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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 4, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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as always we thank you so much for joining us. we also hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode. it is easy to do, even i can do it. very simple. anyway, but in the meantime i have some really, really good news. let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham, top rated show on cable last night. we were close but you topped us, ubs. i give full credit. great job last night. what a fun night. >> laura: it was fun. it reminded me of 2016 fun. it was actually fun. >> sean: can we duplicate this in 2022 and 2024? laura: it was fun. reminded me of 2016 phone. >> can we duplicate this in 2022-2024? laura: no doubt but some of the italian vote in new jersey got a little sick of the attacks on christopher columbus, nobody talks about that but i have a lot of friends in bergen county and people were killing each
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other but they really took offense to the attacks on columbus and columbus day. i know it is a small issue but i kept hearing that all day from people. >> the republican candidate was on the show and so close, this is a tsunami election, now republicans have to get their act together, run a platform and mean it and stand behind it. laura: i loved your interview with the new lieutenant governor, she is awesome, she is fantastic, that was a fantastic interview, thank you so much, see you tomorrow. this is ingraham angle from washington, the aftershocks of last night's republican earthquake being felt. we will analyze all of it and in communities across the country the old that at all politics is
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local played out in big ways for republicans. we will talk to some of the patriots on the front lines you haven't heard from and raymond arroyo is our tour guide to the carnage that was the media's reaction, why the race card, the house of race cards crashed and burned but first, the definition of insanity is the focus of tonight's angle. last night i predicted most democrats would glean all the wrong lessons from the republican victory and today i was proven right, the progressives were back at it on capitol hill, instead of hitting the brakes on the radical spending spree they want to slam on the accelerator. >> the agenda for the house? >> paid family leave going back into the bill without joe manchin? >> i'm so excited it is going back to the bill. a priority of the caucus for a long time and we are thrilled.
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>> terry mcauliffe has been saying for weeks this was tied to the progress of negotiations on capitol hill, a clear message to my party. >> what went wrong? >> failed to deliver. >> all wrong. they are still misreading the electorate, bernie sanders not elected president, biden was. there was failure to deliver but mcauliffe turned out a record number of democrats voters. the problem was republicans came out in bigger numbers and not for spending trillions on new entitlements or amnesty for illegals or end to energy indepeence, none of that. this was one of my favorite exchanges of the day, with the
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progressive member of the house appropriations committee, even the cnn anchor seemed exasperated. >> what lessons can be learned from the virginia race? >> number one, they want democrats with majority to get something done. >> you didn't get it done because progressives were holding of infrastructure. >> the only people who asked when we are going to pass the bill our reporters. >> the infrastructure bill was passed in august. it has been four months. that could have created things democrats could have said they passed something. you are saying you can run on a message -- >> let me finish. it is easier if i'm allowed to talk. >> i've given you plenty of time. >> we need to get both goes on to get that done, we need medical leave for four weeks in the bill. we call this the storm before the calm. >> the man sits on the appropriation committee and thinks next year is going to be the calm because we spent trillions of dollars and make energy more expensive for the average american and magically the new climate core will make
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inflation disappear, isn't that a great trick? voters in virginia and new jersey are not stupid. they know what nancy pelosi and dick durbin, the whole crew want to do and it will cause more inflation and lower the standard of living for everyone but the very rich or the very well connected. suburban moms cared about education but the economy, supply chain issues, empty stores on christmas bothered them a lot too. democrats managed to even lose 75 house of delegates district in virginia which is majority black. of course the very forces that directly democrats down are still betting it all on the race issue. >> youngcan played the race card for a reason. he knows it works on certain
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right -- white voters. >> racism raised its ugly head and the republican candidate used it. >> they are feeding a resentment. >> some of the dog was all racism. >> time for a biden impersonation. it's not working. the example of the jamaican born winston sears, the new republican lieutenant governor, she makes them all look like frauds and someone talking about cuban american jason mayor's who won the race for attorney general in virginia. both are first in the old dominion but we know democrats prattle on about first when they are on their team. the populist conservative movement was already gaining hispanic support under trump and that support is only growing. sean of real clear politics
