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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2021 11:00pm-12:00am PDT

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thank you for being with us tonight. so tonight in virginia, the republican has come back from basically nowhere. first time politician to run. glenn youngkin is now the governor-elect their with lieutenant governor-elect. we've got much more covering, will continue to cover new jersey. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> america votes across the nation. for mayors, governors, local -- the results can take this from a far from typical election day with far-reaching complicated axes as they face next year's midterm election. hello, and welcome, everybody. i'm kevin corke in washington with marianne rafferty in los angeles. the next couple of hours will be bringing you continuous coverage
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on fox news channel for today's top races. >> one of the nation's most heated and closely watch campaigns, the battle for virginia's governor's mansion. we can confirm that govern up an horrell ballot has been glenn youngkin claiming victory over democrat terry mcauliffe. in the hour we'll tell you why the outcome of the race should have democrats very nervous as they hold onto their slim power on capitol hill and their trust a president biden's ability to lead. >> we begin with this i was election coverage in new jersey were another high profile covenant oriole race has voters on edge. that one features phil murphy and a neck and neck battle with g.o.p. challenger jack to rally. if murphy wins, he'll be the first democrat to be reelected governor of new jersey since 1977. joining us now from ad berry
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park new jersey with an update on that race. hi, eric. >> hello, marianne. i'm here in new jersey just after 2:00 a.m. eastern time, this race is not been called. it is down to the wire. but as you said, jack has shocked the new jersey establishment by making this race so close. he's been head by a few thousand votes. the question is will that continue? running against democratic incumbent governor phil murphy and he hammered murphy throughout this campaign on an issue that is a major one for years here in new jersey. it has to do with the high property taxes. new jersey has the highest rate of taxes of any state in the nation. that traditionally has been a republican go to issue in trying to defeat the democrats and it has doomed democratic governors for the past 44 years. try to accuse murphy of being too progressive and liberal for this date on social issues as
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well as dealing with the budget. earlier this evening, appeared before his joyous supporters and told them he things a victory is just a matter of time. >> i wanted to come out here tonight because i prepared one hell of a victory speech. i wanted to come out here and tell you that we have won. i'm here to tell you that we are winning. we are winning. >> the murphy folks here were not as joyous and optimistic as that. there folks say they are waiting for the democrat rich counties of bergen, essex, and union to finally come in, as well as the mail in votes, have not been fully counted. they have to be postmarked by election day. but they still have another week before they all can be tallied. murphy though said that his forces are not giving up. >> we love you, guys, so much.
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so we are all sorry that tonight could not yet be the celebration we wanted it to be. but as i said, when every vote is counted and every vote will be counted, we hope to have a celebration. >> no celebration tonight. that will come for one of those two men but we just do not know exactly when. probably in a few days may be in about a week at most, but the election lawyers have been called to action. now it goes to the accounting for it to finally be finished. back to you. >> only about a couple of hours ago there were only 10,000 votes separating the two. is that still that case? is that why the repower recount has to happen the way it's happening? >> since an hour ago it has tightened from that right now, 2,000 votes ahead of
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governor murphy. that could change even more. they have to be postmarked by election day but they still have one week to go before all the ballots can arrive at the election board. they can still be counted. no one knows how many of the melon ballots are still out as they will be coming in over the next few days. >> all right. thank you very much. >> thank you so much. let's welcome in a pair of analysts who have been watching the action all night with us. leslie marshall and jason chaffetz. i do want to begin by asking you, leslie, and the truth is when i look at a race like this one, i'm always reminded of what we say every election that happens in the united states, the democrats get out the birds early, and often come in with huge swaths late in the race
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because the larger counties tend to have their votes counted last. so based on all that, is it still your suspicion that this is a murphy victory yet to happen? >> yes. because of essex and sussex counties that are typically democratic. look, i've seen them pulling off but not that far. murphy has had a healthy lead going into this election and we are still looking like newark and other places that are very heavily democratic and very heavily pro-murphy. so if i had to say i predict murphy, and in virginia i wasn't really sure who to predict. i knew it was a possibility that mcauliffe would lose and that youngkin will win. i'm surprised he may not win via as large a margin that i would've predicted just a couple days ago. >> jason, let me give you a chance to return service and that one. i think there are a lot of people who are quite pleased and
