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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 4, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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governor huckabee, thanks for coming on you speak the truth. carley: thank you we appreciate it? >> thank you. carley: jam-packed show great spending the morning with all of you if. it's not friday yet. todd: rrge seed change, they begin right now as well bye-bye. president biden a passing the buck after major losses in virginia. >> i'm not sure i would have been able to change the very conservative folks to turned out. >> i hope it's a wake-up call for all of us. >> deep blue stated of new jersey jack ciattarelli came within a point. >> send a message we won't take it we won't take it lying down. >> democrats scram to be explain the red wave that crashed into their candidates. >> stupid wokes, the democrats. some of these people need to go through woke detox. >> san francisco has just announced kids in the city will
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have to be vaxxed or vanished from public life. >> will absolutely ridiculous. there is not enough science behind this right now. >> new name for the biden white house. >> when you look at the biden brandon administration in terms of. [chanting let's go brandon. >> >> restore and refrain three of the top five. steve: knocked adele off the top of the list. brian: she looks great though. adele is not going to be on the show today. that was a shot of nashville. this is a shot of our zipper. ainsley: hello, everyone.
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ainsley: the crawl. >> the thing that goes around, the date on it some people call it the zipper. here we are it's thursday to days after titanic election interpreting what america said. steve: look at what is happening. we talked a lot about it we finally heard from the president yesterday. remember the last time we really saw him he was asleep in glasgow. [laughter] steve: is he awake now. you know what? he was asked yesterday, was it a mistake for you to go to virginia and mention donald trump 24 times he said no. of course, he did that you also had terry mcauliffe ran against donald trump he lost. phil murphy ran against donald trump. he almost lost. yet, they don't really take any responsibility for the stuff they did. ainsley: nancy pelosi says she is not changing her agenda. steve: no, absolutely not. full steam ahead.
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ainsley: voters rejected the policies. did you hear lindsey graham i hope they don't listen to what happened because we want to continue to win. if democrats were smart, they would look how the country voting now. rejecting progressive policies and change their message and be more moderate but they are not doing that. brian: interpret it differently or actually know what the message is but they have power and they know it is about to leave them in one year let want burn the house down before we do being we are not going to have to stay in that house anymore. here is the president, he blamed his first nine months in office meant for the results on tuesday. >> do you think that terry mcauliffe would have won if your agenda had passed before election day? >> well, i think we should have -- it should have passed before election day, but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in the red districts who
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were trump voters, but, maybe, maybe, i know we did. but we also -- i was running against donald trump. people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs, to a whole range of things and the cost of a gallon of gasoline. and so if i'm able to pass -- sign into law my build back better initiative, i'm in a position where you are going to see a lot of those things ameliorated quickly and swiftly. >> what about that plan is going to fix gas prices? ainsley: those are his responsibility. he's right. gas prices are too high. schools, there is a problem in our schools where parents aren't allowed to be involved teaching crt. he is the president of the united states. shouldn't that be on his agenda to fix? steve: because set president the buck stops there. ainsley: that's right. steve: not joe biden. white house officials and democratic leaders as well say
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they lost on tuesday because voters were unhappy with their incomplete push to spend billions and trillions of dollars in congress. and so now when you wake up today, there is a full-court press going on to try to presidency the $3 trillion worth of stuff. it's incomplete because joe biden caved to the political far left in his party and could not get anything done. and that's one of the things that joe manchin was talking about last night with bret baier in the russell rotunda on "special report." watch this. >> i just saw confirmed we have a divided country. two blue states or one state virginia has been leaning blue. georgia has historically been historically blue. to say see what happened how close and how divided you can imagine 2.2 million votes in new jersey how close it was in virginia. i hope it's a wake-up call for all of us. we need do our jobs.
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ainsley: is he being senator. he understands what's happening. is he saying this is a wake-up call. the democrats are not listening to him. if what happened in afghanistan americans still behind enemy lines. paying 450,000 to do so these immigrants that were separated from their families. steve: wee update on that next. ainsley: yes we do. that's coming up. inflation and taxes you can't get your goods and christmas presents. these are things kitchen table issues. steve: bred and butter. >> bread and butter issues that matter to every family. brian: republicans have embraced and earned the party of the parent. also down ballot. the party of law and order. ainsley: i love that party of the parent? brian: that seems to be the big push and big fear among people, democrats outside the biden administration that they are actually not getting that message. and to joe manchin's immense credit. is he not only is saying i'm not spending the 1.7.
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i did the math, the wharton school of business said 3.9. pass the 1.2. senator warner two days ago said neil cavuto. go, may get 15 to 100 republican votes in the house. even though some republicans don't like it nor do democrats. if you just put that forward. but when you see congresswoman jayapal sit there oblivious with anderson cooper yesterday i had nothing to do with it. looking to move it forward. if we had passed it first maybe this wouldn't have happened. we wouldn't have lost. joe biden says the same thing. nancy pelosi says the same thing. my sense is america sit on the sideline, the democrats are behind the wheel. they know they will have to jump out before they hit the wall. we don't have that option. we going to have to hit the wall. ainsley: communities are not saying i want that path. i would have voted for a democrat if this were passed. you hear them. this is a referendum on what's
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happening in schools. it has nothing to do with that being passed. brian: the majority don't know what's in it. ainsley: yeah. steve: the republican swings in new jersey and virginia show a new effectiveness in a model, a conservative model going forward promising greater parental control of the schools. the national parents union, which often votes against the teachers unions, they put out a statement yesterday and they a stark warning about what's coming ahead. they said, quote -- regarding tuesday, this is only the beginning of the parent revolution. politicians will have to make a choice. either work with parents and families on reimagining education, prison to their concerns and govern in the best interest or get voted out of office. and they are absolutely right. ainsley: if you look at virginia. the governor, lieutenant governor and a.g., they're all republicans. and then they also. steve: a sweep. ainsley: they swept the virginia house of delegates. lieutenant governor, first african-american an the lieutenant governor, the a.g.,
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the first latino, look at new jersey, so the democrat wins, but the republican, they were neck in neck. this is such a blue state. a deep blue state. look at long island. we are going to go into that a little later. long island, right outside of new york where brian grew up. brian: once only peter king as the only republican. ainsley: republicans swept all three of the major races. brian: tulsi gabbard another center left democrat who has left the business for now ran for president and tore apart kamala harris on the debate stage. mcauliffe's loss victory for all americans. resounding divide us by race, stripping of parental rights and arrogant deaf leaders. this benefits us all. ainsley: she a democrat. steve: when you think ultimately what happened very clear. singing the fbi on momma bear and papa bear bad toes business.
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don't do that and man you win. but they did and they lost. ainsley: 6:09 on the east coast. meghan markle cold calling republican senators on private phone numbers. why the duchess is using her royal title to jump into american politics. steve: plus, president biden is now denying reports that he wants to pay families of migrants $450,000 per person but the aclu is saying hey, sorry, joe is out of the loop. that story coming up straight ahead on "fox & friends." look at all these great guests on this thursday morning live from new york. ♪ ♪ trelegy for copd. [coughing] ♪ birds flyin' high, you know how i feel. ♪ ♪ breeze driftin' on by... ♪ if you've been playing down your copd,... ♪ it's a new dawn, it's a new day,... ♪
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carley: good morning back with headlines. henry ruggs driving 165 miles per hour when he hit another car killing a woman. >> uggs felony dui charges in the wreck. the cutting the wide receiver former teammate says he needs to be loved. out of our control but then i do sit back and i think you know, was there something that i would be there for him at 3:00 a.m. >> ruggs appearing in court on wednesday. prosecutors say his blood alcohol was more than double the legal limit. children as young as 5 years old will soon be forced to show vaccine cards to enter indoor venues in san francisco. city officials expanding the order just two days after the fda authorized the pfizer vaccine for kids 5 to 11. san francisco is also permanently giving illegal immigrants the right to vote in
3:16 am
city school board elections and recalls. officials saying the move aims to, quote: engage immigrant families and parents. meghan smacialg reportedly cold calling republican lawmakers to lobby for paid brentell leave. the duchess of suffix using her royal title. telling politico i was happy to talk with her i'm more interested in what people from maine are telling me from paid leave. she reportedly got the numbers from senator kirsten gillibrand. steal a base, steal a taco. today is the day taco bell is giving out free tacos to customers. can you think the second baseman. his game one stolen base earning fans a nacho cheese door rit toes low coast taco.
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america gets a taco. steve: lots to talk about immigration. with joe biden's policy, children unaccompanied children minors at our southern border are not turned around, they're immediately taken to shelters. there is a story out of florida where apparently a 24-year-old man was posing as a teenager. he told the migration people hey, and there he is right there he is 24. he said i'm 17 years old. he was taken apparently to a shelter in texas and somehow wound up in florida where is he now charged with murder. ainsley: on october 7th in jacksonville, he was covered in blood and authorities followed the trail of blood and it traced back to the house of a father of four who actually took him. in one of these sponsors.
