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tv   FOX and Friends  FOX News  November 1, 2021 3:00am-6:00am PDT

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it's early. todd: that's early not even my wife. that's a long time. carley: thank you for being so sweet. everybody. that package was amazing, thank you. america, the whole country. todd: with that you want to take it. carley: "fox & friends" starts right now. ♪ >> latest fox polling shows youngkin leading by 8 points in a typically blue state. glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe make their final pitches to voters. >> do not sleep. it's overrated. >> climate summit in scotland this morning. >> 12 days of conversation leaders from around the world. >>ing among his plummeting approval rating. >> firehouses close as workers quit over vaccine mandates. >> placed on unpaid leaf today. >> president biden ignore pay
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illegal border crosser. >> get $450,000 to border crossers who are separated? >> pitch and he struck him out. and the astros stave off elimination win here tonight on halloween to send this world series back to houston. ♪ ♪ i'm fired up and ready to go steve atlanta was ready to go last night. it looked like in the first inning there was grand slam it looked like the braves were going to win it all last night but in the end the astros fought back and now we head back to houston, texas tonight. "fox & friends" for this monday, november 1st. and if you think that the colors in our graphics are a little different, you are absolutely right. you know what? we just freshened things up here
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in studio m. ainsley: braves 3. look, the chairs are covered up. steve: with the carpet, how nice. do that every november 1st. brian: it's good. just goes to show you. >> go fix it. just go over. i want to say last night you really got two wins because atlanta loses but then they got to go back to houston and they got to go back to houston and houston win one at a time. ainsley: brian, if the braves win tomorrow night, then they have won the world series, right? brian: yeah. but, you know, and if they held on to that 4-0 lead they would have won. one run lead they would have won. houston has got nothing if not resilience. ainsley: get that corner, you missed a corner. you missed a corner, brian. steve: anyway. ainsley: there you go. >> catch game 66 the world series tomorrow night on fox. since by the way as brian huffs
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and puffs up the stairs i should point out it is monday, novembey daughter mary's birthday. ainsley: is it happy birthday, mary. steve: absolutely hope have you great day. ainsley: all wean in the dust. steve: meanwhile, tomorrow is, a very big day in new jersey. and also the commonwealth of virginia because there are gubernatorial races. of course, the big one that everybody is looking at is down in virginia and way out west in roanoke, virginia. that is where our own lawrence jones is today. glenn youngkin is actually going to start the day there too, lawrence. lawrence: good morning, family. you know, brian may be running all over the studio, but the candidates are still running all over virginia for their last pitch to the state. i will tell you this: big set up behind me.
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this is the stage for youngkin. is he saying that the number one issue for him is gonna be education because the number one issue for the voters of virginia as you guys know that fox news polling 8 point lead for youngkin. but in the real clear politics average he is up by 1. so, again, it is getting nasty here. y'all may have seen the tiki torches that the lincoln project put out there. they made it seem like they were supporters of youngkin. it come to find out they are really just democrats making this last pitch to the voters to try to paint youngkin as some sort of racist, guys. so the nasty politics of virginia continue. i will be here all morning. brian: okay, he will be here all morning. very good. at any point come to you. be ready. ainsley: we are heading down there too. our show is going to be with you tomorrow morning. we will interview some of the parents. lawrence: you will have a lot of moms. ainsley: find out why education is the number one issue for them. probably of everything happening in loudoun county and fairfax
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county. thanks, lawrence, see you there tonight. steve: absolutely. something that happened yesterday, over the weekend, which was completely different and goes to show you how terry mcauliffe is clearly panicking is he said yesterday, you know, it's not all about trump. you know, he has tried to portray mr. youngkin as trump wannabe. that's how he has referred to him. and now out of nowhere yesterday, he said it's not about trump. terry mcauliffe has used trump's name a million times during the campaign and suddenly, clearly, the tides have shifted for him and now he realizes wait a minute, maybe i should focus on youngkin and not trump. ainsley: he doesn't need to worry about trump. he needs to worry about himself. his approval rating has dropped dramatically. 54%, the majority. steve: this is joe biden. ainsley: disapprove of joe biden. 21st of october. compare that to august, he was 48%, and then before that in april 39%.
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he keeps going down. brian: disapproval going down. just to finish up what you were saying about virginia. distancing from trump, that's also true. look at the difference of what matters to the people of virginia. about a month ago they were talking about covid being number one. they were talking about covid being number one. the economy being number two. and education being number three. enough to it's education, the economy and covid. education front and center organically happened because the people of virginia have a real issue. not a trumped up issue. but joe biden, i mean, what a losing streak he is on. he has earned his disapproval rating. when you think about his ineffectiveness going to capitol hill it twice and walking away with nothing. think about the way he left afghanistan and refuses to talk about it oh, did i say refuse to talk? he refused to talk just about anyone at any point because things started going south for him. ainsley: what about the border. >> $450,000 for families separated. brian: ainsley, how about this? the border is as bad as
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afghanistan, he just refuses to talk about it. ainsley: or go down there. brian: or say my policy is working. now policy. ainsley: tim scott was talking about the supply chain crisis. steve: he was. ainsley: you want to solve that issue? go over there, go to the ports, fix the problems. civility down with the people. don't say this is going to last another year. go fix the problem. steve: sure, because there is a terrible supply chain issue. yesterday at a little press event where he asked five reporters on a list and once again fox news not on the list. he was asked about look at the supply chain issue. how soon are things going to get better? well, you know what? it doesn't sound like is he real hopeful. thisser here is the president yesterday in rome. >> as they are able to negotiate higher wages and move from one job to another. that's one of the reasons why. a lot of people don't want to continue to do the job they did before making 7, 8, 9 bucks an hour. what you are seeing here is a
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combination of the desire of supreme to be able to change professions to be able to do more and take care of their families. and at the same time, dealing with an issue that, in fact, we are short of workers. but, worker pay has actually gone up. and we have employed 6 million people just since i got elected. so employment is up. the economy is actually, in spite of all of this, still growing. you will continue to see economic growth under our proposals. steve: is he making it sound like everything is just great. gout grocery store and you see, you know, certain shelves are empty with different things. great item in the "wall street journal" yesterday about how grocery stores are essentially playing whack-a-mole. certain things hard to find whether pringles or nutella or things like that. is he making it sound like severing great so much demand because of the economy and pumped so everywhere money into it at the same time, the administration did not plan for what would happen when the
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demand came back. that's where we are right now. we don't have enough drivers. we don't have enough people working and we are jammed. brian: i also think the fact is they're not addressing the issue. there doesn't seem to be hustle. no frustration that we all feel when you have a problem, whether it's forecasted or not. and not addressing it poll was so bad for president biden. looks like chuck todd almost had aneurysm at the associated press so angry at these results. do you think the country is heading in the right direction? only 22% yes, 71% say no. when you talk about wrong track, right track, it is just one of the people -- one thing operative also always say, if you want to know the direction of an administration look at that if you want to know the hopes in an election. look at that right now, fox all star democrat looking at the democrats mcauliffe is having and look at the problem the president is having, look at the problem the democrats are having
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with their own party, if you are a republican and sit back and say it couldn't have gone better for you but worse for the country. ainsley: listen. when you look at that poll, that is unbelievable. more than seven in 10 americans think that he is on the wrong track. only 42% of adults approve. 7 points down since august this is unbelievable for a president. when you get can't gure christmas gives or can't fill up gas tank regularly because it's so perspective. that's what tim scott is saying. they are telling us our this supply chain is going to be fixed after the pandemic. you will have to be patient with us. he said my mother struggled to put food on the take for our family. inflation really hurt and affected her. these leaders need to sit down and fix the problem. not say it's going to be another problem for another year. steve: inflation it's a value added to everybody you buy. but. ainsley: silent tax.
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steve: when you fill up your gas tank now it costs you 20 bucks more every time you gill it up because it's a dollar more a gallon. if you have a o2020-gallon tank. brian: the president is responsible for that. steve: yesterday the commerce secretary and transportation secretary on some some of the shows talking about the supply chain issues. and pete buttigieg essentially said we are going to have problems right through the pandemic. the administration doesn't know when the pandemic is going to be over but that's when the supply chain thing. ainsley: commerce secretary said call fedex if you don't have your package. steve: crazy, watch this. >> definitely going to continue to be issues especially as long as the pandemic continues, right? if you have, for example, the third larger container port in the world in china shutting down because of a covid outbreak in late summer, you will feel that in the fall here on the west coast. now, we're taking the actions that we know we can. >> you can't just turn the economy back on overnight. so, it takes a little bit of
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time. people say to me will christmas gifts be delivered? to which i say call fedex. that isn't what the government does. what we are doing and the president is committed to this, we are using every tool in our toolbox to be supportive, to help, to unstick the ports. brian: the problem is he is not fixing anything. if you look at the ships out in sea right now waiting to go to port. 56 when the president said i have an idea. let's work 24 hours whether which they say is window dresses now there are 77. 2,000 appointments for truckers in long beach that are not being fulfilled. no trucks are showing up looking to pick up cargo. if you want to know actually what the american people think of the president? 37% say he has the ability to handle a crisis. 37% says is he confident and effective. and 28% says he is knowledgeable and experienced. those are so below water they are drowning. that has got to be concerning. ainsley: she says that's not what the government does. the government did shut down the
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pipeline, causing our gas prices to go up. brian: stop drilling on federal land. ainsley: government paid people to stay home and not work. trucker shortage. can't get splice off the these barges out in the pacific. brian: now begging opec to drill more when he goes to the climate summit says the problem is oil and gas. while the russians, we are the saudi arabia of natural gas. russians finished off their pipeline and now they are beginning to reverse the flow from western europe as they have a supply shortage in western europe. had you an opportunity, allies o to have us as your supplier. you chose russia. now you are going to freeze. steve: joe biden is feeling it because he had hoped that the democrats would give him a win before he went to scotland. he's going to land in scotland this morning. he didn't get the domestic wins and now he has got these head winds on trade and everything else. regarding the supply chain. and is he just probably saying, do you know what? i think i'm going to stay in scotland.
