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tv   The Ingraham Angle  FOX News  November 2, 2021 12:00am-1:00am PDT

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♪ ♪ >> sean: unfortunately that's all the time we have left for tonight. tomorrow night, big night, high-stakes elections. we are watching the governors races in virginia and new jersey. we will have full coverage and results, we hope you will tune in buried in the meantime, let not your heart be troubled because laura ingraham takes it from here. all weekend long. oh, please tell laura we love the little doggy. would love the little dog. >> laura: really? >> sean: can you invite the dogs on more often? >> laura: i will ibly19 i will make a little puppet and we will do a triumph the insult dog thing and it will be zoe and she will throw casual insults your way. >> can bring on ray arroyo when he can't speak and it will be perfect. ibly19 i will be out of the show altogether. >> i saw your highlight reel on your for your anniversary, it was awesome, congratulations,
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very happy for you and you've been such a huge hit for the network. ibly19 only 22 years behind you but i'm trying to catch up. thank you and you are my buddy from the get go so back at you. i'm laura ingraham. massive protests in new york city is thousands of workers march against vaccine mandates was the ingraham angle has footage. biden's cultural\taking place. but first, a commonwealth of insight is the focus of tonight's angle. fewer leon gave the much chance
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the clean-cut family man and american success story glenn youngkim decided to go all in in the virginia governor's race, he traveled the entire commonwealth connecting beyond the base to first-time voters and those who voted democrat last time around who have buyers remorse. we are waiting for him to speak any moment in leesburg, virginia and will bring you breaking news but here he was earlier tonight in virginia beach. >> november 2nd, we ask virginians, we get to make a defining statement about the future of our commonwealth, a statement that says we believe we will soar, the spirit in the areas virginians, together, not republicans against democrats but virginians coming together and defining our future. virginians rejecting the culture that tells our children that they have to shelve their hopes, a culture that says we have to
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accept mediocrity, this stopped being a campaign a long time ago, this is a movement led by virginians. >> this was terry mcauliffe's argument. >> 50% of students at virginia schools k-12, 50% are students of color and yet 80% of teachers are white. we all know what we have to do in school to make everybody feel comfortable in school so let's diversify. >> that about sums it up. when i promoting a positive profamily, pro-business agenda for virginians and the other playing on racial division. it is so revealing and how sad for terry mcauliffe. noah the trend lines show a solid victory for glenn youngcan. mcauliffe was governor the old power of bill clinton's which looks like a cut macro gasping for air on a boat day. the last fox news paul has
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youngcan up by 8 points 53-45, fox idc has a by 2, so does the trafalgar grew. as someone who has lived on and off in virginia since 1987 i will say i have never felt a greater sense of urgency here to elect any gop candidate. suburban moms who usually meet for coffee at starbucks our power walking to the polls together, fortysomething-year-old biden voters speaking about tomorrow's election in hushed desperate tones on the sidelines of veterans. we football games and official state media outlets are already outspending a mcauliffe defeat. what do they have in common? 0 sense of self-awareness about why democrats are floundering. the reason is simple. politicians who use racial victimhood as a battering ram and use our children as guinea pigs for their own radical
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agenda are fighting few takers outside the world of academia and the teachers union. first, the claim the critical race the recent even a thing in our public schools. >> i was at a younger is a can rally and everything a person asked why are you supporting glenn youngken it was education, critical race theory. critical race theory isn't taught in virginia schools, they have one of the best school systems in the country. ibly19 daytime anchors don't have google or twitter where chris rufo present a document and prove that crt is most definitely a prominent force in virginia schools and it was done under mcauliffe's own administration. in 2015 the virginia board of education told public schools to embrace critical race. an effort to reengineer attitudes and beliefs systems and that is not
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all. in 2019 the state superintendent circulated a memo to school districts that explicitly championed crt as an important analytic tool in the field of education. as we speak the virginia education department promote crt on its website, one page extols the virtues of antiracism and education stating antiracism requires acknowledging racist police and structures are pervasive in education and working to tear down those structures. even someone who should know her cover a lot better like uva professor larry sabot so miss characterizes abusive parents over the result against mcauliffe and the antiracism curriculum. >> the operative word is not critical and not theory.
