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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 5, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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a stunning development all away across the board, so stunning it's among the reason that all three stock market averages broke to new highs today. very strong employment report, more than half a million americans found jobs didn't hurt. this one sealed the deal. that will do it. here comes "the five." ♪ ♪ >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters with lawrence jones, jessica tarlov, dagen mcdowell, pete hegseth. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is "the five." nfl superstar aaron rodgers taking a flamethrower to the local mob in his first public comments after catching a covid. giving --
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rodgers ripping the nfl strip tony and rules and defending his decision to not get the shot. >> before my final nail gets put in my canceled culture casket, i think i'd like to set the record straight. i'm not some sort of anti-vaxxer. i'm a critical thinker. i believe strongly in bodily autonomy. the ability to make choices for your body. not to have to acquiesce to some woke culture or crazed, you know, group of individuals who say you have to do something. >> jesse: rodgers, reportedly furious about his status being leaked to the press, not stopping there. also calling out how the issue has become political. >> the problem is that it is so political. health should not be political. trump in 2020 was championing these vaccines that were coming
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so quick. what did the left say? every member of the left. don't trust the vaccine. don't get the vaccine. you're going to die from the vaccine. then what happened? biden wins and everything flips. >> jesse: before i get to pete, you should announce that you have a conflict of interest because you are a vikings fan. so i think the audience should know that this is not coming from a straight place. he hates aaron rodgers. >> dagen: but you have aaron rodgers hair. >> i also hated brett favre until he came to purple. aaron rodgers going to replace kurt cousins, any time. >> jesse: anyone can replace kurt cousins. >> if you watch the entire interview, it's really thoughtful. he breaks down the research he did, what he knew about the vaccines, allergies he had, reasons why he didn't want to take it. he went through when he called an immunization protocol which he didn't really get into the
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details of what that meant and he talked to the league and the packers about it so he's not someone that just dismissed the whole thing. also if you look at his comments of the last couple years, this is where i'll get a little bit critical of him, he's been happy to go along with woke groupthink in the nfl. he has been the first to fly the flag. this is another example, it's easy to go along with thorough woke mob until the mob comes for you and then pretty soon it's hate, the woke mob is after me and cancel culture. we will see what the league does. he's out for a game or two i believe. this is yet another example, likely saw from the orlando magic player, who was that? >> lawrence: kyrie irving. >> pete: having platforms, being thoughtful, making a personal decision. >> jesse: as pete said, he has an allergy to the mrna so he couldn't get the pfizer. he couldn't get the moderna and
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it left him with the j&j and he said that at the time that it was going down, the j&j got pulled for the week because of complications of this is what he did. >> dagen: i encourage everyone to watch every word of this interview because he really goes through all the conflicting information that's been fed to the american people over and over again where again, fomenting fear. biden and harris, when it benefited them in the campaign trail and then when they turn around get the jab. now they are fomenting fear over and over again that the vaccinated should be afraid of the unvaccinated which i'll get to them just one second. then the j&j shot getting pulled in and put back on the market. and people were silenced. he goes into this, he said day, the team, sent a stooge into training camp to tell us we were 19th in the league and vaccination percentage. i challenge some of the things
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he was saying and afterwards i was thanked by a lot of coaches and players who were clearly quiet because they were worried about being shamed. one point. he said unvaccinated people are treated like they are the most dangerous people in society. that's coming from the top of this nation on down. joe biden repeatedly has said i understand why you're angry and afraid of unvaccinated people. he said, we have to protect vaccinated workers from the unvaccinated but then went on to say how effective the vaccines were. people who are unvaccinated can get covid from the vaccinated. there is no evidence that people are dying who are vaccinated because they were in contact with unvaccinated. it's got to end and there's got to be a lot more discussion just like this around the country. >> jesse: lawrence, we all know the most dangerous people in america are outside linebackers and those of the people need to be worried about.
