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tv   Fox News at Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  November 1, 2021 9:00pm-10:00pm PDT

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>> we are out of time. set your dvr's so you never mis an episode. that is why i love you, america. ♪ >> welcome to fox news at night. i'm shannon bream in washington. breaking tonight, pulls her to open in just a few hours in the high-stakes governors race here in virginia. where analysts expect an extremely low contest and whether the old dominion state will work with red could be an indicator for the movement of the country heading into next year's midterm elections fred meyer dismal approval ratings for the president tonight with
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new polling showing nearly half of democrats would prefer a candidate other than president biden to run in 2024 as he get blasted for appearing to doze off before his speech at the international climate change conference. texas controversial abortion lo now before the supreme court. where this could be beginning o what could be a pivotal period in a decades long fight over abortion per we begin with decision date in virginia where it voters will pick their next governor and perhaps at the ton for election day 2022. checking the latest in this hotly contested race. >> early voting numbers in virginia favor terry mcauliffe greatly pulling in the commonwealth on the other hand favors and by this time tomorro night, we will know which is th more accurate metric if i can say that. the closing argument tonight, h didn't really push back on critical race theory in schools or much of the meat and potatoe politics that we've come to expect in races like these
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instead he repeatedly reference a man who is not up for electio in this race, donald trump righ impact 13 mentions mentions of trump in just one stop an obvious effort to link the former president to his actual opponent. >> glynis closing his event wit donald trump in virginia where he brought the hatred, the divisiveness that donald trump brought to this country it is a disgrace and donald trump wants to win here tomorrow night, so he can announce for the president of united states of america, but we're going to put an end to donald trump's future plans right here in virginia. >> his opponent crisscross the commonwealth today with a numbe of spots to make his final plea to voters to turn out and and that latest run with the statehouse. >> he believes that government should indeed stand between parents in their children. on one side, they say that
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employers fire you if you choos not to get the vaccine, and you shouldn't get unemployment. you must raise your taxing without having a voice he believes in big government but on the other side as the ballad of liberty and freedom. >> the essential issue critical race theory in particular interest, parents should have and what schools teach their children and while mcauliffe didn't talk about that today, h zeroed right in on the controversy. >> we want to teach our childre to view everything through lens of race. we are all created equal and to teach our children to divide on another into buckets of folks that are oppressed and others that are oppressors, it steals dreams. >> it steals dreams indeed. this is also important. this race has been talked about a lot, could frankly according to observers be in early bellwether to the national
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weather scene and if he wins, perhaps a harbinger of things t come in the midterms next year. we'll keep a close eye on that. i have it figured we're going t have a long night press. >> we have extended coverage to row night if necessary and you and i will be on that great i will see you long before that because we have things to discuss. >> likes and dislikes, plates a no. >> president biden at the u.s. by in scotland today making things trickier. with a couple of trademark gas, or warning signs flashing on th homefront with the president fo numbers thinking and another bi hiccup threatening to build backbencher agenda. we are taking a look at all of that for us tonight. good evening, bill. >> good evening tio. the president is having some serious trouble when it comes t getting his domestic agenda off the ground here and on top of that, as you mentioned, his ful numbers continue to go in the wrong direction and a major way
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birdlike at the latest nbc news for showing the approval rating has now tanked down to just 40 to percent. that is down from 49 percent in august and it's 11 points lower than in april that's 153 percen of americans approved of him. the president just brushing up those negative numbers when he was in rome on sunday. >> the bulls are going to go up and down and up and down, they were high early than they got medium they went up and then they went low-grade look, look at every other president, the same thing has happened very that's not why aryan, i didn't run to determine how well i'm going to do in the bulls, iran to make sure that i followed through on what isaiah they would do as president of the united states. >> on that front, president biden continues to struggle wit his build back better agenda after rescheduling votes two times already democrats were originally hoping to have a vot on the bill tomorrow possibly t help avoid loss in the
