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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 3, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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issues. i mean, the jonestown contingent in the white house, people care about social issues but you not allowed to talk about them customers that tells you everything. victor hansen, thank you for coming out tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: as we said, part three available right now on fox nation. check tuckercarlson and get it free for 90 days. here sean hannity. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." a very special welcome back to joe biden who landed just in time to see republicans pull off what is nothing short of a clean sweep in the commonwealth of virginia. a political tsunami, earthquake, whatever analogy you prefer. attorney general, republicans also slip to the virginia house of delegates. meanwhile in the deep deep blue state of new jersey, republicany within less than a point, about
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20,000 votes of getting income but democrat out of office. this is new jersey paid by the way the new jersey senate president, a democrat, he's losing to a republican truck driver who spent a whopping $150 on his campaign. in long island, new york, not exactly known as conservative territory, just outside of new york, republicans, they swept all three major races including two elections for district attorney. tonight i have to give credit to vice president kamala harris, campaigning for terry mcauliffe. she actually got something very profound and very right. give her credit. >> what happens in virginia? in large part will determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on. >> sean: for once, i actually
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agree with the vice president. she is right. this will and should and needs to have a huge impact on 2022. that is one year from now and 2024 and beyond. but let's not get ahead of ourselves. what happened in virginia, i want to do a deep dive tonight and around the country, it is only a first step, i cannot forget the radical new greendale socialists, they are still in charge and they have not given up the radical ideology. by the way, tonight, they are desperate. going forward, republicans all over the country, they need to first fight back against the new greendale socialism that will destroy this great republic, but they also have got to focus now on being a party that is responding to the needs of working men and women. remember 2016 about forgotten men and forgotten women of this country and offering solutions and ideas that are in keeping with liberty, freedom, capitalism and our constitution.
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these ideas should be rooted in conservative principles. why? because conservatives and conservatism, they work. if we are to save this great republic, republicans have got to loudly and proudly articulate, advocate, fight for freedom, liberty, limited government, capitalism, our great constitution and yes, that would include our bill of rights. republicans have got to be the party of lower taxes, limited government, less government bureaucracy. we see what happens once we've got energy independence. now we are paying $1.50 more a gallon by giving it up. they've got to be the party of energy independence. they've got to be, we learned this in virginia, the party that offers parents choices to failing public schools. that means school choice. that got to explain how free-market solutions to health care that protect the
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poor and elderly and people with pre-existing conditions work far better than any top-down government program. the republicans, they've got to be the party of law and order. if you want to pursue happiness you have to be safe and secure. they should be the party of law and order. they should be the party of secure borders, not lawlessness like we are seeing now. they should be the party of america first principles. yes, it's okay. every other country, they put their countries ahead of every other country and we ought to do it here. this america last policy practices of joe biden is not particularly working out well. republicans need to be the party that fights for free and fair trade and of course in a very dangerous world with hostile regimes like china and north korea, iran and russia, we've got to believe and practice and put our money where our mouth is and that means peace through strength. if republicans and conservatives, if they unite behind these simple fundamental
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principles, which pretty much happened in virginia, and if they would have taken a step further, if they would have signed a pledge, put their signature on a piece of paper and tell the voters, if you elect us we will do these things, then make that pledge, call it a modern-day contract with america, promises to america, i don't care what you call it. then republicans now have won phase one. they stop the radical socialists. they won the state of virginia, they show the democratic policies are hurting the american people, but if they can win one year from now and two years after that, republicans would have a chance to take back the house, take back the senate and yes, in 2024, the white house and then we can get the country back on track again. right now the democratic radical socialist platform is deeply unpopular. americans have had their full of high inflation, high taxes,
