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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 4, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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coming your way tomorrow. it's friday tomorrow, by the way. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy starts right now again, four seconds. that's my hit time. four seconds early. >> rachel: thank you, bret. i will take it. >> bret: good night. >> rachel: good night. great show. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. over the last few weeks we have watched as thousands of federal, state and local government employees lost their jobs over joe biden's vaccine mandate. the impact has crippled our nation with staffing services decreased emergency services and a weakening economy. but tonight it gets worse. if you thought you were safe from the mandates, think again. joe biden will not stop until every last american is vaccinated the administration proving today that the threat biden made back in september was real. >> this is not about freedom or
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personal choice. it's about protecting yourself and those around you. so tonight, i'm announcing that the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. or show a negative test at least once a week. the bottom line, we're going to protect vaccinated workers from unvaccinated co-workers. >> rachel: believe it or not, joe biden is using osha to force all businesses with 100 employees or more to comply with the mandate by january 4th or face punitive fines of up to $14,000 per violation. now, the average business owner, even if he or she disagrees with the mandates will not be able to
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afford 10 or hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of fines. they have no choice but to fall into line. for employees, compliance means getting the shot or they will coerce you by making your life as miserable as possible. with mandatory testing that you may have to pay for out of your own pocket. in addition, only unvaccinated workers will be forced to wear a mask, which creates division and stigma in the workplace. thanks, osha. and there is zero science in doing this natural immunity isn't even being considered. think about how many people have already had covid. and at the same time, the government and big tech are suppressing information about the people who have suffered from adverse effects from the shot. just this week a doctor testified before a senate panel chaired by senator ron johnson. he says that he came down with transverse my lights after getting the vaccine. >> on december 30th of 2020 i
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received the first moderna covid vaccine without incident initially. approximately one week later, i recognized that my feet were numb, a sensation of pins and needles, move forward three or four days, i was sitting in a clinic room at work talking with a patient. i attempted just simply to stand from a setting position, i couldn't stand. i soon saw a neurologist, actually two to three days later who diagnosed with me with transverse my lights a lesion of my spinal cord. adverse events are real. i urge everyone to become open and transparent with covid vaccine data. >> rachel: he may actually lose his orthopedic surgeon career from that. this is why forcing people to get the vaccine without consulting with their doctors is absolute madness. this mandate is going to impact millions of hardworking americans with families, joe biden doesn't care.
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i personally have a member of my own family who is a single mother of four, she doesn't want to get vaccinated. and is trying to get a religious exemption. but she will probably just be fired. this is what we're dealing with here. the biden administration is making it almost impossible to be unvaccinated. and for what? look at the numbers. we are practically out of this pandemic. covid cases continue to decline. and they are half of what they were two months ago. mandates are simply not needed. and let's take a minute to consider the timing of these mandates. the biden administration initially eyed a december deadline for federal contractors. just weeks before christmas. they know how to sands, if not millions of people will lose their jobs because of this. it would hobble our already struggling economy. and ruin the holidays for families across the country. so, they just pushed it back a month. well, maybe that will help joe biden sleep a little better at night.
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but this authoritarianism will never end. unless freedom-loving americans fight back through civil disobedience like what we saw from the employees at southwest and american airlines. but we also need strong leaders that have the guts to speak out on our behalf and fight these unconstitutional mandates in court. it's our last recourse. florida governor ron desantis has been a tireless champion for our freedoms. and he is already leading the way. >> they do not have the authority to unilaterally impose this through an executive agency like osha. if you read what they are saying, they are saying this is an imminent danger, it's got to be an emergency rule. these people have been working this whole time. they have within working for a year and a half. nerve working. they announceds that they were going to do this in september it took them six weeks to write the rule and doesn't go into effect until january. so we are going to be challenging that i think this rule is absolutely going down. >> rachel: here now to respond
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dan bongino host of unfiltered on saturday night. dan, welcome to the show. your thoughts? >> thanks, rachel. well, number one, this is not about a vaccine. i can't emphasize this enough. i realize the segment is about a vaccine mandate. but this was never about a vaccine. keep in mind that sage guy you just watched that rotting bag of bones in the white house preaching about how wonderful the vaccine is and how it is going to protect you from the unvaccinated which he doesn't have any scientific today back up that his own cdc director has now refuted. he was the guy trashing the vaccine with his vice president kamala harris just nine, ten months ago telling people they wouldn't take it they didn't trust donald trump. please tell me what's changed since then. anyone? it was the same vaccine program. what's changed are purely the politics. you have to ask yourself why the push for the vaccine now after that and after you accurately stated cases are declining. so there is really no public
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health science reason to force this on people who may have antibodies from an actual infection or may suffer side effects. the reason is this is about the far left and their endless push towards socialism. yes that is right. socialism. and they know the way to get there is to collapse that last bastion of liberty which is the idea that you have sovereignty over your own body. once they disabuse you of that motion in their idea, that you have custody and you were the ward over your own body granted to you by god, all the rest is gone. listener, this has nothing to do with science. the science on this has not changed. may have evolved a little bit. it's the same vaccine they were trashing a year ago. this is all about them taking custody of you. one more thing, rachel, i heard the press secretary today during the briefing say we have the authority to do this. you don't have the authority to do squat. you get your power from us. it's consent of the governed. it's the power of the people. we give you authority. you don't give us a damn thing.
