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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 2, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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report and then brett mar. >> sean: -- don't miss it, pop your corn. virginia and new jersey, you saw the ballot measures, defund the police. a lot to watch for. we have it all tonight on fnc, "america reports with john roberts and sandra smith" now. >> sandra: a fox news report. the first major test of how voters feel about joe biden's presidency is unfolding in a high takes governor's race. hello and welcome to new york. >> john: i'm john roberts in washington. the nation watching to see if
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republican can defeat his opponent. >> sandra: we have fox team coverage to kick things off. dan standing by with analysis from the "wall street journal." mike taking a look at education's role in this race. live from the mcauliffe campaign. >> john: we begin in chantilly, virginia. alexandria, get us going. >> john this morning, youngkin told us when he got into this thing he had a name recognition of 2%. now his name is one of the top trending items on twitter. he made a stop at a polling place in fairfax county and even stopped to play only basketball, even in the rain. he spoke to the energy his campaign has gained and that was evident at the rally he held last night in loudoun county where hundreds of supporters gathered in what's one of the most talked about districts in
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the country. parents should have a say on what schools teach. one factor that made him successful early on was simple math. biden won by 10 points but youngkin is sure the tide is changing. >> what's happening across the commonwealth will look a little different than this past fall. we're going to do really well in southwest virginia. we were just throughout sunday and we had a big turnout for all of our events. we're also seeing strong numbers out of hampton roads, in and around richmond and rico county. >> those are all places he said were up in the air when things started. he's also made it a point to keep big names off the campaign trail including former president trump. if youngkin pulls this thing off
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which he expects he will that could write a whole new playbook for the g.o.p. campaign heading into the midterms. >> interesting to see how the vote goes in big counties like fairfax and loudoun which have been front and center when it comes to the school issues. >> sandra: john, thank you. democratic headquarters in virginia, rich, what are you hearing? >> good afternoon, sandra. terry mcauliffe is keeping close to home on election day. it's a fairly democratic area here and he's been trying to turn out the vote throughout the campaign on these issues here. he was in falls church, virginia, near where we are right now, earlier today, trying to pump up members of the service employee international union, sciu. last night he rallied a group of supporters. former president donald trump,
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he's really in an election against the former president. mcauliffe has enlisted his heavy political hitters, president joe biden, vice president kamala harris, congressional democrats like jim clyburn. a fifth of the vote has already come in. we've had early voting in virginia through the middle of september and this weekend. if you look at these ballots, a lot of them are coming from democratic areas in northern virginia and in the virginia beach area so it will be interesting to see exactly how those places turn out. mcauliffe says that gives him an early advantage but there is plenty of voting left to happen today. back to you. >> sandra: an update from virginia. >> john: virginia has emerged as ground zero for parental involvement in schools. mike emanuel live in ash burn, virginia. that's in loudoun county where the debate over education has reached a fever pitch in recent months and shows no signs of slowing down.
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mike? >> john, no doubt. good afternoon to you here in loudoun county. the wealth is not pretty. 46 degrees and raining, but turnout seems to have picked up over the lunch hour. at least at this polling location. virginia voters who wish to cast a ballot have about another six hours to get it done. this polling site is an elementary school in loudoun county, and bottom line, we've caught up with some voters and they say they just want change in this election. >> i've not been exactly happy with the direction that we're going over the last few years. i'm also disenchanted by the disingenuous nature of the democrat policies, which claims that critical race theory is being taught in schools and later on it's disclosed that several text books go back to critical race theory, and has been discovered from the
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virginia board of education. >> the education blew up here in suburban loudoun county earlier this year. parents pushing back on what's happening in their children's schools. some concerned about teaching critical race theory. others alarmed by proposed transgender policies. some telling us a short time ago they are fed up. >> i used to be a teacher. i left the field because it got too political. let's teach math. let's teach science, reading and leave the rest up to the parents. >> i'm not pleased with how they handled the recent allegations, guilty verdict for that student there, so that's part of who i'm voting for. >> john: by emphasizing education there is some evidence it's helping republicans be competitive in these virginia suburbs. it's now up to the voters. we'll see what the results are when we get them. john. >> john: pledging to ban critical theory from schools on day one should he become governor. we'll see if he makes it there.
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mike, thank you. >> sandra: let's bring in fox news contributor and deputy editor for the "wall street journal." good to see you. i just look back at polling in september that showed education still much lower on the list as far as priorities in polling for the voters in that state. but my, how a few weeks changed everything where that's become a central message, a central issue in this race. >> absolutely. >> sandra: don't you love when that happens on live tv. we'll try to establish our live connection. are you with us? >> i am, can you hear me? >> sandra: go ahead. >> the most interesting aspect of that is how poorly terry mcauliffe responded to it. he made that remark about only talking to teachers.
