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tv   Tucker Carlson Tonight  FOX News  November 2, 2021 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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trail and very laid-back for someone in the middle of a campaign, they said they were determined not to get it down and dirty with it. let's listen in as she's about to introduce her husband. >> incredible, incredible. it has been the highest honor to spend these last months traveling around this commonwealth. meeting virginians, you are welcoming me into your homes come walking me in your parks and welcome me in your houses of worship, you were the most kind, hospitable, industrious, dedicated, wise thinking, caring, and beautiful people to me, and i am forever grateful. i do want to give a shout out to
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the more than 27,000 women that were part of women for glenn. incredible, incredible. you girls rock. [cheers and applause] you are unbelievable. i am so proud to be here representing our family, glenn's family, i am here joined by our son grant. our beautiful daughter anna, and anna's little brother john is not here tonight, studying overseas and with us in spirit, and our youngest son thomas. we also have an incredible array
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of extended family here that have come in from all over, including my father, and we are so honored, told us they blessed glenn richly too. many of you have heard the story about the beginning of this interesting journey that we are on. happen on a fateful day summer of 2021 glenn carter delma came to me and said, babe, do you want to go for a walk? oh, you don't go for walks. so we set off to our hometown of great falls, virginia, he told me on that walk that he was going to retire the next day from his 30-year business
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career. and that ultimately he had a calling on his heart to go into public service. and i paused and i said, so you are clearly having a midlife crisis. and we really need to rethink this. but the more we talked and the more we walked, i knew that when glenn has a call on his heart, he steps into service. so the other two things that i knew were decidedly clear on that friday afternoon was that my adoration for and dedication to my husband more than 27 years meant that we were going to embark on this campaign and this journey together. i knew that. the second thing i knew, there
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would be no losing because i am married a winner. [cheers and applause] so. without further ado, the youngkin family would like to introduce you to a really tall man with a really big heart. i love him very dearly. and i can tell you, please welcome, my husband, your next governor, glenn youngkin! [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [cheers and applause]
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♪ ♪ >> you are watching live as the governor-elect of virginia glenn youngkin the republican is staring up the crowd that stayed with them for hours waiting for some kind of resolution, not knowing if they get it tonight. we've seen him so much in his fleece vest, to see him in a suit and tie looks a little bit different. from the men we've seen on the campaign trail. we'll listen in as i'm sure he's got a lot of folks don't think the night with him in this very improbable journey from businessman to first time politicians are now governor of the commonwealth of virginia. let's see what his goals are. outlined a lot of things he's going to do and a lot of it has to do with education and we saw tonight that parents were very involved and turned out as voters tonight in large part because of this. virginia voters saying the economy was a big deal to them.
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he has pledged to crack down on taxes in virginia. let's see what else he has to say for his potential upcoming administration in the months ahead. >> how much fun? how much fun, first of all, first of all thank you all for waiting, waiting a few minutes longer than we thought too. breakfast will be served shortly. [cheers and applause] amazing. well first, let me think thanksuzanne. just... [applause] i have said many, many times that the lord knew what he was doing because i need her a lot more than she needs me.
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when i told you, when i told you on that fateful friday afternoon that a conviction it had come over my heart to go serve virginians, you did respond. he responded with grace. he responded with support. you responded with unconditional love. thank you. thank you. i also have to thank my amazing kids. because i am not sure they were all on board at the beginning. so, guys, i want to thank you. john, thank you over in dublin. i love you, guys. i love you, guys. and i want to thank my beloved commonwealth of virginia. [cheers and applause] my fellow virginians...
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[cheers and applause] we stand here this morning... at this defining moment, a defining moment that, yes, started with two people on a walk. and a defining moment that is now millions of virginians walking together. walking together, sharing dreams and hopes... , just like the ones that have always been planted on my own heart, dreams and hopes for a virginia that soars, virginia that never settles, i virginia where the virginia promise comes alive for everyone that calls this virginia home.