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supply shortages. joe biden's negligence in afghanistan, americans by the way now trapped 81 days. americans are not happy, nor should they be. joe biden telling reporters that last night's election was a result of americans being confused. oh, we are confused? we just made a mistake last night. the people in virginia, new jersey just made a mistake. you were all confused, you had no idea what you are doing. anyway, he's claiming that you are confused about what it's really good for you. time to eat your spinach, i guess, may lower your thermostat and put on your sweater. take a look. >> i just think people are at a point, and it's understandable, where there is a whole lot of confusion. everything from ruf are ever going to get covid and under control,or make it's goinn school and stay in school, to whether or not i'm going to get
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a tax break that allows me to be able to pay for the needs of my kids and my family. and they are all things that i am running on, that i will run on. >> sean: the only one confused is joe biden per usual. the radical policies are causing one unmitigated disaster after another and their only real political strategy is calling everything and everyone they don't like is racist. we see this every two years, every four years, republicans are racist, sexist, misogynist, islamophobic, no transphobic. they want dirty air and water and they want to take grandma and grandpa and feed them dog and cat food for a year and throw them over a cliff. same playbook. howard dean reacting last night, he tweets out, racism still works in virginia. what racism? hill writing "this country simply loves white supremacy. and at least one fake news cnn
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talking head is starting to almost see the light. you decide. >> i think democrats are coming across in ways we don't recognize but are annoying and offensive and seem out of touch in ways that i don't think show up in our feeds when we are looking at our echo chamber. at this point we had just heard from van jones of the last 24 hours. fake news cnn, it has been predictable but absolutely repulsive and disgusting. here's a quick sample. >> the coronavirus, it is not important to many voters. it was education, which is code for, white parents don't like the idea of teaching about race. >> i think the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn't real turned the suburbs 15 points. >> we also see the enduring
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power of the culture wars and republicans are better at playing this game because it is essentially white identity politics at work for republicans. >> crtv, school busting, welfare queen, you have it, it's in the same line and you sought and the results in virginia. >> some of it was dog whistle. some of it was dog whistle racism. >> 1000%. >> sean: this is why people -- that little sample is why very few people watch any of those shows. anyway, to clarify, look at your screen. this is virginia's republican lieutenant government elect. her name customer quinton sears. she is the very first woman of color to be elected lieutenant governor in the commonwealth of virginia. are we supposed to believe that the people who voted for her are somehow racist and white supremacist? fake news cnn, msdnc, they could
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barely bring themselves to mention her name and they didn't even take her full remarks but we did. by the way, she did not disappoint. take a look. >> when i joined the marine corps i was still a jamaican but this country had done so much for me i was willing to die for this country. [cheers and applause] >> usa! [crowd chanting usa] >> there are some who want to divide us and we cannot let that happen. they would like us to believe we are back in 1963 when my father came. we can live where we want, we can eat where we want, we own the water fountains. we have had a black president elected not once, but twice, and here i am living proof. [cheers and applause] >> sean: lieutenant governor-elect winston sears will join us in a few minutes
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but first let's join us how last night's sweeping republican gains might impact the democrat radical agenda they are still pushing on capitol hill. if you thought the infighting was bad before, buckle up because it is about to get much, much worse. there is no agreement whatsoever for bidens socialist to build back better new green deal socialism. senator joe manchin is now refusing to sign off or even negotiate with a house version of the bill. according to a very frantic looking nancy pelosi, it is full steam ahead. okay, good luck, nancy. >> sean: just to be clear, that is the democratic strategy moving forward.
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instead of backtracking, instead of some introspection, reflection, maybe some honest analysis of why they got beaten so bad last night, none of that. they just keep going down the road of radical new green deal socialist policies that americans rejected yesterday. they are doubling and tripling down on stupid, in other words. they are telling themselves that last night's humiliating loss happened because they didn't spend enough of your money, didn't raise your taxes enough. there just weren't enough mandates and enough regulations. we just need more of it. that is insanity. how do you define insanity? you do the same thing over and over again and expect a different result. just out of the biden administration it gives illegal immigrants $450,000 apiece. apparently joe was the last to know about his own administration's big plan. it's been reported on all over the place. take a look.
