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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  November 1, 2021 9:00am-10:00am PDT

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>> kayleigh: fox news alert, a devastating new poles for the president and democratic party. they show on the majority of americans no longer believe in the premises of a biden presidency. questioning his knowledge, competence and stability in tough times and saying the country is on the wrong track. you think? this is a "outnumbered," i am a kayleigh mcenany i joined by harris faulkner, emily compagno,
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kennedy, and in the center of the virtual seat, fox news contributor charlie hurt. the president's job approval ratings are pretty much tanking since he took office and right now in a new nbc poll, more than then a majority, 54%, disapprove of the job he's doing. even worse, another poll finds 71% of americans say the country is headed in the wrong direction but the president doesn't seem all that concerned about those dismal numbers. check it out. speak to the polls will go up and down and up and down. they are high and medium and then back up and now they are low. look, look at every other president, the same thing has happened and that's not why i ran. i didn't run to determine how will i be doing in the polls. >> kayleigh: presumably charlie, he ran to please a majority of the american people on the things he's delivering and, he's clearly not doing that. charlie, i dug through the pole
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this morning, interestingly on the economy when asked how biden is doing he's got a nine-point advantage. he is now underwater by 17 points on the issue that is always of top concern to voters. interesting. >> charlie: it really is. it's amazing how much goodwill he's managed to burn through so quickly. the last time democrats face numbers like this was back in 2009, 2010 come after barack obama got elected. the difference between then and now is obviously there were a lot of voters who didn't like barack obama. there were a lot of people who loved president obama and, their love for him never waned. the difference here is that clearly people are fleeing from biden. you look around the country, whether it's the border or -- and of course issues like crime and inflation and gas prices, those are really close to home, pocketbook issues. those aren't sort of minor issues, like academic issues for people.
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those are issues that people feel. and of course as you all remember the entire election that joe biden ran was this promise, this dishonest promise that he was going to cure covid and of course he has failed andn that department as well. is before i totally agree with you, this was not about love for a guy hiding in his basement during his campaign. but emily, i saw this over the weekend, it was eye opening. not just disapproval of biden but almost a full on issue by issue, you are seeing support for the republican party and their stance. we will pop it up, your borde security, depending on who you trust for republicans plus 22, dealing with crimes, plus 22, the economy, plus 18 republicans, getting things done, plus 13. that economy in particular, josh kraushaar pointing out that
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the highest advantage republicans have had since 1991 on the economy. >> emily: is mind-blowing but not surprising at all. i keep saying this on the couch here because it, what americans care about are reflected in those numbers, to charlie's point about it being kitchen table issues. these aren't academic, these are what we feel. we care about affording the heat in our home and we care about health far dollar goes and we care about limited taxes, limited government, a strong dollar, strong national security, keeping drugs off of the streets and our kids being able to learn and for and schools. all of these are things that ordinary americans care about deeply and so no wonder the hallmark of this presidency which is sort of an ant has the sea and uppsala getting the tone right, no wonder it's being reflected now in the reasonable democrats and seeing exactly who they stand for and thrive in these polls. one of the democratic pollsters who ran this poll said when americans voted for was stability and calm and instead what they got was instability
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and chaos. us before. the issue he's underwater on, and you predicted harris that he would say, i'm not looking at the polls. >> harris: he is not being shown the polls, he also said that. it's somebody's job to prepare them to take questions, i don't know, but what we do know is in glasgow he said, i've been instructed to do blah, blah, blah. it's not a crime to get a list of reporters in the room but then when you're instructed to do something and you actually articulate that, that's a trend line that maybe doesn't help you. the category of strength, isn't that what we are talking about when we drill down into the numbers for the polling, they chose a people don't feel like this president can handle a crisis, above 50% of them. and it's a healthy number of democrats in the polling, so we've been told. you can drill down into it and see that these kitchen table issues that charlie and emily have talked about affect everybody but the idea that a
