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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 3, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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end of the show. we are going to have to do -- why don't we -- geraldo, doing a little south of. >> do it. [laughs] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening, happy wednesday, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." all three episodes of our original series "patriot purge" are on fox nation. we will give you a final look at the last episode in just a few moments. and it seems like the perfect moment to rethink what we thought we knew about american politics, the way the country runs, and the laundry list of lies we have been force-fed over the past year. now is the moment.
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because clearly we are at an inflection point. last night, if you were to sum it up in a single phrase, we have had enough. there is a limit to which you can push the american population before they gently and politely push back their democratic means. and that is exactly what we just saw. it is now impossible to these deny that this country is in the middle of some some kind of poll realignment fear of the people who run our country did not see it coming. a lot of examples. the obvious i'm not so obvious. start with the latter. in texas last night, the republicans flipped and overwhelmingly -- -- coat 14 points. because of course hispanic districts go it democrat. the republican in that district won and won by calling for the one thing you are not allowed to call for in an over womanly hispanic district. countries have borders. everyone one understands that no matter what color they are, it turns out. meanwhile, in a place that looks very different, minneapolis,
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really the cradle of anxious white liberalism, a place that defines the police first sounded like a good idea. in minneapolis, voters overwhelmingly rejected a measure to defund their own police and get rid of their police department. turns out we need police, even in minneapolis. and then in the state of new jersey, a truck driver who spent a total of $150 on his campaign is, as of right now, beating the longtime president of the new jersey state senate. and it is not mindlessly populous to suggest he will probably be better, actually. but the headline is the party that is calling for firing truck drivers is suddenly losing elections to truck drivers. and if that is not sweet, we don't know what the word means. meanwhile, the governor of that state, the self-appointed king of new jersey, the finance goon, phil murphy, was of course going to win is raised by some massive margin. it is new jersey. it is a machine state. joe biden 18 by 16 points a year ago. but that is not what happened,
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not even close. instead, phil murphy apparently barely made it across the finish line. that is not even totally settled. but as of right now, murphy's margin of victory is less than 1%. does he see that as an endorsement of his policies? good job, phil murphy. winning by less than 1% in new jersey. he probably does, that is how deluded these people are. but here's the headline, as you are certainly aware of right now, the commonwealth of virginia. glenn youngkin, a man you had not heard of last year. ten months ago, glenn youngkin's name recognition was 2%. if you do not live next to glenn youngkin, you had not heard of him. he ran against the former governor of virginia, who is governor just four years ago, one of the most famous people in the democratic party for 30 years, bill clinton's best friend, terry mcauliffe, and he spanked him. how do you do that? there are a lot of ways and we will talk about it tonight. here's one interesting demographic that fox news found.
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hispanics voted by glenn youngkin by a nine-point margin. that is odd because the entire campaign of glenn youngkin was based on he was a racist. it turns out normal people don't believe that, and they are sick of hearing it. in her victory speech, the lieutenant governor of virginia, the woman who ran with glenn youngkin, made this point. this is the essential point, and it is clear that most americans, very clear tonight, agree with it. this is not a racist country. stop telling us that it is. stop lecturing us and improve our lives. here she is. >> there are some who want to divide us, and we must not let them. they would like us to believe we are back in 1963, when my father came. we can live where we want, we can eat where we want, we own the water fountains. we have had a black president elected not once but twice, and here i am, living proof.
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>> tucker: exactly. nicely put, nicely illustrated. stop it, democratic propaganda machine, nbc news, "the atlantic," the white house, stop lying to us. stop picking the scab and trying to divide us by how we look. that was the core message that voters in virginia since last night. the question is, will washington manage to decipher what they have said? unfortunately, the odds of that are not great. remember on his final night of his bitterly fought campaign, terry mcauliffe brought in someone called randi weingarten to speak on his behalf on stage. yes, randi weingarten, a repulsive teachers union hack from new york who has precisely no interest in or connection to the voters of virginia. so what is the message with that? the message is really clear. we don't care about you at all. you play no role in this. this is an inside game. and of course they mean it. they really feel that way. they think it is how they win. through coalitions.
