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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 4, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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gray, i need to be in service, i need to help others out, so i really appreciate you guys. brian: you got it. yeah, i know you just helped a lot of people out. meanwhile, i have some good news. bill and dana are ready to carry the network in 5 seconds. i think they're out of the shower, they're ready to go. take it away, guys.
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he said people are upset about covid, schools, jobs, cost of a gallon of gasoline and the president wants to sign into law the build back better initiative. the social safety net package he wanted passed months ago. house speaker nancy pelosi planned to do so in september. >> president biden: people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things. from covid to school to jobs to a whole range of things. the cost of a gallon of gasoline. >> the president brushed off suggestions that passing his initiatives before tuesday's elections would have boosted terry mccauliffe to victory. >> president biden: i'm not sure i would have been able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in the red districts who
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were trump voters but maybe, maybe. i know we did but we also -- i was running against donald trump. >> in that interview last night with bret baier west virginia senator joe manchin said he is not on board completely with the white house and really just wants his progressive colleagues on the democratic side to slow down. >> take a breath. let's look at this. we are talking about major tax overhaul reform. talking about changing our energy policy and a whole social rearrangement. we're talking about $29 trillion of debt that we need to get our hands around and be responsible. >> nancy pelosi and her caucus full steam ahead to get things done as soon as possible. she said the election results in virginia don't change any minds as far as she is concerned but you can tell there is a sense of some disappointment from democrats. >> bill: thank you for that. our first report from the white house there. thank you.
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>> dana: team coverage continues. house gearing up for a vote as early as today on president biden's social spending plan. it could be an uphill struggle. far left is pushing for items on its agenda setting up another fight with moderates over who is calling the shots in the party. aishah hosni yesterday they were still adding things to the bill. >> that's right. you are exactly correct. it was only about 16 hours ago, dana, that more than 2,000 pages of this social spending bill were released. really not a lot of time for anyone to be able to really dig into this if the house really wants to go through and vote later tonight. now what we know so far about this massive bill is that it includes a number of progressive items. paid family leave, nicotine tax, billions in things like tree planting and equity. moderates are not happy. five other democrats sent a letter to pelosi yesterday laying out their concerns over
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the rush to complete this plan. among them congresswoman stephanie murphy who told us she needs time to review this and wants the cbo score to understand how much will actually be spent. how much revenue is actually in the package. and whether this bill can even survive the senate. moderates want to take action on the infrastructure bill. they want to do that now and blaming house progressives for holding that bill hostage to get the spending bill through. pelosi is reportedly open to voting and build back better first before the infrasfruk tour package. it appears democrats are ignoring tuesday's election results where progressive policies and candidates were rejected at the ballot box across the country. they're forging ahead to the delight of republicans. >> i think that's a bit disreading of the tea leaves. if you think you need to be more liberal, be my guest. >> the question of the hour is
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when can we expect a vote? the bill was sent to the rules committee for mark-up yesterday and not passed the rules yet. it could possibly bleed into late tonight or even friday. expect a lot more news, a lot morehead lines to come out in the next hour or so. senator graham is supposed to hold a press conference at 10:30 about tax credits benefiting unions -- 10:30 this morning and house speaker nancy pelosi has her daily briefing about 15 minutes after that. expect a lot more news to break in the next hour. >> dana: you will be very busy. >> very busy. >> bill: john thune republican south dakota. it appears the story from the democratic side they'll double down in the house for now. what does that tell you? >> i just think it's crazy. i think they are in a bubble now and not looking into what
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is happening around the country or listening to the voices of the people out there. the clear message coming out of the elections on tuesday night was there was a rejection, repudiation of this nanny state big government approach the democrats here in washington are taking. i don't know how you can conclude any other way. in virginia we saw historic victory, new jersey a close race but both cases i think it was a response to the biden agenda and the american people saying i don't want this. this isn't what i voted for. i think they are completely misinterpreting that message. i think they have to double down now. maybe they don't have any alternative because they have gotten themselves so extended but in the end the bill will be written by joe manchin and kyrsten sinema in the senate and we'll try to restrain the amount of reckless spending and reckless taxing and reckless amount of debt that is going to come with this if something
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eventually passes. >> dana: we have a picture of manchin and sinema and mcconnell and you on the senate floor. for a lot of people following this and hoping that it gets paired back or doesn't pass they're looking at these two senators in particular as basically the -- do you think they'll stand firm? >> they will probably end up voting for something but they have a lot of control over what that is. senator manchin's case a lot has to do with spending, how it's spent. sinema's case is how the revenue is raised and taxes that go toward it. they are right now a bullwark and continue to stand their ground. this is horrible, awful stuff for the country as a matter of sort of economic medicine. if you look at what is happening with inflation now. the worst thing you want to do
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is pile on more taxes, spending and more debt and yet at the same time i think they will be under so much pressure from their political left and leadership they will have to vote for something. i think they can really contain the amount of damage that can be done here and the political message again, the lesson coming from the other night and they get it. they understand that. but that far left that is the center of gravity that's calling the shots and is the tail wagging the dog right now among democrats here in washington is running the show and unfortunately for the country and for a few of these moderate democrats that's unfortunate i think what's going to happen. >> bill: two more quick questions. joe manchin said this morning on msnbc he said many things build back better are part of the law passed back in march in the american rescue plan the 1.9 trillion. is that true? >> it is. there is a whole bunch more money now. >> bill: there is a ton of cash
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out there for the programs that are in that bill. >> a ton of cash. if you look at what they are contemplating doing here there will be a lot of duplication, overlap and spending that's totally unnecessary. you look at the things funded in here. their argument is the reason people voted the way they did on tuesday night they don't know how good the bill is for them. i would argue they do know what's in it. tree equity, urban agriculture, tax credits for universities and colleges that offer courses in environmental justice. it is crazy left. the country understands that and why they are responding the way they are. >> dana: don't forget the $80 billion for the enforcement in i.r.s. and people are paying attention to that. apparently the duchess of sussex has been cold calling senators trying to convince
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them that paid family leave is what will make the difference for americans. some people might agree. whatever you think about her making these calls, making this pitch and do you think you will get a call? >> i don't expect a call. i don't think most americans will find the duchess relatable to their daily lives but yeah, she is making some calls. i told senator collins from maine who has heard from her that maybe she thinks because maine was one of the original 13 colonies she would be pro monarchy and listen to what she has to say. i'm not sure why any united states senator looking at this massive spending spree will care a lot about what the duchess has to say. nevertheless if she wants to weigh in it's a free country and it's part of our democracy. >> bill: there was a ton of analysis out there from all sides. james carville said this on pbs about wokeness in america. call for number three.
