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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 5, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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you never miss an episode of "hannity." thank you as always for being with us. you make this show possible. let not your heart be troubled, "the ingraham angle" is next. we hope you have a great weekend. we will see you back here on monday. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i'm raymond arroyo in for laura ingraham on a big news night. this is "the ingraham angle." news breaking on capitol hill. remember when the democrats ridiculed the trump administration for not being able to navigate the congressional process. at least he was new to politics. after hours of try to corral both in her caucus, the best nancy pelosi and her team could come up with was a negotiation between moderates and progressives and her party which is tenuous at best.
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representatives josh gottheimer, neither the president over the speaker last time we checked, are in talks right now to strike a deal that would see the infrastructure bill voted on tonight, in exchange. , democrats voting for the infrastructure bill, moderates have reportedly agreed to support the progressive build back better bill, a separate bill, once at the cbo has scored it. now what could the congressional budget office find? as the warden school and independent analysts have pointed out, the build back better's real cost to you, the taxpayers in the ballpark of $4 trillion. likewise university of chicago economist casey mulligan who is actually read through the bill line by line estimated it will destroy 7 million jobs. where do we stand tonight? for more than 14 hours after ths entire debate started, fox's chief congressional
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correspondent chad pergram joins us live from capitol hill with detail. chad, what is the latest? what's happening on the floor? >> good evening, raymond. just as you came to me here i'm looking at diana degette's, democratic congresswoman from colorado. she is presiding over the house of representatives and they are starting the vote on the infrastructure bill. remember the plan initially today was the house was going to come in early, they were going to vote on infrastructure, they were also going to vote on the social spending plan and then things went awry. they didn't have the votes on the social spending plan. the reason is, as you say, moderate democrats were pushing for this plan to get an actual score, price tag as it is called on capitol hill, from the congressional budget office. you don't get that in one day. they just finalized this bill 24 hours ago and it takes about a week or two to get the final score. now update since i just came, this explains how fluid this is.
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the house of representatives has just gone into recess, subject to the call of the chair. when you see the blue screen go up in lieu of the house floor, sometimes they call that the blue screen of death. sometimes that is a bad sign. we don't think that is the case right here but you usually go out and recess if you don't think you have the votes. may be, and this has even changed since i came on the air here, they might not have all of the votes nailed down but this is the plan, once they've met, the progressive caucus met, president biden called into the caucus, they said they are going to go ahead and forage ahead with this plan for they're not going to vote, the moderates held out, they are saying we are not going to provide our votes until we get an actual price tag from the budget office, but what we will do is allow vote on the infrastructure bill and keep in mind the progressives has always said we need the two bills
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together. it was house speaker nancy pelosi who basically tore that apart, saying what we are going to do is vote on the infrastructure bill and that is what we are thinking is going to happen imminently but even since i came on the air here, it appears there is yet another delay, surprise, surprise. >> raymond: chad, i know the progressives wanted this voted on together. the infrastructure bill and the build back better bill because they wanted to compel the moderates to join them for this big spending palooka as part of that build back better bill which now estimates say could be as high as $4 trillion, with a t. here's my question, nancy pelosi and members of her caucus were to fly to scotland tonight. that trip is obviously delayed. joe biden was supposed to go to delaware. he is still in the white house making phone calls. what does this tell you about the democrats' ability to govern? to move legislation at this moment in the wake of the elections we saw this week?
