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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 2, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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this man spent weeks going over the stuff. look to those two counties there. >> sandra: tom cotton said election night coverage. >> bill: bret and martha 7:00 from washington, d.c. >> sandra: i'll see you back here at 1:00. and you top of the hour with us. >> bill: i'll see you then, too. gang is all here. >> sandra: here is harris. >> harris: we begin with fox news alert and we're focused on virginia. voters headed to the polls today to decide who will be their next governor. a high-stakes battle with far-reaching implications as you might imagine. i'm is faulkner. it is a test for president biden even though not on the ballot he has been all over this. he tried to go and help his friend, his agenda moving forward as republican glenn youngkin fights to edge out the democrat in the race terry
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mccauliffe. what happens today could determine which party has the momentum heading into the 2022 mid-term elections? tucker carlson says this race is about much more than just one state. >> a lot of people in the state and not just republicans realize what is actually happening and who is behind it. tomorrow they could send a clear signal to the people doing it. stop dividing us by race. stop indoctrinating our school children to hate us. not about whether or a republican or democrat wins but where we go from here as a country. >> harris: let's show you how he is right about that. we know education and critical race theory have been top issues for voters and they are today. both political candidates are hoping they found the winning message that will resonate and motivate parents to vote.
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>> the main reason i'm running, i want to build the best education, every child to have a world class education in the commonwealth of virginia. >> what we won't do is teach our children to view everything through a lens of race where we divide them into buckets and one group is an oppressor and one group is a victim and steal their dreams and pit them against each other. we won't be a commonwealth of dream stealers. >> harris: mike emanuel live in ashburn, virginia. mike. >> this is an elementary school in loudon county, virginia. it is rainy and 47 degrees. so far folks appear fired up to get out and vote. virginia voters who wish to participate in the process today have until 7:00 eastern to cast their ballots. one of the key suburbs republicans are hoping to put in play today. we caught up with a local voter a short time ago. >> i don't think we're headed in the right direction.
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way too much division inside virginia politics. and i'm disappointed. i see a change across the schemes. the various ethnic groups are changing and i don't think our politicians are adapting with the times. >> republican glenn youngkin closed out his campaign with large enthusiastic events. his emphasis on education suggests he is connected in places like loudon county. he says if elected he will focus on education right away. >> day one we are going to work to reestablish expectations of excellence in our schools. america is the greatest country on the planet. we know it. we have an amazing history but we also have some dark and abhorrent chapters. we must teach them all. >> as part of his closing argument terry mccauliffe returned to key communities in
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northern virginia, the blue part of the commonwealth on education mccauliffe expressed concern there are too many white teachers. >> we have to work hard to diversify our teacher base. 50% of our students are students of color. 80% of the teachers are white. >> early voting in virginia hit a record with 1.1 million people casting ballots ahead of election today. today is all about turning out their supporters. harris. >> harris: mike emanuel thank you very much. take a look at this. political playbook has this headline today. youngkin's crowds dwarf mccauliffe's. "politico" pointed out mccauliffe's false statement about his opponent. >> we're finishing it right here at home in fairfax county where i should end my campaign.
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with you people and think about this. look what's going on right now. guess how glenn youngkin is finishing his campaign? he is doing an event with donald trump here in virginia. i'm here with you and they've got trump over there. >> harris: either somebody lied to him or he is lying to you. the truth is former president trump did not campaign in virginia last night but he showed support for youngkin during a telerally. youngkin did not take part in that event and in fact the two have never campaigned together. power panel now matt gorman former nrcc communications director and richard fowler fox news contributor. you were writing about this today and today. your take on this. i said there is a lie in it. it's bigger than a mistake. >> you are right.
