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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 4, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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city, in the bathroom. >> rachel: everybody has to get the book and learn more about it. thank you, peter. "all-american christmas" is available at for preorder. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." we will be back tomorrow night. jesse watters is filling in for tucker tonight. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm jesse watters in for. the left still in a complete meltdown over glenn youngkin's win in virginia. they are accusing everyone who voted for him of being a tiki torch-carrying white supremacist. but first, donald trump became the nominee for president in mid-july 2016. just days later, a russian national living in this country made a claim that would upend
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donald trump's candidacy and eventually his presidency. it is a claim that change the course of u.s. politics for the next four years. the russian national, a man named igor dench and go, said he had just received a phone call proving that donald trump's campaign was conspiring with the russian government. the phone call supposedly came from u.s. citizen serving as president of the russian-american chamber of commerce. that alleged phone call became the central piece of evidence in the steele dossier, written by british ex-spy wrister for steel. that dossier in turn was a key piece of evidence in the fbi's warrant applications to spy on the trump campaign. supposedly secret warrant applications to the media and the russian collusion narrative began. in january, buzzfeed published the steele dossier online. they justified publishing the document by saying the fbi was supposedly taking it seriously. >> this document that is being
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fought over -- by the way, everybody except the public in a certain sense has seen, we have seen, and we don't have any special powers. we can see this, too, and we can deal with the fact that it is clearly labeled and out there, clearly labeled that some things in it are untrue, which is what we did. >> i get it. what you are saying is because famous people are gossiping about it and because other -- >> the president of the united states, garden-variety -- >> they gossip, too. >> not gossip, initial briefings, public documents under the freedom of information law. >> actually, in some sense it i. what you reported was not true. >> rachel: >> jesse: stuffer steel was working for an opposition research firm coldfusion gps, which was funded by the
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hillary clinton campaign. it stated that the trump campaign was working with hackers in the russian consulate in miami but there is no russian consulate in miami but for partisan reasons, media personalities looked over that and insisted the dossier was reliable. >> the allegations in the christopher steele dossier, and you went through the timeline very well a few moments ago, our stunning. >> there are substantial portions of what was in the steele dossier, which was a raw intelligence document that has indeed checked out. >> based on our own reporting and word from official sources, the dossier is far from bogus. >> i think we have to stop calling it the bogus dossier, increasingly it is the accurate dossier. >> jesse: thanks to an indictment from john durham, we know the truth. there was no leaked phone call from sue igor demchenko. he was not speaking to the head of the russian chamber of commerce about donald trump about anything at all.
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instead, according to today's indictment, the source of much of demchenko's information was a democratic party operative. and a former hillary clinton advisor. we can identify that clinton advisor tonight. his name is charles doland. in other words, hillary clinton's team was not just funding the steele dossier, they were effectively writing it, too. doland, by the way, has extensive connections to russia, closer than anybody on donald trump's team had from 2006 to 2014. for example, doland did p.r. work on behalf of the russian government and a russian energy company. according to durham's indictment, demchenko told doland he was working on "a project against trump." doland responded by saying he just received dirt on paul manafort, who was donald trump's campaign manager at the time from "a g.o.p. friend." it was all a lie. according to today's indictment,
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"doland later acknowledged to the fbi he never met with a g.o.p. friend in relation to this information he passed to demchenko, but rather fabricated the fact that the meeting and his communications with demchenko. throughout 2016, doland and other political operatives and fed lies. that one of demchenko's sources believe the aid would "take me to the state department if hillary wins." demchenko himself also lied about traveling to the moscow hotel in the summer of 2016. a trip where he supposedly gathered information about the infamous pee tape. danchenko lied about all of this to the fbi. so the big question is, how did danchenko's lies and all of his bogus conversations with these sources get into the steele dossier? who connected danchenko to
