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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 3, 2021 1:00pm-2:00pm PDT

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you watch this developing story of the vaccines and election 2021. that is the story for today on this wednesday november 3rd. the story goes on. i will be back in new york to see you tomorrow. "your world with neil cavuto" starts right now. i will see you tomorrow. ms. to >> neil: we are waiting to hear from the president too. this will be his opportunity to respond to the debacle in virginia and new jersey with the governor's race. more of that in a second. this announcement is meant to talk about the vaccine available and given the go-ahead by the cdc as it was by the fda to use on kids as young as 5. that would be 29 million eligible children across the country. the president is going to talk about the need to get vaccinated what was going to be closely
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scrutinized is whether he is commented on the election development. before i get into other particulars here, we are getting some preconstituted numbers, if you will come out of the garden state. there is a sign, if we could show this, in hudson county. a very strong democratic area of where there was a double count going on. it is now since been addressed being governor murphy's down a little bit by little less than a thousand votes and reducing his opponents by 3,000. it puts him back in a position where they're almost out of time. but that double counting and hudson county has been addressed. there is anger from 150-175000 votes yet to be tabulated. there is no automatic recount in the garden state, but whoever comes up with the short end of the stick will likely demand and
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petition for recount and likely get that recount petition excepted. this is something that could drag on for a while here until we have an official count on all of us. in case you didn't think this was going to be changing behavior in capitol hill, we got a strong signal from nancy pelosi don't count on it. that was pretty short and to the point. no. no changes in policy. the build back better plan is already in the vicinity of 2,130,000 pages. it sets the stage for markup. that is where all of the stands one day after the democratic
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grabbing. were it as stand? >> hey there, neil. it looks like a pressure could be felt pretty intensely here on capitol hill. democrats are pushing forward with the social spending plan. the house rules committee is about to meet in 15 minutes for markup. it is more than 2,000 pages long and we are currently going through it right now to see what's in it. it is looking more and more likely that there will be a vote in the house this week. it does not look like they're going to be the cbo score beforehand as some of the moderates have asked for. nancy pelosi, speaker pelosi is used on that clip there, did not think that the election last night was going to have an impact on the social spending bill or the timeline of it. she did not at all talk about strategy of house democrats either. several democrats have talked to us on camera and they've expressed that they are worried about midterm leads as
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republicans are getting ready for takeover. >> i'm worried. not just in virginia, but the country. >> will be running for reelection in 2022. i need results that i can show the american people. >> there are many that are going to lose the race is based on a walking off from nancy pelosi pushing. >> looks like democrats are not listening to minority leader mccarthy there. they felt the added pressure to fix a gridlock on capitol hill and pass anything that has reignited. hopefully, progressives will get the wake-up call while a progressive group through the blame on moderates even before the race was called last night. progressive caucus chair pramila jayapal pushing back
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that mcauliffe may have won if they were not holding the infrastructure bill cost of to get the massive social spending bill through. meanwhile, senator joe manchin using the virginia loss as a warning to his party to slow down. he's been saying that americans are worried about rising cost and inflation. >> people are concerned. they very much are. for us to go down the path that we have been and trying to accelerate it, i think we need to's a car do it right. >> it doesn't look like anyone is listening to joe manchin at this hour as house democrats move forward. neil. >> neil: thank you. president will be speaking soon on this vaccine thing. i would like to talk about this. if they go through the auto markup of the cbo account of this, it is that not going to take off the moderates? >> that's what the moderates have been complaining about in the last couple 48 hours or so. people like senator manchin have said that this is so important.
