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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 3, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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dr. anthony fauci and rochelle walensky answers questions right here on capitol hill. that's it for "special report" fair balanced and fill still unafraid. freedom starts with rachel campos-duffy with four seconds to spare. >> rachel: thanks for four seconds, bret. >> rachel: good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy. tonight we start by looking at where our country is heading it's been tumultuous lock down shuttered schools to riots in the street that led to fear, anger and destroyed lively hoods along the way. how our children are being taught to hate america now. i don't know about you, but this is not america i grew up with. this is not the nation i remember. last night something happened that should leave all of us with
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a new hope. all across america, voters told democrats we have had enough of your marxist race based agenda in minneapolis the people overwhelmingly rejected to defund the police. while in deep blue new jersey an election earthquake shook the garden state. incumbent phil murphy might have won the race but gentleman cher jack ciattarelli pushed hard to the finish line showing no one saw this coming. the most resounding repudiation of the left happened in virginia where glenn youngkin shook the political world and won the virginia governor's race. >> we were joined by neighbors and friends of all races, of all religions, of all ages, of all political ideologies this is the spirit of virginia coming together like never before the spirit of washington and jackson
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and monroe and patrick henry. >> rachel: a coalition of parents and neighbors came together to tell terry mcauliffe and the democrats no more but, of course, that's not how the liberal media got it? >> i got elite out of my party. moralizing. get the racial dog whistling out of your party. >> it isn't taught. something different to voters. they think it is. republicans are fixated on it. >> glenn youngkin's message to virginia voters almost singularly focused on weaponizing race. >> these republicans are dangerous. they are dangerous to our national security because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hard core stuff. >> rachel: the left continued to play the race card because that's the only thing they know how to do. they must have missed cuban american first child of
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immigrant to be elected attorney general of virginia. and winsome sears first black woman to be elected lieutenant governor of virginia. >> there are some who want to divide us and we must not let that happen. they would like us to believe we were back in 1963 when my father came. we have had a black president-elect not once but twice and here i am living proof. [cheers and applause] >> rachel: i love it she is an immigrant from jamaica who served as marine before starting a family of her own and entering politics to give her own children a better life. and now her success is being challenged by the likes of joy reid? earlier today the lieutenant governor elect fired back. >> i wish joy reid would invite me on her show. let's see if she is woman enough to do it. she talks about white supremacy. does she know that i ran against
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a white supremacist? i mean, joy, come on. get your facts straight and then come talk to me. >> rachel: remember, current virginia governor ralph northam featured in infamous photo in college featuring black face and kkk hood. somehow the left wants to call anyone who disagrees with them racist. including a jamaican american immigrant. but these historic victories weren't about the color of one's skin. they were about the issues like our failing economy and surging that will make thanksgiving the most expensive on record most importantly about greatest resource our children. maybe democrats are starting to realize they are running on a losing message. >> democrats are coming across in ways that we don't recognize. that our annoying and offensive and seem out of touch in ways that i don't think show up in our feeds when we're looking at our kind of echo chamber.
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>> rachel: because even kamala harris knows how important the virginia election is. >> every four years when this election happens for governor of virginia it's a tight election. it's a close election and it is a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country. what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on. >> rachel: it's been a hard couple years here in america. but hopefully we're in the homestretch of the hard times people of virginia and new jersey have shown us there is reason to be hopeful. newt gingrich, former speaker of the house, a fox news contributor and author of beyond biden. speaker, welcome to prime time, thank you for joining me tonight. i would love to get your big picture political take away from everything that happened last
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night. let me say first i agree with vice president harris. i never thought i would be saying that. she is right. this is a big bellwether about 2022. if i were a democrat that would sort of worry me. i do think that kamala harris is right in saying that. i want to take one minute to say the most interesting race yesterday was ed durr. ed durr is a truck driver. he spent $153.60 on donuts and coffee at dunkin' donuts for donuts and coffee volunteers. he beat the state new jersey $2 million in war chest. >> rachel: speaker, can i interrupt you to say we're going to have him on the show later on tonight. >> that's great.
