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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 5, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left this evening. as always, you make this show possible. thank you as always for joining us, we hope you will set your dvr, never miss an episode of "hannity," but in the meantime, let not your hearts be troubled, why? because laura ingraham is on standby. she will take you home for the rest of the night. how are you? >> laura: i'm very well. i have a question for you. >> sean: oh, boy, here we -- i owe most have a raymond arroyo voice, i'm just a little bit shy, it's a little thin but it's not there yet. >> laura: i have a question for you. do you think the resistance to the vaccine mandate is finally re here we are with you steadfast in your denial. gain of function research with laboratory created viruses not found in nature could cause a pandemic even worse the next
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time. we have a mortality of one%, they are experiment with viruses with mortality between 15% and 50%. experiments that combine unknown viruses with known pandemic causing viruses are incredibly risky, provide unknown viruses with coronavirus is with 50% mortality and endanger civilization as we know it and unwilling to accept responsibility and take any steps to keep gain of function research from unleashing a more deadly virus, mislead the public by saying they could not be that. no one is alleging the published viruses by the chinese are covid. what we are saying is that this was risky kind of research, to
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share with the chinese and covid may be created from a not yet revealed virus, we don't anticipate the chinese are going to reveal if the virus came from lab. you know that and you continue to mislead and support nih money going to wuhan and so you trust the chinese scientists who appeared to have learned nothing from this pandemic which would you today finally take responsibility for funding gain of function research and wuhan? comes to fighting the pandemic of covid, whether it's saving the planet from the climate crisis, whether it's in norma's success with the global minimum tax, but covid, everything we do. >> the power grab really is with
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new mandates on american employers turning screws on 100 million workers. you see an emergency directive under osha the pandemic police is forcing 2 thirds of the country's were forced to choose between supporting their families and taking a vaccines they may not want and in many cases do not need. this should disturb you greatly. biden's actions are plainly unconstitutional and illegal. if we submit to his rule he will have arrived at a point of no return but there is some good news. a former high-ranking trump official told me today the biden mandate is unlikely to survive legal challenges for a variety of reasons, first these emergency removes rarely hold up under court scrutiny. there is no comment period for public input, biden is clearly trying to regulate employees
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choices by threatening their employer's. that is obvious when you read what is in the osha rule because it requires companies to pay for any of the costs associated with testing or does it require them to offer testing and also the unvaccinated will be forced to pay for this and mask up at work so you will know who the unvaccinated are, got to point out who the unwashed people are and osha's requires companies employees paid time off to get vaccinated and paid time for sick leave if they get any nasty side effects and noncompliant businesses face fines of 14,$000 per violation unless democrats pass the build back better bill which allows osha to impose fines of up to 700,$000. what is a curious in this mandate is it has a start date
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of january 4th but no end date. you could be facing boosters and masks forever. biden is using osha rather than permitting it to fulfill its statutory authorities. we all know his real motive. biden is shown nearly as much - pretty much do not let unvaccinated view this progress to turn it back.
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>> 1 million untested unvaccinated illegals. they already complain they can't get workers. we paid people for too long to stay out of the workforce. the economy is held back there because of their policies, you have seen it, service everywhere is being compromised and it will be as well. because of this mandate the worker shortage, the supply chain problem issue and
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inflation will all get worse but the white house will not tell you that very inconvenient truth. >> the possibility of workers quitting because of these mandates. >> if you are asking if we think the rules impact supply chain the answer is we don't think it will. vaccine requirements work. we talked about that. >> coercion works, threats work. if we had an honest press corps they would hammer the biden administration with questions about this overreach day in and day out. in typical fashion they are all giddy at the prospect of punishing fellow americans. >> vaccine mandates among front-line workers and the numbers go down. i wish people could look at the science. >> experts have done this all
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their lives, decades in the case of doctor fauci, tell you what they found from the data, that it works. >> i will take january 4th, it is better than nothing. >> the democrats response is to make worse less attractive for millions of americans, to force millions more to choose between their conscience and putting food on the table and to turn employers into the covid police force of america. they know americans hate these policies but they do not care. why would they let this go? hospitalizations are down, tens of millions have natural immunity, fauci knows it gives durable broad-based immunity. red states leading the economic activity are stepping up to defend the assault on our freedom. among the states suing to overturn the mandate are texas, missouri, ohio, and florida.
