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tv   Hannity  FOX News  November 2, 2021 6:00pm-7:00pm PDT

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offices which is absolutely incredible. we recommend you go watch patriot purge, the second episode out today. and it should be out tomorrow. follow election night continues with a great sean hannity. ♪ ♪ >> sean: welcome to "hannity." the polls are closed in new york, new jersey and the commonwealth of virginia where all eyes are on the race between republican glenn youngkin and democrat terry mcauliffe. now, coming up, we have a full packed hour, county by county analysis. bill hemmer at the big board as well as the vote totals as they continue to stream in. keep looking at the board on your screen. this will be the most important thing to watch all night. keep in mind, just last year, joe biden won the commonwealth
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of virginia by ten points. now joe is under water in virginia by nearly ten points. that is a 20-point swing. tonight what could be a clear referendum on the deeply unpopular joe biden and his administration, the race is now shaping up to be extremely close. as we speak, democrats all across the country are panicking. according to exit polls, the economy was the top issue for virginia voters and the economy is in a state of chaos. we have inflation, slow economic growth and supply chain issues. at the very core of all of this is rising gas prices as the president again begging opec and russia to produce more oil. he could ask texas and oklahoma. anyway, all the name of climate change. according to the exit polls, climate change ranked near the bottom for voters in virginia in terms of their concerns.
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meanwhile, education was the second most important issue for virginia voters. this as terry mcauliffe's campaign consists of donald trump and the racist parents that want to have a say in their kids education. how dare that? tonight democrats might be in for a rude a wakening. blaming donald trump for everything is not the winnable strategy they thought it would be. inflation, gas prices may not be so popular. cutsing domestic oil in the name of climate change while firing american energy workers, giving vladimir putin a waiver. virginia has not had a competitive governor's race in 12 years. this race will go down to the wire. that we can tell you. we start tonight with full analysis out of virginia. we start with bill hemmer. he has the most important job of the night. he's at the big board. why you have the most important
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job for this reason. >> what is that? >> sean: is glenn youngkin's campaign, are they meeting expectations in the areas where they need to do well and are they exceeding expectations in areas that you expect the democrat to do better? >> i think you're right on both counts right now, sean. you're at 64% of the vote in on the tally. a little vote out there still. fairfax county, big county, heavily populated. good evening to you, by the way. sean, welcome to our coverage. i'm going to show you two historically democratic -- not historically but they have voted democrat, been blue for some time. remember northern virginia here, washington d.c.? southwestern virginia coming down here. the richmond area. hampton roads down here. a moment ago, richmond city county clocked in, 5.5%. terry mcauliffe is 70% of the vote. you'd expect that in richmond. here's what i want you to take note of. the suburb and the county to the
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north and south, these are suburban voters. chesterfield to the north and wright to the south. this has been blue for some time. mcauliffe with 97% of the vote in. he's at 54%. see what joe biden did 11 months ago on a percentage basis. almost 64%. ralph northam on a percentage basis, he was at 60%. terry mcauliffe in 2021, just come back to present day here, he's underperforming in this county by five points. that is an extraordinary measure in an election that is razor tight. now i'll go to the southern part of richmond here. this is chesterfield. one of our target counties that we thought this is a key to watch. right now youngkin outperforming his margin that he needs in
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order to win statewide. we had him around 51%, 52. he's up on that by three, maybe four points. you have 88% of the vote reporting there in chesterfield county as well. let me take you down to the southeastern part of the state. show you another democratic county. kamala harris was there last friday, terry mcauliffe campaigned there many times. a dot on the map here, norfolk county. heavily democratic, strong african american vote. you have 3/4s of the vote in. mcauliffe is at 61.5%. store riskly how does that rate on a percentage basis? four years ago, northam was 73. yet mcauliffe is underperforming in areas where you'd expect him to do much better there. i'll pop down here to see how -- this is virginia beach. 57% in, a good number for youngkin. chesapeake county, you're at 60% for youngkin. half the vote has been tabulated there in the southeastern part of the state.
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hampton roads, tide wateree jun of virginia. want to show you in the rural southwest. this big swath of red here, this is dominated by -- you'd expect youngkin to win this part of the state. that's not the argument here. the question is in rural virginia how well you do. look at that. that's 88%. pop over here to lee county. almost at 90%. taswell, 86.7. these are dominating numbers. why does that matter? it matters because in a close race, if you add up the rural counties and picking up 1,000 votes here,100 here and there, that can make a big difference in who wins and who loses. right now youngkin is outperforming here in southwestern virginia. the suburbs around virginia, outperforming there as well. his team has to feel good about the positioning so far tonight.
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one other part of the state, loudoun county. we're at 99% of the vote now. youngkin just about 45%. so again, he's up by a be few points from where we thought he would need to be in order to win across the state. a lot of questions here about what is happening in fairfax. they seem to have sped up their counting. a good sign there. the population rank is 1 out of 133 counties in cities with 57.5% of the vote. mcauliffe expected to do well here. we had in fairfax, we had youngkin on a floor of 34%. so he's right at that number right now. again, you have about 42, 43% of the vote still to be counted. he could still get there. we'll see as we move throughout the evening. two big bellwethers. a deep dive on this. our research team was doing this all weekend, sean. he found that there's two counties in the state of virginia picked the winner correctly for 40 years.