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this is our body. our skin. we're the wards of what goes into it. god gave us this body. it didn't give the bag of bones in the white house custody over a damn thing we do or inject into our body. she is full of crap. authority she has no authority to do this. they are making this up because they want to punish people and they want you to break down that last bit of body sovereignty all the other arguments are lost after that. >> rachel: amen to that, dan. you look at what happened last night in virginia. they must know it's going to hurt the economy, which is why they pushed the date back to january, because they don't want to have to deal with it happening around christmas. why would they do -- just from a political point of view, they know it's going to hurt them, the economy and that's going to hurt them politically. i mean, are they just that hell bent on what you just said before? >> rachel, because liberalism is a cult, it is now a religion. this is an act of faith. you could ask yourself this same question about crt. the polls were all over the
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place that black voters and minority voters are leaving the democrat party to go republican. and, yet, they doubled down telling everyone there is a ku klux klan member around the corner coming from you. it is a cult. these people are idiots. they are not smart. they know this is going to lead to mass economic dislocation. and probably some civil disobedience like they haven't seen. they push forward anyway. listen, i had a friend of mine on my radio show today steve, he had great point. elections are not going to fix this elections are great. get out and vote. you did a great thing in virginia and new jersey. i'm proud of everybody that did it. do you know what's going to fix this? when you understand the fact this is your country not theirs. we outnumber them, the consent of the governed matter and we revoke our consent. once you realize it we have the power not them. we take it back through mass disobedience. everything will change, i promise you. >> rachel: i agree 100 percent with that. i will tell you what's going to get people motivated is the fact
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that the cdc this week said that it is safe for our kids as young as 45 years old to get the pfizer vaccine. now, first of all, aside the fact that there have been no long-term studies on this which makes me as a mom very, very nervous. but i'm afraid that just by floating in this is going to toledo mandates. they are basically going to say your kids can't go to school unless they get a vaccine that has had no long-term studies. and for, which dan, may i just add, it's not medically necessary. by the way, the cdc says 40% of kids have already had covid is what they say. in their data. >> yeah, let me tell you something right now. all this bullshit out the window. pardon my language. you start messing with my kids, it's game time. do you understand? you think you saw an electoral tsunami on tuesday? there won't be a democrat left standing in office in 2022 you start screwing around with my kid. i can take a lot, rachel. i know you have a lot of kids
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yourself. you love your kids. me and you have been friends for a long time. you start toying with mama bear and papa bear, i'm telling you right now it's game time. we are not playing around. we can take a lot but don't you dare toy with my kids. i will make that decision for my kids when i am good and damn ready you can throw all this other crap out the window. this isn't politics. you are messing with people's kids. that is a red line they better not dare cross. >> rachel: absolutely. harsh words, dan. but i absolutely understand your passion on that and i stand with you as an american citizen and as a friend and fellow parent. dan, thank you for joining me tonight. coming up, the new lieutenant governor of virginia and rising star in the g.o.p. but the left thinks she is a tool of white supremacy. winsome sears will join news a moment. but, first, fauci fireworks on capitol hill. >> the pefdz points this coming
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♪ >> rachel: a new bombshell report claims back in 2016 two of fauci's employees cob fronted the ecohealth alliance over concerns that it was using taxpayer money to conduct gain of function research experiments on bat corona viruses at the wuhan lab. dr. peter daszak dr. fauci's friend and head of ecohealth denied those accusations he basically said mia, nothing to see here. and our government took his word for it. the rest is history. it's just the latest truth that anthony fauci and the national
4:18 pm