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together, together, we will change the trajectory of this commonwealth. [cheers and applause] and, friends, we are going to start that transformation on day one! [cheers and applause] there is no time to waste. our kids can't wait. we work in real people time, not government time! [cheers and applause] and so on day one, we are going to work. we are going to restore excellence in our schools.
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we will invest the largest education budget in the history of the commonwealth. we are going to invest in teachers, new facilities, special education. we are going to introduce choice within our public school system. how about that? choice. within the public school system. we are going to start with 20 charter schools and we are going to make a down payment and close the gap on giving parents an opportunity to select where their kids go to school. friends! we are going to embrace our parents, not ignore them. we are going to press forward with a curriculum that includes listening to parens input, a curriculum that allows our
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children to run as fast as they can, teaching them how to think, enabling their dreams to soar. friends, we are going to reestablish excellence in our schools. [cheers and applause] we are fighting for parents, students, teachers in our school. friends, we will reduce our cost of living. on day one, we'll declare the largest tax refund in the history of virginia. [cheers and applause] we are going to eliminate the luxury tax. we are going to heighten the gas tax. we are going to double every body deductions. and we are going to cut taxes on
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the retirement income of our veterans. [cheers and applause] oh! all in, we are going to say virginia families $1500 year one. we are going to keep our communities safe. we are going to comprehensively fund the law enforcement because they stand up for us and we are going to stand up for them. higher salaries. better equipment. more training. programs like unity and the community to build trust between law enforcement and those they protect and serve. we are going to protect qualified immunity, invest in our behavioral health system, and, finally, we will replace the entire parole board on day
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one. and on day one, we are going to jump-start our jobs and reinvigorate this economy so it lifts up all virginians. we are going to get this economy moving again, growing 400,000 new jobs, fostering 10,000 start-up businesses, friends, virginia will be open for business! it's time for virginia to be the place where everyone wants to live, not leave. [cheers and applause] a place where the relentless pursuit for a better life, for prosperity is not burdened or
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blocked by self interested politicians who are more focused on their futures than those they were elected to serve. over 100,000 miles on the campaign trail, i heard stories that were unique and powerful. but the reality is, the challenge of overcoming a culture where the state overwhelms self empowerment is all too common. for too long, we've been expected to shelve our dreams, to show our hope, to settle for low expectations. we will not be a commonwealth of low expectations. we will be a commonwealth of high expectations. and, friends, all of that has changed tonight.
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a campaign that came from nowhere. but we were joined by neighbors and friends of all races and all religions, of all political ideologies, and it turned into a movement. this stopped being a campaign long ago. this is the spirit of virginia coming together like never before. the spirit of washington, jefferson, madison, monroe, patrick henry, i virginia standing up and taking our commonwealth back! [cheers and applause] my fellow virginians, this is
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our moment. it's our moment for parents, for grandparents, france, for uncles, her neighbors to change the future of virginians children's lives, to change their virginia journey. it is our time to turn that vision into a reality. it's a vision where virginians power, the power that historically has recited in the margaret halls in richmond is spread out, spread out to the kitchen tables that are held together with the bond of spirit, of liberty and of freedom. especially those kitchen tables where breakfast is eaten after a
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midnight shift. friends, this is where our government will go. we will go to the people, for the people. it'll be of the people. from the farms of the shenandoah valley to the docks and shipyards of hampton roads, to the coalfields in southwest virginia, to the banks of the james river, to the memorials in arlington national cemetery. this is our virginia to build together, and we are going to go to work on day one. there are always those -- there are those that say that the hill is too steep to climb. but we are empowered to.
