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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 5, 2021 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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kids being injected with an expandable drug. >> the system was established for children to get the vaccination, keeps them safe, to keep their families safe. we know how things spread in school and to see beautiful pictures of children, some near tears getting shots, i was proud of the fact they were on tv. laura: gutfeld is next. >> you keep sending that garbage out but it is not true. >> the president comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individual? jillian: mixed messaging mess, the white house rushing to clarify president biden's comments on plans to dish out payment to settle illegal immigrants. the press team says he is fine with his justice department's. todd: taxpayers footing the bill will end up without a job after the holidays, the president's
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new mandates have states mobilizing to fight back. jillian: the third indictment into the investigation into the origins of a trump russia probe and this time a primary source for the steel dossier. >> what a friday show we have, you are watching "fox and friends first" on this - jillian: friday. let's get straight into it. we begin with another presidential flip-flop. biden's comments on paying separated illegal immigrant families appearing to be at odds with his own white house. >> the administration attempts to clear up the mixed messages. what is going on? >> reporter: good morning, happy friday, cleanup on aisle 5 situation, the white house is correcting president biden's dismissal of cash payments to illegal migrants. >> there were reports surfacing that your administration is
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planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to 450,$000 each, possibly $1 million per family. do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> president biden: if you keep sending that garbage out, yeah but it is not true. >> it is a garbage report? >> president biden: yes. >> reporter: the aclu which is negotiating a behalf of the doj shot those comments down saying president biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his own justice department. yesterday the white house confirming payments are on the way, just for different dollar amount. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the us government, the president was reacting to the dollar figure mentioned, that you mentioned to him yesterday. the reported figures are higher than anywhere a settlement can
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land. >> reporter: this as house republicans introduce legislation to block the payments which congressman mike mccall likens to a lottery. >> the idea that we will tell illegals come on in, illegally break our laws and we could give you up to $1 million per family, what kind of message of deterrence does that have? you can't break our laws and win the lottery. >> democrats are defending it. congressman castro tweeting these aren't payments, they are legal settlements to families who were wrong the eye the us government. senate minority whip john soon is vowing to fight it. >> an insult to hard-working americans they are talking about paying 450,$000 per person, not her family. republicans will be trying to block that, there is a bill in the senate i suspect every republican - >> reporter: where does this stand? the department will not comment
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on ongoing negotiation. carley: unbelievable how the president said it was a garbage report, not going to happen and the white house deputy press secretary was like actually it is a different dollar amount. how much are illegal immigrant families going to get paid? >> reporter: we don't know. what is also something that should not be missed is the executive director of the aclu contradicting a president of the united states, not only did he say the president might not have been briefed but accused him of a core campaign promise to help these families, you don't see that very often. >> let's acknowledge this was caving to the aclu. these are not americans we are giving these funds to. these are illegal immigrants, civil liberties, legal --
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tonight at the same as citizens in the united states. think about that for a moment. carley: when peter doocy was asking the president about this his question was this will incentivize illegal immigrants from coming and he said yeah because you are reporting something that was false, now we realize it is true so he admitted his own policy is incentivizing illegal immigration. unbelievable. >> let's not forget we just came off a big election in virginia, if this continues it will not bode well for democrats even though they are defending it. >> in the meantime president biden facing instant backlash after announcing a new private-sector vaccine mandate that will impact millions of americans. todd: republican leaders prepared to fight back.
