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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer Dana Perino  FOX News  November 2, 2021 6:00am-8:00am PDT

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so long to the folks down in. ainsley: i wanted to thank our panel. i've loved getting to know y'all. i wish you all the best. keep fighting, and we are going to be watching your state very closely today on fox news channel. god bless you all and your children, thank you. brian: all right -- ainsley: okay, everyone, i think that is the end of our show. brian, what's your web site again? brian: brine kill immediate --
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>> sandra: also weighing on the race supply chain crisis. the president has struggled to ease the backlog at our nation's ports. all of this leading to empty store shelves and high prices everywhere. a trend expected to continue well into next year. >> bill: also immigration another hot button. the white house seemingly indifferent to a record surge at our southern border now reportedly considering $450,000 in pay-outs to migrants separated under the previous administration, the trump team in 2018. >> sandra: defining that president's foreign policy is if disastrous pull-out from afghanistan. 13 u.s. service members were killed and hundreds of americans remain stranded in enemy territory. >> bill: the defining issue may
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be in the classroom, education. virginia has emerged as ground zero in the fight over critical race theory and masks in schools. mccauliffe has vowed to diversify school faculties and pay teachers more money. youngkin is focused on empowering parents at home. have a look and a listen. >> let me be clear what we won't do is teach our children to see everything through a lens of race where we divide that into group. we pit them against each other and steal their dreams. we will not be a commonwealth of dream stealers. >> i want every child to have a world class education. i will raise teacher pay above the national average for the first time in the history of our great commonwealth. >> sandra: that brings us to election day. we are joined with analysis in
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a moment. mike emanuel is reporting from ashburn, virginia kicking things off for us. >> good morning. folks arriving at the loudon county elementary school to vote this election day. a little rainfall. but plenty of people turning up. it is up to them and other virginia voters at this point. the whole issue of education blew up in loudon county, virginia earlier this year. parents pushing back on what is happening in children's schools. teaching of critical race theory. others alarmed by opposed transgender policy becoming a central issue in this campaign. >> i follow politics and i don't like what i'm hearing out of the mccauliffe camp. stuff going on in the schools in northern virginia, especially loudon county is very concerning. it is targeted with the kids. >> last night republican glenn youngkin rallied supporters in
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virginia xweefp and in leesburg, virginia. no surprise youngkin hit the hot button issue of education once again. >> this place where the virginia promise comes alive. the children dream the biggest dreams and all they have to do is go get it. that's the virginia where parents are fundamentally involved in their children's education. >> last night as part of his closing argument democrat terry mccauliffe went negative and did not tell the truth. >> with all that going on, glenn youngkin is closing his event with donald trump here in virginia. >> early voting hit a record high in virginia. more than 1.1 million ballots cost and the most expensive governor's race in the commonwealth of virginia, more than $115 million spent.
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this hour glenn youngkin is greeting supporters in chantilly, virginia. >> sandra: he will join us in just a bit. mike kicking things off for us. >> bill: as a back drop, what do you watch at home tonight when the election returns come in starting at 7:00 eastern? this is loudon county, the most talked about area in the entire state where mike is reporting from. you see what joe biden did 11 months ago? almost 62% of the vote in loudon county. i would explain the state of virginia in four different parts. one is northern virginia where we see loudon county, across the river from washington, d.c. a lot of people, a lot of voters. area that has gone exceedingly blue over the past 12 years. the other area is in richmond. a lot of polling suggests that area is too close to call. we're watching it closely tonight. talk about the virginia beach area down here, then all these
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red counties in southwest virginia toward the border of west virginia. i mentioned loudon county and chesterfield county on the southern edge of richmond. four years ago by a squeaker in the governor's race barely pulled out the win. northam beat gillespie four years ago. this is virginia beach down in the southeast. glenn youngkin spent a lot of time during his youth in this part of the state. many republicans would argue it is still a swing district. we'll see whether tonight they're right about that. down in the southwestern part of virginia, i can poke around on these counties and see donald trump at 70%. i can come over here to this county and see donald trump at 83.3%. this is a big reason why youngkin was in this part of the state for the last four or five days trying to see if he can match numbers like this from 11 months ago. you got it right?
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northern virginia heavily populated. the richmond area just a lot of votes in that part of the state as well. virginia beach down here in the tide water region and red area going down toward the border with west virginia. that's what i'm watching. what are the propers watching? josh holmes and mo elleithee. what are you watching tonight, josh? >> i think you guys did a nice job of the issues. start with the biden administration and high profile failures on things like inflation, supply chain crisis, border crisis, covid made worse and things come to light in virginia specific that have a national tail to them. things like education. terry mccauliffe has not taken the concerns that virginia parents have about what is happening in the classrooms with their kids. that's having a big impact in
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that race. polls show it is the number one race and glenn youngkin's message. look at the posture of the candidates. you showed this in the intro. one candidate trfp on the defensive throwing out donald trump lines amongst and electorate focused on how things affect their kids and pocket book and their communities. glenn youngkin speaking directly to that. glenn youngkin has a ton of momentum. >> sandra: bill mcgurn said this in the "wall street journal" this morning. in some way mr. mccauliffe suffers from the same problem as democratic moderates in congress. democrats have no moderate agenda. what moderates offer is a somewhat cheaper knock-off of the progressive agenda. looking at how terry mccauliffe ran his campaign, ran in this race, perhaps it's too early to talk about lessons learned, what will your party take away from how he led his way through
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this? >> yeah, i'm not big on doing pre-postmortems, we'll talk lessons learns after the results tonight. i worked on seven statewide campaigns in virginia. i cut my political teeth in the commonwealth. the notion that virginia is a blue state has never been quite accurate. it is a purple state. it might have been a bluish shade of purple over the past decade but it is still purple and we're seeing it play off. terry mccauliffe only won the first race by 2 1/2 points. it is also very competitive. a couple of things are at play. number one, the increased nationalization of our politics. used to be all politics are local. i would argue no politics are local right now. they may be talking about issues like education but talking about them through a very national prism. i do think when you look at some of the political winds
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here in washington, that's impacting the race. when biden's numbers were high earlier this year mccauliffe's numbers were high. why? the democratic message was we're getting results. money in your wallet and shots in your arms. but since then there has been a big national fight within the democratic party that is getting caught up in infrastructure and the other big piece of legislation and that fight has dominated what people are hearing. and suddenly you don't see the results. those aren't dominating the airwaves. that's why mccauliffe has been delivering a virginia democratic message. washington, get your act together. we want to do it differently here in virginia. he tried that message and i think, you know, he is still very much in the game. you can't write off terry
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mccauliffe. it will be a razor thin margin tonight but i think knows dynamics have impacted the race quite a bit. >> bill: thank you, that sets the table. mo and josh, we'll see who is right tomorrow. thank you and enjoy. our special coverage begins at 7:00 eastern time. a couple of things to hang on here. you know, sometimes it's -- a couple things here guys. to mo's point about the biden agenda. this is newt gingrich on that. >> i think they will panic. i think most of the socialist big government program is going to be stopped in its tracks and you will see the democrats in the congress start biting each other in a real sense of fear because this is the beginning of a tidal wave. >> bill: we'll see if gingrich
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is right on that. on the topic of education ask any parent in the state and we'll get your reaction. some of that from earlier today. >> i think he stands for teachers. i think teachers need more respect, need more money. i also think that some of those materials don't belong in the schools. no politics belong in schools at all. i believe that that is a parents' job and absolutely parents do belong in education. >> i just think he represents something that i as a parent and a teacher can combine and get behind. i really believe that our school systems need to have choice. >> parents. >> sandra: amazing to watch for weeks loudon county the parents who spoke up about their kids' education. covid changed so much. parents were looking over their kids' shoulders and parents stood up and become a defining issue in this race. not just education but economics as well. economy in virginia.