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why go home? i mean, really why go home. brian: feels he is being received well. steve: he does? he had a good time with a pope. brian: pope says is he a good catholic. ainsley: went to take questions. being told i need to talk to the a.p. first. we have seen that before. steve: zeke miller, first question. ainsley: the fda delaying its approval of the moderna vaccine in teenagers over concerns of rare side effects. what you as parent should look out for. we're going to tell you. brian: plus new york stock exchange first responders plus new york cityleaving in dr. >> i stand for people and what's right. i don't believe what's happening now is right. it is your choice. it's your option, what you decide to do. it shouldn't be an ultimatum. brian: yep. one officer's message you just heard to the people in charge. that straight ahead. ♪ ♪
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♪ carley: we are back with your headlines, a halloween party just outside chicago turns deadly. two people are killed and more than a dozen people injured by gunfire. the will county sheriff's office is searching for two possible gunmen that they say opened fire on 200 people in the backyard of a home. all police say six people were killed and at least 25 were injured in chicago over the weekend. incidents are up 222% from 2019. a travel nightmare unfolding for
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american airlines passengers as of this morning. more than 2,000 flights have been canceled by the airline as it grapples with weather and staffing shortages as vaccine mandates are imposed. the coo saying, quote: we have adjusted our operation for the last few days this month by proactively canceling some flights. american says it has 1800 flight attendants set to return in november. moderna is the delaying request for approval of its vaccine for teenagers as the fda investigates if the jab causes a rare heart problem. the agency is looking into reports that recipients suffer from heart muscle inflammation also known as myocarditis after getting the jab. moderna says its application for the adolescents may not be complete before january. and the houston astros sends the world series back to houston with a big win against the braves last night. >> to the active roster, and he floats one into left center that
3:21 am
will get down. score one and score two. atlanta divol sends truist park grand slam rally to hand atlanta their first loss at home in the playoffs. game 6 will be played tuesday night. you can catchall of the action on fox. of course, those are your headlines. brian: the crowd was unbelievable. carley: i had a lot of fun at truist park. steve: you were on friday the day it was announced if you are just waking up jillian has quit her job. she has gone back to school. she is getting her mba in the filly area. and her replacement was named and it would be carley shimkus. carley: i'm sure she is watching. we love you jillian. steve: she is asleep right now. carley: big shoes to fell and very beautiful shoes. ainsley: do you think she is watching? carley: she is. i know for a fact.
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she is a hard worker. god bless her. ainsley: congratulations. brian: no one worked harder to get it even though i was personally against this move. ainsley: he says it about all of our jobs. only one that worked at fox. steve: we have put together this is carley shimkus video. and you will see that in one half hour. carley: thank you so much. brian: usually do that for your retirement but we do it for your entrance. ainsley: really happy for you. carley: thank you so much. ainsley: what did your mom say. >> she cried. brian: she didn't want you to have the job? carley: happy tears. other kind. ainsley: there are not any happy tears in new york if you work for the city and you are not getting vaccinated. look at this headline on "new york post." minutes from tragedy. so many firehouses are having to shut down because firefighters and sanitation workers and police officers are deciding those that are not getting vaccinated they are deciding to stay home and they're not getting a paycheck.
3:23 am
steve: well, apparently, when the mayor announced that all city employees had to get the shot, i think, on october 20th or something like that. he said you have got until 9:00 on monday, november 1st, which means you have got coming up on two hours and 38 minutes for city employees to get the shot or they will wind up getting furloughed. the "new york post" refers to as jab megeddon if you don't get it the question is will new york city be more vulnerable because response time whether it's fire or police is going to go up if they don't have enough cops, that means rather than waiting five minutes for the police car to get there you have got to wait ten minutes. brian: this is unbelievable. this is a country have 70% of eligible people gotten vaccinated. 80% of those 65 and up are vaccinated. in a city that has for the most part 84% of the nypd is vaccinated.
3:24 am
73% of the fdny is vaccinated. sanitation 79%. this is not a problem. you flood the area with tests. you have an antibody test. you negotiate with the unions. they love unions in liberal cities. what's going on instead? you have my way or the highway attitude towards people you leaned on in a time of crisis. i came in the city today, not one waste paper. one of those waste paper basket that is emptied. the garbage is everywhere. swirling around like a tornado. now you have roughly 8,000 cops out. 3,700 fdny employees out. ems 2000 that according to city hall stats all because this mayor never thought about what happens if not every person listens to me. ainsley: listen to this, 26 firehouses are forced to close due to manpower. six in new york city. nine in brooklyn. three in queens. four in the bronx and four in staten island and one cop says
3:25 am
how many more minutes will it take to respond? how many more lives will be lost as a result talking about the correlation between time and mortality. steve: after the "new york post" ran those stats about the number of fire stations closed. the mayor's office says that is a lie there are not any closed firehouses. the fire department of new york says they are not closed but they are temporarily out of service. ainsley: what's the difference? brian: it check knowledge on the door they are closed. steve: it's a word game. ainsley: part of that article. had to respond to a building fire without engine 93 which was under manned and out of service. fire officials confirm that the ladder company's firefighters had to run into the burning building to save two people put any fires on the flames because nearest back up is 11 minutes away. steve: trying to get volunteers from long island and upstate to take over for the people not showing up because they didn't
3:26 am
get the shot. here is a soundbite from a former new york city police department cop. i say former because he just quit over the vaccine mandate. instagram very passionate from a family of public servants. but this is a road too far. watch. >> i was always stood up for what's right. i have been always been a spoke honest. prime new york born and raised 31 years. taking training. both of my parents are immigrants. both of them. me and my sister are both people of service. she is a nurse and i am a police officer. can you imagine what we have gone through in 2020 but the disgusting politicians of the city they are definitely taking advantage of the good people of new york city. i stand for what's right. and i don't believe what's happening right now is right. and it is your -- it's your choice. it's your option. what you decide to do. it shouldn't be an ultd may tim they are telling you you have a choice. you not being age to feed your family or not have passengers, that's not a choice, man, that's
3:27 am
ultimatum. those are tactics that minuters minutemanipulators and abusers . brian: florida is saying come down here their cops get paid better benefits. looking to hire 700 of these cops. they have to come out to new york city like a lot of other people did if they want to continue to be police officers. steve: the worry with the fire department on response time is they framed it this way last week. they said, look, if we can get to you in five minutes, you might -- with a house fire, you might lose a bedroom. but, if we have to get there in 8 minutes, or 10 minutes, you could lose the whole house. ainsley: you could lose your life. steve: absolutely. that's what's going on here in new york city. although there are vaccine mandates all across the country this just how it's impacting all of us here. meanwhile on this very busy all saints day november 1st.
3:28 am
terry mcauliffe is touting virginia's public school system. he doesn't really mention that four of his kids went to private school, as education takes center stage ahead of tomorrow's election. lawrence jones is in virginia with the candidates' final push. lawrence is in roanoke. lawrence: good morning, family. the first test for democrats since the election of joe biden. what issues matter to the voters in the commonwealth of virginia? we will talk about it next on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
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will. >> alec baldwin posing with family halloween costumes. wife sharing the picture on instagram saying in part, quote, parenting through this has been an intense experience to say the least. today we rally to give them a holiday. they were so happy and that
3:33 am
warms my momma's heart he overnight firefighters in philadelphia getting a massive warehouse fire under control. the four alarm fire burning at empty tire plant. more than 100 firefighters responded to the scene. they were able to get it all under control in just two hours, thankfully, no one was hurt. and in football, the dallas cowboys defeat the minnesota vikings thanks to late game heroics from back up quarterback cooper rush. >> fourth and goal to the end zone and it is touchdown. carley: incredible touchdown stealing the 20-16 victory. new orleans saints spend come back effort to beat the tubb taa bay bucs. win over the indianapolis colts.
3:34 am
hero with this 44-yard field goal. and back-up quarterback mike white leads the new york jets to an epic come back victory over the cincinnati bengals throwing for over 400 yards and three touchdowns in the jets 34-31 victory. and those are your headlines, guys. brian: jets unbelievable. quarterback never played before go and beat cincinnati. it's got to be tough for bill hemmer. ainsley: joel, how are you feeling today? car scary going like this. ainsley: you see him downstairs with the jets hat. brian: wearing a tattoo every day. steve: carley, thank you very much. steve: one day until voters head to the polls, the education in that state still taking center stage as candidate glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe make their final pitch. watch. >> we have great school system in virginia. dorothy and i have raised our
3:35 am
five children, of course parents are involved in it. he the question should be could extreme republican bill that would allow parents to take buicks off of shelves, should that be left in the hands of parents? >> there is no place for critical race theory in our school system and why on day one i'm going to ban it teaches children to see everything through a lens of race and divide them into buckets and have children that are called privileged and other that are victims. it's just wrong. ainsley: what are the voters saying in virginia. lawrence jones is live in roanoke. >> going to be here tomorrow to talk with those moms, fired up about those issues, got former governor mcauliffe have opportunity to be honest but he lied. he agented as if his kids were in public school and we know they were in private school. the democrats had a real opportunity here and we know education has become the defining issue, the shift in the polls dead heat at first and now that new fox news poll showing youngs kin suspect 8 points and real clear politics up one
3:36 am
point. they could have shifted the messaging on the issue. they could have said look, we just want more history in the school instead of critical race theory. they didn't shift on that issue and as a result you see it's shifting into youngkin's favor, guys. steve: yeah. hey. steve: i thought we were supposed to be listening to that terry mcauliffe he talked about the kids, my kids, we put him through the school system. one went to gonzaga in d.c. and three went to the potomac school in maryland for high school which i think is $45,000 a year per kid. >> that's exactly right. that was the lie that i was referring to. this is just -- this was an attempt to be the regular guy and is he just not the regular guy. is he a former governor who was well-connected with the democrats. he did not have his kids in the
3:37 am
public schooling education. and it's something that's actually working against him. is he not up there talking with everyday people. he thought that he could just shift into this after being in d.c. for a period of time and win this race since he was the former governor. he is not connecting with the voters that are out there. and then when you have the former president of the united states, barack obama saying that this is just a culture war. when you have joe biden, the president united states coming in and saying this is just donald trump 2.0. it's just not working with virginia voters. now do we know the obviously of this? no, but there has been a clear shift in the polling, guys. ainsley: i'm curious to know why people would vote for mcauliffe, why they are supporting him after he said that about schools. is it just because they're democrats voting on party lines or because it's name recognition since he used to be the governor? lawrence: the democrats that i spoke, to ainsley, they have made it very clear that they still consider themselves as democrats, but the way the
3:38 am
democrats are addressing this education very concerning for them. brian: a lot of people like crt. the people that like crt and maybe some of the major cities are happy with it are. steve: all right, lawrence. ainsley: thank you, family. lawrence: thanks, guys. steve: lawrence jones is going to be way out in with western virginia all day long. tomorrow ainsley is going to be speaking with parents, we believe in loudoun county. ainsley: that's right. heading down there this afternoon. brian: that should be great. every will be doing it throughout our show. ainsley: the day your book drops. brian's book comes out tomorrow. brian: counter programming, how dare you. ainsley: not canceling you. 6:38 on the east coast. remember these images, unaccompanied migrant children being flown into new york. they are flooding the public school system and nicole malliotakis is going to join us next with the impact on the classroom.
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yeah, it rocks. ♪ ainsley: new york city has issued a statewide call for volunteer firefighters from both long island and upstate new york this as close 1/3 of the city's firefighters remain unvaccinated ahead of today's deadline leaving 26 of our firehouses temporarily shuttered. the fda says it's not leading to the closing of firehouses rather they are just out of service and will return to sources when resources are reallocated the fire commissioner saying quote. the department has not closed any firehouses. irresponsible bogus sick leave by some of our members is creating danger for new yorkers and their fellow firefighters. they need to return to work or risk the consequences of their actions. g.o.p. congresswoman nicole malliotakis represents staten island and she joins us now. good morning, congresswoman.
