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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 5, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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steve: i think on monday you'll be in her home state of south carolina. brian: i'll be doing a day with tim scott and you'll find out what it's like being a senator in his hometown, because they have to be in two places. ainsley: they love him there. okay, well be safe and have fun in south carolina eat some grits and sweet tea. steve: see you monday, everybody
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>> bill: economic signs of life not discouraging democrats plowing forward with two huge spending bills. they will debate the social safety net bill known as bbb, build back better. leadership is hoping to vote on that and the infrastructure bill today. >> dana: the latter bill would go straight to the president's desk and give him a needed win. the social safety net bill would await a score from the congressional budget office in the senate and it could be a big one. >> bill: team fox coverage maria bartiromo with analysis on the jobs report. aishah hosni is herding cats on the hill. good morning. what's going on? >> good morning. what a difference one night can make. we went from this sausage making process being described by some democrats as a word i cannot use on tv that's how bad it was to now we might actually
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have two votes happening later this morning. sometime today the schedule still has not been set yet. here is what's happening now a live look at the house floor. the bipartisan infrastructure bill is ready for a vote as dana just said. but before members can vote on build back better, the house has to consider the rule for debate and then it has to debate. speaker pelosi thinks that she has the votes. she will have them. it sounds like they may still be whipping at this hour. she cannot afford to lose moderates here. lawmakers, this is a big one, they were not given the 72 hours they are supposed to have to read this bill more than 2,000 pages of it. there is also no cbo score, guys. the true cost of this legislation we still do not know. it's something that moderates wanted and a sticking point for them. the analysis estimates the 1.75
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trillion over 10 years the spending plan is closer to 4 trillion dollars. so leadership forging ahead without that cbo score. a quick flashback. something we dug up. when pelosi back in the day blasted republicans for doing the same thing, watch. >> republicans are facing -- racing this bill forward before the cbo can truly expose the consequences, the catastrophic consequences of their health bill. forcing a vote without an updated cbo score shows the republicans are terrified of the facts of what that cbo report would say. >> she is doing the exact same thing today. even if the house passes the social spending bill today, this is not the final bill by any means. it still faces the senate. senate rules and moderates like manchin and sinema. parts of this bill like family
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leave, immigration, that might actually wind up on the cutting room floor. >> this train is moving so fast in the house they've blown by hearings, blown by bipartisan mark-ups and they don't even have a score from the congressional budget office that is required in the senate. the product coming out of the house if it makes it over here is dead on arrival until we get a cbo score. >> no votes have been scheduled now. what you see live from the house floor is republicans trying to adjourn to get everybody to leave. totally normal. part of the process. no vote has been scheduled just yet. >> dana: thank you so much. moderate democrat joe manchin objected to much of the spending bill is feeling the heat. activists following him from his d.c. houseboat and surrounding his car as he tried to drive out of a parking
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garage. >> is it more important than my life, joe manchin and more important than your kids' lives? >> security guards came to his rescue. back in september activists kayaked to house bill. that is more civilized than that behavior. >> bill: that happened yesterday morning as he was going to capitol hill. remember yesterday i told you about the interviews he did? so those happened around 8:30. one on msnbc and one on cnn. bret was the night before. i encourage everyone to find the interview on msnbc if you want to know where he stands on build back better. the interview went for 15 minutes and taking every hardball question from you could argue the left perspective in washington he was just batting it away. talked about let's wait right now and see if inflation is transitory. he talked about china having
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3,000 coal-fired plants and building 500 more. energy in america saying we have the technology here. let's not rely on opec. he just knocked off every argument one after the other. watch the interview. you will know where manchin stands and you will ask yourself can this really get through signed into law? >> dana: you think about the guy that says is the money worth more than my life? your life is not in danger but if you want to be persuasive to senator manchin that's another way to do that. >> bill: multiple angles of that, too. >> dana: everybody was going to do that. interesting, did you see this in the "new york times" the editorial today. if you had to wipe the sleep out of your eyes to real iz it was "the new york times" that said this. congress should focus on what is possible not possible if joe manchin, kyrsten sinema and democratic moderates were not in office? it was very much along the
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lines of what other moderate democrats have been saying. you don't have a huge margin. try to pass what you can. don't go so far left. this is coming from "the new york times." somebody paid attention to tuesday's election results. >> bill: if you read it, it's the long one written as an editorial. joe manchin ran as a centrist and that's where a lot of pushback was in jersey and virginia this past week. >> dana: we have maria here. the job report fits into this. 351,000 jobs. a little more than expected. how does it fit into the whole picture as we look at the bills on the floor, inflation on everyone's mind, supply chain problems and more? >> thanks very much. great to see you both. it is 531,000 jobs created in the month of october. the unemployment rate ticking down to 4.6%. it's a better than expected number at 531,000 jobs for the month of october. there are a couple of things
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here that are real interesting and indicative of where we are right now. much of the job creation came between hospitality. that was up 164,000 jobs as well as transportation, that was up 104,000 jobs. the need for truckers and transportation in the face of that supply chain crisis has certainly created job opportunities. also want to point your attention to the participation rate. the participation rate, the number of working-age people actually working or looking for a job at 61.6% right now. this number hasn't gone anywhere since the beginning of the year. it continues to trail around 61.6% and that tells you that there is perhaps a long-term issue forming in our economy that people do not want to go back to work. partly bad policy in terms of the free money coming to these people that they feel i might as well stay home rather than go to work. i could probably get two or
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three gigs and make more money with the government checks i'm getting. that's an issue. the other issue is wages. they were up 4/10 of a percent. you have to look to wages as a worry sign. input costs are going up. i'm talking about the expense of running a business. it will cut into margins. very cyclical. when things comes to margin it affects the stock market and the broad macro story. we could see some danger signs within this report even though the headline number is better than expected. >> bill: some of the revisions to the last two months is higher looking for jobs. 10 million job openings still. what did it say about inflation? what did you read into that? >> well, the read on inflation is the fact that wages are going up. they were up 4/10 of a percent. there is pressure on corporations to lure people back to work by increasing wages. it is getting competitive out there. the issue has to do with
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expenses for businesses. inflation is felt in the input costs for businesses and it will cut into margins and potentially impact earnings down the line and that could impact the stock market as well. right now it is a good story. wages are going up for workers, up 4/10%. down the road that's certainly inflationary for corporations and that ultimately is passed on at the register for consumers as well. double digit increases in a number of things. >> dana: in terms of price increases get this, oreo, and wheat thins and tris kets. they'll go up 6 or 7%. meat is a consistent problem. beef up 14%, pork 12%. wages might be going up but so are the prices. >> that's exactly right. when a company is facing higher expenses the first thing they'll do is pass it on to the consumer. you see input costs going up,
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wages going up, the cost of driving trucks going up. expect that to show up at your next grocery shop because the businesses producing those products will likely pass it on to the consumer. >> bill: maria, thank you so much for that. a lot of times i think what's beneath the surface is built on sand. a lot of people frankly don't know what really is the true strength of the american economy. do you think in a word or two now we have a better idea of that today, yes or no? >> well, the economy is certainly growing and that's a good story. we've seen a real slowdown in the last few months. unfortunately with the inflation story, you don't see washington getting the memo. they are still pushing the multi-trillion dollar back acknowledge as we speak and it will stoke inflation further. >> bill: we'll see where it goes today. thank you very much, maria. so to the white house we go
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once again trying to clarify this whole deal with president biden after he denied reports specifically the dollar amount of $450,000 that might be paid to migrants who broke the law during the trump administration separated when they crossed the border three years ago. jackie heinrich is running that down today. what can we say about this? good morning. >> good morning to you, bill. what we can say for sure is that the president denied that the white house is considering paying hundreds of thousands of dollars per person to migrants who were separated from their families under former president donald trump. president biden called those reports first stemming from the "wall street journal" quote garbage and also not true. listen. >> president biden: do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it's not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> president biden: yeah.
