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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 4, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> fox news alert as election reflection turns into a full-on blame game with president biden pointing fingers at everyone and everything except himself and his own party's big agenda. in virginia watch this. >> president biden: it should have passed before election day but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out and the red districts who were trump
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voters. people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs to a whole range of things. the cost of a gallon of gasoline. >> that's a long list of excuses. one thing he didn't mention was parents and their control over their school's curriculum which turned into a key issue in virginia. this is "outnumbered", i'm kayleigh mcenany and joined by fox nation host tomi lahren and ben ferguson. terry mccauliffe and president biden both made former president trump a central part of the campaign. we all know how that worked out for them. so our own peter doocy questioned the president about that strategy. >> when you went the try to help terry mccauliffe a couple weeks ago you mentioned trump 24 times. do you still think that voters
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really want to hear you talking about trump more than the issues affecting them every day? >> president biden: well, the reason i mentioned trump -- i didn't count the times -- because the issues he supports are affecting their lives every day and negative impact on their lives. >> 24 mentions of president trump and in 13 minutes. we put it all together. believe it. >> president biden: it's not the trump rally. i ran against donald trump. terry is running against an acolyte of donald trump. he embraced donald trump. he wanted to hear donald trump. donald trump, trump, trump. that's who donald trump is. donald trump. he endorses donald trump's bad ideas. donald trump, donald trump left office. trump, trump, donald trump,
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trump, trump. loyally to trump. is there a problem with trump being here? >> so that happened. ben, that's a fatal attraction like obsession biden has for trump. >> i have to tell you, this was the smartest move that joe biden could have made at the time. what else are you going to run on seriously? you can't run on energy independence, on yelling at parents calling them domestic terrorists all the time. you can't run on critical race theory. the only thing left for them the three options, donald trump sucks, you are a racist, or you are a domestic terrorist. therefore you should vote for us. there is nothing economically, not a single social issue they can run off of. when trump -- when joe biden went up there i got donald trump. i worked a year ago and i'll try it again. if that doesn't work anyone who doesn't agree with is racist or domestic terrorist. it didn't work well.
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>> president biden yesterday mentioned trump twice yesterday. he said trump's policies had a negative impact on the american people. historically low unemployment, higher wages, lower gas prices. i think what he meant to say is his own policies, the biden policies are having a negative impact. tomi look at the quinnipiac poll in october. look how negative and underwater biden is on every issue. down by 44 on the border and down by 21 as commander-in-chief. i think he meant to say himself, not trump. >> i think that president joe biden misses president donald trump as much as we all do and as much as the american people do and as much as the liberal media does frankly or maybe just donald trump's name is the only name joe biden can remember at this point. either way virginia and other states could only be so lucky to have a leader like donald trump.
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as you mentioned historically low unemployment. tax cut for 80% of america, secure border, of course, his tweets were mean but a lot of americans are looking at that now longing for the mean tweets and longing for lower gas prices. >> amen. >> they refuse to take credit for the horrible things they've done to our nation but the democrat 101 playbook. obama blamed bush for everything that went wrong and taking credit for everything that went right. they will continue to do it. they won't own up and take accountability. after this loss in virginia and this small red wave we've seen i do think democrats will distance themselves from joe biden. we just hope they distance themselves from the radical agenda so we don't suffer for the next 3 1/2 years. >> leave it to kamala harris to have her head in the sand. roll the tape. >> are there messages for the party heading into next year's elections? >> i will leave it to the pundits but i'll say this. we had great wins as well as
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what we talked about in virginia. i supported terry mccauliffe but i congratulate mr. youngkin and we will keep doing what we need to do on the issue of voting rights we'll keep fighting. >> they had great wins. >> harris: i live in new jersey. phil murphy was up 20 points before my kids started school this year. tie for most of the night tuesday night. so much so going into wednesday we were talking about the fact will we know by noon? and we didn't. i don't know what she means by big wins. squeaky closed, edged out. it works if you are with the nfl. his words came out of my mouth. so i really do believe in this instance that she is out of touch on what winning is.