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looks like were going to breaking news. >> neil: the president. >> president biden: let me get my mascara. today's a great day for american families, parents, and children. we've taken a giant step forward to get to the pandemic. the food and drug administration, the fda, authorized in the senate for disease control and prevention, the cdc, recommended that the vaccine for changes 5-11. after anxious worrying every time children had sniffles or started to cough, you cannot protect them from this horrible virus. i would always worry it was coming along. 28 million more americans are eligible for the protection of
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the vaccine. my administration is ready and we were ready from day one, today, we are organized and we have a plan for this vaccinations lunch. as soon as next week, we will have enough vaccine and enough places and parents will be able to schedule appointments to get their kids are for shot. we've secured enough vaccine supply for every single child in america ages 5-11. weeks ago, we asked to states and pharmacies to put together a detailed plan to place their orders for these specially formulated vaccines for young children. we started packing and shipping these orders last week as soon as the fda authorized vaccine. we've already sent millions of doses -- excuse me, millions of doses and millions more to come next week. these doses will be available at -- excuse me. i beg your pardon, i spot on.
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... these include places that parents know and trust like their local pharmacies and pediatricians and children's hospitals. many vaccine sites will offer times on nights and weekends so parents can take the children to get vaccinated before and after school. we've been working with mayors, governors, and school leaders to bring vaccines to schools. 6,000 school clinics have artie been planned in school districts across the country. these efforts will ensure equity at the center of our children's vaccination program as it has been the vaccination program for adults. we are making vaccines available at hundreds of community health centers, rural health clinics, and thousands of pharmacies in schools in her hardest hit
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communities. we are sending out mobile units to meet where the people are. we have been planning and preparing for months to vaccinate your children. our program will be ramping up this week and more doses shipped out each day so we are fully up and running by next week. now, i know many parents have been anxiously waiting for this day. but i also know that some families might have some questions. trust in messengers like your pediatricians, family doctors. they will be able to answer your question spirit talk to parents about the importance of gettings vaccinated and put your mind at ease. just what we have been doing, that's what we've been doing since day one of my administration. we are going to do everything we can to make these vaccines easily available and raise awareness for the importance of getting vaccinated. parents of children ages five
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and older, please get them vaccinated. here's the deal. children make up one quarter of the cases in this country. while rare, children can get very sick from covid-19. some can end up, few, can end up hospitalized. but they do not have to. this vaccine is safe and effective. get your children vaccinated to protect themselves to protect others, and to stop the spread and help us beat this pandemic. today, i also want to speak to american seniors. while everyone is at risk of getting covid-19, the evidence is overwhelming that over a milliken's are still by far the most vulnerable of getting the seca spirit boosters add a layer of protection. every senior should get one. seniors will get the booster six
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months after you get your vaccination. if you got your second shot before may the 1st, you are eligible to get the booster right now. i've made it clear, we have ample supply have boosters. thanks to her planning and preparation, our booster program is off to a very strong start. over 20 million americans have been received booster. in just six weeks, we have gotten boosters to half of the eligible seniors who received the pfizer vaccine. half the eligible seniors in just six weeks. it took nearly 11 weeks to get half of all seniors the first shot when that program was launched back in december of 2020 during the prior administration. this is a strong pace. to her seniors, if you are eligible, get your booster now. i will conclude with us. vaccines for children ages 5-11
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and boosters provide additional protection for seniors and others. they are two major steps forward that are going to accelerate our path out of this pandemic. this brings me to where we are and where we are going to go from here. since early september, cases and hospitalization are down than 50%. over the past two weeks, cases and hospitalization are falling in over 40 states. one year ago, we had no vaccine. just this week, we had an important milestone. 80% of adults have at least one shot. that is four out of every five adults. for seniors, over 95% have gotten at least one shot. overall, 193 million americans are fully vaccinated up from just 2 million when i was sworn in. over 20 million have enhanced protection for boosters.
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we are now down to 60 million unvaccinated americans 12 years and older. i'm proud to say that black and brown at towns and native americans have gotten vaccinated at the same rates as white adults. this is not only helping to save lives and beat the pandemic, but it's helping our economic recovery in helping us grow. the three months before i came to office, the economy was stagnant creating only 16,000 jobs a month. since i've taken office, it is now averaging x hundred thousand new jobs every month. that's the average. and one more thing. vaccinating our children will help us keep her schools open. keep our kids in the classroom learning, socializing with classmates and teachers. every reporter in this room with a child understands the difference that a child going to school and having learned from home. it matters.