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it is a clear lie. look, it speaks to where terry thinks is the race is. desperate. every word out of his mouth is a noun, verb or donald trump. to your point in mike's package there it does come down to education and the fact that terry mccauliffe doesn't know what is going on in virginia schools because he sent his kids to private school. kitchen table issues that terry isn't speaking to. >> harris: maybe he got confused because four of the five were in private. several pollsters are predicting the race in virginia has moved into glenn youngkin's favor including larry who has been updating his rating on the race saying it leans republican. previously he had said it leans democrat. this as hannity spoke with one
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pollster last night asking what a glenn youngkin upset would mean for future presidential elections and the effect on a republican path to the white house. watch. >> i think the greater lesson we would get from this change in virginia that takes place is that it is going to be representative of what is going on in other states that are even closer to being red states or purple states that could go red. i think you are beginning to see a wave. the biden administration's polling numbers are disastrous. a complete wreck. >> harris: nothing sunny there, richard. >> i think this is definitely close to call and closer than the terry mccauliffe campaign wants it to be. i think we'll have to see what election night holds out. what the mccauliffe campaign is banking on the millions of folks who voted early in this election. >> harris: 1.1 million was the number the reporter gave us moments ago. i don't want to get it twisted with you popping out numbers
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that are bigger. >> beyond that to matt's point mccauliffe is running for somebody who understands virginia education. he was the governor. it was the best state to raise a family and open a business. >> harris: how did he quickly get in so much hot water saying parents don't deserve to be in the conversation about the education for their kids? i'm probably making it sound a little bit better. but look at where his opponent was last night, matt. in the heart of where this conversation has feathered out nationally. loudon county, virginia. a county that by my records, our records keeping here, biden won by 15 points. he won the state by 10. loudon county was something he carried pretty remarkably. >> you are absolutely right. to your point this is a state we're talking about that biden won by 10 points. the fact that it's a toss-up
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speaks poorly to what the democrat chances are next year. the last time a republican won statewide office was 2009. i was an intern so it has been a little while. the loudon rally was raucous. >> harris: maybe the wrong guy was there if he thinks he is mr. education. matt, he is not. >> he is clearly not. terry's rallies can barely fill a phone book. with barack obama he gets a fourth of what glenn youngkin got last night. >> harris: the effect on the virginia race as well as what it could mean in 2022 with the sagging poll numbers for biden. richard fowler, like minded people on one side of the media aisle, we will call them
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liberal. many of them partake in that kind of language and tweets and so forth. and we know that the shock and awe has got to be how quickly this race tightened up. you mention that yourself. what does all of this mean to you when you hear people at the other networks saying trouble? >> i think there are a couple of things. what we see happening in virginia is a little bit of downward pressure from washington because you have gridlock on capitol hill getting joe biden's agenda done. low approval rating by the president and you have this movement in virginia by parents in classrooms saying they want to ban critical race theory even though there doesn't seem to be critical race theory being taught in many classrooms. it is coming to a head as voters go to the polls in virginia to figure out who the next governor will be. >> harris: you know what? i like the way you put that downward pressure from washington, d.c. there is some pressure, right, matt? >> there is a lot of pressure. i can promise you this, mark my
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words. in glenn youngkin wins. democrats will make excuses. terry was a bad candidate. we didn't pass the trillions of infrastructure that would have won it for us. >> harris: the d.c. pressure. >> the fact is this template, crime, education, and the economy is a template for republicans next year. appeals to folks in the suburbs and the base. >> harris: richard, you both say interesting things but this stuck out to me. crt isn't being taught in many schools. it is ironic i would say. i don't use that word often. something that terry mccauliffe might have said early on to mirror what you just said might have worked. maybe enough people weren't aware what was going on in classrooms. for a year and a half the super hero parents in this country were home with their kids as they studied virtually and they got to know intimately what they are studying. it doesn't work jen more. is he out of touch or want to
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change reality? >> i think the democrats have to tell a better story. if you tell a better story the voters will listen. 87% of the teachers in loudon county are caucasian. the idea that educators are telling white students they are the oppressing and black students being oppressed i find hard to believe. because democrats aren't telling a better story and letting the lies exist this is what the result is. >> harris: that was transparent. storytelling time. i think he likes somebody else to tell the story. matt gorman and we're out real quick. >> parental involvement in schools. having randi weingarten with him was a big mistake. >> harris: oh, i got to let you go. happy election day, everybody. thank you. tonight bret baier, martha maccallum host special coverage
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of the virginia governor's race. at 7:00 p.m. eastern and again for a special hour at 11:00 p.m. eastern. 7:00 p.m. is when the polls close and we got you covered all night long. the actions on fox news channel. president biden under fire for what appeared to be a nap. a little nappy nap. untimely unfortunately during a climate summit in scotland. a big one so they call it. critics say the optics are biting. others are coming to his defense and then there is this. >> that's where we are now at this point. one side makes a joke and that's a threat to civility. the other side goes far, far worse and it is okay because of who the target was. >> harris: let's go brandon chants are sweeping the nation and the left wing media are melting down over it. some of them calling it vitriol. joe concha as you saw points out many say it is more liberal
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>> harris: this is happening now. day two of president biden's trip to glascow, scotland. the president is speaking at this moment at the climate summit. we will keep an eye on that for you and bring you any news that is made. unfortunately he did make some news yesterday. this is it. it seems the president isn't losing much sleep over what he called the greatest threat to america's national security. because he appeared to be nodding off during yesterday's open speeches. remember, it was leadership speech day. he gave his but i don't know.