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>> stupid wokeness. don't just look at virginia and new jersey. look at long island, minneapolis, buffalo, seattle washington this defund the police lunacy, take abraham line con's name off the schools is having a suppressive effects. some of these democrats need to go to a woke detox center. >> dana: i don't under why he doesn't listen to them. nobody listens. >> bill: bret had a great interview with manchin and he popped up on cnn and msnbc earlier today. he said first on the issue of the economy and inflation he said let's wait and see if it's transitory. pushing this into the new year to give it time. on climate change he reminds us that china has 3,000 coal-fired plants and they have plans to build 500 more and the united states we have only 500 coal-fired plants.
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so if you will get a deal like that you have to get china to figure it out. >> dana: this is in "politico", a biden world friend. the white house political operation has clearly lost its way. the president won because democrats were making a strong disciplined affirmative case to voters. we're miles away from that now and they've seen the doubling down on the only thing they have left. they have gone so far left. they could make a course correction but doesn't sound like they're going to. this biden world person is not happy about it. >> bill: off to the world detox center we role. peter doocy, watch. >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000
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each. >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage outta, but it's not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> bill: so that is an official shoot down of that report that the president is considering these big pay-outs to migrants who cross the border illegally. that denial sparking outrage on the left and we'll explain that coming up shortly. >> dana: virginia's lieutenant governor he -- >> what was supposed to be an easy win for democrats in new jersey turned into a nail biter. a truck driver putting progressives on notice. >> you cannot tell people they can't have a job. you can't tell people they can't go to church. that's what was done. this was the people's voice being made heard clear and through all through new jersey.
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>> bill: breaking news happened late last night. a.p. projects that democrat phil murphy will be the winner just barely in new jersey's governor's race. not without controversy, however. the campaign for the republican candidate blasting the a.p. for making the call before all the votes were counted. alexis back on the story in hoboken, new jersey. what are you hearing from jack ciattarelli? >> he and his team say they aren't going to concede at this point. waiting for the latest exactly from them. they want all the votes in the state of new jersey to be counted and they want to make sure everybody takes their time in this governor's race. according to the a.p. as you mentioned just edging out the republican by 20,000 votes. not all of the counties have
6:21 am
reported election day totals yet. counties are still tabulating mail in and drop box ballots at this time that have to be inspected one-by-one and take longer to count than electronic ballots and these early votes only represent 3% of the state's more than 6.5 million registered voters. so a small percentage there. in his acceptance speech murphy touting his progressive accomplishments. >> in new jersey we know how to make forward work from the middle out and the bottom up. and we know how to move forward and accomplish big things. >> now ciattarelli's communications director the candidates separated by a fraction of a percent out of 2.4 million ballots cast it is irresponsible to make the call when the new jersey secretary of state doesn't know how many ballots are left to be counted. another big story we're watching now here in new jersey this republican edward durr
6:22 am
south jersey commercial truck driver currently leading the race against senate president steven sweeney who has been there quite some time. he only spent a fraction of what his opponent did could throw the new jersey legislature into lots of uncertainty. >> i call it is perfect storm so to speak because you had all these factors and then you add on top a governor who ignored the wishes of the people. >> new jersey doesn't have an automatic recount. both sides could request one. we'll wait to hear the latest on that. >> bill: apparently he will talk today. we'll wait for that. nice to see you in hoboken. >> dana: colin reid former spokesman for chris tris tee and colin. i want to put this on the board here. biden's margin in 2020 was plus 16 in new jersey. murphy margin as of today is .8.
6:23 am
the significance of this race in new jersey compare it to virginia? >> there was such a large amount of attention on virginia the new jersey race flu under the radar until the last moment and a lesson there probably is a wave brewing that will hit shore next year. two, candidates matter. phil murphy has been an underwhelming candidate. he has ignored the state's primary concerns, property taxes. the highest in the country in new jersey and callously dismissed concern about them. there was a lot missed in the polling about how people resented and rejected his handling of the pandemic. the pandemic headlines were focused on cuomo up north. murphy's handling of the pandemic wasn't great. the people most scared about this result now are the democratic u.s. representatives in the state of new jersey.
6:24 am
when nancy pelosi won back the majority in 2018 it went through new jersey and they will face races tougher next year than last time around. >> dana: the race is tighter that a lot of people thought it would be. it tightened in the last couple of weeks. should the swing district democrats be concerned with this kind of turnout especially? >> absolutely, dana. i'm a democrat and concerned all of our seats everywhere. i grew up in new jersey. as soon as my parents could they left the state because of taxes as soon as i graduated high school. jack ciattarelli focused on bread and bitter issues and we failed to make the case as democrats if you're concerned about salt it was a republican proposal in the 2017 tax bill. clearly we have a messaging issue as democrats and need to get the word out about the economy and the bread and butter issues. not just relegated to new jersey.
6:25 am
youngkin struck a cord with gas taxes with grocery taxes and things like that and we were talking about curriculum and other things and not focused on the issues at play affecting all americans. >> bill: let me ask you one more question and a last one for colin. when the president came out yesterday and took questions about the results he basically said it is not me, we just need to do more and we have to pass all these bills and that is full steam ahead on crown capitol hill. they were trying to force this through. >> one of the provisions is that salt compromise with senator sanders and menendez from new jersey. that's the take away for democrats. we need to pass the bills and make the case to the american people. i think we failed to make the case with the american rescue package. hiring teachers and police officers as part of that in terms of direct support to state and local governments. cutting childhood poverty in half because of that bill. we have a messaging issue in this country.
6:26 am
>> dana: well, that might be. we'll see. colin. tell me about your thoughts about this new jersey state senate candidate truck driver really giving them a run for their money. possibly changing some things. watch him last night with rachel. >> i didn't beat him, we beat them. the state of new jersey, the people of new jersey beat him. they listened to what i had to say and i listened to what they had to say and it is a repudiation of governor murphy. governor murphy went and locked us down and ignored the people's voice. >> dana: this guy ed durr, amazing american. your thoughts on his accomplishment here. >> the democrat he toppled is a legend in that state. state senate president for many years. many thought he had his eye on the governor's office down the road. he was looking at the next race before the first one. took his eye off the ball.