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so many of these businesses felt so restricted during the pandemic. they are trying to come back alive. business owners have spoken up as well. >> bill: the other thing is have democrats in washington over reached? have they overread what they perceived to be a mandate in the election? 50/50 senate. bill mcgurn writes this. in some ways mr. mccauliffe suffers from the same problem as the democratic moderates in congress. they have no moderate agenda. what moderates offer is a somewhat cheaper knock-off of the progressive agenda. on that note you heard what joe manchin did yesterday against the build back better plans and if the brakes are being put on by him and a few others. >> sandra: there will be lessons learned by republicans as well. axios talking about trump lite. perhaps this will be the test for how republicans either embrace or not embrace donald
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trump in the donald trump era. how a republican runs successfully and how glenn youngkin didn't ever offend donald trump but kept him at a distance to see whether or not it will be a good test how the republicans run in the future. >> bill: i find these elections, there is countless analysis to be had the morning after. we'll see who is right and who is wrong. glenn youngkin thinks he is right and will join us next hour in an exclusive interview today. make sure you stick with fox news and live coverage and analysis as the polls get closer to open. don't move. we'll have it for you all day long today. >> sandra: fox news alert on capitol hill now. moderate democrat senator joe manchin making a lot of headlines yesterday throwing ot wrench into the president's agenda and enrageing democrats hoping for a vote this week on the social spending and infrastructure bills. manchin saying he cannot sign off on the build back better bill until he understands its full impact on our economy.
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>> what i see are show games. budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the 1.75 trillion dollar bill estimated to be almost twice that amount. this is a recipe for economic crisis. none of us should ever misrepresent to the american people what the real costs of legislation is. to be clear i will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill would impact our debt and economy and our country. >> sandra: that prompted this tweet from progressive congresswoman cori bush. joe manchin's opposition to build back better is anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrants. congressman roe khanna will join us next hour. >> bill: president biden launches a major effort to reduce methane emission. the final day of the climate
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summit in scotland. his own climate and economic agends are stuck in d.c. >> this is shameful. this testimony, your directive, your performance is shameful. thank god you are not on the supreme court. you should resign in disgrace, judge. >> sandra: remember that moment? republicans set a deadline of yesterday for the attorney general to show him evidence for the memo on the so-called threats at the school board meetings. senator tom cotton will join us whether the a.g. met that deadline. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability
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national average is $3.40 a gallon. $1.28 more than we were all paying a year ago. >> what on earths does the national security division have to do with parents? >> nothing in this memorandum or any memorandum is about parents expressing disagreements with their school boards. >> bill: that was a significant disagreement. that hearing senator tom cotton calling out merrick garland last week over his memo directing the f.b.i. to look into reports of threats against school board members. they asked the a.g. for evidence of said threat. they set a deadline of yesterday. well, what happened on monday? senator cotton is here for an answer now. good morning to you. so did the a.g. meet your deadline? >> shockingly bill, no, he didn't. even though he responded in four intervening days from the time of the national school board association sent him this
6:23 am
outrageous letter accusing parents expressing them as being domestic terrorists. that's a land speed record. the bureaucrats can't restock the coffee in the pantry in four days much less a directive for parents concerned about their kids' education. the national school board association in concert with political hacks in the department of justice and white house colluded in advance to issue the letter. the department of justice knew it was coming and siced the feds on parents and merrick garland should resign in disgrace. we didn't get any answers. he cited the school board letter and unspecified news reports. i suppose that's the ones cited in the school board's letter that the school board association has discredited and a parent in loudon county angry his daughter had been raped in a bathroom by a boy dressed as a girl. the school board covered it up
6:24 am
because they didn't want it to interfere with their transgender policy and pride month and transferred the perpetrator to another school where he assaulted another girl all because it would have interfered with their woke agenda. >> bill: the school board was apologetic in their response. why do you think the a.g. and d.o.j., department of justice have been so reluctant to do the same? >> they don't want to be exposed for having colluded with the liberals at the school board association who were repudiated by their own board which was not consulted to say nothing of members like school boards across the state of arkansas and across the country. they may not want to implement the directive fully but they also don't want to be humiliated in public in having to repudiate their own directive. >> bill: randy wine gartner is the president of the american federation of teachers. a target throughout covid and beyond. terry mccauliffe had her at his
6:25 am
final campaign rally last night in northern virginia. what does that tell you? >> isn't it amazing that terry mccauliffe ends his campaign with the head of the teachers union? randi wynegar den is a joke and doesn't have children of her own. what does she know about raising and teaching kids? probably why she was perfectly fine to shut down schools for two years and force kids to wear masks. she didn't have to deal with it at home. loudon county where they finished their campaign. the exact county that covered up two rapes is now closing schools this week. that's what democrats across the state of virginia are going to do if terry mccauliffe gets reelected. they'll shut down your schools again. any concerned parents in virginia should vote for glenn youngkin today. come back to merrick garland before we finish. how will you get an answer from him or do you expect none to come?
