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tv   FOX Friends First  FOX News  November 4, 2021 2:00am-3:00am PDT

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>> i'm not sure that i would have been able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out. >> wake-up call for all of us. todd: november 4th, the blame game is on. president biden passing the buck after major losses in virginia, senator joe manchin says his party should abandon far left agenda or suffer defeat in the midterms. >> reports that his administration is planning to give back 450,$000 payments to illegal migrants separated at the border.
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>> you think that might incentivize more people to come over? >> you guys keep sending that garbage out is that's not going to happen. >> the aclu said maybe the president wasn't briefed by his own justice department. >> doctor and me fauci epstein sounded the alarm of taxpayer money funding gain of function research at the wuhan lab in 2016. set to testify today is multiple republicans call for his firing. >> you are watching "fox and friends first" thursday morning. sweeping republican victories stunning democrats as the party smells trouble ahead of the next year's midterm elections. >> griff jenkins live as the blame game heats up. >> it does indeed was a wake-up call for democrats who took a beating in a state president biden won by 10 points last year. glenn young as it begins as his victory was more about more than upset parents. watch.
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>> i was really overwhelmed by the broad support across the entire commonwealth of virginia, use our parents turnout, we did better in minority communities than any republican has done in a long time. >> the figure pointing starts as democrats wrestle with whether they went too far or not far enough, the president's agenda is stalled amid infighting. >> there are to be a clear message to my party and all those who support it to get the job done. we've spent enough time talking, enough time thinking, enough time, suggesting to america the good things are coming. we've got to prove it. >> progressive leaders in the house who were criticized for pushing the party too far left are refusing to accept any responsibility for their defeat. >> you saw what happened last night, do you take any blame? >> i think democrats are the party of parents, not republicans and i think people will see that. the timing of this was obviously awkward. todd: speaker pelosi says full
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steam ahead on plans to push the massive spending bills which republicans warned is a mistake. >> will washington democrats wake up and listen to the american people, rejecting this far left agenda. >> i thought they would have a change of heart. they are doubling down with a new promise on all the things the election told them not to. >> day tunes, interesting to see what virginia's next attorney general has to say about it. jillian: we are looking forward to that. >> the election reverberating across the nation's capital as all eyes turned toward president biden and the build back better agenda. >> the president deflect blame for the outcome. >> when the president was asked why he believes virginia voters decided against terry mcauliffe here is what he said.
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>> people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs to a whole range of things, the cost of a gallon of gasoline. >> he was hesitant to admit failure to pass his own agenda played a role. >> do you think terry mcauliffe would have won if you're agenda had passed for election day. >> president biden: it should have passed before election day but i'm not sure i would be able to have changed the number of
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very conservative folks who turned out in the red district to were trump voters, but maybe. >> it is important to note it was more than trump voters who turned out for glenn youngcan, he won right-leaning and center leaning voters in the suburbs as well as districts that voted. in 2020, to to bounce back biden faces pressure to get things done. the problem is senator joe manchin sees tuesday's election as a referendum on democrats progressive proposals while house speaker nancy pelosi sees it as a reason to double down. >> we have a divided country. i hope it is a wake-up call for all of us. what it says is slow down, take a breath. let's look at this. >> the change the agenda for the house? >> know. >> and as for republicans fox news spoke to lindsey graham who urged democrats to keep it up if they want to lose touch with their voters. >> the wind is at our back, the wind is in their face so keep it up, you need to be more liberal, be my guest. >> this comes as house progressives are pushing for a vote on both bills, the infrastructure and reconciliation bill as early as today.