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ready, sean? want a quiz game here? >> sean: ready. go. >> this is northampton. at the moment, you have a lead for youngkin. you have about 13% of the vote out. right now northampton, if youngkin were to win, they would -- they would hold up their reputation as being the bellwether in virginia. let's see if that hangs on. this is prince edward county in virginia. you're getting close. you're up over 92%. youngkin is hanging on to a lead. if it stays that way over the course of the next hour or two or however long it takes to come in from fairfax county and the rest of the state, if it stays that way, it will remain the two bellwethers in virginia for yet another historical governor's race, sean. >> sean: bill, don't leave the big board. we'll be going back a lot throughout the evening. that's where we learn about what is going on behind the scenes
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and comparing it to 2017 and 2020. extremely helpful. bill hemmer. first, we the check in with sarah carter. she's been in virginia talking to a lot of voters all day and over the last two weeks. she's reporting from youngkin's headquarters. sarah, what is the mood there? >> well, there's energy in the air. here's a youngkin's headquarters in chantilly, virginia, you can feel it. there's overflow out of the main room behind me. everybody is excited. i have to tell you, the people working on youngkin's campaign really feel like they have this. a lot of people are nervous. they don't want to jinx it. i spoke to a number of voters throughout virginia. i spoke to a mcauliffe voter. the majority of people that i have spoke to, sean, were really focused on their child's education, on the economy and they believe that it was youngkin that would deliver.
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whether they were independents, you know, i'm not sure if i interviewed any democrats. people were very cautious. they were concerned about like the divisions that they've seen in virginia. as a whole, most parents agree, especially in loudoun county that they need to be a part of their child's education. that was an astonishing statement that was made during the debate by terry mcauliffe and really did him in. i have to tell you, the people behind me are really raring to go. they're ready and they believe they have a win in their sights. >> sean: sarah carter, we'll come back. first, we have ari fleischer. sarah sanders, gubernatorial candidate. ari, looks good for youngkin. night is not over but he seems to be outperforming past republicans in the counties that he needs to outperform. he's exceeding expectations in the ones that we would expect
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him to. >> he is, sean. i have to say, why fox has not yet called this race, david wattsman, one of the most respectful nonpartisan an has called it and he called it for youngkin. he said republicans will within the attorney general race and the lieutenant governor. three statewide pickups. if he's right and it's still an if, here's why it's so significant. two overlying trends started in the trump years. one of is that republicans became the dominant force among blue collar lower income rural voters. we see that accelerating even more tonight under glenn youngkin. the second was a bad news story for republicans. they started to lose the suburbs in big numbers especially college educated voters. that seems to be reversing tonight. republicans are competitive in the suburbs. they're not getting their clock
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cleaned. the future is to but the blue collar parties that win bigs in rural areas, towns and competitive in the suburbs. that is what looks like is happening in virginia tonight. >> sean: a great analysis. if we go back to 2016, sarah, that's the whole theme of donald trump's campaign, the forgotten men and women. we had record low after record low after record low unemployment for americans in the trump presidency of every demographic group. numbers we have never seep before. on issues involving the economy and education, these are issues that republicans now are dominating if this continues to hold throughout the night. >> absolutely. to me this is a very clear at this point, a very bad night for joe biden and democrats and frankly a great night for america. this is a complete and total rejection of the left's
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socialist agenda. we're seeing this surge, this momentum for glenn youngkin and republicans and conservative values, whether it's on the economy, on education, on the border. a number of things that we're seeing come out tonight that are a total rejection of the left and the democrats policies that they've been trying to slam down americans throats over the course of the last ten months. i think this is the beginning of a wave that we're going to see take place in 2022 where we have a fire wall built of strong conservative governors across this country that are standing up and pushing back against the policies of washington, pushing back against the policies of joe biden. we're seeing that start right now tonight with glenn youngkin. i hope we see that in arkansas and i think we'll see it across the country and i hope so. we're going to need governors to step up and push back to make sure that we preserve and save
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what matters most in this country. >> sean: let me go back to you, ari. before joe biden went to glasgow and fell asleep in front of the world and apologized for america in front of the world and the third time begging opec and russia to produce more energy because he gave up energy independence, joe wanted this new green deal socialism passed before he left. now, what does that tell us about if this night holds the way we think it's going right now, what does that say about the democratic party and the biden presidency? >> well, it tells you how the progressive agenda is not america's agenda and how out of touch democrats are if they think that will win elections. to put a finer point on what is happening in virginia, particularly the suburbs, what you have -- this is the risk the democrats have going into 2022. the anti-woke rebellion. parents, people that college educated that gave up on the
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republican party are coming back to the republican party because it is not a good idea to keep telling americans that america is systemically racist. it's not a good idea to tell the american people that success in life is determined by what group you belong to, not who you are as an individual. this is what the modern day democratic party is preaching and it's put off a lot of suburban parents, especially moms. you see this anti-woke rebellion. the democrats want the say it's about critical race theory and that that is a misnomer. it's about everything so much broader than that. they're bad mouthing america in the name of a lot of americans. there's a rebellion against it. and glenn youngkin has tapped into it and it's bringing republicans back in the suburbs where republicans have been losing. >> sean: ari, sarah. thanks. we'll get back to you both. here now to explain more on fox news voter analysis, shannon bream.