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you are not part of it. you see this in everything they do. here is a senile president and a vp no one likes. deal with it, america. in the case of virginia, just six weeks ago, a low iq "washington post" columnist called jennifer rubin assured us that an endorsement from some has been functionary in dan quayle's office from the 1980s was going to make all the difference for terry mcauliffe. "the bill kristol endorsement will be big," rubin announced on twitter. "trust me." it is hard to believe that is real. but it is entirely real. and it is exactly why they lost last night. glenn youngkin will join us in just a moment here on the show, but first we want to go as we always do and for good reason to brit hume, fox news' senior coroner analyst who joins us tonight. you were assessing what might happen in this race, you said if mcauliffe loses, this is a massive story. do you still feel that way, and if so, how big? >> i do, tucker.
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it was obviously a broadly-based protest vote against what democrats see going on in washington, and it was also a very well engineered campaign by candidate duncan himself, who positioned himself as an obvious alternative, as a completely acceptable alternative to the democrat mcauliffe, one who did not seem an extremist, he did not seem a trumpist, did not hold republicans back, and the voters said, okay, and accepted him. huge upset, the one that was not forecast until recent days. very skillful campaign by a novice candidate. a big hill to climb and he climbed it. >> tucker: what is interesting as he did not run on tax cuts. i think that was a feature of his platform, but he ran on what we are told are the divisive social issues: critical race theory, what our kids are taught. he went right to the things that people talk about on social media, and he won on
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that. what does that tell you? >> it tells you one thing, and that there is there is an argument about this whole question of critical race theory in this particular political race, and on one side, and i heard it all day today, i saw it everywhere. the critical race is not taught in virginia schools, critical race theory is not taught in virginia schools. it is being said all on the left. in fact, however, there is ample evidence that critical race theory very much influences and is injected into what is being taught in those schools, and these parents knew that. they came to know it. it may have had something to do with the kids being at home during the pandemic and the kids -- their parents getting a closer look at what their kids were learning. but that was out there, and the parents were right, and youngkin was right, and the left and terry mcauliffe and the rest of them were wrong on the facts, and as a result, people weren't going to vote for somebody who didn't think it was a problem. youngkin did. that is where that comes out.
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and of course, you have people on the left, some, you know, chin pullers saying "well, it was the republicans who injected race into the selection." baloney. critical race theory injects race into the lives of our schoolchildren. it should never be -- it should never have any influence led them on being taught. people say you can say technically it is not being taught in the sense -- volumes have been written on critical race theory and it has not been handed out as a textbook, but its influence is in those schools. >> tucker: i have never figured out what critical race theory is, to be totally honest, after hearing you talk about it. 's they are saying some art -- it is immoral to teach that because it is wrong. >> what is also wrong about it is it rests on this idea that racism and racial discrimination permeates the experience of citizens in america, that we are
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inherently and almost incurably racist, and that it influences everything and that it sees the world through that prism. it is misguided to say the very least, and people of had enough of it, no doubt about it in my mind. 's field that is for sure. brit hume, great to see you. so if you were to trace a single moment where the race in virginia changed, this isn't really what we expected, that date would be september 28th, when terry mcauliffe announced in public that actually, he has full control of your kids, you've no no right to determine what they learn in school, watch. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. you know, i get really tired of everybody running down teachers. i love our teachers, and what they have done through covid, these are real heroes that deserve our respect. >> tucker: so we had spent last night and tonight telling you why we think glenn youngkin won, which is an amazing feat, if you ask anybody who covers the stuff for a living, last year, glenn youngkin going to be the next governor of virginia?