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>> thank you. let's bring in bill mcgurn, fox news contributor. what will happen with this build back better social spending thing, the house can vote on it today. joe manchin is opposed to it and a lot of people thought president biden should abandon it given that glenn youngcan won virginia and a lot of republicans want these elections on tuesday. >> he should abandon it, try to go back to a moderate agenda, save his presidency. i don't think the failure to pass it is responsible for the results we saw in virginia. look in new jersey where i live, very blue state, 16 states for biden in 2020 and the republican came with a whisper of defeating governor phil murphy so there is a broader projection going on. the one thing that i think failure to pass did show is on top of afghanistan, on top of
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inflation which the president pointed to when he talked about the gas pump, on top of covid it looks like he doesn't have a single success and his bungled a bunch of things from when he came into office so that didn't help but there's a much deeper groundswell against this agenda and one of the big differences is a lot of the moderates are people in swing state districts where a lot of progressives, most of them are in safe seats, they are not going to lose their seat one way or the other. >> you mentioned jersey, a lot of the nation's attention on the garden state, phil murphy declared the winner, jack ciattarelli will likely ask for a recount but can't forget this, gop projected to pick up 11 seats in the new jersey general assembly as well, new jersey is a democratic state, to see this happening is a shot, democrats need to realize it is the middle and upper middle class suburban
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voter to decides elections but at the end of the day they have the most on the line. of the democrats failed to recognize that, how big of a bloodbath will the midterms be? >> they already have a razor thin majority and they've chosen to use that to usher in a very radical agenda, great overreach so i think if you are any kind of democrat worried about your seat or moderate, the results are going to harden you. why would we settle ourselves with this bill. i understand politically is president biden fails to get this bill through that is a loss for him and an embarrassment but i think it may be worse for him and for democrats a year from
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now if the bill goes through and all these terrible things it does to the economy our past. >> the thing i find fascinating especially on new jersey is pollsters got it wrong again. they did not see this red wave coming. most people didn't know jack halyna hutchins's name, maybe on monday they learned it and it feels like the 2016 trump red wave again, nobody saw, history sort of repeating itself here. >> you make a good point because no one ever predicts a republican wave. when it comes the press is shocked and surprised, they are never pointing to it. sometimes -- gave me some optimism going into the virginia race. i didn't see the new jersey race as a resident of new jersey and a blue state being this close was one thing i will say though, all the focus on glenn youngcan but jack ciattarelli was not a trump candidate, trump was not a factor in new jersey. i'm not sure biden was a factor either but he had one theme, one ad repeating where phil murphy says if you care about taxes, new jersey is not your state, he
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used it to great effect and it shows the state everyone is concerned about taxes, property taxes, income taxes, all sorts of things and democrats and progressives tend to dismiss that but they do so at their peril. >> of conservatives didn't flee new jersey the last few years, halyna hutchins -- wins the election far and away. thanks. let's head to florida. governor ron desantis has a new name for the biden white house, the brandon administration at his supporters are approving. [crowd chanting] >> let's go brandon catching fire across the nation as many of you know is critics chant about president biden after an
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nbc reporter mistakenly heard andy biden chanting his encouragement for a racecar driver. >> 10 minutes after the hour, we are talking to part of the republican sweep in virginia along with john wuhan who flipped the state seat in texas because voters are sick of socialist policies. >> the list of vulnerable democrats got longer ahead of the midterms. will the red wave continue through 2022? we are talking to mike huckabee about it coming up? so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ serena: it's my 3:10 no-exit-in-sight migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. for anytime, anywhere migraine strikes, without worrying if it's too late, or where i am. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within two hours.
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voter turnout among latinos elections across the country as voters reject the socialist woke policies of the left, neither republican candidates who flipped two seats from blue to red, jason meares claims victory is first latino virginia attorney general and john wuhan flips the statehouse seat in san antonio. congratulations to you both. >> thank you. >> i will start with you, you -- your election in virginia, your when was part of a sweep for republicans, sitting governor and lieutenant governor. why do you think that happened?