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person is not ready to handle a crisis, when you have several crises going on simultaneously, that's problematic. and one more thing with regard to something you brought up. are we seeing a shift for democrats? and maybe this will have an effect on all politics going forward, i don't know, not in a good way. but trump had a trump base. obama had an obama base. charlie, that's what you talked about. people who loved him no matter what. biden doesn't seem to have one because 22% would not be enough to consider that as a biden base. just pointing that out, that means that they love him. >> it's a good point, i don't think he has a strong base, that's clear from this polling. there's this general sense of incompetence in the country and its polling reflected. it's not that we don't trust you and crying but we don't think you're competent to handle the
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issues on the crises. and if i'm joe biden sitting in the white house, those numbers is a lot to me. when they were asked about the future of america, 41% of respondents said that they think the countries best years are still ahead at, 53% saying america's best years are behind us. when you feel we have left the most positive thing in this country in the past and not in the future, you may not be paying attention but maybe you should start. >> kennedy: that and the competency number are the two things i think really hurt him. i actually disagree with that. i still and will always agree in america but i believe people here wanted to be an incredible country and i believe people work really hard. they are generally optimistic. it feels like we have a lot working against us right now but i do think that number may be momentary but it's obviously a correlation between how people are feeling and how the country is doing. the administration needs to acknowledge that because if you
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just pretend that poll numbers don't matter, you will see that the people who pick up the phone and answer some of those questions, they don't matter. and the people who share their view that things are too expensive, they are scared about crime rising in their cities. you are saying that those people don't matter if you are not acknowledging and i think that's one of the biggest issues with this administration. they don't acknowledge problems to begin with. the president is having a hard time at his poll numbers are going south and the same thing is happening with his vice president. i look at all this, i look at this myriad of problems that are unenviable for any of ms. jason and i ask myself, where is the vice president? this was supposed to be a copresidency, the biden-harris administration so you have two people that are ready to lead their blowing it. >> kayleigh: i think that's all the proof you need in the direction of this presidency, the vice president has all but disappeared it, where is she? she has ambition, maybe someone
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can find her for us. just ahead to come up the governor's race is captivating the nation. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe hitting that trail ahead of election day tomorrow. plus the lincoln project's distasteful stunned everyone is talking about. all of that, next. ♪ ♪ veteran homeowners, this is the best time in history
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>> harris: it's on the eve of virginians closely watched governor election. and it's do-or-die for the democrat terry mcauliffe. they could set the stage for next year's midterm and maybe even shake up the white house. you never know. a trend is a trend. both candidates are making the final pitches to voters today but not before some last-minute controversy. the anti-trump lincoln project authentic group of actors to pose as a white supremacist with tiki torches that i youngkin event in charlottesville, virginia. lincoln project cofounder stuart stevens actually defended doing so. he said it, that's how you play hardball. but even the mcauliffe
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campaign had to distance itself from this stinky stunt. i didn't know that desperation had a white shirt and some navy pants. >> charlie: and a tiki torch, oh, my goodness. but the mcauliffe campaign distance themselves after they got caught. they weren't distancing themselves right after it happened. in fact the campaign was the first to promote it, trying to get everybody to do so glories about it. we see nasty politics for a long time. i don't ever remember anything this disgusting. for a long time conservatives and republicans have complained that democrats are willing to racialized absolutely anything in order to score political points and it really is a really disgusting and divisive tactic. but this proves that they are willing to go so far as to plan a false flag operation at a
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republican event to divide people at a time when we meet as a country need to come together, we have serious problems and need to fix those problems and we have serious people willing to address them with honesty and integrity, not this disgusting business. >> kennedy: just a reminder for viewers but that was the lincoln project that was doing that and that's what the media has been dismissing it as an inter-dop squabble but the reality is, they probably done more harm for terry mcauliffe. >> harris: i don't think that's why, i think it was because the race card got played. >> kennedy: just to be clear that was not the mcauliffe campaign. >> harris: they waved it out for some time and feed it to the media. kennedy, my first reaction to this just in terms of the local media, and then the national media, as emily is pointing out, they might not bite on this