6:27 am
on this salt issue i know the house democrats will want to try to pass something on this so they have something to show the voters. america's most famous democratic socialist from vermont has stood in the way. it puts the dems in a tough spot if you are out there defending a tax cut for the highest earners in the state it repudiates all they are trying to do on their message trying to make people pay their fair share. i have a hard time seeing how the democrats do anything on salt. >> dana: millionaire socialist my favorite phrase of the day. >> bill: virginia lieutenant governor elect showing she is a force to be reckoned with. she is calling out joy reid challenging her to speak directly to her after reid described republicans in fiery terms. first from reid tuesday night. >> you have to be willing to vocalize these republicans are dangerous. this isn't a party that's just
6:28 am
another political party that disagrees on tax policy. at this point they're dangerous to our national security. >> bill: well, sears is a trailblazer in virginia and wasted no time throwing down the gauntlet back at reid with martha, watch. >> i wish joy reid would invite me on her show. i would go in a heartbeat and have a real discussion without joy speaking about me behind my back if you will. she talks about white supremey. does she know i ran against a white supremacist? joy, get your facts straight and then come talk to me. >> dana: i hope it happens. it would be good for everybody. >> bill: she was from jamaica with her dad and joined the marines before she was a u.s. citizen. really impressive. >> dana: fox news is live at the border speakering exclusively to a group of people from virginia who made it to the american side of the rio grande.
6:29 am
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this is a va mortgage rate watch from newday usa. while national mortgage rates are starting to climb, newday is holding the line at two and a quarter percent,
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2.48 apr. so every veteran home owner can save. >> bill: president biden made news yesterday denying reports his administration is considering payments to migrants separated at the border three years ago t.q and a yesterday with peter doocy. >> do you think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally. >> if you guys keep sending that gar acknowledge out but it is not true. >> the aclu turjd white house to right the wrongs of national tragedy. they say the president is wrong about his comments. >> dana: a little more subtle. they said the president might not have been fully briefed which means he doesn't know what he is talking about. >> bill: is there wiggle room? maybe 250,000? >> dana: they're having conversations and they realize
6:35 am
the backlash. there will be backlash against this. the president is putting down a marker but seems to me the white house already had conversations with the justice department who maybe will say it would cost us more if we try to settle the cases or not settle. also meantime the u.s. seeing record number of people from venezuela crossing the southern border eight months after vice president harris pledged to look at the root causes of migration. we spoke to one family who came to the united states yesterday and joins us live from del rio, texas, good morning, steve. >> you can stand here and watch group after group cross behind me cross the rio grande here in del rio, texas. it is an organized business. the people who come over in the morning and early hours when that water is low pay about $700 apiece for that 20-minute crossing. people who come over late in the day when the water is up pay up to $900 a piece. a group can be worth 8,000 to 10,000 people. people later in the day lock
6:36 am
arms and hold bags over their heads to try to make it and often the human trafficker will take a picture on the shore here to prove to his bosses that he made the delivery much in the way an amazon driver might photograph a package on a doorstep. these are human packages. almost everyone we spoke to over the past three days has been from venezuela. they fly into mexico. if they have the money they take buses north. if they don't they walk for sometimes weeks at a time and many tell us they are exhausted. >> travel to mexico with -- [inaudible]. difficult for us. >> it really seems to be a regular process often u.s. officers are right at the shore and out of humanity they point out where to step. the bank is steep. they wait while people change clothes and get into vans to be processed. the last group through say they
6:37 am
have relatives in south carolina and expect to be on their way there within 24 hours. >> dana: that's why they keep coming. thank you. >> bill: permission has been granted from the f.d.a. to allow kids starting at the age of 5 to get the pfizer vaccine. dr. marc siegel is here on that. good morning to you. i think your piece in usa today is very interesting. the title covid vaccines are safe for kids but we need to prioritize high-risk children. you agree with this decision. why? >> first of all, 17 members of the fda advisory committee voted yes. i spoke to several of them including two of them who and one more conservative. they all voted yes. why? the vaccine at that 1/3 dose looks to be 90% effective and safety excellent. some parents will say safety in 1600 kids.
6:38 am
i want to see what it is in 100,000 kids and why my opinion. my opinion is let's give it to kids where we know -- this is a medical term and use it in the doctor's office all time, the word is cost-benefit analysis. what it means. i know a kid at high risk with an underlying condition, diabetes, cancer, i know they are much worse off with covid even though covid tends to affect kids more mildly. they are much more likely to be hospitalized if they have those conditions. they need the vaccine first. >> bill: the panel voted 17-0. based on a question whether or not they would give the vaccine to their child or young child. my barometer has been to rely on people like you asking whether or not you would take the shot. from the very beginning you were in on this so the fact it went 17-0 says something about
6:39 am
it. >> bill, i gave the shot to my 16-year-old and it was first available for 16-year-olds. he was at the front of the line. he has medical issues and at the front of the line and couldn't wait to get it. i gave him a booster. a huge proponent of the vaccine. i think every kid in america between 5 and 11 should have it. kids getting over covid counts to me like a shot. we have to factor in immunity that you get from getting over covid. i don't want to give those kids the shot right away. i probably would give them one shot by the way and think the cdc should consider that. covid plus 1 i call it. that's another carve-out here. i think it's a safe shot and it will go to every kid in america 5-11 is my prediction and that's what safe. >> bill: you say the dosage needs to be lower and intervals between doses need to be stretched out over a greater period of time.
6:40 am
the expert from minnesota was talking about the cases in kids is not 3% but closer to 27%. that's considerably higher. i did not take note of that but that's what you write in the piece. here is what i think the conclusion is. i think the virus is still confounding even for people like you and medical experts so your understanding of this is still unraveling as we speak now. would you agree with that, doctor? >> i would agree with that. the 27% is largely because adults have been vaccinated. here is the take home. we don't have a durable immunity for this virus. it is tricky. adults get vaccinated. if you got over covid you get immunity, vaccinated and plus covid you gate super immunity. we don't know how long it lasts. we want everybody to have immunity. the more the better. i think that's the way to fight something that's changing all the time. we're doing better but we still have 70,000 plus cases -- new cases a day. >> bill: it is still a moving
6:41 am
target, yes? >> this is a moving target. we can keep up with it with vaccines. therapeutics. a new pill got approved in the u.k. we need to get it approved here. >> bill: marc siegel. thank you. >> dana: so much for promises. dozens of cargo ships still waiting to land. democrats releasing a spending bill more than 2,000 pages long and wanting to vote hours later. it is starting to be like deja vu like obamacare. >> we have to pass the bill so you can find out what it is away from the fog of the controversy. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it. voya. be confident to and through retirement. this is the new world of work. each day looks different than the last.
