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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  November 1, 2021 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

1:00 pm we'll be in virginia beach and loudoun county. >> thanks. we'll be watching closely. tomorrow is election day. "the story" goes on. we'll see you in loudoun county which has been the center of the debate. watch for us tomorrow and tomorrow night with bret baier, election coverage. see you then. >> for the sake of the country, i urge the house to vote and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. holding this bill hostage is not going to work and getting my support for reconciliation. >> if president biden thought his bills were going to breeze through congress, joe manchin just put the kibosh on all of it. i'm charles payne, this is "your world" in for neil cavuto. chad pergram has more on the
1:01 pm
fallout. chad? >> good afternoon. this was vintage joe manchin, swooping in at the last minute and looking for changes so he can claim victory later. he's long been concerned about the cost of the bill. if the house was going to vote mid week, there was no way they would have a price tag from the congressional budget office. >> what i see are budget gimmicks that make the real cost of the $1.75 trillion bill estimated to be almost twice that amount. it's obvious. compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues in congress. it's all or nothing. their position doesn't seem to change unless we agree to everything. enough is enough. >> manchin is turning the tables on liberals. they said they won't vote on infrastructure until there's a deal on the social spending plan. manchin wants to disconnect the bills. liberals say everyone should embrace what the president
1:02 pm
endorsed. progressives seem ready to vote before manchin grand the hand brake. >> i would urge everybody to keep tempers down. sometimes this happens in final negotiations. we'll trust president that he will get 51 votes for this bill that we have negotiated in good faith with all of the senators. >> the length of this process is wearing on democrats. >> you do have this stockholm syndrome. i think 95% of the democratic caucus is saying look, we negotiating it. >> we got some of what we wanted, we didn't get some of it. in the end, let's pass it and get it over with. >> democrats are still trying to resolve issues about medicine covered under medicare and immigration. the white house says "we remain confident that the plan will gain senator manchin's support
1:03 pm
that means it's up to president biden to deliver the votes. charles? >> thanks, chad. now reaction from the white house. jacqui heinrichs is traveling with the president in scotland. jacqui? >> hi, charles. we should start by saying nobody should be surprised to hear that this tuesday vote that we've always been anticipating is not likely to happen. not only are democrats still trying to make changes to this bill as the president, by the way, is touting it almost like it's a done deal while he was meeting with foreign leaders here at cop 26. but it has not been scored by the congressional budget office as chad mentioned and not been ruled on, the immigration portion by the parliamentarian. a lot of things that will make this very difficult to accomplish before biden got here. obviously that whole process got derailed. the planned vote never happened and they were hoping to get a vote ahead of the election, the virginia governor's race, which is zone as a referendum as the democrat's ability to get things
1:04 pm
done and wanted to talk about the achievements here, the president wanted to talk about the achievements when he stood shoulder to shoulder with foreign leaders that other countries should make a difference on climate change, which is a big portion of this plan. manchin and sinema have not voiced support for this for the last two months to get progressives, anyway, okay with having a vote on the infrastructure bill. manchin coming out today really put the kibosh on that. jen psaki appeared to be taking a swipe at manchin with this state. senator manchin says he's prepared to support a build back better plan that is fiscally responsible and will create jobs. the house is finalizing meeting those texts. later on it continues as a result, we remain confident that the plan will gain senator manchin's support. of course, that is not the same message that we heard from
1:05 pm
senator manchin himself. take a listen. >> to be clear, i will not support the reconciliation bill without knowing how it will impact the debt. we won't know that until we work through the text. >> so it's unclear at this point how long that will take for those -- for manchin to get what he needs out of that. he initially proposed a $1.5 trillion bill that was a great difference from the initial $6 trillion that the progressives wanted, the 3.5 that the white house wanted. they're miles apart on this. however, they have been negotiating in good faith. it will likely eventually get done but the timeline is really slowing down the movement and the energy that the white house is hoping to get out of this. charles? >> yeah, they lost that a long time ago. jacqui, thanks very much. senator manchin taking aim at inflation fears fueled by this spending. take a listen. >> our elected leaders continue