3:18 am
and he told his mom, the suspect told his mom on the phone mommy, he treats me like i'm his son. here we are, weeks later, and the father of four is dead and he is accused of murdering him, stabbing him to death. brian: ice spokesman confirmed this gay was detained october 13th, but the agency was not involved, again, sidelined cuellar's daughter 18 this guy is a father of four. say they knew little about him the father caught on video slaying but believes he was on one of the flights that end -- that put him into texas. ainsley: they are not sure how he ended up getting from texas to florida. brian: i guess they have video. ainsley: october 7th when they saw him in blood they put him in a juvenile detention center. steve: they thought he was 17. ainsley: then when they learned his identity six days later they realized he is now 24. so they put him behind bars. steve: as it turns out, he stole somebody else's identity. they went into the data base of
3:19 am
honduras and figured oh well this guy is 17. well, he stole the identity of a 17-year-old man and he even told his mother in honduras and it's a big mess. but the guy, the family that took him in is grieving the loss of the father because they believed that kid was 17 because he said he was 17. he was 24. and he murdered the man. ainsley: to our points that we have been saying how do you know the background of these individuals? steve: you don't. that he was the problem. ainsley: they are coming into your house. what if you have little children. brian: 1.7 million illegals in this country. put in cities in working class areas around this nation without informing the super incidents let alone the principals in their school. i'm surprised this horrific incident i'm sure is going to play itself outer again if you just play the odds. we have no idea who sneaking into our country. and, by the way, while we'll are forcing firefighters to quit their job because they don't get the vaccine, does anybody think
3:20 am
the 1.7 million are coming here fully vaccinated with legitimate cards that show they got the pfizer owe moderna? steve: you got to wonder about all these people from afghanistan that are coming in and they don't have any papers. and there are no records. brian: that's another little challenge. steve: just all you got to trust them. meanwhile, last week we told you about a "wall street journal" story that said that apparent let biden administration, the doj, hhs, was also negotiating with apparently sounds like a thousand families to pay each of the families separated during donald trump $450,000 per person. so that would be -- because it would involve a child and an adult every family would get $900,000. it's a jaw dropping story. and the "wall street journal" stands by it. ainsley: these family say they were subjected to lasting psychological trauma. you have heard a lot of pushback from law enforcement and from the gold star families. because they say we didn't even get that amount of money when our loved ones died in 9/11 or
3:21 am
when our loved one died overseas fighting for our country. brian: when this first came out i thought it was immediately going to be walked back and people challenge this story. nobody in the administration that challenge the story. and this thing just simmered for three or four days. it was talked about here often, even on other channels, infrequently but frequently because it was so bizarre. you are paying people who came here illegally and sending a signal to other people come here, say you are under distress, you could end up a multimillionaire, who knows. ainsley: rewarding people breaking the law seeing that with bail reform, too. we will get to that. brian: casey later overseas then this question got posed to him again. listen to the president's reaction. >> mr. president. >> this ought to be good. >> i think so too. about the way forward, mr. president, as you are leaving for your overseas trip there were reports that were surfacing that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who were
3:22 am
separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah. but it's not true. >> to so it's a garbage report? >> yeah. $450,000 per person is, that what you are saying? >> that were separated from a family member at the border under the last administration. >> that's not going to happen. steve: okay. so that's what he told peter doocy. but, unfortunately, apparently, it sounds like the administration did not tell the president what the administration of the president is doing because the aclu, which has been included in the story put out a statement to fox news, they said president biden may have not been fully briefed about the actions of his very own justice department as it has carefully deliberated and considered the crimes think thed
3:23 am
against families separated from their children as are governmental policy. we respectfully remind president biden he called these actions criminal in the debate president trump. called on rectifying the policies of the trump administration. he can say it's garbaging it's not going to happen. at the same time, his own department of justice is negotiating with these families and the aclu, and apparently joe biden doesn't know what the joe biden administration is doing. brian: if you believe that i have a nuclear submarine story to sell tout australians. of the same thing he said basically to macron, the whole nuclear subthing where australia buys from me not from you, oh, sorry, i didn't know anything about it i really thought you knew. someone is not dealing the president into his big decisions. steve: right, exactly. brian: i would love that answer, eventually. ainsley: you know what the message is. we are incentivizing you to break the law. if you come over and you were separated from your loved one, then we will pay you for that if
3:24 am
you want to walk into a department store now and steal a bunch of items. brian: up to $1,000. ainsley: you can walk right out and take those items home and the police officers in department stores are told not to touch and let you run out because it's not worth it. it. brian: cvss are closing across the country i can't afford the shoplifting. ainsley: and bail? no cash bail? all these democrats are saying you know if you commit your crime, we will take new and do the paperwork you don't have to pay bill put you back out on the streets. brian: caught with a gun we process you and then we arraign you and then we let you out the same day. i think that figured into the law and order push back blow back we saw. even in our backyard long island. ainsley: some major republicans, some major races and republicans won just like we are seeing across the country. bail reform were messages. what were. so campaign ads. bail reform all these illegal immigrants being dropped off in
3:25 am
long island and taxes, high taxes. steve: and particularly, keep in mind, new york state is very -- is pretty darn blue. so, to have two d.a.s. ainsley: six democrats every one republican. steve: did d.a.s in nasa and suffolk county. republican candidates both won, it's a stunning landslide and the number one issue was bail reform so eliminates cash bail. nassau county the democratic state senator todd kaminski who has been a rising star in the democratic party. he got beaten because he voted to eliminate cash bail and people out there didn't like him. a career prosecutor by the name of ann donnelly beat him by 20 points because the people of long island say look, if somebody breaks the law, you arrest them, you should keep them in jail if they can't make the bail. brian: all you have to do is talk to a police officer. the police commissioner on the show the day this came out.
3:26 am
you don't understand if we can't get a full background case and put it out there in 24 hours we got to let this guy go. we need time to build a case on anybody or not build a case. but this cash bail was designed criminal first. they are putting the criminal first. and it started in new york. and rippled across the country. steve: yep. brian: with a democratic legislation, you still have to find a way to get them to approve this and todd kaminski evidently did this in the middle of the night, cuomo signed it. and then who knows what he was doing afterwards. and next thing you know we are dealing with this law enforcement dropped in its lap. and then the pandemic comes as well as all hell breaks out on streets across america. it becomes a revolving cure. and the cops are saying you want me to do this job here is my badge. i'm done. you don't pay me enough. ainsley: nassau county. that's the race you were talking about. farther east in suffolk county.
3:27 am
brian: nassau. ainsley: i don't know that. brian: no wonder you don't come over. ainsley: next county over is suffolk that's the hamptons area. and ray continue anyone winner out there won by 57%. bail reform was his and beat tim. here is ray, the guy who is. brian: trounced. ainsley: d.a. elect. >> i think i won because of overall general disanks or distrust of our local state and national leaders increased crime rates and i'm communities want to be safe and they want their police and district attorney's office to keep them safe.
3:28 am
number one thing they look for is people to protect them. steve: james carville was on pbs. he so completely summarized what happened on tuesday and what the democrats have got to do if they are ever going to turn this ship around, here is mr. carville. >> stupid wokeness. right? don't just look at virginia and new jersey. look at long island. look at buffalo. look at minneapolis. even look at seattle, washington. i mean this defund the police lunacy, this take abraham lincoln's name off of schools. people see that and it's just really have a interpretive suppe effect. some people need to go awoke detox center. express the language people don't use. there is a backlash and frustration at that. brian: do you know who carville sounds like? bill maher, bill maher a liberal
3:29 am
commentator has been saying the same things in his monologues, you are heading into a ditch. you have no idea what you are doing. you are destroying the entertainment business and political business and destroying your party. america is not with you. the traditional democrat is not with you. you are letting aoc, a small district in queens, new york who queens does not speak for america. and i say that having my grandparents live there. steve: right. brian: it's beautiful in its own special way, but it's not what america is thinking in the mid west and down south. steve: blame joe biden. he could have gotten that infrastructure thing through, the smawrm smaller one but it was the be super progressives like aoc and others who jurisdiction you know, we heard joe manchin last night talk about how they are holding essentially the congress hostage because joe biden can't get anything done because he has catered to the woke people who apparently according to mr. carville need to go to detox. ainsley: i think people are
3:30 am
nervous about the direction of this country. steve: they don't like the direction. ainsley: no, they don't. we were taught by our grandfathers who fought in world war ii how america was founded and to be proud of the flag and just stand for the anthem. and then you have changing the names of abraham lincoln you wrote the book about it. brian: frederick douglass statue out of rochester. ainsley: we all have our sins out of the past so many wonderful things these people did. america is scared about the direction and trying to fight back. brian: joe manchin talked to bret yesterday representing a whole bunch of democrats who agree with law just said. because he has taken the slings and arrows standing in front of other moderates saying yeah i can't go along with this but i don't have the courage to say it. >> let's see if they still vote for that great big spend produce zoo. it sounds like they you could have a vote later in the house today. steve: still ahead a new jersey truck driver foray more and flanagan. ainsley: i love this guy. steve: raised less than $200 on
3:31 am
his campaign unseat the state's democrat senate president. surprisingly tight races in new jersey. new jersey business owners break down the message voters are sending to liberal leadership coming up. ainsley: best selling album mitch albom is here with his best selling book. ♪ ♪ joint pain, swelling, tenderness. my psoriasis. cosentyx® works on all of this.
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new jersey where president biden won by 14 points nine months ago, republican candidate joe ciattarelli loses by just a hair jack ciattarelli i should say alexis mcadams g.o.p. makes major gains in the house. hey, alexis. >> good morning, that's right. this was a nail biter here in new jersey. one that people weren't expecting for the governor's race. at this point though jack
3:36 am
ciattarelli new jersey two soonn to make a call for the governor's race. an hour ago the associated press calling the new jersey governor race for incumbent phil murphy. according to the a.p. are murphy edging out jack ciattarelli that race took more than a day to decide. >> if you want know what the future looks like, folks, come to knowledge. if you want to understand where america is heading. look to new jersey. >> now ciattarelli's communication director tweeting with the candidates separated by a fraction of a percent out of 2.4 million ballots that were cast, it's irresponsible to make this call when the new jersey secretary of state doesn't even know how many ballots are left to be counted. another big story we are watching here in new jersey, republican edward durr a south jersey truck driver currently leading in the race against senate president steven
3:37 am
reportedly only spent $153 on campaign the senate to find a new president. >> repudiation of governor murphy. governor murphy went and locked us down and ignored the people's voice. you cannot tell people they can't have a job. can't tell people they can't go to church. and that's what was done. so, this was the people's voice. >> now, new jersey does not have an automatic recount, it's important to mention. we are going to wait here and see in the next few hours if we get any announcements on that any side about a recount. these close races and also possible upset in new jersey raising big alarms for democrats this morning. brian? brian: yeah, absolutely. thanks so much. appreciate it alexis. joining us now to bring in to light two new jersey business owners, joe owe liveio. the owner and operator of
3:38 am
perfect printing in and joseph the president of the salon systems. first off, joe to you. what happened? how did a 14 point lead dissipate for murphy who reportedly was going to use a big win to start a presidential run? >> i'm hoping. >> which joe are you speaking to. >> i know talking to employees i think people are getting the message that when governor murphy says look to knowledge for the future as far as what it looks like they realize it's not the future they want. i know my employsee v. told me what good are my wages if costs are at the rate wages are going up. that's what people are realizing. will. >> amazing what happened and thanks for having me on today. i represent the salon industry and salon business in new jersey. we really didn't have a voice i
3:39 am
think that's the biggest problem. that's why i think you saw the support for someone who cared about small business. too much taxation in our state, it's a great state, i lived here all my life and we are not getting any new business and small business doesn't even have a voice right now. brian: joe olivo do you know what's amazing getting praised by the left for the responsible way he handled the covid-19 virus. you have a different view. >> yeah, i think the governor and i think it's clear when you look at the other states the governor went way overboard in his lockdownies w. no consideration of any of the incidence dental side effects for business and how it's affecting the employees. i think people once again are realizing this. and that the way he put these owners regulations and controls in place ultimately did not do any good. brian: i fear for you guys that now that he won the election as it seems, now he is going to do
3:40 am
the same thing our ridiculous mayor did in new york get evangelical sin nateed or you lose your job. >> well, there is a lot of challenges that we're going to be facing. he now has to look at how the election went down. and, you know, most people are not going to take it sitting down. our industry and many small businesses are the lifeline of new jersey. so i think, you know, we need to have a seat at the table. and i think it's really important. they don't even ask us anything about our business and are making decisions and, again, one of the things that's important it happens throughout the whole country. small business is the lifeline of america and new jersey is a great state and it's not working right now. brian: four more years. you guys sent a message i hope he intrents it correctly joe and joe thank you so much. >> thank you. >> thank you. brian: start vaccinating children as young as 5 years old today. how long until they face mandates, tick tick tick might
3:41 am
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♪ ♪ ♪ ainsley: today children as young as 5 years old will begin receiving the covid-19 vaccine in new york city public schools. in san francisco, they are soon requiring kids age 5 to 11 to show proof of vaccination to enter indoor public spaces like restaurants, entertainment venues and sporting events. lara trump is here to react. what else your reaction? >> good morning, ainsley. well, gosh, i have never been happier that i moved my family out of new york down to florida after, you know, hearing this as though we needed any more reasons not to visit san francisco with the homeless situation. we know it's nancy pelosi'
3:46 am
district she has done a very poor job of running it there. this just adds another reason to that i think that, you know, fear-mongering and fear tactics have been used from the very beginning of covid as it relates to children because they wanted to scare parents. and this is just, it feels like a continuation of that, when you look at the science, and you talk to doctors, they will tell you that the seasonal flu is far more deadly for children than covid-19. yet, ainsley, we are not forcing our kids every year in school to get a flu vaccine. that is an optional thing for children. so why the forced vaccine for covid-19? when we know that thank goodness covid does not impact kids the same way it does adults there is a very low hospitalization rate. death rate. they are not the super spreaders that we initially thought they might be. so at a certain point, i think so many people ask themselves what is this all about and it feels like it's less about covid, less about safety, and more about control.