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>> your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants who are separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each, possibly $1 million per family? do you think that that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> if you guys keep sending that garbage out, yeah, but it is not true. it's because of this is a garbage report? >> yeah. $450,000 per person, that what you're saying? >> that would separate a family member under the border onto the last administration. >> that is not going to happen to happen. >> sean: even the aclu is accusing biden of being confused and out of the loop on his own administration. "president biden may not have been fully briefed about the actions of his very own department of justice." make no mistake, this is going to be a tough couple of years but if republicans now build off yesterday's momentum, one year from now the biden agenda can be stopped dead in its tracks
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completely. and if republicans get focused, if they run on solid conservative ideas, if they keep their promises, if they sign a pledge, the success in virginia, it can be replicated all over the country. here with reaction, "fox & friends" weekend cohost pete hegseth and the host of justice jeanine pirro. i will start with you, i am happy with the results, i was surprised it got that close in new jersey. both at 49%. less than 20,000 votes the last time i looked. but that is only phase one. next year, this time, the morning after election day, 2022, that will tell this country whether or not this crazy agenda stops or not. >> you know what, last night, people across america even though they were revoking on their local issues, local legislators, governors, they
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were sending a national message and the message to america was we have had enough of this woke nonsense, we have had enough of you separating parents and their children, we want to deal with the economy, we are tired of inflation, $175 a month for every american family for an extra nothing and we are tired about this wokeism agenda. so what we have got going forward is an administration that is tone-deaf to america, they are tone-deaf to the fact that we don't want immigrants coming in and joe biden being tone-deaf and apparently not tuned into the fact that they are offering 450 or proposing $450,000 to illegals coming across the border. there is so much with the supply chain and with covid and with education that now the democrats have dug in, as you say, they are doubling down. they are not going to learn from this. they are just going to continue until they are out of office. but for me, waking up today was
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a feeling that america is back. that america is winning. that the people are tired of hearing that they are racist, they are tired of hearing that we are to be determined by the color of our skin and we are going to indoctrinate our children to racist, socialist marxist agenda nonsense. america is back. >> sean: liberty, freedom, capitalism, our constitution, limited government, low taxes, less bureaucracy. pete hegseth, school choice, "law & order," free market solutions for health care, secure borders, energy independence, constitutionalists on the bench, free and fair trade and peace through strength. what am i missing? >> you're not missing anything, and let me tell you come in virginia, all of the racists and white supremacists there as you pointed out voted for winsome sears, the first black female lieutenant governor of virginia.
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all the hyperbole on msnbc and cnn come it is all garbage and they know it -- or maybe they don't know it, but they can't hide it. last night was the tale of three states we did not expect and it's a pathway for conservatives and patriots and republicans. it's new jersey, where the covid mandates of phil murphy were universally rejected. i don't care if humans are not, the people spoke and said your authoritarianism will not stand. we're going to send a truck driver, god bless truck drivers, real job, to replace the senator in new jersey, even though he -- >> sean: by the way, nothing on a store shelf without a truck driver. sorry, thank you guys for your hard work. >> that is what they go when four, 100% and then virginia where they -- i don't want to be taught a presser or oppressed in my class. you've got covid mandates and authoritarianism, you've got education and then in
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minneapolis, overwhelmingly democrat city, 70/30 at best, voted 56-43 to not defund the police because it turns out, "law & order" matters, people respect and love the police and what they do, so between crime and education and covid, it lays the groundwork for exactly what republicans stand for. ultimately, it comes down to america first. donald trump said it and they're going to try to drive a wedge between glenn youngkin and donald trump in that is a false wedge. following with the president dead and standing on -- >> sean: look at covid in 2020, look at what donald trump had done. became energy independent, free and fair trade deals that we never thought we would get, record low unemployment for every demographic in the country, america was thriving on a level we'd never seen before, covid hit the country and the world and china still hasn't taken the responsibility they should have. it is step one.
