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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 5, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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trump how are we going to fill one minute 30. janice: reminds me at college eating at 5:00 a.m. todd: speaking of college, we are all going to go drink. no we're not going to do that. carley: speaking of college i am turning 22 years old. congratulations to me. with that happy friday. ♪ >> democrats desperately trying to piece together enough of their own votes to pass president biden's tax and spend agenda. >> what are the big hurdles you have to overcome. >> i will let you know when i wish to. >> senator joe manchin is bombarded by climate protesters demanding he support president biden biden's. >> is the money important is it more important than my wife joe marchen. >> cash payments to illegal migrants. >> you guys keep sending that garbage out but it's not true. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals. >> a russian analyst who helped
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provide information for the infamous steele dossier that fueled the trump russia investigation has been arrested. >> charged with five counts of lying to the fbi. [cheers and applause] >> show the back of your uniform. shoe lace. >> that's the first time that's ever happened before. ♪ ♪ ♪ my life,. >> good morning, charlotte, north carolina, this is your 6:00 wake-up call. currently 36 degrees. sunrise 7:48. going to be a beautiful day in your beautiful city. welcome to the friday "fox & friends" live from studio m right up here on the mezzanine level. ainsley: i'm so glad, toba you played that song. every time i hear that song best dave your life. you must have a baby being born today. that walls the best day for me. it was 6 years ago on this friday when my little girl was
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born. brian: wow. ainsley: birthday tomorrow it if he would fell on a friday. we enjoyed the whole weekend with both sides of the family in the hospital. brian: last night the jets played thursday night football and 45-30. [sighs. ainsley: joel compare that, its would not good for you. compared to the day your daughter was born best day of your life. ainsley: can you make something negative opositive. brian: i'm just saying it's the season. steve: turn that frown upside down. brian: the jets lost. that's all i'm saying. steve: i don't think people in new york have said jets and best day in my life in decades. [laughter] ainsley: joel, i feel your pain i went to the university of south carolina. steve: let's call joe namath right now i have got his number.
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brian: or richard todd. ainsley: 6:02 on the east coast. it is a friday going to be a wonderful day and great weekend. we begin with a fox news alert. live look on capitol hill where in just a few hours the house is expected to vote on biden's social spending and infrastructure bills. steve: yeah. not great day yesterday for nancy pelosi. she failed to get a vote yesterday and she will not say if she actually has the votes today to make it happen. brian: griff, make sense of this because it's 2,000 pages. the dems have to scramble to find out what they're voting on and of course, have to know it's going to die a quick death in the senate. ainsley: do they have the votes? griff: well, we don't know. and that's the whole take away brian, ainsley and steve, good morning. speaker pelosi hopes today is the day and many days it hasn't been the day to pass both bipartisan infrastructure gill and massive spending bill which by the way is fresh off the printer. here is where we stand the house will gavel in 8:00. first order of business to establish a rule and it appears pelosi is actually still
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whipping votes. here's what she said yesterday. >> at this point what are you waiting for? >> we have other work do on the floor. >> speaker pelosi, do you have the votes for build back better and the bipartisan bill [inaudible] griff: let's go down pennsylvania avenue at the white house. it's quite clear the president is losing patience. >> the president is -- has been very clear he wants to get this moving. there is an urgency along with the members of both chambers have been very clear on getting this done. griff: here's the deal. the social spending bill is a tough sell to moderate democrats, none of whom have had the time to read the 2,000 plus pages. it lacks the cbo score that matters to them and adds in immigration provision for amnesty and puts paid family leave back in, which is a nonstarter for joe manchin. the math matters, guys. pelosi who missed that october deadline to pass the bills can only afford lose three democrat votes in the house. and, of course, not a single
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vote in the senate. meanwhile, analysis from the wharton school university of pennsylvania suggests the actual costs of this bill that clocked in at 1.57 trillion looks like 1.58 trillion now is going to be much larger. wharton says it's closer to 4 trillion because of so many things that are in there. now, the white house claims this bill is still paid for but having a debate over the actual cost of the bill won't bode for some moderate democrats. as far as the timing on the vote, there is nothing on the schedule yet. we will have to get over to the hill and see what we hear. guys? brian: unbelievable. griff, did you say anything about the salt tax putting back. in if you don't put the salt back in there are about five democrats who won't vote for it and high tax states. griff: that's great point now. the salt tax being added back in is of conservatorship. here's the thing, brian, as we have seen so many times in
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washington. it was added at the last minute in the 11th hour. the rules committee just spit it out late, late last night. and so there is really going to be a lot of wrangling, i think, this morning to get people on board until they fully know exactly where that stands as well as the other provisions. ainsley: griff, you haven't heard any republicans supporting the social spending plan, right? griff: we are hearing that things stand right where they have been all along. ainsley: nancy doesn't have the votes then. nancy is not on board it seems like she wouldn't have the votes. she is saying i'm not taking anything to the floor unless i have the votes. steve: she wants to get to the other bill. let's see what happens. going to be a crazy day. thank you very much. i was reading in the "the washington post" the salt tax. currently $10,000 per household. and it particularly impacts people in high tax states like new york, new jersey. brian: write it off on your taxes. steve: yeah, can you do $10,000. apparently josh gottheimer and
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mr. suozzi werably to get in a provision they could raise it to $80,000. it would be sun setted. only run until 2031. it would run for 10 years. you know, there are a lot of moderate members who say that is a tax break for the rich and that's why they don't want it in there. let's see what happens. ainsley: speaking of sun setters the sunrise movement, group of protesters, climate change protesters, they went to joe manchin's house boat and they started to protest outside of his boat and then they followed him into the parking garage where he keeps his maserati, he is trying to get away. they blocked his car. he was laying on the horn. police officers, you can see that guy in the yellow trying to push, there were about three police officers it looked like or security guard in front of his car pushing them off to the side so he could get away. they posted it on social media. you could hear a voice say he is trying to run us over. they were standing in front of his car. security guards were pushing him out of the way so he could drive away.
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steve: they got their pictures. here is a little sound. listen. >> why won't you fight for me? joe manchin is a -- is the money worth it? is the money that important, joe manchin? is it poor important than my life, joe manchin? is it more important than your kids' life? [chantings] will? is the money better than our lives. >> can you look me in my eyes as i talk to you? do you only talk to millionaires? >> open the gate? steve: for the most part joe manchin ignored them. this is the second time about a month or so ago. protesters on kayaks surround willed his house and so there they did that trying to get. there they are right there. don't sink west virginia. that was about the same time senator sinema was followed into the ladies room with somebody who was taping her. brian: it's ironic because he might be saving the party. as he went on to say this country is not center left.
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he says it's actually center right. this party can't go too left. he also says, you know, he represents west virginia and is he democrat. if you want to get rid of joe manchin, go ahead. there is not enough democrat in west virginia that would win that state. so you have now lost the majority or you have to make it up from another place. steve: i don't think they care. brian: obviously, yeah. i don't think they thought of anything except for what stalking cap to put on as they harass people that don't agree with them. it's also important to point out nancy pelosi is helpless. people want to talk about her power. i admit we had a bad night. i admit it would it have been better had we voted on the bipartisan bill which shows you she has no control over her caucus and aoc and party the squad we would the power. ainsley: i'm sure that concerns her. i have been the leader for decade and all of a sudden we have this new group come in. we saw them in virginia on tuesday, people do not like those progressive thoughts,
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agendas. and when you look at what is happening to manchin or look at kyrsten sinema in the bathroom. it's one or two people in the bathroom. the people in front of his car, 10, 20 of them, maybe. but if you poll the voters in west virginia, his constituents, the majority of them like that he is standing up for the moderate democrat. you are right, he could be saving the party. steve: what he does not want, he does not at this point, it doesn't sound like he is on board for this build back better bill. some of the provisions on it we have looked at some of them on page 1065 of the bill, you will get four weeks of paid family and medical leave even. ainsley: not working. steve: even if you are out of work. because then through social security it's a little complicated. you have this self-test you are eligible. ainsley: have we not learned anything? when you pay people not to work we have a supply chain crisis. can't find truck drivers. people staying home. just gone through a pandemic.
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people are ready to get this country back. steve: one of the things is a number of the progressives were unhappy because parliamentarian would not allow any provisions to give a pathway to citizenship for millions of the people in the country illegally. brian: it's still in that, right? steve: no. what they're going to do because that was policy. so, instead, they are making it a money thing. so, instead, the government will parole undocumented migrants and give them five year work permits that will shield them from deportation. so they are going to -- all those people we are talking about that were going to get the, you know, pathway to citizenship, they are going to get paroled and a five year you can stay in the country without the fear of being -- ainsley: you have to work and give that money back to the government and pay taxes? brian: no. joe manchin said i think you should have a pataskala to citizenship. go back wait 10 years to get to the back of the line. that sounds like the george w. bush policy hasn't moved. they also said the democrats
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were going to have a vote and we're going to override the parliamentarian. joe manchin said yeah, i'm not going to vote to do that. he is just acting reasonable. you think by harassing him and jumping on his car and surrounding his boat, he hasn't bundle in three months. kyrsten sinema dug in twice as much. to their credit not intimidated. by the way, what are you waiting for if it comes to security, if aoc any member of the squad was harassed raining news, other networks blowing off commercials to talk about how minorities are being targeted okay to harass people like this. aoc and i will just paraphrase because i know we are up against a break she basically secretary of defense we have to pass both these bills in order to stop inflation. doesn't that make sense? pass spending that we don't have in order to put bills together that we can't afford, inflation 5.4% right now. please tell me what math class she took. steve: well, the democrats need to put something up on the board because they had a really bad
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tuesday and they think if we can get at least one of the two we will be. ainsley: moving in the right direction. steve: we will be golden. we will see. it could be today. then again, might not. ainsley: 6:13 on the east coast. we thank you for waking up with us. paying kids to get vaccinated. one city mayor offering children $100 to get the jab. brian: it's not coming from the de blasio fund. it's coming from our fund. take a look at what the house is walking back. >> keep sending that garbage out, yeah. but it's not true. >> so this is a garbage report? >> yeah. ainsley: garbage report. brian: based on the truth about your administration. the president now perfectly comfortable with settlements. the garbage report is he now eating it what the house said biden really meant when he called it garbage. ♪
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steve: 6:17 in the east. back with a fox news alert. two people dead after suspected rival drug gangs opened fire at five star resort in cancun, mexico and it was terrible. ainsley: gunfire sending tourists including several americans running for their lives and hiding for safety. brian: ashley strohmier joins us live with more on this chaotic scene. ashley? >> several of those american guests scrambling to safety after rival gangs started shooting at one another. this happened thursday afternoon on the beach area of the five star hotel, the hyatt rivera cancun. police say no tourists were seriously hurt or kidnapped. but two of the suspected drug dealers died during this incident. hyatt spokesperson told fox news
3:19 am
they were aware of a developing situation. reports say several guests saw gunmen come onto the beach by boat. they reportedly sought out the individuals they intended to kill. this as guest caught in the middle of the crowded area, they were actually rushed inside of the hotel for safety. pictures from the scene shaw tourists dressed get away vacation huddled together in different areas of the hotel. many locked themselves in their room until word came it was safe to come out. one said he had never been so scared while a former mexican senator likened experience to horror movie. despite a response from mexican authorities no response made. fox has reached out to the mexico embassy for comment no word back. steve: thank you very much. such a beautiful spot. my family has been down there. it's just gorgeous. that's the last thing you would expect. >> that's what makes it resonate with all of us.