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>> lawrence: is true. i'm a cowboys fan so -- >> jesse: i can't -- it's bad year for us. >> dagen: i am a redskins fan. >> lawrence: i am no rodgers fan. i think he is a jerk. i also think kyrie is a jerk but you need the jerks to end this battle here. pete is right that they have touted the social justice agenda and they've been comfortable going with the mob. this is an awakening period. they are understanding now what government will do. the other thing that happened, rodgers was being tested every single day. we can't not forget how the nba was able to come back. part the reason we have these daily tests is because the nba put them all in a bubble. they came up with a rapid test that everyone in the country is using today because of the nba or networked.
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people didn't get infected. that's more effective than the people who are even vaccinated. because someone that was vaccinated gave it to rodgers is what they are saying. >> dagen: what he said. >> lawrence: i think it's unfair to him. i don't like him but like i said, if we are going to end this fight, we need the jerks to stand up to give us -- >> jesse: you need to disclose who your team is. >> jessica: i don't really have a football team. i am more into basketball. >> jesse: okay. >> pete: she is a jets fan. >> jesse: just didn't want to say it. >> jessica: i have been a jets fan. sad sundays. no one has mentioned that critical component of this which is that aaron rodgers lied. if aaron rodgers have answered the direct question, are you vaccinated, with "no i am not, i follow the protocols that have been laid out.
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i get tested every day," and then admitted he breaks masking protocol that the nfl has sent down, he'd be in a much better position now. someone who i think kind of universally has been decried over the last few months, what went on with jeopardy, not showing up to camp. i'm not in aaron rodgers fan on a personal level i don't particularly enjoy him. put the lie is the problem here and when you do that, and then you continue to behave with the media is if you are vaccinated, you are endangering other people's lives. charles barkley was saying the other night at the halftime show, talking about vaccine status and kyrie. kenny smith was saying that kyrie was taking a stand. charles barkley was making a point, you get vaccinated to protect yourself and those around you. >> lawrence: don't you protect others by getting the test every day? >> jessica: he broke the rules and he lied to the american public. >> lawrence: got tested and they isolated him. >> dagen: he said they knew that the team --
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>> jessica: the media didn't know. >> pete: he said if they had asked the follow-up question which they didn't come i would have answered it. >> jessica: that's convenient for him to say. you owe it to them on a health basis. there are other players on the packers were not vaccinated and they take their media avails through zoom like responsible people in aaron rodgers walks around shoulder to shoulder of people who may be vaccinated or may not vaccinated and they may have a pre-existing condition or comorbidity or whatever it makes it more dangerous for them to do that. >> lawrence: every single day. that's how he got it. >> dagen: he mentioned, he said was it before the season? the vaccinated people on the team were getting tested every two weeks. he was getting tested every day. he said the biggest issue for him was, we had a doctor. he was challenging his status with the team and presented
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hundreds of pages of information about his immunization course. what appears to be homeopathic. he said a doctor from the league told him "it was impossible for a vaccinated person to get or spread covid." we all know that is not -- >> lawrence: that's a lie. >> jessica: did aaron rodgers lie? >> pete: the protocols for unvaccinated players. >> lawrence: the democrats during the presidential campaign saying that they shouldn't trust the vaccine. >> dagen: can i add one more thing? he looks greasy and sick. if he's going to brag about his health, maybe clean up a little before you sit in front of a camera. >> jesse: all right, let's go, jerks. that's what this is about. coming up, more humiliation and disarray from democrats as president biden begs them to pass his agenda. ♪ ♪
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or mix and match data options. available now for comcast business internet customers with no line-activation fees or term contract required. see if you can save by switching today. comcast business. powering possibilities. ♪ ♪ >> dagen: president biden says
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america needs his agenda but democrats can't even agree on it. nancy pelosi struggling once again to get her party on board. she says she hopes to pass infrastructure today, and that's even after biden begged democrats to do it. >> i'm asking every house number, member of the house of representatives, to vote yes on both of these bills right now. send the infrastructure built on my desk. ten they build back better bill to the senate. >> dagen: liberals are ramping up the intimidation tactics on those who want to pump the brakes, like joe manchin. >> why won't you fight for me? >> joe manchin, is it worth it? is the money worth it? is the money that important, joe manchin? is it more important than my life, joe manchin? is it more important than your kids life? >> [chanting]