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precisely zero would have said yes, nobody. but he won by a real margin. we told you why we think he won. we are going to now ask him. glenn youngkin will be the next governor of the commonwealth of virginia and we are delighted to have them join us now. glenn youngkin, thank you very much. why do you think you pulled off what i think anyone would agree was an amazing feat last night? >> tucker, first of all, thank you for having me back. this campaign stopped being a campaign a while ago, and it became a movement, and yes, it all started in loudoun county many, many, many months ago. but parents across virginia started to recognize that they really didn't need to have an important, decisive role in ther children's education, and when they heard terry mcauliffe say exactly what you just played, that parents don't have a role in their kids education. he wants to put government between parents and their children. this ceased to be a campaign and started to be a movement led by parents. and while the kitchen table issues that are so important to
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all virginians, low taxes and safe communities and great jobs, continued to be very much front and center, education really did become a top issue in this election. >> tucker: but you took it come at one point, i was really struck by this, you took it to a spiritual level, which i don't know what your advisors thought of this, but you said flat out, we are all equal in the eyes of god. that is the root of our equality. we are judged equally by god because we are created by god. and bless you for saying that because it is true. what did your advisors say when you said that? >> well, tucker, i don't run everything by my advisors, it is what i believe, and it is one of the reasons why i got into this race, because i think there is a moment where we need to speak the truth, and at this time, i think so many people are trying to divide us and tell one group that they should be different than another, and it is time for us to come together. as i traveled around this great commonwealth of virginia that i feel so blessed to represent going forward, what i heard from folks from all walks of life, no
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matter where they are in life, is they were tired of the divisiveness and it was time for us to come together. here we have in our schools a moment to stop teaching our children about their differences and start teaching them about the things that can bring us together and prepare us for a great life, that is what i'm going to do in our schools when i am governor, go after the virginia promise that we are going to make available to all kids in virginia. >> tucker: you have such a huge job, i have never seen states move in one direction as much as virginia has under the last two governors. are you ready for this, your task ahead? >> well, tucker, we spent the whole day today getting ready. i mean, we got up and went to work, and this is what we have to do. tucker, i have been trained to work in real people time, not government time, so we are already getting ready to start moving, in our day one plan is about getting taxes down and our schools focused back on educating our children and
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making our communities safe and getting our job machine cranked back up, but i was really overwhelmed by the broad support across the entire commonwealth of virginia. i mean, we had help from everybody. we had huge support from the latino community. the president made a call and ask everybody to get out and vote, and we had big turnout in southwest virginia. we saw parents turn out. we ran endorsed by the black caucus. we did better in minority communities than any republican has done in a long time. this is how we bring people together, focused on these most important issues, and i want to thank virginia for hiring me to go to work for you if i'm going to give it everything i got. >> tucker: we are all created by god. turns out that is a message people like because it is true. glenn youngkin, thinks for coming on tonight, and congratulations. this is a moment when people say enough. thank you. >> thank you, tucker, and i hope you have a blessed night. >> tucker: thank you. so, the election in virginia -- to some extent, the election in
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new jersey, made it very clear that parents are not interested in having racist propaganda force-fed to their children. but democrats are totally unconvinced by this. yes, people really want it. that is what they have been saying on television all day. during the break, by the way, we want to let you know you can get free access to fox nation for 90 days to watch "patriot purge" and all of our original series documentaries. just go to and it is free for 90 days. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so let's say your party got spanked, badly spanked, in public in your own state, despite personal appearances by the sitting president, the former president, the vice president, and the guy that you put up as one of the most famous democrats and well-connected democrats in the country and lost any weight to someone no one had ever heard of, maybe you would learn something from that. and by you, that would of course include the media, propaganda arm of the democratic party, but have they learned, no, because they have spent the last 24 hours explaining actually the reason terry mcauliffe lost is because parents of virginia are racist. >> critical race theory, which is in real, turn to the suburbs.
