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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 2, 2021 7:00pm-8:00pm PDT

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anyway, unfortunately that's all the time we have left. we'll have full complete analysis tomorrow night and a lot to go over. a lot of angles we'll be covering. stay with the fox news channel for continuing election coverage. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham is up next. see you back here tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham from washington tonight. with more than two-thirds of the vote counted, republican glenn youngkin now has a clear advantage in the virginia gubernatorial race. fox news now projects that mcauliffe needs to win roughly two-thirds of the outstanding vote to change that outcome. it's a lety tall order. and the fox news decision desk is not yet ready to make a projection but again youngkin has a very clear and sdooif i have advantage at this moment. tonight, the seismic event that is this virginia's governor's race.
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we have reporters on the ground and full election analysis from some of the best political thinkers in this country throughout the hour and you've been hearing me talk about this for the better part of the last year. by all accounts, glenn youngkin has outperformed from deep blue suburban northern virginia to the rural southwest. and it's very important to remember, everyone has to remember this, that few really thought that this would have been possible just one year ago. but, in 9.5 short months corn pop's buddy has laid west to the dream of a post trump political nirvana. we virginians have watched in horror as biden has destroyed almost every advantage americans have over other citizens of other countries. our energy independence, our work force, our unity, our border, our military's prestige. then they saw another relic of the past terry mcauliffe promise more of the same adding fuel to
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the fire, the cynical and rav i had anti americanism that has infected our school. an errand boy for the teacher's union mcauliffe saw nothing wrong with loudoun county, all a big to do about nothing. a close race in a state that trump lost by ten that hasn't elected a republican governor for 12 years would have still been good news for the gop. but an outright win for youngkin is 9.8 on the richter scale with far less policies buried in the rubble. now, this night would not have been possible without the man determined to prove the critics wrong, glenn youngkin himself. he's one of the hardest working candidates we've ever seen. he wasn't afraid to campaign in liberal northern virginia. he wasn't afraid to take on the school boards and the radicals that are running our once great education system into the ground. he wasn't afraid to stand up for
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gun rights, for sane economic policies, and, yes, for american history. most people who are attacked savagely by the media machine fold. they melt. trump didn't. and glenn youngkin didn't either. he just kept pushing. remember how democrats felt election night a year ago? they were triumphant, they were elated. brag arts they were seemingly unstoppable. of course, republicans, man, demoralized, angry. oh, yeah, angry, fondant. many of you turned off your tvs for months. how you feeling now? you should feel really hopeful and optimistic. youngkin was right. this is a common-sense movement run by normal, average people who want a better life for themselves and their families. we love this country. a country which is not systematically racist, by the way. and we're sick of seeing people cancelled or threatened or
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intimidated or shamed for speaking their minds or saying no to a vaccine. and, by the looks of things on the other networks, they're taking all the wrong lessons from this i say ra. i think that the real ominous thing is that critical race theory, which isn't real, turned the suburbs 15 points to the trump insurrection-endorsed republican. >> we've seen the emergence of the delta variant of trumpism. the delta variant of trumpism. in other words, youngkin, same disease, but spreads a lot faster. it can get a lot more places. >> laura: remember when van jones was the big uniter who reached across the aisle? that's out the window. last year democrats had so many forces going their way, the covid panic, the blm hysteria, the vicious anti trump fervor. but tonight shows us trump's
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policies were in fact very popular because they actually worked. in retrospect, it may be that 2020 was not the beginning for the democratic left but its zeneth. they misred the e lector at and badly. joining me from 9:00 to 11:00 and he has his big board handy, bill, what can you tell us? doing a great job tonight. >> interrupt me anytime, some of you looking for laura shout it out. i want to show you something i just noticed, all right? and you would know this better than most because you live in the washington, dc area right? our nation's capitol, the northern virginia counties the most populated areas still a bit of an outstanding vote in fairfax, i'll show you that in a moment. this is stafford county, laura, a quickly-growing area southeast of northern virginia, as they call it there locally nova. look where youngkin is on the board here. you've got 10% of the vote outstanding. so he's picking up over 57% of
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the vote. why is that important? um, if you go back to november of last year, it's because joe biden flipped the county by two or three points, and now we come back to 2021 and in stafford here you see, these are the suburbs? you see it around richmond, laura. you see it here in stafford. the suburbs have come back to the republican party in a significant way and also, i would argue, that we're likely to see tomorrow in some of the exit polling, that the independent voter has shifted as well. you saw hall advantage in a lot of the pre polling before this election, independents and the margin you were seeing that favored glenn youngkin over terry mcauliffe. i'll spin around the stage here laura real quick, just because richmond city was outstanding but it's about 83% in so we're getting real close to getting an idea of what the outcome will be. relatively speaking, last
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november, biden was at 83%. four years ago in the governor's race, ralph northam was at almost 82%. come back to 2021, terry mcauliffe is well below that number. and, laura, i can find ten or 12 different counties across the entire map and find a similar pattern so far with mcauliffe underperforming there as well. >> laura: bill? >> yes. >> laura: can i just jump in one moment? >> sure. >> laura: the fact that christmas and the holidays are right around the corner and the panic that is setting in. i know we're focused a lot on the schools and rightly so. but the supply chain issue and the biden bleed on that, i'm sensing in northern virginia, kids play sports in northern virginia, people are panicked about that. and they're looking for someone to blame. do you think that might have come into play? >> it could be. laura, i think actually, what you could likely do if you were to analyze the last ten months of the presidency for biden, you could create your own list and
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throw a dart at it and pick supply chain, if that's your issue, covid if that's your issue. economy, if that's your issue, education, that's your issue. foreign policy. who is going to forget an american c-17 rolling down a tarmac in kabul afghanistan with 20 year old men bouncing off. we have never seen that image before. you wonder then, two trips to capitol hill, a president who could not get a deal or move people one-way or another after two trips to his democratic caucus, it makes you wonder, on that list that we're talking about, what have you managed well so far in your presidency? i wouldn't just say supply chain laura. you could choose from the entire list that i just ticked off there. >> laura: that's fair. >> you mentioned northern virginia, prince william has 10% outstanding, so we're getting close. i just want to check in here.