6:26 am
>> we will demand answers. it is almost every republican on the committee. if it's necessary, we'll start holding up nominees and use other oversight mechanisms to make sure he explains exactly what he based this directive on. in the end i suspect it will be nothing but the school board association letter. >> bill: senator, thank you for your time. tom cotton. you were tough on merrick garland you said to his face you are glad he isn't on the u.s. supreme court. that got headlines, too. we'll talk again. see where it goes. >> bill: thank you, bill. >> i've been straight forward about my concerns and i will not support a reconciliation package that expands social programs and irresponsibly adds to the $29 trillion in national debt. >> sandra: that was senator joe manchin throwing down the gauntlet yesterday. president biden campaigned as a moderate and uniteer. why can't he get his party on
6:27 am
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this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ >> bill: a couple things going on right now. scotland, the president coming into the room about to speak at the global methane event in glascow. he is sitting at the far left edge of that table right there. so we'll let you know what he says and bring you the headlines when we get them from overseas. expect a press conference at some point before the president comes back. 9:32 back here in the u.s. senator joe manchin, wow, throwing a wrench into the president's agenda in a big way. the moderate senator refusing to support that enormous social welfare plan without knowing how much it is going to cost. and if democrats want to vote this week they likely won't have time to find that answer. aishah hosni live on the hill
6:33 am
there. what the senator was saying is that is double the cost people have told us. what have you heard, aishah? >> a lot of varying opinions how this spending bill is going. starting off with senator joe manchin who is not happy at all with how this is going. the framework of this bill and quite frankly his democratic colleagues. he says he will not be supporting the social spending plan without a thorough review of the 1.75 trillion in spending over 10 years and really its impact on the national debt and on inflation. he is very worried about the true cost of this and he called out the quote political games members of his own party are playing, particularly progressives who he says are holding this bipartisan infrastructure bill hostage. >> what i see are show games. budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the so-called 1.75 trillion dollar bill estimated
6:34 am
to be almost twice that amount. compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues in congress. it is all or nothing and their position doesn't seem to change unless we agree to everything. enough is enough. >> that ruffled a lot of feathers. squad member cory didn't like that at all. she is calling it anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman and anti-immigrant. this as the progressive caucus chair says the house is ready to vote this week under the current framework. she is hopeful the senate will also get on board in the next two to three weeks which then puts us right to thanksgiving. >> i would urge everybody to keep tempers down. sometimes this happens in final negotiations and we will trust the president that he is going to get 51 votes for this bill that we have negotiated in good faith with all the senators on.
6:35 am
>> how speaker nancy pelosi in the meantime is still hopeful for a vote on both of these bills at least in the house this week but moderates may throw a wrench in that plan, too. she want a congressional budget score, the true cost of the social spending plan. they want that before they vote on this. there is no way they can get that in time for a vote to take place this week. certain pieces of this bill aren't even done yet. bill, white house press secretary jen psaki came out with a statement after manchin spoke yesterday and she says look, the white house feels confident that this bill, the president's plan, can meet all of manchin's concerns and believe they can get manchin on board. we'll have to wait and see exactly when they think they can get him on board. >> bill: nice to see you. >> sandra: let's bring in the former director of legislative affairs under president trump and former chief of staff for mike pence. good to see you, mark. a little update what we heard from congressman jayapal speaking a few moments ago.
6:36 am
she said there will be a cbo score on the bill eventually it's not like they want know what it cost and what the taxes generate. i believe that will be enough. but isn't that senator manchin's point? let's wait for a cbo score. he doesn't want to rush it. he wants to know the true cost of it first. >> yes, senator manchin is exactly right. after you spent trillions of dollars already on covid relief and other measures this year the least you should know is how much it will cost and required rules under senate rules under reconciliation. cbo score to know how much it cost and joint committee of taxation score tells you how much revenue you will bring in. the white house told america it costs nothing. that's not true. manchin is exactly right to ask for this. something else manchin said yesterday. we also need to know how it will impact inflation and we're seeing runaway inflation that's no longer transitory. i think that's another concern he has. it will have to be spelled out.
6:37 am
this progress will play out for many more weeks. if the house rushes a vote this week they can do that but you are still going to need to get the stores and senate will change the bill which means you will have to have yet another vote to get the two bills in if they can even muster majorities. >> bill: maybe a couple weeks or a couple months or maybe longer. it's my sense that there was movement within that progressive caucus over the weekend in the house that they were ready to go. manchin sensed that and threw up a flair to stop it. right or wrong? >> there is more as well. i think there is legitimacy to answer the questions. one of the provisions in the bill the democrats are pushing to spend $80 billion to the i.r.s. for new collection agent. doubling the size of the i.r.s.. all estimates when this was scored brings in $120 billion but the biden administration is
6:38 am
claiming $400. you have to reconcile the bill and write it over again. i think we also should talk about the politics. you bring up bush and jayapal. when they attack manchin it helps him in west virginia. sending kamala harris doing interviews in west virginia to pressure joe manchin on covid. i think in politics they mishandled it as well. >> sandra: one thing joe manchin did spelled out what the impact would be and giving a reality check to what the impact would be if these bills were actually passed. republicans you could make the point have struggled to do exactly that. to simply detail the impact that this would have on the country. how do you describe that? what would passing these bills do to our nation? >> well, sandra. for starters if you actually look at the crew cost of this plus the $6 trillion in covid
6:39 am
relief we've passed over the last year you would be spending close to $12 trillion when you add up the infrastructure bill, this bill and covid relief. boil down to 120 million american families. sending a direct payment of $100,000 to every american family. it is an astronomical amount of federal spending. no question why we have inflation that is beginning to become runaway inflation and there will be other costs with rising interest rates. i think the way we should talk about it as republicans what will be the impact on the grocery bills and gas bills, mortgages that i think is coming. i think you also have to look at what will be the tax positions. one of the things they're doing in the bill is raising s corp taxes on small businesses that would be 48% tax on small businesses. that will kill jobs. i think we talk about inflation. you talk about the impact of jobs. when we lower taxes in the trump/pence administration you brought back 7 million new jobs
6:40 am
back to america. we have concerns about supply chain? if you are taxing these companies they will take the job overseas. you have an inflation problem, supply chain problem and taxing problem. >> bill: you gave your number. in seven months on paper you would have passed the american rescue plan in late march 1.9 trillion. infrastructure 1.2. build back better on paper 1.85, that's just shy of $5 trillion in seven months. you wonder how people are paying attention in states like virginia. interesting analysis tomorrow to see what they say. thank you, mark short. thanks. >> thanks for having me. >> bill: president biden and other world leaders a live look in glascow turning up the rhetoric on climate change. announcing new rules on curbing methane. headlines coming up. the polls are open in virginia. stick with us as we follow the race for governor.