institutes of health knew that gain of function research was going on in wuhan and did nothing to stop it. now senator rand paul is accusing the disgraced doctor of trying to cover his tracks. >> so what you are doing is defining away gain of function research it doesn't exist because you changed the definition on the nih website. this is terrible and you're completely trying to escape the idea that we should do something about trying to prevent a pandemic from leaking from a lab. there's the preponderance of the evidence now points towards this coming from the lab and what have you done is changed the definition on your website to try to cover your as s basically. do you accept responsibility we are not going to get anywhere close to trying to prevent another lab leak of this dangerous sort of experiment? you won't admit that it's dangerous and for that lack of judgment i think it's time that you resign. >> here now to react mollie hemingway fox news contributor and author of rigged and congressman jim jordan and author of "do what you said"
4:19 pm
congressman, it appears as if this, you know, dr. fauci was lying to congress. how does he still have a job? >> well, he shouldn't. senator rand paul is exactly right. what needs to happen is peter daszak needs to testify. i have called for it "the washington post." when you have jim jordan and "the washington post" on the same page that tells you something serious is going on here. ecohealth got our tax dollars. did gain of function research research in wuhan, china, didn't report it as they were required to under the grant proposal and didn't report it for a long period of time and during that time they got $21 million. we need to have daszak under oath sitting right where dr. fauci was sitting, answering our questions. >> rachel: why don't we, congressman? why don't we? >> because the only people who don't want to get to the bottom of this are democrats in congress. i'm on the coronavirus select committee. i have asked it time and time again why don't you guys want to know how this started? after all, it's been used to infringe on our fundamental
4:20 pm
liberties for over a year. you had your whole first segment on that, a great segment. i would like to know and the folks i represent would like to know, no, no, no. the democrats. we can't figure out how this started when we all know it most likely started in a lab. >> rachel: yeah, mollie, these emails and so many other pieces of evidence that have been accumulating over the last year have proven that he had to have known, dr. fauci had to have known that our tax dollars were going, you know, getting laundered through ecohealth alliance but it was going to gain of function research. one of the things so interesting to me is that peter navarro who has a book called in trump's time has told me and he says in his book that -- because i had him on my podcast this past week. he says guess what, he never -- dr. fauci never told donald trump. he never told anyone in the white house about that and really tried to get everybody off the fence of the wuhan lab and to believe that this happened in a wet market. i mean, it's just outrageous. it almost feels, i don't know, treasonous. america needed to know what was
4:21 pm
going on at that moment. >> rachel, i agree. saying that he should lose his job is the very least that should happen to him when you think we needed to know what was going on so we could learn more about this global pandemic that would end up in the death of millions of people, the loss of trillions of dollars, the abridgement of all of our civil liberties, we needed to know immediately. and what the evidence shows is that dr. fauci knew and worked to cover up the reality that this had in almost all likelihood come out of the wuhan institute of virology that gain of function research played a role and that the u.s. had played a role even if you take his word that we didn't intend to. we needed to know these facts. and he worked so hard to keep us from knowing this information. i think loss of job is the very least that should happen to him. >> rachel: absolutely. >> rachel, if i could. january 30th, 2020, so over a year and a half ago, he gets an email, dr. fauci gets an email
4:22 pm
from dr. christian anderson, virus looks engineered. virus not consistent with evolutionary theory. that is a fancy way of saying this thing came from a lab. he was on notice from the get go. and for a year, mollie is exactly right. for a year he mislead not a few people in the white house but the entire country for aer year. i would like to him on the witness and dr. peter daszak on the witness stand to get to the truth. >> rachel: that's what should happen. he mislead the world. thank you molly and congressman jordan. up next, democrats have some explaining to do. how is this woman the face of white supremacy? we talked to virginia's brand new lieutenant governor elect winsome sears, next. ♪ is the part where all is lost and the hero searches for hope. then, a mysterious figure reminds her that she has the farmers home policy perk, guaranteed replacement cost. and that her home will be rebuilt, regardless of her limits or if the cost of materials has gone up.
