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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 3, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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>> thank y'all so much. ainsley: very cathartic. he learned a lot just putting it down on paper. go buy the book. steve: especially somebody who's been at the very top and yet troubled behind the scenes. anyway, check that out. that's going to wrap it up for today. ainsley: bye, everyone, have a good one.
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>> dana: new jersey governor's race a nail biter, too close to call. democrat incumbent phil murphy is trying to make history to fend off challenger ciattarelli. >> bill: election scene as a referendum on president biden clearly and youngkin's victory could mean trouble for the white house moving forward. >> let's count the votes. everybody is entitled to a world class education in the commonwealth of virginia. we'll continue that fight tonight and every day going forward. >> we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. [cheering and applause]
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and friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one. [cheering and applause] >> bill: we got it covered for you. democrats worst fears could be coming through. a nail biter too close to call. alexandria in virginia on the state flipping red in historic fashion. alex, good morning there. >> good morning, bill. the beginning of this it seemed like democrat terry mccauliffe had a clear advantage but, of course, that led to not victory for him. instead we have republican glenn youngkin taking the stage around 1:00 a.m. to a still-packed room. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing! [cheering and applause] i want to thank my beloved
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commonwealth of virginia. >> the 54-year-old former carlisle group ceo saw a sharp turn around the polls. he focused on kitchen table issues like taxes, jobs, community safety and schools. it was the issue of parental involvement in public education that youngkin found enthusiastic support. in his speech he vowed to make the largest investment in education and start work on 20 new charter schools. >> there is no time to waste. our kids can't wait. we are going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parents' input. a curriculum that allows our children to run as fast as they can teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar.
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>> youngkin has long spoken out against what he sees as critical race theory infused lesson plans making their way to schools. he shared the night with winston sears, marine and jamaican immigrant first black woman lieutenant governor. throughout this campaign terry mccauliffe had repeatedly tried to tie glenn youngkin to president trump. a tactic that didn't work out and could change the way that many other democratic campaigns were scheduled to be run in upcoming elections. back to you. >> bill: we'll be back with you later this morning with more news. >> dana: still no winner in the garden state in a dead heat that nobody saw coming. phil murphy and republican challenger jack ciattarelli are separated by less than 1 percentage point. we're live in new jersey. >> it is a nail biter in the garden state waiting for election results to fall in here. registered democrats outnumber the number of registered republicans in new jersey.
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still the race this morning still too close to call. democratic governor phil murphy running for a second term in office. long considered the favorite in the race. this morning he is behind republican challenger ciattarelli. a businessman is a former assemblyman clinging to a slight lead of 1100 votes here. with an estimated 88% of those votes now counted. murphy presented himself as a solid progressive and ciattarelli painted him as out of touch with the average voter here. voters in the garden state tell us that taxes and the response to the covid-19 pandemic are the most important issues for them right now. in the last few weeks governor murphy tried to rally support from bernie sanders, former president barack obama and vice president kamala harris. as both candidates wait for those results again this morning they did strike an optimistic tone with supporters last night. >> i don't need a surrogate. i don't need celebrities.
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i don't need former presidents. all i need is the people of new jersey to listen to the facts. >> while we'll have to wait a little while longer than we had hoped, we are going to wait for every vote to be counted and that's how our democracy works. >> i spoke with both of those candidates on the campaign trail in the past few days ahead of the election. ciattarelli telling me he could feel the energy and excitement building at the recent rallies using that as momentum in his ongoing campaign. murphy say he was campaigning like he was 10 points behind. not slowing down until the ballots are counted. the race is too close to call. the associated press estimates there are 175,000 ballots that still need to be counted in this race and also something to note no automatic recount in the garden state. we're standing by to get the results. as soon as we get them we'll
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bring them back to you. >> dana: important for us to know. welcome to the fox family. great to have you. >> bill: back to new jersey in a moment. this is what i want you to think about right now. a year ago joe biden won virginia by 10 points. in any analysis today you cannot discount what joe biden has done as president over the last 10 months as being sworn in back in january. take you through that for the next two hours. come to 2021 now and i'll give you three things as to why youngkin was able to do this. issues, suburbs, and the rural area. on the issues, this is loudon county all about education. ian prior is coming. critical race theory whether or not the parents have involvement in schools. and what's taught in the classrooms. mask mandates on and on it goes. youngkin did better than expected and why we point to loudon county, okay. come and talk about the suburbs. i don't think a lot of people were thinking the growing suburb south of washington,
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d.c. would be this much in play. look what happened. youngkin was the winner by 11, all right? the presidential election look what joe biden there. he took it from the republicans by three points. come back to this election here down to the richmond area talking about this until 1:00 in the morning. chesterfield, youngkin hung on. needed 51% of the vote in the suburban county south of richmond and pulled the trick to get it done there. what is so impressive what youngkin did in southwest virginia. come along in the rural counties and watch the percentage. they are through the roof as you kick through these counties in rural west virginia. most of them well above 80% as you see on the map here and that's the reason why youngkin was able to put this together and win in virginia. got the report in from new jersey. don't know which way it will go. maybe we're looking at a recount. we'll see. we heard the report from new
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jersey. there is still some votes to be had here. they could be in some of these suburban area. you come up here to union county, more suburbs. maybe murphy hangs on. we'll see. s ex is newark, a strong democratic area of the state. watch this now. ciattarelli has done better than anyone expected. before this thing did you think this would be razor tight? >> dana: i didn't. we should have been paying more attention to it. emblematic across who wha* is happening across the country. media was surprised not just here in terms of ciattarelli. we said it was quietly tightening in new jersey over the past couple of weeks. look at the media from last night. >> we also see the enduring power of the culture wars and the republicans are better at playing this game because it's essentially white identity
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politics. >> these republicans are dangerous. another political party that disagrees on tax policy. at this point they're dangerous. >> critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points. to the trump insurrection-endorsed republican. >> we've seen the emergence of the delta variant of trumpism. >> dana: do you remember a couple weeks ago ben jones on cnn said the democrats needed to be cautious because they were running into the situation they were probably going to lose in the races and it turns out he was right. >> bill: a couple things. i think ciattarelli had the quote of the entire night. i just talked about joe biden. remember, joe biden won virginia by 10. he won new jersey by 16. one short year ago. ciattarelli says he sent a message to the entire country. every single time it's gone too far off track the people of the
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state have pushed and pulled and prodded it right back to where it needs to be. that's a direct shot at washington, d.c. and the policies that have come out of this slightly democratic majority. there is an nbc poll over the weekend. on the issues, who handles the issues better, border security, republicans by 27 points. inflation 24 points, crime 22, national security 21, economy 18. what were we thinking? did we just -- was this hiding in plain sight? >> dana: there is another polypicked up on over the weekend, it said a poll of democrats and over 2/3 of democrats polled said they did not want joe biden to be the nominee for the party in 2024. and that is also an indictment on him and one of the reasons you see the suburbs go the way they are. a ton to chew on today.