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it is white backlash, white resistance, whatever you want to call it. it has to do with race. it is the generalized attitude that whites are being put upon and we've got to do something about it, we being white voters. >> and generalized attitude. has he not been watching about in county? race covered up. a victim's father thrown to the ground and my favorite, the diversity and equity fraudsters trying to end advanced courses for gifted and talented students. these are very specific and legitimate concerns parents have about issues that directly affect the lives of their children. as far as this being a white thing since when is quality education a white thing. one of the most outspoken voices against the agenda would beg to differ. >> and intersectional world, i immigrants, mom of color, single mom but yet i deny all of these
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privileges in new paradigm for the oppression matrix because we are all human beings and that's what we need to teach our children. >> officially a white thing. instead of being stuck on the defensive, glenn youngcan focused on bread and butter issues that transcend party affiliation. most parents want the schools they fund to work for them and for their children, not against them. democrats misread the results of the 2020 presidential election. bernie sanders did not when a democrat nomination, joe biden did. biden had a mandate to end copeland. as far left base wanted much more and he was too weak to resist them as we told you he would be and so is mcauliffe who
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mistakenly thought to glide to victory on anti-trump fumes on january 6th and this is a recipe for failure not only in politics but in the media as well. january 6th is their drug of choice and every day is an overdose. it so encapsulates the problem. everyone with a scrap of honor and was scared of getting fired and replaced. >> washington dc intelligence center actually suggested area hospitals that they stock up there blood banks. we actually permitted an insurrection that would have taken down our democracy. wise and merit god and screaming about this everyday? wife and the president screaming about this, there's nothing to keep josh holly from taking the jeans off the bathroom letting people sneaking like a high school shooter. ibly19 this is so backward looking and no one is listening to them.
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more people watching than they did during the day. the democratic party under president biden has gone so far left it has left america and even managed to turn off very blue elements in very blue northern virginia. so much success of the democratic party in the past four years was in the suburban female vote. as usual democrats took them for granted and terry mcauliffe, somehow they thought they could run to the left on education, race, taxes, the economy, immigration and still keep a lock on women voters. tomorrow will show you they are very wrong so one group democrats cannot afford to alienate they have succeeded in alienating. election night 2020, when so many people were demoralized and down i reminded you the trump policies worked spectacularly. we needed to do what we needed to do was stick with them.
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>> when we look at florida focusing on the gop for a moment, the coalition republicans have been able to put together in that state is something they should replicate going forward. the other story which is playing out in state after state is trump brought more people into the party and expanded the base from blue collar workers on out. ibly19 ron desantis was campaigning on the same populist agenda before covid hit in the trump years. it is a model for the rest of the nation and glenn youngin is smart enough to see this. if he had a campaign in every county in virginia, republicans in 2024 will have to fight in every state, that means a 50 state strategy. the polling is showing us
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america has already had enough. 71% said the country is on the wrong track. that horrible for biden. the average for job approval is 43% and republicans are holding in 18 point lead on fixing the economy and the latest news poll, america now sees that if we go woke we are going to be broke. only 35% say the economy is doing well. 65% say doing poorly. lessons from virginia and florida are clear. trump showed us pragmatic populist pro-american worker policies on education, the economy and immigration work incredibly well. the populist policies work everywhere they are tried but the democrat socialist approach fails everywhere it is tried. it is and crashing and burning in urban america for decades. without safety, without decent schools, with soaring inflation what do our citizens have to look forward to?