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>> we started with 15 days to slow the spread and now it has gone to get jabbed or lose your job, 500 pages of government bureaucracy, a government run by executive edict, not in accordance with constitutional processes and the state of florida will respond and we will combat the osha rule. >> they never saw covid is a public health crisis. for them it was always a political opportunity to remake america, to put more people on the dole, to limit our freedoms, push us toward the socialist order they always wanted. they hate this country. they hate the people of this country and will seize any opportunity to punish us. polls aren't going to stop them, they must be beaten over and over again until they finally give up.
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losses began tuesday, more on the way next year but in the meantime we have to continue resisting and urge all elected officials including any democrats who want to pass themselves off as moderates to join us and that is the angle. joining me or two state attorneys general fighting back against the vaccination mandates, ashley moody and ohio attorney general, how will florida make its case? >> if you look at what the white house chief of staff is talking about seeing this is the ultimate workaround using osha emergency look at what it means. the ultimate workaround is unlawful, unconstitutional, obliterate separation of power. florida will put up a ferocious fight to support florida's workers, to be pro-freedom and
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make sure the sovereignty in court. >> an actual line in the regulatory filing they claim the osha act gives the labor secretary almost unlimited discretion to achieve this goal of protecting employee health. is that? >> it is absolutely not correct, the president is not our nanny, not a doctor and not the congress, laws are written by elected representatives, not by executive fiat and congress did not have that much authority in the osha act to reach this far. supposed to have workplace limitations, railing to keep you from falling off the
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scaffolding, protections around an acid that, not something that is everywhere, when you walk out of the workplace it is still there no matter where you go, the school, the church, the shopping mall. this is into workplace issue, it is a public issue and just like everything else in this administration he's trying to pound a round peg into a square hole. >> there's another portion of this filing about the health effects that constitute a grave danger, this emphasizes the danger of consequences to workers as opposed to the effect on their health but covid sounds like the latter. it is a temporary sickness, not a long-term disability like long covid, people talk about that but overwhelmingly it is the
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survivable illness that most people can get through especially with treatments that fauci disavowed early on. what about that part of it? >> you highlighted how absurd this is by forcing healthcare policy on majority of american workers using a temporary standard and great danger in the workplace, you mentioned trump -- truckers who have been driving throughout the pandemic alone in their trucks, not infecting anyone, some already had it. in no way should this be an emergency osha rule. >> biden's labor secretary has an interesting defense of this rule. >> how confident are you that you have the legal status to get this done?
