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tv   America Reports With John Roberts Sandra Smith  FOX News  November 1, 2021 10:00am-12:00pm PDT

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for if i may. >> i've been married 18 years, this is old school for me. i am the oji presence, the package finder. some solo maintenance, my husband. >> what about you and your new home? >> i wish i had this idea for my husband and complaining about all of my daughter's orders. >> thanks to you all, and now here "america reports." >> never too many princess dresses, a fox news alert to kick off "america reports," reese and virginia turning a referendum on the biden agenda. youngkin appearing to gain ground with polls that open in less than 24 hours, hello, i am sandra smith in new york and john, welcome back. >> john: it's good to see you again, i have more princess dresses than i need but not as many as i want. i'm john roberts in washington, making the final pitches to
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voters and some predict could have major implications for the midterms. >> sanda: as democrats could be in for voters. and they think the country is on the wrong track compared to only 22% heading in the right direction. >> john: kicking off our one of "america reports," joining us in moments with his analysis, but we begin with alexandria hobbs life at the richmond, virginia, where both candidates are campaigning today. hi, alex. >> hi, john, both back in the battleground territory, youngkin with the rally behind us, a booming one. yesterday they were on opposite sides of the state. and the campaign here in northern virginia speaking to the past accomplishments as the former governor, most impressive for the schools, and called his republican opponent dangerous.
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>> endorsed by trump now nine times, just had his ninth one and tomorrow we will have a little telecom, but i guess that it will finally go through here. >> he is talking about a tele- rally that president trump will be hosting tonight for glenn young can, and not part of it. you made it a point in fact that he is not the primitive party on the trail at all, he traveled to far southwest virginia where we asked supporters who had also voted for trump if they were disappointed that the former president was left off the campaign trail. >> it's because we support trump and we love trump does not mean that we are not going no support to the great conservative candidates that we have. >> youngkin is campaigning here in the richmond area today, and going to virginia beach and up to loudoun county for a rally tonight. >> tomorrow virginians will go to the polls and we will make a
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decision about our future and let me tell you what's going to happen, we are going to sweep our statewide offices. ♪ ♪ >> definitely a lot of enthusiasm all around, especially on issues like education. now starting where he will continue to campaign in the richmond area here today. >> john: he has part of the trump campaign playlist, no question about that. but alexandria, thanks. >> sandra: terry mcauliffe making a major strategy change in the race after months of trying to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump, mcauliffe is now saying that the race is not about the former president. >> this is about what is happening in virginia, it's not about trump, it's about who will take it next level. spill let's bring in fox news contributor bill mcgurk, and
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was a speechwriter for george w. bush. what do you think? is this a sign of desperation from the campaign, this strategy change? >> yes, i think that the remarks that he made that it is not about trump is ridiculous, he has been making it about donald trump, he has not been running against glenn youngkin, but donald trump, it's not a coincidence that came two days after the polling averages for real clear politics at 5:38, they flip. before that it was a dead heat, a tie or terry mcauliffe with a slight lead. now the lead has gone to glenn young can and i think what we are seeing is panic in the campaign and what it highlights is that he has nothing to fall back on because the campaign has been about donald trump, scaring people with donald trump and implying that his rival is a racist. >> sandra: i will get to that
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in just a moment, but you say all about trump and using panic to describe the campaign at this point, here he is in his own words with this very strategy using donald trump. >> i am running an extreme right-wing trump loving candidate who has been endorsed seven times. >> we don't need someone who is a donald trump want to be, and/or seven times and says he is running because of donald trump. >> planning i want to talk about, i would ask him where is donald trump? storming six times, now is he here? is he scared of him. >> i call him donald trump and khakis. do we want a lap dog to donald trump to be our governor and the commonwealth? no, we don't. >> sandra: i don't think based on that you can review that he has used over and over again in his campaign donald trump to try to win the thing.
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>> it leaves him with nothing now. the irony as he was trying to tie glenn youngkin to donald trump's claims of the stolen election and that was behind barack obama as return where he accused him of engaging in lies and conspiracy theories, but when stacy adams game to whip up the democratic base, he endorsed her claims of the stolen election. i think what it really highlights is that terry mcauliffe has no positive agenda for the voters of virginia. it's all about scaring people about trump, he sometimes says abortion will be banned if glenn youngkin's governor, but he is not saying i'm doing this where glenn youngkin is offering a major tax cut saying he will crackdown on crime and giving parents say in the schools of their children, i mean these are all bread-and-butter issues and terry mcauliffe does not have an answer and the reason
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democrats are running scared about this is because this was their kind of campaign for 2021 in congress, scare and yell trump whenever anybody brings anything up, and show them as racist or white supremacist. >> sandra: speaking of the race card, you are talking about the lincoln project that was written over the weekend calling it a relentlessly anti-republican out it, saying that's the truth of the matter when it comes to the dirty campaign trick and virginia, here is the editorial board, clang the race card when they are worried about losing an election, and that's exactly what the operatives did this tiki torch stunt has backfired and may harm rather than help at the polls. what did you make of this attempt and will it backfire? >> i think it has backfired, the campaign now gets it, but that kind of waited a day after some
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of the staffers had tweeted it down, it was fake white supremacist claiming support for glenn youngkin, but i think that terry mcauliffe has to answer for other things, and looking at it this weekend in not just the lincoln party sleazy fake news kind of stunned, it's the campaign that has been built on accusing mr. youngkin of tracking with racists. not sure it will work, barack obama came in and hinted at that, but we have doug wilder, the popular former black governor of virginia saying that terry mcauliffe has not been that good on issues for black americans. i just think none of this is working. it doesn't seem to be moving the needle in mr. mcauliffe's direction and i think that will be scary to a lot of democrats looking ahead at next year. >> sandra: you set it up for us tomorrow, and as we look at the midterm election, still here and from "the wall street journal,"
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thank you. and john, we will know more about the race in 24 hours from now. speak to your lips to god's ears, let's hope this is a case. we will be talking about this later on this hour with the parent from fairfax county, virginia, who says in the past she has typically voted democrat and did vote for joe biden, but is changing her vote now a lot of it based on what is going on out there in virginia in terms of education and what is happening in the schools, so that is interesting. coming up soon, fox news alert now, president biden in scotland for the u.n. summit in glasgow, but his own agenda at home stalled on capitol hill. jacqui heinrich traveling with the president in my ancestral home, you are a lucky woman. >> i sure am, i think that i pulled the best assignment. good evening from scotland, in addition to the land remarks, the president gave an unplanned speech where he apologize for
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the trump administration pulling out of the paris climate accord and promised his administration would be different. >> i guess i should not apologize, but i do apologize for the fact the united states in the last administration pulled out of the paris accord. they had as they say seen the lord and what is happened back home. the incredible change that has taken place. >> but as of yet to the president has not carried his climate legislation across the finish line, the $555 billion in proposed spending is still stalled in congress even as the president touted a possible vote this week. democrats are still retooling that plan and trying to add more climate and the drug pricing back in, it's a process we have seen delay a plan vote twice now. moreover joe manchin derailing the language in the president's original plan that would mitigate admission over concerns
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of impacts in the fossil fuel industry in the white house is trying to frame the agreement for progresses push forward so that it is solid enough for the president to stand on, calling volatility and energy crisis to deplete energy and says plan tax credits to make homes greener will cut the image eased by in 2030, also repeating online we hear consistently, these incentives will create jobs and it created a feeling that his remarks were as much directed at foreign leaders as they were to lawmakers in congress who still need to pass his bill. but all of that is being overshadowed by video of the president closing his eyes for a lot longer than a blink prompting speculation he was falling asleep. he closed his eyes, then he opened them, then he closed them again until an aide came over and talk to him. that is the last we will hear from the president today ahead of his press conference in
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glasgow tomorrow and here's hoping we get to ask him a question after yesterday calling on a list of reporters that he was instructed to call on. >> john: we saw that yesterday, have one for me while you are there as well. >> i think you will -- i will. >> john: it will help you sleep. >> sandra: dramatic new video capturing the moment someone tosses a molotov cocktail into a deli, what led to that incident and what could've been worse than that? >> john: new york city bracing for the unintended consequences of the vaccine mandate, thousands of city workers including police and firefighters, emergency workers forced to stay home without pay. could it make the city less safe? ♪ ♪ >> as of this morning the total number was 2300, which is phenomenal number. they say should be under 1,000. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, if you're ever going to use your va home loan benefit to get cash, now is the time.