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>> rachel: this week's victory not only a victory for virginians but a win for every parent in the country. a referendum on the loss of common sense coming from the democratic party. if you ask the mainstream media,
4:28 pm
it was a win for white supremacy. >> this is about the facts that a good chunk of voters out there are okay with white supremacy. they are dangerous. they are dangerous to our national security. because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism, eventually leads to the hard core stuff. >> rachel: americans are seeing right through the democrats' phony agenda. and they are seeing a group of diverse republican candidates offering real and patriotic solutions. take winsome sears who was just elected as the first black woman lieutenant governor of virginia. she is an immigrant and marine and artisan supporter much the second amendment. but democrats are trying to convince you that she is just a republican tool of white supremacy. but sears has a response. she joins me now. welcome lieutenant governor
4:29 pm
elect. how does that feel? >> well, i tell you, it's an interesting place to be because you know, when you grow up, you never think that this is where you will be. you want to help and here i am by the grace of god. >> rachel: before i get started, i have to tell you i saw your beautiful children around you. what was their reaction after you won? >> >> well, of course they were happy. but i have been here before. not on this scale. 20 years ago to the day i was elected as the delegate from the 90th district. although they were much younger. it was kind of, you know, sort of okay, mom won again. >> rachel: go mom. all right. well, listen, i think it's so interesting that they are attacking you. they are still trying to use it racist, white supremacy stuff. do they just think minorities are stupid if they gin race language and they, you know, scream trump and insurrection
4:30 pm
that we will just be really obedient and do what they want to do and vote democrat? >> you know, i really just leave them to the side because they, as i have said before, they really don't have any new ideas and solutions. i want to say directly to them listen, if you don't want to leave egypt, that's fine. let the rest of us go. i have been meeting with so many various constituencies as i have been traveling throughout the commonwealth. one of the last meetings i had was with a group of returning citizens. these are men and women who were formerly incarcerated. and they were mostly black. and i wanted to talk with them because i wanted to understand how can we help you to become more productive citizens, you know, the mommas and daddies that we need you to be, that your children need you to be, and that sort of thing. i tell you half of them ripped me up one side and down the other and then they said but you know we are going to vote for
4:31 pm
you. i said after you treated me like that? they said winsome, you are the only one who came. democrats don't care. and so this is what i'm talking about. >> rachel: you know, i think there's a lot of minorities who voted for the first time for republican in the last election. i think in the last presidential election. and i know coming from a family my dad was the first, you know, he came from a democrat family. he voted for the first time for a republican in ronald reagan. and he has never gone back. he has voted republican ever since. i think that's the fear that once you break that mold, right? you vote one time and start to look at the issues instead of feeling some sort of, you know, obligation to a party. that that's the fear democrats have. that once they break that mold that many of them voted for you. >> well, here's the thing. as i said before, who died and left you in charge of corralling the black vote?
4:32 pm
>> rachel: and latino vote. >> and the latino vote and now they are doing it to the asian voters as well. if you want to vote a certain way, then foregoodness sake, do that. but, the only thing -- we're talking about other countries that would do this to you where you want all the people to vote a certain way. they are called dictatorship. and tyranny. this is not what america is i met a woman from kenya she said winsome i came here with a suitcase and now i have a farm in culpeper and house in alexandria. this is what i talk about you do you as we like to see and let me be me. i'm not asking you let me be me. i'm going to be whoever i want to be because this is america we have liberty here. >> rachel: amen to that you american dream and inspired some people with your awesome
4:33 pm
election. thank you for being with me tonight. >> thank you. thank you for having me winsome come find out more about me. awesome. >> rachel: well some members of the left are doubling down on their woke ideologies others see the virginia race as a reckoning for the policy. >> stupid wokeness. all right? just don't look at virginia and new jersey. look at long island. look at buffalo. look at minneapolis. even look at seattle, washington. i mean, this defund the police lunacy, this take abraham lincoln's name off the schools, people see that. and it's just really has a suspect progressive effect. some of these people need to go awoke detox center or something. >> rachel: joining me now is golden, the author of the upcoming book.