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shannon, it's been an interesting night so far and more interesting by the minute. >> you're so right, sean. let me tell you about virginia. disagreements over critical race theory, masks, what kids are learning. that pushed education to the very forefront of the governor's race. youngkin promised he would ban the teaching of critical race theory on day one as governor. our fox news analysis survey finds that 1/4 sided with the debate over teaching crt as the single most factor for their vote for governor. it follows those backed youngkin by 41 points. about 2/3s do those favor mask mandates in school and vaccines for teachers. 3/4s of those groups go to mcauliffe. sentiment is among the groups that oppose mandates and youngkin is getting nine out of ten of those votes that is solid support open both sides. very strong feelings on this heated issue. how do voters think schools are dealing with racism?
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41% say there's too much focus on the issue. 1/3 thinks there's too little and a quarter feel the approach the racism is about right. 2/3s say the country is headed in the wrong direction. quite the gloomy outlook. remains to be seen how this will add up tonight and we wait and watch the call that winner, sean, at any time. >> sean: when you look at the big picture items we've been talking about, afghanistan, the border, inflation, higher energy prices, beg opec, begging russia for more production and firing many high-paying union energy jobs, workers from these jobs. i don't think it's gone over well. paying $1.50 more a gallon is not going well. paying more for every store is not going well. those are bread and butter issues. shannon, thank you. we'll get back to you. joining us live from youngkin head quarters from virginia,
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alexandria hoff. the crowd is getting bigger by the minute. >> it does. youngkin has been doing a good job of drawing crowds, this is the enthusiasm that has snowballed in recent weeks and bubbling over here in chantilly. i was talking to a couple of supporters, one of which heads up latinos for youngkin. he's an independent. he voted for mcauliffe last time but his mind was changed on the issue of education. we'll see how far that goes as a staple of this election and this entire race. another interesting note is he followed youngkin down over the weekend. he toured far southwest virginia, which some could have assumed was a waste of time that close to the election. now we're seeing the numbers come out of the southwest where voters are overperforming and giving him an edge in areas where he didn't expect to do as well. that is a tactic that they very may well pay off. it's something that campaign as
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cross the country are going to analyze. they're going to look at this campaign, look at his emphasis on parents and get out the vote effort and perhaps apply it to races around the country coming up soon, sean. >> sean: alexandria, thank you. we'll get back to you. now with the very latest from mcauliffe head quarters is rich edson. what's going on there, rich? >> good evening, sean. over the last 1 1/2 hours or so, mcauliffe supporters have been filters in to this ball room. they're scattered throughout the hotel room, glued to the television hoping the momentum and what they've been seeing early on will change. they've been fighting against the momentum of the last several weeks of a rising challenger here. they were up in the polls over the summer. have seen a major reversal since then. the mcauliffe campaign has tried to combat that a couple ways. one getting out the democratic stars. they had president biden here, kamala harris here the past couple weeks urging democrats to
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get to the polls. they had congressional democrats. senator tim kaine, congressman clyburn in an attempt to churn out the democratic vote as they hit democratic cities throughout the state. another part of the strategy is to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump. terry mcauliffe raised the man's name about every event he gave. so as that continued 0 to move forward, they hoped to stave off the late surge. the other element to all of this is that early voting started in the middle of september. so you had a number of ballots, about 1.1 million come through from september through saturday waiting for the rest to get that tally now. back to you, sean. >> sean: thanks, rich. tonight's race is yet another sign of not just terry mcauliffe's failures but also
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joe biden's. democrats are already preparing to deflect blame especially as biden's far left socialist spending spree hangs in the balance on capitol hill. what impact that will have on when he gets back to the drawing board. i guess anyone can guess. here with reaction, we have former counselor to president trump, kellyanne conway and scott brown, former senator. i'm looking at it this way. i've been looking at data. now i'm going to give commentary and then your take on it. if you look at biden's failure in afghanistan, most americans are against the idea of abandoning americans behind enemy lines. if you look at the disaster at the border, if you look at the disaster -- more people dead from covid in 2021 than 2020. if you look at inflation, if you look at $1.50 more a gallon and negatively impacting the budgets of poor and middle class americans, something that
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democrats swear that they'll never do and then you couple it with terry mcauliffe saying i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach, it seems to be a cascading effect that this party has made a hard left turn towards socialism and virginia is saying no. am i reading it the right way? can you conflate them or are they separate? >> no, it's all been this toxic stu that has been brewing the last nine months of the harris-biden administration. it began with afghanistan. it's now inflation, border security and immigration. it's education. when you see this nbc news poll where donald trump -- where joe biden probably won 95% of the vote at nbc news, their own poll showing that republicans are trusted on who is effective to get the job done, who is better