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trump has really sort of disgusting, flagrant -- wrapped it in education. >> critical race theory of taking a fantasy world and make that electoral reality to win these elections. >> you may have the same view i have a critical race theory, which was it was a phony issue. >> say over and over that critical race theory is not being taught in schools. >> they were okay with the dog whistles of racism and then were able to center very much on this case, what we saw in virginia, schools, schools, schools. let's not forget, critical race theory is not a thing in virginia. >> even that critical race theory vs made up by youngkin. >> stoking up the bogeyman of critical race theory. >> tucker: most of them don't believe -- let's be clear, this is not a semantic debate about what critical race theory is. schools are teaching your
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children that some races are inherently is superior to other races. that is racism, that some children are born with the stain of sin, inherently. that is stuff, it is. it is totally un-american. no child is born with the stain of sin. stop it. why are we even having this conversation? one of the main reasons we are is the bravery of one man, christopher rufo, a journalist, who has been leading the coverage of this garbage in schools and workplaces all over the country and proud to have him join us tonight. chris rufo, thank you so much for coming on. i do not think it is an overstatement to say you have been single-minded on this and totally unafraid to say what it is commotion antiwhite racism. sorry, that is as bad as any other kind of racism because we are a brotherhood of man. thank you very much for what you have done. how do you respond to people looking at you and saying no, no, it is all fake. >> yeah, well, i have actually done the reporting. i have shown through original
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source documenting that critical race theory is taught in dozens of schools. even a single book called "not my idea" tells white children they are the devil, their whiteness is equivalent with a pact with satan. these books are everywhere. the evidence is out there. i always report with full source documents. here is the thing. the nihilistic and malicious elite in this country believes that your children are their property, and that they can pump them full of ideology and simply lie about it, but what we have seen in virginia, not just conservatives, but independents and even joe biden voters saw through the lies of these despicable people at msnbc and "the washington post," and they said we want good education oriented towards excellence, not towards a reductive racialist ideology promoted by some of the worst people in our country. >> tucker: so what shields me is to watch these people casually defend something that is evil, so they are arguing, and they argue it on tv, that one specific race is inherently
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bad. so what is the end game here, exactly? if a race is inherently bad, if it is inherently stained, inherently disgusting, someone we should eliminate, what are they saying, exactly? this seems really dark to me. >> if you look at the academic theory of critical race theory, it is to break down whiteness, removing peoples -- to redistribute wealth and property along racial lines. it is not really an exaggeration to say critical race theory is a form of race-based marxism, using racial politics to achieve the marxist ends of economic leveling and redistribution. and then they simply hide it, they play these linguistic shell games, they try to intimidate average people. they try to humiliate them and shame them, but average people rose up. they have nothing to lose. they want to protect their kids. god bless all the parents and activists in virginia who made this happen. and tell people once and for all, critical race theory has no place in our schools, no place
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in our public institutions. >> tucker: no, it is completely immoral. it is the opposite of what the country is founded on and we had ever put up with. that goes for you, apple and amazon. chris rufo, thank you very much. good to see you. so, ten months ago, we saw january 6th unfold live on tv and we stood in awe as the people who were paid to describe what happened live lied about it. we decided to find out for ourselves, a series of investigations called "patriot purge," into what actually happened. the third episode of that documentary is out today. it is available right now on fox nation. we will show you a chunk of it next. by the way, as we told you, all of our shows are available for free for 90 days on you can get a free sob, fox nation, which is protected from the online media cartels for 90 days, by going to we'll be right back. ♪ ♪
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>> tucker: so january 6th happened, you watch it on tv, and immediately they tell you something it wasn't. the implied it was some kind of attack by russian forces or an insurrection. on the tape, it was very clear these were mostly middle-aged people with health problems, a ton of personal debt, who were upset about what they thought was an unfair election. in fact, that's really what it was. but within days, the department of justice launched the largest manhunt, they said, in his history. very many hundreds of these people were swept up. the question is, whatever happened to them? that is one of the questions we sought to answer in the third installment of our series, "patriot purge," our documentary series on fox nation. it is available right now. we want to play you a chunk of our third piece on this vehicle here it is. >> the d.c. facility were january 6ers are being held is guantanamo bay for american citizens. they are being held under egregious conditions.
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>> i was incarcerated at first in a special unit, and the first thing i noticed about it, it was full of black mold. even the drinking water, you can see the black mold. >> and you punish them by letting the guards physically assault them. >> two guards snuck into his cell in the middle of the night. tied his hands behind his back, they pulled him out of the cell, where the camera is showing. he followed instructions. they proceeded to beat the man to the point he now has lost sight in one eye. >> i was physically abused. i have been slammed face first on the concrete. i'm not saying this for pity. i'm a strong man. y'all did not hurt me. you did not hurt my spirit. i love my country. >> pretrial, they are being held for hundreds of days in solitary confinement. they are being beaten. they are being starved.