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>> the aclu said he was maybe not briefed by his justice department. intentional governmental policy. they urged the president to quote right the wrongs of this national tragedy. the aclu is representing some of the 5500 families they say were separated at the border. so far 940 families have filed claims according to the "wall street journal." the potential pay-out could be upward of a billion dollars total but the white house says this settlement is actually cost saving. >> if it saves taxpayer dollars and puts the disastrous history of the previous administration's use of zero tolerance and family separation behind us the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. >> if he is not okay with $450,000, how much money is he
6:14 am
okay giving to these? >> again, this is something the department of justice is going to handle. >> trying to nail down what justice department is comfortable with. according to the "wall street journal" the average demand per family is roughly $3.4 million, bill. >> bill: jackie, thank you from the north lawn at the white house. when we talked about this dana the other day it's clear what is happening. they want to give a payment >> dana: or they feel they have to. the other thing is what really bothers me the story has been out there two or three days. the president was travel and he called it a garbage report. you could have said that three days before. everything karine said at the white house press briefing could have been said before that. they waited. it means either the president they did a disservice or trying
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to hide it. >> bill: seems like fudging. remember portland played a role in the defund police protests last year? remember this? watch. so that was then. wait until you hear what the city's democratic mayor wants today. plus this. roll it. >> republicans are lying. they are not being honest. they are not being truthful about where we stand and they are trying to use our kids as a political football. >> dana: is white house shrugging off critical race theory theory as a miss even though republicans focused on education. >> bill: you will not believe what is developing now on the russian investigation. jonathan turley wrote about it. they call it a lie, cheat and steele and the steele dossier. professor is coming up live
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>> anyone connected with this investigation should be nervous. i think it is very possible that the clinton campaign and dnc should be very nervous about that. people will start asking questions and those questions will lead places and i look forward to finding out where it will lead us. >> bill: there is mike lee and the question he raised there looms larger today after another arrest about the
6:22 am
origins of the trump/russia probe. a russian by the name of igor danchenko was a key source for ex british spy christopher steele's widely discredited dossier about donald trump. this man yesterday was charged with lying to the f.b.i. about where he got his information. jonathan turley is with us at george washington university law professor and fox news contributor. good morning to you. you describe it as seismic. john ratcliffe with larry kudlow yesterday afternoon and the connection possibly with hillary clinton. >> there was intelligence that hillary clinton had created a campaign plan to vilify donald trump. the intelligence community like john brennan and jim clapper and our law enforcement f.b.i. director jim comey they all were aware of this. >> bill: now durham is still active. that's obvious. what do you make of this development now? how would you frame it?
6:23 am
>> well, this is extremely significant. first of all, we have gotten a glimpse at what durham has and it is new. this is the type of stuff that didn't appear in the mueller report which is a very good question as to why. it is clear the f.b.i. knew very early on that the steele dossier was based on unreliable information. they were told by his primary source, danchenko, that this was all unsubstantiated that he barely recognized what steele reported. but we also have as radcliffe just said more information has come out since the mueller report, including that president obama was briefed that hillary clinton and her campaign was planning to create a narrative that trump was in collusion with russia. this is in the aftermath of her email scandal. it was shortly after that this dossier started to be
6:24 am
circulated with the media and ultimately the f.b.i. featuring greatly in this latest indictment is a person who has been identified by some news organizations man by the name of dolan, the close clinton advisor. someone who worked in her campaign. was given a high-level position by bill clinton. and dolan not only has close connections with the clintons but with the russian government. his firm was handling the press relations for the russian government and what durham is saying is that many of the most salacious, most reported facts out -- or claimed facts out of the steele dossier came from him, not from a source in russia but from this p.r. figure with close ties to clinton. we're seeing all these different layers of connection with the clinton campaign. that mosaic is becoming clearer
6:25 am
into view. >> bill: one line from a "washington post" article today. the allegations cast new uncertainty on some of the past reporting on the dossier by news organizations including the "washington post", end quote, a quote from that newspaper. >> yeah. and you know i've written two dozen articles on durham because for the last two years people like myself have been pummeled for saying that durham seems to be on to something. his indictment -- each indictment showed information never disclosed. keep in mind democratic members tried to shut down the durham investigation. i can now see why. this is very damaging. it is also very unsettling to see the degree to which the clinton campaign not only funded, which they denied during the campaign, but ultimately had these key
6:26 am
figures actually coming up with some of these false allegations. >> bill: memory serves here, the news broke in january of 2017 about two weeks before the inauguration. buzz feed broke it. cnn jumped all over it. several months later jeff sessions recused himself and now you understand why trump was so ticked off at that move. last comment, professor. >> you know, at the time i supported the appointment of a special counsel after comey was fired. while saying that i didn't think there was evidence of collusion here. i supported the durham investigation. my problem with the democratic leaders is that they only tried to shut down the durham investigation. now we're seeing all of this information that would not have been disclosed without his investigation and he looks like he is just getting started. this does not strike me as an apex defendant. i think durham is going further. >> bill: i would read -- you
6:27 am
say durham is described as either painfully methodical or positively glacial as a prosecutor but marches on in his legal case. jonathan turley, nice to see you. >> dana: democrats are moving full steam ahead on biden's massive social spending plan with a vote later today. has anyone looked at the thousands of pages of fine print released only last night? newt gingrich weighs in next. the biden administration passing the buck to the private sector as the supply crisis gets worse by the day. jonathan hunt live from l.a. and he has this preview. hi, jonathan. >> if you are worried about getting the things you need delivered in time for the holidays, president biden's commerce secretary has a message for you. don't ask her, ask fedex. we'll tell you why she says the cargo crisis isn't the administrations fault so don't look to the administration for
6:28 am
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>> dana: house democrats burning the midnight oil trying to hammer out a revised version of president biden's social spending plan. lawmakers have little time to read the fine print. nancy pelosi is planning votes on that plan and a bipartisan infrastructure bill today. let's bring in former house speaker newt gingrich and author of the new book beyond biden. i want to remind everybody what nancy pelosi said in march 9th, 2010 seems to be happening again. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what is in it away from the fog of the controversy. >> dana: no one has had a chance to read everything. adding new things and taking things out overnight. do they even know that they are going to vote on, mr. speaker? >> of course they don't know
6:34 am
what they'll vote on it. this is a dictatorship it was also in 2009 and a year later they lost 64 seats. we're saying a replay. no republican should vote for anything today in the pelosi dictatorship. if any republican does vote with pelosi they should assume there will be a primary opponent campaigning against them as a pelosi republican. this is an absurdity, insult to the country and constitutional process. to ram a bill through that hasn't been scored or read, nobody has the clue what they are doing is the essence of a machine. pelosi is the most powerful dictator to ever sit in the speaker's chair. this isn't the congress or traditional house, this is a petty dictatorship run by somebody determined to get what she wants. the country has voted consistently on tuesday against this very kind of thing.