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>> it's pretty clear this has been a disarray of a process. marco can come of the democratic congressman from wisconsin probably put it best. he said today has been a cluster blank and that is not the term that he used. he said that a few minutes ago but they will try to forge ahead, everyone is saying we thought the plan was one thing this morning. how many different plans that we heard about what they are going to do? remember the house was going to vote on this at the end of september when the president came to the capital. that didn't happen. we thought it would come at the end of last week before the president went to rome and scotland, that didn't happen and here we are on friday night. but on one point, the speaker is going to go to scotland, the climate conference continues in glasgow but she was not going to leave until monday. that is why a lot of people thought this was going to be wrapped up over the weekend. the house of representatives is already scheduled to be out next weekend the help from the democratic perspective was the house gets this done tonight,
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the senate takes time to prepare the bill so they can do it the week of the 15th, but as the majority leader says, maybe they both start on this the week of the 15th, trying to get this wrapped up by thanksgiving because you know what happens in early december? they have to fund the government and wrestle with the debt ceiling. so they have to clear the decks of these two big bills sometime in the next two to three weeks. >> raymond: the clock is ticking. they only have a few weeks with thanksgiving crouching in going to be a very tight schedule. before i let you go, there was a story today that nancy pelosi was on the floor and she was handed a list of presumably members who would not vote for these actions, the bills we are about to see and moments. the infrastructure bill and the rule for the build back better bill. there was some panic on the floor. what came out of that? did you hear anything? any reaction to that moment? speak of the one thing i know is usually nancy pelosi is not handed a list as to where the votes are or aren't. nancy pelosi whether you like
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her or not always knows where the votes are. she knows who's going to vote yes, who's going to vote no and that is why we are having this momentary delay here. nancy pelosi has always said she will not put a bill on the floor to lose. if it's on the floor you can bet your bottom dollar they are probably going to pass it. when she thought we could move the infrastructure bill, again, you could lose a few republicans they are -- if you democrats there -- get some air cover from some republicans. remember there is a coalition of about nine to 15 republicans who will probably vote yes on this bill. the math, the math come of the math, and whether you like nancy pelosi or not, she's very good at counting the votes. >> raymond: we will leave it there. we will check in with you and as we reported moments ago if you are just joining us, the house is in recess before this very
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dramatic that we've been waiting before 8:00 a.m., it is still yet to take place but is expected imminently. on the infrastructure bill as well as the rule, the centerpiece of joe biden's agenda. joining me now, arizona congressman andy diggs. thank you for being with us. pelosi has been promising to bring these bills up for weeks. what does it tell you about her leadership in the president's powers of persuasion here? >> what it tells me is they've tried to bite off more than they can chew, so i'm not sure how strong nancy pelosi is because you do have a progressive caucus that is pulling the strings. you also have the counterbalance of the moderate folks and she's not used to having such a strong progressive caucus kick back as hard as they have done over the last several months and they have done a pretty good job.
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she's rattling with this thing and she may yet get it, but going into recess again is not i think what most of us anticipated. it indicates -- >> raymond: what are you hearing? he think she has lost the vote of the vote is wobbly? she only has three votes to spare. i guess she's trying to get republicans to sign onto this infrastructure bill. >> she is, but she's going to need ten to 15 republicans to sign on. i don't know that she can get all ten of those but it looks a little shaky right now because they have to get the wording just right because it looks like there's a lack of trust between the moderates and progressives. if you don't have trust, it's hard to get an agreement put together. >> raymond: after those results last week, particularly with some of these congresspeople in tight races, coming up in 2022, it's no wonder they are a little gun shy here. nancy pelosi lead everybody cliff in the obamacare days. i was on the hill that day, i
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remember distinctly in 2009. i want to show you a nancy pelosi from earlier today, and she was talking about the whip count. representative clyburn is the house way up but she has her own tricks up her sleeve. >> mr. clyburn has the official whip of count. i have speaker whip count. i don't tell anything that people tell me. >> do you worry it's starting to look like the democrats can't get out of their own way? >> no, welcome to my world. we've been here a long time, as have all three of us. in those days, all of this would be done, but not on 24/7 platforms where opinions are going out, characterizations going out before anybody even knew what was going on. >> raymond: you know, congressman, back in 2009 house members were genuinely a feared of nancy pelosi and what she