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that's fabulous, the most interesting race of the whole country. whether it was lancaster, pennsylvania, whether it was san antonio, virginia, which you have been talking about, large -- the assembly and senate races in new jersey everywhere you turned including seattle electing a republican mayor and republican attorney in a huge shift, i mean, nobody would have bet that seattle would be going that way. and that leads me to believe that the signals are there for us to pick up between 40 and 70 seats in the house and at least four senate seats next year. people are fed up with big government socialism. it doesn't work. it doesn't work when you fill up your car and border and educate children. so the country is speaking as a free people. i think they are going to keep
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speaking. >> rachel: when i looked at the results especially in virginia yesterday, i'm not so sure that the republicans won as much as that the democrats lost what do you think are the takeaways for mitch mcconnell and the house republicans as well? >> i think that understates the brilliance of the glenn youngkin gain. he decided early he was going to focus on state issues, cutting taxes, creating jobs, solving infrastructure and education. and on education, he had a very powerful two-handed approach. one hand he said, look, we are going to have to spend more. we have to improve the situation for teachers. with the other hand he said we need to have public school choice. we need to clean clean out things like critical race theory and all these weird left wing ideas.
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he had a powerful direct appeal. that's a powerful message for republicans next year and message for mitch mcconnell since you raised his name. kevin mccarthy clearly understands this. if you look at what kevin has been doing for three years, it's a very issues centric, better future, the reason i wrote "be beyond biden." republicans have to be tough about the failings of big government socialism. they have to be even more clear about the kinds of things that they would do that are right. i suspect we ought to consider seriously going back and creating a new contract with america next fall, so people can say oh, you are going to do these things if i elect you. you watch, i think there is no question that governor elect glenn youngkin is going to go in he is going to day one execute on what he campaigned on.
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i think he understands the power of keeping your word to a customer, his customers are the people of virginia the team he has assembled as you point out a markedly diverse team. if you look at which party now is reaching out and becoming inclusive in virginia it's clearly the republican party. >> rachel: yeah. fair enough, speaker. you are right. i think that glenn youngkin did thread the needle of how to get voters be, suburban voters and thread the needle with trump. he did do a great job. the democrats definitely made a lot of really obvious mistakes throughout the campaign as well. it's always gait to get your analysis. and, again, i want to promote your book, tell everybody your book and where they can get it. beyond biden? >> yeah "beyond biden" get any place that sells book or come to gingrich 306 and get it there. i do think, by the way, that when the governor said parents had no role in education, he
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ended his campaign. he didn't know he did but that was the end because people looked up and said boy, if you believe that i'm not going to vote for you. >> rachel: absolutely. speaker gingrich, thanks for joining us. we have been talking about the issues that drove voters to the polls in virginia and one item that quickly moved up the list was education glenn youngkin was enable to channel the concerns of parents and wants to keep them in the classroom. >> we're gonna press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents input. allows our children toen when tn you run as fast as they can teaching them how to think. enabling their dreams to soar rach rave here now two parents virginia parents asra nomani and ian prior. welcome to you both. congratulations, we have been saying it all week, it is the elections of the mama and pappa bears and definitely the organization of the parents in
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loudoun county and throughout the state has made a big difference in this election. >> i look at it and it just seems to simple to me, asra. teach my kids reading and writing and math don't show them pornography. don't turn them into marxist activists. why couldn't the democrats get this message and what was wrong with these school boards? why were they so on citizen that obstinate inthis. >> we have been standing up in school board meeting and pleading with them to listen to us. unfortunately the school boards have been hijacked by these activists and he had democrats part of the tri woke baby by au. and there is a very real thing called critical race theory in
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education. we the parents are saying exactly what mr. youngkin was saying. we want schools to teach kids how to think not what to think is the next part of that and we are not white supremacists because of it i am not a white supremacist. i'm a muslim woman born in india and immigrant. every momma bear and pappa bear loves their child and nobody can put their hands on their cub. >> rachel: absolutely. they messed with the wrong people. ian, i tried to look at what are the lessons because i think america is looking at what you guys have done there and are thinking what can we do? i know i have tried to go before schools to make change and one of the first lessons i learned was don't do it alone because they will make you think you are crazy whats would so effective you guys organize wanted and were a group and they couldn't dismiss you guys as all being crazy. what other message do you have for parents momma and pappa
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bears they want to get critical race theory and pornographic material and gender ideology out of their schools? >> yeah. it's a great question. i have been saying for a while kind of what we did. you need to investigate and communicate and activate. investigate information requests. getting the stuff going and taking pictures in the libraries. finding out what books are there you need to communicate it to other parents so everyone knows what's going on. you need to share information and then communicate it to the media. the media has been on there. they have been highlighting it and then finally activate. we obviously built an organization from scratch, we call it the back deck pack and we want to focus on school board races. but we are able to put together, you know, a team of volunteers that were fantastic. spent six months to remove school board members.