3:44 am
>> good morning. ainsley: i know you have asked the mayor to reverse this policy. have you gotten a response? are you hearing anything? >> we have have not gotten a response. the mayor seems to go full steam ahead. when the commissioner says firehouses are not closed, that maybe accurate; however, there are dozennens of companies within those firehouses either engine companies or ladder companies that are not operating and, therefore, these firehouses are working at half capacity. that means that you can't have maybe a truck come with a hose or a truck with a ladder and that will have an impact on public safety it will effect response times. as of today, those firefighters will be locked out if they're not vaccinated. they're playing fast and loose with the term firehouse here. but the reality is they are operating without a ladder company or without an engine company. that's going to have an impact on response time if you are in a severe car accident or if there is a five alarm fire, that's going to be a major issue for
3:45 am
our city. ainsley: absolutely. a matter of life and death. the border crisis is hitting our classrooms here in new york. there are four counties, suffolk, queens, nassau and brooklyn took in 5,000 unaccompanied kids in the past 11 months costing $139 million because it's $28,000 per child. what's your reaction? >> it this is a humanitarian crisis oour city or our state. the classrooms are crowded. if you look are the impact had on hospital system that is also something that is affecting the citizens here in our city. but i think what's most concerning to me is the rise in fentanyl deaths that cece from individuals who are smuggling fentanyl over the border. the dea said that's where it's coming from. 80% of the fentanyl is coming that way. that is why it is so critical
3:46 am
that we secure this border now. in addition to that we saw 52 individuals with al-qaeda ties that were stopped in panama that were headed to the united states. there have been multiple people stopped at our border that are on the terrorist watch list. this is a grave concern of mine and should be of every single american. what the president is doing on purpose taking the side of the drug cartels and not the american people. we are extraordinarily concerned about this and we continue to urge this president to secure our borders. particularly the remain in mexico policy of president trump. he said he was going to do it in november. let's see if he does it because we will be holding him accountable every single day billion in he does do that. it did work. it was effective and should complete the barrier that we are paying for canceled the contract not being built. ainsley: congresswoman, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. ainsley: you are welcome. let's check in within w. janice dean for fox weather forecast.
3:47 am
it's monday we are going to have great week together, janice. >> i'm excited about that i know you are flying out, ainsley. we could see some scattered showers across the state but nothing to effect voter turnout. you are going to get out and vote in virginia tomorrow. current temperatures cold air sinking from canada. widespread freeze areas from the northern plains through the great lakes. these are forecast lows for overnight. chicago, 29. indianapolis 31. this is the first real freeze of the season. widespread. and that's going to move into the northeast as well. so, across the nation, we have a system moving into the west and some snow for parts of the rockies in towards the plain states but, again, no big weather system to talk about. just the cold air that you know, we have got to get used to because there is more of that to come. ainsley, back to you. ainsley: well, thank you very much. [laughter] thanks, janice, 6:47 on the east coast. you know her and love her. join us in welcomings new co-host of "fox & friends first"
3:48 am
carley shimkus with a look at her career so far. ♪ ♪ [cheers] todd: carley shimkus. >> we love you, carley, congratulations. carley: i love you so much, too. thank you so much for that. ♪ i am robert strickler. i've been involved in communications in the media for 45 years. i've been taking prevagen on a regular basis for at least eight years. for me, the greatest benefit over the years has been that prevagen seems to help me recall things and also think more clearly. and i enthusiastically recommend prevagen. it has helped me an awful lot. prevagen. healthier brain. better life. wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent
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♪ ♪ be. brian: i just got tell you what's coming up now. steve: good thinking. [laughter] brian: today we are celebrating carley because it's her first official day of co-host of "fox & friends first" and our news anchor. ainsley: but she has been a huge part of our show the "fox & friends" family for some years. steve: we are going to prove it right now. take a look back at some of our favorite carley shimkus moments. watch this. carley shimkus fox news headlines reporter 24/7 joins us live. brian: here with reaction is lighting up social media fox news media 24/7 carley shimkus. ainsley: good morning. brian: dry to make sense of it all carley shimkus. carley: i'm going to try i'm on it. brian: carley thought she would handle the serious story but mr. todd: carley is always on her game. ainsley: we're glad to have you here, carley.
3:53 am
steve: carley shimkus is live in france. carley: bonjour steve, ainsley and brian. ainsley: carley shimkus returned to arkansas. brian: carley shimkus not in her office they told me she is in indiana. carley: it is really important to consider buying in america. ainsley: carley shimkus is bring you behind the scenes can with some of the farmers. carley: i'm a city girl but i like the country life. lawrence: i love you guys but we have to fix this first. your guys' hats. carley: they are not on backwards, are they? ♪ carley: i just got on it and midway through i realized i didn't know how to stop. democrats took the field you go k. get' opposition. >> watch out, carley. >> watch out coming for you. steve: carley so appropriate.
3:54 am
carley: our nation's past time. >> green beret challenge taken over the plaza this morning. here comes the mud. carley: woe. ♪ ains good job, carley. steve: all right. carley: yea. steve: very nice. ainsley: we recognize that baby right there. it is our own carley shimkus. she brought her narnghts to cook cake. ainsley: thank you for sharing your daughter with us we love her. carley: the energy. this is really cool. the flag, images of patriotism around the country. that's what the show is all about. todd: the new co-host of to "fox & friends." todd: i'm todd by worry. carley: good to be with you, too. ainsley: we love you, carley, congratulations. carley: i love you so much too. thank you so much. carley: more "fox & friends" starts right now. carley: more "fox & friends" in just a moment.
3:55 am
steve: and carley shimkus. carley: that is so -- thank you producers for putting that together. that was an amazing look back at all the fun that we have had together. i feel like i don't need to go to the gym ever again just being on the show you get your work out. last time did i upper body and that was probably three years ago. brian: look like building exit back. carley: intro package. i'm so honored to be, from the moment that i was invited onto the show as a guest, doing the trending stuff. you guys have been so sweet. they are exactly who they are on tv in real life. the sweetest four people on the couch that i know. thank you for being so kind to me. ainsley: you started as intern here. i love hearing that. carley: right. i was at intern in fox i was in the d.c. bureau in 2008. and then my first job here was to be a production assistant and don imus assistant and i owe
3:56 am
imus so much. i became an associate producer and started to do the radio thing. and "fox & friends" has been so gracious in having me on the show throughout the years. and now the co-host of "fox & friends first" and i can't believe it. so grateful. steve: twice per hour as our news. carley: i will be right here in the background just laughing at your jokes and learning and all that stuff. ,. janice: a whole bunch of tariffs that he is going to come to when it documents carley. carley: keeping me on my toes. thank you for putting that together producers. ainsley: on the other side of the wall is carley's area where she has her computer. every now and then when brian says something funny you can hear her cackle. carley: love you guys. ainsley: be right back. ♪
3:57 am
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4:01 am
company. that's going to have an impact on response times. >> president biden departing for climate summit in scotland this morning. >> plummeting approval rating. >> 54% disapprove of joe biden. >> we are celebrating carley shimkus first official day of "fox & friends first." >> carley congrats on. this carley congratulations. >> carley congratulations. carley: "fox & friends" has always seemed like a family to me. ainsley: thank you for waking up with us on a beautiful monday morning. we will look at that graphics. different. steve: wake you up. daytime colors the colors of the sunshine although we don't have any of that in new york city today kind of a grizzly start today on november 1st, 2021 the day before election day in the common wealth of virginia and new jersey. ainsley: we are very close to
4:02 am
eating thanksgiving turkey. ainsley: that meal is the best meal. brian: right if we get turkeys. ainsley: more expensive. steve: turkey family tofurky. age never heard of that? brian: fake turkey. steve: it's tofu turkey. brian: means it's cheese. steve: so i. ainsley: flavor it to taste like turkey. brian: research shows the pilgrims had this? steve: no. there she was just cackled. brian: yesterday nice weather. american airlines employee too windy to fly. they played southwest three weeks ago. i feel bad for anyone with an american airlines ticket. steve: there was a lot of high wind in the dallas area which is one of their hubs but they also have not given the demand. they have not staffed up that's a problem. brian: oops. steve: we have staffed up to
4:03 am
cover tomorrow's election in virginia. way out west in roanoke, virginia that's where we find lawrence jones. lawrence, i understand that in virginia saturday was the last day of early voting and a lot of people showed up because they wanted to get their vote counted early. lawrence: that's exactly right. good morning, family. a lot of people did that early because they like the flexibility of the hours and go to different polling stations. if you hear some noise that's right behind me, it is the glenn youngkin camp that are setting up for one of his final rallies. trying to make that final pitch to the voters. as you guys know the number one issue for voters in virginia is education. no one is more upset about that than the democrats. they really wanted to run on the biden administration's progress that they said that they have made. they are unable to make that case because, again, they made parents enemy number one when it comes to crt as well as some of these mandates that are at these schools right now. as you know and i fox news poll
4:04 am
shows glenn youngkin up 8 points. that's a big shift. it was a dead heat. just two weeks ago. when you had the former president of the united states, you have stacey abrams and a a lot of those democratic super powers coming down here to campaign for the former governor mcauliffe it seems like it didn't make an impact at all that was positive for mcauliffe. it actually took youngkin. i will send it back to you in new york. ainsley: does it basically come down to crt, lawrence, either you are for it or against it ains. lawrence: know, ainsley. i think there is nuances on that. i had that diner about aweek ago and talked to someone pro-cr rt. she wanted the history candidate able to thread that needle will win the election. brian: teach lesson but don't teach a second grader that
4:05 am
they're oppressor and have them come home crying as one mom was crying. i think we agree on that. thanks, lawrence. we appreciate it. lawrence: that's exactly right. steve: this is a fox news alert. the president of the united states just that second came down the ramp from air force one. he is now going to join 120 other heads of state there in edinboro, scotland. actually it's going to be in glasgow scotland for climate change conference. i'm sure the president things hope go better in europe than they are in the united states where his prols under water and he can't get anything. ainsley: 234710 say heading in wrong drengeghtdz look at that poll. off on the wrong track. 22% say is he heading in the right direction. brian: right. that's a disaster for the president. everybody sought me out.
4:06 am
everyone so glad i'm here. it's not donald trump. he feels like he is making progress. he was able to lift tariffs on europe. so they're happy about that. they are going to try to get iran back into talks. so he is happy about that. no one brought up afghanistan. which is kind of interesting. because it's the one thing that everybody at the g-20 was involved with. helping us out when the president decided without telling anybody we are leaving and was an outright disaster. ainsley: his goal is net zero admissions by 2015050. if you look at china, russia, saudi arabia, those leaders did not attend. they have said 202060. brian: biggest polluters don't want to do it. steve: in that particular moment when he got off of air force one just as when he got on there is a traveling press pool. the president did not answer any questions today either in rome or there in scotland as well. yesterday, at the conclusion of his summit that he had with the
4:07 am
g-20. there was a little press availability. and once again, his press department, his comms department the president, gave him a list and five names on it, started with the a.p. i think abc was on there. fox news is never -- has never been on the list. nonetheless, peter doocy, who always tries to get an answer from the president had this question of the president and just watch, the president does not respond or does he by scratching his head? watcher. >> mr. president, is it true we are going to give $450,000 to border crossers who are separated? ainsley: where was he? was peter on the casey later next to him. steve: peter was higher with his cameraman looking down. he had the chance to ask a question because did he not have a chance through the regular press conference. but peter doocy has got, believe me, i'm familiar with his voice. he is very loud.
