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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 5, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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wallace's exclusive panel with house minority whip james clyburn and liz cheney. bill will introduce senior adviser to the president cedric richmond. that will be good to watch. check your local listings, thanks for inviting us in your home tonight. that's it for "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. mac it a great weekend. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts now. >> rachel: thank you, bret. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. if this week's elections taught us anything it's that americans care about kitchen table issues. we want what's best for our country and what's best for our families. these are the things that americans value most. number one, jobs. and the economy. number two, the cost of living. and, three, most importantly, our kids. democrats know that. our voices were heard this week. but they don't care. and they are purposely ignoring
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us. let's start tonight by talking about jobs. today, joe biden made it sound like everything is great. america is working again. >> today another great day for our economic recovery. america is getting back to work. our economy is starting to work for more americans. thanks to the economic plan we put through in congress earlier this year, and a successful vaccine deployment, america continues to add jobs at a record pace. it is historically strong recovery. unemployment rate has fallen again today down to 4.6%. >> rachel: but joe is spiking the football too early when it comes to employment numbers because, in just a few months, those job numbers will go down the toilet when his private sector vaccine mandate take effect. thousands, perhaps even millions of people could be out of work. because of his quest for 100 percent covid compliance. and even the americans who will
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keep their jobs will feel like their paychecks are just getting smaller every week. thanks to bidenflation which brings us to number two the rises cost of living. we are going to be celebrating the most expensive thanksgiving in u.s. history compared to last year the price of meat is up over 19%. eggs up almost 13%. and gas prices are skyrocketing at an average of $3.42 a gallon. but it didn't have to be this way. with donald trump we were energy independent but joe biden ruined that on his first day in office. and now look at us. paying an arm and a leg to fill up our gas tanks and heat our homes. like i said before, biden and the democrats don't care. when energy secretary jennifer granholm was asked about bringing the cost of gas down, she literally laughed out loud. >> sturgess, michigan it is 2.8
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the dollars a gallon. i guess that's better than in california, what is the granholm plan to increase oil production in america? [laughter] that is hilarious. would i have the magic wand on this as you know, of course, oil is a global market. it is controlled by a cartel. that cartel is called opec. and they made a decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. >> rachel: she was laughing like a villain because the democrats' evil plan is working. making the cost of coal, gas and oil so expensive no one can afford to use it. clean energy here we come. but the last and for me the most important kitchen table issue that democrats are ignoring is our children. voters in virginia made it clear this week our children do not belong to the state. they are ours. i'm not interested in
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co-parenting with the government. parents demand a say in what students learn in the classroom. we're sick and tired of radical agendas being shoved down our kid's throat and school. the left wants to indoctrinate our kids. force them to wear masks and force them to get vaccinated. democrats want parents out of the picture entirely. but, still, jamila jayapal said. this i think democrats are the parties of parents, not republicans. we are the ones that are looking to pass child -- universal child care. universal pre-k to cut prescription drug costs and as soon as be we get that done, i think people will see that. >> rachel: let me be clear, radical democrats are not the party of parents. and they are certainly not the party for children. their interest in passing universal child care and universal prek is just to start indoctrinating our kids sooner. inside their socialist
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infrastructure bill is a provision that specifically prohibits religious schools from accessing infrastructure grants to improve their facilities. just another attempt to keep children in government run schools to please the union. did the democrats learn nothing from this week? they must not have because all they want to talk about is electric school buses and tree equity. this brand of tone deaf radicalism isn't working. americans are fed up. and the red wave is rising. here to respond pete hegseth, "fox & friends weekend" co-host and sean duffy, co-host of our podcast from the kitchen table, very, very, very fitting. and a fox news contributor. welcome to both of you. >> hey. >> rachel: pete, are the democrats focused on kitchen table issues? >> pete: of course not. i think joe biden being in glasgow at these environmental conferences while the election stuff going down elm 'blemishatic of that. obsessed with the climate change. they dual everything to advance