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there it is. fairfax county a hundred percent accounted for, mcauliffe over youngkin we'll look last november where were we biden was up six points higher, back to 2017, northam was just shy of 68%, and in 2021, terry mcauliffe is four points shy of the previous bench mark. >> laura: even, bill, in the bluest of blue, liberal fairfax county where you didn't think any progress for the republicans could be made, glenn youngkin made some tonight regardless of the outcome. bill, i'm riveted to your big board, so thank you, we'll be checking back with you in just a moment with another update >> now for reaction, let's turn to our election night panel mollie hemingway from the federalist, fox news contributor and mark meadows former trump white house chief of staff and american's first legal founder. molly, i think of obama
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campaigning for mcauliffe. i think of stacey abrams campaigning. i think of kamala. i think of joe biden stumbling around arlington last week. in the end, it looks like that mattered how much, molly? >> well, they clearly invested heavily in making sure that this was a secure democrat victory. i live here in virginia. we're not a purple state. we're a democrat state. democrat wins state wide office by ten points. joe biden won by ten points. our current governor democrat who's embroiled in all sorts of controversy with his own racism won by ten points. this is not wisconsin or pennsylvania or georgia or a narrow congressional district this is a very safe democrat area. this should have never had to bring out the big guns to keep this seat and they did and they still appear to be losing it. this is just absolutely huge news that speaks not just to the toxicity of the national
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democratic agenda, but also how that national democratic agenda, which we're all subjected to because they control the white house, the senate, and the house, but also how that's realized and how it affects people at the local level. it is absolutely true that parents were huge in this upset, because they don't like the racism of critical race theory and -- >> laura: they hate it. >> and how that's teaching kids. >> laura: they hate it. >> white, black, brown parents, everybody hates it, and they were not getting enough support from democrats, even though they, themselves, are frequently democrat. >> laura: now, i want to go now to mark meadows, because just four days ago, vice-president kamala harris made a sweeping comment about the relevance of this virginia race. watch. >> it is a bell weather for what happens in the rest of the country. what happens in virginia will, in large part, determine what happens in 2022, 2024, and on.
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>> laura: mark i agree with kamala harris. and shouldn't joe manchin and christian cinema be taking note tonight? >> they're taking note and also moderate democrats in the state of virginia and other states should be taking notice. listen, the only thing uglier for team biden tonight is hunter biden's art work. this is -- you mentioned, this was a seismic shift. it's a tsunami. i know that you haven't made the official call there at fox, but if you look at the outstanding votes, and those votes that are coming in -- and, candidly, they're coming in from those stronger democrat strong holds with absentee votes, there's just not enough to make up the difference. it will tighten a little bit but it will be governor youngkin. it will actually be a clean sweep with the lieutenant governor, the ag. and i would predict, even though
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the jury is still out, that todd gilbert and the work he's done for the house of delegates, that you'll flip it from blue to red in the house of delegates. so it is a bell weather. from here we go to nevada and wisconsin and other states. it's hopefully coming to a therapist near you. >> laura: yeah. >> because the policies of donald trump actually worked and candidly, parents have had enough. >> laura: this has to be a 50-state tra jizz steven going forward for the republican party. the republicans cannot like try to get together this rust belt thing and pick up one other state and write off california, write off new england, write off colorado. cannot do it. it has to be a common sense movement. you've been talking about this for years. obviously donald trump fought that and showed us in 2016 how to do it. what is the big lesson going forward assuming this goes away we think it's going to go in virginia and very close in new jersey, which we haven't even talked about yet. >> yes. well, first of all, i think what
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you are you're seeing in virginia tonight is peaceful patriotic parents rebellion, parents taking back their schools, taking back their communities, taking whack their state for true traditional american values. but as you said, this shows that the trump agenda, and emphasis on ordinary working people and their quality of life, safe, clean streets, patriotic schools, strong borders, fair trade policies, pro jobs economic policies. these can win in every single community and every state in the country. and i would just note, it was a year ago that president trump launched the 1776 commission to establish that road map to take back our schools. and now look what's happening in virginia. it is a beautiful thing to see. >> laura: yeah, and, molly, i don't think even the whole, you know, taking down the status, which, again, the left embraced as to, oh, great, we're making such progress, we're ripping down status, robert e. lee's
