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tv   The Faulkner Focus  FOX News  November 1, 2021 8:00am-9:00am PDT

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ever. cut u.s. greenhouse gas emissions by 2030 and making it easier for consumers to save on bills and installing solar panels and weatherizing their homes and lowering energy prices will deliver cleaner air and water for our children and electrifying fleets of school buses and addressing legacy pollution. it will incentivize clean energy manufacturing building solar panels and wind turbines that are growing energy markets of the future which create good-paying union jobs for american workers. and something that none of us should lose sight of. when i talk to the american people about climate change i tell them it's about jobs, it's about workers who will lay thousands of miles of transition lines of clean,
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modern, resilient power grid. auto workers build the next generation of electric vehicles and electricians who will install a nationwide network of 500,000 vehicle stations to power them throughout my country. the engineers who will design new carbon capture systems and the construction workers who will make them a reality. the farmers who will not only help fight global hunger but also use the soil to fight climate change and communities revitalize themselves around new industries and opportunities and because we're taking all these actions the united states will be able to meet the ambitions that i said reducing emissions 52% below by 2030 and demonstrate to the world the united states is not only back at the table, but hopefully leading by the power of our example.
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i know it hasn't been the case and that's why my administration is working overtime to show that our climate commitment is action not words. on my first day in office i took action to return to the paris agreement. since then our administration has been hard at work on locking clean energy breakthroughs to drive down the cost of technologies that will require us to do -- to achieve net zero emissions and working with the private sector on the next generation of technologies that will power a clean economy of the future. over the next several days the united states will be announcing new initiatives to demonstrate our commitment to providing solutions across multiple sectors from agriculture to oil and gas to combating deforestation, to tackling hard and to abate industries. we're planning for both short-term sprint to 2030 that
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will keep 1.5 degrees celsius in reach and for a marathon that will take us to the finish line and transform the largest economy into the world into a thriving and equitable and clean energy engine of net zero for a net zero world. that's why today i'm releasing the u.s. long term strategy which presents a vision of achieving the united states' goal of net zero emissions economy wide by no later than 2050. and reinforces a critical nature of taking bold action in the decisive decade and we'll also try to do our part when it comes to helping the rest of the world take action as well. we want to do more to help countries around the world especially developing countries accelerate their clean energy transition, address pollution and insure the world we all must share a cleaner, safer, healthier planet. we have an obligation to help.
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at the united nations in september i announced my administration is working with congress to quadruple our support for developing countries by 2024 for climate including increases in support for adaptation efforts. this commitment is made possible to each of our collective goals in mobilizing $100 billion annual for climate finance. mobilizing to meet the need is an all hands on deck effort. as other speakers today have mentioned governments in the government bank must also do the work to go from millions to billions to trillions the necessary effect of this transition. today i'm also submitting a new adaptation communication laying out how we'll implement the global goal of adaptation as well as announcing the
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first-ever contribution to the adaptation fund. our commitment is about more than just financing. that's a critical piece of it. the united states joined our g-7 partners to launch a build back better world initiative. we also reconvened the major economies forum on energy, climate, to launch transformative actions and to raise ambition and together with european union we're launching a global methane pledge to reduce methane emissions, one of the most potent greenhouse gases by at least 30% by the end of the decade. more than 70 countries have already signed up to support rapid reduction of methane pollution and i encourage every nation to sign on. it's the simple, most effective stage grew we have to slow global warming in the near term. my friend, if you are to recognize that a better, more hopeful future of every nation
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has to do its part with ambitious targets to keep 1.5 degrees in reach and specific plans how to get there especially the major economies. it's imperative we support developing nations so they can be our partners in this effort. right now we're still falling short. there is no more time to hang back or sit on the fence or argue amongst ourselves. this is a challenge of our collective lifetimes. the threat to human existence as we know it. and every day we delay, the cost of inaction increases. so let this be the moment that we answer history's call here in glascow. let this be the start of a decade of transformative action that preserves our planet and raises the quality of life for people everywhere. we can do this. we just have to make a choice to do it. so let's get to work and thank you. those of us who are responsible
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for much of the deforestation and all the problems we have so far have an overwhelming obligation to the nations who in fact are not there, have not done it and we have to help much more than we have thus far. god bless you all and may god save the planet. thank you. [applause] >> harris: you were watching the president of the united states as he is abroad for the 26th meeting on climate. this is a large summit. some said it rivals what happened in 2015 with the paris talks then. today the president talked about the u.s. long term strategy. it is his idea of going forward. he says he will release that today. it has 2050 goals. what was interesting, don't know if you caught this, he was boasting and bragging quite a bit about his build back better plan. and as you may know there are 550 billion set aside for climate change and people can argue over the fact there are
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other things that we might focus on more immediately but the money is in it. here is the deal. as president biden would say. it hasn't passed yet. so this had kind of a dual audience, right? the world is watching. that's one thing. and him trying to put us on the map the way he sees america's part in all of this and america is watching. they know his legislative agenda is not passing and the democrats are infighting right now. so as he boasts about that big chunk of money and all that america can do, we'll have to see if american leadership will give this president what he wants and what he says that he wants to deliver. we'll stay on it. let's move on. a high stakes showdown in virginia for the race for governor is down to the wire. i'm harris faulkner and this is "the faulkner focus". if republicans can pull off a win it would be a disaster not just for president biden, but for democrats across the nation.