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that's really bad news for democrats. if you can't figure out what winning is and what it really feels like and should be moving forward by talking about the issues that people want to talk about i don't know how you get out of the doldrums of losing. that's where they are now. looking at the numbers for the president where does she think she works? it's peanut butter all over anybody next to her. maybe that's why they haven't been seen together recently. but just to finish out this thought about winning. it's going the take more than fixing what broke in virginia and what broke and don't it twisted new jersey. a few more blue areas that hadn't quite turned red yet. a lot did, didn't they, ben? it will take more than that. >> look at new jersey. you had a million more registered democratic voters than republicans. it should have been a bloodbath. the fact that it wasn't and the
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fact they still don't know why is astounding to me. they genuinely don't get it. you took away american's rights and they showed up and were angry. >> as kamala is talking about the great wins let's look at what republicans are doing and put up the scroll. these are all the seats the nrcc as vulnerable seats for democrats. virginia, arizona, colorado, across the country, connecticut. they added a total of a dozen names near there that they are now targeting after tuesday night, emily. kamala can talk. this is what republicans are doing. >> reality matters and why the broad brush sort of talking points to make everyone feel better will absolutely fail for the democrat party. what they need to do is take this as the wake-up call it should be. they need to drill down in policy and address what real americans need. that being said i don't want to give them any more legs to stand on in the next election. >> harris: they won't listen
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anyway. >> this tone deaf failing to see the forest for the trees is par for the course. back on the whole president biden not seeing the reality and blaming everyone else to quote mariah carey why are you so obsessed with me? we've seen it the whole time. whose fault was the crisis that continues at the southern border. president trump. whose fault was the crisis in afghanistan where 13 service members lost their lives and americans remain stranded? that was president trump. whose fault were the mandates, that was the unvaccinated's fault. this president continues to blame everyone else but himself. to blame the average american for the situation at hand. for the restrictions, for the taking away of our freedoms and liberties and blame the past president for this administration's failures. >> kamala i totally agree doesn't know what winning is. we aren't winning now under the biden presidency. it is sad.
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>> harris: virginia's winsome sears is answering back after some on the left suggested that racism explains the gop's big wins on tuesday night. first we have former espn host jamele hill tweeting it's not the messaging, this country loves white supremacy and this
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from a host on msnbc. >> these republicans are dangerous, this isn't a party that's just another political party that disagrees on tax policy. that at this point they are dangerous. they are dangerous to our national security because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hard core stuff. >> harris: the first woman of color selected the statewide office in virginia fired back. >> we are framing too many issues in terms of race and it just continues to divide us and unfortunately politicians are using it as a tool because of the things that have happened to us historically to advance, i would think, their nefarious purposes. i wish joy reid would invite me on her show and let's see if she is woman enough to do that. she talks about white supremacy. does she know a ran against a
9:16 am
white supremacist? joy, come on, get your facts straight and then come talk to me. >> harris: tomi lahren that would mean reid would need to read. >> the left has to stop their obsession with race and stop using it to pit us against each other. this was supposed to be the party coming in in 2020 from unity but they have to be obsessed with race. the only thing they have in their tool box. something we all know the americans struggling right now are struggling regardless of their race, struggling regardless of their political affiliation. when you go to the gas station and prices of inflation are costing your family more each week and month it doesn't matter the color of your skin. you are suffering because you have a biden doctrine and a biden agenda not working for the american people. instead of recognizing that, instead of stepping aside and coming together as americans to fix problems for all americans, they have to use these wedge
9:17 am