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hidden in some museum and teddy roosevelt in new york, they thought that was progress. but what they didn't understand, a lot of people didn't like it. polling guru from uva, larry savado went into full meltdown mode earlier tonight. watch. >> the issues that youngkin was running on, you may have the same view i have of critical race theory which is it was a phoney issue, it certainly is in virginia where it isn't taught, but people believe what they want to believe. you know, we're still in the trump era, right? you don't have to have the facts backing you up if people want to believe what you say, they will believe it. >> laura: so he's full on to the deplorables, back to the deplorables molly with larry's crystal ball smashed on the floor again tonight. >> yeah, i'm glad he's kind of outed himself as a left winger as opposed to pretending he was impartial but this is what the mcauliffe campaign was saying was that people were delusional
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to think critical race theory was taught in their schools even though it was. but all of this oddness that left wing part sans are pushing on america, they want to reject all of it. the hatred, the divisiveness, the hatred for the country, being told our republic was you are redeemable chaired to the other places. that is no way to have a country or people working together and people are very sick of it and rejecting it and unfortunately for democrats that's a big part of their messaging. this was a big part of defund the police and other left wing ideologies was part of what they reasonable on in 2020 and a lot of that progressive caucus is still pushing it. five cities across the nation that had defund the police measures up for a vote today and i'll be curious to see how those goes but i'm hearing that they're going down in flames as well. >> laura: another flashback to mcauliffe's parade of fools, biden predicted mcauliffe would
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win just a few days ago. >> we're gonna win. i think we're gonna win in virginia. i've not seen any evidence that, whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i've got my agenda passed or not, is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. >> laura: mark, he lands enter about three hours from scotland. they're proceeding going to wake him up and say, joe, we've got some unpleasant news for you. >> you're exactly right. but here's the other thing, laura, and both molly and steven have talked about this. it's a reminder of what works and what doesn't work. when virginians go to the gas pump and they're pumping their gas and they're paying more for gas than they have under donald trump, it's a reminder that these are failed policies. when they go to the grocery store and they're paying more in the grocery store, it's a reminder that the failed policies of the left are not working. and ultimately when they had supply chain issues and they're
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worried about christmas gifts potentially coming in, it is not president trump they're blaming, it is joe biden and terry mcauliffe and the left wing kind of agenda that is there. so this was really an historic night where virginians sided literally with the parent of school children, against terry mcauliffe. and larry sabato, let me tell you, chris said it on this show last night. you're not accurate. it was your lie that you're bringing forth. they do teach critical race theory. they may call it a different name in virginia. virginia parents know it and they showed up to let their voices be heard. >> laura: steven, i made a note of of this in the angle. you know, the left, they're going to take all the wrong lessons from this looks like a loss tonight, and a close race in new jersey, and joy reed, case in point tonight. >> these republicans are dangerous, that this isn't a party that's just another political party that disagrees
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was policy, that at this point, they're dangerous. they're dangerous to our national security, because stoking that kind of soft white nationalism eventually leads to the hardcore stuff. it leads to the january 6th stuff. >> laura: oh, my god, steven, they are addicted to january 6th. this is their drug of choice and apparently it's dangerous to have a secure border, cheap energy, and a growing economy. that's really dangerous for joy reed. this is insane. they're not learning anything from this loss tonight. nothing. >> no. they're going to keep digging in this same well of critical race theory, open borders, defunding the police, shutting down american energy, and america last across the board. it's a losing policy, it's a losing strategy. more than anything it's ground of hatred for american voters and that will never win, not in virginia not in the country. >> laura: we see terry mcauliffe is making his way to the
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lectern. there he is. he's speaking. let's go to him. >> to talk about how we needed to rebuild all of our schools here in the commonwealth of virginia and raise teacher pay and get every child access to a pre k education and everybody access to broadband here in the commonwealth of virginia. and we have continued to take that fight throughout this commonwealth. but, first of all, i want to thank my family. i want to start by thanking -- i want to thank my wife dorothy through her efforts as you know 13 million more meals served to needy children here in the commonwealth.
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sally mcauliffe, and peter mcauliffe. so let's count all these votes. but let me thank each and every one of you, over the course of the last 11 months, the doors
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that you've knocked down, the phone calls that you made. just last weekend, 450,000 doors knocked on, two million during the course of this campaign. i want to thank you, the mcauliffe family loves each and every one of you. thank you.