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>> bill: right track/wrong track thing. indicator as well. we'll go through all this as we move forward. the question about police in america. not so fast in the whole idea about defunding. the voters in minneapolis have spoken. they delivered a major blow to that movement still ahead there and we'll take you there live. >> dana: terry mccauliffe losing despite bringing in democrat big guns. effect it could be in the mid-terms. what does it mean for president biden's agenda already hanging by a thread? kevin mccarthy will join us next. >> all righty, virginia, we won this thing! [cheering and applause] ♪♪ helping them discover their dreams is one of the best parts of being a parent. one of the most important
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>> dana: voters making their voices heard sending a grim warning to the left ahead of
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next year's mid-term elections as republicans capture an upset victory in virginia and a dead heat if traditionally blue new jersey. aishah hosni is live on capitol hill with her update. >> good morning. there are probably some panic in the halls of congress this morning. the sort of hangover the day after the election. also probably a blame game going on. so even before the polls closed -- excuse me the race was called last night a progressive group started to point the finger, the blame at moderates on the hill. listen to this. progressive change campaign committee wrote this last night. terry mccauliffe can blame his loss on a few corporate-aligned obstructionist democrats who blocked bold action in congress. plus its own reliance on backward looking trump messaging. this added a ton of pressure on democrats here to fix the gridlock in congress and get
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something done. really anything passed quickly but moderates may use this as more leverage to slow things down. some democrats last night, though, thought they had nothing to worry about, playing down this idea that a virginia win is anything like 2010 where republicans swoopd back control of the house. >> people in my district don't care what happens in virginia governor's race. number two, a year from now, what happened in the virginia governor's race will be a distant dim memory. >> cartwright might feel differently this morning. republicans think virginia is the bellwether as the gop hammers home on inflation an crt leaving democrats to reassess their strategy. >> problem is once you get into the substance if you look at president biden's record, inflation, gas prices, all the things that people showed up yesterday and said they're frustrated about. those things don't really seem like they are being addressed
6:20 am
by this administration and probably aren't going away. that is really going to go into the 2022 house races and things are looking a lot better for republicans. >> dana, speaker pelosi has one public event in an hour. you can expect a lot of questions will be shouted at her with the 2022 mid-term elections. if republicans take back control of the house next year pelosi would be the first speaker to lose a majority twice since the 1950s. she has a lot to think about today. >> dana: she does. aishah, thank you. >> we will win in virginia. i haven't seen any evidence whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i have my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. >> bill: that was a comment while overseas while people were voting in virginia. then the president landed at
6:21 am
1:20 a.m. this morning from scotland. at the same time glenn youngkin was on stage giving his victory speech just a few miles away. so some soul searching at the white house. 2/3 of voters saying the country is heading in the wrong direction. house minority leader kevin mccarthy's first reaction. thank you for your time today. there is talk already about a new blueprint for republican elections and how you campaign. what is your read on the results so far from last night? >> i think it's really telling. kamala harris, the vice president was in virginia five days ago. she was correct when she said what happens in virginia will determine a lot what happens in 22 and 24. history shows it. in 1993 they both went republican and the house flipped in 94. in 2005 they both went democrat and the house flipped to democrats in 2006. in 2009 they both went virginia and new jersey republican and they flipped to republican in the house.
6:22 am
same thing in 17 back to democrats and now we see a path that's even larger with biden winning virginia by 10 points but new jersey by 16. it wasn't just virginia, new jersey, minneapolis, but also in texas there was a special election state house that biden won by 13 and with 73% hispanic and looks like the republican won. what it tells you is policy matters. who you listen to and what you fight for matters. they had this wake-up call before that you mentioned the nbc poll. inflation, prices rising, the border, just maintaining it open. the wokeism. not listening to parents but listening to politicians. they have seen this coming. if they move forward with the reconciliation they are deaf at what the american public is expecting of them. >> dana: i want to play the sound bite of kamala harris and what the white house is
6:23 am
thinking. >> every four years when this election happens for governor of virginia it is a tight election, it's a close election, and it is a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on. >> dana: if that's the case you add this. "new york post" writes that glenn youngkin showed how republicans can win. democrats face a crisis when it comes to what exactly they'll run on in 2022 when it doms a positive message and bank shots about trump will fail. was youngkin unique the way he ran his campaign or something you think you will encourage members trying to run for office or new candidates trying to win in the mid-terms they should try to emulate the campaign that he had and will
6:24 am
you invite glenn youngkin to come and speak to your conference? >> i not only will invite glenn youngkin i invested in his campaign. i contributed more than $25,000. i invested in the state house. they won the governor's race, attorney general, lieutenant governor, breaking ceilings in the lieutenant governor race. they also flipped the house of delegates down there. i invested in that as well. what they were doing is we were optimistic. they believed tomorrow would be better than today and showed how they could do it. glenn youngkin talked about the dmv answering the phone. what were the democrats talking about in hearings? they were running about the past. more importantly they were encouraging the attorney general to go after parents. they were ignoring the border and letting more people across. they were raising prices while they wanted to spend trillions more dollars that costs everybody more money and glenn youngkin what he said was we'll lower the tax so you don't pay as much for your groceries. thanksgiving is going to cost you more than any other time.
6:25 am
these are all based upon biden policies and what the majority in the house and senate have been doing. >> bill: one thing about donald trump here. his name came up a lot primarily on behalf of terry mccauliffe. said his name every opportunity he could up until the last weekend. this quote stuck out. brad todd republican strategist working the campaign in virginia said we've never had an election about a former president before. current elections are the current president. how do you reflect on that now this morning? >> i think everybody wants to see an election about what's best going forward. i think the republican party is united. you have people supporting trump, people who didn't but the one thing they do like they saw the difference in policies from the last 10 months to the policies today. they want america to be energy independent. they don't want to rely on opec. prices to be lower, more people working they don't want to let putin have a pipeline and not america. make sure the border is secure but an immigration system that works. they want to call the dmv and somebody will answer and say how can i help you?