1:06 pm
to ignore exploding inflation and the debt will start to rapidly increase when the fed has to start raising interest rates to slow down this run-away inflation. >> scott martin, brandon arnold with the national taxpayer's union. let me start with you, scott. as jen psaki's statements suggested that this build would curb spending, they have gotten janet yellen to ditch her economic knowledge and say yeah, all this extra spending is going to curb inflation knowing that that is a sweet spot. americans are afraid of this bill now. >> yes. inflation is a hot button, charles. it's simple math. if you look at the inflation and spending in d.c., they're tight. obviously injecting this money into the system via m2 has spurred a lot of inflation concerns. another quick thing about the comments that were made earlier is like, you know, they're
1:07 pm
talking about this being a job creation bill. we have 11 million jobs unfilled out there in the economy and we don't have the labor force to attack those. are we so worried about creating new jobs on top of those? it's not a big concern. the inflation part is. >> another concern obviously, brandon, are the taxes and all of the different tax gimmicks that they come up with. what do you think of the latest ones that apparently they say will mean that this bill cost nothing and has zero costs to the american public? >> i think it's absolutely ridiculous. it's fantasy land math to say that it cost nothing. when you like at irs expenditure, $400 billion in additional tax revenue, cbo, the congressional budget office said it's ridiculous. they said it's $200 billion. so they're doubling the amount of expected revenue here. they're making up numbers. all manchin is asking for, give him credit, to actually see how much these provisions cost. let's see what the bill costs
1:08 pm
before they vote on it instead of nancy pelosi let's pass this thing and find out what is in it. >> scott, a poll over the weekend, nbc poll, showing 71% of the country saying we're on the wrong track. even more telling with these two spending bills, more than 30% said it would hurt people like me. the american public, something happened, a general epiphany from the first tranche of money that the biden administration put out, the $1.9 trillion and the after effects it. people are saying no, no more free money because it's costing me more money. >> yeah, they keep it flowing. just goes to show you the ego in d.c. to ignore what the american people want and desire. i give problems to people answering those questions correctly and honestly. somebody has to get the message across to our friends in d.c. that the spending is out of control and keeping people home instead of going to work.
1:09 pm
they have to change their real or realization out of d.c. or it's going to get worse. >> the main thing, brandon, when we take inflation, gas prices. it's the most insidious of all of them. it's a tax on everyone, the poorer the household, the more deleterious and there's no stop in sight. >> no. this bill would make it worse. it would make it more difficult and harder to extract energy from u.s. soil. so it's going to restrict supply, increase costs, make gas prices even higher and harder to heat your home during the cooler months here. it's going to make inflation worse and hurt average families even more. >> scott, this notion of taxing inrealized gains. everybody is pushing back. i'm not sure if that is still around there. your thoughts on the impact of the market. >> charles that is the low
1:10 pm
hanging fruit. we've had such a boost in the stock market prices and unrealized gains, private investments because of the fact we had this great recovery. made some sense that that would be where the administration would go. as far as the impacts, i don't think the market believes it's going to happen. so right now they're awaiting the new tax plan. if that does go through and get in a bill, it will be hurtful to stocks. >> people say you're going to tax unreleased gains? i want a credit in the years i have a loss. thanks, guys. so are the president's polling problems today going to be democrat's problems in virginia and new jersey tomorrow and beyond? and here we go again. airlines struggling with bad weather and staff short timings and passengers are suffering with holidays nearing. more turbulence ahead. [clapping]
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>> charles: on the eve of election day, it's a sprint to the finish. we have the latest on the fight for the commonwealth. >> good afternoon to you. yeah, it's been a fight indeed. both candidates returning to battleground areas today.