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>> sandra: shocking new video of an arsonist tossing a molotov cocktail into a deli over the weekend, throwing the explosive device into a brooklyn bodega after an argument with staff. and the man nearly threw a second one, but someone saved away and smacked it out of his hand, no deli staff were seriously hurt in this incident, he was the suspect charged with arson, assault, and several other offenses. >> john: that is just terrifying, new york city bracing for a potential shortage of firefighters, police officers and other city workers pushed off the payroll as a vaccine mandate goes into effect. at the next guest represents those workers. association president andrea ends burrell joins us now, let
10:18 am
me get this clarified out of the top, because i think this gets completed a lot, are these workers who are not going to get vaccinated anti-vaccine or anti-mandate? >> we are antimandate, i have been pro-vaccine from the day it was available almost a year ago we did poles for the membership and at the time 55% stated they did not want it and were already infected and felt they had the antibodies as time went on i believe we were probably at about 28 percent unvaccinated rate as of today, but a lot of those members that were sick last year they have not changed her mind and feel you have natural immunity and they want to have their day in court. >> john: what effect do you believe that it will have on new york city's emergency services with so many workers now being pushed off the payroll? >> well, the effects were immediate, what happened was the teachers had their day in court
10:19 am
about 40 negotiation sessions with the union and they came to an agreement, we were told nine days ago that members had to decide they were going to end their career, get the shot, or go on unpaid leave. we have had members retire, as of this morning 1700 on leave without pay and a very hard time staffing the firehouse this morning, there are fire houses, fire companies that are closed, there are many companies that are writing without the full contract-mandated number of firefighters on each one. when you see a fire truck rolled down the street, every person on that rig has a unique responsibility. in order for the other members to be able to do their jobs. when you start removing people from that rig when we assemble for fire, a regular fire's four engines and three trucks, they are coming from wherever depending on who is in and out of service, now we are having a miss mosh of understaffed rigs
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and we don't know what jobs are getting done. at some people's jobs are to find the fire and rule victims, summer to vent the window so that the heat is getting out and there are some peoples who jobs is to be above the fire and the people about the fire who are searching the victims have to place their confidence on the firefighters that are below them to put the fire out, understaffed engine company is responding, lives are in jeopardy, that so important what we put in the contract, the contract is being violated because they gave us nine days to make the decision and nine days to make the decision is basically to remove the ability to go to court. as of the due process is being removed at the same time. >> john: so you have the operational concerns when you have a ladder or truck out there and you have to have every person doing their job, new york city fire is involved in a lot of ems operations which are all counting on time, could the reduction in employees results and longer waits for ems
10:21 am
and paramedics to get on the scene? >> there is no question about it, every day in new york city there are 1400 life-threatening medical emergencies, about 80 cardiac events that need to be responded to you, when you start increasing response times you get further and further out of the surviving range for a heart attack victim, there is no question about it. the five-year statistical analysis shows that the correlation between response to times survivability, for the heart attack is 32%. >> john: "the new york post" reported 4200 employees could be out of a job today. the press secretary for mayor de blasio disputed that saying mandates work, 9,000 city employees, only 6% of the workers are on leave without pay starting today and that number will continue to decrease pending accommodation exemption requests that are working and subject to weekly testing, what do you say to her in
10:22 am
mayor de blasio? >> well, it's very obvious that mandates work, guns work in robberies as well, this is coercion, you are telling a person if you don't take that shot within a nine day time. matt, we will remove your ability to provide for your family is and we want our day in court, actually the corrections office union they don't have to make this decision until december 1st, there is no reason why the unions were not given this amount of time and get multiple lawsuits that are ongoing and nine days is not enough time. it just isn't. the fda retirement process takes 30 days minimum. people off the payroll. >> john: thank you for being with us today let's hope that this does not result in a loss of life. certainly tragic. we appreciate you coming in. >> absolutely not, this was unavoidable. >> sandra: think you.
10:23 am
>> john: when we look at the response times, in a city like new york city it so crucial with traffic and accessibility, every moment you delay could be someone's life. >> sandra: absolutely with the city and the condition and still and after covid, during covid i should say the streets coming you do not feel safe, there is less police walking them that can be a real issue for residents. virginia candidate terry mcauliffe hiring a clinton lawyer ahead of the election, could it be contesting the result of the election? with jonathan turley to weigh in. >> sandra: the first major backlash over the spending time, but his administration claims it will solve the economic blows. to the panel takes on that debate coming up next. ♪ ♪ bogeys on your six, limu. they need customized car insurance from liberty mutual so they only pay for what they need. woooooooooooooo... we are not getting you a helicopter.