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christopher steele? well, the indictments as a member of the national security council named fiona hill first introduced danchenko to steele. if that name sounds familiar it is because fiona hill was one of the democratic party witnesses against donald trump in his first impeachment trial. now, she has popped up again as one of the key figures behind the steele dossier. that's either an incredible coincidence, or a sign that our national security establishment is even more corrupt than we thought it was. and it gets worse. the fbi, it turns out, knew for years that danchenko's sourcing was garbage. they included his claims in search warrant applications against the trump campaign, regardless, declassified footnotes from a doj inspector general report revealed the fbi suspected chris steele's dossier was part of an elaborate russian disinformation campaign. one of the footnotes said the bureau "did not have high confidence in the subset of
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steele's reporting and assessed of the referenced subset was part of a russian disinformation campaign to denigrate foreign relations. that related referred to former trump lawyer michael cohen. special counsel robert mueller couldn't find anything to support that claim, and cohen denied it, it was totally made up. terms indictment today makes it even more clear that the fbi knew the dossier was a scam. according to today's indictment, june 2017, fbi agents interviewed danchenko in virginia. agents asked danchenko about his contacts with the clinton aide charles dolan. danchenko lied and said he did not talk to dolan. the fbi agent documented at the time he knew it was a lie. but nothing happened. the fbi did not prosecute danchenko. robert mueller didn't even mention any of this in his report until today, until
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john durham's indictment. no one in the government did a thing. now danchenko faces five federal charges, including lying to the fbi to hide his conversations with dolan. and this could just be the beginning. we are learning a lot about the collusion hoax very quickly. weeks ago, john durham indicted dnc lawyer michael sussmann for lying to the fbi about a secret channel of communications between the trump organization and a russian bank. durham has also secured a guilty plea from an ex-fbi attorney who lied about the trump campaign's ties to russia. now, we are learning that hillary clinton allies gave information to hillary clinton contractor and laundered all of it into the fbi and the department of justice. more than four years after that fabricated july 26th phone call, some of these criminals are finally going to jail. kim strassel is a columnist with "the wall street journal" and she joins us.
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it's like we've been reporting for years but finally have it. all of the arrows turn right back and point at the clinton campaign. >> yep, that's right, jesse. you know, if you think about it, we should have called it the clinton dossier all along, but again, it took five years, and that is one of the remarkable things about this, and to really put it in perspective, you have to go back and remember that origin story, the one you played those clips of. we were told and it lasted for almost a year that we had this really credible former russian -- former british intelligence agent who provided incredible information to the u.s. government before and out of the goodness of his heart after he stumbled across this information on trump and russia collusion, he brought it to us. no, this was one of the biggest political cons in u.s. history, one that five years on we are only starting to get the real facts about, and i'm still waiting for everyone's apology
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who kept it going for all those years. >> jesse: i think you will be waiting for a long time, kimberly. so if i am john durham and i am prosecuting this hoax, this russian, danchenko, seems more like a middle man. he seems like the kind of guy you can lean on and flip, reduce his sentence he is looking at, and have him spill about who was really behind this thing, and i am honestly sure it is going to be a name in the clinton campaign that you and i are quite familiar with. am i wrong? >> [laughs] well, we honestly don't know, okay? but what is really clear, especially from the last two indictments, the enormous range of individuals that were involved in this, from people at the law firm representing the clinton campaign to folks that were activists out in the clinton campaign to these operatives at fusion gps, to folks that were working with the government. this was a really sprawling
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affair, and he has been laying that out in the course of indictments, which i would note are much more wholesome than they would have to be. he seems to want to get this information out. he is building a story so that people can understand what really happened, but he has left out there a long trail of people that he can potentially go after and bring into this and we will have to see where it goes next. >> jesse: we will keep following it. stephen miller was inside the white house during rush a gate, he is a former senior white house advisor and he joins us with his reaction. stephen, you must remember back in the day all of your colleagues wasting hours with depositions, spending countless dollars on lawyers and handing over all their devices. turns out they were being framed by their own countrymen and by their own government for being traitors. what was that like? >> well, you are correct, jesse.