9:17 am
because there's already a narrative among some members of the liberal media, that, oh, one side is worse on the other side in terms of these race issues so they aren't going to cover anything like this. they will let the stick. >> kennedy: and i don't know that the mcauliffe campaign was aware of this before, obviously the lincoln project has taken credit for it, but we have no idea if there was any coordination between the two entities. but what i will say is, if this is what you are resorting to, like an obviously false, goofy, laughable hack filled stunt, then you have already lost because you are not appealing to voters based on ideas that are going to make their lives better. you are assuming that people are so dumb, they are not going to cease through something like this and they are going to fall for something like this, and they are not. we have been exposed to so much of this over the last five years
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that that's where the apathy and irritation comes from for voters. what they need to keep focusing on in virginia is education. that needs to be the critical issue that hopefully spreads to every other -- so every family, every parent, every student has school choice. >> harris: if you look at those lists were biden's underwater, it's all of those things in every single state. if you want to reach out to people, look at biden's polling. it gives you at litmus for where you should be talking. i didn't actually see dressing up like a white supremacist as a trigger for getting people to vote for you. it's not on that list. let's move on. fox news poll and shows republican glenn youngkin with an eight-point lead over democrat terry mcauliffe. that lead while outside the poll's margin of error. it's before it's enormous. he has an eight-point lead which
9:19 am
republicans don't normally have. i want to talk about a minority which is black women. as an interesting parallel to florida because it was black women that put the stanton's over the top, 100,000 black women, school choice moms got over the finish line because education matters. so what about black women in virginia? you have democrat operatives which are really worried, one thing when you look at black women in aggregate, you see some softness in communities with color, especially black women. this defensive position has the political norm because it gets to the heart of what matters to any parent, the education of their children. >> harris: and when you talk about parenting in terms of tilt and being ready in schools and where we are with children of color, you can easily understand that. remember in virginia, that black caucus group, democrats, went for glenn youngkin. these are issues as you say that are actually just american
9:20 am
issues. i want to get back to you emily just on this idea of the media because i think it's important. should we, can we ever expect that they would coverage democrats evenly? >> i don't think i see it in the mainstream but "the wall street journal" today pointed out that we see -- they wrote, no interest in finding out who those doctors were. right? and as i said earlier, they are just playing it off as an internal g.o.p. squabble and they have no interest in digging deeper to actually find out who those players were and why outside of the lincoln project, accepting responsible to for it, whatever. the one or boasting that it was a good idea. >> emily: but we are seeing it in other ways and that's on those topics have been saying are so important, like nbc on the pole. that democratic pollster is
9:21 am
saying exactly what people are voting for and how those poles are turning in their favor and the like. that's when we are seeing illumination happening. >> harris: the other thing is we have been so divided as a nation anyway and after the death of george floyd do you really want to take america and any state in our union, our republic, down that road again? for a political play that's not going to work for you. really quickly, former utah congressman jason chaffetz was in focus last hour. let's watch. >> energy wins enthusiasm elections, entered enthusiasm wins elections, i think terry mcauliffe is a desperate and throwing every thing up on the wall. virginian saw him as governor for four years and i think mcauliffe is falling apart. >> harris: charlie, you get last word. >> charlie: it was amazing, president obama showed up campaigning for mcauliffe last week in richmond on the university campus, in the city
9:22 am
of richmond and attracted a thousand people to his rally. this is barack obama. meanwhile glenn youngkin on his own was outside at a place called short pump in the middle of a field and he got 3,000 people to his event on the same day. so clearly the enthusiasm is, they are running away with the enthusiasm. but one last point, let's not lose sight of the fact that with those characters that went and did their false flag operations outside of the youngkin bus, they were all virginia democrat senate work for the state -- and several them work for the state party. the state democratic party right now has one purpose and that's getting terry mcauliffe elected. >> harris: that's so interesting because i think kennedy, you asked, do we know if the mcauliffe campaign knew about that before? that's fascinating information that charlie hurt just injected into this conversation. we will move on. coming up, they may talk a good game on climate change but their