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it matters in terms of noxious physical health and mental health. we've seen how important just how being in school is. one year ago, we are headed into thanksgiving where it was advised against seeing family for thanksgiving. it was just my wife and i, our daughter and her son-in-law. our hurts and tables going to be filled thanks to the vaccine. we have to keep going. we are getting there. please do your part. if you know someone who is not vaccinated, encourage them to get vaccinated. please give vaccinated. it is easy, it's accessible, and it's free. get vaccinated. you can do this.
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god bless you all and i will take a few questions. although at the end. >> thank you, mr. president. i appreciate it. >> you're not at the end, but that's okay. >> as a leader is the democratic party, how much responsibility do you take for the results in virginia? >> president biden: yesterday reminded me that one of the sacred rights we have is to be able to go out and cast their votes. we all have an obligation to accept the legitimacy of these elections. i was talking with terry, he had 600 more votes than any democrat had ever gotten. we brought out any democrat that there was. more votes than ever had been cast for a democratic incumbent. sorry, democrat running for governor. and no governor in virginia has ever won whether he or she is a same party as a sitting
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president. what i do know is that the people want us to get things done. they want us to get things done. that is why i am continuing to push very hard for the democratic party to move along and pass my infrastructure bill and my bill back better bill. think about what we are talking about here. people are upset and uncertain about a lot of things from covid to school to jobs to a whole range of things. the cost of a gallon of gasoline. if i'm able to pass and signed into law it might build back better initiative i am in a position where you going to see a lot of those things ameliorated quickly and swiftly. >> do you take responsibility and do you think terry mcauliffe would've won
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if your agenda had passed before election day? >> president biden: i think it should have passed before election day, but i'm not sure i would be able to have changed the number of very conservative folks who turned out in the red districts who were trump voters. but maybe. maybe. i know we did, but i was running against donald trump. >> what should democrats do to avoid similar losses in november especially as republicans are now running on culture war issues and critical race theory? >> president biden: i think we should produce the american people. look. one of the things that is important to understand is that if they pass my legislation, we are going to be able to reduce the price -- people are going to see reduce in the price of the
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drugs and lower the price of drugs. if they pass my legislation, you're going to see that nobody, and some of you who have children in day care or children in child care, you never have to pay that much money. not more than 7% of your income. you're going to see that they will get tax breaks for genuine tax breaks. if that's donald trump, tell my betty. bad joke. the point is, make it clear thad breathing room. there are overwhelmed. we have to produce results for them to tell them don't act on it change the standard of living
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and get some breathing room. >> what you say to black voters who see republicans running on race and education and lying about critical race theory and they are worried that democrats do not have an effective way to push back on that? >> president biden: i think that the whole answer is just to speak the truth. layout where we are. i am convinced that if you look at everything from my view on criminal justice system to my view on equal opportunity to my view on economic issues and all of the things that happen that have been pushing for legislation, each of the elements are overwhelmingly popular. we have to speak to them. we have to speak them and explain them. i just think that people are at a point, and it's understandable, where there's a
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whole lot of confusion. we ever get covid under control to her my kids ever going to be in school? are they going to be able to stay in school? do whether or not am i going to get a tax break so i can pay for my kids in my family? these are all things that i'm running on, will run on, and i think we will do fine. this ought to be good. >> i think so too. about the way forward, mr. president. a tripling of your overseas trip, there were reports that your administration is planning to pay illegal immigrants separated from their families at the border up to $450,000 each per family. to think that might incentivize more people to come over illegally? >> president biden: if you keep sending that garbage out, yes. it is not true.