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parents have no role. you know, i think the thing to understand about terry mcauliffe is that he's basically a clinton democrat. he's not a biden democrat. he's not a progressive. and terry mcauliffe has said any number of times that his biggest problem is what's coming out of washington. he admits that and so he's been really unable to run on the build back better plan. it's not something he wants to bring up. i think most of the democrats in virginia could be described more as clinton democrats than bernie sanders democrats. so terry mcauliffe really has no ideas to present to the people of virginia other than that youngkin is the second coming of donald trump. he's hammered that over and over again and clearly youngkin is not the second coming of donald trump but it shows how desperate mcauliffe is. if youngkin can win one of the
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big questions is not just whether he's a template for the republican strategy going into the midterms, what will be the democratic template? what are they going to run on if the build back better plan is unpopular and all they have got is donald trump and it doesn't work for them in virginia? they are facing some serious head winds. >> sandra: really good point. anything can happen as we still have hours to go before the polls close. a live look at virginia beach as we've seen voters show up to cast their ballots throughout the morning there in virginia. meanwhile, your colleague with the "wall street journal" says this about mcauliffe's panic attacks. if mr. mcauliffe loses on tuesday, he says, democrats worried about 2022 will blame everything from mr. biden's sinking approval ratings to the blue suburban revolt against school boards. what they should be asking themselves is if accusations of racism and shouts of trump are really a winning substitute for
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a positive democratic agenda that appeals beyond the bernie sanders' wing of the party. when we spoke to youngkin this morning and i asked him what's made the difference for him in the past couple of weeks, he said it's been to focus on the issues, to listen to the voters, because they are rising up, in particular, with the story on schools. he made his presence aware that he was listening to those parents. >> he did indeed. i think bill mcgert raises an excellent point about critical race theory because if terry mcauliffe is going to win he's going to need strong turnout in the black areas of virginia. richmond and so forth. and there is an awfully big question of whether black turnout is going to be strong for terry mcauliffe. if it is strong it would suggest they have reacted in some way against what's going on up there in loudoun county but my
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suspicion is that black turnout will be very tepid in virginia suggesting they are not animated by this issue of critical race theory and that the democrats are going to have to come up with an alternative to that. so i just think the enthusiasm level among democrats in virginia looks to be so low, and what else can you blame that on other than what's going on in washington, which is all people are paying attention to right now. >> sandra: really interesting. former governor chris christie was on this network earlier and weighed in. let's listen. >> all the momentum is in youngkin's direction. if youngkin wins tonight what we'll look back on and say is that the key moment of this campaign was when terry mcauliffe told the truth. when he said that he didn't think parents should be involved in deciding what their children are learning. i think our children's education is simply the most important issue going into 2022 and house
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candidates, senate candidates, gubernatorial candidates from the republican party across the country should be forcing this issue. >> sandra: it's such a good point because if this turns out to be the winning issue for youngkin there in virginia, you fast forward to the midterm elections in 2022 and you wonder just how big this issue becomes at a national level. final thought, dan? >> what's going on here with terry mcauliffe and that education issue is directly related to the reality that the teacher's unions are a primary part of the democratic base and there is no way a democratic candidate can get on the wrong side of the teacher's unions which explains why mcauliffe puts himself in opposition to parents on this. again, democratic candidates are being put in an extremely difficult position because of their base right now and the teacher's unions are a big part of that. >> sandra: great setup for all of us who will be watching
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closely tonight. thank you. john, as we look at those live pictures in virginia, voters still showing up with hours to go for the polls to be open. we have a lot of big guests coming up on this program and later on. charlie hurt and more. dan couldn't have set it up better. we'll be watching. >> john: it will be a very interesting day. these offyear elections give us a little bit of an insight into where the on-year midterms will go. cdc advisers preparing to vote on covid vaccine ages 5-11. what do parents need to know? >> sandra: so many parents have questions about that focusing on climate change. domestic agenda here at home is dealt a severe blow. joe mansion threatening to derail his massive spending plan. what happens now?
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>> sandra: dozens of people reportedly killed and a pair of explosions at a military hospital. a spokesman said fighters from isis k were involved in the attack and added that four of the attackers were killed in a gun fight and another was arrested. the military hospital was previously attacked in 2017 when gunmen disguised as hospital workers killed at least 30 people. >> john: cdc advisory committee
10:19 am
meeting today to consider signing off on pfizer's covid-19 vaccine for kids ages 5-11. approval would kick off the final authorization process for the white house to begin rolling out shots for children. let's bring in a professor from medicine. good to see you. this is a house call, not telemedicine call. outpatient facilities are already taking bookings for the pediatric vaccine. we've got our kids signed up but there is some interesting polling. kaiser foundation survey, last time they surveyed people, october 2021, right away, would people get the vaccine, 27%, wait and see, 33%, definitely not 30%, compared to a month ago, 34% said they would get it right away but definitely not 24%. so there has been a real reduction in people who will get it right away and people who won't get it at all. so help parents. what should parents be doing?
10:20 am
>> it's important for parents to know that covid-19 in children is a vaccine preventable illness so when kids get in the hospital and not only are at risk of dying, they are at risk of this multiinflammatory syndrome, there have been 2,500 kids documented in that age group 5-11. we're not just preventing death. we're preventing that massive systemic icu type condition. parents need to understand that if their kid has co-morbidity at high-risk, the answer is yes. if they have had covid there is no need and for everyone else it's a personal decision. they have got to look at the risks and benefits. it's not a hundred percent safe or a hundred percent risky, some say it's a little small, they want to see more data. >> john: you need the data quickly. there is a recent survey on parental concerns conducted by harvard northeastern, northwestern and rutgers which found that the big concerns of
10:21 am
parents, whether the vaccine has been tested enough. in june it was 51%. september, 63%, so concerns increasing immediate side effects, numbers up in september and concerns about long term health effects went up a 15 points between june and september. the closer we've gotten approval the more concerns are going up. >> parents right now are wondering, if we get more kids enroll will we get more data and understand more about it? we did learn more about the myocarditis. in boys, adolescent boys that's as high as one in 7,000. in my world that's high, so there are things people can do to lower their risks. first, the government is seeing let's get this in pediatrician's offices and have the dialogue so it's not a one size fits all strategy. you can use creative strategies with your pediatrician spacing out the doses or maybe going
10:22 am
with one dose in certain situations. the complications that we see are clustered around that second dose and they are this. they mirror the adult complication profile. about 10% of kids have a side effect in that age group 5-11. some have high grade fevers, about 6%, and there has been one death that was reported in the "new england journal of medicine" out of 136 kids with that myocarditis. >> one question of parents, if we get our kid vaccinated and the population vaccinated is it a certain level can, they finally take off the masks at school? >> yes, i do think kids should be liberated, after they have either had covid or they have been vaccinated they need to live their lives and we're still talking about an infection that for healthy kids has a case fatality rate similar to influenza. >> john: i want to ask you about breakthrough cases. there does seem to be a lot of them. is it just a function of more
10:23 am
people getting vaccinated or are we beginning to see now the effects, what the level of immunity is among a much broader population? >> you know, public health officials postulated that natural immunity would be less effective and wane over time compared to vaccinated immunity and they got it backwards. it turns out that vaccinated immunity clearly shows a waning so we're seeing more virus circulate and more infections. we'll continue to expect that once you bet the infection your immunity may be more durable because you're getting anti-virus to the whole virus and not just spike protein. natural immunity is as high as 27 times more protective. >> john: still thinking about a booster shot. do you want to jump in. >> shannon: to your question about whether kids will be able to take the mask off once vax convenience are offered to that age group you wonder how much longer will that go on? the number one thing parents
10:24 am
talk about, eight hours a day in those mask, right? and the urgency on establishing, you know, a line that we come to where they can start to take those off. >> sandra, unfortunately we don't have exit criteria put out by the cdc that are reasonable. >> sandra: it would be helpful. >> kids will be wearing masks for 20 years under that. it probably ranks six or seven in mitigation stuff for kids. adult infection rates and immunity rates is ultimately the most important factor. >> john: thank you for finally coming in for a house call. >> sandra: thanks, doctor. biden taking aim and russia and china while his own climate change faces major cuts at home s. the biden agenda in jeopardy? republican senator bill haggerty
10:25 am
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>> john: president biden wrapping up his trip to europe with a news conference two hours from now, including his climate and spending agenda. senator bill haggerty with a look at the president's effort to pass a far left wish list but first to alex live in scotland. >> hi, biden calling this the most significant investment in climate action made. biden unveiling his new plan to slash methane emissions by 30%. the move would take a serious toll on the oil and natural gas industry which is the leading source of the greenhouse gas in the u.s. about 90 countries are vowing as
10:30 am
well to cut methane emissions by 30% by the end of the decade. also on the docket today, 114 countries taking a major step to halt deforestation by 2030. $12 billion on the table would plant tree, restore land and protect indigenous communities across the globe. >> this plan is the first of its kind, taking a whole approach and employ up to $9 million to cop serve and restore for efforts and mobilize billions more from our partners. >> sandra: a roadblock back home, west virginia, joe mansion says he'll not support the administration's $1.7 billion plan which would include financing these promises made here in scotland. white house press secretary jen psaki defending the president's plan saying they remain
10:31 am
confident that they will gain senator mansion's report. this is only day two of cop 26 although the president will leave this evening returning back to the u.s. there is still 10 days left in this monumental trip. >> sandra: join us is tennessee senator big haggerty. it's good to have you here. do you believe mansion will finally come around at some point on this? >> it's hard to say. i think he was very clear about the problem he has with this bill. the problems are actually massive. we've been falling through deadline after deadline that pelosi has set. they aren't in control of the situation and mansion has made it clear. they need every single democrat to get this through. we're in a 50-50 divided senate. they don't have mansion and i think there are several others that are in the same place he is.