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on the economy, who is better on border security, who is better on national security. this is what is going on. it's going on in virginia where joe biden won by ten points. if you're a sitting member of congress in the senate or the house and you're a democrat, you're going to think of retiring. if you're in wisconsin, michigan, pennsylvania, ohio, if you're in nevada, if you're in all of these states that joe biden carried with single digits in the case of ohio lost by nine, why in the world are you going to stick around if this is the party that you no longer recognize? also, terry mcauliffe has completely demolished this idea that the democrats should be running on but trump. that hit a big buzz saw. but trump, but trump. joe biden mentioned trump, kamala harris, barack obama came in. none of that is working anymore. the democratic party itself has lost touch with the people. they're selling something that nobody wants to buy. they're out of touch with the people and they have this out of
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control spending. the problem with the democrats to point out in that article is not that they didn't pass the legislation is that americans and virginiians found out what is in the legislation. they don't want it -- sean, one last thing. if the whole ticket is carried tonight, you'll have the first woman of color ever elected statewide in virginia. she's a republican. that's big news. let's see if she gets on the cover of the fashion magazines. it's not why she's there. look what happened with kamala harris. we don't know where she is and what she's in charge of. she's very ineffective vice president. you see a woman of color as a republican tonight winning statewide in the commonwealth of virginia. that is big news moving forward to 2022. >> sean: great analysis. scott brown, you had a similar situation in 2009. you were going to be the final vote against obama, which they eventually used the reconciliation process. a lot of similarities. you were a republican getting elected from a liberal state
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known as massachusetts. almost task impossible but you pulled it off. unfortunately they used a few maneuvers to prevent you from having that vote. more importantly, you could identify what we're watching on poll tonight. >> yeah, absolutely. it's like deja vu. brought back a lot of memories. i was down 41 points and won by nine. so a lot of similarities when they tried to ram through obamacare. here they're doing cot and reaching into the pocket books changing the fabric of our country and expect everybody to say oh, they're doing a great job. he's not. people are waking up not only are our school committee men and women getting involved now, at the school committee level, they're going to the town councils and getting involved in local politics because they recognize as in minnesota's case defunding the police that this is unacceptable, this is not the america that we know and love.
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this is not j.f.k.'s party that is in charge. j.f.k. would never be part of that party. thank goodness we're having these signs come out early. gives me respectfully -- last week i was scared. i'm hopeful now that the people are getting back to some type of rationale thinking, understanding and that we're not all racist, we don't all hate each other and deep and thoughtful people and a very strong social fabric and we want america to be the best and greatest country in the world. we do that together, not by dividing us. >> i also believe it's important that the republican party identify and be the party of working men and women. liberty and freedom and low taxes and limited government. yeah, even american first policies. lou and order and choice in schools and education. secure borders and energy independence. all of these issues resonate and impact the lives of all of us,
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every american of every background. kellyanne conway -- >> and the trump agenda and youngkin. it's a provable strategy. you want the voters to vote for you, don't insult them. a big lesson tonight. >> sean: back to the big board. we have 74% of the vote in, bill. 54-45. if you would have told me at this hour at 9:27 eastern time that virginia would have a republican up by nine, i probably wouldn't have taken the bet and i would have lost. >> i don't think i would have taken that bet either. the reason why we can call it is in northern virginia. this is fairfax county. you have less than 58% of the vote in. heavily populated part of the state. sean, population rank is one out of 133 counties. that's why we can't call it.
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republicans feel good. they think they can within lieutenant governor, the attorney general, the governor's race and they think they can take back the state house in virginia. so all of that is on the line now. three years ago, that state house was 50/50. based on the commonwealth rules, they put two names in a bowl and chose one. the republican was selected. that's how they won the majority sworn in. i'm not making this up. you can interrupt me at any time. otherwise, i'll keep talking. >> sean: we'll have a request as you get doing. i do want to see loudoun county in particular. we talked so much about it, this played a big part it in. i love when you compare it to 2017 and 2020. that puts a lot of perspective. >> i'll do look first and take you downstate and show you something that blue me away.
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loudoun county at 59%. youngkin is above the margin that he needed to get in that county. we just had a vote statewide in virginia 11 months ago, right? there was more than four million voters. tonight had about three million turn out in virginia. here's where it was on the presidential level on a percentage basis. biden was at 62% in loudoun county. let's see where it was four years ago. the governor's race in -- about 60% there for ralph northam. back to 2021. that's what we see on the board. sean, take you down here, this big swath of red here. a town called blacksburg, virginia. home of virginia tech in montgomery county. i thought the data was wrong. here you are at 89% reporting on a percentage basis but call it shy of 39%. youngkin is 60%.
