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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  November 4, 2021 12:00pm-1:00pm PDT

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sandra, extinction level events. >> sandra: save the music. time is up. thanks for joining us on "america reports." good to be with you john. >> john: you too. i am john roberts. the "story" starts right now with martha. see you tomorrow. >> martha: thank you very much. breaking news on the story the durham investigation is heating up and the question is where and to whom might it lead? today you have a third person indicted by the grand jury in the courtroom. we are waiting to see him enter or exit. igor danchenko is a russian. there say picture of the man who has been indicted. danchenko pedalled facts and
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rumors to christopher steele used by the fbi as substance for their warrants turning into a full-blown investigation against president trump. this is a fascinating development in this story. in moments senator lindsey graham who helped expose all of this when he was chairman of the senate judiciary committee. first griff jenkins live outside of the courthouse in virginia. what is going on in there? >> good afternoon. well, we know that 43-year-old russian native danchenko is schedule this hour in the federal courthouse behind me. arrested this morning by the fbi. a 39 page indictment. he is facing 5 count of making false statements some pertaining to company reports which were sources of information that
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danchenko provided to christopher steele. the former british intelligence official paid by democrats paid to visiting connections between donald trump and russia. it was used to secure government surveillance warrants against carter page. another focuses on false statements about a phone call that danchenko had with an alleged u.s. citizen who was a russian-american chamber of commerce president. the indictment partly reads. that during the phone call the person informed him in part about information that the company reports later described as demonstrating a well developed conspiracy of cooperation between the trump campaign. danchenko is the third person charged with lying to the fbi.
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the previous two kevin pleaded guilty in january and last month michael sussmann charged with making false statements to the fbi. his case is on-going. what this means, fox news contributor jonathan turley said this a moment ago. >> he doesn't strike me as an apex target. he is useful to perceive higher. he was used as a vehicle to get this information, the dossier which was used to get this information to the press. >> martha, our producer is inside the court room. if anyone comes out we will bring it to you. the big question is not only what is happening inside the court but where the
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investigation goes. the counsel's office said the investigation is on-going. >> martha: fascinating. thank you very much. former federal prosecutor andy mccarthy, a fox news contributor. obviously a lot of anticipation around this durham investigation and frustration it did not go faster. there are so many questions that arise now that there have been three indictments. jonathan turley just touched on something. he said danchenko doesn't strike me as the apex. meaning there is someone higher who they may be heading towards who may be a more central figure pedalling this stuff that turned out to be false about the trump campaign and any connections with russia to throw this election. one. people named and jonathan turley
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brought it up: who is the former democratic operative now turned pr executive who employed danchenko to work on this project, andy? >> well, we don't know that yet, martha. obviously he's accused of concealing the fact that he got a lot of information that he gave to steele for the dossier. it was from the democratic operative. on the other hand, he apparently made up information from a source that turned out to be false which is this head of the russian-american chamber of commerce. i think confirms what we thought this the sussmann indictment last month. durham has a theory that the russian trump collusion story was fabricated by the clinton
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campaign. i think they are looking at the campaign. as a prosecutor, if you were trying to make a big conspiracy charge that they deceived the court issuing these warrants, i am afraid danchenko is the kind of defendant who stops you go from getting higher. the theory is he is deceiving the government official. they go to the court with information they believe is true and it turns out they lied to him. to make a big conspiracy case you have to show that the government officials knew they were getting bad information and brought it to the court anyway. >> martha: still, isn't this embarrassing for the fbi and those officials who were seeking those fisa warrants? one thing that jumps out, two years and how many million
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dollars in the investigation? why didn't they find these individuals? why didn't they find sussmann and this pr executive and bring forth danchenko? where were they? >> that's a great question. another one that screams out from the indictment is the fbi didn't interview danchenko who turns out to be the main source of information for this dossier until january of 2017. they were in the fisa court in october of 2016. they are supposed to corroborate and verify the information before they go to the fisa court and use it to get surveillance eavesdropping warrants against the people they got against. people connected to the trump campaign. how do you not talk to the guy who is the main source before you go to court? how did it happen you are on your second 90-day warrant
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before you talk to this guy? marlth yes. -->> martha: yes, between sussmann and danchenko you have links to the campaign and people like sussmann who went to the fbi and said i have a juicy connection between trump and the russians. i am not working on anybody's behalf but he was working on behalf of the law firm working with the campaign. this pr executive who was a democratic operative. we need to know who this person is and where the investigation is going. if this person is really the center of this entire cooked up conspiracy theory that grabbed the attention and taxpayer dollars for years and years. andy, thank you very much. joining me now is senator lindsey graham former chairman of the judiciary committee.
