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tv   Life Liberty Levin  FOX News  October 31, 2021 5:00pm-6:00pm PDT

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or the trey gowdy podcast, good night from south carolina, "life, liberty and levin" is up next. ♪ ♪ ♪ mark: hello america, i am mark levin, this is "life, liberty and levin." over 40 years ago i was a school board member in pennsylvania. outside of philadelphia. i remember we had some ruckus meetings then, we didn't call in fbi or department of justice, that would have been absurd, as it is today, but today's issues are more important.
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have you wondered why democrat don't denounce critical race theory? it is bigotry racism. it was born out of 1970s, founding father derrick bell, a marxist law professor at harvard, he was considered fringe back then, and his scholarship considered shoddy, it has spread like pows poison through our universities, now it is spread through middle schools, high schools and elementary schools, we're told to sit down and shut up and just take it. these issues affect every corner of united states every classroom. critical race theory has been embraced by the democrat party, media, joe biden who has.
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if we don't put an end to this, we'll destroy the society, this country, destroy the family, faith and the rest, it is marxism. it was born at harvard law school, by derrick bell, he was a marxist, it is pushed by marxists this is founding ideology behind this theory, think about it. if you are a certain race you are opressed, even if you are not in your own life you are opressed. if you are another race are an opressure. you are white. that is how this works. white versus all minorities, this is the americanization of marxism. it is per -- we have two
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great guests, republican candidate for governor in virginia glenn youngkin and also lieutenant governor candidate in virginia winston sears, we want to talk to them but first a quick redo, we had letter from national school board association september 29, 2021. an inside job. biden administration. they conspired to go after parents. parents, grandparents tax payers, citizens who had concerns about critical race theory and the transgender movement and other things going on in our schools to indoctrinate our children. in part you recall that letter said, these acts of malice, violence and threats again public school officials by parents, have increases --
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>> what happened? what happened after this phony letter was sentiment the woman who signed it got a job two days later in biden administration in education department. , are you away of that? they coordinated we believe prothe teachers unions and others, 5 days later, the memo appears signed by garland, we talked about here first on "life, liberty and levin." in short memo, it says:
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>> when garland was asked about this, he could not point to the examples of rise in criminal conduct again school personnel. said i'm directing fbi working with each u.s. attorney to convene meetings with leaders. in each district. these meetings discuss strategies -- >> they have no examples of violence, no pattern of violence as we discuss, now we know scott smith, used by national media biden white house and others, as an example of violence, he was not violent in the least, violence was done to him, his family, his daughter of raped in the
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girl a room at stone bridge high school in virginia, raped, it was covered up. they lied. that boy was sent to another high school where he raped again. and found guilty since by a juvenile court. we now have more information that local law enforcement in laden county, was appalled by what the school board was doing. new documents obtained by fox news shed light on apparent conflict and frustration, laden law enforcement had with school board. e-mail show laden county sheriff office rejecting what is said were security measures, including an explosive sweep in undercover present by superintendent for future
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school board meetings, in august 6 e-mail, superintendent requested the -- laden county deputies, a special operation team to stand bia. now the loudoun county sheriff is a good man, he said, stick it. we're not doing that to the people of loudoun county, not to parents there is no justification for this. the feds still have that memo out where they want to target loudoun county, every school district where parents dare to speak out with a domestic terrorism hot line. a teacher, a school board member, says oh, i feel threatened. they call, and fbi shows up that is outrageous, these are parents who want a quality education.