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it is a three-step process. joining us to explain more about last night selections, going forward, senator marco rubio, i was intrigued by senator manchin's comments as he said, i told you so, without saying it quite that way. >> it's interesting. for 364 days a year, these people who run all these major corporations in the media and all the government come all the far left people, they spend their time using the power to tell us what we are led to think and say and do but there is one year every two years, four years where you are allowed to speak and that is election day and that as we saw yesterday. >> sean: i'm laughing because normal people get to speak, not the elected officials or the people on tv and radio. i agree with you. >> that is the dividing line in politics. it isn't even left or right anymore. it is crazy versus normal. it's these people that run our school systems and so forth and
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parents who during the pandemic for the first time to see what their kids were learning because they are living from home, they are learning what? they are teaching it wet? and when they spoke up now they are domestic terrorists. i watched with great interest about all this coverage about white supremacists. in virginia, as you pointed out, a jamaican immigrant, african-american woman was elected to the government of the united states. a cuban-american was elected, attorney general of the commonwealth of virginia. none of that is being reported. these people are nuts. they spend all day on television and after they are off the air talking to everybody and they all agree with each other because they all live in one or two cities and they literally are completely out of touch with the fact that 97% of the american population lives completely different lives, has completely different views and when election day comes, they can't explain it so they chalk it up to they cheated or white supremacists or whatever. to make something up, last night was the beginning of the pushback and it is going to continue. asking about the agenda, it is
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the craziest thing i've ever seen. these people are governing like they have a mandate to remake the country. it is filled back socialism. doesn't matter if it is $1.75 trillion or $3.5 trillion, they want to take control of pre-k, child care, the only two elements of education they don't control. they want to take control of that, so the pushback is only going to grow in this administration has been disastrous on everything whether it is afghanistan, now russia threatening to invade ukraine, supply chains. they can't name you a single thing that joe biden has managed correctly in nine or ten months as president. they can't name one. >> sean: i gave my list of what i think the path of the country they need to follow. conservative principles worked for reagan, they work for president trump, newt gingrich and the contract with america. i would like 2022 to be a referendum election and i want every republican to put a signature on a paper that says
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they pledge to do those things if they get elected. far-fetched idea, too gimmicky, what are your thoughts? >> we were doing a lot of those things when donald trump was in the white house and these guys have come in and basically tried to reverse everything. even the things that made sense for the border wall, it is popular, we need to have something like that the country and we now have tons of brick wall components sitting there rotting, stuff is already been paid for by the american taxpayer, they have this deranged obsession with putting the ball up your talk about returning manufacturing. if we made more things in america we wouldn't have a supply chain crisis or at least as serious as the one we have right now. some of those things were already happening. these guys get in and take control of the house, the senate and the white house and reverse all the things that make sense and today we are a country that is in producing energy domestically but is making all other countries around the world to produce oil even while we don't produce our own. this is crazy. if i described this to anybody two years ago they would say
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that is never going to happen. the other guys aren't that crazy. yes, they are. >> sean: no, they really are that crazy. i mean, but the sad part is the damage they are doing is also real. senator, one year from now you will be up for reelection and when you look at this senate map, there will be one bellwether state for republicans after another and that is an important race. we will be following and supporting her candidacy down in florida. thank you for being with us. straight ahead following a republican sweep in virginia, lieutenant governor-elect, winsome series is quickly becoming a rising g.o.p. star. she will join us for an exclusive intern dominic interview next.
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this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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>> sean: now winsome sears, the new lieutenant governor-elect of virginia, she made history lest i becoming the first black woman elected to that position and in her victory speech she reflected on the greatness of america and told her story of living the american dream. take a look. >> when i joined the marine corps i was still a jamaican. but this country had done so much for me, i was willing, willing to die for this country. [cheers and applause] >> usa! [crowd chanting usa] >> we are going to now be about the business of the commonwealth. we have things to ted in two. we are going to have safer neighborhoods, safer communities, and our children are going to get a good education! [cheers and applause]
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>> sean: just like clockwork, the left-wing machine is wrapping up their attacks. far left writer jamele hill actually tried to tie her victory to racism, tweeting "this country simply loves white supremacy." prompting sears to reply in this viral tweet, we beg to differ. tonight the lieutenant governor elect, new -- calling out for this divisiveness in their efforts to manipulate african-american voters every two years and every four years and that includes, by the way, msdnc's joy reid, who sears is challenging to a debate. joy was not hosting a program tonight. maybe she's not feeling well over the results. we hope she feels better and hopefully she will accept the invitation. joining us now, lieutenant governor-elect from the great commonwealth of virginia, winsome sears. first, congratulations and i want to thank you.
