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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  November 2, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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75,000 bucks. all the proceeds are going to charity. it's going to be at bottoms in early december. so, we should all try to get loan from gutfeld here. >> rumor starts. >> greg: my wife is going to start questioning me. >> jesse: over many things, greg. that's it for us. "special report" up next with bret. >> bret: hey. [laughter] >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. it is election day in america. it's an off year. there is not the volume you have other novembers for president election there are still very important races and important questions to be answered in several locations across the country. we will have all of it for you don't. we begin just downtown road in virginia where a former democratic governor was thought to be a big favorite to regain his old job. but now a republican challenger enters election night with a
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very real chance for the upset. we have fox team coverage tonight. rich edson is in mclean, virginia with the terry mcauliffe campaign. am election andrea hough in virginia. polls close in the commonwealth in less than an hour. we start off with what fox news voter analysis telling us us anchor fox news at night shannon bream takes a first look tonight and interesting numbers, shannon. >> shannon: big night. first look at election survey. based on interviews we have done with 2500 voters in virginia. of course, the polls still open another hour. some things we can tell you about starting to look clear like the super competitive nature of this campaign. well, voters noticed. just more than half mcauliffe's attacks on youngkin unfair. for youngkin that number is 43%. meaning a majority thinks his campaign was fair. while mcauliffe. held none with donald trump and
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didn't talk about him very much. 48% of virginia voters think that youngkin supports the former president trump too much. but, keep in mind, some of those people who felt that way say they still voted for him. as for mcauliffe say he is too close to biden. the majority says he gist the president the right amount of support hot button issue. youngkin planned to ban the teaching of critical race theory on first day of office and against school mask mandates. mcauliffe denies that critical race theory is even being taught in virginia answered supports mandating masks for schools. so, how do virginia voters feel? the largest percentage of them, 27% say the debate over how to handle things like vaccines and masks, coronavirus in schools was the single most important factor in their vote for almost as many it is critical race theory, about 25%. and one last tid bit, while some people have known for weeks, maybe months who they would vote for. some decide right before election day about 7% of them are late deciders in any close election like this one how those
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voters break could be the entire ballgame. stay tune and remember these are early numbers. still gathering info. bret, we'll keep you updated. >> bret: okay. there is a lot of numbers to look into. tell us about the race. shannon thank you. we will check in later. glenn youngkin has come from behind, significantly behind to bring a big challenge to former governor terry mcauliffe. alexandra hough is with the youngkin campaign in chantilly, good evening, alexandra. >> good evening. not a whole lot of official activity going on behind me yet. they are hoping for a celebration this evening. he says he credits at love the momentum his campaign has felt by focusing on what he calls kitchen table issues like taxes, jobs, public safety and, of course, schools. now, this morning he paid a visit to a polling place here in fairfax county. he spoke to to voters there. despite the rain even shot a few hoops telling us he feels his campaign's appeal has crossed party lines. >> we have seen independents
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actually support us by double digits. folks run across the aisle. it's been humbling to watch all this happen. >> so what youngkin has done here, is he has found a void in representation for parents frustrated by feeling left out of what was happening in their children's schools and he then filled it promising throughout a 38 county bus tour to keep big government out of the classroom. and while he has kept big party names, including former president trump off the campaign trail, some state parties outside of virginia have joined in on the push. republican governors in several states, including tennessee, idaho and arizona hosted volunteer phone banks for youngkin to get out the vote. in conclusion to this long campaign at least what it feels like, last night he closed with hosting a large rally of enthusiastic supporters that rally was titled lowden parents matter. it's likely we will see parents
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in the forefront of many campaigns nationwide moving forward. bret? >> bret: alex, thank you. what many thought would really be an easy victory for terry mcauliffe at the beginning has not been easy at all and may not be a victory at all. we will see who turns up today. correspondent rich edson with the mcauliffe team in mcclain virginia, tonight. good evening, rich. >> good evening, bret. staff setting stage behind me in a race they hope results in a second term as governor for terry mcauliffe. the candidate himself had a really quiet day out of the public eye. he didn't speak publicly e was in nearby falls church this morning appearing with a group from the service employees international union or seiu. this campaign has targeted the union vote. will randi weingarten appeared d in mcauliffe rally in fairfax. another issue in this election former president donald trump. at least for the mcauliffe
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campaign they tried to tie youngkin to trump every stop. heavy hitters like president joe biden who just tried giving him a boost from across the atlantic ocean. >> i think we are going to win in virginia. you know you are reporting it being close. the race is very close. it's about who shows up. who turns out. and granted, i did win by a large margin. but the point of the matter is that i think that this is -- this is going to be-we all knew from the beginning this is going to be a tight race. >> vice president kamala harris and congressional democrats like senator tim kaine and south carolina representative jim clyburn have also campaigned for mcauliffe over the past week. as is almost ritual on election day the folks here say they are feeling pretty good where they see people show up and vote early on. again still early in the counting process. it hasn't started counting until the next hour.