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>> i think virginians realized they saw far left liberal monopoly in richmond and washington dc and said we are not going to go with this path in this direction. virginia is an independent minded state and what they saw was this one party control pushing dangerous policy, parole board letting outcome covers, murderers and rapists, sometimes decades off their sentence and they were going out and committing more crimes, the government pushing policies like ending mandatory reporting requirement of sexual assault in schools, the tragedy of loud, the murder rate the highest it has been in decades. a huge frustrations with virginians in general and virginia is the 40 ninth best state to start a new business. if you know anything about the
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latino community it lowers family and faith and entrepreneurship. glenn youngcan and myself won the majority of the latino vote. really, that spirit of independence, they reject the check and balance and the far left liberal monopoly and check and balance. >> i want to get john in here. you turn to house district that is roughly 75% hispanic from blue to red so what is happening on the ground in your community? >> it was very exciting. what led to the win was people getting frustrated. when i was talking, i live in the middle of a democrat district and a lot of people are disgusted by what is going on at the border, at the gas prices, afghanistan, hispanics are traditionally faith, family, country, i am seeing it as i go door-to-door people are frustrated and looking for good candidates and realizing we have
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those values that relate better with the republican party and we see that on the ground. >> you mentioned crime as a major issue the drove people to the polls. what do you plan to do as ag? >> if you follow anything that is happening in virginia and commonwealth attorneys, prosecutors that have been elected with outside special-interest money, they stopped prosecuting cases and that led to outrage in the community, fairfax county, you have a far left prosecutor who decided to reduce charges with a child rapist someone who raped the child of a 5-year-old, eligible for a life sentence, he thought a life sentence for a child rapist was too harsh, reduced charges that could have given a life sentence over the objection of the family, 17 years, and a plea deal which means this individual is eligible for parole in ten years for child rapist. one of our big priorities is to
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give the attorney general, far left prosecutors who have been elected all over the country, several in virginia, if you are not willing to do your job i will do your job for you. >> we are talking crime. you are a retired firefighter and sheriff's deputy, what are your goals for the texas house? >> first thing is to work with governor abbott and the republicans, and here locally education is the big thing affecting a lot of schools in the middle of the hispanic community and we will deal with that. >> you heard it here, thank you and congratulations. >> woke conversation with kids as young as 6 weeks old. the childcare network all in the name of antiracism close a historic victory to become virginia's next lieutenant
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governor, joe concha has something to say about that. ♪♪ got to get it underway
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>> what you are looking at is the american dream. it is a historic night, yes it is but i didn't want to make history, just wanted to leave it better than i found it. >> in virginia winston sears getting nothing but crickets from the squat. the group providing no comment on the historic win in the lieutenant governor's race. >> fox news do the legwork, we reached out to squat members progressive for secretaries and got no response. are you surprised by that? >> the least surprising thing i've seen since the sun rising in the east which will happen an hour from now.
2:25 am
it is hard not to root for winston sears and that speech was a great speech but if you watch cnn or ms nbc election night they didn't even carry it and this is somebody who broke the glass ceiling in georgia, first black woman to win election statewide, very big deal and the likes of jamil hill, former espn's sportscenter or joint reader represents the worst of journalism in this business when they both say virginia voters only embrace white supremacy at least the ones that voted republican and that's the reason why glenn youngcan won. how did winston sears when exactly, she's firing back, challenging joy read to a debate, what advice, neutral site, moderator, both parties agree upon, don't go on her show, your mic will become off and it will be affixed by, do it in an auditorium somewhere, 90 minutes, don't do the 4-minute
2:26 am
cable news type debate because it will not go well if you do it on joy read's home turf where things can be manipulated. my money's on sears in that situation was you can't blame them for being the usual hypocritical cells, they are having a tough week because their agenda, the rhetoric was rejected in blue virginia tuesday and in minneapolis as well were costed even the police soundly rejected. >> that was quite an answer, this is the best store, trucker from new jersey rolling to victory in a state senate race, you can't get enough of edward durham. take a listen. >> i'm running for new jersey state senate. i've lived here all my life raising my 3 kids. so together let end single party rule, vote for me for senate. >> is this rage against the democratic union machine? if it succeeds in new jersey what does it mean for the rest of the country?