6:26 am
they want to let their children go to school but parents to have a say in the curriculum. in the house we've been working on the task forces with policies coming out and write a parents bill of rights. parents have a right in their children's education and that's not a republican or a democrat. that's an american view. what did the democrats say? they put the attorney general to go after those parents. even that father. he got arrested because his child, his daughter got raped inside a school? and they defended that and continue to defend critical race theory? they have no policies about the future to make it better. the only policies they were doing was harming the americans. and that's why it became a uniting force. 10 points biden won virginia by but he won new jersey by 16. that was an nobody's radar. >> dana: a good point. interesting to see what they decide to do circling the drain on this biden agenda trying to get something done. keep us posted as we continue
6:27 am
to see and keep an eye on the new jersey race and have you back to talk about that. >> bill: he and others have a sense about what is happening. we focused on virginia and new jersey, rightfully so. the biggest elections of the night. other elections across the country. look at so many of these, dana, the progressives had a tough night. >> dana: terrible night. >> bill: they won in a couple areas but they were handed defeat in places like minneapolis and seattle that we'll talk about in moment. republicans are winning the race in ohio handily. at greater numbers than what trump carried the same district. columbus ohio, long island, new york, you got nassau and suffolk county. you are seeing republicans win these offices in those counties. last night throughout the entire evening. >> dana: it will be interesting to see what the democrats how they will spin it. joe biden is back from his trip.
6:28 am
will the president speak today and what will he say? will he take personal responsibility? change anything? >> bill: remember in 2010 when republicans won 63 house seats and barack obama came into the briefing room and said well that was -- >> dana: terry mccauliffe is not yet conceding saying all votes need to be counted. >> bill: gasoline was $1.15 a gallon and forrest gump won best picture. that's the last time the braves took home a world series trophy. why that win will mean so much more to atlanta and the state of georgia, we shall tell you coming up. veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now
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election night did not go terry mccauliffe's way. he has yet to concede. what's up with that? rich edson is in virginia waking up again this morning. good morning, sir. >> good morning, bill. terry mccauliffe has yet to indicate if or when he will have a conversation with glenn youngkin today or speak to us publicly. aides are acknowledging all but the race being over. terry mccauliffe failed to secure his second term of governor of the commonwealth of virginia. we haven't heard from him since 10:00 p.m. when he addressed campaign supporters. >> we still have a lot of votes to count. we have 18% of the vote out so we'll continue to count the votes because every single virginian deserves to have their vote counted. >> in that speech there was no concession and there was also no promise of victory.
6:35 am
mccauliffe thanked his family, campaign and supporters and left the ballroom. still at that point aides pointed to votes coming in from richmond and fairfax county. fairfax had to rescan more than 20,000 early votes because of what officials described as a technical glitch. they're about 99% in. shortly after that and hours before glenn youngkin spoke that ballroom emptied out with no plans what the candidate would do or say next. mccauliffe tried to tie youngkin to former president donald trump while denying he was making trump an issue in the campaign and enlisted the president, vice president, senior congressional democrats trying to turn out votes in democratic areas across the state. that effort appears to have fallen short. news networks have called this race republicans are declaring victory and still no word yet on when we'll hear from terry mccauliffe. >> bill: it was an interesting speech last night, you're right about that. rich edson in mcclain, virginia.
6:36 am
thank you. >> we're fighting for parents and students and teachers and our schools. >> double everybody's standard deduction and we are going to cut taxes on the retirement income of our veterans. >> dana: republican glean youngkin pulling an upset in virginia's race for governor. voters broke for him in large part because he campaigned on kitchen table issues. the contest considered a bellwether for next year's mid-terms. reince priebus. a youngkin win in virginia spells defeat for democrats in 2022. he says virginia is an extremely reliable precursor to the results of mid-term elections. particularly true when one party is entirely in control of the levers of power in washington
6:37 am
reince, we're talking about new jersey still and how that is too close to call at this moment. that's a state that president biden won by 16 points. >> well, you look at what happened in virginia and terry mccauliffe got completely boxed out. he got boxed out on local issues, which was the school system that parents have a say in their schools and it wasn't just recently. this has been going on for 18 months. 18 months parents have had to figure out what to do with their kids. they've been called stupid if they question why their kids weren't in school. why do they have to wear masks? they were not listened to. crt was in fact being taught in the schools. it is all over the websites in the departments of education in virginia, in loudon and fairfax county. and then mccauliffe got boxed out at the top of the ticket. he had nothing to talk about. the biden agenda was an agenda that was thoroughly rejected in
6:38 am
virginia. and the last thing is terry mccauliffe is running around talking about the minimum wage. guess what? most people in virginia, over half of the people in northern virginia. most of those people work for the federal government and they're doing fine. there is no job you can take for $15 an hour. they are all paying more because people will stay home instead of working for $15 an hour. so the money, the message, and the momentum was unyoungkin's side. bill hemmer did a great job on this board. i think he would be hard pressed to find a single place where glenn youngkin didn't improve for the republican party in every county and municipality. >> bill: you are right about that. youngkin's speech at 1:30 last night talked about building 20 new charter schools and talked about going into the public schools and giving school choice. i don't know if he can get it done. you have the legislature and house side too, won that too by
6:39 am
a small margin in virginia. do you think the results in virginia were more about youngkin and his message or more about joe biden and how he has mismanaged issue after issue for the past 10 months? >> well, bill, i think it's both. obviously glenn youngkin was a wonderful contrast to terry mccauliffe. terry mccauliffe came across as a bitter, mad, ticked off guy at the world. youngkin had a joyful spirit. he was positive but he didn't get there by accident, either. he was tough on these issues. as far as school choice and charter schools. this is what is hot in virginia. people are sick and tired of being told that they can't have a say in their schools. that our schools are there to reengineer and recalculate how our kids believe. that we ought to show our
6:40 am
fourth and fifth graders about transgender issue and pronouns. give me a break. people are tired of it. i said last year this election wasn't going to be about the economy but our culture. that's what's happening, i think, in virginia. but i think it will transcend to the rest of the country in 2022. it will not be a race about the economy. it will be a race about culture and what we are as americans and that's what is happening. >> dana: part of that is how we shape our budgets and that debate will continue. imagine what ron klain will say to president biden this morning trying to figure out how to manage all of this. >> bill: thanks for coming back. here we go, right? >> dana: i didn't even know this happened. >> bill: it gets buried in the news. atlanta braves are world series champions for 2021.
6:41 am
capping off an unbelievable run. that team wasn't even until .500 until august. they lost the star player, maybe the best player in baseball and made trades and somehow put it all together. the braves pulled ahead early and won world series mvp jorge soler. >> the atlanta braves are world champions. >> bill: final outthere and now they go from houston back to atlanta. specifically marietta, georgia. 26 years since they won in 1995. i was living in atlanta back then. that's how old i am. >> dana: i want to say congratulations to life long fans of the braves charlie and gail porters. the parents of my very good friend tracy and her husband jeff. big fans. i'm sorry i didn't know.