10:32 am
>> sandra: and their names? >> i'll led joe mansion take the lead for the group but he's articulating a sense that other democrats certainly feel. they dont's on know what's in this bill in many cases and as they begin to look at it and see that it's not paid for, it's going to add trillions of dollars of debt to our children and grandchildren, it's not good for the economy, so many things as they come out about this bill are turning out to be very bad for the american economy. >> sandra: we were talking about this, this morning, how many more behind him, is he just the public face of this for his more moderate wing of the party? the editorial board of the "wall street journal" makes a similar point as you, in their piece this morning. mansion nails the progressive hostage strategy. it write someone has to stand up to the left's ransom demands and biden has shown he won't. house republicans ought to make them pass the infrastructure bill with their own vote. if the progressives want to kill it that's their choice but they shouldn't be able no use g.o.p. votes to ease their way to
10:33 am
passing the largest expansion of government in decades. you say what to your republican colleagues in the house on that point? >> i predicted this from the very beginning. back in august. i said that what we're creating with this so-called bipartisan infrastructure bill is the hostage that nancy pelosi and the far left wing of her party need to force the more moderate democrats to vote for this massive socialist debt bomb that they are putting into place. i urged my colleagues back then, i got five of my colleagues here in the senate to join me after putting up a heck of a fight for several days but we moved several votes at that point. i would love to see more move on because i think what the public is seeing is what's really happening. we do not need to transform our economy, in the direction of bernie sanders, that would take us further toward socialism and certainly not at a time when our economy is trying to recover from a recession, we're going to put more and more crushing debt and more and more taxes on the creators of jobs here in america. this is not the time north
10:34 am
place. >> sandra: certainly the american people can feel the high price of just about everything, and the polling shows that they attribute that to more and more government spending, and here we're looking at an administration that's pushing for more of that in a tweet just a moment ago you pointed out just that, senator. prices for everyday goods have skyrocketed under biden. he must be held accountable for the harm he's causing american families. which brings us to the moment, what happens next, and who the moderates will hold him accountable for this. considering we don't have a congressional budget office -- that could be almost two weeks before we see one and you talk about the concerns of mansion, i don't know what the word is that you used to describe it, massive, big, differences are huge, this is coming from our congressional correspondent on the hill just now. he says senator mansion has expressed some reservation about some of what wants to be done. obviously mitigate methane is
10:35 am
one of the issues but there are others as well. the understanding is hopefully today we'll be able to resolve those issues. i mean, he and nancy pelosi are still talking about something getting done today, senator. >> they are on a different planet. this is extraordinarily complicated. what they are talking about doing is destroying the fossil fuel industry here in america. i don't think we're going to move smoothly to do that and the way they are going to pay for this, amount of taxes would be required would be back breaking to the american economy right now. i don't see this happening at the pace or speed they are talking about. not at all. >> sandra: especially with so many not knowing exactly what's in it and how much it going to cost, and still not even having a score on it. appreciate your time this afternoon. thank you. >> good to be with you. >> sandra: john? >> john: we've got more ahead on this as well. sheila jackson-lee from texas will be coming on the program to talk to us more about this.
10:36 am
she's saying the cfrb can't make a recommendation until this thing has been scored by the cbo and as you saw with mark earlier today if they do score it after they have written it they will have to rewrite the whole >> sandra: that's right. you're talking about a lot of time. jo mocked for campaigning with the american federation of teacher's presidents, weingarten, at the final rally. what's that about? what some are calling a estionable move. >> sandra: the virginia governor's race could come down to a few crucial counties. who better to walk us through those counties than our next guest. where this race is heading. we'll take a spin on it next. >> this will be a fun day. i really do look forward to watching everybody come out to the polls and i trust the voters in virginia.
10:37 am
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>> sandra: yahoo says it's pulled its web services out of china citing its difficult business environment. the move is largely symbolic since yahoo is already censured there. google left china several years
10:42 am
ago and linked in announced last month that it was shuttering its chinese site. >> john: in virginia the race for governor is coming down to the wire. many see that contest as a bellwether for next year especially in a state that went heavily for biden last november. bill hammer diving into the data on this high stakes race and he joins us now. i'm keen to get your analysis because this is home for me. >> okay. >> john: and one of the things i'm interested in is how the vote will go, those that went heavily for biden, loudoun and fairfax, has been ground zero in this huge debate over schools. >> good afternoon to you and sandra. when i look at the state of virginia, just analyzing it, i divide it into four different areas. i look at the southwestern part of the state which is reliably republican. not as many votes, more rural
10:43 am
but it's pretty red as you can see. down here in the southeast corner of the state, that tidewater-hampton roads, republicans think there are a lot of votes out there today for youngkin. the third area is in the center, richmond. it's pretty blue but there is a county underneath there called chesterfield. it's a suburban vote. it went very close to the republican, the governor's race four years ago. joe biden won it 11 months ago but that's an area where republicans think they can pick up two. the area you're talking about, john, right up here in the washington, d.c. area, you're talking about fairfax. look how many votes are in just this county alone. biden with 70% of the vote. a difference of 251,000 raw votes, only 11 months ago. what can youngkin do? keep that number down. he won't do it entirely but he might be able to do it slightly
10:44 am
if he wants a chance to win this. prince william county, your neighborhood as well, john. again, you're at 63% of the vote just 11 months ago. a big difference of 61,000 but the county that's been in the news with the headlines, more so than anything else over the past year, you could argue, this is loudoun county. joe biden with about 62% of the vote. almost two to one over donald trump from last november. a difference, by the way, of about 56,000 votes. it is said that youngkin, in order to keep that vote down, he needs to turn this 36.7 number to about 42, 43, or 44. it's a little something we'll be watching throughout the night as the returns come in, john, and we'll see whether or not youngkin can eat into some of those leads in northern virginia. you're right about that heavy population based, and we'll see how it goes. >> john: when you look at how the polls have changed and issues shuffled around with
10:45 am
education being the number one issue, there have to be a lot of votes for youngkin but 20% of the votes are already in at the beginning of september when the polls were opposite. could there still be enough votes out there when you think about early voting heavily favors democrat. >> we'll hang on to that idea, john, and see how this develops but republicans are banking on a get out the vote operation today. and, i mean, there are big majorities of republican voters who say they aren't going to mail in a vote. they aren't going to go absentee. they want to go to the precinct, cast their ballot and make sure it's counted. many still think that way. i was talking earlier about the southwestern part of the state. look at the numbers that trump did here, john. that's insir roundable here. >> john: there aren't a lot of people out there? >> that's the problem.