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veteran homeowners, mortgage rates are still near all time lows. and home values are at all time highs. that makes right now the best time in history to use your va refi benefit and get cash. you could take out $50,000 or more because the newday 100 va loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. use that cash to pay high rate credit card debt or plan for retirement. the newday 100 va loan. >> john: some of the top stories we are watching a sour, the supreme court hearing oral
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arguments in the texas abortion law, examining whether the activists have the ability to sue texas. it went into effect just two months ago, banning abortions around six weeks of pregnancy. >> sandra: the pandemic hitting a grim milestone, as john hopkins reports 5 million have died worldwide. covid now the leading cause of death following heart disease and stroke. accounting for more debt than any other country was 740,000 losses. >> john: pleading guilty after the george floyd protest last year, men were seen jumping on the roof of the car attempting to set it on fire. both were sentenced to federal prison on friday. for more of these and other stories, download the fox news app, scan the qr code or go to reports. >> sandra: closer and closer to passing president mass
10:29 am
spending agenda on the economic crises, now one of the top advisors argues the spending package, wait for it will actually help stop inflation and the supply chain issues, let's bring in freedom most economists, fox news contributor for economic adviser of president obama, welcome to both of you. you will have to explain that one to me, how you can implement more spending and actually help the inflation problem, is in all the spending what leads to the higher prices of just about everything? >> that's called a non sequitur, and makes no sense, it's very simple even a high school economics education you understand that when the company prints more money and borrows more money and spend more money that means prices of everything are going to rise, we have 5-6% inflation right now and i worry that this spark much higher inflation. but then you have to worry about what this will do to jobs, there
10:30 am
is a report out on friday that now the democrats are looking at raising tax rates granted for millionaires and above to over 50%, i don't care if you are a millionaire, billionaire, truly an, the idea in america texting people at a 50% tax rate will hurt the economy and is not fair. they have a lot of work to do, i would just agree with one thing, you said that that it is getting closer and closer, i don't think they are getting closer at all. they have a lot of leg work in their caucus. >> sandra: we are the closest we have ever been, who are we to doubt the transportation secretary, but robert, i know you have questions on the word transitory when you have done that on this program many times and now pete pete buttigieg is using the word, here he has with his own thoughts. speak of the best thing we can do in the short term is to deal with the transitory issues to put the pandemic behind us which
10:31 am
is where the president's decisive leadership is so important, the best thing we can do for the long run for issues around pricing in the supply chain is better infrastructure so that goods can move smoothly in the country and better propane policies like child care. >> sandra: can somebody explain to me what has been transitory so far, food, fuel, housing, everything is sky-high and showing no signs of letting up, robert. >> there is a lot to unpack there, with the secretary and what steve said, he used printed spend, and as you know under president trump, borrow print and spend is what we would do. and steve admit that because it went up and taxes went down, spending went up, if steve is seen that as inflation, that's what we did, but you are right, sandra, i'm not for the transitory word, i think he was wrong to use that term, no
10:32 am
question when enclosed on the nation in the world 12 plus months for a pandemic and then reopen it with supply issues and consumer spending, heads up demand ready to go, you will have inflation. we have increased wages and prices i do think the secretary of transportation is onto something, if we enhance our infrastructure for rail and trains and so on and so forth, that will help the supply issue, it's not going to be imminent, and then with things like children's tax credit and some other things, elder and child care, we will help supply-demand mismatch on labor, so it's not going to be imminent, but those are helpful things on some of the things causing inflation. >> sandra: you would hope that there was more of a plan in place to help out to these issues today, because to robert's point, steve, the overall package he is talking about will bring supply chain
10:33 am
problems, that's not an overnight fix, but lastly when you talk about inflation and a look at the pain that is out there, when we look at the restaurants, dominoes, chipotle, mcdonald's, all of these restaurant executives are painting a very bleak picture going forward and many people in their home towns have seen it and seen some of the restaurant chains limit their store hours as they are restricting the way that you can order and how much, they are shortening menus because they can't get people to work and all these high prices are digging into their profit. >> with respect to what robert just said, i agree, i think we borrowed way too much money even in the trump administration, the tax cuts created a great economy, but we did not get control of the spending. i don't understand why that's the logic for spending $4.5 trillion more, we borrowed during the cold a crisis because we thought it was an appropriate thing to get through the crisis, the crisis is over and we should reduce our debt and there is a
10:34 am
good study by casey mulligan at the university of chicago that basically says he thinks it will be 8 million fewer workers if we douse the bill because we are paying people not to work. people aren't going to work. >> one, steve, you would've passed an infrastructure bill if you could've passed it, you would've been supported of a bipartisan infrastructure bill, maybe not this one, but you would've been supportive, number two, i would disagree that the spending post-pandemic on child care and elder care is not critical to our country, it is. and i think it proves events in some ways for the social safety net that we have from actually going to fund and where you and i will disagree, climate action is important for us to get our arms around, so i support the changes of climate action and look at tesla, there is a reason it's a trillion dollar company, people want to be -- >> sandra: i have to leave it there, steve, five seconds. >> $160 million a day because we
10:35 am
are producing less oil, $160 million a day, we should produce oil and provide it for the rest of the world not shutting it down. >> sandra: it has been a drastic change in energy policy. we will end it on agreement, good to have both of you. >> john: could have agreement on that issue, halloween weekend for american airlines travelers after they canceled hundreds of flights creating chaos at terminals coast to coast, the company execs are saying it's the reason the massive schedule disruptions. >> sandra: a virginia mother who voted for joe biden in 2020 but now she says she is back in the republican and the governor's race. in large part because of a very public fight over what is being taught in classrooms they are across america. ♪ ♪ >> people are really angry, the radical education establishment whether it is on critical race
10:36 am
theory or eliminating schools of excellent or a whole variety of other things has made people mad. ♪ ♪ t news homeowners. newday's refi rate is the lowest in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. one call can save you thousands every year. and it's easy. there's no money out of pocket and no upfront fees. and while some banks are raising their rates,
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. ♪ ♪ >> john: tesla ceo elon musk with a proposal for the united nations, saying he would donate $6 billion in liquidated tesla stock to the
10:41 am
united nations to solve world hunger, but only if the organization can fully explain how it would use the funds, this comes after a u.n. official called on elon musk and jeff bezos to step up immediately to solve the global crisis, an interesting caveat, i will give you the money, but you have to tell me how you will spend it. >> sandra: we can relate on many different issues over on the show, similar, put the money out there and we will figure it out later, right, john? we love to do that in politics, american airlines canceling more flights today, did you see this over the weekend? major disruptions all over the country and it canceled american airlines 2,000 flights friday through sunday. they are blaming staffing shortages in bad weather or near at that dallas-fort worth pub, live in chicago with more on this, am i let it be a whole lot more than weather causing the cancellations, right?
10:42 am
>> it certainly might, but at terminal 3 where american airlines has their footprint coming of seen badly things can back up and i never really got that bad today, despite the starting the day with more cancellations back up to 340 cancellations now if you total up with a brutal weekend you're talking almost 2300 flight cancellations. the airline has blamed bad weather combined with staffing shortages and staffing shortages that were brought on by the pandemic. at the end result however is a bunch of people who could not get home and a bunch of people who complained that there was no one on the other end of the customer service call and ticket agents who are overwhelmed come the pilots union however blames airline management. >> i looked at my phone like ten, 20 minutes before and just got canceled out of nowhere. >> when you have hours of uncertainty, hours of not knowing when you are going this day or where bags are packed when you've already took.