6:42 am
i was on a plane looking at wifi looking to see what hemmer was saying on the board. i was watching that. >> bill: we have iphones, too. keep in mind now the all-star game was all set up fojuly in marietta, georgia north of atlanta and honor henry aaron who passed away earlier this year. major league baseball said we're moving to colorado, your state and the statement that major league baseball put out gave zero specifics as to how and on what they disagreed with in the georgia election law. the statement came out and took out the game. now the commissioner has to give the world series trophy to the atlanta blaifshs. braves. >> dana: ian prior is leading the charge on the issues and we'll check in with him after the break. >> i want to fight for my children and i want them to have a good curriculum that
6:43 am
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>> bill: more reaction and fallout and more coverage. voters across the country making voices heard loud and clear last night on the issue of law and order and police in america. first from new york city voters
6:48 am
picked eric adams to be the next mayor, he won easily, a democrat also former police captain. he campaigned on a pro-business and law and order platform. promises to crack down on violent crime plaguing the city now and replaces the far left bill deblasio who reached term limits in new york. >> dana: minneapolis voters rejected a proposal to replace the city's police department with a department of public safety. the initiative was part of police reform efforts following george floyd's death in police custody last year. garrett tenney is live in minneapolis. this issue i'm assuming many people in minneapolis thought it was a local issue. it has resonated across the country. what happened last night? >> dana, it really has. you remember minneapolis really became ground zero for this defund the police movement. so this vote is a big blow to
6:49 am
progressive activists who essentially wanted minneapolis to become a staging ground of sorts for taking action at other police departments in cities across the country. but last night voters sent a clear message by rejecting this proposal which would have dismantled the minneapolis police department and replaced it with a new department of public safety. 56% voted against it. but we also saw the sentiment play out in the races for city council and mayor. eight city council members who supported dismantling the police department were up for reelection and so far two have lost their seats if landslides. three others are locked in tight races against candidates who opposed the proposal. in the mayor's race jacob frye, a staunch supporter of the police department seems poised to win a second term. he talked about the referendum on police and where the city goes from here. >> we need steep and structural
6:50 am
change to policing in america and at the same time we need police officers to make sure that they are working directly with communities to keep us safe. all of these things are true. >> it's important to note that it was a group of leaders from the black community who were the most vocal opponents to dismantling the police department. their community has taken the brunt of the violent crime spike that we've seen in minneapolis over the last year and almost universally they have said that reforms to policing are needed, no question about it. but getting rid of the police department is not the answer to solving that problem. >> dana: thank you so much. bill, we also mentioned on long island in new york, the issue of cash bail, that issue led to basically a republican election day red wave on long island
6:51 am
including prosecutors. >> bill: in manhattan you have a different story and he won, too. thinking back to last november. they said i voted for joe biden but i didn't vote for this. and i just always come back to that comment. i think about right now how this administration is managing the list of issues in front of it. i was writing down supply chain, why are you not in california? why has nobody in the cabinet shown up at the port of l.a. or long beach? pete buttigieg was in a studio in washington, d.c. again on sunday talking with chris wallace. gas prices. why are you pleading with opec to pump more oil? >> dana: while you are in glascow talking about cutting emissions. >> bill: why are you looking to spend trillions of more dollars? these are the questions voters are asking themselves. in afghanistan, why make the
6:52 am
hasty, disastrous decision? why do it that way? >> dana: we want to bring you breaking news. terry mccauliffe, the democratic candidate in virginia, he has conceded the race. we have been waiting for that. glenn youngkin was declared the winner. all votes needed to be counted. he said last night we came up short i'm proud we spent the campaign fighting for the values we so deeply believe in. we must protect virginia's public schools and protect affordable healthcare coverage and expand paid leave so working families have a fighting shot and protect voting rights, a woman's right to choose and above all else protect our democracy. while there will be setbacks along the way i'm confident the long-term path of virginia is inclusion and tolerance for all. congratulations to governor elect glenn youngkin on his victory. i hope virginians join me
6:53 am
wishing the best to him and his family and thanks his campaign staff. >> bill: he left the stage without announcing much of anything last night. back to the point we're making. the blow delivered from virginia voters to terry mccauliffe and joe biden. and democratic party. he had kamala harris there in norfolk last friday night. barack obama visit. >> dana: don't forget stacey abrams. early and often. she said something along the lines of they will try to take this from us, right? it's not the case. terry mccauliffe has done the right thing and conceded. >> bill: joe biden made a visit. you are 0 for 4 to try to swing the state. struck out. another alert. upset win in virginia. contest in new jersey. it is tctc. it is too close to call. so where do we stand in the garden state? we'll take you there when we come back right after this.
6:54 am
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>> bill: getting outside of virginia and new jersey. seattle facing its second straight year of spiking crime. 33 homicides, 195 rapes reported so far this year. early election results show that three of four defund supporting democrats losing but still too early to be certain. jason rantz seattle talk radio host. a view from the pacific northwest. what's happening there in seattle? >> right now i'm cautiously optimistic. three of the four races that are being voted on right now are looking pretty good to see defeat for the abolitionist movement including nicole thomas kennedy one of the most extreme candidates in the country. not only does she want to abolish the police but wants to abolish the office she is running for. running on a platform she wouldn't be charging most misdemeanor crimes including dui. thankfully right now three of the four are losing by double digits. however, i'm cautiously
7:00 am
optimistic. in seattle we buck the trend. nationally republicans vote day of. they go to the polls and like that tradition. quite the opposite in seattle. all mail-in votes. the folks who vote the last day of which we don't know how many are outstanding, they the end to go very far to the left. we've seen in the past some elections shift dramatically in just one or two days after we got those initial results. >> bill: how long does it take to count? >> it can take anywhere from two to five days. depends on how many ballots came in yesterday and we don't know that information yet. >> bill: we'll stay in touch. the view from seattle as we watch from the pacific northwest. >> dana: the race for new jersey governor too close to call. both candidates holding off on declaring victory. the results far closer than expected. about 1300 votes separating
7:01 am
incumbent democrat murray and challenger ciattarelli. i feel like we just sat down and it has been an hour. another hour for you. >> bill: great to have you back, dana. big day for republicans across the country. stunning upset in virginia where we begin this hour. glenn youngkin defeating terry mccauliffe. mccauliffe conceding moments ago. youngkin got victory focusing on local issues like the economy, jobs, pandemic and parental involvement in kids' education and voters rejecting the divisive issues and progressive politics. we action to the shocking results are pouring in by the moment. here is a sample. >> this is our virginia to build together and we are going to go to work on day one. there are always those -- there are those that say that hill is too steep to climb. but we are empowered.