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i have chronicled -- >> thank you. >> sean: on radio and tv for four years, conservatives, republicans are racist, misogynist, sexist, zenith will become islamophobic, they want dirty air and water and want to kill grandma and grandpa. i'm sick of it. i was raised by parents who grew up very poor, that were good christian parents and that believed, as i believed, that we are all created by the same god. but this card is played in politics every single cycle and you took that on. i appreciate what you did. >> well, here's the thing. when you look at a birth certificate for a black child, does it say you must vote democrat every time, all the time? otherwise you are not black? and for the white child, does it say you can vote any way that you want, any choice that you want, always and forever.
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who made up those rules for us? and so the democrats, they really don't have the solutions. and so when you look at the democrat run cities, the democrat run counties, states, they are losing. the neighborhoods are the worst, the schools of the worst. everything, it is the worst. and so they moved from democrat lead states, come to republican led states and they ruin it, forgetting, when you came here, it was fine and now it has changed because you brought the same policies with you that ruined the state you just left. so what i want for us as black people, just leave us alone. if you want to vote democrat, then do so. if you want to vote libertarian, do so. whatever you want to be, be it. this is america, this is freedom. who died and left you in charge of all of us as black people so that we could be corralled into
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doing what you want us to do? i thought you said that you were the tolerant folks. if you are tolerant, that means you will allow other ideas to percolate. you don't want just ideas that you agree with, because then, you see, we wouldn't be living in america, we would be living in a totally different country. nobody wants that. >> sean: let me ask you this. one of the accomplishments donald trump had is pretty covid he was able to set record after record after record. low unemployment for african-americans, hispanic-americans, asian-americans, women in the workplace, youth unemployment and african-american youth unemployment. conservative policies work. i feel that this process happens every two and four years and the democrats go to the same playbook and then i look at democratic cities run by democrats for decades, states run by democrats for decades and
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there is violence in the streets, there is no law and order, there is no safety and security, the school systems been destroyed in many cities. i would like to see the republican party reach out deep and wide and every city, every town, every ethnic group, every fellow american and offer another way and maybe republicans have failed on that front. >> the first person who ever really talked about black business equals black power was richard nixon. black business equals black power. imagine that. all of this time it appears that nixon was a homeboy. what we are going to do is we need somebody who has sensible ideas, sensible solutions, because the message is important but the message is equally important and what i want to say
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to black people, asian people, whatever, minorities, latinos, whatever, don't allow political parties to divide us. don't allow political parties to use whatever grievances that have been historically against you to force you to look at them as the savior so that they can swoop in and think they are saving you when all they are doing is pitting one race against the other, one race against of the other. you will notice for example that what was happening with asians, it was a young black men and they were attacking asians, but nobody wanted to say anything about it. if you can't identify the problem, then how can you come up with a solution? so we've got to stop this divisiveness. there is a song that i live by, i used it in my campaign and it is psalm 33, how good and
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pleasant it is when brothers and sisters live together in peace and harmony. that is what we want. >> sean: we could be a country where everybody prospers, and i feel in many, many ways, this country has failed certain people. and i look at the solutions, it's not that complicated. i mean, school choice would be a pretty easy thing to accomplish. if we really want to create an environment where people can pursue happiness, "law & order" is really not that difficult. rudy giuliani for example turned new york city around at a time when they were experiencing almost 3,000 murders a year. they brought it down to 300. so there are answers. i believe conservatism is a better philosophy to get us there. what are your plans now that you are going to be taking on this new position. >> well, you know the lieutenant
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governor is really a heartbeat away from the governor. so that really is the primary responsibility. >> sean: the governor-elect is listening right now. he is saying, i had better hope this thing is taking okay. we wish him well. >> you check is medical records every morning. but no, the other thing you do as a lieutenant governor is you provide over the center. you are not a member of the senate but you do bring them to order, you are the parliamentarian and here is virginia, the current lieutenant governor who is a democrat has broken up at least 54 different tie votes. so that is something else that i'm looking forward to. 20 years ago to the day last night, i was elected to the virginia house of delegates, and now i am here, going to be a part of the senate and that is just so amazing to me, that i come as a little girl, six years
6:37 pm