4:08 am
the president heard him. the question is whether the president even knows what he is talking about because maybe the department of justice has not told the president hey, by the way this is what we are planning on doing. ainsley: it's a head scratcher that's for sure. steve: it was a head scratcher. ainsley: looking at it again. brian: the president talked to five people. all of his answers are worth looking back at because they're all befuddle ling. series of crises which he is flat out not addressing. the greatest of which i would argue which is happening at the border. we have 1.5 and 1.57 million people coming here illegally. most of them are getting to stay. they claim 600,000 are staying. i would love to see some video of one person leaving. because it turns out that a lot of these kids are staying and we are educating them to the degree -- to the tune of how about 15 counties across the country, 15 counties nationwide have received more than a thousand unaccompanied children,
4:09 am
most of which are male. most of which are teenagers, four counties in new york, brooklyn, queens, suffolk and nassau county have 28,000 kids just plumped into classes in working class areas that have overwhelmed these classrooms. they are not even -- not telling the parents, not telling the superintendents. they will don't tell the county executives. they don't tell the governor. they don't tell the mayor. they don't tell anyone. they stick them up and show up at school name tag on and now got to educate them. the cost is average $28,000 per illegal immigrant. ainsley: going to cost new yorkers like $130 million to educate them. one teacher in brooklyn said he has seven children from ecuador in his classroom that arrived. steve: kids placed in these schools where they don't speak english or spanish. a lot of the schools are set up to help spanish speakers but if
4:10 am
the child speaks portuguese or something else, it really, they are still being housed by the school in that facility. but, you know, nobody is talking to. they the top five counties that are receives children are in texas, they are in california, and south florida. it's a problem across the country. ainsley: it do you want to say something? brian: i want to add that when people say every state is a border state. that's why. because everybody is affected by the dereliction of duty by this president and his administration. ainsley: that's exactly what nicole malliotakis she represents staten island she is seeing this firsthand in the new york area. she is saying basically the same thing. listen to. this so critical that we secure this border now. this is of grave concern of mine and should be of every single american. what the president is doing, on purpose, is taking the size of --side of the drug cartels andt the american people.
4:11 am
concerned about and this continue to urge this president to secure our borders, particularly the remain in mexico policy of president trump. he said he was going to do it in november. let's see if he does it because we will be holding him accountable every single day until he does do that it does work. it's effective. barrier we are paying for but canceled the contract and it's not being built. brian: one thing to add in new york city you can go to school for free until you are 21. 20-year-old being groomed by ms-13. i did a story out there. they are huge especially in two separate towns in particular where all these illegal immigrants go. they are over taxed or overstressed. teachers aren't being paid enough. 20-year-old groomed for 2013 sitting next to 13-year-old junior in high school. tell me you are okay with this. steve: this is a problem that is sweeping across the country as they try to do something with the migrants that have been at our southern border. ainsley: let's talk about
4:12 am
austin, texas. you mentioned some of the migrant kids are going to texas and florida. they are also seeing a spike in crime in austin. and as a result, remember they wanted to defund and they cut the budget, they did defund, cut and slashed the budgets. steve: by a third. >> ainsley: they saw homicide rates go up in that area. now they are talking about hiring more police officers in austin. this is the proposition to require two police officers per 1,000 residents promote additional training and offer incentives to recruit officers who speak additional languages. steve: that top line is important where you would require two officers per 1,000 because, currently, it is 1.6 officers per 1,000. you know, they did cut back by a third last year. and now homicides in austin, texas, are up 71%. and the people -- so this is what the people of austin are going to decide tomorrow. prance the biggest -- one of the biggest potential employers in that area, elon musk, is he
4:13 am
moving the headquarters for tesla there. he tweeted this out yesterday. austin should not be -- it should be city not a san francisco copycat. one of the things i'm assure he is alluding to san francisco has been overrun with homelessness and also a creeping problem in austin, texas. brian: austin is extremely liberal city. the homelessness is out of control. that's where the government is located, obviously it's the capital. and they are astounded as what happened because they said come one, come all. i'm sure elon musk is looking around saying it reminds me of san francisco. people there coming -- homeless are migranting there to sleep under bridges, to do the things that that government in texas welcomes. ainsley: it is known to be liberal. when i lived in san antonio. austin fun city, cultural, great bars, great music, it is extremely liberal. that's where elon decided to move his headquarters.
4:14 am
friends down in florida and texas say look, if you are sending these people from new york down to our state, tell them to leave their politics at home. brian: i wonder if they will. ainsley: i wonder if they will. we will see. steve: one of the things given the fact there is so much crime now in austin, texas, remember we did the story a couple weeks ago how the police dental is saying hey, when there is a crime being committed you have got to figure out whether or not it's really serious and, if it is, then dial 911. finance f. it's a lesser crime dial '11 and we will get around to it eventually. just goes to show you. ainsley: send a counselor. steve: like everything else supply chain issue when it comes to manpower. they do not have enough people. tomorrow, the people -- it's going to be a bellwether to see whether or not austin texas votes to increase the number of police on the payroll. ainsley: we shall see. brian: carley shimkus salse pro-police, right? carley: always. that's not even a joke toss. real thing. absolutely. brian: transition smooth one. carley: i'm used to you doing
4:15 am
the jokes but that is true. brian: i thought i would go smooth. carley: everybody should be pro-police. perfect transition off duty washington police officer is shot while trying to stop a robbery. that officer donovan havenner is now recovering from serious injuries but is expected to survive. he was out for a jog early sunday when he interrupted a would be robber at local business. police looking for two cars caught on security camera leaving the scene. happening today, the supreme court will hear an appeal on the texas heartbeat bill that bands most abortions after six weeks. this is the first of two high stakes appeals on abortion law. the second in december will be on a mississippi law that bans abortions after 15 weeks. now, legal experts say the mississippi appeal will be a more direct challenge to federal abortion law. defenders of that bill hope to overturn roe v. wade, arguing that life begins long before the
4:16 am
24-week viability mark. the houston astros send the world series back to houston with a big win against the braves last night. >> to the active roster. and he floats one into left center. that will get down. score 1 and score 2. carley: atlanta's adam duval sending truist park into frenzy game winning grand slam rally to hand atlanta first loss at home in the playoffs. game 6 will be played tomorrow night on fox. and tiktok users tip about cleaning microwave filters goes viral. >> is your reminder to change your mirlt charcoal filter. you are supposed to change the filter every six months. so while i wait for my up in one to come. carley: what? many tiktokers rather say they had no idea mike behaves had built in filters that required cleaning. while the filter on her appliance was at the top, the
4:17 am
location changes depending on the model it should be outlined in your microwave's instruction manual. i didn't know that there was a thing as a microwave filter. steve: i didn't either. ainsley: imagine how gross. carley: check ours and send in pictures. brian: as covid rates drop. a new book takes us inside how the vaccine was made. also will zuckerberg joins us with a exclusive look on how this happened? scientific break through that could only happen in america. ainsley: biden's agenda hitting speed books. >> case where have you overpromised and over 2k4reu6r8d. talking about the things talk about what's in the bill paid family lee and prescription drugs. ains what has he delivered on? we are going to break it down straight ahead. ♪
4:18 am
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♪ brian: all right. here we go with covid infection rates dwindling new book shed light on how the vaccines came to be. american ingenuity. entrepreneurs and researchers all made this happen. you goal inside the top secret labs and high stakes negotiations to just see how we got this shot. and it could only happen on exam tallist country and i would argue only in america. joining us now the author of this book "a shot to save the world, the inside story of the life or death race for a
4:23 am
covid-19 vaccine. greg zurem, zuckerman, thanks for joining us. you basically became a biologist on the fly brian i'm accident tall going into this thing obviously the vaccines were developed quickly seemingly but the more i looked into it, the more i researched and talked to the scientists executives, investors, researchers, it was a long process of years of drama frankly all kinds of fascinating interesting scientists and many, if not most, were american. and really american story in terms of the investors, in terms of capitalism. i spoke to the top ceos of all the testimony companies. most of them are foreign-born no way vaccines could have been produced without america. something we could be proud of something president trump says modern day miracle. brian: anyone who reads this book will feel better about the vaccine it wasn't rushed. they just got together and did it quickly here is excerpt build
4:24 am
on this moderna ceo spansell. he couldn't stop about illness. if a new virus was they could do something about it finally prove that mrna worked. bancel and moderna develop vaccine to stop the pandemic. pfizer would do the similar technology, correct? >> yes. they spent years working on this mrna. they said don't waist your time. revolutionary approach to vaccines. quickly and different using mrna. other skeptics said don't waste your time on it bancel. talking about maryland, massachusetts deep in the boughs of these basements of these labs they made progress and ignored the skeptics, something to meet resilience is impressive. the investors who got behind them wrote big checks.
4:25 am
american investors. not elsewhere. they said we are going to make a bet on this new approach. they thought they had the solution. the best vaccine approach new one going into 2020. they weren't sure. that's what all last year was about. and to the credit of the trump administration. operation warp speed made bets on all these companies including moderna and it worked out well. brian: say bets gave them money for the vaccine before it passed the testing before it came to market. it's a huge risk. would you say it's equal to the manhattan project. >> on par. a little too close to it right now. people aren't aware of the drama behind the scenes and the hard work and the years of person isis tense that i write about in my book. but i do really think it's a modern day miracle in some ways as president trump said. it's the greatest achievement of modern science. even modern fines. i write about in the book how investors wrote checks and made bets on these companies just like the trump administration did. and it could have worked out
4:26 am
poorly. it's something we all need to appreciate a little more and maybe even learn about the history. brian: i always say talk to your doctor before you get the vaccine. i would say talk to your doctor and read this book. because you will feel better about its effectiveness and also feel proud to be an american. greg zuckerman, congratulations, a shot to save the world. >> thanks, brian. i appreciate it. brian: you got it almost election day in virginia and candidates terry mcauliffe and glenn youngkin making final pitch to virginia voters. lawrence jones is in roanoke as the countdown begins. lawrence, set the table. lawrence: that's right. brian. the sun is coming up and voters are getting ready to come in for rally for youngkin. what matters to them. we'll talk with them coming up on "fox & friends." ♪ ♪
4:27 am
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carley: good morning, we are back with headlines, shocking video shows a man throwing a molotov cocktail inside a new york city deli. police say it happened after an argument with staff. surveillance video shows them try to throw a second molotov cocktail a brave bystander knocks it out of his hands. suspect arrested on a number of charges, including arson and assault. one deli employee suffered non life-threatening injuries. wow, mayor jim tenney is set to make philadelphia the first major u.s. city to ban minor traffic stops, all in the name of equities at this time. police may soon be unable to pull drivers over for offenses like broken tail lights. philly city council members saying in part, quote, traffic stops are traumatic for drivers and scary for police officers. limiting them makes everyone
4:32 am
safer and communities stronger. white house press secretary jen psaki stipulating the president's three-point europe as she tests positive for covid-19. this after several members of her household came down with the virus. psaki, who is fully vaccinated says she is only experiences mild symptoms. she says she last saw president biden on tuesday when they sat outside and wore masks. psaki will now quarantine for 10 days. nascar's final four is set and things get heated at the finish line in martinsville. check this out, denny hamlin flipped his number 11 car right after both crossed the finish line. hamlin was vying for a spot in the finals when bowman bumped him into the wall. that knocked hamlin out of the race lead ending his playoff hopes. that's how that one shaped up, guys. send it down to you. steve: that backfired. carley: big time.