10:43 am
>> weather happens, but after the weather happens a sign of a strong airline is how you recover and today management is showing they just don't have the fundamentals down. >> three weeks ago it was southwest airlines, that one blamed bad weather and air traffic controllers, but it got so bad that you had pilots in different cities than the aircraft they were supposed to fly, denying the problem with the stick out and employees protesting vaccine mandates, as far as american goes, hopefully the worst has passed and saying it was a staffing shortage while they are bringing some of the furloughed employees back on board some 600 new hires before the end of the year. sandra. >> sandra: causing a lot of inconvenience for a whole lot of travelers, thank you. all right, john. >> john: back for the top story, the high-stakes governor's in virginia where republican glenn youngkin has
10:44 am
pulled ahead of terry mcauliffe in the polling and is poised for a stunning upset in this reliably blue state, but the only way he can do it is by swaying voters one for joe biden by ten points in 2020. like our next guest breanna howard who is a fairfax county mom who says she is switching her vote this year and joins us now. it's good to talk to you. so you have voted pretty reliably done democrat over the years, voting for joe biden last year, but this year you say you're going no support the republican, why? >> i knew going in at the election that education was going to be a key component in my decision-making process and looking at glen and hearing him speak, he is listening to the voices appearance and he was addressing our concerns. on the flip side i feel that terry is not just ignoring the voices appearance, but wants to silence us.
10:45 am
>> john: the issue of sexual assault in loud and schools caught your attention, the story of scott smith whose daughter was raped in her high school and the perpetrator was addressed in a dress and transferred where he perpetrated another sexual assault, why did that particular episode in another county really grab your attention? >> i feel that it just goes to our democratic school board leaders, many whom i voted for in fairfax county to really keep our children safe and to educate our children and things like the sexual assault in loudoun county and prolonged school closures just shows me that they are not listening to our voices, they continue to try to silence us, lay bailing us domestic terrorists and parent should be involved in their children's
10:46 am
education. >> john: what are you hearing from other parents on this, because i'm sure that you talk to them? >> many parents are feeling similar, many parents that did not vote for president trump in 2020, many of my peers that i was talking to you last night after we were trick-or-treating with our family they plan to vote for glenn youngkin because of education. >> john: why is education such an important issue for you? new polling says it has emerged as the number one issue for voters in virginia ahead of the economy ahead of covid ahead of many other things, why is it for you the number one issue? >> i think because of covid and relating to the school closures because of covid it's really highlighted the concern of many parents and opened our eyes to really what is going on in our schools. >> john: this was during remote education you are immersed in what your children were learning, where you are not that clear on it before?
10:47 am
was it not transparent? >> my daughter was in kindergarten when school closures started, so i really was just getting a taste for public schools. she is now in second grade, but she has spent the majority of her academic career behind a computer screen and that's a big concern for me in regards to her education. >> john: what did you hear in that infamous moment at the end of september when terry mcauliffe said i don't think that parents should tell schools what they should teach? >> i think it just highlighted again that terry wants to silence the voices of us parents and i think that that comment made parents realize that we need to stand up, we can't sit back, we can't wait when it comes to our children their safety and their schools on their education and what they are learning in school. >> john: we will see if your sentiments play out in the way that you hope they will tomorrow at the ballot box, there has
10:48 am
been a lot of early voting there as well and apparently has typically happens in early voting, democrats have the edge in terms of the ballot return, but we will see if it continues to be the trend. good to talk to you. thanks for coming in. speech >> sandra: very interesting, alec belt when speaking on camera for the first time since that deadly shooting at the movie set, what he is saying about the tragedy that took the life of the film's cinematographer, and joe manchin set to speak at 2:00 on infrastructure and reconciliation. >> john: voters in minneapolis had to the polls tomorrow about to take up a major decision on policing, we are live in minneapolis coming up next. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> john: they certainly did not shut up and drive yesterday, sparks fly on the race card track as they get into it over a collision at the xfinity 500 and virginia. unintentionally he spun him out of the running with seven laps to go and they went on to win the race, responded by ramming the nose of his car before he
10:53 am
could do a victory lap, then in an interview called him a hack and [bleep]ing terrible. in a post race interview, he does not seem bothered by the end sold and is selling hack t-shirts to celebrate his win. that's a little bit of a standoff. >> sandra: i don't know about the inner workings of nascar, the personal side of it. >> john: all you have to know is there is a tremendous amount of testosterone. >> sandra: keep it classy, a lot of kids are watching. >> john: you heard the race radio come on in the crew chief was telling him cool it, take a step back, think big picture, he will continue to qualify for the championship. there was an interesting standoff. >> sandra: you hear the crowd going wild, voters in minneapolis had to the polls to decide whether to replace the police department with a department of public safety. the measure seen as the first test to perform ever since the police killing of george floyd
10:54 am
last year. garrett tenney live in minneapolis with more. where is that? >> both sides of the issue agreed that tomorrow's election will have massive consequences for public safety, here in minneapolis as well as potentially other cities across the country, tomorrow voters will essentially decide if minneapolis should get rid of its police department and replace it with a new department of public safety. one of the big sticking points is at this point there aren't any details on what exactly the new department would look like or how it would operate. given the surge of violent crime over the past year, opponents say the measures say it is a horrible idea. >> issue two is a no-brainer. there is no -- we should not even be at this point having a vote on having police were not having police, i will be the first one to say
10:55 am
should there be a police reform? yes, there should, but we need police. there is no iffy hands about it. >> those who are behind the effort to disband the police department, they argue the safety department would be more effective by pulling mental health counselors and substance abuse specialist rather than officers to certain situations. >> the reality is again that the current state of an armed police response model is not working for anyone in the city including our police officers who have been leaving because they feel overstretched. >> there is no question the police department is overstretched, 300 officers have left the department in the past year, the city's police chiefs have said emphatically this measure will likely only make things worse. sandra. >> sandra: live on the ground in minneapolis, we will watch it, thank you. >> john: fox news alert, any moment now we will hear from
10:56 am
joe manchin, a key player in getting jill biden's controversial spending line across the finish line and we will bring you what he has to say when he appears on this in a gallery live from the capital coming up. >> sandra: that should be interesting, plus terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin racing to the finish line a day before they choose their next governor. ♪ ♪
10:57 am
10:58 am
10:59 am
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11:01 am
back power they are, moments away on the message she says voters will be sending the democrats. >> sandra: just ahead, jonathan turley on the high profile higher from terry mcauliffe's camp, claiming why hillary clinton's attorney could mean a contested election. >> john: gram pictures about america's biggest city. >> sandra: saying flat out cops are struggling and instead of helping he says every level of government has turned its back on the men and women in blue. >> john: all that plus mollie hemingway is here with another story that is new at 2:00 and started as a profane chant to bash the president before becoming a joke about a guy named brandon. that the media on the left is laughing about. >> mainstreaming of a chant that is about the president on the united states is not patriotic, it's foolish. >> it's not surprising, so gross.