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we are empowered by a conviction, a righteous conviction in our children's future strengthened by our collective belief in the virginia promise. so let's climb that hill together. let's reinvigorate our future. let's reinvigorate this amazing commonwealth of virginia. together, together. together. together. we can build a new day. a new day for virginians where, yes, we soar, and we never settle. a new day were all virginians, all of us, can deserve to look forward to grabbing, to aspiring, to dreaming, and then achieving that great virginia
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promise. god best you all! god bless the commonwealth of virginia! and let's go. >> you been listening to now government elect of virginia that the governor glenn youngkin coming from sort of nowhere to come out and win estate that a year ago president biden won by ten points per virginia has been very purple, very blue in the last few election cycles. but tonight it is apparently red. let's bring back martha and bret. it was about one month ago that we got this memo from the doj that talk about the threats of violence and that they were going to be tracking and looking into potentially parents who had been scaring school boards, that kind of thing. i wonder tonight because so much of his election was about education, you are the governor-elect talk about that. what if there was some buyer's remorse that the center has got pretty beat up. >> i think that's right,
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shannon. i think that's a big issue as you see them throwing the basketball out there, using basketball throughout this campaign. and it was striking, just that moment as he was speaking with the split screen with president biden arriving at joint base andrews on air force one from his trip to europe coming from scotland earlier today saying, predicting that democrats would win virginia, saying that his up and down in the polls didn't matter in that race and you thought the democrats would pull it out. he was wrong. and it is going to be interesting to see the repercussions and what happens after this massive, massive win, that big turnaround that did have a lot to do with education. another interesting sound bite, not just the president talking about the prediction emma was the vice president campaigning and just a few days ago and
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here's how she characterized the importance of this race and what this race meant for the long term for the biden administration, and for democrats. >> every four years when this election happens for governor of virginia, it's a tight election, it's a close election, and it's a bellwether for what happens in the rest of the country. >> what happens in virginia will in large part determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on. >> so republicans, i'm sure, would love to agree with vice president harris about that and would like to see this as a template from the 2022-2024 and beyond. glenn youngkin may have provided the key to a lot of races around the country. >> we talked about, martha, new jersey we've talked about,
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things that have happened in texas, other races across the country, republicans may have done a good job in leveraging the angst that's clearly showing up in president biden's poll numbers recently. that was such a stark image to watch president biden walking down the steps of air force one at 1:18 in the morning after a long trip back from europe having said that they thought they would win come in getting the news no doubt on the plane that virginia has now gone red and elected glenn youngkin to be the next governor and the new jersey race really hangs in the balance. tough to see how we get an answer on that in the coming hours. we'll see. i also want to hearken back to a couple of things, her speech, the lieutenant governor, she said what you are looking at is the american dream. she talked about her family, her dad coming from a dollar 75 from jamaica, starting a life in
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getting an education and making the way for himself... this is a message that is competitive to what we've seen in the democrat agenda in terms of extreme largess and social programs to lift people up in that $3.5 trillion, a lot of questions about the way forward and whether or not they need to do a tactical shift at this point if they want to hang on to any of their majorities that they had towards the midterms. i also think that when you look at glenn youngkin, he's a man on the rise. no doubt about it. this is a guy who has a lot of positive feedback. he is known as a good guy and a lot of circles and he really carved out a candidacy for himself out of nothing. never run for anything before and he's put himself on the political map and a very short order and i think we are going to see a lot and hear a lot from glenn youngkin on the big stage.