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several things we want to talk about on the show today. tell me about your reaction to this latest durham investigation indictment. >> i tell you what, if i were fusion gps and christopher steele i would be worried. why does this matter? the carter page warrant was issued in september i believe of 2016. based on christopher steele dossier. everybody said that without the dossier there would not have been enough information to get a war not. -- warrant. before september 2016 there were concerns about the reliability. dossier but the russian sub-source tells the fbi this is made up and not reliable and it's bar talk.
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this is where criminal liability lies. i am not saying there is a conspiracy by the fbi to cook up all of this stuff. but i do believe the fbi with held from the court information. i find it hard to believe that the people who interviewed the russian sub-source in january and march and it was known that the dossier was unreliable that, didn't go up to the top. i am looking for people in the fbi that knew about the fraud of the dossier in january and march to come forward and say i told higher ups. they got a warrant in april of 2017, after the russian sub-source said it's a bunch of garbage. >> martha: yes. i can't help but think about the moment when james comey goes to president trump and says, the fbi is doing this investigation. boy, this is really ugly.
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the stuff they are learning. and puts it in front of him. then that leads to a whole cycle of stories printed in every newspaper and blogs around the nation. do you believe that there are questions for him to answer now knowing what we are learning about how many holes were in this stuff even at that point? >> he testified under oath and james comey had no idea what was going on with the investigation of the president-elect of the united states. he claimed not to know that the russian sub-source disavowed the reliability of the dossier. what is more disturbing in july they send over from the cia to the fbi concerns that hillary clinton may be using people in russia to create a false narrative about trump colluding with the russians. that was sent to comey and peter
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strzok and neither did a thing with it. this was before they got the first warrant. >> martha: a lot of questions about their motivation and whether they wanted to dig any further. digging into things is the job of the fbi. that's their job. we have a lot more to talk to you about. we will do that in a moment. moments ago speaker pelosi insisting we are preceding with legislation. senator graham will talk about the democrat's push post-election to get this jammed through. they may start to do it in the next 24 hours. that's next. homeowners. veteran newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year.
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>> martha: democrats stinging from election night and may have a vote tonight on the president's bill to transform america. there is a new sense of urgency that is undeniable to deliver on this agenda after a shellacking. senator lindsey graham is back with us. first chad pergram gets us up to speed on where it stands on the hill. >> house speaker nancy pelosi said tuesday was not a good night. she believes passing the infrastructure bill could have helped democrats across the country. the social spending bill is not right alt. yet. otherwise pelosi said have called for a vote. >> is it possible you might just
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vote on the infrastructure bill? >> no. >> [laughing]. >> build back better today what are the big hurdles to overcome? >> i will let you know as soon as i wish too. >> members are reviewing the bill. democrats released 1200 pages of new bill text on wednesday. >> this has gone on for more than 3 months. the argument is disingenuous we don't know what is in the bill. a magnifying glass was put on it. >> democrats stuffed paid leave in the bill and taxes on nicotine products. not all will survive in the senate. there could be a vote tonight on the social spending bill but moderate democrats want a final price tag before they vote. hoyer is not certain the bill has the votes just yet.
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>> martha: thank you. still counting. i think it's around 3400 pages if another 1200 were added to it. senator lindsey graham. 1200 is what they are dealing with right now. chad keeps us honest on the details. senator you voted in favor of the infrastructure bill. but you heard nancy pelosi there. she is many democrats are rattled by what happened on tuesday. they want to push together both bills and they want to do it quickly. what do you say? >> well, number 1, i heard somebody in the background say these bills have been looked at. the socialist spending bill. that's not true. it doesn't have a congressional budget office score. they claim it was almost 4 trillion dollars. here's the bottom line. there are 2 voices in nancy pelosi's ear.