11:02 am
>> john: that's just the start of the outrage, wait till you hear something tongue-in-cheek is the same as isis terrorism. good afternoon, i'm john roberts in washington, good to be spending another hour with you. >> sandra: good to be with you as well, john, i am sandra smith in new york, part of a jam-packed second hour of "america reports" beginning on the ground in the country's most crucial race, we are watching it and this is a fox news alert. >> john: glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe sprinting across the race on president biden and his agenda, things have taken quite a dramatic turn in the final stretch. >> sandra: the republican challenger gaining ground a little bit more than 24 hours out from the polls closing in the commonwealth, here ready to react, we begin with rich edson in live in richmond forest kicking things off. >> good afternoon, sandra, scheduled to be here at our
11:03 am
brewery in the richmond area in just a short while, and awful lot of breweries as a part of this campaign. he has been campaigning throughout the day and in roanoke in the center of the state earlier today, terry mcauliffe closing his campaign by hitting the democratic strongholds in a been there the last several days bringing democrats to the polls and while he denied to us he was trying to make this campaign a referendum on former president donald trump, he is pretty much mentioning him in every event, education has also become a major issue. at the new "washington post" poll says it's the top issue and in september education voters favor terry mcauliffe by 33 points, now youngkin leads by nine. >> if you read the stories, i have a nice lead in the early go, and it does not matter, we have to have a big lead tomorrow, that's why i need you out there. all of the day one's plans will
11:04 am
be a disaster of 43,000 teachers cut. >> national democrats have fanned out across the state to try to boost terry mcauliffe's chances, last week it was president biden and vice president kamala harris, joining up like jane classroom and tim kaine, there is another dynamic early in-person voting has just closed on saturday evening, but that began in the early part of september, so there was about six weeks to a vote ahead of this while the poll numbers have changed dramatically since the beginning of early and person voting about a fifth of all virginia voters have passed their ballots. >> sandra: john, i think we will go to senator manchin speaking now. all right, senator manchin with an update. >> i can't go home and explain it, and if i can, i will. i've worked in good faith for three months for the past three
11:05 am
months with president biden, lady schumer, speaker pelosi and my colleagues on the reconciliation bill and i will continue to do so for the sake of the country, and the house to vote and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, voting is still hostage in his neck when it work and getting my support for reconciliation, throughout the last three months i have been straightforward about my concerns that i will not support a reconciliation package that expands social programs and irresponsibly adds to the $29 trillion in national debt that no one seems to really care about or even talk about, nor will i support a package that risks hurting american families suffering from historic inflation. simply put i will not support a bill that is this consequential without thoroughly understanding the impact it will have on our national debt, our economy, and most importantly all of our american people. every elected representative needs to know what they are voting for in the impact it has
11:06 am
not only on their constituents, but the entire country. that is why we must allow time for a complete transparency and analysis on the impact of changes to our tax code and energy and climate policies to ensure that our country is well-positioned to remain the superpower of the world. while we inspire the rest of the world towards a clean environment, this can all be done. i for one won't support a multitrillion dollar bill without greater clarity of why congress chooses to ignore the serious effects of inflation and debt that have on our economy and existing government programs, for example, how can i good conscious vote for a bill that proposes massive expansion of social programs when vital programs like social security and medicare face insolvency and benefits to start being reduced as soon as 2026 and medicare in 2033 and social security. how does that make sense?
11:07 am
i don't think it does. meanwhile elected leaders continue to ignore inflation that interest payments on the debt will start to rapidly increase in the fed has to start raising interest rates to slow down the runway inflation with the factors in mind and all of these factors at least spoken about i have worked in good faith for months with my colleagues to find a middle ground on a fiscally and i repeat that, a fiscally responsible piece of legislation that fixes the flaws of the 2017 trump-tax bill that i thought was we did far, far for the high-end furnace, and american families and children, however as more details outline the basic framework released what i see her show gates, budget gimmicks that make it to $1.75 trillion bill estimated to
11:08 am
be almost twice that amount if the full time has run out. if you extend it permanently and we have not even spoken about it. this is a recipe for economic crisis, none of us should ever misrepresent to the very few people would legislation is. i worked hard to find a path, compromise is not good enough for a lot of my colleagues in congress, it's all or nothing. and their position does not change enough is enough, it's time for the elected leaders in washington holding a critical infrastructure bill to the outage and we can all agree on, talking about it for months again to be clear i will not support the reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill will impact the debt and economy, we won't know that until we work through the text,
11:09 am
for the sake of our country i am urging all of my colleagues in the house to vote and pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill, it's bipartisan, 69 votes, we worked on that for many, many months. as i said before, holding that little hostage will not work to get my support of what you want. it's what we work through the process, supporting the bill to move the country forward but equally ready to vote against the bill that hurts our country and have been very clear about that also. and most importantly encourage every american, let's work together and all work together on getting a sensible package one that strengthens our nation and makes us better and leaves the world. thank you. let me just say -- let me say one thing. i'm not going to negotiate in public on this, because i have
11:10 am
been building it in good faith and i will continue to deal with good faith on my colleagues from both sides. it's time to pass bill and not the blame game. ♪ ♪ >> sandra: quite a moment, joe manchin announcing he would speak at 2:00 and did so for about 5 minutes, john, saying we need time to analyze the bill, he says he wants a fiscally sound bill telling democrats to stop playing games, accusing his own party of holding a critical infrastructure bill hostage, announcing at times that what he thought was budget gimmicks continuing to say that he is dealing in good faith. speak to anybody that thought there would be a bill agree to any time soon seems to be sadly mistaken because he is talking about shell games, budget gimmicks, this is a recipe for economic crisis, compromise not good enough for some of my colleagues for them it is all or nothing, let's bring in rnc chairwoman was going to speak
11:11 am
specifically about the virginia election but we can move on in addition, what do you think of what you just heard senator manchin of west virginia say? >> i think it was a big blow to president joe biden who is overseas right now who did not call for a vote on the infrastructure bill before he left even though he went and spoke to congress before the trip, but joe manchin expressed concerns that american people are talking about, inflation being one of them, if you are going to pump a lot of money into the economy right now with prices rising at a level that is cost prohibitive for the average family, this is not a bill that will help solve that problem. he talked about the debt and talked about the gimmicks. he called out his own party and they are using lots of little gimmicks to reduce the cost, but he is saying don't fall for it. so this was a really powerful moment. we know that the bill is bad sounds like joe manchin does too. >> sandra: perhaps you can characterize this moment for us
11:12 am
as joe manchin said compromise is not good enough for some democrats, what does this mean for the democratic party? >> well, they have an issue and we are watching it play out with the liberal wing of the party refusing to vote on infrastructure unless the reconciliation and the tax is driven, and two joe manchin came in as a moderate saying you are not going to hold infrastructure hostage by forcing me to vote for a reconciliation package that has not been scored, that we have not seen the tax cuts and we need to pump the brakes. and he just pump the brakes on the whole entire kabul agenda on tv at 2:00. >> john: after pete buttigieg says we are closer than we have ever been. let's go to the virginia race, because terry mcauliffe said something interesting going into tomorrow in the early bill that has been going on since the getting of september democrats hold a 54-31% edge in ballot
11:13 am
return, we don't know who they are cast for, but we understand that there may be some democrats switching the votes and some could be republican votes, but he says that democrats will need a big turn out tomorrow and republicans always rely on a big turnout on election day because of the typical advantage that democrats an early voting supposed to be rainy and cool tomorrow, what do you predict? >> you are exactly right, we do need a big turnout tomorrow, they built their lead on absentee voting, one of the things is that they have the election day voters into the absentee balloting process, so we feel strong, he is finishing strong because he has the momentum in the message. he is talking about parents having a say in their education which i think that every voter agrees with. he is talking about lowering taxes and he is keeping a virginia-focus where mcauliffe is bringing in his d.c. swamp teachers and make a mistake after mistake after mistake in alienating parents who have been on the frontline of the pandemic and helping their kids get educated.