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>> dagen: manchin is driving a maserati and living on a boat. why ain't he a republican? just get on with that already. >> jesse: come on over, joe. the democrat leadership is very old and the older you get the more stubborn you get. you're laughing because you're not even 30. joe biden is so old, he proposed to his wife eight times before she said yes. nancy is 81. if you ever met in 81-year-old who change their mind about anything? manchin is old too. he is sitting in that maserati. you can see his blood was boiling. that's going to make him go on the other direction. pistol pete probably would've put the pedal to the metal and just squashed it. he showed some self-restraint. here's the of the thing with manchin. manchin has money on the line in west virginia. his entire portfolio is cold. he's got millions in coal. do you think joe manchin is
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going to vote for the green new deal? it's going to destroy his entire bank account, not to mention the entire bank account in west virginia. there is no way he is putting a yes vote on this. nancy pelosi is going to retire probably in 2022 when they lose the house. so the gavel is toast in nine months or whatever. she knows this. she's going to europe next week. she's going to jam this through. do you remember how they did obamacare? the corn husker kickback, the louisiana purchase? they just started driving congressmen and senators. bribing these holdouts with pharma money. they do this salt taffy bribe. these new england congressmen. that's all that's happening. they will bribe it to death and jam it through. >> dagen: come on. they reintroduce the salt. >> lawrence: i am siding with the progressives on this. i'm going to tell you why. the progressives didn't change. they are in line with the new
2:19 pm
democratic party. they were promised things on the campaign trail, even though joe biden said he was a moderate, but policies he's putting out were consistent with the progressive caucus. you have manchin, a squish when it comes to the democrats. i think that progressives should hold the line. by the way, nancy pelosi and the leadership should stop doing press conferences. they keep saying that they have reached an agreement. they have not reached an agreement. they have lost voter turnout. we talked about this. the progressives, they didn't lose this election. the turnout was so low, they didn't deliver on what they said they were going to deliver for the american people and quite frankly i agree with him. at the end of the day if you tell your electorate they are going to do something and you don't do it, you should be held accountable. >> jessica: since lawrence is playing at progressive today, i guess i can hang in the moderate wing. i think they should pass infrastructure as fast as possible and should have done it
2:20 pm
six weeks ago when they got the go-ahead from the senate. that's something, they had seven, eight republican senators on board. it's a win for everybody. infrastructure always works that way. everyone has something to go into the midterms with. the american rescue plan plus infrastructure. i don't know when this gets passed. probably next week. the progressive caucus wants them to come together. to lawrence's point about our previous conversation, i think it's really important when a party is taking two different lessons from an election out, you're going to end up with a lot of fissures in the immediate aftermath because there are a lot of moderate democrats worried about their midterms because of what they saw in virginia, that new jersey was closer than it should've been even though phil murphy pulled off an incredible feat. no democrat has been reelected since 1977 to the governorship. all of this also takes away from being able to talk about very real accomplishments, like today's jobs report.
2:21 pm
531 jobs added in august and september. 5 million jobs added in total, an all-time high. these are things that the democrats need to be focused on. >> dagen: 4.6 unemployment rate. on that note, biden said we need these bills to put the pandemic behind us. the pandemic is over. this evidence on the economy. we are coming out of this, the economy is growing. pandemic over. also biden last week when he was campaigning for terry mcauliffe, he was armpit to armpit with people in a liberal mosh pit. no mask anywhere. pandemic is over. >> pete: that's a garbage way they are temping to salad. the bigger dynamic is what happened in virginia and new jersey. you mentioned the corn husker kickback in the louisiana purses. how many members of congress that were part of those deals
2:22 pm
are still members of congress? it is god heimer and the others in the moderate wing, they are saying how about we hold out 72 hours so we can read the 2,000 page social is still the doesn't have a cbo score. nancy wants once again to pass the bill so we can find out what's in it. we have no idea what's in it. we were going to go back to norms in the house of representatives, they held the vote open longer than any other road. there is no regular order at all. she is jamming this through. they say that it's going to reduce the deficit for "the wall street journal" pointing out it's a $4 trillion bill and the infrastructure bill, if there were some infrastructure in it. most republicans are not voting for that one. most republicans are not going to vote for that bill because they recognize what it is, a precursor to the green new deal. >> lawrence: nancy pelosi with all this chaos happening.