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probably even pleasantly surprised by the job that jack has done. and yet i would say that the outstanding number still might lean to the democratic side. your thoughts? >> democrats should easily be winning this where they have a 1 million vote margin in terms of registered democrats over republicans. i don't think anybody thought that new jersey was going to be in play. but this guy jack, i wish i knew more about him because he's highly impressive and obviously new jersey loves him. but this is going to come down neck and neck. the party in charge, the party that has the voter registration you think has the advantage. but we'll see. i think it's been a fabulous night for republicans. i think it's been a dismal night for democrats. their message did not radiate. i think they've showed a degree of arrogance. i don't know they'll get the wakeup call in time for 2022. >> a lot of people feel like this and other races are sort of
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benchmarks, if you will come up for what's going to happen naturally if it will lessen if anything should we draw from the two big races tonight both in virginia and in particular in new jersey. even if mercy nerf you hangs on, the people have spoken and from this perspective a warning shot. >> there are a couple of things. i want to say, jason, my good friend, dismal? you have the first democratic mayor in pittsburgh and where democrats took over republicans seats are held on if you look at the state legislature in virginia. but, kevin, to answer your question, as a democrat i said going into this especially in virginia there were a few issues before we got to where we are tonight. one was i do not think voters like whether it's democrat or republican someone who is already done this job.
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mcauliffe was a ready governor. he had his time at the table. one of the reasons why i don't think donald trump will easily become the republican nominee or be able to win as easily as people think if you run for president in 2024. two, speaking of donald trump, you can't make the campaign about donald trump. for republicans, i think what glenn youngkin showed them is that he is the past. and glenn youngkin perhaps is the future, someone who distanced himself from donald trump. the fact that donald trump told people early on, hey, don't vote in these elections, this is a midterm general election, that also shows perhaps that he has some waning strength and control and influence over the party. for democrats 'aside, you can't make the issue donald trump that the other candidate is donald trump, again, he's behind us. we need to move forward and one of the things that the campaign did very well is that they found
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a local issue that people were very concerned about witches education and an not just republicans. even some democrats especially white women in virginia. that was education. it was just wasn't about critical race theory which a lot of people very confused on both side of the aisle about a lot of voters don't really know what it truly is. but he made it a local issue and the one issue that people really care about, not just republicans, and that was a smart thing to do. republicans are going to look this going forward and say, hey, this is the way we do it. democrats need to do a few things. bottom line is my party has got to unite. the progressive essays have got to decide what they want. joe manchin and that senator, they have to decide if they are democrats, do they want democrats to lose even more seats in the house and senate and the midterms or do you want to help this president and his ratings come you got to pass legislation. this legislation majored by a majority of people from other
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parties. this is a big wake-up call to my party. but i think that we can, as we seen in past years, i was going to say in the clinton years, this could be turned around before the midterms. this may hurt. but maybe it wasn't necessary hurt in order to wake up my party to come together and to truly get this thing done that they were elected to do. >> allowed to unpack there. jason, in the time we have left, made a bunch of very strong points. but i want to ask you a question that really has to do with structuring and i'm just curious, you are a person who's actually been out there. you've been on the front lines, you've won races. why does it seem that republicans are always so far behind in early balloting, mail-in voting? this is structural. not as if they don't have a playbook, not as if they have not seen this happen year after year. what i republicans doing wrong why don't they seem to figure it out? seems to cost them races all the
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time. >> whatever they did in virginia, republicans better figure that out nationwide. they got an enough votes to win. even in new jersey, people came out -- you've got to be right on the issues and democrats are wrong on the issues. if leslie thinks that the credit problem is that joe manchin and kyrsten sinema have not gone for far enough to the left, they will lose every race they are engaged in for democrats to would not have a mandate. it is not a popular piece of legislation. when the polling came back from fox news saying that the economy was number one issue and democrats are out there saying we are going to raise taxes, good luck, democrats, keep doing that! that is not how you grow the economy. ciattarelli was out there talking about choice, schools, freedom, liberty. made all the right choices. you know what? we had a strong hispanic on the ballot in virginia, a strong african-american on the ballot, had a strong of an editorial candidate, plus the house of
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delegates. it's a winning formula. >> plus five for the g.o.p. in the house of delegates and as you mentioned, historic wins for african-americans and hispanics in the commonwealth. thank you as always, we appreciate it. more from you folks later. i just have to say it, this is one of the best nights of the year because is what democracy is all about. figuring out what the american people think and how they will have their voices heard and so far it's still a long night. but a lot of interesting developments. >> yes, it is pure virginia voters making their voice heard tonight with the new governor, and we'll have more coverage. 2021, keep it here.