9:23 am
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's >> kayleigh: president biden and the claim is is are under fire for hypocrisy. this is a cruise around home with an 85 car motorcade before jetting off to the climate summit in scotland. in the meantime, john kerry got it going right up in "time" magazine but the cover story on his commitment to save the planet left out his habit of flying private jets. this comes amid his recent comments about his role in the climate fight, watch. >> the biggest thing i'm doing in my lifestyle is traveling around the world trying to do
9:28 am
diplomacy and help make a larger decision in the context of glasgow that could reduce a lot of the anxiety that we are all living with today about where we are headed. >> kayleigh: he is such a wizard of the climate fight. >> kennedy: i hate to use foul language but he is such weenus. in his hypocrisy, like let me tell you, i might run around the house, all of the houses, because we had so many. turning the lights off. doing the best i possibly can. the government in terms of climate change need to get out of the way so private businesses can innovate. you know where that innovation is going to come from? believe it or not? private space race. that will save the planet, mark
9:29 am
my words. and the major polluters and other actors not signing onto any new agreements. just stop talking. >> kayleigh: people hold positions that are extreme or significant and fully dedicated to something, you would think they would have to walk the walk, too. americans who understand this hypocrisy and see it is that it absolutely dilutes his messaging because clearly he doesn't believe in it. >> charlie: i think that's such a great point, emily, and it really does, it undercuts everything that they claim to care about and are preaching about. part of it is they really do believe i think that what they are doing is so much more important, taking your money and run around talking about stuff and flying on private jets everywhere and turning on all the light switches in all their
9:30 am
mansions, that's normal citizens and what they do every day, and they are doing the job to support their family but people think they are so much better. the other thing is, they claim they are not getting the green new deal, while we have the green new deal. if you want to know how the green new deal feels, go look at the price of gasoline at the pump right now. go look at the california ports and go check your christmas stocking this christmas. that's what the green new deal is. >> emily: and in addition to john kerry there were other people flying in for the climate summit including jeff bezos and his partner who flew in on a $65 million jet to meet with prince charles ahead of the summit to talk about climate issues. then posting a photo on instagram saying this is a tree, this is natural beauty and we
9:31 am
must do our part to protect it. but that goes back to charlie's point where it's hard for us to swallow that because the ordinary americans who don't have access to $65 million jet's, who want to save our planet but feel absolutely disgusted by these guys who seem to not to. >> kayleigh: right, they just engaged and outright rank hypocrisy, i think it was the middle of this year, i think it was like may or june, it may have been a little longer. he had emitted -- his family jet had emitted 30 times the amount of co2 emissions of average american's just driving a vehicle. let me say one thing about the motorcade though, typically a presidential motorcade is about 40 cars. it's matched by the host country oftentimes so it would be out of the ordinary to have an 80 person motorcade and also the secretary of state traveling with him adds 5-8 vehicles. that being said if you want to set an example, make some of those cars electric cars.
9:32 am
you could engage in such an example for the world. >> harris: see i was looking for his base, and that may have been biden space. [laughter] all right, everyone has a joke. digging down deeper into that polling again, it shows us that people don't think that he can handle a crisis by north of percent and so he's a pet so mike supposedly handling a climate crisis by drawing attention to things that make it worse. private aviation in this country, $25 billion situation. they hire people come up they generate money, we love things that do that. we are capitalists in america. but hypocrisy it apparently is free. okay? because this is not about whether or not you fly private, this is about whether or not you walk the walk and maybe it includes some actual walking. i don't know. >> kayleigh: all right guys, moving on, the media just about
9:33 am
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veteran homeowners. the newday two and a quarter refi matching your job description. is the lowest rate in their history. two and a quarter percent. just 2.48 apr. newday's holding the line on rates so veterans can save thousands. >> kayleigh: from the house floor to a southwest airlines flight, critics have embraced the phrase, go brandon. >> ability clear skies, thanks for coming out and flying southwest airlines and, let's go brandon. >> many on the left are now outraged by the pilot's remarks after ignoring nonstop vocal criticism of, you got it, president donald trump. 1c and an analyst timing with