2:23 pm
the progressives kicked her out of their meeting last week. >> dagen: medicare trust fund runs out of money less than five years and you're going to get a 9% benefit decrease. what about that? coming up the biden administration apparel he thinks high are hilarious. the tone-deaf comments next. kids can change minds. they can even change the world around us. packed with protein plus 21 vitamins and minerals we nourish them with carnation breakfast essentials. because today could change everything.
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♪ ♪ >> lawrence: welcome back. the biden administration literally laughing at american struggling with insulation. check out this ridiculous answer from joe biden's energy secretary. >> in sturgis, michigan, it's $2.89 a gallon.
2:28 pm
i guess that's better than in california. what is the grand plan to increase oil production in america? >> [laughs] that is hilarious. would that i had the magic wand. it's a global market controlled by a cartel called opec. they made the decision yesterday that they were not going to increase beyond what they were already planning. >> lawrence: wow. i didn't think it could get worse than kamala harris good going when she's uncomfortable. you know who's not laughing? the electric. virginia, new jersey. smaller districts where progressives are losing control. the electorate. americans are fed up. >> jesse: it reminds me of obama talking about the magic wand as well which didn't come back to him. what joe biden did before the election in virginia and new jersey, completely emblematic of the disconnect you're talking about. he is in glasgow. he is in italy talking about
2:29 pm
climate change and emissions while people on the campaign trail are talking about curriculum in schools, inflation, our border, a retreat in afghanistan. all the things that pertain to their lives and our nation's honor. they are protesting joe manchin, saved my life. i'm about to die because of climate change and they're listening to those things. in this case they listen so much that they undercut our own energy dependence at home and then laugh and say well, it's a cartel, opec peer we need to beg him for more oil. what do you want me to do? what do you want me to do? not cancel the pipeline, not crush domestic opportunities at home. the only one laughing is us at them with the sheer incompetence they've had in handling it. >> lawrence: there's a message coming out of the white house and the democratic party at large that nothing is happening. it's not their fault. it's a demand issue. every single issue they are excelling in the american people are rejecting them. when are they going to get a
2:30 pm
clue? >> dagen: they won't. i will say at this table what i said watching this, screaming it out loud in my office by myself listening to the energy secretary. is it too much to ask that the secretary of energy actually understands how the energy sector works and how energy production works? is it too much to ask for her to give at least a small damn about the suffering that americans are facing as they are trying to say do i eat spaghetti for dinner or do i buy a steak because i've got to fill up my car tomorrow. what she said was totally disingenuous. the united states broke opec, broke the cartel. we became a net exporter of oil and oil products under president trump. we became the world's swing producer. that means we control the global
2:31 pm
price of oil because we had so much spare production capacity. she is talking about opec. it's a global commodity. we control the price until you took a chainsaw, you and your liberal nuts, to one of our most valuable industries and took the chainsaw to our global security. you handed power to nations that hate us. she can laugh about it. >> lawrence: jessica, should the president some of her the oval? he campaigned on president empathy. this doesn't seem very empathetic. >> jessica: is not a good idea to laugh at voters. you're laughing at voters of your own party. 80% of america is upset about inflation right now. wide majorities of everyone, independents the most alongside republicans. democrats are feeling the heat to. joe biden won this election by
2:32 pm
being empathetic and saying that i can get us through this global healthcare pandemic. you saw that coming up. you can't dismiss the way people feel. this was the same thing that they found over and over with getting people to take the vaccine. don't tell them that they are an idiot because they don't want to take it, explain the benefits and the science and how much better life will be. jen granholm was a very good governor, great person. it was a mistake. it's going to be run in the midterms. >> lawrence: that was really nasty. jesse, here's the problem, we could've discussed energy policy during the campaign. but it was an emotional campaign. we didn't get to talk with the facts where each candidate in the media cover for them. she is laughing but they ran on this. they ran on this. >> jesse: joe said america is back. prove it. he just got on your knees and begged opec to increase production and they just gave joe the middle finger.