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republican glenn youngkin with a lead in the polls over democrat terry mccauliffe one day before the polls open. this is election eve. although early voting has been going on for a while. the results could tell us what may happen in 2022 in the mid-term elections and the presidential election looking farther out in 2024 when the house and senate are up for grabs later next year. education remains a top issue for voters as you know. and maybe that's why spending and tying youngkin the former president trump the mccauliffe campaign is now trying to make a pivot. >> this isn't about trump. it is about what is happening in virginia. not about trump. it's about who willtake virginia to the next level to get us through the covid crisis. >> harris: until recently many democrats and mccauliffe himself his best bet was to pull out the trump card. >> i ran against trump.
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>> running against an acolyte of donald trump. >> glenn youngkin said donald trump represents why he is running for governor. >> he is running for donald trump. i'm running for you. >> donald trump has confirmed he will be coming to virginia. >> so much of the reason why i'm running is because of you, not donald trump. >> harris: we're live outside richmond, virginia. >> well, harris, tying glenn youngkin to former president trump has been an uphill battle for mccauliffe. youngkin has been very adamant about keeping prominent party members off the campaign trail and criticized mccauliffe for bringing the big names on. he spent yesterday going through southwestern virginia, the far, far southwest five hours from where we are right now. why biden won virginia by 10 points in 2020. trump won in those areas. we asked trump voters if they were disappointed that youngkin
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has kept his distance and every person told us no, they would rather see mccauliffe defeated than see trump on the campaign trail. youngkin said he is running for himself and seeing independent support because of it. >> we're talking about the issues most important to virginians. lower taxes, best jobs, best schools, safe communities and this is why we're seeing independents double digit leads with independents because education matters to parents. >> education is the big one here. recent poll shows a surge in support for youngkin. latest fox news poll shows him eight points ahead of mccauliffe and the "washington post" has them within the margin of error. mccauliffe was campaigning in richmond and northern virginia and called to a attention a telerally that president trump is holding for youngkin tonight. youngkin is holding a rally in 30 minutes and head down to virginia beach. from there travel to loudon county for a parents matter rally this evening.
