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tv   Fox Report With Jon Scott  FOX News  October 31, 2021 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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wanted to share with everyone and say thank you from the bottom of my heart. >> we're so glad you are doing okay, jackie >> that's awesome. >> thank you, guys. that's going to do it for us tonight. of course the fox report with jon scott starts right now. >> jon: just two days remain until virginia voters choose their next governor in a race that analysts say could have major implications for next year's midterms. good evening. i'm jon scott. this is "the fox report". ♪ ♪ both candidates are focused on turnout in this final stretch working to shore up support across the state ahead of tuesday's big vote. throughout the campaign, democrat terry mcauliffe has enlisted the help of top national democrats, including president biden and vice president harris. his opponent, republican glenn youngkin has criticized the move, opting not to campaign
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with heavy hitters from his party. the latest polling shows the race remains very tight, with youngkin taking a slight lead in a new fox poll. we have fox news coverage. rich edson is live in richmond, virginia work the latest on the -- with the latest on the mcauliffe campaign. we begin with alexandria hough live in virginia where youngkin will be holding a rally moments from now. alex? >> yeah, jon, this will be youngkin's fifth and final stop of the day. where we are right now is really in virginia's far southwest pocket. it is really as far as you can go. you can see the tennessee border practically from where we are right now. this is already a heavily republican region, but youngkin knows if they see higher than expected turnout here, that could help offset some of the potential losses he could see in other places. you mentioned that fox news poll. that new poll shows that among likely virginia voters, youngkin is 8 points ahead of his democratic opponent mcauliffe. all weekend, though, youngkin has reminded voters that polls
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alone don't win votes. >> we have to turn out the vote. i will tell you that the vote in southwest virginia counts more than any vote in the entire commonwealth of virginia. >> he kicked off the morning by meeting with veterans at a prayer breakfast. he then attended a worship service. supporters told fox news that they're not used to these kinds of visits. >> this is the first time i've been able to meet a governor candidate. >> sometimes the people in virginia don't realize that we're down here, and he has made a point to get down here. it's so good to see a candidate that comes down and talks to the every day people. >> this grassroots feeling is one that youngkin's campaign has been wanting to convey, focusing on getting into communities rather than bringing in those big names to the campaign. while president biden did take the state in 2020, this part of virginia overwhelmingly backed former president trump, and
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that's where it gets interesting because youngkin has really shied away of wanting to tie himself to the former president. we spoke with some trump voters here, and they told us they are not holding that against him. tomorrow youngkin will travel to richmond. jon? >> jon: thank you, alexandria. republican candidate glenn youngkin will be on "life liberty and levin" tonight 8:00 p.m. eastern on fox news channel, about two hours from now. now to the democratic campaign. virginia's former governor terry mcauliffe losing some steam in recent polls, and the democrat governor's association reportedly is warning in a fund-raising e-mail that a mcauliffe loss would be a quote disaster for the party as this bellwether race is expected to set the tone for next year's midterm elections. rich edson is live in the state's capital of richmond, virginia. rich? >> good evening, jon. terry mcauliffe is spending the last sunday before election tuesday campaigning in the richmond area. he was out in the suburbs
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earlier today. he's been in northern virginia as well. in the suburbs of this area here, you know, it is a type of place where you see an awful lot of mcauliffe signs, but as you continue to drive, you also see a lot of glenn youngkin signs in that area, along with other republicans and democrats who are running for office here in tuesday's election. it was at the house of a campaign supporter, set up basically a little rally in the backyard there. a congresswoman introduced him. it's the congresswoman's congressional district. she flipped to it the democrats in 2018. and it still remains close. mcauliffe is intensifying his criticism of his republican challenger, trying to tie him to former president donald trump and claiming a youngkin win here would be a mess for this state. >> the guy's clueless, but he's dangerous. he's very dangerous. he's been endorsed by trump nine times. trump is calling into his town hall meeting tomorrow night.