2:33 pm
they just gave joe the middle finger, opec. we are supposed to be back? we're going to get talked to like that in the desert. trump used to jawbone the saudis. you know how much we are paying to protect your kingdom? you want this weapons package to go through a question like you want us to stay tough on the mullahs in iran? also as you well said, we have domestic production up not only in oil but a natural gas. gas prices, downward pressure on world oil prices. he fell asleep at glasco in climate conference where his buddy said we are going to destroy petroleum in 30 years. what you think the sheiks said then? slow things down so you can feel the pain. feel some pain without some oil. they are laughing all the way to the bank. wait until winter comes, lawrence. do you know how expensive home heating prices are going to be?
2:34 pm
high home heating prices, high inflation, high gas prices. that hasn't happened since the ' 70s. remember what carter said? if you're cold, put a sweater on. jessica is going to have to knit you a sweater. >> jessica: that's what i will do during my maternity leave. i will make you so many outfits. >> lawrence: up next, the liberal media with a new attack on republican voters.
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2:39 pm
"killing america," framing them as a handmaidens of white supremacy. an msnbc guest smear and parents as racist, saying some awful things of the incoming lieutenant governor. speaker of the problem is they want white supremacy by ventriloquist effect. there is a black mouth moving but a white idea on the runway of the tongue of a figure who justifies and legitimates the white supremacist practices. to have a black face speaking on behalf of a white supremacist legacy is nothing new. >> pete: lawrence, there's a black mouth moving but a white idea coming through. >> lawrence: these are the black elites. this is how they speak to black america this is my black america what they said. these are the same people on national tv that shame black voters who didn't want to get the vaccine, told him that they were done ended -- that they
2:40 pm
were dumb and didn't have all the facts. i was on the ground and youngkin did something not many republicans have done. they went to black committees he about issues that matter. not as near as much as democrats but the turnout for black voters in virginia was very low. when you look at the fact that you talk about jobs, talked about education, by the way democrats are missing that a lot of black folks are homeschooling their kids. it's about the mandate, the lack of education. sending the kids out of the classroom. they are ticked off with the democrats choosing the unions over their kids. these guys on tv don't have to deal with it because their kids are in prep schools. they get to finance every single thing. that's why most black boats aren't watching them. they don't like being talked down to. does that mean they're going to come out and start voting for republicans? i don't know that but i know that they are rejecting this.
2:41 pm
>> how are racist statements like this not actually considered racist. >> jesse: i didn't know you could go on msnbc and call someone an uncle tom. i didn't know msnbc's parent company would sanction that kind of thing. people think that's okay. michael eric dyson would rather have a white man where blackface and the governor. none the actual black face as lieutenant governor. i've never heard of a black idea or a white idea. i've heard some good ideas and bad ideas. how can be so ignorant of history. you know many people have been oppressed much of our people living in the british isles today were oppressed by the romans. the iroquois oppress the mohawks. the enclose up oppressed everybody. black tribes in africa repress either black slaves. whites enslaved by arabs. it's a vicious cycle. michael eric dyson, he gets to
2:42 pm
know control and reorder the entire world society. who made him god? i will be oppressed one day. hopefully not too oppressed. >> pete: don't worry, you're white. i made a joke to jesse, don't worry, your wife, you're fine. many members of the left her thinking about this today. michael eric dyson might be on the extreme end but you have members of congress saying similar things. how is it not a problem for the democrat party? >> jessica: it is a problem for the democratic party. lawrence is right, it's not going to turn into a situation where over 50% of black voters in america are definitely republicans but margins are thin in every election basically. losing one or two percentage points makes a difference. we have seen a realignment of traditional voting lines where race is less of an issue than income and educational status.