8:20 am
anyway, he was giving the infamous sleepy joe moniker all over social media again. texas congressman ronnie johnson tore into biden on twitter. so painfully obvious he is not physically or mentally up to the job. it is embarrassing. he needs to resign. even some on the left are criticizing the president for his untimely nappy nap. >> he was seen on camera with his eyes closed. it appears that perhaps he was dozing. these can be embarrassing situations. a moment like that in a session can be a political obstacle for a moment. >> harris: hum. well, some democrats and even some republicans are defending president biden. one user tweeted to be fair i would fall asleep during a climate conference, too. republicans saying we feel you. and fox news contributor ari fleischer tweeted hard to blame
8:21 am
him. pete hegseth who is always ready to go. co-host of "fox & friends" weekends is ready to go. we're bright and bushy tailed. >> i will say this. as a former infantry man in the army i appreciate anyone who can find the right to get a nap in. you have to get a nap in when you have a chance. if i'm listening to international bureaucrats drone on about fighting the weather i probably would fall asleep. it is indicative of a president asleep at the wheel for the big issues. i'm in minneapolis right now to vote today whether to defund the police. you go down to the southern border and we have an invasion. loudon county dealing with critical race theory which other people want to deny exists. all the cities dealing with crime. supply chain crisis and christmas presents aren't arriving on time. inflation and gas, prices.
8:22 am
all of these very real things hitting people. where is joe biden right now? where is their focus? not only is he at an international climate change conference, but he is falling asleep there. that's how disconnected he is from what is happening in people's lives. that's why i think virginia is such a flash point here today. i don't buy that joe biden thinks the world is going to end in 10 years like comrade cortez said. i think he is going along with the group think of the left wing that controls the democrat party today. saying the right things, none of which are good for our country. it is a sad an emblematic moment. he earned the nickname sleepy joe. we saw it again yesterday. >> harris: you tied a lot together. did you call the congresswomanian alexandria ocasio-cortez comrade? >> harris: they call themselves socialist democrats. a new poll finds that nearly half of democrats want a candidate other than joe biden
8:23 am
at the top of the ticket in 2024. why would that be? >> that's because half of democrats want a fighting chance to win. considering who he is right now in his disposition. considering where the country is headed because of his policies. and then considering the chance of a former president trump running again or if he doesn't, someone like florida governor ron desantis, there will be a for mid able opponent on the republican side in 2024. you can't run sleepy joe for a second term. especially in light of his approval rating and in light of his policies. what they've done to the country. that's a recognition. of the obvious. >> harris: all along what we've been told from this white house and from the president is that inflation and some of these crises are going to be temporary. what you are saying his polling
8:24 am
numbers probably won't. we haven't asked him about that because he has often said he doesn't look at the polling. we'll move on. >> he has to say that. >> harris: the let's go brandon wave and chant have gotten a little more popular while president biden is not getting more popular. >> let's go brandon. let's go, brandon. >> harris: the chant setting off a monumental meltdown across the media as left-leaning journalists jump to provide cover for president biden. here is cnn. think about the lessons the let's go brandon crowd is teaching their children. that tweet lit up the social media platform. some responses were staggering hypocrisy and gas lighting. another people like this aren't serious. they act like 2017, 2020 never happened. and you are supposed to be a journalist, not a lap dog.
8:25 am
what do you make of it? >> it was the cover-up that made this clip go viral in the first place. whether the nbc reporter knew the chant was one thing or let's go, brandon, it was emblematic of the cover-up we're sighing now. don't listen to the crowd or inflation number or border or crime or what happened in afghanistan, that was a great success. the media will cover at every turn. let's go, brandon, has become the rallying cry for americans who say we don't buy what you are selling. we don't want the policies you are selling and we're willing to have a sense of humor, harris, how about that? it is amusing, it is funny, it is politics and it is our viral world we live in right now. it was one of the most popular halloween costumes. number one on the itunes chart. people are laughing about it because if they weren't laughing they would be crying about the direction of our country.