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>> reporter: 84 million people, to say to the american workforce will be forced to get the covid vaccine or face losing their jobs. businesses with 100 or more employees have until january 4th to impose mandates or face huge fines, up to 14,000 for a single violation or 137,000 for a few the willful violation. critics saying osha, a government are meant to enforce workplace safety has no business making healthcare policy. >> that is an ultimate workaround, that it is unlawful, unconstitutional, florida will put up a ferocious fight. >> this is the workplace issue, it is a public health issue, he's trying to pound a round peg into a square hole. >> what the biden administration honed in on the talking point as workplace safety yesterday. >> i'm not looking at the negative side but the positive side. this is not a mandate. it is how to get the american workforce safe, president biden announced this in september, osha took the standard, came
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back with a standard today and that is what we will move forward on. carley: as the supply chain suffers labor shortages the mandate could make the problem worse. republican governors who have thought restrictive covenant measures fighting back on the legality of the mandate. >> the state of florida is going to respond and we will combat the ocean, this is a that is not consistent with the constitution. the federal government can't just unilaterally impose medical policy. >> despite the living mandate economists expect october, 450,000 new jobs. we will know later this morning when the report comes out. back to you guys. >> let's bring in job creator network president alfredo ortiz who filed a lawsuit against the new vaccine mandate. why does the biden white house think they can get away with this? >> it is clearly unconstitutional, the report was correct. i'm glad the governors are pushing back because it is
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complete overreach, the formative labor is not public health regulator nor is osha. the bar they set and need to prove grave danger which is justification for this mandate is not there. we have covid cases declining from their peak, therapeutics increasing and get closer and closer to herd immunity so we look at those 3 combined, where's the emergency. not saying covid cases any death coming from it is not an important issue but the grave danger qualification they need to prove we don't believe they can prove that and we take exception with the biden administration trying to position this as a mandate for our largest businesses across the country. when i hear that i think
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coca-cola, delta, wells fargo, citibank, those are large companies but these are small businesses, 100 or more, even the small business administration rate small business as 500 or less. >>'s total compliance and they are willing to bankrupt companies who don't comply because they could be fined up to 140,$000 for repeat violations and supporters of this say this isn't technically a mandate because there is a testing and masking option with this as well. >> congratulations on the new assignment. guess is paying for that, the employee, large companies answer to this is let's let the employee take care of this, but the employee get screwed on this one and we are sick and tired of
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this administration constantly squashing on the little guy in this particular case that is what is happening and why we are pushing back. on top of everything else small businesses have going on, labor shortages, supply chain issues, raising costs overall, this is ridiculous and the last thing they need when trying to recover, only 10% of small businesses according to our poll have recovered from covid so we have 90% of small businesses that need to recover from the covid crisis. >> my thought on this is osha's job is to literally make sure you don't shoot yourself with a staple gun. it is not this and yet 84 million employees are impacted by this. thank you. >> you have to wonder how far it is going to go with the booster shots coming. either going to be a mandate on boosters as well, don't know when this is going to end. another fox news alert on
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capitol hill top democrats pushing a vote on president biden's social spending bill and infrastructure bill, but democrats are in disarray as it remains unclear if house speaker nancy pelosi has the votes to get both past. >> what are you waiting for? >> we have work to do on the floor. >> do you have the votes for bills back better? >> senator joe manchen is bombarded by climate protesters demanding he support the multitrillion dollar package. >> is it more important than my life, more important than your kids lives? >> fossil fuels --
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>> joe manchen, is the money worth it? >> that group attempting to block them from driving out of his dc parking garage, they claim manchen trying to run them over with his vehicle. no one appeared to be injured. >> i wonder if any lawsuits for kidnapping. fox news alert, the primary source of the 2016 steel dossier indicted on 5 counts of making false statements to the fbi. >> special counsel john durham's investigation into the origins of the russia probe heats up. >> that is right. more indictments in the investigation of the question will divorce looking at possible russian links with donald trump. you recall the so-called steel dossier was commissioned first in 2015 by republicans running against trump and the primary, any ties between trump and moskowitz when trump secured the nomination in 2016, the democrats and hillary clinton
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campaign took it over. it did not play an important role in the main justice foreign probe of russian influence on trump but it was mostly faulty. the main contributor to the dossier, has been charged with 5 counts of making false statements and investigation headed up by prosecutor john durham referring to contact between russian sub source one and a democratic official, listen to this excerpt. during july of 2016 meeting, pr executive gives it to russian sub source one, an autobiography of hillary clinton which he signed and inscribed with a handwritten message a to my good friend, first name of russian sub source one, a great democrat, the charges follow other earlier actions by durham including an indictment against cybersecurity boyer tied to the
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report. listen to this bites the >> you are lied to the fbi because what was in the dossier was ashley: true. one of the most troubling things is this is the third of what i expect to be a cascade of indictments related to be underlying russia investigation. >> reporter: the claim in court next wednesday at enter pleas regarding these indictments. it is expected he will enter a not guilty plea. todd: the saga got a lot more interesting. thank you. carley: the race for new jersey governor ending in a photo finish with democrat phil murphy narrowly securing a second term but republican challenger jack ciattarelli is not ready to concede, 60,000 votes separating the two. >> no one should can seen the election into every legal vote is counted. what is most important is for everyone to be patient and let the process play out.