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trump said the other day quote glenn youngkin will do whatever we tell him to do. >> that's been a large part of mcauliffe's closing argument. he's enlisting democrats from across the country to help him make it. majority whip in south carolina congressman jim clyburn is campaigning for him in virginia, along with a host of virginia democrats and both president biden and vice president kamala harris, just last week alone. mcauliffe's schedule has him hitting the democratic heavy areas of the state, northern virginia's, d.c. suburbs, richmond, and then down in the southeast corner of the state in norfolk tomorrow. early in-person voting ended late last evening. there had been 1.1 million virginians who have cast their ballots. that's about 20% of all the outstanding virginia ballots in voters here. a good chunk of the electorate has already voted. that started in mid september. mcauliffe says that gives him an advantage, especially since the poll numbers were much better for mcauliffe just a few weeks ago. jon? >> jon: rich edson, rich,
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thanks. for more on this, we're joined by a republican running to be virginia's next attorney general. jason, talk about that last point that rich made. a lot of early voting. a lot of votes already in the bin. and most of the observers say that tends to favor the democratic candidates. what do you say? >> i don't know if i would necessarily accept that assertion because what we're seeing are virginians are tired of this one party rule. they're tired of this far left liberal monopoly we have in richmond. and they're ready for a new way of thinking and a new leader, and glenn youngkin is obviously leading the charge. we're seeing in polling that not only myself but glenn are up by double digits among independents because people are tired of what they're seeing in richmond. they are tired of these policies. we think throughout the entire state, throughout all of virginia, you will have a surge of support as well on election day. there are so many people who are anxious to change the direction
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we're seeing. a lot of people are frustrated with washington that realize hey, you don't have to wait till november of 2022 to voice your displeasure with washington. you can make a vote right now as well. people are frustrated right now. they don't like the fact of what they are seeing from the local school boards, not reporting sexual assaults to the general public and having our children being vulnerable and people playing games with our kids' safety, to the mcauliffe parole board who let violent criminals, rapists out sometimes a decade to their sentence. things are more expensive right now. glen youngkin wants to cut the grocery tax. virginians are very independent minded folks. they don't like the one party rule in richmond. they want a check and balance. that's what we will provide them. >> jon: it's been, what, a dozen years since you had a republican win statewide office there? it has, virginia, turned very much blue over the last decade or so. >> it has, but you know, we're saying this is not a democrat
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versus republican election. this is a common sense election. it's not common sense to try to reduce from a felony to a misdemeanor assaulting a police officer. it's not common sense to say hey we're going to get rid of all mandatory minimums for drug dealers, not drug users, drug dealers including second offense dealing drugs to a child at a school or a bus stop. it is not common sense to say hey we're going to give 50% off your sentence automatically if you are a convicted child pornographer. it is not common sense to say we're going to end mandatory reporting requirement of sexual assault in schools. everything for your listeners to understand, that's not just rhetoric. that's actual legislation that's been pushed and advanced by the far left liberal monopoly in richmond. on november 2nd, we're going to end that monopoly. voters are flocking towards us because they want a change. they know that's not common sense. this is a common sense election. that's what we win on tuesday. >> jon: you would be the state's top law enforcement officer as attorney general. what are your priorities for virginia? >> well, i've said before, if
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you want to know the biggest difference in my race and my left wing opponent is if you want somebody who has been trained as a politician, he's your candidate. if you want somebody who has been trained as a prosecutor, i'm your candidate. he has tackled every single far left issue you can possibly imagine. he's bragged about that. he's bragged that he's turned his office into quote a progressive powerhouse. i want to get back to focusing on safety and security and the safety for kids in their schools and for families in their neighborhoods because our murder rate in virginia is the highest it's been in two decades. one of the most unconscionable thing we have seen is the parole board letting people out like david simmkins, 56 prior felony convictions including prior armed robberies, abduction, forcible sodomy. he was supposed to be in prison year of 2066. they let him out early. he committed a felony by putting on a ski mask and putting a gun
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up to the head of a young clerk. as the prosecutor noted in that case he should not have been back on the street, but he was because the mcauliffe parole board let him out and mark herring did nothing to stop it. i will bring a prosecutor's mind set. i will go after the human traffickers. i will see what's going on at the border with the flood of fentanyl that's leading to death that we're seeing in virginia. people are upset. as i talked to one shop owner in richmond who had his retail shop damaged during last summer's rioting, listen, you can wash away graffiti, but you can't wash away fear. there are a lot of virginia i don't know -- there are a lot of virginians who are in fear. we have over 50 sheriffs who have endorsed us. we have several democrat sheriffs who have endorsed not just me but glenn youngkin. the sheriff down in smith county said i didn't leave the democratic party.