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they are being denied medical care. they are being denied the right to worship. >> we will stick with the facts. thank you for joining us. >> the facts are torture. ♪ ♪ >> tucker: so joseph mcbride is the lawyer you just saw opposite that smirking buffoon from cnn who did not want to hear the facts, but we do want to hear the facts. what are the facts of the people who were swept up in the manhunt after january 6th. where are they, they are american citizens come after all. mr. mcbride, thank you so much for coming on. >> thank you, tucker, good to be here. >> tucker: so we are interested in the details, whether you agree with the individual cases of what the people did or didn't do, these are american citizens and not one of them is accused of murder. how are they being treated? >> they are being treated horribly, forced to live in
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egregious conditions. for months, they have been beaten, they have been starred, they have been denied medical care. this is documented. just recently, a judge of the d.c. district court held d.c. jail in contempt and an investigation happened. in anticipation of the investigation, the d.c. jail sent janitors and maintenance men down to the patriot wing to purge it of its filth, to paint the walls, to scrub the rust, to get rid of the black mold in 24 hours. thwarting the investigation and allowing the investigation to look at one side of the jail while the other side of the jail was essentially swept clean. what happened? the other side of the jail got condemned. all those people are being moved to lewisburg and pennsylvania because it was filthy. but because the patriot wing was purged of its filth, those men are still going to be kept there going forward, and now they are going to be alone. the question is, what is going to happen to them next? >> tucker: just to be clear, these are not people who tried
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to commandeer airliners and fly them into the pentagon, not people caught assembling suicide bombs. >> of course not. >> tucker: tell us some of the things these people are charged with. >> some of these people have been charged with terrorism. charged with crimes including assaulting federal officers with deadly weapons, being on capital grounds with deadly weapons, the combination of which could land these people in jail, who have never been convicted of a crime before, for 30 years. >> tucker: my understanding is there were no firearms found on any citizens in this event. >> that is correct. >> tucker: so you had riots across the country in the preceding summer where people were running around firing weapons in the air, dozens of people murdered. are any of those activists being held in similar conditions in the d.c. jail? >> of course not. not only that, the vice president of the united states of america participated in a fund to help advertise and get them bailed out. it is a complete double standard. it is not equal treatment under
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the law. these are political persecutions, prosecutions, there is no doubt about it. >> tucker: so you make an interesting point. kamala harris, or kamala harris, however she is pronouncing it, helped raise money for some of the antifa terrorists who destroyed our cities. has anybody raised money for these defendants? >> we have tried since jump street to raise money in a meaningful way. we were handicapped by the fund may come of the platform to buy paypal. you name it, they prevented us, there is a relationship between president brandon and the big tech conglomerate that they worked to deep platform us and make sure we could not raise money for the defense. you can go and give to whoever you want to come but has been a terrible experience. >> tucker: one thing -- not to make a class issue out of this, but it is very noticeable that a lot of the antifa members are basically rich kids, you can
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tell. these defendants have disproportionate amount of personal debt, these are working-class people and some of them are stuck with public defenders in washington, d.c. >> many of these public defenders do not like them. for many of these public defenders have told them you should probably just take a plea. i voted for biden, i have done this, i have done that. i was a public defender the first five years and that i do not like everything my clients were accused of doing but i never once express anything like that to them because it is highly inappropriate in this set of circumstances. yes, these are middle-class people with a tremendous amount of debt who cannot afford meaningful defense, private defense, absent intervention, and they are being hamstrung by the government. >> tucker: the whole point of a public defender is you defend someone who you might not necessarily agree with but your personal bigotry ought not to affect the legal representation.