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and parents. because it was that great awakening of parents across virginia, remember we brought you that town hall that we did live, i don't know how long ago that was but we saw it happening and i guess a lot of people were just laughing it off. but that turned the race against him. now, joining me now are two of the most engaged of those parents, ozra an old friend founder of the coalition for tj, and ian friar executive director of fights for you were both at that unreal rally last night in leesburg, virginia, which really reminded me of the 2016 trump closer, it
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had that much energy. but ozra, you were on the ingraham angle over a year ago warning about this anti racism curriculum in our schools, so-called anti racism curriculum in our schools. now this issue is helping shift entire elections. your thoughts about everything that's transpired tonight. >> oh, my gosh, this is unbelievable. you don't even know how electric it is right now in this room. what the of virginia have done is sent a message to every single person that has treated us like dirt. we are all here all the moms and dads, we are mama bears and papa bears and we have said loud and clear, get your hands off of our cubs, you are going to lose more races if you continue to treat us like dirt. and we have risen. we are loud and we are strong and we are saying very clearly,
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see this? we are not going to allow you to claim our babies. none of this nonsense is going to be acceptable anymore. >> laura: ian, your message was to the school board, our kids don't belong to you, they're our children, you're there to carry out basically our will, fairly teach education in a fair manner, in a youthful manner, but the democrats have completely missed this message all along, and last night democrat virginia senator tim kaine was still dismissing this. >> glenn youngkin has tried to kind of create and inflate a culture of grievance against schools and school teachers that doesn't really match up with the lived realities people in most virginia cities and counties. >> laura: ian, the lived reality. what does tim kaine know about the lived reality? >> well, he's living in a different reality than the rest
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of us. you know, you look at the parents across virginia, and this is really about them. i mean, they have donna may i seeing work. and, of course, that goes for all the moms and dads in virginia. but i've got to give a shout-out to the moms and dads in louden county. when we started this fight back in april, march, really with this school board, i said we could do this all day every day. we could shine the spotlight of accountability on this school board and they went out there and worked all day every day. they put on a suit of armor, they took the slings and arrows from intolerant neighbors, the media, school board members and department of justice and we are still here and just getting started. >> laura: we haven't even talk about merrick garland and the absolute defamation being launched against you, ian, and asra and all the parents that have been involved almost on a daily basis, you're hearing it tonight on other networks that this is another example of the racism, systemic racism in our
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society. virginia's going backward. asra, i love how you go to all of your appearances with evidence. like you don't just talk about the issues, asra, you have evidence in your hands. this is what's being taught and you read from the books. because most parents are so busy they're not even reading the books. well they are now and i have to give you huge props no what you've he done and you put your neck on the line and you have been unstoppable in this fight. >> we are so fearius. i'll tell you, every single person behind me, they're the moms and the dads. they have been in the trenches. i can't even tell you. people are sort of like in between tears and just joy, because we have been suffering for so long. in free throw, it's 12 democrats that are on our school board. they have ignored us and treated us like dirt. and, laura, you know this. i am a liberal democrat feminist. and i will say now for the first
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time ever that i voted for glenn youngkin today for governor of virginia. and i am going to be so proud to have him as our governor, because he did something remarkable that terry mcauliffe forgot. he remembered that he was a dad. he is a father. and he is a parent. and this is our sacred duty. and all these amazing people behind me, they have sent me here with a clear message to the nation. fight, parents. mama bears and papa bears, protect your cubs. and all of your politicians and activists and eduyrats that want to get in the way, get out of the way. >> laura: ian i want you to speak if you could beyond virginia tonight, which looks like it's going to be clearly youngkin's night, to go beyond virginia to the rest of the country. this issue, building on this issue of american history, love of country, national unity, a
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whole panaply of issues that have come up over the last year during the reign of terror of biden. how does this get replicated in other states? >> yeah, well, you know, i think it's really simple. for the past ten years or so, the left has been so focused on the politician of division, right? putting people in different boxes, pitting them against each other to win elections. and to really overcome that, you need a unifying issue and you need brave people to fight for that unifying issue. well, what you have is that unifying issue being children and the brave people being parents that fight for their kids' education and for a future where they can succeed and mentally tough individuals in the real world. and right now, i mean, what we're going to see in 2022 is that parents are going to continue to rise and they're going to continue to power candidates across the finish line in elections. if democrats can't figure that out, they are going to get wiped out like never before. >> laura: asra, and also across party lines, you crossed party lines tonight to vote for glenn
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youngkin. do you think there will be enough democrats in states like colorado and arizona moving forward who will say, you know, i thought joe biden was kind of a moderate, but he's just totally given in to the squad and the far left. i've got to look elsewhere. do you think that's going to start happening, this is the beginning of that domino effect? >> absolutely. and i'll tell you who knows this. james horville. he knows this. for months he has warned the democratic party that wokism was going to destroy the party and he should have known better but he misguided terry mcauliffe or they didn't listen to him. but all of these smarty pants, right, larry sabato show on cnn, van jones, all these people are trash talking us. i am a woman of color and i am telling you, we are not white supremacists.
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if this is what a white supremacist looks like then you need to get a timeout. all of you need a timeout. and you know what we're going to send you to your rooms because we are the parents in this country who are awake, and we are going to guide this country, because we know that you are not leading us right now. and i absolutely believe, laura, there are so many democrats like me. because this nonsense, woke baby, this is nonsense and all it does is it's ill liberal and racist and we want peace in our world. >> laura: terry mcauliffe's closing argument, you're going to be shocked to hear about this, was to bring in -- well, a very, i'd say, compelling and attractive political figure. watch. >> what's happening right now is a bunch of misinformation. because every educator knows
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parents must be our partners, and covid has created huge and sight andage today. we have to bring people together not do what youngkin is doing pulling people apart. >> laura: dogs across the country are covering their ears with their paws. that was randi weingarten. again, they're not learning. they're going further to the left on the very issues that have helped, it looks like, sink terry mcauliffe and bring the democrats to the edge. >> when i saw last night that randy weingarten was campaigning for terry mcauliffe on the night before the election, i actually thought mcauliffe was trying to throw the race somehow because there's no way anyone in their right mind would have randy weingarten campaigning for them on the night before the election. i mean, she is so divisive, i know plenty of democrats that cannot stand her. they kept kids out of school for a year when they didn't have to.