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>> bill: now three weeks after president biden vowed to expand operations at the port of l.a. in california to address the massive backlog, very little has changed. at least 76 ships are still holding off the coast of l.a. waiting to be unloaded with more arriving every day. jonathan hunt to give us some solutions. have they found any, jonathan? >> not as yet, bill. those ships, the container ships keep coming at a pace that the twin ports here of l.a. and long beach which are
6:47 am
so important to the national economy across the country can't keep pace with. as they and their partners in trucking and rail struggle to keep pace, so the store shelves across this country begin to get more and more bare. so much so that small businesses in particular are really starting to struggle. the port director in l.a. says the bigger companies who don't necessarily need their product immediately need to get out of the way to save those small businesses. listen here. >> if you don't need your cargo now, we simply ask it be moved aside because think of that small third generation family-owned business that imports 10 containers of toys a year. their entire payroll depends on the next four weeks. we have to deliver to that company. >> now fines are now being imposed for those who leave
6:48 am
containers here beyond set time limits. port officials say it is making some difference although no fines have been collected yet. they've been imposed. the biden administration in the meantime says the bigger issue here, get this, is the covid economy. listen to the transportation secretary. >> for the very short term steps we can take around the ports that we think are helping and medium term again at risk of repeating myself if twe really want to see these disruptions end we have to end the pandemic and that's what getting everybody vaccinated is all about. >> as of today 76 huge container ships floating offshore here. >> bill: on it goes. before sunrise in california. >> dana: electoral beat down giving democrats a set of urgency on the president's agenda and house democrats could vote on both bills as early as today. here to talk about it is matt cartwright.
6:49 am
co-chair of the democratic policy and communications committee. tuesday and the results there. one of the things if you look at some of the things in the bill universal pre-school. childcare assistance. pell grant expansion, etc. are there any red lines that you are telling them that you have if they want to get your vote? >> well look, the main thing i'm looking for here is to rejuvenate our economy. we just heard about the long beach port. that's a typical example of what happens when you shut down an economy because of a pandemic and then start it right back up. those container ship companies, they are profiteering right now. i have a manufacturer in my district who lamented to me that originally a container coming across from the pacific rim cost $2500. put anything you want inside it, it is $2500 for the shipping. during the pandemic that went to $12,000 and higher.
6:50 am
and they were right about it's small businesses getting hurt. the big businesses have bargaining power and can make deals with the shipping companies. >> dana: are you suggesting that the container companies are doing something illegal? >> i don't know. they are making out like bandits and laughing all the way to the bank about it. the answer is and secretary buttigieg is right, we have to get past the pandemic. but on top of that as what you are talking about, the infrastructure bill puts a lot of money into beefing up ports not only do we have to stop it now, we have to make sure it doesn't happen in the future because regular americans suffer with these temporary spike in prices of the things that come across the ocean in container ships. >> bill: you make a fair point about that when it comes to roads and bridges and ports. we can solve this problem with less than spending trillions of dollars and that brings in build back better. you represent scranton,
6:51 am
pennsylvania. do your voters want to spend this money? >> you won't win talking about the price of understanding the value of nothing. >> bill: how can you avoid the price? >> dana: -- >> 2 1/2 months ago i sat down with the chamber of commerce and he shared a vair they did. restaurant and retail employees not going back to work and why you can't -- you can't get into dining rooms and things like that. this is why small businesses are suffering, having jobs that are going begging for anybody to come do them is because 54% of the people who took themselves out of the workforce during the pandemic that were in those jobs are not going back because they don't have options for childcare. typically we are talking about moms but a lot of dads, too. they don't make enough money in those entry-level and restaurant and retail jobs to
6:52 am
afford to pay a nanny or more expensive childcare options. >> dana: in the childcare provisions as i understand it. the bill is being changed and written as we speak. one of the requirements is going to be that any childcare provider have a four-year college degree and say if you are faith-based entity you don't get to have the subsidies. do you really think that will help solve the problem and get people back to work? will we be able to find enough workers to work in childcare with a four-year college degree? >> those are details we have to iron out, dana. i haven't seen those particular things. but we have to do something sensible to move the ball forward because we are coming out of a pandemic. we didn't go to school for this, dana. we're doing on the job training coming out of a pandemic but we'll come back out because americans will figure this out. good old american know how --
6:53 am
>> nobody elected biden to be fdr but to be normal and stop the chaos. that's a quote. hope you come back. >> dana: nice to have you. >> bill: voters nationwide deliver a blow to a far left in the defund the police movement. the republican's focus on law and order. we'll fill you in on this. check this out. >> sorry about that, everybody. carter wasn't feeling very well. >> who are you? >> dana: actor cal penn talking about his time in the white house and humor in politics and he will join us next hour. you've been waiting for are here. the newday two and a quarter refi has the company's lowest rate in history. 2.25% with an apr of 2.48.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. matching your job description. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> dana: americans across the country shut down democrats' push to defund the police from
6:59 am
new york to seattle. voters in large democrat-run cities picked candidates who vowed to bring back law and order. bryan llenas is in new york city. >> homicide the cities nationwide increased by 30% in 2020. the largest one year spike in killings ever. public safety became a number one issues who responded this week by electing pro-cop candidates. democrat eric adams, retired police captain easily won the new york city mayor race. he campaigned on crime-fighting. bringing back plain clothes police unit and cracking down on gangs. in buffalo, new york. the democratic incumbent wasn't on the ballot but won by defeating india walton, a democratic socialist. she ran on defunding the buffalo police department. voters responded by writing in brown's name and electing him
7:00 am
instead. in minneapolis where the defund the police movement began after george floyd's death voters tuesday rejected a proposal to abolish the police department amid a crime surge and slow police response times. in atlanta the mayor race will be a runoff between two democrats promising to increase the number of police officers and in seattle the progressive mayoral candidate who voted last year to cut the city's police budget in half lost by 30 points. >> i think that the vote showed last night that many people, the partisanship was not the issue. many people really want to have efficient public safety and are pro-police in that regard. >> 47% of americans want to increase funding for police compared to 15% who want to decrease funding. dana. >> dana: always good to see you. thank you so much. president biden turning a blind eye to this week's stunning election results forging ahead
7:01 am
with his increasingly unpopular progressive agenda missing the point on tuesday's losses blaming anyone but himself as the political tide turns against his party. i'm dana perino. >> bill: i'm bill hemmer. good morning. president coming home from overseas to find his party divided in congress, still fighting over the climate and social spending bills and infrastructure. some democrats argue the bill is popular with the public despite the latest election results from tuesday. others like senator joe manchin disagree with that conclusion. >> the reconciliation bill the way it needs to be worked, cbo scoring talking more about the effects it has through our economy and people's lives. that's something reasonable to ask. a lot of concerns let's put it that way. i'm not going to -- they're working off the past bill. that won't be the bill i work off of. >> dana: president biden shooting down reports his justice department plans to pay $450,000 per person to migrant families separated at the border calling the report
7:02 am
garbage. full coverage on fox. katie pavlich with analysis and chad pergram with more on the spending battle. we begin with chad. here you are on capitol hill. >> i think we'll be here a long time today. especially if we don't know the timing on the infrastructure bill vote and social spending bill vote. we think they will vote on the two pieces of legislation today but we've heard that before. we still don't have a price tag from the congressional budget office. something very important to moderate members. they released 1200 new pages of bill text last night. joe manchin the democrat from west virginia wants to see that score before the senate votes and he is concerned about the tax provisions. listen. >> i never thought the $400,000 should have been there to begin with. a tax on nicotine? that don't make sense to me whatsoever. >> the math is important.