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>> all righty, virginia, we won this date! [cheers and applause] how much fun, first of all, thank you all for waiting a few minutes longer than we thought too. breakfast will be served shortly. together, together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. [cheers and applause] and, friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one. >> for more executive winning virginia's race, a state that
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been trending increasingly brutal. sure to alarm national democrats already nervous about holding their parties narrow -- the race for governor in new jersey is still too close to call with the incumbent governor in a heated battle against republican jack ciattarelli. what can we make for these elements? we have democratic strategist kevin walling. i'm going to go with you for the obvious question, is this a wake-up call for democrats like leslie marshall alluded to earlier? >> absolutely it's a wake-up call for democrats. it was not on anyone's radar screens. that is certainly a concern. the results coming out of virginia now, i'm encouraged that we saw a huge record turnout in the state of virginia. obviously saw him underperforming and we someone
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or performed by 200,000 votes from 2017. voters are engaged much more than we've seen in the past, we saw a record engagement in 2020 as well. with 66% of the electorate participating up from 15% from just four years before. this is an electric that's highly engaged and democrats need to make the case to the american people come we've got a year left before the midterms, certainly wake-up call. >> really focus on education and all the parents that we've seen for all these months, school board meetings upset what their children are being taught what they say is "critical race theory" and other issues that they felt they should have a say and then he really took that and ran with it and that seemed to really push him over the edge and a really big way. what do you say about the democrats who are saying that it was made up that president obama, he said that this was a made up thing, all
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this critical race theory talk? >> obviously glenn youngkin when it came to issues on the ground in virginia, he spoke to a clear crisis point in classrooms for a lot of parents. i think it's more of a holdover in terms of situation with regards to covid and the frustrating parents have had in terms of having a say in their day-to-day lives with their kids and that got them kind of mirrored with the critical race theory debate which is nonexistent in the commonwealth. crt is not being taught in the classrooms which glenn youngkin very successfully latched onto that issue. i think he latched onto the economy even more than education. we played his acceptance speech this evening where he talks about the luxury tax, where he talked about bread and butter issues before virginia was, that really hammered home a key message that i think propelled him to victory. coupled with the education message as you rightly pointed out. >> i'm going to go to matt now be it on the same subject, do
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you think it was education really the key issue that gave him the momentum, the edge in this? >> i believe it was part of it. i don't believe it was purely critical race theory, it was a little bit more holistic. i was watching on some of the other cable channels tonight and they are trying to claim it was racial about education, this and that. i agree with kevin that it was a little bit broader. it was kitchen table issues. the price of everyday goods, inflation. but also crime and how crime and education overlap when it came to school safety. those are things you've heard him talk about on the campaign trail over and over. again, that's what you heard him talk about in his speech. >> very first thing he said is we are going to start transforming education on day one and he called it "restoring excellence in the schools but he said he want to add teachers, special education, and like you
11:23 pm
mentioned, school choice. how important is that going to be moving forward for other races down the road? >> i think it should be. look at education and crime, those are three areas not just made popular in virginia, not just popular with the base, not just getting popular in the suburbs, you can appeal to a broad swath of voters whether you are in virginia or orange county, california. i think we'll see in the election next year, every campaign is going to be different, every state or congressional district is going to be different. those are issues you can use to varying degrees to appeal to a large swath of voters. >> seems like you both agree that the economy are really on voters minds a lot when they went to the polls and one thing that ciattarelli mentioned is that he'd like to eliminate some of the taxes that are killing people. he wants the cat cut taxes immediately. that's going to be one of the top things in his agenda.