issues of race to drive us further apart because there is nothing left in the tool box. i hope they learn their lesson as we see more people of color coming through the ranks in the conservative movement. i think they will have no choice but to have a day of reckoning with that. >> harris: the big things on winsome sear's resume having nothing to do with being a woman of color. she has a very compelling story coming from jetstream ache yeah and she served our military and grateful for her service to our nation and the only colors that matter there are red, white and blue. >> this is the part that i think democrats don't understand. republicans do not look at the color of someone's skin first and then decide if they'll vote for them or not. they look at the content of their character. they look at the resume. they look at what they've done over their life. when you look at the candidates, the republicans put up in virginia and i can say this as a white guy, you don't get any whiter than terry
9:18 am
mccauliffe. you don't get any more waspy and white and elitist than terry mccauliffe. give me a break, democrats, you took the most white candidate you could find in the candidate and you ran him. look at what they did in new jersey. same thing. they found the richest, whitest guy they could find and said vote for the rich white guy. republicans are picking their candidates based on the content of what they have believe in. based on what they have done as a body of work and that's what won in virginia. is it a bonus it shows the hypocrisy of the left? absolutely. i do hope that the democrats don't figure out that this race game is not working. i hope they stick with it. i hope they stay with it through the mid-terms and next presidential election. it will bring them all down. i hope they aren't smart enough to fix it. >> harris: they don't have a lot of time and we hope for the
9:19 am
country that things can get better. there is a lot of infighting in their own party over the woke virtue signaling behavior. you pointed out something, ben, that i want to talk about. the fact that both of these democrats in virginia and new jersey, one an incumbent. both of them had been previous governors of their state, right? murphy is still the incumbent. what does it tell you about the electorate? do you think throughout all the process -- they had a white democrat governor previously, northam, who had several incidents alleged he was dressing up in black face and racist. >> first of all it shows how poorly they performed because usually incuments have an advantage. a clear advantage. there in virginia it was overcome and in new jersey the
9:20 am
tightness of the race is what belied the fact that it wasn't a clear advantage and secondly i think because voters saw through, for example, mccauliffe's poor performance and saw reading and math proficiency plummet after he introduced politically education platforms and winsome sears and election that seems to be ignored by the left. remember that democrats refused to ever deviate from their playbook whether it's making everything about race or making everything about spending your money on ridiculous things and here it is like remember when larry elder in his campaign for california governor was egged by a person in a gorilla mask? did anyone call it out for the racist attack that it was? absolutely not. here winsome sears an accomplished veteran who served on the department of education and more has been ignored because any exception to the playbook that democrats have
9:21 am
will be absolutely ignored by the likes of jamele hill and beyond. final point, why the "wall street journal" pointed out the racial demagoguery failed. mccauliffe said youngkin ran a racist campaign. one of the writers for the "washington post" said the reason he will lose he has been tap dancing with white supremacy. their way back into power talking about the gop. they won their way back into power because of the issues. >> harris: who -- the point is to get people to come out and vote, right? who are they triggering to come out and vote and why didn't they? terry mccauliffe had years between the time he was governor and tried to do it again. was he not keeping up with everything the nation has been going through and out of touch? what's the deal? who is he triggering to come to the polls by shouting about trump and all these other things? what do they think about their own base? >> a brilliant question. they think it's what the base
9:22 am
wants to hear. maybe a small minority wants to hear it. they will double down on this playbook. it is a peculiar move. you have the negative, gloomy message of trump, trump, trump, we'll attack trump and call you white supremacists versus the rosey optimism of sers saying i'm the american dream and youngkin. i want to hold the office that thomas jefferson and what a contrast. optimism and dark, negative let's attack the last guy. it won't work. >> harris: i love how you put that, the oppositional nature of looking optimism and pessimism. can you come from double digit polling showing that you are lagging in your ideas and ability to be believed to be a leader in the public's eye, can you come from such a low place as president biden and help
9:23 am
lift your team in 2022? or are they out of time? >> i would say if that happens it's a miracle. no signs we've seen thus far point to that because they refuse to listen. youngkin won because he said i will listen to parents. sears won because it was vote for america. they are the unifyers. this president is the opposite. >> tyrants never listen. >> neither do democrats. >> harris: president denying his administration is planning to give hundreds of thousands of dollars to each illegal immigrant separated at the border under president trump. the aclu is pushing back hard suggesting the president might not even know exactly what's going on in his own justice department. we'll get into it.