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they were framed. they were framed by an unelected aristocracy known as the deep state, and most importantly of all, that deep state was trying to overthrow the elected president of the united states, donald trump. and this indictment brings it right to the doorstep of hillary clinton. it brings it right to the doorstep of the clinton campaign and the democrat party. and i hope that durham will investigate those links and i hope he will take hillary clinton four hours of questioning, and i hope that when republicans, if they do take back the majority, will call hillary and her senior aides up to capitol hill to decode this because this was a theft from the american people. they elected their president. his time, his energy, and that of his stats staffers, were stolen. thousands upon thousands of hours were stolen by rogue bureaucrats working in our intelligence services, in the fbi, and across the government to impose their will over the
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will of the american people. i am enraged, and i hope all decent americans are enraged at these discoveries. >> jesse: and you are pretty even keel guy, miller. i've never seen you this fired up and i think the audience would agree that the anger is justified. you talk about all these bureaucrats in the deep state -- fiona hill, miller. remember, she was involved in the impeachment, and now she was involved in putting two and two together with the russia hoax and the dossier. it just goes to show you, forget about the republicans taking back the house, next time republicans get in the white house, they have to clean house, because there is the sinister careerists that are doing everything they can to subvert the will of the american people. >> it is existential, jesse, for the survival of our democracy that the deep state to be cleaned out. it is a constitutional crisis
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that the president of the united states cannot fire at will government bureaucrats, including those working against the administration, working against the country. you have a situation here where you have the deep state, the dnc, colluding with russia to overthrow the trump presidency, and yet, because of our unconstitutional civil service laws, you can't even fire these people. it is a threat to american democracy. if this was happening in a foreign country, the state department would say it was a failed state. >> jesse: [laughs] we have a picture of this charles dolan guy, the one that gave the lies to the russians to put in the dossier. here he is with joe biden, we believe. so, we know joe was involved in the flynn takedown, and now look who he is talking to there. charles dolan, the guy that spread lies into the dossier with this russian double agent.
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[laughs] it's like -- >> and he -- >> jesse: stephen? >> yeah, i hope he is. certainly peter doocy wood. this guy that you are referring to come according to reports, he is as close as it gets with the clinton family and the clinton administration. he was the state director for the clinton campaign in the '90s. so you have a close confidant of hillary feeding information to a russian citizen to target the duly elected president of the united states. if i put this into a spy novel and i handed it to my publisher, they would say this is too incredible, could never happen in america, it's not believable, and yet it happened in america, to us, before our very eyes! >> jesse: and choi did. hopefully peter doocy is walking i can hit jen psaki or whoever is up at the podium height between the eyes. stephen miller, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> jesse: the left and the media keep claiming that critical race theory isn't real and they have attacked anybody opposed to it as a racist.
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one educator took your social media today, made a viral video debunking those claims. baths straight ahead theater but don't forget, during the break, you can unlock and stream all of tucker carlson's shows, including "patriot purge" free for 90 days, only at ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: after glenn youngkin's shocking win in virginia, the left does not engage in any reflection whatsoever and is instead accusing virginia voters, the people who just elected an african-american lieutenant governor, of being racist. >> and when he pushes talking points that are meant to flirt with and stoke white black lash, he does so in a coded way with dog initials about education. >> the racial animus that is teaming with the dog whistle messaging. >> racial language and dog whistles, quite frankly. >> some of it was dog whistled, right? some of it was dog whistle racism. >> horrible, racist, dog whistles from the g.o.p. >> dog whistling on education. i think all of this crt stuff is trumped up dog whistling. >> what rose to sort of a
5:22 pm
national conversation was the dog whistle. >> jesse: noticing they keep referring to dog whistles, but they never even say what they are talking about. shelby steele is the writer of the documentary "what killed michael brown," and he joins us with a reaction. so shall be, why won't they define and defend exactly what crt is? >> because they have no way to do it. they know that it is in opposition to america's commitment to racial harmony that has gone on now for 60-70 years, civil rights movement, the civil rights victories, equality in the sense, as individuals. all of that, that classical liberalism, they see as infringing on their power. if they can suspend that liberalism, then they have the
5:23 pm
power to dictate what goes on. you saw terry mcauliffe talking about one school that had 80% white teachers, we needed to change that, go in, disregard their rights and cut that down to 50%. well, it's that kind of cold, inhuman calculation as a pretext for racial harmony that is extremely destructive. and the reaction to it that we've seen in this current election is, by my lights, a wonderful thing. it is a return to the classic view of racial harmony, based on our connection and appreciation of each other as individuals, rather than strictly members of a race, members of a nationality, and ethnicity, and so forth. so these are all very divisive
5:24 pm
ways of thinking. >> jesse: such a brilliant point that you made. martin luther king, the civil rights movement, that was all about a color-blind society. that was about judging people not by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character, and this is against everything that that was about. this is about you are not born equal, people are born racist, evil are born oppressed, and as you said, that framework gives the left a pretext to seize power and then reengineer society, move people up, pull people down, rework the entire system, and it just takes away what is in our founding document, that all men are created equal. >> absolutely. that is burdensome as far as their concerns. they truly are offended by that, by this idea that we should be treated as individuals.