11:24 pm
kevin, how do you feel about that? it seems like that would not be a republican issue but democrats and republicans care about taxes and saving money. >> yeah. it's certainly an effective argument as we know from the great fox news exit polling that shannon bream was talking throughout the night in terms of what she was saying, the economy was the number one issue. as we move further away from this be 26 crisis, 80% of americans with one dose of the vaccine and hopefully as we close that chapter in the nation's history and we look more towards as we talk about before on this panel, bread-and-butter issues like the grocery tack that glenn youngkin mentioned, democrats have got to get tough on those issues as well and make the case of the american people that we can work with republicans when it comes to tax issues, that we can cut the wealth tax we would in this reconciliation package, but we just got to sell it to the american people because coming out of tonight's results, that is a winning issue for the
11:25 pm
american people not just in virginia and new jersey but across the country. >> one more question for you. we heard a lot about suburban voters, especially towards the end, what are these suburban voters going to do? looks like they are voting for young can wear as in 2016 they voted youngkin where in 2016 they voted against donald trump. it looks like they flipped. >> to the point we've been hitting these last couple of minutes, these bread-and-butter economic issues, one of the other big keys is we saw presidential turnout in those red areas. you saw ciattarelli getting around the numbers trump got in 2020 and 2016 and those redder parts of southwest virginia. again, glenn youngkin prove that you can win the suburban voters in virginia beach but also not lose that base. that's so key. you want to state like virginia
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which might taint a little blue, you got to do a little bit of both. >> another one for you. kamala harris said that this election, this particular election was probably going to have a ripple effect and have an effect on elections moving forward. for democrats, what do you think they're going to start doing as far as strategizing for the next big election for 2022? >> it's a good question. i think we got a focus on getting our message out. multiple times across all fox programming that i'm on that in the last nine months of this be there to the administration, the child tax credit have cut childhood poverty in the half in this country. that's a monumental thing as far as american rescue package, we are rehiring because of the $350 billion in direct aid to state and local governments. that's a thing that democrats single-handedly accomplished. we've got to make the case to the american people, we got a year left, that election cycle starts tonight with the victory
11:27 pm
of glenn youngkin in virginia and it's topically usually stoke too close to call in new jersey. it's incumbent on us as democrats to make the case to american people that we are actually delivering to them and we've got to cut through the noise and get the message to them. that i think is the big take away in advance of the midterms. >> thank you for being here with us tonight. >> thank you. >> it will be interesting to see if this indeed will be a bellwether and the indicator of what may happen in 2022. >> that's the spin, right? everyone in washington says we do well in this site: this cycle, a lot can be learned from what we've seen thus far tonight. we continue our live coverage on election day here from fox news channel. don't go away.
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>> welcome back as we continue on election day this year, republican and former business executive glenn youngkin who ran in the state of virginia, what turned out to be a real nail-biter of a race. meanwhile, speaking of real nail-biters, speaking of new jersey where that race is still too close to call with the incumbent governor phil murphy and a real dogfight, deadlocked right now with a republican challenger jack to the rally. jason and leslie joining us once again and i want to begin with you, jason. i know we talked earlier about the state of new jersey and people who know new jersey, i've been in the garden state a lot, it's a little bit more purple than people give it credit for. how surprised are you at the
11:33 pm
opponent delma component of jack ciattarelli tonight? >> i don't think anybody was covering this very seriously because it was the assumption that it was going to stay so blue. one of the things illustrated, two things, the president of the united states and kamala harris are very weak. they are weak communicators, they are weak physically, i do not think they carry many coat tails because they certainly were trying to win these races by big margins and their coattails prove nothing. the other sleeper issue i think will come out in the days to come is how well republicans did with the hispanic vote. you see that play out in texas, and my guess is places like new jersey and others, republicans did exceptionally well with the hispanic vote. >> one of the things i like having you on the show, leslie, while you obviously support your side, your team, i think he really play right down the middle sometimes with the tough love.