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speak out this is a garbage report? >> president biden: yes. $450,000 per person where it is that what you're saying? speak out separated from a family member under the last administration. respect that's not going to happen. >> and a follow-up because you mentioned donald trump a couple of time. when you try to help terry mcauliffe a couple weeks ago, you mentioned donald trump 24 times. you still think that voters want to hear you talking about trump more than the issues affecting them every day? >> president biden: the reason i mentioned trump, if i didn't count the times, is because of the issues he supported affect their lives every day in a negative way. thank you very much. it's because the democratic party to woke? >> neil: you been listening to the president. he made news there. i'm not talking about the covert push to get vaccinated. 29 million would be eligible
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with the cdc and fda writing off on this approving. the big news there at the end with our own peter doocy is a story that was out there for some time and it had not been disputed for a number of days by the white house. it is considering a plan to pay families $450,000 each if they were separated or have been separated at the border. the president seemed to make clear there was nothing to that. why only now to clarify it? that is anyone's guess. saying there's nothing to that but in the meantime discussing what some people have interpreted as an obsession with donald trump and constantly messaging to on it mentioning him. peter set a couple of dozen times. one single event. what is very clear from the reflection on the double debacle for democrats in the race still
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to close to call is that he may be taking some of the responsibility for that. no way of knowing whether or not the failure to get the spending package through or something that had the popular appeal of the bipartisan throat. by that could've made a difference, he hazard to guess. let's go to the day after these races. best i could tell, this is full speed ahead pushing this through. nothing has changed on their part. speak up and nothing has changed on their port, that the right. the white house hopes to had something done before press and bite and went overseas to meet with world leaders in scotland and talk climate. as far as the virginia gubernatorial race last night,
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they criticize terry mcauliffe for mentioning the 45th president of the united states and said he was doing it too much. as you heard in peter's question right there, president biden mentioned donald trump 24 times on the campaign trail and that's what we were able to count. biden also said to another that the reason he did so was because he wanted to show the juxtaposition between mcauliffe's policies and pramila jayapal's policies. trying to tie youngkin to trump. glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia. it was pointed out and this is notable, that candidate biden at the time beats president donald trump bite ten points in virginia. the reason that happened is because he was running against donald trump. that is something that the
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white house focused on. it was donald trump. as far as this legislation is concerned, it was on monday when senator joe manchin held this writer's new conference when a president was over received saying he could not get on board with the spending package. they hope to have something not only before scout and come up before the election hoping that could propel terry mcauliffe to victory but ultimately did not. >> neil: thank you very, very much. kim, looking for from "wall street journal" editorial board, what i recognize here is that no presidential debit. and i know this is not a midterm election, but it has taken up the importance of one. and it might be about how bill clinton addressed at the hands of republicans in the middle of it newt gingrich republican revolution.
1:26 pm
he pivoted big time. this is what he said at that time. speak out the era of big government is over. [applause] we must go forward as one america. one nation working together to meet the challenges we face together. self-reliance and teamwork are not opposing virtues. we must have both. [applause] >> neil: that was a major league pay that at that time. and in fact, he recognized. it was a hold parade toward less government. and he got to the head of that parade delete it himself with the wealth of her to work. is there sense here that
1:27 pm
president biden missed an opportunity to do just that and seize the moment and lead on that moment? >> yes. i would go further and say that he missed the opportunity back when he was inaugurated and when he started. that was when he did the pivot. remember, he ran on covid and on bringing the country together. in the first couple of months, he and his big win when he recovery package through. then he had a bunch of bipartisan senators sit down and go to work together and come up with a bill that passed 69 votes in the senate for infrastructure. we both been alone for a long time and how have to do that happen? all you had to do was put it through the house where there was majority support for it and take the victory. imagine what things would've looked like and that things running up to this election if that is what biden had done. he did not. i do not see that very clearly.
1:28 pm
>> neil: the number two house speaker on the wire saying that they have to be confident. talk about the bipartisan infrastructure plan and the theg spending. they're going full speed ahead with all of us. there's no payment and no change in plan or policy. i'm sure they have to be risking losing moderates who at least wanted to wait until the congressional budget office scored the spirit they are doing that. i'm wondering if their they are masochists here? >> that's artie changed dramatically. a changes morning. there in a fight with each other.