6:41 am
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>> bill: there is another vaccine mandate taking effect for the u.s. air force. today is the deadline for members to get their vaccination and thousands of
6:46 am
them are unvaccinated. expected to face punishment because of that. that raises national security concerns and from the pentagon lucas tomlinson picks up the story. >> good morning, bill. the air force has kicked out 23 recruits from boot camp over their refusal to get vaccinated. pentagon hopes others get the message. >> secretary has been very clear with the leaders of the military departments he wants them to execute the mandate with a sense of compassion and understanding. >> 12,000 active duty airmen remain unvaccinated out of 326,000. that's roughly 4% of the air force. officials say to join the air force today you must now be already vaccinated. those serving who refuse won't be kicked out immediately. the pentagon says there is no military-wide punishment mandated. each service need to decide to handle it.
6:47 am
the navy and army coming up. >> they have a range of tools available to them to help troops make the right decisions for themselves, for their units and families short of using the uniform code of military justice. therefore short of punitive measures. >> only six members of the air force have died of covid. proof the vaccine's utility. others say covid has not really affected much healthy people. >> bill: interesting angle. nice to see you from the pentagon. >> sandra: world leaders dialing up the end of the world warnings at yesterday's climate talks in glascow. president biden saying none of us can escape if we don't act now. boris johnson likening the climate crisis to a doomsday device strapped to humanity like a bomb that james bond is trying to disarm. other leaders saying we're digging our own graves. over $500 billion in climate provisions are stalled in president biden's spending
6:48 am
package. the president of the copenhagen consensus center and how climate change panic costs us trillions hurts the poor and fails to fix the planet. bjorn, great to have you here this morning. >> great to be here. >> sandra: what is your message? as far as we can tell from your piece in the "new york post" and other places, you write in the "wall street journal" quite frequently you aren't opposed to the idea of climate change. you embrace that but it is the doomsday scenario that is being painted. the impact of it that you are in fierce disagreement with. explain. >> sandra, absolutely global warning is a real problem. it is not the end of the world and not only is that terrible to go around saying it because it scares our kids, it also makes us make bad policy decisions. if you think this is the end of the world you will throw everything in the kitchen sink at it. in reality we need to find a
6:49 am
smart way to tackle climate change that is both cost effective and acceptable to voters. to give you one sense, the u.n. tells us how much global warming will cost. they say if we do nothing it will cost us 2.6% of the global gdp by the end of the century, 2.6% poorer. by then we will be 450% as rich as we are today. instead of 450, we'll be 434% enriched. it is a problem but not the end of the world. >> sandra: of all the money spent you say spend it on innovation and geting it right not just throw more money at the problem not knowing how it is going to fix the problem. you use an example and that is natural gas and how you've seen president biden treat energy policy in this country. and why a clean energy like that isn't being embraced more by this administration. >> yeah. if you look at the problem
6:50 am
right now, almost everyone who does something about climate are rich well meaning people willing to throw lots of money at this problem and of course they cost a little bit but you will never get most of the issue solved because that comes from china, india, africa, who very understandably want to lift their population out of poverty. you need to look at innovation. if we could innovate green energy to be cheaper than fossil fuels everyone would switch. and that's what fracking actually did back in the 2010s, not really for climate reasons but we innovated the price of gas down so far that it basically replaced a large part of coal and that's what drove the u.s. to be actually one of the leading nations to cut carbon emissions. not because they wanted to spend lots of money for very little benefit but simply because gas was cheaper than coal. >> sandra: while we see it up there as far as polling is
6:51 am
concerned it is a top election issue today but doesn't seem like either party can get it right. we would love to continue the conversation and have you back soon. thank you. >> bill: 10 minutes before the hour. voters across the country casting a ballot for state and local races including the critical race for governor in virginia. the national implications of that race coming up. in new jersey, republicans looking for a major upset and a democrat looks to puck history. we shall explain on both coming up next. ♪♪♪ veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more
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>> bill: virginia getting a lot of attention. election day in the state of new jersey today. republican jack ciattarelli
6:57 am
hoping to unseat democratic governor phil murphy. murphy looks to be the first democrat reelected as governor since 1977. we're live at a polling place in jersey city. welcome to fox news alexis. hello. >> good morning, bill. thank you very much for the welcome. very happy to be here and excited to be part of the fox team. here in jersey city the polling location things are picking up a little bit. poll locations have been open since 6:00 this morning expecting people to keep coming in throughout the day to cast votes. the state of new jersey has more registered democrats than republicans the race is tighter than people expected. new jersey governor phil murphy, democrat, is running for his second term in office. incumbent squaring off against assemblyman jack ciattarelli. top concerns are taxes and the covid-19 pandemic. fox news spoke with both candidates on the campaign trail in the last few days.
6:58 am
governor murphy telling us he is focusing on what he believes are his first tirm accomplishments. >> we're running like we're 10 points behind and have been from day one. we take nothing for granted. it is why i'm running around the state. >> ciattarelli running as a moderate hammering on the state's property taxes, the highest in the nation. also pledging to lower them. ciattarelli tells us he is confident they'll get the turnout they need today. >> people are excited and i think people will turn out. they know what's at stake, new jersey's future. a critical election. phil murphy is an extremist. new jersey is looking for a fiscal conservative and social moderate. that's who i am. >> it's been 44 years since a democratic governor has been reelected in the state of new jersey. polls close tonight at 8:00. >> nice job. the first of many. thank you. nice to see you. >> sandra: welcome. minneapolis voting today on a
6:59 am
controversial ballot question that calls to replace the city's police department with a department of public safety. garrett is live in minneapolis. >> minneapolis is a heavily democratic city and this measure has really divided the party. on one side are progressives putting to city question 2 passed. get rid of the minneapolis police department and replace it with a department of public safety. there aren't any specific plans and details for what the new department would look like or operate. on the other side a lot of local leaders in the black community strongly against getting rid of the police department since as this reverend who said it would be bad for the city and his hard-hit community. >> since george floyd we've had over 140 people killed. over 800 people shot and the majority of african-americans don't want this. these are progressives that are moving on their own agenda that
7:00 am
i call a white supremacist agenda to refine our reality and force us to live under their definition. >> this divide in the democratic party is why political experts are saying this vote could act as a bellwether for next year's mid-term election. >> sandra: we're watching it in minneapolis. >> bill: it is down to the wire in virginia. republican glenn youngkin fighting terry mccauliffe in a high stakes battle for governor. a race that could shake up politics in virginia and across america. new hour begins now. election day. bill hemmer. dana has the day off and back tomorrow. sandra smith. >> sandra: great to be with you this morning. we miss dana, hope she has a good day off. i'm sandra smith. both candidates running neck-and-neck in a state president biden won by 10 percentage points. republicans hoping for an upset as the sign of more wins to come giving them a boost in next year's national mid-terms
7:01 am
elections. both candidates putting a heavy focus on the future of education. >> how we vote tomorrow will make such a statement, such a statement for families around this great country to have hope, to recognize that yes, the values that we hold dear, the values that underpin this country are still alive and well. >> the main reason i'm running i want to build the best education and every child to have a world class education in the commonwealth of virginia. >> bill: full fox coverage begins now. rich edson watching the mccauliffe team. alexandria hoff is with the glenn youngkin headquarters. >> sandra: let's begin the hour with rich edson live in virginia for us on a very big day. hi, rich. >> good morning, sandra and bill. terry mccauliffe has closed this campaign hitting the democratic areas of the state trying to get democrats to the polls. some progressive groups have raised concerns about turnout in this race.