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noted the shift in new jersey should be more concerning many uniforms when we saw in virginia, the big swings from 2017 are in heavily hispanic areas. we are going to talk more about the hispanic issue later on in the show, but somehow democrats conclude that the way to stop the bleed with hispanic voters is to spend hundreds of billions of dollars on climate change and universal pre-k. how exactly will hispanic small business owners and there are thousands and thousands stay fully staffed when democrat policies make it easier for people to stay home longer? this is sheer madness. trump's pre-economic success demonstrated how to do it, he did it. the fact is democrats long ago lost touch with the beating heart of america which is its middle class, blue collar
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workforce, their jobs were exported overseas, the old establishment didn't care. their fathers and sons are dying from drugs crossing the southern border, they don't care. they are losing their jobs because of vaccination mandates the democrats are in favor of them. the same. collar workers are struggling to fill up their gas tanks and no one on the left cares. perhaps democrats should remember what happened the last time they rammed through their dream legislation despite having 0 republican support. >> all that red, all that flashing at home, those are republican pickups and we are nowhere near finished. we know republicans will win 50 seats, most likely more than 60 seats, north, south, moderates are being beat, it is a shellacking.
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>> the 2010 results were a total rejection of the partisan passage of obamacare but obama himself didn't try to dodge responsibility. >> yesterday's vote confirmed what i have heard from folks all across america. people are frustrated, deeply frustrated with the pace of our economic recovery and the opportunities they hope for their children and grandchildren. as president i take responsibility for that. >> is the per eight years refused to take any response ability. >> do you take responsibility? >> i'm not sure i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in red districts a trump voters but maybe, maybe. i know we did but i was running against donald trump. >> such an embarrassing answer. democrats willful ignorance is a
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and republicans, it's going to be terrible for the country. those who least deserve to suffer will be forced to suffer, those who least deserve a big payday will get one. a year from now all americans will have their say in the midterms and the day after, the same experts who keep getting to be wrong will explain the democrats defeat. never acknowledging that is because their policies are destroying the american dream. it is the definition of insanity and that is the angle. jointly is arkansas senator tom cotton. the democrats were routed after obamacare in 2010 but aren't these new spending bills actually worse than obamacare?
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>> this is the definition of insanity, with almost every democrat in congress doubling down saying they need to go bigger, bolder and faster to pass their tax and spending bills but i can tell you that is not what the body language said. democrats in congress look like voters walked over the grave last night because the voters in new jersey and virginia and in places like san antonio, long island, the radical agenda, will make the prices pay at the gas pump and billions of dollars of ridiculous equity programs, things like tree equity, whatever that means and it is going to encourage local school districts to continue to push critical race. now down to pre-k if the federal government gets its hands on prekindergarten education, that's why democrats
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have no answer in congress today. laura: president biden thinks the massive spending bill is a silver bullet for everything our country faces. >> people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things, from covid to school to jobs to all range of things, the cost a gallon of gasoline. if i'm able to pass, sign into law my build back better initiative i'm in a position where you will see a lot of those things ameliorated as quickly and swiftly. laura: how will his bill do anything to change for instance the price of gasoline which is breaking a lot of budgets right now? just that issue. >> not only will it do nothing to address those challenges it will make many of them were switch every american with an ounce of common sense knows the federal government continues to
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shower trillions of dollars on this economy, it will drive inflation higher. they know this bill has nothing to do with coronavirus, the problems in schools are created by democratic governors and school boards who shut schools down and keep kids in masks and when they haven't been school teach them to hate americans call her parents to mystic terrorists. it has nothing to do with the bill the democrats are trying to pass. laura: your colleagues who claim to be moderates, warner in virginia, tester showed up yesterday, haven't seen him in months but joe manchin, kristen sinema, don't they need to start listening to their constituents, their constituents clamoring for climate core, 75,000 more irs agents and all the other things that go with it? >> that is why there aren't any moderate democrats left in