1:29 pm
you have joe manchin this morning saying the message out of virginia is that we need to slow down and we need to take our time with us and do it the right way. we need to hold hearings to figure out what is going on. in a way, that is all that matters. he's a guy that makes a call and he has taken the message of virginia to be one that they need to slow this down. nancy pelosi can jam this through the house but joe manchin has made clear it is not getting jammed through the senate and it's going to run on his timeline. the things he is laying out are going to take a long time and he has made clear that whatever they're sending him is not what is going to be in the final bill. that bill in the house, that's not a legislation. joe's agenda is artie changed. >> neil: x wild. thank you very, very much. the wall street editorial journal board. we are talking about this in the wake of the stunning race and
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the one that stu close to call in new jersey. >> i know you love your home state, but we have to buy some calculators. it's just dragging out right here. very little new votes to speak of. here's your difference right here as of 4:30 eastern time. 16,600 votes roughly between murphy and ciattarelli. that's popped up a moment ago just in the past 30 minutes, i would say. we saw it jump a couple hundred a couple moments ago. that may change it again. what are we waiting on? likely not make a call question mike we can't make a call because ciattarelli has made this thing supertight in new jersey and nobody considered that to be the case. what are they waiting on right now? this is philadelphia right here in the southwest and its new york up here in the northeast. this is camden, new jersey. murphy is going to win back the county, but we expect 15%-16% of
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the votes outstanding in two-thirds of that we think was cast today -- or on election day last night. it's been a long night as i'm sure you can tell. we find new work which is a short drive from new york city. we've been saying for hours that 25% of the vote is outstanding and sx and yet to be counted. why is that question rick we can say and we don't know. is there an issue? not confirmed. it goes back to the calculator question. we need to spend a few their way we have summit and western new jersey here. we think 12% outstanding in union county as well. to summarize, those three places are blue counties and in all likelihood, up to 60% or more of that couldn't go for it murphy
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over ciattarelli which would be good news for the democrat. we can't conclude that just yet, it is based on some of the projections. up here in the north and passaic county new jersey, a couple of votes are coming in. this is interesting i'll tell you why. i have few votes taken just a few moments ago here. murphy, look at the raw votes here. i think it's fascinating. he is at 53,000 and ciattarelli is that 51,500. i'll show you what came in four years ago when murphy won he was at 56,000 and you see for the republican it was 36,000. come back to 2021 and watch this number. do the math in your head. he increases the turnout by 15,000 votes in a blue county and made it very competitive. i think you can send a clear -- you can do that all over the state of new jersey.
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republicans came out to vote and that was evident. you come down to the shore and you look at the percentages in monmouth county. that is where you want to be. you could even argue ocean county, monmouth county, they over perform in these republican areas of the state. we will see if he can turn the track ultimately. spirit amazing, just amazing. i'll pick up the calculator, but new jersey we just use her finger. i don't know what it is. alexis, this count could go on for a while here and there is no automatic recount role in new jersey, whoever's on the shorter end of that stick is a most definitely going to demand one. >> that's right. were waiting to get more information on that as votes continue to trickle in here. what a tight race that is. a lot of people who voted in this race did not expect it to
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be so close. voters in new jersey said that they came out to simply vote on two main issues but how they handled the covid-19 pandemic, the governor, governor murphy, and figuring out other things. as a result you right now, half of the garden state doesn't want to replace democratic governor phil murphy. let's get to it. these early results showing right now that governor murphy is ahead by 16,000 votes. those numbers are just in. after the two candidates traded spots for first place throughout the day here. governor murphy faced jack ciattarelli who is a former assemblyman and new jersey native. 89% of the votes have been counted but the remaining votes are expected to heavily favor democrats. governor murphy, who is considered a shoe and in this race, has tried to rally support by bringing in senator bernie sanders, president barack obama, and even jill biden. as results, and from other
1:35 pm
counties, ciattarelli taking the lead for a short time there. registered democrats do outnumber registered republicans by more than 1 million paired the main issues terrific voters out to the polls are high taxes and the response the cova 19 pandemic. >> make this state some place where everyone feels confident they can live, work, retire, start a business, raise a family, for almost four years we not been on doing more for those who have much but for doing those in the middle and at the bottom so that they have more opportunity. >> it's taking a little bit of time here new jersey to keep counting up those ballots. there are still tens of thousands of ballots that still need to be counted in a new jersey governor's race and here in the state there is no automatic recount. either side could ask for one. we will continue to monitor it back to. >> neil: just incredible.