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bret? >> bret: what is the process for be a ten tee ballots. absentee ballots howmuch of a ry tonight. >> we have 286,000 absentee ballots that have already been returned as they turn the lights off here. they have been trying to play with that a little bit trying to get it right. about 107,000 absentee ballots that they have not yet gotten there must be a witness signature on these ballots in order for them to be valid but not a voter signature matching process. so, some states, two dozen of them have a voter matching process where they will check your signature on that ballot against a master list. maybe your dmv type of signature. it they do not do that in virginia. another change from 2020, polling stations now have to send their information and a lot of these central processing procedures have to start seven days before the election. so they don't count the votes until 7:00 p.m. tonight. but they get these absentee ballots and early ballots ready to go so they can hopefully
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process them immediately when they can start counting the votes at 7:00 p.m., bret. >> bret: maybe the movie is starting behind you, rich. one more thing. you have 286,000. in 107,000 yet to be returned so they think this process they have to be postmarked by today, right? >> right. they have to be postmarked by today and received by three days past at noon. so friday at noon. if your ballot hasn't been received yet, whether it got lost in the mail or didn't happen by then, it has to be in their possession by friday at noon in order for it to be counted. >> bret: we have seen close races and we have to look at where those ballots are. we will follow that rich, thank you. let's bring in former house speaker newt gingrich. author of the new book beyond biden rebuilding the america we love drops today. mr. speaker, thanks for being here. >> glad to be here. >> bret: as you look at this race, what do you see, you know,
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as it developed and how it's changed over the past few weeks? >> first of all, having been through a lot of these races, i will feel better when i see the first actual results as opposed to the polls. i think youngkin is probably going to win but we will find out. i saw a brilliant contrast of strategies really worth studying. mcauliffe who had been governor and knowing virginia well deciding he has to have a national strategy because he has to beat youngkin based on the national patterns. and you saw youngkin say i'm going to run a state-focused strategy. and the two of them are totally different campaigns. and then mcauliffe made the mistake of saying parents shouldn't be involved in schools. and that was probably the break point of the campaign. i think if, in fact, youngkin wins a significant victory, it will have started that the debate. well, with that mistake by mcauliffe. >> bret: you know, it looks like from our early fox news voter analysis that youngkin is
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holding trump supporters in big numbers. but, also, getting a majority of those who didn't support donald trump. you write in your book this: all too many conservatives have reacted to the rise of radicalism within the democratic party with the sense of despair. they behave as they losing the presidential battle of 2020 was the end of the great american journey. this simply isn't so. we have been here before and we have rebounded. we will win again. is youngkin tapping into something that crosses that line, that is a blueprint for the midterms, perhaps? >> one of the things i don't think any of us fully appreciated is that the very well-educated voter who tended to vote for biden and against trump, is also the voter who cares the most about their children's education. and so when you get into the suburbs and you start getting into things as we saw with loudoun county and fairfax county, all of the sudden it's the very -- it will be fascinating to see what it looks like when we get the value votes. but i thought like the thousand people who showed up in loudoun
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county over the school issue, many of those would normally have been democrats. but they are now so frightened about their child's future that as parents, they are probably voting for youngkin, and the youngkin people have been very smart. the number of signs calista and i saw today went to vote parents for youngkin. that's a very smart, cuts across all party lines. parents identify as parents. a lot more than they identify as partisans. >> bret: mcauliffe was facing headlines with biden approval going down with what's happening on capitol hill, which is kind of a mess legislatively. how much do you think that is a factor as opposed to what you are talking about here, the students, parents, really a commonwealth issue? >> i think that would not have defeated mcauliffe. and, again, i want to see the votes before i talk too confidently although i do think youngkin is going to win. i think that the mistakes made by mcauliffe.
