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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 4, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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until saturday. >> bret: do you know what time saturday? we have a weekend show? >> in the afternoon. 72 hours. a lot of people think if they have the votes they will pull the trigger. >> bret: the chad pergram doll would be a christmas hit. that will do it from here. >> i am greg gutfeld with judge jeanine and gerald o and jesse watters and dana perino. "the five." >> the democratic party in a comical chaos after a shellacking at the ballot box. like joe biden going upstairs they can't figure out how to go forward. the president not taking any
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blame. nancy pelosi opening to save face so she won't have to buy a new one. >> this is positive. there are more results we can produce so people understand. i was unhappy about not passing this last week. i thought that was eloquent but not enough i guess. we will pass both bills. >> after taking it on the chin democrats are trying to spread the blame. you see more finger pointing than in an issue of finger pointing weekly. >> it's a wake up call for all of us. >> i am concerned. i have talked about debt, inflation and the fallout we may have. >> this is not a center left or left country. we are center and if anything center right. >> the results show the limits of trying to run a 100% super
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modern campaign. that doesn't excite or energize the progressive base. >> james carville is shredding wokeness. >> it's this stupid wokeness. defund the police. take lincoln's name off the schools. people see that. it's just has a horrible effect. these people need to go to a woke detox center. >> jesse watters, the problem is, senator manchin said this is a wake up call. you can't wake up the woke because by definition they are already woke. they believe it's the people like manchin and the moderates
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who are unconscious. you can't have a wake up call with the woke. >> that's why it won't happen. the american people are out to dinner and we are starving. there is nothing on joe biden's menu that we can eat. anything for gas prices or inflation? no. but you would you like to hear the special counsel. >> -- specials. >> [laughing]. >> we have government run baby centers and that will be late because the kitchen is backed up. that's happening right now. they are saying the american people are upset because our agenda is not being passed fast enough. no, no, no. we don't like your agenda because that's not our agenda. our agenda is can you make our lives less expensive? make it less divisive? more convenient? no, they can't. we can give you a place to plug in your electric car.
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no one owns an electric car. remember bill clinton in '92 said we will end welfare as we know it. went hard left. gay in the military and carville was his top strategist because he can read a room. aoc is in this little queen's bubble. the social media bubble and doesn't have a clue what the country wants. manchin knows. he can read the room. manchin wants to give us what we want and aoc won't let us have it. >> manchin has a lot of rooms to read. >> [laughing]. >> speaking of division. that's the strategy. dana. the democratic party is like a co-host who buys everyone on
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the staff pizza to point out that the other co hosts did not buy the pizza. i am buying you pizza but they are not. she could have said go in together to buy the pis. >> would you like to pitch in? >> i don't know what you are talking about.zza. >> would you like to pitch in? >> i don't know what you are talking about. we congratulate our staff for the amazing ratings. >> it was not going to cost you anything just like this bill. it will cost you nothing. you get all of the benefits. that's how it works. i think the democrat are between a rock and a hard place. if they ignore the will of the voters that have just spoken that will be bad for them. but if they don't press forward they would have nothing to show their base.