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>> we are confident in this. this is one step in making sure we have safety in the workplace and what we want to do is prevent other deaths and how do we do it? making sure the workplace is safe. >> how does forcing nurses and healthcare workers to quit or be fired, prevent death exactly? >> you have to ask him. that didn't make sense to me but i think we've got to look at collateral damage aside from legal implications. what happens to our supply chains that are hopelessly snarled around the world, the vaccine mandate will hit shipping, trucking, warehousing, distribution and poor sugar into the gas tank of our supply chains. >> you keep hearing from say it works, 90% of the company's
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workforce has taken the jab and then you find out thousands of people have been terminated from their positions, washington state, new york or some other cities in new england and those are important positions, these are not random restaurant tours. these are essential workers were critical to our economy, safety, and health, what about that? >> we saw in florida where government was mandating vaccines for first responders we saw success, pushed back and continue to push back but you hit the nail on the head, this is about control. when we have to force them to open our cruise industry, the judge agreed with us it was unprecedented breathtaking, authoritarian, they will say anything to maintain control, use any emergency room to put
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some sort of mandate on the american people. it is unconscionable and we will continue to stand up and push back. >> when you think about the level of immunity, natural immunity circulating in the united states, so many people having been exposed to the virus and yet they are doggedly refusing to acknowledge the natural immunity as a separate matter but it dovetails into the discussion. what does that tell you about their pro-science approach when it is basic immunology at hand and. >> they are bought into a particular storyline and a particular policy goal so they say whatever they feel they need to to get there. this is an administration that made no bones that it is frustrated by the fact the elected representatives of the people, the congress, can't agree to do the things they
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want, they don't have the votes, so they are turning to force executive fiat, ruling by edict and the president said a couple months ago he was losing patience. i'm losing patience with his lawless ways. laura: you think this is an opportunity to grow this pro-freedom movement in the united states, with african-americans, hispanics, rural workers, front-line workers, is this a new coalition we are seeing put together here? >> a shock to the american people, you see when a president of the united states comes out and says he's going to do a federal mandate that is the and done, that they have unlimited authority to ensure 0%
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transmission, that is incredible power grab and i think the american people are waking up. this is not anti-vaccine, it is pro-freedom. >> a precedent they want to set. it can't stand, thank you, both of you. as democrats jam more immigration provisions into the bill the president is caught lying about payments to illegals and in illegal flown from the border to florida has just been charged with a gruesome murder. what is going on here. congressman jim banks and john rutherford have answers in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> is the american people learn more about what we are doing in this legislation for families, for children, for women in the workforce, to save our planet, it will be very positive, you can't deny that it would be very positive. >> laura: very positive. more about what we're doing this legislation, poor families, poor children, poor women in the workforce, to save our planet, it will be very positive, can't deny it would be very positive. >> let's be clear about what is going on, they are lying to everyone about this, every provision inside this 2100 plus page bill is essential, that is the lie. the bill includes $500 million for race-based recruiting in mid schools, $10 billion to fund environmental justice programs at colleges and universities, more brainwashing. it shuts down oil and gas production in alaska that was already approved under trump and the media that a handout too in
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the form of tax credits to cover medicare taxes and journalist wages. as to that $1.75 trillion price tag the new york times is reporting tonight budget expert say the true cost of the legislation could before trillion dollars as lawmakers rely on sleight-of-hand to bring down the price tag so the democrats are lying to manchin, kristen sinema and everyone else about the true cost of this bill. they been lying to run claim, chief of staff at the white house had biden as well, manchin should stop all further negotiations and go home to west virginia, start holding some townhall meetings and ask his constituents what they want him to do after you tell them the full truth about this bill including its cost. can't wait to hear their response. bottom line is americans can no longer be party to this unending
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waste and this unsustainable cost of living, enough is enough. congressman jim banks, chairman of the republican study committee. the word outrage does not capture our feelings tonight at the angle about this. after looking at this i'm at a loss for words how any sane person can negotiate on these terms is beyond me. >> i couldn't agree more, latebreaking news, the rules committee a mouse just reported out a new version of the bill just minutes ago and the house democrat leadership said we are not going to vote on it tonight, we will vote on it at 8:00 tomorrow morning. over 2000 pages of the latest version, not a single democrat stay up all night reading it. no one in congress can read it. it's like reading the bible from cover to cover twice, to read a bill in that much detail. we will come back at 8:00 in the morning, why 8:00 in the morning
