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tv   FOX News Primetime  FOX News  November 1, 2021 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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former house speaker newt gingrich weighing in on this race and the impact around the nation. this shoud be interesting to watch. we also have races obviously a big race for governor in new jersey. and races around the country that we haven't talked that much about but we will touch on all of those. thanks inviting us into your home tonight from virginia. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and still unafraid. "fox news primetime" hosted by rachel campos-duffy this week starts right now. hey, rachel. >> rachel: hi, bret. thank you. good evening and welcome to "fox news primetime." i'm rachel campos-duffy and tonight we start with virginia where the race for governor final stretch. polls have youngkin surging over democrat terry mcauliffe as education has taken center stage in the race. youngkin has been fighting to keep parents in the classroom while mcauliffe thinks they are just getting in his way.
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>> they're using children political pawns. i was in hampton met a school board member. said our school board is fine. as soon as glenn youngkin got nominated all these people started showing up creating such a ruckus. >> rachel: these people are parents. no wonder he included with biden and the doj to silence parents by labeling them as domestic terrorists. every step of the campaign mcauliffe has tried to push parents out of his way. >> i'm not going to let parents come into schools and actually take books out and make their own decisions. i don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach. >> rachel: the reason he doesn't want parents involved is simple. he wants to push critical race theory and radical agenda ideology on our children. if you ask clarify crt doesn't even exist. >> he wants to ban critical race theory. it's never been taught in rae
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virginia. never been taught in virginia. it's a dog whistle. critical race theory has never been taught in west virginia. he says day one i will ban critical race theory. there is nothing to ban. >> rachel: despite what mcauliffe has to say, crt is alive and kick notice virginia. just ask the kids. >> i was never into politics before i turned 12. i have seen real critical race theory firsthand. it's not made up. it's not made up in any way. >> rachel: and there is only one person to blame. terry mcauliffe. in 2015, while he was governor, virginia's department of education instructed public schools to, quote: embrace critical race theory. and engage in race conscious teaching and learning all in an effort, hear, this to reengineer attitudes and belief systems of children this is every parent's nightmare activists using public schools to undermine their belief systems and indoctrinate their kids. this educational malpractice
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didn't stop with mcauliffe. in 2019, there is a memo from the state superintendent that pushed even more critical race theory. endorsing the book foundations of critical race theory in education. labeling it as, quote: an important analytic tool to further spur development in education. parents across the country have had enough of this tomorrow in virginia they get to make their voices heard. we will not co-parent with the government. these are our children, not yours. we will be in charge of imparting values on our kids. you should stick to math and science. teach our children how to think not what to think. terry mcauliffe and the democrats want to turn your children into racially obsessed gender confused marxist activists. glenn youngkin and the republicans want you to be in charge of your children's futures. moms and dads across our america are inspired by the parents in virginia who are fighting back.
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here now to respond kayleigh mcenany former counselor to president trump. kelli ann thankyou. >> two momma bears talking education in virginia. >> rachel: i was going to say. that is this what tomorrow is about. tomorrow if glenn youngkin wins is this going to be the election of the momma and pappa bears? i want to talk about the dads. they have been doing a lot out there, too. >> in large part it is. i just talked to the glenn youngkin campaign. they think their nonwhite coalition is up to about 40 40%. this tells you this movement by parents across virginia particularly in those counties in and around washington, d.c., rachel, really no bounds by gender, by race by socioeconomic status. many people move to that area for the schools. and but i think in addition to education it's also inflation
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vaccination thank you president trump. >> we have highly vaccinated state particularly in that area. it's also motivation. the glenn youngkin is now doing a rally in virginia beach about 1500 people. terry mcauliffe was forced to cancel a rally in that same town, virginia beach just today and it's also the state of the nation because 71% of americans claim that we are headed in the wrong direction according to an nbc poll and joe biden took his 42% approval rating all the way to virginia to help terry mcauliffe as did barack obama who i read in the report today got about 1,000 people in richmond over the weekend. one thing hasn't been covered enough terry mcauliffe really represents ralph northam's party. the governor he is succeeding. you don't hear much about him. there is a bit of a ralph northam hangover last vestiges of bill and hillary clinton. he was bill's best friend hillary clinton's finance director. he represents the past. youngkin represents the future.