12:20 pm
one is the squad saying you better pass this bill and this socialist agenda for america or we will turn on you. the other voice is the people from virginia, pennsylvania, minneapolis, buffalo, new york say week ago have had enough of this big government liberalism. i think she is more worried about the squad than listening to the results from tuesday night. these are purple and blue states. it's not like south carolina is telling you to take a pass and slow down. it's people in blue areas saying we have had enough of this spending, spending, spending and expanding the government. we are worried about inflation and this bill that socialist spending bill may they vote on tonight pours gasoline on inflation. any democrat who claims to be a moderate if you vote for the socialist spending packageac you will get your ass beat and you deserve it. >> martha: here's alexandria
12:21 pm
ocasio-cortez. she thinks what happened in virginia was just all the fault of playing everything too moderate. >> i think the results show the limits of trying to run a fully 100% super modern campaign that doesn't excite or energize a progressive base. >> [laughing]. >> martha: that's what she said. what do you say to her? >> i think she is the most tone deaf person in believe. -- in america. she believes something where he is almost blind. in minneapolis they voted to abolish the police department. the people said no. her candidate in buffalo, new york, was beat by a write in candidate. the president of the new jersey senate a long-time democrat got beat by a guy who spent $153.
12:22 pm
she thinks the problem is they are not liberal enough. if you listen to her and march to her tune, you will have a wipe out like you have never seen before. here's the really sad news. if you do what aoc wants the democratic party to do, you will hurt the economy and put a lot of people out of work and create inflation. never ending. >> martha: moody put out an analysis and said the new spending would support a stronger gop and jobs. >> that's a bunch of garbage. it will make inflation higher than it is tread. i don't mine working with democrats. if you pass this bill you will pour gasoline on the inflation fire and get your butt kicked in the next election because you are not listening to the people. you ignore the american people at your own peril. that's true for republicans and democrats and particularly for nancy pelosi.
12:23 pm
if you dance to the aoc tune, you are will get wiped out. >> martha: we will see what happens. senator, thank you. senator lindsey graham from south carolina. we are waiting for the press conference at the white house. we expect claireification that half a million dollars payments could go to immigrants whose families were separated at the border under the trump administration. the president told peter doocy that was garbage. but there was push back from the aclu. what is the white house going to say in answer to that question? dan crenshaw will join us next.
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>> ♪ ♪ >> martha: get more people vaccinated or prolong the pandemic. a new mandate requires companies with 100 employees to prove they are vaccinated or tested weekly. the deadline is january 4. madison reports. >> these rules will impact two-thirds of america's work
12:28 pm
force. today the labor department outlined the rules. under this requirement from the department of labor's occupational safety and health administration. companies with employees with over 100 workers have to be fully vaccinated by january 4th or be tested and the employees pays for those tests. if the company is noncom pliant. there are hefty fines. the first starts at $13,000 and goes up. and all healthcare workers will require to be vaccinated. that's another 17 million workers. they have no testing option. the rnc is promising to sue the
12:29 pm
biden administration over this overreach. the attorney general from florida said they will file a lawsuit with alabama and georgia. and over 3 dozen senate republicans announced they will use the congressional review act to block the new rule. >> we need to take them to court. everybody has to make their choice. we should stand up and sue legally and see if we can get the supreme court to say this is not american. >> this is coming at a time when companies are struggling to hire and retain employees with supply chain disruptions as well. the white house says these will help hiring and retention but the deadline is for after the busy holiday work season. >> martha: that's a great point.
12:30 pm
joining me now president and ceo of job creator's network who filed a suit against the biden administration in an attempt to block the mandate. what is your perspective on the impact of small businesses with mandate vaccines? >> it's huge. we talked to people across the country. this would have a massive impact in a negative fashion. the labor shortage and the inflation right now. this is the last thing small businesses need. we don't believe that the way the white house represented this as impacting the largest employers of our country is appropriate or accurate. businesses by 100 employees or
12:31 pm
less, 500 or less qualifies as a small business. this is for 100 employees or more. it's targeting small businesses and they can least afford this. that's our concern. within the past hour we pushed the go button this one. this is a massive impact. one question i have, i thought this was a massive emergency and had to be implemented right away. why delay until january 4? >> martha: what do you think that is? >> they wanted to make sure that it did not interrupt christmas. if it's an emergency, a holiday should not make a difference. our concern is there is no grave danger here that is really what osha needs to satisfy.