4:33 am
ainsley: just one day until voters are heading to the polls in virginia and education is still taking center stage. steve: listen to this the virginia's department of website still listing books promoting critical race theory as democratic hopeful terry mcauliffe denies that even happens. watch this. >> critical race theory? it's never been taught here in virginia. >> his whole campaign has been dog whistles. it's been critical race theory, which has not taught here in virginia. >> critical race theory has never been taught in virginia. is not taught today nor has it ever been taught. brian: what do r. voters actually saying and that's pretty much yes or no answer. is it taught or not? let's head back to virginia where lawrence jones is live in roanoke. lawrence, they are not even debating the curriculum. is he denying it's there when there is proof it's there. >> right. good morning, family. this is what they continue to do. don't believe your eyes, nothing is here to be saw here.
4:34 am
yet, you have the department of justice targeting parents for wanting to see what's happening in the school district loudoun county making parents sign nda agreement when they're able to see what is being taught in the classroom. i think it's important to note that there is a semantics game when it comes to crt. no, it may not be exactly what is taught on the college level, but the tenets of crt are being taught. the books that they do use for crt are being used in the classroom, guys. steve: that's right. and speaking of the classroom, there was a woman who has gone viral over the weekend. she talked about how she learned what her child was learning in school in 2020 and decided to take that child out of the loudoun county schools. here's the woman. watch this. >> specifically moved into due to the swift and uncompromising political agenda of superintendents williams,
4:35 am
ziegler and the school board that have forced upon us. first, it was in early spring of 2020 when my 6-year-old somberly came to me and ask me if she was born evil because she was a white person, something she learned in history lesson at school. then you kept the schools closed for a year and a half despite the science indicating it was safe for kids to return. steve: as the parent last thing you want to hear hey i was in school. was i born evil? lawrence: so there you have it, guys. this is why it becomes so dangerous. condoleezza rice was talking about this with her hit with "the view" about that she wants black folks to be comfort be in their blackness. and's the history to be taught. she doesn't want a bunch of minors going around and thinking one is oppressor and one is a victim somehow. i think that's where the issue lies right there. virginia has to figure this out. it is definitely the number one issue for its voters. everyone can't be wrong on this, guys. everyone can't be not believing
4:36 am
their eyes. everyone can't be some republican plant. when you have democrats, when you have independence that are voicing their voices on this topic, i think they should be concerned and, by the way, crt is not the only issue when it comes to education that is impacting virginia voters. a lot of them are upset with the mandates. a lot of them are upset when it comes to safety and the school board the not protecting the students. a lot to unpack comes to commonwealth of virginia. ainsley: youngkin trail mcauliffe and now one point now. parents shouldn't be involved in the education of their students or their kids and maybe because he said crt is not being taught and parents are saying no it is and they are giving examples. steve: lawrence, real quick, we see they are set up for youngkin event behind you. what time is he taking the stage
4:37 am
there. lawrence: is he supposed to arrive here about 8:30. we are hoping we may be able to see him and get chance to talk to him. as you guys know we have talked to him several times. talk with the voters. i know ainsley will be here tomorrow talking to those moms. that's what we really want to hear from. brian: loudoun county, where you are going to be, it looks like donald trump lost it by 20 points. he has got to make inroads in those very blue areas. thanks, lawrence. lawrence: thanks, guys. steve: ainsley is going to be down there in loudoun county. ainsley: we have gone down there a few times to have conversations, chat with the parents to find out what are their biggest issues and what's really happening in the classroom. steve: tomorrow on "fox & friends" for election day for virginia and new jersey. meanwhile, president biden is failing to deliver on a lot of his big campaign promises. but his administration doesn't seem that worried. >> why. >> paid family leave and prescription drugs. >> the fight is not over, chuck. this is not as though would done
4:38 am
and going to e. going to go home. steve: former speaker of the house newt gingrich shares his thoughts on their ambitions and agenda coming up next. ♪
4:39 am
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4:42 am
>> look, this is a case is where i have asked this were the political eyes bigger than the political stomach when you proposed what you did. this is a case where have you overpromised and not delivered. talking about the things it's n. this bill talk about the things not in this bill family leave and prescription drugs. >> this is not over. this is not as if we are done and going to go home. steve: wow. secretary jennifer granholm on the defense as they're accused of not delivering on massive spending plan. fox news contributor and former speaker much the how long newt gingrich joins us now. newt, good morning to you. >> good morning, good to be with you. steve: good to have you. overpromised, under delivered. they couldn't even get something out of a congress they control.
4:43 am
>> sure, look, i mean, i think the easiest way to summarize where we are is it ain't working. it ain't working on inflation. it ain't working on gasoline prices. the truth is, what they are going to do in glasgow is an absurdity because china won't participate. china is the largest polluter in the world. and they have basically said, you know, we like jobs, we like energy. and we like low costs. so goodbye. all these other folks are going to gather. sing kum ba yah in a climate language and go home and say well, we got a lot done. it's sort of typical of the biden administration. nothing achieved, nothing accomplished but they all smile a lot. steve: yeah. you know, on that same program, they unveiled an nbc poll that showed that 71% of americans feel like we're heading in the wrong direction. maybe the president would rather stay in scotland than come back home because a number like that is not good for terry mcauliffe. so why is glenn youngkin surging
4:44 am
in the commonwealth of virginia where you are sitting right now, newt? >> i think, first of all, youngkin has won a great race. he picked on the issue you covered so well in the last segment which is education. people are really angry the radical education establishment whether it's on critical race theory or it's on eliminating schools of excellence or a variety of other things. it's just made people mad. in the loudoun county school board lying about the rape of the young girl in the ladies room by a guy in a dress, i mean, the whole thing gets to be weird. and that guy was transferred and then attacked another girl in another school i think all this stuff is bubbling and people looking and going mcauliffe is lying. we don't trust him. youngkin is brand new face. he has big ideas. and the other difference is mcauliffe has gone national. he has wrought in all these national players. youngkin has gone state and
4:45 am
really emphasized virginia. in the contrast people are going, not voting for senator. i'm voting for governor. and mcauliffe has no new ideas for virginia. steve: got a brand new book out coming out this week, it's called beyond by rebuilding the america we love. so, when you say beyond biden, what does that mean? >> look, i think it's not enough just to be anti-biden or anti-kamala harris. i think we have to recognize that faced with china, faced with all sorts of great challenges, we have to think about what we would do to make america successful, prosperous and safe. and that's not just an anti biden thing. i thought early on about writing anti-biden book. i decided that's the wrong direction. biden is going to fail. but then what? and we need to have a very positive agenda of sufficient education reform, sufficient infrastructure reform. sufficient nick growth. overhauling the pentagon decisively and the intelligence
4:46 am
community. all these are big jobs. and then beyond biden, get rid of these folks because they will fail, because they will. what will we do. what's the positive program of the future? that's the purpose of "beyond biden." steve: mr. speaker, good luck. >> good to be with you, thanks. steve: janice dean is outside on the streets of new york with a man behind her. janice: what's your name, my friend. >> my family is larry cohen from ba gottennia, michigan. >> do you want to see hi to your kids. >> yes,. >> janice: thank you. he has been here before on "fox & friends." nice day in new york city. we do have some cold air that's moving in. and you know we got to get used to it because there is more of this to come, right? 10 to 20 degrees below average for folks in michigan and in towards the northeast and the mid-atlantic. even memphis is going to be cold or feeling cold tomorrow. those are your daytime highs 42
4:47 am
in minneapolis and then 46 in chicago. there is your forecast today. we will see some rain moving into the west coast. otherwise, a pretty good looking forecast. 60 in new york. we will have some changes and of course, big election day for foam. virginia. we have been talking about it all morning long. not too bad. we could see some scattered showers but we are not talking about a big storm system and, you know, temperatures are relatively mild. no reason not to get out there and vote. there is your future track in terms of some snow that's going to move into the central u.s. especially the rockies. where they are used to that this time of year. measurable snow as well for parts of the plain states. we will keep that innuendo moo. do you want to say hi to steve? >> hi, steve, back to you, sir. steve: look at that what a pro. janice: here, take the microphone, okay, bye. [laughter] steve: there you go. janice dean i think just quit. i'm not sure. all right. j.d., thank you very much. meanwhile, the st. louis mayor barely pauses as gunshots wring out during a news conference.
4:48 am
is that the new america? [gunfire] >> isn't that wonderful? well, i hear gunshots in my neighborhood every night. steve: okay. dan bongino, coming up on that straight ahead on this "fox & friends." this isn't just freight. these aren't just shipments. they're promises. promises of all shapes and sizes. each with a time and a place they've been promised to be. a promise is everything to old dominion, because it means everything to you. ♪ ♪ for deb, living with constipation with belly pain was the same old story for years. trying this. doing that. spending countless days right here.