4:34 pm
>> james carville does have a point. wokeness is putting democrats to sleep. they their electoral chances anyway across the country. because what you have a radicalism that can't be hidden from the american people anymore. and you have today, just today aoc w cialt wept on the launch pad that reason they lost too moderate. by all means please, go even further to the left and lose more elections and let's see what happens in 2022. >> rachel: what is the lesson officially for not just for democrats but for republicans from last night? >> well, the lessons for republicans well, they would be taking the wrong lesson away by the way as i heard some of the pundits say that this is proof that they should distance from trump that was the trump base that came out. be very clear about that.
4:35 pm
the second lesson they should take is to on mystic, be a happy warrior if you look at what happened in virginia, especially, you just had the lieutenant governor on. >> we have optimistic. >> we have positive thinking. the governor is the same way. he talked about the promise that virginia had for their children. he talked about educating, making virginia a place wanted to live never gave in to the negativism from the left that can only engage in name-calling. what he did was offer optimistic viewpoint for the people of virginia and it resonated. he also talked about the concerns of parents and these are real concerns and that resonated. what did he do when he came to down, what did joe biden do? they demonized parents. it didn't work. stay optimistic and stay on course and you will win
4:36 pm
elections. >> rachel: bo snerdley, thank you for joining us. >> you're quite welcome. >> rachel: all right. coming up joe biden liar in chief. why the president has once again been caught lying to the american people. this time about paying immigrant families hundreds of thousands of dollars. there's a different way to treat hiv. it's once-monthly injectable cabenuva. cabenuva is the only once-a-month, complete hiv treatment
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>> rachel: if joe biden has shown us anything in his long career it's that he is allergic to the truth. his days as a liar start way back in law school where he was found guilty of plagiarism when a law school faculty report dated december 1st, 1955 concluded that mr. biden had used five pages from a published law review article without quotation or attribution. and this incident was not the last time biden ripped someone off. just ask british politician will whose speech joe biden took word for word in 1988. but when all you know how to do is lie, you are not going to let a little truth get in your way as biden has made evident in his current role. remember when he said this last
4:42 pm
december about vaccines? >> no, i don't think it should be mandatory. i wouldn't demand it be mandatory. >> rachel: 10 months later we got this. >> the department of labor is developing an emergency rule to require all employers with 100 or more employees that together employ over 80 million workers to ensure their workforces are fully vaccinated. >> rachel: and that brings us to yesterday. where peter doocy pressed biden on the report his administration was going to pay illegal migrant families separated at the border $450,000 per person. >> it's not true. >> so it's a garbage report? >> yeah. that's not going to hand. >> rachel: but the aclu called biden out saying these payments will happen. so peter doocy pressed the white house again today. >> so who is right? >> the president is perfectly comfortable with the department
4:43 pm
of justice settling with the individuals and families who are currently in litigation with the u.s. government. >> rachel: so, it looks like biden was caught in yet another lie. but at the end of the day, it sounds like illegal migrants about to get a windfall of cash whether biden admits it or not. here now is border patrol chief rodney scott. welcome, chief. listen, i mean, there are hundreds of thousands of kids from foster care who were separated from their parents because their parents broke the law and they are also traumatized. how is the trauma from a child who is separated because their parent broke the laugh crossing our border any more traumatic? why do they get this windfall? what is going on here? >> this is ludicrous, anybody can file a lawsuit. there is no reason the federal government should be settling this lawsuit. it's exactly what you said. there was no separation policy. it was a prosecution policy.
