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tv   The Five  FOX News  November 2, 2021 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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these tools. >> neil: we'll have to watch it very closely. senator mark warner, thanks very much. we'll see how the races ensue in your state and new jersey and as he pointed out, a number of crucial contests in new york city. fox will watch it all tonight and we'll be looking at the market impact of this tomorrow. >> hello. i'm jesse waters with judge jeanine pirro, harold ford,jr., dagen mcdowell and greg gutfeld. this is "the five." >> we're going to win. it's about who will turn out. granted, i won by a large margin. i have not seen any evidence whether or not i'm doing well or
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poorly, whether or not i got my agenda passed or not is going to have any real impact on winning and losing. >> president biden very confident about a critical race theme as a referendum on his administration. polls close in an hour. everything is on the table. education is at the top of voters' minds. an issue that mcauliffe says parents should not have a say in. virginia has emerged as ground zero in the fight over critical race theory and who should be in control over what is taught in the classroom? mcauliffe focuses on teachers and youngkin wants to empower parents in their final pitches. >> i want to build the best education and i want every child to have a world class case. as your governor, i'll raise teacher pass above the national average for the first time in
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our commonwealth. >> what we won't do is teach our children to view everything through a lens of race where we divide them in to buckets and one group is an oppressor and the other is a victim and pitted them against each other and steal their dreams. >> this seems like a big mistake, judge. i'm not a math genius but i assume there's more parents than teachers and mcauliffe is all in with teachers. >> when you bring in randi weingarten at the end of the campaign and you have literally given up on the parents, you know they're not going to vote for you, you know that because the school board ends up lying about whether or not someone was rape and sexually assaulted in a bathroom, that all the parents are absolutely against the democrats here. so the issue right now is whether or not this race presents an opportunity for parents, from both sides of the aisle to come together to unify
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in a way that we haven't seen in this country in years. this is a good thing about the race. i think that mcauliffe is over the top. he certainly has an advantage from the early voters. youngkin has to make sure that he gets a lot of voters out today. the bigger issue i think is the fact that mcauliffe has made a decision that he is with the unions. he needs the unions to help him. that's why he's got randi weingarten out there. he promised to give the teachers more money. that's the democrat way. at the end of the way, if youngkin wins, it's about the fact that people are beyond party, beyond politics. it's about american coming together and hopefully it will be a model for going forward. >> when joe biden popped off at the mouth in glasgow guaranteeing victory, seems to be based on what? you think he knows something or
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you think he realizes that can blow up in his face? >> he knows he won the state by ten points. you can determine you know which party the person declares when he votes. we learned there was a huge turnout in richmond, charlottesville and northern virginia. the data shows those are places where democrats fare well. the polls han been tight. a big poll that fox news shows that youngkin had gained points there in the end. but mcauliffe had held an early lead before that. so we'll have to wait and see. the third thing, i was surprised by glenn youngkin's closing. i thought his close would be more we're going to take the commonwealth to a new place, create more jobs. here's a guy that comes from business. the way he injected race at the end -- may work for him. i was expecting something more from him there at the end. terry ended on his note saying we're going to make education even better, i'm going to pay
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teachers more. he had to divert this conversation from the race stuff and the parent stuff. but we got a few hours left. we'll see -- >> i don't know if he injected race. the left injected it. >> in the closing argument is all i was saying. >> dagen. >> your thoughts. going to make a prediction? >> i'm not going to make a prediction. i was in virginia over the weekend, by the way. >> a lot of signs? >> yes. a lot of signs. it's south of the james river is where i was at. it's red territory. youngkin has to get out the vote in that part of the state. it's critical to victory. when terry mcauliffe said i don't think parents should tell schools what they should teach, he meant it. everything he's done since then and now you know he meant it because he never learned from it. he told chuck todd two days ago that everyone claps when he said that. he then said virginia schools need to get rid of white
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teachers. not bad lousy incompetent teachers but white teachers. you talk and injecting race into there? mcauliffe is on it. last week he said teachers are the true heros of the covid crisis. that is smooching the rump of the unions. not the moms who had to get their jobs and give up their careers to sit at home and have their children educated on zoom by said lousy teachers. then brandy weingarten showed up at the mcauliffe rally, the wicked witch of unnecessary school closings. president obama came to the state and told dismiss belittled parents that they're imagining what they're upset about in the schools. so this is all -- sends the clear message to parents, he's proved over and over again that he does not care about what the voters care about when that state. we'll see how much people woke up to his nonsense. >> greg, someone reported that terry mcauliffe had left his wife in the delivery room to go to a fund raiser.