6:35 am
i think any democrat who is in a marginal district probably 70 or 80 democrats. if any of them vote for this, they are voting to retire. >> dana: do you think it's true for the strict infrastructure bill. 1.2 trillion but it has more of the roads and bridges. do you think republicans shouldn't vote for that, either? >> i think anybody who votes with pelosi today when she is running a dictatorship should understand the whole deal was you vote for the infrastructure bill, you enable the democrats then to vote for the other bill. if the infrastructure bill doesn't pass the other bill won't pass. this is all a cynical machine politics deal and no republican should side with the machine. this is the last stand of the left. i think it's crazy. new york state they had three different referenda trying to change the election law toward
6:36 am
hr1. 63% of new yorkers voted no. that was tuesday. you are seeing over and over again the defeat of the state senate president in new jersey by a guy who spent $153. >> dana: you have to love -- >> they're trying to send a signal to washington >> dana: the incumbent democrat who lost this morning they are trying to smear the guy who won and it is a little late for that. have you seen this harassment of senator manchin? this follows what happened to kyrsten sinema. being -- it's one thing to go to somebody's house and another to try to trap somebody in a parking garage. what do you think about these tactics from the left? >> look, i think they are exactly like the brown shirts in italy and germany and 30s and late 20s. like the soviets in 1917, like
6:37 am
the maoists in the 1950s. they are saying i'll come after you. i think sinema and manchin ought to switch parties and say you don't like us or want us, goodbye. this stuff is crazy and also as you know in the case of rand paul he had six ribs broken by a crowd that attacked he and his wife. so i think there -- we ought to look at this and realize this is dangerous stuff. >> dana: try to persuade not this kind of thing. we'll see what happens today. a lot happening on the hill. >> bill: in the meantime on the supply chain crisis many store shelves empty as the cargo backlog at key ports in california continues. now facing pressure to act president biden's commerce secretary appears to be passing the buck. jonathan hunt is back on that story port of l.a. jonathan, good morning there. what's up? >> good morning to you, bill. a very large cruise ship pulls in behind us at the port of l.a.
6:38 am
for families worried about having what they need for the holidays and getting their deliveries in time for christmas the commerce secretary has a simple message. quote, call fedex. she says that the issue is not a white house problem and therefore don't expect the administration to be the ones to solve it. listen here to the secretary. >> business has to step up and do their part and we're going to continue to ask them to lean in and help. we're making progress every day. there is no light switch. if there were, we'd flick it. >> there are many moving parts in the supply chain and americans are shopping in record numbers, asian countries are making goods in record numbers but then the goods when they get here. one of the problems is the number of truck drivers. a shortage of truck drivers to move the goods from the port to
6:39 am
stores across america. the commerce secretary says that is one thing the government is helping with. listen again. >> we are working very hard and seeing success in creating more folks to have a commercial drivers license. cdl. the administration and i'm working closely with secretary buttigieg to do that and the department of labor. train folks to get the cdl quickly so we have more truck drivers. >> now it's worth noting, bill, that the average time to train to become a commercial truck driver is seven weeks. seven weeks from today is christmas eve and as the secretary says, if you have a problem getting anything you need, just call fedex, don't bother her. >> bill: i sense a grinch in the tone of your voice. port of l.a. before the sun comes up. thank you. >> dana: if you want to drive to the store to see if anything is on the shelves you will pay more at the gas pump.
6:40 am
the national average for a gallon of regular up to $3.42 according to aaa, up $1.30 higher from this time last year and yesterday opec and allies agreed to stick with the oil production plan despite calls from the u.s. to try to ramp it up. >> bill: 20 minutes before the hours. some americans as gunfire breaks out between rival gangs as a luxury beach resort. what happened and what we've learned so far. thousands of runners will hit the streets in the annual new york city marathon but two of them you will meet in a moment. they are women who lost their first responder husbands in the line of duty and they will tell us about the cause that has inspired them to run. wait until you hear their story coming up next.
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>> dana: a year after portland cut its police budget amid the defund police movement the mayor is changing his tunes. he wants to increase the police budget by more than $5 million and hire more officers after last year's protests and the budget cuts opened the floodgates to a spike in crime.
6:46 am
christina coleman live in los angeles with more. >> last year portland's democratic mayor wheeler was critical of having federal law enforcement in the city to stop the dangerous nightly protests wreaking havoc in portland. he called then president trump's approach to deal with it as heavy handed. now we're more than a year into the defund the police movement and like a number of police departments across the nation, the portland police department staffing levels are at a record low and to this city deadly violence is at a record high. >> many portlanders no longer feel safe in their city. business owners have closed up shop for fear of doing business in high-risk areas. commuters fear for their safety whether taking public transit or going by foot. parents are scared to let their children play outside. >> portland police say last
6:47 am
month around 100 anarchists substantially damaged businesses and government buildings in the downtown area smashing in windows, lighting illegal fireworks and setting garbage cans on fire. 35 separate locations were targeted in the incident including coffee shops, stores and banks. portland police say they didn't stop the rioters because of legislation passed by oregon lawmakers that dramatically prevents them from intervening in these instances. in an effort to deal with this crime and beef up the police force and the staffing the mayor announced he wanted the city to hire 300 more police officers and offered $25,000 sign onbonuses to some recruits. >> this is the most deadliest era in modern times for street city of portland. as 2021 winds down we have surpassed a historic threshold with 72 homicides and over 1,000 shootings in our city.