3:47 am
and it's as though these people have learned nothing. you mess with the kids, the parents are going to start pushing back and i feel like we're going to see more of that happen. ainsley: i'm glad you brought that up. that might be seeing a red wave. these republican candidates are listening to our issues. here's stephanie cutter, she is a former white house adviser to obama. she was on with chuck todd. listen to what she said about the republican party. >> the one thing that we need to make sure that republicans in 2022 don't become is the party of parents. >> um-huh. >> because we need to be the party of parents. [laughter] and we are. we are the ones that care about school funding. we are the ones that care about making sure that parents who send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to, you know, all of this. we need to own that agenda and we cannot let it go. it's not just about critical race theory. it's coming out of covid. it's parental frustration. parents being involved in their
3:48 am
kids' schooling. ainsley: great message isn't it for the republicans to become the parental party. >> yeah. the party of parents. i mean, listen, i think that she is on to something there. and unfortunately, for her, i think it's a little bit too late. unfortunately for the democrats. they have done the same thing that has worked for them for so long. get out there, pander for votes. virginia they brought in the whole slate with obama, with biden, with harris, they brought them all out because they thought gosh, what we have always been doing has been working so well what they got was a real wake-up call and it's parents aren't buying it anymore. gosh, isn't it interesting that parents don't want their kids taught hateful rhetoric in school, critical race theory? isn't it crazy that they don't want to be called domestic terrorists and they want their kids to live in a safe society. a lawful society. so i think there is going to be more pushback. i think it's driven a lot of people who were independent and some democrats they were going to see it more in 22 and 23.
3:49 am
ainsley: lara, thanks for coming on this morning. >> thank you. ainsley: coming up bestselling author mitch albom new book how the answers to our prayers may be found when we less expect them. he will tell us about the stranger in the life boat next. ♪ ♪ they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. - [narrator] every three minutes, a child is born with a cleft condition. without surgery, some will die. those who do survive face extreme challenges.
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♪ ♪ steve: in his brand new book out this week, the stranger in the life boat, author mitch albom takes readers on a spiritually by exploring good wanted existence on earth ship wrecked passengers lost at sea when a man, claiming to be the lord, approaches them in the water. bestselling author mitch albom joins us live. mitch, good morning to you. >> good morning. steve the book sounds great the stranger in a life boat. people survive explosion on the yacht really rich people. one guy says i am the lord. and so during the course of the book, you try to figure out is that really the lord or is it just somebody who just survived an explosion? steve: exactly. they were out in sea for three days. nobody is coming for them. there are sharks in the water. they are out of food and water. they are crying out desperately
3:54 am
and suddenly see this person floating in the ocean. pull him in just an average young guy, nothing special. one of them says thank the lord i we found you he said i am the lord. from that point forward it's a question of do they believe what they see or hear or do they believe what they feel in their heart? because he says to them they say are you going to save us he says well i can only save you if everyone in this boat believes i am who i say i am. he doesn't look how god looks. hungry, falls asleep, thirsty. must be some guy who banged his head. strange thing start happening and they start to change their mind. steve: i'm not going to give away the ending of the story. apparently revives a woman. calms the seas and then the people are going hey, save us. and he goes i'm just here to listen. >> yeah. exactly. i got a chance to do something i think every author dreams of and maybe every broadcaster if i
3:55 am
were to disappear from the screen right now and somebody jumped in and said well mitch is gone but i'm god. go ahead you have five minutes ask me any question you want. i'm sure you guys would have some very good questions. i try to put those questions in the mouths of the people on this life raft like do you answer all prayers? and he says well i answer every prayer but sometimes the answer is no. or you know, why do people have to die? one of the passengers crying about his wife dying and he says well i know that you cry when your loved one leaves this earth but can i ar assure you they are not crying. steve: and your books are all so good. so many of them deal with heaven. this one though is about the idea of help and how people ask for help. >> exactly. you know, especially during the pandemic. we have all been asking for help whether a job or sick loved one or whatever and we expect help to come like a deli sand witch order it and be in front of us right now. that's not how help from the
3:56 am
universe. it can take a long time. sometimes bad things happen. i asked and my prayer wasn't answered. 10 years later you look back on your life and say if that hadn't happened i never would have met this person. best thing ever that happened to me. so maybe your prayer was answered just not in the way you thought it was supposed to happen. steve: well, it's a great book. it's brand new it's called the stranger in the life boat. mitch, thank you very much for joining us today and good luck to you. >> always a pleasure. thanks very much. steve: thank you, sir. meanwhile straight ahead on this thursday, it's a school board shakeup as anti-critical race theory candidates win across the country. three newly elected board members join us on their fight to save education straight ahead on "fox & friends."
3:57 am
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... so go ahead. take advantage now. trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ >> sweeping republican victories stunning democrats as the party smells trouble. >> we need to make sure republicans don't become the party of parents. >> this campaign became a movement led by parents time for us to come together. >> these republicans are dangerous stocking that white nationalism. >> talks about white supremacy does knee know i ran against a white supremacist? i mean joy, come on get your facts straight. >> dr. fauci is back before congress as a new damning report reveals a staff question the use of taxpayer money on gain of function research. >> this kind of research is still going on and we could have another lab leak we need to be rid of it. >> san francisco just announced
4:01 am
kids in the city will have to be vaxxed or vanished from public life. >> less about covid and less about safety and more about control. >> aaron rodgers has tested positive for covid. he has been ruled out for playing in sunday's game. >> backup quarterback jordan love is expected to start ♪ you make me want to roll my window down and cruise ♪ down a back road >> that is the national harbor in maryland. look at all those beautiful boats and ferris wheel not going yet. a little early. 7:01 on the east coast. thanks for waking up with us. steve: thursday after a big tuesday. thursday, november 4th 2021 here on "fox & friends." welcome aboard, folks, for hour two. we have one more after this and we have lots to talk about. brian: i will let you go, ainsley? ainsley: no, you go ahead. ainsley: i was just thinking it was amazing you immediately do
4:02 am
autopsy after a big election. i know this is offyear election i do distinctly remember when barack obama lost and his party got slammed two years after he got the job in the midterms which would be next year the midterms for joe biden e came out and said i got she lacked flat out. listen, we lost a bunch of seats, dozens of seats. people are unhappy where we are right in this country right now. from there there was a strategy there from there there is a strategy. i'm stunned that democrats who are in office are not looking at themselves and saying what is america trying to say to us on the lowest election to big upset elections in virginia to the one that almost happened in new jersey, where new jersey picked up 10 seats in the blue state in their house. steve: well, you know, what's so important to remember what happened in virginia and it's been, you know, it's been an earthquake, is glenn youngkin was not leading two weeks before the election. it was the whole issue of terry mcauliffe stepped in it when he said parents have no business
4:03 am
being involved in their kids' education. i'm paraphrasing. so, both parties know going forward how important the parent is. so we are going to play two soundbites, one is from a republican, one is from a democrat and they realize that if they bore going to be in control. they have got to get the vote of parents. here's elise stefanik from new york yesterday on capitol hill. >> i'm telling you. it's coming. brian: i'm patient. >> last night was not just a big night for republicans. it was a big night for america. americans across the country rejected president biden and speaker pelosi's radical socialist agenda. the question now is will washington democrats finally wake up and listen to the american people who have rejected this far left agenda? republicans are the party of parents, of education, of small businesses, will of freedom and of family. democrats are the party of big
4:04 am
government socialism creating drivers after crisis. even after their losses, nancy pelosi doubled down on her agenda yet again this morning. and that is exactly why she is a lame duck speaker of the house. ainsley: democrats do not want the republican party to become the party of parents because they know that's a winning message and here's that second soundbite. this is stephanie cutter, she used to be an adviser for barack obama. >> one thing that we need to make sure that republicans in 2022 don't become is the party of parents. >> um-huh. >> because we need to be the party of parents. [laughter] and we are. we are the ones that care about school funding. we are the ones that care about making sure that parents can send their kids to school because they have jobs to go to all of this we need to observe that agenda we cannot let it go. it's not just about critical race theory. it's coming out of covid. it's parental frustration. parents being involved in their
4:05 am
kids' schooling. ainsley: ains they are not the party of the parents. they're the parties of the unions the teachers unions they listen to what they say. the parents you talk to out in middle america, they are worried about what our kids are learning in school. they are worried about taxes. they are worried about how much gas it's going to cost when they have to drive their kids to school every day and parents of veterans are worried about how joe biden handled afghanistan. brian: also, just thinking about on what you just said, so gas is 3.60. i talk to people as high as 6.50. and 7.20 in california. you are doing that while the president of the united states is going to talk about we are not going to worry about oil and gas. we are going to ask the saudis to pump it. don't worry about it we have to go electric cars. until we can plug in our car, basically deal with it, america. that's how much gas is going to cost. ainsley: you can't buy a car. brian: deal with it, america, you can't get any of your items off a barge. deal with it, america. you now have to go shopping and get less stuff and pay more. i think the pandemic really
4:06 am
blurred the lines on the party. because you don't really know if a democrat or a republican is a parent and looking over the kids homework and seeing the kid not paying attention at the very least having trouble functioning in school with a mask, seeing other states handling it differently and people pushing away when you object. ainsley: do you know what the teachers are saying in some of the schools here in new york? they can definitely see a difference in the 5-year-olds in kindergarten or 6-year-olds in kindergarten because they were out of school for so long. parents are saying -- democrats are saying deal with it, your kid does have to get a shot at 5 years old. brian: that's the new one. ainsley: right. steve: regarding the parents, both parties realize the path forward to the midterms, which are next year, is the parents, but, in particular, the parents in the suburbs. because that is where the democrats have held a lot of the cards. and that was not the case in virginia. here is the governor elect speaking last night to tucker, once again, talking about
4:07 am