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the more you work and do all this and have a snowball effect. you both have been an inspiration. everybody in virginia who worked with you has been an inspiration. the nation was watching, and hopefully they will be activated ian, as remarks thank you so much for joining me tonight. >> thank you so much. >> rachel: all right. after an embarrassing defeat in virginia. did the democrats learn their lesson doesn't look like it. >> senator john kennedy is here to react next. ♪
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♪ >> rachel: democrats campaigned on the progressive fantasies and they thought it was a done deal. no police, high taxes, how about $450,000 payouts to illegal
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immigrants or depriving parents of the right to have their say in what their kids should learn in the classroom? but last night voters around the country decided that they wanted no part of the left's radical agenda. and instead of using this as a wake-up call, tone deaf progressives decided they are not shifting gears and ready to keep pushing their party even further left. >> does this change the agenda for the house? >> no. >> people are upset, so if i'm able to pass, sign into law my build back better initiative, i'm in a position where you are going to see a lot of these things remeal rated quickly and swiftly. >> meanwhile failed presidential candidate julio castro didn't think democrats didn't go far left enough. >> there has been a lot of oxygen spent blaming the progressives suggesting that perhaps our best bet is always the centrist candidate. i think we need to rethink that you need to get the base out. you need to get them excited and
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if terry mcauliffe loses one of the lessons is we didn't do that. >> joining me now is louisiana senator john kennedy, senator, thank you for joining me today. before we talk about why they want to go even further left, just i would like to know because you are on capitol hill today, what's the mood among democrats in the senate? >> depression. look, rachel, taking nothing away from the candidates. i think the big winner last night in my judgment was brandon. this election last night was a stunning, stinging rebuke of president biden and his racist woke agenda. voters are angry. angry about afghanistan, they are angry about the border about crime, about defund the police
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and of course about critical race theory really angry about inflation. tired of having to get a bang loan to buy a tank of gas and go to the grocery store. republicans aren't perfect but the other side is crazy. >> rachel: yeah. >> now, what's president biden going to do about it? is what he need to do it. president biden needs take him a few weeks, rethink this and recalibrate but i don't think that's what they are going to do. i have watched the biden administration for 10 months now. the biden people never make the same mistake twice. they make it five or six times just to be sure. they are going to double down on stupid. they are going to try to stuff even more diapers down the
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toilet and they are going to try to ram through the fake infrastructure bill and the spendy orgy reconciliation bill which is going to make things even worse in my opinion. >> rachel: so glad you brought up inflation because i talked to candidates who are running for congress. they have their pulse on what people are talking about. i always ask them what's the number one issue? and they all say inflation, inflation. people are so worried about it congressman scott peters a democrat from california said weed need to pass these bills the reconciliation bill the infrastructure bill you call fake and i agree with that completely we need to pass these bills to prove we can govern. isn't governing about solving people's problems. dealing with inflation, bringing energy prices down, solving the border? you know, they can't get over the fact that this is over. i'm sick of the government telling me what to do.
4:25 pm
>> rachel you are right. it's not just about bills. it's about attitude. voters look at washington, d.c. and see liars and frauds in every direction. voters look at washington, d.c. and they see the entrenched politicians the media personalities, the academics the bureaucrats, the phony ceos, and they realize managerial elite if you will thinks they are smartest and more virtuous than ordinary americans, they don't trust or respect the ideas of ordinary americans and they don't like them. and people -- and people don't want to be governed by people who think they are better than them so it's also an attitude
4:26 pm
that is prevailing in washington, d.c. now among my democratic colleagues. once again, you know, there are some of my democratic friends here that they see the world in terms of the good people who are woke and everybody else is a deplorable guess what in the deplorables spoke last night and spoke pretty he clearly. >> rachel: they sure did. senator kennedy thank you for joining us tonight. >> thank you. >> rachel: all right. after new approval from the cdc, joe biden is out in full force. pushing your kids to get vaccinated. are school mandates soon to follow? >> vaccinating our children will help us keep our schools open. keep our kids in the classroom. >> rachel: kayleigh mcenany here with more next.