11:34 pm
i want to give your party a little tough love and not just new jersey tonight but also in virginia, what can democrats learn from what is a very close call and perhaps we'll see in new jersey, give me the headlines. >> [laughs] okay. one, if somebody has been governor before, it's time for somebody new. two can we have to have a strong message. it can't just be "i'm not the other guy." you have to have when you're in a gubernatorial race a message that's going to resonate, statewide obviously come you don't make a state election a national election. and in addition, i would say that my fellow democrats they have to get together. republicans -- i've said this before, democrats need to take a page out of the republican playbook.
11:35 pm
because republicans in 2016, i know tons of republicans who could not stand donald trump, didn't want him to win. but they didn't want a democrat to win. they held their nose and they voted for him and united. democrats need to do that as well. republicans have factions in their party. they have republicans and they have different types of republicans. trump republicans, they have the reagan republicans, they have the tea party republicans, the civil libertarians, the democrats have their divisions in the party as well. the progressive caucus, the moderate centrists in whatever joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are these days. i'm not sure. but they need to unite, even though they don't have a large majority or mandate, but they do have the majority and they have the ability to get things done. that's what the american people elected donald and joe biden to do. but the people in these states, in the entire state and the senators, they elected them to
11:36 pm
do these different things that they need to do. i said it before. it hurts the president and his approval ratings, it hurt mcauliffe in virginia, it's possibly hurting murphy as we're seeing right now in new jersey, and it certainly will hurt people, especially a very vulnerable democrats coming up in the midterm elections. so joe manchin has to make a decision. is he going to listen to the will of his constituents, is he going to listen to the will of his party, and does he want his party to remain in power or does he just want to hand it over to the republicans? but any democrat who refuses to come together and work together and negotiate and compromise. democrats certainly can with reconciliation. >> jason before i bring into the conversation, i want to button up something that leslie said that i thought was important. it's also the progressive
11:37 pm
caucus. there are a lot of people that say, look, it's never enough for them. if you are a democrat you honestly have to figure out a way to herd the cats and get them to buy in too. if you don't and you keep trying, that may be the overarching real concern is if the party keeps trending left, these are the things we are going to see happen, what's your take? >> the country is a center right country. i think they are actually very conservative. the promise of joe biden and the reality of joe biden is alive. he is supposed unite people and bring people together. instead he lurched to the left. he took the socialist page out of bernie sanders? aoc is running over the place in the house of representatives? they cannot go far enough left and the reason the democrats
11:38 pm
were ejected from coast-to-coast in this country is they are scared about the economy. they are scared about the green new deal, the massive taxes, they do not believe the president of united states when he says it's going to cost you zero. it's a flat out lie of the american people for figuring this stuff out. >> i wouldn't say they were ejected coast-to-coast, but you make a good point when you say ultimately there is plenty of evidence that the repudiation of some of the policies especially when people talk about their inflation fears in the right track/wrong track. you have to agree, i want to say it 79% wrong track in the recent polling that i saw. clearly there is some work to be done by democrats. >> definitely. republicans have done well, they are having a good night. gavin newsom is still governor where i am in a blood he thought he was going to be read here up to a week, less than two weeks,
11:39 pm
maybe ten days before larry elder and governor gavin newsom were neck and neck, and there was little enthusiasm among democrats. it didn't happen but we see states change all the time. something i want to say about virginia. makes me laugh when people say virginia is blue. have you ever looked at that state? the only blue areas are rich men and right outside the beltway. other than that, virginia is a very red state and states change as we know. we seen in nevada, arizona, new mexico, georgia, colorado, i mean, it's the pendulum swings back. i would disagree with you. i think the country is moderate left and the reason i say that because the majority of americans lean left on social issues. for example, gay marriage, the legalization of marijuana, just two issues. i wanted to push back on the socialist, communist issue.