7:02 am
>> i think what has happened with the progressives is that they have pitted all of us against each other so that they can swoop in and be our political savior. i'm not going to be representing republicans solely, no, i'm representing republicans, libertarians, democrats, everybody. >> we watched a race about the american value set. simple things about local school control and parents taking care of the kids. the students aren't creatures of the state. >> bill: there you go. very impressive. lieutenant governor. first african-american in virginia. impressive life story. analysis and david spunt with a view from the white house today and griff jenkins leading the coverage live in richmond, virginia. good morning, griff. >> good morning. let's start with the news breaking this hour. that is former governor mccauliffe's concession to glenn youngkin telling his supporters in a statement he
7:03 am
came up short adding congratulations to governor elect glenn youngkin on his victory. i hope people will join me wishing the best to he and his family. a red wave could be sweeping into richmond in the state capitol behind me. fox news calling that race in youngkin beating mccauliffe. he won on a message putting parents in the drivers seat on the issue of education and put that into immediate action. listen. >> we're going to introduce choice within our public school system. we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. >> fox has not called the races yet. the gop for lieutenant governor winston sears. she is leading. if she wins will become the first black woman elected to statewide office telling a crowd last night you are looking at the american dream. also leading in the polls but
7:04 am
not yet called by fox gop candidate leading for attorney general. if he wins becoming the first hispanic elected to statewide office and fox news following six gop delegate races. if that holds republicans take back control of the house of delegates and a lesson here for democrats. mccauliffe edging his campaign on tying youngkin to trump. that fell short. now vice president harris may be thinking about her words last friday in roanoke. here is what she said. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024 and on. >> on those races, bill, for lieutenant governor and attorney general no automatic recount triggered in virginia elections. however, if the losing candidate is 1% or less he or she can call for recount. we'll keep monitoring it from richmond here.
7:05 am
>> bill: thank you, griff, nice to see you. >> dana: ballots are counted and virginia voters are telling us what issues drove their decisions at the polls. mike emanuel with a closer look. good morning, mike. >> last night results likely to give republicans a candidate a playbook how to connect in 2022 on most important issues facing virginia fox news voter analysis found 35% economy, 17% coronavirus, 15% education, 7% healthcare and 7% climate change. for those who saw education as the most important issue, 29% were for terry mccauliffe. 71% were for glenn youngkin. the likely next lieutenant governor of virginia says the gop approach was focusing on issues mattering to voerts. >> we were talking about the bread and butter issues. we're talking about parents who want to have a say and should have a say and by right have a say in the way that their child is being educated. and you don't want to get
7:06 am
between mama bear and her cubs. >> president biden was a factor on job approval. they found 47% approve. 53% disapprove. a voter told us what mattered to her after casting her ballot in a blue county. >> i think a change needs to happen. i feel like my voice or my opinion is never heard or responded to. it always seems that whatever the status quo is, that's what's going to happen versus listening to the constituents. >> bill: pocketbook issues, inflation, gas and groceries and parents wanting a say in schools issues that connected. >> dana: you've been covering it all along. thank you, mike. >> president biden won virginia by 10 points last november. will glenn youngkin's big win start the beginning of a
7:07 am
nationwide shift in political power ahead of the mid-terms? david spunt. we're waiting to hear reaction from the white house and president biden. let's begin there on the north lawn of the white house this morning. what have you got? >> good morning. no reaction yet. we can tell you president biden is at the white house this morning but there are no public events on his schedule. we're waiting for some reaction. i want to point out to our viewers quite a juxtaposition. 1:17 this morning president biden descended the stairs from air force one as glenn youngkin took the stage. biden walked off air force one after the trans atlantic flight from scotland where he spent days at a global climate conference. biden, as you said, won virginia against donald trump. he hoped just one year later that that win would have some
7:08 am
staying power. here he is in scotland yesterday asked about the race, of course, before it was called. listen. >> president biden: i think we'll win in virginia. and you know, you are reporting it to be close, the race is very close. it's about who shows up. i have not seen any evidence whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i have my agenda passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. even if we had passed my agenda i wouldn't claim we won because biden's agenda passed. >> the president's agenda has not passed yet while biden and company were in scotland, west virginia senator joe manchin held a rare news conference monday saying he is not 100% on board with the president's plan and upset at the way progressive democrats have negotiated. in the last hour the national republican congressional committee announced the committee spending more money on republicans to try to take
7:09 am
democrats out in certain swing districts. they believe they can win. this is something 2022, 2024 as vice president harris mentioned. right now no reaction from the white house. we're trying to get it. we'll see what the president has to say. >> bill: nice to see you. david spunt north lawn at the white house. >> dana: let's bring in the national columnist for national journal data. on the analysis, economy and jobs 35%, coronavirus 17%. education 15%. i know not only do you look at all of these things across the country, you also live in virginia and you seem to have a feel for what was going on. let's get your reflections as terry mccauliffe has just conceded in the race. >> i'm in fairfax county, a blue area and still very liberal part of the state. there were parental frustrations bubbling among
7:10 am
democrats and certainly independents and conservatives as early as last year when schools were closed for 18 months and you had -- you don't usually see education as a top issue in any race, no less a virginia governor's race. youngkin was very savvy in making all these different frustrations, whether it's the school closures, critical race theory, the elimination of gifted and talented programs in areas across the state and captured that message in the closing weeks. you mentioned the exit poll data from fox for voters who said education was a top issue, 71% voted for youngkin. that issue is usually a democratic issue. it's an issue that democrats have a huge advantage on. he turned the tables. >> dana: do you think it's something that republicans could run on in 2022 as kevin mccarthy was on earlier today and you heard from david spunt saying republicans are saying maybe we could expand our map and try to take on more democrats going into 2022.
7:11 am
is education an issue there as well? >> yeah, it is different in a congressional race but the overall issue of parental frustrations that really came about because the democratic party moved so far to the left on a whole host of educational issues. no one was even calling it critical race theory when i was writing about it. i called it educational extremism. democratic parents wondered what was happening in the schools. why are schools closed for 18 months? it reflects a dogmatic ideology that has taken hold in the democratic party not just education but cultural issues where they've gone so far to the left of the average voter they even alienated voters in virginia who voted for joe biden by 10 points. they voted for joe biden because they thought he was a moderate democrat and someone who could lean to the middle not cater to the progressive activists within the party and they were frustrated what they've seen in washington and in richmond.