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and he brings her out on the campaign trail the night before? what were they thinking? i am convinced that he tried to throw this thing. >> laura: asra, you were at the town hall we did, i don't know, when was that? i don't even remember, it's all a blur. but it was back in march. and i think, just so people understand how far ahead of this you were and the parents behind you, on school closures, on critical race theory, both students and parents were speaking out. we'll have that in a moment. but just so people understand, this didn't happen overnight. this has been building during covid -- >> oh, no. >> laura: during covid, when they would not reopen the schools for no reason. >> yeah. >> laura: and students were sick of it. >> yeah. >> laura: so here's what the fairfax county parents told you. >> seem to be people in positions of power to ignore the academic and emotional needs of our high schoolers. >> our experience at home with
7:34 pm
virtual learning was not good. looked chaotic to me. and so we were very, very fortunate to see the handwriting on the wall, and we got our kids into private school. >> laura: asra, they're all white racists i guess? these are parents who are like we don't know what to do, our kids are drowning. and here we go. >> and, laura, you were there with us. i want everybody who's watching this to know, laura ingraham was with us as parents. i remember the summer of 2020, laura, when i first came on and i spoke with you, and i didn't even know about the, you know, machine of the teacher's union then. but you gave us a voice. and what it was was that this machine used the tragedy of george floyd's killing to decide that it was open season on our little bear cubs. that's what they did randi weingarten, teacher's union and
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activists decided it was time to cash in. and you know what? we stood up back in the summer of 2020. that's when it began, my birthday june 7th that year that our principal sent us a letter and my kids' high school and said we need to check our privileges. the asian, you know, immigrant mothers and fathers from communist china and india. and you know what those parents did? they stood up. and they tried to have meetings with ralph northam, the school board, the education secretary. and you know what they did? they all caned their meetings. they never had meetings with them. and the little headline here, terry mcauliffe, where we tried to have him speak to our parents, he asked for $20,000 for one hour with our parents. and glenn youngkin did not ask for a cent. and so this is the real conscious that we need to invigorate amongst all of our
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leaders realizing that we're human beings. we are not some white supremacists. >> laura: it's ridiculous. >> or white race, we are good people. >> laura: you just brought something up, and ian, i want to now like project forward to, again, all these moderates, so-called moderate democrats, jon tester in montana, mark warner in virginia, joe manchin in west virginia, kristen sinema, all these people who campaigned as non-squad members, sensible democrats. what should they be taking from this tonight? because it's not just the parents and the education issue. this is a menu, a cornucopia of things that have gone wrong over the past ten months, 11 months, in the united states. so what does joe manchin see tonight that might change his thinking going forward? >> well, you know, i think that they need to look to their state. they need to get away from this
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national political, you know, echo chamber that you see the aocs and the squads in. they need to get away from the cancel culture moment that really helped lead to this. you go back to louden county, this is where it started back in march where it really fired people up, 700 people in a group trying to cancel others, right, because they disagreed with them. well, guess what? they own this. they helped make this happen. people are sick of it. people are sick of people, you know, trying to cancel them because they're intolerant of different view points. so if i'm joe manchin and jon tester and kristen sinema, i'm looking at my state and i am trying to lead with them in mind not with, you know, national politics and the pressure coming from the far left. be a leader for your state, stay local, all politics is local. tip o'neal said it. it's just as true today as it was then. >> laura: a lots of people tonight are pinging me on my cell phone asking when asra and ian are going to start running
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for office because both of you have made such an impact on this debate and i thank both of you very much. i wish i was there with you now, both of you. thank you >> and joining me now is victor david hanson who runs institutional fellow and today measure de sousa commentator film maker. your take away from tonight, we're going to check in with bill hemmer on new jersey which is fascinating as well. victor? >> yeah, i don't think it was just local issues. those were the ignition switch that sent off this dynamite the last 12 months. i think people looked at the status of the country laura and they said this is anarchy, this is chaos, it's beyond politics, we don't have a important rus border we have no border. we don't have inflation, we printed the money with zero interest. we didn't get humiliated we got terribly humiliated in afghanistan. we didn't just have a chain supply, we deliberately created it by subsidizing non-labor and i think they think, why did he
7:39 pm