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>> as murphy avoids disaster republicans in new jersey made their mark clear including an upset in the state senate. trucker edward dürer defeating the senate president, spending $150 on his campaign. he will talk about his resounding win. todd: the nation will remember colin powell whose funeral will be held at the national cathedral in washington. military leaders and members of commerce are expected to attend. powell was the first african american secretary of state, chairman of the joint chiefs of staff and national security adviser. he died last month after a battle with blood cancer. >> border patrol is facing a vaccine deadline and cvp is at risk of losing more than half of its agents in the middle of an illegal immigration crisis that just keeps getting worse. we talk to a former board achieve next. >> that's part of the show line
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>> two people that after rival drug gangs opened fire at a 5 star resort in cancun, mexico sending tourists running for their lives and hiding for safety. witnesses say men carrying long guns came up from the beach right outside the hyatt hotel where several people were sitting, the two people who were killed were drug traffickers. no tourists were injured. 100 trouble in lawmakers calling out dhs secretary alejandra mayorkas. the new york post obtaining a letter written by senator ted cruz and councilman elise stefanik saying they are concerned about a crisis. it reads, quote, as another caravan heads to the southern border president biden and his administration must reverse these disastrous policies that have emboldened international criminal cartels, human traffickers and drug smugglers and enforce federal immigration
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law to secure the border. >> border patrol agents have 3 weeks to receive both doses of the covid vaccine to comply with president biden's mandate is border apprehensions it a fever pitch. agents are expressing hesitancy saying the biden administration is anti-law enforcement. border patrol chief victor mottharris junior, good morning to you, sir. what are you hearing border patrol agents say about the vaccine? >> like most of the public they want a choice what to put in their body so there's a perception of having little or no support by the administration regarding this. that is tied in to low trust, high levels of uncertainty about the future in terms of border security and eroding confidence and border patrol agents. >> the deadline to get
1:22 am
vaccinated is november 20 second and they crunched the numbers and said worst-case scenario, 59% of border patrol agents could be fired for noncompliance and this is in the middle of the border crisis so what is going to happen? >> we are seeing complete chaos, record numbers of apprehensions since february at the present point. it is going to get a lot worse. when you look at those numbers, a workforce that is already 10% below congressionally mandated level i suspect the vast majority will be that core of the most experienced border patrol agents so i expect it to increase. >> the thing you have to remember is the biden administration is forcing american citizens and border patrol agents to get vaccinated
1:23 am
but the illegal immigrants coming into the country unlawfully are not vaccinated. >> exactly right. they say the very people that we are processing oftentimes are let go into the country before the end of their shift and body and getting vaccinated and scratch their head, tied to the idea of the concept of fairness and truly believe they are getting the short end of the stick in all this. carley: the biden administration a big news because the president originally said this report about paying illegal immigrants were separated at the border was not going to happen and his deputy press secretary said actually they are probably going to be getting some money. what do you think about that? >> absolutely crazy. as a young age and we used to
1:24 am
make jokes about hitting the dhs lottery. never thought in my wildest dreams we would have an administration that actually did something like that. it is simply incredible. not sure how it can get more demoralizing for the us border patrol. >> i'm hearing you say morale is low among border patrol agents who work hard to keep us safe. thank you for joining us. todd: senator rand paul going head to head with doctor fauci in another fiery hearing. >> you are defining, saying it doesn't exist because you changed the definition on the nih website. this is terrible. jillian: portland becoming the latest city to do an about-face on police. eddie scary joins us live. todd: is this job - >> i will not fight.