6:48 am
>> disturbing numbers there. public safety clearly a big issue at the ballot box. many voters clearly not backing some defund the police efforts as we saw tuesday in minneapolis when voters rejected the proposal to dismantle the city's entire police department. dana. >> dana: thank you so much, christina. >> bill: here in new york city a big event coming up on sunday. the city marathon turns 50. you will hear a lot of inspiring stories including this one right here. these two women shannon slutman and irene sullivan are two friend who lost their husbands. lost them in the line of duty 2019. they're supporting the tunnel to tower foundation that frank cilia runs so well. we're sorry for your loss and pleased to see your inspiration. shannon, tell us what you are doing this weekend.
6:49 am
>> good morning. well, irene and i are battle buddies. we lost our husbands within four months of each other. i lost chris in afghanistan and irene's husband was killed and we used exercise as a way of getting through this and inspiring our five kids between the two of us. and this weekend irene hit me up and said do you want to run the marathon? maybe. so we decided to go for it and raising money fortune el to towers this weekend. >> bill: did you say this weekend? >> we're doing it on sunday. >> bill: you haven't trained. >> sure we have. >> dana: i think he thought you meant you just got asked last weekend but you've been training a lot. irene. it's almost like with every step you get through your grieving process a little bit more. and tell me about that. what does it feel like? i don't think i could have the physical stamina to run a marathon. if you were doing something
6:50 am
that mattered so much to you in your heart it might be easier. >> 100%. the running has got me through and thinking of brian i actually did the marathon in 1996. my husband he actually had a beer in every bar and followed me. i have him carrying me through and i have shannon and my girls and the tunnel to towers foundation and the everybody rooting for us. and it is going to be an amazing event. >> bill: that's awesome. shannon, you have raised $17,000 thus far. fantastic. as people are watching this, how can they contribute more? >> sure, yeah. we've closer to 19. it has been a good couple of days and they can go to the
6:51 am
tunnel to towers website and you will see the marathon page for us. you can scroll down and find me, you can find irene. our team is going for $275,000 because that's the average price of a payoff for a mortgage fortune -- for tunnel to towers. anybody who wants to help us out we would appreciate it. >> donations are coming in as we speak. >> dana: good. i love that. the 50th anniversary and also a special moment in history. of course, it didn't happen during covid so thank you so much for what you are doing. we'll watch your progress. i know you will do super well. those last few miles will be a piece of cake. >> a piece of cake. >> a piece of cake. thank you so much. >> bill: super women. thank you, shannon and irene, good luck. >> dana: we're following what
6:52 am
could be a very big day on capitol hill. new details in the hunt for a missing woman in california vanishing without a trace after leaving in the middle of her son's football game. the search for answers next. >> what gives us a sign of being foul play is that she would never do this with our son. she would never do this. this is -- something is way out of the ordinary. with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. your eyes. beautiful on the outside, but if you have diabetes, there can be some not-so-pretty stuff
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6:57 am
>> dana: a new twist in the mysterious disappearance of heidi planck. security footage where officials found her dog the day she went missing. jeff paul is live with the latest. it is a big mystery, jeff. >> more than two weeks have passed since heidi planck vanished and authorities don't have any answers to the many questions that remain. police have camera footage from a crucial location tied to her
6:58 am
disappearance is a huge step forward. the 39-year-old was reported missing october 20th. the last time anyone saw her alive she was at her son's football game three days prior. however, her dog was found on the 28th floor of a down down l.a. high rise. security footage comes from the same period. none of her belongings her found and car still missing. her ex-husband recently spoke with fox news nancy grace. take a listen. >> her phone was on but the location services on her phone, the laptop and her watch are all shut off. >> when were they shut off, location? >> we don't know. that is another one of those mysteries. we don't know. if the police do know they haven't shared that with me. >> plank's ex-husband points out he was recently contacted by the securities and exchange commission a day after she was
6:59 am
reported missing. the call he says was in regards to her boss jason sugarman in 2019 he was charged with securities fraud. we should mention this is one of the thousands of missing person cases out there. according to the department of justice 600,000 people go missing every year while some are found fairly quickly, tens of thousands of those incidents become cold cases as many families seeking answers and closure across the country. >> dana: i'm glad nancy grace is on top of it. >> bill: strange stuff. you leave a football game early. you don't see that from a mother. >> dana: you want to see it until the end. >> bill: we'll win, right? >> dana: we'll stay on top of that for all of you and have a little more on that in the next hour. high drama on the hill as house democrats struggle to advance the president's massive spending agenda. house leaders holding floor votes today but not a done deal yet. welcome to a new hour of
7:00 am
"america's newsroom," i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. friday on the calendar. been a long week. now we're about to find out whether or not democrats can take these two giant bills and get them done. speaker pelosi saying today could be the day. republicans warning progressive agenda will likely hurt democrats in the next election. kevin mccarthy earlier today with griff. >> if they go forward with this they are misreading what the voters said in tuesday's election. it wasn't just about virginia. we won in seattle, in texas and others. america is waking up. they do not want this agenda. >> dana: what's at stake chad pergram live on capitol hill. i'm glad you are following all of this so we can follow you. it is confusing what they are trying to do here. >> it is a big day on capitol hill. the house will vote if house speaker nancy pelosi has the votes. house democrats updated the
7:01 am
text of their big social spending bill at a contentious witching hour meeting of the house rules committee. >> nobody will tell me how much this bill spends. >> under $2 trillion. >> under $2 trillion. thank you. wasn't that hard. >> democrats are forging ahead with their agenda despite the tuesday election results. g.o.p. argues democrats didn't get the memo. >> yeah, i think that the country is rooting for the build back better package and don't bet against america here. >> the bill has no final price tag. that was a sticking point among some moderate democrats. g.o.p. wants a cost from the congressional budget office. >> makes no sense to me that we need to hurry up and pass this bill for it to just sit until
7:02 am
the cbo completes its work. we need access to that information before members in the house are asked to cast a vote. >> one house democrat told fox they should wait for a final score. if leaders wanted to rush, they should have stepped on the gas before the election. regardless, whatever the house approves today likely faces changes in the senate. house members probably must eat whatever the senate sends back. >> dana: a quick question then. the 72 hour rule and blow through that, right? you have the legislation in the text being released overnight. no one has had a chance to read it and they'll vote on it anyway? >> if they put that bill on the floor you bet nancy pelosi has the votes. some moderates today, ron kind of wisconsin and others have said they aren't quite there yet. they have a lot of other cost evaluations on this from the treasury department, the white house, from the joint committee on taxation but those are not final cbo scores. that is the gold standard here