1:15 pm
republican glenn youngkin coming full circle. tonight he has a rally where he will emphasize the role that parents have in schools. he will be on his bay to loudoun county. over the weekend, his bus tour put in plenty of miles. yesterday he was in far south virginia. it was a big gesture for those that have lived there. >> the first time that i've met a governor candidate in person. >> sometimes the people in virginia don't realize that we're down here. it's so good to see a candidate that comes down and talks to the everyday people. >> it's a grass roots feel that youngkin is trying to convey. he's not included the big names that his opponent terry mcauliffe has. he's focused on gaining support
1:16 pm
that are frustrated by government intrusion in schools. >> people are coming across the aisle, we're winning the independent vote by 20 points. why? because we're talking about the values that virginians hold dear. >> youngkin has seen recent surges. he says that polls don't win election. mcauliffe campaign's in roanoke and richmond today where the former governor said that early voting is on his side. >> we can't go back. we don't want a trump want to be, someone endorsed by donald trump ten times. tonight closing his campaign is donald trump. we don't need the hatred, the division. >> the other big off year race to watch is the governor's race in new jersey. you have republican jack ciattarelli vying to up seat phil murphy, a democrat. that race is not as close but
1:17 pm
it's more competitive. we'll see what this rally looks like tonight. >> charles: meantime, president biden's approval ratings continue to fall. one of the reasons that republicans believe they can unseat the democrats in those races. new jersey republican candidate jack ciattarelli was on cavuto live over the weekend. listen to this. >> republicans have done it six of the last ten times in new jersey. we're going to do it again. >> charles: with biden's slipping numbers, democrats join me to weigh-in. tom bevins. i'm not a big poll guy but i think they're great with respect to momentum. it's pretty clear both candidates, the virginia republican candidate, they have all the momentum going into tomorrow. >> charles, that's right. youngkin leads in the last three
1:18 pm
polls that have been taken in the virginia governor's race the last few days. so clearly the trend line is moving in his favor and that's why democrats are really scrambling, particularly to get out the black vote, which might save mcauliffe. the problem for mcauliffe obviously is that where he's lost ground, where youngkin has seen the most momentum is in the northern suburbs. a critical part of any democrat's coalition. youngkin has really made up ground there. >> charles: is it the educational controversy, the notion that parents don't have a right to tell schools what to teach? >> yeah, it's a combination. terry mcauliffe put his foot in his mouth and instead of backtracking and trying to correct that mistake, he doubled down and tripled down and it's a big drag on his campaign. youngkin has exploited that effectively. you mentioned president biden, his domestic agenda, his poll numbers are sagging.
1:19 pm
he's 43% approval in virginia a state he won by ten points a year ago. it's a perfect storm against democrats and mcauliffe. mcauliffe has not responded vision. he says he's trump and that doesn't equate. >> charles: friday, there was a sentiment report. the independents, where they feel right now, the current sentiment is the lowest since 2012. some crazy number. the most important problems in america, poor lookedership, inflation, the federal deficit is going higher, high cost of living and inflation. these are all things rocketing to the top and we're not hearing from the candidates what they're going to do about it. you think president biden sort of just brushing these issues away instead of tackling them has cost this party dearly?
1:20 pm
>> yeah, absolutely. it's worse than that. not only has the administration not really addressed the concerns of voters, they've been dismissive about it. they have mocked him. jen psaki from the white house briefing room, the tragedy of the tread mill that won't get here by christmas. ron klain retweeting something saying these are high class problems to have. that is not how voters are feeling about gas prices, you know, food prices, things that they're seeing daily. the administration has not only not put forward a plan but they've done worse than that by dismissing the concerns of the american people. >> charles: tom, neil spoke with the former virginia governor saying the outcome of the race could hinge on the african american turnout. take a quick listen. >> anyone that is coming to virginia, campaigning for the
1:21 pm
democrat is campaigning to campaign for black votes. nobody democrat is going to win a statwide election without big turnout of the african american community. >> charles: tom, listen, democrats take the black vote for granted until they really start to lose everything else. are they hustling up? they brought in a bunch of people including formerpresident obama. will that be enough in your opinion? >> i don't know. a big story in politco this morning how they're scrambling to turn out black voters. you mentioned barack obama. stacey abrams, kamala harris. they brought in everyone that they can. it is going to be critical. youngkin -- mcauliffe may still be able to pull it off. if it does, it's because he generated enough turnout among americans to offset independent voters and those in the northern suburbs. it's critical to mcauliffe. they have known it a long time
1:22 pm
but i'm not sure if they've activated the voters in the same way that biden did a year ago. >> charles: no doubt. thanks, tom. appreciate it. a report on payments to certain my grants is not only -- not the only thing feeling fierce debate. so is the president's response. we'll explain later. more long lines and headaches for flyers and jeff flock is getting answers. he's next. >> it was the weekend from hill for american airlines. cancellations up and down. the problem is, today it continues. we'll tell you more in just a minute. this couple was headed to the farmers market... when they got a chip. they drove to safelite for a same-day repair. and with their insurance, it was no cost to them. >> woman: really? >> tech: that's service the way you need it. >> singers: ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ brushing only reaches 25% of your mouth. listerine® cleans virtually 100%. helping to prevent gum disease and bad breath. never settle for 25%. always go for 100.