2:43 pm
that's what happened in new jersey. as he went down the shore, what happened? you have a guy who spent $153 or $5,000, i don't know what it was on a campaign to unseat one the most powerful democrats. sweeney. he ran a campaign mostly running on class and income lines and was able to be successful. that kind of rhetoric, when i watch stuff, i think about the next election and that's going be all over the midterm campaigns and to lawrence's point about glenn youngkin, he wrote an op-ed for and everyone should check it out, he doesn't mention critical race theory but it's all about education and there are a lot of set up parents on all political persuasions who had to stay home all year to help their kids, were upset about the curriculum in some cases, don't like mask mandates, don't like randi weingarten and that's how they are able to pull this off in virginia. >> pete: looking ahead to 2022, obama campaign manager david cliff has said -- david
2:44 pm
plouffee has said that they should go on the offense on crt. how did the democrats flip the script? you have administrator saying we live, we know crt is in schools but we covered them. >> dagen: is he admitting? is plouffe admitting that elements of critical race theory are taught in schools? before tuesday didn't exist, at least based on these fire breathers on other networks. it astonishes me that nobody on the left is condemning this kind of language from michael eric dyson. where are they in standing up? i find it heartbreaking and grotesque, growing up in rural virginia, being an elementary
2:45 pm
school when the schools were truly first being integrated and for this woman, for people to spit on her victory and what she's achieved in her life, i know why they do it. they need to diminish and dismiss her history and her history making achievement because her victory invalidates it everything that they stand for. the quicksand on which these left-wing liberals stand disintegrates with a winsome sears and there are more of them coming. >> lawrence: they should invite her on the show. she's not even asking us to defend her. she is a marine. >> pete: i love it. the fastest coming up next. this is wealth. ♪ ♪
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make fitness routine with pure protein. high protein. low sugar. tastes great! high protein. low sugar. so good. high protein. low sugar. mmm, birthday cake. try pure protein shakes. with vitamins and minerals for immune support. ♪ ♪ >> jessica: welcome back. it's time for "the fastest." i think we can agree that daylight savings time is a national disgrace. americans would force to turn our clocks back an hour and some
2:50 pm
doctors think it's a potential danger by disrupting our sleep. >> pete: as a morning show host, i do. you get an extra hour. i am okay with it. and i am for the farmers. >> jessica: long ago farmers. [laughter] >> lawrence: we love the farmers but this is terrible. i feel so angry when it first happens. it throws me off, it throws off my equilibrium. when i go to the gym in the morning. just doesn't feel the same way. >> jessica: is it affecting our mental health, jesse? >> jesse: no but apparently jesse jr. will be waking up early, my producer just told me. >> jessica: sleep training. >> dagen: i need more daylight in the afternoon. in the winter months. i have to get one of those lights to sit in front of. >> jessica: the happy bulbs. >> dagen: to prevent depression. >> pete: i don't like changing the microwave clock.
2:51 pm
>> jesse: it is so hard to do. >> jessica: it's impossible. >> jesse: you leave it for six months and it goes back. >> dagen: change in the microwave clock. my dog has seizures, starts freaking out. he's elderly. it's not just the microwave. the stove clocks, the microwave clock. >> lawrence: i am a millennial. i just look at my phone. >> jessica: for the first time, my phone did not properly adjust to a new time zone. my iphone. i landed. same time zone and it went to an hour behind. >> lawrence: have to get you a watch, girl. >> jesse: sounds like you were drinking on the plane. >> jessica: yes, eight months pregnant. >> pete: you leave your clocks? i change everyone right away.