do this? why did biden do this? why are people doing this? and looking for answers they said two things, you're a racist and donald trump's under every bed in america and they wanted an inductive answer, they got none and i think if they were smart the democrats they would say we're not going to listen to the squad, we're not going to listen to elizabeth warren or bernie sanders and i don't think they're going to do that. they will sea say we didn't charge them with racism enough or mention donald trump enough and i think if they do that 2010 of the democrats will look like a picnic. i think the maga agenda is institutionalized but it's not enough to get and rushlight you have to get angry and smart. you have to get even not just mad and i think that's what youngkin has really taught the republicans. there is a way to get mad and get even at the same time as a democrat. >> laura: well, smart campaigning, campaigning in every county, dinesh, the dnc chair jamie harrison made sure
7:40 pm
to really kind of listen to the parents' conrns about what's being taught in the schools or not. watch. >> the person that interviewed me said, yeah, critical race theory and that it's taughted in public schools in virginia. i was like which one? this is a law school. this is a dog whistle to divide people. they have become a party of fascism and fear and those are the two things that really motivate them right now. >> dinesh, are they ever talking about how their agenda is making the country better or is it just critical race theory? >> weshlgs i mean, i agree with victor that, while the education issue was front and center, the critical issue in virginia, this was a kind of stop the insanity message to the democratic party across the board. i mean, the democratic party has a razor thin margin in the house and the senate, but they're governing like this is fdr, like they own the country. and so i think this is a push
7:41 pm
back against the insanity going on at so many different levels. now, politically, this is, i think, such a devastating loss. i'm trying to sort of put it in perspective. it reminds me a little bit of the loss of the two georgia senate seats of the republicans right after 2020. but in the case of that georgia election, you know, there was a divide between the trump kind of maga kump and the republican establishment in georgia. a little bit of an a followly situation. but here the democrats were united, on bama was there, kamala harris was there, stacey abrams. i mean, they pulled out all the stops and even so they suffered not what just looks to be a defeat but a resounding defeat and i think that has implications for 2022 and perhaps stretching all the way to 2024. >> laura: victor i want to keep going back to this joe manchin and kristen sinema and this reconciliation bill that is still hanging in the balance. manchin has got to see what is
7:42 pm
going on in the country and west virginia went by trump by how much? i've forgotten it was so much. so what -- he should shut this whole thing down and biden should come out tomorrow and say -- you know, do an obama after he got shellacked and try and work with the other party but i doubt that will happen. >> i think he's huddling with his advisors tonight, laura, to do exactly what you said and do so in saving grace with his colleagues but he knows it's suicide now to go along with the crazy bunch the people repute 88ed. the people also are in an echo chamber they have silicon valley sports entertainment, corporate board room, wall street, universities k owe 12 but they don't have the people. they have all the influence but their message and attitude and the meanness by which they deliver has al nated the people. without the people they're nothing and manchin will figure that out. he already has. >> laura: the gubernatorial race in new jersey is a lot closer
7:43 pm
than expected. we're going to go back to bill hemmer at the billboard for the latest. bill, this is fascinating. what can you tell us? >> indeed it is, laura. there's well over half the votes still out we'll see what happens, heavily democratic areas have not clocked in their entire vote. it would be a stunner if ciattarelli would hang on to this but as for the moment, it would appear to be a tight race. why is that? i'll just take you here to middlesex county right now. you know, murphy is where you would expect him to be, right a little under 60% in that county so he seems to be holding his own. you go back to 2017, and this was murphy then, he was at 57%. so that's what's happening in middlesex. i was watching bergen county up here up in the northeastern part. you know, you have the republican here hanging on in a way that maybe a lot of people didn't expect. let me go back four years and show you what the result was there. murphy was an easy winner in bergen county so maybe these numbers hold up and they keep it
7:44 pm
a tight race, laura, or maybe they collapse. you know, something we're just waiting to find out here in new jersey. it is no secret that the focus of this election was in virginia, and not new jersey. so we're waiting to see how this picture fills in just a little bit here. just give us a little more time, all right? now back in virginia, why can't we make a call? we can't make a call -- here are the current numbers, youngkin 51.5 mcauliffe just shy of 48%. it's gotten tighter laura. at the moment some of these bigger counties like chester field, we talked a lot about this, suburban vote, youngkin's outperforming what he tried, what his intent was to come into tonight, he wanted a floor of about 51%, he's well exceeded that but still based on our figures there's about 45% of the vote out in chesterfield county,
7:45 pm
that's what we get from our decision place here. louden county is in, virginia beach down here in the southeast. we have youngkin easily outperforming his margin, what he expected coming in to the race tonight but still about 40% of the vote outstanding in virginia beach. so a few more votes to be counted there. fairfax has clocked in, still about 10% left there, but we've seen the votes being tabulated in the last hour at a rate that we had not seen early in the night. i'll show you one more here, go to prince william. we think at the moment -- yeah, prince william, i want to get this right now. prince william, there's about 40% of the vote still outstanding. well, that's 3 out of 133 counties and cities. in 2017, northam was around 60%. 2021, you know, mcauliffe's well under that. is there a big batch of blue votes in that 40% laura that would change? yeah it could. could very well.