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mcauliffe is very mess mystic every time he is out in the trail attacking parents and others. and also i think youngkin has been very optimistic. it's a message of hope and the future. >> rachel: funny you bring up hillary. i get a lot of hillary vibes when i listen to terry mcauliffe. he sounds very entitled, very annoyed he is getting asked all these questions is that part of it, that's part of why is he drops in the polls. >> have a way supporting people who they think they like them. there is a bit of dripping of scaramucci. sarcasm. he wasn't always like that. he wasn't to call virginians deplorable and irredeemable to coin two famous phrases hillary clinton september 9th, 2016. that's the thing, voters don't need you to be even more negative. there is so much conflict. there is so many problems vexing virginia and the rest of the nation now. look at the polls. they finally caught up with joe
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biden, rachel, they don't need politicians, career politicians like terry mcauliffe making them that much more frightful about the future. here in dnc, glenn youngkin has been running ads all along. the ads this summer are very much how is he a first time candidate. political outsider. >> political businessman. job creator. they showed him listening to a lot of virginians. the democrats never took him seriously because they rest on the fact that virginia is a blue state. virginia doesn't want to be identified as a blue state or liberal state or democratic state. and i think tomorrow you are going to see many independence come over for glenn youngkin. independents are different than moderates. for moderates that's ideology or philosophy on a couple of things. independents don't like politics. they don't like career politicians. that's why they call themselves independents. they refuse to pledge of allegiance. we parents make it very clear to mcauliffe and the rest of the democrats we parents do not cede our rights and love for our children when we kiss them goodbye each morning and send them to school to learn. >> rachel: that's right. you mentioned independents 70%
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of them recently in a poll they say they think the country is in the wrong direction. kellyanne, you the perfect person to bring on to talk about virginia. you bring a lot of insight. thank you for joining me today. >> my pleasure, rachel. terry mcauliffe has not been 50% in any credible poll in ages. that's tough for somebody who is supposed to come the frontrunner and their presumed incumbent. that's how we beat hillary. we saw her not winning in states like wisconsin and pennsylvania and michigan, places where democrats had been dominant. you are not at 50%. you have a problem. go youngkin. >> rachel: you believe tomorrow glenn youngkin will win yes or no. >> yes. he has great momentum. yes. and a tremendous campaign. >> we have bullish. people on the inside feel very bullish. >> rachel: thank you, kayleigh , good see you. important math and reading skills are being ignored. just listen to one concerned father from virginia.
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>> these people are part of the woke nation. they don't care about the parents or the children at all, okay? when you see the school curriculum declining, where a fifth grader just starts to learn how to multiply and divide. that's a bad sign. >> rachel: joining me now bill bennett former education secretary and a fox news contributor. bill, welcome to "fox news primetime" here on fox. >> hi, rachel. >> rachel: we see the scores going down. this is a relatively rich area by the way. his concern is that maybe all of this time is being spent on indoctrinating our kids instead of doing math, reading, science and all the stuff that we expect to be done at school parents say and said forever teach how to read think and think. not critical race theory, not radical agenda theory. you know that father is right.
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our scores are going down based on the national assessment of educational progress which is the best measuring stick we have before covid, before the year of covid. imagine what they will be when we see the results from the year of covid. we are dropping international ratings while we are fooling around or worse doing harm with these terrible ideas. china is teaching math and physics at a record rate. ramp rach absolutely. they were in school the whole time while the unions shut our schools down 94 million of them. chinese children. so, let me talk to you about this. i know you were following this virginia race pretty closely. i think a big flash point. a big turning point in the campaign was when the school board was caught lying and covering up about the rape of a student. i think why this was important by the way they transferred that student to the rapist by the way to another school where did he it again i think why this was
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important it confirmed to parents these school bureaucrats cared more about gender ideology that they did the very safety of the children in the school, particularly the young girl sodomized in the bathroom. >> right. ridiculous gender ideology theories. boy in a skirt in the bathroom. people talk about the critical race theory. when you tell them about this, this really hits them hard. >> rachel: yes. >> such an atrocity so absurd it should never happen. it's more than that, too rachel. what we are sees is the authoritarian state saying we know best. we will take care of it. if we lie to you, we lie to you for your own good. and what people are saying, at least free people in loudoun county and elsewhere, is no, no. no. we are in charge. this is our country. what interests me is that if you see a significant number of liberals, not just independents, but liberals who might turn to glenn youngkin, these are the