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♪ >> rachel: while the country was focused on the elections in virginia and new jersey, the cdc signed off on covid-19 vaccines for kids between the ages of 5 to 11. the question is will they try to mandate our kids to get the shot? five of the largest school districts in america already mandated vaccines for some students, meanwhile, joe biden today warned parents and their kids if they want to keep schools open, they need to get vaccinated. >> vaccinating our children will help us keep our schools open keep our kids in the classroom, learning, socializing with their classmates and teachers. >> rachel: joining me now steve hilton host of the next revolution and kayleigh mcenany former white house press secretary, co-host of outnumbered and the author of for such a time as this: welcome to you both. steve, i'm going to start with you. you know, covid has been proven
4:33 pm
and it's virtually no risk to kids. it doesn't appear to be a medically necessary vaccine. why is the cdc recommending this for children 5 to 11 years old. we haven't had any long-term studies on children. >> because it's been an ideology, rachel, for all of this stuff. it's not based on data. it's not based on science as we have constantly been told it's about they decide what's in the best interest of you and your family and you can't make that decision for yourself. it's a mania and what they're seeing from democrats you can connect a straight line between these kinds of decisions and by the way, it's already goings to be mandated in california where i live. it is going to be a mandate. you won't be able to send your kids to school at all in the new year if they're not vaccinated. no school if you don't get vaccinated. we know the risks don't justify
4:34 pm
that the science doesn't justify that but they are doing it anyway because they think they know best. can you draw a straight line between this kind of stuff and what terry mcauliffe said in virginia that parents don't have a right to get involved in what happens in the classroom centralizing how you raise your kids child care how you raise your family. it's about them saying we know best. you are an idiot. you cannot decide for yourself. we are the experts and we get to choose what's in your interest. it was rejected in those elections last night and i hope we stand up against this stuff. if we let them get away it will be more and more and more. >> rachel: just so fundamental your children's health, kayleigh, how worried are you that what we are seeing in california steve has laid out these mandates for children to take a vaccine that my kids had covid, kayleigh, they didn't even know a symptom. there are kids medically
4:35 pm
compromised and kids that have co-morbidities. what should we do and do you expect this to come to other states? these man dates? >> yeah. look, you are exactly right, rachel. kids are minimally affected there are some very unfortunate situations where had a kid has a precondition. the chances of hospitalization for a child between the ages of 5 and 17 looking at the cdc data through july marty makary pointed this out, the chance of hospitalization is .3 per million. it is infinitesimal. the idea that you would push this decision on a parent and then mandate it in a school which byproduct pushing kids out of school actually devastating for their mental health, for their growth. this is so counter intuitive but so absolutely predictable. rachel. i saw this time and time again where the left has put our children last. i stood at the podium ad nauseam better part of 10 months our children should be in schools.
4:36 pm
covid should not force these schools to shut counsel. covid minimally effects children. look at data from countries in western europe. their children are in school. why aren't kids in school here in america? the answer is very clear because the teachers union runs the show on the left. to steve's point how did that work out last night. i don't think it works when you kowtow to the deeper's union at the expense of the child and the parent. >> rachel: yeah, i agree kayleigh, i think there is other motives as well. big pharma part of this whole ordeal as well. i want to thank you both for joining me tonight, kayleigh, steve, thank you. >> thank you. >> thanks. >> rachel: coming up, an under dog story so wild it makes rudy seem boring. one of the most powerful men in senate politics the senate president upset by a truck driver named ed. meet edward durr the newest sensation after this. ♪ ♪ this is worth.
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♪ >> rachel: perhaps the most shocking upset from last night's election happened in the state of new jersey. where senate president steve sweeney, a long time political power broker with aspirations to be the next governor is about to
4:42 pm
be upset by a truck driver named ed. republican edward durr is leading sweeney by a few thousand votes and despite having spent around $5,000 on his campaign compared to sweeney who had hundreds of thousands of dollars in his campaign war chest. here's a clip from his campaign ad. >> senate president has spent 20 years in training, higher taxes, increasing debt can and a rising cost of living. we deserve better. new jersey, it's time for a change. >> rachel: edward durr joins me now. edward, welcome to "primetime," tonight on fox. your ad is amazing. it looks like it was done on an iphone. who shot your ad? >> that was done by the nephew of a good friend. >> rachel: exactly what i thought. [laughter] >> and we did it, you know, on a sunday afternoon, you know.