2:52 pm
the hand clocks. i have got multiple. >> dagen: if you bring a girl home, you better have those clock right -- those clock strike. >> lawrence: my mom watches the show. >> jessica: no girls for lawrence. "one more thing" is next. ♪♪ three times the electorlytes and half the sugar. ♪♪ pedialyte powder packs. feel better fast. as someone who resembles someone else, ♪♪ i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. [ ferry horn honks ]
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and when everyone is smiling and having their fun i can turn my sleigh north because my job here is done. it's not magic that makes more holiday deliveries to homes in the us than anyone else, it's the hardworking people of the united states postal service.
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2:56 pm
♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thick. we have jesse's bear news. this is going on down this california here. don holden came back to see his kitchen all messed up. he left the door wide open. watch. >> hey. >> jesse: turns out the bear was just trying to change the time on' the microwave but found some food and just had a blast. i'm going to be having a blast on "fox news primetime" we will be talking with rachel
2:57 pm
all-american christmas book. laura ingraham and pedophile hunter. a pedophile hunter. >> lawrence: i like him already. >> jesse: will be on "watters' world." that's right. dagen? >> dagen: say congratulations to anna and kyle they got married tuesday san francisco city hall the sight site of my first wedding. they held their wedding reception at a taco bell in beautiful pacifica, california. they used to go to taco bell together when they were in high school. that was their wedding reception. good on them. low cost and delicious. >> lawrence: how beautiful. >> jesse: and your first wedding was at taco bell? >> dagen: wedding at city hall no reception and then went and watched texas chainsaw massacre. the marriage that lasted 11 months. >> jesse: red flag there. >> pete: love it, been there. not going to want to miss this. about 10 days away the fox nation patriot awards.
2:58 pm
it's in hollywood but not that hollywood. it's in hollywood, florida. and we still have some tickets available. i'm telling you i had a chance today to watch. that's a list of some of the folks you will meet in person there it's not just an awards show. a meet and greet book signing. take photos, shake hands. live shows taped, prime time shows "fox & friends." big event. >> jesse: allowed to touch bongino. >> pete: he has a body guard. >> jesse: of all people. okay. >> pete: i got to watch some of the award videos of recipients getting awards this year. i'm not a cryer but i was this close. >> jesse: you are not a cryer i have heard other things. >> pete: when it comes to patriotism i will cry. check it out tickets still available. >> jesse: jessica? >> jessica: today is national doughnut day. one of two doughnut days november 5th and then also in june. strange we get it twice. so good that makes sense. everyone can dig in as we go.
2:59 pm
>> jesse: chocolate one. >> lawrence: glazed. >> dagen: i ate a whole doddsen in one sitting. they are it was beat. it was a dare. >> jessica: that's more interesting. even though john did a great job. was the original doughnut round? if so claimed to inventing the ring shaped doughnut in 1847. that's a bit of history for you. i know the hat doesn't fit my hair is too big for it anyway, happy doughnut day. >> dagen: i shouldn't have picked this one. it looks like i stuck my face in gravel. >> jessica: it's cute. >> lawrence: vegetables on display. check out travis scott. he unveiled a new campus garden at houston elementary school. he presented the garden at young elementary school sunny side community. he was inspired by his grandmother's garden as she grew during his childhood. the rapper's nonprofit the purpose of young elementary said the garden will be used as a teaching tool to promote healthy
3:00 pm
eating. this is what scott said hopefully it gives these kids something to inspire to do every day and look forward to in the future. we support you, brother. we love it also, i'm hosting hog "fox news primetime" all next week. >> jesse: he is about to cry so we have to go. that's it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> bret: good evening. i'm bret baier. breaking tonight, we are watching three major stories. a new jobs report shows more people are being hired while the u.s. economy is still short millions of jobs from pre-pandemic levels, this is by far the most positive jobs report in several months. there is growing controversy over president biden's flip flop on paying huge settlements to illegal immigrants. illegal aliens separated from family members at the u.s. southern border. and the big story at this hour, this minute a giant game of democratic legislative chicken on capitol hill. progressives are


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