10:46 am
only 6,700. i was looking at scott county. 7,300. 86.6 is just dominating. wise county as well. 80.6%. youngkin has been in this part of the state over the past week. he spent almost two entire days there. why do you do that? you want to make sure that those people come out and vote. that was a big part of his intent. sandra and i earlier were talking about trying to match some of these trump numbers down here. he didn't admit to it but i'll tell you, john, if you're analyzing this race he has to come very close to that 80% number that i showed you a moment ago in that part of the state. >> as we bring sandra back in here, bill, one of the big unknowns is, it's rainy and cool across the commonwealth and how will that affect voter turnout on the day? >> fair enough. i think all the prognosticators will talk about the weather. we'll see if that matters but john, remember the fox poll from two weeks ago about enthusiasm, youngkin had a 10-point edge on
10:47 am
that, and if you're jacked up to vote it doesn't matter whether raining or not, you'll make sure you get out there. >> sandra: it's remarkable, bill, i was talking to you about this morning, how much has changed in such a short period of time. i look back, at our briefing book getting ready for tonight, i look back at fox news polling on the top issues for people in that state. for the governor's race. in september, education was one, two, three, four, fifth down on the list. >> amazing. >> sandra: it was economy, coronavirus, healthcare, taxes, education, now it's top of the list. up there with the economy for voters in that state. >> john: i think the economy is still up there in the top two or three categories for sure but education eclipse a lot of that. we'll see if that poll plays out tonight in the way that we projected about a week ago. how you can get, sandra and john, a 14-point swing about in 14 days.
10:48 am
it was really dramatic. if it goes that way tonight that will be something else. can i just show you something for 2017? this was the governor's race, okay? in virgini north won by seven points. it was red back then and it was red with gillespie winning it by .3 percentage points. these are the suburbs again, south of the city of richmond. look at the difference in that vote margin. 285. look. i think we're in for a long night tonight. i don't know if it's going to be all night for not, but chesterfield will be watching. to get some hints as to how this vote is going. >> sandra: yep. >> john: you wonder if he could peak too late because of all the early voting. >> that's why they play the
10:49 am
game. good to be with you guys. >> sandra: love it, right? republicans meanwhile demanding answers on that memo directing the f.b.i. to investigate parents at those school board meetings. so what are they hearing in response? john? >> john: crucial world series game tonight. you'll need two tv sets. one to watch the election. one to watch the ball park. we're live coming up next. ♪♪
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so good. high protein. low sugar. mmm, birthday cake. try pure protein shakes. with vitamins and minerals for immune support. >> sandra: pressure is on for the houston astros as they take on the atlanta braves tonight. the braves lead the series 3-2. we're live from minute maid park with a preview. hi? >> hi, sandra. yes, it will be a picture-perfect evening. temperature in the 60s. boy, that's so rare for houston. what a night for america's pastime. a lot of people will be tuned in. 7:09 central time. 8:09 eastern is when that first pitch is thrown out at minute maid park back here in houston. the astros still clearly very much in this thing after pulling out a win sunday in game five against the atlanta braves.
10:54 am
now they are back on their home texas turf. >> you change your rally cry. we just want to get back to our base camp. go back home. now, whole thing is win game one, which is game six, and then put us into a position to win game seven. >> we all want to finish this off. there is no pressure. we're one of two teams remaining in our sport. >> john: if the astros eke out a win tonight, then a game will be played tomorrow. game seven right here in houston. however, if the braves hit it out of the park, see what i did there, it's all over and they are the champions. >> sandra: well done, casey, well done. good. a lot of excitement for this as we head in and i'm glad to hear that the temperature and the weather is participating. beautiful blue sky behind us. >> sandra: all right. casey, thank you.
10:55 am
>> john: that's nice weather in texas. brian kemp was on fox and friend this is morning. enough of this, just win it. we don't need to bring it home. contentious close governor's race coming down to the wire. voters getting their say at the polls. what the end result could mean for both parties heading into the midterms. complete coverage of the high stakes election rolls on. bret baier, martha mccullum. stay with us. i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time. gold. agile and liquid. a proven protector. an ever-evolving enabler of bold decisions.
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11:00 am
i'm sandra smith. a packed hour new at 2:00 and virginia is likely to serve as a road map for republicans to retake power in washington, d.c. >> my opponent clearly stated that he doesn't think parents should have a role in their children's education. >> the main reason, folks, i'm running, i want to build the best education. i want every child to have a world class education. >> the key moment of this campaign is when terry mcauliffe told the truth. >> it used to be said all politics are local. i would argue no politics are local. when you look at some of the political wins here in washington, that is impacting the race. >> there is no greater contrast than these two divisions. >> biden won this state by 10 points. this race shouldn't even be close. >> sandra: bret baier and martha mccullum joins us live.