7:03 am
democrats can still only lose three votes to pass a bill on their own it comes even as the house adds two new members today. a democrat and republican. democrats are concerned about more delays. >> i think every week that goes by there is always some increased risk. it could be marginal but always brings increased risk. they are going as fast as they can go. if it's pushed too quickly it could end up in a bad result. >> democrats are still reeling from tuesday's election results but doubled down on their agenda. >> the american people do not want this country to be transformed in the way you want to transform it. we didn't think you would learn much from what happened yesterday across this country and it sure does appear that you haven't learned much. >> house speaker nancy pelosi does not lose votes on the floor so if she calls the votes
7:04 am
on the infrastructure bill and also on the social spending bill, you can bet they are going to pass. we expect about 9 to 15 republicans to vote for infrastructure. bill and dana. >> bill: watching that. counting them as we go. thank you, chad. >> there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each possibly a million dollars per family. >> president biden: if you guys keep sending that garbage outta, but it is not true. >> this is a garbage report? >> president biden: yeah. >> dana: president biden denying a plan to dole out $450,000 to migrants separated at the border under the trump administration. griff jenkins with this. >> the president may be calling it garbage but aclu, negotiating on behalf of separated migrant families blasted the president's remarks accusing him of abandoning a
7:05 am
core campaign promise to help them. they say president biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own justice department as it deliberated and considered the crimes committed against thousands of families separated from their children as an intentional government policy. the white house is not commenting today whether the president was or was not briefed. when asked by fox news and the department of justice simply told us they will not comment onion going litigation as the house introduces a bill to block the administration from paying millions of dollars to illegal immigrants separated under the trump administration and comes after a group of republican senators introduced a similar bill yesterday just moments ago, dana, we spoke with the senate minority whip john thune. >> it is an insult to hard working american taxpayers they are talking about paying up to $450 per person, not per family. so yeah, republicans are going to be actively trying to block
7:06 am
that. there is a bill in the senate i would suspect if not every republican would be on board. >> another thing the republicans are fighting on capitol hill, the inclusion of an amnesty provision in the massive infrastructure package that senator manchin said is not happening in this bill. we have to find out the final result. >> dana: thank you. >> bill: katie pavlich fox news contributor. good morning to you. i want to play a clip here marco rubio with sean hannity last night. >> these people are governing like they have a mandate to radically remake the kun tree. it doesn't matter what the number, they want to take control of proo, k, childcare. the only two elements they don't control that. they want to hire 80,000 i.r.s. agents. the pushback will only grow and this administration has been disastrous on everything. >> bill: question for you. who was on the ballot in
7:07 am
virginia? was it terry mccauliffe or joe biden? >> well, terry mccauliffe's name was on the ballot but the policies coming out of washington right across the river from virginia had an impact. now, progressives and the far left holding democrats hostage on getting this infrastructure bill and spending bill passed are arguing the reason joe biden lost is because they didn't pass his agenda. if that were true joe biden who came to virginia to campaign on behalf of terry mccauliffe would have been successful in getting him elected along with his fellow democrats on the tickets and legislature in virginia would have stayed blue. if the issue was that there wasn't enough democratic policy in washington being passed and they wanted more power in the state legislatures and state level youngkin wouldn't be the governor elect in virginia. democrats are seeing the writing on the wall and looking
7:08 am
around and saying 2022 looks pretty bad with the election on tuesday. republicans have been running the table. in 2020 republicans came close to taking the house of representatives. nancy pelosi has had a very slim margin. so it's almost like they are seeing they may lose the house next year and push forward with as much spending and far left agenda as they possibly can knowing they will lose power. >> dana: i want to ask you about griff jenkins' report the exchange between peter doocy and the president with the "wall street journal" report saying there is discussion underway at the justice department to pay people who were separated as migrants under the trump administration $450,000 for claims they will have and the president said that's a garbage report. aclu said he may not have been fully briefed and might not know what his government is
7:09 am
doing. now that the president has spoken. i assume it wasn't in his personal capacity and said it is garbage, where do you think it stands? >> it stands. thousands of families lined up to try to get these payments. they filed claims for hundreds of them. they have had meetings and conversations with attorneys at the justice department to talk about how they can move forward with this litigation to get these settlements. so the idea it is not going to happen when they are on record, the aclu attorneys are on record saying they have had these meetings and discussions and they almost insulted the president for not understanding what's going on. personnel is policy. the justice department has a lot of very far left radical open borders attorneys working to get these settlements for people who broke the law. now republicans on capitol hill are trying to introduce legislation today in the house to block these payments from
7:10 am
being made. but if they are coming out of what d.o.j. refers to as victim funds, not sure if the legislation will pass the house anyway because democrats are in charge. this is happening. the president telling the country yesterday that it's garbage is not true. it's happening and meetings are set up and hundreds of claims that have been filed with thousands of people lined up to do the same. >> bill: thank you katie pavlich there. there was a clue in that comment yesterday when peter said is this a garbage report? and the president said yes, $450,000 per person, is that what you said? that's not going to happen. which leaves the door open for a lower number. we talked about with terry mccauliffe on the ballot or was joe biden on the ballot in virginia. was in ciattarelli or joe biden on the ballot in new jersey? >> joe biden's agenda was on the ballot last night.