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it left me when these far left policies are making our jobs more difficult. >> jon: we will have to leave it there. we'll see what happens on tuesday. virginia attorney general candidate, thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: president biden held a news conference in rome today after the g-20 summit wrapped up. he took quite a few reporter questions and covered a range of topics from global minimum corporate tax to various climate change initiatives. peter doocy has a recap of the president's comments. peter? >> jon, the president only took five questions, unfortunately, we were not on the list the staff handed him, but i caught him on the way to the motorcade to ask about new reporting in the "wall street journal" about possible cash payments to migrants who were separated from family members during the last administration. >> president, is it true that we're going to give $450,000 to border crossers, who were
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separated? it looked like he heard me, no answer, and it is possible he's just not familiar with these reports. the president is celebrating taking one big step towards one big tax hike elaborating on why he and his foreign counterparts all agreed to go back home and push for a global minimum tax at 15%. right now it is 0%. not high enough for the traveling president. >> instead of nations competing against one another to track investments by bottoming out, corporate tax rates, this set of a minimum floor of 15% to ensure the giant corporations begin to pay their fair share no matter where they are headquartered instead of hiding, hiding profits overseas. >> the president admitted today the g-20 countries who came here to italy, representing 80% of the world's gdp didn't go as far as they could have in combatting
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climate change because they can't get two of the biggest polluters on the board, since they didn't want to come. >> disappointment relates to the fact that russia and -- and -- and including not only russia but china basically didn't show up, in terms of any commitments to deal with climate change, and there's a reason why people should be disappointed in that. i found it disappointing myself. >> so the president is going to try harder at a climate-focused summit for the next two days in scotland. that is a wrap from rome. the president is doing all this without his press secretary. we found out in the last few minutes jen psaki has tested positive for covid-19. she says she has not been in close contact with the president since last tuesday. and they were outdoors masked then. jon? >> jon: better luck next time
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getting your questions answered. peter doocy from rome. peter, thank you. still to come, a migrant caravan rolling towards texas, and the president reportedly looking to pay illegal immigrants $450,000 a piece. you just heard part of that story from peter doocy. the latest on the border coming up. ♪ ♪ wealth is breaking ground on your biggest project yet. worth is giving the people who build it a solid foundation. wealth is shutting down the office for mike's retirement party. worth is giving the employee who spent half his life with you, the party of a lifetime. wealth is watching your business grow. worth is watching your employees grow with it. principal. for all it's worth.
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>> jon: a caravan of roughly 3,000 migrants continues its trek towards the texas border. this as the biden administration reportedly is looking to pay illegal immigrants separated during the trump administration as much as 450,000 taxpayer dollars per person. the total payout could be more than the money given to 9/11 victims' families. dan springer is at the border in texas. dan? >> yeah, jon, this story about huge payments going to illegal immigrants and asylum seekers has been out there for four days now, and not a single word from the biden white house including president biden who was asked about it by peter doocy today, and they are getting hammered over it, just taking a beating, in the press and along the republicans. these migrants are -- the 5,000 children separated from their
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parents after crossing the border in 2018, during president trump's controversial zero-tolerance policy. the parents are also getting an equal amount. now, back then it led to hundreds of lawsuits and about 1,000 children still have not been reunited. under president biden, we are seeing record numbers of people crossing the southern border illegally. many are unaccompanied minors or families with very young children who mostly are being allowed to stay as they seek asylum. republicans say the system is broken >> just wrong. we have got to start to do logical things. secure the border. balance the budget. watch how you spend money. cut taxes. this is what americans want. they don't want this crazy radical socialist agenda that the biden administration has come up with. >> migrants are also crossing the border dangerously in vehicles. this week in texas, 75 migrants were found locked in a refrigerated truck. they were shivering with the temperature set at 58 degrees. earlier mexican authorities stopped three trucks with 650
3:20 pm