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liberals, knee jerk liberals. when it comes to their children, this could be a turning point. let me just say one other thing almost selfishly, i have been trying to tell this party of ours, republican party education is a critical issue. i have been doing this for 30 years. this could make it -- this could make it real. plato said there are only two most important -- the two most important questions are who gets to teach the children and what do we teach them? we are seeing the results of teaching them the wrong thing and a lot of what is going on today. >> rachel: you know, you are so right, bill. the proof is that this issue did not get concocted in some consultants' back room this was a truly organic issue. the pandemic revealed so many flaws. and then the mistakes and so many things that happened, especially this race. confirmed what so many parents were afraid was happening in their public schools. >> right. rich. >> rachel: bill, thank you so much for joining us this evening. really appreciate it. >> my pleasure and congratulations to you on your
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retail education of nine. a significant portion of the american population. >> rachel: yeah. i'm definitely pulling my weight on that part. thank you. all right. well the governor's race is not the only election in virginia tomorrow as the fight for the next state attorney general wraps up. jason is the son of a cuban exile and looking to become virginia's first ever latino elected as a.g. virginia attorney general candidate jason joins me now. jason, welcome to prime time. so your platform is, you know, speaks for all races. i will say that the latino race, you happen to be latino yourself. the latino population almost 10%. this seems like a very critical vote. tell me how vote go l. go and reaction to your fantasy? >> exactly right not only the first latino ever elected the first child of imgrant ever elected as attorney general. i say to every group where it's
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korean americans or latinos if your family came to this country seeking hope and opportunity there,'s a good chance your family is a lot like my family. be the biggest honor of my life to be your attorney general. at the end of the day they want the same thing. they are so concerned about what they are seeing with politicians playing political games with the safety of our schools. so concerned parole board virginia letting out cop killers murdersers and rapists back on the streets early and some of them committed more crime. seeing inflation through the roof. so many as you know, rachel so many are entrepreneurs. they see how hard it is to start a business. we are 49th in the country in starting a business right now in virginia. that's why they are flocking with us. in our polling winning the latino vote and so is glenn youngkin. we have really loved everybody and so our campaign. it's not about left are oright in virginia. it's about a movement and common sense. winning independents by double digits 12, 15 points right now
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and ready to win. >> rachel: democrats think we own hispanics. racism, trump, insurrection that then they will -- fan also run out and vote for democrats. i know a lot of latinos. i actually have people in virginia he had are hispanic. they care about crime. they kind of miss the trump economy. >> well, i mean, listen, at the end of the day, you have as i said this is a common sense. they are so concerned about what they are seeing with the curriculum in our schools. they are concerned that the murder rate in virginia is the highest it's been in two decades. that's exactly the point. you have one party rule in richmond it's been far, far to the left. people understand intuitively we need a check and balance in richmond. the mess you are seeing in d.c. it's been happening in richmond the last two years. i like to say common sense hasn't been very common in state government. i mean, they're trying to reduce from a felony to misdemeanor. assaulting a police officer. getting rid of all mandatory
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minimums for drug dealers. they passed that bill that ended mandatory reporting requirement for sexual assault in schools. virginians supporting virginians to get change and around the country people are going to jason for that want change. people understand right now the stakes in virginia and that's why the way we are framing this race you want a politician that's my opponent. you want a prosecutor, i'm your can candidate. >> rachel: hoping can you bring back the law in virginia. thank you for joining us today. >> thank you. >> rachel: coming up, the deadline is over. vaccine mandates putting thousands of cops and firefighters on the streets. good luck getting a flight. why a standoffing shortage at major airline has left thousands of people stranded at the airport. mike rowe is next. ♪ ♪ discover card i just got my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically
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>> rachel: it's obvious democrats' vaccine mandates are doing far more harm to this country than good. new york city is now down thousands of firefighters and cops due to the mandate which took effect today. and now the city is less safe because of it: i talk to an fdny rescue paramedic on "fox & friends weekend." take a listen. >> i have gone into people's houses when nobody else wanted. to say i have been on my knees in cpr breathing for these patients telling family members i will do everything i possibly can. the fact that this mayor now at this time tend of the pandemic turn around and walk into our body but the fact that we have to prove it in showing our certificate to the fire department just to say that we did get it is horrendous to me. >> rachel: but it's not just in new york city.