7:12 am
>> bill: i don't know how much consideration you've given to this. this wasn't a mid-term but we'll have a mid-term a year from now and i think all the calculations for next november are shifting across the country as we speak. when bill clinton was dealt that setback he found a way to recover. to a large degree barack obama was set back and found a way to recover as well. do you think joe biden has shown in the first year of his presidency he has the same ability politically, physically, to turn this around? >> look, bill clinton did and barack obama did. historical precedent for democrats moving back to the middle. i was so struck, bill, that biden had many opportunities to pass that infrastructure bill to get a bipartisan deal and live up to his campaign promises of trying to unite the country and at every opportunity he essentially sided with the progressives in trying to hold his own agenda hostage to a more ambitious
7:13 am
spending proposal that is turning out to be less and less popular by the day. so this is an opportunity for democrats to have a course correction. the results not just in virginia but in new jersey for goodness sake, 18 point state for democrats now very close in that governor's race. it is the suburbs. the moderate minded suburban voters that are revolting from where the democrats are at this point. it is showing up across the state after state. >> dana: all that you write and say over this coming week as you analyze it all for us. >> bill: do we have time to run it? kevin mccarthy, his initial react talking about the map expanding. he said this. >> kamala harris, the vice president was in virginia five days ago. she was correct when she said what happens in virginia will determine a lot what happens in 24 and 22. policy matters, who you listen to and what you fight for matters. they had seen this coming. if they move forward with the
7:14 am
reconciliation they are deaf to what the american public is expecting of them. >> dana: i think the speaker of the house is saying they won't change course. >> bill: she said that a moment ago. we'll have tape in a moment of her walking through the hallway. what he said they are deaf to what the american public is expecting of them. will they move forward on this? can they? not just get it through the house but get it through congress on both bills now. >> dana: they are trying to execute a mandate they don't have. they want to rewrite the entire social contract with the country. republicans are saying we won't be for that. voters are saying we're not for that and we'll vote for republicans this time around. can they continue to move forward with that? can republicans figure this out and take it across the country and win big in 2022? it is a real responsibility. >> bill: before joe biden went to first rome he went to capitol hill. second time in a month and based on the reports he did not plead with democrats to go ahead and push it forward but
7:15 am
he made a case. he came up 0 for 2 on both trips on the big bills. joe manchin came out monday afternoon, a day before the vote. what was the party seeing in virginia a few days away that maybe a lot of us others missed? >> dana: i do think the democrats might end up having somebody like a senator from new hampshire looking at what manchin and sinema are doing. if she wants to win the race next year. a competitive race in new hampshire she may denied not to do what the progressives want. >> bill: we'll play nancy pelosi's comments for you and a member of the progressive caucus on all the discussion dana and i are having this morning. what's possible and what's next? >> to be clear i will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill would impact our debt and economy and our country.
7:16 am
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7:21 am
>> i understand the joe is looking for the precise detail to make sure nothing got slipped in in terms of the way the legislation got written that is different than he acknowledged he would agree to. i think we'll get this done. >> dana: president biden says he is confident senator joe manchin will come around and vote for his social spending bill. let's check in with chad pergram. i would imagine there are some recalculating going on on the hill this morning. >> house speaker nancy pelosi says it doesn't change the democratic agenda. it may accelerate efforts to
7:22 am
move the social spending bill. moderates believe approving the infrastructure package could have boosted terry mccauliffe. expect sniping over the losses. the winners for now are moderates kyrsten sinema and joe manchin. >> to say you automatically signed off on things. when you say you signed off on things you ought to keep your word. i won't be a liar or make anyone else a liar. >> president biden is confident he will eventually get manchin on board. >> president biden: we have in this proposal what he has anticipated and that is looking at the fine print and the detail of what comes out of the house in terms of the actual legislative initiatives. i believe that joe will be there. >> gop is ready to demonize the democratic agenda in the mid-terms. >> every moderate democrat in their conference.
7:23 am
it tells them joe biden has no coattails and whatever we're doing here is so unpopular the people of virginia, who literally are right across the river, do not like it and do not want it. >> democrats are still trying to wedge immigration into the social spending bill. these off year results are reminiscent of 1993 when democrats lost the governor's races in virginia and new jersey. those losses proved to be a referendum on the first year of the clinton presidency. they also hinted at the gop landslide in the mid-terms a year later. dana. >> dana: i remember that well. thank you, chad. >> bill: want to bring in california democrat jared hoff, thank you for your time. got 96 members, carry a lot of weight. nancy pelosi says does it change the agnd and she said no. can both bills pass or are they both dead? >> i think they can both pass. my colleagues in the progressive caucus are ready to
7:24 am
put up our votes. we trust the president to deliver the 51 votes we need in the united states senate. if there is a takeaway from elections for democrats i hope is that we need to finish our work and do things that people will feel positively in their lives. if and when we do that i think we'll be rewarded at the polls. >> dana: senator mcconnell had comments about all of this. call for number five everybody in the control room could check. he said it has been challenging exercise for democrats. watch. >> this seems to be quite a challenging exercise for them. i'm glad it is. this is a bill america does not want and does not need. the ideal solution would be not to pass it. but if it is to pass it will be written by manchin and/or sinema. >> dana: he says this is a bill america does not want and does not need. this debate has been going on for several months now.
7:25 am
given yesterday's results, though, is there -- do you have any pause about what this could mean a year from now in the mid-terms if people don't want it and you pass it anyway? >> dana, i disagree with mitch mcconnell. that's a pretty self-serving statement by him. the polling i've seen suggests that americans even in this divided country with our toxic politics overwhelmingly support the build back better act. again, if there is a takeaway for democrats we need to get this work done. we need to start delivering for the american people. and unfortunately as good as this bill is, it was academic to the voters of virginia last night because it hadn't passed and wasn't yet making the kind of transformative changes that we know it can and will deliver for them eventually. >> dana: climate change is top of mind for you as for many people. the president getting back from the cop 26 meeting. would you be willing to go for the infrastructure bill that has a lot of the climate
7:26 am
projects that you want to see done and continue to let that reconciliation bill figure itself out? >> dana, if you are concerned about climate, i am. i will be in glascow next week as part of the congressional delegation. it is more important we pass the build back better act. that's climate pollution reduction initiatives are. bipartisan senate bill does some important things for modernizing the grid and other traditional infrastructure but doesn't reduce emissions and some take us the wrong way. i'm for delivering both parts of this package and make it net positive for the climate, something my colleagues and i can take to glascow and tell a good story. >> bill: you say both bills are linked together and coupled. >> always have been. >> bill: polls show the majority of americans don't even know what's in it. don't you believe that last night's results tell you
7:27 am
something about moving forward with $3 or 4 trillion in more spending? >> i think that's an overread, bill, honestly. the polling i have seen is strongly suggests americans like what's in the build back better act. they like it far more than that senate infrastructure bill if you compare the two. so we need to deliver this. we need to do some things to start making a difference in people's lives and then i think it will be a different story. >> bill: back to the second part of that question. what does last night tell you about what you are trying to pull off here? >> everyone will have their takeaways from last night. that's what the morning after is all about. for republicans one takeaway is that running away from donald trump as fast as you can is pretty effective. i'm not sure many of them will get that message or you'll see that replicated in the 2022 mid-terms. >> dana: you could say the terry mccauliffe tried to tie donald trump to youngkin and that didn't work. >> bill: in a state that biden won a year ago by 10 points.