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known for school system, and school s.a.t. and other results are going down, they are plummeting because of the ideological agenda of american marxist and democrat party and teachers union and you have parents here who are standing up, democrats, independents and republicans, meanwhile, at a hearing, senate judiciary committee dick durbin, what does he say about these parents? these are not routine people. these are people who are acting out their feelings in a violent manner over and over, the same people we see on airplanes and other places, some of whom we saw here january 6? really senator, what about the people with black lives matter and antifa? are they pushing critical race theory theory ideology, how come you never denounce black lives matter or
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critical race theory, ever why. barack obama must leave one of his mansions or a yacht to fly into loudoun county for a few hours to help his friend terry mccauliffe. terry mccauliffe oppose policies are identical to joe biden when inflation or taxes. whether it is immigration or for. barack obama breitbart writes: calls outcry phony, covered up trumped-up culture wars. we don't have time, this is obama. response to that was quick and harsh, that barack obama is ignoring covering up rape that took place in loudoun county public school system, and there is more of this under investigation now. obama makes this statement, now a judge found this man, this kid, so-called, guilty
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of rape. but obama cam comes in they don't cared about the rape victim or education of children or concerns of the parents, how do we know that terry mccauliffe has said radical racists idead on gee ideology is a racists dog whistle. parents and the rest of us have been watching, when there was virtual education, and we saw what the kids were taught. making millions writing books that are used this classrooms, and writing software used in the classrooms, here we have virginia's deputy of education pro -- department of education promoting a book, saying teachers must embraces theories such as critical race theory, despite pack that terry mccauliffe said we don't do
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that in virginia. and includes books by antis anti-- she writes teachers must embrace theories. and wrote we want to do more than survive, it goes on. terry mccauliffe said it is a dog whistle. you know there is a reason that former government of virginia, african-american first african-american governor, and so far last douglas wilder has condemned terry mccauliffe. he said you ran in a democrat primary against two
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black women and defeated them. you did almost nothing as governor for the black community, and don condemned for kamala harris tor swinging to virginia with her videos, you have exposed over 300 black churches to talk audits, perhaps pulling their chair tal foundation, he is condemned them both, he said, it is not about the democrat party. it is about the citizens of virginia, including black citizens of virginia, they have lost connection about them. democrat party em-- embraces but celebrates and promotes it. when we come back glenn youngkin.
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mark: welcome back america, honor to have glenn youngkin on the program. republican candidate for governor of virginia, glenn youngkin, a question, why
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did you decide to run for governor? you were doing fine in private sector, you have never run for public office in your life, terry mccauliffe has spent most of his life as a career politician. >> i want to thank you for letting me join you, i am a fan. summer before last in 2020, i was busy coleading carlyle, it was my dream job . but i fell virginia was reading in the wrong direct, republican party in virginia failed to win a statewide election since 2009. if we can't win, we end up with single party rule, that is taking virginia in the wrong place, turning to us california east. so on a fry night, i asked my wife if she would support me. i just told her, virng virng
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virginia was having a crisis, we agreed to press forward. we tray -- prayed over it we're two days out. or momentum is huge right now it feels like i was hoping it would, that virginians would come together and divisive knesset down and see clarity -- divisiveness would be set down and see clarity. this is what we'll get done for virginians when i am serving them as knock governor. knocks governor. >> you are a native of virginia, why do you think that democrat party and mccauliffe in particular embrace critical race theory, that radical racist theory born from a marxist in law school at harvard. you would think that he would denounce it, that
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democrat party would denounce it but he pretends it is not happening and accuses you. >> i have not understood why he is so dismissive of what we know is happening in our schools, i found it during his administration. where they started to use training material to introduce critical race theory who the classroom. it teaches children to see everything through a lens of race, then divide them in buckets and have children called privileges and others victims, that is just wrong, it forces our kids to compete against one another and steals their dream, in words of martin luther king jr., we're called to judge one another base on the content of our character. >> it dehumanizes the
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individual, that is the whole point, group think, brain washing, collectivism, you are familiar with loudoun county school board. they have been running ruff shod over parents of. you have denounced the school board, and also asked for those members to resign, why is that? >> i have asked for them to resign and a full investigation of loudoun county school board, and superintendent. and common wealth attorney there. they have demonstrated they are not listening to parents, it reached an escalating acute level when they secretly moved a young man who is now found to have sec sexually assaulted
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a young woman in a bathroom, they moved him to another school and his it from parents and public, he sexual assaulted another allegedly, another young woman, they are guilty of gross negligence, not fulfilling their constitutional duty making sure our children receive a quality education, there is nothing more important than trust that parents place in schools, as parents stood up for this, made their voices heard, my opponent and terry mccauliffe and joe biden, they go to the national u.s. attorney general and next thing you know department of justice and fbi are investigating parents, this is so family wrong, that department of justice turned into a --
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political tool and strip parents of their rights. to have a real say over their children's education. virginia law said they have a fundamental right to make decisions over their children's education, yet the school board in loudoun county and commonwealth attorney in loudoun county and federal government trying to interrupt that right. and make parents in loudoun county sit down and be quiet. when i am governor, this is not going to work that way, i'm standing up for parents, students and teachers who ask me of day, help us teach our children you had to think stop teaching them what to think, this is a fundamental moment in commonwealth of virginia and the country, that is why we have so up support, people on our web site. giving us encouragement to stand up for their children too through this election in virginia. mark: when we return, glenn youngkin, i'll ask you why terry mccauliffe is bringing
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>> welcome to fox news live, i am jon scott, thousands of air travelers stranded and frustrated american airline cancelled roughly 1900 flights over halloween weekend, flames staffing
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shortage and high winds for problems. buena -- 1800 employees are returning from leave soon. >> white house press secretary jen psaki has considered covid -- contracted covid and experiencing mild symptoms we're told. president has been in italy this week for g20 summit, he has been shaking hands and not wearing a mask at times, but is tested frequently. and vaccinated. back to "life, liberty and levin." mark: welcome back. glenn youngkin, very interesting, joe biden ran as a candidate who said he would unify america. you seem to be unifying the citizens of virginia.