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the electrifying moment when he said parents shouldn't have a role in schools, and the youngkin people were good enough within 12 hours they had a commercial up that had just had mcauliffe and people looked at that and thought well, that's crazy. and then this weekend, and as somebody who has studied politics a long time and practiced it a fair amount. underwhy he would say there are too many white teachers because it's a racist comment. and it's also misunderstands northern virginia. northern virginia is not just black and white. i mean it's korean, it's vietnamese, it's chinese. it's latino. >> we have complicated world out there. i think we want good teachers of any background not bad teachers of any background. >> if he falls short, and it's a very tight race, maybe it's not even decided tonight, and, you know, heading in this was a tight race, is there a risk that a lot of republicans are going to say here we go again?
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>> i think if it's a very close race, and about 3:00 in the morning mcauliffe magically finds five extra precincts, then i think you are going to have a huge backlash across the whole country. i think, you know, i have always had the position you have to win big enough they can't steal it the burden on any republican is to never get to a close race if you can avoid it. i think probably youngkin will do that. he is a very attractive personality. he clearly has been having more and more fun. i watched them various places going. you see them dancing, see him laughing. >> bret: you know that changes the dynamic, at the end, especially. >> i think. so and i think -- i personally believe people like politicians that they like and i think that mcauliffe is a very smart guy. great professional politician for over 40 years. mcauliffe looked worried and
3:14 pm
scared and a little angry. and he was -- somebody said today i think maybe the post or the "new york times" that he had run a dark campaign. now, attacking about january 6th. attacking about trump. and so forth. and youngkin increasingly was running a happy campaign. and i think as a general rule in american politics, happiness beats darkness when you get into these kind of races. again, i am going to be watching you as you go and start the count. >> bret: get the raw data. >> i think it's going to be a fairly long evening. we should mention the national level, the new jersey race has closed substantially. it's going to be interesting. the minneapolis vote on abolishing the police department in the middle of a crime wave is going to be a very interesting test there are a lot of interesting things going on out there. >> bret: fascinating. mr. speaker, thank you. the book "beyond biden," thank you very much. >> thank you. >> bret: let's get the democratic perspective.
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woodhouse former communications director for the democratic national committee. hey, brad, thanks for being here. >> hey, bret. >> bret: your sense on this race as thrawf comes terry mcauliffe. he always thought he would be close, your thoughts on tonight. >> look, we all thought it was going to be close. and, in fact, i think the type of race that we expect in virginia. you know in 2017 the race was close all the way to the end and then things broke for governor northam. i think if you see what's happening today, we are really encouraged and right now the polls are still open. people should go get in line. they are in line at 7:00. they can still vote. but the turn out that we are seeing seems very strong for terry mcauliffe. and high turnout in blue areas. high turnout in the washington suburbs. and like speaker gingrich said. we will just have to wait and see. but today i think has been good. the betting markets, they're not
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really worth anything but they have moved toward mcauliffe. so, feel petty good about where we are. we have 45 minutes to go. >> bret: don't tell brit hume he will have those betting markets up later on. here are a couple well-known republicans talking about this close race. take a listen. >> president biden won this state by 10 points. this race shouldn't even be close. >> the key moment of this campaign was when terry mcauliffe told the truth. when he said he didn't think parents should be involved in deciding what their children are learning. >> bret: what do you think about, first of all, that this is a state, a commonwealth that president biden won by 10 points, it is bluish purple, if not bluish, and that issue of education seemed to bubble up towards the end and really change the dynamic. >> well, look, i think the history is, and, bret, you know, this is that when the president's party is in the white house, and this has been true in virginia going back decades, it's really hard for that party to win subsequent off
3:17 pm
year elections. look, i don't know what explains it maybe people feel like they gave at the office. that's why i think the mcauliffe campaign said from day one that they thought this race would be extremely close. but i think when you talk about education, interesting thing i heard shannon bream in the exit polls is that more people are concerned about the coronavirus and masks in schools than they were critical race theory in the exit poll. terry mcauliffe is on the side of let's follow the science. let's have masks in schools. let's have vaccine mandates where we need them. and so i think it's going to be interesting. i don't think that the narrative here at the end of everything education cuts towards glenn youngkin going to turn out to be right. >> bret: yeah. nufn politics for a long time. can you concede that glenn youngkin ran a good race. >> he should get an academy awarned. he tried to scans himself from
3:18 pm
trump but also not offend trump. he was pushing a lot of the same buttons. look, he wore the fleece vest. he was dancing at the end. he came across as a happy warrior but if you go down the line of issues. he wants to, you know, he opposes a woman's right to choose. he opposes gay marriage. he opposes vaccine mandates and mask mandates. he is out of step with the direction virginia is going. but, was he a good candidate? yeah. but i think he deserves an academy award. >> bret: of course. president biden, his approval rating taking a bit of a dive in recent weeks. and he talked about that overseas saying the polls go up and polls go down. but these were head winds for terry mcauliffe in this race. >> well, look, i think there some truth to that. but, you know, what we are seeing right now on capitol hill is going to have a substantial impact, i think, on democratic performance going forward. democratic performance in the midterms. and president biden's a&e approval rating.