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could do with them with congressional assignments, committees, monies from the vars congressional funds. i spoke to one democratic congressman who shall remain nameless earlier this afternoon and that individual told me they are worried about whether she is able to hold this caucus together. she seems as unsteady as joe biden. what are you seeing? what you hearing? >> i think that is true. i saw her work in the floor yesterday, today and the day before, and she had a list and she was going from place to place, a whole team of people around her. i don't know, i've never seen a caucus like a progressive caucus or even the moderates be able to push back at her like these groups have been able to do. it does say that maybe her grasp on the caucus is a little weaker than it has been periods of the real question is are they going to be able to get their joint statement together? will they trust each other and will they ever get to the bottom of their build a bigger
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bankruptcy bill they are trying to put together. >> raymond: congressman bigs, we will ask you to hold for just a moment here. momentarily, i saw images that were coming out of recess. they apparently are not. that is not always a good sign. sometimes means they've lost the vote or they don't have them now so you hang out and recaps until you can break some kneecaps and get people back into the stable. i want to play something right now from joe biden. after the elections of this past week, one would imagine that he would throw the brakes on and say, why don't we reconfigure this? we will do a moderate to scaled-back package so it looks like we are being responsive to the people and not overshooting the goal here. i will play this for you now. oh, you don't have it yet. we will get back to it. but it is an amazing moment here that we are seeing. when you're talking about
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$66 billion for freight and passenger rail, $110 billion for bridges and tunnels, traditional infrastructure, this really isn't an infrastructure bill, is it? when you break it down. how much actually goes to infrastructure? >> the biggest estimate i've ever heard is that half of it. maybe $500 billion goes to infrastructure but when you start paring that down and taking a look at it, it's probably nowhere near that. probably close to $110 billion, $125 billion. a lot of it will go to green new deal, electric vehicle projects. a lot of it is funded, they say you're not going to pay for it, it's going to be funded with offsets. that is not accurate. quite frankly it is a bald-faced lie. what you end up with a lot of spending for a lot of things that don't have anything to do with what most americans think of as roads, highways, seaports,
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airports. >> raymond: i'm going to ask you to stay with us. there is some breaking news on the floor. i want to go to chad pergram who is standing by on capitol hill. what is the latest? it looks like they were coming back in and then we went back into recess. >> it was kind of bizarre because we thought we are going to start the vote on the infrastructure bill and as you and i came on air at the top of the hour, they came back for a few minutes while you were talking to andy biggs. not even for a few minutes, a few seconds. then went back out. that's usually an indication you don't have the votes. it also means that you are crossing all the t, dotting all the is. you are measuring once, twice, making sure that you have all the votes. i talked earlier this afternoon, this evening with jared huffman, democratic congressman from california. he is a member of the progressive caucus and he said today, this is what he described it as, whiplash. he said we didn't expect a curveball in our own house,
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meaning and the democratic house, among the democratic caucus. he says we, meaning progressives, have stretched and stretched and stretched. we have an elasticity problem and he says this represents the problems of a threadbare majority. the only have three votes to spare and you have these moderates in their position, you have there progressives were sealed in there progressives in nancy pelosi's not going to call vote. another phenomenon capitol hill, it's friday night, they've been here since 8:00 in the morning. they have set not one but two records today for the longest roll call vote in congressional history. one was more than seven hours for the old record was two hours and 55 minutes at a november 2003. it's been a strenuous long day on capitol hill. there is a phenomenon in congress known as the stockholm syndrome. i've seen the republicans do
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this, i've seen the democrats do this. to keep people here over a weekend, right before recess -- >> raymond: you hold them hostage. he weakened their resistance. speak out that's right, and after period of time they come around to the views of their captors. someone cries uncle and that could happen tonight. >> raymond: we have seen that close to holidays, christmas and new year's where they use the leverage of the holidays and getting home on airlines against members. that is clearly what we are seeing here. it's a very bad sign and briefly, in seconds, it's a bad sign of the leadership strengths of nancy pelosi and joe biden at this moment. >> nancy pelosi, if she puts the bill on the floor, you don't get style points. you either pass or fail. if they pass it, they probably pass it by one or two votes. >> raymond: thank you for the insights. still ahead, the latest updates on tonight's vote plus laura will be back. 13,000 scientists and physicians
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♪ ♪ >> today pfizer claims it has a