4:44 pm
people broke the law, they were prosecuted and they don't get to take their kids to jail with them. what's going to happen next? people with duis they get paid as well? >> rachel: yeah, i mean we have seen these images by the way, rodney, of people throwing their, you know, the cartels throwing little kids over of the walls. we have seen kids abandoned in the dessert. it's been horrific to see. others are caught in sex trafficking. i'm just worried that this is going to incentivize parents in other countries to do something very irresponsible which is to bring their children on this journey. then, if they get caught and separated, then they get this money. it's like crime pays. >> yeah, i'm really worried about that. we talk about pushing pull factors. the whole message will never go out. it will be illegal aliens got paid $450,000 apiece after they got to the u.s. we can't handle this mass migration. it's a national security issue. we are talking about kids here. we are talking about money. but there are real threats
4:45 pm
coming into this country between the borders because the agents are simply overwhelmed. >> rachel: you talked to the border patrol all the time. you know the guys and women on the ground. and by the way, i think they're the greatest humanitarian force in the western hemisphere, they save people every single day who are out in the dessert or drowning in those rivers. what do they feel about this payout? what does it tell them and communicate to them about the value of the work they do? >> it's very demoralizing. it's very frustrating. they understand what it takes to identify trafficking of human beings. for example, we just had an illegal alien in florida that was arrested for murder. he snuck into the country by falsely claiming he was underaged kid. the agents getting of hundred kids a day crossing the border. they don't have the time to dig in and figure it out. and that's very frustrating because they want to preserve life. they want to preserve the safety
4:46 pm
on the border. they are there to serve. and when they feel like their hands are tied and they are just stuck processing people. they are going to get released. it's very demoralizing. >> rachel: we pray for those border patrol and all the good work they do. and we thank you for joining us today. rodney scott, thank you. >> thank you very much. >> rachel: okay. now, after the democrat beatdown on tuesday night, you think they would pull back on their unpopular agenda. instead nancy pelosi is doubling down as she pushes a socialist wish list on the house. but americans are already seeing their cost of living skyrocket like this family of nine. >> probably in june it was a dollar worth a dollar. now that dollar is worth about 70 cents. started seeing everything going up. groceries, gallon of milk 1.99. 2.79. gallon a week times four weeks that's a lot of money. >> rachel: instead of sympathizing with the struggling family, members of the media mocked them. cruelly. saying they were filling
4:47 pm
bathtubs with milk and labeling the family as unhealthy. instead of mockery, maybe the blue on bitter talk about how to lower the price of groceries. what can be done to help families like this let's ask new york congresswoman elise stefanik. welcome congresswoman. this story was so outrageous to me. that family was a family of nine. they have six adopted children. one in foster. two biological, all together they're the same size as my family but they are all older teenagers. so we use about six gallons of milk. they double that to 12. not unreasonable given the size of that family. and these blue check twitter liberals were so cruel and mean to this family that's clearly a good family doing work that maybe they should be doing to help foster kids. >> god bless this proud american family, rachel. we are so happy that they are making sure that their kids are healthy and drinking milk. in the north country and all
4:48 pm
across america, families love when their kids drink milk and to denigrate this family is outrageous it shows just how out of touch the mainstream media is with how these inflation prices are really hitting home in the heartland and hurting every single american family. this is as we are heading into the holiday season when we have special meals, turkey on thanksgiving. special meals over christmas time. they will be the most expensive holiday meals ever in our nation's history because of the skyrocketing inflation. shame on the media. i'm so proud to represent hardworking dairy farms in my district. and have the denigration, basically not only attacking this family but attacking our dairy products is absolutely outrageous. we proudly drink milk in the north country. we love our flavored milk and our whole milk. >> rachel: absolutely. tell me what's happening on the hill. i'm concerned you are talking about the inflation, they are pushing climate change. they are pushing more spending. both of those things are going to raise energy prices. you know, increase inflation. make, as you said, thanksgiving the most expensive in our
4:49 pm
nation's history. what is happening with that bill and what are republicans going to do? >> well, i have an update from the house floor, nancy pelosi was desperately whipping votes. she was twisting arms, trying to force her members to bring this massive socialist spending bill. this would be the largest tax increase in our nation's history. the largest spending bill in our nation's history. it's not just those top line numbers. it includes far left provisions like $100 billion towards illegal immigrants, mass amnesty? elimination of the bipartisan hyde protection. opening up taxpayer dollars being used to fund abortion? this is bad policy after bad policy. do you know what's worse, rachel? they are considering allowing us to vote, forcing us to vote tonight. so, yet again, similar to when they passed obamacare, they have thousands of pages, members have not read the bill. democrats are going to walk the plank, vote this n midnight in the dark of night. the american people are going to be caught paying the bill. this is as we have historic inflation. what is this going to do? it's not going to solve the
4:50 pm
problem. it's going to pour fuel on the fire. bad for america. all these democrats need to be fired next november. >> rachel: it's just hard to believe i brought this up earlier in the show, why are they doing this? it's just politically suicide, isn't it? >> well, tuesday should have been a wake-up call. we saw successes not just in virginia but in new jersey, new york, texas, seattle, minnesota. and instead of learning the lesson that they're woefully out of touch with the american people, they are doubling down and passing the most far left socialist policies in our nation's history. they are taking away the wrong lesson. they are not listening to the voters across america. republicans are. we are the party of families. we are the party of parents. we are the party of fiscal responsibility and we are going to run on that message and win on that message next november. >> rachel: i hope you continue to represent the good, hardworking people, the working class of america just like that beautiful family on that deserves an apology from every one of those elitist snobs who
4:51 pm
wrote mean messages on twitter. thank you elise. >> absolutely. >> rachel: congresswoman. thank you. still to come, peter doocy has been making a lot of headlines at the white house the last few days. but he is breaking to share his favorite christmas traditions inside the doocy household. stay with us. ♪ ♪ mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ do you take aspirin? plain aspirin could be hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind.