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did you know that? >> yes, i did. i kept it under wraps. i didn't want to break the news. i wanted to tease it out. >> sorry. >> i was just in the green room talking to harold. i told him, you know, harold, the story isn't about who wins but how close the election is. i said that to him. it's not the reverse. but really -- it's less a partisan election and it's a parenting election. reminds me of the quiet guy at the bar that is being taunted and never gets up until finally somebody knocks his drink over and he beats the crap out of everybody. that's what the parents are. they may not pull it off but the democrats and the media got caught by surprise. by the real things that matter to american parents. for four years you had an outraged media over trump. meanwhile, the real issues slipped by them.
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covid mandates, crt, crime. while the media and the democrats were focused on microaggressions, parents were experiencing macroaggressions through education. politics is a tug of war between people that go too far and the people that don't go too far enough. it's the leftists realizing how far they have gone and somebody needs to pull them back in. you see that how they have turned the police in definding the plus and being white at birth is bad. they've gone too far. it's a sign for the republicans. whether they win or not, i'm not making any predictions. it's not my job. >> we'll see whose beer gets knocked down. >> exactly. it will be me. >> stay with fox news. we'll have results, analysis and much, much more. next on "the five," more bad
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>> dagen: president biden is not on the ballot but democrats are letting it be known how embarrassed they are. 44% of people in his party want somebody other than biden to be the 2024 nominee. while overseas, biden trying to spin his leadership as a success. >> if you take a look at what economy is growing, united states is growing. this thanksgiving we're in a different circumstance. things are a hell of a lot better and the wages have gone up higher, faster than inflation. we have generated real economic growth.
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add bad as things are, hurting families now, trade this thanksgiving for last thanksgiving. >> harold: harold, wages are not keeping up with inflation. before we move on, fox has the voter analysis that we'll see on the side of the screen from the election today. keep an eye on that. put your listening ears on. wages are not keeping up with inflation. inflation is running according to one gauge at the fastest pace in 30 years, harold. >> voters are as concerned as i am about inflation. i don't know how much voters are giving him or assigning all the blame to biden or the supply chain. democrats lose their sense of humor about things. they're very reactive people. they're frustrated right now with the fact that he can't seem to referee the moderates and progressives.
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if we sit here tomorrow and the new jersey race goes democrat, the virginia race goes democrat, eric adams as mayor of new york and he really ushers in a public safety platform, changes the construct and direction of the city and they pass something in the house and senate, the problem will probably go back up. i don't quarrel with you. as you and i both know, they s&p and the dow and nasdaq closed at records. aim capitalist democrat. that's important for the country to grow and important for this president. we ought to give him credit for being a part of this story. >> dagen: g.g.? >> harold: i love that. >> greg: that was my nickname when i danced. >> jesse: the super spreader. >> greg: that was in the low days when i had to make money the hard way. i was just thinking that de blasio filed to run for governor for new york, right?
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didn't he? that is scarier than any of this. anyway, the 44% of democrats want another person besides biden. you have to remind yourself the number was probably higher when he was actually running. they said just get in and we'll figure it out later. this is actually for the democrats, part of the plan, right? they never said we love joe and we're going to stick with them till 2024. they wanted him in the door and replace him when he falls apart which could be a year or less than a year. the problem is the backup quarterback sucks and they need a new one. they expected to get a joe montana instead, they got a todd moranvich? >> dagen: that's excellent. >> greg: you know who he is. >> dagen: i do. >> greg: i remember his dad.