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administration is going the pay out -- >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning the pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you guys keep sending out that garbage, yeah, but it is not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> president biden: yeah. >> the executive director of the aclu says the plan is in the works and perhaps the president isn't aware of what is going on in his justice department. he called these actions criminal in a debate with then president trump and campaigned on rectifying the lawlessness of the trump administration. we call on president biden to right the wrongs of this
9:29 am
national tragedy. what a communications disaster. >> absolutely, emotionally. it is inconceivable that the white house for an entire week would not comment on this report. think about this. the question is if this wasn't true, why not deny it. when you get a story in your inbox as press secretary if it is not true you deny it. the department of -- the doj didn't answer and hhs didn't answer. who didn't answer and who didn't deny the story? president biden doesn't know about it a week after it comes out? this is inconceivable. i don't believe it was garbage. detailed all the way for government lawyers threatening to resign. i don't believe in it is a garbage report. >> we keep encountering a pattern from this president where he either doesn't know, doesn't remember or isn't being honest with what he does know. he refers to it as a garbage
9:30 am
report because of the logo of the microphone being held by the reporter asking him the question. it was a wsj report and other outlets that picked it up. where do you think he is coming from? >> harris: his communications team are working against him. i guess what the nation needs to figure out is that on purpose or incompetence that's driving that? it is not good for the country. it is not good for the country for your president not to even know what his own policy would be on one of the more insidary topics of his presidency and one of the things he ran on oppositional to trump. not going to separate anybody or put people in detentions. you've seen more of it under his presidency in terms of the damage that people crossing into this country illegally and otherwise have suffered under a biden presidency far more so than the previous two. probably more than that if you take a look back. so for him not to intimately be
9:31 am
briefed on that particular topic in a week-long discussion apparently among his communicators for him, right. press secretary and the like. they have to decide they won't take questions on that and rebuff any reports. they have to make that a decision. we keep coming and then they don't prepare him? that seems unhelpful. >> at a minimum. it is such a great point. tomi, the president campaigned on rectifying the lawlessness of the last administration. it was exacerbated ten fold where we see compassion devolve to cruelty and he calls it garbage. which part of this is garbage? >> there is lawlessness at our border and garbage going on at our border under the biden administration. going back to the fact he doesn't know what's going on and doesn't know the pay-outs
9:32 am
that will be made shows who is really in charge here? i don't think it's joe biden. i don't know who is pulling his strings. i think the american people would like to know. it is coming out of our pocketbook. the democrats don't seem to care they will spend $450,000 per person separated at the border coming into our kun re illegal i. they don't seem the care to correct the story and be honest about the pay-outs that allegedly may be happening? let's make it clear also we owe illegal immigrants but a deportation notice and removal. the fact that biden doesn't know his own policies or how much we spend on the illegals, who is in charge? that's the next question peter doocy needs to ask. >> it takes the aclu position as gospel and serves to amplify it with everything where do you see this going? >> i'll say this. i'm not buying any of the white house response. i think they are lying.