2:27 am
this could be another earthquake the likes of which the earthquake we saw yesterday. >> rage against the machine in general, not democrat or republican. i remember when eric cantor was ousted by the tea party way back when by candidates that had won 100 the money they did but you know what this shows, you don't need money to win. he did that add with somebody probably filming him on a cell phone and there you had free social media to get your word out, don't have to buy this advertising. >> he spent $153 and $66 on dunkin' donuts. >> isn't that amazing and this gets me through, dunkin' donuts and coffee taken to the free advertising but i will be happy to buy him a coffee and then some for doing what citizens can do now, run for office, don't need a lot of money or super pacs, you can do it for free, a beautiful thing.
2:28 am
>> do we need to give starbucks equal time? more on that. >> you gotten us into a legal mind. >> let's get to the weather with the fox weather forecast, great to see you. >> great to talk about winter, more and more like winter across the country, cool temperatures particularly in the midwest as we see really cold air mass settling in chicago 30 degrees, same in minneapolis, fargo temperatures down it freezing or below freezing, freeze watches, warnings, winter advisories from louisville to nashville to arkansas and stretching towards wichita. that cold air settling behind the cold front, you see rain showers from the cold front in the southeast, across portions of the gulf coast. follow the line of storms, heavy rain into florida tomorrow so rain soggy and raw across north
2:29 am
georgia where the frontal boundary is taking it into florida, it becomes wet tomorrow, temperatures a little warmer there but it is feeling more like winter across the country. todd: additionally ditch the flip-flops that i have been wearing. ditch the flip-flops, thanks. >> that is my advice. todd: why did you point to her? i want to clarify. carley: i did out of this conversation. keep in mind the new fox weather apps available to download in the apps store or thank you. time is 29 after the hour. after the razor thin governors race in deep blue georgia, deep blue new jersey, anyone's game in 2022. our next guest thinks so. you will meet the young
2:30 am
republican candidate fighting to flip his hometown district read. >> something about his hometown, you are from their too. mike huckabee on deck, do not go anywhere. br 25% of your mouth.
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>> doctor and that he fauci headed back to the hot seat is a new damning report reveals his staff question the use of taxpayer money on jane a function research in wuhan as far back as 2016. senator and i'll accuse fauci of lying about funding for covid research at the wuhan lab. >> he needs to but i didn't is important because this kind of research is still going on and we could have another lab leak that could create much more havoc. money from fauci's nih still going to wuhan, he hasn't learned his lesson. >> a those calling for fauci to be fired. >> big story, the biden administration could in vail official language in its weeping vaccine mandate for private employers today. >> focus sony with the impact on 80 million americans. ed: just like unsafe areas are machinery it would be considered an occupational hazard to not be vaccinated but it will likely
2:35 am
face of the criticism and probably some lawsuits, this would be the first time washington put out federal guidelines classifying a respiratory virus as an occupational hazard outside of hospitals and other healthcare facilities, this language has been drafted by osha but union industry groups of not seen the draft of the new rule as of yet. we expect more details today on a more official basis, this is just reports right now. a big issue, how are companies supposed to enforce it and i to at under this new rule testing for these workers is not an option. many republican governors said the administration is over reaching, we will see how those governors to the company will react. >> you are right about those lawsuits. meanwhile senator joe man which and has all the power it is speaking out. >> calling tuesday night's election results a wake-up call.