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>> he's the antidote to all the negative punditry that this was about white reset premises or white parents that didn't want their kids to learn about black history. it's such a disconnect. you know, you have a latino attorney general. it's just an interesting thing that takes it out of the race prism that we heard for the final closing of this campaign. >> leo terrel said tonight that the race card is officially dead and i think there's a lot to be said about that tonight as we look at this whole battle and how people really feel about it in the unity that people do want in this country. i look at the crowd and wonder where the conversation goes from here. this is a big, big data point in where americans see themselves as we want all this come into fruition tonight for him. >> thank you for working double
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duty, triple duty at this point. we've got one of these races called, as we all said. who knows when new jersey comes? thanks for sticking around. we really appreciate it. >> thank you, shannon. good to be with you. speak let's hear more from what we are hearing and the lieutenant governor-elect and we'll talk about what led to this upset victory for glenn youngkin over terry mcauliffe. we want to bring back in fox news computer leslie marshall and the server for the and steven hilton , welcome back to the all of you. playing a little bit of wisdom sears' speech, if people miss that we can read and she does her to an audience that frankly may not know her. here she is. we don't have it? if we have it, we'll turn around for you so we can play that. to remind people about her story from a very unusual in that she came here from jamaica and she
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is a marine, her husband is a marine. the woman who is now the first black female elected to statewide office in virginia. has a lot of different interesting positions. accomplish individual. what do you think about hearing for her and the left in virginia tonight? >> she's a superstar in the making and so inspiring to see that speech for me as a new american citizen, i love the way she was so clearly proud to be an american. it shouldn't be something that is surprising or refreshing in our politics. but it is, exactly as brett was saying in relation to the conversation about race. it seemed that recently all you ever hear about in america is denigration. particularly from democrat politicians, pundits and so on, it's constantly and negative view and a negative perception which is just so lovely someone
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simply from this country and tell the story in a positive way. that where the positive is what captures both of the speeches. i thought youngkin speech was again refreshing because it was simple and clear and positive. none of this intellectual theories about what may be at the root of society's problems. just simple, practical things we are going to do to make your life better. whether that's in relation to schools, creating jobs. it was so real honestly positive and relentlessly focused on virginia. i thought it was a really refreshing change and just wonderful to see. one final point, it's not only -- i think for republicans, they should just not take comfort from their results and maybe even more, but we'll see, who knows what happened in new jersey. but the reaction as well. the reaction from the left actually should encourage republicans because what you are seeing from democrats, this snarling angry reaction, it's
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all because of the racist dog whistle and so on, there is no indication that they are going to actually stop and think and reevaluate what caused this in particular, that patronizing condescending attitude expressed by mcauliffe that so typical of the democrats' attitude to everything, we know best, we decides what happens, you need to shut up and obey and pay your taxes while we make all the decisions. many other commentators saying that the real problem here tonight was that we didn't have a candidate who was left-wing enough. we need to go more left if you want to win an election. >> i want to pick up what steve mentioned, glenn youngkin really focused this on virginia itself, the internal issues in the commonwealth. he was very focused on the end terry mcauliffe did in a lot of ways nationalize this and
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bringing in president trump, that would be a net negative for glenn youngkin if he can link them. he did bring in former huge heavy hitters. current president biden, he chose to make it national. is that a tipping point in that he was telegraphing to virginia that it was about you guys? >> absolutely. i was watching people in there, have you guys pulled how people feel about biden? how they feel the way the country is going? if you want to say we want to be like these guys, you need to make sure that these people are like people that people like. youngkin says, you don't like the way things are going, there is been a level that america has got in this covid world that people didn't realize the authority, they want more, they
10:31 pm
want a better governor, i can understand why it today, it's all for him. that's right. >> we are still getting numbers in from new jersey and places where the dust will settle, what the democrats take from this, what's the advice to your party? >> first of all, i would not take the advice steve gave. steve, i love you. but i'm kind of offended as a democrat for painting us out to be, like, you know, demons post-halloween. we are not. we are a party that has philosophical differences from the republicans. but one of the things that we saw in virginia and joe biden the last general election is that republicans will vote for democrats, democrats will vote for republicans. i said it before and many people are saying in social media that
10:32 pm
glenn youngkin ran a better race. and are congratulating him on the even though that wasn't the person that we would've endorsed if we live in virginia or the people endorsed to do live in virginia. critical race theory, not always having all the facts, critical race theory, both left and right people don't have the facts on it, and he made that the center of his campaign. it was very successful. i think it will be a template for many republicans going forward, they will look at this and say, hey, this is how we want to do it. he did not bow down to donald trump. he distanced himself from donald trump. very different than some other candidates we've seen in different races, and although he played a lot of promises can we don't unnecessarily that he or the republicans have a mandate in the state of virginia because he was going to be in charge at the state level in that legislature?