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>> sure. >> tucker: how about if a public defender said to an african-american defendant, i'm a racist, just deal with it. that would not be a legitimate defense attorney, correct? >> you are exactly right, and it is politics here. i don't want to throw all of them under the bus, there are some very good ones out there, but there are some public defenders represent in sixth defenders right now who absolutely should not be doing it because they cannot get over their hatred of president trump, they cannot get over their hatred of christianity, they cannot get over their hatred of white men, or anything that is traditional in america. they have expressed these views. what is objectionable. it should not be happening. it is happening now and it is very wrong. >> tucker: it certainly is. all americans have the constitutional right to be judged equally before the law, and that is not happening at all. i'm grateful you are there. just mcbride, thank you. >> thank you, tucker. appreciate it. >> tucker: the third episode of our "tucker carlson originals" series, available on fox nation, get it for free fort, we strongly represent it and are
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proud of it. it is an antidote to the lies you have heard for ten months. so, the elections yesterday told us a lot. there is a limit to what they can do. no, you are not crazy. they are crazy. lots of other voters, some of whom we don't look like you or live near you absolutely agree. and it is not just the deranged agenda of the teachers unions that are being rejected. it is lawlessness. it is crime. the growth in murder across our cities. elections in at least two states made that very clear. again, you are not crazy. we have the evidence next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> tucker: so about a year and a half ago, a lot of unhappy souls like all moms started screeching about how we needed to defund the police, they are mean! and some cities went along with it. we learned last night what voters think of this. we have election results that prove it. fox news trace gallagher has been on the story and he joins us now. >> the people of minneapolis did not have to imagine what would happen with no police because they have been watching it unfold in real time. over the past two years, the
5:45 pm
city has lost almost a third of its police officers and crime has exploded, so this measure to defund and dismantle the police was given a bold kick in the teeth, with 56% of voters rejecting it. not only was the measure itself defeated, four of the city council members supported the effort were also voted out. progressive congress home in ilhan omar, a huge advocate of this proposal, might consider herself lucky that she wasn't on a ballot yesterday. and remember, not only would this measure have replaced the police department, it would have put the city council in charge of public safety. meantime, the new mayor of new york, eric adams, a former nypd captain, says his public safety priorities will include a fair share of give and take. for example, he plans to reinstate the disbanded plainclothes police unit and in turn put them in charge of getting rid of gangs, guns, and hard drugs. adams says new york has become a place where lawlessness is the
5:46 pm
norm and that is about to change. adams is also promising to revisit the vaccine mandate for city workers. he says if the mandates are still an issue when he takes office, he will sit down with the various union leaders and come to a resolution. tucker. >> tucker: trace gallagher, what a report. thank you so much. it was about a year ago -- in fact it wasn't exactly an year ago that joe biden and the democrat party swept the state of new jersey by 16 points. what happened this year? well, it looks like self-appointed king of that state, phil murphy, won by may be less than a point. so how did that happen, exactly? how did phil murphy, who was supported by the complete extent of the democratic party machine in new jersey, lost a someone most people had never heard of. a congressional candidate in that state of new jersey and joins us tonight. thanks for coming on.
5:47 pm
it's going great. i was shocked by last night's results in new jersey. it's a very democratic state. what happened? >> well, to be honest, first off, what happened was the electorate took a tremendous sledgehammer and smashed it against wolkness, political correctness, crt, and all the things many people don't agree with. governor murphy has run our state into the ground, increased taxes significantly, killed people with the covid mandates and sending people into the nursing homes, and people are sick and tired of it, and jack king had better ideas, came with a lot of positions that were unheard of before, and significantly helped the republican party. people were looking for alternatives. >> tucker: phil murphy is one of the funniest human beings i've ever been speak in public, seems to have impenetrable self-esteem, but you have to wonder if that self-esteem has been shaken. if this just happened to you, do you rethink anything you are doing?