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it including this bill that costs $4 trillion that's what they are really obsessed with, their base is obsessed with. this is a tale of three, everything you i laid out three states and three issues, parents classrooms wanted control of that. in new jersey covid mandates from the minute king murphy had his opportunity he brought the lockdowns and killed more people in nursing homes than frankly governor cuomo did but we barely ever talk about that. >> rachel: killed a lot of jobs by the way. >> pete: killed a lot of jobs as well. in minneapolis where they were pushing to defund the police thankfully voters woke up there a little bit and rejected a idea of full refund almost 300 officers down. crime is speaking. these are things that touch people's lives where they are. not we're all going to die in 10 years because of the weather, which is what the democrats want to talk about. >> rachel: exactly. sean, joe biden celebrating are working families celebrating? >> sean: obviously not. celebrating great job numbers that came out which were okay. it was 531,000 jobs that were in october. but you have to remember those october job numbers came before
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the november election in virginia and in new jersey, right? so, the voters right now were not celebrating the economy or these jobs. these actually rejected democrats. that's the first point. the second point is talking about mandates, it's important to look at the dates. the first vaccine mandate that biden put out was going to be for december 8th. all these employers are like, no, no, no, no you can't do that because tens of thousands of people are going to lose their jobs because of the mandate and christmas is coming. so, joe biden extended it to now january 4th. but what that means is he knows that people are going to lose their jobs. it's going to impact our economy. it's going to impact the supply chain. and so, i mean i think to pete's point, they are not dealing with the actual issues. the fundamental issues that effect people's families. again they are talking about climate change. they are talking about, you know, open borders. they will don't address crime and so the american voter is completely rejecting that. >> rachel: i think one of the most frustrating it things to me is see our energy secretary not just laughing but that our government is begging opec and
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countries that frankly don't like us very much for oil and we were energy independent a year ago. it's embarrassing. >> joe biden told us america was going to be back. now america is on its knees begging sheiks in the middle east to give us more oil why would they almost a year ago, two years ago direct policies of putting america first and putting our energy first we were energy independent which meant we were actually help to set the terms of global oil and global energy prices because of that production. we were driving the train. now we're left begging and laughing? as if you need a magic wand? that reminds me of the obama phrase when he talked about the magic wand. but never are laughing at voters who believe these things are important. >> sean: american voter throws head back and laughs and says i have no control over this. every american knows do you have control. shut down gas pipelines and
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don't allow drilling on federal land you effect energy industry that puts in our gas tank. less production and rely on opec. we know it's biden administration and not opec that's at fault. >> rachel: that's right. sell us a fake infrastructure bill and shut down infrastructure jobs including the wall, yes,. >> pete: i think people need to watch the kitchen table podcast. >> rachel: good idea. >> sean: only idea here is pete is not in the duffy sandwich. >> pete: how am i in the middle? come on. >> rachel: despite resounding rebuke of the democratic agenda. pelosi and company are still pushing build back better. >> think of what we are about to do pass a piece of legislation that will be very transformative to minute by minute. >> this is again transformative, historic and then we will have
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thanksgiving gift for the american people. >> rachel: joining me now mick mulvaney former director mic, why are the democrats trying to transform america when they can't even run the country? >> because that's what they do. hey, rachel, it's great to see you. thanks for having me here on a friday night. it's what they do and one of the reasons why they are the sort of out of touch. they know they are out of touch. they are willing to give up their majority in order to move the ball in their direction. i think if we had just been through republicans a bad election like they have in virginia. we would be stepping back and saying to ourselves wait a second. do we need to change our message. they are looking their hands over and saying we are going to lose in november of 2022. we need to get as much done as we possibly can build back better, for example, i just heard mr. clyburn and ms. pelosi talk about that how it's important to families. it's their theme. in the bill bailout for "the washington post."
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"new york times," the media companies that support the media company. that's not what's important to families. well, maybe it is but we will find out in november. it's certainly important to democratic lawmakers. what you are seeing them focus on is getting their agenda done as opposed to doing what american families want them to do. >> rachel: that's right, as you know we are facing a supply chain crisis. pete buttigieg our transportation secretary was asked about it and he said listen, you know, we are going to have these problems until the pandemic ends. well, first of all, there is a lot of things he can do. government touches the supply chain as you know many different points this also a party that doesn't want the pandemic to end. so, tell me what you would have done. if you were -- you no e if the trump administration had this kind of supply chain crisis. what can be done? what would you advise pete buttigieg and joe biden to do? >> sure, it's a great question. and i sort of draw a parallel between what the trump administration did on the vaccine for covid. with project warp speed we put all of government approach. it's not just one or two things. and you have to do the same thing with supply chain.