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new experimental pill that willd hospitalizations and death rates by nearly 90%. even if we assume that is true, would it even matter? if history is our guide we already know what the reaction would be from fauci and friends. they will continue to push devices and immoral maxing band-aids vaccinemandates. but some are standing up to the covid mob. tomorrow they will gather in florida to affirm their support for a declaration opposing covid-19 mandates that has been signed now by nearly 13,000 experts. standing against all that. joining me now are two of the most prominent doctors who signed that declaration. epidemiologist at the yale school of medicine and dr. robert malone, immunologist and architect of the mrna vaccines. also with us, stanford school of medicine professor. dr. malone, tell us very clearly and succinctly why you signed
7:23 pm
this declaration and why was it an important moment for you to declare now? >> physicians are being hunted by a press and by the medical boards as an attempt to shut down their bright to practice medicine as they see fit in working with their patience. this has got to stop. >> laura: year one of the architects of the mrna vaccines. without you, who knows where we would have ended up on this technology, this new experimental drug. the government says we just want to save lives. this is all about saving lives, dr. malone. >> if that's the case, then they would have done the risk-benefit analysis stratified by age back when i had conversations with nancy pelosi's office about this. the words are not consistent with the actions. we can use words like lying or
7:24 pm
dissembling or misrepresentation, but their actions speak volumes. >> laura: that begs the question of what their motivation really is and dr. fauci was on cable news earlier this week taking this all a step further and pushing vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds. watch. >> it's important for the children. 28 million children five to 11 years old who will benefit personally from a health standpoint. the safety standpoint is really good. our fda when it comes to children are very, very scrupulous in figuring out whether or not we have a benefit/risk ratio that is favorable. >> laura: dr.ish, he's contradicting what dr. malone just said about the benefit/risk analysis. where is fauci getting this wrong? >> he's believing the cdc, what the cdc says.
7:25 pm
the cdc is in total denial over the amount of adverse events that have happened from these vaccines. they played it down, they used the bae rs which under reports. we have an inkling of this because when pfizer presented to the fda about the 5 to 11 data from their randomized trial there was a -- that was four times what the va ers in the study on athletes also showed that asymptomatic myocarditis is four times the number of actually diagnosed myocarditis. we are talking about 16 fold larger numbers of myocarditis in young people. in this is just totally being repressed or distorted by the cdc and the fda. >> raymond: doctor, i want to tell sell show you a really emotional moment from a texas father on the issue of vaccine side effects.
7:26 pm
>> on the father of a 16-year-old son, a single paren. i raised my boy since he was a baby. he meant the world to me. they need to quit pushing this on our children. i lost mine. you need to protect yours. and they say it's worth the risk. it wasn't worth the risk. >> laura: obviously very difficult to listen to. he lost his son after his son received the vaccine. why are stories like these not really being told? >> i think the fact is, the risk that children face from covid is so small that almost any risk from the vaccine itself might cut against recommending the vaccine. i think it should be something that is left up to parents and the pediatricians that they have. you might have a child with special needs that has some
7:27 pm
additional illness from covid. it is really a risk/benefit that is really best done at the individual level. not telling people -- telling people that the vaccine is entirely safe is actually really problematic to public health. it's not entirely safe. i think it's largely safe but it's not entirely safe. stories like this just pull at your heartstrings. no medicine is perfectly safe. you have to tell people honestly what the risks are and let them make choices. these mandates are absolutely insane. they are destroying the trust and public health and we get many more stories like this. i am worried that other vaccines that are actually useful for children people will stop trusting. >> laura: that is a terrifying prospect, i'm afraid of that as well. dr. malone, there was an exchange on capitol hill which i think is quite illuminating
7:28 pm
about what this administration thinks about natural immunity. watch. >> what does the science say about durability of natural immunity and when can we expect answers on its benefit? speak at the cdc continues to recommend that people who have been previously impacted get thr covid-19 vaccine. >> the data on the infection-induced immunity, some of which you quoted, or murkier. they result on retrospective studies, observational studies. our guidance continues to recommend that children who have been previously recommended actually get vaccines. >> laura: dr. malone, your response to her? >> said the cdc study that was half-baked which recently came out in an attempt to address this is the only one out of over a hundred that i'm aware of that indicates that natural immunity is not better than vaccination. in fact, the vaccination on top of previous infection and
7:29 pm
natural immunity actually confers higher risk to patients than vaccination in the naive individual. i myself am an example of that. after two jobs of madera now, and i had had covid in february of 2020 i developed hypertension with us to stolid, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, et cetera. these are known risks. regarding dr. fauci's concept, there's no other word for it. duplicitous is the nicest thing i can say. >> laura: doctors, thank you very much. and the duchess turned lobbyist is awoke. she is challenging religion now. it was that? "friday follies" gets into it all with raymond arroyo and moments.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: it's friday and that means it's time for "friday follies" and for that we turn to author of the spider who saved christmas, fox news contributor raymond arroyo.