4:43 pm
i figured i needed to get some kind of social media presence and kind of introduce myself a little more than just posting, you know. >> rachel: right. >> statements. >> rachel: then you jump on your harley at the end of it and you drive off. i think everyone is asking the question how did you beat this powerful democrat. what did you do? what happened in this race? >> i didn't beat him. we beat him. the state of new jersey, the people of new jersey beat him. they listened to what i had to say and i listened to what they had to say, and it's a repudiation of governor murphy, governor murphy went and locked us down and ignored the people's voice and senator sweeney chose to do nothing for those 18 months. the people were angry. you cannot tell people they can't have a job. you can't tell people they can't go to church. and that's what was done. and there was no -- nothing done
4:44 pm
by the legislature, so this was the people's voice being made heard clear and through all through new jersey because i'm not the only victory in new jersey. there is upsets all up and down the state because people spoke. >> rachel: what was number one message? you talked about the covid lock down, was that it? or was it the inflation in the property taxes as we know is the highest in new jersey and the country. >> of course our property taxes the highest. the worst business environment. it was a culmination, i believe, of everything coming as i call it the perfect perfect storm because you had all these factors and then you add on top a governor who ignored the wishes of the people. he chose to, you know, make business worse. we lost a third of our small
4:45 pm
businesses. you had people who died in nursing homes and nothing was questioned. there was no investigation. there was no questions done about it i'm not the one who is going to sit in judgment. i do believe there should be a question. >> rachel: right. >> as to what took place and why it happened and yet we had nothing legislatures. they chose to sit back and do nothing. >> rachel: ed, what's the first thing you are going to do when you get to the capitol in trenton? >> i really don't know. that's the key factor. i don't know what i don't know. i will learn what i need to know. and i'm going to guarantee one thing. i will be the voice and people will hear me because if there is one thing people will learn about me, i got a big mouth and i don't shut up when i want to be heard, i'm going to be heard. i will let. >> rachel: go ahead. >> go ahead. >> rachel: no, you go ahead.
4:46 pm
finish your thought. >> i was just going to say that i will be that voice for the people because the people deserve a voice. >> rachel: right. >> and that's what an elected official is. they are supposed to be the voice of the people a term i tend to hate and i told people i hate it when people go and call them our elected leaders. they are not. they're our elected officials or representatives. >> rachel: edward, i want to thank you for joining us. you are already an will he legend. not $150. you actually spent $5,000. still a fraction of what your opponent did. we congratulate you don't. you are an inspiration. meanwhile, democrats in virginia are still reeling from glenn youngkin's upset win over terry mcauliffe. they shouldn't be shocked. for many the race came down to education. getting parents against radical school boards and teachers unions. terry mcauliffe showed his
4:47 pm
true colors doubling down on anti-parent agenda by inviting randi weingarten president of the american federation of teachers to i didn't know him on the campaign trail. she is the union boss that helped shut down schools and push critical race theory in the classrooms. but her track record of failing our children goes back much farther than that. and no one understands that better than journalist john stossel. for years he has been exposing the truth behind the unions and he joins me now. john, thank you so much for joining me tonight. again, no one knows better than you what randi weingarten and unions have done to america's school system and our schools. tell me what else you think america should know about the unions and randi weingarten in particular. >> well, my experience was years ago at abc i did an hour documentary called stupid in america that surprised everyone by getting high ratings. and the union was upset enough that randy assembled hundreds of
4:48 pm
teachers out my office. i look out the window and there they are chanting. they have pictures of me pasted to animals. i surprised them by coming out because i was proud of the documentary i did in which i said randi, union monopolies don't serve customers. we are not a union monopoly and so forth and so on. so, they screamed at me for a while. and then they started to break into a chant of teach, john, teach. you don't know what it's like to teach, how hard it is. so i said okay. i will try. i will teach for a week. let me do that? and they showed their true colors because she then marched me off to one of their schools where they had endless meetings about how i couldn't teach because i'm not certified. >> rachel: right. >> but the main point is they are a monopoly. everything good we have including fox tv comes from competition. they don't want competition.
4:49 pm
>> rachel: they sure don't. americans, especially parents were exposed to the power of the union because of the pandemic. the way they worked with the cdc to create that language to shut down schools and get the money they want to basically held us hostage for about a year and a half. one of the things that is encouraging about glenn youngkin's win is that he is promising to bring school choice to virginia. you are somebody who champions the market. is that the ultimate solution to what we are dealing with right now to american education? >> yes. it's the main one. everything good that happens comes from choice. because if you can lose your customers. suddenly you try a little harder. but the union never had to change anything. here in this town they spend more than $20,000 per kid and say we don't have enough money. but, if you do the math, that's about $300,000 per classroom. think how many teachers, good teachers you could hire for that. they just make money disappear. >> rachel: here in the city they
4:50 pm
are shutting down other choices, charter schools and so forth. john, thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> rachel: all right. still to come. if you think you know everything about geraldo rivera, i bet you don't know how he celebrates christmas. and wait until he explains the story behind this photo up next. ♪ ♪ this holiday season, give your family the gift that keeps on... going? our very own energizer bunny! energizer ultimate lithium. [snowball splat and windshield wiper] the #1 longest-lasting aa battery. ♪ i see trees of green ♪ ♪ red roses too ♪ ♪ i see them bloom ♪ ♪ for me and you ♪ ♪ and i think to myself ♪ ♪ what a wonderful world ♪ a rich life is about more than just money. that's why at vanguard, you're more than just an investor, you're an owner so you can build a future for those you love.