parents. >> this campaign stopped being a campaign a while ago. and it became a movement. and, yes, it all started in loudoun county many, many, many months ago. but parents across virginia started of to recognize that they really did need to have an important decisive role in their children's education. this seized to be a campaign and started being a movement led by parents. and while the kitchen table issues that are so important to all virginians, low taxes and safe communities and great jobs continued to be very much front and center, education really did become a top issue in this election. ainsley: momma and papa bear revolution that's what he this told us it started with masks and vaccines and crt. then the little girl was raped in the bathroom by a boy wearing a skirt. brian: when they didn't crack down, he struck again. ainsley: that's right. they tried to ever do up and the superintendent acted like he didn't know anything about it then they said we are going to sick the fbi on you, on you the
4:08 am
parents speaking up in the school board. steve: interesting to swheet democrats are looking at with the tea leaves what they do going forward regarding schools by the grace of god we won't have to wear masks next year and coronavirus will be waning although i heard an estimate yesterday that it sounds like inflation because of coronavirus will extend right through the midterms which is terrible news for biden and the democrats. but, nonetheless, will teachers in schools all across the country continue with the critical race theory? that's -- because that's going to be the big thing. that's going to be the motivating thing. the parents, the ones who came and knocked on my door in new jersey, who said, look, look what they're teaching in your school, where your kids went to school. and it was jaw dropping because it was something i hadn't seen and, you know, we see a lot of the stuff here on the channel where people from all over the country come in. but, if the democrats continue to push that and the school boards let them do that the republicans are going to have a
4:09 am
gigantic win in 2024. brian: we have newly elected school board members coming up in 22 minutes. don't move. meanwhile this big story, as everyone focuses on glenn youngkin's improbable win if you think back to september where we were at in november. you can't overlook what happened in lieutenant governor. winsome sears air force veteran gets that slot and also notices, also notices a marine i should say. also notices that everybody is calling out republicans for saying that they played the race card essentially to win seats and to scare people away from voting for the democratic candidate. that is one message that keeps percolating through various other channels and media outlets including jamel hill famously on espn and since left. she has her own website going and also have a twitter account she tweets this out: it's not
4:10 am
the messaging, folks, this country simply loves white supremacy at which time the name winsome sears comes up who happens to be jamaican dissent so caribbean american. her parents are first generation american puts this out. we beg to differ if you are listening on radio. that's her standing she is black holding a rifle. ainsley: she is the first black lieutenant governor in virginia. the really white supremacy? she is a mother of three. she is a marine. she is jamaican and she said i'm willing to die for this country and this country has given me the american dream. steve: here she is last night on sean hannity talking about how democrats have used race to divide americans. watch. >> i want to say to black people, asian people, whatever minorities, latinos, whatever, don't allow political parties to divide us. don't allow political parties to use whatever grievances that
4:11 am
have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can swoop in and think they are saving you when all they are doing is pitting one race against the other. one race against the other. steve: one other thing she brought up with sean and it was such a good soundbite, interesting, we thought we would play it as well. is that oftentimes the democrats, as a monolith, take certain demographics and certain voting blocks for granted. and she addressed that last night as well. >> well, here's the thing. when you look at a birth certificate for black child does it say you must vote democrat every time all the time? otherwise you are not black? and for the white child, does it say you are going to vote anyway that you want any choice that you want? they really don't have the solution. and so when you look at the
4:12 am
democrat-run cities, the democrat ran counties, states, they are losing. the neighborhoods are the worst. the schools are the worst. everything it's the worst. so they move from democrat led states come to republican led states and they ruin it. what i want for us as black people, just leave us alone. who died and left you in charge of all of us as black people so we could be corralled into doing what you want us to do. i thought you said that you were the tolerant folk. ainsley: what an excellent point that white children are able to voted whichever way and you just assume that a black person is going to vote as a democrat. she is saying don't put us in a box. i heard her say also, don't come to our church and tell us to vote for you and don't show up for another four years. and use us as your pawns. brian: republicans have left a gap there that's the urban environment, i'm not going to go there. thriving to maximize suburbs go
4:13 am
to these traditional red areas. they have to decide that it's not okay to ignore certain section of my state of my district. and i really saw that in georgia. i didn't see either candidate try to get the urban vote in downtown atlanta. i thought to myself we are trying to max mize our vote. what kind of center are you requesting to be if you are just for the people who et vod for you. why don't you find out what the needs are if that constituent doesn't want to vote for you at least you could say you listened and maybe you weren't heard but the next time you will be. steve: i wonder, you know, what you just said reminded me that kamala harris had cut a tv spot that was supposed to run in 300 black churches in virginia but then there were questions about whether or not it was legal. i wonder if they actually ran that. >> i was under the assumption they did in 300 churches. steve: it clearly did not help if they did. brian: yeah. brian: white governor, black lieutenant governor and latino
4:14 am
attorney general. beautiful it represents america. brian: i wish it would be we reverse the hyphen. african-american american-hispanic, i thought we would be more who he emergencyized why now. enough to multiple generations have been here. we are still trying to segment so much all the time. steve: well, i saw something this morning in the "the washington post" where they broke down who exactly showed up and who didn't show up. and one of the problems for the democrats in the commonwealth of virginia was there was not a lot of enthusiasm for terry mcauliffe and in particular, the younger voter. the under 24 voter for the most part didn't show up like they have in the past because clearly, they were not interested in this particular election. but, know what the democrats are going to do is say you know what? we didn't get them out last time we need to get them out this time. that's going to be the marching order. ainsley: carley has headlines for us. carley: that's right. i sure do. we will start with a big story here. illegal immigrant posing as a
4:15 am
minor is charged with stabbing a father of four who had taken him. in the "new york post" reports this 24-year-old honduran tricked border agents into thinking he was an unaccompanied minor under president biden's border policy he was then placed in a shelter in florida. new york restrictive gun laws are being challenged before the supreme court. gun rights advocates say language surrounding proper cause for obtaining a conceal carry permit is unconstitutional. allergies that one desire for protection meets that standard. aaron rodgers tests positive for covid-19. the green bay packers quarterback will miss sunday's game against the kansas city chiefs. now, rogers is not vaccinated despite claiming to be immunized. espn reports he took an alternative treatment which he petitioned the nfl to accept. back-up quarterback jordan love is expected to start in rogers absence. a sneaky iphone feature lets you listen to other people's
4:16 am
conversations happening even miles away. a tiktok user discovering the tool by accident. asking if it may be used as a tool to spy on friends, significant others or even strangers. the tool lets you set up a specifically made microphone near the source and transmit the sound back to the user. that's scary stuff. steve: you need to tell us how to turn that off. carley: it's intended for like a hearing aid device so there is a positive reason for it but it's sounds pretty creepy. steve: i think it has to do with bluetooth. carley: hearing impaired people too. brian: does she have that power to get kurt of the cyberguy on it. carley: just like that. brian: just had the job for a couple of days. ["star trek" sound] brian: going to start booking. ainsley: she has been here for a
4:17 am
few years. a lot of years. many years. brian: seems so new. ainsley: just a new position. brian: i didn't know. ainsley: mystery mounts over the disappearance of a california mom why husband says he suspects foul play. brian: texas is taking matter into its own hands. how laying the blueprint build own building wall using shipping containers. steve: they have plenty four years clear. real people with psoriasis look and feel better with cosentyx. don't use if you're allergic to cosentyx. before starting, get checked for tuberculosis. an increased risk of infections —some serious— and the lowered ability to fight them may occur. tell your doctor about an infection or symptoms, or if you've had a vaccine or plan to. tell your doctor if your crohn's disease symptoms develop or worsen. serious allergic reactions may occur. learn more at as someone who resembles someone else, i appreciate that liberty mutual
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because we're building a better network every single day. he claimed he thinks foul play could be involved.
4:22 am
>> there's no, no sign of foul play in her place, but what gives us a sign of being foul play is that she would never do this with our son. she would never do this. this is -- something is way out of the ordinary. steve: this as we learn the company where heidi works as a financial controller is under investigation for $43 million in fraud with the sec. former fbi profiler mary ellen o'toole joins us now from virginia. mary ellen, good morning to you. >> so heidi's ex-husband said that he thinks her job may have played a role in the disappearance because he got a call from the fec asking about what he knew about her boss and so he thinks it's all somehow connected. >> well, it certainly is a
4:23 am
possibility but investigators are going to go well beyond what he thinks because the most critical thing in a case like this in the beginning without exception is to develop what we call in the fbi as bau victimology. they have to know everything there is to know about heidi. who are the people are that could have put her in danger and what her lifestyle habits were. regardless of what family members say that victimology is a key to this case. steve: mary ellen, one of the peculiar things that we have learned is apparently somebody found her dog on the 28th floor of a high rise building in los angeles. you know, the dog was wandering around, and it had one of those microchips in its neck they chipped and it found out who it was and they are trying to figure out she has no known connection to that building. that's crazy. how does a dog get up on the
4:24 am
28th floor and another knows what that dog is doing here? >> the dog could be a critical piece of evidence. because she could have been there, not having lived there, she could have visited somebody there. so that dog becomes really important just in terms of having maybe been in the apartment of somebody that was there, somebody that heidi was visiting. steve: it is suspicious though, given the fact that she works as a -- at a company where she told her friends and family that some tax filings were due and that her boss has her name on so much of the corporate paperwork. so, she knows where all the money is for that company. >> well, that's right. and that's what i mean about knowing more about who are the people that heidi associated with. i object ter acted with, that posed a danger to her. whether it was personal or financial or otherwise. so, investigators know. they know out there.
4:25 am
they are not going to focus on one person exclusively right now until they can develop more about her and what it is about her lifestyle or her habits that put her in this position. so they have got multiple tracks of investigation really going on right now. steve: no kidding. well, let's hope she is found and she is safe. mary ellen thank you very much for joining us today. >> you are welcome. steve: all right. coming up on 7:25 here in the east. the momma and papa bear movement roaring to life as parents sweep school board elections all across the country. three newly elected anti-crt board members join us on their fight to save their kids' education. ♪
4:26 am
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united states postal service.