1:36 pm
thank you. as hard as it is to believe, not that he democratic incumbent, or is having trouble in a blue stas that said he would not have trouble, but murphy is going against history. democratic governors have a devil of a time getting reelected. goes back to 1977. brendan byrne is less democrat reelected. i'm not same without a problem, but that was then. very different right now. tom came was among the very successful republican governors who was reelected. he started it all when he barely beaded jim florio. kind enough to join us. what do you make of what's happening here in this race question rick speak of it surprising. he saw the trend line moving for a long time.
1:37 pm
ciattarelli started way behind and murphy started way ahead slowly, ciattarelli has been closing the gap. my own feeling is that if the election had been held one week ago or two weeks ago, ciattarelli would have lost a good margin. if it was less dumb it next week, i think he would win. ciattarelli deserves a lot of credit for the campaign herein. >> neil: the counties and the ones that we are waiting on our democratic strongholds. they feel that the government will this one out. what you think question rick >> they've lost legislative seats in the flossed local seats. it has been a good night for
1:38 pm
republicans. >> right now, through the new jersey senate seat, he is trailing to a conservative truc driver. we make that? >> that's a major trend line it really is. it's incredible. i understand what is happening in virginia and that's probably because are salivating that. have it happen new jersey is pretty special. this is a very blue state and have a turnaround like this is very good sign for republicans in a very bad sign for democrats. >> neil: what you think made it difficult for the governor? was that the economy? his handling of covid? business crackdowns? what? >> first of all, you can give ciattarelli credit.
1:39 pm
he was a good candidate. the more the people got to know them, the more they like him. new jersey is a democratic state, but it's a moderate democratic state. governor murphy is the most liberal governor that the state has ever elected and he's done very liberal things the state was not quite ready for some of that and they would like a little more moderation. they reacted badly to some of the things that he did. talking about him making new jersey california when they don't want to be california. >> neil: the very stubborn that way. governor, i'd be curious to get your take on this pure full speed ahead spending measures. moderates are ticked off about it. they've artie started the markup pocket stomach process. moderates are already telling that they resent putting the
1:40 pm
social spending on the floor without complete congressional budget score. one of them said that they resent it and it's only strengthening their results. i do not see any pivoting going on and i don't see any can see and going on to rein it in. what you make up his party food fight? speak of the liberal part of the democrat party feels that this is there salvation and you every bit of the spending. i think that most of the country would like it to slow down a bit. not that they are against all of it, but they want to look at it carefully. is it going to cause inflation? is all this necessary? what is it mean when you spend this month on so many things? what's it mean for the future of our families? slow it down and do it right and that's probably the best thing to do. do it, fine, but do it following the procedures that you should follow. don't rush through for political reasons paired the political
1:41 pm
reasons are inaccurate at this point. as i seem to be if you look at the country. >> neil: you are a political dinosaur in this day and age because you are able to work in a bipartisan fashion and get things done. it was one reason why you were named cochair of the 9/11 commission to get to the bottom of the cores of 9/11 because both sides trusted you would come up with that. it has become a very polarized state and i wonder if you see any of that changing coursework especially in the way that the democrat's are responding and so far not doing the things that you saw bill clinton do, for example, after being humbled in his first midterm. what you think? question rick >> it has changed. where to start talking to each other again. there's no excuse. particularly given this
1:42 pm
republican victory, not to give both parties consideration and not do things calculatedly and deliberately. in this country, you, our neighbors, political people and congress. they have to start talking to each other. most people are well motivated. if you can reason with them, you can get agreement. i did that again and again in new jersey and i did it with the 9/11 commission where we were unanimous. it worked. i hope that this election may be some sign to both sides that we should talk a bit and we should reason together. let's recognize that we are not badly motivated and a lot of people in both parties have intention. let's think about compromise again. >> neil: always good catching
1:43 pm
up with you, governor. forgive me for the dinosaur remark. i was just hearkening to a different era. before you go to a quick break come over going to be talking to the former virginia governor on the situation. he did telegraph that sometimes our race is not as appearing as it does in the polls. what he makes of what is coming up right now and the states going forward. doug wilder on all of that coming up. or judge him by his jacket. while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove e it. but his back made weekend rides tough, so ted called on the card that's even tougher. and the medicare coverage trusted by more doctors. medicare from blue cross blue shield. by your side, no matter what. that's the benefit of blue.