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you might ask, because the democrats have several flight schedules in europe and asia, they need to get out around noon tomorrow to make a place to go to europe to go on a congressional taxpayer-funded trip to get out of town. that's why we are voting at 8:00 tomorrow morning. >> connor lamb said the quiet part out loud about what the democrats spending bill would mean for taxes on the middle class. >> if we want to propose a lot of new spending and new government programs in our party we have to have the confidence to ask the middle class and people like that to contribute on the ability to do them well so it is easier in the future to get them to trust in investing in the government. laura: is that what we're doing, i thought the government works for us but now we invest in
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them. the worst investment ever. >> it is why they've got $80 billion in this bill for an irs slush fund to hire 87,000 new irs agents, an irs army to look through your bank records because they need to find the charge for these new irs agents, $400 billion to pay for the bill. they are not going to find that from big corporations to have an army of lawyers to fight back and all the tasks loopholes, they will find $400 billion with 80,000 new irs agents for all your listeners, regular people, working-class people and small businesses. laura: connor lamb admitted the middle class will pay higher taxes because they don't have the money for this. they've been lying to biden and manchin and kristen sinema from
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day one. they quoted the idea about surveilling bank account, initially $500 deposit bank accounts and for a year they start surveilling them, reporting requirements. is that been changed? they were floating a 10,$000 limit but that's millions of americans. >> that is what the slush fund will do, higher 80,000 new irs agents to survey all your bank account. they don't get into the specifics in the bill but create the slush fund to higher this army of irs agents. it is dangerous. it is crazy but that is what they want to do and hope no one takes time to read the bill overnight between right now, and 8:00 in the morning, hoping nobody will notice. laura: just like obamacare you have to vote for it to pass it to see what is in it and the american people are stuck with the tab. we will check back soon.
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is democrats push to include immigration amnesty it is worth noting what they ignore. and illegal immigrant who posed as a minor while crossing the border is charged with the murder of the father of 4 in jacksonville, florida. when he entered the us he said i didn't going with my name, his mother told the spanish language univision network i went in with the name of another person because at the shelter they helped me. three weeks ago a local jacksonville station said they counted 21 charter flights carrying these migrants into the area in the last three months. here is congressman john rutherford who represents jacksonville and tried to blow the whistle on this weeks ago. does this administration have
12:30 am
blood on their hands? >> i have to tell you the clear consequences of the biden harris catch and release policy at the southern border is a man now in jacksonville, the father of four has lost his life. it has been taken by a gentleman who crossed the border, lied about his name, lied about his age and released to the interior of the country. dhs was unable to properly identify him. hhs was unable to properly identify him and they released him into the country and when i look at this reconciliation bill, 8 million illegal aliens to receive amnesty, when i look back at the fact that in the
12:31 am
last year, 144,000 unaccompanied minors have come across the border how many more mister johans are there in that group. how many more have come across and i sent letters to the department of homeland security and health and human services. i to know how many of these individuals have you followed up on to make sure that we know who they are, how old they are and whether they have committed any crimes in this country. >> none of them. they haven't checked on any of them. we know that because we know that. they are not checking up, come, on. an all-out effort to change america. >> absolutely and listen. i want people to understand this. this is not a failed immigration policy at the southern border. this is their policy, this is exactly the outcome they are
12:32 am
looking for so this is not a failed policy. is their policy. i tell you the incompetence, the incompetence of this administration is putting our cities all over the country, this is not just a border crisis, this is a countrywide crisis because they are literally flying them all over the country. you mentioned flights into jacksonville. laura: they are spreading covid, the holy people spreading covid is the us government fly illegals dropping them into communities they hope to change elect orally. >> worse than that they are sending people out to kill americans. look what happened in jacksonville. >> americans are collateral damage to the open borders community. if they lose their job or
12:33 am
undercut wages you think the secretary of homeland security is up at night losing sleep over that? no way. thank you so much, we will check back with you soon. generals austen and millie search feverishly for the white supremacists in the military, our forces are getting there buts been in military exercises. senator josh halley has a stunning report out of california, tells us how he is going after merrick garland, stay there.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: secretary austin and laura: secretary austen and general milley search feverishly for white rage in their ranks their lack of focus in with the military should be doing is having embarrassing repercussions. you might not have seen this but the uk royal marines recently forced us troops to surrender just days into a training exercise, during the exercise in