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gubernatorial election, but pivotal seem to just torpedo those plans earlier today when he announced he is not ready to support that $1.75 trillion legislation and he said he will not bow to pressure from other democrats. take a listen. >> this is a recipe for economi crisis. none of us should ever misrepresent the american peopl what the real cost of legislation is. i worked hard to find a path of compromise, it's obvious that compromise is not good enough. for a lot of my colleagues in congress. >> in coming in the viral video today, the president appearing to fall asleep during opening speeches of the 2021 un climate change conference verity can be seen closing his eyes for lengthy periods of time, arms crossed and use either an aide had to come in and potentially wake him up she and then, critics are pointing out that despite the fact that president biden has previously described climate change as the biggest
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threat to america's national security in the coming years, h apparently couldn't stay awake was to such an urgent threat wa being talked about on the globa stage. >> i can understand. in the meantime we will talk about that case it just a bit. the squad member slamming joe failla after his opposition to the spending bill. >> she went after him. other progressives, obviously very frustrated with the tube where they feel they are the ones she pulled the race card o the senator inside here is what she said earlier today saying, joe does not get to dictate the future of our country. he opposition to the build back better plan is antiblack, antichild, anti- woman and anti immigrants bear that's a latest example of democratic infightin has these full numbers continue
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to get worse for president bide partly get this latest ball fro pbs mirrors your what you're looking at visible that shows 4 to replace joe biden on a 2024 presidential ticket because the feel it would give them a bette chance of winning. that poll shows only 36 percent of democrats and would prefer t have joe biden on a ticket and potential rematch in 2024 with donald trump. shannon, no matter how you slic it, these full numbers continue to get worse and worse for the president, he is in desperate need of a win right now. >> it could be something of a bellwether in a couple of key states and issues as well. bill, thank you. >> thank you. >> tonight, the panel to discus the challenges facing the president at home and abroad, plus the neck and neck race as we finally reached election day especially after midnight here on the east coast.
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welcome back to both of you. >> thank you for having mayberry . >> hey, shannon, good to be wit you briefly get a lot of number there that are all trending in the wrong direction for the president. in the washington examiner today , he promised to deal with the covid pandemic in the pandemic came back with a vengeance he growth is loaded. with inflation becoming a critical concern he promised to inlet disasters u.s. withdraw from afghanistan he promised th policies that brought chaos to the board to break the course's job approval rating is going down, how could it not. >> i mean i can appreciate that litany of things they joe biden has lied, lied, lied his press secretary lights, lies, lies. in what we continue to see from the biden administration the question is why doesn't the washington post have their website out counting the
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presidents eyes they had one up for donald trump and they reall should have one for joe biden. these full numbers are going in the wrong direction for him and his party. most americans believe are goin in the wrong direction and it's very true and accurate for ever american especially those that are middle-class or poor, hyperinflation is a thing. you go to california and gas is five or $6 here in florida, or rather miami i should say it's about $3, the country is on the wrong path in americans are noticing great if things continue as they are, i know we talk about this often, shannon, anything can change in the year the hyperinflation will seemingly will be here in the year and it will not bode well for the democrats in the midter and it wouldn't bode well for joe biden especially for republicans if they do capture the house in senator. >> i'm cheering for our economy and country so hopefully that i a next year, we've got to put food on the table and take care
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of kids and pay rent and all that kind of stuff great. >> we have the wrong leader and office to do all of that. the gate let's give kevin a chance to respond to all of tha because it's not just average americans that are worried. they're not to cnbc p says several major democratic donors have warned leaders in congress that they may hold back on donations for next year's midterm elections unless the party can come together with bi wins according to people of knowledge of the matter. kevin parrott. >> we need those big wins, we need to pass the bipartisan infrastructure package and we need to pass a budget reconciliation package break i' hopeful that will happen this week. we can't delay it anymore we ca push back anymore. both sides of my party need to come together and get these two important and popular things fo the american people. i think those bulls you referenced are indicative of a larger trend that we see in the country in terms of frustration specifically and with regards t
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covid we remember june and july when we were taking off our masks met when we looked like this covid crisis was in the rearview mirror, and to have that delta variance come back s hard and you see the hospitalizations and deaths right, was hugely problematic. now 80 percent of americans hav at least one dose of the vaccin for covid 19. the numbers are all trending in the right direction sprayed the president has been focused like a laser on solving the covid crisis trade winds were through that, hopefully all these other pieces will align when it comes to kickstarting the economy, when it comes to massive job growth created in the first nin months of this administration. all indications are in the righ track. inflation is a serious problem. hopefully with covid in the rearview mirror, a lot of thing will fall into place. >> i want to put up a bowl here in this is the trendline about what's going on in virginia. the blue line, the democratic nominee and the republican