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. it's the hardworking people of the this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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ainsley: school board shakeup, critical race theory was a key issue driving voters to the polls on election day and candidates opposing the controversial curriculum won seats on school boards all across the country including our next guest. we have a mother of three amy, she won a school board seat in lansing, kansas, father of three andrew yeager who won a school board seat in south lake texas and sharon who won a seat in strongville ohio where 8 of her 16 grandchildren are in school. good morning to all of you. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning. ainsley: amy, i have been watching some of your videos on youtube about your election. i know you moved to lansing in 2016. you said you didn't know a lot of people. you went out there and knocked on coarse. you knocked on thousands of doors. what was the number one issue you heard from parents? >> the number one issue was definitely critical race theory. that was -- i wouldn't tell them my concern. i would ask them theirs and that would be their first concern. ainsley: i know six candidates
4:31 am
were vying for thee three spots on the school board are they all in line with you? are they anti-crt as well? >> no. they are not. two other candidates that won with me jeff bowl len and mary wood we all ran against crt and our other candidates had mindset that it didn't exist because it's not listed in the kansas state standards that we know that that's not true. we need to keep that out of our schools. i think that helped us win parents are very concerned about it. they have a say in their children's education. we showed that with the election. ainsley: andrew, i know you have one child in high school. your child came home and was talking about how the teacher was teaching bias which is not allowed in the schools in texas is that why you decided to run? >> well, i decided to run because i thought my skills could be used to sort of bring the temperature down. a lot of media focus in our town and probably the thing that brought everybody together was to say we just want common sense
4:32 am
approaches. to fixing we are not perfect to fixing some of the things that we have. and people love our town, love our community, it's very welcoming, and it's kind of gotten a bad wrap lately. ainsley: i love your story. 16 grandchildren. most people are ready to retire or move to florida or go on vacation. you are ready to fight. tell me why. >> well, i think i started like two years ago when the whole pandemic started. and i have so many kids from 18 to 8 months old, the grand kids, and i just saw how, you know, their lives were just being up ended and i'm very much aware of mental health. that's a big thing for me. and i looked at these kids and i just didn't feel like we were doing our best for them. like we were kind of expecting them to save us, i think we need to be saving them. ainsley: look at that family.
4:33 am
i'm sorry, we are showing you picture of your family. your love created all of that, it's pretty amazing. >> thank you. the good lord has been good to me. and he -- i think he directed me into this. and propelled me to do this. and as i got into it, is when i started really delving into this crt and a lot of other things that i wasn't really aware of. and it's a quite divisive ideology, i feel. i don't know what the end game is because i don't knee really who in the end they are going to really help. i mean, we should be building up black children, white children, you know, i just worry that we're going to just divide our society more. and that scares me. ainsley: amy, we have heard democrats worry that the g.o.p. is becoming the party of parents. mommas and papas are really speaking out and their voices are being heard, right? >> they are.
4:34 am
and and that showed in the gubernatorial race in virginia and across the country with all of the school board races and that's another item that a lot of parents brought up to us since covid and now with crt, and other issues, they just felt like they did not have a say on their school board or with their local schools. and these are our children. our rights don't stop at the door. we are going to represent those parents. ainsley: what's the biggest issue in south lake, texas. >> i think we had two very decisive issues. my opponent was supporting something called a demand letters. taking the police officers out of our schools, tracking microaggressions, very radical. so in addition to crt, people just rejected that and that's why i think we won 65% of the vote. ainsley: wow, there is thiessen school in california they saw crime going up so they put police officers back in their schools. that was just decided.
4:35 am
thank you all so much. god bless you. i wish all the best. thanks for what you are doing for our children and the future of america. >> thank you. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. texas taking border patrol in its own hands. how far the lone star state is utilizing shipping containers to stop the surge. black rifle coffee going public. one of the co-founders is going to join us live with more on the massive deal that they're brewing up. ♪ i'm so excited ♪ i just can't hide it ♪ i'm about to lose control ♪ and i think i like it ♪ i'm so excited ♪ and i just can't hide it ♪ the servicenow platform will make it just, flow. whether it's finding ways to help you serve your customers, orchestrating a safe return to the office... wait. an office? what's an office? or solving a workplace challenge that's yet to come.
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♪ ♪ brian: here we go. the state of texas taking matters into its own hands why building a border wall in a different way using some unusual materials. >> we began dropping these large containers that you see on 18-wheelers that you also see on
4:40 am
these ships that are going across the ocean. we are dropping them down on locations that could be crossings that would be used by these caravans to serve as a blockade to prevent them from coming across the border. brian: why not? next guest served as sheriff in the rio grande valley for 8 years. here with us right now to react. former fort bin county sheriff and texas representative troy nails. congressman, what do you think right now of that idea? >> i think it's a great idea, it's a tool that the governor is using to try to help slow down, curve this invasion. let this invasion that we are seeing at our southern border. the governor is look at this like a defensive position. you kind of look at my military training find a way to slow down the surge is we have a lot of area to cover. we are doing the federal government's job for them because they refuse to do it on
4:41 am
their own. brian: you are saying it's not political. it actually helps to have some type of barrier there and containers would work? >> absolutely. these shipping containers and the american people, these are what you see on the back of 18-wheelers. some of them are 25, 30 feet long. 8-foot tall. so if these individuals are going to approach one of those barriers, number one, some may attempt to climb over it. maybe of them will stop and wait a minute and move alongside that barrier and try to find an opening. brian: i just don't know how much do you think the federal government could stop this from happening after all? they do have to green light the wall. >> it's the federal government. this is the problem, brian, it's the federal government's job. it's congress' job to secure our nation's borders. and we haven't done it for years for decades. congress has not secured the southern border. so now it's incumbent upon governors along the southern states to have borders to augment the border patrol with their own resources.
4:42 am
the department of public safety, the national guard. it's costing texans billions of dollars. brian: what drives me nuts he doesn't seem to care. nobody in the administration seems to care you do. republicans in the house today will today introduce a bill to block a reported plan by the biden administration that the president denies by the way, which is a little bizarre, that they are going to pay illegal immigrants who were separated from their families at the border up to $450,000. you ever putting together legislation just in case the president wasn't read into his own policy. >> the american people are not going to buy this. they are not buying anything with this administration. look at what took place in virginia the other day and across our entire country with the elections. but, this is the issue. mayorkas is a fool, i think he has lied to the american people joe biden is asleep at the wheel not only here but when he travels overseas and kamala is
4:43 am
missing in action. she says she has been down to the border. she stopped in there for a little bit and took off and went to california. so go ahead. try to give these illegal immigrants $400,000, whatever number they have, the american people aren't going to buy it why don't we address some of the homelessness we have across our country, even here in this city of washington, d.c.? they are americans, they are homeless, they are sleeping under our bridges. what are we doing for them? nothing. zero. ains. brian: when it comes to this, i wonder how many democrats can you get involved in this, henry cuellar for one, i can't see being against this. >> well, number one, the idea that we're going to give thousands of dollars american taxpayer dollars to illegal immigrants that are coming across our southern border by the thousands is irresponsible and the american people aren't going to buy it, brian. they are going to be against this. brian: i see the sheriff coming out in you. congressman, thanks so much. appreciate it. >> thank you, god bless.
4:44 am
brian: all right. back at you. carley shimkus according to reports is ready to bring us the reports. >> listener to this update here. the husband of rust cinematographer laguardia up ahead of wrongful death lawsuits. learning the film set is in violation of industry firearm standards. a stage workers union saying, quote: live ammunition is never to be used nor brought on to any studio lot or stage. fox news speaks exclusively to rust film's armorer who says she is planning to address the deadly shooting soon but suspects someone may have put a bullet in the gun. a driver suspected of stealing a big rig leads police on a wild chase in los angeles. the chase reaching speeds of up to 60 miles per hour. political science say it lasted for more than two whole hours. eventually the truck loses a tire. it's unclear how the driver ended up with the big rig in the first place. key detail there.
4:45 am
ski resort plenty of snow but not enough workers. reporting snowest october in 15 years leaving ski resorts desperate to hire workers as the national labor shortage drags on. dessert news reports utah's ski areas are currently hiring for just about every position from ski patrol to wait staff. we have heard this story before, guys. ainsley: i have heard that's a great place to go and ski, too. steve: terrific. ainsley: check in with adam klotz for fox weather forecast. adam: chilly out here on fox square. that's one of the stories not just along the east coast but stretching back along the east coast and south feels like winter. dive into temperatures. currently 32 degrees in chicago. 28 degrees up in through the fargo area. there is a big cold front that's stretching back across the country and that is really dropping these temperatures. let's see out along the gulf coast where it's also chilly
4:46 am
temps down in the 50's and 60's. speaking of the gulf coast. i got some cajuns and new yorkers also. your 70th birthday you are here celebrating it congratulations. do you want to do a big back into you? we will toss it back into the folks into the studio. >> ainsley, we love watching you down in louisiana. so keep doing a good job young lady. steve: there you go. ainsley: thank you. [laughter] ainsley: thank you, i will come out and say hello. thank you so much. we love louisiana. steve: we have got to come back because brian has to talk about his book. brian: president and the freedom fighter out a couple days ago. last night first event that you could go to. anywhere to see me on the road brian will local book stores have all closed and some chains that don't want to deal with live events. i get it we went great restaurant at public biblical cans featured in a movie. pictures of the event last night. a a lot of "fox & friends" fans showed up including gavin hadden
4:47 am
there i am speaking to the group. gavin hadden introduced me. ainsley: president of the morning show. brian: the premier he likes to call himself. that's just a shot at a crowd because it's kind of cool if you do an event for your books, great to know people waited but they are drinking and eating and having hot chocolate. steve: people drinking they are buying more. ainsley: what were we. brian: so drunk i bought 10 books, sorry. ainsley: normally you will go to a barnes & noble wonderful a lot of people show up. to be sitting at a table drinking and eating and talking about your book, that's awesome. brian: here here is the event staten island be there at the mall at barnes & noble there lawrenceville, georgia at the books-a-million friday. lexington, kentucky major booj event, book exhibit. and i will be one of the exhibits in charleston, west virginia on sunday. and don't forget next wednesday in madison, connecticut. if you just find out go to brian ainsley: pennsylvania, orlando
4:48 am
and couple places in florida and new jersey go. to brian steve: go to amazon or barnes & or books-a-million. you don't have to be drunk to buy the book. brian: that's a good slogan thank you very much. can i take that? you don't have to be drunk to buy brian's book. ainsley: you were sober when you wrote it. [laughter] ainsley: 7:48 here on the east coast. a job a jolt. black rifle coffee company brewing up a plan to go public. so proud of them. one of the co-founders is waking up early with us to discuss that deal. ♪ find your rhythm. your happy place. find your breaking point. then break it. every emergen-c gives you a
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okay, cool. who cares? ♪♪
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4:52 am
he can. ♪ ainsley: the event of the year is right around the corner, wednesday, november 17th at the hard rock live theater down in hollywood, florida. you can get your tickets before it sells out. steve: that's right. now, if you get silver tickets, they give you access to the preshow party where you can walk the fox nation the red carpet, take photos with fox news folk toes and talent and so much more. we're also going to have book signings with tucker and judge jeanine, dan bongino and whiskey tasting with john rich which could be a sellout. [laughter] brian: right. i'll be signing as well at the
4:53 am
show honoring the unsung american patriots. tickets are on sale right now, we'll be there, and we hope to see you there. we're going to be doing two shows, right? the show the day off and the day after as well as being on the show. we demand to be on early because we need to get some rest. steve: my police officer's going to be there -- ainsley: and there may or may not be a marching band to wake up all the prime time people at the hotel. [laughter] steve: new hampshire. ainsley: meanwhile, they hire veterans, they're folk focused on veterans, black rifle coffee. steve: the company is going public through a $1.7 billion merger deal with a special acquisition group. brian: black rifle coffee cofounder and former u.s. army ranger matt best joins us now. what makes you think this is the
4:54 am
right moment? >> you know, i think we have so many intelligent people that worked for the company, it was just a heart of timing, and it just seemed like it was the right time. really for us to provide capital to grow the company doing the amazing things our team is doing. we're really exciting. ainsley: tell the folks at home who haven't tried your coffee -- it is delicious, we love it -- how does it help the veterans? >> well, not only are our initiatives internally hiring veterans and, you know, our goal is 10,000 veterans that we want to hire, but every single time you purchase a bag of coffee, a lot of what we do is support veteran nonprofits or colleges. and we have a campaign going on where if you buy a bag, we donate one to a service member. pretty much everything we do with the company is built around giving back to people who serve our company. and we have the best -- serve our country.