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a hell escape i guess. and all these efforts to stir up racial tensions, just not working. people are sick of it but it is also wicked and it is evil. it is evil in the lincoln project does it, it is evil when political analysts do it, it is evil when biden does it, when stacy abrams tries it and when mcauliffe does it as he did late today. biden's 10 months in office remind us in stark and painful terms of democrats failure across the board. this failure continue today in scotland were climate control freaks only fly private lecture the rest of the world about sacrificing their standard of living. president biden falls in line leaving us essentially unrepresented across the atlantic. when they wake biden up to tell him his friend terry is flaming out in the commonwealth he understand the significance of it all? will he question his decision to cave to the far left at every turn? i wouldn't count on it but you will.
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and that is the angle joining use the president and cofounder of real clear politics, democrats of gone all in playing the race card in virginia up to the last moment. as you noted that kind of politics at least now is seeing diminishing returns. has the calculus changed? >> know. mcauliffe has made this all about the campaign all about trump and on the education issue instead of walking back the mistake he made in the debate he double down and tripled down on it and turned around and said glenn youngcan is using a racist dog whistle. rock obama, harris, stacy abrams to activate the black vote in virginia which terry mcauliffe got 90% of the black vote when he ran the first time, the latest fox poll has that 80%, glenn youngcan at 14% so mcauliffe really needs to get closer to that 90%.
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the other reason they are using this tactic is to win back some ground among white women in the suburbs, the northern virginia suburbs where they've lost ground on the education issue, that is the beating heart of the democratic coalition, without suburban women in african american voters, women in particular terry mcauliffe is not going to win the race tomorrow. ibly19 according to jeff is only mcauliffe is really down because biden's massive spending bills haven't passed yet. >> no doubt president biden saw lower approval rating now in the commonwealth and elsewhere is contributed to the sense of malaise among democrats, unable to pass an infrastructure bill, unable to pass a broader reconciliation bill, it definitely has contributed to lack of positivity about the direction of the country. ibly19 have you seen evidence biden's agenda is hurting democrats in virginia and elsewhere? >> when the president's job approval rating is 43% in virginia it is not helpful to democrats.
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mcauliffe has the education issue which has exploded and become a really movement in those critical northern virginia suburbs but the biden agenda is also, the recent fox poll that 60% of people think even if those two bills are passed they will either not have any effect on the economy or make things worse so this idea passing those bills is like your offer democrats i don't think the data supports that but the fact the democrats have been unable to get on the page has contributed to the idea the democrats are divided, deflated and mcauliffe is getting no help from washington or the president. ibly19 almost like joe manchin in west virginia is waiting to see how it plays out in virginia or is that a goofy analysis but talking about the budget gimmicks today, seems quite
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exasperated about what the progressives are trying to pull in the spending bill is youngcan is about to take the stage. >> mitch blue things up but also given his past history on this he wants to get the hard infrastructure bill passed and then see what he does on the other bill. i think democrats were very unhappy with what he did and how he did it and the timing he made his announcement. ibly19 is glenn youngcan, the final push. he's going to be taking the stage any moment as we will go to it perhaps in the next couple minutes. is doing that dancing thing, let's watch it. we told him not to dance but he gets a huge crowd, 3500 people there. now it is up to 5000 according to our friends on the grounds
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but who is a better dancer at this point? terry mcauliffe or glenn youngcan? maybe they will be on dancing with the stars but the energy and emotion clearly with glenn youngin. driving through northern virginia earlier tonight and parents and kids on their way to sports practice coming back to sports practice having spontaneous rallies popping up and waving at people and getting a lot of positive response, waving at the crowd. we go back to the youngkin rally in a moment when he starts talking but let's go to chris because contrary to what democrats would have you believe critical race. his being taught in virginia, at&t created a racial reeducation program that promotes toxic ideas including that american racism is a
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uniquely white street, one employee says white employees are expected to confess their white privilege under threat of negative performance review. the same sources employees are pressured into signing a loyalty pledge to keep pushing for change by reading more about systemic racism and challenging others language. senior fellow contributing editor at city journal joins me now. glenn youngkin is about to take the stage and start speaking in leesburg, virginia a rocking rally, critical race theory huge issue in virginia, they tried to wish it away but it is being taught in virginia and now at big major corporations across the united states, give us the bombshell. >> critical race. becoming the default ideology of the professional managerial class. it is absolutely taught in virginia.