12:32 pm
we are approaching herd immunity. we have therapeutics increasing and the covid cases going down. the grave emergency is not there. covid is an important thing to tackle, but we don't believe that mandating the vaccines is appropriate nor is it constitutional. >> martha: what is your take on how they approach small business in general? >> it's sad. we believe that ever since the biden administration took over, there hasn't been one policy that we can point to that is actually there to help small businesses. the paycheck protection program started under the trump administration. that's not an idea original to the biden administration. we are disappointed in terms of how the white house is treating
12:33 pm
small businesses. they are the backbone of our country. two-thirds of new job growth is in small businesses. with this mandate they will be hard pressed to pay those fines or fees. secondly, the labor shortage it will create and compound what is already existing. it's going to be horrible. >> martha: we will jump over to the white house. they are talking about what you are talking about. >> the workplace is subject to requirements for follow contractors and other workplaces subject to the emergency temporary standards as you heard us say to make it easier for businesses and workers to comply. the administration is aligning the contractor deadline with the deadline for workers to receive their shots in the osha rules
12:34 pm
across all 3 requirements. workers will need to have their final shot no later than january 4, 2022. this ensures that federal contractors implement their requirements on the same timeline as other employers levelling the playing field. we believe more people will get vaccinated as a result of a clear and consistent deadline. osha clarified it will not afly its new rule to workplaces covered by either the cm s rule or the federal contractor vaccination requirement. we want to even the playing field. that's why we moved the december 8th deadline to january 4. >> the concerns about the supply chain and the possibility workers may quit because of these mandates? >> if you are asking if we think
12:35 pm
the rules will impact the spubl? no. -- the supply chain. no, vaccine requirements work. doctors have seen strong compliance. 99% at united airlines and houston methodist and 99.5% at rutgers visitor. tyson announced that 96% of its workers got vaccinated ahead of the deadline. this is an even playing field across all employers with 100 or more workers. as to vaccination requirements for federal workers and contractors, we have weeks to go. it's important to remember that the deadline is not a cliff. >> how confident is the white house this will hold up in court? >> well, we are pretty confident. the administration has the authority to protect workers and actions announced by the
12:36 pm
president are designed to save lives and stop the spread of covid. doj will define these laws. this is a once in a generation pandemic. it's taken more than 740,000 lives. that's what we are trying to do in this administration. to save lives. since you brought up the gop, i want to take a step back for a second and we have the legal authority. over 740,000 americans have died. people are sitting out. work force because of covid concerns. the worse disruptions businesses faced is their employees getting sick with covid. we have tools that we know work. these policies work. boost the vaccination rates and they protect workers and save american lives. the question that we always
12:37 pm
have, the republicans: where are they getting in the way of trying to protect and save lives? that's all we are trying to do. we have the authority to do that under osha to make sure employees are not in grave danger. this is with putting the pandemic behind us and making sure we continue to protect the lives of workers and the lives of americans. >> [overlapping talking]. >> [inaudible]. the president told the "new york times" nobody elected him to be fdr. they elected him to stop the chaos. >> i don't know if the president has seen that quote.
12:38 pm
it's been reported the way we see one of the best arguments for the build back better act is 17 nobel prize winners agree with will reduce inflationary pressures. that's important in the moment we are currently dealing with, this pandemic and get on the other side of that. the wall street analytics for moody said the same and put out another analysis with the build back better framework the president put out. build back better is fully paid for and will reduce the deficit over the long-term. we can't wait. zee to move forward and get this people. we have to invest in human
12:39 pm
infrastructure. parents have to pay for childcare. the tax credit cut child poverty guy 50%. and universal pre-k is popular with the american public. >> she is saying the president is trying to do too much too fast and bigger than what the voters wanted the president to do. does he agree with that? >> i will say this. the president has been talking about his build back better agenda for over a year. 81 million people voted a year ago to put this president where he is right now to make sure that we deliver for the american public. this was out there over a year ago. we are trying to make sure the president is trying to make sure that we continue the investment we started with the american rescue plan. we are in the middle of a pandemic. millions of people have left the
12:40 pm
work force including women. we need to make sure we have childcare and also climate change and do historic investment to tackle the climate change. this is not too much. this should have happened decades ago. it's been sometime since we invested in the american public. >> a quick follow-up. the moderate democrats want to see that before they vote for this legislation. the president did not agree that they could see that score? >> that's not what i am saying. i am saying we are doing our due diligence. we put out our numbers through the treasury blog to make sure people are aware of the revenue and how much this is going to raise. we think that's important. we are taking those steps as well.