3:19 pm
lower prescription drug prices. that is going to cinch the deal to get the president's build back better agenda pass. that's going to pass with bipartisan infrastructure. the sweep of what biden will have accomplished with the american rescue plans, shots in arms, checks in banks and with the build back better agenda. better healthcare, better climate. better home care for seniors and disabled and bipartisan infrastructure deal, it's the new deal of the 2021 and biden will have accomplished it in 10 months. >> bret: last thing, if terry mcauliffe comes unjust short, loses by not a lot but loses, will he accept that loss? >> oh, i think so. i mean, you know, we're not going to do what newt gingrich suggested, which is to argue that the election was stolen if terry mcauliffe won by a small margin. if glenn youngkin wins, and it is obvious and it's not within a recount territory, of course terry mcauliffe is going to
3:20 pm
accept a result. we are not in the business of -- we're not in the business of trying to take elections away when they have been rightfully won. we are not in the business of what happened on january 6th. >> bret: brad, we appreciate your time. >> great, bret, thank you. have a good night. >> bret: you too. breaking tonight an advisory panel to the cdc is recommending children ages 5 to 11 receive the covid vaccine. that decision is now up to centers for disease control director dr. rochelle walensky. that could come at any time. she has indicated that once that came she may do that right away. pfizer already has begun shipping millions of doses to states. doctor's offices and pharmacies, the special kids shots contain just one third of the dose given to teens and adults. facebook says it will shut down its facial recognition system and delete the face prints of more than 1 billion people with a b. the vice president of artificial intelligence for facebook's new parent company meta says it is
3:21 pm
trying to weigh the positive uses for the technology against growing societal concerns. record closes for the record stock markets again today on wall street. the dow gaining 139. the s&p 500 finished ahead 17, the nasdaq rose 54. again, records. up next, the attorney general on the clock. senate republicans want answers about his call to investigate parents upset over their children's education. >> the only thing the justice department is concerned about, violence and threats of violence. >> the department of justice knew it was coming and then they sicked the feds on parents. that's why merrick garland should be resigning in disgrace.
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>> bret: tolls close minutes from right now. looking live at polling places throughout virginia. fec says foreign donors are permitted to finance referendum campaigns inside the u.s. the ruling says while such donors cannot contribute to election campaigns, ballot initiatives are not elections under the law enforcement foreign donors are not prohibited from giving. we will see if that changes with legislation. senate republicans say attorney general merrick garland is ignoring yesterday's dead line this explain his memo instructing the justice department to investigate
3:26 pm
parents who disagree with their children' school board. david spunt is at the justice department with that tonight. >> i want to know what the data is. >> well, i don't need data in order to assess. >> nearly a week after a grilling from senate republicans, attorney general merrick garland and his team have yet to respond at the their letter demanding hard evidence of violence. the lawmakers want to snow the specific reason garland wrote his controversial october 4th memo, you need to be arrested. >> instructing the fbi and u.s. attorneys to sift out violence and threats of violence towards school officials. they wrote garland because you were able to evidence and that that fix dollars the gaze of the fbi on concerned parents on this country four days you should be able to share that evidence with us in the same period of time. there were four days between a national school board's association letter calling on president biden to take action
3:27 pm
for memo. the school has apologized but garland has not. >> withdraw this memo and focus on the real threats and dangers the american citizens face. >> tells fox news there are no plans to withdraw the memo. garland continues to defend himself and his department. >> parents can object to their about curriculum about the treatment of their children, about school policies. we are only trying to prevent violence against school officials. >> those who argue that school board meetings across america are are not more dangerous and more violent than the past are ignoring reality. >> republicans want hard evidence on paper. if it's necessary, we will start holding up no, ma'am niece and we will use other oversight mechanisms to make sure that he explains exactly what he based this directive on.