3:20 am
>> marry about are if i go to a five star resort i'm going to be fine, right? no. terrible. brian: mexico if they lose tourism and the american dollar, they are up against it big time. so they have got to find a way to secure that place. meanwhile, 19 minutes after the hour. steve: all right. it was just a couple of days ago that the "wall street journal" broke the story about apparently the department of justice and homeland security were negotiating with these families that were separated in 2018 during the trump administration. because you could not keep children in a detention facility. ainsley: with men, with adults. steve: w. adults, they would separate them. now apparently, the story according to the "wall street journal" was that the biden administration was negotiating with the families and 12 big law firms to settle it. and, in fact, peter doocy asked about that of the president a couple of days ago. remember this? >> there were reports that were
3:21 am
surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. but it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report? >> yeah. steve: okay. so it's a garbage report the president said. then. and yesterday it was time to clean things up. ainsley: one of the spokespeople at the white house was asked about it and listen to what she said. >> president biden is calling these reports about the administration paying up to $450,000 to illegal immigrants who were separated from family members garbage. he says it's not going to happen. the aclu says that it is. so who is right? >> so, um, if it saves taxpayer dollars and puts the disastrous
3:22 am
history of the previous administration's use of zero tolerance and family separation behind us, the president is perfectly comfort being with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. doj can obviously speak more to that process. the president was -- what he was reacting to was the dollar figure that was mentioned that you mentioned to him yesterday. steve: that's the way they are spinning it. ainsley: the doj ♪ speaking. she said the doj can speak more on this and they're not commenting on it. steve: they say the president was reacting to the 450,000. the white house would not say what the number was. they just said talk to the department of justice and the department of justice won't answer. at the end of the soundbite with peter the first day with the president the president said not gonna happen. okay. what they are not going to happen at that price and the president said not going to happen. when one is it? brian: this is unbelievable. by the way unacceptable.
3:23 am
you as at american people should expect more from your white house. i don't care who is in it whether it's eisenhower, trump or bush and now president biden. the one thing we thought is that they were going to be organized and experienced. and might not like their policies or not like their policies but they would know how to run this place. clearly when peter yelled at him that question on the escalator overseas from that moment that his staffers heard that question, if you missed the "wall street journal" story because you were focused on destroying our energy sector with green energy, i understand. you had about two days to get the right answer to the president and let them know what this means, what this "wall street journal" story was. will editorial page, he was on with me yesterday. he said he got zero pushback from the story from the white house. and the general acceptance was it was true. they didn't stop us from running it for four straight days just to finish up a second. this is a fact they have a press office, he has advisers.
3:24 am
and no one briefed him on a possible question and an issue that clearly caught him by surprise? either someone is running this white house here while he is a figure head like the financing of england or he is not retaining it or they don't even feel they have to brief him on their policy ains haines that's one of the issues here who is running the country. the other issue is you heard republicans say this. if someone robs a bank, they are going to go behind jail and behind bars separated from their families because they did something illegal. it's going to land you behind bars and you are going to be separated from your family. steve: right. ainsley: these individuals, we heard all these republicans say they are separated from their family but they came here illegally. now we are going to pay that bank robber? now we are going to pay the illegals? brian: ripple effect word gets back to central america haiti, africa and sweden and norway now is the time to get to america. we could become -- we could become millionaires. steve: texas congressman mike mccaul said you can't break
3:25 am
our laws and then win the lottery. so, clearly, what happened was the president either was never told what his administration. brian: ding ding ding. steve: or he forgot. ainsley: or he was trying to spin it sounds like the aclu who defends him says he didn't. steve: we're negotiating. brian: right. i will say this. there has been so many bigger issues since the separation policy that last add few weeks. since then that "60 minutes" is focusing on that they're focusing on. you have destroyed the border. you have exasperated the texas guard. we are absolutely strung out. you stopped building the wall and you want to focus on 2017? i'm more concerned about 2021. i would recommend this pref general, i have been watching those commercials. if the president is having trouble prevegan. carley: he didn't like the policy. he hats power to change. he it is a garbage quote. brian: he was never briefed on it. carley: i don't know. ainsley: if the president calls
3:26 am
it garbage and the rest of his administration is still saying yes, it's gonna happen, what does that tell you? steve: what the house is saying garbage walls the $450,000. it could be $400,000. brian: good point. that would have been a good statement. ainsley: it's not 450, it's 425. steve: if peter said what is the amount? >> when peter spoke to the president. the president was stunned. he's like that's never going to happen. brian: true. carley: it wasn't about the 450 number he didn't know or he forgot but it looks like it's happening. got to move on to headlines now because we have news on the vaccine front. new york city mayor bill de blasio will pay children between the ages of 5 and 11, $100 to get the covid vaccine. this as treatment centers are open to kids. critics likening the plan to bribing kids. in chicago all public schools will close for one day next week for a vaccine awareness day.
3:27 am
officials say they want to ensure, quote: all eligible students have the opportunity to get the jab. the race for new jersey governor ending in a photo finish with democrat phil murphy narrowly securing a second term. republican jack ciattarelli not red to concede the fight with 60,000. others in new jersey winning big including incredible upset in the state senator. trucker edward durr a republican defeating the senate president. a large texas family is mocked by liberals online for discussing the rising cost of milk. listen. >> we started seeing everything going up. grocery prices went up. a gallon of milk was 1.9 the. now 2.79. when you buy $12 a week times four weeks that's a lot of money. carley: christa and larry need all those groceries to provide for their nine children. ened n. a now deleted tweet the
3:28 am
"new york times" word play account poking fun writing sorry do today's cross word i'm too busy carrying my 12 gallons ofs of milk home. new york magazine writer quote they actually had to cut out milk bad on alternate days. remember former secretary of state and patriot colin powell. his funeral will be held at the national cathedral in washington. president biden military leaders and members are all expected to attend. powell was the first african-american to serve as secretary of state, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and national security adviser. he died last month after a battle with blood cancer. and he will most certainly be milled. steve: absolutely. legendary. brian: people on both sides of the aisle will be at that. thank you very much. carley: thank you. steve: coming up 6:30 in the east. a major researcher on the steele dossier now arrested accused of lying to the fbi as part of john
3:29 am
durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe. a former federal prosecutor says heads need to roll. you will hear when heads coming up. brian: russia russia russia ♪ ♪
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source of five counts of lying to the fbi and creating a false narrative during the trump-russia investigation into the 2017, if it sounds like big news you are absolutely right. russian, is he a russian igor danchenko pleading in court not guilty before being released on bond. joining to us react former u.s. prosecutor and attorney for utah brett tollman. bret, what was key about this indictment the third one for john durham. >> this indictment is the one that finally puts into place, you know, components of this conspiracy that were only speculation. the fact that this is rooted deeply in two operatives that were coming together and drying to assist each other in coming up with a file that they could use to take down a candidate and then eventually a president was so deeply rooted in the clinton campaign. brian: this russian, how does this russian link back to the clinton campaign?
3:34 am
>> well, you have two individuals that were utilized in both bill clinton's campaign and then you have hillary clinton and their campaign that are utilizing them. you know, payments being made through lawyers, the law firm of the campaign. to individuals. so what you now see are both sides of the conspiracy. you see where it came from and you see those that were operating inside the conspiracy to fabricate out of whole cloth facts that they knew would be damaging to an up and coming candidate. brian: danchenko which is not a flight risk which is crazy because i absolutely believe he is linked to long time clinton ad man dollan, how? >> you know, they are very much aware of each other will interacting in the clinton sicials. it's more than that they had to be closely connected in order to coordinate what they were feeding each other. and make no mistake. danchenko was claiming that he had information about the
3:35 am
collusion between trump and russia and then he was utilizing dollan as a potential source. and now dollan is admitting that he is making up many of the aspects of the dossier. this is not the steele dossier anymore. this is the clinton dossier. and it's outrageous and i will tell you another thing, brian. i don't think we're seeing the end. this is not the pinnacle prosecution of durham. this is an individual you prosecute as early as you can and get into discussions about him exposing others in order to save his hide from federal prison. brian: lies to the fbi and tell me if i am wrong here. steele gets hired by fusion gps to do investigating. but he can't go to russia. so he used danchenko to give him information. that helps formulate the dossier. it turns out that danchenko says what i put in there was just all hearsay i don't know if any of it is corroborated but he lied about that. who is danchenko? he is linked to chuck dollan jr., long-time pr executive with
3:36 am
bill and hillary clinton. and is known as one of these great democrats. why would they do something like this? initially it seems because of her email scandal. all the focus on her email and the terrible decision she made as secretary of state crushing any type of forensic evidence by destroying her server and now all of a sudden let's put the heat on donald trump. let's make up stories about russian banks linked with donald trump. we will come up with this dossier. we will hire steele and let steele cycle this story through the back channels of american press. and democratic lawmakers. so, all of a sudden you got this counter narrative and donald trump is sitting there saying what are you talking about? and there is then when he goes crazy because the secretary of state allows -- its mean his attorney general allows this probe to go through. >> they use the media. they use the fbi who knew that it was unreliable and they created the very thing that they
3:37 am
were manipulating to suggest to the american people and they did this to try to protect clinton as well as try to promote her. it's outrageous and additional individuals need to be prosecuted and people need to be fired from jobs in both the fbi and otherwise. brian: the networks didn't cover it. no cable or broadcast because it goes right back to their loved one, hillary clinton. that's where we are heading the next step. we will see who breaks first. brett tollman, thanks so much. >> thanks, brian. >> it is outrageous. i sat down with dana white first major sport to bring back fans during the pandemic. >> hiding was the best thing we have ever done. our business grew exponentially through the pandemic. >> not hiding. we have more with dana white including his take on tuesday's elections and his big fight this weekend at madison square garden. the mama and papa bear movement moving taking center stage.
3:38 am
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vision changes, or eye pain occur. take a stand and start a new day with trelegy. ask your doctor about once-daily trelegy, and save at steve: education taking center staining in the virginia's governor's race earlier this week as many now say glenn youngkin's campaign promise to give parents' power over their kids schooling is headed straight for the republican national playbook because they won with that our next guest calls this just the beginning of the parent revolution. carrie rodriguez is the president of the national parents union. >> she joins us right now from boston carrie, good morning to you. >> good morning, thanks for having me. i read in the "the washington post" you said this is only the beginning of the parent revolution. >> either work with parents and families or get voted out of office. who are you talking to? >> well, i'm talking to our education policy makers, our
3:43 am
administrators, our elected officials on all levels at this point. because, you know, over the past 18 years or 18 months, patience have been witness to the catastrophic failure of our public education system that happened in our own living room. and we have a vested interest in making sure that we repair the system and reimagine it. it wasn't doing that well before the pandemic. we have had an unprecedented shift in the status quo. so now is our opportunity as parents and families to really shake sure that we are doing our best to get our kids what they deserve. steve: sure, what do you make of those town halls in virginia where, you know, patients would get up and they would sometimes be passionate about what's going on with the kids and the curriculum or masking or transportation or things like that and, you know, it didn't appear that the school board was listening to them. >> well, i mean, everybody loves to show a video of a white momma screaming at a microphone. i think what we are not covering are the vast majority of parents in cities across this country
3:44 am
where i have visited who are poor, who are black, who are brown, who are standing up and saying we have a transportation crisis. we can't even get our kids into the classroom social isolation and not supporting them. we have folks that have received hundreds of millions of dollars, the federal government just gave away $123 billion that is supposed to be invested in making sure that we finish all of the unfinished learning that happened. you want to know what parents are angry about, our kids can't read. they can't do math. and we're not doing anything about it with $123 billion of investments? that's unconscionable. steve: kerry, i know once upon a time you were a union organizer. what role do the unions play in
3:45 am
the kids' education and how they apply to what you are trying to change? >> well, i want to say this: i think teachers are important. i think unions have their place. but they have had outsized power during this situation where parents, families and communities who frankly were the co-filters of education these past 18 months because education was not hang without parents and families and community centers helping to facilitate all of this when schools were not open and not available, and our kids were only getting an hour of live instruction on zoom. like we had to step up and we have got a lot of important information, we have seen a lot. frankly, these are our kids, and the fact that we have been shut out of this conversation and are being shut down left and right, when we are trying toen gauge in a very serious and life and death conversation about the future of our kids. it's ridiculous. so, what's frustrating and what people are not understanding is
3:46 am
that what you are seeing on the ground, what you are seeing at the grassroots, are parents and families who are saying we have a vested interest in making sure that this thing -- we get this right. our kids, the rest of our lives, are hanging in the balance if they don't get a decent education. what's going to happen to them? are they going to get a decent jobs? what are our grand babies' lives going to be like this. is long-term implications this is not a political game to us. these are our children's lives at stake. steve: well put. keri rodriguez, thank you very much for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. steve: you bet. 14 minutes before the top of the hour. carley joins us with news from hollywood. carley: i certainly do. that's right. the rust movie set armorer is standing by her work dismissing claims of inexperience. her lawyer saying, quote: she did everything in her power to ensure a safe set. ultimately, the set would never have been compromised if live ammo were not introduced. she has no idea where the live rounds came from.