11:01 am
>> the candidates for the virginia governor's race are making their final pitches. republicans appealing to parents as democrats call in a top teacher's union boss. that's proof that the left is out of touch. >> sandra: while we're talking about priorities, sheila jackson-lee joins us even as americans struggle to pay for rising prices. does she agree with her fellow house democrats who says opposing the president's plan is anti-black and anti-woman? >> john: we begin our two and our election day coverage with the biggest race of the year. polls closing in a little less than five hours as voters there in the state of virginia pick the next governor. let's bring in special report bret baier. if you look at the shape of this race it's completely different now than it was six weeks ago and the question is, because there was early voting in the
11:02 am
beginning of september, could republicans get enough people out on election day to counter what might have been a democrat advantage? >> that's the biggest question today. >> bret: it's about numbers. politico put it momentum versus math. the mcauliffe voters felt good with 53% voting roughly. youngkin needs to get anywhere from 52 to 55% of the vote today. that's doable but it requires a get out the vote effort that will be significant. and momentum clearly was going his way even in places like loudoun county in northern virginia and fairfax. places where republicans really haven't spent a lot of campaign time because it's overwhelmingly territory. a little fly in the ointment today. it's rainy and cold in the state of virginia. how will that impact turnout? >> it's not snowy and icy.
11:03 am
it's rainy and cold. this is such a hot race as far as issues and, you look at election question about motivation and how motivated. youngkin seemed to have a lot of that number. i think the question really becomes a few counties and if you can chip away in northern virginia and change the dynamic, for example, joe biden won by 520,000 votes in northern virginia. it's a huge sum. if he can do that and youngkin can get out the base in the southern part of the state, i think it's going to be really close. we could have a long night. >> loudoun county is ground zero. there is probably a little more than 200,000 votes in that county. are there enough there if enough democrats were to say, i can't vote for the democrat because of what's going on in the schools, to take youngkin over the top, if the vote around the rest of the state shakes out similarly to the way it did last november?
11:04 am
>> think about how much this issue of education has changed. youngkin was down nine points just a few weeks ago. that turned around. >> as sandra was pointing out education was like number five or six in the list of issues people care about. >> mcauliffe was saying, this is no big deal. this is not happening. an image of your imagination and parents said no. and it's an issue that crosses party lines. it's not ideological. it's about kids and parents, and it's effective. >> i think if mcauliffe had a do-over it would be that last debate at the end of september where parents shouldn't be telling schools what to teach. to any parents, weingarten is the enemy. is that a sign that mcauliffe beliefs he's lost the parents so he's trying to hold on to the union? >> i see it that way. i see that he looks at the education numbers and they are upside-down. what does he have to do?
11:05 am
he has to fire up the union base to get the vote out to be able to be competitive. i do think that's the signal he's sending because otherwise it's really tone deaf. when it comes to covid and closing schools, on numerous issues that's not exactly the person you want to put forward in your closing argument but if you're trying to rally the unions maybe that's it. >> may be a long night. get a bucket of coffee. see you tonight at 6:00. sandra? >> sandra: the maker of the story, life at loudoun countyva,va, where folks are casting their vote. we've seen the line throughout the morning. you're standing at ground zero for this debate that we have seen in school board meetings with parents. >> that's right. it's interesting, sandra, to be here in loudoun county today after this being the center of so much of the conversation and all of those fired up meetings that we've been covering and
11:06 am
watching over the course of the past year. i can attest to the fact that it is indeed cold and rainy in loudoun county today. and that the lines do not appear to be long here. i went inside and spoke to a couple of people in there and they said it was steadier this morning. a little bit weaker right now. when you look at the numbers you've got about a million voters who have already quality their ballots in virginia. i spoke to the youngkin team this morning. they expect that the overall number will come in around 2.2 million in the state of virginia so you've got about 1.1 million people who would be out there on the road going to their local voting -- polling places and doing just that. just for comparison's sake, in 2020 for a presidential election you had 4.5 million in the turnout so the turnout is going to be very key. obviously for both of these candidates, and you heard terry mcauliffe trying to drum up the vote, bringing in some of those big union voices like randy
11:07 am
weingarten. he's got tweets today from the siu unions saying they are coming out in full force because youngkin has done something that i think nobody anticipated even a month ago. this is really the big moment that's happened over just the past couple of weeks when you look at it but he's created a wedge issue in the blue sections of virginia, and he's done it over education. so you look at the suburban voters who were trump voters in 2016. biden voters in 2020, and, the sense is they don't really hike what they signed up for that much. when they look at the division that they see happening in their state. youngkin is out there with this very positive message. he turns out in this case to be the one trying to unify the state and bring people together so it's a very interesting dynamic and he's clearly created a wedge issue in blue parts of the state that i think nobody anticipated. even several weeks ago, sandra.
11:08 am
>> sandra: martha, noting on the screen right now a polling place in fredericksburg, virginia. we've been showing virginia beach as well. we have hours to go, and to your point, martha, that's what youngkin told us this morning. what's been key as far as your messaging there in the state knowing the environment, political environment that we're in, the covid environment that is for the schools and parents. he said i've spoken my mind and listened to parents on the ground. believes that's why he's covered such substantial ground and has such momentum in this race in. an op ed on fox news this morning he said that empowering parents is paramount. it's been arguably just a simple message that he's gained so much more momentum in that state. >> i think parents over the course of covid have been through a lot, obviously, and one of the things that they have
11:09 am
had the experience of is watching their kids have to study from home, how difficult and challenging that was, and while they were doing that, they were looking over their shoulder and they didn't always like what they saw in terms of what was being taught in their school systems. they don't want their kids to be taught that one race is oppressive and another race is not. these issues really, it's very reminiscent of the tea party period which is when you saw governor's races split republican in both virginia and new jersey in that year. so i think what we're seeing here is something that's significant in american politics in terms of this movement. we're going to get a better sense in terms of how strong it is, i think, tonight, even if some of these races are a lot closer than anyone anticipated. that will send a message. i will just point out, i know you spoke to youngkin earlier today and i talked to his campaign earlier as well, they are incredibly bold in their assessments of where they think this is going to go for them. they are talking about 13 and 14
11:10 am
points higher than president trump in loudoun county and chesterfield county. so they are talking about not just doing well in loudoun. they are talking about winning. 51% margin in loudoun county. so they are putting numbers out there that's not typical, i don't think, of candidates at this stage of the game, but they are feeling very, very confident as they head in tonight and we'll see. we'll see if those numbers hold up. it will be very interesting to watch. >> sandra: we look forward to you and bret's coverage. we're looking at the weather forecast. this isn't snow or ice, this shouldn't be something that keeps voters home considering how energized voters are in the state. it looks like the rain is supposed to taper off at 4:00 eastern time looking at it in ash burn, virginia. we're looking forward to it. >> that means it will rain. no problem.