11:14 am
>> sandra: bill mcgriff was here from "the wall street journal," talking about where he sees desperation on the part of mcauliffe's camp to change their strategy and really use donald trump as -- against his candidate in the race against youngkin in the race, what do you make of the change in strategy and is it showing in the same thing? >> it is flailing, he is flailing. he can't run on his record and it's bringing in all of his d.c. friends, even joe biden who he said was a drag on his ticket, and youngkin is running as a businessman recognizing the concerns that parents have and a lot a lot of the problems are of his own making. when you call parents domestic terrorists, when you say that parents should not have a edge in their public education. it really struggling through this pandemic as their kids were not in the classroom and we were
11:15 am
trying to get them on zoom classes and a deficit between virtual learning, for them to alienate parents has been a bad strategy and they continue to double down it is hitting the right time in the right time and it goes in. >> john: democrats typically own the education issue, republicans drive it but never make much headway, take a look at the way that the polls have changed in the last few weeks, october 10th-13, mcauliffe leaning 35-43. and now youngkin with a 15% advantage, if that was the advantage in early part september, you would assume that he would cruise to victory, but this has happened in the last few weeks, has there been enough time in the early voting for people to say this is how i am feeling about the republican now? or were they already set? >> you are right, it is not on
11:16 am
election day, it's an election month in voting has been going on for a long time in the polls have shifted during that time period, there are enough votes out there for youngkin to win tomorrow, they have to turn out, get your friend, this is an enthusiastic game and whoever has the momentum and can turn out the most will win and education is at the forefront. as you watch what has happened in loudoun county and two school boards and parents who had real concerns for their children safety as you have seen the department of justice under joe biden label parents domestic terrorists were going to their school boards and raising concern. i think that this has awaken a lot of parents across virginia and is moving independent voters towards glenn youngkin. >> sandra: if you put on the most important issues for governor in the state of virginia come into your point about education top and the list, but look at the economy right there almost tied with education as big as that has become a notes race, so what's
11:17 am
your party's message obviously not just for this race but as we look for any implication in the midterm election, what is your message on your party's message on the economy we are searing so many crises with inflation and supply chain issues? >> we recognize that we need to restore economic prosperity and that starts by getting people back in the workforce and stopping the supply chain issue that is raising prices, that is causing businesses to close, they are so many things that have come from the policy as of joe biden that of hurt our entire economy starting with her thanksgiving, we will be paying more for gas, for turkey, for everything and it is hurting the american people, the republicans have a plan that will talk about backing the blue as crime rates are rising and education making sure we put kids first and not the union first. >> john: all about go tv tomorrow we will see how it works out, hopefully an answer tomorrow night as well. it's always great to see you, thanks for coming in.
11:18 am
>> thanks for having me. it is >> sandra: bringing chad pergram now, because we just heard from joe manchin at the top of the hour who spoke for five or 10 minutes or so and need to analyze this so it is a fiscally sound bill, accusing his party of gimmicks, chad, what does that tell us of where they may be in getting something done? >> it makes it very hard for the house of representatives to move the reconciliation spending package this week, there was a hope of the weekend they might move it early as tuesday than we were hearing wednesday, and if joe manchin is not a board that is significant. they don't need his vote to pass something in the house of their representatives, but a lot of people will be looking for him to sign off, the indication that the progressive caucus agreed to everything, but the fact that the bill is not finalized and there is talk of trying to put in on paid family leave, provisions on medicines under medicare, still dealing with immigration policy and this was
11:19 am
the most interesting comments in the entire press conference by joe manchin who did not take questions, he spoke for 5 minutes and then left, and he said i will not support reconciliation legislation without knowing how the bill will impact our debt and our economy as you allude to he said that they are trying to play shell games. he agreed to 1.75 trillion, but what they might do in this piece of legislation and this is why the details are so crucial, you provide tax increases to fund the programs for a longer period of time and that something joe manchin has been against. he's fine spending 1.75 trillion, to come back to the shell game, that's why you need an announcement from the budget office even if they got the text together right away and move the case in the house until wednesday, it would be hard to have a final score and there are probably some moderate democrats
11:20 am
in the house of representatives who would one that before voting. and really what joe manchin is also doing here is turning the tables on his progressive colleagues, because he once said infrastructure bill that was passed in august past now. >> john: you have the progressive caucus on one side saying we will not pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill without the reconciliation bill, now joe manchin saying i won't pass or entertain the reconciliation bill without the bipartisan infrastructure bill, so have you got this caught between an irresistible object and immovable force? >> yes, they need us vote, if he is out there and kristen cinemas out there, for him to call a press conference and say this is where i stand, keep in mind how he chased him all over the building all day long and for him to call a press conference and say this is where i stand and i'm not happy and really throw some of his democratic colleagues under the bus especially those on the left, that is significant. that will probably ignite the left because they will say we signed off on this already and
11:21 am
agree to this, but you and joe manchin are doing these things that they always accuse him of doing is trying to move the football at the last minute. that is significant. and again, this is where he is basically saying that those progressives are holding the infrastructure bill hostage. they want to pass these bills quickly in the house of representatives, preferably in tandem, keep in mind that the house has debated in the infrastructure bill all they have to do is vote, but the progressives want everything to go in short order back-to-back in again, the longer that these bills sit out there, the longer, the greater the potential is for problems. >> sandra: something we cannot see as we watched joe manchin, describing the cameras and reporters growing by the moment as they were preparing to hear, obviously a pivotal voice in this moment as was put it this morning, the moment of truth. we will get back to you with any breaking news. >> john: i messed up my idiom,
11:22 am
immovable object and irresistible force, in new york city not at work today, and not getting paid as is the covert vaccine mandate taking effect. while some union leaders are warning the mandate could have deadly consequences, the mayor says there're been no disruptions to city services. all live in new york city with the details. >> hey, john, a bit of a mixed bag it, this does include all city workers, so we are talking sanitation and police department and of course firefighters. so within the fdny, the rca and some of the delays in service because there are fire engines and ladders that are not operable today with the amount of workers that they have out from the mandate looking at about 20 percent of those fire trucks that are not operating today. so what that means is if you have an emergency normally, the closest fire engine to you would be the one that responds, but if it's not running today you're
11:23 am
going to have to wait longer to get back with the emergency answered, so talk about wait times that are increasing in some cases by a minute and in other cases we are being told it could increase by ours. if you are stuck in an elevator you could wait for hours for someone to be able to respond. when it came to the vaccination mandate, city workers had nine business days to get up to code and they needed to have that one shot for it to happen. the fire department saying this happened way too fast and was not necessary to be this fast and out the entire public response system is in jeopardy. firefighters are working around the clock to make up for those that were placed on leave. take a listen. >> as of yesterday we told 1700 firefighters that were placed on leave without pay because they had not received vaccination, from 6:00 this morning they put it over that every firefighter that worked last night cannot leave until they figure out what is going on. it's chaos.