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>> contingent on capitol hill.
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senator rand paul accusing doctor anthony fauci of changing the definition a gain of function research to deny the government's role in the wuhan lab leak theory. >> what you are defining is defining away gain of function think it doesn't exist because you changed the definition of the nih website. this is terrible and you're completely trying to escape the idea that we should do something to prevent a pandemic from leaking from a lab. you changed the definition on your website to try to cover your ass. >> apologize for the use of dirty language. paul called for fauci to accept responsibility that the nih sent funding to the wuhan lab and also calling on fauci to redesign. >> a white house aid is quarantining in scotland after testing positive for cover during president biden's trip to
1:31 am
your. a white house official saying the fully vaccinated staffer tested positive as biden attended the climate change summit but is showing no symptoms. he did not have any close contact with biden, the president later tested negative on tuesday. >> china marking president biden's apology at the un climate change summit is powerless. >> president biden: i guess i should apologize for the fact the united states, the last administration pulled out of the paris accord. >> that is scary, author of for. to americans. there is a headline in the global times which is a chinese government newspaper that says biden's apology in glascow shows hypocrisy, powerlessness of us politicians and they go on to write quite a few denizens people who use the internet claim they cannot wait until 2024 when the republican party or even donald trump himself
1:32 am
apologizes for biden's apology. you remember the apology tour under president obama, looks like we are back to those days again. >> there have been past presidents, the most recent was before this one president obama to use these international summits basically to suck up to other world leaders, what better way than to apologize for their own country and by apologizing for anything donald trump did he is apologizing for what the voters chose, the voters elected donald trump, he did things many of them wanted to see happen so you're apologizing on behalf of your country, your voters, very inconsistent message that doesn't look good to the world but presidents like biden or former president obama use these opportunities to focus on other world leaders and they take advantage of it. todd: the way president biden does it is worse from a power-play them away president
1:33 am
obama did it. how much is president biden destroyed our global standing? >> different to say i apologize for the country is kind of shocking when you think about it. can't think of anything similar to then, not with donald trump and worse than what we saw under obama. they don't ask anything from china, china is not expected to do anything. we know they are not going to make changes as far as carbon emissions, this is supposed to be about carbon emissions, china plans to do nothing different, they brag about it and accurately note the united states looks week when the president apologizes for our actions in the past. jillian: let's talk about portland because portland defunded its police department by $27 million in 2020 and they stop record number of murders in the city. mayor ted wheeler wants to
1:34 am
refund the police department to hire more officers and we are seeing a lot of cities who defunded saying this isn't working out, we need to add more money to our police budget. >> who would have known this wouldn't work out. of course it didn't work out. you see crime go up, let's get rid of the police, you see crime continues to go up, the answer is to have more police. portland is a sad case study because they have 70 murders which is more than any they've had on record since 1987. there is crime in every city going up but portland in particular going faster and worse than any city including cities bigger than portland. the whole thing is really bad and get completely predictable. todd: politicians wants to be woke but you only job that you really need to complete when you are in office is public safety.