4:55 am
and we have the best coffee. let's be real. steve: i understand you're going to use the money to open up more retail stores. the problem is you're not at my grocery store or at the convenience store. if so with this money you're going to be everywhere. it's got to make you feel like 1.7 billion to think that your idea is now worth close to $2 billion. >> yeah, i don't even necessarily know -- it's just the movement. it's a supply and demand thing. for distribution it requires capital, and we want to provide people the opportunity to conveniently engage with our brand and our products, and that requires us to raise some capital. going public with our partner is amazing. and there's a few other things that are a part of this deal which i want to highlight. we're going to be a public men fit if corporation which means we're solely mission-focused. so we're doing everything in our power to meet or promise about helping the veteran community. ainsley: mat, you're a former
4:56 am
u.s. army ranger, deployed five times to iraq and afghanistan, served our country valiantly, we appreciate that. and then you hear you have a $1.7 billion deal. what was your reaction? >> you know, i kind of keep my head down on the grindstone and keep working, but it's a test thement, i think, to our team and the support we've had over the years. and, you know, for me it's just impactful because even though the wars are so and so over, the lasting effects are not. and when we look at a deal like this, it's going to provide the opportunity to do amazing things in the community. i know i keep saying that, but it's what wakes me up every morning. steve: mat best, thank you very much. ainsley: congratulations. steve: coming up next, we're going to talk about the problems joe's facing after tuesday. yep. i'm the all-in-one management software built for small business. high thryv! help me with scheduling?
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5:00 am
>> president biden passing the buck after major losses in virginia. >> i'm not sure that i would be able to have changeed the very conservative folks who turned out. >> you have to be willing to vocalize that these republicans are dangerous. >> who died and left you in charge of all of us as black people? i thought you said that you were the tolerant folks. brian: the lone star state is using shipping containers to build a wall. >> congress has not secured the southern border, so it's incumbent on governors to try to help slow down this invasion.
5:01 am
ainsley: school boards all across the country -- >> [inaudible] >> we just want common sense approaches. >> governor ron desantis has a new name for the biden white house -- >> when you look at the biden, the brandon administration, in terms of -- [laughter] >> let's go, brandon! ♪ there's no stopping us right now. ♪ i feel so close to you right now ♪♪ steve: the only thing that could be stopping you right now, the you're on the boardwalk in new jersey, it's 39 degrees, going for a high of 50. not too far from there is the area that a republican by the name of edward derr ran an improbable campaign against the new jersey state senate president who's within in office
5:02 am
since 2004. that guy, right there, he raised $10,000. but during his campaign he only spent $153 including he printed up some fliers. he's a driver for raymore and flanagan, and he is way ahead of the democrat, steven sweeney, who's been there since 2004. ainsley: how did he do it? he's been the senate president for, i think, ten years. how did he win though -- he hasn't won yet, how did he get so far ahead? he didn't do any tv ads or anything like that. steve: apparently not. but he had a potent message. i live in new jersey, and there's the guy, screen left, who drives, there's the guy screen right, the new jersey senate president, stephen sweeney, it looks like he's going to be swept out.
5:03 am
the message was we're going to lower your taxes. you know what? i think people down in his district going to give him a chance if he's, you know, certified. ainsley: so look at the front page of the post. the president is back home, and it says he's awake now. sleepy joe alarmed voters don't like him or dem agenda, but clueless biden still blames everyone else. brian: right. steve: and roll tape. >> do you think that terry mcauliffe would have won if your agenda had passed before election day? >> well, i think we should have passed before election day. but i'm not sure that i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in the red districts who were trump voters, but maybe. >> [inaudible] >> no, i know we did, but we also -- i was running against
5:04 am
donald trump. people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school, to jobs, to a whole range of things, the cost of a gallon of gasoline. and so the -- if i'm able to pass, sign into law my build back better initiative, i'm in a position where you're going to see a lot of those things ameliorated quickly swiftly. brian: right. you would think the president would realize, hey, congress, this spending plan that goes along with a bipartisan $1.2 structure for plan, we've got to kill it. instead, nancy pelosi yesterday said it's straight ahead. they're going to put it up -- she keeps saying this -- they're going to put up the reconciliation package even for a vote even though they know they don't have the votes in the senate. they have not agreed. so they're way to the left wing, really hurt their party it seems most exerts conclude except for
5:05 am
the -- experts conclude except for the people who have a job in congress. they're telling us one thing and understand the truth or they really believe the message from, yes, on tuesday was one speed up hi agenda. steve: joe biden was absolutely right, people are angry about what's going on in schools, people are angry about everything time you till the pup your tank, it's at least $1 more. people are angry, and who do they blame? are remember that thing harry truman said? the buck stops here? mr. president, the buck stops here. he blames trump. you know, i was running against donald trump. this is regarding virginia. donald trump didn't go to virginia. joe biden went to virginia. kamala harris went to virginia twice. she cut a video that may have been play ared at 300 of the churches before that. the message is when you look at new jersey, we were just talking about that, mr. murphy, phil murphy, ran against donald trump. joe biden, when he went and did that 17-minute speech for terry
5:06 am
mcauliffe mentioned donald trump 24 times. that did not work. and so they've got to rip up that playbook and come up with something new, and unless they become -- we were talking about this an hour ago -- unless they become the party of the parents which right now the mantel belongs to the republicans, they're going to lose again. ainsley: yeah. they said we listen to you, parents, we're not just these regular politicians, we're not bringing in the big guns like barack obama and joe biden and stacey abrams and dave matthews band. we're listening to the people in the suburbs, we're listening to the moms and the dads. and joe manchin says, look, we need to pay attention to this. he's a democrat, you know that. he says we need to listen to this because this could affect if us in the future if we don't pay attention too. listen. >> i just saw it to confirm that we have a divided country. when you think of two blue states or one state, virginia's been leaning blue for ten years
5:07 am
can and georgia's always been historically blue, and and to see what happened and how close and how divided, can you imagine 100-200 vote separation and how close it was in virginia? i hope it's a wake-up call for all of us. brian: the democrats don't see it that way, and joe manchin says i'm not signing off on this bill, and sinema says i'm not signing off on this bill, and senator warner says i'm not signing off, it seems, it's not the right time. that's when you need a president to come down and say i've been doing this for 40 years. this is how i interpret this. this is my 4 years. you might be out of here in one year the you don't listen to me. and the listening to joe biden is pass this agenda which is your agenda and that's good for the country that is dealing with this type of debt, this type of open job situation, supply chain situation and inflation situation, to me, it's totally irresponsible. steve: well, you know, on election day, a little before
5:08 am
election day nbc calm out with a poll that said 70% of americans say that america is on the wrong track. and 70% of independents say we're on the wrong track. so unless they get the hedge, the democrats -- the message, the democrats, what america is interested in, they're going to lose. and i wouldn't be surprised if goifn the fact that the buck stops with joe biden, i wouldn't be surprised that given the damage done to the democratic brand done on tuesday if there's not a push to replace him at the top of the ticket for 2024 and, you know, we can't win with this guy, and all our jobs are -- we're all in the same boat. unless we get somebody new, we're going down. ainsley: well, there's so many people that they're in the middle. they don't really pay attention to politic, they're not so involved -- steve: a dollar of gas. ainsley: exactly. the parents pay attention to what's being taught in their schools. and that whole panel that we talked to on tuesday said they were not involved in school
5:09 am
board issues at all. one lady who's been on our show, she has just started this new act, started this new group where they are petitioning parent toss really get their voices out there. she had the shirt on that said mama and papa bear revolution. she said i didn't know one of my school board members. her son's already graduated from high school, and she's involved. i think parents are saying when i see high gas prices, high taxes, i can't get christmas presents for my kids and i'm seeing what's happening in afghanistan, they're paying attention. they vote for the other person. steve: i'm giving my kids gas for christmas. brian: brian you've been really good, here's some unleaded. by the way, i went to get gas the other day, 91? was i gassing the space shuttle? i don't need to go that's. just give me 89.
5:10 am
steve: i think there's 94. brian: is there 94? ainsley: i know whatever the stick ther says on my car. if. brian: in new york you're allowed to pump your gas. in new jersey they will arrest you. steve: which is one great reason to live in new jersey. brian: right. it's 5 degrees out, i'd love to pump the gas. billy wants to push it. steve: it's been that way forever in new jersey. meanwhile, back down to the commonwealth of virginia. the lieutenant governor-elect, she, it appears she has won that job. and georgia mill hill, who we've talked about over the last year or two, used to be with es, n, was referring to this tidal wave of red across the country on tuesday. and this was her observation about what went wrong for the democrats. she wrote: it's not the messaging, folks. this country simply loves white
5:11 am
supremacy. well, you know what? the lieutenant governor's team posted that image, and what she had to say to jemele hill right at the top is we beg to differ. ainsley: the first black lieutenant governor, a mother of three, a marine, her parents were from jamaica, and she loves the tact that we have the american dream here. brian: right. here she is on sean hannity's show last night. >> i want to say to black people, asian people, whatever, minorities, latinos, whatever, don't allow political parties to divide us. don't allow political parties to use whatever grievances that have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can
5:12 am
swoop in and think they're saving you when all they're doing is pitting one race against the other, one race against the other. brian: wow. such an important message, and it's very hard to dispel it. but it didn't stop the daily beast. they write this whole election was about this: you damn karens are killing america. manufactured crt isn't going away. we're going to work wonders across the nation especially with white moms. why do you have to marginalize people who don't vote like you vote is unbelievable to me. i don't know why this is acceptable. steve: well, they need an excuse for why they lost. they clearly lost on those particular issues, but then again, we're talking about a very motivated republican electorate and the democrats, not so much. ainsley: manufactured crt, they're going to keep losing because we see evidence after evidence after evidence, one of the moms on that panel brought all the books that you see in the library in fairfax county.
5:13 am
unbelievable. brian: empirical evidence, not opinion, right? that's what you need. ainsley: exactly. brian: steve, you referenced we're all in the same boat? zack brown wrote a song about that. somebody with great musical genius -- steve: right. because we talked to mitch ifal bomb about that. -- mitchal bomb about that. brian: that song depresses me. just goes on and on. steve: will you fix that gizmo? brian: what's wrong? if. steve: can you hear me now? over. left side of the couch to the right side of the couch, over? ainsley: think of a funny transition for carl are ey. brian: i don't know what you're talking about, i am professional. here now the news with carley shimkus. reporter very good. it's too normal for me though. i'll give it a c+.