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so, a month ago you heard joe biden say don't worry, the supply chain problems are gone because i have fixed the ports in long beach. that's one of a thousand things that they should be doing. should be a whole of government approach. the department of labor should be looking at the rules for workers. the department of transportation looking at rules for long distanced trucking. the department of state actually has input into whether or not passenger and cargo jets can fly overseas and deliver cargo goods. there is all sorts of things the government can be doing that they're not. i think what they are learning, rachel, it's fun to run for office. it's really hard to win and run a government. what you are seeing now is that they have got a team in place that isn't capable of actually doing the job. when you saw jennifer granholm laugh like that, that's emblematic of the folks they have put in charge. what an energy secretary should have said is look, these are the five things i have done today to try and make this problem better. either on supply chain, on gasoline prices, on anything. as opposed to laughing at people
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when you ask serious questions like that. listen, when jennifer granholm was running for office i bet she told people she could help gas prices now that she is in office she tells us she doesn't have a magic wand there is a bunch of things a properly run government would be cooking that the biden administration is not. >> rachel: mic mill vane no one knows better than you. thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> thanks, rachel. >> rachel: big pharma targeting our kids with a creepy new video. we will take it up with candace owens. first, joe biden is rolling out the red carpet along the southern border and we have got new numbers to prove it. ♪ ♪ flexible cancellation. kayak. search one and done.
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>> rachel: welcome back, the southern border has been unmitigated disaster under joe biden. this administration refuses to contain the crisis. in the first 10 months of this year we have seen over 1.7 million border apprehensions, the most ever recorded in a single year. and there are still two months to go. so where are all these people going? the administration won't tell us. maybe they don't even know. as new reporting border patrol released 283,000 migrants into the u.s. over the past year. 95,000 of which were release without any paperwork or notice to appear. and those are the people just getting a free pass. it doesn't take into account instances in which hundreds of thousands of other migrants were also released into the u.s. by other government entities. this all comes as democrats try to jam amnesty for millions of illegals into their spending bill. so how can we keep our borders secure? let's ask florida congressman
4:20 pm
michael waltz and former white house press secretary ari fleischer. i will start with you, congressman, what are the national security implications of an open border and these kinds of numbers that people coming across our border for which government is admitting they have not even given them any paperwork and have no idea who they are? >> no. you are absolutely right, rachel. and, look, a smuggling pipeline or pathway that can move people can move weapons, can move weapons of mass destruction and can certainly move terrorists and as we have talked about, remember, we just had 5,000 of the most hardened al-qaeda taliban isis terrorists. we have no idea where they are now. that were released from bagram. we know where one of them is. one of them was a suicide bomber that killed our 13 marines soldiers and sailors outside of kabul international airport. but the rest of them we have no idea. so now we have 200,000 a month, 2 million a year.
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if biden keeps this up, 4 million over the course of his term pouring across our borders from over 170 countries. and meanwhile, we have isis and al-qaeda openly stating their intent to attack the united states again and our intelligence community saying that could be -- that could be probable within six months. >> rachel: unbelievable. ari, we are now hearing that the bill or tucked into it is amnesty for 7 million people. is that what this was really about? is that what this whole open border situation is really about for the democrats? >> well, the democrats do seem to want to just put as many people into america as they possibly can. >> rachel: yeah, new voters. >> that's correct. we all know where that ends up. they want to have a pathway to citizenship. they think they are going to be voters and locked with the democratic majority. rachel, i'm the son of an immigrant. i'm a first generation american. i want people to come to america. immigrants enrich us. they make us a better country.