5:25 pm
they have, over the last -- since the '60s, gained enormous power, the power of the american laughter really is grounded in race. in the idea of america as a victimizing, oppressive nation, and that they then cast themselves as our redeemer is. they are going to lift us out of this shame, and as such, they need the power to socially engineer without worrying about whether they are being civilized or not. >> jesse: they are preying on white guilt, and i think for the first time in a long time, the race card backfired and didn't work. thank god for that. shelby steele, thank you. >> thank you. >> jesse: tony kennett is the science coordinator at the indianapolis school district in indiana and the author of chalkboard review. you may have seen his video making the rounds on the
5:26 pm
internet today. in the video, kennett response to claims from democrats that critical race theory isn't taught in schools, watch. >> we do have critical race theory and how we teach. we tell our teachers to treat students differently based on color. we tell our students that every problem as a result of white men and that everything western civilization built is racist. capitalism is a tool of white supremacy. those are straight out of kimberly crenshaw's writings, verbatim, the writings that formed the movement. this is in science, history, the arts, and it is not slowing down. >> jesse: tony kennett joins us now. you are saying -- yeah, they don't have crt 101 aftermath class, but what they do have is the entire crt infused in every single course and every single classroom throughout the curriculum, is that right? >> absolutely. there is this a very clever trick that a lot of administrators will pull. in education, the rhetorical things that consist of what
5:27 pm
learning. curriculum, which is what the students are learning, and then pedagogy, which is how it is taught. so we can officially tell parents, we are not teaching critical race theory. it is not an indiana academic standards, but all of a sudden, the classroom door shuts, and the teacher starts teaching through a lens of this race essentialism that pits students against each other based on their color. >> jesse: so give advice to parents out there. perhaps they don't know if crt is in the school that their kids are going to. how would they go about discovering it? and if it is infected in the school district where they live, what is their next step? >> well, the first thing you should be doing is talking to your kids teachers. so many of my parents had great conversations with me weekly on what was going on not just inside my classroom but inside the school. there is this very interesting myth by the left that all of the teachers are on the left, and the right believes that. a lot of teachers really just want to go in and teach and are happy to have discussions with parents. however, if you find that a
5:28 pm
teacher is being uncooperative. they are teaching things that really shouldn't be taught in the classroom. they are treating your kid different based on color, you have a responsibility to go to the principal and the superintendent, and if that doesn't work, you really should look into electing a much better school board that is going to serve your community based on merit, not on color. >> jesse: what kind of damage to the child's brain do something like crt do? >> oh, it is horrific. you get into high school courses where a teacher will open things up for discussion, and we see this in english class is a lot. they will talk about a piece of poetry are something that a writer has brought to bear, and then the teacher will portray it through a societal lens like critical race theory, and then provide this orwellian 2 minutes of hate, and then students will be expected to talk about things in the essay or in cases like manhattan, students will be expected to say things from home that were brought up in a very racist way, and all of the students are expected to participate in this, to chip in a little bit of progressive ideology, and it gets really sketchy really quickly for a kid
5:29 pm
that doesn't buy into the rest of the stuff. >> jesse: and they don't do this in math, do they? they can't bring crt into math, can they? >> oh, they sure can. they sure can. f know mathematics is a huge thing coming to indianapolis public schools. we just had a very large meeting about it and there is actually a program that is being developed with indiana university that would analyze how a teacher teaches, analyzing the scores the students, and then determine how racist a teacher is in teaching that math course. >> jesse: ethno- mathematics. thank you, tony, that was eye-opening. >> thank you. >> jesse: lieutenant commander thomas caldwell was wrongfully arrested in jail after the events of january 6th. even though he never entered the capital. thomas and his wife sharon join us next to share part of their story. during the break, you can unlock and stream all of tucker carlson's shows, including "patriot purge" free for 90 days, only a
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>> jesse: we have been showing you previews all week of a new series of episodes of "tucker carlson originals" called "patriot purge," a documentary that tells the truth of what happened on january 6th. all three episodes of "patriot purge" are now available to stream. you can watch for free at and also watch brand-new episodes of "tucker carlson today," featuring interviews that tie it all together. and one of those interviews, tucker spoke to a navy vet, lieutenant commander thomas caldwell and his wife, sharon. thomas caldwell never entered the capital on january 6th, but became a political prisoner anyway. and here is a part of that conversation. ♪ ♪ >> so, you didn't get bonded out, so how long did you spend in jail? >> well, 53 days altogether. 49 in solitary confinement.