7:46 pm
but that's the reason why we are being hesitant to make any sort of call in virginia tonight. >> laura: but, bill, what is going on -- i mean, everyone's messaging me about this as well. what on earth is happening in fairfax county? we have all this money in fairfax county but they can't bring the vote in a timely manner. >> louden county is not making fairfax look good. >> laura: no. >> louden county looked in, they're all done, they're in, and youngkin outperformed. he did what he needed to do in louden county, we can say that for a fact. but over here in fairfax? well, we've got about 10% of the vote outstanding. it's heavily blue, you know that laura. it's the most populated county in all of virginia. so until more of those numbers come in, we're not going to be able to mack a call here in virginia. so you're coming up on the 11:00 hour east coast time. that's where we stand. still need a few more batches rolling here. >> sean:.
7:47 pm
>> laura: laura we'll check back with you. back with me is victor and dinesh de sousa. victor -- i'm trying to remember who i was talking to. dinesh i'm back to you the. when you think about down the road, people last year were so infuriated and all the emotions we know. isn't this also a message that you can never get this down about politics? there's always another fight. there's always another election. and especially when we know certain policies work and socialism never works anywhere it's tried. so republicans just -- or conservatives, they can't just get so down in the mouth every time they lose because, look, we always come back. >> i agree with that. i think there was a special set of circumstances following 2020 election. it wasn't just the losing. it was the fact that you were prevented from discussing openly the loss. it was the fact that you had the
7:48 pm
censorship on digital platforms. it was the fact that it seemed that the institutions of the culture were turning against people. people were being fired from their jobs for saying the wrong thing. and so i think there was a sense of demoralsation. and then the brazenness with which the biden administration is moving forward and policies intuitively we knew were crazy but almost as if they were daring the american people to push back. almost as if they said we have the system locked down, we have the culture locked down so by in large, your voice doesn't even matter. so i think that's what makes this so encouraging, so exhilarating because you see the american people are pushing back and our instincts about the craziness of the other side are turned out to being vindicated in popular opinion. >> laura: victor, i think dinesh put it very well, in addition, being a happy, hopeful warrior with plenty of rich us
7:49 pm
indignation whenness, counts. glenn youngkin is a happy warrior. he's fun to be around, he's positive, he's tough as nails, even though he has a clean cut boy image, but, you know, he's a tough guy. that's also important. >> it is. i agree with dinesh. there were also some specific incidents, and that was that the more the bidens' agenda was realizeded the more we had nostalgia for the trump antithesis and when they barred donald trump from social media they thought they had a big coup but the fact was we remembered what trump did and not what he said because he was silenced by the left and it turned out to be oddly good for them. they drove january 6th into the ground and the more they did that the more people were uneasy. they said there haven't been people arrested with guns in the capitol. there was one person shot, but it was a trump supporter and she was unarmed. officer sicknick did not die. so things came out about
7:50 pm
january 6th troubled people. there were a lot of incidents throughout that period of january, february, march, where the republicans were, that kind of faded. and in an odd way the more biden does things anti trump we sort of remember how good trump was and how necessary the tweets were because he's not tweeting anymore and it works to his advantage. he's sort of the omni present person without getting in your face and i think that's a model for him and the republican party. they can really be tough and pursue this agenda without going down these cul-de-sacs and i think we're going to see a lot more of that. >> laura: well, they certainly put him on the defensive from the moment he got in office. they couldn't tolerate what he represented. victor and dinsh great to see you. fox news alert, gubernatorial races in virginia and new jersey aren't the only important races being decided tonight. in minneapolis the mayors office
7:51 pm
at the police department. ballot question two asked voters if the minneapolis police department should be abolished and replaced with the department of public safety. we go to fox's garrett teny for the latest updates there. garrett? >> lauer the results are in and voters have rejected this agenda to dismantle the minneapolis police department. this is a major blow to democrats and the defund police movement overall. minneapolis became ground zero forthe defund the police agenda after the death of george floyd and activists believed if they could win here it would set the stage to dismantle other please departments in other cities across the country. standing in their way is a group of leaders from the black community who have been the outspoken critics of this plan to dismantle the police department at a time when the city is seeing a surge in violent crime and on pace to break records for homicides. black communities have been the hardest hit by this wave of
7:52 pm
crime and those leaders argue that while reforms to police are needed, their neighborhoods need more officers, not fewer. >> the majority of african americans don't want this. these are progressives moving on their own agenda that i call a white supremist agenda to define our reality and force us to live under their definition. >> this propose a&m to dismantle the police department became a central issue for the race for mayor and city council. it is too early to tell what the results for the mayors race will be but moir jacob friday who opposed getting rid of the police department has a commanding lead. as for the city council, it is clear those members who supported dismanly police are all having a very difficult night. so even while we're waiting for the full results to come in, it appears that this is a i clear repudiation of the defund and dismantle the police movement, a blow for progressives democrats and the ripple effects of this vote will be felt well into the
7:53 pm
next year as we come up on the midterm election. laura? >> laura: garrett, thank you. and great news out of minneapolis for the residents there who deserved a lot better than what they've gotten. back to virginia where glenn youngkin is close to an incredible victory something none of the so called experts really thought he could pull off. but mcauliffe's campaign may not go down without a fight. one aide telling fox there is substantial amount of early vote left to be counted along with large numbers from places like fairfax richmond and other urban areas where we have outperformed the rest of the state. and just days ago, we learned mcauliffe hired notorious election fixer mark eli as who will no doubt be leading any effort to fight the results. joining me now is dillon rnc national committee woman from california who lived for a long time in virginia and jill vogel election lawyer helping the youngkin team.