3:28 pm
we reached out to a senior doj official to see if there is some type of response in the works that provides some sort of evidence we were simply told no comment twice notable a few hours ago house republicans sent a letter to doj asking for similar information. we will follow it bret? >> bret: david spunt at the justice department. up next, president biden gives prediction on whether one key democratic senator will finally get on board with his massive spending and new taxes up on capitol hill, we will take you there. first here is what some of our fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 6 murder trial of a illinois teenager accuse of killing two people and wounding a third during a demonstration in wisconsin last year. prosecutors say kyle rittenhouse is the only person who killed anyone during the unrest. rittenhouse argues he fired in self-defense. fox 46 in charlotte as the judge freezes the assets of a prominent south carolina attorney. alex mur talk was arrested over insurance settlements obtained
3:29 pm
over the death of housekeeper. will person of interest in the deaths of his wife and son last june. live look at san diego from our affiliate fox 5. gorgeous night there one of the stories there tonight the rare corpse flower known for its smell of death is in full balloon following halloween weekend. named for its fowl smelling scent the flower blooms every four or five years. it's odor lasts four hours. that's a live look outside the beltway election night, we'll be right back. ♪ oh, that smell ♪ can you smell that smell ♪
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from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter. only pay for what you need. ♪ liberty. liberty. liberty. liberty. ♪ ♪ >> bret: final moments there, the kids are having fun in that polling place, final election voters heading to the commonwealth of virginia to vote for governor as well as state delegates. welcome back on this election night. take look at some of the other people and issues on ballots nationwide. residents of new jersey as we have been mentioning are deciding between a second term for democratic governor phil murphy or bringing in the
3:34 pm
republican challenger there jack ciattarelli. new york city voters are picking up -- picking their next mayor, i should say, former brooklyn police captain eric adams faces guardian angels founder and radio host republican curtis slay well the boston mayor's race two democratic women of color on the ballot miss shell will. the nonwhite. >> maria: in boston. deciding whether to replace the police force with a new department of public safety, part of defund the police movement that followed the death of george floyd. in austin, texas, a ballot measure would require that city to maintain two police officers per 1,000 residents promote additional training and officer incentives to recruit officers who speak additional languages this arose from the city council's move to cut the police budget by one third followed by a huge spike of crime in that
3:35 pm
city and the council's reversal on those cuts. one thing this morning election day is weather. let's look how the weather may be affecting election day around the country fox weather meteorologist amy freeze joins us tonight. good evening, amy. >> good evening, yes, of course it can effect voter turnout and some folk hostile want to get to the polls we want to make sure they know what to expect. been a pretty active day actually. seattle still has rain there california has been relatively quiet but the intermountain west and the rockies have been wet, slippery today for travel. denver is 42 for you now. kansas very active. a lot of showers going through wichita and moving through tulsa and dallas is seeing rain from that front. atlanta has been gorgeous today 65. also new york has been pretty decent as well. temperatures in the low 50's. we have a front there first though to the north, chicago 45 some of that cold air start toggle slip. in coming over the u.p., michigan has had 9 inches of snow on the west side of 8 inches on the other side. so starting to crank up some of
3:36 pm
the lake-effect and then i know you are watching virginia very closely tonight. the cold front pulled through brought some rain. spotty showers from richmond up through fredericksburg getting wet weather but continue until the polls close. also looking at new jersey that has really been wet all day today. such a messy place when we get the rain going down through kate and may. newark. still seeing rain in trenton. little time there looking at future track taking it right until the polls close. some of that rain is going to wrap up for parts of trenton. bottom line here tonight that central plains front will move into central texas. houston stays dry tonight but about 15 million americans are under cold weather alerts tonight. so a big chill coming in for tomorrow. back to you. >> bret: thank you so much. president biden is on his way home from two major conferences in europe. is he homing there will be good news waiting for him about his massive tax and spend programs up on capitol hill which have
3:37 pm
been stalled by democratic infighting. white house correspondent jacqui heinrich is traveling with the president has the story tonight from glasgow, scotland. >> he will vote for this. >> president biden expressing faith in the moderate senator who has helped stall his spending plan over its size and scope and with it his administration's biggest climate pledges. joe manchin yet again throwing a wrench into the white house's time line. >> i understand joe is looking for the precise detail to make sure nothing got slipped n terms of the way in which the legislation got written, that is different than he acknowledged he would agree. to say i think we will get this done. >> walking away from the top 26 summit without making good on legislative promises the president delivered results from an executive ordered. will it will e.p.a. rule existing leaks on gas wells. not just sites. setting new standards for monitoring. the supreme court has agreed to hear a case against it from
3:38 pm
republican led states. biden also directed attention toward what the summit did accomplish. international agreements to conserve forest, curb global warming and fund nation on climate effort. past reaching the summit's biggest goals remains allusive. top emitter russia and china not participating. >> i think it's been a big mistake quite frankly for china, leads back to china not showing up. and they have lost in the ability to influence people around the world and all the people here at it cop. >> china and russia laughing all the way to the bank. >> o' the brink of atlantic energy independent. with the biden administration shutting down american jobs but letting putin have a new pipeline and asking opec to produce more but not america? >> high gas prices are putting biden in a bind while he pushes for more while asking the world to slash emissions and reduce fossil fuels. the president is now en route back to the u.s.