10:33 pm
will it be democrats or let it be republican? i said earlier, i don't mcauliffe of the strongest candidate. i don't think people want to see people who have done the job for a comeback. i said it in 2024, i bet money that donald trump won't win again if he were to run. people like someone and something in you. in addition to that, there were two things here. just a while back, we had a recall election here in california and as a democrat, one of my concerns were lack of enthusiasm among voters in my own party. they surprised me a pair but have to tell you, they didn't in new jersey pronouncing it in new jersey, democratic voters are not coming out for voters for their more enthusiasm, more republicans coming out as they typically do in virginia and other states in an off year and off elections like this. but it's not just that. i think the republicans had a stronger messaging and i think the enthusiasm was there, and i
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think much like when donald trump won, they wanted somebody who was not part of the establishment and young ken is not part of the establishment and mcauliffe is and was. >> he's a known entity. glenn youngkin joking about how he polled the basically negative or zero when it came to name recognition in the beginning, but that can be a plus or minus working with somebody who is such a well-known entity as terry mcauliffe. thank you very much for your input and staying up for all hours of the night across the coast for us tonight. good to see you all. >> thanks, shannon. >> money more drama unfolding, all kind of different referendums and local races. trace gallagher has been tracking the latest returns on all kinds of other things for us. how is it looking? >> good late evening to you. let's start with district 11 which includes very blue cleveland. this is the seat that opened up
10:35 pm
when democrat marcia thugs was confirmed, and democrat chantel brown, or that's present has defeated her republican challenger laverne gore corporate democrats have held the seat since 1983. in ohio's 15th district, mike carey is the winner there, defeating and look down like democrat allison russo who was endorsed by president biden. this seat has been held by republicans for the better part of 50 years and it opened up when back in april steve sieber is resigned. in the meantime, let's run downn the big part of the mayors races, conceded to michelle wu and will make history on a couple of different accounts, being the first woman in the first person of color to lead the city of boston. in buffalo, an unusual race. the incumbent mayor byron brown lost in a primary to india be
10:36 pm
walton who is a democratic socialist. but mayor brown is running as a write in candidate and as of now the right and votes have a big lead to. the problem here is it might be a while before a winner is called because we are not sure if every right and vote is for mayor brown. mere keisha lance bottoms is not running for reelection and felicia moore will be heading to a runoff on november 30th. the question there is who will her opponent be? former mayor christine reed and dickens locking the battle a second place with less than a thousand votes separating them. minneapolis voters rejected a proposal to replace the city's police department with a department of public safety. it would also have eliminated the requirement to have a police chief. that measure was based on the "abolish the police" movement in the wake of george loyd's death. now crime in minneapolis is
10:37 pm
rising and here is a minneapolis pastor. watch. >> since george floyd, we had over 140 people killed, over a hundred people shot, and the majority of african-americans don't want this. these are progressives moving on their own agenda that i call a white supremacist agenda to define our reality and forced us to live upon their definition. >> voters will decide if the next attorney is a self-described abolitionist pushing for less policing and fewer prosecutions. it's notable that during last year's riots, she also plotted those who set the fires the property. her opponent in this one is and davidson who believes in the rule of law and tougher enforcement of current law. shannon? >> one of the elections to continue to watch tonight. thank you very much for the wrap-up. we will be back with a lot more special election coverage. we are not done yet. we'll come back right after the break.