7:11 am
there were a lot of things rejected by the border last night. big government socialism was rejected and critical race theory, defunding the police was rejektd. the idea union bosses are more important was rejected by the voters, too. >> dana: this white house, any white house wants to have it both ways. they want to say it has nothing to do with us. but if youngkin had lost they would have said see how great we're doing at the white house? every white house tries to have it both ways. this one is pretty clear the issues that happen with the pandemic on education in schools and what happened in loudon county in particular and critical race theory all across the country is coming for the democrats. they know it and they can pretend it is not but i think internally their quiet voices are telling them. >> bill: an off-year election but tell us so much about the country and that's what's fascinating about it. i was on with larry kudlow and
7:12 am
sandra. do you remember when eric cantor lost and aoc beat joe crowley in queens? this vote on tuesday night was 5 or 10 times that impact. when you consider the agenda that's on the table in washington, d.c. that now may be stalled perhaps forever. >> dana: perhaps. watch this. >> this talks about white supremacy. does she know i ran against a white supremacist? joy, get your facts straight and then come talk to me. >> dana: winsome sears. how nervous are democrats after the red wave on tuesday? >> bill: a changing on the guard on a colorado school board. a group of parents won an election by refusing to be
7:13 am
intimidated. they had never run for any type of position before. you will meet one of them coming up next. >> her speech no more cutting people off in two minutes or waving an american plan in support of a speaker is intimidation. we'll do the first amendment in the board room. >> bill: you will meet that man coming up next live. stay tuned. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪ because life isn't about what tomorrow brings. it's what you do with it.
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>> dana: u.s. air force review finding a deadly drone strike that killed 10 innocent people in afghanistan was regrettable but not the result of misconduct or negligence. lucas tomlinson live at the pentagon. >> the air force inspector general who conducted the investigation said the errors
7:19 am
were not criminal. >> i wish i could share the classified information. i'm confident you would agree with me. it is unfortunate when you get that volume of data and you try to interpret things the best you can and you don't have time. you don't have the luxury of time when you perceive something to be an imminent threat that's approaching you. >> 10 innocent people and seven children were killed when a missile was fired at a car after following the car for eight hours. the strike took place three days after 13 americans were killed at the suicide attack. the bomb carried in a computer bag. a similar bag was assumed going into the car that was droend. the chairman of the house intel committee says i remain unconvinced that the classified investigation provides for real accountability. no punishment has been recommended for anybody associated with the drone strike. >> dana: thank you so much, lucas.
7:20 am
[applause] >> bill: that was the seen in douglas county, colorado south of denver after voters pushed back against the district's woke education policy. they have voted to replace more than half the school board members. new faces never involved before. mike peterson is one of those elected to the douglas county school board. congratulations, good morning to you. we want to find out what's going on out there. to do that i want to use your words. you said no more cutting people off at two minutes and no more telling people that waving an american flag in support of a speaker is intimidation. explain where you are coming from. >> that's been the attitude by this school board. parents think they've been cut out of the educational process. we hope to put parents and teachers back in respectful
7:21 am
partnership for education. this board has tried to remove the parents on the vital check and balance of the system. public comment, people get cut off. they told anything disagreeable from the school board's point of view is a form of intimidation or making it not a safe space and we really disagree with that and want to put the parents back where they belong. >> dana: i'm a douglas county kid. a great place to grow up. it has grown a lot. one of the things that's interesting is people like you not run for public office before. what was the moment -- was there something like the straw that broke the camel's back that made you say all right, i have to jump in? >> it started during covid when my daughter was taking school in the house and i was working out of the house as well. i had a lot of assumptions what was going on and what was not in the school district. both turned out to be wrong. i started looking what was going on and saw professional development session for over 900 employees that smacked of
7:22 am
elements of crt. oppressor victim groups and based on the identity of the speaker not the virtue of the arguments and i disided i need to get involved. >> the district's equitable learning policies. you said equity is a squishy word and that's part of the problem. help us understand that. >> when we use imprecise language it creates confusion. i think what we've seen in douglas county is the board rolled out this educational equity policy and a bit of a word salad. there are good things in there, inclusion, belonging, kindness, things that no one would disagree with. when we looked at how it was being implemented it wasn't aligned with that policy. we need to get back to clear, concise, specific language. keep the good that everybody values but define the bad and
7:23 am
get rid of those things in our classrooms. >> dana: the phrase of the dog that caught the car, what do you do with it next? what are some of the things you want to tackle first and do you think you have some really good backing there in the community? >> we know we have excellent backing here in the community. we had a great campaign team but beyond that we had an army of volunteers knocking on doors, on social media. grassroots fundraising. the first thing we know we need to do is build trust. build trust and relationships within the district. talking to administrators and teachers. find out what's working and not working and honor their voices by taking their suggestions. the second thing we need to do is deal with the masking policy and vaccine mandates. we aren't pro or against we're pro fair choice and teacher choice and we do it bottom up the way the country is supposed to run. >> bill: i have a bunch of
7:24 am
questions. you said we'll do the first amendment in the boardroom that's for sure. what is the suggestion there? is there a reflection upon big business in america? >> that's a reflection on the role of parents at these primary education and deciding what is appropriate in curriculum and when it's appropriate and we need their voices to be heard. we won't cut the parents off. we'll politely and respectfully listen to them. if they want to wave american flags in support of speakers who are speaking we're going to put that back into the boardroom. >> bill: interesting stuff. appreciate you coming on mike peterson. you won. >> dana: got in the arena. thanks so much. have a great day. >> the parents won, thank you. >> dana: bye. the mayo clinic is developing a new type of blood test that could be a game changer in the fight against cancer.
7:25 am
is glenn youngkin, did he give them a blueprint to take back congress next year? we'll ask rick scott next. >> the wind is at our back and the wind in their face and good news for 2022. >> there are a lot of democrats on capitol hill that are freaked out. veteran homeowners. while mortgage rates are still near all time lows, home values just keep going up. now's the time to refi and take out cash. the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out $50,000 or more, to pay down credit card debt and other expenses. and lower your payments $600 a month. the newday 100 va loan. only from newday usa.