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crazy. >> dagen: i have no where to go with that. jesse? we're getting into a long conversation about the moranvich clan. >> jesse: i don't want to engage in a sports conversation with gutfeld. that's going nowhere. this is a poll of democrats, so i have to put my democratic thinking cap on. i have to slouch and frown. the democrats i know because i know democrats, they want power. that's the most important thing. so this poll acknowledges it. they don't think that joe biden can win re-election. they think his presidency is so far costing them power in the house. democrats obviously want their agenda enacted and so far job has not been effective. democrats want to be inspired. that's why democrats usually vote for the guy that sends the thrill down their leg. you know, bubba or barack. is joe biden inspiring democrats? no. he can barely make it through a speech in a temporary prompter.
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he's boring and threatening their hold on power. that's why democrats are fleeing like -- can i fact check him one more time? he's comparing this thanksgiving to last thanksgiving? we're averaging more covid-19 deaths today than we averaged last year same time and same amount of cases. so things are not gotten better in terms of covid with joe biden on that metric. >> jeanine: the truth is that joe biden is losing on education, he's losing on the coronavirus, in addition to that, the democrats as you say, jesse, are not inspired. then you have a scenario where the guy falls asleep in an international conference and shows up at a climate conference that we'll talk about later with 85 car-motorcade. everything is inconsistent with his message. he can't keep his own party together. everybody is disappointed in him. kamala harris, they have no where to go with her.
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so, you know, they're like -- they're totally frustrated with their own party. the trust is when you have manchin saying he's playing shell games and budget gimmicks, nobody is buying anything that he's selling. nothing of what he is selling is positive or anybody wants to engage in. >> dagen: the only way he was elected is to not be president trump in style, but not substance. just in style. instead, he comes in and immediately because, again, the republicans lost in georgia and immediately started referring to l.b.j. and f.d.r. that's not what people elected him to. quite frankly would be better off if he was asleep all the i'm too. >> jeanine: but who is running the country? >> greg: the american people. >> jeanine: the american people? >> greg: yes. >> jeanine: what about schools? >> greg: they take them over. pull their kids >> jeanine: when? >> greg: tomorrow. we're all doing it together. i don't have kids so i'm not
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allowed to do it. >> dagen: we were on auto pilot, we would be in good shape. stunning hypocrisy from joe biden and liberal elites shaming you over climate change. ♪♪ this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. big promises. small promises. cuddly shaped promises. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. and the people of old dominion never turn away a promise. or over promise. or make an empty promise. we keep them. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you.
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♪♪ >> jeanine: joe biden waking up to serious hypocrisy after catching beauty rest at the climate summit. the president under fire for crusading to save the planet while traveling with an army of advisers. and the worry that al gore is taking heat over his staggering energy consumption. >> mr. gore, are you still
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having a problem with your home in tennessee? is the fuel usage high? >> jeanine: jeff bezos sparking outrage over his hypocritical carbon emissions. the billionaire flying in on a $65 million jet and lecturing the public that we have to reduce our carbon footprint. >> back at earth from up there, the atmosphere seems so thin. the world so finite and so fragile. we must all stand together to protect our world. >> jeanine: all right, greg, who is the biggest hypocrite? al gore, jeff bezos or -- who is the other? >> greg: if they all shut up, the carbon emissions would be sliced in half. that should have landed better. i have a point to make. what isser with about this
2:27 pm
summit, it's not evil but feels evil. you have a collection of the richest people meeting together on our dime. they're not paying for it. they decide how you pay and how you will suffer the rest of your life. they're living -- meeting in a remote luxury spot to decide how an ohio tuck driver will bend under their thumb. the media applauds this. this is the most crystallized example of class warfare. elite couples deciding how to fashion an apocalyptic vision to protect their power. they were not nice enough to invited a luke warmer to discuss the economics on the technologies. they think so little of us that they meet in front of us and mock about spending our money. >> jeanine: you're right. >> greg: is it evil? >> jesse: feels evil.