3:47 am
this as authorities say a real bullet was somehow put in a box of dummy ammunition which killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. doj suing texas over new voter security law. the doj saying the law which outlaws ballot harvesting and restricts mail-in voting is in violation of the voting right act and civil riots act. texas governor greg abbott firing back saying, quote: bring it the texas election integrity law is legal in texas. it is easier to vote but harder to cheat. today atlanta is gearing up for a big old party. braves fan also celebrate with a world series victory parade. the team bringing home their first title since 1995. they arrived back in atlanta on wednesday after beating the astros in game 6 by a score of 7 to 0. the parade gets rolling at noon eastern. to it will be a fun time, steve, to be in atlanta today yesterday
3:48 am
we got the free co-s and now the parade. meanwhile hit the streets where janice dean is outside shivering outside of our world headquarters. janice: not too bad if you are dressed appropriately. take a look at the temperatures across the northeast. chele across much of the country. warm up. 42 in new york, 35 in chicago. 35 in raleigh and 38 in fargo and for some reason my maps are not advancing but i can tell you what's going to happen anyway. we have an area of low pressure that's going to move up the coast bringing heavy rain to florida and the southeast. we have a new system moving in to the west. that's going to bring coastal rain and mountain snow and a warm-up for the rest of the country, which is great news. we are in to november so we will take what we can get. then for the new york city marathon on sunday in new york city, you know, temperatures will start out to be chilly. we could see a little bit of rain in the forecast but otherwise mostly sunny skies. there is your forecast. i don't need any maps. back to you steve. steve: you said it wasn't that cold but your machine froze.
3:49 am
just saying. january january that's a good point. i'm going to stick to ethics could you say. steve: please do. thanks j.d. still ahead new york congresswoman a.o.c. says the reason democrats lost in virginia was because their message wasn't progressive enough that story is coming up in the next hour. and if you are looking for something to watch this weekend. movie critic kevin mccarthy gives us his take on three big movies dropping this weekend that's coming up next right here on "fox & friends" live from new york city where it's chilly.
3:50 am
3:51 am
3:52 am
3:53 am
>> it's a big move weekend for long awaited films out to the theaters. it's called the eternals,. >> you can protect. ainsley: joining us now his review of that movie and a few others is kevin mccarthy. so good to have you back. great to see you. >> ainsley, it's so great to be back. great to see you again. movies are back again. i'm so excited.
3:54 am
by the way, i didn't have a chance to come on last week or two weeks. but i wanted to mention dune is my favorite movie right now. if you haven't seen it 5 out of 5. masterpiece go. see that movie in theaters if you can. it's amazing. ainsley: i will definitely. anything marvel does turn to gold. we love the marvel films. how is eternals? >> it's a very interesting from him. directed by chloe choi won film for nomadland. different type of marvel film tells the story of super heroes sent to earth 7,000 years ago there to fight deviants called humans. modern day they have returned and team up again to try to save the world. now, this film is very interesting. the first half itself drags a little bit. there is some slow pacing. some exposition. as the second pavilion goes, in the action gets amazing and you have a really good watching that the the cast is incredible.
3:55 am
angelina jolie richard madden who you know from game of thrones. also important to note if you are a marvel fan two credited ending scenes in the film. once the movie ends stay through the credit. i was geeing out about the unbelief. i gave it 3.5. ainsley: i love when they do that. >> yeah. ainsley: go ahead. >> i want to clarify as a marvel fan my favorites are infinity war and winter soldier and civil war. this is definitely a mid tier marvel for me. ainsley: how about red notice with ryan reynolds. >> i love this movie. this movie is in select theaters today and goes to netflix next friday. this is a film directed by ralston thurber. ryan reynolds as the amazing dwayne johnson. it's about interpol agent trying to track down the most wanted art thief in the world. of the action is amazing. the comedy is amazing. the script works. the jokes are fun. the twists and turns work. it's a lot of fun. i loved it i gave it a 4.5 out of 5.
3:56 am
to me old fashioned film that felt fresh. it was fun. it was entertaining and got my mind off the world it was fun entertaining film 4.5 out of 5. steve: what about finch with tom hanches. this is the new finch movie. tom hanks takes place in post apalm lip particular world. radiation exposure bailed robot take care of his dog in the case he passes away. >> we have sweet beautiful emotional film i gave it 4 out of 5. thank you for having me on, ainsley. great to talk to you as always. go see dune if you can and honor to be on with you have a wonderful day. ainsley: you are the most positive person, kevin. we love having you on. thank you very much. and we'll be right back. more "fox & friends" straight ahead
3:57 am
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4:00 am
federal vaccine mandates set to kick in january 4th. >> really would destroy any business model that makes someone lose their job over this. >> it's not right. democrats are still reeling from tuesday's election results. it was not a good night. >> results show the limit of trying to run a fully 100 percent super moderate in the campaign. >> senator rand paul and dr. anthony fauci battling about what really happened in the wuhan lab. >> you appeared to have learned nothing from this pandemic. he is egregiously incorrect what he says. >> president biden cash payments
4:01 am
toil legal migrants. >> you guys keep sending that garbage out it's not true. >> department of justice settling with individuals. [cheers and applause] touchdown. >> show the back of your uniform stitched it one a shoe lace. >> that's the first time that's ever happened before. ♪ ♪ ♪ brian: someone had to make that ainsley: called god? brian: had to make it twice because the british burned it down. ainsley: fox nation special. brian: right. steve: do you know what the dome is made out of? clay. it's a problem when it rains down there. [laughter] that thing is cast iron. it's so heavy. it was an engineering, you know,
4:02 am
miracle back in the day. steve are you wondering. brian: that you had is be a rebuilt it segment. ainsley: washington. brian: washington, d.c. that's where the capitol is? steve: american built i narrated that. ainsley: when you drive over a bridge you think let me listen to my music. let me talk to my daughter in the backseat. no, think about the men, there are many member who actually died putting together these bridges so high up. this was so long ago they were able to do it. steve: along the keys that bridge? ainsley: yes. steve: there is a lot of stuff on fox nation check it out go to fox ainsley: you narrated all of them. steve: i did a lot of them get a fee i did the first three seasons. ainsley: you should do some stuff on be fox nation. [laughter] steve: here on the fox news channel as we look at the cast iron dome we have a fox news alert. we are just a couple of hours
4:03 am
away from when the house is expected to vote on joe biden's social spending and infrastructure bill. we're talking about two different bills. brian: yup, all right. the question remains, does speaker pelosi have the votes to do either or both? griff jenkins joins us now as the democrats scramble to pull off a much needed legislative victory. vote at 8:00 in the morning, griff? griff: that's right. guys, i'm under the dome where are where we are standing just feet off of the house floor behind me is speaker pelosi's office about 100 yards behind me. i didn't see anybody in there. the lights are off. and the lights in the house chamber are off. no one is here but me and my cameraman here in the will rogers statue as speaker pelosi says she thinks she can accomplish what she failed to do at the end of last week and that is to pass votes on both the infrastructure bill and this massive social spending bill, which is 2,000 plus pages. but if last night was any indication it's clear that pelosi doesn't have those votes.
4:04 am
watch. >> at this point, what are you waiting for? >> we have work do on the floor. >> speaker pelosi, do you have the votes for build back better and the bipartisan bill? >> [inaudible] griff: that may not be good enough for the president, go down pennsylvania avenue and you will find that the president is getting very impatient. >> the president has been very clear he wants to get this moving, there is an urgency along with the members of both chambers have been very clear on getting this done. griff: here's the thing. this spending bill a tough sell for moderate democrats for beginners they haven't had a chance to read the 2,000 plus pages. they finalized the bill last night which tech niskayunaly violated the 72 hour rule to allow members to read it in addition it, lacks the cbo score that many democrats have said they wanted and it has provisions for amnesty in it related to immigration. it added in the paid leave, which many were against, like joe manchin and it repealed the
4:05 am
salt tax as you mentioned, brian, in the last hour, now, what matters is the math. pelosi cannot lose more than three democrats in a vote and then when it gets to the senate not a single democrat can deflect it meanwhile, analysis from the wharton school university of pennsylvania says that original score of costing 1.75 trillion just much higher. here is what senator lindsey graham said. >> they went through the $1.57 trillion bill and found it's more like 4 trillion because there is so many games and gimmicks in the bill. griff: worry not about the cost the white house says it's paid for. just to give you an indication of like the climate of where things stand, look at this video. senator joe manchin being harassed in d.c. parking garage by climate protesters that harassed him. we ever told no one was injured. that's a good thing. it's a real sort of snapshot of the climate we have here and it
4:06 am
also underscores the fact that, remember, remember even if speaker pelosi can force this vote in less than an hour when things get started with establishing a rule before they get the actual votes which would be much later in the day, it could be dead on arrival and not make it to the president's desk if joe manchin continues to be opposed to it remember, it's got to pass the house, then the social spending bill would have to go to the senate where cannot lose a single democrat. it's going to be a very interesting day we're now some 53, 54 minutes away from things starting. nobody is here yeffet but us. brian: griff, just a quick question, i know on the senate side march has said any moderate groundswell lets do the 1.2 bipartisan bill and worry about the later one later? is there anything like it that in the house?
4:07 am
griff: there is not. you put your finger on it, brian, because from the very beginning people have implored speaker pelosi to do just that because remember infrastructure did pass the senate. all the house would do, who has already debated on it to make a quick vote on it. but she won't. she wants to do them in tandem that is the crux of what is holding things up. at least as it relates to infrastructure. ainsley: is that because the progressive was want her to do that? brian: yup. brian. griff: i will ask her when she walks by. she remains steadfast she is not going to do one without the other. ains when is what the progressives have said. steve: griff, you should also ask her if they could install carpets in there because the acoustics is terrible. griff: there is an echo when you are the only person here. steve: thank you very much. so they may get it out of the house today, maybe. although it's doubtful. so when could it and he was so good at describing how because the paid medical leave is back in it and joe manchin said no.
