is another arm of that octopus. trying to grab our children, another piece of conditioning. and i think that every child is different, like every adult is different and every family is different, and we must think about the nature of what is best for us, for our children, americans have stepped up to what was a serious issue, and now this is exclusively about government overreach. >> sean: all right, pam bondi, thank you. tammy, thank you, as well. more "hannity" right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ hey, kevin! hey, guys! they have customized solutions to help our family's special needs... giving us confidence in our future... ...and in kevin's.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately, that is all the time we have left
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this evening. we hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode of "hannity." thank you as always for being with us. you make this show possible. let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. we hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. >> fox news alert, eight people dead and scores people hurt following the first night of the afterworld festival in houston, texas. first responders say they printed after crowd started pushing toward the stage and panic ensued. there were 50,000 people in attendance, 20 patients were transferred, you have a in cardiac arrest. eight our debt and many others hurt and this


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