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>> greg: feels evil. >> jeanine: biden is in rome. an 85-car motorcade. who is in 85 cars? you have security, hair, you have makeup, you have a doctor, you have a nurse, 85? who is in those cars? >> jesse: biden has a hair person? that's news. >> greg: he has a depends person. >> jesse: yes. >> jeanine: who is in the cars? >> jesse: you bright that up two teams in two shows. i know what you like to talk about. i don't know who is in the cars. i know this, judge. you know the industrial revolution combined with capitalism lifted us all of of poverty. joe biden liberals recent that and want to attack fossil fuels and tax and spend to boost this green energy revolution so they can turn around and claim they saved the world. fact check, i did. joe biden is killing pipelines and permits here in the western
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hemisphere and now is asking opec and russia to increase production? >> jeanine: that's right. >> jesse: and shovelling billions of our money to g.m. so g.m. can buy electric vehicle components that are made in china. then it's a shakedown for these people that don't see it. if you have the developing world saying you volunteer to pay us trillions to go green, we're considering that, bribing china and india to go green. they're going to steal our money and keep doing the other fossil fuels. >> jeanine: how do we have our nation's emissions by the end of the decade and at the same time we have biden pushing russia and opec to keep pushing out the oil and the gas. >> harold: so i have a different point of view about this. >> jeanine: it's a question. not a point of view. >> harold: so to answer your question, you have to have an a
2:30 pm
all of the above strategy. you cannot stop using oil and gas products immediately. anyone that suggests that is lying. you can't fly on a plane without gasoline until we get to that point. there's things that we can be doing. the richest man in the world is an electric vehicle mater. elon musk. he's developing batteries and cars. that's the future. whether it's two years, five years or ten years. there's hypocrisy on both sides. if you're going to preach as some of my party members do about how to abandon this platform, tell the world hough we're going to do it. it was right to kill the pipeline. i wouldn't have done it. i don't think you should build more going forward. one of the great things that happened, we were energy independent as a nation. we produced more -- >> jeanine: under trump. >> harold: it was done under barack obama. this is a reality. under him, we developed more independence than we did ever. that is something that we should
2:31 pm
be proud of. we were the first country to go to war with people, fight them and fund them to fight us at the same tie by buying all the gas products. so we have to find our way off of this. for military reasons, environmental reasons and economic reasons. i hope i answered your question. >> jesse: why can't we have our pipeline, harold? >> jeanine: that's the question to dagen. i'm going to ask dagen the question, why is it he's allowing putin to run the gas line and shuts down ours? >> dagen: because he's week and governs for the green agenda. it's really a green religion. i think he genuinely doesn't understand -- biden doesn't understand and doesn't like folks that have to drive to work for a living. he's actively taking food out of the mouth of children by driving up the cost of energy, by driving up the cost of commuting to and from work.
2:32 pm
biden's own climate lurch, john kerry said we can take our emissions to zero in this country and would not make any difference in terms of global climate change and global temperatures. so we could all start riding bicycles and it could look like an episode from the walking dead in the united states and wouldn't matter. >> jeanine: okay. >> dagen: what they're doing right now is driving up the cost of energy because that's what they want. that's what they want to do. it makes these green fuels more economically sensible by doing that. by the way, why is elon musk the richest man in the world and still sucking up subsidies and money from the federal government? why? get off the teat, elon. >> jesse: we should get free electric cars. >> jeanine: right. brian kilmeade is here and he's taking on the radical left's war
2:33 pm
on american history. here he comes with a chair. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> greg: i can't believe this crap. while the left tries to rewrite american history, brian kilmeade has taken a buzz saw to his narrative with his new book, "the president and the freedom fighter and the battle for america's soul". coincides with a special airing on fox news at 10:00 p.m. eastern sunday. here's a preview. >> he would want freedom for
2:38 pm
himself and free fore all. >> douglas would continue his self-education, be mentored by esteemed abolitionists and write a best selling biography and be a lecturer around the world. >> as flawed as americans was, he didn't want another country. he wanted his stand here. he saw the promise of america, which is hard to do when you're being beaten. douglas' gift, he never let the slave owners own him. >> greg: before we go around the table, i have a question for you. you host "fox and friends" every morning. you have a radio show. you do fox prime. how do you find the time to hire a ghost wroter? >> i would like to host this segment. you were my last choice. who picked you? >> greg: i don't know but i love it. i don't have a show tonight. it will air friday. i'm going to shut up right now.