4:22 pm
but you have got to come here the right way. you have got to come here legally. and here is just to put it in perspective the numbers that you just cited 280,000 people released into america. these are pop-up cities now. this is more people than live in toledo, ohio. more people than live in orlando, florida. it is the size of a newark, new jersey. this is what the democrats want. a pop-up city every couple months of a city that size that they can legalize and all of a sudden turn into democratic voters, they hope. it's wrong. and this is one of the reasons the hispanic vote in america is shifting republican. many came here legally. they don't want people to come here illegally. it's a question of right and wrong and how you come to america. >> rachel: absolutely. i'm also the daughter of an immigrant. no one gets more mad than my mom. she did it legally. it feels like such an injustice. i want to quick talk to you, congressman waltz. because i know that you care very much about children, about child sex trafficking in particular. talk to me about the role of our
4:23 pm
government, of this biden administration, in this evil business at our southern border. don't just take it from me or ari, from international ngos including doctors without borders, are estimating that up to 40% of the women and particularly the girls that are making this dangerous migration across panamanian jungles and up through mexico are being sexually assaulted along the way. some are being given birth control by the smugglers by the coyotes. and then they are sold into human trafficking rings as they are flown all over the united states. it's disgusting and it's wrong. and here we have the democrats, you know, saying that they are the party of defending women. we have kamala harris as the border czar and they are essentially shrugging their soldiers to this abuse. and as a father of a 17-year-old young girl, i just can't imagine
4:24 pm
but that's what's going on. it's happening every day in this administration is doing nothing, zero to stop it. >> they are not just doing nothing. they are practically incentivizing. this $450,000 payment? you know incentivizing people to bring their children and then they get a payout for breaking the law. unbelievable. ari, congressman waltz, thank you for joining me tonight. >> thank you, rachel. >> thank you. >> rachel: turning to another story as early october there were -- as of early october, there were 13,000 afghan refugees left at fort mccoy in wisconsin waiting to be relocated. and now reports show the process has started as 850 refugees are going to be resettled across wisconsin. but let's take a moment to look at who these people are. they come from vastly different culture than our own, evidenced by this report from the "wall street journal" that says at fort mccoy, quote: some cultural misunderstandings have taken place. afghans were confused and upset
4:25 pm
by hygiene practices. it led in some cases to afghans relieving themselves outside instead of in the bathroom. that is only the start of the clash of cultures, afghanistan is known for the disgusting practice of marrying children off to old men like this story from cnn. >> father is now doing the unthinkable. i have no work, no money, no food. i have to sell my daughter, he says. i have no other choice. my father has sold me because we don't have bread, rice, and flower. he has sold me to an old man. the man who believes claims he is 455 years old comes to collect her. >> rachel: make no mistake, joe biden's disastrous pullout from afghanistan caused this driving already destitute country further into poverty. but now that these refugees have moved from kabul to kenosha,
4:26 pm
will they continue these practices how do we bridge this deep cultural divide? let's ask former senior adviser to donald trump stephen miller. i have to tell you after i read that story in the daily mail there were pictures and video you saw there from cnn, i couldn't sleep that night. it just -- it's heart breaking. it's devastating. but i don't understand it either, steven, because i don't care if i'm starving, you know, sean and i are not going to sell our daughters. these are huge cultural differences. what do we do now that we have brought so many of them here and some of them are just leaving the base by the way as some congressman in wisconsin have said without any tracking of them at all. >> well, the truth is that the tragedy is upon us. joe biden indiscriminately evacuated at random afghan nationals, based on no criteria and no selection. evaluation method of any kind, totally at random. and you are right, the culture
4:27 pm
is radically different from the united states. let me make a very basic point here, why couldn't the u.s. military after 20 years build a pro-american democracy in average? it's because of that deep chasm of cultural difference. what kind of uberous now are we applying to say well, we can't build a democracy there but if we bring afghanistan to the united states well then they will all embrace our way of life here? that's just not how it works not in relation. that's why the right and compassionate policy is there are people who legitimately and genuinely need relocation. they could be relocated to another safe place in the middle east. for example, there is millions, millions of afghan refugees over the last several decades going back to the communist era that have moved to pakistan. why would kenosha and not pakistan be the destination of choice for afghan refugees? >> rachel: yeah it, seems like it would have also been cheaper to take care of these refugees in a third world country.