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reporter: we're back with quick headlines state universities in vermont adopting a universal anti racism pledge, adopting it after a recommendation from the student diversity and inclusion task force. one part of the pledge saying university leaders need to advocate for safe spaces and wellness resources for students of color. and confederate general robert e lee's sprawling alexandria estate hits the market for nearly $6 million and the listing completely omits any mention of lee, a photo in the listing also appears to have been digitally altered to remove a large historical marker in front of the property, titled, " lee's boyhood home." brian, general lee, part of your book, out tomorrow. brian: absolutely, part of the civil war. the president freedom fighter comes out tomorrow, it's going
4:53 am
to show him in the battle to save america's soul and we're going to have a special on sunday november 7 at 10:00. ainsley: how did they meet? brian: they met three times, they knew about each other, these two emerging personalities , one horrifically born in slavery escaped within seven years he writes his own biography and frederick douglas begins a worldwide tour and becomes a regarded intellect and speaker and abraham came from parents on you who they work together to bring us the most difficult times. steve: it's not just a book, it's another great one, but it's also a fox nation and fox news channel special and here is a clip from it, featuring a couple of very prominent americans. >> i think we should be very careful trying to cleans all of history. i think you can actually remember history without celebrating it and some of the statues should remind us of
4:54 am
what we should never do again and then we have other statues of lincoln and frederick douglas that should remind us of the honor men fought for this nation. brian: over here is another important moment in american history where the 54th massachusetts regimen infantry was able to be engaged in battle really for the first time. >> the 54th was all black soldiers commanded by white officers. it was an integrated union army but the idea that the union allowed african americans to fight for the cause proved to be a giant step forward because all the stereotypes of what a black man could and couldn't do were crushed. >> also, i think we be remiss if we didn't think about the fact that whether it was lincoln and douglas, whether it's senator graham and tim scott, people who don't look like each other are coming together to work for a bigger cause than themselves is also part of the american story, and i don't know why we have to say
4:55 am
black or white more than we say us. ainsley: brian went down to south carolina meeting with both of the senators at the battery, the very tip of the peninsula where charleston is. brian: where the 54th was engaged and lost thousands of men and fought with great courage and fort sumpter is where the civil war started and both senators were able to take time out of their sunday to be part of it and we also go to lincoln's childhood home in indiana, also go to frederick douglas' house in washington and up to his house in rochester. this took eight shoots to cover both men, how their lives interacted along with the civil war as a back drop. it was just a thrilling ride. steve: the special running sunday on fox nation but you, as of this week, start a big tour. brian: wednesday you've got to call, excuse me go online and register, staten island, barnes & noble, i've driven through staten island, then lawrence
4:56 am
ville, georgia, and the big one, lexington, kentucky , book festival from there i'll go to charleston, west virginia about 4:00 in the afternoon, be able to go to the convection center to come back and work so a live show where i talk about all my books and go to brian and also in orlando in two weeks after that i'll be on stage but just go and order it and this way we could have a chance to actually talk to people. ainsley: and you'll be selling it at the patriot awards too. brian: yeah, we'll be out in hollywood, florida, before that, vero beach. ainsley: brian showed us his schedule on his computer. good luck, my friend. brian: i'm not missing work. ainsley: is it really over a new jersey hospital is now mandating booster shots for workers who received the j j & j vaccine. how hundreds are not vaccinated. that's why they customize your car insurance, so you only pay for what you need. oh, yeah. that's the spot. only pay for what you need.
4:57 am
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steve: just one day until virginia voters finally head to the polls. the education taking center stage. >> we have a great school system in virginia. >> there's no place for critical race theory in our school system. >> progressives have put biden 's tax and spending plan on ice. >> biden is not over that. >> just because the biden administration, nothing achieved nothing accomplished. ainsley: new york city issued a statewide call for volunteer firefighters close to 1/3 remain unvaccinated ahead of today's deadline. >> they're operating without a ladder company, without an engine company, that's going to have an impact on response time. >> president biden appears to
5:01 am
ignore a question about a reported plan to pay illegal border crossers. >> is it true they are going to get $450,000 to border crossers who are separated? >> to the touchdown. >> go ahead and celebrate. >> it's unbelievable. >> ♪ brian: oh, there, a brand new graphic, between me, the music, the adrenaline that flows through your body in the morning to begin with along with the graphics that says wake up without saying wake up. ainsley: when we just showed video of the parents in the stands they have to be so proud of their child when he's out there scoring touchdowns you got to experience that firsthand last week. both his daughters you took off the next day so we haven't heard the results, we know but the audience doesn't. his daughters played each other in college.
5:02 am
brian: they played each other one is a freshman, one is a junior, they are in the same conference and it was my younger daughter, kaitlyn's team who won 2-0 but good news is they are both in the playoffs and it's a brand new season that starts tomorrow, but it's a three and a half hour ride up and three and a half hour back it was a 7:00 start, 11:00 would have got in at 2:00 in the morning, so whatever. let me just take the day off. a lot of my neighbors came up and my brother. ainsley: they could play each other again if they get through the playoffs. brian: they both have to win two games. steve: it's the kilmeade bowl. brian: right. i think a lot of people said i haven't seen the stats it's bigger than when the mannings played. carlie could you work on that? reporter: on it! ainsley: no doubt. brian: proud of all of them. they play very hard. steve: as a parent you know it's nerve racking because you want them both to do well, but -- brian: i was going look out for number 30 she's very fast and quick and she's like kaitlyn
5:03 am
looks at me like really? i was like oh! ainsley: how old were they when they started playing seriously? brian: four. ainsley: really? and they kept going. steve: it paid off for them. brian: best thing about it is great friends, great situations, they make friends for life. steve: even better mom and dad win town to buy them dinner. brian: right, absolutely. steve: meanwhile, tomorrow is election day in virginia and in new jersey, lawrence jones has traveled way out almost as far west in virginia as you can get. he's in the city of roanoke, where glenn youngkin is within the next hour or so. reporter: good morning, family. i'm sure you guys may hear the music starting right here. that's because glenn youngkin is getting ready to host a rally here and you could already see people lining up right now. as you guys know the number one issue for voters right now in virginia is education, and the
5:04 am
democrats are upset about that because they have tried to deny that crt existed that the mask mandates wouldn't impact this election. also guys biden agenda. it is on the line as well. this will be the first race since he was president of the united states where his agenda will be on the line. where does it go? we don't know, but we do know that the polls are shifting. right now, a dead heat, one point in the rcp average there but in the fox news poll it's showing youngkin now with an eight point lead, we'll get ready to talk with folks out here that are lined up guys but i'll send it back to you in new york. ainsley: that's incredible. it's a blue state and he is ahead according to these polls. real clear politics ahead by 1 point. brian: gallup had a poll and they said what do people in virginia care about? 24% education, 23% economy, only 10% said covid, in september it was the economy, covid, and third was education. that all changed organically, it's almost refreshing to see a
5:05 am
real, an issue not something you got in the 30 second spot or something or some hit job be the major issue, it ended up being the things that matters most to parents. steve: sure, and when it comes to the two candidates you've got glenn youngkin whose a newcomer of politics and terry mcauliffe, whose a traditional institutional democrat for the most part, and he's got to be looking at the polls out of washington thinking joe biden 's numbers are not good for me, because i have aligned myself with joe biden in the past and in fact had joe biden and kamala harris campaign ed for him, the very latest nbc news poll, do you approve of how or what the president is doing? he's under water on that, as you can see right there, but the more damaging one is the fact that is the country headed in the right direction? and 71% of americans say that we are, as we change the polls there it is right there, look at that, the upper right hand corner, it's in red, because
5:06 am
that's a warning number and it's terrible for joe biden and the democrats 71% think we're on the wrong track. ainsley: that is unbelievable. 71% that includes democrats too on the wrong track. steve: and think about all of the democrats in congress who are pushing this gigantic, these two gigantic spending bills as they look at 71% say we're on the wrong track, is that going to help us? and the answer is probably not. ainsley: well think about you have afghanistan leaving americans behind enemy lines and our allies back there, also think about what's happening down in texas and our southern border, letting people in saying we're thinking about paying the $450,000. steve: what about gas? ainsley: the economy, to your point that's on the list in virginia on everyone's list, your electric bills are going up , we can't get supplies, we can't get christmas presents and people are worried about that and crt in our schools that's why education is such a big deal because you have one candidate
5:07 am
that says no we're not teaching crt, but parents show evidence of where crt is being taught there with you trust mcauliffe, if he's saying us not being taught and we have examples where it is being taught and then he comes out and says because web he was ahead two months ago, parents shouldn't be involved in our kid 's education. steve: wrong answer. brian: so a couple of things i don't want to hit you within too many numbers, but 37% say joe biden has the ability to handle a crisis, 47% says he doesn't, only 37% say he's competent and effective. that is tragic. then 28% says he's knowledgeable and experienced, and this is the scary part if you're a democrat. the gop against the democrats, the gop ranks higher by 27 points on the border, on inflation 24, on crime 22, on national security 21 and the economy 18, on getting things done they have a 13-point advantage. if you're a democrat whether it's the new jersey governor race, which it seems to be that
5:08 am
closing at the last minute or in virginia, or you wonder what's going to happen in 2022 well you can't pass a spending bill that only thing you're doing is asking your party to vote for something the president of your party wants. they look absolutely like they are thrashing and i'm not saying they aren't going to get something done but the fact is that they missed four cutoff dates that they put out there and pulled back on tomorrow's dates to have a vote? i think this is the utter definition of chaos. steve: yesterday as they wrapped up the g-20 in rome they had press availability and given the host of as ainsley depicted the things that are going wrong, at one point, one of the pre- selected reporters, apparently who was -- ainsley: how many were there, five? steve: i think, five. one of the questions was, mr. president, why do you think america is back on the world stage, because you know, everything is going the wrong way for you at home. also, you know, when it comes to
5:09 am
the supply chain thing, a lot of people are worried about christmas. a lot of people are worried about fabric and it's not coming anytime soon. here is what the president had to say where he's talking a little bit about look, the reason it's hard to find people is because there's so much demand, so that's a good thing, right? here's the president in rome. >> because they're able to negotiate for higher wages and they like to move from one job to another. that's one of the reasons why, a lot of people don't want to continue to do the job they did before making seven, eight, nine bucks an hour so what you're sef the desire of people to be able to change professions, to be able to do more and take care of their families, and at the same time, dealing with an issue that , in fact, we are short of workers, but worker pay has actually gone up and we've employed 6 million people, just since i got elected so employments up, the economy is actually in spite of all of this still growing and you're
5:10 am
going to see continued economic growth under our proposals. brian: i mean, his explanation, he's absolutely winging it. the fact is, he's had a chance to address the border, excuse me , the ports, and the numbers have gone up by 20 extra shifts it went from 54 to 72 shifts in the los angeles port and that is the place that was supposed to work 24 hours and begin to alleviate the backlog. this , at the very least, you know what the american people want at the smallest and greatest level? to know you care and are hustl ing to try to get something done. there's no indication that he is , so then, reelect your transportation secretary, who didn't tell anyone in the public he was taking off for two months for paternity leave and then a commerce secretary, both of them had tried to explain the continued glut when it comes to our ports and goods. >> there are definitely going to continue to be issues, especially as long as the pandemic continues, right if you have, for example, the