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it was a microsoft streaming event this week that had a very curious start. >> raymond: they practically apologized even for the land they were standing on, laura. >> we want to acknowledge the land where the microsoft campus is situated was traditionally occupied by the sammamish, snoqualmie, suquamish -- >> i'm a caucasian woman with long blonde hair and i go by she/her. >> i'm a caucasian man with glasses and a beard. i go by he/him. >> raymond: this was such an education for me. i think i will begin every folly segment with i am raymond, i am a hispanic-italian man with dark hair and a blue suit that goes by sire and my lesion and i am standing on swampland once owned by alligators. >> laura: raymond, when you sent this to me, i don't know who sent it to whom, i said this is funny, when did
7:36 pm
"saturday night live" do this. i actually thought "saturday night live" had gotten to be funny, that they were actually funny. wow, who is this actor's quest market is the real thing. >> raymond: when you are this self-aware and apologizing for the place you are standing, just stay home and let the people who originally owned a -- >> laura: just give it back. then where do these snoqualmie go? is there another age that they can then return to? at some point you run out of generations, i believe. >> raymond: then there were some people who say one thing and do another entirely. the duchess of socket sussexmeghan markle has long disparaged the royals while claiming the title and she uses it this way. >> the causes that have been very important to me i can focus even more energy on because very early out of the gate i think we realized once we have access or a voice that people are willing
7:37 pm
to listen to, that becomes a lot of responsibility. >> raymond: no one realized she was talking about members of congress. turns out meghan markle is now a lobbyist. she's been coordinating with senator kirsten gillibrand to lobby senators, particularly joe manchin this week, about paid family leave. there are reports that she called senators on their private lines, opening width, this is meghan duchess of sussex. how do you trash the royals and then use their title to lobby? this shouldn't be allowed. this is outrageous really. >> laura: is she in need of paid family leave? in montecito? >> raymond: with a team of nannies and cooks, she and her husband took off 20 weeks for parental leave when they had each of their children. 20 weeks. what government could afford this, laura? >> laura: first of all, i am
7:38 pm
the duchess of sussex, why do we care what you think about anything? sorry, that is not relevant. i'm an american citizen and this is my view. what can we expect? >> raymond: i hope you get an invite to the dinner kirsten gillibrand is hosting a dinner for congressional ladies with meghan markle in d.c. give us a report. there is a new british show i wish we could adapt and bring to fox. it is called "love trap." at the dating show and this is what happens when contestants are eliminated. >> david, who do you think is a love trap? [dramatic music] >> sharee. >> raymond: [laughs] if i were to adapt to this, i would call our show political trap, and dump rejected politicians and political wannabes through a trap door. i can see it now.