11:24 am
>> it applies to all city workers including sanitation and trash piled up with fewer workers on the job available and those that were available moving slower. so last check that i had 83% of the sanitation department is vaccinated about 20% of their workforce at home when it comes to the alarm that we mentioned in the sound bite, at this point it is still active, so you will be seeing some firefighters working today that means that they have been working since sunday. >> john: obviously a cumulative effect on all of this. thanks, good to see you. >> sandra: the top of the shortages on the nypd or next and city detectives are struggling to keep the peace because they don't get the support they deserve and seen that happen all over the city as he says for the first time in new york city history, elected leaders on every level are hostile to work enforcement and the city, state, fed, and
11:25 am
president of detectives, thank you for being here. this is hard to take in. to see them not getting the support that they need. how can it operate with the men and women in blue? >> it puts the public at risk, and for the city at work too. >> sandra: it's just hard to see, when we count on such great work, that are not getting the support that they need. as far as the vaccination mandate is concerned, do you see anything changing as we get closer to losing more men and women in blue on their city streets? >> i don't think so, the reason that this is rushed is all politically dead, because he wants to run for governor. and there is no scientific evidence to rush this mandate. it could be much safer and
11:26 am
simpler for the workforce of new york city. >> sandra: you are saying this and said this to the team that it's the first time in history you say that you had all three entities of government turned their backs on the police. and i mean you set on a city level, state-level, and a federal level, talk about the unprecedented nature of this moment? >> 39 years in law enforcement i have never ever seen the lack of compassion for the people that live in the city, the reform laws are not working, it's quite evident. and looking at the homicides in the shootings that are up, since the reform has been enacted, and the officials have an action to keep the people and city safe and they are not, they should be reversing the discovery laws to make people want to come forward and cooperate with authorities
11:27 am
and not fear for their lives and there are laws on the books that mandate one year in jail if caught with an illegal firearm. if you fix those three things, the shootings in new york city would drop dramatically. the new york city police department has taken almost 8,000 guns off the street since the bail reform has been there and other officials not doing their's. >> sandra: crime is still spiking in the city and we wake up to horrible stories like this one video of this molotov cocktail that was hurled into a brooklyn bodega and is actually frightening video to see that. this is a 38-year-old man who carried out this attack. you see the footage inside the deli and the fire that was apparently trying to throw a second cocktail and the bystander was able to hit that down and has since been arrested, but this is happening on city streets today.
11:28 am
>> yes, new york city detectives are investigating these crimes and unfortunately our justice system is letting them ride out again to victimize the people of the city and it's not fair to the law-abiding citizens of new york city, we have to concentrate more on the victims and not the criminals. >> sandra: i can report that the two daily workers inside the store were able to run, one of them suffering nonlife-threatening injuries, but it is horrible to see and happening on the city streets at the time where we are seeing the police force go down and many more retirements in the wake of these mandates to come. thank you. >> thank you, have a great day. >> john: terrible to see that happening, sandra, the supreme court with the restrictive abortion laws, shannon bream is up next with that. >> sandra: plus is terry mcauliffe getting ready for a legal showdown? jonathan turley says that may be the case based on the big lawyer mcauliffe just tired.
11:29 am
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♪ ♪ >> sandra: the supreme court hearing arguments relating to the most significant abortion case in a generation challenging a new law in texas banning abortions at six weeks. it gives citizens the power to enforce the law by letting them to anyone who helps a woman obtain an abortion such as driving her to the procedure itself, shannon bream standing live outside though supreme court at this hour for us, hate, shannon. >> this thing has been on the fastest of fast tracks added to the calendar just a few days ago and that's normally a process that takes months, sometimes years but they sped it up and today that justice has heard about three hours worth of arguments as you said about texas fc eight on procedure not on the substance and does say after six weeks into a pregnancy, today was about who can sue to stop the law, so
11:35 am
providers and the u.s. justice department argued that they have a right or standing to challenge the law was so much at stake there were demonstrations on both sides of the debate outside of it here today following the arguments, the providers were feeling confident about his hopes that justice will submit his clients to see a wall texas general keep fighting to uphold. >> several of the justices had concerns about the broad implications if a state is allowed to nullify federal rights, the three of us being texas fb eight. >> seeking would be extraordinary in joining a court or cleric court to support the action would be i think what they said today the first time it had been done in in the u.s. history, so we will fight the
11:36 am
fight. >> this has happened very quickly, we don't know how quickly we will get a decision on the law, but it is a warm up, because december 1st is when we will hear the huge case out of mississippi after 15 weeks most abortions are banned, that today they will hear on the substance that will get to the conversations about roe v. wade and other things and that decision will be due by the end of june, putting it right in the middle of the election. >> sandra: shannon bream, live outside the supreme court, thank you. >> john: is terry mcauliffe gearing up for a legal fight over the election? jonathan turley posing that question after he hired hillary clinton's former general counsel mark elias. joining us now is a george washington university law professor and a fox news contributor. just for folks at home who don't know, a former colleague of michael sussman who was indicted
11:37 am
by john durham over that whole steele dossier thing back in 2016. and you call the hiring astonishing and a new column, why? >> for one thing his lawyer is carrying enough baggage for amtrak, i really was quite surprised, because you have a special counsel in the field looking at his conduct in the last major election cycle while he is advising mcauliffe on this election cycle and you don't want your attorney dividing his time in that way, the expectation is even if he is not indicted that he will be the subject of any report that durum comes out with. he has been accused by two "new york times" reporters he and the campaign of lying to them about being behind the steele dossier according to sources on the hill was sitting next to john podesta the chairman of the campaign when he
11:38 am
also denied that role behind the dossier. i said that these are questions about his conduct during that election. he has also been sanctioned by a federal court in a prior case, but what stood out is that elias just recently challenged republican victories in elections and lost and the obvious question is mcauliffe preparing for a contingency plan to challenge any victory by his opponent? >> john: after you wrote about it, after the campaign, we sent an email asking if they would be part of the postelection challenge, the mcauliffe campaign i don't think they meant to write back to, perhaps they accidentally hit reply all, because the answer that came back was can we try to kill this? in a little later on there was
11:39 am
another message that said to dispute the challenges, so rather than mounting the challenges, and might be that they are there to submit the challenges, but can we try to kill this? it tells you where they are coming from. >> and you have that twitterresque aspect to its reminding what happened with hunter biden's laptop where the media killed that story before that election. what was also odd is that hours later the same spokesperson sort of gave an all clear to the media saying we did kill the story. and they seem to have a general consensus except for some news organizations like this one not to discuss picking up an attorney who is at the heart of a special counsel investigation currently in the field looking at a prior election. >> john: and you have mused
11:40 am
about the possibility of what would've happened with with the media had this been glenn youngkin hiring a trump attorney to mount challenges. >> right. could you imagine the cacophony if youngkin hired a sanctioned republican attorney who was the subject of an ongoing special counsel investigation? there's no question about the criminal charges, but the conduct, the ethics from the last election. >> john: always a pleasure to spend time in the law library with you. >> thank you. >> sandra: john come everybody out there has heard by now the chance that are popping up in one stadium or another, one apple or another with a four-letter word to attack the president. >> john: when a reporter misheard a chance, it was a viral meme minus the dell vulgarities. some say it's not just offensive to repeat it by claiming he saw the same level of isis
11:41 am
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>> john: president biden concluded the g20 summit in rome
11:46 am
on ways to combat climate change, but one of the biggest polluters china is nowhere to be seen. edward lawrence is in edinburg, scotland with the latest. speak a very interesting, the president trying to change the debate on inflation using climate change in his address to the conference here in scotland, says that the high gas prices are exactly the reason we need to make an investment in alternative forms of energy. this changes that shift in the message from the white house as energy prices are rising in the u.s. >> high energy prices only, only reinforce the urgent need to a diverse array sources, double down on a clean energy, development and adapt promising new clean energy technology so we cannot only overwork, but remain overly reliant on one source of power to power the economy and communities.