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in a mid-terms election you need the base to turnout. i can see why somebody like aoc is trying to make this point. you didn't get enough people to turnout who care about the things you said you would run on. manchin has the health and well being the democratic party for generations to come. >> geraldo, yesterday you said it was not a big deal. to the democrats it's a big deal, right? >> i don't think so. >> [laughing]. >> when i was growing up, the 2 big parties, democrat and gop had liberals, mode moderates and conservatives on different levels. now they are all robots, clones. they follow in lock step to whatever the leader says. you have joe manchin who like liz cheney stands up for what
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they believe in. you may not like it but they are principled people. strip away the bs. all of this talk and drama and vote. there is no way manchin will vote for build back better. he won't get there. hates it. he's been looking a million ways to let them down easily because he likes the democrats. he is not one. he is not going there. there won't be a vote on build back better. if there is, he will go against it. and i would not be surprised if krysten sinema doesn't join him. they may win in the house but if the senate doesn't go there, the house might not either. this is the plot with the progressives who said you can't have infrastructure if we can't have build back better. they kept it hostage. they kidnapped the bipartisan infrastructure bill that would
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have given them bridges and tunnels because they wanted to jam that and then they lost. i think aoc is charming and once in a generation. but she ain't happening substantively. >> to geraldo's point, the democrats are electing the republicans by their policies? >> no question about it. did you say aoc was charming? >> [laughing]. >> i will look past that. the mom said who took the cookies? everybody took the kookies. -- cookies. it's all of their fault. they lost because they can't get along with each other. number 2 they are creating this agenda that americans are not high on. number 3, they are creating their own division and number 4 they can't see what they did so they will keep losing. they will continue to elect
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republicans. the real issue right now is what happened with this election? the thing that happened is not an indication of what will happen in 2022 and 2024 but they put together different parties interested in school and america and people are crossing party lines. pelosi said she will get both bills passed. manchin says not so fast and aoc saying way too moderate. they won't get them both passed. >> coming up, jesse and i will purchase puppies for ever member of the "the five" staff. >> [laughing]. >> democrats terrified about the gop becoming the party of
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ ♪ make me an angel ♪ ♪ ♪>> republicans declaring themselves the party of parents after tuesday's big win. it's terrifying democrats. the gop doing it by focussing on education, vowing to stop critical race theory from being taught in class rooms and a former obama campaign manager warns if liberals don't change the narrative it could be devastating going forward. >> we need to make sure that republicans in 2022 don't become is the party of parents. we are the ones that care about school funding. we are the ones that care about making sure parents can send their kids to school. they have jobs to go to. all of this. we need to own that agenda. we can't let it go. >> she is right about that.
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>> what? >> she is not right. >> no. >> let me finish. >> [laughing]. >> the white house responding to this fight over education by accusing republicans of lying. >> republicans are lying. they are not being honest about where we stand. they are trying to use our kids as a political football. they are talking about our kids when it's election season but won't vote for them when it matters. >> there is an air of desperation and panic in the sense they see they have to move the chess piece. >> this has been building for a while. the parents were afraid the democrats would never reopen schools. the teachers unions said they needed all of this money. they said well, teachers should get vaccines first and they can open the class rooms and still didn't want to open schools.
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then the critical race theory and wokism building over the years. education is like an umbrella for values and the culture. >> good point. >> the mcauliffe campaign gave the republicans an opening when he said parents should not tell teachers what to teach. that gave the republicans an opening and they ran with it. they will run with it across the country. it's not just happening in virginia. it's happening across the country. if it's not there yet, they want to stop it from getting there. the republicans have an opportunity to have education be the issue. why shouldn't it be? you have seen the test scores for middle school and high school students? >> they are a year and a half off. >> they have been going down for a long time. they want to add free community college when you can't graduate 60% of the people. and as taxpayers investing in
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young people, i am not a parent but want young people to succeed. if republicans do something different i am for it. >> judge jeanine you ran for office. 5 times. >> race is really. racism is real. >> sure in some situations. >> i won't trash my county. when i was d.a. i took care of it. if you went after somebody because of their race, i put in jail. there was no systemic racism in the criminal justice system. that woman talking about republicans stealing the issue and trying to be the party of children. you are darn right we are! the democrats are the ones who would not allow our kids to go
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to school. the russian and chinese kids went to school and the private schools were functioning. they are collecting money as dana said. they have not spent the other money. what is going on with the billion dollars that went to the schools? why shouldn't we be the party of students in we want to make sure they are not raised under marxist racist idealogy. >> you and are i blessed we have school choice. charter schools for our kids. what are you doing? and why? >> well, i am sending the twins to catholic school. then we have to pay someone off to get jesse junior into an elite prep school. >> [laughing]. >> i had to sell my portfolio
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to afford it. the democrats started a culture war they could not win. parents watched them on zoom and they tried to throw us in prison. look how that turned out. they turned into a tea party of parents. like pearl harbor another sneak attack. we will go state by state until we achieve unconditional surrender. like we war the won on christmas, another huge victory here. 2 wane reasons they can't win this war. most democrats are against this. do you think rich white democrats will get on nashville of it and say what critical race theory is.