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congress, there are only vulnerable democrats in some of those are up for reelection next year. others in states like arizona, nevada, georgia and new hampshire, eager to vote on this mishmash of democratic priorities. look at the house of representatives. democratic congressman from virginia and new jersey on the ballot last night lost their seats, they see them. laura: go ahead. laura: why -- >> nancy pelosi sitting years after obamacare after the 2010 election when republicans had a historic victory that it was worth losing the house to pass obamacare. she's talking about those democrats in multiple districts, new jersey and virginia and elsewhere around the country, they should think whether they want to walk the plank for nancy pelosi to have the capstone of her career a bill that will
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solve none of america's problems. laura: arizona voters, virginia voters, montana voters all have to make their voices heard, phone calls to these senators, great to see you. after last night's results the gop is expanding its list of vulnerable house democrats will target in 2022. the national republican congressional committee added 13 names to its target list, a total of 70 but how many more names could be added before 2022? joining me steve scalise, you're not letting grass grow under your feet very long, tell us about the strategy. >> after last night there's a bigger playing field of democrats in swing districts. a month ago if you were in a district president biden won by 12 points you probably thought you were safe and it was just those few members were trump won by one or biden won by two or three that were the vulnerable ones. last night president biden won by 10 points in virginia and
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lost by two points last night. make no mistake, president biden's agenda was on the ballot. a lot of things were rejected by the voters last night. big government socialism was the biggest thing voters rejected. they rejected critical race theory, defunding the police was rejected. the idea the union bosses are more important than parents and kids education was rejected by the voters too. if you are a democrat not just in states like virginia and new jersey, any district in the country, president biden won by 10 or 12 points - by the way they can't bring president biden because terry mcauliffe brought the big guns, kamala harris - when she said what happens in virginia is going to be what happens in 2022 and 2024. laura: i want to move on to the family leave issue which the progressives say is the key to
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winning back all those disaffected parents. watch. >> we have a formula to appeal to parents even more by passing a bill that provides childcare, pre-k, that provides jobs in the build back better agenda. what we are doing is cutting costs for working families. laura: paid family medical leave, they were told joe manchin will not sign on to what they are pushing, that one issue. is that going to change, what are they doing? >> they keep doubling down on the failures the voters last night said in blue states, these were not swing states, these were hard. states like new jersey and virginia were voters said enough of the spending, spending is what is leading to the inflation and their answer today is to try
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to go back and pass this multi-trillion dollar bill to pay people not to work, to tax people, our natural gas tax in their bill, taxes, low income families, middle-income families, taxes them to give 450,$000 checks - laura: biden - aclu came back tonight and said if he is not aware that this is what is planned for the separated families, 450,000 per family, could go up higher, it is a betrayal. a betrayal of what we were told so president biden doesn't know what his own handlers are agreeing to on his behalf. i found that to be disturbing like that is not happening, it is happening. >> the justice department negotiating, the same justice department that was going after parent saying they are domestic terrorist if they go to school board meetings to stop teaching your kids to hate america and
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merrick garland could be on a moderate on the supreme court, merrick garland won't recent the order because they want to go down the far left big government socialist -- voters don't want it. laura: can we expect 50-state, not cobbled together rust belt, florida, wisconsin strategy but a 50 state strategy moving all the way through 2024? >> it is going to be like 20 tablets look at the way of that happened in 2010 in states where we won, the northeast in play, the west coast in play, it will go back to this rejection of been government socialism, virginia being the most prominent. laura: we are looking for 1984 style victory, not 2024. thank you. the red wave didn't just sweep across virginia and across the
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nation conservative dominated, a tour of republican dominance coast-to-coast and some people on the front lines of all these wins.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: >> voters rejection of progressive radicals wasn't just