7:03 am
on capitol hill. >> dana: we know it's under $2 trillion. we'll stay in touch. it is a big day. >> what effect do you think having not passed these bills had on tuesday's election results? >> i think getting the job done, producing results for the american people is always very positive. let's see what the data is at it comes in. there is no question the more results we can produce in a way that people understand in their lives the better it is. >> bill: speaker pelosi yesterday talking about the impact of inaction on the hill. that's her view of the matter. jim mass ena former deputy chief of staff and ceo of the mass ena group we have questions. "the new york times" editorial is interesting and long. we picked out a paragraph. tuesday's results are a sign that significant parts of the
7:04 am
electorate of feeling leery of a sharp leftward push in the party including on priorities like build back better. the concerns that more centrist americans with with a rush to spend taxpayer money and build the government should not be dismissed end quote. what do they do? >> well, look, what they need to do is make a case to the american public about what they are doing. instead we have month after month of democrat on democrat crime as we negotiate these bills forever. so there is no democratic message. we need to pass the bills and take our argument to the american people. i agree with pelosi. what you are seeing is voters are sick of process. this was true in trump when they couldn't repeal obamacare and true with obama. voters don't like process. they want results and want to get stuff done and call the question on these bills and move forward. >> dana: bill read from "the
7:05 am
new york times" editorial page. alexandria ocasio-cortez, a spokesperson had a different take. >> i know that virginia was a huge bummer and honestly if anything, i think the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super moderated campaign. that does not excite, speak to, or energize the progressive base and frankly we weren't really invited to contribute on that race. >> dana: is the problem that it hasn't gone too far left enough and energizing that base of progressives? >> that's a ridiculous argument. we have the highest turnout in virginia history. both sides turned out in big numbers. the problem is we lost swing voters and for some of the reasons i talked about. it is not than enthusiasm. we had huge turnout. the problem is we didn't do as
7:06 am
well if suburban places as we have done. coalitions don't last forever and democrats can't take for granted that we will have suburban women that elected joe biden and gave the democrats the house and senate. >> bill: i've always wondered about this. when you reflect on obamacare 11 years ago and the mid-terms came up and you lost 63 seats in the house. really it was quite extraordinary. back on "the new york times" piece it concludes time to focus on a path policies with broad support or risk getting run out of office. the moderates, are they willing to die on this hill or do they remember the lesson of 11 years ago? what do you think, jim? >> well look, when you look at what's in this plan, they are wildly popular things. they are 70% support. so we have to stop debating numbers and get to what is actually in the plan talk about the amazing jobs numbers we had today.
7:07 am
tens of millions people getting vaccinated. a great story here. all we are talking about are debates on capitol hill and what we can agree on. >> bill: 1.85 trillion. there is a lot of junk in there. there is a provisions that give tax deductions to newspapers and media companies across america based on the number of employees they have. is that the job of government? >> i would be careful on that one. that is being supported by ruppert murdoch and put it in there for him. let's be careful on that one. if you look at the whole package. >> bill: with all due respect no matter who supports it, that's something we need to know. the process has just been so fast. continue. >> i'm sorry but at some point it has not been -- they've been talking about this month after
7:08 am
month. come on, man, this isn't too fast, it is too slow. >> dana: my last question for you. so bill clinton had john podesta that helped him get things through and you could say president obama had joe biden to help him go to capitol hill and to do that. do you think there needs to be somebody designated, do you think it's kamala harris, somebody to help drive for them and help sell what you are trying to say here, get away from the numbers and try to sell the policy? >> i think that's why you saw the president go up to the hill. the president has the best relationships of anyone. he was a senator for three decades. this is his job and he has acknowledged that and why he has come to the hill and on the phone today making the case to his moderates. >> dana: we'll see if they get it done and see what's in the bill. >> bill: just to be clear on the speed, jim.
7:09 am
the rules committee 10:00 last night and they had the 72-hour window that we thought they would uphold and if they go forward and vote for it today or vote on it they would blow through that window. that's something we were trying to bring up. >> dana: great the electricity worked today. >> bill: there is something else here i want to call this up from the "wall street journal" editorial board from earlier today. a quote that they are putting out here okay? go ahead and put it on the screen. >> dana: the house and house leaders are going all out to sell their monstrosity of a budget bill. the treasury even rolled out an estimate claiming it will reduce the federal deficit. anyone who believes this responds to emails from nigeria. >> bill: there was a study that came out of pennsylvania that suggested it is twice the price. not 1.8, close to 4 or more. >> dana: they said under $2
7:10 am
trillion. >> bill: they are on the clock now. the bill hasn't come to the floor. >> dana: we're watching that and also this. the october jobs report is out this morning and shows employers stepped up their hiring adding 531,000 jobs. that's the most since july. fox business's ed lawrence is live in washington >> we're looking at that strong jobs report. you mentioned 531,000 jobs added overall but 604,000 of those jobs were added back in the private sector, the government sector that lost 73,000 jobs and under capitalism system it is what you want to see. the last time the unemployment rate was below 4.6% was in march of 2020. now, in this report wages are up 4.9% and that's what the federal reserve is looking at, but not enough. inflation is up 5.4%. so here is the fed chairman's comments on wednesday as we still hold. >> now, in real terms they've
7:11 am
been -- they had been running a little below inflation. real wages were not really increases. with this reading it comes close to maybe not increasing but back to zero in terms of the real increase. >> not real increases in wages. now listen to what the american people heard from the president while in glascow. >> president biden: this thanksgiving we're in a different circumstance. things are a hell of a lot better and wages have gone up faster than inflation and we have generated real economic growth. >> pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. that is not the case. the job report shows growth. leisure and hospitality added 164,000 jobs. 1.4 million jobs below february of 2020, the benchmark. manufacturing added 60,000 jobs, trade and transportation
7:12 am
104,000 jobs. construction added 40,000 jobs. the economy is opening up but a hesitation in the numbers about people going back to work. >> dana: good for those for people wanting to get back to work. president biden expected to address the jobs report in a few minutes and we'll bring it live and reaction from our money panel. steve moore and austan goolsbee. they'll be here at the bottom of the hour. >> bill: tourists caught in the crossfire after gunfire breaks out near a popular resort. we'll show you what happened there coming up. >> dana: teachers are issuing a fact check after the media claims critical race theory is non-existence in schools. >> all of it, not just critical race theory is in schools. to suggest otherwise is patently false.