5:36 pm
i think there solitary confinement cells were too crowded. that is a long time, especially in solitary confinement, and i can tell you a lot about that, if you're interested. it was really, really bad. >> tell us about it. i don't think most of our viewers have been in solitary confinement on false charges in their own country, so it is an unusual experience. >> i certainly hope that nobody ever has to go through that, but i tell people that i went to hell. it was hell. now, if you ask me, tucker, what is hell? people will say, well, there is fire and there is this and there is that. okay, i get that. here is what hell really is, okay? hell's isolation. there was no river of fire for me, okay? but i was isolated, and ice-cold air blowing on me 24 hours a
5:37 pm
day. i couldn't stop shivering from the whole time i was in there, and part of the thing about being in solitary confinement, it is supposed to be punishment. what the heck had i done? i haven't even been to trial for anything, but i was put in what amounts to a super max, with the most hardened criminals that they had in that particular facility, but there was a really -- it was kind of a situation where you were off-kilter. you didn't know if it was day or night. you didn't know what time it was. this prison i was put in, this was not a happy little prison like -- no, this was a concrete box. it was a coffin. i was in a concrete coffin with a huge steel door, and i was absolutely alone. what hell is is isolation, and
5:38 pm
its hopelessness, and you know, sometimes it is deathly quiet and hell. but sometimes, it is very, very loud. there is life, in a matter of speaking, going on around you, but you don't have any interface with people, and people are herd animals, one of the things you want to do is you want to be around people. the problems with this covid lockdown as people get tremendous anxiety when they are separated from their family and everything that they know, and we know that people commit suicide and this, that, and the other thing. this is terrible, this is terrible stuff, and don't think for a minute that people who are locked up in that hell don't think about those things. i shared with sharon the other day, one of the other things about this hell the height was in is you think about the english of the other people in the same situation you are in, in the middle of the night or the middle of the day, you could
5:39 pm
hear screams. screams echoing down the passageway of people that were either hurt or they were in anguish or something, and it was actually come absolutely, absolutely horrible. >> jesse: that was powerful right there. you can watch tucker's full interview with the caldwell's right now on fox nation. by the way, tucker has a brand-new store are found where you can get everything from tucker hunting and fishing gear, tactical boxes, new tucker carlson t-shirts. i've got some stuff. and much more. so go check it out, and just click on the shop. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> jesse: it has been reported that the white house is planning to give $450,000 to migrants who tried to enter this country illegally. there seems to be some confusion in the biden administration about that plan. fox news trace gallagher has the story. trace? >> jesse, the white house is trying to polish up another communications breakdown networking to convince us the president knew all about this plan. so listen to the exchange and decide for yourself if the president appears to be up to speed. watch. >> there were reports that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that might incentivize more people to come
5:46 pm
over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it's not true. >> so it is a garbage report? >> yeah. >> garbage tends to indicate a falsehood but the white house says the president is aware of the planet not only that, he supports it. watch. >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department of justice settling with individuals and families currently in litigation with the u.s. government. the doj to obviously speak more to that process. >> but even the liberal aclu says it appears the president may not have been fully briefed on the plan, and then reminds him he campaigned on it, "we respectfully remind president biden that he called these actions criminal in a debate with then-president trump and campaigned on remedying and rectifying the lawlessness of the trump administration. by the way, lawyers for the separated families reportedly save a settlement deal is nearly a done deal, which might be news to the president. >> jesse: i think it is.