7:28 am
>> surely. yet the turnaround did not happen because of infrastructure negotiations inside the beltway it was over very different issues. people will have their takeaways from last night's elections. for me the work that we've been trying to do, the work we're so close to completing is still where we need to focus. >> bill: you just made the case that if you spent more you would have done better if not win last night. >> no, that's not at all what i'm saying. and again it is not about the top lines. it is about things that will make a difference in people's lives. the build back better act will do that. forget about the numbers. it is paid for, by the way. can you make a difference in people's lives and help get the economy unstuck and people back into the workforce by giving them childcare and other critical supports that are broadly popular? if and when we do that you will see a difference with the voters. >> bill: thank you, sir.
7:29 am
jared hoffman, northern california. thank you for your time. >> dana: democrats with their backs against the wall seeing the grip erode in the suburbs of new jersey. the president's approval ratings are in a free fall. could some moderates jump ship on the biden agenda. bret baier joins us with analysis next. >> this wave is building. i think it was strong last night. i think it will keep building all the way into 2022. raising their ratesbanks e newday is holding the line with their two and a quarter refi. that's 2.25%, with an apr of 2.48. this is their lowest rate in history. the newday two and a quarter refi can cut thousands of dollars off your mortgage payments. there's no money out of pocket and no up front costs. lock in your rate. ♪ say it's all right ♪
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7:35 am
better idea what's moving in new jersey. there is not an automatic recount in new jersey. it only happens if the challenger requests it or pays for it, too, as well. just a quick look at virginia last night. we're talking about youngkin's impressive performance. we've gone out to the entire state and out performed in just about every area we can find. rural southwest right here, shenandoah valley on the west side of the state of virginia. he out performed in counties in loudon and northern virginia across from washington, d.c. suburbs south and north of richmond. chesterfield county to the south out performed as well and hampton roads outperformed here. virginia beach he got 54% of the vote there which would easily eclipse what youngkin was trying to do. the south side of virginia he
7:36 am
did better than people expected and the reason why we got a victory here. youngkin got the victory, rather, in the state of virginia. >> dana: ciattarelli might do it in new jersey as well. bret baier, how are you this morning? we just had a congressman from california on. he is in a relatively safe district and he basically is saying full steam ahead. there is no problem. this is just a blip. not a big deal. is that how the rest of washington is waking up this morning? >> i don't think so, dana. i think this will have reverberations on capitol hill specifically with moderates who maybe feel progressives pushed too far. they should have passed -- the democrats i talked to this morning the bipartisan infrastructure bill and perhaps it would have helped terry mccauliffe, perhaps not but it would have at least mitigated the messiness that's up on capitol hill. tonight on "special report" i have democratic senator joe manchin from west virginia on
7:37 am
the show to talk about where things are. where he sees the reaction to virginia, his neighbor and new jersey and how that may affect things. i do think it affects, dana and bill, the biden agenda and how this biden administration goes forward ahead of the mid-terms. >> bill: he came out yesterday, bret, no rush to get a deal done. that was on monday, the day before the vote. why do you think he felt compelled to go public at that point? >> because the signals were happening the other way. nancy pelosi and her team were saying we'll have a vote tonight. this is going to move forward. they will plow through this. and even without the bill or a cbo score and i think manchin is one of the guys who has been speaking out quite a bit. he is not the only one, though, bill of the moderates who had a problem with not seeing the text of the reconciliation bill. he speaks for them but he is not alone. and there are many more now. >> bill: that was the next
7:38 am
follow up on that. do you believe he is running cover for other democrats? if so, how many do you think? >> i think he was. i think they will be more vocal now with virginia and whatever happens in new jersey. look, if new jersey does not turn and it stays democratic, it is still the race of races where biden won by 16 points in that state. so the turnaround is pretty amazing. >> dana: new hampshire, nevada, colorado, these are states that people say they're all blue. maybe not. the other thing i wanted to point out, bret and bill, let's go inside the white house for a second not just thinking about the mid-terms. imagine what the chief of staff ron klain is thinking this morning when you see voter analysis last night, direction of the country would you say things in this country are heading in the right or wrong direction? wrong direction at 65%. they have more fundamental problems than just can they get
7:39 am
a reconciliation bill passed. i wonder do you think that they are looking at any possible personnel changes, policy changes. will they be able to pivot and handle this? >> this has been, as you guys know, a pretty stubborn white house when it comes to how they think about things and the path they're going down. i think it is a big speed bump if not a roadblock to that. the question is do they change? do they triangulate and try to take some of the republicans' issues and make them their own much like bill clinton did with newt gingrich back in the day or continue to plow forward with the risk that progressives will argue they weren't progressive enough heading into 2022? and that could be, you know, who knows what that looks like in 2022? 2009 and 2010 again are the past. >> bill: i asked during the commercial break how was your nap?
7:40 am
>> 3 1/2 hours, i think. thank god for coffee. by the way, bill, tremendous job on the board. a lot of moving pieces especially with new jersey thrown in there. fortunately you know that state a little bit. >> bill: thank you, bret. a lot of numbers in a quick amount of time. >> dana: you have to visit us in new jersey sometime. >> bill: looking forward to your interview with manchin. curious to know where he is and where he sees this thing going. minneapolis voted to keep the police department as is despite a push to dissolve it. reaction from a former sheriff on that coming up next. how about a throwback? ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty, liberty, liberty, liberty ♪ i brought in ensure max protein, with thirty grams of protein. those who tried me felt more energy in just two weeks! ( sighs wearily ) here, i'll take that! ( excited yell ) woo-hoo! ensure max protein.