4:28 pm
it's very expensive, correct, steven, to bring them here. >> yes, for the price of taking one to the united states, you could resettle 10 plus in their home country. here in the united states, they will get and this is true now as a matter of law because of the funding bill that congress passed, they will get free healthcare, free welfare, free public housing, free food stamps for as long as they are here. and you could help 10 times poor people, again, if you wanted to in their home region this ♪ about a humanitarian mission. this is about an immigration mission that is ideologically driven. time to use a word that president trump used all the time but too rarely used today. and that's the word assimilation. immigration doesn't work without assimilation. and you cannot have a large scale pipeline of immigration from a part of the world where women are treated as property and expect that entire migration flow to suddenly become
4:29 pm
jeffersonian democrats in america. it doesn't work like that. >> rachel: i know. the last thing that the father said he as he sold off his little 9-year-old daughter he says don't beat her. it is just heart breaking. i hope we can figure out something we can do about this situation. steven, thanks for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> rachel: coming up, microsoft is taking woke corporatism to a whole new level. >> the must kel shoot chute. the chile la. >> rachel: but, first, candace owens is here taking on big pharma creepy propaganda aimed at our children. you won't want to miss it stay with us. wealth is your first big investment. worth is a partner to help share the load. wealth is saving a little extra. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire.
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4:35 pm
system is giving everyone next friday off so they can get students vaccinated. and in new york, creepy weirdoes like bill de blasio are trying to bribe our kids with cold hard cash. >> good news, kids are eligible for the $100 vaccine incentive. so, we really want kids to take advantage. families take advantage of that. everyone could use a little more money around the holidays. >> rachel: meanwhile, pfizer, the company that produces the vaccine is telling kids that getting the shot makes you a super hero. >> each year thousands of kids like us around the world participated in the covid-19 trials. when they did they became our super heroes. ♪ >> to all the kids who volunteer, we would like to say. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> rachel: here now to react candace owens author of blackout and host of candace.
4:36 pm
candace, welcome to prime here at fox. so glad to have you. you are the perfect person. i saw this ad. i saw bill de blasio think how much candy you can buy with $100. i'm going i'm sick of the propaganda coming from big pharma that and big government. enough talking to my kids about medications and vaccines. talk to me, i'm the parent. give me the information. >> that's exactly right. this should make every parent extremely uncomfortable. it's something about this that feels like a child predator approaching your child. right? this is the stuff you learn about when you say take your child if a playground comes up to you and says here's some candy you don't listen to this, right? that's not a good incentive. adults should not be coming to you and trying to bribe you to do anything especially about medical decisions that belong to the parents. there is something else going on here though aside from making people uncomfortable, there is something under current here that me appears evil and sin mister. i always say there is nothing biblical proverb. always real. we can look at hills industry to
4:37 pm
see where things come from. so on mission to me when i studied stalin youth program. hitler youth program. talking about schools and the government issuing these brainwashing doctrines down to say to children it's okay to doo this or do that they are trying to raise up children to do whatever the state wants unquestioningly. that's been after larging. this is a conversation that goes further than just the vaccines. further than the vaccine mandates, talking about what we are seeing going around the country in terms of what children are learning in the classroom. it is time for parents to take control over their children and realize the government is trying to step in as the parent and it's quite frankly inappropriate. >> rachel: absolutely your child's health is so fundamental that anyone would step in and do commercials that are really geared at children is just unfathomable. when i look at the data, frankly, i look at a vaccine that doesn't, to me personally as a parent, doesn't seem medically necessary. has not had long term studies and, again, offering candy, offering days off from school. it's just creepy.