11:40 pm
bernie sanders years ago talk about $15 an hour minimum wage and people thought it was "scandalous, socialist, communist. it is now approved by the majority of the american people. bringing down prescription drug prices is something that everybody, especially older americans want whether democratic or republican. that's not viewed as something socialist. family leave is not viewed as something socialist. we keep saying that we are a family value nation, but we don't value the family. in addition to that, free community college, that something that is loved by the left especially on our younger voters. the list goes on. i had no everybody likes to think it's a good headline that my party is moving to the left? it isn't. do some of the progressive caucuses try to hold us hostage as they are in a sense or as leadership allow them to do? i said before and i'll say it again, they should have been two separate votes. infrastructure should have been passed already.
11:41 pm
republican support, could've been republican support and is very divided claimant politically that we are in and i could have been a win for democrats. we might be having a different discussion in virginia and we'll see what happens with new jersey today. >> strong stuff there. i'll give you the last word. but before i do i want to ask the folks, maybe you can help me with this, what's the vote total in new jersey? i was watching a train closer and closer about an hour and a half ago with 10,000 votes. jack ciattarelli was out in front and went down to 4,000 vote lead. let's take a look down here. it's neck and neck, 49.7 versus 49.6. doing some quick math, that's about six or 700 votes there. jason, your final thoughts for this segment? >> look, if the democrats keep doing what they are going to do, they are going to keep having the results they are having. have added. america has figured out that this socialist approach to what
11:42 pm
they are doing is not what americans signed up for and the reason that you now have a governor-elect ciattarelli is because the moderates, the centrists, the independents, they swung heavy to republicans. that should be the wake-up call but i think the democrats are tone-deaf. they can ride that way with kamala harris and joe biden who are the weakest communicators out there, they are going to run that party into the ground. >> we'll find out what happened especially as a midterms lumen very interesting watching the trend of hispanic voters, once again the republicans doing surprisingly well in that corner, that can be something to keep an eye on in the weeks and months ahead. leslie and jason, thank you so much. we appreciate it we continue our live coverage on this election night. it's been a wild ride thus far. >> wild ride indeed. who would've thought neck and neck new jersey, new republican governor of virginia. we'll have more on our continuing coverage on election night 2021 coming up.
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>> i wanted to come out here tonight. i prepared one hell of a victory speech. i wanted to come out here tonight to tell you that i'm here to tell you that we are winning. we are winning. tonight could not yet be the celebration we wanted it to be. but as i said, when every vote is counted, and every vote will be counted, we hope to have a celebration. again, thank you all. may god bless you all, may god continue to bless the great state of new jersey and the united states of america.
11:48 pm
>> fox news come alive continuing coverage of the season and day 2021. you heard from the companions of the gubernatorial victory in the state of new jersey and so far victory has not yet been won. as you see we live very carefully at the numbers, it is about as tight as you can possibly imagine. about 1600 votes or so, give or take. separating the combatants. that number actually has gotten a lot closer over the past hour. the republican led by 10,000 votes about an hour and a half ago and we continue to count votes and mail in ballots. should make for an interesting couple of days in the garden state. >> talk about shocking, just a day ago, governor murphy had something like an eight-point lead according to polls and look at the numbers, look how close they are. absolutely unexpected certainly for democrats.