migrants, and friday morning, four migrants were killed when their suv carrying 15 guatemalans crashed in a rollover accident. five survivors are in critical condition. and a pregnant woman gave birth just minutes after crossing the border here in la jolla. border patrol agents delivered the baby girl and then took them to the hospital. luckily they are doing fine, but so many others have not made it, jon, during this risky dangerous and desperate journey that so many people have made. jon? >> jon: yeah, so many sad stories there along the border. dan springer, dan, thank you. with the new york city vaccine mandate deadline behind us, new yorkers are seeing the effects as staffing shortages hit police precincts, firehouses and response times begin to slow down. we go to david lee miller live in new york city. >> according to the latest statistics, 91% of all new york city employees are now in compliance with the mask mandate. that means they have received at
3:21 pm
least one dose of the vaccine. but lagging behind are the nypd at 84% and firefighters at 80%. the city says no vax, no job. but some firefighters who oppose the mandate didn't want to wait till monday morning when enforcement officially begins. more than 2,000 firefighters over the past week went on medical leave. the department says it is a sickout putting fire companies out of service. in a statement, the fire commissioner said the department has not closed any firehouses. the irresponsible bogus sick leave by some of our members is a danger to new yorkers and fellow firefighters. they need to return to work or ris it can consequences of their -- or risk the consequences of their actions. many in the department say it is the mandate that is endangering lives. some say they are even contemplating leaving their jobs rather than comply. >> the fact that at this time at the end of the pandemic is
3:22 pm
turning around and thinks he can dictate to us what goes into our body and then not only what goes into our body and the fact that we have to prove it in showing our certificate to the fire department just to say we did get it is horrendous to me. >> how many firefighters, how many first responders will be off the job monday morning is still not clear. the city says in just the last day, another 2300 workers got a last-minute jab. in total, jon, at least 16 members of the fire department and 63 in the nypd have died from covid-19. jon? >> jon: david lee miller on the streets of new york city, david, thank you. the house of representatives is working towards a vote tuesday on both president biden's spending bills. will democrats be able to move the president's economic agenda over the finish line? or might there be further delays? new york republican congressman is joining us after the break.
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>> jon: house democrats are working on details of the biden's social spending and infrastructure bills tonight. they are still looking at tuesday for a potential vote on both of president biden's infrastructure plans, but will the president's own party be the biggest hurdle he faces in getting those two bills passed? kevin corke is in washington with more on that. kevin? >> the devil's in the details here in washington which is to say we simply don't know yet what adjustments democrats might make to try to boost the effort towards lifting the president's twin legislative priorities, but we do suspect that there will be a great deal of horse trading between now and tuesday to try to add things back on to the build back better plan, things like more immigration reform, tax hikes perhaps on billionaires, medicare expansion, longer paid leave, and more green energy
3:28 pm
provisions. said a congressman of delaware quote there are dozens of proposals that folks are going to make a last-ditch effort to add to it. that's the order of business here in washington. however, thanks to a fractious democratic caucus, led by progressives, speaker nancy pelosi could be pushed much further to the left than perhaps she would like, endangering any chance of what makes it out of the house survives the senate, and that's even assuming with a razor-thin margin in the house what does make it to tuesday will ultimately survive. but we do know one thing, many in speaker pelosi's party want to get the ball moving and right away. >> we are attempting to tackle the real crises facing working families, the massive income wealth inequality that we have. i think the american people will be very pleased and understand the government is now starting to work for them. >> senator sanders is now doubt a true believer. however, with just i mean
3:29 pm
precarious margins for error in both the house and the senate for democrats, it is still likely that much of what progressives are hoping for ends up on the cutting room floor, so to speak. florida republican rick scott today said of the massing spending plans, quote, i'm not going to bankrupt this country. the prevailing feeling among many republicans. we expect a lot of horse trading between now and tuesday. we will see what happens. for now, jon, back to you. >> jon: kevin corke reporting from washington, kevin, thanks. joining us now is new york republican congressman. he's a member of the house financial services and foreign affairs committees. congressman, are you making any predictions about what happens tuesday assuming those two bills get brought to the floor? >> i'm starting to think that it is more likely that the bills won't end up coming to the floor by tuesday. the house rules committee was going to meet tomorrow to advance this bill, these bills across the finish line. it looks like the house rules committee won't be meeting tomorrow. over the course of the day today, i was hearing that the