2:39 pm
how do you find the time to do this? >> two years. two years. also doing a special during the pandemic, not even. everything was shut down. when i mentioned the project, you said go do it. hope you were excited about it. i just thought i can't do something better than i have already read. i said what if i can talk about how they got together and talked about their lives and what they did for this country? >> greg: you lavigne and shirley'd it. you put it together. >> or it could be the mod squad. >> greg: and peanut butter and chocolate. >> dagen: yeah, it's the reese's peanut butter cup. >> that's why he didn't make the book jacket. >> dagen: thank you for signing
2:40 pm
a book to me. my name is not darren and i'm not a huge fan of years. i'm joking. >> i don't have great penmanship. >> dagen: what is the most exciting thing researching the book? >> number 1, when they meet -- you have this publisher of this newspaper for lincoln to free the slaves. everybody is saying he's going to make the south free the leaves. lincoln says, come back. seven states have left. pill put it in the constitution. douglas is incensed. you think they will never get together. when the country comes together, it's finally ready to emancipate the slaves, that's when lincoln makes his move. when they meet, you see this great friendship was there and they start making eye contact. lincoln's response to douglas is
2:41 pm
chronicled. i found it. sent shivers up my spine. >> jesse: you talk about how we need to teach more history than less history. if someone read this book about slavery and the civil war, how would that open their eyes to how crt is being implemented today? >> nobody doubt the horror of slavery. but news for you, we didn't invent at this time. it was on every continent. you can see the gains we made. in the struggles, quotes from washington, jefferson talking about how evil it was. it was going to sunset and never did. you see the struggle to get it right. in the north, i was struck by 1% of the african american population was in the north. it became front and center things happened and the
2:42 pm
acquisition of texas and missouri, kansas missouri compromise, they came together forcing the issue front and center. if people understand what we went through and who died to fix our country and make it better, they would have appreciation of the gains we made. frederic douglas is convinced that kids do not see black and white. he writing about it. his best friends when he was growing up were white. they didn't know the difference. that's why crt matters. don't tell second graders they're oppressors. >> jeanine: so true. >> harold: i read it. a great book. you were kind enough to say the words. you did the work. i know you did the work. we talkedn't it. think the book is a little crt. you added to the knowledge and body of work. brett did it with the work on grant. you have, too. the question was asked at the outset, how did you do?
2:43 pm
you say i studied, researched things, found quotes. i applaud you for this because you learned during this and we're going to learn as well. when someone tries to give us more history, if they're motivated by trying to make the body, the cannon better, that's a positive thing. there will be people that don't like it, people will challenge you and say i don't know why he's done this. it's great you've done it. i hope we have more books around us because -- every american should know that relationship between the two, every american should know how much they were committed to making america a better place and should know the democrats and peculiaraireties of that friendship. congratulations. >> thank you. >> greg: why don't you guys get a room? >> i'll say one thing. i want to ask you this. i don't think -- if you're against crt, doesn't mean slavery didn't happen. >> of course not. >> doesn't mean racism didn't exist. just means that study the arc and understand that we were trying to improve it without vilifying people that lived 200
2:44 pm
years ago. >> jeanine: let me bring this in to today. they took down frederic douglas's statue, the black lives matter movement. ignorant of what was going on? >> absolutely. you just took down in rochester new york what is equal to harriet tub man. you should surround it and guard it. that shows you how uneducated the bl movement was and how crazed people were. when you take down frederic douglas, you lost your way. >> jesse: they put up a statue of george floyd and took down frederic douglas. >> jeanine: the crazy part is, they don't know their own history and want to start their own movement in crt. >> harold: we're all in this together. >> thank you. >> jeanine: >> greg: have to move on. it's been great.
2:45 pm
>> jeanine: thanks for signing my book. >> thank you. >> greg: 3 1/2 pages of acknowledgements. i'm not here. >> yeah. the public scramed down. >> greg: this much left. >> they made me put in an exclamation point. >> greg: you thank pete but not me? >> i work with him every day. >> greg: lawrence jones. been here a couple years. >> but he's nice to me. >> greg: i get it. >> are you helping me or hurting? >> greg: i'm trying to destroy you. >> you can't do that. >> greg: thank you. up next an actual star. nba legend charles barkley with some advice on how to trash tack without getting in trouble.
2:46 pm
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♪♪ >> harold: nba legend charles barkley may have found a solution to cancel culture by offering this advice. >> i never sent an e-mail.