7:13 am
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7:18 am
>> dana: some republican governors are suing president biden over the federal vaccine mandate that requires businesses with more than 100 employees to get their workers vaccinated by january 4th or face possible fines. south dakota governor kristi noem. >> america versus joe biden or joe biden versus america. several governors and states. we will see him in court and we will win. >> dana: fines could amount to nearly $14,000 for serious offenses. still unclear how to police that and collect the fines. >> bill: a big story early january and on. this now from this past week. roll this.
7:19 am
>> critical race theory is not taught in virginia schools. it is not a big deal. >> critical race theory was a lie. >> stoking hysteria over the coded boogeyman of critical race theory which is not taught in any virginia public school. >> bill: members of the media claiming critical race theory is not taught in schools. critics are coming out and saying the media's claims are simply not true. >> we do have critical race theory in how we teach. we tell our teachers to treat students differently based on color and every problem is a result of white men and that everything western civilization built is racist. it is in math, history, science, industries and arts and not slowing down. >> bill: the owner and executive director of the chalkboard review. explain to us what is happening there. >> basically a lot of the stuff that's going on in public schools is being leaked by teachers who aren't satisfied with this very weird narrative no one can seem to define what
7:20 am
critical race theory is when they say it is not there, a college course, it is history. you have a lot of teachers that are breaking the silence and saying no, it's being taught in schools. it is ruining people's lives and parents need to know about it. >> bill: what did you find out specifically in virginia? >> i thought it was really interesting. youngkin was down 8 to 15 points and all of a sudden mccauliffe said parents shouldn't be deciding what's going on in schools and youngkin starts hammering home the issue that a lot of parents are concerned from every culture which is that we don't want race essentialism taught in our schools. youngkin swept in on parents' rights and encouraging concepts of liberty in schools. >> bill: specifically in virginia on crt what did you find? >> goodness, some of the things that are going on in those schools with critical race theory. things that teachers are telling their students about
7:21 am
that their color equals their culture and that if they don't look white then they aren't white and if they look -- too light skinned they may not be hispanic. it is wild what's going on in virginia and things the students are being taught. it is horrific. >> bill: do you know kindercare, that organization across the country? >> they have 2,000 locations across the usa and employ many teachers and they said the following. whether your child is six weeks old or in the sixth grade they are ready to learn how to practice empathy, compassion and understanding. it is never too early to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion. >> a lot of nice words that are kind of made to sweeten the cough syrup as it goes down. the idea is we want your
7:22 am
children, who are very vulnerable and will believe anything you tell them because they're little children, we want them to believe that they are either victims or oppressors because of their skin color. we can't say that directly to the parents because it's insane so we give it nice-sound ising words so you feel as though this is something good to do with your kids and something we should teach everyone because it's wholesome. it is not. >> bill: six weeks? >> goodness. i can't even imagine why a six week old child would need to be taught that they are an oppressor. how would you do that? hold up a picture of a black child and say good and hold up a picture of a white child and say bad? it is embarrassing and i don't know why anyone is taking them seriously. >> bill: read multi-cultural books. name feelings that interrupt biases before they start. what do you make of that? >> there is this entire
7:23 am
characteristic set of things that white culture supposedly invented and we're teaching our students that if they adopt certain characteristics then it is white and bad. things like -- the smithsonian published something that was called out. it didn't work then so now we will try to indoctrinate little children. >> bill: operating in 40 states and washington, d.c. thanks for coming in today. nice to see you. thank you. >> thank you. >> dana: employers added more than half a million jobs to the payrolls with workers also quitting jobs in record numbers. what does that really say about the economic recovery? plus this. >> trump administration enforced the laws enacted by congress. that's what we did. look up title 8 united states code. it is a crime to enter this country illegally. >> dana: tom homan has the
7:24 am
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced just use this...or this to call unitedhealthcare their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> dana: president biden's inaction on the border crisis prompting governor greg abbott to take matters into his old hands. building walls out of shipping containers. this is innovative. >> it certainly is. the texas governor calling the situation along the border chaos. you can see the chaos play out night after night here. the brush team part of texas's department of public safety is out at night trying to stop migrants from overrunning private ranchs.
7:30 am
this video from photographer brian allman showed the capture of 15 people from guatemala and honduras. when we talked to the officers they told us what they are trying to stop on a nightly basis is a crime. >> when they get caught with us they aren't getting released and going back. they are being arrested for criminal trespass and going to jail. >> the governor says the situation is so bad texas really has to take matters into its own hands. he is bringing down tactical vehicles along the border, setting up razor wire and using empty shipping containers to try to make a blockade against migrants crossing through. on the other side the motivation is intense. we spoke to a woman yesterday who just crossed over from venezuela. she left her child behind in venezuela. we asked her why she came. >> she says this is the only place where one can feel secure in this world. police are corrupt everywhere in my country. if something happens to you in my country and you report it
7:31 am
nobody pays attention. >> the rule of law, that's what we're hearing over and over again. a key motivator that keeps bringing people to this border. back to you. >> dana: you can hear it in her voice. >> bill: so the white house sending mixed signals on reports it's considering $450,000 payments to migrants. it would come as part of a legal settlement people separated from their families under the previous administration. president biden saying the reports were garbage about the $450,000 and payments were not going to happen. the white house striking a different tone just yesterday. >> if it saves taxpayer dollars and puts the disastrous history of the previous administration's use of zero tolerance and family separation behind us the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. >> bill: watch where the story goes. $450,000. maybe not as high as that. maybe lower than that.
