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news sunday".com you will find a link where you can register for free tickets that is it for today, have a great week will see you next "fox news sunday" ♪ ♪ >> biden is expected to hold a news conference any moment this hour, wrapping up the g20 summit in rome today, you're taking a look at the podium with the president any moment were expecting him in this hour to address the results of this summit in which leaders of the world's largest economies reportedly made some progress on issues of climate change to trade and taxes and the supply chain. we will go to the president in a moment. full live team coverage on the fox news channel on the
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president speech in the g20 i am eric shawn. >> allow everyone the g20 negotiators reaching a deal on the landmark agreement for a global corporate tax rate. but climate change dominated the agenda during the two-day meeting ahead of the united nations climate conference in glasgow scotland. that would be the president next thought. right now will go to rome amy kellogg is standing by to what to expect from president biden's remarks as we await those remarks. >> hi, so much of this g20 is about setting the stage for the climate change conference that is starting today. they really want to prove that it is more than what the famous climate the italian prime minister mario putting a positive spin on progress that
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was made in rome, he said goalpost had been moved at this meeting in terms of caps that were decided on global warming and deadlines for net-zero carbon emission and we expect biden will say much of the same. in terms of what president biden worked on the president met with the turkish president aired one in raised issues of human rights and concerns over the nato ally which is turkeys purchase of russian defense systems and also everyone said he told biden about displeasure with washington support for the white b gt militia. the european president spoke of the removal of tariffs on european aluminum and steel which was decided as a major step forward in our renewed relationship and referred to biden as mr. president, dear
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joe. the deal a return for removing tariffs imposed by president trump the you will lift tariffs on american goods that have been set to double the summer first. efforts were made to join together to ease global supply chain issues with biden laying out steps that the u.s. is ready to take. >> our supply chain should be one diversified. so we are not dependent on any one single source that might cause failure. secure against natural and man-made threats including cyber criminal tax like green somewhere and transparent so the government and private sector can better anticipate the respond of storages that may be coming down the pipe. >> the buzz phrase during this summit was multilateralism in
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getting the different countries and global organizations to work together on issues from preventing the next pandemic or being ready for supply chain issues, obviously global warming being top of the charts but the minimum corporate tax is another big one and so many of the g20 countries which represent something like 75% of the world's trade and 80% of the worlds population, they are facing the similar problems in different ways. it does make sense that they should all work together but every country has its own interest, his own elections coming up so there was a lot of politics and unilateral meetings going on as well, a lot of diplomacy and disputes that have been left unresolved with the pandemic and the lack of ability to travel. there was a lot said in the lot talked about but we'll see if
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everyone puts her money where their mouth is. arthel: you talk about the multilateral deal making in negotiations and discussions taking place. missing, china and russia, how do you have any real chance for a global agreement on how to move forward on the supply chain clogging and climate change without them in the conversation? >> and energy issues. that was one of the big issues and russia being a major gas and oil supplier. that was a gaping hole of russian china, russia's foreign minister was here today, he however, did not meet with our secretary of state anthony blinken, he said he did not know if he was here. all of that said president putin from russia did address the conference via video link and
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that was well received by the leaders who wanted to interactive him and secretary of state blinken met with the chinese foreign minister in the lines coming out of that meeting were trying to avoid a new cold war relationship with china's contentious and competitive but blinking was very clear or his spokespeople were that they are not talking about a new cold war with china they want to find mechanisms to resolve conflicts quickly. arthel: then you have the hypersonic missiles being tested. i'll talk about that a little later in this broadcast. i want to follow up on one other thing you said sergei was very cold towards the u.s. and he said i didn't even know, anthony blinken who, what, what is the message putin is sending? >> i don't know a lot of people said putin stayed back because of the new lockdown in russia.