11:47 am
>> still the president amidst the move away from fossil fuels will not happen overnight, but those zero by 2050, right now according to aaa the price of a regular gallon of gas in the u.s. is at $3.40 a gallon up about 60 percent from year ago when the president has committed the u.s. along with other g20 leaders to end an investment cold plans, but they gave no end dates as republicans are saying it's all a waste of time, ahead of the largest polluter in the world is not here. >> in china the world's biggest admit is from this stuff not participating, but laughing at the united states and the rest of the world. >> the president said that he was disappointed that china was not was not here as well as the leader of russia. >> john: ed boren's in scotland, thank you, sarah. sandra. >> sandra: here after a
11:48 am
commercial airplane pilot used it during his announcement passengers, now cnn analyst getting slammed for taking even a step further likening that phrase to supporting terrorism, mollie hemingway on that now. the fox news contributor, almost hard to believe this happened, first off here's the commercial airline pilot and the video that went viral. >> about seven or 8 miles an hour. going 77 degrees? welcome to southwest airlines, welcome aboard. >> sandra: so that happen, by the way, welcome coming in the analyst at yale institute for global affairs that took took twitter to consider how the pilots, bill would be received if you said something else, and experiment leper southwest pilot
11:49 am
to say long live isis before taking off, my guess is that the plane would be immediately grounded to the pilot fired and an issue of statement two of the airline within a matter of hours. what do you make of that comparison, mollie? >> that would be a delusional comparison, was a participant in the russia collusion lied that donald trump sold the 2016 election by colluding with russia, does not need to be an analyst on what is going on, but what you're seeing with so much media pushback is the phrase let's go brandon does not just make a mockery of joe biden, and makes a mockery of the media because it was that reporter that said when she heard this very vital phrase against president biden she restated it as let's go brandon. so the way of making fun of how the media just so much to protect joe biden, our favorite candidate, so these people are terrified by the phrase because they recognize that this is making them out to be a joke,
11:50 am
that is making them out to have not as much power as they would like to have, so they respond as if it is terroristic where it is a lot of the country making fun of how bad they are at managing world affairs. >> sandra: really interesting to see the airline's reaction to it, the whole video on the airplane was taken by an associated press reporter on a flight from houston to albuquerque, and made that announcement as the airline issued a statement saying the company does not condone employees sharing their personal and political opinions on the job serving their customers and one employee's individual perspective should not be interpreted as a viewpoint of southwest in the collective 54,000 employees, ted cruz went to slam that cnn journalist by the way, reaching important said this, the network is deranged and no, it is a factual matter reporting is not the same is just agreeing with the current president. i don't know, mollie, how we all just lost our minds?
11:51 am
i don't know. >> the thing that is so frustrating about this particular thing, people are saying it's horrible to say let's go brandon when we endorse four years of the trump presidency, prominent people using horrible language against a president and there was a parade of cat ladies wearing themed hats around the capital and that was not in any way offensive to these people who say that making a fun lighthearted cheer about how bad the country is being run right now and about how bad the media are at covering it is ridiculous, nobody believes after what we endured that anyone legitimately has a problem with this phrase. >> sandra: good to get your take on that, and congrats, a new book out, how the democrats as he is the elections come up on the screen for the viewers to see, thank you. >> thank you. >> john: alec baldwin speaking on camera since the shooting death on the set of his new movie and says he can't talk about taking the deadly shot but
11:52 am
has a lot to say about the conditions on that movie set as it goes under the microscope. his wife also with a lot to say. some pictures to post online as well coming up next. ♪ ♪
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>> there are incidental accidents on film sets from time to time but nothing like this. this is a one in a trillion episode. >> that was alec baldwin breaking his silence this weekend on the deadly shooting on the set of "rust". >> jonathan hunt has more. baldwin says he's cooperating with investigators. >> yeah, he says he's as keen as anyone to find out what happened when he shot and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins on the set of "rust." >> we're eagerly awaiting for the sheriff's department to tell us what the investigation
11:58 am
yielded. >> baldwin described the shooting as an accident. but the santa fe sheriff says there could be criminal charges. he's one of three that wants to be questioned further. the armorer blamed lack safety standards on set and the assistant director, david halls admitted he did not properly check the gun before handing it to baldwin. according to the reporting of the l.a. times, baldwin seemed stunned when the gun went off asking what just happened? he still seemed shocked when speaking this weekend. >> she was my friend. the day i arrived in santa fe, i took her to dinner with joel, the director. we were a very, very well-oiled crew shooting a film together. this horrible event happened. >> the l.a. times also reporting
11:59 am
hutchins' last words after the bullet hit her, "that was no good, that was no good at all" according to the l.a. times. >> jonathan, many of us watched that video over the weekend. he broke his silence. his wife was present. she tried to cut him off. she said no, let me answer the questions. it was tense at time. >> yeah, they were followed by a group of photographers and reporters and pulled over and talked. >> do me a favor. my kids are in the car crying. >> because you're following us. >> we gave you everything you wanted. >> thank you, alec. >> obviously a tough time for the baldwins. a much tougher one for the family of halyna hutchins. john and sandra? >> and a picture of all the
12:00 pm
halloween costumes. that's being criticized. >> there's times to post photos and times not to. >> maybe a little insensitive. we'll see what happens next. great to be with you as we get a new week. i'm sandra smith. >> and i'm john roberts. we'll see you tomorrow for another episode of "america reports." "the story" with martha starts right now. >> martha: thank you, sandra. good afternoon. i'm martha maccallum in new york. right now president biden in glasgow as senator joe manchin says they're no closer to a deal on the president's agenda. democratic infighting continues. so during this trip abroad, he was asked about the large picture of all of that and mounting issues back home by a.p. reporter zeke miller. watch this. >> tried to showcase that america is back. back at home, your poll numbers have fallen, your party's nominee for governor in v


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