5:47 pm
trace, thank you. matt walsh is the host of "the mat will show" and he joins us with reaction. you would think, matt, that of paying illegal immigrants reparations to the tune of about a mill for family might be something you want to tell the commander in chief before he takes questions from the press, right? >> you would think so. there is no better illustration of the fact that we have a barely sent into figurehead in office than this. he doesn't even have a head, it is really just a figure, a figurehead without the head. we hear so much about this and that as being a attack on democracy, the right to somehow undermining our institutions. how about the fact we don't actually know who is running the country? and the guy we have an office, there could be a plan like this, this significant and this harmful, he says it is garbage, and he is right about that, it is a garbage plan, that he doesn't even know about. i would think that is a pretty
5:48 pm
significant attack on our institution. >> jesse: this is not like designating a sea turtle in south florida for an endangered species list. this is pretty big, and wooden range of the entire country, rightfully, if it was ever put into action. do you know how much money 450 gs is? we give people whose sons were killed in action hundred thousand dollars, so this is over four times what we give people's families that were lost sons serving in the u.s. military. i don't even know how they come up with a number like that. >> that is a good way of putting it in perspective at another good way is the biden administration just announced starting january 4th they are going to start charging businesses $140,000 a pop per violation for employees who are not vaccinated. they are going to start taking money from american businesses and american families and putting businesses out of
5:49 pm
businesses, destroying businesses left and right, while they are handing $450,000 to illegals? is there going to be a litmus test to make sure they are vaccinated at least before they get those pavements? something tells me probably not. >> jesse: so if you have $600 in your bank account, they are going to look at that, but if you are an illegal with nothing in your bank account, they are going to put $450,000 in therefore breaking the law because that is what they did when they came here illegally. i've got some more numbers here. this is unbelievable. i kind of money that we are talking about for this reparations for illegals program, this could put 78,000 homeless people in a home for an entire year. >> well, homeless people -- if we are talking about americans, they don't care about americans, it's really a simple as that. the fact that this is going to obviously encourage more -- i can't think of a plan that would more directly encourage illegals
5:50 pm
to come. you come across and get $450,000? that is a feature, not a bug. they are trying to undermine our country and sovereignty, a direct result again on our country. >> jesse: just handing out winning lottery tickets for whoever crosses the border fastest. unbelievable. matt, thank you very much. we will be watching "the matt walsh show" around the corner. >> thanks a lot. >> jesse: studies show a new covid drug could reduce hospitalizations by half, already approved in the u.k., but not here. a whistle-blower may help delay its approval. that is next. don't forget, right now you can unlock and stream all of tucker carlson's shows, including "patriot purge" for free for 90 days. just go to ♪ ♪
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>> jesse: a new covid treatment pill reduces hospitalization or
5:56 pm
death from covid-19 by half. it's approved in the u.k. but not in the united states. it could have been released here but a career official in the department of health and human service opposed the pill development. democrats hailed him as a whistleblower. what is the truth? this is the former deputy secretary of health and human services. why did they block the development of this pill under trump? >> this was obviously a scientific and technical misjudgment on the part of the staff in rejecting the approval of the funds to advance the development of this drug? >> that's a grave enough problem right there. we could have had this drug months ago. it could have reduced hospitalization and death by up to 50%. it's a shame we did not have
5:57 pm
this months ago. if the money was committed early it could have advanced this. you saw what happened on warp speed. >> jesse: yesterday there were 1800 deaths in this country still from covid. have you saying this whistleblower, rick, was he instrumental in blocking funding for political purposes? >> well, you look back. his boss a doctor was right in the promise of this life saving drug. he turned it down. that's what the record says. dr. bright would have to take primary responsible for happened here unfortunately. it's at least a misjudgment. you see that merck and ridgeback
5:58 pm
just a couple of months later decided to fund this drug out of their own money. it's successful now in the u.k. and probably on the brink of authorization here in the united states. that was an error in judgment. that's bad enough. if you look beyond that, hopefully we are not seeing an example of politicized science where someone takes a jab at a particular project. i hope that's not what happened here. that's very dangerous for science and democracy. >> jesse: i agree. some of the reporting suggest it was political. this was around the time donald trump was touting the benefits of hydroxychloroquine, pills, anything remedy at the time. we were scrambling. the reporth suggests this bright guy didn't want to give donald
5:59 pm
trump any credit. -- didn't want to give him a talking point. we had action in the realm of pills and the realm -- this would be a magic pill cutting hospitalizations and deaths by half by taking a pill. this is not a vaccine. why would we try to deny a life saving treatment? would he do that just to deny the president of the united states a political talking point or a win? >> we have to hope any investigation into this finds out that's not the case. that this was just a simple case of a technical and scientific failure. they looked at the data and thought this is not something they could fund. >> jesse: there have been a lot of technical and scientific failures that keep piling up. it looks political to me. not all of them.
6:00 pm
thank you very much. we will continue to follow how this plays out. that's all for us tonight. all three episodes of tucker's investigation into the real events of january 6th are available now on fox nation. get 90 days free access right now. sean hannity is next. >> sean: jesse watters, thank you. welcome to "hannity." breaking tonight a bombshell new development in the durham probe. one of christopher steele's primary sources, in this case a russian analyst was indicted. what this could mean for hillary clinton. comey and other high level actors that pushed the russian collusion hoax for 5 years. durham may have figured this out. who should be worried tonight? we begin tonight with democrats


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