4:38 pm
>> yeah. add that to the censorship that's happening beyond the bribery there is a censorship people are talking about experience that they have had with the vaccine had bad reactions you are not allowed to talk about that. doctors being censored for giving honest opinion and assessment of the vaccine whether or not they perceive them to be necessary for people young and healthy. we know for a fact this virus according to the cdc does not harm children. and, yet, you have cities like san francisco, of course democrat-run cities that rush an instantly said that in a couple of months they are going to issue mandates for 5-year-olds. 5-year-old in san francisco you will not be able to walk into a place of business without showing proof of vaccination. i mean, this is unfathomable. this is scary stuff we are talking about. you stoppian nightmare. some parents going along with it which i don't understand. i really do hope this is the firm line in the sand. parents say you know what? enough is enough. i was maybe okay with this stuff when you were talking about adults. i was okay with this stuff when you were talking about college students. but i'm finally going to have to
4:39 pm
draw a line in the stand when you are talking about innocent 5-year-olds and making medical decisions that are quite frankly unnecessary when you look at the data and the statistics. >> rachel: i hope you are right about that. i want to change subjects. i want you to take a listen to this podcast. a podcast called drink champ and kanye west was on it. and he talked about what he said is the real genocide in our country. take a listen 50% of deaths is abortion. >> rachel: your thoughts. >> i have spoken to kanye about this at length in person. this is something he is very strong on and actually very correct on. you know, i have been spoken about this often. you see so often the left and the liberals talking about black lives matter, black lives matter but then you mention abortion to them they suddenly get very shy and quiet they don't want to discuss it because the statistics are staggering. that's real data we can actually take a look at. it is true that the black population would be double
4:40 pm
whether a it is today if it wasn't for abortion. it is true that planned parenthood was founded by union genesis who did not want black people to procreate. margaret sanger was a success story. create planned parenthood and targeted people she saw not wanting to preproduce in the society and black people were targeted and had been successful. kanye west is right to beat the drum and draw attention to this issue. >> rachel: candace and kanye truth tellers for sure on this topic. thank you so much for joining me tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> rachel: of course. coming up, i want to tease this next segment but i need to properly identify myself. i'm an asian and white female with dark brown hair wearing a red sleeveless top. >> i'm an all hispanic male wearing blue shirt, khaki pants. >> rachel: lara trump and jason rantz are joining us next. i wonder what their pronouns are. ♪
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yours, your employees' and even your customers'. so you can stay ahead. get started with a great offer and ask how you can add comcast business securityedge. plus for a limited time, ask how to get a $500 prepaid card when you upgrade. call today. >> rachel: microsoft kicked off virtual event this week before they got into the technical stuff they just had to set the record straight. >> whoa.
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and welcome to microsoft ignite. first we want to acknowledge that the land where the microsoft campus is situated was traditionally occupied by the samish the do you amish the so he qualm militia. the sue the snow homish the tula and other coast people. my neighbor is allison wins i'm a senior program manager in our developer tools division. i'm an asian and white female with dark brown hair wearing a red sleeveless top. >> and i'm seth program manager of the a.i. platform group male wearing blue khaki pants. >> i'm asian woman i do go by she her. >> i am caucasian i go by he, him. >> rachel: joining me now our fox news tributer lara trump and seattle radio host jason rantz. jason, i'm going to start with you, was it absolutely necessary to acknowledge the muck kel
4:47 pm
shoots? >> yes. i have to start by saying my name is jason rantz i'm 39-year-old on ten dire though jewish gay male with perfect suit and portrays my actual net with worth on land in the studio previously stolen by a shady masseuse who wasn't paying her rent before she fled the city. i honor her with that said, the only reason anyone should do that is to signal that they're woke lunatics that anyone should have any conversation with. we should be focusing instead on vacuous empty nonsense identity and instead focus on the actual person what they have to say, who they are as people and what value they bring to a conversation that we're having with them. i don't need any of the other stuff. i know you are an alings female because i'm looking at you. >> rachel: absolutely. it's embarrassing, lara. this is a premier american technological company.
4:48 pm
it's just what are the chinese thinking when they see this? >> >> oh, i mean i'm scared to even wonder that question. but by the time she got to mussel shoot i totally zoned out. i couldn't listen to anything after that. the problem is if people are going to start any conversation this way, we are never going to get anything accomplished in america it takes you 15 minutes to introduce yourself, things that the former native american tribes for the land that you are on. are we serious with this? if this is what we are taking our time doing, maybe it speaks to the fact that we are such an advanced society and we are very lucky to live in the greatest country in the world that we have time to focus on this crazy nonsense. the chinese think we look insane to answer your question. >> rachel: absolutely. we have got to get to this and do it quickly it's a good one. chris pratt he was on instagram basically loving on his wife. he said look how she is looking at me. somebody that looks at you like
4:49 pm
that, you know her heart is pure and belongs to me my greatest treasure right next to me. upper deck rookie card whatever that means i don't know. it means he loves her. is he madly in love with her. and now instagram all these people on social media say that he is a sexist for calling her my treasure. i'm going to start with you, lara. you are a woman. doesn't everyone woman want every woman want their husband to say you are their greatest treasure? >> it was very silly of chris pratt because he is a white male that is very open about his christian values that he should be afforded any happiness will or post anything nice about his wife because set bane of existence of the folks on the left. they hate him. he is not allowed to post anything nice. yes, if my husband wants to post this eric, go ahead, honey, can you call me your treasure any time. >> rachel: what's a challenge. last word. >> i want somebody to post something like that about me.