4:08 am
he is a no that means it's dead on arrival at the senate. the interesting thing is chuck schumer says that they are going to open debate today and they hope to have it passed by thanksgiving. so it's going to take weeks to talk people into something. brian: think about how embarrassing this is even though it's lightly reported that we are -- they could have got this done in the summer. and put it off to december. three times nancy pelosi guaranteed a vote they never had it. then pushed it to halloween. reports we're passed that and again it gets delayed. i ask you, do you think that it is going to pass? do you know of any democrat that will not vote for this? so you think it will pass? if they put it for a vote, 2,000 pages that was written last night. announced this morning. is there anybody in the house that won't vote for this? steve: too close to call. nancy pelosi would have had the vote yesterday. they were still working on this thing last night trying -- having private meetings and
4:09 am
phone calls trying to get different factions on board. the progressives are angry at the moderates. moderates angry at the progressives. hoping she is able to put together something. madam speaker i think it's too expensive. she got out the data and big charts and essentially said? it's all paid for. we have heard that we also heard it doesn't cost anything. ainsley: right $3.5 trillion it's free. steve: just magic money. ainsley: nancy pelosi was also asked about what happened on tuesday with this red wave in virginia and in other cities or other states across our country. and she admits it was not a good night. listen. >> i haven't seen the data. perhaps you have. i think there are other issues at work in that election. and remains not for me to make an observation unsubstantiated by data and science and facts. i'm very scientific about elections. district by district, within the
4:10 am
district region by region. and we will see what that is. but it was not a good night. ainsley: majorities in the house and senate are in serious peril. they know that they thought they would win new jersey by a landslide, neck in neck there. steve: people know when you see the invasion going on on our southern border and they say this is the policy we want. and/or they see, okay, this $2 trillion bill doesn't cost anything. people see with their own two eyes that what is going on in washington, d.c. is sometimes upside down world. aoc says the problem with virginia was it was too down the middle. it needed to be way to the left. watch this. >> on the election front? i actually think we have good news as well. i know that virginia was a huge bummer and honestly, if anything, i think that the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100 percent super moderated campaign. that does not excite, speak to
4:11 am
or energize the photographic base and frankly we weren't really invited to contribute on that race. steve: to her point, she is right. the super progressive young people did not show up in traditional numbers. and that didn't help terry mcauliffe. brian: as what they don't understand and the leadership, the veteran leadership on the left don't -- have not done a good job explaining is that the queen's representative doesn't represent the country. most of the country would not vote for aoc. she might have a great personality and be great on social media. but my grandparents are from queens. i'm not anti-queens, but i'm 99% sure they don't speak for montana virginia, the rural sections of new jersey. that is a section but it seems like they have such a loud voice the squad and now the progressives that are 93 in the house. the republicans probably
4:12 am
welcomed her to go through all their states and campaign. she is not popular throughout the country. ainsley: she said terry mcauliffe ran a super moderate campaign. he was for crt. denying that it was even taught in the school. but was for it, it seems. and then he was just so progressive with his views and what's being taught in these schools. if you look at some of these books that our kids were reading in their libraries. i mean, how much more progressive does she want it? steve: what happened to terry mcauliffe he had that what was it 12 word sentence during the debate where he said essentially parents have no business being involved in the curriculum of their children. ainsley: yeah. steve: as soon as he said that check please. ainsley: that's because he is getting money from these unions. from the teachers unions, but that's what she loves. i don't understand how much more progressive he could be. brian: meanwhile i have had a chance to talk to a lot of
4:13 am
people people book tour probably 600 people i would not be able to see. moste afiewfn and happy will the election results. one of which i met yesterday at the garden because he has a series of big fights, fourth major dana white, they were once banned and now welcome and setting record numbers. he bleeds red, white and blue. self-made success story. he said this about the nation as he sees it. >> you mentioned just what happened on tuesday in this country and people have stood up and taken notice. what do you mean? >> yeah. you see the tide starting to turn now. i even see some, you know, people who on the crazy liberal side now starting to go whoa, whoa. what are we doing here? i think everybody is starting to notice that things aren't working. things aren't the way they used to be. i think people just want some normalcy again. you know?
4:14 am
you are seeing it in virginia. is. steve: things aren't working in washington. that's why the dems are trying to do something about it see, more of that interview, great interview with dana white behind the scenes just about an hour and 20 minutes from right now right here on the channel you trust for your morning news. brian: a lot of appreciation from non-fight fans that they brought crowds back. first one in jacksonville and they never tested. no one tested positive after that first big event and this was big. ainsley: how does that feel you fought him and beat him? brian: i used to be a professional ufc fighter. i did the first four. and i watched each other beat each other up. he made this mainstream in a way no one felt possible. don't ever put on -- ufc? brian: i was the first octagon reporter. steve: so you weren't actually in the cage? brian: they said we need a new champion. they said why don't you put on a suit. steve: let's make it even mr. kilmeade, please. brian: carley i made that up.
4:15 am
carley: look at this studio. we can build things here. an octagon would go well. brian: unfortunately out of time. if you had a screw gun i would do it. carley: start here with a fox news alert. serious one two. people are dead after rival drug gangs opened fire at a five star resort in cancun, mexico. the chaos sending tourists, including several americans running for their lives. carley: witnesses say men carrying long guns came up from the beach right outside the hyatt hotel where people were sitting. the two people who were killed were reportedly drug traffickers. no tourists were injured. cbs, abc, and nbc evening newscasts ignored the latest indictment in the probe into the origins of the russia collusion scandal, the primary subsource for the steele dossier at the heart of the controversy was arrested for making false
4:16 am
statements to the fbi. this despite each of those outlets covering the original russia probe extensively. now, watch this. part of the los angeles strip mall collapses right in front of firefighters. it took over 100 firefighters almost two hours to get the massive blaze under control. the mall was closed at the time the fire broke out. no injuries were reported. after extinguishing the flames, crews worked through the night taking down the remaining. indianapolis colts dominating the new york jets thursday night football. indianapolis. carley: running back jonathan taylor had his way all night against the jets defense running for 172 yards and two touchdowns. carson wentz also had a solid outing. sorry, joel.
4:17 am
throwing for three touchdowns in the 45 to 30 victory. and those, guys, are your headlines. steve: come on over here, carley. carley: what is this? brian: you have a birthday weekend coming up. carley: oh my gosh. steve: not a big a fan of cake as you are junk food. brian: there you go and i think it's time. ainsley: pizza. carley: i'm going over here and eating in the corner. brian: mcdonald hash bounds. carley: thank you guys so much. brian: we were making it in the back. carley: i was wondering what the wrufling was. i was reading my headlines. they must be like literally rebuilding the set. brian: thing crust, good for you. ainsley: your birthday is sunday. carley: well i'm turning 22. ainsley: again? [buzzer]. my husband lives in chicago for those that don't know. taking a bit of an earlier flight. going to dinner.
4:18 am
brian: what flight number? ainsley: what restaurant maybe we will meet you there. carley: that sounds great. i love that plan. and we could start eating now. and "fox & friends first," the producers, they bought me tacos and i still have some in my purse. so if you would like a purse taco. ainsley: no one gave her a cake. will. steve: in your purse. carley: next to my space heater. ainsley: got them free thursday was taco day taco bell? brian: keep things warm space heater. carley: you would know about that. ainsley: we sore glad you were born. carley: thank you. i love through say that to people. you are the best. brian: only thing we didn't plan is how to get out of the segment. steve: we just know we should not speak until -- rather we should not taste these it. janice: i'm well into this already. steve: coming up, a fox news alert. steve: big news, pfizer says its
4:19 am
covid pill has reduced the risk of hospitalization and death by 89%. brian: that's great. steve: dr. siegel joins us live to discuss the groundbreaking treatment. he, too, will have a piece of pizza in the commercial. brian: great. ♪ ♪ as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual knows everyone's unique. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ your shipping manager left to “find themself.” leaving you lost. you need to hire. i need indeed. indeed you do. indeed instant match instantly delivers quality candidates matching your job description. visit people were afraid i was contagious. i felt gross. it was kind of a shock after i started cosentyx.
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learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. ainsley: we are back with a fox news alert. moments ago pfizer announcing antiviral pill to treat covid-19 reduces the risk of hospitalization and death from the virus by 89%. this after britain became the first country in the world it approve merck's covid-19 pill for treatment. the development both potential
4:24 am
game changers in the fight against the pandemic. here to react is fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel. good morning, dr. siegel. >> good morning, ainsley, great to be with you. ainsley: that news broke this morning. game changer. when will this come to the united states? >> i think that both of these drugs, the one you mentioned, the merck drug and this one the pfizer drug is called paxlovid. i think we will see these drugs in early december. i would urge the fda to really kind of accelerate this and i tell you why. first of all, the united kingdom just approved the merck drug yesterday. that drug shows a decrease of 50% in hospitalizations and death. i'm more excited about the pfizer drug. i will tell you why. there is an enzyme and it is really magical to block it. what it does is takes a virus and helps it reassemble new viruses that then spread to other cells. we're ingenious enough to figure
4:25 am
out how to block that virus that enzyme in hiv. and that treatment for hiv has changed the world inhibitors. now pfizer has got one for sars coc-2 for the coves here. if that works as well as advertised that's going to be the magical tamiflu type pill. i'm more excited about that we got to get the data and look at and it got to get these things approved under an emergency reduce authorization. ainsley: i know in the u.k. the merck pill is approved. what about the pfizer pill. how long will it take them to approve that in the u.k. or does that influence what our fda does? >> i think that does, by the way. you know, i talked to peter marks of the fda yesterday about all of this. and i think that what happens in the u.k. does influence here in the united states. that's why i think that the merck drug is going to be approved very soon. to your question. i think that the u.k. is going to be approving the pfizer drug over the next couple of weeks, too. we need to be very quick and rapid behind this. because we need to have these
4:26 am
drugs to decrease symptoms. that's the key. you could get a very mild case after one of these drugs. that's the game changer. and i like the pfizer better. ainsley: i want to get your response to what is happening in san francisco. they are saying five and older have to show a vaccine card in order to go a show or walk inside a restaurant that kind of thing is that necessary for 5 and above for little kids? >> deeply disturbing, ainsley is what it is. look, i wrote in "u.s.a. today" yesterday that i think that the vaccine for 5 to 11-year-olds is safe and effective but it's only been studied in thousands. it now has to be tried in a doctor's office in vaccine centers. here's what is important. i want high risk kids to get it first. meaning obese kids, meaning kids with diabetes, kids with cancer. kids at very high risk. then we will assem being more and more safety data. the idea of already mandating. i don't believe in mandates already. the idea of a stick will toledo
4:27 am
divisive battle. medically i want pediatricians involved. i want parents involved. i want kids to be why they are doing this. not to be forced into it extremely bad idea. not medicine, politics. ainsley: okay, dr. siegel, always good to see you thanks for coming on. have a good weekend. >> thank you, ainsley. ainsley: president perfectly comfortable for settlements for separated migrants. what the white house will says biden really meant when he called it garbage. pete hegseth, rachel campos-duffy and will cain will react next. ♪ ♪ in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime, anywhere migraine medicine.