4:23 pm
mandates are impacts americans across the nation. since friday, american airlines has had to cancel more than 2,000 flights because of weather and staff shortages. and if the airline facing this now what happens when the vax seen deadline takes effect at the end of this month? how many workers will quit? how many flights will be canceled in but, don't worry, the white house already told us this won't be a problem. >> the national requirements will not impact holiday travel. first, as we talked about vaccination requirements work and as with any deadline we expect to see an increase in compliance toward the end of that deadline. >> so american and southwest ceos have made clear their workers will not be -- there won't be a labor shortage. we have seen united airlines implement this. and as we have also said, as we work to implement these federal employee requirements, the first step is not firings. it's actually education and counseling.
4:24 pm
so we don't actually anticipate these disruptions. >> rachel: joining me now to react mike rowe he is the ceo of mike rowe works and narrator and executive producer of fbn how america works. welcome, mike. first of all, you have had some of your own travel delays as you were trying to get to the studio. but, let me just ask you this: because i thought that the silver lining of this whole pandemic was going to be that everyone was going to turn into mike roe that we were all going to begin to appreciate the people who make this country work. the people who keep us safe. the people that keep us healthy out of the hospital. somebody's it interferes with the political agenda or some big donors like big pharma. they throw those workers to the curb like garbage which by the way isn't getting picked up either. >> no. and i think there is more to it than that. there is something in us. it's the fault in our stars, you know, where we begin to resent the very thing we rely upon.
4:25 pm
and, in so many cases, you know, my career has been spent mostly trying to find the workers out of sight and out of mind tapping the country on the shoulder and saying hey, what about him? what about her? check these guys out. tonight on the show, we profile airport workers ironically. and, yeah, to your point i got here five minutes ago. my flight was delayed two hours there were no flight attendants. that's the united flight by the way. this is happening all over the place. there are gagillon things to talk about it when i stay in my lane typically this whole problem, this disconnect, skills gap, 11 million open jobs, this isn't a mystery, this is a reflection of what we value. our country has become disconnected from the kinds of jobs that you are talking about right now. we're not properly gob smacked when we turn on the switch and the lights come on or when we flush the toilet and it all goes away. it's not great mystery why our
4:26 pm
kids aren't eager to fill these positions. we take them for granted ourselves. >> is it we or is the people in charge the elites who don't appreciate it i know i appreciate the people who pick up my garbage. i'm grateful when i turn the light switch on. i spoke to a truck driver on "fox & friends," mike. he said you know, it's not just all the regulations around us but the government and the woke social justice culture tells kids that, you know, my job is killing people. it's, you know, doesn't have that kind, you know, fossil fuel job. there is all these factors coming in socially but at the very end of the day, isn't it our leaders? >> look, i'm not going to defend it i think they have been ignorant of a lot of unintended consequences that come along with a lot of policies in play right now. >> rachel: right. >> i also believe that a lot of parents today will say what you just said but when it comes to their own kids. oh, they will step back a little
4:27 pm
bit. right? they are not quite so sure that there is a 6-figure career in welding. well, guess what? there is. >> rachel: you make a goodsed point although trucking is paying a lot these days. >> and they are struggling. they could hire 100,000 people rachel right now. >> rachel: you are right. i'm looking forward to your show since it's about airports and airport workers. thank you so much, mike. >> you will love it. >> rachel: coming up, are you worried that joe biden's supply chain crisis will ruin your kids' christmas? why his administration is saying bah-humbug to concerned parents. ♪ ♪ when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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♪ >> rachel: you and joe biden don't have the same priorities. if you are like most americans, you are worried about the price of the pump and the grocery store. joe biden doesn't go to the supermarket so he doesn't see mothers putting ground beef back on the shelves because it's too expensive. instead, he is in scotland
4:33 pm
chasing windmills and talking about the weather. with every crisis his administration shows how little they care about you. take christmas, for example. our supply chain is spiraling out of control. americans are worried that they may not be able to find gifts for their kids. don't bother commerce secretary gina raymond dough with your problems. she doesn't have time for that. >> this isn't something can be fixed overnight but the important thing is fundamentally supply chain and logistics are run by the private sector. people say to me will christmas gifts be delivered to which i say call fedex. you know, that isn't what the government does. joining me now is matt walsh of the matt walsh show. i was stunned. call fedex? could there be a more callus and uncaring administration? >> call fedex is the bad faith aspect of it the democrats say the government can fix every
4:34 pm