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terry mcauliffe promoted critical race theory to all public schools when he was last governor in 2015 and we see even a place like at&t that on the front page of their training program they told white employees, white people, you are the problem. this is the kind of degrading dehumanizing and racist socialist rhetoric that has no place in our corporations and schools but the only people of our country, people like terry mcauliffe, randy winegarden, teachers union presidents and even the ceo of a company like at&t, it is all the rage and it is up to us to expose it and i hope people that are voting in virginia get out for glenn youngkin, time to say no to race essentialism in our schools. ibly19 a lot of the work you've done to expose it is coming to light across the country, we will dip in and here with glenn youngkin is saying in closing remarks in this campaign. >> commonwealth although expectations, we will be a commonwealth of high expectations and this is our
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moment where we stand up for our children, for our grandchildren, nieces, nephews, neighbors, and we decide that we are going to be in charge of our children's education. we know that in order to do this we have to break the power out of richmond, we have to have a moment where power shifts away from the marble halls in richmond and moves to the kitchen tables around virginia, kitchen tables that are bound together by freedom and liberty. but these kitchen tables, these kitchen tables, that discussion happens over breakfast after midnight shift when we are talking about those issues that are most important to us, those
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issues that will be fine the future of this commonwealth, that we as virginians share as values from the farms in shenandoah to the docks in newport news, to the monuments in arlington cemetery, the banks of the james river, to the school board meetings in loudoun county. this is where parents are, this is where virginians are. where we come together to redefine this future. the stopped being a campaign a long time ago and it started being a movement led by all of you, led by you. as we head to the polls tomorrow we have to remind ourselves this virginia we know we can build together, the promise we held
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out, the promise of virginia where we see our kids go get them. this virginia where our parents and grandparents go for a walk in the only thing they worry about is what they are going to do tomorrow because today was so great. this virginia where our children can be college or your career ready, this virginia where have more of your money in your pocket versus in terry mcauliffe's pocket. this is the virginia promise that we can build together but the promise things in the balance budget and the balance because tomorrow we must go get it budget will not be given to us, this democracy is not a spectator sport, it is an active involvement, we must go get it, we must go get it. and so we find ourselves tonight
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thinking about what can happen tomorrow is what can happen tomorrow will be a statement that will be heard across the country because america needs us to vote tomorrow as well. america is watching. why? because all across this country, families are having the same discussions that you all have. i get notes all day long, stand up for our kids too, stand up for the rights of our children because we can't vote this year, you in virginia do, we have problems in our school boards, in our schools, stand up for us, let me tell you, virginia is going to stand up for them tomorrow, that's what we are going to do.