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>> dana: minneapolis voters overwhelmingly rejecting a charter amendment to dismantle the city's police department and replace it with a department of public safety. the question was put out to residents following death of george floyd. joining us now a former sheriff in hennepin county. are you surprised it was rejected so handily? >> no, i was absolutely pleased and that this is overwhelmingly rejected by the voters of minneapolis. 56 to 43% is an overwhelming victory. >> dana: the violent crime
7:46 am
stats in minneapolis. if you look at 2021 versus 2020. homicides are up, robbery way up, rape is a little bit lower but still 340 year to year. and you had this idea that defunding the police was -- by some would turn all these things around the terms of social justice. what people are starting to see not only in minneapolis but across the board is when you start letting up on criminals, you will get more crime. it just seems logical. it isn't what was necessarily to some people within minneapolis, sir. >> yeah. the abolish and defund movement in minneapolis and across this country is a failed experiment. evidenced by the skyrocketing crime rates over the last 18 months in minneapolis and across minnesota. the fear of crime was the biggest issue in these municipal elections. residents were asking should i stay living in the city?
7:47 am
businesses asked should i continue to grow my business in this city? others asked can i continue to rely on the police department to keep us safe? here we are the morning of november 3. election is over. speak have spoken. the abolish and defund movement has stopped handily in minneapolis. >> dana: do you think it is decisive enough that perhaps now they can turn their attention to figure out a way to make reforms within the police department? i understand from garrett tenney who reported earlier for us the mayor, jacob frey has been supportive of the police and his numbers were up as well. >> it cost several reelection bids who supported it. think about this. the advocates for abolishing and defunding had a vision but no plan. they never communicated it to the residents themselves. you can build trust with a
7:48 am
community and we can do strategies with community-based policing. we want fair policing but no one said we want to get rid of the police. the residents came to the polls and said we want our police. we want more police than there are. and hopefully we can get a handle on the skyrocketing crime rates. >> dana: now we have this result. i hope they will allow the police officers there to feel more supported. beyond getting this vote behind us, what else do you think police right there in minneapolis need in order to know that they are supported by the community? i'll give you the last word on that. >> well number one, they will need the support of their elected officials. no matter what the outcome was they need the support of their elected officials and the residents whom they serve. their staffing is down by over 1/3. they need to build the staffing back up to answer the 911 calls, protect their communities and reduce the
7:49 am
crime rate. >> dana: the voters in minneapolis rejected the defund the police movement. we'll see if it stops it in its tracks anywhere else. thank you for being with us today. >> thank you. have a great morning. >> bill: breaking news from the hill watching the bouncing ball. nancy pelosi filed a letter with her caucus saying that they will get together today with a rules committee to talk about build back better and how to move the agenda forward. she is not backing down and going forward. see whether or not they can do it live from the hill. talk about irony. the atlanta braves world series champs. check it out last night. >> swanson, to first, the world series champions. >> bill: four months after the all-star game didn't happen in georgia the trophy is all theirs.
7:50 am
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>> harris: you might call them bellwether blues or democrats after a huge republican win in virginia, still too close to call in the cobalt blue state of new jersey. joe concha is in "focus." results from two democrat-led cities with police funding on the ballot or taking it away and violent crime on the rise. 41 gop senators pushing back hard on the president's vaccine mandate for private businesses. senator mike braun is leading that charge and will be in "focus" at the top of the hour. >> bill: pain at the pump getting worse by the day. the average price for a gallon of gas reaching $3.48. jeff flock in cherry hill, new jersey. are they talking about it there, jeff? >> good morning to you, bill. talking about the election and gas prices. we found a station perhaps you
7:56 am
see over my shoulder a few cents below the national average. i tell you, it has been rising steadily. look at the states where in the last month the rises were biggest. starts with alabama up 33 cents just in the last month. connecticut up 32 cents, d.c. and arizona up over 30 cents a gallon. you know, president biden yesterday at the climate summit saying the blame for high oil prices largely at the feet of opec and russia for not pumping enough. we talked to on the fox business network a big oil man continental resources in oklahoma who says it is the green agenda which has put a chill on investment. that's the big reason that oil prices are higher. listen. >> we've backed up into a near scarcity again instead of abundance. any time you stop progressing with investments in the world, that's what you get. so i don't see it turning
7:57 am
around very quickly. >> the only positive i can leave you with, bill, the rate of increase has slowed a little bit. you have to get to grandma's house there on christmas, driving, flying, both of them are tough and both will cost you. >> bill: go figure, right? in one year how it changes. jeff flock, thank you, sir, in new jersey. >> dana: for the first time since 1995, the atlanta braves are world series champions today after shutting out the houston astros last night 7-0. casey stiegel is live from minute maid park. >> a astros couldn't pull it off last night. they had their rear ends handed to them. not scoring a single run all night on their home turf by a score 7-0. no doubt many texans sad this morning. upset over last night's defeat but this is the first world
7:58 am
series win for the atlanta braves since the mid-90s as you said. so the bubbly and celebrations flowing. >> you know what, boys? you guys are going to be world champions for the rest of your lives. [cheering and applause] >> what an exciting feeling. fans packed the stadium in atlanta to watch this remotely erupted into celebration toward the end there when it was clear that the astros weren't going to be able to pull it off. dana, another season in the books. >> dana: all right, casey, thanks so much. >> bill: how about that? before we go. >> dana: there is a lot to chew on. election, why are we paying attention to the virginia election? we got news worth pointing out
7:59 am
that three states that have just changed in their ranking. arizona, georgia, and nevada for the senate races, yesterday those were all leaning democrat. this morning they've moved to toss-up. colorado the senate race goes from a safe to likely democrat. for anybody who thinks there is not an after effect of these elections yesterday especially in georgia -- virginia and then new jersey as we await the results there, even if that republican doesn't win in the end in new jersey, that's a state that president biden won by 16 points and it is coming down to a nail biter. >> bill: if we have a moment speaker pelosi asked about whether or not the move forward with the agenda. the jersey numbers as the results come out. i think we have time, do we? here she was in the hallway just a moment ago. >> your reaction to the election yesterday? >> [inaudible]
8:00 am
>> does it change your agenda for the house? >> no. >> dana: we'll see about that, right? don't know if that will be the case. joe manchin will be on with bret baier on "special report" tonight and you will be on all day. >> bill: good to have you back, dana. >> harris: breaking news at this hour as a blue state flips to red and republican businessman glenn youngkin will be the next governor of virginia. a stunning victory for the gop. disastrous defeat for president biden and democrats. i'm harris faulkner and you are in "the faulkner focus". how did it happen? youngkin drilled down on issues that matter most to voters right now, namely education and economy. democrats across america are sleeping apparently when it comes to listening to the


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