single problem. cure world hunger. bring world peace end racism. cure arthritis, any problem they say exists they can solve. then if something goes wrong, something practical in the real world goes wrong a problem they caused the covid lockdowns are a big reason a big factor that played into this, when that goes wrong then they throw up their hands and say oh, what do you want us to do? this is a private sector concern. now, only when things are wrong when there is a real problem they can and should fix, that's the only time when they suddenly respect the private sector and they are going to tell us that the government has no role in it it's completely absurd. >> rachel: yeah. such a great point. pete buttigieg says the supply chain crisis won't head until the pandemic ends. >> something they could do is you have transportation crisis and you are the transportation secretary, maybe don't go on a two month paid vacation. that's one thing you could do. this goes back, to again, this
4:35 pm
is a practical problem, and it's something that's felt by parents, by, woulding class people want to provide for their kids. and those are not the kinds of issues that democrats and the left care about. you know, they care about things like millionaire friends and friends at yoga class care about. enough trans representation on broadway or whatever. those are the kind of issues they care about not can you buy christmas gift for your kids? will you have a job to go to tomorrow if you work in retail those kind of problems. >> rachel: someone should tell pete buttigieg that the government touches our supply chain at many, many points there are lots of things he could do to help improve this situation. by the way, one last thing, you are right. he took more paternity leave than a lot of women who had c sections did. thank you so much for joining us, matt. >> thank you. >> rachel: you have got it colin kaepernick making headlines for a new controversial netflix documentary comparing snl recruiting process to slavery. >> what they don't want you to
4:36 pm
understand is what is being established is a power dynamic. before they put you on the field, teams poke, prod and examine you. no boundaries respected. no dignity left intact. >> rachel: colin kaepernick no problem being the face of nike will slave labor for their products. here to react is byron donalds, congressman, thank you for joining us today. >> good to be with you. >> why doesn't colin kaepernick care about modern day slavery particularly from a company that he represents? >> because not something he has to face and not something he has to see. he gets his money from nike so he will not call them out and a lot of athletes calling out chinese literally trapping people in slave labor over there to make product that gets shipped back to the united states. >> rachel: yeah, you know, he really strikes me really is the
4:37 pm
1%. he is not just economically powerful and he is. he is culturally powerful. and i think what's interesting in this whole conversation congressman, is that by taking out economic class, which is really something to be thinking about, then he gets to say he is oppressed. michelle obama can say she is oppressed. meghan markle a princess who is now a gazillionaire is also oppressed. how what do you make of this and how do we get back to caring about the working class. >> us forgetting about woke nonsense and realizing key things. in our country can you thrive and succeed. the very same combine he is talking about i helped my son who plays college football right now might actually get an opportunity to go to that combine. this is not what it was during the slave trade not even close. disrespect to the people who were actually slaves in our country. you know, the colin kaepernicks as well. a system where the nfl compete
4:38 pm
and get on the field. as a result you are compensated. you are compensated handsomely. compensated more than most people are in the united states of america. i think what he is saying is wrong. >> rachel: you know, congressman, i'm famous for not knowing much about sports. what i do know is that this sport that he wants to compare to slavery is something that he tried to get back into. am i right? >> he tried get back in. but the job he had with the baltimore ravens sabotaged by somebody in his camp. those are the facts. he wanted to get back in multiple times. so i think it's kind of disingenuous to do this now with netflix. knowing not only has he gone through that process but virtually every player on the field in the nfl has gone through a similar process and actually opened up wealth and opportunity for so many black athletes who if it wasn't for the nfl would have to find a way to be successful in society and they got their shot and their opportunity in the nfl and i'm not special pleader for the nfl. there are things i disagree with them as well.
4:39 pm
what colin kaepernick is saying here is absolutely wrong. i think he is wrong in it. >> rachel: thank you for joining us. good luck to your son. i hope he makes it to the nfl. >> we'll see what happens. it is up to him now. >> rachel: when we come back, the photo that says it all. america is literally on the sidelines now or maybe he is just lost. dana loesch is next. stay with us. ♪ hi, i'm steve and i live in austin, texas. i work as a personal assistant to the owner of a large manufacturing firm. i've got anywhere from 10 to 50 projects going at any given time. i absolutely have to be sharp. let me tell ya, i was struggling with my memory. it was going downhill. my friend recommended that i try prevagen and over time, it made a very significant difference in my memory and in my cognitive ability. i started to feel a much better sense of well-being. prevagen. healthier brain. better life.