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nominee you can seamlessly time it's a bit of a game and then i slipped in the fast last few weeks really in the last you days. i want to get a quick comment from both of you with what you're predicting there tomorrow . what does it work doesn't say about 2022. quickly to you, and then kevin you can close us out for it to get very quick, i've got to respond to kevin's last .5 million new jobs, no these are new jobs, these are people going back to work covid in the rearview mirror? they're are more people who die from covid 19 under joe biden's leadership than trump. so no, things are going in the right direction. terry mcauliffe is in real trouble, we know that right now so you talk about the fox usefu where it shows that his opponen is winning by eight points, obviously close don't foot, so we will see what happens tomorrow. >> kevin, tomorrow, big day. to get the well that matters is
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tomorrow and based on the early boats, everyone's going to turn out republican or democrat i want to see everybody participate in the commonwealth. we will have all of those for you, thank you both very much for your time has always. >> they're is one in minneapoli when they will decide the futur of the city's police department 17 months after george floyd wa killed. the forces behind both sides of this big ballot referendum. >> the future of public safety in minneapolis hangs in the balance as voters consider a measure that would dismantle th city's police department if passed, that would pave the way for minneapolis to replace with a new department of public safety. proponents argue it would be more effective then the current system by taking a more comprehensive public health approach to safety. >> that means we can add
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qualified professionals like mental health providers, like outreach coordinators, like substance abuse specialist to work alongside police officers and to be able to be deployed where it makes more sense for them to be there and not a police officer appeared. >> it's not clear exactly how the new department of public safety would work and the city' police chief is slamming member of the city council for seemingly not having any concrete plans for if the measure passes. >> i was not expecting some kin of robust detailed word for wor plan, but at this point quite frankly, i would take a drawing on a napkin. i have not seen either. >> with more than 80 homicides already this year, minneapolis is on pace to break records set in the '90s when the city. >> have a good one, you're welcome parrott. >> tim christopher like many from the hardest hit neighborhoods opposed to dismantling the police said there is no question reforms ar needed, but his community needs more officers, not fewer.
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>> look at what's going on righ now. great look at the carjackings, look at the results, look at th shootings. the plan should be let's make sure that we have a police department that can police the neighborhood parrott get the most recent public polling foun that black voters were more likely to oppose dismantling th police department police department than voters overall. other critics argue that if it passes it will be because white liberals would vote for it thinking there helping the blac community if you if it's not, but that community wants. >> san francisco cutting a thir of its hours due to increased shoplifting check shifting from 24 hours a day to only 6:00 a.m. -9:00 p.m. there overnight hours to maintain a safe and welcoming shopping experience. walgreens also recently closed in that area due to retail theft . the supreme court justices
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weighing arguments tonight on a controversial abortion bowl in texas. it's a start of what could be a pivotal period in the decades like right over abortion. >> the texas banner most abortions after roughly six weeks into a pregnancy sparked nearly three hours worth of arguments on monday as both the group of abortion providers. >> the arguments were procedura in nature, mostly because of th laws of unique enforcement mechanism giving private citizens and not state official the power to enforce a ban on abortion after fetal heartbeat is detected. they question whether the law was specifically crafted to get around relevant supreme court precedents, the case ex-parte young. >> seven geniuses came up with way to evade the command of tha decision as well as the command
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that the broader, the even broader principle, that states are not to nullify federal constitutional rights and two say oh, we've never seen this before, so we can't do anything about it. majority of justices seemed to be in favor of giving the providers the ability to sue, but the justice department clai seemed much less likely to succeed. here is justice breyer parrott. >> is that that the federal government no matter who is in charge whatever party, whatever president, just going to intervene in any case can be a federal case whenever they thin estates law is affecting privat people is unconstitutional. the justice department argued i has the right to go after it because it was designed to chil the exercise of a the constitutional a constitutional right prompting pointed questions from the justices breath. >> we don't get to pick and choose our rights, we are supposed to enforce them all equally. why does this would get special treatment?