1:35 am
that is your primary, numbers one 2 and 3. why did they bow to the woke mob on that one thing they literally had to get right? >> they determined in 2020 that enough chaos, enough noise, even if it was violent, and laid at the feet of donald trump. this is for political reasons. looks like it probably worked. the election outcome went the way they wanted. a lot of people died but they did win an election. jillian: author of privileged, thank you for joining us. the time is 35 after the hour. it is one of the most talked about races of the entire election cycle, the truck driver turned political superstar when seated one of the most powerful democrats in new jersey. todd: we will introduce you to that guy, edward there after the
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god tells us to take care of them, to feed the hungry. and i pray holocaust survivors will be given the basic needs that they so desperately pray for to survive. jillian: senator josh howlett
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will introduce a new parents bill of rights to keep them informed of what is taught in schools. >> the biden administration trying to use the fbi to silence parents, time to give parents reported parents should have the right protected in the law to see their kid at school and to know what is taught and who is teaching them, to know where school money is going. jillian: merrick garland's son-in-law worked for a company that makes millions pushing critical race theory in schools, says that is why parents need to know who the school is paying. todd: garland and the doa are suing texas over its new voter security law saying the law that outlaws ballot harvesting, is in violation of the voting rights act and civil rights act. texas, greg abbott saying bring it. the texas election integrity law is legal. in texas it is easier to vote but harder to chain. >> democrats drawdown across new
1:41 am
jersey but our next guest was behind the wheel for the biggest upset in the state. >> a truck driver and new jersey state senator elect, cool to hear that. thanks for being here. why did you give up a normal life, to do this in the first place. >> i believe it needed to be done. we've been ignored and the voices of the people was heard. this was a repudiation on governor murphy when across the state people were elected. it wasn't just myself and it wasn't done by me. it was done by the people. jillian: the second most powerful lawmaker in new jersey, steve sweeney, spent very little in the process. how did you do it? >> i didn't and see him, he and
1:42 am
seated himself, lack of doing his job. he chose not to stand up to governor murphy and the people were not going to accept it so they decided if you don't want to do your job we will take your job away. >> how broken our politics if you can come in and defeat pretty resoundingly arguably the biggest powerbroker in the state senate? >> i can't speak for the democratic group but it was a clear message when people come out and vote their voices can be heard. >> what are your priorities? >> i just want to make new jersey more affordable, make it a better place for everybody to live in, for families because ultimately it has become one of
1:43 am
the most exodus states in the country and separation of your family is ridiculous because my kids are here, my grandkids are here and i to live my life and enjoy. todd: that is a problem, both of us being from jersey, it is discussed among a lot of families in the garden state. when you retire and you are not generating income it is an expensive place to live when you have the highest property taxes in the nation and all you want to do is be around your kids, something our grandparents should be allowed to do but so many are forced to go to places like florida to survive. any sense how you will turn that problem so many people face around? >> i will work with the rest of the legislatures and try to find a way to make new jersey more
1:44 am
affordable, no reason we shouldn't be. we are a prime location. in new york to the north and philadelphia to the west and dc to the south, we are in a prime location the should be affordable, there should be businesses flocking from across the country but because we are the worst business climate it does make things difficult and we need to change them and make things better for everybody across the board. to pick and choose which group. jillian: we are learning about your campaign, $153 in the primary election and a portion of that was on dunkin' donuts, it was a david and goliath race you won and your mom prayed every night for you to win. a lot of people are interested to learn about you. tell us some things you would like people to know about who you are and what was your reaction when you found out you won?
1:45 am
>> of course i was happy when i found out i won. i was fortunate to spend the night watching the returns with my 3 kids and my grandkids and it is very enjoyable feeling but if you do the work which was very difficult but i have a lot of great volunteers who worked with me, candidates like the one who won the commissioner see, went out walking doors, we worked very hard, we listened to the people and ultimately their voices were heard. todd: this doesn't just send a message to trenton but to the entire nation. you have to be waking up thinking one final question before that you go is a quick one. do you get old-fashioned, what doughnuts were you getting at dunkin' donuts?
1:46 am
>> i have been coming back. >> very good employee, thank you for joining us so early in the morning. >> time now is 45 after the hour. in two months, one american city will force kids to show proof of vaccination to eat inside. >> the same city allows illegal immigrants to vote in school board elections. we talk about it with david webb coming up next. ♪♪
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>> did you hear about this? a large texas family mart by liberals online for discussing the rising cost of milk. >> started seeing everything going up. grocery prices went up, gallon of milk was one dollars and $0.99, when you buy 12 gallons a week that is a lot of money. >> they need all those groceries to provide for their 9 children in a now deleted tweet the new york times wordplay account poking from writing sorry i can't do today's crossword, too busy carrying my 12 gallons of milk home.