11:11 am
we've been in worst. >> sandra: martha, we'll be watching, thank you. >> john: a lot of people will just be getting off work. so we could get some good turnout. it will be interesting to see how this ends up. >> sandra: we'll all be watching, right? >> john: i live in virginia and this is the race to watch no question. straight ahead, more in the race, including what mcauliffe said that has people scratching their heads. >> sandra: the race for governor of new jersey is serving up a surprise. what's driving those voters to the polls there in a race that's closer than anyone saw coming. (jackie) i've made progress with my mental health. so when i started having unintentional body movements
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>> laura: tonight on "th it's another day. and anything could happen. it could be the day you welcome 1,200 guests and all their devices. or it could be the day there's a cyberthreat. only comcast business' secure network solutions give you the power of sd-wan and advanced security integrated on our activecore platform so you can control your network from anywhere, anytime. it's network management redefined. every day in business is a big day. we'll keep you ready for what's next. comcast business powering possibilities.
11:17 am
>> angry parents and school children could decide today's race but the mcauliffe campaign seems to be ending by stirring the pot. charlie hert will be here with that in just a couple of minutes. stay tuned. first, the big picture and the targeting of parents reaching all the way to the feds. attorney general garland failing to hand over evidence he used in crafting that controversial memo which directed the f.b.i. and u.s. attorneys to investigate parents protesting at school board meetings. here's dave with the latest on this. >> the deadline for attorney general garland to respond to those senate judiciary republicans was ned, november 1. i spoke to a senior justice
11:18 am
department asking if that deadline was met and i was answered no comment. at this point they have not received any evidence they are asking for. the republicans sent a let to doj last week asking specifically what evidence attorney general garland used to write that october 4 memo calling on the f.b.i. and u.s. attorneys to sniff out any violence or any threats of violence. because you're able to distill your evidence and craft a memo that fixed the gaze of the f.b.i. on concerned parents, you should be able to share that evidence with us in the same period of time. the attorney general crafted his memo. there were four days in between the national school board association memo on september 29 and attorney general garland's memo. the school board association memo letter expressed concern about a rise in violent threats toward school board members and other school officials. >> if it's necessary, we'll
11:19 am
start holding up nominees and we'll use other oversight mechanisms to make sure he explains. >> but attorney general garland says it's plain and simple. he wants to protect people from violence. >> parents can object about curriculum, about the treatment of their children, about school policies, all of that is a hundred percent protected by the first amendment and there's nothing in this memorandum contrary to that we're only trying to prevent violence against school officials. >> and just today house republicans who also questioned garland a couple of weeks ago they are asking for documents and information about garland using a basis for writing that october 4 memo. the national school board association, john, as we've been pointing out, they have apologized for their letter. right now doj all the way up to the attorney general standing by that controversial memo. >> i expect he'll continue to do that as well. david, thank you.
11:20 am
sandra. >> education at the top of the list for voters in virginia republicans are calling out terry mcauliffe for bringing in a union boss. charlie hert's opinion editor, and "washington times" contributor, great to see you, clearly in a statement, education has emerged as a top issue for voters why, would mcauliffe in the final days of his campaign bring in randy weingarten to feet. she's obviously synonymous and known for her school closures and extreme education curriculum? >> it's really crazy. i can't fathom why they would make a decision like that especially as you point out given her history with school closures and things like that. and whether it's an act of desperation or incompetence, it's kind of hard to say at this point but, of course, youngkin ended his campaign last night in
11:21 am
loudoun county holding a parents matter outdoor rally, and the battle cry throughout the night was on education. remember, education is one of those things that historically has not been a republican issue typically and youngkin has managed to take this issue away from democrats. he heard the voice of parents who are concerned about education, and he has picked up the flag and run with it, and as you pointed out, the juxtaposition between that rally last night and terry mcauliffe ending with randy weingarten, it's a head scratcher. >> sandra: i believe the next three hours will tell if that was a winning or losing strang in the final moments of his campaign. charlie, you've been writing about this. in your column you're taking on those people that were planted at the youngkin event. with this headline virginia democrats reach new lows in race hatred campaign. you write, they got caught red-handed and it all backfired in an unholy fashion that will
11:22 am
come to define the entire mcauliffe campaign, and you write, perhaps the whole biden presidency. >> yes, i think there is a real good chance -- this is certainly a moment where voters get an opportunity to finally register their opinion about how the biden administration is going, and that stumped the democrats in virginia along with ex-republicans that donald trump ran out of the party of posting these posers, i guess trying to smear youngkin as some kind of racist without any sort of evidence whatsoever. it's also ridiculous, it's everything that voters despise about politics and they despise about all of this division, and this effort to, of course, meanwhile, ignoring the very important issues that voters do care about, in this case, education. i think it could be one of those moments where we look back and
11:23 am
we say, that was the moment where people just got fed up and said to heck with this and you see people, you know, you see -- the youngkin campaign has plenty of voters voting with youngkin. i haven't seen the mcauliffe campaign produce a single republican voter who is voting with terry mcauliffe. >> sandra: wow! before we let you go, you look at what the potential outcome is of tonight and what the implications will be once we know who wins this race for the midterm elections. >> i think, you know, it certainly looks like youngkin is closing with a strong campaign. he's got the wind at his back. momentum is going in his direction. he's got a clear message. terry mcauliffe's message is unclear. he seems desperate. certainly democrats in virginia seem desperate and i think it's a moment where republicans in
11:24 am
virginia and around the country might look at this and say, okay, you know what? the insanity has finally reached the bottom and we're ready to start rebuilding and we want to start rebuilding with youngkin. that's a pretty good position to be in if you're a republican of virginia right now. >> sandra: okay. charity, thank you. >> john? >> john: sandra, getting in the car and going north, where we'll run into a horrific traffic jam and republicans looking for an upset. alexis mcadams, we welcome her to knocks news live in jersey city for us. hi. >> good afternoon, hi there and happy to be part of this team. new jersey is deciding today if they want to keep democratic governor phil murphy for a second term here or replace him with republican candidate jack. voters in the garden state tell us that taxes and the response to the covid-19 pandemic are the most important issues and we
11:25 am
caught up with both. the moderate has been highly critical of the handling of the pandemic here in new jersey. he believes the restrictions in place have been very harmful to local businesses and deadly for people. the new jersey native tells me he's focused on fixing the state's taxes which are the highest in the nation. >> he's poking him right in the eye on the issue that bothers him the most. he's raised taxes on every issue. i'm talking about how we're going to lower taxes in new jersey and we can. >> sandra: go murphy has been touting what he believes are first term accomplishments, raising minimum wage. expanding paid family leave. murphy has remained the favorite in this race but isn't taking anything for granted. >> we're 10 points behind, and we take nothing for granted. it's why i'm running around the state. >> now new jersey does have more