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>> this is fast-track fasttrack so we expect decision pretty quickly. the love remains a fact in texas . the really big case comes one month from now december 1st whe the justices will dig into the merits on the mississippi band of most abortions 15 weeks. they are coming up. >> also i giant bird terrorizin brazil with its cuteness and an amazon delivery driver who the best viral videos are next. new patients, get started with a comprehensive exam and full set of x-rays with no obligation. and if you don't have insurance, it's free. plus, get 20% off your treatment plan. enjoy flexible payment options and savings when it matters most. we're here to make your smile shine bright so you can start the new year feelin' alright. call 1-800-aspendental 7 days a week or book today
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♪ >> it all started with a gag doormat that read please hide packages from husband and the delivery driver leaves the hall understood the assignment, the amazon employee quickly stash the parcels behind a bush
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without hesitation and the funn part is that package was ordere by the husband, but still, you're going to get a gold star from going above and beyond to need one of those mats. in martinsville, virginia, see some contact there, later on, denny hamlin making his displeasure with alex will make known with a little love tap of his own and some choice words. very entertaining race, but we have to keep it pg because the kiddos are watching. a they photo bomb highway traffic camera and result. they fronted amazon living up t his reputation for being curiou and playful. that video by the way has got nearly 300,000 views, it is ver cute. it is big it's weird, and it stinks really bad to. if you get the television this
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is where you would to out because this rare at the san diego botanic gardensens went f the first time since 2018 and only for the first time in its 14 year existence. some say it smells like rotten eggs, others say it's closer to death, but would you line up to spill to smell something as rancid? and finally, things are about t get ugly in acute way. the fourth annual ugly dog competition brought up stiff competition with veteran panda, the second straight year, the contest as an opportunity to shed light on the pet adoption in austin, texas. i want to see the panda again. they are way too cute. look at panda. so cute. when that crown is off the ears are out and it looks like very if you have a video you want to.
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turbulent times continue for some of the country's largest airlines great american counseling hundreds of flights monday about 2300 since last week senior correspondent mike tobin reporting on her spirit and southwest customers, good evening, mike gave this is terminal three at o'hare airpor where american airlines has its footprint. we not never saw the crowds bac up that bad despite starting th day with another round of cancellations. you're talking about more than 2200 flight cancellations. due to the drawdown with the pandemic. the end result, a lot of people stuck at the airport and ticket agents who are overwhelmed and you have people complaining tha there was no one on the other end of the customer service call . you also had the airlines pilot unions complaining that the problem was management at
9:28 pm
american airlines. gig looked at my phones like 20 minutes before and it just got canceled out of nowhere. >> how about when you have hour of uncertainty, hours of not knowing where you're going to stay, hours of knowing when you'll get your own bags back. >> sure, weather happens, but after it happens is sign of a strong airline is how well you recover. today, they are showing that they just don't have the fundamentals down. >> three weeks ago it was southwest airlines, that airlin blamed bad weather and air traffic controllers but things got so bad you had pilate showing up in city separate fro the aircraft they were supposed to fly. southwest denied the problem wa a sick out due to employees protesting the vaccine mandate. as far as american airlines goe hopefully, the worst has passed the airlines is the problem was due to staffing a lot of those furloughed employees are going to be coming back onto the payroll soon the airline is promising some 600 new employee before the end of the year.
9:29 pm
>> mike tobin, thank you. his back and it is tonight, it is officially holiday season. listen, this is the back half o the last quarter of the year. so thanksgiving, there are some foods people do not like. >> i have a feeling you and i are on the same page with this one. trust me on this one. obviously for many people, thanksgiving is about the three f's, that would be family, food and football, but not everybody likes the same food at the tabl so we figured let's find out what is the most disliked thanksgiving day food. cranberry salves tops the list. out about this breath. >> how can be that the second most. >> green bean casserole, this surprised me i know a lot of people love it, i do.
9:30 pm
in stuffing, rounding out the top five. just for perspective. this is going to be the most expensive thanksgiving dinner here ever. there saying it will probably top 55 or $56 but by comparison in 1947 it would cost you $5.68. they said it will be more than $55 this year. what would you shove off the food aisle? >> definitely the cranberry sauce. that's got to go. >> what about you? >> i don't like coleslaw either. and very particular about potat salad. >> if it's not done right and good. >> a turkey, just don't have dinner go to chick-fil-a on thanksgiving which is by look delicious by the way.