9:38 am
this. as that experiment i would love for southwest pilot to say long live isis before taking off. my guess is that number one complaint would be immediately grounded, over to the pilot fired and a statement issued by the airline within a matter of hours. interesting comparison. the daily wires ben shapiro calling out the left on their hypocrisy. he tweets, every major corporation pledged to black lives matter and the 2020 election ripped into trump. a single pilot says, let's go brandon, and ended joke based on day vulgar up biden chant and the media activates. that's it for years after resistance out of robert de niro who at the great bravery to say [bleep] trump in front of his hollywood friends. kennedy, i can't believe that this isis comparison, they are comparing the two which just seems completely out-of-bounds but i guess in bounds for cnn. >> people lost their minds with
9:39 am
this. they were saying this is literally terrorism and actually it's not, you need to look up the definition of the word literally and terrorism because that doesn't fall under that umbrella. you have celebrities like madonna saying she's going to blow up the white house and kathy griffin with her blood he severed trump head and if you want a uniformity of how we treat the leader of the free world, regardless of party, i'm fine with that. if you want to have a sense of humor and you want to make fun of a politician, i'm fine with that, too. but if you are mad that someone is making fun of someone you voted for it, you really shouldn't be discussing politics at all. >> emily: and that gets the heart of it. at cnn calling out ted cruz over that tweets things cnn is deranged, it's not the same as disagreeing with the current
9:40 am
president. and also i think emma joe from "the new york post," she got to the middle of this as well. the ruling class will not be mocked. so if this is about charlie? >> charlie: absolutely, 100%. it's a little bit rich to be trying to compare this to terrorism. and that's like announcing fealty to a terrorist organization. this has been a real good mix in the world for the past 40 years or so, the idea that there is some sort of parity between the two is astonishing but it really is this whole notion that there are certain people who cannot be mocked. the last defense for people in a situation like we find ourselves in is, humor. because humor can highlight the absurdity of things and so the
9:41 am
funny thing about totality late don't like totalitarians, the thing to hate the most is humor because it punctures the absurdity. and that's why we can't have that in the united states today. >> kayleigh: and emily, calls to fire just pilot over the joke. where were the calls to fire johnny depp when he paraphrased, won the last time an actor threatened the president? madonna and ashley judd, where are the rules on that? >> according to the playbook you could get away with things that would literally be considered crimes, actionable threatening crimes. but if you are liberal you can get away with everything and i think we always see as well that false equivalency which immediately becomes death and destruction. a simple joke becomes the end of the world and now i'm exaggerating but that's how i see it. these guys have zero inkling of
9:42 am
when everything is racist, nothing is. everything takes on the house then nothing will. i think it's unfortunately to charlie's point that in the arena of humor that as well as totally within limits for them to cancel people. that should be -- it should be a subject to the own policy of the pilot or whatever but maybe he could fly air force one when republican wins in 2021. >> harris: we talk about to chapelle about where we are with humor being canceled. it's an interesting point to tally in their behavior or their areas that charlie wants to. >> emily: also southwest airlines says they don't condone employees sharing their political opinions but i don't condone the left asking for a pilot to be fired. coming up, two different messages and one comparing hard work and other comparing the nfl draft process to slavery. the panel weighs in, next.
9:43 am
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>> it's a last day of companion before voters go to the polls. ronna mcdaniel joins us and we will talk to a parent who was switching her vote over education. the biden tax and spend bill creeping close to a package, will it be good or bad for the economy? and could new york city's mandate cost the lives and delayed emergency response? the head of the uniform firefighters us. two big names in sports sharing their radically different views on fame and success. nba hall of famer and self-made multimillionaire shaq o'neill says he still expects his children to earn their own money just like he did and not to expect handouts from him.
9:48 am
>> my kids are kind of upset with me, not really upset, but i'm rich. you've got to have bachelors or masters, and then you want me to invest in one of your companies, but i mention i'm not giving you nothing. >> harris: i like that. so charlie, he wants a game plan. >> that's a good data right there. and it is amazing. and that's about politicizing everything on racial rationalizing everything and i would say to the detriment probably of his children, i don't even know if he is but a guy likes shaquille o'neal wants to raise good kids who don't have an excuse for failure.