7:02 am
he is back home in northern virginia right across from washington, d.c. this is the democratic stronghold of the commonwealth with a campaign rally at a beer garden last night and election return event this year. his campaign against youngkin was an attack on the republican. he denied to us he was trying to make former president donald trump an issue in this election, mccauliffe mentioned trump at just about every stop. >> glenn youngkin is closing his event with donald trump here in virginia. we'll put an end to donald trump's future plans right here in virginia. i've beaten trump twice in virginia. tomorrow we go 3-0. >> there is no joint appearance between the former president and glenn youngkin tonight. mccauliffe has invested his
7:03 am
party's political hitter,s the president, vice president, and jim clyburn. clyburn aide tells us the congressman is campaigning here because he knows the african-american vote is a huge factor in this race and he wants to do everything to get that vote to the polls. one fifth of the electorate has already voted. >> bill: glenn youngkin has doubled down on the importance of parental involvement in education. alexandria hoff is live in virginia. good morning. >> good morning. glenn youngkin hasn't let a moment of potential engagement go to waste. he made a stop at a polling place to talk to voters. he also played a little basketball in the rain. we caught up with him a few minutes ago. >> i have felt this great surge of momentum for the last 6 to 8 weeks. when you get to travel around
7:04 am
this amazing state and meet with i think we met with between 25 and 50,000 virginians in the last 10 days and see everybody coming together and we've seen independents support us by double digits and folks run across the aisle. >> that same air of optimism was clear at last night's parents matter rally in loudon county. hundreds of supporters were in attendance was a full circle moment for the candidate. the idea parents should have a say in schools where he found his footing in this race. >> i hope he will do a lot especially for our schools. i'm a pediatric nurse and a mother. what's going on in our schools right now is not acceptable. >> the former private equity executive and political newcomer made a point to run a grassroots campaign. bus tour hit 38 counties and didn't include big name party members. if youngkin takes it in this race it could really spell out
7:05 am
a new gop playbook for the mid-terms to come. a few minutes ago when we were talking to the candidate he said when this whole thing started he did some research and had a 2% name i.d. compare it with all the national attention he has received and the theme from last night's rally goes to show how far this campaign has come. >> bill: we'll wait and watch. thank you, alex, she is live in virginia. >> sandra: joining us now for a deeper dive our panel. great to have you both. bill, to you first on this. a lot to take in on what is a very big day. could be a defining moment particularly for the republican party and glenn youngkin. will education ultimately be the defining issue in this race? >> well, it certainly will be one of them. it now becomes part of what republicans will be talking about. something i've been pushing for 40 years and i'm glad it's arrived. you can mess with people's taxes, you can mess with them
7:06 am
in terms of telling them to get a vaccination. you start messing with their children and you will get a different reaction. to borrow a line from world war ii, i think what has happened here is that a sleeping giant has been awakened. that's parents. think of what's going on, sandra, as a kind of parents' version of the tea party with two differences. one, it's larger and bigger, two, it is not just conservative republicans. people care about the education of their children across the board politically. this could be a very much defining moment for the republican party and the politics of 2022 and 2024. >> sandra: the bill's point perhaps it isn't just a defining issue for this race and state but looking to 2022 it could be education, a defining issue in the mid-term elections. >> i think that's right. i think it's been bubbling for some time. we saw local school board
7:07 am
elections being as competitive around the country for the first time in memory. education has certainly gotten -- took on a heightened sense in this particular race. and the problem for terry mccauliffe it is happening in the beating heart of his coalition where he needs to perform best and lost ground among suburban white women, which is a demographic that republicans had trug ld with for the last couple cycles and recovering ground and youngkin has the momentum in part if not in large part because of the education issue in northern virginia. >> sandra: the "washington post" has a warning for the democratic party with this headline. i'll put it on the screen. count on dems to ignore the lessons of a youngkin win. a blow out in 2022 is again on the horizon if democrats insist on hosing the country down with spending. one thing to advance an agenda that is unwise, democrats will be stuck on stupid if they
7:08 am
press ahead after a youngkin win. the economy is certainly center focus as well in the state of virginia and for the country. so if glenn youngkin does pull off a win and sees victory tonight, will the democrats look at what happened here and learn any lessons? >> well, it remains to be seen but remember the democrats are tied to certain special interests. i notice mccauliffe ended his campaign with the head of the teachers union, aft. that suggests that they are going to be listening to that union and the union's interests not the same as parents' interest. we know the union operates in a way that tries to serve its members and not necessarily the children. the problem is if you go to the democrat convention, when you go in 2024 there will be a large union representation. can the democrats learn that lesson? only if they break loose from the interests which have been
7:09 am
controlling them and teachers unions are a very large part of that. that remains to be seen. >> sandra: "newsweek" also says youngkin is showing the way for 2022 republicans. we talk about lessons learned. "newsweek" says the republican party needs to treat families as its main constituency and cultural issues are winning issues. the left's woke agenda is very unpopular among the majority of americans. fighting back against that agenda is appealing to every single group that youngkin needs to win. it is firing up the base and it is tapping directly into the concerns of much-discussed suburban voters. really interesting. also put that in bigger picture in the discussion of how donald trump was used for glenn youngkin in this race. opponent tried to use him against him. there should be a strategy learned if he pulls off victory and how he didn't offend donald trump as axios put it this morning but kept him at a distance.
7:10 am
>> that's right. look, the culture war issues i think do have resonance across the country among independents and republicans and even some democrats. it is education, also crime. those are kitchen table suburban issues. i think this race will say a lot more about the state of the democratic party and where the landscape is than about the republican party. there are issues to be learned there. you have to be back also to the economy. the problem for democrats is they believe, they seem to have this belief that passing these two massive spending packages will be a cure all for the party. in the latest fox poll you had 2/3 of voters saying the two packages will either not help the economy or make things worse. i think the democrats unwillingness to step forward and address inflation, gas prices, food prices, and even worse to sort of be dismissive and mocking about concerns
7:11 am
about inflation have hurt them as well. they have that issue as well as the culture war issues they're battling now. >> sandra: dr. bennett. a final thought as we look live in virginia beach as the voters line up to cast their ballots. what a moment this is and how far this race has come. when you consider just a month ago that this race was shaping up much differently. so much has changed just in a few weeks and this is a hotly contested race and anybody's guess what happens tonight. >> yeah. a slight disagreement with tom whom i deeply respect. i think it could change the republican party to some degree that is make education one of its defining issues along with the economy and other things. suburban women, white women, many of them don't like donald trump but their dislike of donald trump is a lot less strong than the love for their children and their regard for their children's education.