4:28 am
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♪ ♪ carley: we are back with a look at headlines, embattled lawyer alex murdaugh. >> also accused of mismisusing millions of funds from his former law firm. is he also a person of interest in the june murders of his wife maggie and son paul. dozens of passengers could face federal charges for being disorderly on commercial flights. rioters reporting the faa has forwarded at least 37 cases to the fbi to investigate. the faa has recorded over 5,000
4:32 am
incidents of unruly passengers so far this year. the agency says the majority of the incidents are related to pandemic mask regulations. >> these your headlines, troubles in the skies, guys. steve: i have seen some people get carted off. brian: got to wonder if it's worth it, okay, it isn't. i tried to make it interesting but just know there is no excusing that behavior. 28 minutes before the top of the hour. biden caught flip flopping on border response big time. first calling reports of payments to migrants separated at the border garbage. remember this? >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each. >> but it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report? >> yeah. ainsley: what the in the world? does he not know? maybe not know the white house is backtracking saying the president is perfectly fine with
4:33 am
paying migrants. steve: of course. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. steve: peter doocy also asked wouldn't payouts like that incentivize illegal crossings. joining us now to react is the "fox & friends weekend" crew. we have pete in the top square. rachel and will. good morning to all of you. ainsley: good morning. will: good morning. steve: pete, yesterday the deputy principle white house press secretary had to do some cleaning up because the president said it was garbage but then it turns out he is fine with it but they say he was calling the $450,000 amount garbage. pete: yeah. of course. , he didn't know. of course there is other people running the show there. and every once in a while we get a glimpse of the old joe biden. you know the joe biden who ran in 2008 who said that employers who employ illegals should be jailed? the joe biden in 2008 who
4:34 am
believed in a border fence, 700 miles joe biden in 2008 against sanctuary cities? see, where that is where he used to be. you get the question from your son, steve, oh there is no way we would pay $450,000. steve: not going to happen. pete: no way. that's not going to happen that's garbage. his advisers pull him aside sir, that's where we are now. we are really pro-illegal. you will have to fix that. that's what's happening at this point. the democrat party has moved so fast joe biden has no idea. ainsley: will, have you ever heard of such a thing sphwheerp saying earlier quoting republicans do you remember when all of this went down they were complaining about the separation and they said look, if you commit a crime and do you something that's illegal, you go to prison, did you go jail, you are separated from your kids, and you can't be with them because you have done something illegal. is that -- is that a good analogy? will: yeah. and i think the the word that we should focus on is the word that steve brought unjust a moment
4:35 am
ago incentive. of course that's incentive. you are paying people an absurd, an obscene amount of money should they break the law and make their way to the united states of america. i don't know how that would be anything but an enticement for other people to try to make their way to america. and the president, by the way, quibbling over whether or not was that the number? either pete is right that he was fully uninformed. he didn't know what was going on. which is a realistic -- which is realistic scenario, it's probable, in fact, or he extinction nally lied. he pushed back on peter doocy and said whatever you are say something a lie. either way we are looking at a massive problem from the oval office. brian: very similar to the submarine story no idea that france didn't know that we cut the rug out from under them i'm glad we did sold two nuclear submarines to them and blew up a deal they had two years ago. we use this term clumsy? thanks, say it slower i can't make out what you mean. then he apologized to france. then he apologized for leaving
4:36 am
the paris climate change to the point where is he, rachel, mocked by china for apologizing for previous administration. rachel: yeah, it's embarrassing. embarrassing on the global stage and insulting to the american people. again, we have an instance where, you know, as ainsley pointed out so well. american children are separated from their parents when their parents do illegal things. and their parents and those kids are also traumatized by the separation. but they don't get paid money for that and, again, it's insulting to the american people that we see that illegal immigrants who cross our border illegally and cause all kinds of problems for our government and for the border cities and towns along our southern border straining services. doing august kinds of things that bring trouble there yet, they are going to get paid. i think american citizens are really tired of feeling like second class citizens. in their own country. ainsley: pete, it's actually more than gold star families get. more than the victims of 9/11. pete: it is.
4:37 am
and the gold star -- and the families, by the way pay into an insurance policy in order to get that money whereas illegals are paying nothing and we are paying them. steve: sure. >> okay. so on this program an the weekend show as well over the last month or so we have been talking about supply chain issues. we have got the perfect gift for your holiday season. it's the all-american christmas book. brian: is this true. steve: absolutely. rachel and sean your name is on this. all sorts of stories. ainsley, brian and i are all in there. you are all in there. ainsley: all three of you are in there. last night i got to interview your son peter on "fox news primetime." it was a really fun segment. if everybody wants to watch that it's great. all kinds of stories. we love christmas and the research for the season. we see how everybody in the fox family celebrates christmas and there is recipes and there is stories and it's just the perfect gift. also just beautifully done. the pictures, the way it's put
4:38 am
together, it's like that gorgeous coffee table book you want to gift somebody. and, again, no supply chain problems. made in america. and you can preorder now. it's doing great. but we want more people to get out there and buy it. steve: that's right. the website is fox news ainsley: who is coming up on "fox & friends weekend"? who wants to take it today? steve: will gets it. brian: will memorized it. will: i had to open my email five times terrified. marnlt, dan bongino, clay travis, joey jones and this is the one i almost forgot until i opened my email brian kilmeade. ains who is that? brian: i'm coming to you from west virginia we have a special at 9:00. we will talk about that. also freelance a little bit and talk about whatever is on pete's mind and hopefully it's something. ainsley: rachel, if i can only buy one book i do buy your book or brian?
4:39 am
rachel: buy mine it's for christmas. ainsley: i will buy them both. [sighs] ainsley: come back, brian. steve: just unbooked him for the weekend show. rachel: i will sign mine for you, ainsley. ainsley: thank you. steve: pete, rachel and will, thank you very much. see you this weekend. ainsley: see you this weekend. we still have a big show this weekend. mike braun, geraldo, ufc president dana white. but, first, lawrence jones is here. don't touch that remote. [cheers and applause] brian: what are you doing here? ♪ ♪
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more quiet time. opdivo and yervoy can cause your immune system to harm healthy parts of your body during and after treatment. these problems can be severe and lead to death. see your doctor right away if you have a cough; chest pain; shortness of breath; irregular heartbeat; diarrhea; constipation; severe stomach pain, nausea or vomiting; dizziness; fainting; eye problems; extreme tiredness; changes in appetite, thirst or urine; rash; itching; confusion; memory problems; muscle pain or weakness; joint pain; flushing; or fever. these are not all the possible side effects. problems can occur together and more often when opdivo is used with yervoy. tell your doctor about all medical conditions including immune or nervous system problems, if you've had or plan to have an organ or stem cell transplant, or received chest radiation. here's to a chance to live longer. ask your doctor about chemo-free opdivo plus yervoy. thank you to all those in our clinical trials. brian: for the united states survive reunify and become for the first time a nation free for all, they would need extraordinary leaders.
4:44 am
two emerged above the rest. abraham lincoln, the president, frederick douglass, the freedom fighter. together, they would make america a more perfect union. >> america has been blessed to have the right people at the right time. >> you think back to those days in the civil war where brothers literally fought blood brothers. fathers fought their kids because they wanted the declaration of independence and this notion that all men were created equal to be real. brian: wow, my new book the president and the freedom fighter going to be the subject on a big special on sunday night november 7th at 10:00. it tells the story of the friendship between abraham lincoln and frederick douglass and how it changed american history and how they finally their lives from parallel and intersecting. a few know more about frederick douglass than enterprise reporter lawrence jones. he joins us now. have you always loved frederick
4:45 am
douglass you have a tattoo of douglas. >> i have a pat too of douglas on my right arm a portrait of douglas. he is my compass. is he my mentor. i never met him, of course. because, you know, i'm a young buck. but, pretty much my philosophy comes from. from douglass. >> forced me to read. 20 stories at one time. this segment is going to be a little different. lawrence: it's my turn. brian: you interview me fantastic. lawrence: you sit over there. and you got a quote for us, first, of a little excerpt in the book. i want you to read that first and then we are going to dive into the book. brian: this whole book is how both men evolved. you see some things where in the beginning, you know, you have frederick douglass who escapes from slavery and understands america is a lot better than the one he was living and had to live up to its constitution and for lincoln he was against interracial marriage. thought black and whites were
4:46 am
unequal. he totally changed. douglass was pushing president lincoln to evolve. speech worked. douglass gave and 10 years after the assassination to dedicate the now controversial statue in washington at the park. and here's what he said about lincoln. he had put the an abolition of slavery before the sal verification the union, he would have alienated large numbers of people and resistance to the rebellion, the south succeeding impossible. genuine an abolition ground he was at. mr. lincoln seemed startedy dull and cold and indifferent. measuring him by the sentiment of his country a sentiments he was bound as a statesman to consult. he was swift, zealous, radical and determined. i thought that told the story. weighs pushing lincoln emancipate the slaves. the country not ready 1861. when they were ready african-americans go fight for your freedom. lawrence: dog last actually
4:47 am
brokered that deal. i want to stay right there. when people hear about the story of lincoln and douglass people modern daytime think it was all peaches and cream. this wasn't. they disagreed a lot. douglass had an entire newspaper that attacked lincoln on the regular and they disagreed. lincoln thought he was over zealous and douglass thought lincoln was too weak and slow and then they decided to evolve. brian: 100 percent. they were called radical republicans the first one. lincoln gets elected. you have to realize he got 40% of the vote. none in the south. not a single vote. he offense and seven states left. his first goal was to put the nation back together. no mr. lincoln your first goal should be emancipate the slaves and then let them fight for their freedom. well, the american people aren't there yet. so the question is did lincoln have to evolve personally? maybe. but, more importantly, he would have no country to preside over. our country had to evolve at the time and he was trying to keep his hand on both sides and stop
4:48 am
this thing from coming apart before they can engage. lawrence: talk about how douglass evolved. he was anti-constitution. he thought it was a flawed document. and then later -- the latter aspect of his life. he became pro-constitution. he said, you know what? this is our greatest defense. brian: never stop learning. never stop reading. and in the beginning he was mentored by william lloyd garrison who said we have to rip this up constitution this country is built wrong. we have got to rebuild the constitution. nonviolence i don't want any violence. when he started giving speeches william lloyd garrison mentoring and saw all the talent frederick douglass had. you know what? the more i read the constitution it's pretty awesome. and has other mentor garrett smith very rich and very supportive. he said, listen, look at this. we are not living up to the constitution. make us, lead us there for that. i will support you in anything you do. and he started donating towards the north star newspaper. he started getting his profile
4:49 am
raised. frederick douglass is an international star before the civil war. his statue is in ireland, scotland and germany. shall. lawrence: lincoln from illinois. a lot of people didn't know him. brian, you studied history for a living there wasn't too much that you did not already know. what was the greatest thing you learned doing your research for this book? brian: number one, education. both men credit education with the way they evolved and brought the country along with them. number two is there was a moment for frederick douglass when he stood up to slave master that started whipping him. not taking a step back. teenager beat the hell out of him one hour and 15 minutes. when he stood up to him the guy was embarrassed he didn't tell anybody. if he did he would have got hanged. he never messed with me again. what he learned from that i will never take another backwards step. i will challenge all. if he was in a suit he would come right back to that stage, he would never take a backwards
4:50 am
step the rest of his life. that walls the symbol. that was symbol and he also said i will work with anyone. even if i don't agree with everything, i will work with them because if we can work together on something. so he didn't ask for perfect people. he wanted to move the country. and then he was so dedicated to women's rights and their right to vote just as much as getting everybody equal black rights. lawrence: they both did it to their last breath. brian, you have some tours coming up. brian: tonight in lawrenceville, georgia which i understand is right outside atlanta hope to see you books-a-million. kentucky book festival. it's going to be great. giving a 45-minute presentation. then on stage for about two hours. the governor is going to be there and the attorney general. i want you to get tickets a few remain. and then in madison, connecticut on wednesday i'm going to be there to speak to that great bookstore and then in doylestown, pennsylvania one day in and out. and then on the 21st in orlando also on stage talking about all my different books together. talking about america great from the start. lawrence: i encourage everyone to get this book as someone that
4:51 am
is very critical of people that write books about douglass. you did a great job. brian: thank you. lawrence: you really told the nuances story of lincoln and douglas. good job, man. brian: thank you. i will tell you what's next. i will take it back. another big weekend in college and pro-football. jen hale to break it down from the fox sports perspective.