8:26 am
>> harris: i go back to robert dinero in hollywood popped out the f bomb against president trump. let's go, brandon they are covering up the f bomb that lives in the chant in all seriousness. it is a bit of irony. it's appropriate. i want to get some good news from you right now. programming note on the fox nation app. if you don't have it you need to get it. the patriot awards are right around the corner and pete hegseth kicked off this tradition and now people tell us they love it. look at the stars who will be with you this year. tell us. >> an awesome lineup. still some tickets are available. you have to get them soon. hollywood, florida, november 17th. an awards show that celebrates america. the opposite of hollywood, california. this is hollywood, florida. there will be prime time shows taping live there. "fox & friends" will be live there. sean, tucker, laura, "fox &
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friends" folks. >> harris: what date is this? >> november 17th in florida. two weeks. you have to get the tickets now. the fact that there are still some available are shocking. it will be an experience. an event. i can't wait to meet people when they come out and you will be inspired by this award show that celebrates the things you care about. awesome stories we'll bring to the stage. >> harris: how each of us can lift each other up is a beautiful occasion. and i pressed in on that date because it's a week before thanksgiving. people have to get in. get in those tickets. good to see you. thank you for talking all things politics with me. republicans stepping up their opposition now to a reported plan by the biden administration to play -- to pay families coming here separated by the trump administration with your tax dollars. and then there is this. >> i've been around for a long time and never seen anything like this. in my view this is not how the united states congress should
8:28 am
operate or in my view has operated in the past. the political games have to stop. >> harris: he is telling no to biden. that will wake the president up at the climate summit. a new blow to the president's agenda as joe manchin again throws a wrench in the president's plans while blaming the party's political far left. watching all of this from across the aisle. senator ted cruz, the great state of texas, is in "focus" next. best time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind.
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> harris: let's hit more high stake issues on the ballot today. this one in minneapolis where voters will choose the fate of the city's law enforcement deciding if the existing police department will be replaced with a public safety department. they haven't said exactly how they will vet those people. they get to choose who gets to protect the public? okay. progressive activists have been
8:34 am
the main supporters of this amendment following the death of george floyd in police custody derek chauvin last year. james craig former detroit police chief and republican candidate for michigan governor now is with us. you have been with us along this journey. talk to us about this juncture of it. >> let me thank you for allowing me to come on your show. this is yet just another act by progressive liberal dictators, government overreach, they are doing this to our men and women who serve. this is outlandish. who are they speaking for? you know, these are political servants, not public servants. we know that. and so what they are not speaking for is the folks who live in vulnerable communities and they've come up with this plan of public safety whatever you call them.
8:35 am
what is that going to do? what are they going to do? >> harris: and who are these people? >> they don't have a plan, harris. and so that is the comedy in this. there was a minister who was on earlier on fox who was talking about it. both guests rejected the whole notion of this new plan. this is an overreach. absolutely an overreach. >> harris: let's talk a little bit about the logistics of it, though. when you look at the homicide race, which has spiked in many cities across the country predominantly democrat leadership and we only say that just to point it out. if they want to change the facts on the ground they can do that and we'll report it when it happens. we're concentrating on minneapolis. i wonder if the real communication has happened so that they know who will now be answering the 911 calls. because if they don't have a clear notice of what that is going to look like, you know
8:36 am
those calls will flow because it is a dangerous place right now. they've had crime and just the last 24 hours crime. they need to get a real firm grip on who that should be. so james, would it be police officers who would want to do this with some sort of public safety or will it be something that you fear would be different? >> i wish i could guess. look, george floyd was tragic but not reflective of the entire profession or not reflective of the entire police department in minneapolis. what i would offer is reform needed? yeah, i would agree with that. put a right people, don't dismantle a police department. look, i've been in several departments that have been under consent decrees, detroit michigan. when i was appointed as chief detroit was under consent decree for 13 years.