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where were we in the presidential race? joe biden won the county. 2021 in the governor's race. you can see youngkin getting 60% of the vote. how did that happen? something was moving in southwestern virginia here. take you back to 2017 again. same county, montgomery. the democrat, ralph northam easily beat ed gillespie in the same county. in 2021, the vote is not all the way in but pretty darn close here and youngkin is getting 60%. i find that extraordinary, sean. that's why some of these prognosticators out there expect youngkin to go on to a victory tonight. we haven't called it yet because of fairfax county in the north. mentioned loudoun county. this is richmond, chesterfield to the south. you know what else is in here? remember a guy in congress by the name of eric canter ten
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years ago? he represented virginia 7. he was primaried and lost. later, abigail spanberger ran for that district on the democratic side back in 2018. she's won two races, both races she won by two points each time. this is a swing district here. chesterfield, richmond. that's where -- it's a pizza slice on a map there. i'll show you what is happening in chesterfield. youngkin is winning this county. your at 90% of the vote. he's up ten points. he will go on to victory in chesterfield. it's not unexpected but the margin appears to be -- pop in here to richmond. see what is happening, this came in late. you're at 40% expected. a blue part of the state. 65%. i would argue -- i'll show you in a moment that that is underperforming for mcauliffe. let's see what happened 11 months ago. look at joe biden.
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he was 83% in richmond city. that's a mind bender. >> sean: let me ask you this. >> go ahead. >> sean: we have the nine-point lead. 70% of the vote in. let's look at the areas where there's the most outstanding vote and what that has shown us historically. now we're getting to the point terry mcauliffe has to make up ground. where is the most likely area that would take place and what percentage of the vote is still out? >> normally i'd say nor affect city would be. he has 25% of the vote outstanding. your query is the right one. the question is 62% going to do against youngkin. historical comparison now. the presidential election, biden was at 72%. four years ago northam was at
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70 1/2. this has to be a flat-out disappointment for democrats and terry mcauliffe. norfolk city, kamala harris went down there a week ago. they had a big rally. you'd expect strong african american vote. deep democratic roots in norfolk. he's just not turning the trick in that part of the state tonight. the other one i'd say is fairfax. i don't know what is happening with the outstanding 43%. that percentage breakdown here seems to be on par for historical concerns in fairfax county. i'm curious. i'll show it to you. 70-28 biden to trump four years ago. all right. 68 to 31 northam over gillespie. he's running well in fairfax county. that's why we've been hesitant to make a call there. does that help? >> everything helps. at one point we used to call it
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the hannity big board. and now it's the hemmer big board. i'm looking at new jersey with 25% of the vote in. >> low count. >> sean: right now it's 50-49 republican and 49 within a point. >> our board shows 25% of the vote. is that what you're saying here? >> yes, sir. >> ciattarelli and murphy at 50/50. we got a lot of things outstanding in new jersey. listen, fairfax county not withstanding, i think virginia has done a very good job of returning the votes tonight. polls closed 2 hours and 34 minutes ago. i'd say for the most part virginia has done a very good job. i don't know -- >> sean: seems stuck on 74%. i never look when the counting gets stuck. my suspicious irish nature. i don't know. >> might be a pipe burst in the bathroom. >> sean: yeah. we'll keep an eye on it now it's
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tightened. a one-point race in new jersey. we'll get back to bill at the big board first. here more reaction, chief of staff, reince priebus. you and i had an off-camera conversation last night. we did a deep dive into the early voting in virginia. republicans are not doing good enough yet but they need to embrace early voting because whether they like it or not, that is the reality. they seem to do better here. the numbers we both felt were within a margin that youngkin can overcome. so far that appears to be unfolding. your take on the results up to this point. >> well, you're exactly right, sean. look, terry mcauliffe got himself completely boxed in. he got boxed in on local issues, which was totally about parental control of the schools. he got boxed in on national
6:36 pm
issues because biden is mucking everything up from foreign policy to the border, to the economy. even democrats are ticked off at the president. so there was nowhere to go on national issues. in northern virginia, you have to have something to say about the national issues. and the last thing, youngkin is a happy warrior with a joyful spirit. he's running against a guy who is bitter and ticked off every day. people want to follow a happy warrior. youngkin had the momentum, the message and the money. as bill hemmer pointed out, there's not a single county or municipality in virginia right now that if you're on the youngkin campaign, that you're looking and saying, hey, this isn't going to way i thought it would go. it's going better in every single marker. the party, the rga, the rnc, the youngkin campaign, the maga
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voters, a team win. i think that -- i don't see where the -- making 200,000 votes now with half of fairfax county in, this is not going to happen for terry mcauliffe. it's a youngkin win, i think. >> sean: let's go to you, dana. as we discussed at length, the failing biden agenda. i can't -- i'm trying to be charitable where joe biden can point to as a successful. he apologized for american and went to sleep and then begged opec for oil. more importantly, you have the situation here in the commonwealth of virginia. really it seems that terry mcauliffe went off the rails on his own with his comment that i don't think parents should be telling schools what to teach. to what extent is it more his fault or tied in to a bigger
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narrative that the democratic party is so hardcore left that they lost touch with even people in virginia, which is a blue state? >> i think you're right on that, sean. a good point that rence made there. normally mcauliffe would have rode biden's coat tails. now he's struggling. mcauliffe did not do himself any favors. the remarks where he was challenging parents' authority on their children? i mean, i'm sure he's watching just dismayed from his headquarters right now. parents in virginia are saying "let's go brandon" loudly and clearly. biden did not do mcauliffe any favors. biden has not done any democrats anywhere on any ballot any favors. he's created a deficit that they have to run against.