3:30 pm
far left of congress, led in the senate by bernie sanders, aoc and her friends in the house, they were prioritizing medicare drug prices, and they might have made progress in being able to get some of the text changed as it relates to that, but the big question is, whether or not senator manchin, senator sinema would be supportive of that bill because i don't know if the house will be passing the infrastructure bill, and passing you would say both bills without having that commitment that these bills are going to pass over in the senate because once the house passes what's called the bipartisan infrastructure bill, that bill goes to the president's desk, so the progressives want to be sure that this bill that passes the house, the other bill, that when it goes back to the senate, that it is going to pass there too. there's a few moving parts here. it is possible that there will be a vote on these bills this week. we shall see, but it seems like
3:31 pm
they are not there yet. >> jon: it is interesting. the president begged democrats in congress to pass these bills. he says his presidency hinges on their success, and then he heads over to europe and the climate summit and takes a third of his cabinet with him and kind of doesn't do any lobbying. how do you see that? is that unusual? >> yeah, he's not a very good closer. tonight is game five of the world series. he's not mariano here. at the end of september, president biden came to the house. he tried to close the deal. he actually left with less votes on his bill than before he came. same thing happened at the end of this past week, came to the house to close the deal, and he left with less votes than he did before he came. some of the feedback that i got in talking to house democratic colleagues was that the president was not going into the heart of the details of the bill. he wasn't selling anyone on specifics. he was spending time meandering to other topics off of the bills
3:32 pm
and wasn't instilling confidence in moving the ball forward. the speaker has been desperately trying to close the deal amongst her members, but it is too close of a margin, and the far left continuing to hold her hostage. they have the votes to block both bills from passing. >> jon: if the president had widespread support among the american people, one would think members of congress would be more attuned to his requests, but according to the latest nbc news poll, the president is not doing so well. asked whether people approve or disapprove of the job joe biden is doing as president, only 18% strongly approve. 24% somewhat approve. that's a total of 42. 46% say they strongly disapprove of the job he's doing. and if you add the somewhats, it's 54 to 42. the president is sort of hamstrung here politically, it would seem. >> that's right.
3:33 pm
and we're seeing this in new york, which is a blue state. we're seeing it in places like virginia where there's a governor's race coming on tuesday. that was one of the reasons why the democrats were trying to get a vote by tuesday is that they fear that if glenn youngkin wins the gubernatorial race, that they will have less momentum waking up wednesday morning. you saw those poll numbers. president biden was asked about the poll numbers today while he was traveling, and he said that's not why he's elected, that's not why he's serving as president or something to that effect. those are a reflection of a loss of confidence in competence as well as where the agenda and priorities are. that's a genuine concern i'm seeing all across not just red areas of new york, but also blue areas, in my travels. >> jon: just 30 seconds left, but i know you have written a letter to the president complaining about his plans to set up a consulate for the palestinians in israel.
3:34 pm
>> i'm glad you are asking about that. i will tell you here for the first time that this letter is going to be dropping tomorrow morning. it's going to be signed by at least 200 house republicans. it is opposing the president's potential move of establishing a consul general in jerusalem, when president biden was senator biden, he was part of a nearly unanimous effort in getting the jerusalem embassy act passed and signed into law, which would say that jerusalem should be recognized as the capital of israel. it should be undivided. the palestinian authority wants this consulate general office to be open because they want to divide jerusalem. the house republicans are going to be sending a very strong statement tomorrow morning that we do not oppose dividing jerusalem as the president's proposing. >> new york republican congressman, thanks for coming on. >> thank you, sir. >> jon: alec baldwin breaks his silence on that movie set prop gun shooting. what he has to say about killing
3:35 pm
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ask your doctor about latuda and pay as little as $0 for your first prescription. >> jon: actor alec baldwin speaking out for the first time on camera, more than a week after the on-set shooting in which his prop gunfired a live round and killed cinematographer halyna hutchins. he calls her his friend and says the shooting is a one in a trillion event. baldwin's wife also telling the new york post she is afraid her husband will develop ptsd over the tragedy. christina coleman is live with more. >> baldwin's wife told the new york post that her husband had a traumatic thing happen to him and she's trying to protect him. she said she's worried he could develop ptsd after the shooting.