9:31 pm
>> some people think it's tacky i'm tacky. >> they can keep the cranberry sauce. >> they can. once again. >> you, kevin pratt gave the supreme court took on a heated debate over texas strict new abortion law, what happened and how could that affect you're constitutional rights, we break it down live next. for a same-d. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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people, with quickbooks live someone else will do your books for you. they'll even pair you with an expert bookkeeper like me, who knows your business. knows... your... business! expert bookkeepers who understand your business. intuit quickbooks live bookkeeping. >> today is an important election day in seattle where voters are being offered a star choice in the race for city attorney and self-described abolitionist who wants to end traditional prosecution of most misdemeanors or republican. here is correspondent ian springer. >> abolitionist is not an unreasonable like they give birth to give the self
9:37 pm
proclaimed abolitionist nicole thomas kennedy at public defender says if elected she would not prosecute nearly all misdemeanor crimes doing away with the need for police, judges , and jail cells. with its are many tweets made during last year's police protest that are getting the most attention perigee called seattle officers pigs, murderou tools, she prays the people who set fire to the youth jail and the criminal who blue oval in the east precinct as heroes, sh called a moral imperative, and even asked officers to quote yo some if she gets into office, they will have an elected position right here in the city of seattle parrot. >> thomas kennedy also tweeted have not taken any of those antibias training, but i for sure hate this country in an unprecedented move, to former democratic governors endorsed her republican opponent in davi said calling thomas kennedy a
9:38 pm
danger. >> by her own tweets, her own statements as an anarchist and abolitionist who doesn't believ the supreme court of the united states is legitimate, who hates her country. gig at the seattle times editorial board took the unusua step to make a case for davison in separately case against thomas kennedy it seems all the heavy hitters are piling on. >> we have fundamental question about this candidate's judgment the public should not elect tha person. >> the woman supporters called and tk did finish first in the primary that tells the incumben city attorney. she is held back by democratic party operatives who dismissed her pleat. >> i think she's human just lik everyone else and that she felt a lot of anger at the time. >> recent reporting on the tweets hasn't hurt her campaign in the race that was a tossup now finds the anti- police abolitionist democrat 19 points behind in the polls, but in tha same surveyed survey nearly a third of voters said they were
9:39 pm
still undecided. in seattle, fox news. >> for strict new abortion law by both the justice department and a group of abortion providers break. that was monday, let's debate tonight. the former u.s. attorney in judicial crisis network president, great to have you both back. >> thank you. >> so just so people know, this is more procedural in nature great it's about who ginsu to stop it. we've got this group of abortio providers to movie got the justice department stepping in to say they want to be able to three conservative justices recognize the law for what it i in a lot of folks predicting they said the arguments today that they will allow that abortion providers to sue intel into the slot.
9:40 pm
>> it seems like several of the justices on the courts were frustrated that this law was designed to delay adjudication until after enforcement, but what i thought was striking was how unreceptive the court was i the justice arguments, it seeme clear that they were just not having any of the really strang greek legal theories that the increasingly radical attorney general seemed to be bringing her they just seem very concerned that that would open the door to the federal government basically suing any state over any law they deemed to be unconstitutional and it really change the system. >> that was that second case argued today if the justice department can go through texas over this abortion law that it doesn't like her is that just a about that idea. >> is it that the federal government, no matter who is in charge, without a statute, whatever party, whatever president, can just go and
9:41 pm
intervene in any case, can brin federal case, whatever they think a state law. is affecting private people. is unconstitutional. >> harry, if you lost justice breyer, you probably don't have a good shot at art winning that argument. >> it's really secondary, the big news here is that six members of the court are seeing the broader principle that you cannot have a law that judicial review and the ability to enforce constitutional rights. the point about the u.s., i would disagree with carrie and their lack of receptivity. the point is they were connected . if they do hold as it looks as if they will, for the challengers and say it can go forward, than the exit to see for the department of justice all of a sudden goes away. i think in that sense it's true they are looking in either case for something new. everyone understood it that way
9:42 pm
but there is some need to allow for judicial review it that first avenue would be shut off, the doj argument would look ver different. both sides understood that by this i can the far more important point, they are going to, it's not a liberal or a conservative point, but the majority of the court on both sides will understand you can't pass a law designed to keep supreme federal law from being enforced. they argued that the law essentially they said had been in constitutional rights had been chilled by the slob. there saying if it's going to chill the right. it will just they had some questions about that. here is what he had to say. >> we would do the same thing for that other very vital and important right or with the
9:43 pm
second amendment right in the right to free exercise, we don' get to pick and choose on the rights, we are supposed to enforce them all equally. why does this one get special treatment? >> i think the wind is exactly here. it seemed that the court was reaching out because they just feel as harry said, we just hav to do something in this case, but they run the risk of runnin into the people called the abortion distortion were you just make up a new set of laws because abortion is an issue that seems to i think if the court has a decisive answer tha can clarify they can get out of this business of having to rewrite lot around this issue. >> final words? >> it was really clear and a common point, of course he is right, it applies to any rights in kagan, breyer, everybody mad that point on the left great it's not really about abortion per se. we will see in a month where they are on abortion, here is
9:44 pm
where they are on federal supremacy. >> september 1st is the they both reference year that is tha 15 week ban on abortion, they will get to that issue on the merits. we would love to have you weigh in on that. >> one oregon city calling churchgoers they have been feeding the homeless two much very drastically limiting the number of times that the faithful can actually give up meals during the week. can they do that?