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they are hitting new highs with the covid cases and infections and deaths. a question was put to him today if putin believes in the vaccine so much, why did he not travel. he set aside and he was quite dismissive of any possible cooperation with nato, of course expulsion of diplomat back-and-forth between nato and russia and frankly throughout europe in the last few years he says nato wants to teach russia and lecture russia and no hopes for cooperation there is a sense of reset and it's not a minute and neither side wanted but live off was here and he worked the room with his diplomatic skills. he has been in his position for a very long time. arthel: he knows when you're giving a cold shoulder to the secretary of state. there is a reason for that. we are going to run eric has a
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guest standing by. thank you for your great reporting. eric: as we wait for president biden to begin his news conference and wrap up the g20, did this accomplish anything concrete? un secretary-general is saying his hopes are unfulfilled and other world leaders are touting still poses success. the former state department senior advisor to president trump and george w. bush, former assistant secretary of state under obama and executive director of the jewish congress, welcome, let me start with you, it does seem pretty mild stop public financing of a cold generating plant try to get carbon neutrality by 2050. , china seems to be having none of this there not stopping the coal production. their building work.
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do you think this was a success or a lot more needs to be wanted? >> it's great to be with you first and foremost what joe biden is doing is leading on the world stage for american jobs, that is really been the core of this focus and there is integration between the engagement abroad and what he's trying to get done in washington with the build back better bill where than half a trillion dollars going into clean energy. the hope here that this will stir innovation and movement amongst our allies in 26 meetings in the next couple of days for concrete agreements back by subsidence investment to not only deal with climate change the build jobs china and russia they want to be on the
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outside they will be watching with her nose pressed up against the glass this is where the world is heading and china's interest to not have dirty climate and to not have jobs that are not working and not produce products the rest of the world wants that's what joe biden is trying to take this right now and it's china and russia's loss that they are not there. arthel: china and russia are with them at the no's in the u.s. >> the lasting all the way to the bank. they realize energy is critically important to have an economy and it's critically important to do things like heat your home, food, products and that's what is happening, it's going to happen is just happening at the g20. the elites are getting together to think of new ways to raise energy prices for the rest of us there doing this fresh off of people in britain lining up for gasoline and gas in the united states just hit $3.40 something
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gallon, excuse me $2.74 for the may grade. we have all of this inflation part of which is driven by energy cost. russia will benefit from the significantly with higher oil prices which is above $80 a barrel in china too, they will not think about cutting carbon emissions until 2030. frankly they're looking out for their countries interest much better than our government. arthel: you talk about the gas present the government put the blame on opec. eric: go ahead. then we will get you joe. >> the president after canceling the keystone xl pipeline inputting the evil eye on gas production in the united states has been begging opec plus to increase production, they are gradually resuming 400,000 barrels per month excuse
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me per day every month to get back to where they were before the pin demo. we ought to be producing energy domestically and energy independence under president trump instead of begging opec. >> to think there begging opec and will this affect russian china, pressed against the glass looking inward. >> we don't get our gas for cars from china, we do engage with opec and we do progress and to get us out of the underneath cycle wherefore countries can control the supply and mess with the gas prices, part of that is changing to an electric system, part of it is changing to a system that will get vehicles that the rest of the world will want to buy in good paying union jobs a spring american industry and that's what were trying to go. if china wants to sit this one out and produce coal and i'm
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sure there's people that have low quality of life and dirty air, that is on them, the united states and the rest of the world this is not elites this is 80% of the worlds population at the g20, this is the world the world wants to move in this direction, as for china and russia they can invest in the industry of the past. eric: thank you so much, not have the increase of 1.5 agree celsius which is 2.7 degrees fahrenheit it is quite a challenge they will be moving to glasco un climate change conference, quite a controversial contentions challenge for all of us. thank you. arthel: bringing in the former foreign policy advisor under president trump international security and foreign affairs analyst, i want to pick up on or
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continue to china and russia conversations. are they hurting themselves or proving a point? >> they would be hurting themselves if there's a consensus among the rest of the participants and their strong leadership with the president or the administration. basically what the. (comment off mic.) do is to subtract the legitimacy of such meetings. yet the whole world meeting, the 20 most influential members, it's almost like a security council they do not intend imagine if they do not attend the security council it is somewhat a perception issue and that would have to be repaired in my view. >> thinking of repairing and relationships i want to talk in general based on my reporting and what you're hearing from your contacts. how is president biden doing is he able to make headway in terms of diplomacy on behalf of the united states. is he coming across as a strong