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>> harris: that's going to be spirited. hope he is ready for that. thank you. let's get back to it for a second, though. the former president keeps coming up. for a second time it looked like terry mccauliffe decided the race was not about former president trump. now another tlip flop. campaign with an email out just this morning that read this way. during the closing rally in northern virginia terry mccauliffe will denounce trump's telerally instead of tomorrow's election. his rally is a reminder that donald trump is all in for youngkin because youngkin is running on trump's dangerous conspiracy theories and divisive dog whistle. jason chaffetz, great to see you. let's start off with the strategy to beat a republican now that's up by eight points and you don't have more than 24 hours. >> energy wins elections,
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enthusiasm wins elections and policy wins elections. youngkin is winning in all three categories. i think terry mccauliffe is desperate and throwing everything on the wall. he doesn't know what he stands for and virginians saw him as governor for four years and mccauliffe is falling apart. youngkin having in loudon county where the democrats won by 25% to have a rally with parents about education is just spot on. it is the heart of what the election is really about. >> harris: i don't know if he gets it done this late in the game. it has been cooking with gas for a long time on crt in loudon county, critical race theory. go ahead. >> it is late in the game. the ones that will actually sway this are the independents. in terry mccauliffe's own word joe biden and democrat agenda has been a headwind in virginia. i think independents understand that youngkin is serious about
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solving the problems, engaging parents and dealing with the other issues of the state. terry mccauliffe is bringing up stacey abrams and the vice president. i don't know what it has to do with virginians. independents are swaying youngkin's way. that's the key to his election. >> harris: you talk about education and parents and whether the issue was crt. here is -- his take. >> education plan he wants to ban critical race theory. it has never been taught in virginia. i really hate. it it is a racist dog whistle. all glenn youngkin is run down our education system and virginia. >> harris: eon prior, executive director of schools says nope. >> hundreds of thousands of dollars in taxpayer money to spread this kind of misinformation and way of
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teaching. >> i would love to sit down with terry mccauliffe for 15 minutes and show him receipts from loudon county where they trained teachers in critical race theory anding a email from the former superintendent of loudon said yes, critical race theory is in teacher trainings and instructive curriculum. >> harris: let me show you the receipts. prior handed them to the "focus" obtained from the loudon county school board showing a charge for coaching and meetings focused on crt. an excerpt of an email from a former superintendent said that loudon county hasn't officially adopted it some teachings align with the ideology. that's pretty straight forward and that's what we call evidence. jason. >> even when terry mccauliffe was governor the website talked about crt and then mccauliffe stepped in it again when he
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talked about well, virginia has got these great schools and we've raised five kids. four of them went to private schools. he failed to mention that. virginians know how desperate mccauliffe is. >> harris: how could you not know your kids were in private school? >> that's the thing he does. that goes to the authenticity. >> harris: let's get to this, mccauliffe again while talking about the hot-button issue of education mentioned raising those five children in the public school children. watch it for yourself. >> we have a great school system in virginia. dorothy and i have raised our five children. of course parents are involved in it. >> harris: we wanted you to see it for yourself. we hear a lot about the democrat in the race. all of that talk has put him right where i would imagine, you have run campaigns before, right where you want things to be on the eve before an
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election. in the crosshairs going to a place that might not be that friendly if you've been talking against parents. he won't be at a rally behind him. he will be on offense or defense, i don't even know. >> i think it's just offense. being out there answering questions. terry mccauliffe, the former governor, had a rally over the weekend. there were 40 people there. it was kind of embarrassing. youngkin has everything moving for them if independents show up and vote for him and republicans have to do their voting as well. >> harris: you still think it is a bellwether real quick? >> i do. i do. i think democrats are in trouble no matter the outcome. they won by 10 percentage points last time. anything short of that i think every single member of congress and senator running is scared to death what's going on in virginia. >> harris: when biden wins the
8:18 am
state by 10 points and can't help a guy who has already been governor before, it raises a lot of questions for them. good to see you, jason. thank you for going if focus. >> harris: parents aren't giving up their fight against crt in virginia. that's where he is going. >> he is telling every american you will be rewarded for breaking the law. those that abide by the law are at a disadvantage. it should outrage every american. >> harris: upset over a report the president is considering paying up to $1 billion to illegal immigrants. what the president had to say or didn't say because, you know, they throw questions at him and he walked away. arizona's attorney general is in "focus" next. i've spent centuries evolving with the world. that's the nature of being the economy. observing investors choose assets to balance risk and reward. with one element securing portfolios, time after time.
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>> is it through we'll give $450,000 to border crossers who were separated? >> harris: head scratching silence. did you see it? a quick look on the escalator. that's all president biden offered when he was questioned on a "wall street journal" report. the story his administration may pay $450,000 per person to people who come here who sued over the trump administration separating them at the border. republicans are tearing into the president over the idea that could cost some $1 million per family and as much as $1 billion overall. here is senator marsha blackburn on "the faulkner focus" asking how that must make hard working american families feel. >> we woululd like to know what legal authority that he is using to have dhs, hhs, and the
8:25 am
department of justice go negotiate these pre-payments to these individuals that have broken the law at the southern border as they came into this country and now they get this, this get free benefits, they get free healthcare. people are really not happy with what joe biden is delivering and it is why they are moving away from him. >> harris: the attorney for the great state of arizona, the attorney general is in "focus" now. talk to me exactly what the senator was asking about. what legal authority does the president of the united states have to do this? >> well, thank you, harris for having me on. as you know, president biden has been untethered to the constitution and legal authority since day one of his administration. as you know we have multiple lawsuits. on friday the u.s. supreme court accepted our case involving the public charge rule which the biden
8:26 am
administration abandoned their defense of a statute or rule that says you have to be able to support yourself. this is what i call incentivizing people to come here and now monetizing and giving people payments close to half a million dollars who broke the law. not only unconstitutional but unconscious able. instead of giving them $450,000 hard working american taxpayer cash let's give them all a hunter biden painting. we'll call it equal. >> harris: quickly i wrote it down. biden has been untethered to the constitution. i have to think states will fight this and now we're all border states because look at this. the "new york post" is reporting the border crisis has hit classrooms after the biden administration flew unaccompanied minors to new york in the cover of darkness. we have been reporting that.