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veteran homeowners, newday just announced their lowest rate ever. the two and a quarter refi. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. save thousands every year. >> dana: democrats left reeling after tuesday's elections. voters rejecting the party's platform on education, covid and policing all of which are expected to be top issues in next year's mid-terms. mike emanuel live in washington >> right out of the gate the house republican chair was
7:31 am
quick to define both parties. >> republicans are the party of parents, of education, of small businesses, of freedom, and of family. democrats are the party of big government socialism creating crisis after crisis. >> part of the mid-term focus will be on pocketbook issues. impact on inflation such as american families such as fuel prices going up. >> the price of gasoline is higher than we've watched in seven years, the answer from your party is begging opec to produce more instead of america solving their own problems. a border that's unsecure with no attention, trillions of dollars you want to push with no money there to secure the border. >> a virginia senator and former governor calls for democrats being sensible and reasonable and emphasized the importance of delivering for the american people. >> i'm worried not just in virginia, i'm worried across the country. we have to show that we can deliver in a pragmatic way that
7:32 am
affects people's lives. >> a virginia political expert who dug into the numbers says for democrats it's time for a course correction. >> a year to the mid-term elections. while we can see some hints and all of them are disturbing hints for democrats, a lot can happen in a year. i think we have to be a little bit humble about this. it is tough but we need to do it. >> the troubling aspect for democrats it wasn't just virginia. new jersey gave them a scare and not clear progressives and moderates are on the same page going forward. >> dana: to that point when you think about the fact that history shows that whoever is in the white house often loses seats in the mid-term, i would imagine that at least on the house side there has to be a lot of democrats especially in the swing districts who are thinking i'm in trouble. >> there is already more than a dozen retiring. we'll see if more decide to choose the exits.
7:33 am
>> dana: thank you so much. >> bill: mike lives in new jersey. i wonder if he saw that ciattarelli thing. all the polling had him at double digits until the end. >> dana: it did. >> bill: mike, do you have an answer? in a moment we'll talk to senator rick scott. you found an interesting observation yesterday for some of the political observers about the balance of power in congress. >> dana: the senate really matters. you see that over and over again and progressives in the house so frustrated with manchin and sinema. two people can hold things up. senate is super important. republicans are thinking how to expand this map. larry sabato yesterday took three races, arizona, new hampshire and nevada and took them from a likely democrat to a lame democrat and then this one interesting to me, bill. it is colorado. that went from a safe democrat to a likely. that isn't a huge amount of movement but enough it would give some republicans some hope
7:34 am
that they could take back the senate as well as the house next year. >> bill: 12 months away. a lot can change. i don't think a lot of people would have predicted tuesday a few months ago. here is the president from yesterday. >> do you think that terry mccauliffe would have won if your agenda had passed before election day? >> president biden: i think it should have passed before election day. but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out and the red districts who were trump voters but maybe. >> bill: not taking a ton of responsibility for the defeat in virginia. bring in rick scott from florida. it appears your colleagues on the democratic side will double down on the spending bills in the house. >> they are out in left field. they aren't even talking to where americans are. americans are fed up with inflation. they are fed up with democrats
7:35 am
trying to indoctrinate their kids in school. fed up with defunding the police. fed up with the vaccine mandate that will kill jobs. if you look at the polls that we do at the national republican committee, suburban voters have come our way. hispanic voters have come our way and you could see it in the virginia race. i'm very optimistic we have a great november 2022. we'll take back the senate and stop the radical left wing craziness that the democrats are doing. >> bill: you heard me say 12 months is a long way away. what do you think of dana's observation on arizona, new hampshire, colorado on the senate side. >> i conclude first targets. we have ever reason to believe we should win georgia, a republican state. arizona is a republican state. the sitting democrat won november november by two points four years ago. we have a very good opportunity to win there. when you look at the generic
7:36 am
ballot now people picking republicans four or five points over democrats we should have an opportunity there. the same thing with new hampshire and colorado. i think we even have a shot at a place like washington a great candidate there tiffany smiley. i think that we are going to -- like -- murphy was shocked in new jersey. i think people will be shocked all over the country in november 22. i don't see how the democrats will get any better. they are doubling down. the bill they want to pass will cause massive inflation. it is not what americans want. >> bill: if joe manchin has his way after several interviews it won't happen while he is there not this year anyway. come back to joe biden. he mentioned schools and covid and the price of a gallon of gasoline yesterday. and he said a lot of these issues will be taken care of if you go forward with things like the build back better program. do you agree with that?
7:37 am
>> no. government spending causes inflation. let's look at it. gas prices are up 55% this year. why would joe biden shut down pipelines and make it more difficult to produce oil and gas in this country? think about what these guys are doing. they have no plan. buttigieg is the secretary of transportation. if that was me i would get off my butt and go out to long beach and sit there until you got the cargo ships in here. he is doing nothing. it will be a very expensive christmas even if you get your presents this year. they don't do anything to solve these problems. there is nothing they are doing to solve any problem. how can he say that something will get solved when they have no idea how to solve it. they're commentators. >> bill: you know you have to manage things because you are a businessman yourself. there are a lot of things not managed effectively over the
7:38 am
last 10 months. our voter analysis saw this, direction of the country, we found 2/3 believe we're on the wrong track here. so on tuesday was youngkin and mccauliffe on the ballot or was joe biden and the progressive movement in washington on the ballot, which one was it, a or b? >> i think it was both. it is hard to win when your party is sitting there and everybody says oh that party is going the wrong way. then mccauliffe was clear. i think he was so clear the democrats really don't believe parents should be involved in schools. that was an eye opener for parents. parents believe these are their kids. these are our kids we need to figure how we get to educate them. you don't get to decide. that's a big local issue but it is going on across the country, too. >> bill: rick scott, we'll talk soon. >> dana: virginia lieutenant
7:39 am
governor elect hitting back against critics ton left remain silent on her historic achievement as the first woman of color to hold statewide office in virginia. brian kilmeade joins us. they are talking. there he is.
7:40 am
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>> bill: listen up here.