4:52 am
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>> oh, hi, hi, good morning and we've got a crowd in the plaza my name is janice dean, what's your name? >> tim from atlanta. hi, mom. >> joel, louisiana. >> nice. >> steve from louisiana, and ainsley, we still love you in louisiana. come on out, we had to bring my wife to breakfast. >> okay i just heard that they stood you up yesterday, ainsley so you don't have to come out if you don't want to, not today, they are going to make it up let's take a look at the maps in new york city, not too bad. 43 right now, the temperatures are going to warmup for much of the country it's 34 in chicago we're watching a storm system across florida that's going to develop off the coast bringing the potential for not only heavy rain for the sunshine state, but we could see some coastal winds and coastal flooding for parts of georgia up towards the carolinas so keep that in mind that's the big story this weekend and the big race,
4:56 am
the new york city marathon you'll be taking part? >> no, we'll be bystanders and we'll have a drink for everyone. >> oh, i like that idea. you're so lucky! you are so lucky! ainsley, so nice. steve back to you it's a lot of love for ainsley. steve: i can see that, thanks, j d. well week nine of the nfl season continues and fox has you covered with five must-see games this sunday. here to break down the action in three of them is fox nfl side line reporter jen hale. jen, good morning to you. reporter: george, happy tgif, steve. steve: yeah, no kidding thank goodness it's fox. hey, on fox, on sunday one of the games we're talking about is the packers vs. kansas city chiefs at arrowhead stadium in kansas city. aaron rogers is out with covid and patrick majority homes has not been having a good season so
4:57 am
maybe this is the chief's chance reporter: this is a very interesting matchup. so many story lines coming into this one, steve, the chiefs have been a shell of themselves lately and hoping for a get- right game with aaron rogers down with covid that means jordan love gets his first nfl start and chiefs fans are lick ing their chops i've been to arrowhead many a times and it's a tough place to play, that's hostile territory, the definition to get your first nfl start, but a little help for jordan love, he does get d. vonte adams back in that wide receiver spot and that be a huge plus for any qb, let alone one making his first start. steve: okay so i think you prefer, you think the packers will win that. let's take a look at cardinals vs. 49ers in san francisco. 4:00 sunday, who do you like? reporter: yeah, this ones really interesting, and i think who i like depends on whether kylar murray plays, so if you remember last time we talked the cardinals were the
4:58 am
only undefeated team in the nfl, well they lost last week, kylar murray for the first time this season didn't have a touchdown rushing or passing so he wants redemption but he hurt his left ankle on the last play of the game and didn't practice yesterday or wednesday so big question mark coming into that one if he can go or no. if he cannot go, i think the 49ers very well could get their very first home win, keep your eyes on him, keep him circled, he is leading the franchise right now for seven games in receiving yards ahead of jerry rice. steve: meanwhile the early game on sunday, 1:00 broncos at the cowboys down in dallas. dallas is tough this year. reporter: yeah, they are, and they just got tougher because zach prescott will play. he's been dealing with a calf strain, but yesterday he gave the thumbs up he will be a full go, bad news for broncos fans it's a big day in the big d for mike mccarthy and
4:59 am
the dallas cowboys. steve: next week is veteran's day and every year fox nfl sunday honors veteran's day you'll do something special in a napolis sunday at 11:00 it's all part of salute to service, right? reporter: absolutely. the nfl on fox is a huge support er of our arm services and men and women and everything they have done to keep this country free every year for veterans day it's a big deal , so this year salute to service we're going to you live from maryland from the naval academy there, if you've never been it's absolutely gorgeous, and we're going to take you inside all the special places so be sure to tune in early for that because it's can't miss steve: great and don't forget fox bet promo, it's called " stack the cash" and i think this week people can win 190,000 bucks. reporter: yup, big money, big money, free to play just download the app, stack up the cash, give your predictions
5:00 am
on the game last week we gave out $313,000 of terry bradshaws money, who couldn't use a little bit of that? steve: no kidding already so check it out. fox bet, jen, thank you very much have a great weekend we'll be watching fox this weekend. reporter: thanks. steve: coming up, it is 8:00 in new york city, hour three of " fox & friends" starts right now >> senator joe manchin is bombarded by climate protesters demanding he support biden's multi trillion dollar package. >> is the money that important joe manchin? is it more important than my life joe manchin? >> the red state pushing back against a federal vaccine mandate set to kick in january 4 >> two-thirds of the american workforce will be forced to get the vaccine or face losing their jobs. >> democrats are still reeling from tuesday's election results. >> show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% campaign. brian: special counsel john durham indicting the principal source for the steele dossier
5:01 am
that fueled the trump russia investigation. people need to be fired from jobs in both the fbi and otherwise. >> senator rand paul and dr. fauci battling about what really happened in the wuhan lab >> you appear to have learned nothing from this pandemic. he is egregiously incorrect in what he says. brian: fox news alert the house convening at the capitol where they're expected to vote on president biden's social spending, social spending infrastructure bills. ainsley: it is still unclear if nancy pelosi has the support to get the job done. steve: and that be a problem for her. griff jenkins is live inside the capitol not far from the rotunda on the ground floor so this is interesting to see how it works because usually she's got the votes going in and we don't know if she's got them today. griff: that's right, steve, ainsley, and brian, good morning it's go-time but let's be clear, nothings going to happen really significantly in the way of a vote for several hours, now here 's what's going to happen
5:02 am
right now. you're going to see the house in session after late last night, the social spending build back better bill was finalized. now, the votes won't happen until the house establishes a rule, they have to get the parameters for which the debate will be conducted so you've gotta have the rule before you even get to debate, the debate, we're told, will be about two hours, and then, much later today, you would get to an actual vote and as we know, speaker pelosi wants to vote not only on this massive social spending bill but also on the bipartisan infrastructure deal, but as you guys point out, according to the speaker last night, it was clear she may not yet have the votes. watch. >> at this point what are you waiting for? >> we have other work to do on the floor. >> speaker pelosi do you have the votes for build back better and the bipartisan bill? griff: so, if she doesn't have the votes you're not going to see this come to the floor. now, it's a tough sell for
5:03 am
moderates for several reasons. democrat moderates, that is, because a, none of them had a chance to read the bill let alone any member of congress and just finalized it late last night more than 2,000 pages that , by the way, technically violates a 72 hour rule to allow members to read it. number two moderate democrats said all along they want a cbo score, an independent scoring on the math of the bill, and then of course, there is the late additions to things on amnesty immigration, along with paid family leave that was a non-starter over in the senate with senator manchin, we'll get to that but what matters is the math they have to get to the number 218, they have 221 democrats, that means pelosi can only lose three votes and still pass it. that is a very very important number, while many are wondering exactly what the cost of this thing is going to be. we're told that the build back better social spending bill was
5:04 am
1.75 trillion to 1.85 trillion so the wardon school at the university of pennsylvania seems to think it's much higher and senator lindsey graham weighed in on that last night. >> they went through the $1.75 trillion bill and found out it's really more like 4 trillion, because there's so many gimmicks in the bill. griff: let's talk about the math in the senate. if, indeed, much later today, speaker pelosi can pass both of these bills the social spending bill will go to the senate where it is almost assured dead on arrival because senator manchin has so many objections and the math in the senate, the democrats can't afford to lose one single vote with people like manchin and sinema sitting on the fence. it's going to be very interesting we're just getting started here very important for our viewers to know if you pop popcorn to watch the historic vote you'll have to wait several hours before that happens. brian, ainsley, and steve? brian: griff thanks so much i appreciate it and obviously, when this starts, we'll see when the vote comes through.
5:05 am
let's bring in ben shapiro from the ben shapiro show and daily wire editor he runs that thing with some important mandate news to update us on but first things first. nancy pelosi has never looked weaker. she's called for a vote four or five times and it just doesn't happen, no one calls her out on it and now she's putting it all on the line today. why, ben, the elections over. if there's a chance of failure, why put herself on the line again? reporter: i think for nancy pelosi the real question is does she have any power left in the house, considering how her coalition is and for her she needs to pass something just to demonstrate she's not completely different at this point especially because you have to remember we're now approaching again the debt ceiling issue. that's going to pop-up again in early december. we're already in november, and the house is about to go on vacation for a week so she really needs to get something passed through the house, even if it reasons ramming through a bill nobody has read if she's unable to pass this again because remember the third or fourth time she said she's going to bring the bill to a vote and the other time she obviously didn't but she can't do it it's going to underscore
5:06 am
the idea that not only is this party too radical they can't get done what they promised they will get done. steve: look at joe biden. the reason we're at this point is because of joe biden. joe biden said yeah, let's put the radical lefty build back better thing with the infrastructure, the bipartisan infrastructure thing, so that they've got to go in parallel which is what the progressives wanted but mainstream congress just wanted the infrastructure bill but joe biden said no, i want them both together, and he looks weak. >> that's exactly correct. biden has had very little sway here and if you're a moderate democrat what exactly is your incentive to pass build back better at this point given what just happened in virginia. if you're running in a purple district and you watch the fact new jersey was almost lost to the republicans you got to be thinking to yourself your seat is on the line and you're in the senate obviously you think matt manchin and sinema might be taking fire for you, if you're in new hampshire, do you really want to be voting in favor of the bill that by all shapes is not particularly popular with the american people, just
5:07 am
there's not a lot of internal logic but the democrats keep doubling down on stupid saying the reason they think they lost virginia is because they didn't pass these bills when perhaps the reason they lost virginia is because they wanted to pass these bills and everybody said we would like for you not to do this sort of stuff. ainsley: joe manchin basically said yesterday we were airing the sound bites basically, let's learn from this , we immediate to learn from what happened in virginia and he's just trying to appease his constituents because they're the ones that will vote for him, depending on what he decides to do in washington and he's getting a lot of backlash because of that, from protesters who are probably from different states, they're standing in front of his car, circling his house boat and yesterday in the garage they circled the house boat, he walks into the garage, they stand in front of the car and they are yelling things like you're trying to run over us, his security team pushed the people over to the side so he could drive out of the garage. you've been harassed you've been canceled but watch this vide the viewers haven't seen it. >> why won't you fight for me? joe manchin, is it worth it?