11:26 am
registered democrats than republican voters. this race has tightened up leading to election day. it's been 44 years since the democratic governor has been reelected in new jersey. more than 40 years since that's happened. we'll have to see how it plays out and the polls close at 8:00. back to you. >> looking forward to the results of that. >> john: welcome to fox. >> welcome. >> john: moved to the east coast from chicago. are you still a bears fan? >> we'll have to see how they do. love chicago. we'll have to talk about that. >> john: good to have you with us. >> sandra: a member of the democratic squad going against joe mansion saying his tax and spending plan is anti-black and anti-woman. >> john: democratic congresswoman sheila jackson-lee joins to us react to her party's
11:27 am
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pay down high rate credit cards, improve your home, or just give your family the security of having cash in the bank. >> sandra: voters in minneapolis heading to the polls to decide the future of the city's police department. gary is live in minneapolis with the latest on all of this. hi, garrett. >> good afternoon to you. there is a lot riding on this vote for progressive democrats who want minneapolis to become the poster child for what re-imagined public safety can look like. city question 2 has divided this heavily democratic city with progressives pushing to replace the police department with a new department of public safety, while a lot of leaders in the black community are strongly against it and say it would hurt their neighborhoods. >> i live like a half mile from
11:33 am
where george floyd was murdered. the police just totally abandoned everybody for that entire summer. and it's time for a change. >> i would be the first one to say should there be police reform, yes, there should but we need police. there is no if's, and's or but's about it. >> john: this divide is playing out at the state level as well with the governor and a congresswoman coming out against question 2 while progressives like ilhan strongly support it. it could ask as a bellwether for the democratic party in next year's midterm elections. >> the african-americans in the city are more supportive of the police and of mayor frye than white progressives in the city, and that's a very important division because if that becomes a national division it's a huge problem for the democratic party. >> democrats need progressives
11:34 am
and african-american votes in big numbers and if they don't have both they can't win elections. >> we may get a preview of that tonight as well since dismantling the police department has become a central dividing issue for the race of mayor and city council as well. >> sandra: we'll be closing watching that. senator joe mansion sounding off on biden's social spending plan. let's listen here. >> as more details are outlined, i see budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the scaldeded 1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount. >> john: igniting a firestorm what are the gimmicks he's talking about. let's bring in mia.
11:35 am
thank you for joining us. the gimmick that senator joe mansion is talking about, is he right? >> from what we known so far and we don't know because we haven't seen the official scores of the bill, absolutely, there appears to be a lot of gimmicks in the bill. it's not new to budgeting, we see this all the time where people want to make the overall price tag look much smaller than it is but it certainly appears that's going on here. two main reasons. a lot of the policies are in the bill. they pretend they are going to expire. they say it will just be for one year or a couple of years that means the cost will balloon when the policies are extended and made permanent. the other thing is they are pre-tenning that some of the paid fors will probably raise more revenue on paper than in reality. second kind of game so not as much revenue will come in as
11:36 am
they are saying, and all of that means the bill will add to the debt much more than it looks like on paper. >> john: they say it's paired down to $3.5 trillion but when you look at the artificial sunset dates and want to make it permanent, we're back up to the $3.5 trillion. >> everything rides on the what the congressional budget office tells us when they look at the details of the policies because we haven't seen those details yet which is another reason why it's premature to cast a vote until we know what's in the bills but by the rough estimates that we can pull together from what looks like is intended. that means if you put in a policy you want it to be permanent. we score it as though it is permanent. it's likely to be well over $3 trillion rather than the 1.75 that they are saying and i should say, $1.75 trillion, that's a lot of new spending already and it does look like the price tag once everything is
11:37 am
accounted for would be significantly larger. >> john: back in july when i got my first email memo on this reconciliation bill you're suggesting that -- the actual 10-year cost would top $5 trillion, maybe $5.5 trillion. so if those programs are made permanent, takes it out to $3.5 trillion and those extend out past year seven are we back to over the $5 trillion figure? >> i don't think we'll be that high and the reason is they have dropped some of the policies under contemplation that they wanted in the package. when it started the wish list was really long with a whole lot of policies. some of those things aren't going to make it into the end of the bill and that's how you do real scaling down, it willing the size of it so if they drop some of the policies or if they target them better, so one of the things you can do is make sure that the policies are more directed toward people who need the most, for instance.
11:38 am
that will actually really scale back the cost of the bill. we've seen some of that and we've seen some of this playing around with gimmicks. and so we give them credit for dropping some of the policies that people might like but they aren't willing to pay for. there is too much crammeded into this to actually reflect what the cost will be. >> john: at some point it will have to be scored by the ceo. it's always great to see you. thanks for stopping by. appreciate it. sandra, initially, the cfrb was suggesting because the bill -- the price tag would be $5.5 trillion, it didn't even qualify for reconciliation. the true cost of this bill is unknown. >> sandra: it could be three times as much. we don't know. the expandible child tax credit, $110 billion annually, if that's extended a year, that's one thing but if that goes on for
11:39 am
several years, those costs are not accounted for in the overall total. so we'll talk to sheila jackson about that in just a moment. with some criticism, all of that coming from senator manchin, tricks, gimmicks, all of this budget finagling, we look forward to talking to congresswoman sheila jackson about that in just a moment. fine, no one leaves the table until your finished. fine, we'll sleep here. ♪♪ it's the easiest because it's the cheesiest. kraft. for the win win. it's my woke-up-like-this migraine medicine. it's ubrelvy. one dose can quickly stop my migraine in its tracks within 2 hours. don't take with strong cyp3a4 inhibitors. most common side effects were nausea and tiredness. ask about ubrelvy, the anytime,
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>> sandra: you saw it here yesterday, a wrench being thrown in. >> john: the far left refusing to take up the bipartisan infrastructure bill won't help things. >> the bipartisan infrastructure bill, holding this bill hostage is not going to work in getting my support for reckon sill nation bill. >> john: democratic congresswoman sheila jackson-lee joins us, vice chair of the congressional caucus. always great to see you. thank you for taking the time to be with us. yesterday senator manchin said
11:45 am
he can't support the reconciliation bill without a full examination of what the economic impact will be that prompted your fellow congresswoman from missouri to say joe manchin's opposition to the build back better act is anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant. do you agree with her? >> let me just say this. we're a nation of people who believe in democracy. that's what i'm going to stand on. last week the president of the united states came to the democratic caucus and received a standing ovation on his agenda, the build back better back and the structure and the formula for what he wanted to see go forward along with the bipartisan infrastructure bill. the congressional progressive caucus gave an acclamation, and then we got to work and got to work we did. we've been working since thursday. continue to work now.