2:36 am
>> think of two blue states i state in virginia leaning. went another currently blue for 10 years georgia has always been historically blue, to see what happened and how close and how divided, 2.2 million votes in new jersey, how close it was in virginia, i hope it is a wake-up call for all of us. >> manzo which and was telling bret baer in that interview he is not working on the house bill. all of this is politics at the end of the day. chad program is reporting that according to steny hoyer's schedule, there is possible consideration of the infrastructure and social spending packages in now scheduled for today so we will see it all transpires but at the end of the day, if you don't have the votes in the senate you don't have infrastructure or the
2:37 am
build back better america plan, the social spending package. >> they are still linked, he wants and d-link to. >> they are linked in the house but the senate can do their own thing and that will be existing because without joe manchin you have nothing. all eyes on new jersey as the recount looms over jack ciattarelli outperforms expectations with many left wondering what will happen in the garden state's midterm elections. here to react, u.s. house candidate for the new jersey congressional district, great to have you here. to claim the seat you would have to be an incumbent that has a lot of name recognition, democrat tom malinowski. what you think you can do it? >> it is the race that was the most competitive last year in 2020 and will shape up to be most competitive in the country this year, tom got a lot of name recognition and a lot of money, he also has a number of stock
2:38 am
back violations against him and open house ethics committee investigation into how he missed $3 million during the pandemic on undisclosed healthcare trades and short spent against the scene community was elected to represent. what we saw in virginia and new jersey specifically is push back on rubberstamp politicians for biden's agenda, the current administration's failings and a radical policy that is sweeping the country. >> let's focus on the policy. how do republicans maintain this momentum they had over the last 48 hours over the next 12 months headed into november because a lot can happen in 12 months. >> when it comes to the policy what this says about the left and even more so what it says about the right what we saw in virginia was when a party pushes too far left independents, millennials suburban women come out in droves and say this is not a virginia i know or the new jersey i know and stand up for families and businesses in new jersey shutdown during the pandemic so it is a clear
2:39 am
referendum on the policies that led to the disaster of the last 12 months but more so what the playbook is for the right which says if we go out and recruit and dominate outsider candidates who are not career politicians or political dynasties we win and win big. when candidates run their own races, jack made the race about new jersey, and jack ciattarelli and that is why he was successful. todd: what about being young, you graduated in 2012, you not an old dodgy guy running campaigns forever, do you think you help the republicans in 2022? >> it is an energy we desperately need. we see one party picked up the youth movement and republicans are slower to follow. we don't have a true champion that cannot just be a firebrand for conservative values would translate them to the millennial generation that votes 5 times more left than right. republicans put up a lot of
2:40 am
great candidates, we have a strong bench right now but we are the party that put nixon against kennedy, dole against clinton and mccain against obama. some great leaders in that bunch but failure to capture the moment and say the tides are turning, we don't just need representative of the next generation but true next-generation leader that can hold competitive seats not just for a cycle but for years to come. todd: most of our audience doesn't stink new jersey is a red state because what they've seen in the last 5 years but keep in mind you have time kane, chris christie, new jersey could become red again if it breaks the right way. we will see if you are part of that red wave. appreciate your time. carley: i love that he is from long valley. from my hometown. we went to the same high school. i just learned that. there are no tales of that, sweet of you to say.
2:41 am
love him, cool kid. 40 minutes after the hour, parents are making their voices heard at the polls and rejecting the woke policies of the left in favor of the republican candidates. we are talking about it coming up next. ♪♪ oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪
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>> excited about the next 3 hours, let me tell you what is cute up. a major blow to the democrats with anti-critical race theory candidates taking over the school board seats across the country. we we joined by 3 members excited my parents take back control of their students education plus veteran focus black/white for coffee, hear the massive deals they have brewing up plus laura trump is with us today, texas congressman finals, best-selling author mitch our them that was mary, all live, do not touch that remote. now back to your originally scheduled broadcast. >> parents fighting against president biden and his, quote, woke policies as the left loses major gubernatorial and school board elections across the country. >> we are in charge of parenting
2:46 am
our children, not the progressive radicals that are trying to indoctrinate them. >> youngkin one the campaign because he's focused on parents and education. >> there are so many parents in virginia and across the country that are just waking up with a smile on their face. this is a referendum on parents. >> her to react biotech entrepreneur and author of woke inc. an apparent, is your book working? >> i hope it is. one of the biggest medicines is transparency and as parents begin to see what toxicity was being fed to their children they revolted in a good way for the american system and the next generation but i will also tell you this is just the beginning of a battlefront the needs to be waged not just in our schools but other institutions across corporate america and the work isn't done in school yet but i hope it is an indicator, harbinger of what is to come.