old, came off that boeing 737, pan am, landed at jfk and lived in the bronx and here i am now. the immigrant. i'm not even first generation american, i am the immigrant and i get this opportunity. and i worked for it, i worked hard for it. sure, i didn't do anything special but i did stay in school and study and that is what i did. you have to prepare for the past that you want. i prepared, i went to college, i went to college the hard way. i had three children by the time i went to college and they were all under 5 because i wanted to go to law school. so you have to do what you have to do and america will allow you to do that. i'm not saying america doesn't have problems. heaven knows there are no countries where there aren't problems. if it's not racism at his color was him, classism, sexism. we find ways to divide ourselves. but you see the people at the border are dying because they
6:38 pm
know if they could just get their foot on american soil, the trajectory of their lives will change. that is what americans can do. just look at the opportunities that are here. >> sean: we want to congratulate you on your big victory and we want to invite you on the program often. wish you the best. congratulations, it's an amazing life story that you have had to tell and i want to learn more about it. thank you so much, winsome's ears. coming up as usual the left tried to make the election in virginia all about donald trump. wait until you see the last youngkin ad. it's hilarious. eric trump will respond straight ahead.
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♪ ♪ >> sean: now focus on the issues that matter most to virginians, failed gubernatorial
6:43 pm
candidate terry mcauliffe focused on hate, rage, anti-trump psychosis as his campaign was imploding and it wasn't just terry mcauliffe. joe biden, he couldn't help but spew his trump obsession during the final week of the campaign either. here's our own peter doocy president biden earlier today on this issue. take a look. >> when you went to try to help terry mcauliffe a couple weeks ago, you mentioned trump a 24 times. do you still think voters want to hear you talking about trump more than the issues affecting them every day? >> well, the reason i mentioned trump, i didn't count the times, is because the issues he's words are affecting our lives every day and having a negative impact on our lives. thank you very much. >> sean: trump, trump, it's pretty funny. >> terry mcauliffe wants to make this about a man who is not on the ballot. the campaign in virginia is all
6:44 pm
about donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> donald trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> trump. >> you know, this is about trump. >> sean: here with reaction is eric trump. your dad has many gifts. one of them is he has this uncanny ability to take up a lot of space in the minds of liberal democrats and media mob. >> i mean, that video, i was laughing watching earlier, it is pretty amazing. they brought in obama, they brought in biden team virginia, harris to virginia, they took the entire democratic lineup, brought them all in, they outrace the democrats so many
6:45 pm
times, they had a guy who was a former governor of this state who was effectively the clinton poster boy, could do no wrong in washington, d.c. they did all of that, they used his name over and over and over again and the greatest turnout in the history of the republican party for any governor in the state history. it is so funny. they bring in the whole lineup, they raise more money and the use trump and guess what happens? republicans turned out in record numbers to support youngkin and we just have an unbelievable night. not just with governor, not just with attorney general but also if you look at house in virginia, they picked up seven seats and now the g.o.p. controls the house. what a great night this was for the u.s. and what a great night it was for, frankly, trump. >> sean: but it's interesting because your dad did endorse youngkin. your dad's track record is probably second to nobody when it comes to one of the most
6:46 pm
sought after endorsements, very successful record when he does endorse a candidate. his face goes out en masse to help the people he wants help to. >> that's right, he's an exciting guy and most politicians quite frankly aren't in my father finally brought some practicality and realism to politics that had never existed before and you compare that to joe biden who, while kids' christmas presents are sitting on ships outside the port of l.a. because they can't get ships and airports in our country and they have all sorts of problems, while that is happening, joe biden is falling asleep at climate summits. that has to tell you everything you need to know about a politician. we have 2 million people coming across our border this year and the guy is literally sleeping over in europe as opposed to taking care of patients' problems. to be when he fell asleep, then he apologized for america, then
6:47 pm
he backed opec and russia again to produce more oil instead of begging texas, alaska and oklahoma. >> sure, all while his first act was getting rid of the keystone pipeline, while inflation goes through the group. every product is getting more and more expensive. he can't get pbc at hardware store because we are not getting it in the country. basic problems, heated oil, gasoline, everything, you can't get it in the skies distracted running around the world on wild goose chase is not doing anything, and i think that is what you are having record turnout. my father is the most effective president because he actually cared about this country in the problems of this country, not showboating to the world on things that really aren't nearly as important as the problems we have here at home. >> sean: this was a big night and i think it is the beginning of a major political shift in the country. eric trump, always appreciate you coming on. to defund the police movement suffered a critical setback last night. we will get reaction from former
6:48 pm
seattle police chief carmen best. that and more straight ahead. coe hurting your stomach. new vazalore is the first liquid-filled aspirin capsule clinically shown to cause fewer ulcers than plain aspirin. vazalore is designed to help protect... releasing aspirin after it leaves your stomach... where it is absorbed to give you the benefits of life saving aspirin... to help prevent another heart attack or stroke. heart protection with your stomach in mind. try new liquid-filled vazalore. aspirin made amazing!