8:37 am
one year into my administration we got out from under it. it was reform minded. that's how you do it. you don't have -- more importantly, i've got to tell you, the people of minneapolis have got to vote. they have to speak. they have to move these progressives out of office immediately. and that's why i'm running for governor in the state of michigan. your viewers can go to chief james about what is happening in virginia. ifm owe excited there. >> harris: i want to get to this. another city. homicides in austin, texas, up by 88% from last year after democrat led city council defunded the police budget. we talked about it at the time. by 1/3 they cut the cash. today voters there will decide on a police measure that would require a minimum staffing of two police officers per 1,000 residents. austin business owner is urging the measure to pass after his store was broken into and the police department refused to
8:38 am
send officers to help. let's watch and i'll come right back to you. >> the store has been repeatedly burglarized. it will get worse. we need more police officers. we need to change the policy for us to get an officers for any kind of crime. that's the problem. they are de-escalating the crimes and the businesses are paying for it. >> harris: if you don't know who is going to answer 911 in minneapolis or any other city that's a problem. they have to be professional and ready. when you hear that business owner what do you say? >> my heart goes out to the business owner and to the community. look, the fact is these progressives, these dictators have not listened to where people counts. the victims are no longer the victims. they are making the victims into the suspects. look at what is happening in michigan. the prosecutor said i will no
8:39 am
longer charge felony firearm. so what that means is because she wants to lower the number of black and brown who are incarcerated, that's not how you do it. what about the people who are victimized? what about their voices? who works for them? again we're talking about political servants not public servants. that's what this is really about. they're not speaking for the right people. when you look at san francisco by example. these businesses will move out of those places if they don't protect the businesses. >> harris: then you won't have the revenue to refund with the tax base there because businesses will have left and the people who work in them will be looking for jobs outside the municipalities. a vicious cycle. i want to go to seattle. the police department is trying to fight the defund police movement and the vaccine
8:40 am
mandate. the mayor is trying to fix all of that authorizing bonuses now of up to $25,000. it is not just seattle. in new york city 2300 firefighters called out sick to protest the city's push to get the shot. mayor bill deblasio not happy. >> we've got some firefighters who are faking sick leave the last couple of days, saying they're sick when they are not and then leaving their fellow firefighters in the lurch. i assure you they will experience some consequences for what they've done. >> harris: homework for me later. was that the news anchor saying fire them? okay. former detroit police chief james craig is with us today. what do you say about that? >> you know, these dictators in new york and chicago and certainly the summer of love mayor out in seattle just need to resign.
8:41 am
they really need to resign. the fallout they are creating a dangerous situation in these cities. let's be clear. when you talk about mandating vaccines to our men and women who serve, all you are doing is dismantling and defunding the police. just another way of saying it. they've tried to move off of defund but that's what they are doing. >> harris: how is that the case? what you are saying is that by pushing forth where the vaccine mandates it gives them the original goal of defunding the police? how. >> absolutely. they know like i know that when you mandate these vaccines. look what is happening in chicago. police officers won't work under these conditions and they aren't supported. what i find so interesting during 2020 when we were dealing with the pandemic our men and women went out, they worked each and every day. >> harris: many of them getting sick, even. >> getting sick but i find it interesting that the courts shut down in some instances,
8:42 am
prosecutors weren't showing up in offices, but those men and women and police officers came to work every day. now you want to mandate vaccines. it is really shameful, harris. >> harris: james craig always good to have you in focus. we'll see you soon. thank you. big day for voters to decide a whole host of issues across the country. we're all over it. joe manchin is holding all the cards apparently. he again threw cold water on president biden's domestic agenda. and held up trillions of dollars in democrat spending again. republican senator ted cruz is in "focus" next. ♪ say it's all right ♪ ♪ say it's all right, it's all right ♪ ♪ have a good time 'cause it's all right ♪ ♪ now listen to the beat ♪
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8:48 am
virginia and this governor's race has heated up so much in just the last couple of weeks. mainly around some issues that have left loudon county, virginia, which got loud on those issues with parents and being able to put a word in about their own children's education and being pushed back and teachers unions getting in the mix. one m particular the national school board association writing that letter to the white house which then went on to the d.o.j. which then wrote its own memo which then got the f.b.i. to come after parents. it has been one thing after another and ground zero for the topic, for the topic of parents being called terrorists loudon county, virginia. as those parents were furious. a lot is going on in that state. then the rest of american parents got furious. none of us is a terrorist. so here we stand on election
8:49 am
day. we watch to see what will happen next. we are ready now to bring in from the great state of texas senator ted cruz. we'll keep our picture up for now. senator cruz, are you with me? >> good morning, good to be with you. >> we have a couple things to get to. first of all the landscape. i don't want to miss it with you. the landscape that you see for republicans right now. is the word bellwether too big? is the forecast for virginia too big? >> i think virginia is a very important canary in a coal mine. if you look back to 2009 when you had the last time you had a new democratic president, barack obama who adopted extreme policies and adopted obamacare and dodd-frank the reaction, virginia was the first canary in the coal mine that foretold what happened in 2010. the republican revolution when we took congress. i see the same dynamic going on.