7:39 pm
look out below. ♪ ♪ >> learning as much as i can so that i can maximize the opportunity to really make an impact. >> raymond: laura, this is a hit waiting to happen. can you imagine election night? the power of this no matter your party. just drop them through the floor. >> laura: so for next year, given where that defund the police initiative went in her district of minneapolis, we can push that button and have ilhan omar go down the trap. i would personally push that button, that would be great. >> raymond: we will send the set builders out to minneapolis. >> laura: there seems to be a reckoning of sorts among the democrat following this week in the elections. here is your pal carville. >> stupid wokeness. defund the police lunacy, take
7:40 pm
abraham lincoln's name off the stools. people see that. and it's just really, it has a suppressive effect across the country. some of these people need to go to a woke detox or something. >> raymond: james has been saying this for month and most in his party have tuned him out but there is something deeper going on here. this week the archbishop of los angeles, ahead of the new york bishop's congress. said that the new social justice movements like blm are rivals to christianity. he says their salvation is found in constant struggle. it's rooted in marxism and profoundly atheistic. beyond the political, this is really a spiritual conflict. as pope benedict said when we forget god we no longer see the image of god and our neighbor and that is what's happening. that's what's happening in our society and it is destroying our
7:41 pm
politics. >> laura: carve all had an lsu sweatshirt on there. i have my alabama button. we are playing this weekend, lsu versus alabama. is that we will see what happens in that they are game, raiment. >> raymond: i think the tigers are going to have a rough time, them tigers. >> laura: when he stands up for robert e. lee, then i will be really impressed. raymond, i appreciate it. six weeks ago "the ingraham angle" brought you an investigation about dozens of vets being left to die outside a va hospital. one of california's most liberal but exclusive enclaves ahead, an important update.
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♪ ♪ >> raymond: i'm raymond arroyo, this is a fox news alert. we are monitoring the action on capitol hill. a big vote anticipated in just moments on the biden infrastructure package, as well as the rule for them to build back better plan, the epicenter of the biden agenda. for more on what's happening on capitol hill we go to chad pergram, our chief congressional correspondent. chad, what is the latest? i know a lot is happening behind the scenes. >> good evening. and just about three or
7:47 pm
4 minutes here, 10:51 eastern time, the house majority leader sidney hoyer is indicating the house will come back into session and they will begin by voting on the infrastructure bill. this is the bipartisan package that the senate approved in early august. the house thought they were going to vote in late september, maybe late october when president biden came to capitol hill. they never did because you have liberal democrats saying wait a minute, we need these two bills to ride together. meaning the social spending bill and the infrastructure bill and many of those liberal members said they would withhold their votes on the infrastructure bill unless they got an agreement and everything was worked out on the social spending plan. that is not all put to bed yet. but here is what has happened in just the past 35 minutes or so. you have the liberal democrats and moderate democrats have come to a truce. you have this group of five or six moderate democrats and they say they will vote for the
7:48 pm
social spending bill in its current form when it comes to the house floor no later than the week of november 15th. keep in mind that these moderates, they wanted a vote and this is the agreement had to vote on the infrastructure bill by september 27th. so here they are saying okay, we are willing to vote on this bill tonight, but we have to get to the other bill by the 15th of november. by the same token, you then have the liberal democrats, they've put out a statement here, this is the chair of the progressive caucus, democrats in washington state, and she says she will agree to have her members vote on the infrastructure bill tonight. the house and senate will line up and that can go to president biden for his signature, and then agree to vote on the rule, this is what sets the framework for the house at some point sometime in the future. maybe in about two or three weeks here to consider the social spending plan. so you have to have the votes to
7:49 pm
get this to pass in the house of representatives. democrats have a margin of three votes and if you don't have those two wings of the democratic party aligning come of the moderates and the liberals, you can't pass the bill. to be fair house speaker nancy pelosi has a bit of a cushion. that condition comes from, ironically, republicans because this is a bipartisan plan on infrastructure. and depending on who you talk to you we think there is a range of anywhere from nine to 15 republicans who will vote yes on this piece of legislation. the plan, to reiterate, the next couple minutes the house will come into session, they will vote on infrastructure and then sometime later this month they will consider the social spending plan which is going to change in the united states senate. whatever the house passes cannot move through the set up your joe manchin, the democrat senator from west virginia doesn't like the family leave provisions in their peer doesn't like some of the tax provisions. other senators -- excuse me, immigration proposals and whatever the senate passes they