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leader, tell me what your take is? >> there are a lot of problems. everybody knows that at least for the g20, i would say the following certainly the west european countries on an agreement with president biden in his administration on the traditional matters such as covid there in an agreement of environment but then there is a nonvisible matter in europe that is really bothering them, it is not even listed in discussion seriously, the withdraw from afghanistan the consequence of the withdraw from afghanistan are waves of jihadist that may hit europe. that is something they're very bothered about and also the fact that the biden administration did not complete the return to the iran deal, you pluses and minuses. two more players for example is not the relationship with you administration on covid matters and environment matters. of course you saudi arabia
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standing with the united states. arthel: years in the bosch withdrawal from afghanistan is on the minds of the world leaders they have the president right there, why not say something, secretary blanket is right there, why wont they say something to them. >> they don't want to be seen by the americans and the republicans as a reason for why the g20 could collapse or divide. i am pretty sure the level of secretaries were the foreign secretaries plus these members and their discussions and not just at the g20, those have been taking place for a while. their public opinion with france or britain are germany are very nervous about the united states. that could also, our meetings between russia and china and pakistan about afghanistan, we basically have almost no
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influence on what's happening and not part of the world. arthel: you mentioned iran what is your position with the iran nuclear deal, they are moving ahead with developing their nuclear capabilities and is not for energy purposes. they're going grow doing whatever they want to do how should the united states particularly president biden respond to that? >> here's the problem we have removed demonstrations for nine months our eight-month, all the tools that can force iran to behave international community starting with a statement by the iranians that they want to let go of the nuclear weapons program as south africa did or ukraine many decades ago. our position is very weak we withdrew from afghanistan and reminded that was a pressure on iran we are on our way to leave iraq as the other pressure that
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we had, we have pressured saudi arabia and other countries not to put a lot of pressure on a massive iranian airline in yemen, never going to negotiations and everybody is waiting for iran to make up their minds under using the as much as they can to get the best conditions and what they really want is for us to remove the sanctions and then they will fall towards these negotiations. i don't think were doing strategically well on the negotiations with iran. >> sticking on iran eric had a guest earlier, he had a very ominous prediction saying the only likely things that iran will listen to and be stopped by is the military actions on a part of the u.s. >> that is my article for the
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next few days to come. let me say this what is important as a potential round action against a brand that is crucial now you have a iroquois relation which is performed in 2017 that would be saudi arabia, uae, but a rain, it's very important that they're part of a decision, thanks to the abraham accord that is now working with arab countries and the decision to be making by the united states. as a biden administration what is more important the national security of israel and the cut would listen and most importantly the united states or that deal. arthel: a conundrum for sure. we will be here for a couple of hours, right now we have to take a quick break. right now were waiting for president biden he'll be live from rome of his assessment what
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eric: we are waiting for president biden's at the podium. in rome the conclusion of the g
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g20. their progress on climate but boris johnson today said that those promises by world leaders on climate now sound hollow six years later. jacqui heinrich is live in scotland meeting with the world leaders that conference there. >> president biden is heading to scotland from rome to help pressure now for carbon emissions and global warming below 2 degrees celsius of 1.5 degrees. >> we have to go back i get the president at the podium. eric: the president of the
12:25 pm
united states, joe biden. >> at any rate, good evening i believe we have a very productive meeting from the past few days and i'm looking forward to continue to make progress on critical global issues as we head to glasgow. because of what we've seen and rome what i think is the power of america showing up and working with allies and partners to make progress and issues that matter to all of us. there is no substitute for face-to-face discussions and negotiations. among the leaders of understanding the corporation. i found in all of my meetings and the largest session in the one-on-one session and i and many of those among our partners and allies for american leadership to help bring the world together and solve these big problems. i found my one-on-one engagement with so many leaders then the importance of relationships that
12:26 pm
never ceases to amaze me when you're looking someone straight in the eye when they tried to get something done. they know me, i know them and we can get things done together. i want to thank the italian people for the g20 for the hospitality and congratulate prime minister, he did one heck of a job with the g 23rd difficult year with the great global challenge, critically among them with the pandemic driving broad-based sustainable global economic a very and tackling the climate crisis. i believe we made tangible progress for these issues in part because of the commitment the united states brought to the table. for example i'm proud the g20 endorsed the global minimum tax, this is something the united states has been driving for for over a year building momentum for up to this achievement. this is an incredible win for all of our countries.