7:32 am
being discussed now. it appears the rumors of it being dead are far from true. >> dana: aclu representing the migrants put out a statement said maybe the president is uninformed on what the justice is doing. the justice department can make settlements without telling the president about it. the president has said it is garbage and it won't happen and the white house said it is happening, maybe not that much but referred to the justice department. the justice department has no comment. you see how that works? >> bill: i think what the president was saying that specifically on that dollar figure we do not agree. maybe he was thinking $425 or 400. that's to be determined. >> dana: it will be a flash of anger across the country and the white house knows it and why they are trying to soft pedal it while they get the other bills done. a strong october jobs report, 531,000 jobs added last month. unemployment dropping to 4.6%. let's bring in steve moore and
7:33 am
austan goolsbee. austan start with you. last month we were here. that number was not good. it was a surprise. people were like wow, what's happening. now you have 531,000 jobs added. unemployment kicks down to 4.6. what do you like in the report and what might trouble you going forward? >> i love the big number. if you look at the private sector even bigger, more than 600,000 jobs in a single month created in the private sector. i think this lowers my position every month which is virus, virus, virus. we are starting to get control of the virus and now we have amazing news potentially that there is a treatment for the virus that can reduce its impact. so hopefully it could be off to the races. the only negative in the report in my view is you still have pretty significant job loss in state and local employment. a lot of teachers are not able
7:34 am
to go back. so we've got to get the schools reopened. >> dana: absolutely. steve, over to you with the same question. jobs are good but what did you see in there may might trouble you looking forward. >> force once it sounds like austan and i are in agreement. it was a really good report go usa. our employers are hiring a lot of workers. it is a great thing. i have some concerns, though, going forward. number one, i do still worry we don't have enough people in the labor force. labor force participation rate, the percentage of people working age that are actually working is still low, dana. that's a big problem for small employers. we have to get more people in the workforce. stop paying people not to work and incentivize people to get in the workforce. two, why is it given the economy seems to be on a pretty good roll right now, why is congress going to vote this afternoon on a $3 or $4
7:35 am
trillion spending bill? we don't need it. build back better. we need the government to get out of the way and i think we'll have a decent recovery. finally, i worry about inflation, dana. it is getting worse every month and we saw some nice wage gains in this report which is generally a good thing except the cost to employers are going up and will pass it on to people shopping and people going to the gas station. and that's a big worry. >> dana: that is on the minds of people and on the minds of voters on tuesday in virginia. we looked at the exit polls basically saying the economy and taxes were number one and number three with education right up there as well. the markets i'm looking at seem the like what is happening on capitol hill today. i guess if they get to a conclusion here. do you think it will be rewarded in the markets? >> you know, i think it will. i don't know -- i know the stock market doesn't speak for the economy just the investors.
7:36 am
what is in the package -- both the packages. the infrastructure and spending bill, the content of those remain very popular with the american people if you look at the polling. >> dana: most people say they don't know what's in it. >> they have to get it over the finish line. i still have some anxiety. >> austan, we had an election on tuesday and it was a pretty big spanking for the democrats. i think that's what it was. voters said stop what you are doing in washington when you have a 16-point swing in new jersey and about a 12-point swing in virginia in favor of the republicans, that's telling you something. i think the american people are against this. they don't want to see the massive increase in the debt. they don't want all this new spending. it is almost like nancy pelosi is saying as she moves these bills forward dana like she is saying nancy pelosi to voters, drop dead. they aren't listening to the voters, dana. >> dana: a lot of those
7:37 am
moderate democrats are looking at tuesday's results thinking their elections will be in trouble going forward. some of them want to see a congressional budget office score on this. there is pressure from the white house saying if we don't get it done we will lose more in the mid-terms. we saw what happened in 2011. president obama gets obamacare done and loses 63 seats that fall. are we looking at a repeat? >> donald trump pushed through a tax cut and lost seats at the mid-term. these things do happen. as i say, i think there is a lot of negotiation and nail biting going on in the democratic party. they had a tough day on tuesday for sure. i think a lot of that -- this wasn't for federal it was governorships. it doesn't seem as clearly tied to what they want to happen. >> dana: the preview we have for the president of the united states who will speak now. is he coming to the podium?
7:38 am
i'm sorry, we were waiting for the president and he will speak any moment. thank you both so much. good to see you. we'll see what happens as the bills work their way through the system. >> bill: looked like it was live. gunfire erupting at a resort sending hundreds of tourists, some americans running for cover. tell you how it started. the strange case of a missing mom taking another mysterious turn. one of the puzzle pieces, the whereabouts of her dog. we'll explain that when we come back.
7:39 am
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>> bill: we mentioned the story a bit earlier. a brutal drug gang shoot-out at an upscale resort in mexico sending tourists running for cover leaving two people dead on the beach. more on this deadly confrontation in cancun. >> mexico, cancun and other cities are very popular with americans and europeans. this bad press is not wanted by the tourism people, the industry there in mexico. the drug gang violence happened in cancun south of the airport. tourists enjoying a warm day on the beach and at the hotel pool had to rush for safety either
7:44 am
in the hotel lobby or back in their rooms. mexican police say it was a planned attack by one drug gang against a rival brazenly arriving by boat on the beach and opening fire and killing two people presumably in the rival gang. one tourist was injured after being smacked with one of the guns. police in the mexican state say 15 assailants armed with long guns stormed the beach, shot and killed the presumed drug dealer and another who was hiding. for an hour it was beachside chaos. last week another drug gang shooting south of there killed two bystanders including a travel blogger from california. three other tourists were wounded while enjoying lunch and drinks at an eatery with outdoor tables. according to an observer there
7:45 am
was a handwritten note posted saying it was a warning so you can see we mean business. local prosecutor says crime there recently has ticked up due to extortion as well as drug sales to americans and europeans as well as locals. >> bill: what a story. thank you, phil keating out of miami. >> dana: new details in the search for heidi planck the california mom leaving her son's football game. her dog was later found wandering by itself inside a high rise in downtown l.a. let's bring in callahan walshe, co-host of in pursuit. sound from her ex-husband saying something doesn't seem right here. >> there is no sign of foul play in her place but what gives us a sign of being foul play is that she would never do this with our son. she would never do this.