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all white people are racist and are only successful because of white supremacy. do you think cuomo will say i am racist and i am successful because i am white. they don't believe that. they are afraid of their left wing plank. they just deny it. it doesn't exist. if you oppose something that doesn't exist you are racist. does that sound like a strategy to win the war. >> no. >> is it possible our colleague is exaggerating the menace that the critical race theory monster officers your children? >> you can't over-estimate the damage of the race obsession. crt is breaking it into warring factions of identity which is the opposite of a melting pot. america was based with different people working together. they want to split it apart. what they are doing with the
2:22 pm
children is worse. they are pith the children against the parents. billy, because you are white your parents are racists because they are white. parents know their child more than anything is not equipped to handled race or gender at that age. the people pushing this stuff are the same people who want to teach sex-ed to a fetus right before they aboater it. this obsession with race will distort it. >> slavery was real? >> yes, but it's over. our economy and our politics are obsessioned with race when we should be -- >> do you not believe in
2:23 pm
affirmative action? >> that has nothing to do with it. nothing at all. >> if race irrelevant? >> yes, stop grouping by identity. group individuals by their own specific traits. that's what america is, stupid. it's the melting pot, stupid. >> on that happy note. up next virginia's black lt. governor talks about the left's twisted narrative. >> ♪ ♪
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ prey woman ♪
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♪♪. >> virginia's new lt. governor winsome sears destroying the left's narrative after the media claimed racism is where republicans won. >> a good chunk of voters are okay with white supremacy. they are dangerous to our national security. stoking that kind of thought eventually leads to the hard-core stuff. >> serious the first female and woman of color elected to statewide office in virginia is hitting back. >> i am destroying all of the narratives about race. look at me! look at me. i am a heart beat away from the governorship in case anything happens to the governor. how are you going to tell me i am a victim? i wish joy reid would invite me on her show. let's see if she is a woman
2:29 pm
enough in a heart beat and we would have a real discussion without joy speaking about me behind my back. i ran against a white supremacist. get your facts straight. >> i would pay her to see her go on reid's show. >> we all would. >> i don't know if joy will book her. she needs the lt. governor to be a victim and she is not. that's why she is such a threat to the democrats. crt is on a stain on the legacy to martin luther king. he wanted a colorblind society. all joy reid wants to see is color and strip everything else out. you don't see grit, education or
2:30 pm
free will. they can't talk about it. >> it was like larry elder running for governor in california. he is an african-american but a white supremacist. she is jamaican but a white supremacist. that's just their term for republicans? >> as if electing a black female it a gateway drug to white supremacy. this is absurd. in mentoring there is a saying you need to see her to be her. when you are a little girl be exposed to different women executives. oh, i can do that. you think about all of the young black girls.
2:31 pm
watch winsome sears and say that's another thing i can aspire to. winsome sears is the attorney general who won they are replacing democrats who were accused of sexual abuse and wearing black face. it's winsome sears and the new attorney general were democrats, right now they would be calling them to run in 2024. two-thirds of the democrats won't want biden to run. >> geraldo, aoc and the squad has been silent about this historic win by winsome sears. they were asked about it and refused to comment. what does that tell you about them? >> blindfolds. they didn't see larry elder and look at tim scott. came up with a police formula much better than what the
2:32 pm
democrats offered. he is a black man who is very accomplished. their feeling is, i go back to their historic roles they play. their feeling is if you are not democrat, you are not black. that's really, really unfortunate. that's tragic. they have to get over it. >> it comes from the top, greg. that's what joe biden said. if you don't like me, you ain't black if you are an african-american. >> joy reid can't invite her on the show. she has to pretend she doesn't exist to protect their false narrative of white supremacy. if you see this person your whole things falls apart. what if they are right in one respect? there are white voters choosing white supremacy except they are rich white liberals voting in arlington and fairfax and voted for higher taxes and climate
2:33 pm
change and progressive education and anti-police reform. this is what white rich liberals can afford but the black working class can't. if they go out to the white working class they are going out to the black working class. they choose this amount of spending. they pretend they are doing well but they are hurting everybody because they shifted from class to race and can't get out of it. it's the rich white liberal who votes democrat who is the real racist. they are hurting the black worses class as they try to hurt the white working class. >> biden contradicted by his own white house after saying reports of paying migrants are garbage. mass general brigham.