5:11 am
third-largest container port in the world in china shutting down because of a covid outbreak in late summer, you'll feel that in the fall here on the west coast. now, we're taking the actions that we know we can. >> you can't just turn the economy back on overnight, so it's takes a little bit of time. people say to me, will christmas gifts be delivered to which i saw, call fedex. that isn't what the government does. what we are doing and the president is committed to this , we're using every tool in our tool box to be supportive, to help, to unstick the ports. steve: for her to say you can't turn the economy back on overnight, remember, joe biden ran on, i can do a better job getting the country out of the pandemic than donald trump did. okay, he got the job and obviously, at every turn, it looks like the white house is coming up short. they did not forecast the demand , they did not help employers get people back to work, and of course, there are so many people who were not
5:12 am
working that's why there is a supply chain problem. aren't enough driver, aren't enough warehouse people, aren't enough people to stock the shelves. it's just a vicious cycle, and you know, for her to say about your christmas presents don't blame us, blame fedex. it's all part of a larger problem that starts with the federal government. ainsley: yeah, and tim scott senator from south carolina, he said if you are the secretary of transportation, and you want to solve this problem you need to fly out to the port, you need to sit down with everyone, find out what the problem is and solve it he said his mother was a single mom, struggled to put food on the table for their family, inflation really hurt her so go solve it, go fix it. he says they are just commentators. they say this problem will last until next year and he says no. go solve the problem. brian: all right, talk about a problem, huge one here and it's totally self-inflicted like most of joe biden's problems there's certain things that happen you can't help but this you can help this city decided to put a mandate of november 1 and everyone will get vaccinated or if you're a city worker you're
5:13 am
done. so that means sanitation, that means cops, firefighters, and soon in one month, it'll be corrections too. get your shot, or don't come to work. right now we understand 26 fire houses are closed, 24,000 city workers of all stripes are told you're on leave, you're done, that includes roughly more than 8,000 cops, 3,700 fdny employees and on ems affiliated with the fdny, 2,000 ambulance workers and sanitation, the place is a mess so we're not at 100% because we're not at 100 % in anything at any time. the mayor backed himself into a corner and we're all paying the price. now this presser just happened right? ainsley: yeah the firefighter's union they just held this to talk about it this morning because this is, you had to get it by 9:00 this morning. steve: they got 47 more minutes to get the shot. ainsley: exactly and if you don't, you don't get paid. listen to the presser. >> it's a little after 6:00 on
5:14 am
the deadline of the vaccination mandate, and members of the new york city firefighters fire department are being put on leave without pay. we aren't entirely clear how many fire companies will be closed today. we're expecting dozens. my personal phone was going off with all the members telling me it was their last night in the fire house. it's causing an exodus in the fire house from people that can retire and for those that can't retire, they are locked out "fire house in a little over two hours. we're forcing them off the job because of a decision they have to make in nine days, it's unconscionable that this administration can't give the membership more time to make those decisions. >> we are not anti-vaccine. they have never been anti- vaccine mandate. as we all know, the city and the country wants to be past covid. we believe it's a political thing, deblasio wants this done by the end of his term. steve: and this is what the new york post is referring to, jab-m ageddon, because the worry
5:15 am
here in new york is that the response times whether it's the fire or the police or anybody else whose called on emergency basis, you know, you're having a heart attack you want somebody to get there as quickly as possible. if you add five minutes or 10 minutes on it, that person could die. there have been a number of union officials who said you know what? people are going to die with this particular mandate. there have been legal challenges the pba once again has sued the city, but the court has repeatedly cited with employers. they got 45 more minutes to get the shot and then what happens? ainsley: what if there's a fire in one of these apartment complexes and there's children stranded up on the ninth floor and the response time is longer and those children could have been saved and they aren't? you have to think about worst case scenario and how sad that be. wouldn't you rather have someone that might be bringing covid to your house to put out your fire than not anyone at all? brian: i have a testing option, have an antibody option, 73% of the fdny is vaccinated, 84% of
5:16 am
the nypd is vaccinated, 79% of the sanitation is vaccine. they told us 75% is herd immunity, you're there, this is an unnecessary, this is an unnecessary deadline, unnecessary stress among people that you counted on for over a year. you told them to go to work, we don't even know what this virus is but go to work anyway. i don't even know why you're sick or how to treat it but go to work anyway, now that we have a vaccine you're reluctant to take it, you're fired by november 1. meanwhile turning to baseball houston's world series are still alive. ainsley: the astros a race a four-run deficit to defeat the braves in game five sending it back to houston. steve: charles watson joins us live from atlanta with a recap of last night's big game. hey, charles. reporter: yeah, hey, good morning guys early on it looked like the atlanta braves were easily on their way to clenching their first world series title in more than two decades. their bats got hot quick in the first inning the braves adam
5:17 am
duvall crushes a grand slam putting the braves up 4-0 but the houston astros said they aren't going out easily. they got their bats rolling and came back twice from deficits in this game and they shined in the fifth inning with five runs scored, that really ruined any chance of the braves becoming champs on home turf, take a listen. >> we knew it was going to be tough. it's just a lot of innings to cover against a club like this , that swings the bat so well. the good news is we'll take a day off and we in good shape. reporter: a lot of happy astros fans but of course, this comes as a big disappointment to brave s fans, some were really hoping they could not only see mlb commissioner rob man fred present their team with the world series trophy at home but also maybe have a few boo's for pulling the after all-star game out of georgia.
5:18 am
>> i hope the commissioner has learned to stay out of politics and just let it be sports. to be honest, if we win it here, he's got to present that trophy on the field i don't think he will get a lot of cheers from the fans. reporter: and the braves are expected to head to houston for game six this afternoon. they could win it all in houston or the astros could tie the series, guys? steve: could wrap up tomorrow charles thank you very much for the live report from atalanta ainsley: that man brought up a good point. the commissioner has to present the trophy in atlanta? brian: and then next one is houston with the whole scandal involved and the firing of his manager and where they came down on the team, so either way, he is in the eye of the storm. steve: and carlie was down there covering the games last week where it was freezing. reporter: oh, my gosh did you see how cold i was? i was trying to hide it. i didn't pack properly. i should have spoken to janice dean in advance. we gotta turn to your headlines
5:19 am
now and we'll start with this. police in michigan arresting a deported child sex offender after he returned to the u.s. illegally. juan paneta was caught 40 miles outside detroit after a call from a concerned citizen. he was convicted of sexually assaulting a child last year. he was deported from the u.s. and sent back to his native honduras in june of this year. >> a travel nightmare unfolding for american airlines passengers more than 2,000 flights have been canceled by the airlines as it grapples with weather and staffing shortages as vaccine mandates are imposed. the coo saying, "we have adjusted our operation for the last few days this month by proactively canceling some flights." american says it has 1,800 flight attendants set to return in november. >> moderna is allowing its request for approval of its vaccine of teens if the fda investigates as the fda investigates if the jab causes a
5:20 am
rare heart problem. the agency is looking into reports that recipients suffered from heart muscle inflation, also known as myocarditis after getting the jab. moderna says its application may not be completed before january, and i'm sure that headline is concerning to a lot of parents, especially in california. steve: indeed. ainsley: thank you, carlie. 8:20 on the east coast and still ahead a new jersey hospital is now mandating booster shots for some vaccine employees, and those who don't comply could be fired an immunologist reacts to the latest mandate mayhem.
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well, i can bust curfew-breakers in an instant. well, you all have xfinity home, with cameras to home security monitored by the pros. *laughs* learn more about home security or get our self-monitored solution starting at just $10 per month. >> i think the approach we've taken is one of compassion and understanding and we just added
5:25 am
the johnson & johnson boost eras a part of our mandate for folks who receive that as an initial course of vaccination, given the fda's decision-making and the cdc's decision-making last week. ainsley: pushing mandates even further a new jersey hospital says if you got the j & j vaccine it's not enough and employees are now required to get a booster before christmas or they could get fired. joining us now with reaction, is dr. human norchasm, and he is an immunologist, good morning to you. >> good morning, ainsley. ainsley: you study this. what is your reaction when you hear the hospital saying that? >> well, look. i think it's absolutely important for all of our healthcare workers, front line workers, to be immune. not only to protect themselves but to protect the people they come in contact with, and there's no question, we have a series of very effective vaccine s that operation warp speed generated including the m rna vaccines and j & j vaccines but these are drugs just like any other drug they
5:26 am
have an efficacy rate and in the case of the johnson & johnson the efficacy rate is about 30% but look, really, to do a blanket mandate in terms of boosters for johnson & johnson is really to kill a fly with a shot gun and what i mean by that is that 70% of these folks are actually already immune as a result of their vaccine, and so vaccinating these folks is actually unnecessary, so really what we're doing here is we're doing something completely un scientific and irrational in a setting where we have a very good test to assess whether or not these people are actually immune already. the fact that it's coming from a hospital system is actually quite shocking to me because these folks actually know you can actually take these 270 people who have been vaccinated with johnson & johnson, assess their antibodies and if they're low or nill, those are the folks who need to get boosted everybody else should not get mandated. this is really again another draconian one size fit all-type mandate. ainsley: the 270 employees at university hospital in newark, new jersey have to get it by
5:27 am
december 24. you say we have strayed so far from science, in what way? >> well, look. the achilles heel of the pandemic is actually immunity. vaccination is a pathway is the dominant pathway for non- immune people to immunity but literally we have about 100 million people who have already had natural infections. these folks, the vast majority of them, are equally if not better immune compared to vaccinated people. a lot of these folks in the fire departments, police departments across the country, i know for a fact a lot of them have had covid and they wore the brunt of it over the past year and now they're being mandated the risk of losing their employment. the rational thing to do is for our government to leave an off ramp for folks to get antibody tested. ainsley: a lot of people did have it and still were vaccinated and now being told to get a booster. thank you so much, doctor, for coming on with us. >> my pleasure. thanks for having me. ainsley: still ahead gun shots ringing out during a st. louis news conference about addressing
5:28 am
violence, but it's the mayor's reaction that is turning heads. >> [gun shots] >> oh, isn't that wonderful? well, i hear gun shots in my neighborhood every night. ainsley: dan bongino joins us live with his unfiltered reaction, next.
5:29 am
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steve: the mayor of st. louis, missouri barely pausing as her press conference on violence is interrupted by gun shots. >> [gun shots fired] >> oh, isn't that wonderful? well, i hear gun shots in my neighborhood every night, my son and i fall asleep to the lullaby of gun shots every night and it's unfortunate, yes i heard it but i didn't flinch, because
5:33 am
it's a part of my life. steve: joining us right now with reaction former new york city police department officer and un filtered host, dan bongino. dan, good morning. >> good morning, steve, good to talk to you. steve: you know that's sad when she says "i don't flinch" when gun shots ring out my son and i often fall asleep to a lullaby of gun shots. people shouldn't have to do that in america. >> yeah, you know what the most pathetic part about that was i've seen it a couple times is that she acts like she has no control over it whatsoever. like my gosh, there's nothing we can do. what be a model to stopping gun shots and dead people in the street, well i don't know. maybe do what they did in new york city when i was a police officer there, enforce the law, use broken windows policing, and force the petty crimes like turn style jumping because those are the same people the turnstyle jumpers who go on the train and rob people, steve, they know.