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>> rachel: if you want to know how the g-20 summit went to joe biden. this photo shows it all. not only was he the last to arrive for the group photo. is he positioned way out in left field playing where is waldo with world readers. the opposite of donald trump who was front and center for these pictures every single time. trump's sole mission was putting america first and exhibiting strength on the world stage. when trump was in charge he didn't let anyone push us around. instead, did he all the pushing like the time he shoved the prime minister of month that negro world headquarters in 2017. we know joe biden couldn't do that he is the pushover here. his credibility is weak and now that trump is gone, these
4:45 pm
countries are walking all over us. joining me now national syndicated radio host and author dana loesch so great to have you on. >> thanks, rachel, good to be with you. >> sometimes a picture says a thousand words there. was joe biden way off to the end. next to the president of congo. what does this tell you about joe biden and whether he is putting our country first. >> oh, goodness. this photo is so awkward because you are right. he is standing just over to the side. is he like the odd man out like it's a group of friends that got together. maybe they had like a backyard barbecue. all posing for a photo. and joe is like the guest of someone who really doesn't know anyone else there it's weird. and just seemed weak. his address to the summit seemed weak. of the whole thing was weak. i remember, rachel and you were just talking about this. all of the headlines about former president trump who really kind of like pushed his way through to the front and center where, by the way, america should be.
4:46 pm
because not a single one of these objectives that are all dearly held by every single one of these leaders present and pictured are even in the realm of being accomplished were it not for the participation of the united states. if there is a country that has a problem they treat the united states like we are. look at america. united states. every single jam. america by the way because the last day, the last -- topic for the last day discussions as i understand it was about climate, rachel. the united states talking about the paste agreement the only president and party to this that actually reduced emissions that's the thing that people are going for. yeah, joe biden should have pushed his way right to the front and center. and if people don't like it they can step up and do as much as america does for the rest of the world. >> rachel: absolutely. going as our country is facing inflation and all kinds of economic issues. is he there actually trying to figure out ways to make gas and energy more expensive for us. you know, and also with donald
4:47 pm
trump, you bring up such a great point. it wasn't just a photo op. he came back with like they are going to pay more money for the help that we are giving or the security we are giving them. he was actually looking out for american people. i look at joe biden. is he figuring out ways for us to pay more. >> yeah, i know. trump would get concessions. he would get an agreement. that's why he and angela merkel one of the reasons why they went round and round. everybody remembers the picture trump sitting at the desk and america pointing a finger at him looking angrily at him. one of the reasons why that conversation why there was a little bit of tension there, trump was insisting that germany pay into as much to nato as the united states does. it's for your own defense against that common political enemy. so, yeah, trump would come out with some concessions. and people did not like him because he did not take the flack. whereas biden is apologizing for us leaving the paris agreement which was essentially an unconstitutional treaty binds
4:48 pm
the 50 states. it's insane. yeah, he should have been front and center but is he too weak. someone should have led him there. >> rachel: listen, there were 400 private jets went to the g-12 summit where they talked about climate. joe biden had 85-car motorcade to go visit the pope where they also discussed the weather. how grotesque is all of this? >> it's hypocrisy. i'm not going to be lectured to nor should you or anyone watching this right now. we should not be lectured to by people who don't even follow their own advice. people who behave like this. i get it there is not a consensus on it they're acting like it's a rich person's hobby. like get crochet like a normal person this is insane, it's sickening. >> rachel: i couldn't agree. i don't know how to crochet. it's a good one. dana, thanks so much for joining us, all right. up next, merry christmas, from our fox family to yours. maria bartiromo is next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> rachel: believe it or not, christmas is right around the corner, and here at fox, where we are not afraid to say merry christmas, we are just as excited as you are for the festivities to begin. traditions are important, especially when the holidays, and it's vital that we pass them on to the next generation, and that's why this year my husband and i put together a new book highlighting some of the most unique christmas traditions celebrated by our friends at fox. the book is called "all-american christmas," and in it we share stories, photographs, and even recipes from some of your favorite personalities here at the network. if including my next guest, the host of mornings with maria, and sunday futures, maria bartiromo. maria, welcome. i have to tell you, i was so excited when you agreed to do this book. thank you for being part of it, let's get right to it, because i