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when you need some of the brightest minds in medicine, this is the only healthcare system in the country with five nationally ranked hospitals, including two world-renowned academic medical centers, in boston, where biotech innovates daily and our doctors teach at harvard medical school, and where the physicians doing the world-changing research are the ones providing care. there's only one mass general brigham.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ >> president biden is either lying or doesn't have a clue after claiming reports about giving massive payouts to illegal immigrants are fake news. >> do you think that might incent vise people to come over illegally? >> if you keep sending that garb an out, yeah. but it's not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> yes, $450,000 per family. >> yes separated under the last administration. >> the aclu says this plan is in the work and thinks biden might not be aware what have his own justice department is doing and his own white house is contradicting him. >> the president is comfortable
2:39 pm
with the department of justice settling with families in litigation with the u.s. government. what he was reacting to was the dollar figure that you mentioned yesterday. the reported figures are higher of anywhere where a settlement can land. >> big clean up job. >> i don't understand it. it makes me frustrated. as soon as this story broke or when the "wall street journal" called the white house and said would you like to comment? they said it's garbage. deal with it right then and not 5 days later and another 24 hours after the president said it was a garbage report. that number won't happen. $450,000 won't happen. is it $425,000? what is the figure? or have the president explain our situation and what the law
2:40 pm
says. there are a million things you can do. they let it sit out there for days and then get mad and call it a garbage report. >> and garland who wanted to put parents in prison is negotiating this deal? >> to be attorney general of the united states. >> yes. >> [laughing]. >> who wants to sick the fbi against parents because of crt in schools. the attorney general has the ability to settle lawsuits that are brought against the administration. they have been doing it. a unique part of this is by doing so they create policy precedents. when the next administration can say the attorney general did it in the last administration. this is just the policy of the white house. how is it that illegals can sue for a crime inflicted upon them when they are brought over by
2:41 pm
coyotes. kids are put --oo >> i know you don't believe that. that illegal immigrants have no rights to sue? >> illegal immigrants -- they have a right to sue. listen to what i am saying. for all of the wrongdoing that happens to them on the way here, they come here illegally and we give them food and shelter and everything else and they want to sue us for a crime we committed by separating them from a family member. then what happens is they collude with a friendly administration that wants to give money to illegals are not entitled to it. >> my blood is red. you may be offended by it.
2:42 pm
a person present in this country to whom a civil wrongs done, a tort, judge. these people have been wronged. i believe there should be a mitigation of the migrants coming in. i think the drones revealed how overwhelming the problem can be. you can't rip a kid from a parent and not expect liability. >> you are required to. let me in and give me food, shelter and clothing and healthcare and a job and i will sue you. >> [overlapping talking]. >> you may not like they are here, but they have civil rights. >> there are 2 administrations. the front office with the bumbling facade of joe biden and the back room the progressives
2:43 pm
turning up policies to remake america. once in a while someone will alert joe biden the people are stealing from him but he can't do anything because he doesn't have any power. that was the plan. to elect someone who was a genial moderate old white man. if younger show could see this he would crap his pants >> that's the third day in the row you mentioned that. i don't know if it's true. >> but that makes it funny. >> we will talk about that in a commercial break. maria carey going head-to-head with texas whether it's too early to play christmas music.
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>> ♪ ♪ ♪ all i want for christmas ♪ ♪ is you♪. >> i apologize for playing that song. it's the subject of our segment. is it too soon to play christmas tunes? a bar in texas fired up that
2:48 pm
debate by restricting patrons from playing mariah carey's song on the juke box. it will be skipped if played before december 1st and after december 1st only allowed one time tonight. the singer said this song can be played any time. we took a poll of viewers. 59% of our viewers said it's too soon. >> i am with the majority as usual. >> [laughing]. >> i am getting mentally prepared for thanksgiving. this is rushing the season. this is like some people wear shorts when it's february and it turns like 45. no! relax. not summer yet. same thing here. it's not christmas yet. >> what about you, greg?
2:49 pm
>> well, since christmas is the celebration of the birth of chist. what would jesus do? he would say stone the hell out of them if they play that music again. >> he was pro-stoning, jesus? >> he would be against christmas music this early. >> that was a favorite method of execution. >> i did the research, judge. looking at me and shaking her head. >> i am not talking about that. this is what i think. i think everybody is right but at the same time i think this bar should not limit people to playing it only once a nice. >> why? >> it's not right. juke boxes have a right to make money and spin. that's what i just did. >> the macy's thanksgiving parade is the beginning of the christmas season.