1:51 am
in new york magazine writer, they had to cut off their milk baths on alternate days. new york city mayor bill deblasio will pay children between the ages of 5 and $11,100 to get the covid vaccine as city run vaccine sites for kids are up and running, bill deblasio saying everyone could use a little more money around the holidays the critics are likening it to bribing children. >> san francisco announcing children as young as 5 will show proof the nation to restaurants and other outdoor and indoor venues. the restriction in the same city where illegal immigrants are allowed to vote in local elections. david webb, host of reality check with david webb and fox news contributor joins me. >> and in person. haven't done this in a while.
1:52 am
why does san francisco raise their hypocrisy bar at every opportunity? >> they can but when you have this liberal progressive leadership that has failed, i flew to san francisco last weekend there was a homeless in camdenton the airport. where is there priorities? let's look at the data and statistics. is there any documented data the children 5 to 11 look at the infection rate case, it is not there. they are forcing compliance, they want to force parents to compliance in the city where they allow illegal aliens, not sure who some of them are to cast votes and local school board elections they don't necessarily have to prove who these kids are but as parents to tell us their age or birth certificate so the hypocrisy, the contradictions, it is a mess. it is living proof of bad government. >> let's check out the numbers,
1:53 am of scheller -- covid 19 to are attributed to children. every day especially every death of a child is the worst thing that can happen but in terms of forcing this vaccine on kids 5 to 12 and not giving parents the choice, that is where i think san francisco runs afoul. >> it is san francisco but california statewide, they don't necessarily acquire parental consent for the vaccine. zeroing in on san francisco you realize they want compliance, they have dependents they can't support with their bad policies and if you go against the narrative your kids are shut out. if you mask these kids because other problems. if you force parents to go along with this parents are forced with a choice, do i send my kid to school and risk their health, what do kids do? they trade things. your mask is really cool, let me
1:54 am
change masks with you. i said to the school where laughing but it is a tragic comedy that is playing out. todd: allowing certain municipalities in those states to allow illegal immigrants to vote in local elections. that allows this, how much of an affront is this to the rights of each citizen and how much does it disenfranchise the citizens? >> what about the people who come to america and spend the time, do the paperwork, pay thousands, wait years to come here, so they can join in, they call my radio show every time this issue comes up they feel it is an insult to their work. we are born as american citizens and those americans that are born here have the right under the constitution. others fight for that right and
1:55 am
those the biden administration wants to cross the border don't have that right. that is the affront. >> you can get millions of dollars if you do it the wrong way and that is not the incentive - >> more than a dead soldier, think about that. todd: great to see you in the flesh. >> speaking of sports atlanta will celebrate with the braves world series victory parade, the team bringing on their first title since 1995, they will arrive in atlanta on wednesday when in game 6 in houston, the parade gets rolling at 12:00 pm eastern. the time is 55 after the hour. it has been months since the biden administration left americans and allies behind enemy lines in afghanistan. congressman mike garcia said the state department just replied his request for help with evacuations.
1:56 am
he's joining us live in the next hour. todd: tom fitton, joe concha and lara trump. one more hour to go on "fox and friends," folks.
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and all of the trauma of just so many things that i had seen that i couldn't unsee. [man 2] i was taking sixteen pills a day. had nearly disconnected myself from my family. [woman] all i wanted was just to go back in bed. [man 3] post-traumatic stress disorder, i wouldn't wish it on anybody. [man 1] i applied for my own service dog because the medication and the talk therapy just weren't enough. [man 2] i was grasping desperately for independence and hope. i found it with a tail and a cold nose. i knew that my life was about to change. [man 5] i call him my battle buddy, 'cause every time i'll ride into public, he has my back. [man 6] i'm responsible for him but i feel just as much like he's responsible for me. [man 4] every time those demons start talking, he knows and he's right there at my side. mustang truly did save my life.
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>> president biden: you keep sending that garbage out but it is not true. >> the president is comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individual. todd: friday november 5th, mixed messaging, the white house rushing to clarify president biden's comments, the plaintiff dish out massive payments to some illegal immigrants, the president's press team says he is fine with the justice department cutting those checks. >> they will end up without a job after the holiday thanks to the president's new private-sector vaccine mandates. how states are mobilizing to fight back. >> josh halley with


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