8:27 am
four counties alone took in nearly 5,000 unaccompanied children in just 11 months. the arrival of these children, mostly teenage boys in local schools is creating a classroom crisis strapping educational resources, costing taxpayers millions of dollars in unbudgeted expenses and aiding gang recruiting efforts, parents, teachers and immigration experts argue. do they have a point and what can be done? >> absolutely they have a point. i was a gang prosecutor. the cartels have seized operational control of our border. americans will die, they will be affected in unimaginable ways. not only the fiscal impacts for the schools and hospitals and social safety network that so many hard working taxpayers pay into but the fact the gangs are pushing drugs into our country. i know as a prosecutor the price of fentanyl is falling because more dangerous drugs
8:28 am
are coming into the state. not staying in arizona. it will be in new york, kansas, all over this country. >> harris: and it is what i was saying, making all of us in border states at that point feeling it. i want to understand how you get -- it's not all boys who are coming across the border. do we have a resources to find out what we should be looking for at this point? >> we need to start with enforcing the law as it is. there will be more than two million people illegally crossing our southern border just this year. more than twice -- two biden home states of delaware if he understands what the population of the states is or whoever is speaking in his ear piece. it is overwhelming the social network and cartels are exploiting women coming into this country, some of them have to work that off by being trafficked and enslaved in terrible conditions and we know the drugs that are coming into this country is going to fuel violence in the inner cities and end up with a terrible epidemic with our kids dying of
8:29 am
drug overdoses or becoming addicted to drugs. >> harris: you are not just looking out and forecasting. you are looking based on the evidence we have right now and that's what we did to get more than 2 1/2 million by the end of the year. by time we had a million half a few weeks ago just do the math. let's move to this. so many virginia parents. we're focused on the virginia governor race with the republican now on issues like this taken the lead. so many of these parents have had it with critical race theory. here is loudon county, a mom there. >> my 6-year-old somberly came and asked me if she was born evil because she was a white person. something she learned in a history lesson at school. i refuse to allow you to destroy our schools. they are not your schools, they are our schools. >> harris: meanwhile america's top law enforcement officer merrick garland memo that threatened parents at school board meeting still hands. we heard from hearings last week he is not taking it back.
8:30 am
house oversight committee members continue to pursue a hearing of their own on it. republican jim jordan. >> i think our first amendment liberties. right to practice your practice your faith and others have been assaulted by the left. what the attorney general did a week and a half ago during the hearing when we brought it to light. when he issued that memo setting up a snitch line on parents who show up at school board meetings the stand up for their kids and make sure this critical race theory is not taught in our schools, what he did was so wrong. >> harris: let's ask an attorney general. your thoughts, mark. >> joe biden and merrick garland want to weaponize the department of justice. just because parents are exercising their first amendment rights to speak out against critical race theory or even vaccine mandates does not make them domestic terrorists. if we allow the biden administration to continue this
8:31 am
god forbid you'll end up at mom and pop at gitmo. it's outrageous. >> harris: could that really happen? >> we're living in a time where we all need to make sure we're protecting our constitutional rights on every single level from the local school board levels to the state and especially on the federal level. >> harris: interesting because you say one leads to the other. it sounds like a slippery slow. mark, thank you for being in focus. major turbulence after an airline pilot signed off with a jab that became code for insulting president biden. the reaction from the left that senator ted cruz is calling deranged. plus this. >> the easiest way to summarize where we are is it ain't working. typical of the biden administration. nothing achieved, nothing accomplished. >> harris: a fresh set of devastating poll numbers for president biden just more than nine months into his presidency.