2:47 am
>> president biden is underwater and all the polls, recent nbc news poll found 70% of people feel the country going in the wrong direction so what should be administration do to fix it? >> the democratic party is at a fork in the road, they have to make a choice as to whether they go back to economic issues like they used to talk about in the 1990s and early 2000s or other going to double down on identity politics, obsessing over race, gender and sexual orientation? a few they will go the latter direction, the country would be better if they went to the forward direction but here's the issue. once their policies continue to
2:48 am
fail the very people they are supposed to help that's part of why it becomes beneficial for them to blow woke smoke, to cover up accountability for their actual failed policy so that the catch-22 for the democratic party. what we will see in the near-term is an administration that fails to learn and continues to double down and talk about why terry mcauliffe was the wrong candidate as a straight white man. i don't think that will be good for the country because at the end of the day that sets too low a bar, and easy it ministration to defeat. i would like to see them go the other direction and elevate political discourse. todd: how do republicans maintain momentum, the anti-woke moment until the midterms, that's a long time. >> the republican party had a nice win across the board a couple nights ago but republicans need to do better than criticizing biden or the hypocrisy of the democrats. that sets too low of a bar. what republicans need to do is be clear what the new
2:49 am
conservative movement stands for. graduate beyond what we don't want in our schools and talk about what we do want to see taught in our schools, affirmative civic education in our schools, reviving a vision of shared american identity that dilutes this woke agenda to irrelevance, that will be harder to do than pointing out democratic hypocrisy but pointing out the hypocrisy of democrats is too easy, not going to be sufficient. it might have been sufficient with the biden administration performing poorly, twin one wave of elections in 2021 but going forward for the american people what the people need is an affirmative vision of american identity we have been missing for a long time. >> a business a lot of parents are familiar with is called tender care based in portland and they are encouraging kids, parents to teach children as
2:50 am
young as 6 weeks old equity training and released a statement saying whether your child is 6 weeks old or in the sixth grade they are ready to learn how to practice empathy, compassion and understanding, never too early to learn about diversity, equity and inclusion, what is your reaction to that? >> no objection to but that is what the left master using the veneer of friendly words, even diversity, equity and inclusion to cover up an agenda that is far more toxic in nature that plants the seeds for this anti-excellence culture that begins at a young age. it's no longer cool to be number one in america, no longer appropriate to pursue excellence unabashedly, you have to apologize for it every step of the way and now we have this rampant culture in america where we can't pursue excellence. instead we elevate victimhood instead. ultimately uses the keywords, it is a business. this has become an industry. is preying on our schools, it is a consulting industry. look at the speaker and it will tell you all you need to know that people are putting it back. >> kids don't see race. that makes them beautiful and pure, they don't see color at all.