3:39 pm
he told reporters he expects to be landing right as the results from the virginia's governor's race come in. he said he expects the race to be close. he expects mcauliffe will win. he also claimed even if his legislation was passed before the election, it likely would not have determined the outcome, bret. >> bret: jacqui heinrich live in scotland. thank you. while president biden was flying home. congressional democrats are still trying to hammer out some kind of deal on those two pieces of legislation. the president's domestic tax and spend agenda. much of it continues to hinge on a moderate senator from west virginia. at least one congressional correspondent chad pergram has the latest now from capitol hill. good evening, chad. >> good evening, bret. liberals control the politics of this bill but it's moderates like manchin who dictate the policy. >> the white house knew exactly where i stood there were a couple concerns work through. to say automatically signed off things. i have been here long enough to know when you signed off things you ought to keep your word.
3:40 pm
i'm not going to be a liar or make anyone else a liar. >> it's just not joe manchin. two senators are in play here. manchin manchin and kyrsten sinema. that's why there has been agreement with the blessing of sinema to lower the cost of medicine under medicare that makes the bill more expensive. it shifts the bill to the left and slightly isolates manchin. the g.o.p. is rooting for manchin and sinema to make mischief. >> there seems to be quite a challenging exercise for them. i'm glad it is. this is a bill america does not want and does not need. the ideal solution would be to not bass written for manchin and sinema. >> worries manchin and sinema could blow up the spending bill and the it infrastructure bill. >> i want to see the deficit. three months into this thing there are certain folks in the
3:41 pm
house that maybe looking for a reason not to move it forward. to say hold it up. and i don't want to see that happen. senate majority leader chuck schumer announced a general timetable for the social spending bill. he says the senate will scrub the bill next week. that's important to comply with senate budget rules and then schumer wants the senate to start the date on the bill the week of november 15th. house speaker nancy pelosi says the house could finalize bill text tonight. it's possible the house votes on both bills this week. >> the senate could change whatever the house sends over. it's unclear if the house could accommodate those changes. the process takes weeks, maybe through the holidays. bret? >> bret: yeah, just to be clear, this could take a really long time. even though they are saying the house might vote this week, this could drag on. >> yeah. they have to do ping-pong where they bounce the bill back and forth between the house and senate because there is changes. the infrastructure bill, however, once the house votes, the house and senate are in alignment. >> bret: okay, chad, as always,
3:42 pm
thank you we will follow it defense officials tell fox news the air force has removed 23 recruits from boot camp after they refused to get the coronavirus vaccine. last week's move came ahead of today's deadline for all air force active duty personnel to receive the shots. about 12,000 active duty airmen remain unvaccinated out of the 326,000 in the air force's active duty component. the islamic state terror group ice 60's k is what it is called claiming attack on afghanistan's biggest military hospital today. at least 25 people were killed. more than 50 wounded in that attack. gunmen attacked the hospital after two heavy explosions at the site in central kabul. up next the president wraps up european trip as the domestic agenda hangs in the balance. plus a little more than 15 minutes away from polls closing in the commonwealth of virginia. we will get reaction from the panel and we will go inside the numbers on election night with bill hemmer in new york at the
3:43 pm
billboard. first up, beyond our borders, russia sets another daily record for covid deaths reporting 1200 new fatalities. the grim milestone comes four days after a nationwide mandate in russia took effect ordering most russians to stay home from work. yahoo says it has pulled out of china citing an increasingly challenging operating environment. the withdrawal is largely symbolic as china has already censored many of the company's services. several other tech companies have pulled the plug in china, including a move from microsoft last month to shutter its linkedin site there. pope francis is calling on arms manufacturers to stop saying war swallows up the children of the homeland. after laying down white roses on several graves, the pope made calls for disarmament during mass at french military cemetery in rome. the visit marked all souls day. the day catholics remember their dead. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight. it's election night. we'll be right back. ♪
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♪ >> we're going to win. i think we're going to win in virginia. the race is very close. it's about who shows up. who turns out. >> i have not seen any evidence that whether or not i am doing well or poorly, whether or not i have got my agenda passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning or losing. even if we had passed my agenda, i wouldn't claim we won because biden's agenda passed. >> this race is about our kid's future and future joe biden doesn't want to talk about it a and terry mcauliffe doesn't want to talk about it because they are on the side of big government. >> bret: well, there is a question about what this race comes down to in virginia as we wait for the polls to close just 11 minutes from now. politico had an opinion piece in which it says to some extent the candidates are a side show. the outcome is far more likely to hinge on joe biden and donald
3:49 pm
trump and whether the president or expresident proves to be a bigger anchor on his party. biden's sagging approval ratings have fueled deep concern among democrats that their voters either out of weariness with last year's battle or disaffection with biden's performance may lack the enthusiasm to vote. let's bring in our panel. tonight, bill mcgurn columnist for the "wall street journal." mara liasson national political correspondent for the "national public radio" and "the washington post" columnist marc thiessen. mara, this is close heading in. it really wasn't supposed to be close, glenn youngkin closed the gap. this on this election day, how much is this about biden and trump as politico suggests? >> we have seen races get more and more nationalized over time. certainly terry mcauliffe tried to make this race about trump, tying glenn youngkin to trump. and youngkin made sure that he kept a careful distance from trump without alienating trump's maga base.