7:46 am
this is -- something is way out of the ordinary. >> dana: callahan, how do you see it? >> he has all right to find suspicion in her disappearance. she was last seen at a football game she was attending to see her son play and she left early and her dog was found at this apartment complex that she had no relation to. she was reported missing october 20th. ex-husband then gets a phone call from the s.e.c. about an investigation into her boss. so there is a lot swirling around here that the ex-husband and family and friends around heidi are looking at going it doesn't add up. the fact she is still missing now without an answer we need to find out where she is and if she is safe. >> bill: callahan, her son is 10 years old. is that her only child? >> i believe that's her only child but celebrated his 11th birthday. this is a devastating time for
7:47 am
him obviously. he wants to see his mother again. this was a loving mother. she was last seen attending a football game. this isn't something where she would just get up and leave without telling her son what was happening or giving him information. the fact she is missing. >> bill: parents don't leave football games. they wait until its over. it is almost as if she got a call or a text or something came in to take her away from that game. >> absolutely. that's what is so important about finding the surveillance footage of the apartment complex where her dog was located. just hours after the last time anyone saw her at the football game her dog was found wandering the halls of a high rise complex that heidi has no connection to. did heidi go to that apartment complex and meet somebody there? her car wasn't found at that location. a lot of mystery. >> dana: is there a way for investigators to look into her
7:48 am
phone or look on the cloud and see if there was communication? >> investigators have been tight lipped around what they are doing as far as what they've been seeing on the surveillance footage and any digital footprint she would have left behind. let's hope they use everything they can. they haven't been coming forward with tons and tons of information for the public. but i know law enforcement is doing everything they can. a lot of tension on this case and doing anything they can. >> bill: tough to answer this question. her ex-husband said that her boss is being investigated for alleged securities fraud and that he had received a phone call several weeks ago. how does that fit into this, if at all? >> so he received that phone call after she went missing and he will find it suspicious. he was the one tracking the microchip in her dog and knew what was going on. he gets this call out of the blue from the s.e.c. about her
7:49 am
boss who is being investigated for over $43 million of stolen money from his clients. of course that will raise a ton of red flags. he has every right to think what's going on in her work life might have something to do with her disappearance. >> dana: we will keep on top of it and thank you for coming on. we hope she is found soon and safe. thank you so much. callahan. >> the nation now saying a final farewell to colin powell. how the former secretary of state is being honored next. near all time lows, rtgl home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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>> bill: the president talking about the jobs report at the white house. >> president biden: the economy is starting to work for more americans. thanks to the plan we put through in congress this year and successful vaccine deployment america continues to add jobs at a record pace. it's historically strong recovery, unemployment rate has fallen again today down to 4.6%. this included a substantial drop in the unemployment for hispanics that was much needed. our economy is on the move. this morning we learned that in
7:53 am
october our economy created 531,000 jobs. well above expectations. we also learned that job growth over the prior two months august and september was nearly 250,000 more jobs than previously thought. in total, the job creation in the first full nine months of my administration is about 5.6 million new jobs, a record for any new president. that's a monthly average of over 60,000 new jobs each month. ten times more than the job creation at three months before i took office. new unemployment claims have fallen every week for the past five weeks. down by more than 60% since i took official and are now at the lowest level since the pandemic started. people continue to move from unemployment rolls to work. unemployment has increased by more than any other year since 1950.
7:54 am
so any year since 1950 unemployment has decreased more than this year than since 1950 and not only are more americans working, working americans are seeing their paychecks go up. weekly pay went up in october and an average hourly earns up almost 5% this year. that's more than some of the -- that's more than some of the lowest paid workers in our country who work in restaurants, hotels, entertainment have seen their pay go up 12% this year. over 5 1/2 million jobs, unemployment down at a record pace to 4.6%. before we pass the rescue plan, forecasters said it would take until the end of 2023 to get to 4.6 unemployment rate. today we've reached that rate two years before forecasters thought it was possible. i would humbly suggest it is significant improvement from when i took office and a sign
7:55 am
we're on the right track. this did not happen by accident. or just because. we laid the foundation for this recovery with my american rescue plan that congress passed at the beginning of my term to put money in working family's pockets and gave families with kids a tax cut each month and helped keep small businesses going in the dark days earlier this year and provided the resources needed to launch one of the fastest mass vaccination programs ever. we got more than 220 million shots in arms in my first 100 days. we didn't stop there. recent months we've started implementing vaccination requirements which would help bring the number of unvaccinated adults down in the country fra 100 million several months ago to 60 million now. that's good for our health but it is also good for our economy. now vaccinated workers are going back to work.
7:56 am
vaccinated shoppers are going back to stores and with the launch of the vaccines for kids ages 5-11 this week, we can make sure more vaccinated children can stay in school. these plans i have implemented through these plans of economic success the economic rescue and vaccination plans, both of them, have made the economy the envy of the world. we're the fastest growing major economy and one creating jobs at a faster pace now. yet yes there is a lot more to be done. we still have to tackle the cost american families are facing. this recovery is faster, stronger and fairer and wider than almost anyone could have predicted. that's what the numbers say. but we want to make sure that people continue to feel it in their lives, in their bank accounts and hopes and expectations for tomorrow is better than today. that's what it's all about. making sure our recovery is
7:57 am
fully felt to determine that depends on two things. two things that are entirely within our reach. the first for our economy to fully recover, we need to keep driving vaccinations up and covid down. in that effort, we took two major steps this week. on tuesday the cdc recommended covid-19 vaccine for children between the ages of 5 and 11. we're prepared for this moment by securing enough vaccines to apply for every single child in that age category in america. the doses started to arrive at pediatricians offices, schools and other sites. as a parent of one of the first children to receive the shot said quote today is such a huge sigh of relief, end of quote. starting next week, our kids' vaccination programs will hit full strength with about 20,000 trusted and convenient places for parents to get their kids
7:58 am
vaccinated. and yesterday the occupational safety and health administration, osha, issued a rule requiring employers with 100 or more employees to insure each of their workers is fully vaccinated or tests negative for covid-19 at least once a week. the centers for medicare and medicaid services issued a rule requiring that all workers at healthcare facilities participate in medicare and medicaid are fully vaccinated. together these rules, along with other requirements we've put in place, means that 2/3 of all workers in the united states are now covered by vaccination requirements. these requirements have broad public support and they work. already we've seen organizations that have adopted vaccination requirements increase their vaccination rates by more than 20 percentage points. often as high as over 90%. this is good for the workers, for their colleagues, for their loved ones and for their
7:59 am
communities. it is also good for the economy. in a recent university of chicago survey, every economist agreed that requiring staff vaccinations or regular testing among large employers who promote the economic recovery that is faster and stronger even than it is now. goldman sachs, these kinds of requirements could lead up to 5 million more americans reentering the workforce. that's because they feel safer to do so. it's because there are fewer disruptions, things like childcare. again, beating covid-19 remains one of the most important ways to strengthen our economy, not just save lives but strengthen our economy. we're making progress. as of this week 70% of american adults are fully vaccinated. more than 193 million americans fully vaccinated. it was less than 1% when we
8:00 am
took office 10 months ago. one more piece of good news, last night we received promising news about another potent and potential covid treatment, a pill developed by pfizer that may dramatically reduced the risk of being hospitalized or dying when taken shortly after infection if you are infected. if authorized by the fda we may soon have pills that may treat the virus of those who become infected. we have already secured millions of doses and the therapy would another tool in the tool box to protect people from the worst outcomes of covid. look, it is important to remember we need to prevent infections, not wait to treat them once they happen. vaccination remains the best way to do that. the pandemic is not yet behind us. this week's announcement vaccines for kids, more adults getting vaccinated. potential treatment for those


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