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evidence in the race in virginia and new jersey. this repudiation stretched coast-to-coast. time for around the country and 90 seconds the election addition. and new jersey a trucker this but $153 on his campaign is on track to defeat the democratic state senate president, a man seen as one of the most powerful legislators in the country and just to the north in new york republicans crushed democrats in two district attorney's race is on long island and what is seen as a stunning rebuke of new york's bail reform law and technically not a gop win, the crushing defeat of the socialist democratic candidate for buffalo's mayoral position is another resounding defeat for the far left. like ways pro-business, pro-law enforcement democrat eric adams won the new york city mayoral race. in texas republicans flipped the state house seat in the san antonio area that biden won by
12:26 am
14 points last year that is majority hispanic. of northern colorado more than half the denver school boards could be replaced after a slate of conservative candidates with their races and is the left coast turning as well, republican and davidson won the resounding victory in the district attorney race against a self-described police abolitionist. george floyd voters rejected a ballot measure to defund the minneapolis police department. american voters are not stupid, they've spoken, the new left is not welcome here, that is around the country in 90 seconds. angela allen won virginia school board race after being turned off by one party rule and don samuels, city council member who fought against the reimagining of the police. congratulations on your win. what is driving moms like you to
12:27 am
run for these positions? >> thank you for having me on. i will tell you, it is because we are in charge of parenting our children, not the progressive radicals that are trying to indoctrinate them so moms around virginia stood up and glenn youngkidnaps message resonated with an and couldn't be more excited to be riding this beautiful red wave through our state. >> the group behind the ballot question number 2 that would have defunded the minneapolis police department was propped up with a flood of out of state cash, they got 175,$000 in donations, the aclu of new york and 220 k from the solitaire action fund in california, the ballot pushes also got 650,000 from the open society policy center founded by george soros. how did you feel about outside groups trying to basically dismantle your city's police
12:28 am
department? >> we found that a little disturbing because we know what our needs are and what our threats are and are ready to move forward the best we could in reforming the police at this opportune time after the jeff of george floyd and the admission that we didn't need change in policing by everyone, that was exploited to some degree by forces i thought i -- outside our city, the vote was a resounding sort of democratic revolution in our city to say we are going to come back from the extremes and find practical solutions that won't betray us in their outcomes making things worse. >> i like the idea of a common sense analysis, you are coming at it from a common sense point of view. i don't know anybody who doesn't think the evils of slavery
12:29 am
should be taught and talk clearly to our kids and the heroes of the abolitionist movement, their stories should be taught as well, this is obvious, but other things were going on with state control and even the threat of eventually federal mandates on local educational decisions. how important was that? >> it was critical for me. the virginia constitution dictates local school boards should be governed by elected members of their community was we continue to be subject to overreach out of richmond here and voters have had enough. they understand they fund the public school system and therefore their voices should be represented in the decisions made in terms of the curriculum and policies put forth for our students. >> just a few days ago a lawn
12:30 am
omar, congresswoman representing the district in which a lot of the chaos and damage and destruction was done in the wake of the floyd killing, she actually supported the dismantling of the police, so did keith ellison, state ag in minnesota but she also ends up, she blamed the police for bringing this on themselves, the issue of police defund. what is happening with the democrats if they don't see how important the issue of safety is on the streets for the good people of minneapolis and st. paul as well? >> this is a democratic city. the congresswoman and attorney general out of touch with the voters on this issue and last
12:31 am
night's victories said people of minneapolis what a sensible solution to renegade police officers a culture of policing and keeping our community safe, not either or. the either or was going to win on the either and put the war at great risk meaning the 30 children who have been shot in our city, the 80 people who have been killed, being african-american, the same percentage. the people of minneapolis want, this is our voting for it. laura: i was on the streets north of lake street, am i saying that right where the entire precinct was burned down, a couple months after the floyd
12:32 am
killing and i was in tears, it was still smoldering. it was horrific to see it and the people don't deserve that, they don't deserve the damage, they don't deserve bad policing, don't deserve police dismantlement but a lot omar says we don't want your damn reform. >> proud of our voters and grateful to the people of minneapolis for making the common sense approach. laura: thank you for being out there and explaining these issues to us tonight. what was the missing element that drove this seismic election? raymond arroyo is going to reveal it, seen and unseen next.