3:50 pm
so, yes, i think that, you know, national figures really did loom over this race. and one of the problems with virginia, off year elections is they generally are over analyzed. but they are also like a canary in a coal mine and a lot of times they have been a preview of how the party in power does in the next midterms. >> bret: you know, we are seeing voter analysis, bill, early delay youngkin kin is doing pretty well with trump voters very or somewhat favorable view of the former president trump is he getting. 6 out of 10 of somewhat unfavorable view of the former president. seems like he has walked. tiptoed through the tulips of what was a dangerous political environment. >> yeah. i think he has done very well in that. look, i have a slight different take on this. i think what it shows is that the national figures aren't having the big impact on the
3:51 pm
race certainly terry mcauliffe wishes trump were involved. he said it this weekend i wish trump was here. all he has had he is a very bad candidate. all he has is suggesting glenn youngkin is a racist and crying trump. and the other side, i think joe biden hasn't nationalized it. they tried to bring him. in they brought in barack obama, stacey abrams and it doesn't seem to have moved the needle. now, maybe we will find out that it did. that they brought out all these blue voters that wouldn't come. looks like a race between the candidates. glenn youngkin attached himself to real bread and butter issues. literal bread and butter issue 2.5% tax on groceries, education which is now the top issue. i would but the it this way, i think if glenn youngkin doesn't win, in this environment, facing a bad candidate with a lot of breaks that have gone his way
3:52 pm
it's hard for me to see any republican winning statewide in virginia. i think it will just be a blue state. >> bret: that's exactly right if that's what turns out. here are some sound about expectations tonight. >> i think virginia is a very important canary in a coal mine. biden has handed control much the agenda over to the radicals over the bernie sanders and aoc and elizabeth warren and i think people are horrified. i think virginia is aspect of that. >> there is a comfort level with terry that's positive. the little dynamic in the race. i think terry has the math. he has the vote. i think we are going to win and early voting is going to be the key to it. >> bret: marc, you do have to remember this is a former governor of virginia who knows the democratic machine in that state if it's very, very close it's about turnout and who comes out on election day. >> in doubted he has the machine going and i agree with brother
3:53 pm
bill that the trump play hasn't worked. biden is no doubt a huge drag on mcauliffe's ticket. the early exit pollings show that biden's approval rating in virginia and in the exit polls is 43-56. and mcauliffe's is 44 to 53. so they are almost mirrored. he is -- mcauliffe is almost an "avatar" for biden. education was obviously a big issue. but i think the tipping point in this election, if youngkin wins was afghanistan. not that voters are voting about afghanistan and the afghan withdrawal. but afghanistan was the moment that millions of americans, including millions of virginians decided joe biden is incompetent that this administration can't handle. his approval ratings across the country in the 50's. every issue he had majority support and all fell out from under him on august 15th with the fall of kabul and the weeks after with the withdrawal. we will look back and see that was a tipping point not just for this election but also for 2022. >> bret: mara, big piece of
3:54 pm
legislation or pieces of legislation that were really messy up on capitol hill was frankly obama, 2009, 2010. virginia did well foreshadowing what happened in the midterms. take a listen to this about climate action and all of this negotiation about these bills. while there be much more work needed protect our planet. >> technical issues that folks are working through with respect to come some of the climate provisions. i believe at the end of the day we're going to find common ground as we always do. >> i think times going to be needed. we are not in a rush right now. the rush was trying to before the president went overseas. i think he has done a good job of listening what he has done. people paying attention. >> joe is looking for the precise detail to make sure nothing got slipped n terms of the way in which the legislation got written. i think we will get this done. >> bret: there are a lot of
3:55 pm