4:55 pm
was really attracted to the story because it's so much about family and really about your neighborhood. tell me about your neighborhood. >> well, rachel, it's great to be with you, and thank you for including my stories in your book. i had so much fun discussing what it was like around christmas in my family, and you know, my dad had a restaurant, so that was also part of it. it was really big because we had friends and colleagues at the restaurant, but the biggest part of my christmas that i think was a little different than others is the neighborhood that i grew up in. i grew up in diker heights brooklyn, and today, diker heights is known as diker lights because the neighborhood went so crazy on all of the lights. everyone would put on a big show outside, and i remember growing up every christmas, my sister and my brother and myself would take such care in putting the red bows on the trees and the lights on the trees, and almost really keep up with what was going on on the black, and even
4:56 pm
today you see lineup of cars all the time around christmas in that neighborhood because people want to see what the neighbors did to their houses. there are statues on the lawn and activity sets, and it's always so beautiful, it really does create the christmas spirit, and i was so fortunate to be able to grow up in that. >> rachel: and you did some of the lighting around your house and helped with decorating your own home as well, so tell me also what is it like -- >> all the time, yes. speeone's or tell me what it's like to have a restaurant around christmas time, because i know food is such a big deal in the italian families. >> yes, it is, and you know, i have some pictures that i have my dad around christmas, he's in the kitchen and he's taking out his 13th cheesecake of the day. having a restaurant during the holidays was incredibly fortunate. my whole family worked there and we loved every minute of it. i was the coat check girl, my
4:57 pm
sister was also -- she checked coats sometimes, sometimes she was a hostess. my brother was a waiter. my mom on wednesday nights, they had a night called "parents without partners," and she would take tickets for parents without partners, and my uncles were in the band, so it was, you know -- think of christmas times ten because when you enter the wrecks, it was the rex manor and i think most of our viewers know my story. my grandfather came to this country in 1906 and the first thing he did was go fight in world war i, but when he came back from the army, he -- in italy he was a bricklayer, he came here when he was 13 years old. when he came back from italy he settled in brooklyn and he literally built a restaurant, him and his cousin. they built it and they named it the rex manor after the ship. it was an ocean liner that would transport italians from italy to america. it's why i know and i feel and i lived the american dream and i
4:58 pm
try to protect it so much. >> rachel: so maria, i want to ask you about the story that you told us about secrets, because the secret in my family is that there are no secrets, and that's sort of what happens in all big mediterranean and latino families. there's no secrets, so tell us about that. >> it's true, and for me it was such an important lesson. i was just a girl and i remember telling my mom something that was really secret and special and important to me that i did not want anyone to know. i had been crying over that day. she came down to help me and i told her what was bothering me and she said "oh, don't worry about it." i said "no, no, no, don't tell anyone, just don't tell anyone, we will talk about it again another time." she went back upstairs and when she closed the door, i heard her tell my father, my brother, and my sister, and they all talked about it, and i was furious! and i remember saying to myself "i can't believe this, i told her not to tell anybody," but in
4:59 pm
retrospect, it was such a powerful lesson as a kid, because as a little girl, i knew at that very moment that it didn't matter what problem i ha what issue i face, i had my family to back me up, and if it was my problem, it was going to be my mother's problem, my father's problem, my sister's problem, and my brother's problem, and let me tell you, that is an incredibly powerful message for a kid, and i knew based on that that sure, i could shoot for the stars, because it didn't matter where i landed, i had my family to help me and they were going to support me and help me figure it out. >> rachel: i think that's what people love you and love your story, because it's about family, it's about work, it's about the american dream. maria's stories and many others are featured in our new book, "all-american christmas," and you can preorder your copy today. guess what, maria? no supply chains on this one -- no supply chain problems. you can get it at fox news thanks so much for joining me today. >> thank you, rachel.
5:00 pm
>> rachel: thank you for watching "fox news primetime." if tomorrow brett and martha will have special coverage of the region's governor race. until then, tucker carlson is up next. thanks for joining me to might. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight." for a couple days now you've heard a lot of hyperventilating over a documentary we made about january 6th, it was called "patriot purge." all of the outreach has been based on the trailer, one minute and 24 seconds. and the upshot it has been we have a monopoly on that story! we will tell you what the truth is. it's hilarious. tonight, that series has begun. it's out on fox nation and in just a minute we will show you a big


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