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to defund the police department with seattle police officer guild officer mike solon and talk radio host jason rantz. it still tonight in seattle. as the morning here on the east coast. but great to have you come on guys but looks like they voted down in minneapolis this public safety question that would've reimagine what the police department would do, how would function or not function there. what do you make of the vote? >> it's obviously good news for policing in this country. you had a very radical position being taken that we were going to actually put to the voters and it was always with a little bit of anxiety that voters would say, yeah, we are in favor of defunding and abolishing the police. i was up to the decision that you can put it up to the vote. we are not actually hearing from the people who would be directly impacted by this and i am glad that they stood up and said, no,
10:44 pm
this is too far gone for us. at least in the short term stop the momentum of the crowd itself. it's big let me up the minneapolis violent crime stats. that year to date for 2021, 11 months in covering ten months. homicides 79, more than 1700 aggravated assault, when i touch on seattle, "the wall street journal" opinion piece says crime went up and democrats are scrambling, the police department investigated 73% more homicides in 2020 than it did a year earlier and they say about the rigid police officers have retired or resigned from spd in the past 18 months. what do you make of where you are tonight. two other big cities with real
10:45 pm
crime issues and the blow to the force. >> the defining nonsense, hopefully the numbers hold here in seattle where our community has woken up and they are pushing back against a nonsensical defunding narrative that sadly captured seattle's activist class and pushed it nationwide following minneapolis' lead. but, i tell you, it's given us hope that people impacted by the public safety calamity that these politicians put us in on the half of activist class that drives public safety political discourse are finally pushing back and waking up. it's very encouraging. hopefully it holds. >> i want to talk about this one race which we've talked about, from "the seattle times" today, normally at low profile, the contest is drawing national attention campaigning on an abolitionist agenda of ending most prosecutions while her
10:46 pm
could be the first elected in the city in decades. what is your fuel for that race? >> right now, nicole thomas kennedy is losing by about 17 points. as anybody will say in this city of seattle, the way we do our elections, hold your horses. let's not jump to any conclusions but we have about 27% of registered voters having actually cast their ballot we have no idea how many votes came in today. we don't know how many will come in tomorrow for those who post marked by a apm. unlike the rest of the country where republicans tend to vote on the last day or the actual day of the election they go in coming here that is not the case. that's the opposite. we have the activist, the socialists were very far to the right who end up voting and we've been in a position, all 17 of the republicans who live in seattle thinking, my god, things are about the change and all of a sudden we see a huge jump.
10:47 pm
do i think she's going to close that gap? no. i'm cautiously optimistic. but i'm cautious. >> explained for us what this synergy has to be with between police and prosecutors if you are actually going to go after crime and prosecuting people off the streets, when one of your options are, look, we aren't going to prosecute this misdemeanor and back up on other things, if you make the arrest and go to that trouble and you are under stress and pressure, if a prosecutor won't follow through, what does it mean for the forest? >> it means the community that their public safety is in jeopardy. that gives us a sense of disillusion for the officers that, hey, we'll go do at the job and arrest these people that break the law. but the bottom line is the prosecutors are in charge of charging these criminals, and more often than not, the pacitti attorney and hopefully not the person that's losing in the race
10:48 pm
right now, they have been on record not charging these criminals. that puts our public safety in grave danger. guess what? will state we are still showing up and doing our job. it's time prosecutors did there's, hopefully, just like jason alluded to. we are being cautious but hopefully the results hold. there is light at the end of the tunnel. >> thank you to you and all your fellow officers who show up there every day and difficult conditions, to our first profound responders. we appreciate you and thank you very much. thank you for keeping an eye on things and letting us know what goes on out west. we appreciate you both. thank you. on a night where they pull off a commonwealth in virginia, we've got continuing coverage of the election right after this.