11:49 pm
let's go now to our panel come back for more. just mention that the polls were showing governor murphy not having to worry about and here we are, kevin. obviously he does. >> speaking of the democrats, it's not much of anyone's race, all the focus has been in the closing weeks of this campaign cycle all in virginia. and a couple of down ballot races in virginia. it's surprising thing for all of us and team murphy, even the garden state as we try to sit through, there are a lot of big swings in key counties across the state. we are still waiting on a number of mail in ballots, vote by mail ballots as they come in some aquatic strongholds. certainly there been quite a noticeable swing in support of the republican candidates,
11:50 pm
surprising many, including me. >> kevin, what do you think where the hot button issues were new jersey voters, similar to voters in virginia, we are talking education, taxes, what do you think where the key issues that drove them to vote for ciattarelli in this case? >> yeah, i think there are a two keys. how the state navigated the covid crisis. governor murphy was front and center dealing with a crisis, but my home state, the garden state was hit hard with regards to covid, a lot of decision-making, i think that was number one. number two, to give the republicans credit, it was taxes, the issues of salt auctions and things like that. as we know, a very high tax state. there are a lot of fiscal policy tax issues navigating this p26 crisis, i'm thinking new jersey is what surprised all of us and
11:51 pm
obviously the two key issues for many voters in the state of new jersey. >> i want to go to you now. what will happen in the republican party if ciattarelli does indeed pull off a win here. what are we talking? >> massive momentum. i think you are right, this was really on no one's radar, out on the outskirts of folks' radar. i think what we are seeing now is far beyond most expectations. it still enough to put the battle, as you all were saying, they are still going to come in, there's still going to be male and voting. but if we are talking about let alone virginia come already have our results in virginia, new jersey, trump got up to 40% his last two times new jersey. there are a heck of a lot more governor torres is in senate
11:52 pm
races and more purple and more red states next year than in new jersey. so it's a bad sign for midterms if we are fighting over new jersey right now. >> we heard a lot of talk throughout the night about suburban voters, suburban women, suburban lawns getting out and pushing republican candidates over the edges time. what do you think caused that major shift this time around? >> i'm seeing a 15-point swing right now. look, i think that a lot of the time it's education. a lot of focusing on parents, i do not think kids are being taught -- especially here, or not more in virginia, they didn't like what they saw but also the parental involvement and what they were being taught. so the price, that was a huge, huge issue. expanding the grocery tax which ciattarelli wants to do could be a nice answer to that.
11:53 pm
>> kevin, this one is for you. the mcauliffe campaign, you had former president obama, president biden, stacey abrams, all these big names and yet it didn't seem to do the trick and give him the edge that he needed. what do you think he could've done more than that, really? >> we pulled out the stops. we all put out the stops when the vice president, the president to barack obama, and i think glenn youngkin hit on a number of virginia voters when he very delicately navigated the waters with donald trump and really focused and said, i don't need to bring anybody in. that was clearly a message that resonated with some of the swing voters that dan and i have been talking about, and i think he actually effectively use that message to counter some of the big democrats coming in as a way
11:54 pm
to answer the question of whether donald trump should campaign with them out on the campaign trail across the commonwealth. so that will obviously take some deeper digging, as we think through messaging and republicans have to have some soul-searching. where they go as a party, despite the victory as it was clear victory for glenn youngkin in the commonwealth. he did it without donald trump for the most part. obviously he called in last minute and try to do some tweets and stuff like that through statements from his office, but he was not on the campaign trail and glenn was able to pull this out, that's an interesting scenario going forward for republicans heading into the midterm. >> we've got about a minute to go. i want to get your take on the idea that the lieutenant governor is a woman of color, the ag of virginia a person of color. this one seemed to bode well for
11:55 pm
the future prospects of the g.o.p. we've got 40 seconds to go. >> yes, absolutely. it's a historic night up and down the ballot. i think that was on the we hadn't really talked about. terry mcauliffe got a lot on the top of the ticket. having those two folks not only going to benefit virginians, but as a party going forward. >> thank you so much. same for you, kevin. appreciate you spending time with us tonight. very interesting election night in 2021. marianne, i don't think i have to tell you that you when i look at the numbers and they are as close as they have been not just in virginia tonight but in particular over in new jersey. those del michaels were a very interesting 40 hours yet to come. >> it sounds like this was completely unexpected in new jersey. shock is a good way to describe it. keep it here. we will have continuing coverage of election night 2021.
11:56 pm
a look at shocking races in new jersey still not called. >> is still not called. going to keep a close eye on it as marianne and i continue our coverage on fox news channel. 49.7 to 49.6. a garden state tight lock. don't go away. this is fox news channel. ..
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>> america. voters cast their ballots for mayors, governors and local measures. the results could make this far from a typical election day with far reaching consequences for both the republicans and the democrats as they prepare to face off in the midterm elections. we continue coverage of decision day 2021.


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