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[crowd chanting] >> friends, do you know what is at stake, the future of this commonwealth, the future of this country is going to be decided tomorrow. our nation's history is our commonwealth's history of our nation's future is going to be determined at the present. how we vote tomorrow will make such a statement for families around this great country to have hope, to recognize that yes, the values we hold dear, the values that underpin this country are still alive and well as we can put them in action tomorrow. here we go. here we go tomorrow. we need to show up and vote. we need to show up and vote because nothing happens unless
12:26 am
we fully engage and when we fully engage let me tell you what is going to happen. we are going to sweep our statewide offices tomorrow, sweep them. and we are going to elect our next attorney general. and let me tell you, let me tell you, if the attorney general won't investigate allowing county school board, jason will. and we are going to elect our next lieutenant governor. and we are going to sweep into office a brand-new majority in our house of delegates. but we are also going to --
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ibly19 glenn youngkin on fire on the education issue and beyond in his closing arguments for the commonwealth and the virginia governorship. i've lived in virginia on and off for 25 years and i have not seen that type of energy in a long long time. you are still with us, you are watching this unfold, this is a bellwether perhaps for how things are going to go in the midterm elections if glenn youngkin pulls out his victory which is now expected by many. >> terry mcauliffe presented a really grim vision of faceless bureaucrats and school administrators forcing critical race theory and kids, telling them they are inherently
12:28 am
oppressive and covering up for sexual predators in schools like we've seen in loudoun county but glenn youngkin presented the hopeful optimistic vision presenting american families and parents, he wants to put more prayer and authority in individual people, to liberate students and inspire them to achieve academic excellence, the choice to me is clear and i hope the virginia voters see what is happening, get around the of eustachian implies that emanated from the terry mcauliffe campaign and embrace their destiny in future which youngkin laid out tonight so all of you in virginia make the best choice. >> thank you for the reporting on at&t, really appreciate it. >> you can't force someone to have medical treatments they don't want to have. it's a violation of human rights. >> all of our politicians, stop playing politics with our lives and stick with the science. >> coming from the same group that claims to help is the most that supports us the most, democrats and enforcing something people of color have -- we worried about the outcome. >> the farmhouse nearby houses old, 26 firehouses are affected,
12:29 am
26 and for deblasio to say it's not affecting, he is a liar. he is a liar. when we go to calls we don't look at the person and judge are you saving but our livelihoods and our families well-being is questions. we never ask that question during the pandemic and we are being thrown into the trash like garbage. is not right. >> the politicians that run the city decided to divide us. they don't want us to find out they are the ones that did this. ibly19 new york city anti-vaccine mandate protesters today but they're not the only ones out there opposed to vaccine mandates. new nbc a poll found 50% of americans oppose the with 41% strongly opposed. among them are many new york city firefighters, 2300 of called in sick over the past
12:30 am
week ahead of the city's vaccine mandate going into effect today. the president of the uniform firefighters association. is the city going to work with the union or are they intend on ignoring you and allowing all of these firefighters to be forced off the job? >> by design they don't want to work with us. when you tell someone they have 9 days to make a decision for vaccination lose their job they don't want to work with you. teachers were given over a month, corrections doesn't have to make this decision until december 1st so once again the mayor is showing the people that criminals have more rights than people that care for the average new yorker. i would like to go back to the notion the 2300 firefighters have gone out sick over this, the department doesn't share the numbers with us the commission of the tomorrow and said today he believes there is a sick out and it is vaccine-related and
12:31 am
the vast majority of firefighters that are out sick are unvaccinated. you can't claim the unvaccinated firefighters are causing a staffing shortage because this morning you were sending them home so they wouldn't have been working either way. it's no secret new york city firefighters love their job and continue to work hard and those firefighters we believe are faced with the possibility of losing their jobs. they want to document those injuries before they went out the door and not take into account the neighbors are skewed by the fact we have firefighters that are always sick and injured from firefighting duties. before the vaccine mandate started we had 16 firefighters on medical leave, one on covid relief, one half of one% out with covid. ibly19 some good news in chicago breaking late today, a cook county judge granted the fraternal order of police a
12:32 am
petition for a stay of the covid vaccine mandate there. does that give you hope that there is a legal avenue? >> there are people who claim we are anti-vaccine. i was vaccinated the first day, educated numbers to the best of my ability but from the beginning there were a lot of my members that felt they didn't need it because they were already infected previously. what came out of cook county does bring us hope. we are the losses. we are not anti-vaccine. we are anti-mandate and once our day in court. eight days, nine days to go from the announcement to compliance doesn't give you time to have your day in court. we want our day in court.