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principal. for all it's worth. ♪ ♪ >> rachel: here at fox we are so excited to kick off the christmas season and what better way to do that then with one of fox's favorite families, the doocys. you watched peter grow up on fox and his christmas mornings, and only takes that magic to the white house every single day, that is why my husband sean and i asked the doocys to be part of our new book highlighting the holiday tradition celebrated by our fox family. the book is called "all-american christmas," and in at least
4:57 pm
three share stories, photographs, and recipes from favorite fox news personalities. joining me to share some of his favorite family traditions as fox news white house correspondent peter doocy. peter, welcome. >> thank you, rachel, for having me. >> rachel: one thing i like that the doocys do a similar to what the duffys two, a staircase for christmas. we force our kids to sing away in a manger to remind them of the reason for the season. tell me about your traditions. many of our viewers i've seen you grow up on air. >> i promise we make a big effort to think of the reasons for the season. it is every man and young woman for themselves and you see it in this clip right there. that would have been one of the first ones. there i am. right there, and it is very important to win because you have to make sure santa came and if he did not come, you
4:58 pm
could holler back, mary and sally, my sisters, just go back to bed. we will try again later. >> rachel: go ahead. >> but that is our main tradition. we've got bad and now that we are older, something that started younger, something we look forward to now that we are older, my mom will always make sure to have all the stuff for me and my sisters to make gingerbread cookies and to decorate them, and there are no professional artists in the doocys family. but it's fun and we can compare and take pictures with our phones now and it is something we will always have and i hope someday i can do with my kids. the stairs, too. >> rachel: are there any new traditions now that you're starting your own family? >> so far -- last year was a little wacky because of covid so my now wife and i did christmas in quarantine at our place just outside washington, d.c., but our tradition was my parents
4:59 pm
have a cookbook, and my now wife and i went through and she made the stuff i ate when i was growing up. that i think is the start of a tradition. but i've only got one. i've been married for six months, so -- >> rachel: you are getting started. i sometimes text with your dad and all of our texts are about food, so i know there are great food in the doocy home. anything else you like to eat from the doocy holiday? >> i love my mom's pot roast and gingerbread cookies. >> rachel: you have one other tradition that i love about your dad and mom put in place. they said if you give a gift in the doocy home, you cannot put it in a gift bag, you have to hand wrap it and make your own cards, homemade. >> yes, so we've always had scotch tape around, just in case -- the only thing you need tape for anymore. i will just give a quick plug for the book, there is a story about this much younger white house correspondent. i think i was 7 or 8, at radio
5:00 pm
city, in the bathroom. >> rachel: everybody has to get the book and learn more about it. thank you, peter. "all-american christmas" is available at for preorder. thank you for watching "fox news primetime." we will be back tomorrow night. jesse watters is filling in for tucker tonight. ♪ ♪ >> jesse: good evening, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm jesse watters in for. the left still in a complete meltdown over glenn youngkin's win in virginia. they are accusing everyone who voted for him of being a tiki torch-carrying white supremacist. but first, donald trump became the nominee for president in mid-july 2016. just days later, a russian national living in this country made a claim that would upend


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