9:49 am
>> harris: i would love to say, they are ages 15 through 25, emily just looked it up. we would like wait a minute, how long do these kids have to get ready for dad because he's serious. you talked about: so i want to bring this end. there is the shaquille o'neal way and the colin kaepernick way. he released a clip from his new documentary comparing the nfl draft process to slavery. >> before they put on the field, team spoke, prodded and examined. searching for any defect that might affect your performance. no boundary respected, no dignity left intact. a look at that shake there. >> harris: i really, really wish they would take traditional
9:50 am
history out of school. not doctor it up and not do anything. a be a young and doesn't know what slavery really was, but i'm confused by that i had to. >> what i want to know about calling mike colin kaepernick, because i'm a san francisco 49ers hand, when did he become so radicalized? what he needs to do is go watch and listen to it, and he's taken a very public and vocal stance against china. and the weaker population, they are forced labor camps, and they have given so much money on the mba and is putting his reputation a clear risk doing
9:51 am
that. >> harris: it's all over the world, indentured servants. all you have to do is open the book the way it is now. and millions of dollars are involved. they are not showing up against their will. before exactly. burgess owens, he said how dare colin kaepernick compare the evil indoor by so many of our ancestors to a bunch of millionaires who choose to play the ball game. and look, you're an athlete who signed up to be physically assessed for how good you will be on the field. my husband played baseball for a decade, it's tough. it's competitive. your acuity is related to her health and that's what you sign up for if you are a pro athlete. >> harris: emily, going back to this point and not to take down any particular country but we've found canada earlier this
9:52 am
year that canada was finding these great sites they were putting kids that were diverse in their abilities into schools and they with a horrible life. is he out of ideas? i guess he's complaining about contract negotiations and treatment of people of color in the nfl. i mean, are there other ways he could make an argument here? >> i think so, absolutely. it's also interesting that netflix, the tagline for the special is, recounting his "formative years navigating race, class and culture while aspiring for greatness." in what rubric? the nfl. he was aspiring for greatness there because it's a voluntary structure. >> harris: and aspirational place to come as athletes. >> i think about the incarceration system and i see some parallels about the lack of dignity and the like, but that's involuntary. it's interesting that the scarf mike harsh criticism that he seems to be leveraging towards a
9:53 am
specific capitalistic structure that enabled him to make a lot of money and a lot of people to make a lot of money, and there are certain structures that i think might deserve that attention. >> harris: do you remember that? because i got all messed up because i don't remember what drama was going on with him that day. so why is see desperately trying to get back into the nfl structure? i'm confused. >> charlie: it does feel like this is all a giant excuse for failure whereas, going back to shaquille o'neal, you compare that to what shaquille o'neal is talking about witches, you don't give anybody an excuse. you get them incentives to succeed and that's the beauty of both a free country and great parents. >> harris: it's also true, kennedy, there is shaq sitting back saying, you want money like me? come to me with every idea that you have.
9:54 am
>> kennedy: i love the line, we rich, i'm rich. that's fantastic. colin kaepernick hates a meritocracy. communist hate a meritocracy and that's what that's what this is based on. >> harris: got a lot of time. we will see what happens. "outnumbered," after this. ♪ ♪ ibest time in history to turn your home equity into cash. because home values have climbed to all time highs. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow up to 100% of your home's value. you could take out more than $50,000. use it to improve your home. pay off high rate debt. pay for big expenses. or put it in the bank for real peace of mind.
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this is a va mortgage rate watch from newday usa. while national mortgage rates are starting to climb, newday is holding the line at two and a quarter percent, 2.48 apr. so every veteran home owner can save. speak of this amazon employee understood the assignment, what a woman and oklahoma says about a delivery driver who has gone viral after the door read please hide packages from husband, so leaving her delivery behind a shrub, looking at her
9:59 am
going to great lengths, carving a hole out to make sure that box gets hit in. but i was wondering, how is the wife going to find it? i guess on the camera, but pretty amazing. speak about what a relief, because we have all had packages go missing and a lot of people have packages stolen, and that's why there is the advent of things like the nest cam, and i have to say, that's incredible customer service and that is one sister doing a solid for another. she deserves a high five and our adoration. >> a five-star delivery woman right there, but the question is why did she have to hide it from her husband? >> i think we should be really careful with this whole story, i don't want to give anybody any ideas. will we be able to get the mailman to hide the credit card bill, i don't think that that is coming.
10:00 am
>> that is what online bills are for if i may. >> i've been married 18 years, this is old school for me. i am the oji presence, the package finder. some solo maintenance, my husband. >> what about you and your new home? >> i wish i had this idea for my husband and complaining about all of my daughter's orders. >> thanks to you all, and now here "america reports." >> never too many princess dresses, a fox news alert to kick off "america reports," reese and virginia turning a referendum on the biden agenda. youngkin appearing to gain ground with polls that open in less than 24 hours, hello, i am sandra smith in new york and john, welcome back. >> john: it's good to see you again, i have more princess dresses than i need but not as many as i want. i'm john roberts in washington, making the final pitches t


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