9:33 am
i think biden is lying. i think they all knew about it for a week and only one thing changed. they got their brains beat on election night and realized how toxic this was. to pay illegal immigrants more than wounded -- people that lose their lives serving in our military? and to see that what happened on election night and realize how out of touch with reality they were? to claim you didn't know this, i don't believe it. i think he lied to the american people and the administration floated this idea for a week to see what the pushback would be and saw pushback on election night and said all right, mr. president. you act like you knew nothing about it because you are good at selling that story that you know nothing about what's going on and maybe they will believe it. maybe they'll believe it. >> exactly. the post said he is awake now. the hits keep on coming for the democrats as a republican truck
9:34 am
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9:39 am
upset, a string of them for democrats following their drubbing that they took in virginia and virginia governor phil murphy barely squeaked by. meet state senate elect who spent a little purpose $5,000 on his campaign and calls his win -- a little more than $5,000 on his campaign. >> i didn't beat them. we beat them. the state of new jersey. the people of new jersey beat them. they listened to what i had to say and i listened to what they had to say and it's a repudiation of governor murphy. governor murphy went and locked us down. ignored the people's voice. senator sweeney chose to do nothing for those 18 months and the people were angry. >> harris: what i noticed and
9:40 am
love about this story? it connects all of the veins all the way to the nexus of where people are now. supply chain crisis and a trucker beats you with $5,000 in a cobalt-blue state. >> ben: don't lock down their businesses and if you ruin people's lives and you don't listen to them while you're doing it, a truck driver can open up a can on you with $5,000. i've got to say. every candidate running for office should go back and look at how authentic this individual is. look at what he did. multiple nights a week he said i had gout, plantar's fasciitis, i went out and knocked on door after door sometime with one or two people. the most he ever had was 12 with him toward the end of his campaign. this man singlehandedly changed where he lives to do good for the people around him because he realized that people like
9:41 am
sweeney who raised $700,000 plus for his campaign were not listening to the people. knocked off a guy who had been in ofgs longer than anyone and did it with $5,000 and a truck. got bless that man. that's a hero to me. >> harris: democrats are sleeping on these topics are that are of concern to people. tomi, when i said the supply chain crisis, he's like in the middle of that particular crisis himself. we're all border states now because of the amount of fent nil that's coming across the border on the backs of people getting here illegally and used by the drug cartels. i don't know how that gets ignored. ed durr. he heard. >> tomi: this is not a republican or a democrat issue. this is an american issue. americans struggle with kitchen-table issues brought to us by the biden administration and democrats everywhere.
9:42 am
you will see these cropping up everywhere. what this victory says to me. two main points it tells me. it tells me that americans that are so frustrated with what's going on and they don't know what to do, they ask me how can we make a change. this goes to show you can step up, speak out and you can make a change. although donald trump is still very important to the america first platform it shows with donald trump not in the white house and donald trump not on facebook, we can still win even though he is not in power. two great things coming up for midterms. we're coming for our freedom and we're coming for the white house. >> harris: a nuanced look at the former president's influence in some places. the democrats are banking on that absence as you say, tomi. you know what else you make sure
9:43 am
you need you have? a crged smart phone. what ed durr's campaign did with this video. >> spent 20 years from trenton. higher taxes. increasing debt. and a rising cost of living. we deserve better. new jersey, it's time for a change. >> harris: kayleigh, is there anything you want me to capture here? >> this is amazing. thank you. look, what you just saw, ben hit the ball out of the park. authenticity. that's what trump gave us in 2016. he had never run for office. youngkin had never run for office. trump outspent by his primary opponents two to one. ed durr outspent enormous and beat a guy who had been there 20
9:44 am
years because of that one word. authenticity. >> harris: the word that comes to the mind. in the primary ed durr spent $152 and against a democrat he raised five grand. are republicans now going to have to start pumping cash in to places? i wondered about that in the governor's race in new jersey if they had put a little money behind jack ciattarelli people might have said i know jack. look what he did. what he made up. i'm not saying he didn't have any help. do they need to look at that? >> campy: if this is what they do with a weighted baseball bat, imagine what happens in the game. this is a wake-up call for the g.o.p. this is not just an election. hocan we seize upon this inertia. galvanize ordinary americans. how can we infuse the cash and help to dovetail on tomi's
9:45 am
point. this is about the ordinary american. saying i'm not going to stand for this any longer. he got in the race because he was denied a permit. $63 at dunkin' donuts, senator sweeney, the prior election he had won was the most expensive legislative race in history but this is what happens when an american steps up and he said by the way, he goes "i'm a numbers guy." only 32,000 people were voting for sweeney. these are numbers we can take. it was all about harnessing the inertia and showing ordinary americans what happens when we step up and stand up. >> harris: yeah. it's all really interesting and done let them tell youa democrats only had a couple of losses this week. you just have to pay attention to where the winds are because it can really catch on. we'll see what happens. we'll cover it as it does.