7:50 pm
have to balance it back and the house is probably going to have to eat whatever the senate puts in that bill. >> raymond: chad, i thank you for that. we will check in for the latest is this evening continues. thank you for your insight as always. back with me now is arizona congressman andy biggs and joining us, indiana congressman jim banks, republican study committee chair and house minority whip steve scalise. thank you all for staying with us. you heard chad they were a moment ago. the democrats are trying to portray this infrastructure bill as a bipartisan bill. you will remember and many of you were a bit concerned about this. i know laura was very upset at senator cassidy and collins and grassley. at 19 and all republican senators who supported this bill because of some of the provisions. congressman banks, i will start with you. is this a bipartisan, clean infrastructure bill? >> remember this is a fake
7:51 pm
infrastructure bill. it's more green new deal than it is infrastructure. i can't think of a republican district in america where republican congressmen can go home and explain to his constituents, his or her constituents, how in the world they voted for a fake infrastructure bill that is more to do with the green new deal than it is infrastructure. i don't know how that works. it wouldn't work where i come from and i can't think of a republican district where that would work, either. the fact of the matter is this is a dangerous bill. we don't know yet what is going to happen. if they do somehow pass this bill it is a bad bill and it will do harm to america. >> raymond: congressman bigs, there are some provisions and i reported on bits of this bill even here in new orleans. there is a billion dollars set aside for what they call community reunification. what that means in the context of here in new orleans, there is a stretch of the interstate that democrats claim divide
7:52 pm
african-american communities from the french quarter. well, when you talk to the people in those communities they left that overpass. but this bill would provide for the demolition of major highways that have been there in some cases for 30 and 40 years. your take on whether this is a smart expenditure in addition to the tracking of mileage which they will tax. that seems to be the backdrop of this bill, what it would facilitate. >> when they talk about highways and freeways and roads being racist and dividing communities, that is absurd for local communities adjudicate that better than the federal government, number one. number two, as jim said, no republican should be voting for this, that is for sure. and the third thing is, this bill is part and parcel to the other bill, which will give federal government more surveillance opportunities and more control over local folks. no republican should be voting
7:53 pm
for this, raymond. >> raymond: we are now watching the house of representatives coming back in session for a major test for the biden administration. the centerpiece of his agenda. the build back better plan, the rule is going to pass peer tonight it will be brought up to a vote. they are also going to consider first this infrastructure package. we will bring you the latest as it happens. i will update you on anything that occurs from the floor. there is the motion to concur to the senate amendment. this is voting on the infrastructure bill. steve scalise, i want to go to you. when we are talking about infrastructure and bipartisanship, how bipartisan is this? nancy pelosi we are told is relying on members of your caucus to support this bill. how many will she get or has she gotten? >> we dramatically reduce that number. i went to the entire package because they brought infrastructure and tied it
7:54 pm
together with this massive, over $4 trillion tax and spend bill so it is one big package and we actively acted against it and reduced the number. that is why they've been dragging it out for weeks because they haven't had the votes and there are no moderates, by the way, they are socialists and liberals and they worked a deal together but they are still not going to have enough votes to pass the tax increase bill. if you look at what is going on right now, first of all, there was a report by penn wharton school of business that came out today that exposes the fallacy that president biden keep saying this isn't going to cost anything. number one, it's not going to cost $1.5 trillion, it is going to cost over $4 trillion. as amnesty for millions of people. 87,000 more irs agents to snoop on your bank accounts. a natural gas tax that everyone is going to pay so it blows away the myth promised that if you make less than $400,000 he won't pay a dime in new taxes. you're going to be paying a lot more in energy costs. by the way people are already