5:28 pm
even democrats. who appear to put their children in quality education ahead of this bizarre idea ol. >> i, and terry mccauliffe denies it is taking place. we continue is. -- we know it is. we had bringing in a conga line of individuals who are radical, support critical race theory. what do you make of him bringing in the career politicians? >> it is the clear playbook that terry mccauliffe wrote, he really is the godfather of modern day progressive democratic party. that is what he dose, he needs to take spotlight off of failed gubernatorial career, he does not have a plan for virginia. all virginians know it, he is trying to deflect attention away from him, on to anyone else. anyone who held office or
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run for office and failed as democrat has been invited to come in and campaign with terry mccauliffe. virginians see through it, they know it is a share -- charade. we're on a 10 day bus tour. we see thousands come together saying we're for what you stand for glenn. a government that works for us, and stops telling us what to do. yet we're seeing independent voters vote with their feet, and minority community, latino community come strong with us. democrats are walking across the aisle in mass, they want a better virginia. glenn youngkin will work with anyone to deliver fundamental kitchen table
5:30 pm
issues. this is what virginians are voting for, the values are universal. they are not party values, they are virginia values, we talk about virginia promise that we can deliver together, on the ballot is virginia, terry mccauliffe and big government control against virginians independence and liberty, this is why we see so much momentum, we racing by them. you know polls don't win elections, votes do, we're encouraging everyone, please get out and vote. get out and vote on tuesday. and let's stand up as virginiaians. mark: money guy between hillary clinton and dnc. and doseior put out. very creepy, problematic. is colleague and partner was indictedded for his
5:31 pm
activities involved in that he set up his own law firm, hundreds of million in dark money to coffers to help him defeat republicans who won races. are you concerned about this even if you should win that mccauliffe because he is not an up right guy, he is hiring this guy to do everything they can to undo the election. >> this is right out of his playbook. he wrote it, this is what failing politician does when they see the sun setting on their free year political career, he could hire as many lawyers as he wants, virginia voters are making a bold statement. this is not going to be a close election, you can see us pulling away. you can see us making a statement to not just win the governor's race but lieutenant governor race with winston sears and
5:32 pm
attorney general race, we'll win back control of our house of delegates, local races all over sheriff races, school board races, this is a big statement. a lawyer here and there that my opponent hires will not make a difference, this will be an own whelming -- overwhelming victory. mark: polls are polls, if you don't turn out and vote, the polls could turn out to be wrong. so it very important on election day that an army of patriots turn out and vote. this race is watched all over the nation, in the white house, and watched by so-called moderates in house of representatives, and senate. i do want to say this to glenn youngkin you came out of nowhere, you have sacrificed your career. you have to use a lots of your own money in this campaign to counter the democrat money. you have run a hell of a campaign. and you brought quality
5:33 pm
education to the fore. something i have cared about my life equality education. you are the candidate, for once, finally, a republican has taken that issue and run with it. the democrats do not believe in school choice or quality education or anything of the sort, they believe in teachers unions they represent them. >> thank you. >> over course of last 10 months we have an amazing group of people around us, this is about virginians, coming together around a fellow virginian, i am optimistic of all change we could bring, we're standing up for america. so virginia has a chance to lead like we have from the founding of this great country, we have to get out and vote tuesday.