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>> rachel: so, the bigger the family, the more complemented christmas can get, and no one knows that better than -- is jewish and catholic upbringing in multiple religions. that's why my husband sean and i asked him to be part of our new book highlighting the holiday traditions celebrated by our fox family. the book is called "all-american christmas," didn't we hear stories, photos, recipes from some of your favorite fox personalities. joining me now to share some of his favorite christmas traditions as fox news
4:56 pm
correspondent at large geraldo rivera. geraldo, i am so honored to have you here onset. >> happy. >> rachel: you're jewish, catholic, puerto rican peer of it was not just complicated, there was some tension and you had to come up with a thing called christmakkuh. >> my mom and dad are exact ethnic stereotypes. my mom is the jewish mother, lily friedman, eat your soup, put on your socks. my dad looked like desi arnaz, weighty hair, 1 of 17 children from san juan, puerto rico, came literally on the banana boat, the weekly ship that came with bananas from central america to new york, that is how he got here in 1940. he was drafted into the army and became a staff sergeant and god bless him. he was the wonderful example of seeking the american dream. my dad wanted to succeed in
4:57 pm
america, the first of 17 children to graduate high school, first to speak english as well as spanish, and met my mom in the cafeteria about five blocks from here. she was a waitress, lily friedman from newark, new jersey, and my dad cruz rivera from san juan. >> rachel: how did they navigate this? she was very devout and jewish, your dad was catholic and very devout, so how did this family melt this tradition? >> great question. my mom insisted that my dad followed jewish tradition, even though he was a deacon in the church, very, very catholic, but he loved my mom, and because of that, he kind of nominally went through the routines of being jewish. >> rachel: but then you said you wanted a tree, and your mom said no! >> my mom said no tree, so we said how about we call it a hanukkah bush? and i didn't sell until we were teenagers.
4:58 pm
finally we convinced my mom to go along with it, so the hanukkah bush became our seven l of the holiday. >> rachel: i know at christmas time you bring your family together and yeah, there's a lot of jewish traditions, but you cannot help being puerto rican, geraldo, so listen to what i brought for you. ♪ ♪ >> baila, come on, rachel. sean will not be jealous. >> rachel: i love that you melted these traditions. what is your favorite holiday thing to eat? >> well, my mom cooks potato latkes, but because of the puerto rican sign, also rice an. we would have potato latkes and rice and beans and that was all combination. she cooked cakes, baked cakes and so forth. but we really celebrated in a way that was multicultural. eventually, our big, big family got together. they love each other.
4:59 pm
even my mom's best friend, my aunt anna, my other aunts, who did not even speak english, would be with my mom and best friends holding each other saying, oh, you know, and everyone getting together and celebrating, and really a joyous occasion and we melded all of these traditions. >> rachel: i think that is what makes it so all-american, which is why i want it in the book. you melted these traditions and found a way to make it work out and everyone can be happy around the holidays. no matter if you are jewish or muslim or christian, there is something bringing us all together. >> that is the idea of it. the wonderful, wonderful, life-affirming aspect of it. >> rachel: absolutely. thank you, geraldo, for joining me. we are going to have to do this salsa thing. all-american christmas is available at fox news you can preorder. thank you for watching fox news prime time. we will be back tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. tucker carlson is up.
5:00 pm
i try to get salsa music for the end of the show. we are going to have to do -- why don't we -- geraldo, doing a little south of. >> do it. [laughs] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: well, good evening, happy wednesday, and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." all three episodes of our original series "patriot purge" are on fox nation. we will give you a final look at the last episode in just a few moments. and it seems like the perfect moment to rethink what we thought we knew about american politics, the way the country runs, and the laundry list of lies we have been force-fed over the past year. now is the momen


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