5:14 am
in your corner, with your permission. brian: right. >> reporter: fox news alert, potential game-changer in fighting the pandemic. health regulators in the u.k. approving a merck covid-19 pill for treatment. it's the first country to give it authorization. regulators giving it the green light for use among some adults as an at-home covid are treatment. the pill is still pending review in the united states, but experts say it could be ground breaking to ease covid caseloads in hospitals and curbing the pandemic. dr. anthony fauci heading back to the hot seat today as a new damning report reveals his staff questioned the use of taxpayer money on gain of function research this wuhan as far back as 2016. senator rand paul has repeatedly accused fauci of lying. he is now calling for tau chi to be fired. -- fauci to be the fired. john deere delivers its best and final offer to striking
5:15 am
workers, giving a 30% pay raise over six years, an $8500 bonus and paid parental leave. john deere will continue using non-union workers. and today is the day taco bell is giving out free tacos to customers. you can thank the world series winning atlanta braves, the game one stolen base earning fans a nacho cheese taco. grab one at participating taco bells all day, so today is practically a holiday. if. ainsley: is the shell made of doritos? yum. steve: it's delicious. we just had two to do if brands in our first block, taco bell and dunkin' donuts. brian: you know who's a genius?
5:16 am
the inventer of the soft shell. people made the shot shell, the bendable, doesn't break -- steve: that's just a tortilla. brian: isn't that an option, soft shell, hard shell? ainsley: you can do either. brian: whoever invented it, we owe you one. steve: there you go. the virginia election results proving education issues are important to voters on both sides of the political aisle. >> republicans are the party of parents, of education. >> we need to be -- [inaudible] and we are. we need to own that agenda. steve steve okay. so who's going to own that agenda a? author douglas murray discuss who is true thely the -- ainsley: she's like we need to be the part of the parents. oh, wait, we are. plus, the supply chain crunch is giving some businesses a much-needed boost. the growing demand for made in hurricane products like -- made in america products like his, coming up.
5:17 am
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♪♪ >> crt and other issues, they just felt like they did not have a say on their school board or with their local schools, and these are our children. >> i think the thing that brought everybody together was to say we just want common sense approaches to fixing -- we're not perfect, fixing some of the things we have. >> it's a quite divisive ideology. i don't know really who in the end they're going to really help. ainsley: school board members reacting to their sweeping wins as their push against credit call race theory took center
5:22 am
stage while democrats are sounding the alarm on what this means for their midterm. >> the one thing that we need to make sure that republicans this 2022 don't come is the party of parents. because we need to be the party of the parents. we need to own that agenda. we cannot let it go. and it's not just about critical race theory. it's coming out of covid, parental frustration. ainsley: author douglas murray is here to react. good morning to you, douglas. >> good morning. ainsley: good morning. which party is the party of parents? [laughter] >> it's an amazing reaction are, isn't it? it's really, what she was saying was we're the good guys, they're the bad guys, why didn't enough people realize it? she says it's not just about crt, she says it's about, you know, we're the party, she claims democrats are the party of funding for education. she says that the democrats are the party of trying to make people have jobs so their kids
5:23 am
can go to school. this is completely deranged talk. you know, every parent in america who wants well for their kids, and what this is is just another democrat trying to play politics with children in america by saying actually, you know, we're the only ones who care about children, and those republicans, they just hate children. it's just pathetic politicking by another democrat who's forgotten their own arguments. they've forthe gotten their own arguments -- forgotten their own arguments, and they the just decided to have these cheap attacks on american parents. ainsley: and you have these long-term politicians who are saying crt is not in our classrooms. then they're ignoring a little girl getting raped this a bathroom by a boy in a skirt, and they sent him to another school and tried to cover it up. and then you have the a.g. saying i'm going to bring in in the fbi. they're trying to silence these
5:24 am
parents. here's what james carville said. >> it's this stupid wokeness. don't just look at virginia and new jersey, looked at long island, look at buffalo, look at minneapolis. even look at seattle, washington. i mean, this defund the police lunacy, this take abraham lincoln's name off the schools, i mean, that -- people see that. and it's just really has a suppressive effect all across the country. and some of these people need to go to a woke detox center or something. it's a language people just don't use, and there's a backlash and frustration at that. ainsley: douglas, have the democrats gone too far to the left? is that really what america wants? >> of course it's not what america wants. moderate democrats are obviously going to be, now, living in fear of these people. what we saw in virginia, what we've seen on these school boards is americans, america is a moderate country. it's a reasonable country of
5:25 am
reasonable people in it. they do not think the people who want to tear down their whole history. democrats want to get into power again in 2022, let alone 2024, they've got to push these extremists away. whether they do, that's another question. ainsley: douglas, thanks for coming on with us. >> thank you. ainsley: one nonprofit united combat veterans and form ther pro athletes to tackle life after their uniform. founder and fox sports nfl insider jay glaeser is going to join us live on how they're transforming into their new mission. ♪♪
5:26 am
>> here's an exclusive first look. how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? >> if that was an insurrection, it was the most poorly conducted ever. >> patriot purge all this week, exclusively on fox nation. ♪ you are my sunshine ♪ ♪ my only sunshine... ♪ rybelsus® works differently than any other diabetes pill to lower blood sugar in all 3 of these ways... increases insulin when you need it... decreases sugar... and slows food. the majority of people taking rybelsus® lowered their blood sugar and reached an a1c of less than 7. people taking rybelsus® lost up to 8 pounds. rybelsus® isn't for peopl with type 1 diabetes. don't take rybelsus® if you or your family ever had medullary thyroid cancer,
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♪ steve: welcome back. it's coming up on 8:0 here in the east. -- 8:30. here in the east. we've got a story to tell you, and it's not a good one. it involves the migrants coming over our southern border. joe biden's administration has made it very clear if there's an unaccompanied minor, you do not turn them back, sented them to mexico -- send them to mexico or wherever they came from. we've got a story about who the united states government thought was a 17-year-old migrant from honduras, that man right there. he said, yeah, i'm 17. well, now he's in the news because while he was apparently processed in texas, somehow he wound up in the great state of florida, taken in by a family headed by a man who that young man, who is actually 24 years old now, is accused of murdering. ainsley: so this father of four took him in, and the guy who's a
5:31 am
suspect who's charged of stabbing him to death, he called his mom, he said, mom, he treats me like i'm his son and also admitted i used the wrong name, a different name to get into the country. steve: identity theft. ainsley: that's right. i stole someone wells' name. and he was put in juvie because he was in jacksonville, florida, covered this blood. they found the hand dead, put him this juvie and then realized, hey, he's not 17, he's 24. brian: yeah. so if you wonder what happens to the 600,000 that they estimate gets to stay here h una companied minors -- unaccompanied minors fan out across the country, and they go to school. this kid up until 21 in new york you can go to school for free, to high school up to the age of 21. can you imagine this killer sitting next to your kid in 12th grade pretending to be 17 years old? ainsley: it's bonkers. brian: yeah, who bring you in,
5:32 am
they sponsor you, it's not beverly hills, it's not malibu. these are usually areas where people might get some money horde to bring a kid in, they get supplemented money, and the guy ends up killing you while you have four kids. steve: the federal government is desperate to get these kids sponsored by somebody, so this is what happens. it just points out one of the problems with the system that the biden administration has set up, and that is essentially these kids come in, they're unaccompanied minors. they say what's your name, and it's the honor system. our government is trusting the kids to tell the truth, but as we have seen to, you know, terrible result, they don't always tell the truth. and some define is dead now. -- guy is dead now. ainsley: and then it was reported by "the wall street journal" that doj, hhs were considering paying the illegal immigrants that came into or our country under trump and separated from their parents,
5:33 am
paying $450,000 so basically one family gets close to the million dollars. brian: is that a true story? ainsley: well, your son, peter doocy, asked the president about it. >> mr. president -- >> this ought to be good. >> reporter: i think so too. about the way forward, mr. president. as you're leaving for your overseas trip, there were reports surfacing that your administration's planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly a million dollars per family. do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it's not true. >> reporter: so this is a garbage report. >> yeah. >> reporter: okay. >> $450,000 per person, is that what you're saying? >> reporter: that was separated from a family member under the last administration. >> that's not going to happen. steve: unfortunately for the
5:34 am
president, it is. the president's people haven't told the president what's happening with the administration, because the aclu came out and, clearly, they appear to have been more than sources for "the wall street journal" story, they say the administration has been negotiating with these families and that the department of justice and the hhs and the department of homeland security, it's a thing. but apparently they have not told joe biden. hey, mr. president, this is what you're doing. he called it garbage. brian: do you remember f troop. the sergeant really ran the whole base. i think we have a situation where the captain's been left in the dark on every key issue. i want to know who the sergeant is running this. ainsley: maybe this is why his people tell him don't answer any questions, but a us -- because you don't know the answers. steve: i'm thinking hogan's heroes, sergeant schultz. i know nothing.
5:35 am
brian brian straight ahead. the supply chain crisis is driving the demand for american-made products. a good friend of the joe, jacques coe will nick, joining us live with the booming business he's seeing. ion, at the right time, may make all the difference. at humana, we know that's especially true when you're looking for a medicare supplement insurance plan. that's why we're offering "seven things every medicare supplement should have." it's yours, free! just for calling the number on your screen. and when you call, a knowledgeable licensed agent-producer can answer any questions you have, and help you choose the plan that's right for you. the call is free, and there's no obligation. you see, medicare covers only about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. that's why so many people purchase medicare supplement insurance plans, like those offered by humana. they're designed to help
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♪ steve: welcome back. american companies are seeing a surge in sales amid the supply chain crisis. jocko willink's company doubling its work force to meet demand. but first if, hid ya hu from our -- lydia hu from fox business is at origins usa in maine which is jock on o's company, and business is booming, right, lydia? >> reporter: oh, it is abuzz here, steve. good morninging. we're joined by jocko's business partner, pete roberts. pete, they're making denim jeans behind us, hand sewing.