12:27 pm
instead of nations competing against investments by bottoming out corporate tax rates, this set a minimum 415% to ensure giant corporations pay their fair share no matter where they are headquartered instead of hiding profits overseas. we also agreed to establish a fund in the future for countries to draw on to prevent if necessary and respond to the next pandemic and prepare for the next time around. yesterday with prime minister johnson and merkel, president macron, we came together to reiterate our shared belief of diplomacy is the best way to prevent iran from gaining nuclear weapon we discussed to encourage iran for serious good faith negotiations. i also want to know even as i been here in rome as you might guess in selma you i suspect doing the same thing, american
12:28 pm
reporters in the vital issues that affect american workers and families at home i just finished meeting with a broad coalition of partners to address the supply chain backlog in the world has been dealing with inward facing back at home and how to make sure that we have access with the products that we need from shoes, furniture, electronics, automobiles to make sure we talk about how to better secure ourselves with the shock of the pandemic, climate change and other disasters. the build back better framework which is going to be voted on as early as sometime this coming week that i announced on thursday includes for the first time ever several billion dollars to help strengthen the supply chain to make sure we have access to everything that we need. it'll give workers and folks all of these products a little bit of breathing room to build back better will make it easier to afford childcare while they're
12:29 pm
at work for their kids, two years of high quality preschool and finally today i was proud to announce together with our close eu partners another critical when for both american workers and the climate agenda. the united states and european union have agreed to negotiate the world trade based on how much carbon is in a product as we negotiated the tariffs in place. we made an agreement and i my strong support of u.s. steel workers back home i want to thank them and tom conway, the president of the united steelworkers first partnership with arriving at this deal. it will immediately appoint significant attention in the european union. he rejects the false idea that we cannot grow an economy and support american workers while tackling private crisis at the same time. we are talking about a lot, a
12:30 pm
lot during the g20. but we also know tackling climate crisis has been an all hands on deck effort. american workers are critical part of the solution i'm happy to take some questions, i'm told i should start with ap, zeke miller, do you have a question? >> i didn't recognize you with your mascot, i apologize. >> thank you, mr. president. >> you try to showcase america's back the back at home your poll numbers have fallen your party's nominee for governor in virginia is facing tougher than expected races, your party spent months trying to negotiate the centerpiece of your domestic legislative agenda. one year center election, you have done a lot in your office to turn the page on the last administration but we've seen how presidents can turn the page from one to the other, why
12:31 pm
should the world believe that when you say america's back that they're here to stay. arthel: the way that they reacted, everyone saw me out, they wanted to know what our views were and what will happen here, this is very simple and we got significant support here, significant support. the united states of america is the most critical part of this entire agenda and we did it, by the way the polls are going to go up and down and up and down they were high early then they got medium, and other low, look at every other president is the same thing, that is not why i read on i did not run with the polls i made sure to follow through what i said i would do as president of the united states. i said i would make sure were in a position where we dealt with
12:32 pm
climate change, where we moved in a direction that was significantly improving the prospect of american workers to have good jobs at good pay and that we dealt with the crisis caused by coping, we continue to do them and will see what happens but i'm not running because of the polls. next question for jeff mason. >> a question on climate and energy, can the world and others be confident that you will be able to follow or make good on the promises on climate change that you have made when your glasgow without a vote taken place on your bill and on the same topic climate summit geos are saying the g20 commitment were underwhelming, how do you respond to the criticism of the g20 response is not a good time for the top 26.