8:50 am
joe biden last year campaigned as a centrist moderate. he basically promised no more mean tweets but other than that he was just going to go back to calm and peaceful governance and that's not what we've seen this year. instead biden has handed control of the agenda over to the radicals. over to bernie sanders and aoc and elizabeth warren. people are horrified. i think virginia is as aspect of that. >> harris: you know who also is horrified? maybe some democrats who don't consider themselves like that. senator joe manchin is still not a yes. senator cruz, can you even believe this? moderate democrat senator manchin again is standing in the gap. and he says he won't sign off on president biden's social spending package until he understands its full impact on our economy. he wants numbers, facts, legislative written document. manchin also is accusing progressives in his own party of holding a separate
8:51 am
infrastructure bill hostage. democratic leaders vowing to push ahead with voting possible on both bills this week. quickly your thoughts. >> both joe manchin and kyrsten sinema are showing courage to stand up to the radicals in their party. i don't know if they'll hold the line or not but one of the real indictments. what about the other 48 democrats? other than those two there is not another democrat in the senate who cares about whether or not we pass the bernie sanders socialist budget. this is the most dramatic government spending, government tax increase we've ever seen and 48 democrats are on board with bernie sanders socialist budget. i would like to see manchin and sinema get some company. there are a number of democrats including mark kelly in arizona. he calls himself a moderate. he is on the ballot this time and perfectly happy with it. maggie up in new hampshire is perfectly happy with the bernie sanders socialist budget. the nevada person is happy.
8:52 am
john tester in montana. let's see some of these democrats who pretend they are moderates show a fraction of the courage that manchin and sinema are showing now. >> harris: is it lack of courage or bide this out? some of them think i don't want to be the one in the senate who gets booted. let's keep quiet. >> they are scared at the radicals in the party. they look at the aoc, the marxists, people pushing critical race theory and open borders and they've decided essentially all of the energy and anger and passion in the democratic party is on the extreme left and so every one of those democrats i mentioned voted to confirm not one, but two senior officials in the biden justice department who are among the leading at advocates for abolishing the police. they are a bunch of democrats scared of their left wing.
8:53 am
suburban moms in virginia are saying hold on. open borders, abolishing police and dividing us on race is not what i signed up for and i think when the democrats embrace an extreme agenda i believe, harris, that 2022 is going to be an election like 2010. it will be a wave election, that republicans will retake both the house and senate and they will do it because joe biden handed the agenda over to the crazies in his party. >> harris: it falls to us suburban moms. we have an identity all of a sudden. interesting in what you're saying today. it is less about whether the gop can flip a blue state red. but the fact it can make it pink. not even purple. it can come so close with people who are stalwart democrats. it wasn't supposed to be like that in either state. >> you mentioned new jersey. new jersey is uphill. they probably elect a democrat
8:54 am
today but last week the polling in new jersey showed it within four points. new jersey is a tough state for republicans to win but in 2009 the same time that virginia elected an republican governor is when new jersey elected an republican governor in chris christie. i think the fact that both of these elections are close. whatever the outcome tonight signals the problems that democrats have in november of next year. >> harris: a few seconds. you are busy on the hill and grateful for your time. senator cruz joined his judiciary committee republicans sending a letter to the president and voice opposition to an administration plan to pay $450,000 per person to illegal immigrants. your quick take. >> it is stunning that joe biden is talking about sending $450,000 a person to illegal immigrants who break the law and came here and whose families were separated under donald trump. to put that in perspective, when a u.s. serviceman or woman
8:55 am
is killed in combat overseas, the federal government pays their family $100,000. joe biden wants to send $450,000 of taxpayer money peril legal alien. it is abusive and ridiculous and not what biden campaigned on and the radicals driving the agenda. >> harris: senator cruz, from the great state of texas. "outnumbered" after the break. [laughing and giggling] (woman) hey dad. miss us? (vo) reflect on the past, celebrate the future. season's greetings from audi.
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before mortgage rates begin to rise. call now. >> harris: we have a picture for you now. voting underway now in virginia where there is a lot more at state than just to believe the commonwealth for the next four years. the governor's race and seen as a referendum on the biden administration. that's what happens when your way out comes out with pulling against it. it could also set the tone for next year's midterm elections


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