7:45 am
out of washington, d.c. federal authorities arrested a russian researcher who apparently worked on the debunked trump dossier. that arrest coming as part of durham's investigation into the origins of the russian probe. indictment against him yet to be unsealed. news just breaking now and bring you more on that as we get it. durham is still at work. >> dana: critics calling out democrats for a progressive agenda they say is out of touch with americans on key issues. miranda divine calling it a wake-up call for the woke. brian kilmeade joins us. you are in your studio. you do two jobs at once. >> bill: always talking by the way. >> dana: you are always talking. let's get your reaction to that, the whole election. what do you think? >> how about the fact that what miranda devine writes who tends the write from the right is
7:46 am
what bill maher has been talking about for a year and a warning sign to democrats. nobody likes what you are doing. you are shooting yourself. you took out al franken. but the woke standard is what catches them in the turbo speed on the windmill stage. james carville is stopping with you are racist and sexist. if you have questions about gender that means you don't like transgender people. you can never be woke enough and the standard is being set not by republicans. it is easy to get mad at someone battling you. but when your own side is condemning you and you can't live up to your own standard don't be surprised if you get caught in the crosshairs. they are saying we're in an impossible standard now. carville said when you take
7:47 am
down abraham lincoln off a grammar school and frederic douglas statute out of his hometown because you are angry it hurts people at the core. they have a chance to speak up for the first time and that's at the ballot box in an off-year election. >> bill: winsome sears. >> in terms of race it continues to divide us and unfortunately politicians are using it to advance i would think their nefarious purposes. i'm destroying the narratives about race. look at me. >> bill: came from jamaica. what she said first female african-american elected to statewide office in virginia. go, brian. >> yeah, and at the same time hill was tweeting out it was
7:48 am
about white supremacy and other ones saying white women don't want to see blacks do well. what are you talking about? we know how farcical that statement is. i won't walk around the train and make that statement but i register in. when i'm in a secure setting i say it. when i get the curtain closed and have a chance to vote i show it. why republicans on long island. we're national but long island with -- there was a red wave that ripped through. they changed from this party. you know what success is? eric adams who ran center left. i hope he governs that way. joe manchin who makes more sense every day. i'm a democrat but i'm not over here. by the way he says he is a minority in his party. if his party wants to do well he will be the majority of his party and the country will be better off.
7:49 am
>> dana: i took a trip over the weekend and a road trip and my husband and sister in the front and i was reading this. your new book called the president and the freedom fighter. i think it is excellent. it's a page turner learning a lot and it comes out at an interesting time if you look at the relationship and what was possible. >> people want to make tweets like we talked about and white supremacy and tear down statues of washington and jefferson out of the state house or the city council center in new york city, i think you have to read and find out what's going on and don't just read and say this is my author's interpretation of douglas and lincoln. i built this around quotes and speeches. they talked about where the country was douglas was and where it had to go. he had nothing but hope. he was born a slave. when you see how he flattened things out in this country we're not perfect.
7:50 am
no country is. how we plowed and evened things out and how they ended up working together and evolved in their lifetime. our country is evolving every day. why are we seeing so much negative when there is so much positive? >> bill: i remember i was doing your show i think four years ago. you may not remember this. you told me this story verbatim and congratulations now four years later seeing it in a book. well done. >> very good memory, bill hemmer. then you had to change your hours and expand your show and hurt our relationship. your show has never been better or more interesting and no one talks about it but your ratings are through the roof for a reason. >> bill: very kind. good luck on the book. >> do i go back by myself now? thank you. >> bill: comedian at his time at the white house and have we lost our humor, america? he is live coming up next.
7:51 am
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>> should be right around the corner. >> that does not look like a white castle to me. we have to check this out. >> dana: kal penn from hit movies go to white castle. the actor and former obama staffer author of a new book you can't be serious. i know the book was a huge amount of work. i read a story about your american dream. your family's american dream. your parents immigrated from india. you were born here and what was it like and tell us about that story when you brought home a b
7:57 am
in geometry? >> okay. i will give you the full story is my dad moved here in the late 60s with the equivalent of $12 in his pocket and an opportunity to study engineering. he was part of the post 1965 wave of immigrants. not enough doctors and engineers in america. all he knew for the american dream was work hard, make something of yourself and that was through engineering. my mom has a degree in chemistry. here i am born and raised in new jersey and i'm awful at math. i talk about this early in the book. no matter what i did, i was bad at math. for my parents they were like what's the deal? how is it biologically possible that the son of a chemist can't do simple math? i brought home my report card once and i had a b in algebra but a b is like an indian f. so the idea that i wouldn't get an a. i remember this so clearly. i was like it's not that bad. it is an 87.
7:58 am
and my mom just goes what happened to the other 13 points? >> dana: you made up for it in the rest of your career. you went from -- you went into act being but tell us how you ended up working for president obama. i love the story how you applied for the job. >> thank you. it is an absurd story and one of the reasons i wanted to write the book a lot of people out there have multiple interests and passions. maybe you want to do the thing that everybody tells you is crazy and you want to figure out how to do it. i'm an actor. we don't apply for jobs in the most traditional sense. i was inspired by the obama campaign in 2007. i decided to volunteer the same way a lot of people volunteer for the candidate of their choice. there was an opportunity to apply for a job at the white house and i got a link. you apply on upload your resume and if you are qualified someone will call
7:59 am
you. as evidenced by my parents story i never thought to pick up the phone and call anyone. i uploaded to resume to and nobody called me. i have my acting manager who i describe as one character from entourage in one person. we were backstage at the inauguration concert i was invited to speak at and you get to meet the incoming first family and i had not met mrs. obama before and she just sort of said hope you stay in touch and continue to stay involved. i thought that's just probably something they tell everybody. i said i sure will. my acting manager who was standing next to me goes well you know he applied for a job, right? no, dude, this is not the time to do that. she says where did you apply? and i said and that's the moment that i realized how ridiculous i was. she said you applied on a website?
8:00 am
you have been working for us for a year and a half. didn't you think the pick up the phone and call? it sounds absurd but these are people who have been in -- i wanted to earn it. i did want to earn it. >> bill: the burger shack looks nothing like a white castle. >> dana: the new book. here is harris. >> harris: dem on dem crime. we're watching progressives shake down the democratic establishment all the way to the white house. the president's big money agenda still is not big enough for them. the fight is on. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". who benefits? republicans. look at virginia. dems pointed fingers at trump and each other the gop stomped in the commonwealth taking the races for governor, lieutenant


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