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1:27 pm
over but it's still a scary scene for flyers especially on american airlines. jeff flock in philadelphia international airport with the latest. jeff? >> weekend from hell for a lot of people, charles. yeah, we're at philadelphia international. it was trouble all over the country. take a look at the pictures from miami international yesterday, this is people trying to rebook after they were cancelled at the last minute. that's what got a lot of people angry. take a look at the numbers. as of friday, 343 cancellations. then almost doubled for american on saturday. then almost doubled again to over 1,000 cancellations yesterday and today, more yet. 415 more cancellations today. not a pretty sight at all. some people have questioned why is this? could it be the vaccine mandate in the federal vaccine mandate for airline employees.
1:28 pm
the airlines say no, that's not the case. they're having trouble finding enough people. gary kelly from southwest had the similar problem about three weeks ago. i quote him now from an earnings call. he said we assumed that okay, it's time to come back to work. they're going to show up. everything will be like it was. it's not. to quote him now, it's been messy. it was messy out there. if you don't like bad language, don't look at twitter and #americanairlines. turn your hair curly. >> martha: before i let you go, jeff, i love when you interact with folks. what are people saying? >> you know, philadelphia wasn't a hot bed of this but people don't like to be cancelled the last minute. if you're going to cancel a flight, fine. i'll go through the woods on a
1:29 pm
sleigh or something. don't tell me you're going to get me there and you don't. it ticks people off. >> charles: i don't think anybody is buying the excuse, i think. so are travelers approach ago breaking point? let's get more from mark murphy. seems like we have you on more and more on the cancellations. they say it's a week, week. yeah, a week. is there's something deeper than weather and employees not coming back to work here? >> you know what it is? it's the vaccine mandates. nobody that doesn't think that's the case, i don't know what planet they're living on. maybe they need to take a flight and check it out. the reality check for the airlines, for the trucking industry, for the ports, the police, go down the line, we're seeing it in every single sector. that is what is creating all of these disruptions. this could all go away quickly
1:30 pm
if the administration removes the vaccine mandate. if you're a government supplier or contractor, you don't want to give up the revenue. your employees don't care about government contracts. they care about personal hospital. they don't think you as a ceo should be instructing them what they have to do or put in their bodies. unfortunately, this is something that's been coming. we've been seeing it over and over again. now it's creating a head because you're coming up on december 8 deadline. people are saying no, i won't do it. you add on top of that a pilot shortage, man, you've got just the makings of a disaster without a plane crashing. >> charles: yeah, it's -- the good news, we're starting to see the vaccines spike again. so maybe the administration will relent here and maybe that december 8 was just to scare everyone here to submission. because a lot of people aren't
1:31 pm
going to get it. we know that. in new york city, they closed down firehouses, a lot of people put personal freedom ahead of this. let's remind the audience, last march this industry got $25 billion of taxpayer money so that they would be prepared to serve once the mandates reappeared. >> and the key was not getting rid of employees, not laying them off or firing them. unfortunately, that is not happening. so matter what kelly from southwest says, there's a reality check. they have 800 fewer pilots, an overall pilot shortage and employees won't deal with mandates. flyers will continue to get disrupted. it will impact the hotel and resort industry. it will impact the cruise industry. they're shooting themselves in the foot with their mandates. it's going to impact taxi drivers, restaurants.