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>> we've got races still going down the wire. let's break it down, former biden surrogate kevin walling. jason chaffetz and rnc committee will meet for california harmeet dhillon. good to see you tonight, great to have you. >> good morning and good evening, shannon. >> quite a visual early tonight when glenn youngkin had taken to the stage as governor-elect of virginia to give a victory speech at the same time president biden was returning on air force one and the east coast returning to washington. he had been fighting on the hill to get some big packages done and he went out to lend his voice to get this mcauliffe win in virginia as well. he's got a tough road in trying to get anything done on the hill. the party is split. this win in virginia, the race new jersey way closer than what
10:55 pm
people thought it would be. what does the white house do now? >> they better reevaluate. but i do not think they will. i think they are very tone-deaf as to what america is thinking about. i think the democrats in congress have been acting as if they had some sort of national mandate and they never did. i think terry mcauliffe personified the arrogance of the democratic party. they just were not listening. they exuded this arrogance that radiated out. here comes young canyon and some other quality candidates for attorney general. the lieutenant governor, even the house of delegates was the clean sweep for the republicans and that was just a year after president biden won by ten percentage points in that state. you don't get there unless you actually win the independents. they swung to the republicans in big numbers tonight. >> coming off california where you have the attended recall of
10:56 pm
governor gavin newsom, he survived that, wasn't even close, a lot of democrats thought republicans were overstating or counting their hitchens before they hatched on some of these races, there wasn't going to be a red wave. to make a difference. at least in virginia tonight it appears that way and we'll wait and see what happens in new jersey. >> i think new jersey is going to be very close. all the pieces that protected this race on the turn around the country, should be very, very -- i think you're going to see the initiative with the flip voting laws in the senate when we talk about filibusters. democrats even approaching that, we are seeing the writing on the wall, anytime about mandates, that this is not a country that believes in critical race theory
10:57 pm
and taking race over the supervision of their parents, $100 to fill up your gas tank, difficulty in these states, so i think they should be very scared for democrats if they are smart. but as jason said, i do not think they are smart enough to do that. they will get blown out in the midterms. >> kevin, do you think there will be a pivot? we call it fox news voter analysis looking with a at the same virginia about a lot of these issues, they just quickly climbed up with the republicans and had real hesitation about the biden administration, direction of the country, what they think is happening. and that is causing voters to split, including people who said
10:58 pm
that they did not like president trump, they were still willing to vote for glenn youngkin. a republican who takes a different path, do you think there will be a pivot to different ways of addressing some of these issues by democrats in the next 10-12 months? >> it's a great question. i've been following closely your analysis the last couple of hours with regard to the exit polling. i think you've indicated that the economy was a number one issue with coronavirus second to that. in terms of exit polling. you look at the ballot numbers in terms of republicans right now leading democrats on generic ballots when it comes to the economy. certainly obviously covid-19 was a critical issue in 2020, it's what the liver joe biden to the white house. that hopefully is in the rearview mirror as we talk about the rise in vaccinations, nearly 80% of americans have the first doubt that we talk about earlier this week. the economy, glenn youngkin glenn youngkin singh that in his acceptance speech when he talked about the grocery tax, the
10:59 pm
different tax proposals he wants to an out on day one. that smart policy. that's what he was talking about in those commercials. certainly this is a wake-up call to all of us that the economy will be the most critical issue heading into 2022 and we've got to be focus on that as we tackle the covid crisis, solve that crisis, put it back to about how to make the economy work for every economy coming out of this pandemic. >> i want to get a very quick comment from you, the infrastructure plan, what happens to them on capitol hill now? >> if they couldn't get past before, you didn't even see on your list climate change, it's about economy. democrats just want to raise your taxes. i do not see how that's a winning message on the economy. >> thank you all. we'll see you again soon as these issues are far from over and there's much more to do.
11:00 pm
thank you for being with us tonight. so tonight in virginia, the republican has come back from basically nowhere. first time politician to run. glenn youngkin is now the governor-elect their with lieutenant governor-elect. we've got much more covering, will continue to cover new jersey. good night from washington. ♪ ♪ >> america votes across the nation. for mayors, governors, local -- the results can take this from a far from typical election day with far-reaching complicated axes as they face next year's midterm election. hello, and welcome, everybody. i'm kevin corke in washington with marianne rafferty in los angeles. the next couple of hours will be bringing you continuous


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