12:33 am
ibly19 this is going to backfire on deblasio just like so many of his other policies from defund the police to the issues that have cropped up with law and order is spectacularly backfire but firefighters who has been through so much deserve a lot better than this. thank you for advocating, keep us up-to-date. dinosaurs crash into the climate conference, biden is difficult reception in glasgow and in the air. seen and unseen next. ♪ wait a minute, mr. postman ♪ yeah, yeah, mr. postman - "dear michael, i appreciate your help, patience, and support through the reverse mortgage loan process. you are an asset to aag." this is from helen, a happy customer, who got a reverse mortgage loan from aag. you see, a lot of people aren't sure if a reverse mortgage is really right for them. so michael and all the experts at aag work hard to make sure you understand exactly what you're getting. they want to make sure you're happy.
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>> time for seen and unseen where we expose the stories behind the headlines. raymond arroyo, i think a larger-than-life speaker addressed the un on climate change. >> this video was produced by the un development program. >> going extinct is a bad thing.
12:39 am
you are headed for climate disaster. do something before it is too late. >> the un should save its credibility before it is too late but that wasn't the only dinosaur to address the un on climate. it was practically jurassic park. >> no nation can wall itself off from borderless threats. high energy prices only reinforce the urgent need to diversify sources and adapt promising new clean energy technology so we can not only remain overly reliant on one source of power we all must share, we have an obligation to help. the united nations since september, governments in the private sector in multilateral development banks must also do their work. >> they would be better to restrict biden to just photo ops and release statements. i spoke to a member of one of
12:40 am
the delegation today off the record. they told me people in attendance were shocked by biden's performance and ramblings and tax. this is the first time seeing him in the flesh and it is not an edifying picture. laura: you know what i kept thinking, what does the poor translator do for the delegation? he said what? that has to be a hard job. they need combat pay. >> it was worse than inability to read the prompter. biden was 20 minutes late for one appearance which he explained this way. >> i apologize for keeping you waiting. we were playing with elevators, long story. >> did he push all the buttons like my kids used to do? was he going from the penthouse to the lobby? what is he talking about? it is this instability that
12:41 am
during a news conference yesterday the president's staff handed a list of preapproved reporters to protect him and these reporters are the only one he was to call on including pictures so he could see them. the same people he sees almost every day in the white house press corps. >> happy to take some questions. i'm told i should start with ap's seek miller, you have a question. >> i said i hear you have a question. the question i have is why do you feel you can create a global climate pact without the major players coming to the table and why do you need 85 cars in a caravan to carry from the hotel to the event, isn't that creating the climate crisis you claim you want to stop? laura: he apologized for america picking up where obama left off, for trump pulling out of paris accord, because trump cared
12:42 am
about us energy independence, our economy and people to fill up their truck and make choices in their lifestyle where they can get yes, that is -- greenhouse gases dropped 9% under trump which is a 1983 level but all of this explained the popular backlash which started as a profane biden chant and became let's go brandon. i have the nbc comedy who created this family-friendly rally is getting residuals that is taking flight on southwest airlines. >> 7 or 8 miles, mostly clear skies, 77 degrees. thanks for flying southwest airlines. >> i'm not a fan, somebody wants to chant at a cam fine but the professional settings the wrong for from and southwest airlines feels the same way.