1:32 pm
it has a cascading effect. people don't realize one in ten of all employees touch or actively involve in the travel and hospitality industry globally. it's a massive industry. all of these countrywide restrictions -- think about it, charles. if you have the vaccine, you can still spread covid. we know that for a fact. so the idea of the vaccine mandates in light of this data from the u.k. and israel, look at ireland these days, it makes zero sense. >> i have a minute to go. when these things do happen, the hiccups take a long time to unwind. if this persists, will the industry be in the position to serve the public even if there was demand for the holiday season? >> if they don't pull back on this mandate, you'll have a disaster come thanksgiving. they're already saying -- american is saying we're hoping we can get it sorted out for christmas travel.
1:33 pm
hello? next up, thanksgiving. you might not be making it. i had a nephew that took about 13 or 14 hours longer to get home over the weekend from ford laud and he had to uber to another airport to get a flight on a different airline because american scheduled him for two days in advance. he had to get back. he couldn't fly back monday. we have more cancellations today. >> charles: i was on a couple of american flights last week that were half empty. it's nuts. thanks a lot. appreciate it. >> any time. >> charles: so is the biden administration mulling plans for massive migrant payouts? to aishah hasnie with what she's finding out. aishah? >> hi, charles. reportedly $450,000 per person. if you thought that that is all, democrats are pushing for, think again. more from the hill after this break. discover card i just got my cashback match is this for real? yup! we match all the cash back new card members earn at the end of their first year automatically woo! i got my mo-ney! it's hard to contain yourself isn't it? uh- huh! well let it go! woooo!
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>> mr. president, is it true
1:38 pm
we're going to give $450,000 to border crossers that were separated? >> charles: well, turns out, taxpayers are not the only ones scratching their heads over a report of potential paints to migrants separated at the border. aishah hasnie on capitol hill with the latest. aishah? >> hi, charles. yeah, there's been a huge backlash over these reports, but this, a reported payment, $450,000 per person may not be the end of the conversation as democrats in congress are still trying to push through immigration reform that pathway to citizenship in the president's build back better plan. so what is happening right now the lawmakers representing some -- 1,000 families that were separated while they were illegally crossing the southern border under the trump era basically are saying the families suffered emotional and
1:39 pm
mental trauma. the wall street administration is saying the biden administration is working outsetlements of $450,000 a person. republicans are just outraged by this. >> we're a country that is based upon the rule of law. so this is telling every american that you're going to be awarded for breaking the law where those that abide by the law are at a disadvantage. should outrage every americans and house republicans will oppose this. >> dan crenshaw said biden wants to pay illegals $450,000 for hardship while breaking our laws. if a service men is killed in action, the next of kin gets $400,000. let that sink in. while one gold star parent came out and said this is like being slapped in the face. >> to say oh, okay, now we owe you money and it's more money
1:40 pm
than we would pay a patriot, i'm outraged. this is -- you wonder where is the outcry against these policies. they're unbelievable to me. >> this soming with the backdrop that democrats are trying to work on pathway to citizenship for dreamers and those with temporary protected status and workers. they're trying to get it in to the multi-trillion dollar spending plan which that will use reconciliation but so far the plans failed to pass congressional rules. dick durbin is trying to come up with this plan, third time is a charm, to try to get it through. we'll have to wait and see if it can happen. charles? >> charles: before i let you go, are you hearing rumblings from the elected leaders from the $450,000 -- i can imagine certain democrats are concerned.