9:45 pm
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>> in oregon city, making waves over an ordinance that restrict how many meals churches are allowed to serve to the homeles each week. the measure in the postal city of brookings is in response to petition from neighbors that sa some of the guest of saint timothy's episcopal church make them feel unsafe the church as pastor says if the city wants him to stop, they are going to have to come coffee him and tak them to jail. that's where we pick up tonight with criminal defense attorneys. >> thanks. >> hi, shannon. >> this is what it says in perkins municipal court out there it's as organizations or individuals may serve meals to the public up to two days per
9:50 pm
week between the hours of nine and five note benevolent neil survey should last more than three hours per day and this is a church that has been doing this six days a week they saved especially during the pandemic these were incredible. i think this church is simply following the condition of who they claim to follow, christ, they fed the 5,000 they're feeding as many as they can in their neighborhoods, and it's very important to them as part of their faith to take care of the less fortunate. this as an expression of their first amendment right they are stepping up to help. i think this ordinance as well intentioned as it may be is fla out wrong and it just may end u being unconstitutional when the government takes actions to limit the rights to express yourself, to worship as you see fit like they are doing here right they make this a very hig
9:51 pm
bar, they are compelling government interest, wyatt leaped two days a week, it seem arbitrary, i think it's not going to pass the legal test an it's going to end up like the law in new york they got struck down by the supreme court where they tried to limit how many people could come into a place of worship right i think they'r on the wrong path and i hope that pastor continues to serve his community and he stands up to those people and if they fac a legal challenge, i believe they will overcommit. >> here's what he said. wheat alluded to this, the reverend ernie lindley of saint timothy's episcopal he said wer not going to stop feeding, they're going to have to handcuff me and take me to jail which they won't do, so it's no going to happen. we're not going to stop eating or going to do what christ compels us to do. i like that about him, but law is not morality, and here, it's a free exercise clause of the first amendment, it allows us t
9:52 pm
believe or not believe in any religion we choose. when it comes to acting on thos beliefs, the government can curtail or burden our exercise, and it reminds me of another famous case out of oregon, employment division versus smit where they say just because somebody lost their job and didn't get any employment benefits for smoking sacramenta peyote, it was okay that the government liberated that because it's a law that applied to everybody here in this residential area, everybody is prohibited from acting like a restaurant and feeding everybod multiple days a week than it's generally applicable wall and may not apply. >> here's what oregon public broadcast as the city managers at the council received a petition in april signed by people who live near the church there asking for homeless services to seize. they were looking for some relief because it was becoming an impact in that particular neighborhood whether they mention trespassing, littering, and noise. a profile argument from both of
9:53 pm
you. >> i think a lot of people, whe they came up with the ordinance were reacting to what occurred when they had people living on the church property at the beginning of the pandemic right that was no longer the case people come there to get fed, and you can deal with the behavior that you do not desire without stopping them from feeding, which i think is an integral part of their expression of their faith in their religion it goes beyond whether it's residential or commercial because life in that area, all restaurants and commercials area, this church i been there since 1946 and has continued to serve in that way, i don't believe their expressio their expression of religion should be curtailed, i don't believe it's legal. >> littering, trespassing, crim and safety, those can be compelling public interest so the government may win this one. we will check it for a thank yo both so much. >> thank you.
9:54 pm
>> good news before we say good night. for werth police sharing this heartwarming video of their mercury kitten. they got a hold of a stranded frightened kitty. they took him to an adoption center. forth worth is thinking the kindhearted officer saying it's to see our officers working together to save this little kitten. i bet you if they do not find the owner, the parents of that kitty, there will be a lot of folks who want to take that little katie home. >> it's very busy. i've been on that road. that scary. is scary situation in alabama. it was where police body camera footage shows a sheriff's deput very quick thinking to save a baby girl who suffered an accidental drug overdose. the deputy administering for a one -year-old after she ingeste
9:55 pm
possibly fentanyl. the baby had been unconscious we're tolled for about 30 minutes when he had arrived there and she thankfully has recovered and a good news good night salute to the deputy. that was a really big deal. a terrible deal there, but the baby is okay. >> good news, we needed that great now good night from washingtonu we will see here tomorrow night for a special election tomorrow night. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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