5:34 pm
please come out and vote could make your voice heard, and let's make change happen not just for future of our great commonwealth but the country, and thank you so much for having me on your show. everyone can join us. let's get this done. mark: for my sake and my family sake. i wish you all of the best, sir. god bless you, good luck. >> thank you so much, god bless you too. mark: we'll be right back. worth is knowing it's never too late to start - or too early. ♪ ♪ wealth helps you retire. worth is knowing why. ♪ ♪ principal. for all it's worth. centrum multigummies aren't just great tasting... they're power-packed vitamins... that help unleash your energy.
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mark: welcome back america. well. a fascinating candidate running for lieutenant governor of virginia, who does not get attention i think she deserves either in virginia or nationally, here name is winsome sears, first black female republican, first female veteran first naturalize citizen to serve in house of delegates, she was born in jamaica, served
5:39 pm
as a eelectrician in u.s. marine corp. winsome sears how are you. >> very well. i can't wait until november 3, because november 2 is election, november 3 we sleep. mark: hopefully, you sleep happily. let me ask you a few questions winsome sears, why did you decide to run for lieutenant governor? >> because you know, i saw that our children in virginia were not learning anything. i saw that national assessment of educational scores, the nation's report card that tests our children in 4. 8, 12 grade, in virginia by eighth grade, 35% of asian children cannot do math, 45 percent of white children, and 85% black
5:40 pm
children, they are also functionally irk lit irk. >> illiterate by eighth grade. i could light the candle or curse the darkness. i am the solution. and i am the solution, so, i am running, i'm running because we need to change things. when i knock on doors in any neighborhood, whether rich neighborhood or a poor neighborhood or anything in between, the parents tell me their children are not learning anything. what we need is for parents to have the ability to choose where their children can attend school. now, we know and in poor
5:41 pm
neighborhoods they tell me rich people their children can go anywhere, i think when you talk to me about racism. racism. i think that ultimate -- is the. children will thrive and they are going to thrive because there is competition, which is good for business and education. mark: winsome sears, i lot of time spent schools now. with critical race theory and transgender movement, basically hate america. what does that do to students who should be taught you know the basics, science, and english?
5:42 pm
history, real history. >> what you find is that i'm going further out from virginia, i look at whole planet, we're acting as if we're on the planet by ourselves. missile from china shocked. but why should you be shocked? china has more honor students than we have students in all of america. further more china as the economists predict, they will be the number one super power. why is anyone shocked. are you kidding me. we have to do something with our education system. we have to do it now. because already 70 per of the jobs that current jobs you need something past high school, if you are not graduating from high school, you are doomed. where do you go? there are no doors open to
5:43 pm
you, we have got to have educational choice and we need it now. by the way, don't we know that school boards are important. you know we used -- well just a school board, we know it is so important. i don't care if cheap dog catchers that leland anderson is for -- school board association they want parents to get involved in their children's education, teacher union kept telling us get involved in children's education, the minute we do, they sick the doj on us, is this america, i keep wondering where am i am we'll change things in virginia and lead the way for rift of the country next year. mark: you and glenn youngkin made quality education our top issue. as i told glenn youngkin this is remarkable that republicans have turned
5:44 pm
table on the democrats, it is about time from where i sit, i am an old school board member, we litigated gain these groups -- against these groups to get school choice constitutionalized. i wondered why the republican party did not take this up as an issue, in particular with minorities who are stuck in the 1k508 school, as you found out. -- as you point out. not lost on me that terry mccauliffe's kids went to a very expensive private school. and barack obama's children went to a very expensive private school, he comes in. what do you say to barack obama if terry mccauliffe? >> your children have choices when it comes to education. how about letting the rank-and-file. the rest of us have that
5:45 pm
same chase. you decide that your children should go to other schools, my children did not attend private schools, my children attended public school, your you had an opportunity to sense them to private school. why can't you allow the rest of us to have that same opportunity? mr. obama, why can't you allow our children to have the same children mr. mccauliffe, seems to me it is hypocritical, we're seeing right through that. because our children are the ones who are in danger of failing, we need better education systems, because we need to create generational wealth, our children cannot always start at the bottom. education lifted my farther out of property. he came to america with a dollar 75. from jamaica. took any job he could find he put himself through school, now he is
5:46 pm
comfortably retired. education lifted my farther out of father, and me out of bother. poverty. to have a future for them, and their children and children's children. mark: we'll be right back. an official message from medicare. did you try it yet? comparing plans? oh yeah. they sure can change year to year. i found lower premiums and lower prescription costs.