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save thousands every year. plus there's no money out of pocket and no up front fees. newday is holding the line on interest rates so every veteran family can save. call now. >> we have a brand-new nbc news poll out this morning filled with scary news for democrats. the message americans have lost their confidence in president biden and their optimism for the country. >> harris: sunday morning jolt from chuck todd and a poll numbers. nbc's new polling has the president's disapproval at 54% and the stunning numbers. this is important. 71% say the country is going in the wrong direction. as chuck todd said more than half of those are democrats.
8:38 am
power panel now, mercedes schlapp senior fellow with the american conservative union and former strategic communications advisor in the trump white house. kevin walling is with us. former biden campaign surrogate. kevin, i will start with you. i would have to think with your past experience with white houses that this is pretty detrimental for going forward for the president at this point. is he in trouble with his own party? >> yeah, i'm the democrat on the show. in sugar coating this. the numbers aren't great where we are nine months into the administration. there is a lot of runway left not just in the administration leading for the mid-terms for the president to refocus and reshape the narrative. i think we'll see action on the bipartisan infrastructure bill this week. reconciliation package that funds so many things critical to parents and children in the country. the president is showing some great leadership overseas now with regards to climate change.
8:39 am
number one issue for the democratic party as you talk about. >> harris: let me step in. did you say great leadership? he is bragging about boasting about whatever words you want to use. it hasn't passed yet the $550 billion said for his long term strategy he releases today for climate change. so it's interesting what you say that he is showing leadership. it was the leadership opening statement that we showed. all the leaders are doing this. it is not like he stands out in that particular way. let me move on. >> we're back at the table at least. >> harris: what could be even worse for the president than his approval rating, only 37% say he is totally competent and effective as president. i want to remind everybody, this is nbc polling. this is a mix of polling now actually. these are people from all walks of life politically. >> right. well first of all, harris, i
8:40 am
just want to point out if kevin wants to see the front page cover of the "wall street journal" it is pretty much the climate talks are stalled. they haven't accomplished anything because they can't reach the quotas for the paris climate agreement. so just to start off there. but to answer your question, harris, is the fact that there is major concern with president biden and his inability to articulate his vision for america, to answer even basic questions. he always walks off the podium barely answers any questions, barely gives any interviews. and so i think for the american people they feel nervous. but quite frankly i think the motto for president biden is it's not me, it's he. meaning it is president trump. it is his willingness to continue to blame president trump for biden's own failures. and it's why you are seeing this shift, for example, in a blue state like virginia where
8:41 am
you have independents and even democrats saying i don't know if i can trust the democrat party because climate change might be the religion of the democrats but we are dealing with a crisis in our educational system where they are pushing for critical race theory, gender confusion at the age of 5 and parents are saying no more, don't touch my children. this is obviously putting a heavy burden on the democrats and on president biden. >> harris: i want to get to this because now we're seeing abroad what everybody sees at home. let's not overblow that. the back of the president as mercedes says with questions. at the g20 summit he signaled he is taking marching orders when he referenced a prepared list of reporters he should call on. it is not the first time we've seen this. watch. >> president biden: i'm happy to take some questions and i'm told i should start with a.p. zeke miller. zeke, do you have a question?
8:42 am
i'll take your questions and as usual, folks, they gave me a list of the people i'll call on. so jonathan, associated press. ladies and gentlemen, they gave me a list here. the first person i was instructed to call on was kelly o'donnell of nbc. >> harris: problematic there is not that you find out who is in the room is that you've been instructed to do something. the president has said it over and over again with regard to i've been told to do this. what do you make of this, kevin? >> harris, mercedes knows this well working in the white house coms department. the president is given a list. >> president biden: i said that. that's not the -- >> harris: it sound like he is not in charge. if you look at the polling and dig down and people tell you north of 50% they don't think he can handle a crisis, we know we have several of them.
8:43 am
try it again. >> thanks, harris. again, the president is in command of all of his faculties, the operations coming out of the white house. you will see presidential leadership clearly on display this week when both of those big pieces of legislation are passed. both the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the reconciliation package. you see a president who cut childhood poverty in half in the first nine months of this administration. created 5 million new jobs, recovered in the wake of this pandemic. president has leading on the pandemic as we hopefully come into the fall season and that our seasons change with regards to this covid crisis. >> harris: it's interesting and i've heard mercedes schlapp say this many time. unfortunate if you have something good to say and never say it. we don't ever get to say it. nobody can ask him questions. i will bring you both back.