3:40 pm
hilaria said quote you look at what happens to soldiers and police officers when something like this happens. it's traumatic. we just came here for quiet. she was with baldwin yesterday in vermont when he speak public aabout cinema -- publicly about cinematographer halyna hutchins the first time since her death. it appeared that emotions were running high during this interview >> we were a very very -- excuse me, we were a very very, you know, well-oiled crew. >> if you're spending this much time waiting for us, her name is halyna. you know what? no details. >> do me a favor. i'm going to answer the questions. >> attorneys for the woman in charge of the weapons for the film say she didn't know where the live rounds came from. her attorneys say the whole production set became unsafe due to various factors including a lack of safety meetings. so far the investigation has revealed that an assistant director unwittingly handed alec
3:41 pm
baldwin the loaded weapon. industry experts say live rounds should not have been on the set in the first place. >> we still don't know how live ammunition ended up on a movie set. that's a big question right there. it didn't just magically appear. so there is a protocol to keeping everything that you would be putting in any of the firearms, meaning all the blanks, very organized and very visible to everybody that they are blanks. >> no one has been charged in connection with the shooting yet. authorities say it's too early in the investigation. jon? >> jon: christina coleman from los angeles, christina, thank you. well, the question of the night, can the atlanta braves close out the world series tonight against the houston astros? they took a three game to one lead over the astros with a come from behind win last night, a title would be extra sweet after major league baseball pulled the all-star game from atlanta, over
3:42 pm
georgia's new election law. charles watson is in atlanta as excited plans are flocking -- as excited fans are flocking to the park. charles? >> yeah, hi, jon. the gates are officially open here at the park. for the braves, this could be the night they end the 26-year drought and become world series champions again. i want you to take a look at this right now. there are a lot of braves fans in here, and they are ready. they've been pouring in here since about 9:00 a.m. when you got so many fans at one place at one time, that almost certainly means that the shop owners are making a killing today. we're talking tens of millions of dollars that are being brought in over the last three days. but jon, the most popular spot here today seems to be over at the clubhouse store. you can probably see it in the sea of people right now. it seems like everybody is really itching to get their braves gear before the big game tonight, and the line out there
3:43 pm
has been wrapped around all day. i got to tell you, jon, these fans are dedicated, but we spoke to some earlier today who tell us they came all the way from salt lake city, utah, for the opportunity to see the braves win it all. take a listen. >> when we saw it last saturday night, and i just looked at my family and said we're going. we booked our flights saturday night after the final out, and we've been here all weekend. got here at 9:00 a.m. today. >> we deserve to be here. we deserve to win. we deserve to be champions. >> yeah, and last night former president trump offered his support as he watched game four with former first lady melania trump from a sky box at the park. he was even seen joining the braves fans in doing the tomahawk chop. so a good time with the former president as well as some excited braves fans out here, but don't sleep on the astros. they could take this back to houston after tonight's game.
3:44 pm
but, you know, these fans out here are hoping that they get a world series win here in atlanta tonight. jon? >> jon: sweet revenge it would be after that all-star game got pulled. charles watson, charles, thank you. and you can catch all of the action, game five in atlanta between the braves and astros tonight on fox. it begins at 8:00 p.m. eastern, about an hour and 15 minutes from now. virginia's closely-watched governor's race could boil down to the state's hot-button issue, education, critical race theory to the attorney general's controversial memo on dealed with fired-up parents. we will talk to one virginia dad calling this contest the fight for the soul of america, next. or judge him by his jacket. while ted's eyes are on the road, his heart stays home. he's got gloria, and 10 grand-babies, to prove it. but his back made weekend rides tough,
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>> of course parents are involved in it. the question should be, could an extreme republican bill that would allow parents to take books off of shelves, should that be left in the hands of the parents? or should it be left to the school boards and others who do this every single day and focus on it? >> they would argue that bill is not -- >> everybody clapped when i said it. >> jon: that's virginia's democratic candidate terry mcauliffe defending his argument that parents should not have a say in what schools are teaching their kids. and education could be the deciding issue in this race.
3:49 pm
many voters focused on issues like critical race theory, attorney general merrick garland's memo on contentious school board meeting and controversy over a loudon county superintendent and an alleged sexual assault at schools. a former department of justice official and the parent of two loudon county students is joining us now. his new fox op-ed calls the race the quote fight for the soul of america and labels mcauliffe a political servant and g.o.p. candidate glenn youngkin a public servant. those last two descriptions first, ian, what do you mean? >> well, you know, i can tell you just from being out here, what you're seeing from candidate glenn youngkin is he's really listening to parents, and he's giving them a voice. he is seeking to understand what is going on. he now has a full understanding of what is happening in virginia's public schools, and he is willing to go out there and stand up for parents and really be the parent's candidate. you know, terry mcauliffe, you
3:50 pm
know, this is somebody who has been in politics for a long time. he continues to dismiss parents' concerns, calling them conspiracy theorists, despite the fact that loudon county public schools covered up a sexual assault so they could pass their political agenda. terry mcauliffe is always talking about, you know, the unions and special interests and it's clear that he does not have the ear to the ground to actually be listening to what is going on in virginia's public schools. >> jon: for those viewers who might have missed your op-ed on fox, i want to read part of it. you write at its core this race is about which of the two candidates is listening to his potential constituency and giving them hope for their children. republican candidate glenn youngkin spent his campaign listening concerns of parents who watched schools remain closed during covid, pushed sexualized and racially divided material in classrooms and libraries, and failed to keep students safe from sexual assaults.