6:39 pm
it's almost like they kind of have to run against him and not really with him. he's not bringing any momentum, he's not going and stumping that much. he mumbles, jumbles stuff that we can barely understand. it's been difficult for them. they don't have a bench of young guns to go at and talk up that yolk for him. so they really did. the party, to your point, the party really boxed themselves in here. one other point on this, sean. they did take people for granted. in the 90s, we had the soccer moms. then the security moms. now it's the school board moms. i can't believe we're going on this many decades of this. democrats have not learned the most dangerous place to be is between a mother and her children. at some point they'll learn it at the ballot box but it's not tonight. >> sean: what does this do for biden's infrastructure bill, the green deal social bill that he's
6:40 pm
been pushing? what does it do to the dynamic of the radical squad leading the democratic party versus two holdouts named joe manchin and krysten sinema, who are probably thinking i told you so tonight at this hour? >> a great point, sean. out of 435 house seats, there's about 10% in play on a good day. those are not districts where aoc, all of this wokism, all of this spending is going to play. this is the beginning, the first round in a big battle. the feig against the wokism taking over the country, the race goingles that we're forced to wear. it's corporate america that is embracing this garbage and shoving it down people's throats. the one blessing of the coronavirus is that it caused all of us, me included to pay attention more, what is happening in our kids schools, getting involved, look at what they're reading, this is the
6:41 pm
beginning of a total and complete rejection and a complete embrace of what it is that we're about as a country and hopefully this is the beginning. glenn youngkin is a great person to lead that effort in virginia. honestly could not be more happy. i'm sure a lot of people are right now where we are in this race. >> sean: dana, try to explain conservatism in a minute. i want your definition. it has to be rooted in the forgotten men and women of this country. to me, they're the ones that make america great. should be about liberty, freedom, should be about capitalism, constitution, limited government, less regulation, lower taxes, law and order to have peace and security to pursue happiness. free markets solutions for healthcare, not government solutions, choice in schools, schools are a big issue in virginia. then secure borders and energy independence. constitutionalists on the bench,
6:42 pm
free and fair trade and peace through strength. what am i missing? >> i don't think you're missing anything, sean. it's about limited government and realizing that government is empowered by the individual, not vice versa. that's with 10-second elevator pitch. that's one thank that a lot of people are being attracted too. one of the things that you needed and other people on fox tonight have noted this, the people speaking out and pushing against this stuff. it is. we say wokism and we say critical race theory. what we're talking about is marxist racism and the deconstruction of the idea of this republic, the principles of this republic. that's what southwest fighting against. one of the loudest voices, the parents groups, pushing back against this in virginia has been run by a muslim democrat mother. people can't say it's all republicans and can't say it's all white families either. in my neighborhood, in my town, we have another school board fight tonight.
6:43 pm
looks like we'll take a third seat with andrew yeager that is winning against a pro crt candidate. doing incredibly well. we have cuban families and hispanic families leading the fight because families are coming from places where they have seen what happened when the government has more power over the individual and they don't want that ought to here or implemented here. furthermore, the thing about conservative, a belief in a solve ridge in a power greater than us. we identify as children of a kingdom, not white or black first. we all have true equality in that kingdom. that's the big thing. that's why its important for our founders. that's what makes our nation so great. no dana, thank you. stay with us. we'll get back to you in this hour. joining us now with the latest, i'm looking at the state of new jersey and it's 49.9, the
6:44 pm
republican up over the current governor murphy, 49.3. now, granted only 31% of the vote is in, but if you would have told me that was the case with 31% of the vote in, eric shawn, i wouldn't have taken that bet either tonight. >> you're right. jack ciattarelli, the republican candidate, said he thinks this race is a lot tighter than the polls have shown and certainly by seeing this squeaker that year going through right now tonight, this was not supposed to happen. this is basically supposed to be a blow-out or at least having incumbent democratic governor phil murphy win by four to six points if not eight points. it's tight. the issues that you're seeing in virginia tonight are also resonating here in new jersey. maybe not as strongly, but they're still resonating quite loudly. of course, new jersey is the highest taxed state in the nation. that has been one of the major
6:45 pm
issues if not the major issue that the republican candidates have won with. that happened with chris christie after jim florio in 1993 pushed through a $3 bill tax hike. and ciattarelli called murphy too liberal, to progressive. he says not right for new jersey, specifically talking about the school curriculum and some of the parental control issues that we've seen erupting can school board as cross the nation. ciattarelli in some of the debates pointed differences with teaching sex ed to sixth graders and bringing some of these issues in to kindergarteners and the curriculum that's being taught in the public schools here in this state. of course, the democrat it's have an edge, they have a 1 million voter edge over
6:46 pm
republicans here. phil murphy won his election four years ago by 14% of the vote. he carried the garden state by 16%. no one, sean, no one expected this race to be as close as it is tonight. some of those same issues that we've seen potentially bringing republicans to victory and virginia and the commonwealth there being seems repeated tonight in the garden state but still early but seems at least those republican candidates are trying to get some themes and hammer away on issues that resonate at the kitchen table and at home with moms and dads and others. it's happening here in new jersey tonight. but it's early. it's going to be a later night than they thought here in the garden state, sean. >> sean: the republican is up by a point. we're watching this a little more than a point now. that is a surprise. we'll watch that closely.