2:51 am
thank you for joining us, appreciate it. time is 15 after the hour. this week democrats learn no race is safe even in blue states, can republicans keep this momentum? >> mike huckabee next, don't go anywhere. your kindness outshines your highs and lows. your strength can outlast any bad day. because you are greater than your bipolar i, and you can help take control of your symptoms - and ask about vraylar. some medicines only treat the lows or highs, once-daily vraylar is proven to treat depressive, acute manic, and mixed episodes of bipolar i in adults. full-spectrum relief for all bipolar i symptoms. elderly patients with dementia-related psychosis
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todd: democrats playing the blame game loss virginia. carley: house republicans expanding list of vulnerable democrats. they think they can beat in the polls in 2022. mike huckabee former arkansas governor and presidential candidate joins us now. good morning to you. >> good morning. great to be with you carley and todd and, yeah, i think the democrats are probably going to be in bigger trouble than just that list. and virginia was good indication people are tired of the policies that are moving the country so far to the left and costing them more. i believe it's going to be a
2:56 am
blood bath for them next year. carley: are you surprised by president biden's reaction yesterday saying he wants to double down and move forward with his social spending agenda? >> not surprised carley but delighted. but here's the problem. joe biden takes 800 people overseas to a climate conference so they can talk about how they want us not to use any carbon fuels but they are using them. joe biden has not filled up a car with his own hand. took his credit card out and been shocked how much it costs to put gas in his tank. he has not gone to the store and bought bacon or ground beef so it doesn't affect him. it doesn't affect nancy pelosi. but there are millions of americans who are going to pay $21 for the thanksgiving turkey that cost them $12 last year. they feel it, they know it. they are sick of it. todd: governor, take us into the mind of the democrat leader in our country right now. you said this group is not going to course correct. they are going to continue
2:57 am
through with these horrible policies. why are they willing to risk political suicide to force through a versions of america that nobody wants? >> because they don't live with the rest of america. they hang out at swank and swell georgetown cocktail parties. they live behind gates. they have people drive them. they ride on elevators that they don't have to rub shoulders with the little people and the ohio pa loy. they are living in a world that doesn't exist for the vast majority of americans. they hang out with the richest billionaires and they pretend that they really care about the little guys. i bet if you ask them name 10 people that work in a profession that makes less than $440,000 a year they couldn't name three. and their policies are a whole lot like the days of george washington. when the science was so stupid it said that when people got sick you needed to take blood from them.
2:58 am
blood letting. it's widely thought that the reason george washington died was because they kept taking blood out of him thinking well, is he getting sicker, let's take a little more blood. let's take some more. he finally bled to death. that's what the democrats are doing with their own party. s a republican, i'm delighted to see it. it means we may get this country back to a more conservative and practical a and realistic direction. carley: governor got to get to this story here. there is a report in the "wall street journal" that the biden administration is considering giving $450,000 payments to nigers separated at the border under the trump administration. and peter doocy asked president biden about that yesterdayed. and he said it's a garbage report. it's not happening. buff the aclu responded after the president said that on tv and said president biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own justice department. so what's happening there? >> that's kind of a can a zowie moment isn't it carley, when biden doesn't seem to know what
2:59 am
his justice department is promising. here is the idiocy of this. they are going to pay illegals. it's not $450,000. joe may say it's not that at all. we are only going to pay them $449,000. here's the thing. if we're talking about paying illegals anything for their trauma, well, look, i have got some trauma as an american taxpayer. i'm traumatized by the policies of this administration. if i can find a goodwilling attorney who will file the suit, i will be the plaintiff and i will file a lawsuit and i will see if i can get a good old fact paycheck from uncle sugar. a wonderful way for me to celebrate christmas we see threw. todd: uncle sugar any relation to corn pop? >> in the south when uncle sam starts handing out doe we call him uncle sugar and that's what we got a lot of these days. todd: research and find out if corn pop and uncle sugar are
3:00 am
related. governor huckabee, thanks for coming on you speak the truth. carley: thank you we appreciate it? >> thank you. carley: jam-packed show great spending the morning with all of you if. it's not friday yet. todd: rrge seed change, they begin right now as well bye-bye. president biden a passing the buck after major losses in virginia. >> i'm not sure i would have been able to change the very conservative folks to turned out. >> i hope it's a wake-up call for all of us. >> deep blue stated of new jersey jack ciattarelli came within a point. >> send a message we won't take it we won't take it lying down. >> democrats scram to be explain the red wave that crashed into their candidates. >> stupid wokes, the democrats. some of these people need to go through woke detox. >> san francisco has just announced kids in the city will


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