4:50 pm
normally if i go on twitter or instagram i'm called all sorts of names. say something nice. what is the left become they get mad that the a man is celebrating his wife? they need to sit down and think about that. >> rachel: yeah. think there is a lot of man hating women out there who jumped in to that or they are jealous. but, you know, oh, well, jason, i'm going to write something nice about you on instagram tonight. >> me too. >> rachel: okay. thank you lara, thank you, jason. coming up, jesse watters is here. and he is as excited as a kid on christmas morning. do not go anywhere. ♪ ♪
4:51 pm
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wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth. ♪ ♪ >> getting mentally prepared for thanksgiving. this is like, some people wear shorts when it is all of a sudden february, it turns 45 -- no, relax, it's not summer yet. with same thing here, it is not
4:56 pm
christmas yet. >> rachel: jesse watters is not ready for christmas music but he is here with us tonight to share his family's special christmas traditions, including -- mike husband sean and i invited jesse to be part of our book highlighting traditions, but called "all-american christmas," we share stories, photographs, and recipes from some of your favorite fox personalities. joining me now to share some of his favorite traditions as jesse watters, host of "the five" and watters' world. while we were waiting for the camera to turn on, he goes "lawrence jones is so cute!" >> there are baby pictures about lawrence jones. the best part of the book are these color photos of these fox personalities. you have brian kilmeade, i think he is going to kick my.
4:57 pm
he's got a curl, he looks really tough. we also have sandra smith. oh, my gosh. you have to see these photos. lawrence jones might be the cutest. i want to kiss his face right here. >> rachel: you have a an adorable picture and that caption says "jesse watters before he was a foot soldier in the war on christmas." >> you know i was instrumental in winning the war on christmas. >> rachel: saves the world, that is another book i knew. >> they called christmas trees holiday trees, we had to kick down some doors. i'm not proud of some of the stuff we did, but we now say merry christmas. i guess myself and trump. >> rachel: u.n. trump trump at fox. that's why i did the book. we love the reason for the season. >> it's funny you said you did this book. a lot of people know, rachel campos-duffy's name is above her husband's, and there
4:58 pm
is a rumor going around this was the big fight -- >> rachel: oh, sure. [laughs] it was an alphabetical fight. listen, we do have to talk about the tree. literally when sean and i read your story about the christmas tree and the squirrel, we were like, why isn't there a movie about this? maybe there is one. tell everybody about the squirrel and the tree. >> we were living in long island and my parents thought it would be really rustic to go sawed down our own christmas tree. we had to drive all the way to the middle of pennsylvania. we hack this thing down and bring it back to long island, kind of far away. we wrapped it up and put it up in the stand, then we go to bed. 3:30 in the morning, we hear this horrible sound downstairs. one of my cats was screaming bloody murder and there were all of these things crashing. go downstairs, there was a squirrel that had hidden in the
4:59 pm
tree from pennsylvania. it escaped in the night and was doing war with my cat. we let them both out, that's right, we had an illegal alien squirrel from pennsylvania smuggled to long island to. >> rachel: we now have the right on that story. one last story i have to tell. i feel like i have an affinity with your mom, i feel like i love her to death. you ask her what she wanted for christmas and she said "respect." [laughs] and what did you do, jesse? >> i was a teenager and being very disrespectful, so i framed a picture of respect and gave it to her and it was the best present she has ever gotten. >> rachel: she held onto it and i know you love and respect your mom. >> i do. >> rachel: you love and respect her very much. >> merry christmas. this book is going to be a seller. just for the pictures of killed made when he was 17 alone.
5:00 pm
>> rachel: "all-american christmas" is available at fox news for preorder. thank you for watching "fox news primetime" this week. lawrence jones will be hosting, and don't miss "fox & friends" from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m. up next, my friend will cain's guest hosting for tucker carlso. >> will: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i am will cain in for tucker. disturbing phone calls started coming into jacksonville sheriff's police office on a wednesday night just a few weeks ago. motorists had reported seeing a man covered in blood walking along the highway. and then he disappeared into the woods. when authorities finally arrested the man the next morning, they identified him as a honduran migrant named medina although i. he claimed to be a teenager. authorities followed the trail of blood


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