5:34 am
the most disturbing part about this , even like there's a more disturbing part than gun shots in the street, yes, is that they could stop it and they choose not to, and one more point on this. one of the most disturbing studies i ever read when i was in graduate school studying psychology is the studies about learned helplessness how when you shock a subject over and over and don't give them a way out eventually they stop trying to get away. they actually learn to be helpless and that's the sad part about this. they are teaching the citizens, they are supposed to be making their lives better, to be helpless, that there's nothing you can do about this. just go to sleep to "the lullaby " of gun shots. pathetic, disgusting, disturbing , one of the worst things i've heard in a long time steve: then what you've got going on down in austin, texas is tomorrow the people thereafter last summer when so many towns around country were trying to defund the cops what they are trying to do in austin is have a referendum on should we hire more police officers because i think i read in austin
5:35 am
, texas, the homicide rate has gone up 71% in the last year >> and again, the shocking part about this story is not what you just said like yeah, a lot of people are dead so we should hire more cops, which is common sense, yeah, we don't want people to die. obviously, we're not animals, right? but the shocking part about the story is there were liberal mega donors out there and liberals fighting against this. it's like what's your campaign slogan like? there's not enough dead people? we need more? is this really a political thing , is this how badly the culture and politics in the united states has been generated where there's people crying because of their dead relatives and there's other people fighting against it as if we want more of this. really speaking to the generation of the culture and the country right now. steve: they make a determination by tomorrow we'll have the results on wednesday. dan, thank you very much for joining us live. >> good to talk to you. steve: we still have plenty more
5:36 am
show to go, tucker carlson is going to join us, plus virginia polls open tomorrow, and the race for governor has never been tighter. lawrence jones is live in roanoke ahead of decision day. lawrence? reporter: hey, steve. the election is heating up in virginia, so are the voters that are campaigning for glenn youngkin. we'll talk about it coming up on fox & friends.
5:37 am
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brian: part one of tucker carlson's new three-part docu series is available today, on fox nation. >> but what exactly happened on january 6? how much of what we were told about that day is a lie? darren beaty of revolver news is one of the few in media whose done real reporting on what actually happened on january 6.
5:41 am
>> the establishment narrative, the worst single act of political violence since the civil war. >> donald trump supporters killing police officers. >> was maga blood liable. >> the officer died after being hit in a head with a fire extinguisher during the hours- long attack. >> they beat a capitol police officer to death with a fire extinguisher. >> the officer died after being hit in the head with a fire extinguisher during the fight. >> he died at the age of 42 after he was bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher. a rioter hit the officer in the head with a fire extinguisher. >> hit in the head with a fire extinguisher. >> bludgeoned with a fire extinguisher. >> there's just one problem with the story it never happened brian: that's a lot of the theme you get throughout the series tucker carlson joins us now for very good reason. tucker, this is getting a lot of good to see you, by the way, this is getting a lot of buzz, a lot of people don't want you to do this series, why is that? >> well it's interesting. i mean, one of the first things we notice noticed about that day
5:42 am
which is anyone who watched it i think was appalled by it totally opposed to vandalism or anymore violence, et cetera, but the lying began almost immediately. it wasn't just fog of war stuff where you aren't quite sure what's happening. the intentional creation of a dishonest explanation for that day began within hours. this was a racist insurrection. well there was no evidence ever to this day of any racist motive behind any of this. there was no evidence it was an organized insurrection and an attempt to overcome the u.s. government. we were still told many people were killed that day. it was a lie, one person was killed an unarmed trump support er a woman shot to death, by a capitol police officer with a record of wrecklessness so the picture based on the facts is very different from the story that we're being told, so several months ago we sent a group of reporters out to really forensically dig into this , what happened? what are the facts of that day, let's be honest about it. we rolled out last week, a trailer of what we found, a
5:43 am
minute and 20 seconds, representing three documentary episodes and the entire news media, the congress went completely crazy. yesterday the washington post put 75 reporters on a rebuttal piece to our documentary which they hadn't seen which means that the somewhere, orbiting above earth, jeff bezos, their boss called in and said control the narrative! so it really tells you everything they are hysterical in the face of facts being added to the storyline. why is it so important for them to control how we understand what happened that day? and the reason is, it's being used as a pre-text to strip american citizens who don't vote for them of their civil liberties this is happening on a massive scale, and i think we lay it out pretty clearly in the series. brian: you know, you've indicated too, if you watch your show every night, you'll talk about some of this and say maybe we should pullback and stop having the , have the herd
5:44 am
mentality, maybe there's something else here and part one that i'm just about done with, you do talk about somebody being labeled a white nationalist that happens to be black, and he's been stripped of all of social media, he's been stripped of any type of way to make a living, i guess he's under surveillance, so there's a lot of people along the way whose lives are destroyed and the indication is unjustly. >> well, sure, and i mean, the danger in a society like ours where you have this massive national security state and these huge very powerful intelligence agencies, all which are focused outward on our foreign enemy the dangers they will be turned inward on people who disagree with the party in power that's the terrifying scenario we've worried about for hundreds of years and unfortunately with the help of some republicans in congress, not surprisingly like lindsey graham and liz cheney, this has happened so you have the largest manhunt in american history is the round-up after january 6. by the way, we have been really
5:45 am
consistent from day one, let's enforce the law, people who break the law should be punished for what they've done i feel that way about the protesters who broke the law on january 6 but let's not pretend they are al qaeda, they're not, they are american citizens poorer than average, these are working class people and to treat them like they are al qaeda and to throw them into sally terry confinement for six months to shoot one without warning, and act like her life meant nothing is very ominous and we should not allow that in our society. brian: last point, as we talk about your three-point series, part one drops today, patriot purge, the fbi will infiltrate groups whether it's the mob of al qaeda and they'll try to be one of them and unwind it before it takes place. >> right. brian: do you think maybe, perhaps and maybe you don't want to give away for series, you find indications that the fbi was actually pushing for this invasion? >> there were people working for the fbi in the crowd that day. we said that months ago on our nighttime show, hysteria turns out to be true. the fbi has a long history of
5:46 am
doing this. we know that some of the people who apparently did coordinate the breach of the capitol have not been indicted, why is that? we can't get a straight answer. members offer congress who try to get a straight answer can't. look i would just say this series is rock solid factually, it's totally not only defensible but we believe portrays the events in the correct light, which again is factually we got to the facts and i would just urge people to watch. go to tucker and watch the first five minutes free, judge for yourself, but the idea that the washington post spent 75 reporters time rebutting a trailer tells you they don't want you to know what actually happened, they're hysterical and ask yourself, why are they? brian: and why is it that every other network if you took january 6 out of their rundown, they would have a test pattern. this is all covered. it's unbelievable. >> exactly. brian: tucker i really appreciate you getting up i know you're excited about this series , i'm through part one and with all the context i have at fox i could not get all
5:47 am
three parts into my inbox. >> i couldn't either. brian: that's how top secret this is. >> thanks, brian. brian: you can get 90 free days of fox nation and shows like tucker carlson originals and tucker carlson today, now available for anyone going to how cool is that? thanks for joining us. meanwhile i like to check in, like tucker used to, with the weather. suddenly, why does tucker not do more weather in his show? we've got to get to the bottom of that story that's my fox nation investigative series. >> i am on board with that, yes , more weather during tucker carlson, i'm totally on to that. there should be, brian kilmeade .com by the way. brian: thank goodness there is. >> there is? brian: yes . the >> well then that's fabulous let's take a look at the maps pry an kilmeade .com go there right now. here are your current temperatures 30 in fargo, 35 chicago, the moral of the story is we've got cold air that is sinking southward across the mississippi river valley parts of the southern plains as well with snow, snow my
5:48 am
friends in parts of colorado in towards the northern plains, in towards the southern plains as well that's going to be mainly a rain event but you can see the widespread freeze happening below freezing temperatures, for the next couple of days for all of these areas that are shaded in dark blue and that's moving in towards the northeast as well and we'll get used to it all right big voting day tomorrow, virginia we do have the potential for a little bit of shower activity, otherwise no major storm systems, i'm sorry brian i didn't know there was brian: i have to give you my whole bio at the end of the show i appreciate it. >> that's awesome. brian: meanwhile, all eyes are on virgin galactic this morning, with just one day until the states highly-anticipated election. lawrence jones is talking to voters and joins us live from roanoke but first enough for lawrence let's check in with bill hemmer to find out what he did this weekend. bill: it was just great, happy halloween to you. brian, you mentioned virginia right? we'll go to the border to let you know what to watch for so there was a ton on the line with this vote. new polling has devastating news
5:49 am
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ainsley: we are only one day away until virginia voters are going to head to the polls and education is still taking center stage as candidates glenn youngkin and terry mcauliffe make their final pitch. >> we have a great school system in virginia. dorothy and i have raised our five children of course parents are involved in it. the question should be, could extreme republican bill that would allow parents to take books off of shelves should that be left in the hands with parent s? >> there's no place for critical race theory in our school system and while on day one i'm going to ban it. it teaches children to see everything from a lens of race and then to divide them into buckets, and have children that are called privileged and others that are victims and it's just wrong. steve: so what do the voters say in virginia? joining us right now from roanoke way out west is lawrence jones. we just heard terry mcauliffe talk about, you know, my wife and i, we raised five kids in virginia, they got great schools , what he did not say is
5:54 am
that four of his five kids went to private high schools. reporter: yeah, that's exactly right. right behind me guys is a prayer going on for the youngkin's rally but earlier today i had the opportunity to talk with younger voters note that actually went to public schools this is what they had to say, watch. >> you're a young voter. >> yeah. >> what is the number one issue for you? >> oh, man the economy. you know as a 26-year-old, that's probably the most important issue in every election. >> i'm very interested in making sure our governor will make sure he listens to the parents needs and concerns. >> i can't vote in this election but i will in the next election and whoever is elected will affect me. >> what's going to happen tomorrow? >> i believe we'll have a new governor whose youngkin, whose a rep can fighting for us. >> due this most crucial hour. reporter: so guys you have those young voters thinking that youngkin may pull this off dead
5:55 am
heat in the polls although he's up one point in rcp average, eight points in the fox news polling, guys it can go either way tomorrow on election day. i'll send it back to you guys. ainsley: sorry tond hand it over to you during a prayer. steve: i know. reporter: the preacher's kid in me feels somewhat embarrassed. ainsley: i know. well you're forgiven. steve: all right lawrence thank you very much great reporting today. ainsley: we'll head down to virginia this afternoon, we're going to have a conversation with parents tomorrow, because it's such an important race, the whole country is looking at this. steve: you'll get an earful. ainsley: we will. we will. brian: i just hope we get an answer on election day can you imagine that? get a verdict on election day? steve: i think we will. more "fox & friends" a couple minutes away. my daughter has type 2 diabetes and lately i've seen this change in her.
5:56 am
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>> less than 24 hours, where we've been and where we're going and the president and freedom fighters go to my website and see you in new york and staten island at barns and nobles. kentucky and the big one sunday 4:00 charleston, west virginia. the governor will come. orlando december 3.
6:00 am
clear water december 4th, and that's where you'll see me. hope everyone likes it and i know you will love the special november 7th at 10:00 the president freedom fighter. >> it is not just a book, tv show it's a stage show. >> and also live on our channel. >> buy his book. it comes out tomorrow. >> bill: thank you, guys, good morning. president biden wakes up in scotland today but poll numbers in the u.s. are hitting a new low. it could not come at a worst time for democrats as we say good morning. bill hemmer. hope you had a great halloween weekend. november. >> dana: november 1. >> bill: all saints day. bill hemmer. dana has the day off. back by popular demand is martha maccallum? >> good morning. good to see you. good morning. happy monday and happy november to you. "america's newsroom." so a new poll not only has the president's approval number falling to 42% but shows that


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