7:12 am
you've hit something that really matters to people here in this race and we'll see what the results are tonight. very important. daniel patrick moynihan said politics is important but politics follows culture and where we are culturally will determine a lot about our politics. you are looking at that right now. >> sandra: it's tangible for them and so are the pocket book issues. for us who have seen empty store shelves, not getting deliveries. the high price of just about everything. you feel that. and that impacts voters big time thanks to both of you. >> thanks. >> bill: good discussion there. interesting piece in the "washington post" this morning. talked to a lot of voters in virginia and there is a quote from a pastor in norfolk. seems like a democrat. he says this branch of the democratic party is fighting that branch of the democratic party. they are kind of like a house that's really divided against itself and when that happens,
7:13 am
he says, nothing gets done. nothing. >> sandra: case in point today. >> bill: correct. that's his quote. you wonder how many people in virginia are thinking the same way he is be it democrat or republican. you will hear from glenn youngkin later this hour joining us live from his headquarters in virginia. a final look on the final day on the issues driving his campaign, sandra. so stay tuned for that. it's coming up in 20 minutes. the attorney for the assistant director of the movie rust saying her client is not responsible for the gun lift on the set for a live round. who would be held accountable. >> sandra: more backlash over the biden administrations plan to pay migrants separated from their family at the borders during the trump administration big bucks. why one republican governor calls it a slap in the face. that's next. >> now to say okay, now we owe you money and it is more money than we would pay a patriot, i
7:14 am
am outraged. ♪♪ retirement is an opportunity to fill each tomorrow with moments that matter. and a steady stream of protected income can help you secure the life you've planned. for more than 150 years, generations have trusted the strength and stability of pacific life with their tomorrows. ♪♪ because life isn't about what tomorrow brings. it's what you do with it. ask a financial professional about pacific life.
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7:19 am
>> bill: more lawmakers lashing out over a "wall street journal" report the biden administration may pay migrant families separated from their nam lease during the trump years $450,000 apiece. ron desantis slamming the idea as a slap in the face to every hard working american and those who immigrated here legally. over the weekend the president declined to answer a question about that report when asked by our reporter peter doocy. you'll get more questions about this when the president comes back. he will take questions today apparently. desantis was on camera talking about this and just give this a
7:20 am
listen. >> you've had all kinds of really bad policies throughout our country that has limited freedom and you will do $475,000 for an individual who came illegally to this country? if that's done that will be a slap in the face to every hard working american. >> bill: a lawsuit out there could be countless lawsuits and the administration saying it is the best way to settle it economically. you think about 9/11 and gold star families. >> sandra: the administration will continue to get questions on that and see if we get any answers. criticism over the border coming if all sides. now a coalition of democrats is calling for a federal investigation into texas governor greg abbott and his handling of illegal immigration. steve harrigan is at the border in del rio, texas for us this morning. hi, steve. >> hi, that's right.
7:21 am
25 democrats ready to take aim at the texas governor saying the state has its own border policy which is illegal. governor abbott firing back immediately in a statement saying texas along the border deserves the rule of law. we've been watching people cross over the rio grande behind me through the early morning hours turning themselves in to texas national guard members. one family of six came from venezuela. the youngest age 4. they told us they expect to be processed and with other family members in the u.s. by the end of the day. the fox drone team continues to fly along the border five hours up river from me near la jolla they saw more than 200 people cross overnight. a few dozen still being processed. fox news teams all along the texas/mexico border. not everyone who cross essential turns themselves in. police stopped a pickup truck for speengd and opened the bed of that truck they found 18 migrants packed in the bed of
7:22 am
the truck head-to-toe and stacked on top of each other. the two drivers were arrested. criticism of a potential plan under the biden administration to pay $450,000 apiece to family members who were separated under president trump gets more and more criticism. the most recent from 11 republican senators writing the biden administration on monday say breaking the law should not be compensated. back to you. >> sandra: thank you, steve. >> whether or not he handed the firearm directly to alec baldwin at that moment or whether the armorer handed it directly to alec baldwin at that moment doesn't really matter. he didn't load it. he is not responsible. >> that was an attorney for the assistant director of the movie "rust." she is speaking out on the tragic prop gun shooting that killed the cinematographer. the attorney says the assistant
7:23 am
director was not responsible for checking the gun that was given to alec baldwin. what did you learn from that interview, jonathan? >> it was certainly an interesting interview. david halls is one of three people investigators are focused on, along with alec baldwin and the armorer on the set. mr. halls is said by investigators to have grabbed one of three guns on a cart on set and quote handed it to baldwin. another affidavit states that hall told investigators he only saw three rounds in the gun and quoting the affidavit here, he advised he should have checked all of them but didn't. but hall's attorney told martha yesterday at least part of the information in that affidavit are simply not true. >> in the affidavit it states that my client grabbed the gun off of a prop cart and handed
7:24 am
it to baldwin. that absolutely did not happen. that absolutely did not happen. >> now the attorney claimed the chain of custody of the gun before it got into alec baldwin's hands and before bald win fired it is confused among many of the witnesses and she said the bottom line is it wasn't her client's job to check the gun for live rounds. >> my client didn't load the firearm. my client didn't point the firearm at anyone and my client didn't pull the trigger. expecting an ray assistant director to check the firearm or telling the assistant director to check the camera angle, or lighting. >> what they couldn't shed light on who loaded the gun with live rounds that shouldn't
7:25 am
be near a movie set and who brought those live rounds onto the set. investigators have a lot more questions for you and the attorneys now representing the armorer and alec baldwin. it was a weird interview, bill. >> bill: we watched it in new york. thank you for that. a lot of questions. >> sandra: i reached out to someone in hollywood through a friend who serve in director-type roles. all of that is important and the interview was fascinating. she couldn't answer that basic question did the director hand the gun to alec baldwin. but my question all along with camera angles and make people look a certain way, why was it necessary for alec baldwin to point a gun at a camera with a person behind it? and why they wouldn't be able to manipulate that with hollywood movie magic? the feedback i have gotten is
7:26 am
it's not common practice. they can do hollywood magic with that and there would not be a necessity to do that for a film. it is still a question in my mind why it was ever even the practice. >> bill: my question from the beginning is why do you have live ammo on a set? that's where it starts. >> sandra: a lot of questions still on that. a live look at virginia. the state of the moment where voters are making their voices heard this morning. we'll talk to the man hoping to break the democrat win streak there. glenn youngkin is fired up and joining us live in moments. >> show games, budget gimmicks. >> bill: after months of negotiations moderate democrat joe manchin throwing cold water on the biden agenda. is this the end of the line? we'll talk to progressive democrat congressman ro khanna. he is our live guest coming up.