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♪ ♪ >> sean: across the country, the democrats' anti-police agenda was soundly rebuked. even in minneapolis, voters they are struck down a ballot measure to dismantle the police department. the question failed 56-44 and get this coming seattle the site of the 2020 autonomous chaz, c.h.o.p., summer of love, spaghetti pot luck zone, a republican named and davidson is the projected winner in the city attorney race and she was running against an extreme far left socialist democrat who ran on the defund, dismantle police platform. author of this brand-new book, really worthwhile read and it's
6:53 pm
called black and blue, former seattle police chief. chief, welcome back, welcome back, i remember watching you with great interest and sorrow, because i remember as they took over a city block including a police precinct and then this young man horace lorenzo anderson jr. died, i interviewed his father, stepped aside because of the lack of respect for officers in seattle and the policies they were putting on the department were destined to fail and as a leader you felt you couldn't do that. >> thank you so much for having me here and you are exactly right and i think that the vote showed last night that many people, the partisanship was not the issue. many people really want to have
6:54 pm
efficient public safety and our pro-police in that regard. it doesn't mean they don't want fair and just policing, but they do want officers to be able to respond to calls for service and do the type of work that is needed to provide public safety in our community. that was showed all across the nation last night. >> sean: major cities have majority minority police departments, and i was very clear in the george floyd case. that can't happen good this guy was handcuffed. you cannot put the most vulnerable part of the human anatomy is one's neck. but as i watched you try to navigate through the politics of this, it became impossible for you to do your job, i can't do this, but my fellow officers at risk like this. >> that is exactly it. in my book "black in blue" i
6:55 pm
talk specifically about this challenge is, laying off the number of officers that was initially proposed, which was 50% of the police force, having no plan on how we would provide public safety in the city with half of the resources and clearly it was so predictable under these circumstances, in my view, that we were going to have increased crime, increased violence, increased shots fired that have been not only in seattle and other places and the voters came out and voted against that and i think that is a great thing. >> sean: glad you wrote this book. thank you for your service. it took a lot of courage to do what you did. under those atypical circumstances., bookstores everywhere. we wish you all the best. thank you for sharing your story. we will have more "hannity" after this.
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♪ ♪ >> laura: unfortunately that is all the time we have left this evening.
7:00 pm
as always we thank you so much for joining us. we also hope you will set your dvr so you never miss an episode. it is easy to do, even i can do it. very simple. anyway, but in the meantime i have some really, really good news. let not your hearts be troubled because laura ingraham, top rated show on cable last night. we were close but you topped us, ubs. i give full credit. great job last night. what a fun night. >> laura: it was fun. it reminded me of 2016 fun. it was actually fun. >> sean: can we duplicate this in 2022 and 2024? that is all i'm asking. >> laura: no doubt, but don't you think some of the italian vote in new jersey got a little sick of the attacks on christopher columbus? no one has talked about that but i have a lot of friends in bergen county and they are like, people were killing each other, it was a horrible time but they really took offense to the attacks on columbus and


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