3:51 pm
the democratic party candidate and former governor mcauliffe is running a campaign that is attempting to nationalize the race. he campaigns with national star power, from his party's establishment. isn't that effective? he brought in barack obama. he brought in the current president and the first lady. doesn't that swing a lot of voters? >> you know, i don't think that will be swinging many voters. what it does is it may energize his base and that's really his only strategy at this point. you look at the latest fox news poll that shows that youngkin is doing extremely well with ikt independents. -- well with independents. bringing in the past, bringing in joe biden and kamala, look at their approval ratings. the country is disenchanted with how they are doing, and certainly virginia is. you know, it's interesting that barack obama comes in and says that oh, you know, parents are out there pushing trumped up conspiracy theories on the very day that the individual was convicted of sodomizing a young
3:52 pm
girl in a public school which was then covered up by loudon county schools. you know, i think they are out of touch. i know the cliche is often overused in politics. i think that's something you can describe terry mcauliffe and his surrogates coming in, they are extremely out of touch. >> jon: it is a race that many will be watching on tuesday. thank you. >> thank you. >> jon: it is halloween, how about a visit to a haunted house or as congressional correspondent shows us a haunted house and senate. >> when people come to washington, they bask in the grandeur of capitol hill. but for this journey, we'll go deep into the capitol catacombs, with tales of the congressional [inaudible]. the u.s. capitol is a seemingly haunted place, mysterious sounds of a custodian who passed on, some can still hear her scrubbing the floors late at
3:53 pm
night. or you might hear a pennsylvania senator in a rocking chair reading the bills late at night. the military converted the u.s. capitol into a field hospital for union soldiers during the civil war. some have reported sightings of those soldiers wandering the building even today. >> some of them have continued to stay here. a lot of soldiers died here, and they were very idealistic at that point, and their spirits would be here. >> joe just retired from the house after 30 years. you've seen him on c-span as the house reading clerk. and joe has observed some weird things in the house chamber, late at night, after everybody else is gone. >> all of a sudden, in the chamber, like directly in front of me, i see a man walk in front of me, and i look up immediately to see who it is, and there was nobody there. you tell yourself is this real? but it was vivid. >> the towering above all
3:54 pm
capitol ghost stories is the legend of the demon cat which prowls the capitol. it appears before national emergencies, such as when the british burned the capitol in 1814, the civil war, pearl harbor, kennedy's assassination, its footprints are purportedly visible in the capitol senate wing, but supposedly the demon cat also signed its name. in an obscured congressional stairwell, you will find this. now, does that stand for district of columbia? detective? or demon cat? in another stairwell you will find the blood of a kentucky congressman. a newspaper reporter shot and killed him there after a dispute in 1890. the congressman's ghost is said to lurk around the capitol, periodically tripping reporters as revenge.
3:55 pm
is that maybe why i was tripped on a capitol stairway not far from there when i was trying to get a word out? >> it sounds absolutely plausible and sounds you are fortunate to escape as unscathed you were. >> capitol ghost stories history by another name. >> it is popular history. it is a way that people can remember, sometimes misremember, but a way they can remember figures and events from the past. >> any 200-year-old building is going to have ghost stories, and the u.s. capitol is no exception. on capitol hill, chad pergram, fox news. >> jon: i have chills. and we'll be right back. to run a growing business, is to be on a journey. and along the ride, you'll find many challenges. your dell technologies advisor is here to help. so you can stop at nothing for your customers.
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4:00 pm
playing peak aboo with the camera. this is how "fox reports" this sunday, i am jon scott, happy halloween, thank you for watching, "sunday night in america" with trey gowdy is up next. ♪ ♪ trey: thank you for joining us i am trey gowdy, it is "sunday night in america," virginia governor race is two days away, polling suggests a very close contest. republicans have won the virginia governor race once in last 20 years. last year joe biden won virginia by 10


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