7:27 am
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>> bill: i will not support a bill that is this big without thoroughly understanding the impact will have on our national debt, our economy and american people. every elected representative needs to know what they are voting for and the impact it has. not only on their constituents but the entire country. >> sandra: 2:00 p.m. eastern time yesterday he spoke eight minutes. a lot of headlines came from him in that moment outlining his opposition to the bidens' social spending plan. dealing a big blow to the administration domestic agenda and climate priorities as the president wraps his final days overseas. chad, i'm following everything you are putting out from the capitol this morning. nancy pelosi saying i'm not announcing a vote but i did say it would be -- this could be resolved by the end of the day. what are you hearing? >> good morning, sandra.
7:33 am
again it is joe manchin in the middle. his last-minute maneuver could jeopardize passage of the democrat spending bill. >> i will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill would impact our debt and our economy and our country. we won't know that until we work through the text. >> it is time to pass a bill and quit playing games. >> he is forcing the hands of liberals. they insist manchin sign off on the social spending bill before they would sign on the infrastructure bill. manchin said he needs text and final -- senior democrats were taken aback at his last-minute maneuver. >> i don't know how you can make the argument slowing down a piece of legislation that has been out there for more than 2 1/2 months. >> cori bush called his restlations anti-black and anti-immigrant. liberals signaled they were ready to vote.
7:34 am
>> i've made it clear to the white house that is one of our concerns and they are assuring me that the president believes we have 51 votes for this bill. so we're going to have to trust the president. >> house speaker nancy pelosi believes the house can approve the social spending bill this week. it is likely the senate will alter that package and send it back to the house of representatives and that will drag out this process. sandra. >> sandra: you say two weeks for the cbcbo score. budget committee chair saying to your point it will probably be at least 10 days to two weeks. so manchin says he wants that score. chad, thank you. >> bill: want to bring in ro khanna. good morning to you. joe manchin said he is worried about inflation, worried about debt. he says the price tag on build back better is two times higher than stated on paper.
7:35 am
your reaction on that, sir. >> i believe the plan actually will be deinflationary. why? it will increase productive capacity. too few goods. ports aren't funded. we don't have manufacturing supply chains funded. people aren't coming back to work. providing childcare and making the investments will help bring down the price. we'll make that argument. i'm confident the president has the 50 votes after we pass it in the house. >> bill: how much was that a torpedo yesterday from joe manchin. did you see it coming? >> not at all. i know senator manchin and respect him. he has every right to say that he wants to see the text, he wants to be deliberate. here is the deal. at the end of the day senator manchin has voted time and again for the democratic agenda. he doesn't want to undermine the progress for working families. we need to give him his space and his independence to make a judgment. that's all he was saying. >> bill: one thing i'm wondering.
7:36 am
manchin and sinema get the attention. how many others are behind them not running for headlines that think the same? >> not many. i don't think the president would comment. >> bill: it would only require a few as you know. >> true. i don't think the president would come and say he has the 51 votes if he doesn't have them. here is what's going to happen. the house will pass both of these bills and it will go to the senate. more back and forth and some tweaks. end of the day it will pass. the biggest thing for working families. my question is why aren't the republicans for the tax cut to the working class in the earned income tax credit. pro-family, give every family with a kid $300? i think they'll see this is really good politics for working families. >> bill: cori bush is a democrat from st. louis. she didn't hold back. here is her statement from yesterday. joe manchin's opposition to the build back better act is
7:37 am
anti-black, anti-child, anti-woman, and anti-immigrant. when we talk about transformative change we are talking about a bill to benefit black, brown and indigenous communities. how will that win his vote? >> i disagree with that. i know senator manchin. he doesn't have a racist bone in his body and invited me to west virginia. we disagree. i believe he should support a lot more of the investments in education and healthcare but i certainly think that he is entitled to having his views and i wouldn't characterize him as racist in any way. >> bill: that is tough language here. when the margins are this small, she went for it. >> you know, she has a lot of things she brings to the caucus but i know senator manchin. he is coming at it because of his concern. there has been a lot of deindustryallization in west
7:38 am
virginia. he wants to make sure families in west virginia have economic opportunity. it's our job to convince his state this is good. i have always had a respectful conversation with him and found him very welcoming of me to come to west virginia. >> bill: i know you think it will go through and see in the end whether or not you are right about that. how much of the american rescue plan in late march at 1.9 trillion has not been spent? >> there has been some portion of it that still hasn't been spent and that money will get out to the states and localities so that we can help bring the economy back. >> bill: i take it as an incomplete answer. i look at the numbers here. between the march vote of 1.9 trillion, infrastructure 1.2 and bbb at 1.85 you look at almost $5 trillion in seven months. >> but it's -- >> bill: that's a ton. >> but it is over 10 years. look, i learned economics.