1:41 pm
the backlash has come from every part of the nation saying hey, listen, you don't have to be a gold star parent. even if you fought overseas and kind find a job, many people find a slap in the face. >> moderates will push back. you don't have to think one way or the other when it comes to immigration reform. there's two problems here. the first is that this is a reconciliation bill. for folks at home that may have heard this word repeated over and over on our air and maybe you don't understand it, it means the party in power can move legislation through by a simply majority through the process of reconciliation. it has to have a financial inpact those. the senate parliamentarian that serves as a referee has said no to the democrats twice already. so it's not likely that she's going to say yes this third time around. the second problem with this is that the senate has a slim majority. we hear joe manchin and kyrsten
1:42 pm
sinema for that very reason because you have to get the moderates on board. >> charles: great point. thanks very much. meanwhile vaccines for children as young as 5 are shipping out. what you need to know? dr. makary is next. ime. gold. your strategic advantage. this isn't just freight.
1:43 pm
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>> charles: in and out restaurants not backing down as many california locations are being shut down over defying local coronavirus vaccine mandates. fox business correspondent kelly o'grady is in hollywood with more. kelly? >> well, charles, in and out has chosen to close down all five of the indoor dining rooms in contra costa and that comes as health officials close down two locations in the bay area for failing to check the vaccination status of indoor diners. they're remaining open for drive through and take-out. in a state for fox business, in and out argued that they shouldn't demand proof of vaccination for every customer and they're not the vaccination police. in advocates agree the burden shouldn't be on restaurants and are worried these mandates hurt the businesses. >> we want to go in a restaurant
1:47 pm
and have a true date. we have to get vaccinated. >> we're vaccinated and proud of it and supporting them 100%. >> it's transparency. i'm dining outside. i'm getting myself inside and dining out. but whatever we got to do, we got to do. >> as you can see, it's a mixed bag. as l.a.'s vaccine mandate comes into effect november 8, the issue isn't going away. from a business perspective, in and out is a fast food chain and equipped to serve patrons via take out and a good portion come through drive through. this raises the question of how those that rely more heavily on indoor dining will cope as more mandates are issued. in an out has options. the cfo of florida has welcomed them saying they won't face restrictions if they expand there. it's important to mention that this isn't a question of being anti-vax or not. it's really about enforcement and whether that should fall on restaurants. charles? >> charles: thanks, kelly.
1:48 pm
meantime, the white house today saying their vaccination program for childrens age 5-11 will be operational starting next week. so what should parents do? johns hopkins professor and fox news contributor, dr. marty makary. 42% of parents say they are unlikely to have their children vaccinated. i know you've been inundated with this. >> yeah, other polls suggest 27% of parents are ready to get their kids vaccinated right away in the 5-11 age group. we don't know what the risk will be in a post pandemic era. right now the risk of covid hospitalization in the population of all kids 5-11 is 1 in 167,000 per week. that is what is on the cdc website and probably that risk is going to decline. i think the vaccine in kids 5-11 is not a one sizes fits all
1:49 pm
strategy. if a kid has a comorbidity, yes, it makes sense. space it out more than three weeks. do three months. if a kid had the infection, they have natural immunity, no. for everybody else in the middle, it's a personal decision. some parents will be concerned about the risks of side effects and even the rare risks of myocarditis, which are as high as 1 in 7,000 boys. >> charles: so we have two million cases in the 5-11 group, 8300 hospitalizations. you never want to minimize deaths but you brought up the statistics. sounds like -- you wonder where the urgency is. why does it have to happen right now. are there enough tests or are we going to learn through trial and error? >> the cdc has never said how many deaths have been in healthy kids. we nearly all kids have been with a comorbid conditions. that's where i would pay
1:50 pm
attention. or if your kid is close to somebody else and is vulnerable. to give you a sense how blanket, blind and indiscriminate the vaccinate all kids 5-11 policy is. the pfizer study said no cases of covid-19 -- i'll give you the exact words -- were observed in the vaccine group or placebo group. so we're seeing a strong recommendation that is disproportionate to the data to support it especially in kids with natural immunity. >> charles: so dr. makary, we've been here before obviously every time there's another round to this. a second shot, the booster shot. you know a lot of folks are saying just more or less get over it because kids have to take a lot of vaccines in order to go to school. it's something that we've become used to in this country. so a lot of folks don't understand why there would be resistance. what are parents telling you? >> this is not a traditional