5:40 am
can't get much more american. what is demand like? >> i tell you what, the pandemic definitely dumped gasoline on the need for american made, but i like to say that denim and boots built america, and a lot of those big denim companies abandoned america, and we're trying to bring it back. >> reporter: you said ten years ago making everything in america was really important to you, and you stayeded committed to that. how is that serving you now? >> seeing our community deteriorate, the mills fall a apart, the machinery and jobs get exported, i knew that we needed to capture the knowledge and pass it down to the next generation. and it was just super important to us because i love my community, like all folks across the country love their communities. we just diseased to do something about it -- decided to do something about it. >> reporter: what is next? >> we're 250 employees spread across five locations in two states, we're the 215th fastest private growing business in
5:41 am
america, but there are some point of failures in our supply chain in america, and that's because of so much that's left. so we're going to do this without compromise and hopefully reinforce those single point of failures so that there's more options for us. >> reporter: well, we are rooting for you. best of luck as you move forward through the holiday season. we're going to send it back to you. we've got an important guest coming up. >> cheers. steve: indeed. let's go to his partner, jocko willink, co-owner of the business and a retired navy seal. good morning to you. >> thanks for having me. steve: you know what people looking this love about this is, you know, why get all bunched up over a bunch of stuff sitting off the california coast? we should have been buying stuff from america all along. we make the best stuff. >> yeah, we sure do. and, you know, general per if,ing said that the infantry wins battles and logistics wins wars. i spent the first part of my
5:42 am
life fighting those battles in the military, and now i'm out of the military, and i'm trying to take our fight to our communist adversaries through the economic wars. and in order to do that, we've got to own the supply chain and make stuff in america. steve and that's what you're doing, and in many cases as we just saw at your plant in maine, you're doing it one sewing machine at a time. >> yes, indeed. we've literally bought machines from overseas and brought them back to america. it's one machine at a time, and it's one job at a time. those machines don't work themselves. we've got this great american work force that's up there making these things happen. steve: i was looking at your web site, and folks should check it out. it is you've got a lot of stuff that you're selling. compression clothes, finance stuff. i just ordered a rash guard for over christmas. your prices are competitive with stuff that people are buying
5:43 am
from overseas, so why not support america? >> yeah. and i'm basically, steve, trying to make everything that i use myself, i'm trying to make it in america so we can offer people those products. and we're making the highest quality stuff and, yes, the price is competitive because we've got great people, we've got lean manufacturing, and we've got people that know what they're doing. steve: can you do me a favor? can you guys start making computer chips? we don't have enough of them, and we've got to wait for them to make them in china and then bring them back over here. >> give us a couple more years. you've got to remember the american worker is capable of everything, and we will continue to grow and win back the economic war. steve: sure. jocko, have you heard from other entrepreneurs in the united states saying i like your business model? we've got to think more like jocko and do stuff here? >> yeah, i think absolutely. everyone's been hit by that supply chain, and everyone knows they've got to bring it back here, and definitely a lot of my
5:44 am
veteran friends that have companies, they want to make snuff in america and even people -- stuff in america, and even people that aren't veterans realize it's the right thing to do for the country and the world. steve: and we just had a story about black rifle coffee a little while ago and how they're doing an ipo. looking for christmas stuff, check it out, jocko, thank you very much. >> thanks for having me, steve. steve: good luck to you, sir. 16 minutes before the top of the hour. carley joins us with more news. >> reporter: prosecutors saying henry ruggs was driving 156 miles per hour when he hit another car, killing a woman. he faces felony dui charges in the fiery wreck. the las vegas raiders cutting the wide receiver whose now-former teammate says he needs to be loved. >> so many things out of our control, but then i do sit back and i think, you know, was there something that i could have been
5:45 am
there for him at 3 a.m.? >> reporter: prosecutors say his blood alcohol level was more than double the legal limit. new overnight, six oklahoma city teachers are fired for refusing to wear masks. the school board voted unanimously to end their employment. the district allows for medical exemptions to its mask mandate, but the six teachers only cited personal reasons. the teachers are are reportedly suing the district and its superintendent. a sweet reunion is caught on camera this maine. -- in maine. the new york police department sharing this video showing a husband and wife embracing after a yearlong military deployment. staff sergeant jason surprising his wife jamie who is an administrative assistant with the police department. the sergeant serving in the maine national guard for eight years. how about that reunion? those are your headlines. steve, over to you. steve: i think they missed each
5:46 am
other. indeed. let's hit the streets with meteorologist adam klotz with the fox weather forecast. and, adam, in a word, it's cold today. >> it is chilly here on fox square. that's the case across large portions of new york city. 28 in fargo, and all of those blue areas, that's where the cool air's really settled in. as far south as memphis, nashville, louisville, you're seeing some of that colder air. increased watches and warnings across this entire region. currently 52 in seattle, rain is going to be moving onshore there, northern california and oregon, all spots where heavy rain is in the forecast as we head closer to the weekend. those are your weather headlines, back in to you. steve when i got in the car this morning, it was 34 degrees. thank you, sir. straight ahead, one nonprofit uniting combat veterans and former pro athletes to tackle
5:47 am
life after the unifollow, and the -- uniform. founder and fox sports nfl insider jay glaser joins us next on how the money is helping those warriors transition to their next new mission. but first, let's check in with bill hemmer and see what he's got. bill: nice to see you. great topic there and great show. good morning to you, steve. steve: thank you. bill bill where to now, america? republicans john thune and rick scott on how republicans see it. democrat matt cartwright on how democrats see it. and terrific analysis and insight from some of the experts coming up here. also vaccines are in the news for 5-year-olds. we'll consult with a doctor and find out what you need to know. big two hours with dana and me. we'll see you in 12 minutes, guys, top of the hour.
5:48 am
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♪ >> because of you, we've opened our -- brian: wow. a nonprofit organization committed to empowering combat veterans and former professional athletes has received a $1 million donation from gnc. the organization has helped thousands of former athletes and veterans transition into a new mission off the field focusing on personal development and
5:52 am
mental health after retire thing their uniforms. yep. here to tell us more is the founder whose brain child this was, merging events and players, mr. everything, jay glaser. jay, great to see you. so tell me how -- >> how you doing? brian: it's great to see you. i remember you used to walk the halls here. >> yep. brian: tell me what gave you an idea there was a commonnalty between the former athlete and the former soldier? >> the two of them look up to each other. i know it's not the same job, trust me, i know that. but when the uniform comes off, the suck is the same, right? our combat vets go overseas and do all these great things, they come back over here, a, they're told not to talk about their experiences. the rest of us, we pump up our resumés. combat events don't talk about what they've done. and, you know, they're always, like, come back over here, i'm different. and i'm trying to change that narrative for them. no, you're different.
5:53 am
different is good. different leads to success. and then i look to our, you know, i've been involved in the national football league since 1993, and i saw too many of our guys go by the wayside when their uniform came off. and if their mindset was, oh, i used to play in the nfl. dude, you played in the nfl! that's not who you are. you beat out millions to play at this level. that's who you are. so the scary part is when you lose your team, when you lose you are your locker room, the world can be a really scary place. i decided let's put 'em together, train them together for about a half hour just to care about your brothers and sisters on your right and left again. we have mental health huddles, mental health talks. we're in seven cities now. six years, and we've had a lot of our members attempt suicide before meeting us, a lot our members who were homeless, veterans who were homeless, and now the majority of them have homes, several work for me right
5:54 am
now, and none of them have attempted suicide or completed suicide since joining mvp. it's magical. when you put these two teams together, and, you know, these combat vets tell these athletes, we couldn't wait to get back to, you know, watch a game or watch a fight or something along those lines. and one of our events actually told us you saved us more, and now it's our turn to save you guys mental health wise. brian: nice. >> it's beautiful when you put them together. brian: gnc helping you out, the unbreakable line, best name ever, and it's a perfect message for it. i saw a great feature on sunday -- >> our, real quick, the gnc, he was on with about 103 veterans, and he saw the magic. there was one veteran named andy who was just talking about the issues that she had, and another guy named doc jake cobs, and he
5:55 am
saw it. it was like, oh, my god, i can't believe how vulnerable these people are. i'm donating a million dollars right now, and as a result, we've been able to open two the chapters, one in seattle, one in dallas. we're opening one this phoenix, just life changing for us. brian i want to talk about your book and the feature you did on sunday, and it's about mental health. and you talk about this philadelphia eagle's lineman lance johnson who basically was dealing with some depression issues. you've dealt with that in the past, we're going to be reading about it, but this is what you did. listen. >> it kept building and building and building, and it finally came to a point where i said i'm not going to take it anymore. >> how can you never said anything? >> i was ashamed, to be honest. in the nfl it's gladiator type, it's something that's not often talked about, but it is often felt throughout the league -- >> you need to talk about it. >> yeah, man, i was living in hell for a long time.
5:56 am
brian: wow. i was really moved. the people were sending everybody this feature. it's for strong, successful people to be susceptible to depression. that's going to make people less embarrassed to come out, everyday people walking the streets right now. >> look, that's strength. us being able to open up like that. vulnerability. hey, i suffer from depression, anxiety, add, like, i got it all. and my -- it's terrible. the only memories i have. i wake up every morning in something i call the gray, and there's no way to dress it up and make it sound cool for tv. it sucks, terrible. but god blessed me with the ability to communicate it and let other people know they're not alone. i go through this and, you know, there's a big struggle in that gray. look, we have to do what we have to to somehow find speak toes of
5:57 am
blue every day -- streaks of blue. i want the world to know i got their back. anybody and everybody. i understand what you're going through, and i'm going to ten you through it -- help you throw it. at least i'm going to i try. brian: he's on the number one sports show, speed dial with number one people in sports, what does he have to be depressed about? circumstances have nothing to do with your emotional health. >> no. you know what also? like, i didn't have really, i wasn't able to love myself from the inside out. like the depression and the anxiety ity, they told me a different story about myself. and as a result of that, that actually led me to go do all these successful things because i had to push myself to find outside love. so the book is about how you use your depression and anxiety not to leapt you -- let you cave in, but to empower yourself, make your life better. because this gray is not going
5:58 am
to beat me. there's no way. i will be damned if if it beats me. i'm going to make sure, you know, i'm out there for everybody or else. brian: awesome. and the book will be fan tsa the in. something else you guys are doing at fox sports, you're going to annapolis to salute veterans day. you're going to be doing a two hour show at the united states naval academy. what can we expect? >> oh, man, this is our -- every year since i've been at fox p19th year, i think? the a, the d makes me not be able to count right. they've sent me, howie, terry, strahan and kirk together have been sent to a military installation or i've been sent to one every single veterans day and and/or thanksgiving since i've been there. so fox is so far behind our military. ask i know there are a lot of places that do things for veterans. they really show how much we're behind it. we're there every single year. so this week two hour special
5:59 am
from the naval academy. two years ago we were at west point. we thought it was only fair to now go to the naval academy. it's great. it's our favorite show of the year. behind the military as much as i am, i just love that fox does this. our warriors, they really deserve for all of us to remind them how special they are and not just on veterans day, all the time. brian: absolutely, i agree. mutual appreciation. glad to see you and they're glad to see them. so watch, the long live -- the live show, fox nfl sunday, the packers and chiefs this sunday beginning at 11:00, and jay's new book, "unbreakable." you can download it now, it'll be delivered to your inbox in january or to your porch in january if we can ever unload the cargo ships that are sitting out there in los angeles important. [laughter] hey, jay, great job. congratulations on everything. you're a man of action -- >> thank you. brian: very inspirational.
6:00 am
>> you know, again, to beat the gray, i need to be in service, i need to help others out, so i really appreciate you guys. brian: you got it. yeah, i know you just helped a lot of people out. meanwhile, i have some good news. bill and dana are ready to carry the network in 5 seconds. i think they're out of the shower, they're ready to go. take it away, guys.


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