12:41 pm
the jct is what i was just talking about. that's one part. i don't know the timing. it's something that happens in the house. here on our end, we are trying to make sure we put out as much information as we can and be as transparent as we can be. >> will the president stay in town if they haven't passed these 2 bills? >> i can't speak to the president's schedule. >> today has he spoken with lawmakers if not joe manchin? >> he is talking to members in congress today as he has been since he arrived from europe. i don't have any calls to predict. we keep calls private to the members he is calling. >> the moody report you are
12:42 pm
using to point out that economists are backing up the claims that it's paid for and will camp down inflation. it's a complex piece of legislation with lots of massive moving parts. organizing them would be difficult even among the best managed private companies. much of the new policy relates to addressing climate change. the last time we implemented a big bill, this president had an expression for it. there were implementation problems. what would this administration say about the preparations to implement this and ensuring the lawmakers and the american public it will roll out as
12:43 pm
preskibd -- prescribed in law? >> this is very important to the president. something he's worked on for over a year. we will do everything we can once this gets passed to make sure it's implemented and the american public gets the relief they need. the breathing room the president continues to talk about. this is important. this is going to change the lives of millions of americans. we will continue to make sure that we get that implemented in a way that is effective and gets to the american public. >> on immigration. we obtained a 9-page homeland security plan from july that would end the border policies with families with children by offering covid vaccines to all the adult family members. the plan was scratched because top white house officials
12:44 pm
expressed concerns as the delta variant spread. what would you say to critics of the administration immigration policy and medical officials say title 42 is junk science and even democrats are [inaudible] this administration's border policies? >> the disagreement within the administration, i won't respond to the gossip from here. that's not something we are going to do. every member of this administration -- >> that was a presidential appointee. i would not call it gossip. >> that's your opinion. every single member of this administration from the president on down is committed to building a fair and orderly immigration system. in a short period ever time. the biden administration continues to make considerable progress on turning the page and
12:45 pm
undoing the chaos. the cruelty and the misplaced priorities of the trump administration. our vision for immigration is road trip if ideas to address root causes and investing in the asylum process and creating a fair and orderly pathway. the previous administration separated families and wasted tax dollars and built an ineffective wall. we are trying to do it in a moral way and that will be the focus of this administration. >> [inaudible question]? >> i won't speak to. that we believe it's gossip. i won't speak to it. >> i asked president biden yesterday if he thought it would make a difference if his spending plan passed before the
12:46 pm
holidays. why didn't he call for a vote earlier? >> about the economy. >> when we met with house democrats last week why didn't he call for a vote on the infrastructure bill and nancy pelosi wanted it to happen. why didn't he call for a vote? >> i won't get into the private conversations. >> martha: we have lost audio. we will try to get it back. i want to bring in texas republican congressman dan crenshaw. and migrants families could get more money than families of
12:47 pm
fallen service members. you were listening along with us. what is your response to the response from the white house just now on this whole issue? >> well, they are all over the place whether it's about build back better agenda or illegal immigrants at the border. they are doing nothing. the only action they have taken are against border patrol agents who are doing their job. they are taking more action. they want to pay the people $450,000. to put this into context. it's worth noting if your family member is serving in our military gets killed in action in afghanistan or iraq or one of our wars, you would get $400,000 worth of insurance payment back to the families. they think the crimes of families separated by trump, they believe they are so extreme
12:48 pm
they deserve $450,000. to add more context. businesses in america under their new vaccine mandate could be find up to $130,000. under the build back better agenda, they want to give rich new yorkers a tax deduction of up to $30,000. this is the kind of priorities this administration has. they won't secure your border but will pay off illegal immigrants. give tax breaking news to rich donors and will force you to get your employees vaccinated. this is why virginia went the way it did. >> martha: to double back on this issue of reparations for people who crossed the border illy and families who were separated. she said they are working hard
12:49 pm
to reverse the cruelty of the prior administration. when the president was asked about it yesterday by peter doocy -- they just passed right over him. if he gets a question in he will take you back there. what is going on? the president said it was a garbage story. the press secretary referred to it in similar terms. is it true this administration is offering that money or not? >> it's true. the "wall street journal" doesn't get its reporting wrong. and the president of the aclu leading this lawsuit confirmed that yes, mr. biden, your justice department was doing this. we are considering this. they are saying that it matches the crime. i don't think that's true. ine if you believe they deserve some compensation, no reasonable