12:39 am
california the british commandos dominated us forces and the us asked for a reset halfway into the 5-day war fighting exercise having suffered significant simulated casualties which at one point the commandos had a tech almost every american assets. here is republican senator josh halley, member of the armed services committee. what is china thinking when they see this, the afghan withdrawal and now this? >> they are probably wondering why it is that people like general milley and secretary austen spent so much time recommending books on white rage, critical race theory and are not more focused on war fighting. we've got the best soldiers, airmen, marines and the entire world. our soldiers are amazing workers, train them to fight, let them do what they do best
12:40 am
and stop using the military is a giant social experiment which is what the left seems to want. >> general milley is apparently confident that china is not going to attack taiwan anytime soon. >> is it your belief that china is preparing to make a move on taiwan in the near future? >> i would say based on my analysis of china i don't think it is likely in the near future being defined as 6, 12, 24 months, that kind of window. >> what a relief. don't over to the late mike calls to chinese counterpart he's gleaning this information but i think remember general milley underestimating another timeline in afghanistan. >> exactly right and i have to say general milley has been pretty casual about the threat from china. i asked a similar question before the armed services committee about china's intention toward taiwan and he was pretty dismissive and said i
12:41 am
don't know if it will be a problem. a cast out on the chinese ability to take to i. i can to you there is a very serious danger the china will invade taiwan and we've been warned by commanders in the region that this could come sooner than we previously expected. we need to get ready to defend right now and get the taiwanese ready to defend themselves, they need to have the ability to fight off china, to defend themselves and need to be ready to do it and this out to be the priority rather than assigning our troops to read stuff on critical race. on white rage and all these other left-wing pursuits. >> we love the troops but under this leadership we can't beat the delavan, we are going to take on the ccp? that is a bridge too far given the leadership we have but i have to get to other big news,
12:42 am
dozens of senate republicans back the congressional review act resolution to strike down the ocean vaccine mandate but it would have to pass both chambers and get signatures. what is the point? >> one point is to put democrats on notice and on the record. this is an illegal mandate, 100% clear this is illegal, the president has no authority to order private citizens or private businesses to get a vaccine against their will. we have to put the democrats on the record is voting for this tool lawlessness but more than that we've got to give help to state attorneys general who are going to court right now as we speak filing injunctions against this thing. i fully expect this will get enjoined by the federal courts, it should because there is no legal basis for this and i hope the thing gets struck down, the mandate get struck down as soon as possible. >> especially since there is no natural immunity exemption in
12:43 am
this vaccine mandate. that is not even considered and they rely on some study that has been dismantled by serious people, the waning effect of natural immunity compared to the vaccine, is just bunk. i've got to get to your parents bill of rights which i was very excited about that will protect the right of every parent to know what is being taught to their kids in school, tell us about that because that is our big issue here. >> this is one of the central issues of our time, the biden administration using the fbi to silence parents, time we gave parents some supported parents ought to have the right protected in the law to go see their kids at school, to know what is being taught, to know who is teaching them, to know where the school money is going, what organizations are getting contracts from schools. merrick garland's son-in-law makes a lot of money peddling
12:44 am
critical race theory, is he being paid? we need to enshrine in the law parents basic rights to have control over their kids education and to be involved in it. the time has come. >> weiss and the media reporting on the details of the kyle rittenhouse trial? some inconvenient truths to the prosecutor strike to put him away. a breaking report in moments. ena keeps me moving forward... even after paying for this. love you, sweetheart they guide me with achievable steps that give me confidence. this is my granddaughter...she's cute like her grandpa. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. come on, grandpa! later. got grandpa things to do. aw, grandpas are the best! well planned. well invested. well protected. voya. be confident to and through retirement.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: more jillian: a year after shooting two riders in kenosha kyle rittenhouse is standing trial so why does there seem to be a media blackout on the actual case itself, the case against him seems to be crumbling. she breaking news correspondent trace gallagher has all the details from our west coast newsroom. >> a part of the case, a dozen videos many post on social media the night of the shooting, none of the videos actually show the gunfire though you can certainly hear it. the videos show the location of the shooter and the men who were killed, joseph rosenbaum is of particular interest, he was the aggressor in rittenhouse open fire in self-defense.