9:46 am
it seems meghan markle, speaking of things catching on, doesn't have enough to do because she's getting involved in american politics. she bombarded at least two republican senators on their private numbers. she got the digits then she called them and told them how she got those numbers. let's get into that and i want to know what's her political message. kim is now demonstrating her congestion. save it slimeball. i've upgraded to mucinex. we still have 12 hours to australia. mucinex lasts 12 hours, so i'm good. now move! kim, no! mucinex lasts 3x longer for 12 hours. wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation.
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it's tempting to see how far we've come. but it's only human... to know how far we have to go.
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>> congress democrats determined to move forward with their spending bill despite the outcome of tuesday's election. peter doocy with a live report at the top of the hour from the white house plus a south jersey truck driver named ed durr spent $5,000 on his overall campaign. does this reflect a change in attitude happening across the country? as we look at his win. former new jersey governor christine todd whitman joins us with reaction and senator rand paul. what does he think about a new
9:51 am
vaccine mandate for five-year-olds in california? a big two hours coming up. join john and me. "america reports" at the top of the hour. >> kayleigh: reports that meghan markle is cold-calling republican lawmakers using her royal title and urging them to vote in favor of leave. she called two on their private numbers. collins said i was happy to talk to her but i'm more interested in what people from maine are telling me about paid family leave. senator capito, it said caller i.d. blocked. i thought it was senator manchin. i said yes. she said "this is meghan. the duchess of sussex." i couldn't figure out how she got my number. the answer to the question is
9:52 am
senator gilllegrand r brand who confirmed she gave markle her colleague's private line. harris, is this the royal rendition of chasing kirstin cinema into the bathroom? >> harris: i think in some ways it might be worse because that was caught on camera. we can see and for the most part that was not proper. that's not a one-time visit to the bathroom. that's forever. you don't know who gillibrand or anybody else was giving out information to. these are private people. you have to approach them in a way that's appropriate. i'm not saying that the issue
9:53 am
isn't important but the main thing we know about her is that she was an actress. is she going to act like she's concerned about americans and paid leave or does she mean it? that matters too. >> the irony, emily, you and i were talking about she's calling anonymously. her number is blocked but she gets their numbers. get out of here. i don't give out a public work email without asking permission 50. >> emily: it's absolutely -- gillibrand needs to be reprimanded. i love what the senator from maine said. "i'll listen to what you have to say but what's more important are the ordinary americans." maybe meghan markle should call the democrat officials because those are the ones that lost touch with ordinary americans. >> kayleigh: is she trying to be ivanka trump? somebody who got things done on the issue was ivanka.
9:54 am
>> ben: i'm going to predict that you are going to see a documentary come out and these phone calls are going to be in it. i have a feeling that is all for the camera and she said, "senator, i need some help." that's my gut. it doesn't seem authentic. it seems creepy, if it is real that you are calling from a blocked number. i'm just saying, this is probably all an actress acting for the camera. >> more "outnumbered" in a moment. best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt.
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> santa claus is coming to town. fox news will be out with a new book from rachel and sean duffy. the duffy duo share their love of christmas and its message of
9:59 am
love, hope and peace. in addition the book features favorite christmas memories, gifts and recipes of many fox news stars including myself. >> emily: i would not call myself a star but i am included along with so many other anchors and we have photos for you from my chapter. the grand finale that included my special family recipes. my dog duchess. memories of my family. past christmas traditions and as always the ongoing debate between real or fake christmas trees. i'm joined by steve and peter doocy, jesse watters and so much more. you can pre-order on >> harris: i love this picture. duchess dressed up for the holidays. can you sign it? >> emily: i would love to. >> kayleigh: amazing, emily.
10:00 am
>> emily: i talk about the sicilian traditions in my family. nativity sets passed down from my mother's side. one of the most special things were the long conversations i had with my family discussing how much christmas means to us and discussing traditions and memories. thank you for listening, watching, and pre-ordering this book on thank you all. now here is "america reports." >> sandra: we look forward to reading your chapter, emily, more on that coming up. democrats going full steam with reports on vote on the massing spending bill. whether the party learned anything from the fierce message voters sent on election night. hello and welcome. i'm sandra smith in new york. john, hello. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. congratulation democrats determined to move on biden's legislation despi


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