12:33 pm
arthel: i'll answer both questions, number one i believe that we will pass the bill back better plan and i believe that we will pass the infrastructure bill. combined they have $900 billion in climate resistance in dealing with climate resilience. it's a largest investment of the history of the world that's ever occurred and it's going to pass in my view but we will see. you all believed it would not happen from the very beginning from the moment i announced it and she seemed amazed when it's alive again you may turn out to be right, maybe it won't work but i believe by the end of next week at home that it will be passed. with regard, the infrastructure bill delivers an awful lot of things in terms of everything from tax credits to electric vehicles to making sure to invest billions of dollars from
12:34 pm
highways, roads, bridges, public trains et cetera. but we will see, with regard to the disappointment the disappointment relates to the fact that russia, including not only russia but china basically did not show up in terms of any commitment of climate change. there is a reason why people should be disappointed in that. i found it disappointing myself, what we didn't do we passed a number of things in the subsidization of coal, we make commitments from across the board in terms of what were going to bring to the g26 and i think the old saying goes the proof of the pudding, we have made significant progress and more has to be done but it is going to be required of us to
12:35 pm
continue to focus on what china's not doing and what russia is not doing what saudi arabia is not doing. >> he also met with energy consumers about supply, what steps are you considering taking if opec plus does not resupply and you see any irony and pushing them to increase oil production at the same time to the top 26. people to lower admission. >> on the surface it seems like an irony that everyone knows the idea that we can move to renewable energy overnight and in this moment on not use oil or gas or hydrogen, it is not rational. certain things we can write that we do not have to do, we should be moving immediately as we have adopted in my proposal to end methane and deal with a whole range of things. it does on the surface seem inconsistent but it's not at all inconsistent and no one is
12:36 pm
anticipated that this year we would be in a position or next year we will use anymore oil or gas and we will be engaged in any fossil fuels, we will stop subsidizing the fossil fuels and make significant changes. it makes the argument that we should move more rapidly to the wind and solar and other means of energy, the idea that were going to end but it does on the surface to deal with a renewable energy and i'm saying why are you cutting off oil and raising the price to make them look harder for us. it is a legitimate question and i think if anybody thinks about it, no one ever thought tomorrow for example it will take us between now and 2030 to have half the vehicles of america with electric vehicles. the idea that gasoline for automobiles is not realistic. but we will get to the point by 2050 we will have 0 admissions.
12:37 pm
jim tanker at the new york times. >> thank you so much i would like to follow up on jeff's question and ask about supply chains as a follow-up to that. on the question of oil prices economist say when you raise the price of something people will consume less of it. why not allow even middle-class people around the world to pay more for gasoline in the hopes that they will consume fewer fossil fuels and admit less. >> they have to get to the automobile enter on the key and get the kids to school. school buses have to run. that's the reason why, you know that. the idea that there's an alternative to walk away from being able to get into your automobile is not realistic and it's not going to happen. it's not what was intended to happen. by the way when the cost of a gallon of gasoline gets above $3.35 a gallon, it has profound
12:38 pm
impact on working-class families just get back aboard to work. i don't see anything inconsistent with that. but the idea with russia and saudi arabia and other major producers are not going to pump more oil so people can have gasoline to get to enter from work, it is not right. what were considering doing with i'm reluctant to say before have to do it. >> one of the obvious big problems in the united states for supply chain is not having enough workers and people to drive trucks to unload at ports and other parts in the supply chain workers have not returned to the labor force in america as fast as your administration thought that they would. why do you think that is. >> there able to negotiate for higher wages and i move from one job to another that is one of
12:39 pm
the reasons why a lot of people don't want to do the job that they did before making seven, eight, $9 an hour an awful lot of the truck drivers are not unionized truck drivers, there working like hell and not getting paid a whole lot. using a combination of the desire to change professions to do more and take care of their families and at the same time dealing with an issue that we are short workers, worker pay has gone up and we've employed 6 million people since i got elected. employment is up in the economy in spite of all of this is still growing you have a significant number i think it was close to six major economist what's going to happen economic growth under our proposal. you have a total of 14 nobel
12:40 pm
economist and economics and what i'm proposing to be reduced with inflation, et cetera. there is a lot going on, i know you're tired of hearing me say this but were at a reflection point history, so much has changed in so many pieces on the table are moving. how they get resettled depends upon the judgments that we make and whether or not the united states and among others can lead the world in a direction i will increase the circumstances for hired standard of living for workers and abroad as well as making sure that people have an opportunity, as i said again just have a little breathing room, my desire was to build this economy from the bottom up in the middle out now from the top down and that's what in process of happening. but in the meantime there is enormous changes as a consequence of covid on the supply chain because why are we