12:43 am
they are investigating. laura: on the lapels of all their flight attendants, there are so many ribbons it is like a blizzard of ribbons. if you serve in the military, i'm standing up, which ribbon is what? a laminated sheet along with the anti-microbial -- i still know what your ribbons are for. is it true you are about to hit the road for the spider saved christmas who is apparently saving christmas again this year? >> i didn't go on the tour last year. i'm going to tampa, in arizona, new orleans, houston between now and christmas, you can go to for details and i will coerce you into dressing as the spider saved christmas, it has to be an interactive event. >> i'm afraid of spiders but it
12:44 am
would be my way of slowly getting over my arachnophobia. i would be delighted and i will spin a web of glitter and fun. i would love to. i can't wait and. >> not telling you which one. just give you the ticket like publishers clearinghouse, knock on the door, give you a ticket and all will be well. and i can't wait to see you again. on november 17th, the fox nation patriot awards, we will be at the hard rock live theater in hollywood, florida, tickets sold out but plenty of tickets left, it will be an awesome time. i to see you so get your tickets at awards. after all the hot air at the un climate summit. after the hot air
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♪music ♪you fill up my senses ♪like a sleepy blue ocean ♪you fill up my senses ♪come fill me again drilling and mining are way deeper, we are digging our own graves. >> it is one minute to midnight on the doomsday clock and we need to act now. >> the isotopes of the world are
12:50 am
upon you to act with all dispatch and decisively because time has quite literally run out. >> we have a brief window left before us to raise our ambitions and meet the task that is rapidly narrowing. laura: maybe people would take them more seriously if they acted as if there's a real crisis. as they call for you to eat mess lead, they turned the un summit in glasgow into the largest private jet parade. according to the daily mail, 400 private jets converged on the summit causing air traffic jams. china's president xi didn't show up, neither did vladimir putin. likewise needed to china or india pledged to cut emissions and also what is the point and the dangers for american
12:51 am
taxpayers? here to discuss is forward from bpa transition team member, founder of we wanted to have a debate tonight. most groups did not respond, said they couldn't make it work. your reaction by yourself, no one to challenge you accept me to this extravagant hypocrisy. >> they will respond to media matters. we heard a lot of hysterical boris johnson saying one minute to midnight, on the verge of nuclear holocaust, it is all crazy. the hypocrisy is incredible but what is really going on is what is going on in the united states with joe manchin. i will build a statue of joe manchin because he single-handedly stopping the
12:52 am
biden climate agenda and president biden was on the verge of federalizing our electricity grid and doing all the things the federal government can do to the electricity grid making prices go up, making electricity less reliable, they were going to throw out all the fossil fuels from the grid. germany is trying that, it doesn't work. we are not learning from countries that are experimenting with this, we are on this path where the government is going to control everything through climate and then good for joe manchin. >> and the federal government they are not giving out permits for drilling, oil companies are not investing in new technologies for drilling, they are not putting a r&d money because they don't know if they will get their money out of it and gas prices are still high, we are going to have a ridiculously expensive winter in any cold weather climate so it is not working out so well on that score.
12:53 am
>> no, we stopped the legislation the president biden will turn to the regulatory state - and epa right now is planning on maybe not regulating co2 because the supreme court will be looking at that they announced on friday that they will use air quality standards as a substitute for regulating fossil fuels and that will be just as bad. there is ongoing litigation so we will see how that turns out but we are in a very dangerous time - >> the archbishop of canterbury recently made a comment about politicians who are not climate alarmists. >> they will be cursed if they don't get this right. people will speak of them in far stronger terms than we speak today of the politicians of the 30s, the politicians who ignored what was happening in nazi germany. >> if you don't buy into the
12:54 am
climate summit you are a nazi. he's apologizing for that remark but what does that say, that they are going there? >> they are desperate, their rhetoric is 11. realities destroying their dreams, trying to hustle us into giving them the power, that is what this is about, they are scaring us, guilt tripping is, they want the power now, they are promising emissions cut 30, 40, 50 years from now but once the power now. laura: up next to profiling leadership on the gridiron. every day, coventry helps people get cash for their life insurance policies they no longer need. i'm an anesthesiologist and a pain physician by specialty. i
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>> tonight we profile true leader brendan armstrong. laura: we profile a true leader, brendan armstrong, the past 337 yards and four touchdowns on saturday, left the game early in the fourth quarter after throwing his second interception of the night.
1:00 am
he apologized to his teammates saying that is on me, referring to the interception. should have taken a knee, should have gone down. he broke three ribs and that is why he should have left became but he wanted to carry his team as he has all season long. we wish you a quick recovery. gutfeld is next. >> this is a movement led by parents, but by virginians. the main reason, i want to build the best education, want every child to have a world-class education. jillian: tuesday november 2nd and election day in virginia where polls are set to open a race that captured the attention of the nation. the path forward will be determined by the people. griff jenkins is live outside richmond. laura: there is this.


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