12:50 am
the prosecution acknowledges rosenbaum was chasing rittenhouse but it was rittenhouse who started the confrontation but that was disputed by two witnesses who were called by the prosecution. richie mcginnis who was recording the event for the conservative website daily caller says rosenbaum was killed after chasing down rittenhouse and making a lunch for his gun. the prosecutor tried to undo some of the damage by asking this. >> so your interpretation of what he was trying to do or intending to do anything along those lines is complete guesswork. >> he said [blooge] you and reached for the weather. >> reporter: the witnesses back up that statement and prosecutors called ryan bomb, a former army soldier who was caring an ar weapon that like a testified that rosenbaum was
12:51 am
hyperaggressive and acting out in a violent manner including trying to set fires and throwing rocks. rosenbaum also told people carrying guns that if he caught them alone he would kill them with the detective also testified two seconds before kyle rittenhouse opened fire, fireside and the defense said the shot made rittenhouse believe he was under attack. the shop until rosenbaum was in the back, before he pulled the trigger he was the one being pursued. kyle rittenhouse was 17 at the time it is facing life in prison. >> we turn to long island where two republican slipped blue seats in the da races, largely seen as a rebuke of the new york bail reform movement. how big a back lash was this? tim feeney lost by 14 points. my next guest, district attorney
12:52 am
elect, we've seen this antiwar and order movement get blown out across the nation. why did this bail reform law a explain briefly what that was, resonates on long island? >> it designated because we had a situation where the crime rate is rising and the bail reform law creates a revolving door of justice where you are unable to keep certain criminals in for crimes and it creates a situation where the public can't have trust in the criminal justice system because there is no sanction for certain actions. >> easy to see why there was this backlash because earlier this year it was reported a knife wielding long island man had recently been released from jail in suffolk county due to so-called bail reform but all
12:53 am
the police officers i have the privilege of knowing and keep in touch with have told me this, we arrest someone, we know they committed a crime and they are out a week later or in some cases 48 hours later. it is time for a change. >> absolutely, the problem is the bail reform law is just a small part of an overall criminal justice reform law. each of these laws, when taken together are a complete disaster, talking parole reform, less is more, clean slate law where you expunge a criminal defendant's record including dna and fingerprints so taken together this is a disaster, you have district attorneys who rather than reacting aggressively to laws that are on the books for the retreated so
12:54 am
you have an overall lack of criminal prosecution. >> no cash bail is supposed to be part of the equity agenda, correct? that is how they sell it. it's more equitable to get rid of cash bail. it is hurting the people now. i want to move to the opioid epidemic which is uncomfortable for people to talk about, it has hit your county really hard. in 2017 suffolk had 3 times or does from opioid for 100,000 people than the us average, how do you change it? >> you have to understand, the cause of the overdose a fentanyl, cocaine laced with sentinel, that is coming through our unguarded southern border and coming up on to long island and drug dealers with cocaine, you have a disincentive. >> good luck to you. is pelosi secretly the witch from handling gravel, the last bite will tell you.
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>> laura: how does nancy talk about kids being injected with experimental drugs?
1:00 am
laura: how does nancy talk about kids being injected with an expandable drug. >> the system was established for children to get the vaccination, keeps them safe, to keep their families safe. we know how things spread in school and to see beautiful pictures of children, some near tears getting shots, i was proud of the fact they were on tv. laura: gutfeld is next. >> you keep sending that garbage out but it is not true. >> the president comfortable with the department of justice settling with the individual? jillian: mixed messaging mess, the white house rushing to clarify president biden's comments on plans to dish out payment to settle illegal immigrants. the press team says he is fine with his justice department's. todd: taxpayers footing the bill will end up without a job after the holidays, the president's


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