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mark: welcome back, winsome sears. candidate for lieutenant governor on republican ticket in state of virginia. terry mccauliffe seems to have gone down line with radical left. he wants massive tax increases, massive redistribution of wealth. massive expansion of virginia government. he had joe biden campaign for him the other day. i don't see a lot of difference between joe biden and his policies that have led to inflation. and prices going up for groceries and gasoline. god knows what. >> terry mccauliffe position, do you? >> no, it is the same losing policies, because as my grandmother would say, they are cut from the same cloth. it is always tax increases, what does that mean? always give me more money out of your wallet.
5:51 pm
and i know how to spend it better than you do. even though you are the one who worked hard for it. well, we're not following for that trick any more. that circus has left town. we need real policies, real solutions, throwing money at a problem, and you done investigate what the problem -- you didn't investigate who the problem was, what is causing this unaccountability and mishap? in virginia we in the had a princ forensic audit of 4 state since wilder. that 20 years, is the program working. in virginia we have some programs, we have 10 programs doing the same thing. but, can they be done better? is it more that we want bottom in seats to say well
5:52 pm
everyone has a job. but there is no accountability, i'll give you an idea how spending is happening in virginia we have incentivevise people to become truck drivers they can make quite a bit of money, wonderful job, but we spend 5,000 per person to go to truck driving school, they graduate, it takes 6 months more for our virginia dmv to approve the license so they could go to work. that is about 30 million dollars someone calculated for me, that lost. that is our tax money, that could be better spent, you know why people they are not waiting 6 months, that get into the truck driving job. they go elsewhere. everyone keeps their job at dmv, and elsewhere, this is kind of disconnect that i'm talking about that we need to fix. mark: if you are elected
5:53 pm
lieutenant governor i believe wow would be first first -- female black lieutenant governor in commonwealth of virginia are you getting attention about our candidacy and how historic it is. >> they are not concerned about, that i'm not the right kind of black person they would support. this does not surprise me, i am not looking for accoladed from the press or even for accolade from citizens, i am running to serve not get accoladed. i understand history and all that, i didn't run for, that i ran because our children are not learning, by the way, so that you know history is made, one day. well, it is done. people' to know how will you govern. what are your policies, when are you, what are you about? how can you help us?
5:54 pm
and how are you going to make sure when you get in you will do no harm. when is the first rule -- when is the first rule i believe, and how do you make it better than you found it. that is with any job. i am applying for this position of lieutenant governor of great common wealth of virginia. i have integrity, i have done it before, i will do it again. mark: you are terrific, i wish you the best tuesday, people need to get out and vote, winsome sears thank you. >> thank you for having me. mark: we'll be right back. ty ba. try this robitussin honey. the real honey you love... plus the powerful cough relief you need. mind if i root through your trash? now get powerful relief with robitussin elderberry.
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on their fiscal. other characteristics. humans are more than racial beings, marxist ideology preaches a deadly distortion of man's nature. individual are complex and complicated. unique and individual. it is the marxist and critical race activists who create the categories for their own convenience. this is not to say that individuals and larger society are unaffected by racial.
6:00 pm
but not to lens of a host of other human influences. this critical race theory is deadly. for agree country, it is marxism dressed up, we need to defeat it in every classroom across america. steve: breaking tonight biden and pelosi again the democrats delayed of the other massive spending bill for a third time. they could not get it done the end of september the first at last week now they have delayed it again this morning the promise tuesday but tonight not tuesday. who knows. we are still working on it. what a complete shambles. welcome to the next revolution this is the home of teeeleven teeeleven


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