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♪♪ someday you'll be better than your grandpa. - you try it. - i don't know what to draw? it doesn't matter what. just... a line. throw yourself in. ♪♪ don't be frustrated! okay. ♪♪ show me what you got there. ♪♪ wow... absolutely beautiful. >> neil: edit the markets were rattled by any of the unsettling election news, they just like money. there were never retro blue come they just like green. we had record. there are other market moving development's including the federal reserve indicating that it is finally going to begin the
1:48 pm
process of tapering. it has been buying a ton of securities and all of that stuff to the tune of $120 billion every month. it was the first sign by the federal reserve to say we're slicing that in a first couple of months beginning next month and slowly on that. that was not a surprise to the markets. it didn't seem rattled by all of the developments on capitol hill. i wonder, in a weird way, why that might be good news for markets. it delays the big spending if it happens at all but more importantly, it deletes the big tax hikes if they happen at all. what do you think? >> i think that the markets are responding to the fact that nothing is changing. i've watched her show long enough to know that markets like a little bit of certainty. that is where i will leave it here. wall street is responding to
1:49 pm
what we have seen throughout the year. democrats continue to fight amongst each other and so far they have not been able to pass a new agenda that would require the taxes you just mentioned. >> neil: i have to wonder if this thing is on life support because you have moderates who are really ticked off with huge, "are you kidding me? "reactions. i'm told that might happen and that the scoring and pricing of it is important to moderates no less than joe manchin saying that he's at and that is going to vote on it. they seem diametrically opposed. a bomb just exploding on them. >> and isn't that just so interesting that president biden in that press conference talked about the need to return to work to pass his agenda and meanwhile you have joe manchin who says no, we need to slow down and
1:50 pm
take a look at this. a couple of weeks ago, you had progressives saying the same thing. they were saying do not rush this because we want to see legislative looks in this bill. obviously, there calls for the slow and steady approach so they could get more spending and more programs in the final package. you have a party who is fighting amongst itself. republicans are not the bogeyman here. instead, they are off to the sideline and it is joe biden who is going to his own party and pleading with them just as he did last week to give him something. he said very clearly that he thought his presidency, as well as their majority of the house and senate could be on the line. and yet, they still did not deliver. >> neil: had democrats at least had a vote on infrastructure only package back in august when they had that
1:51 pm
moment and then it didn't happen. it would have been a very different off year election yesterday. you agree that? >> it's hard to say. i was at the mcauliffe victory party last night which turned from jubilation to a little bit of depression. some of the folks i talked to said this is because progressives would not take half of the loaf and instead they waited to try and get the whole thing. other folks over there were saying no, we've been waiting for some time for the provisions of her going to be in this bill. i heard from president of local union there who said i am fine with taking a little more time. the thing that washington, d.c., is realizing now and the white house is especially aware of this if they were not before, it is that republicans are motivated and they showed up in
1:52 pm
virginia. they won their and if vice president harris is correct, like she were just one week ago what happened in virginia could have reverberations in 2022 and 2024 and beyond, democrats are starting to realize this might be our last chance because next year, everyone is going to be off campaigning. though mr. pass something, pass anything, so democrats are not empty-handed. >> neil: doug wilder right now. when he was here a few days ago, he was telegraphing on this concern of the following pools and everything else. sure enough, you are right about that. good to have you. i would like to ask you about what you think, in retrospect, glenn youngkin did write. how did he win it? >> first of all, he sat
1:53 pm
listening to me. >> neil: and he still won. >> very good. what he did was listen to the people. one of the things that you and i spoke of was that there may have been an opportunity for democrats to recognize that they needed to pay attention to the people. none of us saw this bloodbath coming. you have to understand now that the legislature has been changed. the control of the house of delegates has been changed. the speakership is gone. black members lost in black districts. a lot took place and a lot of
1:54 pm
that because many of the people of virginia have thought that they liked their officials didn't listen them. youngkin listened and he won. he did not bring in the surrogates. he did not have the people. it said to me that he took a chapter or two from my book. virginians as well as people across the country are sick and tired of being told how to vote instead of why they should vote. >> neil: why do you think that the democratic party by saying go full throttle and go through with the big spending plan? that was not an issue in virginia and it was not an issue new jersey. it's an easy win if they get it done so they're going to try to get it done.