7:54 pm
let's go to you first harmede. you and i attended uva and law school and back then charlottesville was kind of a middle of the road place, some liberalism but did you expect what you're seeing tonight with this ground as well and the mcauliffe party seems to have been a little bit disbanded by the way, but this is youngkin headquarters. harme, your take? >> laura, this is absolutely earth shattering. when you and i were at uva together, doug wilder, a democrat, moderate democrat, was the governor, and that's what democrats were like in virginia. fast forward to today where terry mcauliffe has been embracing the most extreme radical left agenda and policies and doing so with the arrogance of somebody who won the governor's seat before. and it completely failed. and so i think this is a wake-up call for democrats all over the country and, in fact, kamala harris said that very thing. but this is not an accident. this victory is a result of the hard preparation and ground work by lawyers like jill, by the
7:55 pm
republican national lawyers association, which trained and deployed almost a hundred lawyers into the field. and by the rnc which invested heavily in over a hundred staff. so this is not just sort of the glamour or personality and flashy, you know, results like that. it is about the hard, hard work in the trenches, scott pressler making sure to register voters. that's how you do it. you don't do it with personality. you do it with latching onto the policies that move middle america, move the soccer moms and that's the kids and that's the schools and that's the taxes and that's people paying a hundred during thaters to fill up their cars. those are the things that won the election. >> laura: interesting tweet earlier tonight i kept meaning to get to about some of the other historic firsts there will be tonight. the democrats are always talking about firsts. and we have the first female, i believe, is it the attorney general of virginia, who has an incredible story of her own and we're going to go now the youngkin team, jill vogle
7:56 pm
representing the youngkin team tonight on the show, any outstanding legal challenges that you expect from mcauliffe and mark elias, jill? >> hey, laura. well, at this point it's too soon to tell. i will tell you, it was an interesting message that terry mcauliffe telegraphed to everybody tonight when he did not concede. i think it's clear to the rest of america where virginia is. virginia gave america a resounding message that we've got a new virginia. what a difference a day makes. and i would just also add, laura, that it is our lieutenant governor. >> laura: sorry i misspoke. >> that's all right. winston spears and i say that because four years ago to lieutenant governor and i want to give a shout-out to winston and gone i can't tell late her. too soon to tell but i can tell you -- >> laura: go ahead. >> i was just going to say, i'm
7:57 pm
super proud of the campaign that our candidates ran but i also want to say to your question, the legal support that we had, both from volunteers and from lawyers around the commonwealth of virginia, we put together something that has never, ever been done in the commonwealth of virginia. thousands of volunteers and hundreds of lawyers. and we also had something that's never happened in virginia, and that is an election that started on september 17th. that was really the beginning of our election day. and election day didn't end until tonight at 7:00 p.m. so we had 45 days of an election day, and the most important thing that we could do was build out a structure to give our people the confidence to vote early and know that we were putting. >> laura: you bet. >> and that their vote would be countd. >> laura: this campaign, i said it last night when i was in leesburg, one of the best-run campaigns and i've been sadly in the washington area for like 30 years, okay? i'm really dating myself.
7:58 pm
but it is one of the best-run campaigns i've seen of all the campaigns i've seen, and jill, the entire team, was -- i mean, i can't really say anything that you guys didn't do right. that's not being very critical. but that's just my honest assessment of how things went. i want to just read the tweet that i botched before. forgive me. shouldn't the media be all over a black woman who immigrated from jamaica, served in the marines, has a master's agree, ran a homeless shelter for women, raced three kids and is now running to be the highest ranking minority woman government official in virginia history winston spears? again, and we have a cuban -- an individual of cuban decent if things go the way we think they will, will be attorney general of the state, which is just incredible. i mean, the story is just amazing.
7:59 pm
harmed; closing thoughts, all the moderate democrats across the country, what shawed they take from this very quickly? >> they should take that the democratic party is too extreme. they're way beyond the main stream. and that when it comes to the issues that matter in the pocketbook and their families, the republican candidates are their only choice. no amount of hiring mark elias or other extremists like that is going to change that truth. >> laura: all right, harmede and jill thanks so much. and jock is going to take the stage any moment. fox news told by someone close to the campaign, we're going to celebrate tonight. the mcauliffe campaign celebration seems to have dissipated, according to my sources there. so i don't think they're getting ready to celebrate much over there. and, and we're going to -- i'm hearing someone, and i can't hear what they're saying. no one. there is no one at mcauliffe's
8:00 pm
rally. i guess that picture kind of tells the story. this has been a wild ride in virginia, and, again, this reminds us all, never lose heart about the country. remember, there's -- it's always an election away, the next change for america. thank you for watching. remember, it's america now and forever. bret baier, martha mccallum pick up the coverage from here. >> baking tonight, while, we could be looking at a huge upset , potentially in the virginia governor's race. at republican given real chance at the beginning, it may be about to come from behind to shock a former governor who has already spoken once tonight he is looking to get back into tha governor's chair, but terry


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