5:08 am
is the money worth it? is the money that important, joe manchin? is it more important than my life, joe manchin? is it more important than your kid's life? >> [chanting] >> joe manchin is the money better than our lives? >> can you look me in my eyes as i talk to you? do you only talk to millionaires >> open the gate. ainsley: then they don't like the way he is voting, they don't like his views, and so they're harassing him. >> i mean, honestly, we should all be laughing at these people. i'm sorry, but the fact is that you have a bunch of protesters descending on weddings that kyrsten sinema is officiating and trying to harass kyrsten sinema into changing her vote good luck with that, or harassing joe manchin into changing his vote by streaming at him and you're not even from the state he actually represents the basic notion that you'll be able to harass people into doing what you want has been pretty
5:09 am
well proven that bad behavior in public does not tend to actually illicit the results that you want here, they don't have movement from manchin and sinema , they don't have a program or a unified coalition and half the party at least thinks the problem is they aren't progressive enough. you had aoc blaming the virginia loss on not being progressive enough in virginia. good luck with that. brian: ben let's talk about this. it's going to affect you, you have a business of over 100 people therefore the vaccination mandate is going to be in january 4. you either gotta get vaccinated or tested. they are going to consult, help you. you don't think this is right. what are you doing about this? >> we are not going to comply with this mandate and we've already filed a federal lawsuit with the sixth circuit court of appeals to stop this mandate. it's unconstitutional, illegal, violates the original enabling act for osha. it's completely anti-scientific as well, it provides nothing in terms of some sort of exception for natural immunity it makes no
5:10 am
sense and i'm very pro- vaccination but this has nothing to do with that. this is a crackdown on liberty by the biden administration. i will note the irony of them suggesting that it's an emergency temporary measure but normally goes into place 60 days from now after the holidays when everybody is getting together. this has nothing to do with actually mitigating covid and everything to do with top down control by the biden administration, frankly, i wonder if biden thinks this is ever going to go into effect or it's a pr ploy. ainsley: what about the supply chain issue because 1/3 of the group that works for a big company can over 100 employees are not vaccinated, so they're not going to be able to go back to work unless they pay for their own testing every week which many aren't going to do. brian: truckers especially. >> well this is right. there's no exception in this osha rule for trucking. if you've been the supply chain problems are bad right now wait until those exacerbate after this mandate kicks into place. again, i think the governors across the country are standing up against it, businesses like ours are going to stand up against it, obviously we've
5:11 am
already dedicated tens of thousands i'm sure hundreds of thousands or millions of cars to push this case as far as it needs to go in order to stop the mandate. frankly, my only hope is not only does the supreme court stop the mandate but they end up rejecting the chevron doctrine, that be the greatest epic fail that you could imagine from the biden administration. steve: well the biden administration says it's not a vaccine mandate because there's a testing option, and so that is the legal leg they are going to stand on but when you read the 490 page osha rule, essentially, one thing they hint at is it may apply to companies with more than 100 employees right now, but going forward, it sounds like, they hint at, they could change it to every business, regardless of the number of employees. >> this is right. they talk about when they make the rule permanent possibly extending it to every business also by the way getting rid of the option to test out. so they say that maybe we'll get rid of that and we'll force you to vax, and again there's no
5:12 am
standard here by which we even can determine what fully vaxed means. they actually open the possibility to even then you have to mask up at work as well and they may change the type of mask necessary at work and this is all authoritarian stuff from an authoritarian white house that's for sure. brian: i'd like to bring this up before we move to the last topic and that is the groups that are most reluctant on vaccinateds are minorities, and the thing that the democrats are bleeding is hispanics and the one that got the joe biden in office is the black vote. i think four of 10 have gotten vaccinated and they are going to be hit by this especially. does he realize he's alienating his own base? >> i think that he has boxed himself in with regard to covid and he can't get out. joe biden believes that covid basically is already over but i think he's pushing this anyway because if he declares that covid is over everybody says why are you spending trillions of dollars on unnecessary nonsense so he's stuck between a rock and hard place. ainsley: when it comes to the small businesses he's
5:13 am
considering mandating, there is, i think, the department of labor are taking comments from the public. they want to know how you feel about that, so go to their website it's department of labor , and write your comments in there and let them know how you feel i imagine most of you don't want the mandate. steve: ben, before you go, you mentioned joe biden. what do you make of the fact that there's an npr poll that came out earlier in the week that said that what is it? only 36% of democrats want him to run for re-election in 2024, and 44% of democrats want somebody else. >> it is astonishing to see a person whose elected on the basis of not being donald trump and supposedly being moderate. completely abandoned, his original mission and instead decides to pursue radical policies in the hopes of being l bj or fdr. i've never seen anything quite like it politically. somebody abandoning what their chief goal was in order to appeal to history or something i think most americans
5:14 am
understand that joe biden has blown this in a radical way. the guy was in the 50s approval rating and now down in the high 30s or low 40s that is historically bad. ainsley: what do you think the dnc will do, run again? >> they are really trapped here if he does not run again they have kamala harris waiting in the wings and one politician worse than joe biden it's kamala harris it makes hillary clinton look charming. brian: right, [laughter] that's very true. i just think that it's pretty amazing what has taken place, because he is going against moderates. he's making joe manchin and kyrsten sinema look presidential but no one on the left seems to recognize that. ben thanks so much appreciate it hope you win your fight. >> thanks appreciate it. steve: all right it is coming up on a quarter after the top of the hour, carlie joins us with news of a covid pill. once you've got covid this pill can help you. reporter: i think it relates to the vaccine mandates i'll give you details and it may even undermine vaccine mandates totally. pfizer says its covid pill
5:15 am
reduces the risk of hospitalizations and deaths by 89%. fox news medical contributor dr. marc siegel joined us earlier with why this could be a game changer. >> that treatment for hiv has changed the world, protease inhibitors and now pfizer has one for the coronavirus here and if that works as well as advertised 89% that's the magical pill. reporter: pfizer says it hopes the antiviral pill will be available to the public by early next year. >> some public schools in maryland teaching students there is a "double pandemic" of covid and racism. judicial watch exclusively giving fox news documents showing montgomery school district is launching mandatory psychoeducational lessons for all classes. those lessons telling kids structural racism is "woven into the very foundation of american cultural, society, and laws." >> san francisco da is bringing
5:16 am
charges in less than half of theft cases. that's according to the san francisco chronicle. it is a 16% decrease from his predecessor. this all comes as business owner s close their shops and cut hours, because of shoplifting. thousands of business owners have signed a petition to recall him saying he is making the city less safe. >> the capitol police dominate lawmakers in the return of the congressional football game. the annual match up was canceled last year due to the pandemic. the capitol police known as the guard, mopping the floor with the mean machine lawmakers winning 26-6. congressman rodney davis saying a winning would have been better but hey, those are great guys. those are your headlines how cool is that? steve: they protect them every day. the guardians very nice. thank you. ainsley: thank you. the event of the year is right around the corner fox nation patriot awards wednesday, november 17, at the hard rock live theatre in hollywood,
5:17 am
florida get your tickets before they sell out. steve: so, act today. silver tickets will get you access to the pre-show party where you can walk the fox nation red carpet, take photos with fox news talent, we're also going to have book signings with tucker and brian and judge jeanine, dan bongino, nancy grace, and john rich is going to have a whiskey tasting. brian: get out of here. how did he get that? steve: because he sells whiskey. ainsley: brian if you bring whiskey and books they are coming to your table first. brian: okay i'll have a corona tasting to see if every bottle is exactly the same. that's going to be great, book signing last night everybody is talking about the patriot awards meanwhile tickets are on sale now at awards. a lot of people want to know the gold sold out if we can get an answer. i want the gold and they had trouble getting it, so go ahead see it. steve: since we were talking about the silver we know for sure the silver is available brian: good point, steve. steve: 8:17 in the east,
5:18 am
democrats doing damage control after their defund the police push, backfired, big time. a record breaking number of murders has portland, oregon pleading for millions of dollars to rehire more cops, refund the police. that's what geraldo rivera is going to talk about next, good morning to you. brian: then we're gearing up for tomorrow night's sold out uf c fight at madison square garden, and guess who previews the fight? the man who put it together, one of us has no hair. bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪
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constantly improving america's largest gig-speed broadband network. and just doubled the capacity here. how do things look on your end? -perfect! because we're building a better network every single day. steve: portland, oregon becoming the latest woke city, seeking to bulk up their police department,
5:23 am
after slashing their budgets following last year's calls to defund the police. mayor wheeler now seeking $5 million in hopes to double the number of officers on patrol within the next few years. it comes as the city is facing a record breaking spike in murder with 87 homicides in just the last year a 55% increase since a year ago. fox news correspondent at large geraldo rivera is here with reaction. geraldo we're coming to folks live from new york city, where there's been a big spike in crime as well, we're hoping the new mayor does something about it and out there, after de funding, now they are talking about refunding. geraldo: defund the police is the worst political slogan ever. it represented the most positive movement you can possibly have with the reverse of everything. steve: when they came up with it last year. geraldo: it had a jingle, a nice beat. steve: for about 15 seconds. geraldo: until people started
5:24 am
getting murdered. steve: then it was like a snowball and the more we talk about this , the more people are getting killed. geraldo: it's just logic. if there aren't cops if the cops are demoralized or ill-equipped , if the cops are told they're the bad guy, the cops are going to stop being cops. we need cops. the biggest, most important job of society of any government is to keep its citizens safe. so for all of the talk of the summer and spring and this and that and summer of love and portland and seattle and the west coast, the fact of the matter is the streets were running red with blood and the cops were nowhere to be found or had been so decimated or had left to go to suburban departments or had retired, you had the result where the mayor finally woke up ted wheeler said wait a second this was a great city and now it's all crapped up and we have dead people everywhere we have to do something so they had to reestablish ties with the cops, to reinvigorate the police and really bring back and as you say
5:25 am
refund the police. steve: sure and when you look at what they were talking about last year, retraining is all, or training as you go along, doing things once a year, in a lot of cases that's very helpful, but when you talk about taking all of the money away and then all these police officers felt like my boss in city hall they just don't have my back. if i get in trouble they aren't on my side. geraldo: say you're a cop with a couple years on-the-job and you're in a very crime-riddled place and you know that if you screw up, or even if you don't, and have some kind of confrontation with one of the activists, your career is going to be in peril. you'll be tar miched and you'll be diminished so what do you do? rather than aggressively enforce the law, rather than be that top that you see in all of the csi 's you're going to take it easy and you're going to eat your donuts and go away, go get twice the money in the suburban district just outside of town. it is an absolute bizarre
5:26 am
counter productive and self- inflicted wound that is now being healed in most cities but i must say in my now-adopted hometown of cleveland, ohio, they passed a new civilian police oversight committee, another layer of oversight of the cops, they went the other way where we've had 150 o murder s already, this year, we're way ahead of the year before which was a record year, people live in terror, and now, they're trying to diminish the police even further. that is the exception. the rule is in places like portland, like seattle, like chicago, like new york, the police are being reinvigorated and i can only lament, i hope it's not my influence, because i campaigned strongly against the oversight. steve: i remember. a moment ago you mentioned csi. if you were going to mention a tv show why didn't you mention cops? which of course, you were instrumental in, because now, it is all access with geraldo, a new episode tonight at 6:00 p.m.
5:27 am
on fox nation. a lot of people don't realize, you were in at the beginning of cops. geraldo: john langley and i, the create or of cops did a show called american vice. this is back in the mid-80s. it was, we had cops everywhere, live cameras following them, so john went on, i went on to do my daytime talk show, john langley went on and created cops, this wonderful wonderful program ran more than 30 seasons before it like defund the cops, was runoff tv by woke activists who said no, you portray the perpetrators in a negative light. of course we portray them in a negative light, they just robbed a car or they have a car full of dope. so anyway, cops is back. the blue is back, we back the cops 100% and we follow the same vivid formula that made cops such a big hit and then we do the show, cops all access, in which we bring the cops that you see in these action shots, we
5:28 am
bring them to the studio with the satellite and talk to them about okay what happened now. steve: who was the guy who picked the song? geraldo: i would say john langley and his partner. steve: all right, geraldo we'll be watching. geraldo: appreciate it, steve, thank you. steve: thank you, sir. coming up on 8:30 in the east the president now, "perfectly comfortable" with paying separated migrants after calling reports of such garbage, just a couple of days ago, retired i.c.e. director tom homan is live after the break and we're monitoring breaking news on capitol hill as the house is now in session and is expected to vote on the president's stalled spending plan that involves a lot of money, money, money. >> ♪
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steve: while the house is in session right now and griff jenkins is live in the capitol with minority leader kevin mccarthy, so griff and leader mccarthy, they're meeting, what's going to happened to? griff: that's right, what are we going to see today, steve asks? >> we're going to see a very
5:34 am
long day and my fear is it's back to what speaker pelosi said in the past. you have to pass the bill to know what's in it, and that's why we need everybody to call the democratic members, to tell them to slow this down, let people know what's in it because what's in it is amnesty for 10 million illegals, you've got 87,000 new irs agents to target you if you make $28 a day or spend it they are coming after you, it raises our taxes, and it really makes it america uncompetitive, china wins in this bill but what's really scary to me is history. in 2009 republicans won the governorship of virginia, and new jersey, and four days later, nancy pelosi walked the democrats off the cliff and passed obamacare, she's trying to do the exact same thing today , and we're going to do everything in our power to stop it. griff: does she have the vote, leader mccarthy? >> i think it's very close. i think she's within a couple votes away we're hearing last night she's pushing it forward today, they have done this every week for the last two months, so we'll see. if they go forward with this ,
5:35 am
they are miss reading what the voters said in tuesday's election. remember this wasn't just about virginia. we won in seattle, in texas, and others. america is waking up, they do not want this agenda. why is thanksgiving costing us so much more? it's the policies the democrat passed that gave us inflation. you've been down to the border you know better than anybody else. it is their policies that has opened our border. we are watching the price of gasoline go up like never before , and our president' answer is opec, not american jobs and american energy independence. griff: fast 10 seconds on the math, not a single republican voting for the social spending bill, correct? >> not one single republican voting for it and the bipartisan vote hopefully will stop it today. griff: mr. leader thank you very much for your time. appreciate it, so steve, it's going to be a very busy day as you can see and a long day according to leader mccarthy. steve: griff thank you very much , carlie, you've got numbers reporter: yeah, got a big fox
5:36 am
news alert right here, the october jobs report just released, the u.s. adding 531,000 jobs last month, that is more than economists expected and the unemployment rate falling to 4.6%, so those are the numbers for october, a better-than-expected report, ainsley? ainsley: thank you so much, carlie. president biden first calling reports of payments to the separated migrants garbage, but now the white house is changing the narrative, saying he's perfectly fine with paying illegal immigrants. watch. >> the administration paying up to $450,000, to illegal immigrants who are separated from family members, garbage? he says that it's not going to happen. you said that it is, so who is right? >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. ainsley: why pay outs like this? what is stopping even more
5:37 am
illegal immigrants from crossing over? joining us now to react is fox news contributor and retired acting i.c.e. director tom homan , good morning, tom. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. republicans are trying to stop this. they created a bill and more than 100 have signed it if they stop it then the a.g. won't be paying these immigrants this money, but why would the president say this is garbage and the next day his press secretary comes out and says he's fine? >> because he doesn't know what's going on. it's obvious he never knows what's going on but look, the executive director of aclu came out with a statement yesterday saying these families deserve to be compensated because the crimes committed against them, by the trump adminitration, so let me educate you. the trump adminitration enforced the laws enacted by congress. that's what we did, we enforced the laws and prosecuted those who violated the law. look up title 8. it's the crime to enter this country illegally so the only crime committed was by
5:38 am
your clients, and just like american families are separated every day across this country. aoc last year, she tried to educate me on immigration law, which is a big failure. i was a cop in new york. i separated families and arrested fathers for domestic violence, i separatedded a family when i arrested somebody for a dui and had a child in the car. it's sad, it's unfortunate, but it happens in law enforcement every day across this country and if it happens to u.s. citizens families every day why do we want a different set of rules for those who are illegal aliens entering the country illegally. ainsley: all of those people you arrest and put behind bars could they sue and say i need $450,000 too? >> absolutely, it sends a terrible message. people now crossed the border illegally bring fentanyl with you, if you have a child you won't be prosecuted, because we won't separate you but one more thing i've talked to a lot of angel moms and dads last few days who are in tears, how about the tens and thousands of angel
5:39 am
moms that were separated from their children, forever, because their children was killed in someone's country illegally. how much money do they get? and you got all these groups saying they have all this emotional stress. how much emotional stress do angel moms and dads have when their child was killed by illegal aliens and they had to bury them. what compensation do they get? this is ridiculous, it's disgist gusting and the american people need to call for this government to shut this down right now. they shouldn't get a dime. ainsley: real quickly react to this , there was an immigrant just broke yesterday there was an immigrant who claimed to be 17 years old unaccompanied minor , he claimed. somehow got to florida, lived with a sponsor family, and he stabbed the host dad to death, at least that's what authorities are saying, they are pointing it back to him. what's your reaction to that? this man took him in, was trying to do the right thing he's a father of four and there's the suspect's picture. >> you're going to see more of this. ainsley: it turns out he was 24
5:40 am
sorry. >> you're going to see a lot more of these ainsley because the biden administration first of all, this man entered rgb this year under the biden administration was quick and release and the border patrol is processing people and releasing people so quickly, at the direction of the white house , they don't have time to ask enough questions or to try to validate their claims or try to investigate are they really a juvenile or an adult because this administration is all about releasing people quickly, rather than doing the investigation that needs to be done so look, 132000 uac's are released in this country i'll say one more thing, in new york city when i was the director we did operation matadore, we arrested 500 gang members, 42% enter this country as uac, so these unaccompanied alien children aren't always who they claim to be, many are adults, many come in with gang members so we need to really take our time and vet these people on the border but this administration won't do it.