1:55 pm
moderates are annoyed that they're trying to ram list on their throats. which you think of what they're doing here? >> i don't think much of it. i don't think you could and should rush through spending at the levels they think they are. whether you take a moderate approach, that's a ton of money! whether you're taking the progressive approach, that's a ton of money! it's going to be a ton of money regardless and how are you going to pay for question what how's it going to get paid and repaid? glenn youngkin took a page by saying that the budget is going to be containing language. democrats have not said anything or done that. that is going to be one of the first things that they are committing to. people are listening to that and
1:56 pm
they want to hear that. we are talking about money and you and i have had this discussion many times. money is the key word in politics. you can't describe a single thing that is going on politically that does not involve money. i have some concerns about this rush to judgment in terms of spending money at the democrats are talking about spending now. >> neil: you talk about the three african-american people who lost their seats and the early numbers on youngkin is that he picked up 15% of the african-american vote. that has been steadily climbing over the years to republicans paired someone might look at that and think that 15% is far a significant plurality, but it's unprecedented and it is something that is been going on as well as in new jersey. numbers that you might look at
1:57 pm
first glance and think no big deal, but they are doubling integers what they have been. what is going on with that vote and is it a sign that the democrats have taken it for granted? >> the last thing you said is absolutely right. i have said that i think democrats have and continue to take it for granted. it is not just a question as to what votes youngkin may picked up. the real question is it look how people did not vote and did not choose to vote because they felt no need to vote. one thing that a lot of people forget, the leader of the party. when you hear that terry mcauliffe says i have to come back and leave again. he ran for governor three times in virginia and never, ever got 50% of the vote. think of that. where does your leadership come from?
1:58 pm
what is that mental that you wear? who bestowed upon you to the extent that you are going to run against three black people or to black people and say that these are the same people. it's a combination of people not being energized and those who are coming are in lesser numbers. >> neil: well put. douglas wilder, always good catching up with you. we ought to make as a regular feature. great to see you again. >> always good to see you and i hope you continue to do better. >> neil: thank you very, very much. i'd like to go to chad on what we're talking about on capitol hill because i do not see any pivoting going on here, chad. i actually see some digging in. what's happening? >> in the past half hour at the house of representatives, they have reliefs 2,135 pages of text
1:59 pm
which is the gateway where it tees up a vote on the social spending bill along with the infrastructure bill. the moderate democrats, the blue dog democrats, are not happy about this. they want a full price tag from the congressional budget office. in fact, i have one source data, "we resent it. this is only strengthening our resolve." the fact that the house is going to forge ahead and vote on this bill with the unofficial score from the congressional office. the house can vote without a score, but the senate cannot. spare one to my stomach >> neil: the moderates and the progressives. it seems like things got worse. >> and it does come down to the mat. the democrats have a three vote margin and it will be a little similar today because of us were in a republican who is elected. mike carey from ohio. they move this bill tomorrow and it comes onto the math.
2:00 pm
>> neil: incredible. inc. you very much. leaving you with the new jersey race still tight as a take care. they had double ballots union county. we stay on it and we always are. now, "the five." ♪ ♪ >> hello everybody i'm jesse watters along with greg gutfeld. it's 5:00 in new york city, and this is "the five." ♪ ♪ >> president biden same, don't blame me after i massive red wave at the ballot box. republican youngkin wining and the election in virginia. one by ten points just last year. it was supposed to be a cakewalk in liberal new j


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