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>> he better rethink everything that just happen. it's better for me that he doesn't. what happened in the previous election helps the republican party, especially in my district. congratulations to all of the candidates that ran. a lot of republicans have picked up seats. this is going to work really, really well for me in 2022 and my race. i'm going to need all the support i can get. >> tucker: yeah. this program of locking everyone down because some finance god tells you to does seem discredited, and i hope you can seal the deal on that next time. billy, thanks for coming on tonight. so, the whole idea of yesterday's off year elections was to make the vote about donald trump. but in the end, that didn't seem to work. there is a lot going on here and it takes a brain the size of victor davis hanson to figure it out. thank heavens we have him next. as we wait, you can head over to for our
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investigation january 6 called "patriot purge" resides. worth watching. ♪ ♪
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>> patriot purge, all this week exclusively on fox nation. >> tucker: here's a lesson from the results of the elections last night. turns out it is pretty hard to win just from getting endorsements from interest groups and washed up intellectuals in washington that nobody actually agrees with. if you want to win, maybe you should try to improve people's
5:55 pm
lives pair that is what glenn youngkin did. if you have kids in school, they are your kids so you should have a role in what they learn. >> we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. we are going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents' input. a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar. friends, we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools. [cheers and applause] >> tucker: where randi weingarten and the teachers union doesn't personally own your children? crazy. democrat shutting,, donald trump, donald trump, that didn't work in the end. why didn't it work? victor davis hanson is a senior fellow at the hoover institution and the best qualified person to
5:56 pm
ask my why didn't work. thank you very much. >> thank you. tucker, have you noticed that donald trump is more popular now than probably at any time in his presidency and the more that terry mcauliffe said, and they were obsessed with him, the more he looked pretty good and it helps glenn youngkin. he ran on the trump agenda, he was angry at trump, he fought back but he targeted his attack. he didn't tweet, he didn't post on facebook in the more that donald trump was banned by silicon valley to shut him up and ostracize him, the more he became everyman. he was everywhere and he was nowhere at the same time. they are obsessed with him but the only thing that is left of donald trump was his wonderful record. so joe biden did exactly the opposite of what trump did and it showed us that trump had done wonderful things. so i guess the message of the election was you've got to have that trump populace message, we've got to be angry and not
5:57 pm
take things from the left but when they control silicon valley and the corporate media and entertainment and k-12, you've got to be very careful how you target and focus your attacks and the irony was that by trying to destroy trump on social media, the rebirth him. i think it is really important for the republican party whether it is trump or his rivals to keep that message. remember, the republican party, they lost seven out of the last eight popular votes, presidential votes. and they have not won 51%. youngkin almost did. it was 50.9% or 50.1%. they have not done that since 1988 and that is 33 years. that is a long time ago, they are trying to reboot and they've got the right message and they've got somebody who will fight back and that is the ethos now of youngkin and establishing the president but when they control, they being the left control all the institutions of
5:58 pm
communications and influence, you've got to be very precise and laser-like in who you attack, just to finish with the metaphor, if you think anthony fauci is doing a lot of harm to the united states and he's undermining your agenda, you don't want to tweet and say he throws like a girl. you want to put your arm around fauci and say he's a wonderful public servant, he's done a lot of good throughout his long career but we are really going to miss him because he's going to step down tomorrow morning and i think that is a lot more effective, to get even rather than to just get mad and i think is doing that now. it is much better to hold court at mar-a-lago than to tweet or be on facebook. b3 it's interesting that youngkin did something that all the thinking groups in the geniuses like ben sasse tell you you can't do, talk about social. people actually care about social issues, they are not relevant at all. >> he really did.
5:59 pm
he did in a subtle but forceful way. he said why you are mad at the school board and why they are hijacking your children's education and why we have this insanity about this rape and a bathroom that they tried to cover up. this transcends virginia. this is my merrick garland gets involved, there are people in washington that have ideologies that permeate down to virginia so we can make a statement in virginia and from the bottom up defeat these top-down forces coming from washington. it was a brilliant connection or conjunction between what was bothering virginians and what is bothering all of america and that is why we are talking about him in terms of something that transcends virginia. it's a blue state. we expect gavin newsom to win or recall because he is in this blue state. we don't expect anybody, especially a first-time politician, to throw a blue state right next to washington, d.c., when -- the democrats.
6:00 pm
>> tucker: that is exactly right, and he did it on the issues. i mean, the jonestown contingent in the white house, people care about social issues but you not allowed to talk about them customers that tells you everything. victor hansen, thank you for coming out tonight. thank you. >> thank you. >> tucker: as we said, part three available right now on fox nation. check tuckercarlson and get it free for 90 days. here sean hannity. >> sean: tucker, thank you. welcome to "hannity." a very special welcome back to joe biden who landed just in time to see republicans pull off what is nothing short of a clean sweep in the commonwealth of virginia. a political tsunami, earthquake, whatever analogy you prefer. attorney general, republicans also slip to the virginia house of delegates. meanwhile in the deep deep blue state of new jersey, republicany within less than a


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