8:44 am
good to see you. a southwest airlines pilot and we'll move from that story and get back to it later. let's go to the fate of the minneapolis police department and being in voter's hands now. ground zero for the defund movement deciding tomorrow on a measure to entirely eliminate the minneapolis police department. we'll get into it. vaccine mandates putting public safety at risk. new york city today begins enforcing its mandate. raising the fears of cops and firefighter shortages and longer response times. retired police lieutenant randy sutton to help us break in down in "focus" next. and so has your equity. turn it into cash now, while mortgage rates are near all time lows. the newday 100 va cash out loan lets you borrow
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>> harris: new york city is bracing for a shortage of police officers and firefighters on this monday because it marks the beginning of vaccine mandate enforcement for all city employees. some 24,000 city workers who are not fully vaccinated and some 2,000 firefighters called out on medical leave putting the city's public safety at risk. here is a former nypd officer who resigned in protest of the vaccine mandate. >> i'm leaving the job and i'm
8:50 am
done. i'm done being part of this whole charade. the disgusting politicians of the city are taking advantage of the good people of new york city. i stand for what's right and i don't believe what's happening right now is right and it is your choice. it is your option. what you decide to do. it shouldn't be an ultimatum. you not being able to feed your family or not have a pension is not a choice, that's an ultimatum. those are tactics manipulators and abusers use. >> harris: officer martinez there. today's "new york post" front page warns that the city is quote, unquote minutes from tragedy highlighting first responder fears over the vaccine mandate taking effect. randy sutton retired lieutenant with the las vegas metro poll it and founder of the wounded blue your top line thoughts on this. >> what we just heard that sound bite from that officer who just resigned is -- that's
8:51 am
the mirror of the feelings of almost every police officer that is making this choice. he hit it right on the head. this is -- they are using this pandemic, this tragedy that occurred across the united states to divide our people. now we're talking about the public safety. these officers, these firefighters have been working all through this and they were heroes for it. now suddenly if you refuse to get a vaccination, they fire you. it is an outrage. an absolute outrage. i just pray that the court comes through and limits their power. >> harris: why do you think this isn't happening everywhere? it seems to have kind of a trend line to it. your thoughts. >> well, it's happening because we have this political
8:52 am
atmosphere where i hate to say this, i don't like to get into d versus r. this is occur in democratically controlled cities and states. they are the ones making these mandates that are literally trashing cops' lives. the same men and women who put their lives on the line every day facing injury and death every single day are now saying you either get the jab or you don't have a job. jab or job. it is truly to me it is a travesty of justice. >> harris: what you are saying and it really hit me as you were putting those words out, trashing cops' lives. do we want to be in a society where police officers are not present? and if in fact the trend line you point out where this is happening, mostly blue cities and states, if that continues, that trend, that's where a lot of the crime is spiking.
8:53 am
so what in the world are we going to do without cops on the street? >> let's look right now. tomorrow there will be a vote in minneapolis. every police officer in the country is watching this because the city council is literally moving to abolish the entire police department. it is absolute madness, harris. i think about this concept. and i think to myself these are the elected leaders of a city? a city that has seen absolute skyrocketing violent crime. >> harris: you are talking about that ballot issue tomorrow. >> yes. >> harris: you are describing exactly also what we're feeling here on the east coast in big cities like new york city. adding to that the future of minneapolis policing. and all of it. voters will decide, as you put so correctly, randy sutton. if the city's existing police
8:54 am
will be replaced by a public safety department. white progressives and local black activists back the amendment following the death of george floyd in police custody last year. so this is what i call the beat from the street, from protestors from the street. this is their answer back. and i'm wondering there is a huge gap between when they were in the street and the crime that's in the street now. how will that work out? >> well, this isn't rocket signs. we've seen this play out. we've seen in every major city where there has been a defund, demoralize policing, we've seen every single murder rate go up. violent crime is incredibly high especially in minneapolis. and they have basically defunded the police. forced police officers out
8:55 am
because of their politics that they are way behind. now they want to replace it and they don't know what they'll replace it with. if you read the ballot questions whatever the city council wants to replace it with. they don't know. >> harris: i hope some of the city council members are go defend their citizens. thank you for watching. "outnumbered" after the break.
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call now. >> kayleigh: fox news alert, a devastating new poles for the president and democratic party. they show on the majority of americans no longer believe in the premises of a biden presidency. questioning his knowledge, competence and stability in tough times and saying the country is on the wrong track. you think? this is a "outnumbered," i am a kayleigh mcenany i joined by harris faulkner, e


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