1:51 pm
vaccine technology. so parents are a little concerned. when you do have some solid evidence that vaccine complications appear to be much higher with this covid vaccine than with other vaccines. for example, 10% of kids in the trial, 5-11, got a side effect. 6.5% got a fever. some as high as 104 degrees, a high grade fever. in the new england journal of medicine, they looked at 136 kids with myocarditis from the pfizer vaccine and one child died. try extrapolating that to boys. buys will die from the vaccine easier. >> charles: do we know what the side effects are? >> it's the same profile as in adults. if people space it out, it goes count. the regulatory process rubber stamps whatever trial comes
1:52 pm
through and they don't adapt on the new guidance. that's why it's good for people to go in to their pediatricians office rather than a mass vaccination center and talk about these alternative strategies of one dose. >> charles: i'm sure parents will take that route. thanks very much. forget the day after thanksgiving. the black friday deals are here right now. is it a sign that retailers are worried? we'll explain. ♪♪ our responsibility to always put clients first. (other money manager) so you do it because you have to? (naj) no, we do it because it's the right thing to do. we help clients enjoy a comfortable retirement. (other money manager) sounds like a big responsibility.
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>> major retailers already out with those black friday deals usually meant for the day after thanksgiving, so was this a sign companies are worrying about supply chain issues? i'm reading from the retail group that this is going to be the best christmas ever, so why are they starting the sales now? >> i think they say that every year, but i'm looking at the numbers and you are really right. it's around 859 billion expecting people to spend on holiday alone in total this holiday season. around $997 per person and it's a 10% from last year.
1:57 pm
i keep sliding those studies about supply chain from oracle and it says 20% of people had already started their holiday shopping and to your brain, a lot of these retailers have had these sales them as early as october 15 but 1 in particular from a best buy that started october 31st, a lot of those electronics are on sale and the reason why i'm talking about this is because best buy is protecting her 28% revenue growth over the next quarter so they are focusing on those electronics and trying to get them out the door. >> a lot of the sales were empty, the things i really wanted to get it, had one drone left but a lot of the other things on the kids that are saying that they want, they didn't have them there, so i'm not sure, if we date be able to go before christmas. >> that the best strategy right now, people should head online immediately obviously make your
1:58 pm
list, make sure people are giving you the gift list early because i've been saying octobeo get exactly what you want but if you're really trying to push it, middle of november even now you're going to start spending more of those that everyone wants. so online at this point is your best bet. they are trying to empty out the shelves and there's a supply chain crisis that is happening and a lot of that product is off the coast of los angeles and long beach. >> hundreds of ships, what happens if all of that gets here after christmas? will be see that after the holidays? >> that is a really good point and a lot of these products that are about to be delivered with the exception of the decorations and seasonal specific stuff is actually more throughout the
1:59 pm
year so i was talking to leslie over at the group and said retailers almost plan to be in a gifting all year-round mode so expect these retailers even in the large shipping company and trying to push this whole idea of gifting all year-round into may, june, july as long as the supply chain situation. >> inflation, any chance that that could to rail of the sales? >> a lot of these products for the consumer psyche, the inflation is already built-in. americans like to shop during the holiday, as we go into a year that we've had, so many great times we just want to shop and create some better time. >> great seeing you, thank you very much pair that will do it here, want to thank you all for
2:00 pm
joining us and by the way, and you will be tomorrow but you can catch me every day on the fox business network and by the way, speaking of making money, records across the board. the dow all-time high, s&p all-time high, nasdaq all time high, i will be all over it tomorrow so check in your portfolio fortunes but for now, the five starts. >> jesse: hello, everybody. i'm jesse watters along with katie pavlich, sandra smith, and greg gutfeld. 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. >> this is a challenge of our collective lifetimes. the existential threat to human existence as we know it and every day, we delay, the cost of inaction increases so let this be the moment that we answer histories called.
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