2:50 pm
i don't want to overstate how distasteful i find it. >> i look at my front door which is piled high with boxes from amazon. i have enough to worry about at christmas time. the song, i love mariah carey. >> did you ever hang out with her? >> i don't know. >> wow! >> yeah. >> yeah. >> but it's a nice song. >> no it's not. she is not a good singer. that stupid fluttery thing she does nauseates me. >> you would not hang out with mariah carey? >> i have better things to do. >> like what? >> oh, god. if i told you what i was doing tonight you would be so jealous. >> i am going to polo.
2:51 pm
>> there you go. >> i am glad we found the one person who he hasn't hung out. mariah carey. >> [laughing]. >> "one more thing" is up next. >> ♪ ♪ >> ♪ ♪ i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions. an asset more relevant than ever before. gold. your strategic advantage. bye mom.
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♪ ♪ >> greg: all right time for one more thing. let's do this. greg's alarming news. you know, i have multiple alarm systems. i'm wearing one right now. i'm always accidently settings it off at my house on my fortress in my basement. this is the best alarm system i have found. listen to it. [shouting]
2:56 pm
>> greg: is that great sound that's a frenchie. >> jesse: is that a dog? be. >> greg: i could listen to that for hours. >> geraldo: how is that endearing? >> jesse: in between just devouring delicious pizza that dana provided it the staff today, the producers thought that this would be a good one more thing. it stalls out at 16,000 feet. engine stalls just after a group of skydivers jump out and they try to make their way down the sky, the plane just whirling in their direction. almost catches them and the pilot did regain control. i mean, i wasn't as mesmerized by it as the producers were. >> they were suffering from post pizza nap. >> jesse: exactly. >> speaking of out of control. i will be hosting "tucker
2:57 pm
carlson tonight" at 8:00. hopefully it will go better than what we just saw there. >> greg: well done. well done. dana. >> dana: this pup is heading straight to the dog house. look what happened when they have above ground pool. sitting on top of it and the water flooded the entire yard. and everyone get out tail just wags. what? what's wrong? i'm hot and getting in this pool. >> greg: whoever is filming it would have stopped it. >> judge jeanine: they could have helped. >> greg: filming dogs doing dumb things than making the world a better place. >> doing a special on fox nation on dog doing bad things. that's what it's called. >> judge jeanine: did everybody know sweetest day of the yearly. not valentines, national candy day. so i called my friends at uncle
2:58 pm
jaseppe' and they have the very famous the judge jeanine apple but look at all the candy they brought. and we have been picking. there is like every candy under the sun. great. >> geraldo: put some back you know when you double dip. >> judge jeanine: they have chocolate. >> geraldo: i want that. >> judge jeanine: peppermint pattiys on a chocolate apple. >> greg: what were you going to do make plug for people and get free candy. >> judge jeanine: no we knew it was candy day we knew who to call uncle giuspeey's. >> >> geraldo: is it full-time for geraldo's news with geraldo? >> judge jeanine: yes i will eat candy. >> geraldo: i'm honored to host cops all access hit show on fox
2:59 pm
nation that is the companion show to cops which was run off the air in an epidemic of wokeness. fought its way back. fox courageously put it back. put it on fox nation where it is attracting millions of views. everyone is watching cops. you love cops. the blue is back. i'm proud to host it. and the founder of it, john langley of good friend of mine, he is a great guy. he put this on the air. kept it on the air. 30 odd seasons before it got run off. but, john, knowing that it was coming back on the air was an off road racer and racing in baha, california and tragically he died. sad story. you know, but his show lives on and his family, his son now fronts the show and it's, like i said. it's an honor to john. the patriot awards will be honoring the program. >> judge jeanine: cops today.
3:00 pm
>> geraldo: on cops jeanine pirro spectacular guest along with abby hornacek and tyrus and tom shillue, i would love to have you on with me. >> dana: geraldo, will i be the last person you ask? >> geraldo: you are not a coppy kind of person. you are so elegant. >> greg: i just want to be frisked. speaking of. hey, bret, how are you doing? >> bret: hey, greg. is everybody getting a cut of uncle guiseppy's or just the judge? good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier, gorgeous night in washington with the sun setting over the capitol breaking tonight it's not so gorgeous in that building over my shoulder. congressional democrats desperately trying to piece together enough of their own votes to pass president biden's massive tax and spend agenda in the wake of tuesday's major defeat of a once heavily favored nominee for governor of virginia, rather. the president's plan is divided into two two parts. it is


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