6:47 pm
now back to glenn youngkin headquarters. sarah carter is back with us. i have to believe 80% of the vote in right now. that room seems to be getting louder as the night goes on. >> i got to tell you, sean, the energy in here is electric. people are just on the edge of their seats. i've talked to people that say i don't want to jinx it. they're excited. they feel a change is coming to virginia. everyone who i have been speaking to, that doesn't tell me this is the beginning of a red wave across the united states. so glenn youngkin is just the beginning. look at that. i mean, they love you here, sean. they love you. they're ready to spread the red wave across america. so excited to be here. this is history, really is.
6:48 pm
>> sean: sarah, can you say sean hannity says hello and congratulations early! >> hey, everyone. sean hannity says hello and, congratulations! >> sean: there's three people. three votes. sounds great. >> yeah, i know they can't hear me. it's so loud in here. >> sean: joining us with reaction, joe concha, leo terrell. all three of us are on record. i predicted a two-point win. >> i predicted a win. >> sean: you did. >> i put it out on twitter an hour ago. it's over. he won virginia. glenn youngkin, congratulations. >> sean: they still have to count -- it's 80% of the votes. it's 53-46. youngkin is maintaining the strong lead throughout the night.
6:49 pm
i'll be honest, joe concha, i thought the fox poll was an outlier poll. i might be proven wrong. i looked at the internals. i said it's an eight point race. this doesn't fit with every other poll i'm reading. if they're right and i'm wrong, i'll apologize. >> the fox poll a week ago had youngkin winning by this margin, eight points. looks like terry mcauliffe is running out of runway. we're witness ago political earthquake tonight. straight out of the an andres fault. and the lincoln project endorsed terry mcauliffe. they lost again. those scumbags who concocted a white nationalist hoax and glenn youngkin helped seal mcauliffe's
6:50 pm
faith. it's delicious. you can go burn your money in the street before donating to those clowns. in virginia, as you mentioned, mcauliffe tried to run against donald trumping instead of youngkin. he brought in joe biden who broached trump 24 times in a short speech last week. that's what happens when you have nothing to run on, especially education. and now in new jersey, jack ciattarelli up here in this state. even if phil murphy pulls it out, joe biden won here by 16 years ago. the president's coat tails are none existent. it will be a red tsunami in 2022. nancy pelosi will retire and say hello to mitch mcconnell as your senate majority leaders. and 26% of democrats say they want joe biden to be your nominee. who could they run if the ticket right now and biden and harris
6:51 pm
isn't your answer? stacey abrams? bernie again? mayor pete? i mean, this is going to have ramifications. the virginia result and a possible new jersey result for weeks, months and even years to come. because this shows you where joe biden is at this point in the eyes of the american people, sean. >> sean: i agree. the white house is doing everything that they can do to distance themselves from this disaster. i don't think joe biden helped anybody. look at the border, look at afghanistan. look at begging opec, energy prices, heating prices. the prices of goods and services. the supply chain issues. leo, last word this segment. >> i'll be very simple. the race card is dead. the last minute out of desperation, mcauliffe tried to use the race card. make sure this is clear. this is about education, this is about parents rights. the race card is no longer applicable. i say to the democrats, go back
6:52 pm
to the drawing board. people like myself have left the democratic party because when they don't have ideas, when they don't play with facts, they throw up the race card and that is a surrender sign. when they use the race card, they surrender. they have no facts and no argument. they're trying to get you to be divisive. the people in virginia and hopefully the people of new jersey have spoken. we want issues involing our kids, we don't want critical race theory, we want to have people govern us and give us liberty and freedom. that's what's happening in virginia right now. >> sean: thanks, leo and joe. now back to bill hemmer at the big board. 80% of the vote in. let's go back -- terry mcauliffe, bill, is running out of runway here. for example, he spent a lot of time tonight going over very specific counties, fairfax in particular. where are we now in terms of the
6:53 pm
vote counted percentage. >> got it. i want to show you something, sean. fairfax county just clicked in at 81%. so they're counting them up here. richmond was lagging. they got 2/3s of the vote in. they're catching up as well. reason that joe biden was above 81% 11 months ago. >> sean: catching up releasing the count. >> yes. correction noted. i want you to -- this is the current state of the race in virginia 2021, this is where it was four years ago. it's red and blue on the map. subtle changes here. they make a point. this is 2017 between ralph northan, an easy winner over ed gillespie. where is the difference in 2021. there's 2017. i point right down here in these areas. i'll go -- this is montgomery
6:54 pm