lawmakers looking for that, lara, what got slipped in and what's in the bill it seems like it's going to take at least a long time. >> the senate isn't going to vote for this until the middle of november, according to schumer. look, the getting things done is supposed to be good politics. but the process of getting things done on capitol hill is terrible politics. because it looks like a mess. it disspirits democratic base voters it really annoys independents. and that's pretty similar to obamacare. now, the difference back then there was bill, meetings, that's not happening here. people are not they know some things. >> bret: not in the reconciliation bill. >> they know something. i think it's a little bit different. >> bret: your thoughts real quick? >> yeah. look at the mess-up there. joe biden came, in promising to unite america. he can't even unite his own
3:56 pm
party. they were trying to get this done before his foreign trip. they didn't do it. and right now i think we still don't have the text and the final actual bill that people want to read before they say yes. >> bret: we will follow all of this and the countdown is on. thank you. polls are going to close in about four minutes. let's go over what we know so far about the voting in virginia. my colleague bill hemmer joins me from new york. the latest on the billboard from the virginia governor's race. >> it's been too long nice to see you and good evening. mcauliffe is in blue, youngkin in red. few minutes you will start to see the state of virginia start to fill in here. let me take you back to just 11 short months ago when joe biden won the state by 10 points over donald trump. here we are again in the state of virginia. what are the keys for clarify to win tonight. norfolk in the southeast. strong african-american vote. strong democratic turnout. can biden get a number like 72%.
3:57 pm
can mcauliffe match biden's number from this past year. this is richmond city in the center part of the state. you see the theme. >> we have strong in richmond. can mcauliffe match that tonight. also henrico county continues to be more and more democratic. see what biden did 2 to 1 in november. the mother load for democrats without question is northern virginia suburbs across the potomac from washington, d.c., fairfax county, you see the democratic documentation equated to 251,000 votes 11 months ago. what about youngkin? i would say throughout the night think about three things. think about rural southwestern virginia here. teaseville, county see how donald trump did there? can youngkin get to numbers like 81, 83% in the rural area? all this southwestern virginia. heavily republican. we will see how well he does tonight. i would also point to here just
3:58 pm
south of richmond this is chesterfield county. for a long time this was republican territory. you see what democrats have done here, some of these is you bourbon voters have left the g.o.p. when donald trump was in the white house can they come back tonight and support youngkin? some of the early indications we have from our voter analysis suggestion that is the case hang on and we will see whether or not it is true. loudoun county hawb has been in the news for a year. the issue there clearly is education, the economy on the mind of many people as well. it's almost two to one biden over trump. can youngkin then score a comeback in parts of the state that i just showed you we are voting yet again america. they say virginia is for lovers tonight it is for the voters and here we go. ♪
3:59 pm
>> martha: seconds away from the polls closing bruising battle. first political race. >> bret: tonight, voters let their voices be heard and the stakes could not be higher. special coverage of democracy 2021 starts now. ♪ ♪ >> bret: tonight, the moment of truth in virginia. >> the fiery race for governor that has parents and politicians at each other's throats. >> resign. >> resign cowards. >> you could have made a difference. >> you could have found a solution. >> the deciding factor could be how parents perceive the drastically different visions for their children's future. >> i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> from day one, i will ban critical race theory in our schools. [cheers] >> democrats taking no chances in what has clearly become a
4:00 pm
referendum on the president, democratic policies, and their party's future in power. >> we don't have time to be wasting on these phony trumped up culture wars. >> terry is running against an acolyte of donald trump. >> but was it enough to stem the tide of a new red wave that emerged in the final days? >> this election is a dead heat. >> i'm a unifier, he is a divider. >> it's a dead heat with the youngkin campaign coming up fast on the outside. ♪ >> bret: it is 7:00 p.m. on the east coast, which means polls have just closed in the state and commonwealth of virginia. the fox news decision desk says it is too early to call this race between democrat terry mcauliffe and republican glenn youngkin. but we are following the results as they come in. good evening, everyone. and welcome to our nation's capitol, i'm bret


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