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laura: fox news alert, new jersey governor phil murphy has taken the stage. he looks like he's in a gloating mood even though he won by a pathetic 23,000 or so votes, estate biden took by 16 points just last year.
12:38 am
we will let you know if he makes any news. time for seen and unseen where we unpacked the cultural side of the seismic election and return to the author of the book the spider who saved christmas raymond arroyo, the media reaction to these results was amazing. >> we live in very unpredictable times, republican leading in virginia by 84,000 votes, that's a shock to the system. >> sobering, unexpected, surprising, didn't expect the night to go that badly for democrats. >> of the counties where mcauliffe is underperforming. >> this is what happens when certain media refuse to cover parental unrest over curricula or backlash or lockdowns, when the people speak it is an oh my god moment because these are the events and movements you never covered before, they never considered them.
12:39 am
jillian: of a tree falls in the forest it doesn't fall if no one sees it, they refuse to report on it fairly so with jake tapper say, god, was that he? at least it is an honest reaction. this is how the other networks tried to explain youngkidnaps victory in virginia. >> it is not time to play the blame game, they should be pressing the reset button, resetting how they respond to these racist dog whistles from the gop and live from the gop. >> white voters have anxiety about a change in america that is blacker and browner. >> it is not a dog whistle, it was a bullhorn. >> it is a sloppy and untrue analysis which you expect more from andrea much.
12:40 am
virginia elected a black lieutenant general, and hispanic attorney general. younger to begin expanded trump hispanic support in states, got 30% of the hispanic, youngken last night, 55% so may not be a dog whistle but could be a marriott g horn one democrats should be very wary of. laura: it is -- >> growth among all these demographics but there's a national driver you were talking about, virginians, new jersey voters are not stupid. they see the president on the world stage. moments like this no doubt have impact. >> >> president biden: the operation that occurs in some of the pricing of beef and chicken and other things, is i think that anyone who would prefer, as bad as things are in terms of prices hurting families now, trade this thanksgiving for last thanksgiving.
12:41 am
>> easter, flag day, grandparents day, juneteenth, what was the question, so out of it but people are voting as a hedge against this kind of wondering meandering not only syntax, leadership and as you said he doesn't even know what is in his own bill, the president literally undermined his own narrative on kiddie vaccinations and i deliveries. >> after 18 months of anxious worrying every time your child had a sniffle or started to cough we have already sent millions of doses -- excuse me, millions of doses and millions more to come by next week. these doses will be available at approximately -- excuse me - a big your pardon. >> they think racism fueled the
12:42 am
vote in virginia. why reach for conspiracy theories when the story is right in front of your face, rambling of coughing all over the place trying to get attention, voters wanted call from biden and they've gotten unsteady, expensive chaos. this is the payback that you saw last night. laura: you have an update on the veterans homeless camp story that we covered recently in la, always illegal immigrants crossing the border and some are 50,$000 of separated under trump. everyone wants in on that deal, you brought this story to before on the best were homeless. >> the full story as part of your special but the angel gets results. that story helped move the veterans administration and this week they are allowing veterans to finally after 18 months get tents off the street onto the 388 acres of ground that were actually intended for them. it is a start but none of these
12:43 am
men should be in tents, the va was supposed to build them 500 units of housing that has yet to happen. we will stay on the story but at least they are off the streets. i spoke to robert reynolds tonight who has been a great advocate on this. it is an iraqi war vet and is thankful we are going to follow up on this, the least they can do for these men. >> illegal immigrants are treated like first-class citizens and our veterans get treated like i don't know, for class citizens. >> can't get a shower. laura: thank you for doing that story, california on the edge is now available on fox nation, i think you will enjoy it is another issue that drove voters was vaccine mandates and now a day after the left was repudiated on the issue san francisco announced the most pernicious mandate yet that will target 5 to 11-year-olds. we will tell you what it entails, speak to two parents fighting back in moments.