12:41 pm
having trouble and awful lot of the factories and operations that produced material that we need for supply chain and everything from shoes to dealing with computer chips, they are out sick and not working. it is changing the economy is changing in the united states has to stay ahead of the curb that's why introduce the infrastructure bill in the build back better initiative. the washington post, that you are. >> thank you, mr. president, how are you determined whether iranians are serious with the nuclear as they indicated they will do by the end of november and what cost are you prepared to impose on iran if it carries out attacks against the united states since is a recent drone strike in syria? >> those are two different
12:42 pm
issues, one is whether or not we get to the jcpoa and we rejoin that and that's why have the meetings with my colleagues here in rome who are part of the original group of six people, six nations that got together to say that we should negotiate a change which i found, i think were continuing to suffer from the very bad judgment that president trump made and pulling out of the jcpoa. that is one issue and that issue is going to depend on how that gets resolved and it will depend on their action and the willingness of our friends who are part of the original agreement to stick with us and make sure there is a price to pay economically from a failed combat. with regard to how the issue to respond to actions taken by them with the interest of the united states whether drone strikes or
12:43 pm
anything else, we will respond and continue to respond. abc sicilia, it's hard to see you guys with masks on. >> the mask is making mike classes volga. on climate change you just mentioned the incentive that you have on renewable energy in your bill back better plan. did you have a number of incentives but as it stands right now no punitive measures in this plan to hold these companies accountable and many experts believe you've got to have the stick along with the ^-caret in order to get to your goal to reduce emissions by 2030 by 50%. can you stand here today and say to the world that you definitively will meet that goal. >> yes i can. what we are proposing and what we initied everything from getting the automobile makers to
12:44 pm
commit to going all electric number one getting the unions to agree to do that as well, making sure we have the investment in battery technology that requires us to have the ability to generate electric vehicles, electric buses, electric transportation grids, making sure were dealing with everything from tax credits for $320 billion in dealing with alternatives getting a tax credit for moving on solar panels and wind in a whole range of other things and winterizing the property. i don't think you will need any punitive action to get people to step up and do those things. there has been no indication that that is the case at all with regard to a total of
12:45 pm
$555 billion in climate, i'm just checking the numbers to make sure i'm right, climate investment in terms of resilience. it is very much in the interest of the industry to see to it that we moved to making sure we have the resilience when those towers come down in the lines hit the ground and burned down large of the west to bury this underground. there's a whole range of things, everybody knows which direction it is going and there's no indication it's a punitive effort to get people to react in a way that we have to. >> on your meeting with pope francis the more than 50 million catholics back at home are seeing something playoff that is never happened before. the split in the conservative wing of the catholic church
12:46 pm
moving to deny someone like you a catholic president of communion. for the catholics back home, what did it mean for you to hear pope francis in the middle of this debate call you a catholic and did what he tell you put this debate to rest? >> a lot of this is personal, pope francis has become -- i don't want to exaggerate it is become someone who has provided great solace for my family when my son died. he in my view has always been this debate in the catholic church going back to pope john xxiii and to talk about how we reach out and embrace people
12:47 pm
with differences. what the pope said when it was asked when he first got elected pope he was traveling with the press and he said what is your opinion on homosexually. he's a man who understands that part of his christianity is to reach out and forgive, i just find my relationship with him one that i personally take great solace in. he is a truly genuine decent man. i will end by saying there were an awful lot of people, many of you, i'm not putting you in this position, i apologize but many of you in the press who went out of your way to express your empathy and sympathy. when i lost a real part of my
12:48 pm
soul. when i lost my son. my family will never forget, my extended family it was only a matter of days since my son had passed away and pope francis came to the united states to visit with not only president obama but with the catholic church and i was asked if i would accompany him to philadelphia. anyway and i did but the wounds were still brawl and the last of my son i had my extended family, they're always around my grandchildren, my wife, my daughters and law. for he left in the pope got the plane and he asked whether or not he could meet with my
12:49 pm