7:39 am
>> bill: even then we've never done it this way before. continue. >> economics university of chicago, inflation is always a monetary phenomena. what the government does has to increase the productive capacity. that's what this is doing and over10 years. let's not look at the number just in one year. >> bill: others contend it is a heck of a bet. what happens if terry mccauliffe loses virginia? >> i think it will be very close. it is a close race. i think he will pull it off. if he loses the lesson will be we should have passed these bills earlier. there has been -- the headlines haven't been helpful and it will increase the urgency to get both of these bills across. >> bill: wow. appreciate the time today. come back soon. we'll see how long it takes or not. thank you for your time today. >> sandra: great conversation. you don't have to be a university of chicago economist
7:40 am
to clearly see the relationship between inflation and spending. you don't need to know how to read a chart even. it is like this. the more government spending there is, the higher inflation goes. and there is no sign that this inflation is transitory. so the fed needs to continue to be questioned on why they have not changed strategy. the price of everything continues to go higher. >> bill: he is making the case it could be deflationary. >> that would go against what we've seen in history. i loved the discussion. good one. all eyes on virginia today and the race for governor expected to shape the national debate into next year's mid-term elections. up next the man of the hour, the republican candidate in that race, glenn youngkin, will join us live next. >> what can happen tomorrow will be a statement, a statement that will be heard across this country because america needs us to vote
7:41 am
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>> sandra: today is the day in the closely watched race for the executive mansion in richmond, virginia. youngkin facing off against terry mccauliffe in a race widely seen as a forecast of
7:46 am
the 2022 mid-term elections and beyond. candidate youngkin joining us now from campaign headquarters. democrat terry mccauliffe is unable to join us but the invitation is out there still. how are you feeling on this big day? >> we're feeling really good. we have a ton of momentum. i'm actually out in chantilly, virginia and saying hello to voters this morning. a lot of momentum in our campaign. we finished a 10-day bus tour meeting with 25 and 50,000 people. we're hoping to have a good day. >> sandra: you have been able to narrow the race in the last several weeks. local taxes and on education, a lot of parents have risen up in that state. what do you believe ultimately will come down to the defining issue in your race? >> it has to be education. my opponent clearly stated he doesn't think parents should
7:47 am
have a role in their children's education and government should be put between parents and their children. of course in virginia part of our law is that parents have a fundamental right to make decisions with regards to their kids' education. i'm on the side of parents, children and teachers and i think this has become the big issue in this race. but it also gets back to kitchen table issues. low taxes, communities that have less crime. we need a job market that's growing and not stalled out and of course we need our kids to have great schools and it is these local issues, these issues that every evening around the kitchen table families are talking about or even around that kitchen table after a midnight shift that have virginian's hearts and why we expect to win today. >> bill: thank you for your time. looking -- i'm a numbers guy on election night. looked at the geography and what i find. donald trump, 11 months ago in southwestern virginia got more than 80% of the vote in some of these select counties.
7:48 am
all the counties he was 70 plus. do you have to match his numbers or do better to win? >> well, what is happening across the commonwealth i think will look a little different than this past fall. we'll do really well in southwest virginia and we were just out there all day sunday and we had big, big turnout for all of our events. but we're also seeing really strong, strong numbers out of hampton roads, virginia beach, in and around richmond and chesterfield and of course in northern virginia. last night we had a rally in loudon county. i think all of loudon county was there last night. this is where the real issues around education and parents' rights to be engaged in their kids' lives have become the real rallying cry across virginia. it is no longer republicans against democrats. it is parents from all political perspectives and all walks of life coming together and standing up for their
7:49 am
children and why i expect us to do well in northern virginia and do well in southwest virginia and expect us to do well in richmond and hampton roads and i think we'll be a big day. >> bill: in your former life at carlisle you were a numbers guy, too. what does your team see in the early returns? >> the early returns i think are really going to surprise people. historically you would expect democrats to get 25 -- 75% of all the early votes and republicans to get 25%. i think we've done a lot better. it is two-fold. we have a lot of enthusiasm on our side but i also think terry mccauliffe hasn't had the turnout he expected. there is no enthusiasm on his side of the ballot and hasn't been from the beginning. we have strong momentum. >> bill: what part of the state do you see that? >> all over actually. all over. i think as this -- the early ballots are turned in we'll see
7:50 am
we have done better in the early voting than any republican has done in early voting. has everything to do with the fact that republicans also decided to turn out early. we were running a get out the vote effort from day one on september 17th. get friends out to vote. we set records in a number of counties that are all red that had never really voted early but got early vote out. i think we'll see strong early returns in northern virginia, too. >> sandra: your race, while local and a gubernatorial race is being watched all over the country. perhaps as an example or perhaps as lessons learned as we look out to the mid-term elections. if victorious tonight what do you think your party will take away from how you ran your race? >> i think what i'll take away from it is that first of all a guy who started 10 months ago with a 2% name i.d. in a poll that had a 3% margin of error
7:51 am
who spends time out listening to voters and meeting with them and holding round tables and presenting a platform that actually impacts those issues that are most important to virginians. this is about government going to work for virginians and getting the taxes down and making sure we have great schools and great jobs and safe communities. it is these issues that impact people's lives every single day. my opponent has been running on some different platform. he doesn't have a vision for virginia. he didn't do a good job last time as governor and virginians are tired of recycled divisive politics and ready for something fresh and new. my big takeaway, it's about the voters, folks, and getting out and meeting them and listening to them and presenting a government vision that works for them. >> bill: terry mccauliffe said this just yesterday. watch. >> closing my campaign with you
7:52 am
in richmond, he is closing his campaign with donald trump. really? >> bill: i know he has mentioned trump's name repeatedly throughout the election. this past weekend he said i believe twice it's not about donald trump. there was a teleevent held in virginia last night. trump wasn't there. you did not attend. there are trump staffers within your campaign. can you state for us the strategy you had with the former president throughout this campaign? >> well, the strategy for our campaign has been glenn youngkin running for governor in virginia representing virginians. and you can see what's happening all over the commonwealth. we've brought people together. this is about unifying first the republican party, which we did this past spring and then unifying virginia. listen, it was great that the president took time out of his busy schedule to hold a
7:53 am
teletown hall last night. we had governors all over the country hold get out the vote efforts and make personal phone calls all over the weekend. we've had senators and congressmen working with us. we've had people drive from california. drive from california to knock doors and come from alabama and florida and north carolina. there was this past weekend one of the asian american groups held a car rally and all of a sudden popped up and tons of people showed up. this is called unity. it is called bringing people together as opposed to running this divisive set of politics. my opponent invented all of this divisive stuff and we haven't done it. we've been all about a forward vision, bringing people together and giving people something to believe in where they can in fact live the virginia promise. a promise for a better life, for a virginia where we can live and work and raise a family together that is better than the one they've had. this is why we are going to win. i think this is what virginians
7:54 am
want and go to work to deliver. >> sandra: you have been showing the voters lining up at the polls in virginia beach, virginia. thanks for joining us, sir. >> bill: thank you for your time. >> sandra: invitation is out to terry mccauliffe. >> everybody can watch at our website youngkin for >> bill: polls close about eight hours from now in virginia. it could be a long night, smitty. there are two places that could provide some clues. we'll show you that next coming up. >> sandra: go to the board. ♪♪♪
7:55 am
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8:00 am
this man spent weeks going over the stuff. look to those two counties there. >> sandra: tom cotton said election night coverage. >> bill: bret and martha 7:00 from washington, d.c. >> sandra: i'll see you back here at 1:00. and you top of the hour with us. >> bill: i'll see you then, too. gang is all here. >> sandra: here is harris. >> harris: we begin with fox news alert and we're focused on virginia. voters headed to the polls today to decide who will be their next governor. a high-stakes battle with far-reaching implications as you might imagine. i'm is faulkner. it is a test for president biden even though not on the ballot he has been all over this. he tried to go and help his friend, his agenda moving forward as republican glenn youngkin fights to edge out the democrat


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