12:50 pm
person thinks that could be $450,000 for person and up to a million dollars per family. i don't think people think that's justice or humanitarian. illegal immigrants know they are doing something illegal. i am glad biden said it was nonsense. maybe he reverse it. it should be unpopular for him. he didn't know what is going on in the justice department. >> martha: we will see if he follows through. dan crenshaw, thank you very much. peter did ask a question. we have an audio problem. we will find out what happened there. senator rand paul and doctor anthony fauci battling about what happened in the wuhan lab and whether or not fauci was
12:51 pm
aware it. >> we don't get anywhere close to preventing another dangerous experiment. i think you should resign. >> we lve open all possibilities. it's more likely this was a natural occurrence. >> martha: the doctor who led the state department into the covid origins react to all of that next. veteran homeowners. newday usa has dropped their rates again. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. these rates could cut thousands off your mortgage payments every year. with their two and a quarter refi, there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. newday's holding the line on those low rates so every veteran family can save.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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12:56 pm
>> caused a virus that didn't exist in nature. it made nice sicker who had humanized cells. that's not gain of function research? >> according to the framework and guidelines -- >> you are defining away gain of function and saying it doesn't exist because you changed the definition. this is terrible. you are trying to escape the idea we should do something about trying to prevent a pandemic from leaking from the lab. there is a preponderance of the evidence to try to cover your ass. >> so let's bring in david asher, he led the state department task force that was busy looking into the origins of covid-19 and trying to find out the role of the chinese government. they were doing that under the
12:57 pm
trump administration. david, always good to have you with us. first, your reaction to that back and forth between senator paul today and dr. fauci? what did you think? >> it just adds to the impression that many of us have that there is really a type of covid cover-up going on inside the national institutes of health. this whole issue of gain of function research was essentially solved yesterday when the emails emerged from a group, the nih senior staff expressed concern in writing to eco-thaelt this was gain of function of research. eco-health assured them that it wasn't. i just found an email from peter -- of eco-health alliance saying, this is terrific. we're very happy to hear our
12:58 pm
gain of function ban research has been lifted. so here's the guy himself who runs the alliance acknowledging to the nih his gratitude for lifting the ban on gain of function research which dr. fauci said they weren't even allowing to happen. >> that's extraordinary. so i guess the next question is when is there going to be a subpoena for peter so he can be asked these questions about what kind of research his group was doing in the wuhan lab in conjunction with the bat doctor there? >> yes. it's really incredible that he's managed to escape any sort of legal account ability. the congressman, morris rogers from washington state issued a letter yesterday demanding follow up to a previous letter. it seems that the letters that members of congress write who have oversight control don't get answered, but freedom of information act and lawsuits from private foundations get answers. we're going to have to turn up
12:59 pm
the heat here one way or another because they are getting away with mass murder in effect at eco-health alliance and their work with china and it's not stopped. 23.4 million is going to them. >> we're going to continue our conversation next time. david, thank you very much, david asher, always good to have you with us. some breaking news, peter doocy finally got to ask his question about biden calling the reporter to migrants separated at the border under president trump garbage. that's what biden called that story and here's a piece of the exchange. watch this. >> this is coming from the last administration, cruel and inhumane and immoral policies against people. it's separating children from their families. 18 month olds, 2-year-olds, 5-year-olds from their families. that's how we got here is because of the last administration. this is what we're trying to deal with here in this
1:00 pm
administration. >> so that's not an answer as to whether or not they are planning to pay them that money. we'll stay on this story. peter doocy is on it at the white house. thank you for joining us, everybody, on this thursday, november 4, 2021. the story goes on. thank you for joining us and we look forward to seeing you back here tomorrow at 3:00. "your world" starts right now. have great evening. >> looking to pass those bills but in order to do so we have to have votes for both bills and that's where we're. >> neil: all right. i think what she's saying is get ready for lift-off. a busy day in washington. no matter how you view the contests in virginia and new jersey the spending scramble is on and nancy pelosi insisting it's paid for and then some but again the devil is in the details and what scorekeeper


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