2:50 pm
>> you have. >> no, i haven't. to all you idiots and fools and jack asses out there. it's all right to talk about bad people. we all do it. don't leave a paper trail. i talk bad about people the old fashioned way, behind their back. i don't put it in writing. >> harold: you can have it if you want. >> jeanine: this guy should have been a defense attorney. if you're running a criminal operation, what you do is you don't put anything in writing. you don't text it, e-mail it. everything for prosecutors these days has to do with an easy pass. the nsa is following everything you say anyway. but here's the bottom line. he's so right and he won't get involved with cancel culture. >> jesse: every time i send a tax, i said would a prostitute sex it or a mobster? i don't send it because those
2:51 pm
people never get in trouble. they never get in trouble for anything that they write down. hunter biden is the only one that left a paper trail ant didn't get in trouble. >> greg: it wasn't paper. >> harold: dagen? >> dagen: gotti wound up in prison. but he doesn't write anything down, mr. charles barkley, but he wears a microphone or sits in front of one and he is completely charmed and clearly been vaccinated against getting cancelled because i could -- if i actually read out loud things that he said on the air over the years, i would be fired. i did come up with this one. why do you never buy a woman a watch? because there's a clock on the steve. >> jesse: that was kilmeade that said that. >> greg: in his book. you know, it's easy for him to say, but most of us, it's like 20 years too late. the solution is not to leave a paper trail. it's to cancel the cancellers.
2:52 pm
anybody that leaks your communications should be shamed and shunned, possibly destroyed. you need to have mad, mutually assured destruction. somebody shares you stuff and you go after them and destroy him. >> jeanine: how? >> dagen: he sends me -- >> greg: poison them. poison them, judge. >> jeanine: what do you poison them with? >> harold: what a contrast with a kilmeade book and this. one more thing is next. ♪♪
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>> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> jesse: time now for one more thing. big congratulations to the "the five." we are now number one for the expire month of october. first time this show has ever been the number one show in all of cable news in the show's
2:57 pm
history. [applause] >> greg: all you, jesse. >> jesse: 3.1 million. even more than that i actually did not take a single day off in october. congrats to dana, to greg, to judge and dagen, to all the rotating hosts, even you. >> greg: and you. >> jesse: and as they say never miss an episode of "the five" judge wonderful. >> greg: all right. let's do this. gutted gut amazing cnn is in deep, deep, deep, deep trouble. they are branching out into cooking segments. they have a new cooking show. i walk outside. it's outside, actually. called the stelter green corner. here you have brian stelter putting together a brockically salad he digs in before the show. he is not even waiting shoving food down his mouth.
2:58 pm
>> jesse: outtake. >> outtake from the stelter cooking hour. eating the produce. being. >> dagen: how many salads do you think he has eaten in the last 15 years. should i have said that? when i was down i used to watch a video of charles barkley his old golf swing now this will be move my go to to give me a lift up in spirit. villanova students trying to leave the stands one right after another falling falling and falling. it's slightly elevated on their -- they are falling, and they are falling, falling some more. i love watching folks fall. even if they get hurt. >> judge: listen, for all of you have dogs, you have to wonder will your dog take a look two
2:59 pm
hilarious videos of dogs, you can see whether or not how they react to their owner being attacked. [screams] i need help. help! [screams] >> judge: as you can see, the first dog springs into action, viciously biting the vacuum, pulling it away from the owner of the house. but the small dog quincy can care less staring blankley at the violent vacuum attack. >> posted by patrick banners pak 3 million times. big dogs vs. small dogs. >> harold: the show fonz happy days. auctioning off iconic weathered
3:00 pm
jacket. it should auction off 50 to 75,000 bucks. all the proceeds are going to charity. it's going to be at bottoms in early december. so, we should all try to get loan from gutfeld here. >> rumor starts. >> greg: my wife is going to start questioning me. >> jesse: over many things, greg. that's it for us. "special report" up next with bret. >> bret: hey. [laughter] >> bret: good evening. welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. it is election day in america. it's an off year. there is not the volume you have other novembers for president election there are still very important races and important questions to be answered in several locations across the country. we will have all of it for you don't. we begin just downtown road in virginia where a former democratic governor was thought to be a big favorite to regain his old job. but now a republican challenger enters election night with a


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