5:41 am
ainsley: tom thank you so much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. ainsley: we continue to monitor breaking news in washington, as the house is expected to vote on the president's spending bill today after months of delays due to democratic in-fighting house minority leader kevin mccarthy just told us live on fox & friends it'll be a tight vote. indiana senator mike braun joins us live to react, next. >> ♪ >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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brian: here we go, we're back with the fox news alert the house, look at this , is meeting right now, ahead of the expected vote on president biden's embattled build back better agenda. steve: just moments ago our own griff jenkins spoke to house minority leader kevin mccarthy about what to expect today. >> amnesty for 10 million illegals, you've got 87,000 new irs agents to target you, if you make $28 a day or spend it they are coming after you, and we're going to do everything in our
5:46 am
power to stop it. steve: all right, meanwhile, right now, as you can see live images, members are voting on a motion to adjourn from republican andy biggs. ainsley: april last minute 2,000 page revision went out last night full of the additions including amnesty for illegal immigrants. this , as the congressional budget office has yet to give their score on the real cost. brian: this , to me, is in absolute embarrassment and you're circuit venting the entire process, you print a bill out last night, 2,000 pages and tell everyone vote on it at 8:00 in the morning that's going to affect everyone? ainsley: let's bring in republican indiana senator mike braun, good morning, to you , senator. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. tell the american public that's watching what we can expect today. >> so, this is a kind of a culmination of probably the most embarrassing moment in pelosi's career. it's kind of an iron fist and is the leader of the orchestra, and this is what happens when you're kind of like so opportunistic on
5:47 am
this is not a mandate, lbj had a mandate when he had 60 senators and 295 representatives. here, they're pushing an agenda which you've been mentioning, way over their skiis, it's falling apart. they will try to ram something through because they've invested so much in it, and we've been hearing, well we're going to vote today. we've been hearing that over a month ago, so let's see. steve: you know what speaking of seeing, senator, they should look in the rear view mirror, and they should look at the wreckage that was tuesday, and decide whether or not this is a good idea. >> i mean, if that isn't kind of the 2 x 4 across the head politically, and then they're digging in deeper, adding stuff back, like that salt exemption that was taken down to a $10,000 cap. you talk about the swamp in motion, they're raising that backup to 72000, to help their own folks, so that is what's crazy to me is when you know
5:48 am
it's this close, and you been embarrassed, why do you dig the hole deeper? this is so much material for us to work with, if we can't win in 2022, 2024, we need to search ourselves. brian: so senator the way i see it, they're going to vote and if gets through the house has there been a trial balloon through the senate to see if you'll vote for a bill they just wrote last night of 2,000 pages and i guess they don't care about you, they care about their so-called moderate senators and i see joe manchin talking to mitch mcconnell all the time. what are you hearing about him, maybe tester, maybe senator warner too, and kyrsten sinema. >> i think you're going to hear more of it simply because of what happened on tuesday. that is a political bombshell for them, and it surprised me that pelosi as she was marching down the halls yesterday, seemed smug and we're going to do it. she's in a tough spot, yes, because you've got four or five senators that could derail whatever happens in the house.
5:49 am
it's sad that we're down to just a few democratic senators, as a firewall to protect us and what we need to do, and that's when we get the reigns back, be more engaging on the issues, show real fiscal conservativism and how small effective government works that's our opportunity right now, we're relying on democrats, we really can't do anything other than watch and wait. they're doing a lot of damage to themselves. steve: senator thank you very much for joining us. ainsley: thank you. >> my pleasure. steve: all right ainsley: let's check in with our senior meteorologist janice dean for our fox weather forecast. >> hi good morning a great crowd here and what's your name? >> jack. >> where you from? >> boston. i mean, i'm from america. >> okay and what is the weather liked to? >> it's sunny and cool. >> oh, my gosh you did an amazing fantastic, you know what that's all we have time for and hopefully, you know, they aren't coming to get me.
5:50 am
back to you, steve, ainsley and brian wave, everybody! ainsley: hi, everyone. that's so cute i'm from america. brian: great. steve: something in common. brian: talk about red, white and blue, ufc president taking a jab at vaccine mandates why is refusing to force his fighters and his audience to take the shot. he gives us the preview of tomorrow's sold out madison square gardens fight but first, i like if you guys are already with this check in with dana. i know you've been working through the night on your show because hemmer just shows up and you hand him the whole run-down. dana: poor hemmer, he's here, he can't even look up from his computer he's so busy thanks guys and we're also from america , so that was cute out there on the fox square. the jobs number is out it's a big one, what does maria bartiromo think about it, speaker pelosi is calling for votes can she deliver a much -needed win for president biden, speaker gingrich will analyze, join bill and me get caught up on all the news you need before your weekend. this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments.
5:51 am
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ainsley: ufc was the first major sport to bring back fans amid the pandemic. steve: and fans will be turning out again tomorrow night, for u fc 268, which is sold out here in new york city, at madison square garden. brian: i met up with ufc president the brain child behind all this action, dana white yesterday, to preview
5:55 am
the big event what madison square garden means to him and we spoke about everything in life and the country. >> so dana, ufc 268. what's going through your mind right now? >> it's good to be back in new york city, and you know, we're sold out on saturday night, so that buzz and that energy only get from the garden, i'm looking forward to it and i'm excited. brian: what can we expect? >> first of all, the top three fights,es main event, and are three of the most incredible, i mean, those three fights could headline any other card anywhere brian: let's talk about the pride, you may or may not take in being the first sport back after the pandemic. what was that like? >> yeah. brian: put crowds back in in front of the fighters. >> first of all since we came back and started doing full crowds every event we've done has been a sell-out including madison square garden so going
5:56 am
through the pandemic the way that we did, finding solutions to problems instead of hiding was the best thing that we've ever done, i mean, our business grew exponentially through the pandemic. brian: you think you sent a message to the country by saying we're going back, we're not going to hide? we're going to lean forward? >> i hope so. i hope that's what happened, but you know, my intention was to take care of my people, you know through the pandemic, we didn't lay off one person, we didn't cut anybody's salaries everybody got their full bonus and all my fighter's contracts were kept. brian: you're in a city that told a bunch of firefighters get vaccination or go home. firefighters, cops, sanitation workers. what about that vaccine or drop dead attitude? >> it's crazy. i'm not having, my fighters can get vaccinated or not. we're not forcing people to get vaccinated.
5:57 am
i believe as an american, that's your choice, if you want to get vaccinated. it's your body, this is a free country, you do what you want. brian: looking out today, in this city, i guess people have to be vaccinated to go to the match? >> if you're vaccinated, and you want to come to the event you come to the event in new york. if you're not, we'll be putting on 44 other events around the country go to one of those shows. brian: you mentioned just what happened on tuesday, and this country, and things people have stood up and taken notice, what do you mean? >> yeah, well i think you see the tide starting to turn now. i even see some, you know, people who are on the crazy liberal side now starting to go whoa, whoa, what are we doing here? i think everybody is starting to notice that things aren't working. things aren't the way they used to be. people just want normalcy again, you know? you're seeing it in virginia. brian: the other thing to keep in mind i think too, is actually
5:58 am
resonating is american spirit, cradle-to-grave, taking care of you. we're going to give you free preschool and lunch, give you free community college, we're going to give you free healthcare. can we have capitalism and this other stuff free, because nothings really free. especially when you're running a $28 trillion debt. >> there's no such thing as free. there's no such thing as free, and you should know by now the government is never going to take care of you, ever. you need to take care of yourself. you need to get out there. what you just said there's 11 million jobs out there, get out there and take care of yourself, the government is never going to do it and that's what i wasn't waiting for through the pandemic. i wasn't going to sit around and wait for government to take care of me or my people. brian: where did that come from , that attitude come from? >> i'm an american. that's how i grew up. that's how we grew up here. we don't hide from things, we take things head-on and figure out solutions to problems and just it's not the way i was
5:59 am
brought up. and listen, i'm a big believer in the american dream. it's real. i'm living it right now, as are many other people who live in this country. and listen, this country isn't perfect, and it never will be, but it's about as good as you can get when you compare it to what's out there. steve: he's right. brian: yeah, the big fight is a rematch, that's sold outgoing to be the fourth biggest event ever ainsley: on pay tv how do we watch it? brian: i think it's on pay-per-view. steve: it's a sell-out. brian: yeah, and they were banned from new york for the longest time and they couldn't do it. steve: well good luck to them meanwhile traveling this weekend brian: going to lawrenceville and then lexington, kentucky and end at west virginia hope to see everybody out there the president freedom fighter and don't forget 11:00 sunday fox news channel, we put it on television. ainsley: how are you feeling you've had a busy week. brian: i feel good! i feel great.
6:00 am
brian: go buy brian's book. steve: i think on monday you'll be in her home state of south carolina. brian: i'll be doing a day with tim scott and you'll find out what it's like being a senator in his hometown, because they have to be in two places. ainsley: they love him there. okay, well be safe and have fun in south carolina eat some grits and sweet tea. steve: see you monday, everybody


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