family. we met in the hangar in the philadelphia airport. he came in and he talked to my family and a considerable amount of time about my son beau and he didn't just an untrue generic lay talk about him, he knew about him, he knew what he did any new who we was, he knew what a man he was he's had such an impact on my wife and my family. it met a great deal. i met what i said everybody was laughing and i did not realize they knew what i was doing with the pope and i met what i said,
12:50 pm
a man is someone who is looking to establish peace and decency and honor, not just in the catholic church, and to tell me how much he appreciated the fact that i would focus on before and the needs of people who were in trouble. again i don't want to talk more about it because of so much of it is personal. he is everything that i learned about catholicism from a time i was a kid going from grade school to high school and i have great respect for people who have other religious views but
12:51 pm
he is a fine decent honorable man and we keep in touch. i thank you all very, very much. thank you. eric: amid all the policy that we just witnessed an unusual thing a very personable moment, personable reflection from a president during a press conference. president biden getting choked up as he reflected on the loss of his son beau in meeting with pope francis after bowe died when he was here in the united states. as for the result of the g20 he said there was tangible progress in scotland for the climate conference and he asked for the climate crisis, and what the world leaders did at this meeting with cole but they are seen as mild. he did adjust the supply issue and defended his record amid the
12:52 pm
sagging poll numbers and that the multitrillion dollar infrastructure and build back america better proposals will pass congress and potentially on tuesday. he did have strong words with iran saying the u.s. would use drones if they threat the interest in russia and china basically did not even show up. amy kellogg is covering the g20 and knows international affairs very well. your take on the strong words of iran and how he chastised russia and china for calling it in. >> the saudi saying the three of them had not done enough to honor commitments to climate change, hadn't been here in the way that they had originally planned to be here, it was asked what he was prepared to do if saudi arabia did not help to ease the energy supply and he
12:53 pm
said he did not want to have to say what he would do because he felt it was better that they try to achieve results first. he was also asked if there is not an irony to asking for more oil to be released into markets when this meeting has been largely about trying to do away with fossil fuels into lower carbon emissions and when you said things don't change overnight and we can expect that people can go walk oil and if oil prices should be raised so people would use less gasoline and you said that simply not possible, people need to get to work, people need to get to school and in the meantime we need to set targets of 2030 and 2050 for various aspects of this whole plan to try to lower emissions to kick in an earnest. but his take on the situation,
12:54 pm
he worked very hard on russia and china and iran but he also was emphasizing that the alliances that the united states has a stronger that he was able to meet with a lot of people face-to-face he very much the bullies in diplomacy and tried to bring iran back to the table but he was question when you're struggling with your poll numbers and to get your bill back better legislation through and he seems confident he will get there and he said i see america is back from the reactions of people gave me people sought me out. eric: when he saw his view from the presidential podium what is the view of the other leaders of him in the u.s. as it draws to a close. >> certainly the withdraw from
12:55 pm
afghanistan has given america's image a serious dent and also i would say it is afghanistan and the debacle over the nuclear powered submarines that were originally meant to be purchased from france and i went twice trail you biden spent a lot of time trying to mend fences with french president because he was fuming over this the french generally facing his own elections, you have to read between all of these lines to know where people's emotions really are but yes the european commission president today kept referring to president biden as dear joe, there is a sense of the europeans that they're a
12:56 pm
little bit more and lock steps than they would've been where president trump's but it depends you speak to because there are different parties that cycle through power in european capitals. for now i think biden cut a gracious figure on the state and should state use very grateful to the much respected italian prime minister who was seen as a strong set of hands to guide this country which is been through some bunch especially being the first to be hit with copan, he was gracious and happy to have that and leaving one of the pillars of europe heading into the sunset and there will be a socialist coalition. but for all of these leaders there was a sense that it was great to sit around the table.
12:57 pm
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and that - that's actually worth more than you think. don't open that. wealth is important, and we can help you build it. but it's what you do with it, that makes life worth living. principal. for all it's worth. >> arthel: continuing coverage now of president biden in rome where he just wrapped a news conference moments ago, take a lot of questions from reporters, after a two-day meeting with g 20 leaders and of course climate change was the most pressing issue on the agenda. want to say hello to everyone and welcome to "fox news live". i'm arthel neville. >> eric: i'm eric shawn. we will have reaction throughout the hour. with what you just saw on the fox news channel, the president's press conference. he touted what he called tangible progress in a variety of issues, climate change as arthel said to his domestic legislation that he


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