11:46 am
working to the point, whereas i said last week in an interview, that we'll be voting this week on the bill back better act and, as well, we'll be voting on the bipartisan infrastructure bill. each member can speak on their truth, and as they do so, we'll continue to work so that we can bring everyone together and that's where we're right now. >> congresswoman, you know, obviously, joe manchin in his own words yesterday took issue with what he describes as shell games and budget gimmicks, looking at this bill. his concern is that your party wants to bring it up for a vote without even having a congressional budget office score on it. he says that every member has a responsibility to know the impact this would have on their constituents, and also on the country. isn't that a fair request, to wait a couple of weeks to get the cbo score? >> one thing we want to make sure of, all of our members have
11:47 am
a clarity on what this bill stands for. of course, we want senator manchin to have that as well. my view is that we have no pay for's, no understanding of the $2.3 trillion conglomerate that the trump tax cut -- that we're still hurting from. we'll have a cbo in right order. there is no, no concern that we'll not be able to pay for this bill. it's at 1.75, and the bill back, the bipartisan infrastructure is under that. we're responsible legislators. we're democrats. we believe in democracy and transparency and what you've seen is what we've not seen with the friends on the other side of the aisle. we so no transparency but the one thing we will say what line in america do you want to stand on? i want to stand on bus drivers, essential workers, moms and dads struggling to provide for their
11:48 am
family, families that can get pre-k for 3-year-olds for the first time in history, and providing for those who need home care. that's part of what we're doing but we're also adding broadband, getting rid of lead and water, cancer clusters in the fifth ward in my district. that's where we need to be. i want to promise you that the commitment we make to the american people, to the senators, is that we'll have a build back better bill that embraces all people and answers the questions of everyone that may be a skeptic. we're going to get their questions answered. >> john: congressman let me come back to what you said. every member of their caucus has their own truth. anti-black, antichild, anti-woman and anti-immigrant. that's very harsh. do you believe that joe manchin is all of those things? >> again, i said this. i said this. every member speaks for themselves. i speak for democracy. and i speak for the right for
11:49 am
every member to speak or characterize as they have chosen to do. i didn't come on here to judge members. i didn't come on here to judge senator manchin. i came on to provide education to your viewers and the education is that we'll pass the bill back better bill, we'll pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill and we'll embrace -- >> sandra: but as members of congress, and i'll take this to the inflation side of the equation, congresswoman, and again we appreciate your time. >> i have to go and vote. thank you. >> sandra: can i get one quick question. do you have concerns for those very people that you're fighting for that they will ultimately pay more as we're seeing right now for goods and services that are going up as polls show americans attribute inflation to higher government spending? is spending -- a good idea? >> the polls show that the build back better act has a 70%
11:50 am
approval rating from americans. americans understand that once we invest in their children, their families, provide them with a child tax cut, these issues of inflation, we'll certainly be concerned about as the secretary of the treasury if they exist but once we invest in america, once we deal with climate, once we deal with broadband, removing lead, building more affordable housing and, of course, putting men and women back to work with the infrastructure bill, i'll tell you that america will be on the best path she's ever been. thank you very much. >> john: congresswoman sheila jackson-lee from the great state of texas. she's confident they will have a vote this week. we'll see what happens but certainly the senate will be a different story even if the house does have the vote. >> sandra: we invite more voices to come on. we want to hear from both sides on this issue. we use the word massive. it's a significant amount of government spending that we're talking about and joe manchin,
11:51 am
his concern is, while they are talking about this $1.75 trillion price tag it's more like twice that. some economists have looked at this and suggested it could be even three times that, when you look, for example, at the expandible refund building child tax credit program, that's one area where people are concerned that they are asking to extend that by a year at $110 billion annually. if that's goes on for 10 years, john can, you're talking about a much different price tag for that bill. >> john: until the cbo scores it, it's all just talk. >> sandra: fox news alert, we're waiting for word about the covid vaccine, giving it to children as young as five. lots of questions from parents. >> tech: when you get a chip in your windshield... trust safelite. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair.
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>> john: let's bring in dr. nicole saphier for more. we expect approval in the next couple hours, shots going out tomorrow and later this week. what should parents do? >> that's right. the advisory committee for the cdc is meeting now. they've been the last few hours. the big topicses are efficacy and safety of this vaccine in childrens ages 5-11 years old. we know now from ample data, there's efficacy up until 12 years of age. they were able to demonstrate that 5-11. it prevented symptomatic infection in this young age group. we move on to the safety data. was there enough evidence to show that the vaccine would be safe in the young kids? i will say it was a smaller cohort and they were not able to determine the more rare side effects like the myocarditis that we saw in the adolescents.
11:58 am
when it came to the immediate immerse events from the vaccine, we saw fevers, other common side effects. the question parents need to ask, do their children need the vaccine. these are questions that the cdc needs to talk about. ultimately it's up to the cdc director whether or not she will give the go-ahead and what her formal recommendations were. as with boosters, she deviated from the advisory group. should children recovered from covid-19? should people with risks be given the vaccine? should we have the doses three weeks apart? should we consider a single dose in kids? these are things that need to be taken under strong consideration with this advisory panel. ultimately it will be up to cdc director walensky and i anticipate hearing from here by
11:59 am
tomorrow with her recommendation. >> pfizer saying that the two-dose regimen for these young children would have an efficacy rate of 91%. it's a question that we debate between ourselves all the time when we talk about vaccines for children. are they eventually going to let the kids take the masks off at school? at what point do we have a population that is vaccinated enough to take the masks off in the classroom. >> that's a great question, sandra. we have gotten into this state where people are not low kay living with a level of risk. we heard people say that following vaccination that they're not going to remove face masks because they may decrease flu transmission. we have always lived going forward knowing that there's a risk of certain respiratory viruss in the winter. there's consequences to the continued face mask wearing. we have to do what we can to protect the vulnerable and that includes children with
12:00 pm
pre-existing health conditions, children overweight. that increases their risk for severe covid. that is a decision that should be made between the parent and the pediatrician, not a one size fits all approach. >> john: thanks, doc. >> sandra: there you have it two hours just like that. >> john: went by fast. tonight will take awhile i'm sandra smith. >> john: i'm john roberts. here's martha with "the story." >> martha: thanks, guys. good afternoon, everybody. i'm martha maccallum. today we're live in ashburn, virginia in the heart of loudoun county. glenn youngkin worked hard to put this county in play. it's a dead heat right now in the race for governor in the state of virginia. a race that could tell us about america's political landscape as we look towards 2022. >> i have beaten trump twice in virginia. tomorrow we go 3-0. >> we're rejects the left


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