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♪ ♪ >> as anyone learned anything on the left from last night's election, the radicals running san francisco are still moving forward with mandating vaccines for 5 to 11-year-olds, soon kids in the city will have to be faxed or will be banished from
12:49 am
public life. >> what about the local san francisco health orders that require vaccination to go into a restaurant or warriors game, will apply to children 5 to 11? >> we want to make sure children have an opportunity to get vaccinated. that will happen no sooner than eight weeks after the vaccine is available to kids. laura: what she's not telling you is san francisco has not had a single covid death among people under 20 years old, not one. a mother of 5 just outside san francisco, and board-certified m.d. phd, research scientist, father of two, what was your reaction when you heard this he was planning to force vaccines on kids otherwise no public event. >> thanks for having me.
12:50 am
absolutely ridiculous. there is not enough science behind the parents are concerned and so i think it is important to take the time to make sure children are safe especially at such a low rate of risk it is not necessary to rush into this, let's give it a little time. you have science backing the long-term effects of it and i think there is no rush for this. laura: let's be really clear, the risk to children 5 to 11 who have no underlying conditions is virtually nil. and san francisco held a virtual townhall with doctors yesterday when asked whether they would
12:51 am
give children the vaccine, here was their response. >> colleagues who have children 5 to 11 a texting me asking me when can i schedule that? >> i do not personally have children, i have already gotten my family group chat, telling them they should be getting their kids vaccinated. laura: they don't have kids but want to tell us what to do with our kids or san franciscans what to do with their kids, medically how does the cost-benefit analysis go for kids in the vaccine? >> glad you asked. with vaccines as with any drug there is a calculation that estimate of risk, benefit, and need. if there is a great risk-benefit but no medical need why take it? if i'm not in pain i don't take a pain medicine. that means you have to make sure there is a need. the fda and cdc both did pretty
12:52 am
good evaluation based on the limited data available of the risk and benefits of the vaccine, didn't really look at the medical need as much but when they looked at the risk-benefit what they did find was there was potential benefit, there was no reduction in hospitalization, severe infection or death shown, largely because 3000 kids who got the vaccine, similarly they didn't show any severe side effects. but we know some of the severe side effects are rare in the sample size of 3000, too smaller subset of the population to assess whether the -- there really are risks that are more rare or not so that remains to be seen, the fda used not the actual hard data but modeling in order to make their decision and give the authorization of the
12:53 am
modeling is as good as the model. it admitted under four scenarios they tested, one of them failed and that was when there was low community infection rate and low community transmission rate so it is slamdunk based on the fda's best case modeling that this is not necessarily a winning argument. laura: i will say to both of you doctor fauci was on msnbc tonight so we don't have to play it, saying we are scrupulous in
12:54 am
sixth and talked about whether to approve it or not for 5 to 11-year-olds one of the doctors, doctor ruben on the fda panel said we are never going to learn how safe the vaccine is until we start giving it, that is the way it goes. these are our children, not guinea pigs. this is the science we are going by, let's just see what happens, if this is the approach they are taking i'm truly concerned, parents need to look into this. laura: it doesn't seem like it is about the virus. the last bite reveals how cnn handled topic we just discussed. voya doesn't just help me get to retirement... ...they're with me all the way through it.
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>> hue did cnn handle the discussion we
1:00 am
jillian: how did cnn handled the discussion we just had? >> i said to myself i have to protect the world. >> i want to be safe from covid could do more so i got the vaccine and it was really a me choice. >> i'm not sure i would be able to change the number of conservative folks who turned out. todd: it is thursday november 4th the blame game is on, president biden passing the buck after major losses in virginia, senator joe man. in talking about suffering defeat in the midterms. carley: the president slapping down reports his of ministration is planning to dish


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