7:55 pm
playing too much in inflation which is the message they sent in virginia. clearly president biden and speaker pelosi are ignoring the message people sent in a lot of states, not just virginia, on tuesday night. >> raymond: congressman banks, very quickly before we run out of time here, there are some that are saying this entire so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill was a bit of a pig in a poke. it was a way to force moderates or blackmail them into voting for this bonanza of spending. it is green new deal tax income a 900% increase, it is a spend o rama. it could be as high as $4 trillion at this point. was that wise for republican senators to sign onto this infrastructure package? >> we are going to look back and blame them, blame the republicans that opened the door for this process to play out the way it does tonight come to your
7:56 pm
point. the democrats used want to get the other. if they succeed, but that is yet to be determined. we are going to find out tonight. this is deja vu, it seems like every week they say they have a deal and it falls apart at the last minute. i'm still hopeful that we will get to the floor here in moments from now and find out they are not able to get this done. >> raymond: we heard moments ago, chad pergram says there is a deal that has been struck, the moderates have agreed to vote on the big spending, the build back better plan by the 15th of november. do you think that will hold? presumably that is after the congressional budget office turns in their findings and make sure this spending is square. does that mean they will support it? >> this is where people all across the country need to get engaged because for the next two weeks are members of congress are going to be home all of next week if you are in a district represented by a democrat, pick
7:57 pm
up the phone because nancy pelosi needs almost every single one of their votes for this massive, multi-trillion dollar bill to pass. engage with your member of congress and let them know how devastating it will be to your family. it's going to raise taxes on low income families with the natural gas tax. the irs agents, 80,000 new irs agents are not going to be going after millionaires and billionaires, they're going after you, seniors they're going after the bank account of seniors on fixed income, urge them to vote no. there's two weeks left to make that happen. we can still kill this bill. save america, kill this bl. >> raymond: i want to play you something, this is nancy pelosi, this is what she claimed earlier about these bills. watch. >> we have a significant contribution to workforce development. if we're going to build back better, even in the bipartisan infrastructure framework, it's important to have people be
7:58 pm
trained for the job, and not only in construction but in-home health care and in other ways. >> raymond: there are estimates that this could kill millions of jobs. just the infrastructure bill. forget the build back better bill. your thoughts, what are you hearing? >> what i'm hearing is from economists that these will kill about seven to 10 million jobs between these two bills. so when she is saying it is going to reinvigorate the economy and we need to train people, we are going to have to train people that lose their jobs because of this and they want to get these green new deal core and all of those things. that is really where they are going, do green new deal jobs, crippling the economy with the mandates and regulations are more jobs will be lost overall. it is a net loss for our economy, and the mandates will continue long after the spending
7:59 pm
goes away. it's a multigenerational disaster for the american people. >> raymond: i've got about a minute here. steve scalise before we run out of time, given the elections this week, the clear message from the american people, why do you think the democrats and the biden administration have decided to just press forward with this spend o rama, universal pre-k, the whole nine yards. it even restricts money from religious organizations and schools. they can't use the money but secular groups can. this seems vastly unfair. steve, quickly. >> use on nancy pelosi blow through the results of 2009 when virginia flipped republican right before the wave in 2010. she won't let her members walk the plank because they want to push a socialist agenda. people need to engage. we could still defeat this bill. we've got a week and a half at least before it comes to the floor. trillions and trillions of dollars of inflation-busting spending and new taxes that will kill american jobs and ship jobs
8:00 pm
to china. let's keep focusing on trying to defeat this bill. >> raymond: congressman, i thank you all for being here. it's been great being with you. we will continue to monitor the news. i'm raymond arroyo sitting in for laura ingraham. stay with fox news for life coverage at midnight. "got felled" is next have a great week. 6 [applause] [applause] >> ugh. what she we got in store. you know why? 'cause it's on drugs. i mean, the topic is about drugs. i can't say if the panelists are all on drugs but let's just say the dog hired by security to sniff for


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