county. that is a real shocker. how that county can be blue, blue, blue and all of a sudden tonight it's 60% republican. prince edward, a smaller county, fewer people. one of these bellwethers that we talked about it down here in the southeast, the hampton roads area. watch what i do with the map here. you can see the counties that have gone from blue to red throughout the course of the night. if all the numbers hold up, that will be quite impressive. let me take you again. i want to emphasize this, sean. richmond city -- we just got another batch dumped here. you're at 76%. so again, as i mentioned we're getting closer now with richmond city outstanding a moment ago. it's not the case now. 3/4 of the vote is in. fairfax at 81%. mcauliffe, we expected him to win this county. he's up 2-1 right now. so that is the reason why you can't make a statewide call, a
6:55 pm
lot of votes up here in northern virginia. you want to know about loudon? you'll ask me. am i wrong? you were going to ask about loudoun county. mcauliffe will win the county. that's an impressive number for youngkin. he got his voters to the polls. i would argue, sean, if you want to break down this state knowing that we have not declared a winner here, this is what i'd say is the story so far. that is the rural area, youngkin has shown that he can get a greater percentage of the vote even over donald trump in some of these counties. that is story number 1 in the rural area. story number 2 is south of richmond. chesterfield. youngkin issout performed by four points in that county alone. so it's the rural area, it's the suburbs and loudoun county i would argue, sean is the issues county in this campaign. youngkin did better than he
6:56 pm
had -- that he needed to do so far tonight. so fairfax, richmond, we'll get more to you momentarily. >> sean: by the way, the decision desk has protected republican mike carrie, the 15th district there as the winner of that special election. bill hemmer, you've been doing a great job at the board. when you put it in perspective and we look back at 2020 and compare to the 2017 and look at the percentages and then you look at the massive shift, we could be talking about a 15% shift in voters from democratic to republican. >> you could. >> sean: in a one-year period of time. that crosses political lines, crosses social lines, crosses the issues line here. mcauliffe has badly outperformed at this point in the race. >> sean: absolutely. not a lot of runway as we've pointed out. 82% of the vote in. thank you, bill hemmer.
6:57 pm
you've been great. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you. >> sean: we bring back in ari fleischer who is with us as well as sarah sanders. ari, let's look at the big picture. that is the impact on the biden agenda. there were two people that were resistant to this new green deal socialism. that was senator manchin west virginia and senator sinema of arizona. i would imagine that this agenda now gets re-visited by a lot of people that probably want to win in the next election in 2022, a year from now and maybe they don't want to go down that socialist path that apparently is not working well for democrats. >> you know, west virginia and virginia used to be one state. but if you're joe manchin and you're looking at three races
6:58 pm
that look like they're flipping from democrat to republican, the virginia house of delegates look like it's going to flip from democrat to republican, what does it tell you as a west virginian to be careful of? the biden agenda. the whole woke progressive movement that captured the democrats. so this really puts joe manchin in a more enhanced position to say no to the biden agenda. we'll see what he does. that is if i were in the white house, that is a huge policy blowbacks as a result of this election now in virginia. don't forget new jersey. move your eyes up i-95 to new jersey. that's a 50/50 race. >> sean: i'm looking at 39% of the vote in. the republican up by a full point. i don't think most people expected that at 40% of the vote. what are the long-term ramifications, sandra smith? for the democratic party. >> i think it shows just a
6:59 pm
complete rejection as ari just stated of the democrat's agenda. one of the big lessons that you can take away from tonight is the number of parents that were standing up and pushing back against the left's agenda. in particular, how their kids are being educated, how the left wants to indoctrinate them and teach them that america is a racist and evil country and parents across the country, especially in virginia as we're seeing tonight are pushing back on that lie and say we're not going to let that happen and making sure that we're electing people that are going to stand up and remind people that america is the greatest country on the face of the planet. we need more leaders like glenn youngkin that understand it and who are willing to do everything to defend it. >> sean: unbelievable night so far. thank you all for joining us. sarah, thank you. ari fleischer thank you've. bill hemmer has been phenomena. all of our reporters.
7:00 pm
what a night. anyway, unfortunately that's all the time we have left. we'll have full complete analysis tomorrow night and a lot to go over. a lot of angles we'll be covering. stay with the fox news channel for continuing election coverage. thank you for being with us. laura ingraham is up next. see you back here tomorrow night. >> laura: i'm laura ingraham and this is the ingraham from washington tonight. with more than two-thirds of the vote counted, republican glenn youngkin now has a clear advantage in the virginia gubernatorial race. fox news now projects that mcauliffe needs to win roughly two-thirds of the outstanding vote to change that outcome. it's a lety tall order. and the fox news decision desk is not yet ready to make a projection but again youngkin has a very clear and sdooif i have advantage at this moment. tonight, the seismic event that is this virginia's governor's race.


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